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"jack michael" Discussed on 31 Thoughts: The Podcast

"Into the summer when the team was already done a lot of their business. It's not not make more sense to you. I think when you feel you can strike you. Strike anna carolina. Hurricanes have struck anything else before we wrap up this quickly. Edition of thirty still thirty-one thoughts the podcast soon to be thirty to thirty two. You know i'm really curious to see where all this cycle stuff is going to go up you know. I was very surprised to hear the news that he was switching agents. Everything that happened in the last couple of months from michael side he knew everything about it like he approved it. You know. he's the one who really wants to do this surgery and he was the one who wanted to release the statements when they were released. I don't think that his previous agents. Peter fish and he donatelli did anything differently than he wanted but from what i understand he just decided that maybe a new approach was necessary. And you know we'll see where it goes but like i said like those previous agents. They fought thought everything that that michael wanted. they did. yeah and they fought for him. Sometimes maybe you just need the velvet glove instead of the hammer. The one entity that i think of through all of this now more so than ever before as always in my head positioned it as tea. Michael versus team buffalo sabres. The one group. That i wonder about here is an. I don't even know if they can do anything about it. But i can't help thinking that if i am the nhl. I'm looking at this cycle. Saga has dragged itself out through the season into the off season It flares up every now and then there's been no resolution. There's been no surgery and now there's not going to be a jack michael to start the season if i'm the nhl. I'm just waltz. It's funny you mentioned that jeff. Because i was going to add that i found out i was working on this and now we might as well do it because you brought this up. There was a meeting in buffalo. I might have my days off. Because i was up at the cottage. I think it was wednesday. This eighteenth there was a big meeting in buffalo league was there. The players association was there. I go was there. His reps were there. That was still when he was with peter fish and the sabres were obviously there. I'm not sure if the sabers were. The doctors were there in person or via zoom. I don't know that one hundred percent. But i think everybody put their cards on the table and i think the players association wanted to hear it everything firsthand and i think the league wanted to hear everything firsthand and basically what i heard was there was no resolution. Everybody laid everything out. And i think they're still the sabers position hadn't changed as a matter of fact like i heard that everybody was still pretty dug in and we're still waiting to see where this is going to go. And maybe that's one of the reasons to that eichel made the change. Maybe like a steady needed the try. The velvet glove instead of the hammer will see by one of the reasons. I hadn't reported yet until you just dragged it out of me like under the form of torture is that i was trying to find out what the resolution was and as far as i understand there hasn't been a resolution like nothing changed. The sabers stayed in their position. Aigle stayed in his position and the league in the players association supported the player and the league's supported the organization in the cba. So i don't know that anything changed and it's been twelve days since that meeting almost eleven days. That's a whopper. We'll see where this one goes and we'll see where the offer sheet goes. And i suspect that before it changes to thirty two thoughts considering the nature of this. Guess berry kenya me. Offer sheet and the nature of. What's happening with jack eichel elliot. I don't want to say that. We're back to in fulltime podcasts yet. Because we're not. But i don't think this is the last thirty one thoughts the podcast that you'll hear before it turns into thirty two. Thanks again for doing this under adverse conditions and it's great.

anna carolina Peter fish donatelli Michael versus buffalo sabres jack michael nhl michael players association peter fish buffalo eichel jeff Aigle cba jack eichel elliot kenya
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"Welcome back. I've got grand boyd. Unlike gram how are you today. I am doing extremely well today. My really looking forward to this conversation. I am too and we've had a little bit of a conversation before we started. You know we're both very passionate and understanding of what burn out can do but before we dive too much into a bunch of share a little bit about yourself with the audience. Thank you michael grant. So i was born in africa. Grew up in south africa. I'm fifty six now so project back. That means i was a at school and a teenager during the final era of apartheid. And as you can imagine that kind of context. I grew up really wondering how on earth could this country change and get to wear it absolutely needed to go in any way that was going to be. Let me say safe for me. To travel along. That journey they was they were not many examples of other countries. Who'd gone through such a major transformation from a very trapped apartheid like political power system to one of true democracy so as you can imagine that kind of context especially if you add in my nature is quite introverted. And i have a very strong sense of fannous as a teenager. I was dealing with bouts of depression on a regular basis. And it's something that has since come back to me on various other occasions the the bit way that links to where we're going in this conversation is it's given me a very deep understanding of the impact of the structures that you're in and the pre shaped types of interactions that you are trapped in the impact that has on each of us as individuals and so when in during the two thousand eight financial crash. I decided to leave proctor and gamble and focus my attention on figuring out what's really making it so difficult for us to thrive at work and for us to build businesses that truly capable of addressing the world's problems you know that that time in south africa gave me a lot of insights and in particularly would really work in the south. African transformation is captured in the truth and reconciliation commission that deep recognition all individuals were as much victims of the system as they were aggressive and so that recognition that the white army police colonel might be as much a victim of the apartheid system that he was born into as the anc armed wing leader and that opened up space for deep. Transformation shifted it from individuals. Thinking all of the loud is me. It's just me. I have to carry everything. I have to fix my depression. I have to fix my burnout into recognition of what is me at. It's up to me to change that. And what is the system. I'm embedded in an then. I need to get out of the system. Or i need to rebuild the system from the ground up and what can i do to rebuild pushes. The tighter the book notes an amazing book. And i love how you framed it that way because when people are stressed or burned out or depressed we take it on ourselves. We think okay. It's one hundred percents our fault. It's all us. When in fact there are other systematic situations or environments situations. Could be work could be home. Typically as we often see it tends to be more the workplace. That is a big driver of burnt out. But you know family dynamics as well can create those challenges as well but ultimately knowing what you can do yourself to live your best life and do the things best for you and then have the clarity and this is a big thing for a lot of people is and i know you believe in this as well is having the clarity to know. Okay this is the things that i need to work on for me and these are the things that i needed to work on regarding my work situation when you have clarity. You'll see what you can do. But when you're in a deep depression or in a burned-out state all you see us. If anything is fog you're not clear and anything you do may or may not be beneficial and might be a situation where you're just trying anything and unfortunately that you're just walking aimlessly in the woods and who knows where you're going to encounter if you do it that way. So the clarity thing comes in but in order to get that clarity you have to get yourself into more healthy physical and mental state and sometimes that is might be the biggest hurdle of all for some of us. Yes absolutely yeah. It's one of the challenges. That jack michael thrown i had writing. The book was. Jack's profession is economics. He's an economics professor in the us and my will wipe first. Profession was fixed nine tended to become a physics professor. Not an rnd manager in proctor and gamble. Which as i said. I left twelve years ago to focus on. How can we address the big global challenges. We face through the power of business now. What we realized was that we had to write a book that spanned everything across the six stronger that we talk about in the book which is straw to one is how do we work within our cells our interactions because until we can get ourselves internally into a space where we have the space we have the capacity now selves to actually see what's happening in take distance from our cells. We're not going to be able to work effectively with other people. Interact with them. Which is what we have a straw to our interactions with other people and until we can interact effectively with other people. We're gonna struggle with strontium three which is organization design roles accountabilities. how the work place is structured. And most of the initiatives that we see at the moment are looking at one or perhaps two.

michael grant white army depression south africa boyd proctor africa anc jack michael Jack us
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"That has to be dealt with first and foremost, particularly before you know, you introduce another great young player, which I do believe they'll be doing from the NHL draft. Some things have to change culturally. There. Um Kevin Adams. You know doing he just knew on the team. Trying to figure out what to do, obviously, but there are some things That culturally need to be better. Uh, generally, the GM has a lot of saying that or principles like I'm talking about, but it really starts from the top and ownership. You sit down with Jack Michael. You figure out where he's really at And then you get into the reality for player looks you in the eye and says, I don't want to be there. Then you have to let them know that. Yes, I will work with you. But there is no time frame. Yeah, I didn't like what happened with the Buffalo Sabres and Taylor Hall. You know, you can't let players dictate to you that you'll go to just one team. If it gets to the point. I'm sorry about that. Brian. If it gets to the point where they for whatever reason, they decided they have to trade Eichel. Um, I don't know if it's number of assets type of assets. Rostered players picks prospects. Um what? What kind of a return? Would Kevin Adams be seeking or get to sign off on that kind of trade? Can't figure out the return until you figure out a master plan and what you're trying to accomplish. So you're going to go out to the marketplace and you're going to survey offers. You don't even have to go onto the marketplace. People will find you now that this is a public topic. But this is why you have to have a good management team and I don't care who you are. There is no team in the NHL. That is one genius in 10,000 idiots. It just doesn't work. Got to get different opinions from different people that understand this business. No this business and come up with a plan that you believe is the right plan for the club that will ultimately fall fall to the GM. But he needs to get a lot of input to do that. Otherwise you're dead in the water in my opinion. If you do that, and you determine, for instance, we don't know what the plan would be. If they decided to trade Jack Eichel. It could be that we're closer than we think, and we're going to find our way back to the playoffs. Or it could be where further than we say we're going to have to Maybe not rebuild, but retool that a lot of pieces there. There's enough pieces there with the Buffalo Sabres should be a very, very competitive hockey club. Just have to pick a pick a course of action. Then you'll figure out your return. If you're looking for when I was in Tampa are return was really simple. I went through this exact same process. It is very taxing. We had an excellent staff. It worked through it. Our conclusion was that we needed to get younger and cheaper before we would be good. We had Stamkos we had Victor had meant Um, you know, you can see the makings of a foundation. Of course. This is really relevant Camper. Daylight can close out Carolina hurricanes last night and they try to march towards there. Second Family Cup third Stanley Cup finals If they can make it back there in the last, you know, since I was there in the last nine years So Yeah, that's I guess that's the last thing I had on the Sabres. Brian for you is okay. You know, we saw this team make a coaching change. They looked better. Some of the younger players all of a sudden, we're playing better towards the end of the season and their guys maybe, like middle stat. You feel better about than you did prior to that. What? Um, in terms of what the Sabres need to be better next season. Let's not talk rebuild. Let's say be better next season to build on what you said some good pieces here. What do they need to get? With a healthy Jack Eichel. That would go a long way to making them competitive with I believe they'll select Oh, and power. He to me. He's the consensus number one. I cover the NHL draft every year for NHL network on styled in as anybody on these prospects, And to me there is some separation there. So you hope they come up with the right Conclusion there. Yeah, I had a guy like him, and he's not going to be able to Contribute. I did have Victor Hedman his first year. You know, he played one plus minutes. But he wasn't ready to lead the team. So there is a growth mindset. There. You look at a guy like Dylan cousins. Ice First year is he ready to step in and Absorb the bigger role. You know, Jack, I can be your first on center if he's on board and ready to roll. On his way to good health. Rash, Mr Cell lining his equality player in this league. Rasmus Solly! I had a really tumultuous year last year that ended very strong. You have to give him credit. I just think he's a superstar in the making. There's just there's a lot of pieces There can happen very, very quickly. In this league turnaround. It's just you have to have a definitive plan. You have to have a vision for what the Buffalo Sabres are going to be in nobody that I have talked to. You can tell me what that is right now. That needs to change. Well, Hopefully it changes and the next time we get you on, perhaps it will be for a Sabres playoff preview. That would be awesome. They have the makings to get themselves back in the in the conversation to be a team knocking on the door. Brian Lawton from NHL network. You can watch them on NHL tonight through the run of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Of course, Brian thanks again for giving us some time on our show, and we appreciate and enjoy the rest of the playoffs. My pleasure. Thank you. You bet Brian Lawton, former player, former agent former GM, He did it all in the National Hockey League. Joining us here on the West. Her hotline. There was a Tweet to. Well, maybe we'll get to this tomorrow. Um not not that it's directly connected cycle. It isn't. But in the idea of like, well, they tried cycle and all the other stuff Darren Dreger treated yesterday. The Kings are expected to be Major player in the offseason that I think has been one of the teams that would be in the speculation that would be interested for a guy like Eichel, if indeed he is on the market, so to be continued, of course. Couple things, though Taylor Hall said he did not say it was Boston or bust. He did. He was a second team, right? Clarified that it was not. I have to go to Boston. That's not what happened. Okay, um But with Michael and all this if he doesn't get the surgery, then we'll react accordingly. Then that will mean he did use it as a tool to get out which Take that for what it's worth what it says about who it says about it. And The Sabres want to come out and talk about getting younger than the third youngest team in the league already they got plenty of lucky. Yeah, no, they and their kind of youth send away one of their young stars. Wow. Yeah, the I'm back. I'm back from vacation today. Howard, I can't. I don't want to. I'm not going to do this to you, but I just quickly Paul and I talked about a little bit. The point you made with Brian Loughton. Um and that would be right. Let's let's say the Sabres stay with the Nope. No surgery. And I call wants to be traded and the Sabres start talking to teams. What if a team is trading for Eichel and says to Jack, Listen, we don't believe in the surgery, either. We want you to rehab. But that that was the whole thing's right. He's getting on the up and up. You won't accept the trade, right? That's the whole point. What if the team says no. It's rehab, and he accepts the trade and all along. He was tired of losing and wants to get out. Then that means that, right? Yeah, He'll either have the surgery or he won't right. And that's why I could see a scenario where he goes. He he gets a trade and the team says Look, rehab, Okay, thanks for getting me out of there. Cause I really wanted to get out of buffalo, right? And I don't. I mean, I wouldn't blame everyone to get out of here, so I absolutely could see that scenario that I don't know about. I mean, he's injured, so he's not making up a neck injury, but, yeah, I think he probably wants to get out of here and go someplace we can win. And this might be just you know the the avenue that opens the door to force the trade out of Buffalo. The disconnect over the injury. Yeah, which would not look good for him..

Kevin Adams Brian Loughton Brian Lawton Jack Michael Michael Victor Hedman Jack Eichel Darren Dreger Buffalo Sabres Brian Paul Rasmus Solly Jack Dylan Tampa Victor last year Kings yesterday National Hockey League
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"The papers will have the basketball out of bounds on the right sideline, trailing 3 to 2. 18 19 to go in the first half. Wednesday night will be on the air with you at 7 30 coming to you from somewhere within research Stadium for the eight o'clock Pacific time tip. Beavers in Utah Utes on Wednesday and the Beavers moved to Boulder, Colorado on Saturday back, Reichel will inbound for the beeves. Michael has been doing a great job, distributing the basketball, the sixth and the conference and assist with four per game. Reality. She leads the conference. An offensive rebounds already has one on a put back for the Beavers only points gets the ball to Reichel. Good pressure out front. Michael just does beat a five count getting mentality share with five on the shot clock. Jump past Ethan Compton. Right Corner three left Romanoff that by and Ella no good and the ball went up and over the standard, constituting a team rebound for the Cardinal. Stanford by the way, plus two in the rebounding category. The Beavers at plus four The Beavers leading the conference in assists per game, and their three point field goal percentage also tops in the league. That's why the Beavers and Stanford each of five and three and one and one coming in Rice wells dribbles between the circles gives it up to Zaire. Williams, right wing three his way short offense aboard. Grab by Jaden glare out to Wells back to Williams Williams Snap passed through the key to Jones, now to the left wing to the lair comes in deep, put it up and in Over the challenge of Rodrigue and Della. That bucket for the talented Jaden Delaire 69 £210 Junior out of North Granby, Conn. Cardinal leads it 5 to 2 Jack Michael. Double team right Wing right Quarter.

Beavers Jack Michael Reichel basketball Williams Williams Jaden Delaire research Stadium Cardinal Ethan Compton Stanford Rice wells Boulder Romanoff Utah North Granby Colorado Conn Rodrigue
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"He had fought in world war. Two was in his was in his obituary which again not something that ever came up in any of his published research. That i that i hear that much more. No obituary. no you certainly almost out of that era. So it's an i do. Actually you know. I didn't have any really great jose stories but Kaya was my specialist right. When we're all still working at the center for children's ecb overseeing me when i was still in my graduate program for special education actually and I'd done a thesis on response eruption redirections like the initial work so i had a poster abbott one year. And who is that. Your jack michael. Is there and kaia new jack. Michael and cayo new the research i was doing. Because he overseeing over his oversaw much of the work. I was doing so he had come over and he was very nice and talked about her poster and even that i knew even not not being a behavior intellect program. I knew somebody really made sure to get a picture of him. Standing by the in my current sister-in-law now sister-in-law time there are only so many period cruises in the world the majority of them would be as Except for my brother and not to of all. The children don't have not counting the children's those jobs their bcda's and yet maybe they will be. You're right maybe. They'll all bbc beers so my brother wanted to finance and now he's just rich so just like what are you reading. Skinner is that part of your cult. Talk about co-founded thinking. No let me explain to you later. That was jack michael's claim to fame. I got talked to him as a graduate student. Not even of behavior analysis. So i don't think i said anything intelligent in our conversation but it really exciting. Even then i knew this is important person. Yeah definitely giant for sure And then finally patricia kranz who again passed away right at the beginning of the year. So given how this year has gone. I don't know if it was something that was a i. I certainly wasn't on my radar until you know not too long ago. But she's the director of the princeton child development suit again. Most of you out there listening like that name sounds so familiar If you've ever used the picture activity schedule with you know written with mcclanahan dot with mcclanahan. Yeah that's she. She was the the author that thing that golden girls that yeah. Maybe that's why you're right. It does like brew. Mcclanahan must be wiped time ever busy filming schedule to invent fix your activities schedules or write about the research with them But she was a know so again published research. Y'all probably read the picture activity schedule. Research that Cranston mcclanahan did but she was a real early advocate for better educational services for children with autism. So like way back in the seventies so even pre law studies was looking at. How can we provide better services for for children with disabilities autism..

jack michael center for children Kaya cayo ecb patricia kranz jose princeton child development mcclanahan Skinner Michael bbc Mcclanahan Cranston mcclanahan autism
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"They found ways to kind of like make that relevant. I guess going forward you know with the whole With thor thor was like rubbing halts hand. Talking about the sun going down. And i love them. Alot it was irrespon- ally. Florence pugh revealed that the film's storyline is horrifying when that takes on the idea of women getting their lives back after enduring abuse and training to be. What's what she called killing machine so talking about the black widows and the red room here. She goes on to say the story line that we are telling us very horrifying. It's about women that have been essentially abused and trained up to be killing machines as scarlett said over and over. This is the right time for her to be telling blackwood widow story story. And we're not shying away from the fact that the story is essentially about women getting their life back and it's a marvel studios film to that's pretty rare and it's very exciting to be a part of that sounds like sounds like the handmaid's tale meets bugging. Emc you as a week comparison. That's my comparison. I can't wait for blackwood. I need to see this fucking booby. I need to see it already. Yeah just give it to us. Mendoza fucking bone. Can we wait. Till may jake is that. Is it really going to drop in. May if you one hundred percent confirmed that it's really coming out in. May that i can wait but the fact that it still so uncertain just i have no patients anymore. Yeah dc news. It's moving to dc news. I don't have a laugher dc news. Yeah bill matin. He played the black manta in akron. Yahya abdul yeah abdul martine the second this is name what if instead of adding the second to his name. They just added a new yard with every generation. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah like his kid would be ya ya ya. Yeah yeah yeah great. Great great grandson. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah do a stupid. Oh my god. I saw this today. I saw this today. This is breaking fucking news. If it's true we've heard about the cast and james the suicide squad pete davidson john. Cena peter capaldi joachim throughout some other names and jack michael rooker right to get one. Yeah david dale should now. Yeah david malki. Ego from fucking slaughters. Lasting the way i did. Yeah you destroyed his last day. One hundred and one best. Malcolm's who else is in this fucking movie. You fucking margot robbie nathan fillion nathan fillion. You're right over either selbe. Oh my god.

Florence pugh blackwood nathan fillion bill matin scarlett marvel studios jack michael rooker dc david dale Emc Mendoza jake david malki pete davidson Malcolm Yahya akron martine
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"Have you ever bought a box of Oreos and a caller got upset of me saying that what the thing is, I don't know how to say it. But if you just look at Michael Jackson is with the most famous Extremely rich man in the world, but his number one goal was absolutely you wanted to be a white man, because he knows what goes on in the day, man. I got to tell you, my friend. We've got to get to some other calls, but you made some great great. Great. Last comment Made no sense whatsoever. I think he made complete Michael Jack. Michael Jackson wanting to be white like that. Okay? I don't wanna get in the Michael Jackson debate. Let's go to Zach. Zach is next. Zach, You're next on the Vegas take what's going on. What's exactly, There's a story going, all right? Now of Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly doing cocaine off a little kid, But I think it was lost in the mail. Zack, can I be honest with you, sir? I believe you over. Tucker Carlson. Let me just say that. I believe that called earlier about the Maybe there's racism. Whatever black did I'm pretty sure he's in jingle Unchain, and his name was Samuel Jackson. Far as I'm concerned, that's the best call the week Let's go to Jose Jose is next on the Vegas. Take Jose. What's going on? Hello, everybody. I want to say that I feel that the people screamed. A lot of about racism are the most racist. I agree. I totally agree with that. Yeah. Bye and think you know a lot about races. No, I seem to know a lot about logic. I seem to know a lot about. I seem to know a lot about. I think I think I think those that screaming a lot of spot racism are looking to apply. Raise him to everyone to make up for their owner. Personal failure to look to blame to blame somebody else for their own personal failure. I think they live in Perpetual victimhood. I'm sure that's what this is not 19 52,020. I'm sure that's what Amar Arbor family isn't a racist definitely exist. Black, white, white black. Every single raced every single race If you call up somebody for being racist, you know you're just you're just a you know, Raising raising a flag. Let's goto Linda. Linda is next on the Vegas. Take Linda. What's going? What's up, Linda? Hey, guys, This is nothing about a subject that Brian, I just have to tell you when you told that story yesterday about your night at circa. It was hilarious. And I think if one that you go off the radio, you should be a stand up comedian. You reminded me of Jerry sank, thought, I swear You were so hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing because I'll tell everything. So true and honest about what you experience in your life. Well, I appreciate that, Linda. That's what I try to do on this show every day. And I I appreciate those comments. Linda and I'll try to do more of those stories for you. Okay. Oh, it was hilarious. But I got to say one thing t Go ahead. What's up, Linda? Lady, if you never lose another better, Brian ever again. I hope you win your $200 bet on Tuesday. I'm very common Gonna win that bet and Nevada is looking much better for Republicans in the last couple of days. Anyway, Brian thank you laughing because that was so That's what it's all about. Linda. I appreciate your call. By the way, I We don't have time to talk about it now, But I did do a little bit of stand up comedy about 20 years ago when I first got to Vegas at a club on paradise that is now not there. I'll share that story if you have time later in the show. Thank you. Linda 2575396. Why don't we go to Calvin? Calvin has been waiting. Patiently. Hold Calvin. What's up? What's up Cover? You know, we've been through a tremendous four years. I just want to make sure that we take the pressure off Tucker called Davy and all you in five days. You won't have to lie anymore for a liar. I just pray that we get on and move beyond this. Yeah, I'm with you, Calvin, my friend. I really am. We're up against the clock, Calvin, but, you know, we always appreciate it when you call in. Thank you. Lets out of Steve actually called College then I do not live for the president of Steven's. Next I do is I take things in the context that Brian leaves out of season and I still in the blanks of the stories that we don't get to Tell the whole story around? Yeah. Steve, Steve, what's going on? Yeah. I was wondering what you guys believe the hot 100 buying this story if it came out of like a politico or one of the left leaning magazines, Okay, So let me answer now. Brian would absolutely believe it. Okay, so J d doesn't answer for me. Thank God he never will. I answer for myself. I believe stories. When the people that put out the stories have credibility when they have a history Of being credible. But you you want to give you only give people credibility through if you agree with them, But so let me explain Once again if I can answer for myself, Steve, Steve, I want you to listen to me for a second. It was Fox News and the Wall Street Journal that turned down this story. What does that say to you, Steve about this story. I mean, it's obvious that there's a media blackout on the story. I mean to Steve. Steve, you want Steve Never had, Steve, I'm not hold on a second. JD. Steve, I'm gonna ask you to answer again. Fox News has nothing to do with Democrats there on the right. You know that And they've covered the hold on a second. Let me finish. Please hold on. The Wall Street Journal is a cold on Steve. You gotta listen. The Wall Street Journal is a conservative, conservative lady. Please let me finish. The Wall Street Journal is a conservative and credible organization. A lot of people would say the same about Fox News. Can you please explain to me Steve? This has nothing to do with Democrats. Now. Why both of those organizations when given this story turned it down..

Steve Never Linda 2575396 Brian The Wall Street Journal Vegas Calvin Michael Jackson Zach Jose Jose Tucker Carlson Michael Jack Fox News jingle Unchain Samuel Jackson Amar Arbor Zack Donald Trump Jr cocaine Nevada Jerry
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"But if you don't think about it, then you're not gonNa have a moment. If I stop thinking about it, it will come to me. You will scream it I will remain the rooftops. Are, there a lot of rooftops around here? I don't think so. High. We should start a band called the rooftops pregnant in I'm back to ninety style. I'll be there food. US Man. I was on a flight a few days ago. and. I ran out of. Ran Out of stuff and I watch episodes of friends. The plane and? Was A. Lot man. Like I love watching, Ross, my most hated friend in other applications like in band of brothers. Ross. Ross was fucking captain in the terrible captain who got fired. That was what was the movie where the little kid finds out his neighbor as a Nazi and makes them more the suit men with the name of the Golden Badge Golden. Back. fucking. Circle. Oh. No. I thought it was the boy in the striped pajamas, the boy on the Dow loyal and the strike. Dad Boy in the striped pajamas. Oh Shit. And Ten later, it comes with a ten year waiter. Thank, you guy you? Didn't forget save that I'm so sad. So yeah, you gotta get an old touchy one like a fucking patrol again, one don't fuck around with the battery ones go for the yeah. Familiar with the last dance. Michael, Jack Michael. Jackson. Now. Done with this show and. fucking. You don't want you run gas and sucks up all the shit at the bottom of the team. That's where we're at right now. Maybe you I'm just getting started. Last dance figuring Michael Jordan air has he had the first one is Jason Just said air. who had the payoff to get that, right? but an important, probably the most important part of the movie. Or the documentary series on Netflix is this part right here. would. Take grape gatorade. I don't think so. I'll. Be. painted. Yes, I see beer. When you got the flu and it's game seven champing. Ice Rink here. Thank you champions drink ice beer. I Scotty. pissed. Scotty. Pippin and Michael Jordan drinking is beer in the nineties. You should drink it. Now, what's wrong with you I felt Babbitt and bring you a cup of ice when I got you a drink before I. Really I botched it. No, it's totally cool. I had A, I had a couple of. Beers today, I'm not GonNa, lie could tell. I'll. Had A couple voice be. Two. Separate. Today. To isolated pockets of beer an ice. Orio Palmer had some Ice Beers and his daddy died. The blood and the dust of nine unlike his in porch and sat on neighbors are way too close to Barrett in the Empire State Plaza. Is that right? That's whereas the gravest he's on the firemen so. They don't really have a corpse. Do they everyone inhaled him and God fucking nine eleven lung disease? Socks. He's probably you know. It's fine. All the aluminum is brain drinking. To work out, that was his big thousand things. He was able to be the first person on the scene because he was such A. Shape there's that guy I, forget his name who? Ran, fully kitted up through the battery tunnel from Brooklyn, Joe Piscopo. Missed his right or some shit, fuck this and just grabbed his firemen and just ran through the tunnel. So he wasn't supposed to die die at any I. Think. So yeah, if you miss your numbers Joe Chill. Like I like missing one plane and then getting on the right. To this point four, what school? Plane. Twice it. What are the chances? Say the. Wrong, video. Anyway So how's everybody doing? How are you have you been? How's your week I? Know we know Craig Craig's here Craig, how was your week? Good. That's good. Clapping trolley. We add some, we've been doing some college level. Past few nights. And? No, it's not a bad thing. TR- we everybody. Works their shit out. Businesses like job broken, every works. Luther Shit out intensive shoulders. And the it's just a different different way of being. Yeah. This is why we're dealing with it now where we're loosened conversational. I. Think it's Great. Yeah. It's okay. Well, wonderful. I. Giving, Craig. A lot of money very hung over. A couple of every day that. It was a fucking. Shit. Wednesday. Yeah. L.. Somebody's wedding anniversary currently being being cheated on right now. Bright. As we speak just six feet up from his head. So close. So close yet so far. It's been nice recording on craigslist. We finally were state are welcome. Great. But. That that was bad I. think it was good to cut off a little cut loose a little steam. The next day was not great. I, had a run a meeting at work and I was like. As. I can just let everybody talk and I had nothing to say my boss like your lower energy usually pretty good on these meetings and I was like not today. Not Today. The funny thing is the next day. I. Had every intention of turning over a new leaf in waking up at five am. Find your the rest of your life to do but at five..

Craig Craig Barrett Michael Jordan Ross Joe Piscopo Jack Michael US Ice Rink Orio Palmer Jackson craigslist Netflix flu Scotty Brooklyn Empire State Plaza Dow Joe Chill lung disease
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"You're saying and he was able to calmly gathered in it's going to start some of the crosses right circle pad save made by what with fires this here's where diving to knock it away was superb with a pump Jack Michael took the puck back on the right hand corner little appointments just think about the war behind the horror hit around the right wing corner Hartnell again there to get it he's got a pair of goals put sticking out the Senate race in front of the benches Carl took it back and sends it along the left boards fox own supervisor to smack it through Hartnell's legs in Dallas along the near side boards in the flyers over there over the car loosen up the left wing to centralize the cardinal Ricardo he deflected nine AM in the crazy old seventeen twenty left in overtime three three the store face to the right of the image what the fans have not sat down here at the Wachovia center and those fans who exited the stadium area the seating area they're just getting back into the wait for a stoppage in play tell me those guys for a little bit upset that they were able to get that little cynics entails one's a draw away from prior to the far corner locks on the soulful he drives around a full left wing boards Matt had the taser at center ice on the left wing then the whole sorry isn't over the flyer line dropping an envelope that Portes down to host a left wing corner music by Procter wedged off the puck man spends around already have ports so what kind of their foot down and behind the flyers net also got it here is around the right ports.

Jack Michael Hartnell Carl supervisor Dallas Ricardo Wachovia center Matt Procter Senate Portes
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"Dot com here's more with Franklin alley lightning power play and news radio WFLA thanks again to Brian burns B. reporter for the Tampa Bay lighting a Jack Michael's he was the he is the play by play man radio side for and then said boy we gotten some pretty good discussion there regarding this Edmonton team as Jack said just recap for those of you are just joining us on this ready WFLA in lake parkway first off thank you so much and we're always here for you leading in the pre game that thirteen they're not necessarily great even though they're a playoff spot right now their goaltending has been hit or miss Mike Smith right now formerly goaltenders is in a hot streak which is given them a boost for sure lobby cicada David Lee on try settle been churning along but he did mention that it's more about the west not being great there is a loud Edmonton to stay in playoff contention and so you know they're top heavy with talent but they're starting to fill it out a bit with their depth scoring Josh Archibald is a guy that's done pretty well with seven goals Riley Shea and seven goals and you know keep in mind these are guys that events in for the longest time just didn't have any depth scoring to complement their star players the Kahler Yamamoto is somebody that has come up from the HL affiliate it is given up a real big boost offense of Lee got forty point three fifteen gates playing with ride Nugent Hopkins Liam dry subtle allow them to be effective quick player not fast but somebody they can operate in tight spaces and that is allowed them to release the get a little bit more balance outside of dry subtle David David not in the lineup tonight you will not see Kucherov zip code or so rally those players are day to day Alex Volkoff was recalled from Syracuse and it does appear the Tampa Bay will be going eleven at seven tonight at eleven forty seven defense with Cameron gods getting an opportunity to play on the back and he was there all star down in Syracuse he's a guy that has around forty games of NHL experience it is somebody that can come in I could get a pension and play well for a couple weeks.

Alex Volkoff NHL Cameron Riley Shea Mike Smith Brian burns WFLA Franklin alley Syracuse reporter Kucherov David David Kahler Yamamoto Josh Archibald Edmonton David Lee Jack Michael Tampa Bay
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"You did it again this past year. Have you received any emails as anybody actually taking you up on that dock? Oh, yes. And you know what happens is at and they do it. And I you know, I crazed them too, because it's a great business to be an isn't it rich? I mean you go to play every day. And if you're doing play by play you get a great seat for the game you get in free, and you get to work with wonderful people. And you get to be around these athletes, and I found the hockey guys just to be magnificent. But also it winds up being a great living. Whether you're working in a in a small community where you're a very important part of the community or whether you get to do national games, it's a great living. And yes, I have heard from. From a number of aspiring broadcasters. And, and I've actually asked a couple of them to resend all of the material that they sent because it does take a good deal of memory and I don't get to do these until August. And by then the free agency period is over the draft is over and all of the things that take up a lot of memory, I have been deleted. And now I've got time to really sort through and give the proper time to listening to them in there. Some of them are really good. And some of them I have some suggestions for. And then I hear back from them and one last thing I am very pleased, not that I had anything to do with that. Jack Michael, the announcer, and Edmonton and John wall and the announcer in Washington, both years ago, sent me some of their material from the minor leagues, and now they're not sending material out or 'cause they made it they have made it an I'll. Tell you doc just to before I let you go here, I was fortunate to call my first NFL game for the NFL network last year in London. And I've been very fortunate again to do what I do for a living. I can't remember as much fun as I've had on the job just describing action and going with the flow and and, and figuring out when to shut up, and let the crowd, tell the story as you as you mentioned before your decision to make at the end of game for with Saint Louis fans celebrating their first ever home Stanley Cup win. It's, it's an endeavor that is so rewarding. And in watching somebody like you make it look so easy. It's just amazing. It really is. Thank you for saying that rich, and at the great observation, you had even at the end of a game like you had there in London. Just multiply that times having done a hundred of those. You can imagine the adrenaline, rush that somebody like myself, still gets from years of doing that. But, but I hope you get a chance to do another thousand of those because it is fun. And one thing that guy named Bill Clement taught me years ago when I was working at ESPN he, and I were doing national games together and one of his advices to me, was don't bring the game in your briefcase you know, have have all of your preparation done. But don't try to force things in, because it will sound forced, and the athletes are human beings. And they're going to deliver you a game and be ready to adjust to whatever you might have in your mind, but don't force it because you may you may be way off track. If you try to jam something, and have always tried to remember that. Billy gave me lots of great advice, and I used to do a training camp together when the players were at their was, we would practice doing interviews practice, working in front of a mirror and always thought that was a great thing to do. He was very influential than any success. That I had well, doc look forward to game five Thursday night in more, and it's always a pleasure for me. Have you calling into the show?.

Billy Bill Clement London NFL hockey Jack Michael John wall ESPN Saint Louis Washington Edmonton
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"Short three to over the Avs, forty one seconds to go at game seven of the west final against Saint Louis on the lawn. Jack Michael's along with Jim FOX, Colorado. Just took time out that NSF P six on five. What's tariff bender? Tell us law. I think more of the same because the avalanche should be getting catches. They've been getting point chances. Of course, you got discuss who face off what to win or I look for a high tip situation. Chore low out of the back to the blue line shot wove for the high tip three shots leagues. Attacker already for Colorado. Faceoff right side of Jones Kerr foot beaten off the draw by hurdle. Here's plastic. The wall can't hold off the Belsky cutoff. And they're still tied for Colorado. Thirty seconds to charts three to satirize berry gains, which bought five laughs back behind that. Looking to take it out. Still those expires it off. This'll be I sing back to Scott. Third some time. He gets a whistle with fourteen point four zero. Fourteen third period shots, Colorado just two for San Jose hanging on Greek two and a face off jolts us right Pearl against Landis caucus time again hurt a lefty trying to win it on his forehand last time. He clearly land Scott will take it for the draw off it. It's outside the circle land, Scott around the boards. Ten seconds to play classic meets what cleary. Perfect cut off the glass and play. The apple deflect do draw with two point seven and the sharks pulse again on their fifth trip to the conference finals and the second underpaid debt say up about Tomar hurdle those faceoff situation. He won just about every single again to his forehand quickness more than straight to the face offs Bertel against land. Scott, they put some type of the clock. Four point one to go three ten charts. Pertile wins the draw. Klinger? Arts. And the Western Conference. Title. Santos eighty three. The third period was not the way the San Jose Sharks wanted to play. But again about taking away credit from the Colorado album. They force some situations. But also San Jose was jittery with the puck in the third. They get make any place. But then at the Jack you talked about all game. The one way San Jose was able to keep control this game winning faceoffs input face off and faceoffs. They went motion shots at the third fifteen to in favor of Colorado. But only one goal gets passed mart kilns, and the San Jose Sharks are now thirty nine and this year when they limit teams to goals or less, they do so tonight, and it extracts the stuff of victory in game seven and brings about game antiques where San Jose looking please and Colorado. Sure was a great year. But they're devastated rematch. It earlier Jack the window perhaps posing for the San Jose Sharks. Well, now, it's wide open again for Colorado. They will build off this. There's no question. They are young. They are skilled. They're figuring things out. They help more draft picks coming. So the window is wide open. Both teams lying. Neutral zone, the handshakes or there the battle that you go through for seven Dame's the contact some fun. Some not as fun at the end, the San Jose Sharks. Go to the Western Conference land, Scott and Eric Carlson countrymen, of course, rivals in this series. But good France off the ice with a particularly warm embrace as the sharks weather the third period attack of the Colorado Avalanche. And seven by score three to Alabama to take on.

San Jose Sharks Colorado San Jose Scott Jack Michael Colorado Avalanche Avs Belsky cutoff Saint Louis Jones Kerr Tomar Pertile Klinger Jim FOX Santos France Alabama Landis
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"Host, Joe Talos. Two periods gone by where right where we started. When we began the middle stands. It's one one between the blues and stars. This is the first of two game sevens in the Western Conference semi-finals tomorrow night, Colorado and San Jose meat for the right to face the winner of tonight's game in the Western Conference final. We'll have the action for tomorrow night from SAP center in San Jose, beginning at eight forty five eastern on many of these same stations. Jack Michael's on the call along with our guest the vintner himself. Jim FOX OH Jimmy going great. Joe? How're you doing doing doing great a game seven sharks in the avalanche? Let's get right to it. What's the key for each club in this one game decides if you season goes on? Well, you know, what a lot of times when we talk about keys go to the. Prefer right in individual players after game six go with San Jose Eric Carlson because he just could not get it done defensively. He have to add a little bit more detail to that part of it because a lot of ice. Dangerous every time. He hasn't. He doesn't have it. Other side. It's even more obvious. Or he has. He's been on the ice. Local couture's winning that battle. So. San Jose will have that with the games for Colorado Bednarz decided not to go away. Working so per stars. I'm looking at those guys. Sharks? Have the experience those no secret about that? The avalanche players have combined for a total of sixteen games of gave in the seven experience. He'll look at San Jose Joe Thornton. Joe pa- Veliky, Logan control. Just those three alone. Have eighteen game sevens under their belt. What is the value of experience in a game seven, oh, you can shoulder that pressure. I think the one thing that if it doesn't go well early. I think if you have experienced there's less of a chance that you're going to panic in a lot of those games sevens. There's a feeling out process for the first little while. Okay. You get a feel for the game the game slowly. But if it doesn't go well early the experience it could be any type of a game. You don't care whether it's high score. Have a good feel for? So when they look down the bench early if things aren't going. Well, I think it's a big advantage to have guys that have been there before. Well, the first round the sharks. Of course, they had the face of adversity coming back in game seven against Vegas that was those four goals during the five minute major to a race that three-goal deficit they end up going on winning that game at overtime. What kind of confidence you think that gives the sharks going into a second straight game seven. Yeah. I think also just a factor. You're touching on just their experience. Overall, trying to lead them to the position where okay they've been through it before the pressure the pressure on the is on that. I think there's nothing to lose re really for Colorado Gabriel after the last game last night's game where he said, you know, what who would have thought we're going to the western final. If the next game before the season started before the series started a chance, but that's why the pressure is on San Jose to do it that way. It's just something that they can they can look back on those things. Get talking about of course, when you're down three game things did not go well early, but they didn't panic. They got the biggest break so far the playoffs. They took advantage of that break, and they went from there. So that that bad start? And a lot of times. It does come down to the netminders and Martin Jones two zero one his career game seven Semyon Varlamov. He kinda got thrown into the mix early in his career with Washington where he did win his first game seven, but then lost the next couple. And now he asked to see what he can do with the Colorado team that as you mentioned really wasn't expected to get here. Does that help the avalanche kind of in a sense playing with house money? I think so I really do. I think it helps them. A lot of you. Especially back on the blue line. The one thing you love the avalanche jerk. Ben are their head coach what he's been doing. Not steering. Yuck. Is away from their strengths just because they're strange by Bill risky. He's ready to play their game. I like the fact that you don't play. That's not good enough. We'll figure out next year or some Justice. Maybe the players will just get better because of the experience so just keep going that way. You know, it's kind of a is it a happy lucky batch. Maybe it is they do have nothing to lose a bunch of young guys especially back in the blue line, but they like to get involved. It's more fun approach that way. Can't let you go Jimmy with asking how the Pinot Noir is this year. Petronas flying coming up closing out our best year we've had so far. So. Doing very well. Thanks very much for asking. Jim FOX who will be on the call tomorrow night with Jack Michael's four-game game seven between San Jose and Colorado foxy as always thanks for few moments. Looking forward to an exciting game tomorrow. Coming up Jim FOX joining us here as at the end of two periods in Saint Louis, the blues and stars will they are level at one from NBC sports in Westwood One. This is the National Hockey League. Frago down last will you have enough money to way comfortably. If you said retire could now you're asking yourself. Well, you really have enough money to retire comfortably..

San Jose Colorado sharks Jim FOX Jack Michael Joe Talos Joe Joe pa- Veliky Joe Thornton SAP center National Hockey League Vegas NBC Eric Carlson Saint Louis Semyon Varlamov Martin Jones Bill
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"Arizona state or the seventy four seventy one of the first half the sun. Devils were eleven of twenty eight in the second half fourteen of twenty five fifty six percent and six of eleven from three point range the beavers in the first apple eleven thirty one from the field, but only eleven of twenty five in the second half better. But not enough one of eight from three point range after going five of fourteen in the first out a good job in both house from the free throw line ten of thirteen in the forest eleven. Fourteen for the second. But for the game the beavers coming in at forty seven percent. Just thirty nine point three percent. And over the last six minutes and twenty eight seconds bieber's. Getting just two field goals. Trace tinkle made three with about six twenty eight to go and the only other basket for the beavers was a trace layup. So a tremendous job by the sun devils to Diop and rally back from a sixty four sixty one deficit the beavers had one possession with a chance for a three Steve three rattled in and out instead of going up sixty seven sixty one with about five and a half to play the sun devils from that point took control bieber's just want cold couldn't make a shot down the stretch and lose to a scrappy physical top Arizona state team reflecting the mentality of their head coach Bobby Hurley, seventy four seventy one the final score. Individually, the beavers getting a heroic effort from Ethan Thompson, Ethan as a couple of turnovers late he'd like to have back losing control of the basketball out in her mid core. Twice down the stretch. That does not offset completely though the brilliant game that he had six twelve from the field. Two of four from three point range. Six eight from the free throw line, twenty points, thirteen rebounds, and was one assists shy of the program's third. Triple double in the first to be made by somebody other than the name Peyton, but he came up one shy as the beavers went cold in the last six and a half minutes. He finishes with twenty thirteen and nine three turnovers. Retha two of them in the later stretches with the game. But a tremendous game per Ethan who saw his brother on senior night struggle from the field. Steven his last game Gill certainly not the type of memories we want to have for a guy at four heroin game winning shots as thrilled dazzled with his. Variety of ways to score ends up. Just four fifteen from the field one of eight from three ten points, three rebounds and an assist for Steven Thompson junior trace tinkle with twenty four point six rebounds, three assists, and two steals. Seven or fifteen from the field three of six from three and seven of nine from the free throw line. The papers getting eight points from Cuyler Kelly three dunks and two free throws big g had two points. Alfred Holland scored two on an ice cut under the bucket late. Warren, Washington had point Jack Michael had two points. Both from the free throw line and Antoine. Vernon. Made two free throws for his only two points in seven minutes and forty seconds. The beavers ended up outrebounding Arizona state the best rebounding team in the league forty to thirty four held the sun devils to eight offense of rebounds, while the beavers had thirteen and in second chance points. The beefs flip. What was a disaster on Thursday night twenty to three in favor of Arizona to attend point differential in their favor seventeen to seven, but the beavers turn the basketball over thirteen times. Arizona state Joe seven times and points off of turnovers tonight the difference in the game the sun devils with nineteen points off of turnovers to the bieber's six a tremendous job by the sun devils and taking care of the basketball and the beepers had some costly ones as they were trying to build on a tenuous lead, but still had possession a couple of times either tied or up one or two and turned it over twice that helped the sun devils Regan. Measure of control in this game. A game that featured twenty lead changes twelve times the sun doubles one at seventy four seventy one and put the beavers into a battle next weekend up north to try to secure the top four seeded the Pac twelve tournament more coming up from Gill Coliseum after this on the sports network from learfield. I g college.

Ethan Thompson Arizona bieber Devils basketball Steven Thompson Gill Coliseum apple Bobby Hurley Pac Cuyler Kelly Diop Steven his Alfred Holland Jack Michael Peyton heroin Antoine learfield Vernon
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"Forty two on this senior day at Galen shudder in the south land. Wayne tinkle brings Ethan over for a quick. One on one with beaver sophomore guard out of Bishop Montgomery in the south land. Jack Michael will match on this trip to beavers number of free throws at Pauley on Thursday. His first free throw good. He has two more coming forty eight forty two beavers eight fifty seven to play in the game Jackson. Second free. Throw bounces around and falls in the divas lead. It forty nine to forty two. Michael has one more coming. The beavers are three of six as a team. Dublin their attempt total from Thursday. Michael look for the hat trick. Does not get it rattles in and out. Kevin porter. jR, the rebound beavers by seven eight fifty two to play quarter front court to Elisa Weaver Weaver gets it back to border beavers in a two three zone. Porter left to right dribbling. What the right hand? Step back with the southbound seventeen quarter, and it's good. Unfortunately, whatever the little set to with Wayne was border junior's been playing some inspired hoops ends forty nine forty four eight and a half to play. Stephen Thompson junior right in front of us. Stephen to the dribble goes left out in the paint quote. And in off the last big shot for Stephen Thompson junior. Fifty one to forty four back the other way come the Trojans the ball importer juniors hands against zone throws a boat. Right. We're Boris pivot. Gets it in the air to Aaron now to the left wing corner for three and that's good. So Kevin porter jR, for whatever reason has gotten mad. He's gotten hot he has eleven points. And the beavers lead is four. It was ten fifty one forty seven trace the other way bounces to Tyler Kelly squares up against boat. Right. Puts it up over. Benny. Didn't get it. Rebound. A porter jR, playing inspired basketball porter jR, front court. Stop and go drill down the paint. Feeds it off the Chicago. Erin, websit left corner hundred Weaver for three back rim. No, good rebound. Zach Reichel big mess. Now. Porter jR, tries to steal it away. From jack. Border junior in the forest half. Scored two he's got nine in the second Devers by four seven wanting to play double screens from Kelley entangled. Ethan Thompson goes right steps into a three rattles in and out. No, good rebound. The ramparts it up. No gets it back had it knocked away and stolen by Joan Matthews. Matthews to waiver wrangles left or right front court. Throws the border. Stop and go down the lane. Lays it up at the left hand and messed. It rebounded trace cycle. No calls at either end with contact tinkle. Throws the ball to the left wing to Stevie not a trace for three back rim. No good rebound grabbed by Joe Matthews. Beavers by four six forty eight to play Jonah slows the pace down a little bit walks it into the front court and now everybody takes a deep breath holding. Elisa waiver Weaver comes from left to right guard or by Stevie Thompson junior goes hard left with eleven on the clock back out to boat right against Tyler Kelly pump fake on Cuyler throws to shook want Aaron comes into the paint jump. Stop throws it up. Wildly and didn't get it. He hit the deck. No bucket. No foul. Rebound a trace tackle outlet to Eason. Ethan fraud court throws to trays worlds is way down the pay put up with the right hand. No tap, Mike Kelly. No good data to grab the ball. Instead of trying to tip at home Jona Matthews fraud court down the lane lays it up goaltending. On. Ethan Thompson textile southern to play the beaver ten point latest been cut the tow.

beavers Ethan Thompson Elisa Weaver Weaver Kevin porter jR Porter jR Stephen Thompson Aaron Wayne tinkle Jack Michael Kevin porter jR Tyler Kelly Galen shudder Stevie Thompson Joan Matthews Jona Matthews Bishop Montgomery Joe Matthews fraud Mike Kelly
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"This is the beaver halftime show from gala in Los Angeles. Bieber's trying to get out of the south plan with a flick after the heartbreaking defeat on Thursday to that end a pretty good leading the Trojans thirty one to twenty seven at intermission Jarrett. Lucas the all time southern section scoring leader. Will join us in a few minutes out of under high Los Altos high school. We'll visit with Jared in a few minutes the beavers in the first half or thirteen thirty one from the field. Four of eleven from three point range in already taken three free throws which equal the number. They Pauley on Thursday USC with twenty seven points. Twelve aplenty seven on the first app of seven from deep Trojans old for four from the free throw line USC is out rebounded the beavers eighteen to sixteen six offensive rebounds for the Trojans. They have four points on their second chances, but the beavers had seven Oregon state with five offense employed, the beavers turning it seven times USC has turned it six times off of turnovers. The beavers with a six nothing advantage individually. Eleven point Stephen Thompson junior exceeding from three point range his career total coming was to he'd in three previous games combined here. Three four five today. He's the only player in double figures Tyler Kelly, seven points, three rebounds. Trace Tinkle's coming off a. Career high sixteen rebounds in nineteen points from the loss at Pauley on Thursday, six points and four rebounds, four points for Ethan Thompson, Jack Michael hit a he's one of two from the on the line the Trojans getting eight points from Benny boat rights seven for sure want Aaron and six from John Matthews gets the beavers thirty one USC twenty seven at the half visual with Jared..

Trojans USC Pauley Jared Los Angeles Los Altos high school Trace Tinkle Bieber Stephen Thompson Tyler Kelly Jarrett Ethan Thompson Lucas Jack Michael Oregon Benny John Matthews Aaron
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"Cooper, seen Dallas Mavericks radio network. I've seen his name a lot along with fellow Dallas athlete. Layton, Vander Esch worthy of ten year deals and how about Connor mcdavid. He kind of feels like a slam dunk tomorrow a basketball and Jack Jack Michael's and the Oilers radio network Ted Davis as well on the bucks radio network and Yoenis another one that I've seen a bunch of your tweets and your Facebook post. He's a unique skill set. But also, you can't coach body type you can't coach athleticism more size and his foot work and his skills to go along with that size. It's just a rare combination for me, Anthony Davis. I think I've investing in Anthony Davis a ten year deal. I put my list up on Twitter a law radio, but I'll share it with you. Now, this is. Not a complete list. Okay. So don't be freaking out. I mean, whatever you're gonna freak out anyway. So just freak away Anthony Davis and Donovan Mitchell out of the NBA, those are two guys that I would give tenure deals to Donovan Mitchell has been a find. And I think in Salt Lake you have to lock a guy like that up. Because otherwise if there's a chance he into depart, then it takes away from Saint from Salt Lake's ability to recruit, it's it's not an easy place to get athletes to go to for obvious reasons. And so in a situation where the guy like that a ten year deal can also help you build around him. I go Nathan MacKinnon and Connor mcdavid in the NHL. Nathan McCain is having one heck of a year career year in pretty much every category. If you project the numbers out over the the full season and he's coming off a year in which he had ninety seven points. Pat, Mahomes, I go Quentin Nelson the colts offensive lineman who just played all sixteen games is a major reason why Andrew luck. I was only sacked eighteen times. And then Bradley Chubb, I had to pick a guy that defensive side of the ball. And yes, Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack are phenomenal. But they're also twenty-seven. And so when you're considering the amount of pounding that these guys take in the trenches, I decided to go a little bit younger. We talked about Myles Garrett to I put I put Bradley Chubb in there. And then a major league baseball, Mike, trout and Christian yelich. So this is just a few for our toys ler Tuesday. Eight five five two one two four two two seven eight five five two one two four CBS Dwayne is in Baltimore. Welcome to after hours CBS sports radio. Hey, jamie. You know, the guy I'm talking about is Jackson. Manning NFL history. The team playoff. Okay. The Heisman Trophy? I bet. Ravens David for a place to bury. And then he came in and. Right through the whole thi and you see what happened in the playoff when they long. What do they do real quick? Offense coordinator. Well, it tells me you got to find an OC that has a system that fits your quarterback. And they're they're in is the big problem. And and yes, he was the youngest quarterback ever to start a playoff game in NFL history. And he certainly saved John Harbaugh's job if Harbaugh decides to stay there. We're still kind of waiting on that there's a contract extension. But yeah, he turned around their season halfway through all of that is true. But what's also true is that he's got to be more of a pocket passer because not even Cam Newton with his big body size built like a linebacker can continue to be a dual threat qb. Not in this league. The defenders are too big there too fierce to physical there too fast. And so while it's working now for him to be a run first QB is not a viable long-term plan. Which is why at this point. I wouldn't give him a ten year deal. I need to see more out of his passing game. I. This passing game when the family let him go in the fourth quarter. You know almost. Two and bam. Bam says he did accept the game at that point out of reach. And so you have to put some stock in the fact that the defense is probably not playing as tightly as they were earlier in the game. I mean, the the chargers had that offense pegged. They had a peg. They knew exactly what was going to happen. Exactly how to stop it. And even when they were stuffing the box and even when they were stuffing the run when it mattered. The Baltimore Ravens couldn't come up with an answer. Exactly, right. That's why you need another offense. I mean, you can only coordinate for the guy you've got you can't turn them into something. He's not. I mean, you can't. But you know, just like outline line. I wanna leave the little tweet you. We had a guy on the list that is males coming Indian lavar out on loan from me. Yeah. Because the guys it's coming in protecting. They didn't even put. How you doing over there? The hippy guy. He's gonna move when he's on the move. And he's holding the ball out for anybody to knock away that's on Lamar and he's got to take responsibility for the fumbles as much as the protection helps. He's also got to take responsibility to as an NFL QB Dwayne. Thank you so much phone call. I don't agree with you. But I like your forward thinking it certainly could mean a lot for the ravens moving forward if they can get the right guys around him. Thanks so much for calling eight five five two one two four two two seven. Let's say on our Facebook page. Joseph says does Shawn Watson there's a quarterback again. Sometimes I worry about the pounding that he takes this year. How many times was he sacked? Did. He didn't reach sixty because I'm pretty sure going into the last game of the season. It was fifty something that he'd been sacked. So if you want to look that number up just so we have the final, but Joseph says, the Shawn Watson, Alex bregman Carlos Correa. So this is a Houston fan, which I like Josh on Facebook says Matt Murray from the Pittsburgh. Penguins, Jake soul as well. Let's see Anthony says Jaanus in his opinion. Milwaukee hasn't been able to hold onto MVP caliber players since their existence. Levi's says Luca dot Terry Ronaldo, kunia, Mark, Frankie Lynn door baseball. Because there's not contact. It's a little easier to stomach to be short. Chris says Jeff Skinner and Jack go from the Buffalo Sabres. And then another tweet out. I'm sorry. This is Facebook. Facebook post is Mookie Betts and you've got a ton of answers as well. As on Twitter AOL radio. It's after hours here on CBS sports radio. And Andrew bogusch. Is in studio. I've been waiting for hours to tell you what happened in yoga. I I really believe I need to rethink my encouragement of you going to yoga because I don't think you can handle it. If this happens to you. I don't think you can handle it. Thank you. I hope. No, no. It's it's just you'll understand. I almost couldn't handle it. I nearly got kicked out of yoga because I was laughing my rear end off so yoga's. All quiet, right? We're we're doing. Poses with a strap. So essentially strap kind of goes on the bottom of your feet, and you use it to you know, to stretch ourselves. You otherwise. So there's one particular post she asked us to do where to put the strap on your feet, and then you stretch your feet upwards. But the idea is that you have to your we're laying on her back. So you have to bring your feet down you of lift your rear up a little bit. You know, almost like you're in a curl coming to your chest. And you're putting the strap on your feet and when that happened. Here's what I heard. Okay. The guy on the mat next to be Andrew. It was dead, quiet. And I mean, I'm sure it's an honest thing. Like. I'm on the mat? And I I'm like, I'm like you. Right. I'm like, oh it happens. And I started to think about it. And I almost die laughing. Like, I'm just like you're the one that breaks host silence. No, I didn't. But you know, you ever had those moments where you're you don't think about something else. You are going to absolutely lose it. And so I start thinking about how I'm going to tell my mom what happened in yoga, and my mom. That's not a good idea. Bad idea. I knew when both die. And so I own almost lose at the grid. If the yoga journal. So he didn't say anything. He said nothing. No, one said anything, we just we just can't. Just kept on going. And I thought I don't know what the etiquette is for this. But I just turned into seven year old Amy like, you know, six and seven year olds think Pfizer hysterical grown men due to breed also dangerous, and they feel like this happened often in yoga class is one of the reasons why. I wouldn't wanna be yoga class. This was the first time. But it was so I mean, it couldn't have been a worse time. She wasn't talking. No one was moving. It was just all of a sudden. Poor guy. Bending in ways. He wasn't used to bend. Opened up a passageway supposed to be. But you're no not so much forever. I'm proud of you didn't actually laugh out loud. She didn't looking at me the look on my face. I mean, I was like. The largest grin and just like, you know, when you've got liquid in your mouth, and so it makes a joke and you're about to go. I read it was that it was seven year old. Just walked out. Sure where it came from. I mean, there were seven eight people in there. So you never know it could have been the guy next to him. I maybe just the fact that he was on the mat right next to me. So you knew so I knew because I could tell by the depth perception. So don't go to yoga just just don't. I don't think. I mean, my maturity of Chicago. Now, maybe you'll be that guy. Maybe life goals. Poses that. He's never done before. It was like one of those deals you just gotta have to do the fetal position, but you're on your back. So the rear is. Madness. Locked and loaded. Okay. I feel better now that I've laughed about it. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it. I hadn't told anyone else until you and your both. Thank you. Now. Even your mom mom. No, no. I told him. Okay. But in terms of here at work. Saving especially for you. Just don't go to yoga nearby. Be lumpy. Not lean just. I mean that was probably going to happen. Anyway. Now at your reason, not to go. I should have said excuse, you know, should we just ignore? What would you do it? You had assuming you can't ignore. It was you. What would you have done? If I had been you or him if he'd been you who accidentally had the, you know lot I would've never gone back to that class. Because here. I went to a spin class with my wife one time when I left like fifteen minutes. It was awful. What I like felt shameful side. Be like on the bike outside. Like, the main part of all the funny people were going inside the spin class like I wouldn't make icon quitter. You're the quitter. Yeah. It was hard my quads on fire. I kind of feel like partying in a quiet class is worse than quitting. But everybody saw me leave. Okay. Loser. Thanks. Thank you. Good. Girth. Alright it's after hours with Amy Lawrence. My cheeks hurt now. But thank you. The truth ler Tuesday question, which athletes are worth ten year deals. I'm gonna laugh all the way through your update. Now if unleash the beast. Here's our latest sports update. You're saying..

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