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Full Spectrum Cycling #62  Talking with Dave Schlabowske  SDC in the Northwoods

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Full Spectrum Cycling #62 Talking with Dave Schlabowske SDC in the Northwoods

"Push the button. Today pushed the button on full spectrum. Recycling show number sixty to sixty two. That's my nieces boyfriends Age Right Now holy. Mackerel old dude mo or they call that sixty two yes may September. Probably not quite more like August-september. Probably Well Hillary go centenary certainly really at the bottom of this starting with the beer water before the main course. Frequent worm out there last couple days holy cow. It went from zero to one hundred and no time flat over Sir. Yeah there was. I had a a non winding or non breeze little vantage point when I would step away from my office today and I'm not really wonderful Sven here and jk to my right. Tony socially distant and a lake of the ozarks. Trying to find the grand. Trying to find Tony's picture in the The thing that was on the thing there with the lures Klom. Where's Waldo? Where's Tony whereas they trust that? He was in a private residence and distancing for the partner. I had a very relaxing. Do Nothing vacation where we played a lot of attack the new version of Omar. And it's the difference between the old version of its got a machine. It spits out cards if you get have to draw random and sometimes you can get yourself about almost a dozen car so nicer when it comes to you and you don't have the Keller you hit the button you can get unloaded down. It's actually really fascinating entertaining little. But Yeah we you and I might have drake a small amount of beer. And a little bit of fireball. Which is something. I don't usually do that stuff. Socks don't tell say Jack Fire riding a really fast boat. That was passed by a lot of other really fast boats and the funniest part about it was sudden. Everyone's like in their. You know two hundred thousand four hundred thousand dollars boats just cruising often you see this shop. Vote with twin outboard. Just go screaming by everybody. And they were all totally embarrassed and it was great. Yep boats are for suckers is as the guy. I don't remember the comedian. But he said you don't WanNa be the guy that has a boat WanNa be the guy that brings the beer dick as I was that Guy. Right on speaking of beer. Here's something said sunrise has been sold. Our local corner wonder folk convenience store that he got stocks. A lot of good six packs of beer has been sold. I go away for a couple of days. Now what the Hell maybe. Jk knows more about it than I do. But he likes. Mike was saying I'm retiring. I'm not going to be clear the moral I don't know I was. I was Scott one of his brothers or something right. I don't know it doesn't sound like it. They've been there for twenty two years and he said it's just time to. I'm Donny's old dude. You know. And they originally had a place further on the west side thirty fifth and somewhere out that way but yeah kind of sad because those guys are neighborhood fixture and everybody really likes that place because of those guys is. It is a great beer selection. So we'll see what happens. I hopefully the new owners have a vision not to fuck with it. They understand the pulse of this neighborhood. Maybe make money. I'm beer. We'll see he's there for another week or two. So if you're in Milwaukee when it stopped by sunrise and say you know happy. Retirement SEAL FREE CORNER OF WHEEL and locust here in River West not half ago. I mean if if you're not in having lived in rural West for more than six months you've been hersher. Yep We said we said another by this week we said bye bye to the Bombonera. It went down the road. Holy Cow. You didn't even get to ride it. I took it out for test right. I'm like I'm not giving this too. Jessica. I'm keeping this. I got some picks yourself. So you can relive the glory plus Your Pricey. Riding around the neighborhood. Yeah probably yeah probably how big a tear Jan fitting that we went with the six fifty B by forty six surly ex data lasted. Tell us deals with rap anywhere. Show you with slate. She will use the shit out of that but I mean that's the best part about her. She will put tons of miles on there. But I've seen on the interwebs and the instagram feeds other builds of this spike. And there's people are doing interesting things with it. I think Joe at seven eight in Brooklyn to build. I can't remember who all else had 'em but it's been popping up since I think they did a like a one off order and they all went out and now they're all getting built up into completing into ask. Yeah that was a pretty like it reminds me a lot of a growl. Actually it's got some similar traits little more on the a bunch of stuff on its side of things but very similar in the execution of it. Yeah Man Yeah. Man tacos. I Did both to and from the League. The ozarks look for big sexy in did not have a big sexy citing. I'm serious I told all of people in my in my entourage said Look. You see anyone on a tricycle. You pointed out manually. Could very well be big sexy. And I'm going to kill a whole bunch of your time. He no he made it to Springfield this week. So I went through Springville Narran back. You did do the state capital stop. I don't think it made at as being the navigator. I didn't really know where the hell was going. In relation to it would have been years. He says he was south. Where you and that's what I figured out mile you follow the line and so do the plug in plug in your destination and follow God you use navigation to get ahead of Ansi. Suv In if you plug your iphone into it. It apple played onto the screen. We are all set to go. I know that because everyone was traveling with that knife own. So now you know Y IPHONES. Air The kick ass. Because I'm sure work with Google to show him up Yaman. Yes I played what technology. Welcome like okay. All right very very intrusive. I'm the only one that stayed in town over the holidays. Good little stay at homeboy exactly riding in a lot riding gorgias. Yup that was more you know. Go out and ride around. Stay away from all the imbeciles because you know Wisconsin is now open for stupidity and by cracking stupid. People are doing what they can to live up to their name. Turn the truck via the Lakefront and I know people that were just walking around the lake. Front yesterday at four o'clock in the afternoon people. I'm like wow not people have jobs and Mike. Oh wait you yeah Monday. A bunch of there was a shit storm down there like thirty to fifty people. Were in a fight cops really well. Yeah just normal lots normal. I hot day summer. Let's say they opened up the Parking on the on the partly. What did they think was going to happen right right so? I mean yeah because we were coming back like did to the whatever. They're calling it now. Yeah I don't think people were milling about in front of it so it was hard to tell but I don't think they were open because it's your clothes each other on a smarter we gotta guest this week. Come on we gotta guest. I think the here now now here and now we have a guest here now. Beer cheap from is welcome to the show collar who we have on the line. Dave Schloss Back Bosque. Back our now also they. They was also not over the Memorial Day weekend but recently up nort there. Hey there hey yeah bye bye packing during the pandemic tell us how first of all because trip yeah like. Wisconsin opened up. And you made some calls and said what do you guys think? How did that go? What did you? Who did you contact? You know. I mean? Obviously I've been dying to go up there. I canceled the a couple of plans trips and then I would normally taken a couple of others Had a winter trip plan that you know for February and another one for March and None of those happened because the stay at home orders and You know despite the fact that I'm writing by myself in the middle of nowhere and and really probably no risk to anyone and risk personally either But I wanted to follow the rules and then on just recently A few weeks ago I got Some emails marketing emails from Cambe bike association up by Cable Hayward area Saying are trails are open and you can come visit as long as you follow these. You know No social distance guidelines and stuff like that and then I got something from the Hayward Area Chamber of Commerce. I something from Rome adventure base camp. I got my mays marketing. You know. Listen so I called up there. And I spoke to the President of the board of directors for Canada. I spoke to the executive director for Cambe. And they both assured me that they had spoken personally with the with health department at For their counties and And they got the go-ahead to you know in general along life you know other businesses up there not just the trails and so. I've got the go-ahead to invite people up as long as any message doubt to invite people to visit included you know the safety guidelines your body Illinois you'd have to say in the email an addendum that says we are following Saith Blah Blah Blah. Yeah so any any of their marketing emails which I mean it. You know I mean if you know up north. Those marketing emails are not going to people that live in in Sawyer County for the most part. They're going to people that live in Milwaukee County you know Lake County You Know Nicholas County Hennepin Tony you look in any of those parking lots up there and the plates are all you know. I mean you can't tell Milwaukee played but there's lots of Illinois and Minnesota plates and I'm sure a lot of people walking and Madison as well. Something is concentrated. Institute is Counties on plates like I think even in Montana where there's very few people you can tell what county someone's license plate. I mean we can from Winnebago County. Yeah the pandemic. It's certainly certainly be helpful. But oh for sure so I I had been hesitant to take any trips. Once you know I got the official go-ahead and knowing that I was going to be off by myself in the middle of Nowhere Anyway. I figured why why continue to deny myself so it's without. I did not take collar too on a trip for him so He stayed home with mom and And I just went and I I start of these Adventures in cable. 'cause they have a handy? Dandy municipal parking lot Where you are free to leave your vehicle for even for extended periods of time. You don't have to give any notification you just own their parking lot and unpack your adventure gear. Whatever it may be and you can leave it there So so I like to start there. Plus I love Cable Hayward Area Sealy. You know I've got friends up there and it's just you know abundant really great Assets up there even though most of them are closed flashed assets. I think they're now called human capital. I believe well. I'M TALKING ABOUT PLACES. Like the rivers eatery this amazing wood-fired pizza up. You know in the middle of cable You Know Fellow Cafe The Song L. Saloon. There's just a whole bunch of really great the Delta Diner you know there's a bunch of really great places up there that I love but of course most of those were closed playing when I did. My trip occurred curbside right on. I mean if anybody gets the chance to go up that way Definitely all the places. Dave's mentioned I've been to him as well and it's you can't go wrong in northern Wisconsin for hospitality true and that area of the state for those don't know is you know as long then. A silence backup both because of the The swam again like association trails You know they've got a hundred and sixty miles of single track and And modern blowy stuff. You know purpose still you know berms and you know bank bridges and stuff like that. They've got all that too as well. As of course the Cross country skiing The Burqa byner. The home about American bookbinder is there. Yeah I mean you're you're as likely to you know find somebody You know in a bar that came in with a four wheeler as you are hard to find somebody with right monitor on. It's a great way company. So you started in cable. And I'm looking at Your Wisconsin. Waterfall loop right now. I just right off the bat. I'm just GonNa make one suggestion. You knock thirty three miles off of this and then you only have three hundred and thirty three miles which we half way to hell. Yeah which would be awesome. But no it says Wisconsin waterfall loop three hundred and seventy six miles. And I'm just so tell us about what your your is all about. You'll link that yeah link route the show notes I'm sure but So our listeners can can check out. It's on ride with GPS But saw the road starts in cable. It does kind of a loop. I have mine going clockwise Got Customers in the store. Tony's got customer over there either. You know what I'm GonNa do. I'M GONNA cut Tony off right now. Push this button to push these commerce. Right yeah you know. We'RE UP UNTIL EIGHT. Apparently so anyway we can hear you fine so tell us what I'm looking at the pictures with. Yeah Yeah so yeah. I also gave you some photos from this trip. So it's it's it's a loop that goes up towards ironwood and then up towards Lake Superior and Saxon Harbor And then back down and then. Kinda goes pretty much underneath the bad river reservation. Back around up north towards Cornucopia and herb stir Then comes straight back saw down towards Delta and ends backing cable in along the road. I think there are twenty five or twenty six waterfall spectacular of and this world. I modified I've done various versions of this. And this one I added I strung together a bunch of Cambe single-track at the start so the first twenty four twenty five miles or so Are All on single track that begins at the North End. Terrell had just sell the cable. You have salt on Randy sack and run right into that trail had That's where that one of the year it says they've got a couple of years Sunday their trails and that's one of the year it says And so you ride. You know a whole bunch of their trails Couple of new ones dirt candy. is Is got a is purpose built with you. Know there's a photo I think I've got in there. You can see you know spiral Berm Bank downhill you know and then I got a little section called do over and even though I was doing and sixty six mile bike packing when I got to that point where like okay go left to keep going on my route now like all right could session this one more time and hit do over. I went around. Sessions Dirt Candy Even always on my loaded loaded Mountain bike But it's it's Super Fun trails network and then there's a lot of stuff is pretty rocky so I rode I wrote Danke. Danke is one of the trails there that I included and And that's really it's like fifty percent rock gardens so For this route. I chose this trip. I chose to take my monkey bicycle company. Twenty nine or whether it's suspension for and two point three inch tires You could in theory ride that action with a draw gravel bike but I I would want to personally so for the for the most part the most part the route is basically gravel by friendly. And you just added some more exciting stuff into it for your own personal use. Sketch up the percentage I think is like I think it's like eighty percent gravel roads And then like five percent pavement and and five percent mountain biking stuff and then the rest are like Kinda like real rough. Atv two-track did you spend on it this time through there so there. When I decided to do this is I cut it a little. Bit Short I because Ironwood is all shutdown basically and because I I read that section half dozen time what I did. This time is If you look at the raw there's a little section Down down south southwest of Ironwood aways Where there's an intersection there. And there's a fair chasers pub is there. There's a real old. You're hunting camp. They're called kids. Camp that's got a giant. Eros stuck in the road you know like a a forty foot tall. Eros on the road and there's an intersection there and I instead so what I did was I went straight north there and I went up to visit this Old Growth Hemlock forest backs on the route up there. So there's like two hundred fifty year old trees Along that section routes so anyway packed that a little short and I headed straight up the iron belt so just while I'm looking at this. Let me ask you about the APP itself ride with GPS. It's not Straw. So what how do you use this APP? And what makes it like the thing for this type of a trip map out something because you've been working on this for a while? So yeah and I personally settled on ride the GPS Other people use strive People Guy For this I find this to be Super user friendly in terms of editing. The way developed most of these routes is You know I've written some areas and then I wanna connect them and stuff so what I do is I go on ride with. Gps and open up the satellite imagery. And I zoom way to hack in and then I looked to see what's gravel. Try to see Courtesy ATV trails through the forest logging. Roads that are visible on satellite imagery. And then I draw route and through those those 'cause the apple automatically wrote on those roads and trails but it won't route on you know Those logging roads or or ATV trails so but I can often see them however you know the accuracy of satellite imagery and how fast the forest grows up there and you know that sort of stuff is questionable so so sometimes those things don't pan out But that's how I do it and and I draw them and then I go by retirement and actually fact check it and track my route with ride with. Gps and worked my way through my friends. Call those sections Dave. 'cause I assist Mike. Well we're going through the middle of for us. I know we have to walk bikes because it's impossible to ride 'cause there's so many trees down or the the grass up above our heads or something like that but but like there's a pass through the forest there's somebody kind of pass here at some point in time even if it's not writable today So that's how I used ride with. Gps for that. And then. When I'm and then you can if you do the premium which is all these. Apps are really cheap. You know what twenty five bucks a year or something like that It allows you to a garage and I just run it on my phone And My iphone and So I can download the route so even where I don't have cell service That the GPS application works and see my map a heads up for northern Wisconsin I think. Ats basically the only service that works reasonably. Well up there isn't it. It depends where you're going. Certain sections are eighteen hours verizon and there are some sections where there's just nothing you know One of those weird things about how telecom happened was there was a forget. What the United States cellular or something held on to that area for a long time and nobody could get in. There was kind of like the opposite of the Coca Cola. Kid Story where you know. Coca-cola had everything but this one little spot in Australia didn't so anyway I digress. But any so I'm looking at we're yeah so I love Robert. Gps for that. Like I said some people swear by by Guy I don't find it is easy to use. But maybe it's just because I've been using writer. Gps for years but Like I said I added actions that I haven't done normally go up to Saxon But this time I added I added a I kept going north up to Saxon Harbor we're superior falls is and And I hadn't been there before it seemed a little out of the way and maybe unnecessary but But the wrote that I found goings going up. There is pretty much straight ahead gravel roads which are pleasant And then you you get to stop at at Saxon falls up north of Saxon which is real nice waterfall with a A town park in it. That's a really nice park And then you keep going and You get to Tax Herbert. Which was destroyed in like a flood. a while ago but they're rebuilding. It's going to be a very nice campground there. soon And a waterfall is Kinda cool so And the bonus though what would seal the deal is the route back south down towards Gurney and through exceed her in to Gurney is a bunch of a bunch more days minutes. And it's really fun so it's really really rough hilly Atv and logging to track So it's probably for me Was about if percent writable but I I like those sections. That's part of the bike. Packing experience for me is that I mean you can always avoid on. You know. There's always a road you can go on one sixty nine on a you know but But I like seeking out those getting this far into the middle of nowhere as possible. Yeah right I mean you've done a lot of work on this. I encourage everybody. That's listening to this show at this time to take a look at what Davis put together. And if you can make it the northern Wisconsin by cranky. There'd be a lot worse ways to spend your days then bike pack on this route so yeah and you can divide it up in you know. I do it in little today. Sections and there's lots of places to take shortcuts back to wherever you start and and leave your leave your car Or your truck I'm going to be going up in a couple of weeks just to dial in some of the sections up Up By North of grandview. That are on some real sandy and and north of north of Delta. That are Awesome Real Sandy Sort of forest roads sort of a TV roads. It's kind of hard to tell but it's really deep soft sand and I just wanted to dial a little bit but I'm going to go up and I've got you know one hundred sixty mile route. I do my buddy come Schuler and we'll do that. You know in two days back from cable so why and hopefully once once I get. That section dialed in then. I'm going to submit this to bike dot com and And try to get it published there. Yeah I think I don't see why they got spectacular pictures too so I think that will help a lot of photos. I know you've mentioned I just got an email today from Cambe that What's The candy trail? There's another one now. Number Two ERK Candy Candy to is now around it in that email it mentioned about being a member of Cambe and I think you go up there and you ride on the trails. It's pretty inexpensive via cam a member. But they're doing a ton of work and everybody can help support it so maybe you can do a quick plug for for Canada. I am I Campbell member. I don't even ski the Burki but I'm up. I belong Birkinbine her foundation just because they do so much great stuff up there you know. I mean I don't kick in a lot of money but you know I'm entry level member of that foundation as well just because they do so much great work up there and we share a lot of the same resources right on Dave. I'M GONNA go ahead and bring the top of the hill bell right now about that time. Yeah I don't know if you're If you're having a brew today but Our Friend Jessica. That just picked up her crust bombonera which is really kick ass bike and I mentioned her her and her boyfriend Dan that they should check this out. 'cause they do a lot of riding around the state and and doing some bike packing and whatnot? She brought us over some dogfather from across the street. Over there to the to the Black Husky Brewery. So it's Oh it's Loki. It is Dogfather US quiet. You don't Tony's LIPA CLA I do I. I do have a beer in hand. It's from my neighborhood Brewery Venture Brewing Company and it's it's appropriately A zoom beer It's an easy drinking ale with mosaic caps and Kentucky's what's the alcohol content on that one Add they don't always put it on their stickers. I don't think it's a little you know session -able so it's probably six percent or something like that. There are after seven yeah. They're not quite as big as tennis beers. He's mentioned that before. Like the big beer and six point. Eight on the old dogfather. This is the one that Mexican coney here on that. Show that that Tim's Kim's writing I I didn't know I mean I knew it was like a power lifter but I didn't know that you as A and I knew it was obviously a dog sled her but I didn't know that he started getting into cycling. I think it's a relatively new thing. And they did. They did some last year and I think they like it. So they're gonNA continue somewhere up where they are combine that area north of my one of my original versions of this route actually started in in Amberg at at I thought it'd be appropriate to start this row at Dave's falls And and went north from Amberg. Straight your pen buying so. I'm familiar with time written through there a few times. He's all right Dave. You got an okay when you WANNA leave us with anything and otherwise will no. I'm not saying is I guess great. I'll talk to you when When that the brake lines come in You know the build on my bike was was perfect. It's I if your listeners. You know. It's a lucky bicycle company. Twenty Sarah Twenty nine which is built by My former employer Waterford precision cycles Out in in Waterford by You know under the guidance of senior Richard Schwinn is on Tucker Out there and It it performed great. I originally had the bike set up as a straight up mountain bike. And I've I've built a added some new brakes on to it for Kind of funky custom rear rack inspired by the trek. Eleven Twenty Iraq. But real lightweight 'cause in the back of my bike. I mean I- I strapped my my ten which ways I think a pound seven ounces and you know my sleeping bag or quilt. Which was you know a pound. And they're just a little kind of bulky packs so I have to five liter summit bags that strap on each side of this along with the tent stakes and the The polls and some custom bags that I sewed up and and I- i- welded up or braised up silver brazed up the stainless steel rat for the back of the bike. And then I had a couple of other bracons added onto to that bike and then I added John's Farzin. Unfortunately that the cadle setup doesn't reach quite right so that's why. I wanted to bring it into everyday cycles and had put some longer cables on it right on the word is they're not cables. They're hydraulics right brake lines. Yeah I think that the shipper cable does need to be longer too but You know the IT works great. The bike is is amazing. I just a giant convert for that Jones Bar and the organ J. Three Lollipop groups. They're really soft and squishy their amazing but But you know when I put a front bag on the front. The cables getting squished back. And I just don't like when I turn the handlebar like kind kinda pulling the cable and the Brake Line. Yup kind of an extreme angle right at the caliber. It just looks like something. Something's GonNa break at some point from stress so a Lotta. Have you guys put some longer out there all right? Well I look forward to talking to you again. Look forward to doing this route with your portions of it in the not too distant future. All right thanks guys. Well by cracking. That was a whole lot information about that. Wisconsin waterfall loop currently at three hundred and sixty six miles. Oh wait I should have muted. Tony Jacobs back. He should have said something before. Well it it was hard to tell if the sound tornado is going to return back over. Tony didn't put his headset down now. He did but Yeah Jake as always number two number three number two well no it it minimize some of the some of the ex-iranian sounds indeed of commerce happening here at the open by appointment only slash when our door is open now waiting. Kansin bike shop. Thank you very much everyday cycles. Over West Milwaukee Wisconsin USA Galaxy Universe had to take a deep breath right after that one by the way. My lung capacity is still fantastic. So a yes. Well I think we kinda used up. Everyone's time for this show so thanks for listening and I don't know come back next week again or something or whatever you know. I don't care dulcet tunes of our blathering 's and.

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Early Takes On The 2020 Season And Wondering If Classic Jersey's Are Actually Bad

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1:01:27 hr | 1 year ago

Early Takes On The 2020 Season And Wondering If Classic Jersey's Are Actually Bad

"Skirt. Run through our ass shit to attend more man and we could not stop. We failed. To Make, our coaching points in our points more compelling than their fat little girlfriends bid all. Know we al.. We need more dogs. Hello, welcome to unnecessary roughness presented by high noon. Hard Seltzer, unnecessary references Barstools College Football podcast starring me Brandon Walker. Somebody named. Jessica were. Funny that's. Casey. Brandon first of all you always give yourself top billing, and then now you're just pretending like you don't know my name. Name that's Casey and that over there is Joe Casey, and John Thank you for being on the show I say Joe got a haircut you haven't. Yet he did get a haircut Joe, thank you I got a haircut needed it. It was bad. It was long long as wrong ever been. It was bad. It was I wasn't deny was bad, but we are in the middle of a pandemic I couldn't get a haircut. No. My hair three weeks ago. We still are in the middle of it, you know. What can you guys do aren are I. Don't know that we are anymore. I think it's just gone I think you know what I I'm I want to go to the movies. I want to go to the restaurant. I WANNA go grocery store. Sorry well. In a lot of places in the country, you can do absolutely those things. I got out of New, York a couple of weeks ago and I've been a bunch of different places, and you know what life seems to be a lot more normal outside of New York. But at the same time I've seen a lot of memes, and it's like with all the other stuff that's going on, and all the the rioting and the protesting, and all that it's like the crow buyers just feels like blue at twenty eight to three lead I saw all those memes, and it does feel like that like that's all we cared about it, and now it just feels like it's just not even happening. All right, so here's how the show is going to work. We're under some college football news. I have my my two thousand twenty athlon came in, so my first athlon magazine came in so I've been reading it and I've got some fresh off the donut line. Twenty twenty takes that I. Want to get started. We're going to start looking towards the two thousand twenty season very soon. I got a couple of takes. That are just dying to get out there. And is a big news. Though the fact, the athlon magazine is even coming out and the fact that that that's like that's the first big step. For the season actually start. I feel like once. These magazines start coming out. They can't take it back. Yeah, guess what we're going to have football. I don't care what you do. In the PAC twelve or whatever we're having football, and this is all there is to it and I think we're football fans so. We're going to do all that we'll talk about the news. We'll talk about what I just said. The takes, and we'll do some questions and I just watched the first two questions, two or three questions. They were excellent. Some excellent questions at the very very top. We will I don't know if we'll do too many. It's GonNa be shorter show today, so we'll dive into that I. let me just say. This is a college football podcast and nobody here is immune to the fact of what's going on. We all know what's going on in the world, some real problems. Some real issues are happening in the world. I am on the AC every day on the down a lot. JC's on C. C. K. everyday wear on twitter. Rundown yesterday I said something. A lot of people reacted to. certainly what happened George Floyd and all the protests and the looting a visit is. It is the number one story in this country right now. However I do believe in my heart of hearts that you have pressed play on this podcast because you want to listen to college, football takes comfortable talk, and while I have takes and I've said the mouse where Casey S. she said elsewhere when you click on this podcast i. we are going to give you College Football Casey. Do you agree? I completely agree. It's not silencing a conversation you like. You said you've talked about it. I've logged about it I've talked about it. It's kind of one of those things that you know while you can't believe escape. What's going on in the unrest in this country? If you can for an hour and listen to college football and listen to us, yell at each other, and that's what we're gonNA. Do and that's what we tried to do throughout. Throughout this entire pandemic, and you know obviously we're going to continue to have those conversations elsewhere, but maybe not on necessary roughness. We're not ignoring it. We're just GONNA continue on Talking College football, and if you WANNA takes, they're out there. Baby Sports are the ultimate distraction, and so will this podcast, but we also need sports back in the worst way, and hopefully the NBA with the first one coming back in jail coming back as well. It will be all good, so we've got some. I think baseball is done by the way I don't. Think so now you hang around with people talking about baseball two months ago. She works. They're gonNA. They're talking about it talking about it at the last minute. They're going to get a deal then. That's probably fair. It's all doomsday when we talk about baseball. My Program Radio Program is too far in that direction. It's either going to get a deal done at the last minute. All right so. Several items of news out there that have happened since last week. Some. They vary and importance and cultural relevance, so let's just start with the least important one culturally jt Daniels transfers to Georgia. Former five star recruits that was at USC got beat out from job. I Don Slovaks after he got hurt, he is now transferred to Georgia. My question to you to everybody out there. The recruits in College Football Players Not Watch College, Football, Games that was my question, I do not understand. What these guys are looking at when they say I want to be a successful quarterback at the college football level. Let me go play for Kirby smart after what he's done with other quarterbacks there, what are we talking about? Joe You have your hand up. Didn't you've said the same thing about next even before to attack allowing the certainly, and you certainly could have said it probably about arms around before job, saw and I. Tell You guys are wrong. That's fair. That's fair however. Three years ago Jake from showed a Georgia with a lot of promise and led the team to a national championship game. And under three years of coaching, the coaching he received from the Georgia bulldogs he got markedly works. He got even every single year. Yeah, the junior version of him was the worst version of him, and he ended up being late round draft pick I also I also I know. I feel like there's an element and I'm not hating Georgia because it takes a lot to compete at the national championship level, which is what they've gotten to and broken through yet. They're competing in a national title level. I almost feel like Kirby is just the rich guy who buys the nicest things just so he can have them, and not because he really knows how to use them or needs them. He got and I know JT Daniels has multiple years left, but he went out, and he got the coveted Grad, transfer Jamie Newman two months ago from wake forest, just because Jamie new the shiny toy out there, he was the most coveted. Georgia has never shown. They know how to run. Offenses fit by Jamie Newman. They've never shown. They know how to run a read. Option offense or anything curb smart number ran a read. Option offense all of a sudden. They get Jamie noon. Well, assigning a toy comes out T. Daniels. Let's go get him to now. What if he becomes immediately eligible? You just went and got Jamie new, and you're just GonNa Bench. Him has last year. Because you're a Dick and you can't take the most expensive item out there. That's what I want I know it takes. I know it takes cutthroat recruiting. Annotate it when you heard that level. You have to get the best players, but. Some programs and schools seem to just. Stockpile for the sake of stockpiling without knowing how to actually use the stockpile. Saving knows how to use it on knows how to use it. Just seems like he goes on a shopping. Spree throws everything in the car. I figured out later. Well, and we've seen in the past. I mean obviously I saw it up close at an. Go stockpile different quarterbacks. You also have to be telling what did he? WHAT DID KIRBY SMART? Say to Jamie Newman because you saw Kevin someone. Do it with Kyle Murray. Kyle and then at the end of the day. You probably told them very similar things, and it didn't work out and they both left. So what did Kirby Smart? Say when Jamie Newman was coming a Georgia I. I would assume he said. Hey, you're going to be starting quarterback next year. You're a grad transfer. You only have one year. Oh, by the way now we're gonNA come in and have a quarterback battle jt Daniels who probably would still be the starting quarterback? Had he not gotten hurt last year? And like you said it has to be cut throat, but at the same time. What are you? What are you doing this just it again. Governor in a golf cart every time I say that I. Get. Georgia fans all Pissy at me, but until that changes what he did to jake from doesn't scream quarterback success. Why would j Daniels want to go to Georgia and then on top of that? What are they going to do Jamie Newman to Jack's point, it only takes one so of Jd Daniels is the guy that breaks Georgia through because they're going to have national title talent all over the field if he's. He's the one that brings them through doesn't matter. Jamie Newman doesn't matter about anybody. Jamie Newman's and one. The brakes through doesn't matter about jt Daniels, so just takes a while the betting as a betting man, which I know that you are and I know you can't wait to be betting on sports again. If you had to put money right now. WHO WAS GONNA be the starting quarterback at between Jamie Newman and JT Daniels first name this? Even who would it be I think Jamie Newman I don't know. The Daniels has a reason to be mealy eligible. If okay, hypothetically, if it's true quarterback battle. If it was the quarterback, it would be, it would be jt. which would suffer Jamie Newman and when something new? It would suck, but you know. Whatever that's what it is, but I think Jamie Newman we'll be starting quarterback because I don't think jt. Daniels, has any reason to be mealy eligible. I don't see why. You'll would be granted that waiver he's going from. From California, so there's not going closer to home so. We'll see I. Don't think we'RE GONNA. Have to deal with that and Jamie Newman J Daniels. If in fact, you know Jamie Newman this year, jt Daniels and it's a hell of one, too. So Kirby might play this exactly right I just looks a little weird to me. Justice I would. I would stockpile talent to I. Think I think? Really to I wait, we all would. Everybody would, but it does seem. It does seem like. Kirby's kind of Just buying everything without really any rhyme or reason to it. Then again. Maybe maybe I'm an idiot. Justin Ross out for the season. Just Ross tremendous receiver for Clinton from the State of Alabama awesome a couple years ago, congenital fusion in the net career may be over. That is tough. It's rough. Trevor Lawrence loses a weapon Justin. Ross was going to be a first round. Pick. That's that's that's bad. That's bad all the way round. All the way round. You concern that Trevor Won't have weapons to throw to. I mean what are we talking about? CLEMSON'S GONNA lose their five star receivers and have to have to rely on their high four-star receivers. They're not. I I just don't know. The clemson has a dearth receivers. Plus you're. You're in the ACC he's not. He's not in the not in the big ten. He's not going to Ohio state. I'm not really concerned with that I. Think Trevor Lawrence is GonNa make his guys better. I think this'll be the best version. We ever see them Trevor Lawrence. You've got embarrassed the national title game. I think for twelve games this season. He's going to be a man on a mission, so I don't really think it affects him that much like you said. I mean Davos stockpiles talent to so there might not be like another huge five star. Star like Justin Ross, but there's going to be somebody else there, and also from what we've seen in Trevor Lawrence outside of the national title game last year. It's not his receivers that make him better. They obviously help that, but he is such a good quarterback that he's going to make whoever's around him. A better receiver so I'm not worried about that at all, but it does suffer for the for just Ross. Obviously, that's not great. Staying with Clemson so. To items of big news here. Yesterday it was on twitter that a former Clemson player said. After Dabo was trying to come out, and Clinton put off his picture of Dabo leading them in arm-in-arm which tableau always. Front Center anyway I'm not going to harp on that right now. SMIRK on your face when you start talking about him and you know that you get to talk a little bit of Shit. Just it just brings me a little over. A minute, maybe not on this sort of I'm going to defend them in the second story I'm GonNa. Defend Him Oh. But. Yeah! He's always going to be front and center of Edit Everything Clinton does anyway. Player implied on twitter that a former clemson coach. Said said a slur. He's said a slur to the the N. word. I mean let's just be honest. That's what he employs slithers yeah! That's what was said. And then we find out later that it wasn't fact. CLEMSON assistant coach. WHO said. He apologized last night. He said you know I last year when I was trying to tell a player not to say a certain word I said the word or that was a story was trying to play player not to say certain word I said the word I apologize to everybody. It was kept quiet then. and. I don't know right now. In this time. The country that is the. Boy, it's it's. It's a rough time in this country as country or something like that come out. Go ahead. I was GONNA. Say and more of those stories. We'll probably start coming out. Because of what we are seeing in the country, you know obviously the George Floyd thing you mentioned sparked it, but now more of these stories are going to be happening, and it's going to be like well. It was you know potentially buried. Potentially it's been happening at different programs, but for this situation at Clemson. It seems like it's more of like A. he said she said situation and. Flat out can't use that word. It doesn't matter. You cannot use that word so whatever the situation is. It's just not a good luck. Well, that's fine. No, it's not a good look, and no, you don't WanNa be in the news for this. However, I do think intent should matter in this country in any situation, intent should matter. They're saying something, and then they're saying something so if the coach is telling the truth that he heard the word from players mouth, and said Hey, don't say and then he said the word. You brought. You shouldn't because he's not say he shouldn't say it. But if you're trying to eliminate the word from your player and you accidentally say it, that's different from. If you said if you going down the road, you just said it. There is intent there if the man was trying to teach a guy, and he was trying to eliminate that word from his vocabulary on what broncos field that is different. We should treat a different, shouldn't we? The original tweet was implying that he was calling players that slur which again I. Think is the worst thing that. The coach says that's what the coach says I was I was telling them not to say it and I said right well. Yes, so that's where it is i. mean again I I don't think there's ever reason for it to be said especially by a white person, but at the same time like you're absolutely right like the original tweet made it look like he was calling somebody that which is absolutely horrendously bad for a coach to be doing on for anybody to be doing that. He shouldn't have repeated it, but if he. He really was repeating it to try to teach a lesson at it just came out of his mouth. There is a different level of intent and that wasn't portrayed in the tweet because they're going to be people that don't see what he said. They're going to be people that don't know what actually happened and they're just going to assume that that culture is going on at clemson underneath Dabbagh and the assistant coaches racist, and you just can't assume those things. If you don't know the story the same time just say that's right. I think Davos is I've caught him a phone and fake believe he's a racist I. Don't run the racist, organization. If the if it comes out that the player says the coach was calling them that then you need to fire that coach immediately. That coach needs me by. There's no excuse for I, am I? I really believe if Davos all coach. Calling player a certain word, he would firearm immediately. Feel trusted I mean that's common decency. On top of that. This was a culture that was going on. At clemson, it wouldn't just now becoming out because you can't tell me that you have an entire roster full of players that if an assistant coaches calling players that word that we wouldn't have known about that because there's no chance they wouldn't be like. Hey, I'm not playing for this guy. This guy is a racist and then to double down on us like you know people. People make fun of Daboh for his beliefs and obviously beliefs are easy to say you know we don't know his true faith, but I have a really hard time believing somebody like Fabio who speaks out the way that he does on what he believes would allow something like that to go on. Maybe I'm naive, but there's just too many things that are missing here, but at the end of the day. Just tell say just don't say. You can avoid all this. No. That's that's ultimately. He's just shouldn't say it should say. One More clemson thing and then we'll move on from the news. And, this is something I just kinda pulled out. It's not really a news item, but. So earlier this week Daboh had the press conference and I I texted you guys on the reference section. I said I got fifty bucks, says he cries that he he uses this and he fakes cries. He didn't so, but there's some sports writers out there. that are keeping score and things. They don't need to keep score about. Forty after he put out, says daboh. Sweeney's statement misses the mark. Pat Forty and he tweeted out, and there were others that wrote these things. Dan Bulkin was one saying the daboh. Didn't come out strong enough against the George Floyd. They didn't come out strong enough against the the looting or whatever you know what I'm talking about. It didn't come out strong enough against police, brutality and all of that. When I want to know is why or sports writers keeping score with coaches when these sports writers have a hundred two hundred thousand followers. If these sports writers want, these things said, why don't they say it? Why don't they come out and say the things why? Why is sports writer Dan? Wilkins sitting with his tape recorder and making a note of everything, a coach says and saying well. He didn't say the right thing. It's hard to say the right thing right now it's it's it's not. It's not a fun time in America's not a good time in America. Daboh came out, and from the heart was saying we are against this. We're against US where we don't believe in. This is a tough time this country and because he didn't say like a certain set of words or woken or forty, they got all pissed off about it. Sports writers need to start writing about sports and stopped writing about their feelings about life. They WANNA be life reporters. They voted the opinion. Reporters go do that. Go cover the world. It's out there to be covered. Stop just stop telling me that these I remember a couple of weeks ago. When Dan Mullen, whenever might lead? You know might lead in Key West. He should be with his players during a fucking pandemic. They're keeping these these coaches to this cultural standard that they themselves believe in, but not everybody believes in exactly what they believe in I. Don't know maybe I'm just ranting. No I agree with you. It's like they're the gatekeepers of what is right and wrong, but if you don't come out and say what your opinion is, then it's like well. How like how are you to say anything about what somebody else's opinion is? If you're not going to share your own opinion and I understand that outlets don't have the freedom like we do. Do at parcel. Obviously you and I and everybody else can share our opinions, and were given that right and we can go against David Erica's opinions. A lot of places don't have that, but if you don't have the capability to put your opinion out there, then you shouldn't be either agreeing completely or disagreeing completely with somebody's opinion unless you put your own out. I feel about it. When somebody puts themselves out there you shouldn't. You shouldn't sit there with like a stop watching and and say up. He was supposed to tell for twelve seconds. He only taught for eleven. He's he's not a good person. That's that's an asshole thing to do. Yeah. Put Your Voice behind it then it's like well okay. You don't agree with what he says. Well, then. What are you believe? That's the way I see with any of this stuff sports writers are not. It's like you're telling me that somebody's wrong will tell me why they're wrong, but these aren't doing that. They're just saying they're wrong. And it's like well okay. What are we supposed to believe from you then? There's a lot of also like well data, says this now, but he said this in twenty fourteen in this and twenty twelve I mean like you can change your opinion and also Pat Ford has vendetta against uconn football in Yukon as a whole, so he's been on. My ship was for a very long time when you were excited when I said his name. Then it's Pat Four. I was really excited. A decks purposely disrespecting him by calling the wrong name I think. Going further I haven't announcement Casey. Boy I can hardly wait I. spoke to the people behind the scenes, and there is high noon. Peach Flavor headed to my house right now. Now you know that I have fully enveloped I'm fully on board. With high known I love the Black Cherry I love the grapefruit. I love the watermelon, but you've sold me on the peach and I've got peach on the way right now, and it might be the happiest I've been all year. Brandon. Life is about to change. It's true because the variety pack incredible all the flavors that you just mentioned, but like I said last week. If I could bathe in a peach, I would by the way the fact that nobody has sent me a whole bunch of Peach Bay then it kind of makes me. Sad offer still stands. You're popping off because I know I. had at least three DM. Saying I'll buy the peach if she'll really do it, okay. There are a lot of people that were there were offering to send me a whole bunch so I could I trap in it? But then they started also getting that well. If you do it, then, brandon might have to do it. No one wants to see him in a bathtub full of high noon, but the two new flavors, peach and lime are legitimately life changing and I tell people all the time. We don't sell high noon. Just because they're paying for this podcast, we sell it because we actually love it, and it's real juice, and I never thought I would like peach juice, but guess what that Shit is delicious, so grow I'm having a black area right now and I'm like I don't know if you see my face I'm kind of going through an epiphany. I decided watermelon was my favorite, but I look this. You're really good. This is really. You're looking at it as if you want to like kiss it. Agree that island. Hey, girl, I didn't know. That knowing that he gave it that two am look like whenever you're at a bar, and you're just looking around your like that's the one you look. You look a lot better than I thought you look. The fact that we've gone back to back weeks talking about high noon with me bathing in it, and now you talking about basically just taking it home to have sex with. It's very strange. To a. m., things happen. That that is true, but high noon again it's the it's the summer. It's hot outside in most places in the country. Now it's going to be the drink up twenty twenty tailgates. It's so good and the fact that you're about to get a peach brain and Walker happy for you. I enjoy my heart so excited transition from from the news, too. So I got my twenty twenty long magazine him. Just reading the magazine takes put out there for the twenty twenty football season. I'M GONNA. Go ahead and state. My claim on some takes. From there, okay? There are three teams above the rest and twenty twenty, and you can guess the three teams. They're kind of the teams that have been above everybody for the last decade. Clinton Alabama and Ohio state to me are the most well rounded and best looking teams. Alabama has a new quarterback, but he played pretty well last year and they've got everything I state has a quarterback. Clinton has quarterback then they're good elsewhere, but once you get past number three. I think the rest of the top ten I think it could be a very fluid year, was I? I think it's here's a lot of teams with problems up there like in his athlon Penn state's number four and I look at Penn state number four, and I think they they can make the playoffs. They're going to be really really good. They win the big ten, but do I believe Shawn Clifford is good enough quarterback to be Ohio state and to go to the playoff. I don't know Florida's way up there. Florida's number six. Florida looks like they're very good on paper. Do they have enough to beat a roster? WHO's more talented in Georgia and tonight? Rosie Kyle Trask as the best quarterback in the SEC I really can't see that. Oregon has a new quarterback number five. Is Oregon Good Enough Oklahoma. Is You know my thoughts on Oklahoma their phony program out there and they're replacing. Their quarterback were wasting so much. Do I believe Oklahoma I really believe after those top three. It's going to be very fluid these. Even with your take on Oklahoma, and again like I obviously was wrong about Oklahoma by the I knew they were going to get beat, but I mean I'm not saying them, but I mean replacing a quarterback in Oklahoma has been a problem for them until they get to the playoff I mean in the in the big twelve. They've not had a problem replacing a quarterback, but at the same time those. Those top three teams are it feels like the gap is so much bigger than it usually is. Because there's so many, there's so many question marks, but we can say the same thing last year. Nobody saw Lsu doing what they did, so it's like a like it's always talking season, but at the time you know who the best teams are in the country. It's not. It's not a guest this year. They might be even stronger this year outside. Alabama needs to find a quarterback I believe you know savings shown so many times that he can roll the new new guy and be just fine, so I'm going to give him. The benefit of the doubt and quarterback entering the best quarterbacks were just feels intrepid Lawrence and they're the only other two teams. And Justin fields is one of the best quarterbacks in the country. Because he left Georgia failed. You know I think he would have been good. Good otherwise but well, but again Georgia. I'm claiming Oklahoma state right now. They're mine. They're mine. I I believe Oklahoma State will win the big ten big twelve. Tim Yours I claimed him. Check I claimed them last year. No, you didn't say. Famous clip about Spencer's Sanders Oh. You, but you were wrong last year I. don't carry over from year to year. Now. I think that it does carry over because. There might team. They got they got. They got a great receiver. A great running back good quarterback. They got a good coach. Bringing back. I think all eleven defensive starters. I have a question for you. So when Max Kellerman every single year says that Tom. Brady's GonNa fall a cliff, and then he doesn't fall off, said cliff, but he brings it back. It's still Max Kellerman. Take so while I want to agree with you brandon. Jack did ride with Oklahoma state last year, so I don't think that we can take Oklahoma, state. He wrote him no for cliff. They died. They weren't good this year. They're going to be really good, but he didn't never walk it back. I will I don't think I could be wrong, but I. don't think that he ever came out and said like Oh. I was completely wrong about Oklahoma. State like I was wrong about Nebraska and you. We've all been wrong. Jack step by Oklahoma state until he no longer could. Actually Jack off the show if I. I will kick off the show. I did A. You're not wrong about that. From that specific game against Texas before I was saying that I'd rather have Oklahoma state's weapons than taxes. I was wrong in Texas won that game, but I will share him okay Brandon. Oh don't you give him like? I will consider it I was I was talking about Spencer Sanders will. You probably knows name. When I was talking about Spencer Stamps. I liked him in high school. You know what this makes me excited because it's early June but now we already know one of the things that's going to carry on all the way through December and it's who claimed Oklahoma state I. If they are actually really good and win the big twelve in the conversation nationally, the two of you will be arguing about Brandon I argued about Oklahoma last year. Jack Fire have to. Plant something in his desk all right. Notre Dame has been have been overrated for so long. The nobody's looking right now and they are underrated. NERD aim has cycled around from the overrated, overrated, thirty, three and six the last three years. They're really good. Last year they went ten and two and one to the camping world. They were really good last year, and they will be playoff. Good this year I think Ian. Book is good enough to get them to play off win the playoffs and their schedule is more difficult to season, but notre. Dame will be playoff good this year. They've been overrated for so long. People just think they're overrated, but they will in fact, beat underrated. They have been one of those teams wearing Jackie. Know this. We talked about this. A bunch of a bunch of times like in two thousand eighteen I rode with Notre, dame, because they had such, an easy schedule in the ACC was such trash, but then it was so easy because of how embarrassing they were in the playoffs. Talk Shit about them last year. They didn't have a bad year last year and most teams would want to have. Have what they had, but it's just so hard whenever their independence. You don't hear about the near as much whenever they're not going to be in the playoffs, but it is easy to say like I. think that we underrated them. Last year we talked too much shit, but at the same time until they show that they belong in the national playoff picture it's it's easy to to kind of ignore that right. I mean am I wrong there. Schedule! The schedules deaf go first of all. They got Clemson this year. That's tough. They got a consonant lambofield. then. They gotta go to Georgia Tech after Clemson. Then they central home. What Georgia Tech Sucks. Though, continue to get better. I. I have to go to pit and pits, not going to be bad this year. But I mean like it's like you play Clemson and you gotTA. Go to Georgia Tech. And, then you gotTa play accuracy. That's top Jack. We're talking about tough schedule. I mean George X the. Toughest game schedule. I just. I mean. I'm not worried about Notre Dame. When they played Georgia, tech however again in two thousand eighteen, when they did make the playoff, the whole thing was the ACC was so down. Georgia tech is a better football team than the teams that they were like they played Florida state in eighteen that was a dumpster fire. Hold on Casey. Did you like when I claimed Oklahoma State and took him, Jack. Did I like it? I didn't really carry their way. I just felt like I'm about deployment another team. Oh, boy, okay. Is it going to be see this is the thing is like I'll stand up for jacket if you try to take one of my teams. It's not one of your teams. It's not one of the things you've been high on. Okay! Ladies and gentlemen. Texas. A and M. Breaks through this year. Texas am breaks through okay? Right here right now, I'm about to say a statement. Heading into week eleven. At our against Alabama. will be no. Are you trying to tell me that you're claiming a football team? From what I told you that I am getting out in front. I believe Texas is about to have their breakout season under Jimbo Fisher. Their defense is going to be really good. Their offense is good on not great, but guess what. Really isn't any greatness at quarterback in the SEC. If there's every year, be led by a great quarterback and be okay. It's this year in the SEC. Who got to be better than? You Sucks Better Philippe a Franks in the these are the SEC west. QUARTERBACKS Makarau Flea Bay Franks, Bo Knicks Mack, Jones K. take Delo Mississippi. State is going to be pretty good. Miles Brennan lsu Killing Mon- looks open any more, does he? They're gonNA pretend. I'm really torn right now. Because part of me wants to be mad at you for trying to claim my Alma Mater. But, then on the flip side, you're saying very nice things about my team. You're saying great things about an first of all the idea of them. Being ten ano- ever is crazy to me because they usually just fall apart at the end of October so I don't know if I should be mad at you, right now are not like. You can't claim my school, but you're saying really nice things, and usually you don't so. I, don't know which way to go. Do you claimed her school? Is there anything she can do about it I mean? You can't take my school away from me, but you can. We can share like Jackson we can share. Out into the schedule. Are you reading. Say Schedule Abilene reschedule. Abilene Christian one when North Texas. When Colorado at home. When Arkansas. When although that game is always really weird and tough. Here's I will give you the next one. I'll just say when it's atmosphere state. I'll let you have it. When Fresno State at home. When. At South Carolina. When. Ole at home. Quick. Vanderbilt at home. When and the only one that's in question in that first ten games as at Auburn. Look at those fingers casing. You're at nine. You're you're nine and without even breaking a sweat. I didn't break a sweat the. You know what's really sad. Is that the only one that I started to break a little bit of sweat on was Arkansas because since no, no since they played grants to state, it's. Weird that you think the close Games Arkansas. Lose whereas speaking of shit out of most of the last decade. I know that I understand that that's what I just said I Mississippi State normally beats an, but the problem is. Is that if I'm having this? Hope that you're feeding me first of all you just you saying they're going to win. It means that you think they're gonNA. Be Mississippi State, so you don't have hope in your team. Why would I but that Arkansas game always freaks me out? Arkansas was one of the worst teams in the country last year in an almost found a way to loss to him. As those one of those things, it's just weird. GonNa win. That Game Arkansas Stinks Arkansas onate me SEC again. I have no doubt about that, but that's what my whole point is I'm not worried about them losing that game, but if I was going to sweat in that little game that we just played for some reason, Arkansas gave me a tablet of pause, but again you're claiming this team. Welcome to twenty twenty. You haven't had battered syndrome. Your entire life like I have had hope. What are you talking to single year? What do you mean this state fan? What are you talking about? I'm talking about am. You're. Your. Your your sadness is more is worse than my said. No No, no, no, no, I'm not talking about that. It's not comparing I'm saying when you are talking about Texas am and having hope Texas Emma's going to break through when you've lived your entire life thinking that that's going to happen, and it just never happens. I have a hard time getting behind you now I do agree with the SEC. West is much more open this area. You always talk about being in the SEC. West is so much tougher because you've got Alabama obviously lsu losing. Joe Borough you the both Mississippi schools new head coaches. Arkansas Missouri the whole. I mean excuse me Who am I missing. Auburn Alabama lsu better. Yes so so I understand what you're saying and I do think. Jimbo is the guy to help? Turn around that program because winning a national championship in call triple is difficult, even if you do have some named Jameson I, just have so much. It's so much pain to have hope an brandon. That's all that it is so if you want to do it, that's fine, but you can't claim my team. You can't do that well. I just did the first upset of the season. Will be when the Auburn Tigers lose to the North Carolina Tar heels. Happens to I didn't really see one in week. One I liked the north. Carolina Tar heels jacket, shaking his head vigorously. Here's why Mac round and his second year. He did great things as first year. Here's another. Take that I'm GONNA put on top of that Sam. How the freshman quarterback was better than I thought? Meaning I news good last year, but I just look at his numbers, you realize. He threw thirty seven touchdowns and nine interceptions last year he was electric. The with the ACC. We talked about it all last season. Was it was clemson and then everybody else, so we didn't pay attention anybody, but when you, when North Carolina fans do get in our twitter mentions or kind of interact with us. After the PODCAST. They were the ones that kept saying like hello, did you notice how good he actually was? And so I started paying attention to those numbers with early heisman odds came out, and I was like. Holy Shit, he was actually really good. Really, really good, really good matter because they're not Clemson, but like the again. That's that's a side effect of the ACC being so shitty outside a Clemson, because if Getting better this year I think a lot of the ACC. I agree with that I. Mean it's hard because they have Trevor Lawrence and he's going to be on a revenge tour and everything else, but you know we talk about how Clemson all your felt like they were being disrespected because the conference was so bad when you have ADT team, might north. Carolina and you saw what Matt Brown was doing, and you know I love back. Brown like that was quieted because the conference was so bad and so Sam Hal became a side effect of that, but when you look actually look at what happened there last year like this team is not far off from being a real competitor in that conference. My lasted for twenty twenty, and then we'll get to the questions. Jack I. Don't know if you're ready, but we'll get to him. To the best coaches in the country that never get mentioned to the best coaches in the country or both first-year guys last year and I think they're about to build really good teams and programs at Chris Climate at Kansas State. And Scott Satterfield at Lewis Scott Right. Scott Satterfield. Satterfield at Louisville, one game from upstate. One came North Dakota state. They both took big steps in their first year. I Louisville was incredible, incredibly different and one year under center field they got to to well, they can run the ball they're. They're vaguely team Chris. Climate I can't tell you. The difference in the to Kansas Day teams I saw Mississippi State play the last two years. He's going to build something Kansas. State Satterfield is going to be something. Louisville and nobody talks about these coaches. I don't hate that I just. It's just Kansas Again Kansas. State is one of those schools. It's like I just can't. They've been great in the past. It's just so weird to think that they could even be in the mix again, but again when you talk about the top upper echelon of coaches, we talk about know there's obviously you know who the best coaches in the country are, but then there's all the names like we've talked about like Mark Dantonio. He's always in the conversation for like a top coach in the country. He's just not. Has the prominence Casey all all the coaches that are always in those lists that are earned the best coaches lists aren't really that good anymore, right? Every time you talk about the best country. Somebody's GonNa say what about Gary Patterson. America lately about Pat Fitzgerald sucked where what about curt, parents eight four every year? There's a difference in the coaches. We talk about and and coach electric list. Yet Chris, Peterson is like all I feel like Milwaukee. Times when you talk about the top five coaches Chris. Peterson's name always kind of floats around. They're like Washington's not done a whole lot. I completely agree with you. The problem is is when those names are so. For a casual fan, they look like well. You know there's there's daboh Nick Sabin and then there's you know you go down the list that newer guys are always going. Not Get the benefit of the doubt, but what? They were building at those programs last year being their first year in power five. Great so we'll have to see if they have a sophomore slump. But before we get to your questions brandon. I've noticed that you have still not been wearing any normal close during this quarantine at all you still rocking the sweatpants and the t shirts. I mean. Have you put on real pants one time. No, no, not to either I'm planning to make it all the way through the summer with nobler jeans. This is no blue jeans summer. I've been wearing the quilted Barschel's sweatpants like pretty much every day. You know how Dave had the the purple sweatpants thing going kind of adopted that my black sweatpants and got them from stored up. Arsenal sports dot com, because I needed another pair, because I've worn them out and obviously barstool sports store has covered. If you want coffee mugs, if you want sweatpants. If you WANNA cut some partial deck of cards, we have all we can keep you comfortable and entertained as pandemic does continue, but even when it doesn't. If you just go to store Barstool, sports DOT COM. You can shop anything and everything right now. Jack. I asked you to go out to rough next to our people and say hey. What are you guys WanNa talk about you got some questions and you're going to read the questions off to me and I'm going to answer them and might let Casey talk a little bit. Thanks, it's so sweet. I love that game plan. We're going to start with Brian. Connolly at beat. Connie team. Go one is a good starter. Twenty Fourteen Mississippi. State Verse Twenty Twelve Texas saying Dak verse, Johnny Who Wins State beat the PISS. Out, of them kid. What are you talking about? Oh I'm sorry. Did Johnny Getting this team? The number one did I miss that. Now that you want to heisman trophy! Individual Award I'm talking about teaming. Team you can look in the NFL. DAK PRESCOTT! He's been the pro bowl couple of years I got Chris Jones on that teams. One of the Pro Bowl Bernard mckinney in. Mississippi state was littered with with Pro Stars on that team. Mike is is I think decent in the NFL I will. I will give you the fact that obviously Mississippi. State was number. One and Dak very clearly has a much better nfl career than Johnny Johnny's not having a bad nfl career because of his talent. He's having a bad and he has no career because of his life choices. You can't tell me and I loved covering Mississippi. State, when back was there I? Don't think that he should be the highest paid quarterback in the League even though that's what he thinks. You can't tell me brandon. Walker that you believe that. When AM UPSET ALABAMA? The number one team in the country and the only reason that they lost a Florida and Lsu was because of a field goal. Kicker understand the Florida game. There was some defensive mistakes, too. That you can say without a doubt. The DAK Prescott would have beat a Johnny Manziel stadium team. You can't tell me that. Football Casey. I have to have reason I just have. Faith in my dame. Yes, I can absolutely tell you that that I can't I shout out. What who who was the guy that gave us a question? Grind Connolly, be con- Eighteen. The fact that we haven't had that discussion before now is very interesting. That's a great conversation. Like how do we actually like planned for this like I feel like maybe down the line in the offseason. Wish actually like come with actual facts on this. Because it's incredible conversation. Good for him all right, let's go. I would take. Texas A&M in that just. certain Ted Lasso at Theodore. Lasso is always a great question. I don't know if we've ever talked about it. Though, would you skip a family member or close friends wedding to attend a huge game irrespective teams. If you have tickets, yeah. Are. You kidding, of course I would. So you would skip the wedding to go to a game. How close how close a friend are we talking? Just get my sister's wedding. My. Sister's twenty five. You're going to get married one day. She better not get married. The falls on. Tell You well. The good news for people like us is that it's actually our job, so we have a built in excuse like you get married in the fall. Sorry about you like even if we're not on the road. If you're in the south and you get married in the fall. You're an asshole. Or if you get married in the fall, and you know that a lot of people that are either in your wedding or that are coming to your wedding are big time college football fans. Yes, I! Agree that your national I'm GonNa say I would have to skip it and I use the work. Excuse because I'm usually either on the road or I'm having to stream or whatever, so I don't even have to act like it. It would be very hard. It was like my sister's wedding, but then again if my sister got married in the fall like my whole family would riot. There's fifty two saturdays in a year. There's fifteen days in the college football season thirty, seven hundred as they get married. Don't interfere with anything. This is just where it's nice to work in sports. You have a built in excuse, no matter what especially, if you don't want to go to a wedding, that's really nice like. It's like a wedding that you would be fringe on if it was between January and August I don't really know if I WANNA go, but I don't WanNa, look like an asshole if it's in the fall, you just like sorry, gotTa make. Money all. Right Jack. Typical Chicago fans at the coil shock cog up at typical underscore Chicago. Best football kickoff time. Phenomenal Just an unbelievable question so good. Question so good that referred to Houston to thirty central on that CBS. Window is perfect because in in in the winter when it gets called when it's dark. You you have, it starts in the in the bride of the day in the in the dark of the night. That's college football that that that ending at beginning and sunshine and ending in the darkest night that to me has caused football I second to that I would say I would say like six, thirty, nine, six o'clock at night. But I don't like twelve. o'clock kicks at all eleven o'clock checks. I do think it matters if you're actually going to the game versus watching it at home, because if you're actually going to the game, I prefer night games because you have all day to get ready for it, and you can tailgate, or if you're working. Obviously, our show is going to be a little bit later, but for as far as TV viewing it definitely is at three thirty two thirty slot because you get to see the day, turn into the. The night you're not exhausted from watching college football. Yeah, because the later you get especially if they're blowouts. If you're watching a night game, and it's a blow out like you're just like. You're not even interested anymore, but she's still. Have you already digested college football in the morning? Maybe not cared about it as much, but you have, and then you also have the prime time games look forward to, and it's just that one game a much fun to watch. Nathan Long. Underscore Nathan long six. Were thoughts on the Cup Cup cupcake games in November. So we're talking to see year, but this isn't this news at all I wanted on people. Again. I just don't I. Don't think that big of a deal I. You know if you'RE AUBURN And you play! Let's say just for hypothetical. You play you. Go An lsu Georgia Abilene. Christian, Alabama s still four out of five weeks. You're playing top ten teams. Am I really going to get on that team and shame them for playing for playing a game in front Alabama, no, I in the SEC which they asked us as the one. That doesn't there the comment, I don't like them at the time, but I understand them. I understand them. If you play in the SEC I remember Mississippi State one year. In the West. Two, thousand ten. There were five other teams in the West. When Mississippi State play them. One of them was in the top ten, every single one of them Arkansas Lsu Auburn Alabama. That right five. Okay, yeah, maybe I don't know that doesn't seem an almost wasn't. The top team played four top ten teams. If. A team plays four five teams on season. Tough fifteen teams twenty teams. Who cares what they do the week before the rival, I don't understand. I'll tell you why I don't like. It is because it's a built in excuse for people when they talk about the SEC because you're right in a vacuum totally makes sense. I hate that week especially when I was covering the sidelines, I hated the idea that I was going to cover it shooting game that week. In November because at that point you are ramping. Ramping up for conference championships and everything else, but I hate that it's an excuse that's why I hate it. Because every other conference can look at and be like Oh. CUPCAKE CUPCAKE SEC game. That's great scheduled an. If you don't want to complain about it, that's why I don't like it because it gives people a built in reason to hate on the SEC are. Skip one that I won't I. Don't want you to skip. To how many more yet? We'll see I was humour. We we can do that one. My order may be different on law twitter than yours just based upon like can i. just ask this one because I don't want to miss. Yeah of course gus. trion at Gus Trion, says who were when the national championship, if every position was filled by clones of their head coach in their prime. Go by their head coach clones of their head coach in their prime I have my answer and I don't know if that's GonNa. Coaches Yeah Oh, that's good. Jack. How let you weigh in as well? Jack, you have to go I. I think I have my answer, but I'm I'm second guessing even in my own brain. And if there's you know. In their prime. My answer is Arizona State. Oh herm. Edwards was a NFL, all pro defensive back. He was very good. If I can staff my entire team out of NFL, albro defensive backs. Arizona State wins the hypothetical clone prime coaches title. That's I mean that's that's the only answer I, for. This other slum no. But I mean I wouldn't. Even! Think about that Jack Do you have. That Fitz, Gerald. Bad about one. I think he was an all American and. Then smart was very smart. Jim Harbaugh won't be an awful answer, not that it was anything special, but you. You have a full team of him against like a Mack Brown or somebody, you probably do pretty good. It's tough, because like you're talking about actual. Playing Primes, which is clearly what the question was, but then like it's sneaking in my head like I mean granted like Derek. Mason didn't do shit like he has a player, but like as a coach and the way he looks now like if you played in like in his physical prime. If you had an entire team that looked like him. That'd be tough to be I think that he could go out there and beat current players right now. Spot player answer as well to. God Frost. From I'm looking at right now, Scott. Frost is not a terrible one. Does? No He, he just played I mean. He played it like northern Arizona, but he didn't make it to the League. That's where what I'm saying like. Obviously, if we're talking about actual playing time, you're going to go with somebody who had a career in the league, but for some reason just looking at that guy like how like just intense and athletic, he still looks even at his age i. mean he played like. When did he even play like in the eighties? Is He that old? Derek Mason. I think he played in like they say. Something like that. Yeah, but I I don't know I mean that's a great question. Herm Edwards feels like the slam dunk on that arguments saying something. ooh, r.i.p Johnny Majors from Tennessee and Pat. Dye from Auburn died last couple days Johnny, majors was legendary coach at Tennessee and Tennessee fans out like. Phil Foden railroad out of their twenty years ago, but that okay I'm gonNA. Forgive you John. Major's was incredible. Ray Coach and are happy to have. Jack, B. R., P.. S.. All. Right! Rit that feels like that maybe shouldn't have been like in the news because now I just feel like anything we talk about afterwards. I kind of feel like an asshole. John Hewitt. John Hugh. Eight, three, seven, five, four, six six. One. Asked me. Walk during the Home Jerseys in the SEC. You just say like best one jump to rank them all but home jerseys in SCC. I. Don't like this. I don't like this. Because every time you rank may I saw somebody last week ranked all the jerseys and SEC and it's always based on money or something else like yet. The I saw my rank had am nine Mr state thirteen. They're the same Goddamn Jersey. They're the. They're both Adidas. They were the same thing the exact same thing don't. Think, we're the same thing. The colors are the same designs are not the same. The helmets I mean obviously aren't. The same and Thomas are far surpassed the home jerseys helmets. Far Superior to anything. To Mississippi State say yes. But I will say. We're talking about Jersey's not see orange I'd say Tennessee. Orange has has a Great Jersey Alabama. How securities are way too plane? I I. Love Alabama Jerseys Mon. You don't, it's just a jersey, it's a junior high jersey. Nobody loves Alabama's colors. No as I. Say Okay Love Been Strung. Helmet and Just Plain Jersey. NOBODY LOVES ALABAMA NOBODY LOST reinstate. There are a lot of people that love both of those by the way I mean. Nobody loves it. They're just playing jerseys. You could just go to this printer and say hey. Man Football Jersey that's it. I think that Alabama I agree with you with Penn State. I'm not a fan of their helmets and we're talking about jerseys. Shirt. But it's just the classic. It's. Her A fucking shirt, so you would rather one of those like ridiculously stupid looking Oregon uniforms. GimMe Tennessee Jimmy. Lsu Gimme some. Alabama's plane and this is classic. Because we we, we claimed twenty nine national titles. We won twelve. Oh, I know it's not classic. Only. The helmets, the colored first of all like. That's like me. Go onto to come into the high school reunion. Ugly wife and I say Oh look at his wife Oh. Yes, he's classic Oh. She's not she's ugly. Will did your ugly wife win a billion? National Championships because then it does change the conversation a little bit. If you haven't ugly wife, who hasn't done shit in her life then. Yeah, if you ugly, who's won a whole bunch, it does make her more attractive. They're trophies. Don't make the jerseys look good. Yes, they do. It's like Michigan so that's classic Kelvin their helmets ugly. Why don't people tell them that? It's subconscious brandon. Yes, it does when you are. You are more attractive when you are successful. Alabama's uniforms are more attractive because they're successful and I would rather the plane classic look. From teams like that because I like I, say this about organ all the time like I love the day. Have all the money in the world. Good for you. A lot of their uniforms look like shit. I love to be organ because you get all the Nike Money I totally get that, but there's high school in Mississippi, got Louis School they were read. Were playing Red Jerseys Red Helmets and ripped pants. Look just like Alabama. Don't you stay new? Alabama you can never if anybody says what's the best uniform if you say Penn State Alabama just lying. That's what you're doing. You're lying sack best although I disagree with you completely on Michigan again. Classic colors. No, you don't like using helmets. And I'm going to say something and I've said this before I'm going to say it again. It pains me, but it's true. The University of Texas uniforms are great. especially, their home color more anymore questions Jack. Also by the way, an black uniforms far away, anything much to be states, everyone only like our black uniforms that we also got from Adidas the same companies supplies. fucking uniform I'm looking at the uniforms right now. They are the exact same. Meets stripes on their shoulder pads or more on the bottom in Texas A. M's are on the top order comes on. The top is top is always better. One to the logo is just better. It's just a fact. Jan Look. Mississippi State two thousand sixteen uniform because I am. This case it's a black uniform, the same ones you wear, it's a Mississippi State Mississippi state do matte black helmet. Casey. We have the same company that supplies us with the same color stuff. I do know that I'm just really nitpicking here to try to one up you, we can. Literally you'll wear Mississippi state here and I'll wear a deer in the office. Literally match like Adidas boosted both of us have literally no difference, no difference, not even a logo different so mice. So my sense, you Texas Stadium sweatpants and they had to air, so I took him right remember. You gave me those two excellent chance. Mississippi state stuff nobody knows. Nobody knows the colors are the exact same loss. I'm they're afraid of Texas A M's all like Maroon Jerseys. From a twenty seventeen Mississippi state game, they may be the ugliest jerseys of. I'm not like Maroon like head to tell. I'm not a fan of that I know. But then there's Iowa two more. This one came in from a bunch for some reason. I'm seeing a lot of Miami fans on twitter. Recently, they're very. Great me at drastic drastic. Jodi do y'all think canes of Y'all think the canes New Year's Day bowl with their schedules awful English by him I. Think he's asking him. They make near stable. No I am saint is. Sure? Don't know no I really. Don't buy am we'll look. Last year. Almost every single one of their losses was by less than touched him. I just never get into close losses as a predictor of future success. I mean they still lost against by. Let's say they open with temple the. Bay. They're going to be four. They're going to be three. Let's play the hand game again. Game so star three. It's Temple Wagner. You may be okay. At Michigan, state. I think I'M GONNA. Give them an Alabama to give it to Michigan state kind of a dumpster fire maybe. Miami was on survivor too I'm. Has Derek Kings give the acting that. Yeah in Michigan State. Again home I picked to be Miami I think piddle beat Miami, so we're at four. No Miami would form. Though in that one. You have thumb. Yeah. No, this one's the loss. North Carolina at Miami. It's bird so much. I know North Carolina Miami. Loss Miami average India. Went Tear King Wen. Sort seven wins. One nine eight or nine games. Maybe I doesn't get you to New York six. Eight wentz get him to near sixty nine months, could but. Also lose it goes six and six ago. Averaging UTECH Virginia Florida State at home at Georgia Tech Duke at home. I think be pretty good. I think it'd be okay. It's just a Lotta Okay and then ACC. They. Do Play Georgia Tech, and we know Jackson very high on Georgia. Tech, a non lie under tech I think they're like sixty to seventieth ranked team. They're not going to be an easy out on the road in November when you came out for a game against Clemson talking about and then you. Have you ever seen a few weekends like talk about a letdown game last question. Dear King is the factor there by the way I mean, he could come in and be a heisman trophy over could go. Get. My my inclination was no, but the more we talk about it. I mean they could. If I had to put money on it I would say now. that. You said you had to morning. Read one question. Is I'm looking for another one, but I can't. Like that. Oh. This was the one that I. I skipped, but this is what I wanted such a lot. We don't talk about them a lot, but not. Nick Irvine Obviously, we don't talk about Nick Urban, this random guy, but at beaver rugby twenty four is Mario Cristobal coach or the product of Taiko players. Playing together for a few years is so we can just talk about as Meyer Cristobal good coach. Would you put them in top twenty? Top Ten I would not I don't think we have. Coach yet okay. I don't think that he's a bad coach, but I definitely wouldn't put them anywhere near the time. I think he had a playoff team last year and didn't get them to the playoffs. That's say yes so. quarterback in a playoff difference any found a way not to go to the playoffs with an easy schedule. And in. In in, easier conference. Ansi, but I mean I I'd say TVD on him. I don't think he's a bad coach, but I think it's a little too early to say that he's a good or great coach. We could be a bad coach I. Don't think you. You definitely can't say he's a good coach okay. That's that's it? That's the questions next week. We're going dive into twenty twenty six, as we start turning the calendar over towards screaming headlong into the twenty twenty season, which will happen Ana very excited about that anything else, Casey. No. I didn't really expect to yell at you as much as I did today. you know it felt really good was my Mississippi State, cowbell take last week. And here I claimed your team this week and said they were going to be good. I I still am very torn. My heart is torn if I should be mad at you for trying to claim my school or happy that you have more hope than I do. Mind Walker. Pitcher.

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December 30th: New Years Eve Drinks HR 2

Brew Talk 1310 KFKA

46:04 min | 4 months ago

December 30th: New Years Eve Drinks HR 2

"It's been a long week. Grab a beer and sit back crew. Talk here's tanner. chad in the brew. Doctor himself dr. Michael moser feel like we're at a bar right now. It's a master chef for master bartender. Chad young over there. He's a he's mixing some drinks. Welcome back in. It is brew talk. Live from the auto collision specialist studios. Tanner swint chad. Young as always with us as well as dr michael mosier. We're doing our new year's eve favorite drinks We're going to get chats here in. Just a moment actually is he's passing it out now. I'm excited about this We'll also get back to one of the one of the interviews that we've had earlier this week. Dan miller owner of mighty river brewing company We'll we'll play that back for you here in just a couple of minutes but let's let's do this here chad. Walk us through what. We're what we're about to dive into here. All right so this is kind of how in the recent years. I've kind of started my new year's eve night First of all time you start your new year's eve night depends on when i get off work. It's been later. it's been later. Yeah it's one of the nights i tend to do. Stay up a little past eight thirty kidding kind of like bruce nights. He's kidding wednesday night not at all. I'm an old man you are. I need my sleep. Yeah my beauty sleep. It's not definitely not beauty. I don't know what you're getting but you're still ugly anyway. So this is a manhattan. Never had one of these. so it's traditionally made with whiskey. But i prefer. I'm not a huge fan of right whiskey bourbon whiskey. Not a huge freighter you right. Yeah that's more bourbon sweet vermouth and little bit of bidders and then garnished with a cherry machine cherries but we were talking earlier. I liked the the the bourbon so dark cherry a lot better. But i couldn't find any and it's pretty much a whiskey martini if you will. It's quite yummy. He really and the the cherries are amazing. Picked one up with my fingers and my fingers young. If you like. If you do like the greenwich surrey's. Here's here's why. I wouldn't drink this on new year's eve i would be so eft up by hoping to two hours in i have one. You have one okay. So i drink beer okay. Champagne at the end. They always say liquor before beer. Ever fear liquor before beer and get clear this is. This is definitely want more than or two. No okay. I could see how this gets the night going. Yeah china kind of worms. Yup and with it. It's kind of before we start eating. I don't we don't do a big meal. Usually we kind of do appetizers which is food. Yeah the best way to do it. You don't want to get in the way of your drink right. This is kind of prime in the evening up right. I liked that a lot. If i'm sitting outside on a patio a streak this if you're going to be so we sat on the tavern patio couple of weeks ago when he got real cold real quick And it was funny and i. It felt warmer out there getting in the next two point. We didn't notice on the part that was cold for me was the part that i sit on because the chairs were metal chairs the worst but this was already. I can feel it when you take us if you can feel that So so what did you do bourbon in this. I did bergman. What type of urban actually did this with breckenridge distillery here in colorado okay They do a nice the nice little bourbon that i've enjoyed quite often. So is this. What's what you may have said this. I may have not been listening to what goes into manhattan. It's so it's two parts whiskey. Okay so you could honestly traditionally like. I said it's ri- but she could do bourbon. You could do a canadian whisky. You can do even irish whiskey if you want to Then it's one part sweet vermouth and a dash of bidders okay and then just the cherry cherian it and then give it a good shake. I did it in a shaker. Don't have a shaker at home. But i have a lots of blender bottles but we're worse. Fine yeah i love it. What what are you thinking. I'm thinking this is great. I know how i like martinis. I like them dry bone dry. I'm wondering if bone-dry version of this one would be as as tasty actually not as tasty but it does work well so a lot of times when i'm at home rather than using a full part of the sweet. Vermouth poor little in the martini. Glass kind of code it. Which is a good way to get a dry martini Yeah i i like dry martinez when you just say the word vermouth as you. Pour the vodka into a cup question for the guy that doesn't drink martinis. What does that mean. What is a dry. What's the difference between dry martini. Anna just know isis dryer the less vermouth. Vermouth is sweet wine. Okay and we're learning a lot ears. Maybe we need to start taking doing more of these. Because i'm getting there with the beer now and they're two types of removed. There's a sweet vermouth. And then there's a driver move driver mood is more of the martini. Drinks came sweet. Vermouth is more like brown liquors. Whiskey drinks okay. All right i did not know that and i just i like them parched so dry. They're dying of thirst so just get the glass to look at the bottle. You show that glass of a glass bottle of her mouth and you put the bottle of vermouth away. this is getting. This is getting better. The more i drink it to like this is this is right up my alley. So if you're not a neat person if you don't like your whiskey neat nita's not nice but you didn't know that things could just. This is pretty good with one or two ice cubes. One of the big ice cubes. That a lot of right the loving so much. Yeah but a lotta whiskey bars do so one of war. It's actually my girlfriend's stepdad. That he does. He loves four. Seventy seven distilling. He gets the peanut butter bourbon And it does cherry coke with it and just one big chunk of that ice in there. It's incredible i it's just it's really good But these are the turing that yeah you gotta be watching what you're doing because they will definitely sneak up on either but i like this and the to go drinks are great for distilleries as well. Yes because if. I don't want to go buy a whole bottle of whiskey from a distillery but i really like one of their cocktails. They make i'm more apt to go and get something to go right. Especially if i'm having a get together with them. You know two or three friends. Yeah i don't want to go buy an entire. You know the the kit. That's necessary to make up margaritas How about just. Let me go by four margaritas and call it good right. I agree i liked. It's so you talking about canadian with crown royal canadian whisky crown. Royal canadian was so. This was that christmas christmas dave My dad had a bottle of of x. art An aria so that's the extra rare extra rare Thing which i want i get is the marketing. It comes bottle. Everything like that. But i put that just on on a couple of Pieces of ice Drink it straight and it was really really good actually And i know crowns. The i would say. It's the highest caliber. Cheap whiskey that you can get in my opinion But this was really good and that was the. That was the first time in a long time that i had found something that i was like. I had three or four glasses and just tipped it and tipped straight and it was very good very good at what they do. The great blended whisky. That's very smooth at a lot of people enjoy some of their flavors are actually quite good too. I know that you've got a few of the different flavors of crown. Yea just a few not not not too many. But i'm a beach caramel. Maple green apple Texoma ski vanilla I think that's that's pretty much most of the fireball. Cinnamon they have not data. They we do. We have a jack daniels jack. Jack fire There's is at jackson's firewater as firewater. Some separate firewater. Something okay. so you've got the jack fire that they believe in the firewater. Crown has ventured us. I'm sure that's next but the peach crown is very good if you tried that and when it comes to canadian whiskies i really like pendleton is a good one that i like. It is and also believe it or not black velvet and can canadian club to like those. Even though they're the whiskeys for the budget conscious person is that a good way to steer old people whiskey in my ear conscious. A mom's side of the family all canadians and after they came back from the war. That's basically what they did is they took out stock in the companies and just you know drank them into success. That's a business plan. I i worked at a place that had a black velvet club that would come in and they drink black velvet. Long all in their seventies. Do we want to give this a rating or would just gonna leave it alone and just enjoy it. You know what i if i had to. I would rate this near the top. It's very good. I would definitely. This is definitely. This is a drink that we were talking about what you have for dinner. Whatever this is a drink. I'd have at dinner and then switch to something else. That's later in the night. I cheers to you my friend. Hey cheers everybody here. Here's the good news. There's a first new year's eve drink down the drain down the drain. We're gonna finish during these. We'll come back on the other side. We'll get to our interview with. Dan miller the owner mighty river brewing company. When we come back on the other side it's brutal radio on northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi here mornings with kale weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi of my new year's resolution pledges to get us back on facebook live. We'll get back to you. And i i gotta get. I gotta get a new sand. I'm i'm working on it. That's a light. I will be working on it. You should ask santa thinking of a nail gun existed and stand. We'll just some mail. Well we'll just nail chad's phone up into the wall or something like that. it's already all cracked. It's a easily. You're fine with that. Is that what you're saying. I love it. Welcome back in his brew. Tock hockey to about reimbursement for the new phone in kelly ryan's in charge of all that stuff. We're doing new year's eve drinks here what we will have tomorrow night and we get some fun. We're gonna a beer thirty. With what brought. Because i think there's going to be going to be funny as hell. We'll get into that a little bit later on what i said earlier. I prefaced an interview earlier. And i'll do it again here. Mighty river brewing company Dan miller and company they are there that berea that i was talking about that located inside of a neighborhood they get they get a lot of the same customers coming in there. A lot loyal loyal customers so i was wondering have they been impacted as much as some of these other breweries. And what kind of toll has it taken. Because i've talked to brewery owners that have said few told me it was going to be like this. I don't. I don't know if i would have signed up Restaurant owners the same way so we talked to. Dan miller on noko now earlier this week. Dan miller owner of mighty river brewing. Company this is what he had to say. Dan how are you guys operating right now and and how are you finding ways to survive. So we're we're still operating Under the the red At at in our taproom unfortunately but we did apply last week for the level of larimer county level up program and That's so that we can move to the orange and be allowed to have indoor seating at twenty five percent Your listeners probably know a little bit about this Hopefully we hear back from county soon on that and we can get folks coming back into the taproom but right now. Yeah we're still having people Our our guests sit outside Heaters and canopies and and Blankets gloves and fire pits. And in a big everybody that yes. I did the bigger all beers that tend to help a little bit with the warmth. I guess so Yeah and You know that time of year anyway. I suppose really. Dan one of the things that you guys were doing beforehand and really i think this has grown it. Look you're located in a little subdivision there that you've got a lot of neighborhood people who come and have your beer you. Are you still doing some delivery to a certain radius of of the brewery. Not that none of this time tanner. We did let in the spring but this year are not mature enough this year to it's been yeah jackie five years crammed into one. It seems like but Not right now and to be honest. We actually haven't had many folks requested so i think at this point i think people are more comfortable now than they were back in the spring with with going out and and just you know wanting to be away from their homes. I guess Because you know we're all kind of locked up there for forbidden spring so So i don't. I haven't seen really much Demand for it so and and the taproom sales for for to go have been pretty good for us so If that changes though we will adapt and and do what we need to do. But right now it's going pretty good with the with the to go orders and And then the limited seating patio. we're talking with. Dan miller the owner of mighty river brewing company. And that's that's exactly you. You said you're gonna adjust and and i've heard the word pivot and all of these different things and i know that your industry has been hit incredibly hard As have the restaurant industry you gotta be about tired of having to pivot and adjust and use all of those those cliches. But how how are you holding holding up specifically for mighty river. Well yeah. You're right it it. It's not been easy. this is Tell people a lot. If it's someone had told me that this was all going to happen. You know four years ago or three years ago or whenever i started the process of starting mighty river I i don't know that. I would have been a tough call right now whether or not even do it so but you know i'll i keep telling myself that there's light at the end of the tunnel The vaccines are starting to go out. sounds like the soon as spring We could we could kind of be more back to normal or at least close to it. So that's what. That's what i'm doing now and it yeah. It hasn't been easy. It's there's been a lot of. It's you said it's just constantly trying to do what we can to to get through it and That's that's really. Been the name of the game now. It's been much more than i expected for. Sure so But that's that's how it is. That's how it's been for everybody well and it doesn't make it any easier on anybody for for having to do it but One of the questions. That i have is the creative process of making beer. There's a lot more that goes into it than people think You know the names of these beer. All of these different things being able to continue to create Has that helped throughout this. This process. definitely yeah. That's that's one of the reasons i got into it in the first place was just to be able to create really fun beers and and and bears that that people will like and i'm not gonna lie that i like to 'cause it's that's that's part of the part that's part of why i got into it as it's just to be able to make those recipes that i've always wanted to make and and and then there's been times where folks have said. Hey have you thought about. Maybe something like this and that's a great idea. Yeah and It that's that's the fun part of it and coming up with the recipes and then making them and then if they work. That's that's where it's on. that's where it's just. That's the payoff right. There and So that's been great. That's been one thing that's helped us get through this for sure. Dan miller the owner of mighty river brewing company Dan let's keep the good the good thoughts the good vibes rolling. Do you have any new releases coming out anytime soon. Anything that we can talk about to to let the people know about what to be expecting here. I'd one of the one of the big ninth for consuming. Alcohol is a little bit later this week and people are looking to grab some beer from you. What are you ready for them. Yeah so we. We released I think it was about a week. Ago are From the deep which is our aged Stout no with with ski barrel aged stout that we released we We have on tap and we haven't in in four packs. Sixteen ounce cans four-pack talk to me more about beer women. What what what can people expect if this is what they're that sounds like a a big beer that high alcohol beer it is. Yeah it's It's around eight percent. It's not huge. But it's it's a big beer and it's It's just load of flavor of the whiskey barrels influence on it is amazing. It's the aroma. it's It's in the in the mouse deal. And then it has a really nice really smooth finish. Should it's not overpowering it's It it really turned out very well and all all the credit goes to curtis brewer. Who who who baby spear and Kept an eye on it and did a great job with it and It's a good one we when we get four packs in the in the cooler there Right by the bear bar there. They go quick so We're going to be a bunch more of this week and People should be able to come in and grab it just about as much as they want. So yeah that's awesome man. Thank you yes all right i mean to cut you off there but yeah i got a picture of it pulled up right now that our work is crazy. Good yeah nancy she. She does a great job With all of our labels especially she she went up. Just really hit the park with that. One yeah i love man. We've talked about it. You're dropping all these different names of these people that that are in this community and around northern colorado kind of sticking with that michelle vance and the wind windsor chamber of commerce. And everybody in there. They've been they've been busting their tails from what i understand. Yeah they they they definitely have. I get emails from them all the time on all the things they're doing that's really nice that they're doing all that it I know that There are a lot of businesses in windsor. That would be struggling without their help. So hats off to to michelle and the whole whole staff. There that's That's great and it's a big help for everybody. Dan anything else that our listeners need to need to know working they find you at. Where can they get you online. And where they can. Can they combine that beer from you. Yeah you know dot com we. Can you can order beer online. And then have it ready to pick up at the at the brewery. Either curbside or in the taproom. We have obviously can't and and tap beer at at at our location and we're at some liquor stores in in windsor and in fort collins and We're looking to expand matt Hopefully when we get through all of this will be able to do that. And then being more more stores around the area in windsor and really so forth the do love to hear it dan. Hey hang there man. Here comes twenty twenty one. Let's let's filled with positivity and good beer. how about that. That sounds great tanner. Yeah that's that's what that's what we're all waiting for and i know everybody else's too so can't wait. Thank you so much my friend. We'll talk soon. You bet. take your tanner. That was dan miller owner of mighty river brewing company. Love is beer. The thing that stood out to me in that. And it's not the first time we've heard it right fellas and and chad you. He said this to somebody. You know three or four years ago at a told you what was. Come down the pipeline. Who knows what would have been going on right he he. I mean he was hesitant to say that he would have opened at which with somebody like that that that that's what they do. That's that's a big statement. Well nobody nobody wants their deal with what we deal with. What we've been going. You know not a probably very few people if you ask them. If you think you can still happen to me was covy said dispensaries. Maybe a dispensary amazon has been real. Well jeff visas with anyhow. We'll go past that but That it that's tough to hear. If you're absolutely for a lot of people is to hear him. Say that because i love mighty river and he does to clearly and they do great beer. And that's what i did ask him. I said look the creative process of being able to still create been something. That's helped you go through this because that was something that even workers and myself around here at the radio station. We're always like okay. What can we tweak only make better. What can we create. that's different that's new. We couldn't do a lot of that and that lack of creativity war on people here and at least they gotta be able to still do that. He did say that was one of his. Bright spots was was being able to still continue to create. But it's tough here in brewery local brewery owners. Talk about that. yeah i think. That's what drives restaurant folks and brewery folks is were creative people at heart and that's why we got into making food or making craft beer making you know crafts spirit distilleries because we love to create and being able to play is is the best part of the job. I totally agree. That it's the wonderful world of breweries right and what people can do. And and if people aren't buying the beer and it's not moving out of the of the fermenters you can't put news things in the fermenters so it's really great when it does move out and you can get back to your creative juices and get stuff flowing. Well and that's behind the scenes. The the front of it. I mean being able to see people order your veering off. Good beer part of it. They're missing too because they're probably still saying it but you know they're not leaving those facebook comments and if they are it's just a face become instead of of seeing it so there's a lot that goes into it. Dan miller we appreciate him jumping on as well mighty river brewing company. Many river brewing dot com. You can go and check that out. Okay seven thirty four now the time. Let's take come back beer. Thirty except for with a twist will talk about on inside. It's abreu talk. Northern carlos voice thirteen ten. Kfi it's all party northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi a block party wednesdays from four to ten pm. A well the mac in seven thirty seven a time closing on seven thirty eight. We've got beer thirty by the tavern at saint michel square. Coming your way right now. Real quick on the rocks liquor. Got my drink from there today. But they also hooked up with carlsberg the danish pills ner dock. Your big fan of the spear i am. Carlsberg is actually really really good and i actually really liked the import aroma. And if you don't just let it sit open for just a little while in before you drink. It's it's absolutely fabulous beer. Not a bad beer at all ended up very popular and they just got it back in stock so go check it out. It's the better version of rolling rock. It has nothing in common with rolling rock other than the green models. That's what i like to compare it to the poor man's heineken heineken. Check it out on the rocks liquor especial. Thanks to those guys. They're sticking with us again coming up into two twenty one appreciate them. Being the official liquor store sponsor of brew. Talk radio beer. Thirty is presented by doc here tonight too because he's got a combination here that we're looking forward to so what's it. What's this first one. Okay so one thing that would be a great combination would be like a margarita but why not just use beer instead of Fruit juice or lime eight or something like that. There's no lime or anything to take the smell of tequila away here so we got to and then okay. There's something in there. So this is a tequila. This is her. Nato rep assad oh tequila with a little bit of trinity's electric cucumber which is Cucumber cezanne through the cucumber. have you very end the cucumber just on the nose. Yeah no from zia tequila. someone smelled. it actually smells kind of garden fresh when you when it smells kind of like garden. Fresh version of a margarita and when you taste it That was sorry. I just came off of something that tastes it opposite of this. It tastes kinda like tequila with good. It's think it's that bad. I've seen other people tried different kinds of things like Different versions of sour beers. It's like orange orange flavored beers or lime flavored sour beers in place of the lie. Made with a little bit of tequila in and actually kind of works for a margarita. Is the key case. Oh poor do you. Do you have any more of the the piccola rick. Beer let your were just do a little bit more i. I'm getting some cucumber. But you you and try a little bit due to the water tequila down a little bit. Sorry tequila so it. It tastes like oh see now. That's better it's better. it tastes. Proportions might just spend a little off putting it still tastes like you just ate something out of your garden. I agree with it. Just feels like you went out there. This is what i'm eating. I don't know what it is. That's big and cocktails right now. I mean there's a lot of cucumber vodkas and ideals garnished with cucumber. And like. I said i had the choice of putting a pineapple sour ale with it or something that i know we have tried before the cucumber ale or the cucumbers say so on and i so i went with cucumber save on i probably should have gone with pineapple sour ale. I'm actually enjoying it. I think it's kinda nice. It's much more of a sipping. And i would definitely serve it over. Ice was going to say. Is i think a little colder. It'd be better. I don't think it's bad if you get you know a little more beer in. Yeah i don't think it's bad okay. That was that was better. I had so we've got some pretzels here got dots homestyle pretzels. And i had one of those before. Maybe just need that soul you a little salt on there for. There's a little salt in there and we need a little lime to squeeze to detroit be. Who's the line would make that. The line would go okay. it's not as bad. It's not as bad as what i thought it was initially. I'll give you that. Okay let's get into the ratings here showy. Although i just so you guys know what you gotta do to get it where you wanted if you feel passionate about it. It's not bad it's better the more you have of it. Maybe that's just the dickie la talking. But i don't i don't hate it. I'm going to go with a six point nine on that. That's going to be my rating six nine cnn. I think that's about where i would go. I'd go a seven. Would i pick this. If i saw on menu what i've picked it probably not but i think just adjusting the a little bit. If you worked with it. I think it could be a really good drinks but yeah seven for me you know. I'm actually not too far off from where you are. I'm probably gonna go Seven and a half because actually do kind of like a little bit. Okay all right now. We're not that far off. I thought i was going to be way lower than everybody else but all of that rickel pick and company is record. Not approved horrible year. Never end also true senator normally. I'm well aware of what he's going to play back there. I did not know that was going so okay. What's this next one. So the next one. I've seen many different versions of this. But it's a champagne with a raspberry wheat beer the particular raspberry wheat beer that i'm using is long's peak from estes park burry And this is the raspberry wheat in fact. I don't think we've ever had an estes park very beer on the show. So i m kind of curious as to how this beer plays with the champagne. The stop bad. Haven't tried it yet. I had to finish that other one. Because i wasn't going back to sorry. So you guys are gonna take this pretzel here. So there's a there's a famous champagne cocktail called a key royale which is champagne and respiratory liqueur that this kind of reminds me i'd imitate and of course this would depend upon the kind of champagne. The us i used a brute. Cordell happened to find little tiny small bottles of it. That's a popular one ten. It's a popular but one rather than a sweet campaign. I went with much more of a dry champagne and plays. I think that plays better off of the fruit flavors in the beer. Yeah oh this. Yeah we're we're speaking the same language now. I like that a lot. I could i could. I could drink a couple of those. I think it might get a little sweet and smart for you not to get us a sweet champagne because that would have been really really great and the then that would go more like the cordial that you're talking about and i i'm not a big fan of sweet. I like sweet but not too much. And but i don't like the opposite of that which is dry and a little bit more sweet than dry and i'm just so i'm basing it on the fact that the raspberry wheat beer that was chosen is a little bit on the sweet side So i've seen it with raspberry wheats i I wonder how it would taste with. The strawberry is the black velvet. Or no no okay I like this a lot. This is raspberry champagne to me Yeah this would be great perfect new year's eve. It's like upscale version of strawberry hill. It's the it's the was going with the the adult version of a creep cider. Oh the raspberry sparkling sparking side. Yeah that's what it is which is one of the things. I have on new year's eve every year because champagne. Doc no but oh i do the thing. The sparkling ciders and stuff like that. Because there's no need to have an extra shop before he'd go to bed by that tight leap in an extra thirty minutes toasted in the new year with some sparkling champagne or sparkling cider and stuff like that. I like it this one. I think you nailed. I started last time. We'll start with you. Chad what do you think i'm this. I really like this a lot. I'm going to go eight and a half on it doc. I like it too. I'm actually going to go nine on it. I think this one is spot on exactly what i'd like. I'll see your nine as you. A nine and a half. This is something that i would drink all night long. I really would. And i would regret it the next day because champagne kicked my butt at the end of the night but Same with you. Yeah dream when we're off air. Remind me to tell you about my twenty first birthday experience. Have black hawk with champagne mimosas by the way which hold on it does make a brutal approved january first get going on those taxes. Thanks for bringing up the one bad part of of twenty twenty one. Did you know at on the rocks liquor. And i'm sure they've got other places too but no one goes anywhere other than on the because that's what we asked them to do they've got premade mimosas. Have you seen that of not. It's a bottle of champagne. It already has the the juice. Yeah it's only it's only like fourteen percent or eight percent. i can't remember. It's it's from that champagne would be twelve to four and that's so maybe it was eighth tonight. It was a little under what you normally. But it's already mixed and they had it over there and i was. I was shocked. I was like okay. The one thing though that it had pulled in it i drink mowers use without pope at paul. I'm not poked guy. I like the fresh squeezed. But i like to strain my jews after. Its squeezed really. Because i don't like the pulp kinda like to chew my juice. No i don't either. There's no point for that. There's no point but they do have that over there so that had me thinking about this just orange juice. That's all that i saw. It will stay now because you're looking at champagne section and then there's just as bull orange champagne bottle and it's like hey this is a memo's it was all right. Our last one is called a black velvet. it's traditionally done with champagne and Guinness dry stout Unfortunately couldn't find any guinness dry stout. So i used only when i had which is Samuel smith's oatmeal stout which unfortunately is a little more dense than it needs to be in order for this to work What you do is you pour the champagne into the glass and then you pour the stout on top very very slowly down the side and it floats on top of the champagne. And it's sort sorta like a black and tan but it's still it's the beer and champagne instead and that's called a black velvet. This is a nitro guinness. The i mean. That's a lot of what i'm getting just that much Is ever vessels correct word. That many bubbles you know in this particular case however though her did you say you're not using. Ucs us to samuel. Stout okay samuel. They'll stout it's mixed together right. I think it's still provides the same kind of flavor but not the same kind of experience visual effects that right but was that you guys neither of you touched on that so it was i way off and say the excuse me the nitro feels and maybe i haven't had. I don't know if i've had its beer without it but it. It seems way way thinner than what it would be my way of kiner but i think with nitro more of a creamy flavor than than this. That's fair and that's yeah that's a good way of putting that and you wouldn't want us the nitro guinness or you're just use a new standard bottle of guiness. That's not nitrite because this is gonna nitro would affect creek. The nitro would kind of like destroy. The appearance of the of the beer on top of the champagne. I do i do. It's a i. I'm not putting it into earn our. It's not as stout is a stout should should in it basically to champagne three it just became a very very multi champagne the with that and actually i. It makes me like champagne. Even because i'm not necessarily a big fan of champagne to hide this other bottle that i've got no no no okay. No i'm no i'm just kidding. It's it for me. It's not as good as the other one the raspberry there. But that's we knew i mean. That's the difference between our or ballots. Ms that i'm more for the the fruit flavored stuff. You like this stout flavored. I dunno where i'm going with this i think for me. It's a little better than the rest of course but doesn't that make sense. Yeah every beer that we've had if it's a sour i normally rate them higher and if it's something darker and heavier than that you guys read them a little higher hungry differences were different. We love each other but we're different. It's kind of true to to tell you the truth. I bet if we went back and looked at our scores over the time that'd be a fascinating that would be interesting in interest becton to are. You have homework. Rain look at every beer thirty thirty thirty nineteen seventy-two or our listeners. Could do that to go back and find out what we like you know if they went back and listen to every beer thirty. They'd be like you know. I think they're dumber than we thought they were released. That tanner gave dumber talking about. They drink drink beer. They just happened to have a mike in front of them. We do the same thing on saturday nights. Guess what try and get a plot. The differences is that dr mike close. This is just my evil scientists. Name dr michael. Mosier gives us credibility. Let's get some ratings. We need to take a break here. I've started jazz. Started doc. let's let's start with you. Sorry this is not bad. I i i think i'll give this an eight and a half. I actually like this. Not as bad are not as much as i like the raspberry one. But i actually do like this. I'm going to go with an eight point. one I don't like it as much either but I would. I would have one of those if they were getting past her into the party. Then i'm gonna with nine. I like it a little more than the so that does make broucek approved. Drink the beer. Beer ryan you win all right. What am i going for the highest score there is. We will be tonight tomorrow night. Let's take a break is brew talk right here on northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi code now. Weekdays at four northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. It's been one hell of a year. We all know what we've gone through. But hey if it wasn't for good and good beer. It would have been even worse so i wanna say sincerely thank you to all of our listeners. Out there for joining us each and every wednesday night as we go on this ride some things that we did this year are going to continue to grow. And i can promise you my god. They're going to be bigger the the brew talk award show. I can guarantee next year is going to be a whole lot of fun. I can guarantee you. These brew hop stops are going to be even better when you can all join us out there. And i can promise you i can promise the next year we will be back and we will be rolling with this all again so thank you to all of our listeners recognized enough but these two gentlemen that sit here and do the show with me every single week they get paid zero dollars. It cost them money to come and do the show and without them. I couldn't do the show. So chad doc. Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart for what you guys do. And what you've done with this program in the last two years and what we will do. We've taken the show that places. It's never gone. Good and bad. And i look forward to learning more about where we go. So thank you both gentlemen one hell of a year and i appreciate the work and the effort that you guys put in each and every wednesday night and twenty twenty one is going to be our best year yet. I think it's just our passion for beer would love to share it with everyone. That's willing to listen and that's just it out to say about that. It's all there is to say about that and honestly if we weren't on the radio you probably sitting around drinking beer anyway. We just have more cuss words. In there. I promise. Right brian kelly. He took over halfway through this deal. He's going to be with us. Going into twenty twenty one as well. We're very excited about it. Grimm brothers brew house are brew hop stein. Next time we talked calendar. We'll be flipped and we'll be talking beer. Still hope everyone out. There has a very safe and happy new years eve. We'll be back with you next wednesday evening. Follow along brew talk radio. We'll have much much more to discuss until then for ryan kelly for chad young owner of the tavern square dr mikimoto. Unc bringing laboratory scientists. I'm janice swint here on northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi cheers everyone.

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The Chanticleer Chandelier

"Hey, y'all to the Marty Smith's America podcast. This is volume one hundred something, and it's one of the funniest shows we've ever done We have an extremely special guests today. Teddy Gallagher. A lot of y'all right. Now, driving down the highway might be going Teddy Gallagher what doesn't ring a bell will help you. The Sean to clear chandelier baby the Myrtle beach masterpiece our boy teddy plays linebacker Coastal Carolina, and when we were made aware. Of his glorious peroxide infused. Lines shaved in the side per plumage blow out the back of his head gear. We had no choice but to bring him to the masses on the Mardian McGee program and then Marty Smith's America we had a follow up. We needed to know the story we needed to know the inspiration behind the shot to clear chandelier we had to know how that Monica was received. We also had to know what Mama Fall. So we asked Teddy all those questions and more would a great young man and in all seriousness playing a very high level. Coastal. Carolina's a really good football team. They put a full blown back woodshed. Lupin on less miles in the Kansas Jayhawks and they have a huge travis and I sit here Monday morning. Monday. All the days are running together for me right now. We'll get into why some other time but all the days are running together for me right now. So as sit here, Monday morning here in a couple of days. The shock clears will play the Louisiana Raging Cajun's on Wednesday night prime time on ESPN and can't wait to see that game teddy and his boys going against the raging cages. You. Say. Hold on Travis. Absolute Hail You're supposed to work. Like. I love these things called. Perfect bars they are peanut butter. They're basically like big hunks of peanut butter. And they also make some that are sprinkled with coconuts. They also make some that have these huge a dark chocolate chunks on top. I had one of those the other day. Like an idiot through the rapper in the trash can in the bathroom and I look. While speaking of the Sean to clear Chandelier in all of its glorious glorious excellence. And the dog is aiding the wrapper from the perfect bar. I think we need to get Fania. Well. She has a Kennel. She Barks for the whole time. She's in it back to the game I. Mean Coastal Carolina you could argue there should be a top twenty five matchup on Wednesday night and I'm just hoping that. Plumage gets its due on Wednesday night. Agree Travis I to hope that the myrtle beach masterpiece shot to clear chandelier gets its due. On national, television broadcast women's evening, but we have some controversy. Okay. Teddy went on twitter and explained that the great clips in Carolina Forest. Made in. Egregious. Mistake. They have cut the shot to clear chandelier in a way that may teddy less than thrilled. So we're GONNA find out about that in just a minute to, but before we get to teddy. been a long summer y'all and after a long summer, the wait is officially over. College football is back and so is an all new season of your favorite Dr Pepper Obsessed College football town. That's right we're talking about fans view. So brace yourself for all the on the field football drama and off the field Dr Pepper Flavor your eyes and taste buds can handle because even though you can't be at the stadium you can still dress cheer and drink Dr Pepper like a true fan. Head to a store near you to treat your inner college football, Fan to ice cold twenty ounce Dr Pepper today. And if you're. Really Really Wild put some Jack Nails in it. I was just GONNA say. Mixing it with a little liquor. It is delicious your head Dr Pepper and fireball. I've had diagnosed Dr Pepper. Crown Royal is one of my favorites, Dr Pepper and fireball is the truth Bro. I will I will put that on deck. Yeah Dr. Pepper and fireball is time. Also WanNa remind you guys before we get to Teddy Gallagher in the shot to clear chandelier. Make sure you check out our STUGATZ PODCAST STU party this one our conversation Ted he's GonNa have you busting a Gut I. Promised What Stupidity That is going to have you laugh every single week he's out of his mind WANNA funniest dudes on download and subscribe to Stupidity and Marty Smith's America wherever you get your podcasts now hope y'all ready to laugh because jolly this one of the most fun interviews I've ever done an teddy's personality's perfect Here we go. Teddy Gallagher Coastal, Carolina, university linebacker. The shock declares chandelier the Myrtle beach masterpiece the excellent El Camino. Areas Teddy Gal. Injected so much joy and to just the way that we operate and with Marty and McGee on the SEC network and having fun with your with your mullet. But brother, we got a start with the great clips on Carolina Forest you vision public, service announcement to your Loyal Legion that they must stay away from that location at all costs. What happened to you their son? So what happened was the odds gunner occurs you know I needed to get cleaned up like you know you're seeing dressing park those listeners that shootout the Yes Europe. Assila. Raptor whatever the hell they call it the like like my hair's the size and I was like. In the end zone. Again can can you clean it up on the sides and she was again I was like okay coup. So she's cleaning up on the sides than I felt like being out in the back of my is fine like it was getting poofy whatever and then I was thinking about what I was thinking about housing about we're about to go to buffalo getting a bunch of wings to go in house getting Buffalo. was again from other flavor in felted. Snip right in the back I looked like. Oh. No of course. Respectful pay for the haircut and everything but man I was. I was. Upset. But you know. That is so. It's still okay. Look it. It's. It's definitely not quite the main that it was. Yeah. Oh Yeah we have to look man you're be on national television on Wednesday night man. So you gotta be tight. You gotta be cleaned up. Yeah. Like a Phoenix from the ashes. Originally. Originally. When made aware of your beautiful arrangement I gave the moniker the Myrtle beach masterpiece in America really like this. But then as you saw it, hit me man at hit me like an eighteen wheeler wait a minute. This thing is not the Myrtle beach masterpiece. This thing is the Sean to clear chandelier. It is I mean it says beautiful and arrangement as I've seen and I'm an expert on such things dude I grew up in Appalachia we had Camaro mullets, mini, truck mullets I've seen them. All Teddy. What do you call that thing? Have you given it a name? Have you named your son? I'm not I'm not named my son, but I definitely have a lot from from my coaching staff about the Sean Clear Chandelier recently. And that s pretty much. That's pretty much what what they call me these days. So it was well as a shot to clear chandelier was well received by the locals well, receive oversee for sure what inspired that thing man? Will actually it was me? Mama Fella linebacker solid. Kelly. We we're just we were in quarantine like. I think in in April or May, and we're like man. Had something. Like we're GonNa Grad are mullets I guess what we're going to do and then everyone would team. Loved them like groom for for the for the team because all the boys love them. Like the numbers are growing growing growing. Up to like I think we're up to like twenty twenty, five minutes on the team now. Are quarterbacks growing. Our strength staff, they're all grown everyone's hopping on the bandwagon. Well, it's working I mean yellow ball and you know because look I can see you I was Gonna ask you who had it first because Silas has sweet flow to Oh, my goodness his his majestic. It's a majestic arrangement I. I can see you guys like a convertible El Camino. Cruising the Strip in in Myrtle beach like wearing some airbrush teas that you got from Eagles. How does this thing play with the ladies man 'cause I mean y'all are like national sensations. At this point I mean I'm not GonNa because we both got girlfriends but Ah. I mean everyone loves the Ever was. Not. Only that I mean it's it's been quite a transformation man because I looked up like I know who my Teddy Gallagher is and I looked up this guy that's on what is it? Let me make sure I. Get this right go see see you sports dot com. Are. The official website of the coast of Carolina shot to clear the photograph of this dude I see on Dose C. C. You. Sports DOT COM that's a fraternity president this clean cut clean shaven. He's well crop. He's got on his tie who is that guy? We have to talk to whoever runs that thing and get this thing updated Last picture was twenty eighteen. That was a those pictures from the two thousand eighteen season. We gotta do better Bro, you gotTa talk to we gotTa talk to somebody we gotta, we gotta hit somebody for that. So you had a very distinct message for my brother from another mother Mr. Pat McAfee. His disbelief in you in the boy to his credit as a model American, which we all know he is he owned it. What did it mean to you that Patty owned his mistakes? Everyone makes mistakes. And you know I was just I was just happy that he He owned his mistake in. 'cause actually it's Kinda. Funny. I was getting taped before the game and they had they had like game day up on on the TV there no volume but then I looked up I saw like his locks of the day were was Arkansas state minus three I'm Mike. We're the bullies boys out I. Don't know what he's talking about. The actually after the game, our director of player personnel coach Colton corn means ultras hanging out outside the locker room and he goes you have video. What? Video and you see like, Aww, brains are still on a little bit. We were getting out full sentences and. The. Cameras Sticks Camera facing tells us start talking a like. You just. Rather take it. I'm like, no that's how we roll gonNA take gas silence. It's always great. You know someone who speaks for a living. All right that's what I. DO Teddy Foo Bar Words all the time. Hell I make up new words every day. And I liked how silence just own that there should be t shirts with House Sean is produced. Yeah. Are there they have said t shirts been produced yet? 'cause I gotTa have one for Mardi McGee if y'all got T. shirts I'm buying a t-shirt. Yeah I mean we we don't make him but missiles both bought a couple. But that yeah, there we there's a there's a tweet that had. Shirts and we we both on a coastal. Okay. I'm going to have to buy one of those man switching gears man y'all beat up on Kansas. That'd be y'all beat up on Kansas. What did that tell you about where the program is and what should we take from what you guys are doing on the field? Yeah mean rea- we play Kansas last year to allows a really close game in. So going going into this year in a lot knew that we were a lot better than last year but I didn't really how much better and we We started playing like he got up to twenty zero pretty fast and I was like, wow, like I thought we were good I didn't know this be. In there. So I mean we just were clicking I mean we on defense were flying around. The crap out of people in in. On offense offense is dominating I, mean they had they had. To like eight and a half minute drives against St Y'all over eight and suckers Eric in water getting into chilling out I was getting pretty bored I was I was like. I was I was talking talking talking some smack to the opposing counsel that was lined up towards the headline. Like. I was I was getting pretty bored. How I got two more, we'll let you run How do you end up at coastal? From La like how does that happen and when you chose Coastal Carolina from the West Coast. Did. You ever dream that this would kind of be what it would be for you. I'm when I when I came on my visit I, love it here I mean a new. Hard. By kinda knew that I wasn't exactly a West Coast Kinda guy. Or listening myself going back there. But You know we. We Fish visitors dislike huge family atmosphere within within the staff and the players. A once once I came to visit like all the players were talking to me like I was already on the team. Fell in love with the place pretty much is places. Amazing. All right. Last thing what? What is your mom like? What's mom think about? I can see you laughing because like I know my mom if. She would hate my beard much less if I had you know the the Sean to clear chandelier blowing out the back of my helmet what what's Momma? Say about this We'll also my dad, my dad loves it. My Dad supports it but. My. Mom My mom will take me. She'll be like great game party mode get air cut. Love it man, Hey, you guys are hoping man it's fun to watch. You guys play I can't wait to watch you play on Wednesday night. Good luck. That's GONNA be a great game man. Oh yes. Ages a real to yeah. They are and I think I think that's I think I think we had a cajun fan working at the great clips on. She's trying to she she she sees that haired says. He is Sampson with that Muller. Cut that thing off so that they will lose to the Cajun's. Saga work them so funny, Bro Hey you're alive man you are like we appreciate your time. Thanks for being fun with it and having a great time with us and God. Bless you guys down there we'll be watching. Thank you for having me when it comes to scoring great hires. 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That's ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM SLASH AMA RT why ziprecruiter dot com slash morty. Ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire. I mean I, love him. That's everything that college should be right there. It's you know what I'm GonNa grow a mullet during a quarantine during the global pandemic with my best buddy who plays linebacker right beside me. And we're going to go out there with our hair on fire and the the thing about it too is while we love and laugh at and everything and sore they. But he said now there's twenty some players like the while it's a joke. Those little things are one of the reasons why this team's undefeated right now has a chance to get a big win on Wednesday night. Like it, these little things bring a team together especially during these times where you're stuck at home like it's a big deal what did he say twenty players I mean he's a coach is involved in it the quarterback the quarterback is starting to grow see Teddy's got be careful here though if the quarterback a beautiful mullet as the quarterback of the team is still some of his. I don't think. So because when you're the original, you're the I mean. The, the original always carries the most weight and you're the first when you're the innovator when you're the one that took the initiative when you're the one that had the passion for the plumage, you are going to be the guy, no matter what Johnny quarterback decides he wants to grow in the aftermath because all the sudden you're famous now I don't buy. We did forget that we should have asked what his girlfriend thinks of it because I didn't ask him I asked him how played with the ladies and he did a good job. You can tell he's media savvy. Now he fully sidestepped the answer. And I appreciate that look do your thing. which either is. I wouldn't be shocked to like I hated but I love you teddy well, I I wouldn't be surprised if she was like man I think that you are so much more handsome. That guy on the see Cu sports dot com webpage is so much more handsome, but he ain't nearly that bad, ass any certainly nearly that famous I mean the shot to clear Chandelier has garnered nationwide acclaim now Ardsley due to Pat McAfee but I'm going to take some Predator. Originally there is video of him where he was celebrating in the locker room and actually you in McKee played it on began Wednesday night. So that was the first thing that went viral. The second video was simply I'm Pat McAfee. That's. Awes- our so we were I you refer. So shout out to Brad Buchanan and his staff that Brad is our producer Mardian McGee, TV the TV program that we do on the southeastern conference network every Wednesday night. Brad is our. Producer there along with executive producers, Tom Column Pete Waters All boys shout them out and integrate staffed. We have on that show we are family and they know how much we love mullets this was their idea they found teddy. So Kudos to them, but it makes me happy the we were the first Mardi McGee and South Eastern conference network was the first to give Teddy. His do now here is that segment what? Is The you. His Locker Room celebration obviously. world-class as the kids say lit I'm a forty four year old white dude. I shouldn't be saying lit but that's okay. That's what kids call. That was a good one I didn't. They also smash a rock when they beat Kansas. The Rock Chalk Jayhawk a think they might have a solid. So ninety nine point nine percent positive that they did that now aren't. So after that after we gave them their new. What happened are Pat McAfee showed up and you WanNa talk about famous that dude is famous. Mr Pat McAfee. I once thought of you as a great man that held yourself to a high standard, and now I do not anymore a knowledgeable gambler. You know hot takes good takes usually winning his bats and. But you have bundled that you didn't believe in the shots and that bitch you in the bud didn't on College Game Day you don't believe in the shots this hour it's produce pronounced. The shots. Shots. So Silas and Teddy call out patty he owns it like the great American he is. And now. When you look I'm sure that your hasn't. Pat McAfee all American team made. Of Ninety eight percent kickers. But he can put a couple linebackers from down in Myrtle beach in there. I was just thinking with this issue that teddy into the haircut. I think he's at the mullahs insured. Think you should to Lloyd's of London he needs to call Lloyd's of London to get that thing insured and you know I dropped the ball I just I forgot to ask Teddy. It meant to him to be on the morning. McGee. All America, team. We did forget damn I have failed America I am so sorry because he's the I. Think he's the first effort that we've had on after being main. We've had some people on in the named him to the to like pat fire move but. Teddy has been on this team for a couple of weeks. Now, he's a SPA teddy earn his spot in a big way and I know I mean as much as I would love to have his reaction. When we dole out the awards at the end of the season will get his perspective at that time. Are Travis I have some homework for you. I need you to go find a t shirt for me. They made t shirts with the silhouettes of silence and Teddy's mullets. In the globe by the way, I'm a big -Til Guy, I like the Color Teal, I think it's A. Very very aesthetically pleasing hugh. So. I want this t shirt I think the t shirt has the silhouette silence and Teddy's mullets and it says something about how the shots are produced because silence misspoke in his video to McAfee rather than saying pronounced he said produced. Giannis, you'll find T- brother. They also like the athletic director of the press. One of the high people at the school they put out a video recently of a bunch of people teaching how to pronounce the full name, and then if you are having issues with that, you can just say the shots do you WanNa? Why know-how Yes I do. Because when I saw, I know one percent doesn't have issues within his name is Marty Smith. The reason is because when I went to Radford University the Coastal Carolina to clears were in our conference. They were in the big south conference and we played them in basketball twice a year in some of my favorite trips with the basketball teams and the baseball team. Every year were annual pilgrimage to Myrtle beach. With to play gets shot clears and we had a lot of fun and drank a whole lot of natural lights. And and just as Myrtle. Beach Man. Myrtle. Beach when I was a kid was like A. I mean it was like A. It was so beyond my. We didn't go to Myrtle beach. Up Capital of the world so is eagles. The airbrush t shirt capital of the planet. Is Eagles beachwear in Myrtle. Beach South Carolina which is why I feel like they should be producing teddy's t shirts. This is we need the name image likeness to go through. So we can. Have these guys like listen I'm all for all these players you know job but the real importance for the name image likeness is Teddy Teddy. And then also you pedantic get you some salt water taffy like I mean the to clear chandelier can even see it should be it should be like Teddy's silhouette with like a rooster. A rooster top and the flow outback with the lines in the side and thirty four on it. That's that's his Jersey number. So anyway, thanks so much teddy. That was just so fun I love it. Appreciate you getting him. Travis. Craig job, and I think you have. So you want to get into this thing put on the twitter machine, right? Yes. So yesterday and I knew it once you tweeted it out I knew it was gonna take off and eat you do this but you don't realize what you're doing and because I even texture it's GonNa take off and you're like what's going to take off? I don't pay attention to. So. Are you tell them what it is and then I'll give the back story of laugh put it on the twitter machine do this on twitter and he just fire off a tweet and then log off and you don't even pay attention and he tweeted out yesterday he tweeted at one, forty three. So we're talking NFL Games going on now I about the start up you got basketball game last night baseball last night you tweeted what's the one snack that when the and your presence consumes you until you relenting consume it and it took off like A. Seven hundred and fifty eight replies Marty. What. Are you kidding. Every seven hundred fifty, eight replies. Yeah. Holy smokes see so. A lot of Yahoo listen to this regularly understand. I will put things on twitter and then just kinda leave it there and not pay attention to the aftermath. That's just Kinda how I've I. I used to be so all consumed with social media. And I would let people's responses dictate my mood. That is just so shallow on my part. So I just stopped paying close at every now and then I'll get on air pay attention and respond to people and all that but not warnings yes Saturday mornings from seven to ten I'm very active. During the morning and McGee radio program. But most of the time just not well, Travis has access to my accounts. All my social media accounts Travis has accents. Access not accents access, and so he pays much closer attention to it than I do seven, fifty eight. So so the reason that I wrote that tweet was. A Walkout into my? Kitchen. Yesterday, and when I went to the Georgia Tech. UCF. Game a few weeks ago I bought two hundred and fifty dollars. Worth of groceries bought a damn coffeemaker. Because we can't leave our rooms. Once, we're on site and after we've been tested for covid nineteen, we stay in our rooms just to ensure that we are are isolated K. till gained till, we go to the stadium. So I was like, will I need my groceries? So I walked out into my kitchen. On Sunday which I haven't spent a lot of time in my kitchen. So I walk into my kitchen and. have all that stuff leftover from that trip to Atlanta And one of the things that I had leftover was target has this archer farms, caramel cashew trail mix, and in this thing is. Cashew nuts, peanuts, eminem's, and these they call them like chocolate covered caramel bites basically their milk duds. Are. So, this is a desert I bolt them thinking good healthy trail mix I can I like cashew nuts? It was a bad decision because I can't leave the stuff alone every time I walk by the job. I'm like dude, just leave it alone. Don't walk over there. unscrew the top a poor a massive handful authority in my mouth and and there you go. So I eight to hold jug of eating the whole job. And so that's what inspired that tweet. I could not say no and I have. You can't imagine my willpower I one of these dudes that if it's something that is a negative in my life, it's a garage, shut the door and it's over. But I couldn't do that stuff man I'll guarantee you one thing I never buying it again. The stack for me. Is, CAPE COD kettle chips, those are able to I get them every time I go to the grocery store. So here's what's even worse now is I hadn't just getting out the target whatever. But I went to Sam's Club and they got him in the. In bulk they got for a family of twenty and so it's just like salaries specially series of sitting here watching cultural day and just you know got a drink in hand and grab a couple of chips and each time, and it's just like. They're impossible to put down. They have the perfect consider they had the great salt. and. Then they had the perfect crunch in the way like so much of the culinary experience for me is. Texture yes and like the consistency and that's one reason that the car will cash. You is so evil for me that that like gnarly chuminess of those milk duds in there. Is impossible for me to say no and. So Archer farms target Carmel cash you I love you baby but I got to eliminate you from my life. So Elissa laying jumped in and she said Buffalo Chicken dip effect is if that's considered a snack, your snack is definitely a tailgate. Absolutely that's a snack and I. can see why Lisa feels that way I'm surprised for her it's not those donut hole things that the center of the Dona because Eliza is is nationally known renowned for her expertise on the Dona. She's scoring the market on donuts. She aint big as a minute I don't believe her. She AIDS him I. Don't believe you Elissa Lang I don't think you eat those donuts. She's she's a tiny little I can't. Believe. We had a lot of cheese. It's One person tweeted a photo of this and I I'm confused with this. What is a bag of bugles put on the plate, but then they took cheese whiz. Can and the bugles with the cheese oh MA. That's what I give. The dog I give the dog. This thing called a calling. There's something called a long this rubber. It looks like a rubber Cornucopia. And you fill it with doggy cheese or peanut butter or whatever, and the dog eats it out of that cone thing. The the other, the other snack I would go with. Luckily I have a hard time finding it but ruffles has a Jalapeno ranch chip holy smokes. And it is. It is good. But what what other snacks do you go for win You're like I'm not Marty's not being healthy watching some sporting event. So normally that only happens when I obtain a substantial bows. Once, you get that buzz your guard is down right your your willpower is shot. And so I don't know man I will tell you one thing this is not a snag it's it's a meal, but I don't eat red meat not my thing. Haven't for years of my life basically. But if I'm at a tailgate or I'm somebody's home gate or. And every fourth of July like clockwork out there's nothing like a grilled Burger. Like fresh Grill Burger I can't say, no wants to buzz kicks in. Just, had one the other day and it is so unbelievably delicious. But Gosh do I pay for it later in a big way when you're is not used to read me and you put that shock on. Lookout We break go back to sleep sadie at us. Woke up whistled Brett. Griffin tweeted michelob ultra. We had somebody else. So trying to find the tweet and he said the fear cal. I am so I could. You know that line in National Lampoon's Christmas vacation. When Chevy Chase is I would have been more shocked if. Wouldn't have been as shocked if a woke up with my head. So under the carpet. I would have been less shocked than if Brit Griffin. I might have just missed that whole thing I don't know anyway I've never seen the movie site can't correct you what Wait what? I've. You've never seen Christmas vacation. You've never seen cousin Eddy. Travis Lee rock hold. We have to do better that you had. Now you have two pieces of homework. Number One, give me this chanticleer Shana Lear speaking of that homework. We'll get back to the other movie a second. What's I? Certainly wants I found the website so medium. Anita any sean to clear chandelier t shirt and you have to go watch national Lampoon's Christmas vacation. I've ever seen it I am. I don't get shocked anymore in this crazy world nothing shocks me that I am color me shocked. That must change. We have to do better. I failed you as a friend and as a brother, you must go fix that I'll try to alternative fix citizens possible speaking of alcohol what kind of call this segment to ask Marty segment from James Burchett. tweeted longtime listener first-time taking advice mixed the Jack Daniels with Dr Pepper tonight life changing. Do you have an user? Do you have any other life changing advice for me? Well told you in and so this is funny to me. This makes me laugh so. Some of you guys know I have a twenty not twenty. I'm going to call it a fifteen year relationship with Jack Daniels. All right. It's not paid endorsements. It's not anything other than. My? Overwhelming appreciation for the brand. The product, what stands for what it is. and. You know any of you who've read my book know about day and call my great. Who Sold His distillery to Jack Daniel? So it's been in my family, my whole life in my. Family's families, families, families, whole life. So it's very genuine. Now. With, Travis and I went off on a tangent back during the during the summertime about my Buddy Greg leers sending me those. Seltzer there's in a can. the pre-mixed siltser. Greg. Sent Travis and me a gift sent us. You know like a Jack and coke. Little arrangement thing that was in a box it was jack and it was a coke and whatever else. Because I've said time and again it's my favourite taste in the world is Jack Daniel's and Coca Cola. Well. Last week on a podcast I told Travis. That, he had to try fireball and. Dr Pepper because Travis City lows docker I wasn't I said like Dr. Pepper. Crown. Royal which was the the hook. Okay. So I said you gotta try fireball in area in Dr Pepper well, guess what happens on Monday morning? Travis currier buddy. His little deliveryman shows up at the front door with a box from Greg and Travis thinks it's his buddy Gregg back in Columbus I, get a knock on my door and I can tell that it's A gift of some kind. Assuming alcohol and he says it's a gift from Greg and I only know one Greg I got a buddy that I grew up with lives in. Columbus. I'm like what the is great to meet stuff for and so my right but then I open it up and there's a note. And it says. From Your Greg. And it says try this JD fire with Dr Pepper. For the record out in receive. When when Greg when Greg let me know that he sent Travis. That little. That little gift I. let him know. Hey. Hey. Over here in Charlotte, I'm totally kidding I don't need a thing from Greg Leers and Jack Daniels they have been so great to me. For years and years, and but. I'm going to get it now. I've actually full disclosure. I am going to. Go. Out to the ABC store and I'm going to buy some Jack Fire. And I'm GonNa because you talk about great fall drinks there is. It is one of the best during series to have that cinnamon. In that Dr Pepper even dude, even Jack Fire on ice around the fire is the business dude it is the business you nailed it is it is the perfect fall young rink and Coordinate Mason Jar and. I have to admit the bottle is gone. It's been consumed. Because it was money. Yeah. It's money and I. Love. So so it's funny how so they sent me Jack Apple Greg sent me Jack Apple back. I think it was like right at the beginning of the pandemic. and. So we're entering the summertime and just have Jack, apple on ice. Throughout like a lot of the summer if we were, you know out as a family on the lake tooling around on a boat or whatever, and you got your cooler I would have Jack Apple on ice because it was so perfect like it was that sweet cold. Perfect. Perfect summertime experience, and now that made me think when he sent you that gift I'm like dude. I gotta get that from a fire building the fire every night. Laney and are having a happy hour basically every night we turn on. A photo from almost every night of us this? Amazing. By the way, I want I want to bring this up too quickly before we before we get out of here. I got so much response from Nashville about the Ray Fuller. Conversation. I heard from his Co. riders. I heard from his management. I heard like, Ray. Won't shut up about how much it means to hand the we had in Mon.. We had him on and Y'all loved it because it is a beautiful story. Of A guy that had a dream. And I. Loved what he said he he has gotten to live to dreams. He got to be a part of the Georgia bulldogs football program. He also got to go write songs for living in Nashville Tennessee, and now he's getting the Sangam. I have that song on replay Bro. I can't tell you how many of my friends have written me. They downloaded that they don't just stream it. They downloaded so that it's on their phone. And they can listen to it. Over and over and over again, it's a beautiful song but re written by by some amazing guys, Jordan. Walker whom I heard from been hazlet who I heard from, and of course you guys heard Ray discussing how would he heard that song? He could not. Say Luke Bryan had on hold and Ray sitting there going oh my gosh. I hope he doesn't cut disown police don't cut the song in the Luke. Let it go ray grabbed in here we are and I'm telling Y'all I expect I don't know. Crap from crap about country music but I know more than most people. Just because I have so many friends in that industry. Here's what I expect for that so I expect it to be a Justin Moore Esq slow Bar Justin Moore has nine number, one songs. Now you talk about slow Burns Justin will have a song on the charts for thirty five weeks before it goes number one just like a damn craft Potman you just put the thing on and yes, let it slow ago and Travis that was a really good analogy look at you. You died a bully. Proud of you I was real disappointed in you earlier that you haven't seen Christmas vacation but you just really back in so but that's what I expect for right now really go number one I don't know because it's so political y'all can't imagine the politics in February soames as bobby bones said the businesses very political. Bobbie told us that last weekend on the show or last week what I was what I was What tickled me the most because we ask for people to leave reviews for us and what it means to us but I was on Youtube. Listen to it I went to I saw on the comments section and one of them said that They heard on Mars us America, and that broadens the Youtube listen to the saw and for that display that that felt really special it is special and. The reason that means so much to me is not has nothing to do with me. It has everything to Ray. It's all about rate. That's it's all about ray and someone who I consider to be a friend who has inspired my life because even though I'm leaving by Luke combs is a song that has carried me through. It's a song that when I was having insecure moments, snatched me up and carried me through. And so ellery culture, and then when I found out, I found out through a great stringfellow Louis Bourgeois and Cal Smith and Jeff Springer Ma boys who are Lsu in Alabama's equipment gas. I learned about Rabi and Georgia staff from them. I never knew that I knew about radar songwriter before I ever knew he was with coach rix program. So pretty awesome and I'm thrilled for him and I'm proud of him I. Hope if we even offer the smallest little bit of assistance in his career. That's awesome. The fact that we had one person listening wasn't a song one person that means more than anything to me. No question me too. Okay Those an amazing podcast for all you guys who are submitting ask Marty questions please continue were so grateful I want to go back quickly before we let you go. To My man who asked if there's any other life advice, I can give him. I'm just GONNA. Take this moment to. Say this. Bobby Bones said something to me last week that meant a lot to me. And that is that our moment. With Jack, Patterson? After the Bama Lsu game last year moved him. And prompted him to try hard to consider other people's viewpoints and feelings in a little different way. That kind of reestablished something for a when Bobby said that to me and I think the reason that it reestablished it for me was. So many of my friends mentioned it to me I didn't realize. So many of my friends listen to this podcast. But thank you to all you guys who do. And it just reminds me that kindness effort and passion. I've made a life on those three things and I have not been kind always I have lost my passion at times. I always pride myself on trying to give full effort. No matter what and I can't recall a time when I didn't but there may be but I will tell you this hearing that impact in being reminded of what that meant to so many people. Because Jack is such a beautiful light. Reminded me effort passion. Let's be nice to one another. Let's give everything we got to everything we do in. Let's do it with an on deniable positive energy because this world needs that. And we control it. In a world of so many uncontrollables we own that. So let's try to do that I am every day. Thank you guys so much Thanks the Teddy my Gosh I love laughing and he got me tickled today. Dr Great Job getting him brother. Thanks so much to all you guys for listening. Please subscribe rate and review. Please do that means so much to. The overall product and ESPN's podcast platforms it matters. So if you guys will take just a second, do that. Thank you. Thanks so much to our law enforcement officials working hard to keep our community safe. Thank you to our fire and rescue teams, first responders and the United. States military. Thank you for your sacrifice in in. Ensuring that we live in the greatest nation we are free guys in that is such a blessing. Everybody have an amazing week. Stay safe. Please wearing masks. This is Marty Smith's America. We'll try better next time. Thank y'all for being loyal bigoted.

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Drunken Confessions  Episode 68


49:48 min | 7 months ago

Drunken Confessions Episode 68

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT. visit www dot podcast, troy dot com before information. Welcome to another episode of Drunken Confession a show for the bold and the brave the drunken the scenes. Where you tell stories, your best friends already know you me now Maui your family to ever hear but always makes for great conversations raise last or more. We don't judge every week for drunken confession. Everyone, welcome to drugs confessions since seventy one. Now I. Like the most. Unenthusiastic Like. I could. Do. WHOA. I your spirit getting yes. Wait wait. Wait. Do. I know. You. Know, you can't meet me. That's the bonus. So. That Steve enabler than we have steph our head engineer Helu. We have a Jeremy over there next to our love knee host eighty Ormeau. As welcome to you at the seventy one. This week, we are waiting to be talking about what chaff dead and why are you really think she needs to be wrapped in Bal rap for now on. Talk about all in your favorite hall Drake's, and then we're GonNa get to the Halloween stuff because definitely and I love Halloween. It borders on obsessive. Okay. So bubble bubble wrap makes so much more sense to me like earlier when you said, why cast needs to be in a bubble. I was like I thought you were talking about the whole Cova, but like you need like whatever thing but bubble wrap I wholeheartedly agree. So yeah, we yeah. Searches, mobile. Yeah, put it on one of those giant hamster balls. That'd be amazing. Boy Yeah. So, before we get started I, like everybody to raise their drinks for GONNA toasts to Wednesday night. And you might see people I know there's some new jobs out there that you guys are. Looking out new. Tattoos, new. Potential homes. So just you guys fears. Breaking halfway through your chairs. That was really really. That's going to happen You've never been the not rude person. So. Wow. Already, then just keeping it real. By more than my motorcycle. streaking what really hurts you? Let's talk about that cast what the Hell did you do to yourself now Well a couple weeks ago it was really really beautiful I. Also, my husband the night to say it's right for psych out to Irish hills back. So he wrote onto Irish hills in this roadside barbecue joint there. That's awesome. Ribs eight down everything was great were driving back. We stopped in house Selene for gaps. And we're getting ready to pull out of the gas station in the hurry was stopped short. So I hit my brakes and my heel of my boot caught. On the paid. So I could get my foot down in time when I when I hit the brakes I dumped and so it wouldn't have been too bad 'cause I tried to stand up. But What happened was my one foot got caught under the bike. By right foot got caught on the bike. Happened was. Look at clot under that's. Your shifts. So my who'll lake twisted? So Might I'm not breaking anything, but the doctors do believe I tour meniscus. In my left knee and I have to wait till the slowing goes down before it can emory and it's been over a week by week and half. Shouldn't you see a doctor lasted more than four hours before the swelling goes down isn't that how that goes? Back. So. That's what happened with. So When you're all heals, everything are you gonNA get Rebecca that motorcycle Wall Stephanie and I hung out the night that you best debt. And we sat talk about what? Did she work because you actually rode your bike all the way home yeah. I don't know like I mean I'm pretty good at handling pain but I. You know I've never done anything quite like that too my leg. So I could just imagine you know having to do that to right all the way back when you're in that much pain and you've got swelling going on UH endorphins or a hell of a drug, right? Yeah. I'm a baby I would have been go back and get the car. I. Remember I mean just from just from like my hockey days there was one time when I got there was for me I got wrapped up into something and got hit on the arm with somebody's stick. And didn't even realize how bad it was until after the fight and everything was over and I take my gloves off and I realized that like this like from my wrist is like an inch over and I'm like Oh that's. Bad I. that's incorrect. That's wrong. One guy took a took a slap shot off the side of his skate and the Docs advice was basically do not take that booed off until you get to the hospital because. Like it's it's broken and there's nothing you. There's nothing you can do about it, but you know just leave the boot on until you get you get to the er off. When you did that day? Did you finish the game? I know I wasn't allowed to soon as I noticed that they were like, yeah. No, you're yeah. No, you're you're. Always, that's why hockey is like my favorite sport is because they are the toughest athletes in my I. I did go through to I did go through to help because I always played goalie. and. So I went through and this probably explains a lot for you guys I took a slapshot off the helmet at the end of the first period that shattered that broke my helmet. So they had the I had to get my spare helmet took a slapshot off the helmet and the second period broke my spare helmet they had to go to the pro. And buy me another. Explain What? Damage. Nah. I'm going to be nice and just not say. No the the one I did the one I did play through. I was I got talked by Johnny. Morton who used to be the trainer for the Red Wings in to throw in my gear on and soon up and letting Do you remember Uva crew? Now used to play for the wings. Brute of a guy had a hell of a slapshot and he was coming back from injury and I happen to live right at the time I lived right near the trae ice arena where they used to do a lot of their practices and stuff and I, took a slapshot there's there's a there's a huge difference between like college lab shots and NHL Slab shots dam sure between like beer league slapshots, and so this Amer effor hit me with a shot like right at the spot where like your arm pat like right right at the joint. Between the armed head and the chest and like I didn't even realize how bad it was until like an hour later we were done and I'm taking all my gear off man it looked like I got hit with like beanbag rounds like my. Like from from my elbow like all the way over into my chest was just like black and blue and I was like Oh that's. That's GONNA suck. You still play hockey Know like I still when I have time. Like there's a pickup league that I get to probably like once every two weeks now they tried to get out more but I mean I just I usually have so much crap going on I I would love to get back to where I was doing it like two or three times a week just because it is such a great focus for me but no I list but I love getting out there and play. It is the like that to me especially playing goalie. You can't worry about what's going on at work. You can't worry about what's going on at home. You can't worry about anything other than yeah and so it's it's the it's a perfect really reforming. So, is there anything anybody on here? Has that your finally, like we're getting older and I'm just I'm just too old for chicks. I'm not dealing with that. Anymore. I'M NOT GONNA put myself through that. Other people her. People I'm a lot less tolerant of people saying besides people. One is one of buying was carnival rights. When I was younger and everything I love can't wait a minute. You don't have faith in traveling meth addicts that take everything apart and put it all back together with a with an Allen wrench thirty, six times a year that bothers you. Got Older and realized how unsafe Shit is, and then I got wanted really was convinced I was going to die and that is one thing I was like, no, I'm too old for this shit. And I never been heard and that's one of the worst things about having kids is like you desperately desperately WanNa have that conversation with them like kids. Here's why you do not want to go on these rights but. A they wouldn't listen to me anyway. You can find Tiktok or you to like everything has popular that they're watching all the time until you search carnival rides. Carney's small hands smell like cabbage. Everything. On the Internet is true to these this younger. No. I don't even have to be appear to know this. Right. Although I was. Raised in my daughter's thirteen and and I'm so of her she like. She came down she was like Dad I just want to let you know I totally blocked and cut this other little girl out today Like this little drama Queen, she's the one that was always like, oh, my like she would like like screen shots of like some stupid little self harm AP. Oh. My God I even unharmed myself in ten seconds minute in And it was just a total drama queen like Daddy I just decided I couldn't deal with it anymore So I I just I asked her on everything I cut her out completely and La candidly like this is one of the reasons why I love this is like the one positive of school being virtual is if she doesn't want to deal with these people she. Doesn't have to like she doesn't have about seeing. She has to worry about dealing with them So it's it's a purely optional basis and and like kind of like she was talking to me about it last night and she was kind of struggling with it, and then like today she was a guy and everything and I'm done with her and like good for you though. Awesome. Need that of stress. Nobel. Honestly I don't I. Don't see myself getting to look for things for a while I mean I admit it does hurt. Yeah. I'm still I'm still all shades of Yellow Green purple from what I did but But. It's not gonNA. Stop me from from doing things like riding motorcycles or something like that although you know my family and my boss keeps saying, you need to get a best book. She's like stuck on this thing where I needed us but I want. I've been wanting one forever. I don't want a real motorcycle I just to invest. Just. Best was an umbrella over it. On as she nice I need a little. VESPA. Will appear. Assault. Pair of all. Time, for talking fashion? Why not? What you something we hear on the podcast never guess about to you. Something that you like, wow that you absolutely disliked if you're like I always over share with you people so. Pretty I mean. Yeah. Is the hard one? Something, you would never know about me. We would never guess about you. Yeah gas about me. And trump around you guys. Don't leave thing that I can think of for myself and I. But I I think I've shared it with some of you guys like I. AM A. trained. Dancer. I did that for like ten years and a lot of people don't know that about me but I. said. Yes I think that there's some new information that you gave me not that long ago. Really. Yeah. It's something that most people don't know because I don't really talk about it and so when people ask me this question, it's like my fall-back answer because I'm like nobody knows this right That would be the only thing really that I think. Oh Dame humor. I but I think but then I was. Like. Totally, dumb random thing. I'm in the PELICAN brief for like one point eight seconds at the beginning of the movie like that's. Oh Because they were filming the opening in and around the building that I worked in when I was living in DC at the time. I. Think. School incidents. August settled the one thing. I, don't think I've ever shared with you guys does it's really not important anymore but. I was accepted to art school. Kendall. Aren't school and Grit Ref is that the one that you have to draw the little parrot and the turtle? No no no. It's a huge university for our It was a an achievement of mine that I got into that actually Jeremy I took a trip a few years ago to grand rapids. I purposely went to Kendall to see what I missed out on. That's pretty cool. That's awesome. The past not taken, right? While if they would've went there never jeremy. God. No. Getting. I'm kidding I'm kidding. He deserves. Picking on me the last couple of shows. So you know what? Right. What about you? Jeremy. On. Guys I grew up trick shooting with bows and guns and stuff. I knew that I knew that you grew. I mean, I think I, knew that. I like you were shooting prostitutes or her. Can, take a bow shoot a BB size target. School. Oh my God I. Okay. Can I can I take mine back? Here. Because this is one that I am pretty sure I've never told you guys in that. No one knows me now whatever believe. I used to be a competitive bicyclist like I used to do like one hundred mile rides And that kind of stuff I think you're lying. I actually do. We know. Otherwise of Shenanigans if there was a far with a shipton alcohol at the end of the one, hundred miles. He can get alcohol. Now then I believe. Any here's so here's the Tien that makes that makes this understandable. So you guys have been around enough like this whole side of my face is scar tissue as well as like this little thing above my lip and some other stuff that all comes from. A drunk driver basically blew through the barricades came out right in front of me during one of these hundred mile rides and and I went flying over his car. So. Yeah. That's crazy. I had a candidate by guy, had it all trick I was that guy that had biker shorts and like but if I like the shirt with the pockets on the back that actually had like a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in it because I would like studying. biker shorts I kind of lost my mind. I can't even imagine you wear see. So so there we go. So that's. That's why I decided to share that. I feel like this one is better than the Pelican brief story I feel like this is better than. I might somewhere you're missing your mission is to. That is a must. See. Cast what is yours that we've never guess. I used to be very quiet quiet. mousy. Like insecure. Wednesday should. If I had a mouthful kind of person, I wouldn't stand up for myself. I was very. Just, so insecure, it was funny. But. This was like really bad. Over that real. People were shot. When I when I left my last when I left my first husband. They were they were shot. They were like I can't believe you actually had the balls to leave him the all the all new why I left him because the way he treated me but they were shocked that actually up the gumption that you did it because I was so mousy and just like so insecure and everything. But yeah, those were the days. So I've I've come into my own son. Literally so That's that's the only thing I can imagine I mean I was GonNa say I'm also highly competitive. I don't know if you guys know that we all know that. Yeah. And the best friend will just sit here silently. Very Go. All right. So now. Let's Nang so Since, WE'RE DRINKING And it's fall I want to know what is your favorite faltering because? I always come back to the same old same. Which share me started to make, and then we ran out of ingredients though but it's the Cappuccino and lease. I love a Cappuccino Bailey sitting out in the cold leg. Now, regular, Bailey's or one of the flavored Bailey's 'cause like my new addiction is the. The. Vanilla. Cinnamon. Bailey's is the shit in coffee. It is absolutely amazing in Black Yup. Jeremy like coffee. He likes the Vanilla Cappuccino I hate coffee coffee to me is a delivery mechanism for caffeine and creamer. That's so yeah coffee. No but I don't know. But I don't like the taste of coffee I like creamer and I like caffeine. But like black coffee bad. Yeah. I'd rather have my coffee black coffee him drink I'll drink red bull like. My streep, let coffee every morning me to. y'All. However I can deal with black coffee with the baileys I do like that. So besides that, I need to be followed rates so when you guys got that You like chee-hwa. For yourself on a fall day so I have my new wave and it's So was the kids went to an apple thing orchard I had a momentary brain cramp leave me alone Joe Orchard and they brought me home It's the helmet thing. They brought me home two gallons of CIDER to play with down the bar and so my new might. So my Go-to fave is so standard glass ice a shot of the salted Caramel Whiskey a half shot of either Jack Fire fireball depending on what you have on hand I prefer Jack Fire Now and then top that off with apple. CIDER. Is a is a good it's a very very. And it doesn't taste like anything and a sneak up on you. Wow, that's mildly racist. I there is no Pearl Harbor reference. There was no Kato reference there was no. I'm just sharing Dave's kids kids going up to buy it and they're like. Apple CIDER would you like and they're like well, what kind is mixes the best with liquor ads for make Dat. The. Honestly. It would not have surprised me in the least. That's what my daughter actually said it would not. Because literally she brought her home and she was like Dad, these two gallons are for you. I'M GONNA. Bring. These downstairs for you to play with at the bar. I okay. Yeah like for me if I'm making like a specialty like fall winter drink, it'll be. Either like hot apple CIDER and like whiskey like usually like something like Bourbon a decent whiskey not like a crappy one. But I, like it warm and then I put like cinnamon in. Really, good or? I like to do like where you get like the red wine you warm it and you put the Nixon the. Gluhwein. Line Mamo. Mulled wine or Gluhwein. Yeah. I like doing that like usually hot drinks I hot alcoholic drinks if it's like a specialty like fall slash winter but otherwise, I, just keep drinking wine. So. Why change what works? Right? The wine is delicious. And casts. if it's like in the evening, I liked to do had chocolate with some peppermint SCHNAPPS. Oh, anti read on but I was going to say to me that sounds like a certain interrupt that sounds like a Christmas drink. Of. Oh, I don't know. About all. Along I drink hot chocolate and I love exit. He's got they cold. It gets cold cast like, yes chocolate. Elephant chocolate I'm always doing agile in winter. But when I have parties I always make a big bet mulled wine. Should so good yes. I. Make a good. Good. mind. that. Was it for you and Jeremy. Well, unless the Jeremy can think of anything else for beers alike over fess from Sam Adams. Oh that's given. While You switch types of beer you drink. Well it'd be happy. No seasonal beer There's a lot of really good pumpkin beer fall flavored beer and I know people are GonNa Pumpkin flavored anything apparently I would I would like to challenge the phrase really good pumpkin beer. I fear though and I. Appreciate Beer and I've had several very good pumpkin beers so. Pumpkin drinks I saw this on facebook that I can relate to launch and it was like, I'm a horrible girl. I hear all this Pumpkin spice shed? And I was like, yes, like everybody gets so excited about pumpkin spice and all the players and the coffee's not. I've seen for fall. Yeah I don't care like that's not my Goku on. Its Han Solo season it's all the girls started dressing like Han Solo and they all gather and grabs. Yeah. Players Yeah that was my daughter's today they come. We went and got matching tattoos. And both my daughters show up leggings. T shirts flannel shirts over top of them. I was cracking up in my one dollars like, yeah we're basic bitches were okay with that. Reason they weren't wearing boots is because they had to wear short socks to get the because we all wrinkle. Yes. The only reason they weren't wearing boots and it was like seventy three degrees today it was but the. In Fall, mode I guess. Well. It's currently on its way down to fifty tonight. So yeah. So. Yeah. So we all got the matching research on our English today. And it's so funny because everyone's like Ok why would you guys get this soon? DOES JUST COCKATOOS ON ARE ANKLE But the thing is by made naming sprucer. So that's why we did it both this part of the reason. And also because. We're cockpit also because Cox. Let's let don't put on airs real. We weren't. We went on air cast already like draft all the Cocteau David I lake. Suck my Dick Purple Cock and. I look at Dave I. said You know we have this for the rest life and I'm like, who are you Thanos Lakewood where like where where's this coming? Actually criminal. What do you miss? Now. It's not very big purple. But as a purple. Kok. Congratulations Yeah and then. Then amy is the What would you do without me? Bet Your Drunken Confession, just kidding Oh. Okay. Would you rather train someone intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence? The would you rather be the most beautiful person? dumbest. Or? The SMARTEST PERSON IN THE LIST Ideally. That's a really loaded question because like. So if we are just as we are right now, like just the way we looking and at our intelligence like say, I want to trade some looks for some intelligence. Why does it have to be your ugly like the most intelligent? Like can't like I was gonna say because let's let's be real like I've got a lot more intelligence to give than I do looks. So I mean if I if I if I can swing the pendulum that way a little bit. I'm okay. But if it's all or nothing now I'm Gonna I'M GONNA, hold? The smart ones in the room. I would go with intelligence overlooks because I mean you can get plastic surgery to fix. You know if you're uncomfortable with the way that you look, you can always get it fixed but your brain and your intelligence I mean not. You can't buy that. So but I know some stupid people who are pretty stupid and the Olympic is life. The only good thing about being pretty stupid I think would be that like just. Being blissfully unaware. Ignorance is. Bliss Yeah. Dude. We were just talking about this on our show the other night. Do you realize that black? China. Whoever that is, apparently she was a rapper at one point something Yeah. She makes twenty million dollars. A month from only fans from only fans. Twenty, million a month. Reputation I would be on only fans honestly Vietnam, banking I can't tell you how many accounts I see. With people paying out money to go. Yeah. I mean if if if you're. I mean, you can people do all kinds of stuff on there. It's not just you know look there's one check that makes a shit ton of money and she basically just acts like a dog decribes seeing that yeah. She eats dog food. She s making bank like she's not even getting naked. I mean. So you have to find that. Niche. I mean people can make money on their. You don't necessarily have to be new, which brings us to this international kink month. It is. which is theory of why he breaking out in hives. I feel like vanilla amy is having an adverse reaction because this started this week. and. This. It started Sunday tic- side I feel like. It's just mysteriously disappeared thing. Never told us, looks her brains. Out Greens. Jeremy. Looks. You Still Bain. Be Lot less stressful. And I. Think there is something to that but then again now that I've. You know I've been reasonably intelligent person my whole life I would rather have that. Did you guys catch Saturday night live at all? Yes. Do Chris Rock had the best line in the opening listening to Donald Trump. Tell you don't be afraid of Covid is like your handsome friend giving you dating advice like Oh, man you know just just walk over and smack around the ass and say, Hey, baby he's like, yeah, that might work for you address but. I'm. Glad brought that up not not line. We were not going to talk about this, but this is something that I found out today that I thought was freaking hilarious. To fix with Saturday night live. Is You know everybody that was in the live studio audience got paid. REALLY BE THERE A. Paid and they were there Kobe tests were paid for and and they were. Yeah. However. The only reason why they were eat it's not because those people were like we're not coming because until all monster, you pay us, it's The New York law that they have to be in that building had to be listed as an employee. They had to be a ten, ninety, nine Yep Yep. So they got one hundred and fifty dollar check which they did not know that they were going to get itself. We're walking out and they were handed their hundred and fifty dollars check for being part challenge. They actually they they literally had to be an extra for the night yep. So like technically technically speaking they all get an IMDB credit as appearing on Saturday night live. Sweet I thought that was funny. Because you brought up the other thing that have anything to do with Saturday night live ahead something to do with what you just about trump. So Wendy Williams. When on yesterday and talking about that quote? What was that called again days? Don't be afraid to Cova. But she said don't be afraid. Of Us. Novid. Not. She couldn't and she said it twice she'd mispronounce Kovic Weiss. Okay Canot the order to say oh. Yes. So I mean that's that's an extra syllable. She was trying to say knowable but then she makes Kogan in it. Was So weird. So I was to these video clips of her saying that she's like going off on trump, but she's seeing it raw. which made it even funnier and I'm like. How many drives lady take? Before she goes on in you are no better though I mean she's got she's got. She's got a lot of room to hide them in those big giant fake Tan she's got so. She's gotten everything done from her the top of her head to the bottom of her literally said look if you don't know if you didn't like it. So I knew I knew Wendy Williams back like when she was a DJ like way back when like she was a skinny little flat girl and she went from that to like basketball's honor her chest. So yeah, and you see that booty. And I'm not judging like, Hey, do you and she's happy with herself and more power tour like that was. Your looks whatsoever. However, I can't see the woman every other night clubs out of her mouth I'm just like. She's she's about a shallow as a puddle. Yeah. I can yes that was hilarious when I heard that on the news is morning to well find the news, the radio stations I was to. Watch the news. Dishes. Depress. are going to talk about Halloween now or what yet girl? So south until we ends our favorite holiday what have you done so far? October seven have you done anything to get started for Halloween I've been watching horror movies do that all the time I feel like you do that. The. Easter Sunday and yet you still have not recorded another episode of fifteen minutes of May I'm just saying may list just keeps getting longer because I keep making notes on every every movie that I watched and I know I need to record more especially for October well, we'll figure that one out. I. So okay. Yes. I've watched horror movies. I have a trip planned for the eighteenth with a couple of my friends to go to. An Orchard. Like a pumpkin place, we don't know where you anabel thing an apple thing. Really. But I want us all. We should all go to like Apple Charlie's. It's not that far I'm and. They have like, Hey, rides and stuff and lake site. Now. I attacked that place and I'll tell you off air wide but I don't. Any other place. Okay. Go to the bucks. A lot of places we should plan Honda places. Go there. Okay. I'll. So i. have failed my Halloween tradition. because. I wanted to start honestly I wanted to start decorating mid-september. Just waiting for. It is now October seven. I have no Halloween. I have a couple of reasons of I have my skeleton up in the living room. I don't have my outside decorations up. So that is what I'm doing on. Saturday this is going to be ducked out Halloween style. Because we all know it's holiday. Yeah I. Don't do outdoor decorations only because I don't do anything I don't. It's just too much work for me I I try to keep it simple and my house is kind of Halloween e all year round I really do want to get a Halloween tree though and I have one. On My. wishlist on Amazon out and one thing. Hell Week you have an Amazon wishlist. How have I never heard about this before out it's To like I save stuff that like I wanna come back and buy later like when I have money. So. You know I have listened has some books on it like a couple of items of clothing like things I, don't know see. Okay. So here's the thing. So sharing that is like the baby steps to an only fans like like that's the like sharing out your Amazon wishlist and having things by. Having people buy stuff off that for you like that's the that's the half step. That's that's the not quite there yet. Right and you know there are people that lake will jokingly go. Oh, it's my birthday. Here's my Amazon wish-lists. Joking and like you're not, they're not joked no, they're they're absolutely not joking, yeah. Somebody will buy you something for your wait. Is this a bad thing because hold on I have a question now now I'm getting. My family, we have my entire family. We have Amazon wish-lists however there. That we share for Christmas presents and birthday, it makes it easier than waiting on everybody. Tell you what they want Ono I do I do the same thing with my kids my my kids go through and build their yeah no, no, no, no, no no no. No I was. I was speaking only two like it I. don't care if people do it but they say that they're doing it jokingly and I'm like, no, you're. Get. Public. Yeah they posted on facebook. It's like, oh, my birthday is coming up here if you. WanNa buy me something t he and then they post it like the link to it and I'm like. I don't care that you're posting it but like don't act like, no, you're not kidding like you want somebody to buy you a present because if I post mine, I'm going to be like, Hey, guys, my birthday is coming up. If you WANNA buy me a present. Here's my Limi- some ships. Question is like boys class. By. You have this list than Mike's going to publish. was. All those very houses for my favorite yard next year. Pizza Jewett and I've done it for other people like if you know sometimes I, if I have extra money and finding, you was the same for their birthday or Christmas or something and I know like that person's. Having a tough time or be you know our lookie lonely or something like Oh, I'll do it because I think it's a nice thing to do to surprise somebody like that and really by sharing that allows you to do it. So it's not a bad thing to share it I just don't like it when people pretend like it's just a joke don't Wa people to buy shit. I'm like dude, just own up to it. You want people to buy presents everybody wants presents I get it. Okay I do want you not to cut you. Asa. ask the final question of the reason I wanted to talk about elite is real talk. It's me and Steffi's favorite holiday. I look forward to not only decorating to pass out a bunch Guinea Tube. It brings me joy to see all the kids dress up. Make him happy because I mean honestly it's a couple of pieces of candy is what's taking their year lake awesome. So, are you guys Dave you have younger kids and? For you are you going to let your kids at triggers? If they wanted to I would. But candidly, like they're both passed it like last year I, think well and keep in mind last year it frigging snowed on Halloween. Worse and And so. They were a they were already over it and so and then be they went like four houses and we're like. Dad Screw this we have all the candy that you bought it home. Can we just go home like? A. Win Win. Yeah I think that's the thing especially with this year just because I mean everything's kind of you know with Kobe everything. I. If I had kids I, don't I. I don't know if I would feel comfortable letting them trick or treat even like people leaving like bowls of candy out and like not interacting with them, you still have a bunch of. A bunch of kids little little snot goblins like put in their hands, crap. Yeah. So I this year like people should just you know know if they can have little parties at home and just by. Candy and hide it on the house. Absolutely. Yeah. Make it fun but he could keep it. Cheers to you for having the same on the same page. I don't even have kids but I thought about it because you know I think Halloween's really special and it's really fun. I don't WanNa let down the kids. So I'm trying to figure out a safe way to can be out there. That they feel safe for the few I. Don't think we're going to get as many or. Jeremy I'M GONNA I'm about to give you homework. I'm about to give you a project that I'm sorry. So what you do is you take like so you guys have like that front steps and all that Kinda stuff. So here's what you do. Get no get some PVC pipe. And and and go ahead and but here's the thing you have to. So the problem with every one of those that I've seen is they all have like the corner and debt. Okay and that's cool. But if you're the cool person that hands that gives out like the full size candy bars, they making that damn corner like that ain't GonNa Happen. So if but if you're giving out crap candy that'll work fine for you but no. So you need to make sure that just goes straight down and just and just let it go. And make it make that thing. I think about having him do that like you just need pvc pipe we have the perfect railing down the porch. They can see about air eye candy outlook gloves on. Like. So make sure that I don't know I took him on BBC. Why not just make like a potato shooter into should candy at him. Like as you're coming by helpful because we're we're we're trying to avoid liability issues cast. Loss. Mind, sounds like a lot more fun does. So cast I. Even like skipped you on that whole topic. But I, know you've never al-Qaeda. You never go trick or treating you like you close up your house and you watch or maybe on Halloween or you come over my house once in a while when my kids were little, I loved it. Yeah. I know also now. We'd go over there after my kids grow up we go over there. Now Kids are all grown grandkids. Go to my husband's neighborhood exceed live in a small neighborhood that has size candy bars. This neighborhood is a very small neighborhood Greater Matt. So we don't get trick or treaters here and your neighbors are dishes. I feel like people come there if they're looking for math but I mean. I mean when he was a province has now begs we'd speed. The best best might have seen so far is What was it white people own guide why do all the black people come to the white neighborhoods on Halloween? Black people for the same reason you come to the black neighborhoods when you're looking for drugs to get the Good Shit Game. Again, Dave's choices not represent a cheese. It was a mean on the Internet for the love of God. I just. Keep talking like I didn't. Know we're moving before Halloween so we should be closing under new house next week so. It's like. But you know what gets me about this whole Halloween thing is. They were talking at work and I guess Southie is having some kind of bomb thing neuro music center. Of Join up and I'm like. All right. So what sense does it make to put kids? In one room together right? I'm like I'm not following this. You know if read Cova. then. Why would you have them all together in one area that doesn't make any sense. I think it would be safer going door to door. And Lay washy their candy rather than. Or. If people were to pass it out bags, wearing gloves, something like that. That's one thing. But you no I again again I'm so happy I'm not appearance. With. All the shit that's going on where the world is going. Yeah. My kids are good like my my kids are like the really hard decisions you s parents people have to make now. Great. I. I feel for ya I mean, luckily. Luck No. Honestly like more than anything else like luckily a my my son who's younger listened I mean, he's ten. He'll be eleven this month and then but be my daughter who's thirteen has inherited like my critical thinking skills and so she gets it like she's she is skeptical. Sam Skeptical she she totally is, and so she's already like Nope I don't she's a I don't WanNa be around lake. She's like she's loving. She is absolutely loving that school is virtual. Love. That because like it like she like she gets, she gets the learning. She gets to do her stuff and she doesn't have to deal with the drama and the bullshit like that's because that was always the hardest part for her because she has my side but she also has the super emotional side that leads her get roped into that shit and so without that component. This school is a much better experience for her this year and we're having fun cooking. We made a giant ass like a huge pot of like peasant soup yesterday. That was destroyed within an hour because like she loved at John. Love. Everything was say I mean it was. Like we're like, this is more time for us. Eric will. All right. So we are hitting that point so I think it's time for one last drunken confession. Which I think is going to be funny. If, you were to join the circus. What would your acts be? Mu. We're starting with you. E Yep. I want to be the person. They had the little doggies tight rope. All it'd be cool. Very cool. I to be this. Woman, but I'd have to go get more tattoos I, but I wouldn't I would invest in that. You know that would be the act I would want to do is just look cool and have a bunch of tattoos. Up? I would be the clown that screws with people in the audience. Let's be clear like like. Hear me off again shooting cans here the. Oh the sharpshooter. I would want to be the ringleader. Of course you. Okay. Criminal organizations have ringleader circuses have a ringmaster. There's a different. Lead Whatever you prefer be a ring dominate. Not An amy's case. Now, it's me so I can just be like the puppet stance. Would can there be a ring sub like what? Nobody listen to me everybody I would need incentive for said, that's a given the cage. Despite all my rage still just to in Tareq those. Brings US one end cast. You have anything else you WANNA, ads you this episode. Adrift Confessions. Afraid. To at this point. In so many different. She said. Just Kinda sit back on. Okay Alright. My knobs. Whatever they're trying to kill something in my backyard. Here. Him outside my door. I told you guys about scooter. Right. KONTA Squirrel. Squirrel. Because the screens. We're wrapping up really quick. Okay. So Hey, thanks for listening to this week's episode confessions. Really clicked this. This show that I'm wearing is a handmade shawl that my friend. makes. If you can find her store on facebook, it's called spirals homemade crafts and she takes emissions. This thing is the nicest warmest most perfect thing for fall and it has. In it. So yeah. I just wanted to share that because I'm so pumped about this show. Nice. Dogs. I wrap it up. Yep. So regime glasses, I have tonight's shares it one more thing. Absolutely. We'll be back in two weeks, YEP And we're GonNa talk about all things Halloween, really getting not like. Kids and triggered trading. But rank, we're hearing movies and Scary Shit I. DO I do have my ghost story if you WANNA play. Yeah and I'll have recommendations for horror movies free. All right and I did back my Ouija boards come to the new house already. So now eighty go ahead. All right. So raise race whatever you're drinking. Here's to friends and family who was well, but love us just say. Cheers cheers. Again. Yes thanks again for joining Trophy Confessions. We Love You I.

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Drunken Confessions  Random conversation bonus track


55:59 min | 1 year ago

Drunken Confessions Random conversation bonus track

"Tonight just walk. It was bad. I- How's it going? It's going really well people. They don't have very high a really good signals or very. Good Internet. Steve I really liked about Saddam and all of a sudden just freaked out. Yeah Look Yes G. O. G. Gusting over you like that about me. I'm not with that shit though. So are we just waiting on Amy? Yup just connecting to audio. Hi Amy not working. We can't hear you. Boo Boo is trying to got here. We go good job figured it out. I'm getting better at technology. You are out to you. So how are you bored going crazy? Yeah I think we're we're all at that point. Which is why we need this. Yes so we can kind of feel like we're hanging out with people. Yeah I've been doing a lot of video chatting lately. I mean if this is the only way we can hang out. I guess it is what it is. Ma'am like on a on a pay per minute basis or are getting closer and closer to start up an only fans looked like also legit halfway up and say you have to pay you. GotTa tease them. You got to encourage the money I will. I'm drinking. I'm drinking my edgy. And you can't stop me man right. Well cheers drinking water. Welcome cheers over. You know what I do need to turn off my grandfather clock real quick before it chimes really loud. Just visit whiskey. It makes the recording sound extra special. It happened yesterday when I was video chatting with my family and it was just like long really bad to hear anything. You know ball okay like that. That's how it happens. So Chit Chat about whatever Yeah Fowler get. Do YOU WANNA random to join us. What do you mean? Who'S A random Tabacchi one of the regulars at Whiskey Jar. She's a nurse at a Royal Ball. Beaumont and she's bored and wants drinks share. I mean especially. Because she's a nurse. Sounds like she. She needs alcohol than any of us. Yeah but imagine. I'm holding off drinking until tomorrow because I'm trying to like I put on like two pounds from eating ship out. This is what I love about you. Is that the one concerned about I? Am I worked really hard to get all the way off every time gaining another pound on my God? Yeah I get a girl I free so with me being laid off and all that. Oh look there's my husband Raj I must break you. That look creepy. If he dies he dies. That is creepy creepy angle. He looks like he might murder someone. Yeah don't know scared I'll be back. It's like Isao. I don't get murdered today. I don't even know to Jeremy to even hear us out. There goes Jeremy There No. He's not hello but his his laptops aren't working. His phone's not working I'll make a make up for them. They're young think that's the Numa Numa Angle my my college. Hey we can't you look creepy and we can't hear anything you're saying. Okay Okay just wanted to let you know. No I can't hear you. Good wife sums it up pretty much. There's no my new show in. They're all is just there. Yeah well I do. I do have the bell and I do have drunken confessions ready. Nice Oh man. I'm quarantined in this House with Mike. There's only certain things I can confess to you. That's true we're not we're not in our normal safe-space also know drunken confessions for you. Guys I may have been it. Depends on what they are but I mean yeah most. Yeah I know it's been a long too isn't just weird. As every day feel like the longest day Ono. The I'm so used to getting up every morning going to work. This not working is driving that shit crazy. I love the the leading around. That's I've eaten eleven times and taking seven naps and it's still today. Yeah I'm trying to eat seven times. It's hard we'll which I was telling you is usually. I'm the same as you but lately I I'm the complete opposite. It's it's work to get myself to eat right and I don't know if that's the stress but it's like no I haven't eaten twelve hours. You have to have something small but I have absolutely no woman. Ever people deal with like -LICA- was twenty in the car that one time like if I'm like anxious banning Zaidi. I don't want to eat if I'm like stressed or depressed than all I wanna do is eat so right now. I'm like really stressed and so I just want to eat everything. I can't imagine how I have no desire to eat. But I'm keeping up the calorie count with all the alcohol and beer consuming. Sat here you go. Yeah you don't need to eat your drink. I was pretty proud of myself. I actually did not have a drink for an entire week after Saint Patrick's Day because I don't think I've been sober since Saint Patrick's Day and then I looked in with Jamie and Matt. We were testing out zoom and that went from testing out zoom to virtual bar night and I drink three quarters of a bottle of fraying enough challenge. That's it be drinking on Jamie. It's it's down to their now in eighty and eighty and club in Canada dry. Now what are you seventy by the way Dave? The alcohol that you've left at my house is almost gone. That's fine I have drank all the Tito's that you left here so you should. I left it there like it's what you do when you go to a house right behind him to his leg. The safe you look. He's got plenty of alcohol. He's I have not touched the Jack fire yet. Though but tonight might be a whole new ballgame. I'm good sorry it was his right. Hey comes and gallon. Sizes SIGNED KROGER. Order being delivered tomorrow and I have like a fifth of Tito's than late some sparkling Rousse coming in some definitely drinking tomorrow. Is it like shipped my dog. I wonder what this person's GonNa do. It's what's actually from Kruger. Because now I've been doing grocery pickup. But they didn't have me pick up time so I had to get them to deliberate. Which is stupidity whatever? I'm not going to grocery store like that's not happening so no because again. People are hot lava. Yeah everybody's hot lava. I don't know WHO's touched. What or cost on what? No I haven't even gone to pick up my own beer cigarettes because he's working. He's already out there in the public. Unlike on the way home you can. You're already exposed just stopping. Grab my beer. Girotti taking Kim even today like I was really like. I just need an excuse to get out of the house so it was like. Oh maybe I'll just put a mask guy my gloves and I'll go to the corner store and grab my own beer and I was like yeah. I don't even want to do that. I don't even want. She has it at this point. Yeah I don't think I've ever been scared of getting sick. Is I am now. Which is surreal. It's the breezy and I'm going to end up being a fat alcoholic if I depending on how long we stayed out. That's it I have had some self control because I am drinking every day however I had a role a personal role. I'm not drink until he comes home from work so I don't know man. If she was all liquid up by the time you got there might make for a better night. East of the he gets he gets home by threes. So I mean kids will Saturday Last Saturday yesterday drinking late. One o'clock 'cause I built a fort by living room and I'm like Oh my God which was absolutely awesome. Perfect was everyone is awesome. I'm looking for I'm going to put it back up. I think tomorrow 'cause I miss it already online con Auburn my laptop in there. And it'll be fun drinking wine at like one o'clock because I'm like what else do I have to do? Nothing but did you remember to add a corkscrew to your order. No God oh. I tried to add one to the order. But the the White Knight word has like Like a champagne top. It'll pop right out and then I mean that's going to be gone in like an hour and so by the time you're panels start at the online con. You'll be good in tuned. Up is what you're saying. Well I'm Kinda try not to. I think I'm going to try to start drinking. I love the I love. The big is innocent. Look that's that's that's Hilarious to me. I don't know what tomorrow's GonNa go. Improv is anything I might start drinking when I get up. You never know. But I can't because my stuff too so you don't have to be sober to yeah like a reasonable time. They're bringing you alcohol. They're not there to judge you. Oh goodness all right so I just wanted to let you guys know cast is really sick and I feel really bad for her. So she's got like a scientist thing going. She's been vertigo. That's muster up eight vertigo. Yeah all time I've had it. Twenty four seven are used to be really good money to get that feeling. Well she goes. I don't even need to drink alcohol. I just have to leave my head forward and I feel like I'm drunk. You Go. Oh my God. That's funny sorry. I'm just checking on two things at once left to check by my facebook. Look at you. Multitasking cracks me up. So we did a thing and this May Jamie laugh identifying earlier today. Remember we guys. I was bitching to you guys about the whole like. Pto thing when ahead and did it today because the principal himself errands a good guy and he reached out to music. Hey I really wanted to all right. So the principle of my kids school We did a zoom facebook live. Yeti data integrated chat earlier today. And it's probably the most engagement we've ever gotten on any video that we've ever posted ever. It's hilarious wow those jury on that but it was cute. I mean it was. It was good like he was like he was. He teared up a couple times like he genuinely misses the kids he generally it was Kinda cool. Well I told you I told you guys Through our personal group Chat Hashtag butts us. Why wasn't I invited? But like my niece's school there at leaking consolidated out if see their teachers actually did like a whole parade with them all in their cars and just long and all the kids and yelling out we miss you and all that and it made my niece's Day. She was so happy to see Oliver Teachers. Counselor Seinfeld that was super bowl. Ever doing something in my neighborhood where people are putting like bears in their windows so that like lake stuff fares so that like you can drive by or like. They're also planning like some kind of a scavenger hunt where everybody's GonNa cut like a certain like item in their window and then the parents are going to drive their kids around mom check Amasau. I'm trying to figure out. I can't really put anything in my front window because my they are in the front window constantly. But I'm trying to figure out like dogs dogs there. You go there you go. There's your scavenger Mattel till dough in the window. Oh screen for the kids to find just a little to the right just a little more tonight. Right bears perfect racer this though some Christmas lights on it you know the Christmas present notes. Persian steer possessions. A little early for the maypole. Isn't it Geely Barron? Yeager cheers cheers. I'm I'm hoping that just by watching you guys strength that I'll feel drop like vicariously. This'll work somehow osmosis Pacha. So did you guys do camera shot this in the group Cheddar. Did you guys see the story about the people that threw a party in Rouge Park yesterday? Yes I think they all got tickets five hundred dollar tickets so I had actually. I had a friend who lives in my Lynn and she knows people that had a bonfire at their home. Cops rolled up. They all got tickets dollar tickets because there was twenty people on the property. What Yeah No. They're maintaining their distance. Well here's my question because I know how like how petty and stupid the ACLU can be at certain times. And so all your. Here's your Miss You Bailey. She came to investigate. I think she heard your voice. I need a bail. Hug Me so I'm wondering if the ACLU is going to take their cases on under the the the okay well. We don't actually have a governmental order of martial law so therefore the Constitutional First Amendment Right to assembly is still in place but if the government if your local government has put a ban on like even if it's not Marshall Governors order trump the constitution. That's so that's that's that's GONNA BE THE QUESTION. I feel like they deserved to pay just for being asked all. I'm right there with you. Don't get me wrong. I'm not talking. He wanted to be part of the video to look at the light. Our our new puppy has a name by the way it is. It is bandit because he basically has like a brown mask okay. Yeah he doesn't approve. Dog is so cute. Deserves a better name than bandit. I'm just saying but now it's scooter in the bandit. It's it's Kinda Kinda. He'll eastbound a Dan Sam John. We're responsible for the naming site true icing. You let your kids name the dog. It's yeah I'm going to get some water. Don't Overdo it. Toby is trying to stretch out between the two of US here. So how are you guys holding up through all this bullshit to be honest? It's very difficult. I'm having a very hard time. Well Yeah you've got you had the double whammy of negativity going on and then you got laid off on top of that. Yeah so it was. It's been like one punch after another for me personally. I've been having a hard time dealing but I'll get through it. I'm struggling a little bit but I answered. That's why I needed a Chit Chat with you. Guys feel like my life was getting back to normal. I was I was actually. I was really really surprised. Like how the number one when I got up a gear setup down here and could actually run shows for people in that kind of stuff like that took an immense weight off my chest and then like when we did that little virtual bar night the other night dude like that did my mental health a world of good like I. I needed that more than I knew I needed that. Well you're you're like never home. You're that guy who's always out and social and like the fact that you've been stuck at home safe space and yeah. I can't imagine like I can go days without leaving my house and after a few days and like okay have to do something but you you know and my thing is I can be at home but I love having company I love hosting. Yeah I love cooking dinner for people and now I'm like no. My house is closed loon. Nobody coming over here. I'm going to show up and knock on your door. Thank you can. You can hang out on the front porch. I'll Cook Dinner. And he ended up through the door. You can eat it on the table. Business the table on the back deck. There I feel like it's for me. I get free food so the ring doorbell. I'd like cast an eye. We hang out four times a week at minimum. I haven't seen her in like six days driving me crazy. Let's say you're getting shake sweating a little bit almost. Hey if I could make it a week without alcohol in red bull you can survive without cast shrill cries. You didn't die for I was like it was. It was one of those things where I was like. Oh my God like seriously like I literally have not had a drink or a red bull in a week. Who even anymore. We're saying it. I'm questioning you and I don't even know you that well. The body snatchers. I I know happening getting sick. People don't be scared the crap out and made that they did like in the case he would. He would like to be recorded. My voice will be heard see now. My Don's sleeping say my dogs are attention. Horsey not know this yet but also earlier when Steph and I did a way station and her dogs like got into a howl off. That's literally the only way to put it and it was funny because like before I hit record. They were dead quiet like there was nothing and it's like they sensed a disturbance in the force. And the minute I hit the record button I thought about closing the door. But then they're just be out there destroying shit yeah. I don't know if you guys saw the video I posted earlier. Today of Roxie in Bella being sick are so. Sassy and Roxie always has to win. So that's why she gets that like big howl of the end. She's like I have to win. I am the easiest and they've been like that pretty much all day dude so Bennett. And this is the. I'm trying to remember to keep trying to remember to call it the puppy. It's bandit is such a Dick like so it. Scooter has mellowed out so much I did. It's so good to see him like calm and being a good like big brother puppy and all that kind of stuff and it will stand on the couch and wait for scooter to like walk by on the floor and then do the full on like Ninja. Jump off the guys like Ninja. Jump off the couch onto his back. It's Hilarious I keep waiting I have. I have to be able to catch a photo or video or something like I'm waiting for it to happen. We're calling off the attacks tonight Yeah you can get some cute video. That puppy that poppy is so cute food. And every time you light a cigarette makes me want to go outside and smoke a cigarette smoking. Sorry girl apparently one up. Yeah I mean I mean this is why so I I actually. I found them So this is how board I've been. I've gone through everything in the basement and I forgot that I had three smoke eaters from sharper image that I bought back in the day. There were in the old basement and I found those and so they're all plugged in so fuck it. You can't you're trapped in fight anyway. I mean you could go to your garage bay and I usually do like like I I I absolutely. I don't like the kids aren't down here. The kids and I'm good with like the smoke eaters here doing their thing and I'm good But like I do. I don't smoke in front of them. I don't smoke on the main floor of the house ever If I'm not down here I'll even usually when I'm down here. I'll just go upstairs and hit the garage. Yeah we were heavy smokers We've made our house for the last four years nonsmoking house. We will smoke in the basement when it's twenty below zero. I'M NOT GONNA GO CSI but like days like this. I'm like I can really go for a cigarette in the second but I don't feel like going outside. So Steve I told you. Want to be a jerk and in the chat for the con- Tomorrow Kyle just posted. Hey we're testing stuff out if you want to join them like. Nah Screw you guys. Here's our chat. Come chat with us. Yeah I saw that and I was like I want it to be like a busy. Are you guys ready for a drunken concession? Boy totally made a force be with me. Talk again one. I don't I don't know if Matt Fox knows how this works out how you're the show. Newbie you're the show virgin got a virgin in your head. So you ring the bell. You have to I pull from the bag. He it was a box bag of rape. And some I wrote some Dave wrote some Castro and that one is not appropriate. I mean let's be are are they all. Are Any of them really appropriate? Oh yeah well this. This one is totally rated. Pg Good your favorite all-time movie. Oh Wow Duh here man all right. So what's your favorite all-time movie okay? It's really hard to pick one but I'M GONNA have to go with a natural born killers if I have to an absolute favorite because epic. I mean just. A fantastically written movie acted directed. Everything under soundtrack is my favorite soundtracks of all time. It is a hell of a soundtrack mazzy star on there. Just that just kind of put it over. It's that's the soundtrack. Like if I had to pick one soundtrack listen to forever. It would either be that one or the soundtrack for the long kiss because that is also excellence although it was a what's reports from a shirts with the g. what's your take on the jets. Yes yes yes great movie. There's is said wants her PUTT state. That's Amazing Matthew. What's your favorite all-time movie all right? So if I have to go all the way back it's going to have to be worse Mike Unquote that when we from very beginning to the very end you know. Let's just one of my favorite movies. I'm dying not dying. You just can't find anything good to do. Just that was quarantine one a one right in their town appropriate for right now exactly so. That's one of my more. That is probably one of my favorite movies. Because I'll watch it over and over again and I'll quoted from beginning that's why no one can watch it with the funny story. I'm whenever I'm driving around in the car with the kids. I always have New Wave Over first-wave on channel thirty three on serious and yellow. Oh yeah comes on. And I and I'm just like Bob but along with it hit that my daughter liked looks at me with this whole look of horror interface. She's like why do you know that part? Because that's a part most Americans only no to me. It's either guy being nice and warm and honestly like just looking around my basement. it it's gotta be Empire Strikes Back And if it's not that if it's not that it's the godfather part to hey that's very manly man. Answer you've talked about this before so specifically so if you're GONNA watch it so here's what you gotTa Watch. A and I'm sure they have it playing like once a day now And he has the The Godfather epic cut look. She's falling asleep now. It's ten hours long. This is what happens when she drinks water. Not Drinking wine. Though I said water I said this is what happens when you drink water flavored wise it. This is what happens when you drink water and not alcohol. No no no so. The Godfather epic cut is part one and part two stitch together with all of the cut scenes. Put back in and it's about seven and a half hours long which is probably why I've never seen it because who has that time Me Every time it's on everything it's not my fault like that's one of those ones like it's it's one of those things where like if I own them. I own the movies and I owned that cut but if I'm flipping channels around and like it's on I'm watching. Sorry not sorry whether it's just starting where it's two hours in. I'm in Aaron up all right Let's see who's next all right. Were I will Yeah it's funny boxes. Sit Different for everybody all right but it would have to be in Nick. Circle gets the square. Yes it'd be a Nicholas Cage movie a Nicholas Cage vehicle share and I. I'm torn I guess. Sure Sally girl it's either Wild at heart or Allie girl. I totally about the girl over. I went wild at heart. And of course you don't because you're like twelve s you need to know pat down so valley girl if I correct me if I'm wrong. Valley girl was the one movie he did as Nicolas Coppola before he changed. His name crept copland was he was in a valley girl and wild at heart hurt. Wild at heart is David Lynch and his as everything. David Lynch does is now seeing. This is my life. That jerky confessions. Because we had one back in December and Dave told us his favorite Christmas movie the Ref and I never saw it and then I went home and I watched it and I was like. This is now my favorite movie. You don't get to yell. Why because I have the gun so my favorite all-time movie is It's it's a sweat. It's either dirty dancing or dazed and confused so pedophilia in both cases cool statutory rape. That's that's awesome all right so talking about that. He's dead now the hell's his name. Patrick swayze swayze now from from a law and order guy. Jerry Orbach isn't confused. Oh from a game over man. Oh chat chat chat. Oh Shit Bill Paxton Paxton all right. So Bill Pay Year he years ago ten years ago. Oh Wow okay yeah. He's been there for a while. Sorry sorry break to you. Was the visa. Using part of that right was bill. Paxton dazed and confused. Let me look if only if only we all had devices in our hands. That could answer that question when he did Friday Night Lights. I took like three young high school girls. In journalism and journalism. Students are all female and so we go to A. Ford field just the year it opened. And we're interviewing him and a couple of other people that the guy who wrote the book Busby singer who wrote the book. And he's like enamored with these high school girls and he's like the cool thing about high school girls as you get older. They stay the same age and like do these actual high school girls. I'm just saying you're saying it's girls were twenty or whatever. Okay okay you said Bill Paxton. Yeah what was he not in? That was now you might have been a director. He did he direct it in China's Wikipedia at all really and I really thought Matthew mcconaughey came up with that that line dancing infused off-script. But Yeah Yeah See. I told you confused. I'm a freak so I just have to ask you Jamie. What's the name of your cat all this cat so fluency I want? I want to get it kid and her animals. I hang out with you. Were just like that with dogs fun. No I'll all animal. We always get Jeremy. We have to let me answer. This drug can fresh. That's fine to find out the Ken. I always leave him out and dragging confessions free to what my husband's GonNa say. I like the habit the the three movies of the Hobbit the story to quit together F- They I'm I can't I don't know maybe thirty years ago. I read the books and that's also one of the few. That actually did a really good job staying accurate and the one that did go off script. They did a good job tying together so so the the old school cartoon that was done in the late seventies early eighties the hobbit whipped hair. And that's me I. I enjoy those as well. Just going back to the old school so you know. That's what got me interested to make me read the books as well. I know I'm going through return of the king against like figure out out Buchan Elvis I. I'm still trying to figure that out. If my husband starts speaking English you're going to quarantine out on the front porch right or no. I know I'll be kind of put them in the garage where he's got four walls. I mean I think as the language is actually a real language fraught is antiquity. Toll came Brata to he. He did his research. You've brought it out where my cat decided to attention to. What's your cat's name spike? Old Baby she has. She's still got sixteen almost seventeen. She's so sweet. She just wanted all the attention but one time. I got meters. She is so sweet. Look we keep her down in the basement. Because I don't want the dogs frigging attack. Yeah she's an old lady but I love her. She can still jump up on the Barstool so she embattled she jumps up on the Bar. Top on my my can't live to like twenty eight so down. Yeah yeah that's every time you told me that. For every time I hear that blows my mine is blown ours I. She was born when I was in fifth grade and it wasn't that long ago that she earned no. I was in kindergarten and I was five and it was only a few years ago right before we bought this house. That's crazy yeah. I blamed Jerry killing nice way. My husband killing my cat. I totally dead. And he knew I was going to cause we had talked about putting her down and then I come back. Mad had to work his Dad Matt Matt had to be one of the cool kids and go get his cat. I'm so jealous. All of your animals are being cute like wanting to hang out. And Mine's sleeping. All these noise can easily guy on the chat without Posey. That's that's how not your knees. The nephew shock collar stuff. I mean you knew what you gotTA DO I. I would hate to see that happen but you know for what it's worth I tried. That was scooter. It did not work. No no exit. Go figure my dog likes him. Anyway go outside and I'm afraid that they're going to jump the fence so that was why I got it. It was you know it's got the one I bought was like two hundred and some odd dollars. It had an eight hundred yard range and no he was like no and even on the upper settings he was like screw you what he got. Yeah you guys know. Bailey's like the sweetest dog. She's the big dog where she's the sweetest dog. My little dog is my wildcard. He's asshole he's going to get us in trouble. What else to do so. Yeah Hi now. Apparently tired of US looking at him. Okay we're just GONNA watch. His catt traced the inevitable. Moment of every Cam Cam Moment. Show me your pussy pulls out his own toys. He goes in there on on the floor. There's one on the floor. Theories bin the Cupboard. Now he's GonNa more mice and bring them all over those. Hey made it so for those? Who Don't know Becky Becky this. Is Everyone everyone? This is Becky Becky. You've probably run into her at whiskey in the jar before She is a nurse. She needs some stress drinking. That bar. Dame's gotten me tweets you drunk and I don't remember Ed. So right that's about right. Becky we were. We were in amid role mentioning our favorite movies. Mine was a valley girl. Matt was going with Ferris. Buehler's Day what you do Star Wars or godfather to Sorry Empire Strikes Empire Strikes Back or Godfather to Steph was what was yours against a natural born killers colors. All right amy. You didn't get to do years. Yeah yeah no I said mine was between these confused and dirty games. We die grass undecided. I like rogue one over Empire records all Reicher. Yeah in paradise. Oh God probably that's definitely my top five. Yeah so good so picky just for you. I don't have mcgillicuddy. He's Oh but I do. Have this erasing. I ran out of all my shots last night. Only have she was drinking with fellow nursing last night trying out. Today I got real desperate last night. I ran out of my usual beer but castell has her wimpy beer in my fridge. That's that's not back drunk. I drank a Miller late last night. I was better than the that MC L. Tra sixty four I have. I have three of her beers I have the krona extra light the make ultra and then the Miller lite so I chose the Miller. I keep meaning to ask her if she likes sex in canoe because everything she likes fucking close to water. That's just it's horrible. She's not even here too. We love you cast. That's sticking to it so becky. How the hell are you holding up? And for what it's worth cheers to you for all the shit you're going through. Currently I'm like we're joking about how high our stress levels are but fuck us. I'm just got a prescription for xanax. So I'm going to be doing okay. I think high levels of Xanax and alcohol. You go girl. Yeah so I mean it's crazy in the hospital. I was there I was. I was not gonNa make you talk work. I I don't. I mean if you guys have questions of course I'll answer. If you need event no. This is our fun time. Okay this is our seep from reality. Okay well then. Let's talk about Star Wars. I still haven't mandarin oranges metric orage. Jiang you're so lucky. We're not in the same right now. This way I would slap the taste out your mouth. It's so good and then I got I just. I finally caught the shit. There's another one out now because it's Friday night The last episode of clone wars whereas so catano comes back. Oh what you're talking about. I'm like I just started season too long. And that was my thing like I saw like the cartoons were out when they were out and I was like The cartoons they're probably lame in gay. We'll be right back. I'M GONNA take these stocks out. 'cause they're crawling up my leg trying to go out back so they clone wars rebels all that stuff. I skipped like whatever but then like Disney comes out and I was like you know what screw it like I did I did the obligatory I burned through the entire marvel universe for like beginning to end and then I was like all right. I've heard people talk about this. I'm going to watch them. And then I watched him and I got frigging hugged like they did such a good job with it and then I was like but there's so many unanswered questions. How do you end series like that? And and so. I was thrilled when they brought the announced epic series season seven for the clone wars. And they're doing such a good job with it again. It's just it's such a I. It is like it. Is that time period between episodes two and three. If you're a star wars nerd it all. It is so great. I don't think anybody I know is big of a service nerd and Shumar but I mean again. Have you seen my basement? Don't forget the message board and all these things I mean. You're that I changed my neighbor movie and say it's Tiger Kings. That's a series I'm four episodes in it is the craziest of Wacky Est. Redneck is to shit. I've ever seen in San Redneck for only like from all the post reading. It just seems so so red knack that I don't watch IT I. I'm sure it's really entertaining but I'm not like I'M GONNA WAIT. Orange Team Bay thirty or whatever cave coming days of incoming like I said it's it's eight hours of your life that you'll never get back but what else you got going on right now. I still have other things to watch right now damage. So I'M GONNA go with that for exhausted all my remorse. You're an intellectual. You're an artiste. Don't need to watch the tiger stop because we water to watch live. Tv as it is. It's just as crazy. Do knob rationalized. Pd Tiger King is it is. I was skeptical. I was going to dodge it and I was going to avoid it. Just I've never seen an episode of whatever the hell that honey boo boo crap show is. I've never watched an episode of that but like I I saw so all right screw it. I'm GonNa Watch one episode and I I doubt but like dude that first episode lays the groundwork of so much redneck cluster. Fuck Ary that. You're like I have to see this through like there's there's there's no option. I have to know what happens to these bat. Shit crazy people that own tigers die. Something bad no action. Oh so so everybody's still alive. The two main characters. Although one is in jail scarier thing for the attempted murder for hire of the other person in the documentary out petition documenting. But I don't like reality. Tv and this sounds closer to like our reality. Tv version of documentaries so over sure probably will break and watch it just because everybody is talking about it on facebook. Everybody's like obsessed with it. They're doing like Santa Art. Out of the MEMES are amazing. Yeah so I kind of I don't watch it that I'M GONNA be out of the Lou and I'm not understand what these people are talking about but again I'm going to give it some time. I'm not that word yet. So becky when you're not at the hospital what are you doing? Let's let's talk about fun stuff for you. I'm self quarantining so I don't anyone said before I'm doing absolutely nothing. I mean. At least we have people willing to talk to us through video. That makes it a little bit better. It's making I have this sweet new mask that someone made me with a millennium. That's so or is apparently is jamie would call it. The Aluminum Falcon would and then I have one of the rain. Bb eight so all all my moods. Got The force with me when I go into fucking by coronal ZANEX force in Zanex. So you're packing. Heat is what you're saying. I'm I'm talking. Ready for guns blazing or like. I'm passed out on the corner. Here's and here's the question that I ask. How long are the shifts that you're working while and a half hours? That's but that's a normal shift. The as people get sicker. What if they start making us go to eighteen? 'cause we can legally wear eighteen to twenty four but you really don't want me taking care of you on like our twenty switched. It's like fuck it I I mean I know everybody's got sometime de to natural born killers. Yeah right now. They're only having US do a regular twelve hour shifts. We normally work like three days. We are asking us like volunteering comment. Extra sure sound. Are you wearing? The Has Matt suits still. I've been here story don't do she's. She's wearing the little Millennium Falcon mask that she's like. That's I'm wearing self-made Millennium Falcon. Because we don't have the right P. I do actually have like so. This is like sort of our read. I don't care like I think it's good to tell people still this mask. Is I worked directly with the KRONA PATIENTS? This is another masks. We wear huge. Oh that's the general grievous mask is the L. Pork. I've noticed with a mask at work. What the outboards on those masks are filtered a Lotta Times. I just want to good is what I'm told. Oh okay. Hopefully I'm not fact. Has Their Story. Although will help you for sure. Bureaucracies would never lie to you. Becky effort I'm going to do this. That cheer see you back to you for building thank you for rubbing it in that you have a shot and I don't Oh you're killing the ship owners. You're all said and done I will meet you at whiskeys and I will buy you all your drinks. I DRINK LA asset whatever. You're in good company. You're in good company. Am I wrong I wake up? I'm going to have to log out who I got dogs out and I'm actually really tired so you're going to answer the question who let the dogs out. No because I know how much you love that so that stir it it you you you if you give me a video chat tomorrow. I'm I'm here all day. Yeah I have a live. It's called the party for the end of the world online tomorrow. Yeah so doing that. From like seven to like nine or seven thirty to nine thirty I think but maybe earlier in the day I can hit you up in. We can just bullshit. It's our it. Sounds like a plan was talking to everybody in also is nice to meet you. Becky Nice Nice meeting years while the gangs like am sure we're GONNA be in quarantine for awhile and we all make people to talk to. So I'm Cheryl Dan all right good love you. And then they were were fun and then knowing that see over over and then So and then. I'm drinking the the Jack that he brought my house safe while the Jack Fire. Yeah thank you drink. All the Tito's left here I have my uses your whole fifth a Jack Honey. They left here a man who keeps leaving. Call your home state. That was where I detail. Patrick's Day over them over and she brought a box of Oklahoma Hall and I was like eight now.

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201: Las Vegas (w/ Daniel Van Kirk)

High and Mighty

1:09:46 hr | 2 years ago

201: Las Vegas (w/ Daniel Van Kirk)

"This is a head gum podcast. I might shitheads. Welcome back to another episode of high and mighty. It's me your boy. Number one for the number one foot. All you gotta do is trust in number one. Fuck my Johnny g joining me as he's in the high and mighty studios is my nearly silent Colo's, Arthur Gabor's, Arthur give them a shout out already just dipped. He's going to get more toys because he wants to impress my guest. I want to impress my guest. My guest is a comedian and a podcast MVP sort of similar. We're sort of on up on the same tracks just heading in a parallel direction. Guys. I got Daniel van Kirk AK Devi k in the studios has ago hit money. Hey man to be here. I'm so pumped to have you the number seven foot boy, and hey and people that's. That's complete quality the first ten all great altern. Fuck boys. Go to heaven all top ten that movie. Fuck boys. Go to have just like a club that Saint Peter's fucking bouncing at. Wanna let you pass these gates, bro? Dude. I want to but boys a couple of girls might help. You get in the girls are common, man. Let us in right now. They're here. I used to be a door guy in downtown LA. Oh my God. We are crossed the street from the standard. And we would just get every like that would spill over they'd stop letting people do not get him here tonight. Let me my friend. Does the Stephen still work? There's no Stephen here. Do Stephen fucking Toma. Call me look me up. You know me fucking stuck me for like five minutes. You'll know me now. Then it'd be like let me ask you this. You got any slips in and I'm like. That's not my job. Right. Nor my qualifying people in that way. I there are people can't speak. Did there? And then there's always was always like a friend behind that guys. Like what's happening when not going in? Yeah. Then there's the Gabor's of that friend group. That's like guys. Let's just go. There's one dude. As clearly this is working. Let's go get pizza. Get the fuck added. They're the best people are pizza, guess pizza's. Where it's at dude. The the guy who says the stevensville worker is always like the funniest move. Because it is like you're like, yeah. There was a dude named Steve that worked here, but that was like fifteen years ago, and he was sixty right. Don't think you guys know those div Steve Steve told me if I ever come by to drop his name. How do you know Steve him, and I were in the same car racing club? Get the. The. I'm not doing all sudden as bad as they wanted to get in. They never liked my bar anyway, though, just four can socks fucking hit. You hit you for completion. Especially if you build up getting in there. The more you build up getting into some place. The worse it always we'll get into it today with our with the topic of like I don't do clubs. I've never been to a club in in Vegas. I have I have been, but I've been to Vegas so much and clubs have been like a four percent of trips. Yeah situation. And it's only because if the groom at the bachelor party, I'm at wants to go to a club is the only time I'm like a I can't wear flip flops. Right. I guess I gotta put on pants tau. There's a hundred other fun things. I could do. I'd always rather eat, and I love getting drunk too. I just don't need to do. And maybe I'm missing out. That's what it was like. Well, I'll go eventually. Maybe I'll be like, oh, this is why. But I don't like when I'm like, well, I'm gonna wait in line for an hour to get into this place and the NOP he'll the move. And then I'm going to like, I guess I don't know what happens on the other side of that rope. But then I think I would constantly just be it's like when you have you been to three. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's you can see it everywhere you go that you can't go there. And you've gotta wait in this line. It's so frustrating. I don't want to go anywhere. That's not like after going to like a music festival as as a performer. I don't ever want to go to. I won't go to a club. Unless the owner is like putting something aside for me. Then that doesn't I'm saying that like it happens. It doesn't then. That's the weird thing is if you are VIP to club in a lot of scenarios, aren't you? Then not even near the party, right? Yeah. Then it's like, so you've gone into a huge party to go into a separate space where you are not even a part of that vibe or the people having a good time. It's all about it's all about the status. I think even going to a club of me, neither even going to a club has a little bit of that status. Helmet of like, the fact that you're in tau is a huge or the fact that you're in this club is a big deal. And then you're like just successive just getting in an all any of my single friends. I want to go to clubs. I've never seen them kick a game club like knows when you were like, let's go get pizza like in Vegas. The best people you're going to have fun with our at the hotel bar. Yeah. Yeah. They'd be left the club after their dome. You're like hanging out with two dudes from Oklahoma just have stories. Yeah. Yours like wasted. At two thirty in the morning at the fuck in blackjack table, BMI gal, all my friends are in the club. They're like me too. Yeah. I listened to like before we even picked we were going to do I listened to couple up odes one of them was like Vegas one. And somebody was saying though that there are tables in the club. Yeah. See that might get me to go. Because then those people do whatever they want and I'll just go play blackjack just sit in the club. And you know, it's like a fifty dollar minimum Mahan to realize oh your money, then you get like one free, Greg and soda. Let's actually kind of worth two hundred and fifty dollar fucking cocktail right here. So you go to frequently. Yes, you have a best friend that best friend one of my best friends. It's a level not a person. Arthur. He's coming with the post, Jim. That's salty tricep. Yes. One of my best friends is in a show at Caesar's palace o- on absence. And okay, I've seen that advertiser every time now is fun. Oh my God. Man. You know, when you're and so I love you, Paul. He's heard me says the million times your friend is in like a gig or get something. And you think especially when it comes theater stuff. You're like, I'm sure all like it because they're in it. Yeah. Exactly. It's not gonna be good. You also you yourself like none of us. Like, we're never think like oh that project they're talking about. Like, we never think like that's going to end up being like breaking bad. Like who played Jesse pink Mun? What's his name? Can't look it up Aaron Aaron Paul. Yeah. I'm sure when he told his friends like, yeah. I got this thing. It's like the dad from the middle. They're okay. But on AMC. Yeah. Yeah. So I think that like I just went into it being like. I'll like it Paul's doing his clown circus stuff. I'm sure it's fine. It's not circa so lay. So how great can it be? And then I went and saw and I was like holy fuck. He's in a great show that was seven years ago. And he kept telling me like when it they opened. Oh, we're voted best show on the strip. We just got like best best new show. I'm like, yeah. Dude. It's vegas. Best afternoon. Magic on Wednesday. Gant's most prolific performer ever, you know, like the word titles. So, but I went and it was unreal. I've seen it probably eight times since he closes his act closes the show. And it's a legit like great show so him being there. And then having that fund show to go do is like has raised my amount of going but time where I did not like famous. I didn't think Vegas was fun. I just I didn't never had a good experience there. And then I went in like two thousand eleven and that just changed everything. Oh, that's awesome. See I grew up go into Atlantic City. Like, we're in Atlantic City, Deboer Ghada Caesar's and stuff there because the boardwalk because we were family was gamblers. But we lived in New York. So is like let's go to Atlantic City. Then one year we went to Vegas because we were all gamblers, and like, my grandpa my aunt, and everyone we flew out there. This is pretty cool. I don't love it. Seven days is a long time. It was way too long or six days, whatever it was now living in LA two and a half days. Never more than three nights. Is never more than three nights. Three nights is like pushing it. I I went for five nights to write a script having a friend there. That's like an yet. Not I'll go under state his place. Right. And then you're like off the strip and little bit me to his spots. And we'll just play. We'll go to a bar like a bar bar bar only. They're so great there because they never close every bars twenty four hours, even like what would be. Yeah. And then. They like, no you plus you can gamble right? So it's everything you need really is it when I lived in Montana for a month, and they have slot machines in the slot machines and full bars in their gas stations. Dude, they have that in Illinois my hometown. Now, you go into any bar and there's a slot machine. That's awesome. I mean, I don't need any more to your point. When I then I started going to Vegas partying there. And it was really fun. Then I like leveled up with oh, I'm like I love to gamble. I'd gamble on night. Then it's like can't believe a missing out on like going to restaurants. I eventually volved my Vegas experience. My wife was never really into it. But this last the last time we went we went once with my mom and then once for the half marathon, I was like let me show you how like how Vegas is on for you for non gambler. And I'm like I had to limit my gambling time, which I'm totally okay. With in exchange for like, my wife being cool. It'll buy me. Plenty more gambling time down the line. If I if I get her on board, and it's like shopping eating drinking, literally what do you want for lunch want to walk to? It's like EV and Vegas knows this now, and they're pursuing the hipster food scene in a way where it's like, hey, any restaurant you like in New York and LA that's kind of reach a certain level success. We're opening up a version of it here it Momofuku eight at the milk bar. I had eggs lot. I can it's Cozma. Is that your hotel? It might be now never before. I don't love their casino. But I will say I love that. They have you can get a room with a balcony for the Reefer, which is now also legal in vague. Right. But they again, kind of fuck you buy you can't really smoke it in most places, you kind of have to do in your room and hope not to get hit for two hundred zero or decide that you want to walk the long way up to Caesar's and just like while you're walking taking weird hallway. 'cause that's my whole thing. I've had people say I remember one night. It was after a UCB's show. Great writer and a really good performance. Well, Rachel Hastings. We like on to this whole thing where she was like, I don't like Vegas. I think it was Rachel if I'm wrong. Rachel, I apologize. But like Marcus Reagan, and I got in this whole thing of like, let me tell you. How all how I do Vegas. And I guarantee if you do it this way, you're just gonna have fun. Yeah. Exactly. 'cause my way to do it is. And that's why I was like I wanted to fend for even more than gambling get there at like sometime between nine and eleven at night. So if you're if you're in LA leave after work, whatever it doesn't because it doesn't matter when you get there. That's the other cool thing about Vegas is like John August, the screenwriter he mentioned on his podcast one time that he goes to Vegas when he wants to start a story because you can write till two in the morning, and then go get dinner. I wrote my pilot, and I because I get I get free rooms. And so I took five nights at four nights in Vegas, and I just wrote. And then like when I would take a break, I would have Paul when he wasn't doing a show like just come hang out with me because that was like the best thing. I could write incentivize myself. Like are you can hit the tables if you get this much or at be like whenever I get done. I'll just go get a meal you're on like a different time cycle that it's like twenty four hours where it's like. All right. Well, it's three thirty in the morning, and I just finished. Now, I'm going to go get drunk and then eat a huge dinner at seven AM, then go to sleep for five hours. No, one judges you the air conditioning works the room gets black pitch black. And I'm telling you the scenario that I'm going to give is if you're there with with one buddy or someone you love a man or woman that you love say, this is the way to do it get there like between nine and eleven doesn't matter when you get there and tell yourself don't worry about getting dressed up. Don't what on that ship? What we are going to do. We might. The tables a little bit. And we're going to have at least a cocktail. If we if we've managed to not eat. We'll get food when we're there. Now, I like to stay at the hard rock, which is about to become a virgin hotel brands, I've stayed there few times because you're a little bit off the strip the table games. You can find something like a little bit cheaper. If you want. You can get yourself a fifteen dollar crafts. If you need on a date. They usually keep them ten even weekends. You can because they're a little bit off the strip they they tend to try and like incentivize you a little bit more stuff. Plus, they don't want you to leave. What you come into play in a second, and it's younger vibe. Yeah. That's jus my money to like temple of the dog or like stone temple pilots, then like some Neil diamond cover song. So that's a really funny at least, it's good music. Doc. Thank god. They're playing rocket out T O D here. Exactly. So so get there then. And then when you check in this is key. I don't know if you do this. I'm already I'm already giddy. If I if I learned anything on this somebody told me once that when you check in for your hotel. Put twenty dollars on the table and say if you have any upgrades available. I'd love to take care of you. Now, you specifically say at that way. Because if they don't have any available, then I'm taking my money back. You do have them available. This is yours. They all have discretion to do this. And I'm looking you in your heart gave us and telling you this had never not worked. This is what I need to going for it. Every first time you do it. You are going to feel like a douche bag, but Vegas and this. This is how Vegas the one of the things I like about Vegas is it rewards twenty five percent douchebag like tally right like, but you'd be wielded to the dark side. And that's what people hate about. How do you can be let you a little bit of like fucking throw twenty. You know like you over tip. You kind of like big dog, everyone you meet. Stands for to ensure prop service. That's what tips used to be. You'd set it on your table beforehand. I say Vegas. It's to ensure perfect service. What I'm saying is, and you decide you want to be a douchebag, then you're going to be a douchebag whether you knew how to do this tip or not, right? You're not adduced peg and you do this. Then I guarantee you won't do it in a douchebag way. Because you're not a fucking do. I wouldn't be fully comfortable to the degree where I think that's like a power move. Right. So awesome. And they all work like this little valet decides who they who's cars they keep up front, right? Tell me right now you rolling up in a ninety two or sell and you give them three hundred dollars even as a joke. That'd be like, we'll leave. Leave it running. I don't know why you'd ever do that. Saying it's their discretion. It's the same thing for the hotel, the people checking no tell us if you're a dick your room might not be ready. If you're a douche bag, you might be I have a room pick facing the parking garage. Just I'm being nice. They can give you like a better room. Oh, that's fucking awesome. So what I in for it. When you go in when you stand up there. That's all you say. Now, the first time I did it. I was at the Flamingo which I'll tell you why Flamingo a second. That's the first place I stayed in Vegas. So we I saw George Wallace there really David Brenner really to to Stanton. Unreal Brenner had fuck in newspaper clippings, and he was just riffing on like different headlines. It was overheard. Brian Regan's Vegas story now. Brian Regan ninety nine percent. Sure. I'm right. He told us on Pete Holmes as you made it weird or might have been married, but he was in Vegas with his wife, and they Carlin was doing shows. And they were he was like, let's go see Carlin, and she was. I don't wanna see George Carlin again and Regan was like, babe. Probably got real. She goes I to see something else. And that something else was Neil diamond impersonator. So they could he could go see Carlin and risk pissing off his wife or he could say fine. You're right. We've seen Carl you want to hear some Neil diamond. I'm sure the guys great, even if he's not great. It's great. Yeah. We'll go. So they go and see a Neil diamond impersonator concert that show. They didn't go to carlin's last ever show before he died. I have to live with this. To my life fair. The Neil diamond cutter guy also died. This show. Live on stage. Hello. You got to muni fun. Everyone. So much better than Carlin. So the first one of Mingo, and I handed it to them kind of like folded with the ID like when okay. And also if you have an upgrade veil like, I didn't have the language, right? Still worked the next time. I did it was at hard rock. And I said if you have any any. Upgrades available. I'd love to take care of you. And the girl looks and goes, oh, totally set. It right there on the table. And I said, oh are on the counter really it. She was like, yeah. The cameras needs to see we're allowed to get any tests we want, but we can't be like, it's. Yeah. They this is how this works. I'm telling you if I'm there, two nights or less. I give a twenty if I'm there three nights or more. I'll give a fifty because in Hardrock every time I've been upgraded to a two room suite every time what's last time. I went this past summer with with friends we had two rooms for three nights and mine, actually, it was it was Thursday night Friday night, Saturday night, and then I actually had a fourth night because it was Comte. I that's another Vegas tip the day. You're leaving booked a hotel room that night to you. Don't wanna get up at ten A M and half to get out of that room now ever. And usually if it's weekends Sunday will be Dirk, cheap or. Free, right? Or, you know, some of them offer like for one hundred bucks four PM checkout. Always I always because it's Comte. I'll always go the last one because I like to drive and if you're driving on Sunday going back to L A you before eight before nine AM or after four pm. Yeah. So I'm just like I don't want to mess with it. I don't want to worry about it. So I had Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday night booked, then we also had friends, right? And a group with a group of friends that was there they they were like. Thursday and Friday nights. Oh, Arthur autocare, you can lick me all day. He should just be like as a dog owner. He should just eventually listen to me. He's trying. He can't resist it like, it's the fucking. He's chasing the dragon of Laudi. So. Fifty dollars. They upgraded both rooms to two room suites for combined. That'd be seven nights for fifty bucks. They did it, and you just say this every single time you go and worse comes to worse you eat twenty dollar loss. If it weren't a network, if they don't have a sweet to give you the twenty dollars is gonna get you, maybe a poolside view or a stripped view or a high room or just a better room in that hotel. You're you're definitely not going to be next to the ice machine near the elevator. Right. Exactly. That's so when you check in do that. And then go to drop your shit, go back and go have a cocktail you said earlier, don't worry about getting dressed up. That's also the fun of Vegas. I night you can wear a tuxedo out. Oh, and you can wear shorts a t shirt and flip one hundred percent almost not the clubs in the restaurants is where it gets a little sketchy. But like if you're at a casino table. No one gives a fuck what you're wearing. If you're losing starting your the. First person on telling this to I've thought about for two years. I'm starting thing this year where I go to Vegas for two nights on the anniversary of Frank Sinatra's, death and anybody who comes guy or girl has to dress to the nine. I just gotta be in a suit. We're just doing a Sinatra Vegas for two nights. Aw. Yeah. That's all I wanted to be honesty. Gotta a fuck. I don't care if you wear a tie, but we're just going to look good every time that we're out just do a Sinatra Vegas for two nights do for friends bachelor parties tradition that our friend Greg to who got us into was called Denny wilentz sqi where everyone puts a hundred dollars in puts on a suit, whoever the groom, the bachelor the birthday guy, whatever he puts all of that money one hundred dollars for each person in the crew on the pass line and goes to the crab stable and roles if he hits we go to Smith, and we'll Lansky if he misses we go to Denny's. No in suits bachelor party. We ended up eating eight guys eating in and out in suits because we lost thirteen hundred dollars on the first roll right next to the link. It's a good spot. So that's like, yeah. Dressing up dressing down Vegas. Laurie has everything. Like, I'm a pool guy. You're great hosts Gabor's, so then hit that a little bit that night. Maybe a little bit of gambling get your feet wet. And then go back and just don't lose your fucking. No, no, no, no, Friday your first night. There should not be depending on grade for scale, but on average shouldn't be more than one hundred bucks. Because all you're doing is just fucking around. That's all you're gonna do you. Use your own like key legend right into the right of yourself. But in reality the important thing, especially on a group Vegas trip. Is you don't want even if you do lose a lot or you can't be the person that complains the next day at all you can't harsh other peoples vibes at all if you're down eight hundred dollars, and you will only one wanna lose six you just got to keep your fucking mouth shut. And you certainly can't go like guys, I can't go. That's why you're on a group trip. You need to set money aside that is for group activities. So if you love if the planner was like. Guys. It's going to cost seven hundred dollars to do everything. We want to do this weekend. Right now out of sight. Grady because then because you don't want to be like, well, I'll go with you guys. But I I can't afford to eat. Yeah. And you're like worst person to be agreed all because somebody doesn't finish something. I'll have some guys like actually I'm sending this. I'm gonna eat half of this and send it back. If you're not allowed to fucking touch it in reality, you should fucking. If you do lose that much money. You just have to double down and spend like I understand that Saturday night. You just don't gamble when everyone gamble. That's fair. Do not skip dinner. You do not skip the daytime activity, and you never get to say if you don't have money, and that's why you're not doing everybody else's doing. You. Don't get to ever say. Do you wanna get outta here? Right. You don't just also lost those words you lost your lost your vote one hundred percent. You are. Okay. So then then after that first night next day pool, and I'm talking pool all day get to the pool by ten am. I don't care if you went to bed at seven sleep by the pool. It doesn't matter. Get sunburned taking. That shit. You could almost do Vegas pools. Like ten months out of the year. Now one hundred and the thing with Vegas pools are your goal that day. That's where you're going to get your nutrition or lack thereof. I'm talking Moses and breakfast burritos. If you go to Hardrock they have a great HAMAs platter. Great nachos. Great breakfast burritos eating right by the pool right there. Now, here's the other thing a lot of people go to Vegas. They're like, oh, these fucking dudes of these beds and all the shit, right? Get a bed, especially if you're with a group. In fact, I'm going to say if you're even with two people get a bit. Here's why it's certainly during the week off season as well. A Friday for sure you don't pay for the bed. You just guarantee what you're going to pay the three hundred dollars hundred dollars of food and drink a lot of time. Specially like hard rock you can get a three hundred dollar bets. Same for full Mingo. Right. And the great thing about those is if you're saying yourself, we're going to be there ten we're going to be at least four six hours of. Making and eating you don't think you're going to spend three hundred dollars. You'd never bought anything Vegas. Right. Yeah. Then you're going to thirty two. No. Yeah. You re of those. You're you're you're at one hundred sixteen ounce Bud Light in a metal bottle like the most fuck in Vegas poolside shit. Those wide-mouth Miller lite body. It's so get the bed because then you have a little safe for your stuff. You're going to get your sleep in place to put your food and a lot of times, you can get them. Now. Same thing there. If you've got the cash to do it don't be worrying get your bed were the earlier you get there. The closer you're going to be to the pool. So don't worry about your sleep. You're going to get your sleep on that bet. You have a bed shade. You have the Mr. going to be okay. So get there early. And if you want throw that person at twenty if you've got anything close to the pool I'd love to take care of you say that before you give them money back. Let them know. They're gonna ask her idea. They're going to go through your stuff just everything this to use us in life all time. I have a bit about it in my our that I'm running right now. Ask people how there is no one rely on. The fact we talked about douche Vegas. Rely on the fact that ninety percent of the people either don't know how to talk to somebody or treat people like shit. And if you differentiate yourself by somebody who was like, how's your day to it's? Crazy. I hear that man. I feel for you guys. You gotta here soon here for six dollars. I hope it goes fast and easy. It's crazy that advice that you're giving right now is being normal person like kind person. Yes. But in Vegas that that's dog years. Got people from my hometown of Rochelle annoy that just don't know they're asking either got trash or rich assholes. Imagine put yourself in. The guy was like, I was fucking cool. I mean Saito person. Hey, if you get done it. I don't know if they let you do come fucking join us man, drink either never gonna take you up on it. But they're going to do you already were looked up. So you're just giving them the drink the thing they probably did for you. And I'm going to give you the shittiest place at the pool and then come by and make sure to come by for four hours three case it is. So do that all day at the hotel. Get yourself a good little day Trump. But don't overdo it. See here's the sleeping in the eating, right? Here's my trick. For Saturday Saturday is two days, Saturday invading two full day. Yes, exactly daytime Saturday, and whether it's pool or gambling or like, we go get a big buffet. And then we fucking cash out for a couple of hours. It's two separate chunks. Then you have like the PM where you kind of crew. Who's in? Then you get yourself the Saturday night. Yes. Yes. And then here's the thing. I like to do too. But this is why I like to drive bring a bar bring a bar with you can save so on and it's so much fun. Especially if you're with a group of friends, you hit that room, and you just start shaking that is it. Start pouring Jack fire shots for everybody. Which is the best cinnamon shot. You can do do. Not fuck a fireball, Jack fire fire fireball, the lowest grade, whiskey that they can make in call it whisky, then they add food coloring to it and send them into cover up. That's why you feel like shit. Jack fire is one hundred percent Jack Daniels than cinnamon flavor. It is perfect. I've never met anybody. I mean, obviously, people hate cinnamon red everybody was like, oh that was two year old women who are like that was good, right? My uncle, Bob and Gaylon, Jack, Jack baby. Now, I always insist on flying because driving always fucking the Sunday night. Drive home never make sense for me. So I always fly. But I always hit the. The airport liquors. Yes, the airport. Let me get myself a big bottle patrol on or whatever. The theme of the weekend is going to be. And then that way I can get a couple of fuckin- bottles of seltzer and a couple of limes in my little every Vegas hotel, by the way, at the lobby where your elevator goes to L has a place where you can get anything you want. But if you want beers or patrolling their it's fifty dollars for a little. We're all across the street to CVS your anywhere on the strip. There's a Walgreens and a CVS at each end of go down there. It's worth the extra ten minutes. And you know, what stop by the little convenience store? Tell when you're leaving grab yourself a couple of tall, boys. Drink on the way down and drink on the buy one of those years five dollar fucking neck make all fun now if you're there with someone you love after the pool on Saturday, go back to the room have very weird after noon sex get as weird as you Kennedy. Hotel us because because you're going to be too drunk later. This. So my sex is always. Is a bench in the shower for a reason tub, there's a balcony, there's at least Florida ceiling windows, looking the stray towards the end of the pool start telling the person what you wanna do you get back to the room? Make it that much better then take a little net. Now, if you're like me, I don't nap in Vegas, but some people do that's a good time from three thirty four up until six thirty where somebody can get in like forty five minute hour nap. I'm probably going to go place. My sports bets for the night because I liked to have action when I'm there have background action going and anytime best man. And I and I'm not a Napper either. I will. But I'm down to sit next to my wife while she naps while I watch a full movie. Yes. You know what? I mean. I'll be like this is my I'm going to get high and watch to like, I think in Vegas. She took a nap. And I watched three episodes of daredevil on the smart TV and the best thing about Vegas or really any hotel. Especially Vegas is designated time for you to just live the Tony soprano robe life. And that is great after the pool you've been sunkissed little worn out. You just had great sex, take a shower. So, you know, robe life for a little bit. And I have a true Tony soprano robe life because they never close on me. They're always someone smaller than me. And I'm always like, even when I go to the spa. I'm like, let me get like a different robe. They're like why I'm like it's like the string is here. My dick is hanging out the front. That time. There is a great time. Now another thing when you play your sports bets if you can get a late night sportsbook, whatever you, and I would tell you this I rebate usually after the pool, but if you can before you hit the pool get them in that day. So you can get in stuff that you can play the whole day long. When you're like I liked him set it and forget it bets on. There's a college basketball, and isn't that gonna wind is it a great when you're then like walking when you finally you've already made your bets and you're walking down to the pool, and you're with your friends or with a girl, and they're like, well, let me just do the score really quick. There's usually a TV somewhere around the TV's every people's Cabanas. You start a conversation with like a Michigan got them cover, and you get into that stuff that ingratiates to other people it gives you something to do. This kind of always running like the wind in Rome adage about living your life is like Vegas is the perfect place to practice that fucking edge of like, I'm in Vegas. I'm right. As all make a sports bet. I love fuck in. You know, I'll set my Saturday morning bats than I'll some Saturday afternoon. And then hopefully, I'll hit something in there. So I I love when I'm like fuck them out like three hundred lost like three hundred dollars playing blackjack or craps and then on my Ooh, I hit for one ten on that. Fuck weird college basketball, partly. Yes thing about those two like if you people. Like if you wanna play roulette, I we can get into that too. But if you wanna play roulette you're gonna find out in roughly forty five seconds to a minute. What happened to your money? You make sports bet you can usually unless it's a blow out ride that out that win or that loss. But right out that what's going to happen for two and a half three four hours. And if you go to parlay that you've spread out and the first to hit you've had an entire day of just that rush gamblers tell you they wouldn't play if they knew they were going to win. It's win the ball's going around that that's the Russia. I would like to play for three hands in a row. And I knew I was going to win. That would lose it for you to use it to do other stuff at the gambling wouldn't be fun. Right. Right. Right. And so so after the pool now, look we've gone first night. We've gone all the way to six thirty in the evening on the second day, and we've had great sex, and we have time we've Campbell d-, maybe one hundred bucks. Right. So if you're a person who doesn't gas plus or minus outboard, you're let's say you're like, dude, I love to gamble. Well, go three hundred on that first night close out that next time go to a pool that has swim up blackjack or craps there's a handcrafts table at the Flamingo. I've seen a lot of great times happen there. I've played some crabs at MGM like outdoor spot. Another for the real gambler another fund sort of weird, and this is a very specific Vegas, especially summary time Saturday and Sundays at like three thirty four PM lots of people gambling and bathing suits women. And it's kind of an exciting vibe from when you're on your way back up to that. Room session. If you're a gambler or you're there without a cigarette of like with almost dry, bathing suit flipflops unbuttoned shirt, pop by the crab stable. Why not throw down a Cup? I know some people kind of have a pool of version, but just like we talked about people in talks and people in onesies walking around. That's you gotta remember that about the pool. We're both big guys. Right. Yes. There are a lot of perfect people there. But there are more people there who haven't hit the gym in seven years, not worry about what you look like what you just have a good fucking in your head. You're imagining like Jack Vegas clone. And there are there some of that. But mostly it's fat midwestern dudes and Jean shorts beers with insane garb and have fun. They don't give a fun. Should you? Right. Yes. And so so that cares. You all the way through now. Let's say it's six thirty. Right. You gotta dinner as on lock. So okay now because of Paul I'm usually doing a show so find an actual good show, something joy. And I'm telling you guys. Yes. You're already know full disclosure that I don't need to give my best friend is in the show absence is one of the best shows, you can go with us or. A group of friends. I'm going is raunchy vaudeville, it's comedy. It's a strip down to the stage is smaller than the room, we're in and you sit in the round there parts where you're like. Oh, if this dude fucks up, this is all falling on me so much fun. It's very cool there drinking the sign of of remote success in Vegas. It's been running for the throne of Caesar's its own tent. It is a phenomenal show having something like that. That is gonna be good. Or you know, what fuck it try it. Win saw Rod Stewart gopher conceive your own. I I was in Vegas thunder from down under. Don't. Brian Moses who runs the the fucking the roast. Rose battle comedy store. Yeah. He was there last year when some Mike he's a great fucking show. I'm the show is important because and this is the adaptation I made late in my Vegas gambling career that I that I pitched everyone, and that we're sort of your were sort of saying right now is I used to just go to gamble and to partial and be like, I'll just eat a fucking slice of pizza for dinner, blah, blah. No. But then you leave and you don't have like the show or the dinner the great meal memories of a normal trip. Now that I'm a little older I loved to our show is two hours where I'm not losing any money. So if it is eighty dollars to go see Cirque. I'm technically saving two hundred. Yes. Yeah. And I always say this. You'll never regret the amount of money. You spent on a great memory right ever ever ever any other things to have a buddy went to Vegas. Lost three grant right now. Go fun. And he said, no, I do think about this. If you took six hundred. Dollars six hundred. Okay, you could have gone to two amazing meals and to amazing shows, easy and still gamble. Still get twenty four hundred dollars, and they're going to give you free rooms, and you won't have left. They're just being like, well, what the I have. No. There was no good experience. The thing I went to or I would say goes far to be like if you're gonna lose three K lose thirty six hundred six hundred on meals to fuck it. And that's the thing. Like, I grew up. I grew up worrying about socks by that. I mean like we couldn't get holes in our socks because we couldn't get new ones. And so for me having like worked as hard as we work to the stuff, I take it's almost like check out a reality. Where on there where I'm like, I'm not going to spend. I'm not going to spend a grand frivolously in two months of my day to day life, but I'll go and leave a grand in Vegas. And and because I like being with the idea of like, I want thirty six hours or forty eight hours where I don't. Don't care how much this drink costs. I don't you want. Find fuck it get the potatoes au gratin get an exercise value in vague. I want check out where I don't care, and I've done it in a sensible way of like, I'm not taking more than I than I can lose. Right. I'd be like, okay. You're not allowed to go to the again. My other thing is this too. I'm whatever I'm losing. I'm eventually going to get those free rooms, and this is another key Vegas to get yourself a player's card wherever you go get a player's card. I don't care whatever. You're listening to you. I'm not my aunt Ethel NFL knows what the fuck is going on. And if you're it's very simple for if you're a little nervous throw your driver's license down with cash when you go to the blackjack table crab, stable or whatever table, and they'll just make you a card and give it to you while you. Yes. And that the right there, especially if you wanna play slots, or whatever will get you all your I'd have buddy who told me this once he goes, if you go into any casino, and you. One hundred dollars into a slot machine with a player's card. It doesn't matter if you win or lose you tell yourself I'm putting this in and lose it. They then flag you as a person. Oh, every time here. She comes here. Yeah. That's to hotel rooms to them. They give a shit about to tolerance at knowing that every time you're there. They're getting one hundred back. That's how you get thirty dollars a night with no resort fee or thirty at night with a resort fee. So you're less than one hundred bucks or you get hard rock. I'm calmed all summer Sunday to Thursday. Yeah. Being where we are in like our schedules. You might end up with two days in the middle of we fucking. I'm gonna go to Vegas, but it's only because of that like give them that card and use it on everything use it every single restaurant. The reason I love hard rock as well. Twenty four hour diner? That's key diners key in my life, period. But twenty dollar being able to time. Get like a fucking omelette at fuck in two thirty in his cla. Yes, lifesaver lifesaver. And so then like you were saying after that six thirty on that Saturday have plans for a great dinner rate dinner, and you can do it. I mean, if a great dinner to you is like seeking out this weird Thai place. It's off the strip or cheesecake factory or it's a buffet because you and your friends want to go dock and all to phase. Yeah. I love a day where I can hit the buffet. And then like don't have much to do for a few hours after buffet pool, but you wanna do buffet room for a couple of hours then back out together. And then and then after that have yourself show and then gamble, and I would say this. If you were the group do something like the Flamingo or Harris because especially if the group of guys even with your group girls, you're not there to like be romantic and posh and all that shit and stuff like that do Cosmo if you can afford it, and you want to as well, but I like full mango because rooms are very cheap. But they've upgraded and a lot of people don't know they have a big sized pool. That has a lot of fun. And you're centrally located right into this ever. They wanna hey, we're heading over here over the other great thing about them. It was Margarita Ville now. It's something else. They lost their license which IMI buffet, but they always have five five dollar blackjack played five dollar blackjack Margarita Ville so fucking about you. I'm a little claustrophobic. There's a huge patio right there. You can see out. Outside and you're close to people in your group who don't wanna play or maybe you don't wanna play the bars are right there. Just stares. Yes. Now, another great thing to do. This is gonna be weird to say. But the Margaritas they sunk. Monitoring crazy. And I don't know if they change us. I was it was a cousin's bachelor party final four, maybe. And I'm there that say second weekend is the best because there's a lot of games, but you kind of an idea of who's going to be good. And who's not just for the first weekend is. Fun. It's insane. Because you just bet on every everything weekend. You're still getting like eight games the first two days and four games of the second two days. So there's still plenty of action. But I'm sitting there watching Loyola lose, and I'm talking to the bartender talking about and he's he's I I mean, it's it's better better than nickel nickel beers. And I'm like, okay. That's kind of a weird thing to say. This doesn't suck as bad as a weird reference, then he like references it again, what are you talking about? And then like around four forty like the bar starts to get really busy. There was no one there when I went there and then like right around five I'm look around behind me. And it's three deep all around the bar. And it's just porn these beers. I go what's happening. He goes. It's five o'clock. It's nickel beer. I don't know if they still do it. But it is nichole beers. And I don't even drink beer, I drink whisky. But I was like fuck. I mean, I'm here. Here's fifteen fucking. Everybody. It's a party. I also love that because people can play craps and blackjack right there next to the door, and then you also have the bar right there, and you have that patio and a great thing to do with groups. Another Superfund thing vagus is there's three games that we play one is Hooker not Hooker where everybody has to take on whether or not that is a Hooker not times real quick to interrupt your games. I got an elevator. And I'm like damn this girl. Checking. One time I say this girl is fucking smoke show. And she's grilling me on my still got it baby. And then like getting the elevator. And she's there with like a, dude. And whoa case she's here with her boyfriend. And then like the next night. She's like gambling with the different do. Now. My. That's why she was even listening. Play. If you were played the dollar game. No game. I started playing downtown you take a dollar, and you crumple it up everybody in your group knows that you're gonna place game. Trust me, you'll make new friends what they once. They plan you come up, and especially that little patio right there at Margarita Ville, which is now I called the Byrd or something like that. But it's inflaming go, and you take the dollar and you throw it onto the sidewalk and everybody guesses how long it'll take for someone to find this dollar now who's ever closest gets a free drink from who's ever farthest away. Okay. Go three minutes past the longest time instantly. Everybody has to say their new guests knowing that if somebody said ten minutes thirteen people, probably like forty five seconds. It doesn't matter. You do a re one. When someone finds it, dude. You'll see people kick it usually people look at it not real what it is. And keep moving and the patient that builds if people, and you are dying when they win the whole place. Everyone's scream prove on the game PU dollar growing up. Non malicious version of also play game called find it where everybody gets a site. Like, I would say all right gave us you have to win. You have to see a guy or girl wearing a superhero shirt. And you'd be like cool, Dan, you've got to see someone guy or girl carrying their shoes. And when you do everybody gets one of those things with the first person to get to the last person to get to three points has to buy everybody else's drink. And so these are like great group like let's just take a little break, maybe before or after dinner or some people lost time. I've been about to the parties. I was like why are we in Vegas? None of you guys want game. So we'll figure out like something else to do. But it's just fun and you could play this with one other person as well. Right. We two guys played it once Flamingo, and we ended up nine people on this patio. Everybody throwing in like a dollar to like the fucking dollar game. And it's fun and your people watching on the strip will walking by everything. It's the best yet. People people watching in Vegas is pretty wonderful. You'll see men and women dressed insanely sexy. You'll see men and women dressed insanely. You'll see you'll see it's four. Vegas oddly, like a gala -tarian. Yes. Like requires money to be there, but you can go to Vegas and participate in all the Vegas stuff on like eighty dollars a night two hundred did you might be at the Fremont, and you might be paying five dollar Blackjacks, rich or whatever. But that is anyone can go to Vegas and feel the taste of the Vegas Jews. Not everyone has to stay at the Balaj. Oh fucking. No. I've never stayed there. But there's something about showing up at Vegas where it's like, we're all in this together. Whether you're all different ethnicities ethnicities, and certainly all different socio economic. Just like a fucking wild. It's wild like that. Where it's like it's crazy like the people who hate it for your. Here's a good way to Vegas. Tell me tell anyone tell me what you hate about Vegas. And I'll tell you where you can go and not interact with that level of goes telling you like we don't go to the clubs. You know, what I do like to do which is a fun thing. If you find yourself in Caesar think like raw or whatever is a real fun thing to do go make your evening sports books bets. The sports the line for is right next to the sports book when you make your sports to talk up the guy or girl, your take your. But because they have a discussion to give you drink tickets. Right. Then you can just use the bar so talk that person up and also be like asking me got any extra direct, even if you only fifty dollars here, you say note, then what you ended up the same. You were right by drinking. Then we've sat there like me and Paul and just people watch the line of people. Waiting to your Amine rules that are already too drunk guys to drunk like old dudes who wearing the shirts where the pattern on their cuffs is not the same pattern. Just like Cam for modern family. Like people watching that is great. And like I said with what you see in Vegas. You don't see many places sixty year old men in jeans where the back pockets button closed. Weird embroidery on the ask for sitting. For look at that's like another funding to another as far as gambling flip version of that. Also, by the way, the because there's always like a random shitty like either service bar or like lobby bar near the club hundred percent post of their drink your nine dollar vodka soda. What you're talking about watching? We'll go in. I also come back at two thirty. Fuckers wanna hang out with those people. Right, right. When it's fun and like, I don't like strip clubs. That's not like my thing. I don't give a shit about that to me. That's like seeing a lion in the zoo. Like, we saw this line like not really fucking. There. You saw it in captivity. You wanna see a boob in the wild? That's fun moving the wild. Because I tell people to like, you think you've seen a line going on African fucking safari and see the corner. Lose your shit. Right. That's the same thing as trickles, those are fun. That's just like, I literally shake it gross there. It's like watching pornography versus like randomly catching cleavage picture on Instagram. Yeah. It's weird because that's all their own porn. But then when you watch it on Instagram, you're like would feel so much. Boob in a wild. That is that is more fun anyway. Oh, hell I'll I'll take a dick in the wild. I'll remember that story. The rest of my randomly seeing Dicker balls in the wild is dude this Ranjit, some guy some old uncle lien against the bar, not realizing he's just hanging drunk, dude. Like like kind of get trapped in his chase lounge time. Fucking bag was out the side of his. Saw this girl p herself anthro up sitting there. I'm like that's better than any show. We're going to see sorry, Paul. Vegas like so disgusting yet because of so much money going into it. Everything is not it's not classy, but it's nice Hollis two bathrooms in you. Can you can take a full forty five minutes shit in Vegas casino, bathroom and feel like you're sitting at home? It's like Florida. We always talk about it's Florida ceiling fucking dividers, people are doing PLO and people are fucking in them. But you can sit there's a shelf for your drink. It's like so opulent dude I once ended up one of the best like little mini parties of my life in the like four year area. But where you split to go for men to women started partying too. They're like yelling at people in the bathroom. I was like I'm going to do is to. The other thing to Vegas tip for people. If you're going to Caesar's, tell your tax Uber driver to drop you off at the side entrance. You will save seven dollars because they tried to do that front thing with the huge arch. Right on the side. Maybe six minutes. Exactly. That's even more. Yeah. Yeah. If you're with a group to I don't know what you play I play blackjack and I play. Play like video poker at a bar. And then also play craps crashes like the most famous. Going insane. I won't watch guy. He was throwing for forty five minutes before I knew craps, my buddy. Did I go what's going to places like that, dude? Winning people thousands of dollars craps rules, and it's won't have to be lucky tonight. No only someone has to be. But also crafts is the only table in the casino where everyone's rooting for the same outcome like just staying alive at crafts all the matters blackjack. Everyone's like, I need a four Faulk. Dan, took my four Frick. At crabs. It's like, hey, whatever have. And so that's why you get a group of excite. And like, that's the main reason to ever like if you're if you're a personal sin like I like blackjack or I'd like to learn Mattel, you right now, you have no reason you want to be intimidated about a poker room. I get you want to be intimidated about a craps because it can get so crazy. I get that to a lot of fun blackjack. All you have to do is ask the dealer don't be a dick which guarantees you're going to get good advice. Just say what is the book Sam supposed to do? And no one will fuck with you. Because all those people who you'd think Avon so glad that you are asking that question. Right. So if you just do it don't worry don't play like all, you know, you want to get as close to twenty one without going over stop when you get to seven. You're you're legally allowed to go most casino gift shops, sell it, a little card that has like a graph. That's like if you have hard dealer has this hit stay or double or whatever. And you can in your loud to look at it. Because it's simple blackjack strategy. No one accused you of cheating. You're allowed to. Just like you're allowed to ask the dealer if you want if you're comfortable talk like that's all you need to know to play black, and I'll tell you one we'll ever get mad at you. If you like. Like, I've always been a table. If someone's like twelve against it's well of this judgment, call rice paste. You're supposed to hit. But it's up to you. I would sell it to people talk your fucking money. Do whatever you want. If you're at a table in the person's dealing really fast leave that person is mad. They don't want to be there. And it might not even be you might be somebody else. And it's a bummer when they're dealing fast because your money goes. And if you're don't try never to be the only person additive to, but if it's someone at the table who don't like who seems drunk and being kind of get the fuck out of there. It's up to you don't want any bad juju. I get it. You can then avoid it get out of the other thing too. That's really fun, especially if you're the group, and this is the only time I play it is roulette find yourself a five dollar table and play the intersection. So think of a graph you'd be playing it would actually work out that you'd be planned like one to four and five put it right there. Intersection spread your five dollars over all those. You're going to be playing twenty numbers out of thirty five. You're playing twenty of them for five bucks. They're all every one of those chip. You put down has eight to one odds. One of the twenty hits you win three dollars. I say take one more sixth one and put it on your favorite number. Maybe tonight's night. You hit four times. You are never going to get rich playing this way ever. You will take four ever to lose. You will have a lot of. Free. Sometimes just lasting is winning in a great way to play with a group of people because you're going to drink for free. You're going to meet other people and you're going to play four ever you're playing twenty numbers for five dollars. Let's say it's a ten dollar table. Then obviously, you just do that and half. Same thing you're playing you're playing twenty numbers for ten bucks and every role you'll catch probably catch a piece of it. Let some guy put four hundred dollars on nine and win thirteen grant. I watched it happen. It's amazing beautiful. You don't have dollars per spin. Right. Exactly. Do good for you. Yes. That's like another great group way to do it. Right. And that's really fun. One thing. One tradition. We have going all the way back to my family going to casinos together. We did this when we were in the Bahamas for the first time my brother ever gambled. We everyone takes twenty dollars. And we all put it in a dollar slot machine. For us. It's wheel of fortune because we're just seeking that wheelspin. And we have however, many people like last time I went it was just my wife and another another couple. So there's four of us you pick an arbitrary order. We always say like height weight age who can get his raunchy or whatever as you want. And then in that order, everyone just takes turn spinning the wheel spin pulling the handle. But if you in anything if you win a dollar two dollars three dollars four dollars you get to go again. And so if you get the streak, but it's more about oh each between, we stood around a machine and had a cocktail and shit it for forty minute memory and only costs memory, but every once in a while, then you hit the wheel, and you spend it and everyone's cheering, and then you. Thirty dollars to split four ways. It doesn't matter at all. But you're so pumped wheel. Player card in you might end up with the thing. And I'm doing that on the low key where I'm like, well, let me put my player, and I'll tell you this. Let's say you're a couple and you want to play car they'll give you a second card that person you're with you can use both those cards at the same time on one account. If you're playing slots video poker doesn't work for table games. So if you're a couple and you both love to gamble use the same card, you'll just be doubling that stuff up all the time. And then usually before you leave or halfway if you've played a lot like go check anything enough to thirty forty bucks. You might have a free dinner. You might you might have enough to knock off your Sunday breakfast, usually I can almost safely bad that I'm going to have like a ten dollars Sunday buffet. Because I'll get the money off Sunday's my big day. Like Sunday's my favorite day in Vegas. Really? Because if it's football Sunday, it's set your bats. And you fucking watch to if not Sunday in Vegas, but also your your pool your pool strategy that you pitched earlier is works. Also for sportsbook tables have six guys, and you're like guys one hundred and fifty bucks each we can get seven hundred and fifty dollars booze and food just sitting around fucking smash bloody Marys, I know guys that do Vegas with the net way. They'll make all their bets they really believe in right, then they'll just spend the day betting two dollar longshots in horse racing and like five pick parlays for like each every three hour. There's a new set of games, and if one of those parlays hits for ten or they hit one of these long shots like do one like in horse racing on like a two dollar, but you can win four five hundred bucks. Right. Yeah. Because you end up being just long shots that keeps them. Getting free drinks all day. They're hanging out with their friends, and maybe somebody hits a two dollar bet for eighty dollars. You're also keeping an eye on how the chargers are doing. It's such a fucking phone. Adam pally one time in Vegas together to five game parlay. It was awesome. One like fucking eighteen hundred dollars off of twenty or something like that. I bet it was. So that's so much fun. Fuck man. So Sunday's also for me a Sunday tradition, especially if people are leaving at different times, usually I always fly home late and either pay to have my room till four or. Log into the spa for the day for one thing. We didn't talk about fixing. Yes. Huge a great thing to especially the day. You arrive if you arrive before check in pay your money to go down there. They'll hold your bags, full shower. You can get dressed out of your luggage fucking chill or same thing on the way home wake up in the morning. Go down there hit the spot. Leave your luggage air until you're ready to leave a great you have to worry about going to the front desk, and it's only like fifty bucks or forty or thirty. Yes. Some of them aren't getting you can get comped. Sure you hit the gym. If you want you fuck in take drink twelve glasses spa water, you I when I checked in at the link. I got there at nine in the morning now the link has no casino. But is it a is it a do? Now, they do now all that like front area, but by the strip, and so I checked into link I'm standing in line, and it is a football Thursday. I think and so people are wearing jerseys. They're allowed to juries on NFL. Game. I guess it was and so. I'm checking that or you tells me something about each of these people who they like probably were there. Point do people. They're charging his motherfuckers forty dollars for an early check in or their room isn't ready. And I watched a guy roll roll up. Douche couldn't help them at all. I start talking to these mother fuckers about the eagles and the Cowboys, but you guys don't get on. I got checked in right away. No fee. Like just talk to people ask them how they're doing. Just be nice. Even if you think your vice everywhere Vegas listening to high and mighty right now, take my line in my stand up. I'd like to get back to a place in this country. Where can we just if nothing else just don't be a dick, right? Be manipulative. We all just started manipulating each other. At least people would think each other is nice people even trying to make you think they're fucking nice. We get a lot of credit in our business. And a lot of our like success comes from being real. But there's always good times. Even if you were fake that person for maybe thirty seconds. There didn't suck. Someone literally said how the fuck you doing? And that person might give back like tell you about the divorce they're going through. And that's going to be the funniest part of your day. I wanna shout out a dude one time who was a producer on a stupid livestream thing. I was doing and he the producer literally said guys before we get started. I just want to do something corny with everyone. And he starts going fake energy becomes real energy fake energy becomes real energy. And it was like, it's true. If the energy laughing becomes real absences, you can really key. So being fake nice. If people eventually everyone feel good also I am interested in what Vegas bartenders day has been like because they're seeing the craziest everything so it got got help you have that person's working the next night to and you pot. That's you make Vegas front. Yeah. That literally becomes I'm telling you guys name is Steve he is the host of maitre, d', whatever. At Joe's seafood inside the forum. I saw that guy. I'm not shitting. I saw two years ago last time, I was in Vegas. He's there Yanagawa, Steve what the fuck are you still buying coke from the clock tower Datta Rockford, Illinois fucker, you know, like now did he remember me? Hell no that that instant in like he said, it's like right away. And you know, what I took her my game twenty bucks for city. They were packed but took over. But he was like, obviously, this guy and me talked. We learned something about me. He's obviously not a piece of shitty rolled up here. Like asking how I also twenty dollars is such a nice tip to give someone and if you're in Vegas twenty dollars or something that's going to disappear when you're at the yes, you one hundred dollars eight minutes on so why not give twenty dollars to one dude? One person who chain. I always think of that CNN good foes with the new just walking around his hand was an-an-a-and hundreds. It was all real all real money. And then they all those mobsters like like fucked each other like if you didn't give it back to vote bobby's money. So awesome. And then so my big Sunday thing is I like to post up get superstar with a healthy beverage, whether a giant ice coffee, and now you can get juices and smoothies at almost all these hotels to I'll post up at a video poker with my luggage. Or my luggage is in my sweet or whatever and I'll fuck and get super high and just play video poker? Video game super slow on purpose. Just kind of casual Sunday afternoon. Nothing's going on. Maybe I'm like keeping an eye on some of the games, sipping my coffee, and I'm like, I got to fly home. I gotta get back to reality. This is how I recover. That's like my go-to Sunday. If like when you want to if you're a person who's like, they never come around you gamble. The number come around. This is what I start doing when they come take my order. I tip them then. Yeah. One it's a dollar, right? I'm giving them a dollar maybe two bucks that ensures that you're going to make sure you get your you've already given them money. So why would they go dick around people who they? Don't even know is going to give them their money. And and you're giving them money. I you know, what I say let me give it to you right now. Just in case for any reason, I have to leave before you come back. You're not going to leave and they're going to bring you that drink right away. And now you've in your mind I worked in the service industry six years as bartender same here. I know that's the that's the person who tips that's taking care of one night at a bar. I had somebody person wasn't tipping. Oh, how come you keep taking them before? We take care of me. And I go, well they tip and they were like what's fucked up? I go. No, no, no. That's why they're tipping. Could you imagine? If you were giving me money, and I wasn't taking care of you. I'm giving you good. I'm not giving you bad serve them. Great service. Yeah. So you're not being downgraded. They're being upgraded. And you're getting the default service. You get better service. Really only costs you a dollar drink. Right. Maybe two if that's all this. That's literally in Vegas works on a twenty four hour Konomi where everybody accepts tips and most people. Have some level of discretion to make your experience better. You can put cash almost anyone's hand in Vegas again. Don't get better experience anywhere. Anyway, drink woman is like the perfect person to take care of the second. Unlike charming and throw or five to bring tequila soda to limes, and I hear usually five on a free drink too. And then that way that activists, and then whatever couple of then from then on it's between one and three dollars per none of that them from then on you're probably getting patrol on the dick next. You who ordered the same thing is getting will. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. You can just really fucking set yourself up. It's a very again going back to the gala -tarian ISM of Vegas. It's very quid pro quo. It's very karmic. It's like you're nice to people. People are nice to you like, and you wanna keep that energy up for like, whatever your vibes. Doodoo? Good luck shit. You believe for ambling. You just want to carry that everywhere. People want to be like bring positive energy. And because that's my two. That's all everything I've said everything that I tried to every experience that I try to recreate or go after when I'm there is literally. So that somehow. Says to me, what are you worried about when you're in Vegas, and my answer is nothing. That's why I'm there. I don't want to worry about anything. I want to say I talk about how much I love Vegas, and I haven't won gambling. And maybe my last ten trips. Really? I haven't. I've only lost. Yeah. No. Personally, you haven't I've spent money lost money gambling. And that's how much I enjoy going to is that I've lost money gambling ten out of the last ten times. And I still funding. I can't wait to go in January and March somebody spent three grant to go to like south East Asia for two weeks. Right. Would they get out of memories? Yeah. Suspended grand long hours. Get. Devi? Thanks. So what you're coming on high and mighty. I'm always down to scream about Vegas now. Next up we go to together. I've got an when we hang up. All right. So let's talk about your podcast guys. If you all wanna listen to more podcast, get into them got pen pals with Scovill, ROY just eats your podcast. We just talk about people send us in letters. We write you back audibly. And we don't know what it's gonna be. It's not even just advice like tells about a crazy Bank robber. You heard about like what your new light you real letters guys? Right. It back out. And then bullshit with each other. Yes. Fucking awesome. Yes. Dumb. People town with slow to show last night at Largo Kalfin Akkas, and we'll forte. It was so much fun. Somebody was that was fun. It was like, yeah. That was essentially fish in a barrel and the barrels made out of fish. You're sort of bringing the big guns. Fluke fishing with dynamite. That drops every Tuesday in the mini episodes on Friday. And then you have your own podcast hindsight's hindsight, which you've been on phenomenal people entertainment industry, bring three photos from any chapter their life. And we just talk about the context of their life. When the photo was taken. Now this episode probably won't come out till the new year, but you know, any of your dates in January eleventh, if it's before then I'll be sketch fest doing a live dump people town, Ron funches will be our guest and then keep an eye on Daniel van Kirk dot com. I think on the twenty second of January I'll be doing a show in Vegas headlining in Vegas on Tuesday. The twenty second of January and then coming in February and March will start the next legs of the tour after the holidays, Dan, Kirk dot com, and then what your Twitter, so if people wanting at Daniel van Kirk so at Daniel van Kirk and at Gabor's, if you have something you dislike about Vegas. We did at us. And we'll tell you how you can avoid it. You only things you love in Vega. If people if people have. Not like people bothered, or the type of people that I can tell you where to go and how to avoid crowds, whatever. Yeah. The same people at the four queens are not the same people at the Flamingo and are not the same people at and are not people who are. Yeah. Exactly. Like, you can find your find your tribe invade. Well, thanks TV K by shit hits. That was a hit. I gotta show a fellow head gum podcast or a little love guys. Have you listened to good one a podcast about jokes hosted by vulture senior editor Jesse David FOX, you might remember him from my SNL episode of high and mighty he has a comedian that comes on to play one of their jokes and discuss how and why they wrote it. He's had an insane guest list already Nicole buyer, Ray Romano Seth Meyers the Lucas brothers. If you're a comedy nerd, I highly recommend checking out subscribe at head gum, apple Stitcher Spotify or wherever you get podcasts. Even care what you get it. But you should be listening to good one.

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Man Cave Happy Hour  Rusted Crow Distillery  Episode 62


41:42 min | 1 year ago

Man Cave Happy Hour Rusted Crow Distillery Episode 62

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT network visit. Www DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com for more information talk said. Hey welcome to the monkey said. Hey welcome to Medicaid and drink a fine whiskey and smoke really finds John. It is time for happy hour demand cave happy hour whiskey cigars spirits of stories that go along with it. I'm Jamie Flanagan. Hi Jamie Hi Matt. Hey Matt Fox it's been a day S and we've taken Northville podcast Detroit on the road. We are traveling to. We are at the in Dearborn. Yes there are two locations. But we're the Dearborn location of the Rusted Crow distilleries the actual distilling facility. Yes the the. This is what I like to call a micro distillery and you can correct me if I'm wrong. But this is where you do all of your distilling here and then you take it to your other locations. Do I understand that right? That's correct and with and with us today Andrew Starnes. He is self admittedly a mad alchemist in the bottle. Washer to Oh yeah. We got a lot of hats under the desk. We do you know much liberating all right. Awesome so Andrew Tell me about your childhood. Com grew up Actually not too far from your anger and city so still live over that way and I was always a little kid that went to the pop machine was mixing root beer and coke and see what kind of tastes like so same. Yeah you know fast. Forward now mixing Different bruises and liquid libations. No I never thought about that. We are experimentally bartending. You know back in diapers. I'm not the movie theater and I got a little bit a little bit sprite next. Oh that's too sweet. Then I put a little more Dr Pepper in there. Yeah Yeah I was easier juice at the seven eleven exactly. And you know what I'm going to have a slurpee with this exactly but Andrew you were actually did have some training right for being. You are what? What is your title here? Besides Mount Mad Alchemists jack-of-all-trades had distiller. So I'm in charge of all the production spirits Fermentation distillation than have you know. A couple of other people that worked with the first production. Bottling let them handle the bottling and you just kind of manage that process. Yeah I pretty much you know. Mix Up all the magic potions give it to them and then they make it look pretty. So how were you trained? How were you was there? Some schooling involved in this Kind of you know started as a hotel night auditor and get tired of working night shifts so as you know youtube being reading a lot of documents and took a couple of classes paint work of course gonNA use my resources all So it took a week in class of Michigan State. That kind of you know really dip my toes and the the process and then went out to Seattle for the American distilling institute conference kind of learning in seeing how other distilleries are going Because the West Coast is really at the forefront of distilling in production. How long ago was that That was about six years ago. Now so that's when I ran into the owner of Rusty Crowe Joshi Wanna. You know just kind of a street corner. We're both waiting for shuttles. The tour the the city and you know we exchange information then you dip it as you run into someone from Detroit. You're from Detroit in Garden City Anyway. Hey let's do this. Oh even crazier is you know he. He lives in Dearborn Heights so we literally were like neighbors. Yeah it's a it's all about the universe putting together a combined forces Disney right in here so you're like here from the beginning with Joe is as he launched this idea. He had a couple products out so he had the vodka gin and rum and then he came on board to do the Moonshine than Kim. Taking over You know going forward all right. And how long has it been? How long when did JOE and launch this and when did you join in this location? Open number twenty fourteen okay. Then I came on board in February. Twenty fifteen just months after the doors are open. So you've been doing this ever since Yep love it. This place is amazing. Joe Has some background and his background. He comes from the automotive but he was it was it was the displays for the automotive and it shows in the design of the Russell Crowe facilities. I mean these people are watching the facebook Or or find the video. The places are simply amazing. It's very what would you call it? Matt rustic. It's got a little bit of Goffin. Their steam punk absolutely. I didn't want to pigeon hole St Punky but it's it's It's all done. It's just a lot attention to detail. to kind of really create a vibe in here which is fun you know. Compared to here is more of a more intimate speakeasy Kevin Cocktail conversation compared to our downtown restaurant you know. It's much more. Larger Busier has a full food menu. So you know. It's two different vibes but you know we definitely work off each other but this is the tasty world starts to really taste it all first and then you can experience the rest of what Yep Russell. Crowe has to offer. And there's there's a full menu as looking at the menu. There's like a full menu. It's a full blown restaurant. Do you have a head chef down there? Yeah we have You know about fourteen fifteen crap beers on tap a full Americana Menu Burgers Entree Salads. Perfect now what exactly next to a LCA. America you know. We've been out for an event great place to go to and again. Just go in and see it. It's it's something it's something to see both places absolutely some Saw some photos didn't make it to Auto Ram Besam photos. You guys have a rat ride. Russet grow Kinda is is a rat. Rod. It's like where's the car parked in the NOLA Batmobile Cave right now. Well Yeah Joe. Actually had that car before the distillery even open up so he kinda had you know. He had the marketing mobile built. And you know that's how I kind of kind of knew about him because he was taking a car shows So you'd see these cool rustic rod driving around and then you know come to find out like oh it's the guy opening up distillery. Yeah so it works perfect. That's great. Well let's talk about the juice so he started out. Let's let's get to drink. It started out with the many distilleries do because they're quick to make and quicker to turn around started out with the clear liquids so what was on the menu. I and that was a little bit before your time. But what what? What did he start with? And what do you have now? As far as the clear liquids go. Yeah he started with the Detroit So the vodkas easiest fastest produce Then we had the gen stats gin and then Davy Jones run So they're all clear spirits. You know get stuff out on shelves and can start growing brandon recognition from there. Then we sort of making the murder moonshine. Oh yeah indeed Which is cool story about that. It's actually base for the the battle for Frenchtown Monroe Michigan has a monument to that battle. So we drop a little knowledge when we're in you. You know intoxicated at the same Then after that we Introduced are gender. Double which is our spice whiskey. I H six months with cinnamon Ginger Graham cracker and then we have our T. flavored gray stash. Which is our earl grey tea flavored. Jen Okay okay. Wow Jin Stash. Yea is that what that is or is that different. Yeah so it's the Jin Stash actually Just flavored with a t okay. So how has what's what's that like standing out for you guys? What's is something catching on? What's the most popular thing that you guys have? Your number one product are destroyed about gun. You know more. People are drinking vodka in compared to anything But our gender double our spice whiskey definitely is you know become almost our number two seller. That's been released. What just only a year or two It's really taken off of the real sweet. Got A little kick. You know pretty much as Christmas under the bottle is I tell people what you have back in the in the back of the building here. It's just it's liquid in time. You know a lot of time going on back there things that are aging for awhile. And I'm I'm really interested to know you know how much longer it's going to be outback there for what's next for you guys. Yeah we we got some stuff that's been aging for five years So that's when we started you know putting it on the bottles now So we get some experiments Meek Mash bills you know Blue Corn Bourbon some rye whisky. You know maybe do a special blend releases so hopefully. We'll be coming out with more stuff throughout this year. Jim Croce little off. So it's time in a bottle so so yeah I mean you gotta be pretty excited because some of the things that you initially distilled. You know five. Six years ago are finally making their out of the out of the barrels. Is there anything that's been surprisingly good or not? What you still would crazy when you're GONNA sit on your hands to try and figure out what it's GonNa taste like after a while So we whiskey. When I pull the sample had an awesome knows smell like a butter popcorn like you go to. The movie. Theater like never smelled anything like this before. So it'll be interesting you know. Actually we get ready to put into a bottle holds up and has that This is going to be a five year Probably be a four or five year for five year. Yep then I also the Rye whiskey has real Methanol can a Eucalyptus Tasted weird to. We'll see how things go round out as a keep going with the Lincoln. Yeah curious all right. So so the the one that has the is there a name for it Do you guys have is it named for Oliver Whiskies bourbons they're going to be Following the rust belt line which is what do we have a showcase straight here. Okay so here. We have our two year a two years straight which is eighty six proof and then we have our four year bottom bond which was one hundred proof recall because today is the bottled in Bond Day. Somebody somebody please sign this petition to make it a national holiday but eighteen 1897 back 1897. The bottle in Bonn Act was passed. Colonel. H Taylor mom. There's still a brand ears Andrea onto that name but He was really. He was an advocate for because abby back in the day people were selling. You know snake oil. You know you know they were. They were flavoring with tobacco. Chana and calling it bourbon and selling it. So he was looking for the purity on it and he. He was very instrumental in getting that bottled in bond. Act Pass back in eighteen. Ninety seven on this day doesn't matter whenever it was you know went. Podcast play but ironically enough So the the thing about bottled in bond is one season from one distillery so it has to be one season one distillery in a bonded warehouse and then it has to sit at least four years federally regulated and then Yup and then it needs to be bottled at one hundred proof So there you go And so this is by so. Is this a bonded facility? Yeah we have The spirits in the background and is is the bonded facility so that's some of them surveyors coming in here and make sure everything. Revenues revenues going by Look Mall revenues. Come and But yeah all right so so. That's the thing right. They have to come in they. Check Right Okay and But taxes right so the big some of the big stories from the bigger distilleries as they have all these these barrels sitting and you're paying taxes on these barrels as they sit and you have no idea stout in you know you're losing product for me. Oh Angel share and examined you fill it up with fifty three gallons of my tummy ready. You only got ten. We've talked about angel shares before. Yeah that's what evaporates understand that right. Yeah so as a Michigan Distiller you subject to the same taxes in Texas and rules Some Michigan does have different tax rate than Kentucky does okay But you know the federal level you know. We're all pretty much the same ballpark all right. Yeah I did I did. I was curious about that. So all right so can you? Can you break down the Kinky? We try we awesome. So let's start low and go. Hi Yeah definitely. That's how it's supposed to work but I always buy buy and sell loan Yeah so the Rust Belt Bourbon. And so which one is this again? This is the the two years. So it's eighty-six proof to you all right So pass it around the Nashville on. This is seventy percent corn fifteen percent right fifteen percent barley. All right a little spilled on my hand and that I'm kind of getting ahead of you. Waste Not one but YOU GOTTA. I've gotta we gotTa talk about the packaging. We'll get to that. We'll get to that. After we sniff it up young. I got a sniff my microphone. Do snipping talk into that sniff. That that you know. I always getting used to always talk about it's Caramel. I always get that Carmelo on the nose but it's the first time knows it. Yeah straight down trying to see if I'm getting anything floral in there or not. It's got a really sweet note on it very very crisp at that. These weren't these. Were just sitting out. These were not refrigerated. I mean it's a little chilly but coming from my trunk of My car sales pack but now we have very very sweet right off. Right off the Gecko on the eighty-six all right. What do you think Jamie? What are you getting off of that? I'm sweet notes. Yeah there's a little floral them trying to pick what floral there is in there. It's not lower but there's a slight floral in there and now that I've had a SIP and I'm smelling it again warms up your tongue You know a little bit with the second I'll tell you it. There's not a lot of heat but it does stick around for a little it lingers around it does linger in very very way very warmly. Yeah was chilly on because it was in. Your car is still very warm Tan. You know real good delicious and cocktails Great by itself and we always TRADE NEAT. I WANNA try to at its essence. You don't want to jazz it up at all. So tell us about your. You're still right. You have the one you have the ones still in the back. You do everything out of that so we we do everything out of that. It's a four hundred gallon pot still. Initially we started off with a hundred gallon and just was production. We had you know can ramp up the bigger So yeah it's you know A local guy actually helped to the fabrication. A lot of The metalworking Stiller Clipboard Lacey You know helped us put all that together so we took our old still cut the bottom off it and put it onto a gallon tank. And then Frankenstein it together. Well you guys are midsized. Love it so yeah. So we've talked to some you know micro and Nanno distilleries. There's an Gnanhouan by any means but But the smaller Stiller's and You know getting getting a still and making the decisions on that. That's a big big part of it too. You know it it. It really creates a profile and So doing the different spirits in it. It's what's the change over like. How often are you running it? And what are your? Yeah usually you know if I'm making a moonshine you I mean you know. Clean it out Between doing a rump. Just because I don't want that corner carry over the substrate that I I'm using a making then obviously in making. Jin Don't want the flavor of all that Gary Andrew Vodka. Yeah so it depends on. You would the production schedules like that. We're not cross contaminating Flavors how how is it running twenty four seven or yeah cooking? All the time depends on you. Know obviously went to warms up and people start drinking again We'll start cooking privilege. Someone something to weekly if not definitely Every other month and everything is done here on site all the all of your I thought I read that. You all local Products that are coming in to help you. Yeah Yeah cereals getting Source in your green is coming from local farms. Either and you know. Selene Dexter so try to get most of our stuff from here. Obviously we don't have to get it some of our Malts from other location just as there's not that much Multi going on Michigan Both most of our products Most of the bottles labeling stuff comes from Michigan our local excellent you know. Thank you for supporting local. It's an incredibly important. You know we all stick together doping. I'll drink if you're not going to drink stuff in lease drink. Local brewery distillery share the wealth. Yeah they're and they're some great locals popping up I'm getting a Han of Maple. Are you now that I've been like two sips? Yeah THREAT IS OPEN. Open you know. Can I tell you? It's the secrets I got. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm getting Tana Maple out of this now. I like that and I'm digging the flavor. The first SIP had a little ethanol in it. Not A lot. Sometimes the micros finale there was there was some on the first SIP I'm not getting it now on. Cyp Four the healthy poor by the way. Yeah Yeah so. There's so much going on within here so tell me a little bit more. About what else you have going on Because you have the battle in bond you have the rust belt. Yup what other get I need to know more about this gin stash you know? Tell me about the Gen Stash. Hey what What what Floral is in there. Yeah we use a juniper cardamon coriander. We didn't want something that tastes like. You're you know much on a bunch of Pine cones in the more English style so we scaled back The I guess. The trend is more American contemporary. Where you know. You're tasting more than the lemon peel. The line peel such much more. Citrus Ford Jin I almost say starter gin. Gin essentially is flavored vodka So that's why you have people char vodka which is the base virgin and then you know. Try The Gen. You think you know a lot of people that had a bad story or experience with you know can definitely appreciate the product a bad experience. They say makes you sit beside. Could I use? That didn't make it so you know that was fine. That was that was all right so the bottles are a riot too. I mean these are heavy bottles. If someone goes over to the facebook they could see. There's a big metal plate on each side of it. Yeah bolted. It's really pretty bad. Yeah it's it's it's it adds to the weight of it it's Very unique. It's the home run swing As far as Xining a packaging bottle like there. Nothing out there. That's going to look like that. I mean the juice is nice. Yeah the bottles amazing you get that on your shelf people go. What does that does that help? That helps I and when I go to accounts you know people. I tried and pull out of bag like the. The wall factor definitely creates the curiosity. Then when they taste it. You Know I. It tastes as good as what the the bottle looks like. Almost looks indestructible with great. Drop it okay. Yeah so we actually handle similar each bottle the owner you know the top shoulder piece that gets dipped in acid wash. Kit Greet the PATINA. The plates front and back screwed together we Han apply the sticker and the bottom. Wow sign those. So it's definitely a full process just to create a bottle. How many bottles are you? Are you put now in in in we did about a week we did inbound one hundred forty four bottles just one week and then you know waited sell them? Then we'll do another still was running twenty four seven at that. I mean we. There's about four or five of US putting it all together. Great this is just. It's it's an amazing package So when people when people are looking for this on the shelf they're looking for the straight bourbon the rest belt What's the price point on this That one wants it comes out in the stores is going to be seventy nine ninety. Nine plus tax okay So hopefully for an April may release Sorry now it's available at the distillery here okay. can purchase it same same price. Yup Same Price Michigan. You gotta salute the Minimum Minimum. Yeah no no blue light specials. Unfortunately not fair. Play this is. This is an amazing gift for somebody. Oh yeah you're cracking open. You're chugging this you know you're going to church dot a daily drinker. No Daddy special bottle that gets displayed a up top. It's gorgeous it really really is so The other bottles the Japan and the VODKAS ARE. They're special packagings with those as well. Yeah the the Jin. Each bottle label gets hand peeled the owner signs. It we apply them. So everything definitely has its unique process To get it out the door so everything you know is definitely a hands on crafted process so moving from rust belt to the bottled in bond. Rust belt What what's what's the difference. What's suicides the proof color? I'm looking at it right. The color is a little darker skin. So it's twice as long okay. Same Nashville Definitely just You know different animal. Seventy Percent Corn Fifteen Ri- fifteen barley barley then This one's aged Like I said twice as long to get your water over there at the rouge. Going hines park highs. Parkas flooded rustbelt brewing people outside of the Metro Detroit area. There is a scenic drive through the west side Detroit. Suburbs called hines drive. And if there's more than three droplets of rain hinds park is flooded and Probably highs drive is kind of a cut through for locals to avoid out ice skating in the wintertime. Up until floods floods actually. They've they've done a pretty good job of fixing the flooding over here. Unless monsoon than to jump over and overpass. And just irate. And I've seen a few cars. Yeah all right so all right so Say Mash Bill Age a little longer both aged numeric inoke number three char We get them from Calvin Coolidge and Kentucky. Ready the knows where you at you know after the first poor that we had my pal a little settled at the moment So I'm not really getting Tim. Glass water got some before this but the it I know it's going to be a little bit more spicier. I'm already expecting a little more spice because you know it's one hundred proof. A lot of people have been picking up some unique characteristics from this one some baking spice coconut power of suggestion. Just as he said that. I'm like always moving back but it could be. I know it's going to be a little more on the spicy side Just have that feeling. I haven't even taste. I'm just going to predict when I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA THERE'S A. There is a leathery aroma. There too there's something I don't know if it's just the very steam punk acidity of the room there and that's what we pumped into the fumes up. Yeah it's got it's got to have impact is. This building is very story on this building or Used to be like a pizza burger giant the haunted bakery or something like that. Come on you guys can make make some crap places. You see an old dry cleaners. The all the metal the would Came from a barn itself lying. Okay so you know. They tore that down. So yeah crazy haunting story. Then you're the owner of the Barnard. Hang himself he hangs out with me. you know. I'm distilling everyone's tended. Yeah okay good. That's what I was looking. That's the story the next batch. You're gonNA break that on the little. You know I just tell you Karl. I'm like hey I need about fifty more bottles done by the end of the night. And I lock up and come back. And it's done. It's like Your Own Little Rip Van Winkle Bourbon. Rain tastes mobile stills. GonNa Burbano he's He. He does overnight for him and I said it a rip van wig on no no. It's the rebel still. Okay all right never mind. I'm just having a conversation with myself over here. You guys keep tasted this is all about you anyway. So I've tasted this twice and there's definitely a fruit note to this and I'm definitely getting just can't place. That fruit note mind went to cherry almost and a little barish you know. It went to a berry fruit fruit note. Personally I said we're we're my Palo went. Yeah Yeah because I was actually when you're like what was going on. There's going to be hotter. I mean there is a bit more heat to it. There's a little more but there's decidedly more flavor in it for sure definitely you know. I typically will get a vanilla field or care Carmel Fields. You're happy but I'm not getting that as strong as they typically do so. I'm getting more of that. Have you ever heard of the the Kentucky Chew? Yep now what do we know? Tell US basically a sip of it and I just going to switch it all around your mouth that we coats over your entire sensory. Learn that the couple days ago from somebody else's like Make sense and as always three ways to taste of Bourbon. First Time straight down second time to a little bit your third time whenever you want tailored to splash in your hands but you know waste. Bourbon you know. You know what was actually used That's part of that documentary. That's on Hulu low is Gentlemen from I think it's from makers Freddie in Buffalo Trace Buffalo Trace. Thank you does that with the with the with the tour. He hasn't put their hands in a little on their hands and rub their hands together a little bit and then they smell it fan fascinating. Who would have thought small The ingredients from your hands. You gotTA catch. You GotTa Watch that how I feel. You know. Corona virus splash a little on the hand behind the ear. I'm Sam trying to see if there's butterscotch in here I don't know there's some candy not a sweet can't it could be a fruit candy. Could be permit may be on on the cinnamon. Maybe not peppermint but just Like butterscotch candy but not Super Sweet Candy. Not quite like a whether is but you know right around there because we the reason that we do. This is to get free drinks. Yeah of course but it is. We don't we know you so well a little bit. This is just for show by Probably better but so we. We don't really know things we enjoy spirits and we enjoy bourbons But we don't really know anything so we WANNA learn from the people who are passionate about it and do it and so we read like these reviews in the tasting notes and Pencil shavings and Saddle Leather Frog Guar. And you know it's not that train. I can only smell so much in the day jar getting better at it and and it's only we try to pick things up but That's why even you know sound to Dushi as I said the word lignans earlier and that stuff that you get from the barrel itself. Yeah you know. We learned that from my gentleman That that was all about whiskey and Scotch Right you know. And that's that that was a fun episode. We learn a lot of guys when we do this. And we just want to share that knowledge with as many people as we can. And then that's what you know using you unique in every distillery the mission climate like our. Berman is going to be different. Kentucky's our aging faster slower Definitely the climate. Because we're Kentucky said it's really. It's nice of temporary. You know it's very but it doesn't get as cold in the wintertime forties in the wintertime. We're worse it in the extremes. Yeah so what you find here. What you taste are in Michigan. Very different from what you taste in Kentucky definitely. So where can people find Russell Crowe spirits majority of our products are available in Myers and Kroger's throughout the state Yeah the the vodka got picked up in Walmart Pretty much and most were liquor stores. Jenny Walmart sold liquor until I found out. Like or awesome client right. I got a little walmart. Does Walmart's throughout Michigan pretty much predominantly in the metro area. Okay and then you slowly We're trying to expand the footprint more west more northwest and all the products are available at the restaurant downtown so you can actually grab a bottle to go spirit finder online time. We're working on getting that That we can list all of our accounts and make it easier to grow bottle really generally metro Detroit. Michigan is kind of the space right now. you outside of Michigan yet We do have a distributor and Chicago. That's online right now. So working on getting into this footprint said do it online. Yeah Okay Great. So there's a couple of stupid because you can't do stuff here. You can order it online Michigan. But you can't go pick it up to the store for out of the stage you can get shipped to you like it's crazy ass rules and laws. Yeah to live there for a reasonable all right. We'll cool so metro Detroit area online. If you look if you go to the website sure it will direct you to shoot a facebook message. Emails call you know we can always point you to where it fund bottle. How how long has it been opened up downtown I believe we're going on our third fourth year. Now okay So you know. Time is flying Opened up you know right when the Tigers were going downhill. So that's how I kind of remember you said you guys are right in the same vicinity in the midtown area Right in the kills building right next to the Clip Bells Circus Park area. Yeah love the Cliff Bell's Yeah Fund a Little Cool Jazz Place de so as coming up so you know chaos in there and so his place area for opening day. No I'm going to have a cold I mean so what's on the horizon is. There is a projects in the in the mix in the works. Yeah once we get this released then we all plan on the two other the whiskey the Rye whiskey and this is this is what works right so and then I'll have a whisky on the market. Now this is it. This is the launch. The gender doubles the only whiskey on the market is so once his on their. We'll actually have a bourbon on the market. That's great thank you for sharing. Yeah all right so this is next all right. Tell us about the ginger devil bill on that and so that is actually our ticker moonshine. One hundred percent corn Throw it into a barrel said for you know six to eight months okay with cinnamon ginger and Graham cracker actually in the barrel deluded down with Cinnamon Syrup yes. We ended up But then yeah. She's where did go. Wow I think we need to do just that one. Yeah cinemas is it. Because you're you're the cinemas you got your what your fireball and Jack Fire. Am So so this much. More of a natural scaled back on that a fiery yet. It's not going to set your hair on fire source Three different sentiments. Is You know a natural Flavor to it and sweetness. It's not that not that it's not a shooter. Yeah no it's a sip or shooter shoot and everything you WanNa walk straight later. Are that to definitely a different animal. A Bourbon Hell. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah this is key. This is podcast. So we can edit away on just Just what a what a gracious host. Thank you very much so Jamie yes just to go over if you were to select one of these odd. Yeah Yeah there's sweetness and I just still can't get over. Just how good it really isn't it? Continues to show every time I sip on the. That's that's half the reason I wanted to really really pull it out. I wanted to see the bottle to these are just the the the the labeling on these just so cool launch of these here at the tasting lower downtown school thought Ginger Devil. There's so there's a a love. She was young lady in red so the owner's wife. Tiffany about eight nicer things. Pg Thirteen and it's a very. It's a very gorgeous dog is no longer with us but it was What was that Griffin knows? Zombie Sambi. Okay. All right so cinema. These family owned these distilleries. Everything is so family. You know centric you know. Yeah he and his wife on the ball. You have your your dog on the body's just it just creates just that much that metric. Yeah Story Yeah Yeah. Yeah and it's so you love it. The Ginger spiced sin sin wrote in rural Punishers so this is only thirty five. Hey Dad jokes and puns day so seventy proof that at thirty five percent and this is senate and grand crack in there you say I I noticed this Jamie and I could definitely take. I definitely knows that role. I I actually because you've done. That's I think that's believe where we met you. Were doing a tasting at a store you get out you hit the streets and you're you're you're pushing it hard for the company to new. You got to work hard for the money. Yes he works hard for the money. You can smell the Senate Zohar smelling it. I'm expecting that that hot. I'm expecting that hot cinnamon. Because it's got that distinctive smell you know much more a desert you know can send me Graham crackers as for shirt whiskey on your breakfast whisky. Are there any floats in here? Schlager filtered and all out filtering out. You know what if I have to chew on it? That's fine to just of the smell of it. I shot it. Yeah Wow no it is reminiscent of you know my my early twenties. Yeah but I'll tell you can definitely see this as a separate and a definite great amazing mixture of some sort to make some awesome cocktail. Even do some classics with an old fashioned is if you WANNA really spice it up a bit fashioned heat it up as hot toddy Real good health. Yep Clear your sinuses out. There should be good for. I'm a big skier. I Love Winter Sports. This would be something that I would actually take with me on the mountain. Yeah and SIP on a throughout the day because the bottle of you passed around right right. You know that that that that for me is that keeps you warm on the Ski. Lift definitely so for being a moonshine. You're based off of your Moonshine I'm not I'm not really getting the ethanol on that. So the flavors in there is just really nice. It's really nice if flavorful and I'm not I'm not getting me the ethanol. Not 'cause I'm 'cause this is number three on the on the on the hip or But I would taste it. Don't taste like the high sugar that you kind of getting some types of sending break drinks. You're not getting that show. We don't want to give you know the the sugar you know hangover field you know no no no we scale that back rain. It's a really really unique very unique a lot so the tasting room here is open Thursday Friday Saturday. Yup there's a Friday Saturday. Five until about midnight to people were really partying and hanging out and we woke you up to bring in today. I know rolling out of bed. You know afternoon and then Downtown the restaurant version is open predominantly everyday of the week Usually closed on Mondays. Unless there's a sporting or a concert event right right. Let's Garth Brooks is hitting the stays presenting sanders. Yeah People are so stupid. That's right go to Ford field for a show in that get. That's very sad. They were. They were college roommates at one point. I didn't know that they were. That's how they're connected is very sanders. Garth Brooks were roommates. That's what I did not know. I thought he just picked up a jersey. They've been friends for Alka. Yeah so those you know enjoys music. I'm not I wouldn't call myself a fan. Obviously I didn't know that. Yeah Holy Crap. I saw the pictures and they really packed in Ford field like a hell of an attendance. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I was supposed to go to the sound check and I missed. It was going to ask you about that but never said this work. We did the soundcheck party and I was like. Oh Yeah. I'll go to that. You know Saturday shows early Saturday and then Friday night. All the all the people from the station started posting pictures. I'm like awesome of a pitch tonight. My name was on the list to go on. I didn't go. Where's Mr Flanagan's idiot boy? Any amount All right so the website. What IS UP Russell Crowe Dot Com okay and then You know as Rusted Crow Dot Com. All right all right. So in the Metro Detroit area. Find it downtown. Find it in Dearborn on the weekend and then find it online Russell Crowe Dot Com and I did see. United started bringing this up so late. But you have live music here new bills. Yup Right next to the stills. Usually when they're not running so we usually have a live music Friday and Saturdays. Sometimes you know every other week a comedy show. We just actually had one last weekend. Soul the soul the place out so you have a lot of You know cool things going on anything on the horizon that you WanNa talk about on a certain date. Nothing I can think of that. Don't have any Unique parties Any releases but stay tuned social media space out for someone wanted to know if you WANNA have a birthday party definitely party birthday party. Get the clowns in here. Baby baby shower you know. Everyone do type of Parties Pretty Nice place to have a a a nice little soiree. Yeah if someone was doing it there's always one of our employees from downtown. Was having her baby shower here and I walked into start stealing as well. I guess today diapers full food. What type of poop is exactly shenanigans? A thing for having us out thank you. Thank you for the gender spores cheers.

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Truly Cali-fudged

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Truly Cali-fudged

"Support for this podcast comes from kotel. Prepare for landing iota washington. Dc arrives on capitol hill. This fall inspired by the luxury of first class. Airline travel guests can expect a high tech low touch experience like the signature. Yo tell self check in kiosks which means never having to wait in line to get to your cabin. That's yo tell. Speak for rooms book your first class cabin now at yo te l. dot com slash washington. Dc and use promo code park for free nightly parking. Wow actually had an effect on policy so at the beginning of the pandemic we all fell in. Love with joe exotic. Well maybe you did. I fell in love with carol. Baskin the tiger king. Then we all got very very sick of it. Never wanted to hear about it again in her legs. Actually but this just happened the. Us houses passed the big cat. Public safety act to prohibit public contact with big cats like tigers lions and leopards as well as ban the possession of these animals as pets. So it's actually going to be illegal to have a pet tiger. I don't know if everybody who owned a pet tiger was either a completely crazy running an orangey or a meth addict. But at least everyone everyone portrayed in. That show was doing it. Yeah what are amputee. Tweaker supposed to do for a living now. Carole baskin was running a weird cult for profit. Joe exotic was just some sort of gay meth fueled going on there. And then you had that other dude documental atta boy. Who is just trying to sex. Up young women right. That was. His main thing is delaney said at dinner the other night my college get his home now because of the did she said know. I think it's about time that would maybe we re watch tiger king and judy. My wife says no. No that was funny. That was like food. Yate too much of a now you can smell it you wanna comet weenie sick to my stomach and i threw up yesterday. Vomit like an australian policies runs into the billions of part clips of the weeks to get an adverse hit. You with this. This is a super serious story of and i. It's unfortunate that the world works this way but for whatever reason we were pretty interested in hong kong and it's freedom there for a little while and following the news on a daily basis than for whatever reason we got an interested as a country and as a media. It's worse now than it was then yet. It's getting no attention. They've had a terrible couple of weeks there in hong kong. There have now been ten thousand of these protesters just disappear. I mean or there or it's nowhere they are but they're in mainland china jails awaiting trial which may never happen Ten thousand of had been taken off. The streets ain't collectivism grand. All the leadership is gone. And according to One person was following it closely. The prospect of being whisked away to the mainland for trial and imprisonment imprisonment has changed the equation. Even for the most committed activists. They're thinking the whole year willing to get in the streets and you know whether the storm thing is probably over. China's goal was to take out the leadership. And actually lock up enough of these people where you think you know. It's it's a losing battle. Do i wanna spend the rest of my life in prison. Amazing for just such patriots courageous. In a way that you and i we will never be tested in that way. Probably in the united states these people stood up. They stood up against. You know the the red coats and got shot down in the square. You know will. They be remembered so hong kong's gone and thailand's next taiwan's next amid well on a lighter note because everything's a lighter note let's take a fond look back at the week that was. It's cow clips of the week to uncles finding the barbecue folks. We saw turkey in the pool yesterday on saturday. He slipped and twisted his ankle while playing with his dog. Major the default position should be to try as best as possible within reason to keep the children in school to get them back to school. These documents a rare clear. An open window into what china knew all along trying to appear in control while a local outbreak turned into a global pandemic agree about that. You never. it's a bit of magical thinking on everyone's part to think that at any restaurant anywhere. Shergar keeps a six foot distance from the table. Where he or she is taking an order so the servers are not protected from us. This is what you get when you leave the national party in charge of water. Dead fish. A massive stink. Pullback can you imagine with even more discipline and training. It's going to be a very boring for years. And everybody has to be aware of that and then we need to stay home with. You can do everything you can try to keep the numbers down. I just greeting wikipedia off. That would be awful. Okay i am. The vaccine seems like a winner. Five out of five. Russian doctors recommended. If what's good for them to be bluntly honest performance tonight. People really want to watch next year's biggest hit someone else's doctor's appointment turn your head third justice a couple of clips come at first of all. What was the one the foreign guy mumble mumbling and then they sounded like low pitched drums. That was a the second monolith being found member monolith stuff. Yeah vaguely a third. One was found this this week in california. But i'm still. I'm not paying attention because this is some sort of marketing thing of the tv show or something or gadget. That's going to be on sale for christmas or whatever. Yeah exactly Aliens that have invaded and they're trying to communicate with some pretty sure of that. I'd also like to point out the adolescent female or whatever. She was shouting fawningly. It'll joe biden. Is by mr president-elect. How's your food. That's the watchdog. The american people right there speaking of watchdogs this with teeth we ought to get to some of the tucker clips that we grabbed from last night's show Where he's talking about that absolute over educated under wise. Eric garcetti mayor los angeles among other things. What else. we've got to get to some breaking news with nancy pelosi but i haven't heard it yet. Hanson may be. You can get on that She she did a back and forth with reporters in which you get by a bucket of water and his melted. Nothing there but her hat house landed on our sister. Apparently nancy pelosi got back and forth with a couple of reporters who dared to ask about you. Know why didn't you do this. Corona virus relief before. Yes i have one quote. But i haven't heard it says you know sometimes just as oversold lots of times That you know somebody cracked tobacco or you know got into it with and then you listened to her and it's not much asked why she My screen captured and more. Can you just read it there. For me sean Give me one second. Pullback you might find this angering standby everybody. I want to get more Into that lawsuit against schools staying closed by parents. Some of the some of the quotes from the government spokes holes will make you look for your ax. Handle in your bandana and take to the streets asked why she is on board with an apparently smaller corona virus package speaker pelosi sites the game changer of vaccine development and biden's election. That's okay now because we have a new president a president who recognizes. We need to depend on science. I don't know that answer means so. That's the person third in line to the presidency. I need to hear that in context sunday morning. God i'll need to hear that in context to see if it's as maddening. It sounds like it might be. It's friday summer. Mit drink to listen to that stuff. Right they most places. Mika brzezinski scolds garber over mask mockery. I'm done with being polite. She mad at him. Oh cracks appearing in the facade there as exciting news celebrity marriage scout scar. Bobin mocking the idea of masks. I dunno and wife got mad. I'd be exciting. Chewed him out on the air. I'm so tired. If you jau brother i don't know Lots of cram in all right. Yeah and enter. Text line is four one. Five two nine five k. F. t. z. What's up with you. All the heads on the way the armstrong and getty show this months ago. He said i will not accept. Apple tastes character is what we did before as a mistake as a preface to your question. If you want an answer that was not a mistake. It was a decision and it's taken us to a place where we can do the right thing without other. Shall we say considerations in the legislation that we don't want now that is it now so who asked the question that got that started data. Don't don't know nancy pelosi She understands the verbal game. She gets it. She's i've i've said this over and over again i'll continue to save. My side is never had anybody as good as nancy. Pelosi at fighting for her. 'cause well what she's really good at is throwing out words and phrases in an adamant tone that sound like a defense but don't make full sense and and so you end up just kind of discouraged. Not sure what to ask next. It's bullcrap which is part of the game. Yeah right right. I tell you what best speakers the house of representatives of ever had to go to hell for lion barack. Hey this is the truth by some fine armstrong and getty gear for that special friend of armstrong and getting your family. A true friend of a and g would love new hoodie. Some new boxers fresh new agey mask give a friend would let the size of a horse at large. Yes they do on the other hand my own daughter my own beloved twenty one year old daughter tried on the sports bra yesterday and pronounced it very comfortable. She said perfect for lounging around on us sunday afternoon. Okay i'm holding up the armstrong and getty extra-large boxer briefs. Oh my gosh novel decides those the the yeah yeah. They're out in the snowstorm. You could sleep under. Those things are enormous stranded on an island. You got sale run a tad large. If you can get a wildebeest standstill. You can put those things on its hind end. You better have a beeping sound when you back up. Were these again. They run a little large there. At armstrong and getty dot com. It helps us. Keep everybody on the staff employed. We don't we didn't get any damn government money. The quality control in our chinese manufacturing the sizes. Very you're not helping. You're not helping. I love this. Do we have more on nancy or does that. It does that. The i think it'll be more throughout the day as i understand what the hell is going on. Good good good so we talked about this a little bit earlier. But i just keep coming across stuff i got to share with you. So a bunch of families are suing the state of california cornea and there are other suits going on around the country for keeping the schools closed. Our kids aren't getting educated. This isn't working. It's terrible we you have responsibility To to follow through with education the kids is the long short of the suit in their cases quite compelling because especially poor kids and they have to focus on kids of color because it gets better headlines but in essence. it's poor kids are really really getting screwed. Because they don't have the resources to craft work arounds for the schools being closed but so the spokes whole The state board of education department of education superintendent. Tony thurmond one of the defendants in the california lawsuit said throughout the pandemic this administration has taken important actions to protect student learning while also taking necessary steps to protect public health. There is no question that this pandemic is disproportionately impacted those who've been made vulnerable by historic and systemic inequities. That's what it is. So that's what the problem on. Its historic connected. Place to point your anger. It's to slavery. So here's the part. I love since the spring we've secured hundreds of thousands of computing devices for students pressured internet service providers to expand access bolstered mental health counseling resources. Boy not enough for those kids who committed suicide within twenty miles of the radio ranch. In recent days made it easier for schools to provide meals at published guidance and dozens of training opportunities for educators to strengthen distance learning for our highest need students. He said well as i pointed out. It's like you know nailing shell your doors and windows of your house while you're at work and you're saying wait a minute. There's no justification for that. And then all tony thurman would respond. Well he furnished you a cot and we've furnished you a camp stove. And here's here's a blanket. No no why is my house closed. Oh here's a comic book to flip through the rest of it. He is so full of crap. Eight tony when you're in high school. You're in college studying hard and listening to your counselor. Did you mention to your counselor. That what i'd really like to do is is lick. The boots of the politically connected the powerful and the wealthy at the expense of america's children especially america's poor children. Tony if you figure out you can't taste it's not the covid. It's that your tongue so thick with the dust off the boots of those. You more link for them. You can't taste anymore that's available. We've secured hundreds of thousands of devices and we've provided training. It's not working. The kids are miserable. they're committing suicide and their way be. They're not learning. Do we have stuart varney. We never heard the whole clip. This is stuart varney of what is he's only your finance places. Yeah fox business and the whole school thing remote learning the classroom. It's a failure and that's another reason to open the schools. Now it's hard to get your arms around the extent of this failure. From all over the country there are reports of cratering grades and fact disappearing students young. Who just don't show up on the computer in school. Systems where classrooms are closed. Enrollment roman is declining online. Is just not working. It's the quality of education is most troubling. How'd you expect stressed out. Parents to operate the often inadequate virtual classes and the truth is virtual. Education is a very poor substitute. No matter how many resources you throw at it where's the socialization that youngsters need you. Get that from staring at a screen and let's not forget. There are millions of families which simply do not have full access to the internet. This is an educational disaster. All the way from pre k. To college is a disaster for public education. Those who can leave. It's a public relations nightmare for the teachers union. They seem to have abandoned. The children There are all kinds of arguments for reopening the schools but the most important is surely that virtual learning just isn't working. I what we've probably we've provided guidance and dozens of training opportunity. One thing i am happy to to boast about hadn't heard anybody before us way back in like may saying. Is anybody notice this socks. Does anybody notices. This isn't working at all. Every single kid and parent. I talked to say it's a disaster. Why miserable why is everybody acting like this is an option and it continues armstrong and getty. It takes a lot of grit to serve your country and the lessons that military service members learn in uniform are valuable no matter which path they've chosen. That's why t mobile is supporting iheartradio's vets. You should know podcast sharing inspiring stories of dedication. Perseverance and robbery from us veterans. So when i went to that basic camp for the army. I was told that my voice did matter and that i needed to use it so from that day on. I had to rebuild myself really and it was those members of the military. My friends the drill sergeants. Who really helped me regain my voice and regain my confidence so that i can be of waste for others going forward. T mobile is proud to support. I heart radio bets. You should know podcast and honor all those who have served our country. This veterans day in always check out the vets. You should know podcast available now on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Then learn more about t. Mobile's ongoing support of military and veteran communities including career assistance community support and discounts for active service members veterans and military families at t mobile dot com slash military t mobile ready to serve those who serve the armstrong and getty show. Eric garcetti. Me seem like a garden. Variety elected official oily incompetent. Not yet fifty years old. But that's an illusion in fact eric. Garcetti is omnipotent. My message couldn't be simpler. It's time to hunker down. It's time to cancel everything and if it isn't essential don't do it. Don't meet up with others outside your household don't host a gathering. Don't attend a gathering. It's to cancel. Everything commands lord. Garcetti and when he says everything he means everything up to and including your most sacred holiday time with your family v. allusion of free will itself. You were a citizen. Now you already supplicant in. All it took was a single sentence from eric. Michael garcetti a pandemic like this confer such powers a mayor of angeles. They're speaking tucker mocking him. That is a heck of a thing for an elected official to say. It's time to cancel everything. Can you be a little more targeted. And as i've been saying all along at least attempt to have some compassion well and the idea that they he must pronounce how we will be kept safe is just so incredibly insulting and condescending which is my usual problem with the left. How about say look. It's super contagious. Everybody going around like crazy. Don't want to get sick. A good friend of mine had it for six weeks and still isn't right. So hey let's let's be saved. No we are closing this. We are closing that we are closing everything travel ban which doesn't really exist so suggestion and it's a suggestion a hint of empathy for many of these people about you know Christmas is favorite day of year. And it's going to be devastating to not get to do our usual stuff get together with family not even a hint of that. Just the here's what you can do. Here's what you can't do well. It hasn't occurred to them because they'll be taking your private jet to kabo canoe with their families and enjoy takeout from the french laundry a story. We have forty at armstrong and getty show. I just watched this high school player goes berserk in tackles wrapping his hauled off by police. I just saw that up on the. Tv brutality yeah. Football aches my dumbest click based say. Here's a story. That's not at armstrong. Here's the dumbest click bait story. I've come across in quite a while. New york post is really good at the click beatty stories sort of person that would click on model claims sunbathing vagina. Daily boosted libido. And then. There's a picture of earner bikini with their phone. So if if you click on the story. You're going to get to see the hot model sunbathing her vagina to be such a stupid brew to fall for that. I mean. I'm a brute. But i'm not stupid dan i she's not going to show it to me and he does does not have pictures of the and even when she does on my eight to be the one to break this to you but that sort of thing is available on the internet whenever you want it. Yeah so while you're scrolling through the news. You don't really need to spend your time on that. Not really no no lord so you can email us anytime you want. Mailbag at armstrong and getty dot com mailbag armstrong and getty come a little bonus mailbag here a couple of comments. Jack fire way you everything got this nice note from roger listens everyday on. Kabc in los angeles really enjoys it. Thank you roger. We appreciate it brother. My one gripe is that you guys talk about joe. Biden is if it's a done deal. And he's going to be president with very serious accusations testimonies and evidence of illegal activities etcetera etcetera far from done deal. That biden will be inaugurated in january roger. It's a done deal. It is a done deal. And here's why. I say that because you're in the tank for biden what tucker carlson and the attorney general and all of these other politicians that have stated their entire careers on boosting trump. And say. now it's it's it's legit election right. Listen roger here's my point. There is what david wrote a great note. And i'm going to read that first to you because it helps me point guys. A lot is made of the term widespread fraud. The mainstream media is immediately a denouncing this term. Saying there's no evidence of widespread fraud. I pose the question if there's a fraudulent vote in every voting district across america. Isn't that widespread voter fraud. It won't affect the election but you can't say there's no widespread voter frano bothers me when i hear people say that. Yeah exactly so david. It's an excellent point. Net goes to rogers point roger. I it's the wrong question because trust me palese. Trust me. If i believed that i spend hours looking to the stuff. If i believed that there was actually a chance of overturning election. I would tell you that. But i don't. It's not even close but but especially with this new gigantic scale mail in voting there is enormous potential for fraud. There's already been a fair amount of fraud. They're working as hard as they can in georgia right now to perpetrate more fraud registering state people in dead people. Don't hang your hat on trump actually one because he didn't and i believe that with my heart. Hang your hat on. We have to root out all the vulnerabilities for voter fraud going forward. That's the question that's the ball to keep your eye on in my opinion. A lot of your bigger conspiracies and there have been many through the years that have thought this about if what you believe is true. Well then everything is so phony. There's no point in even caring. I mean it's i mean if if the attorney general and tucker carlson fox news and all those georgia republicans if they're all in on it along with everybody else then there's just no point in paying any attention mean. The whole thing is phony. Yeah i see your point. There's finally starting to get there's not enough left to save to fight for it. Top liberal similar in on it. You know what's interesting. I listened to a podcast where at the diet can picture him. But his name is slated out on my mind supergiant. Podcast not ben shapiro. joe rogan. He was talking alex jones. And i wasn't sure this was a while back. I wasn't sure how seriously to take what alex jones was talking about. I guess we'll know because he was. This was the offstage to be sincere out okay. I don't think i've ever heard that. Alex jones right and he was saying. Look i would report on all the inconsistencies. All the weird stuff like about the sandy hook school shooting and he said i report that in and talk about it and then i finally decided now it actually happened. School shootings tragedy. Sandy hook happened. Those little kids were killed. It's an absolute tragedy. He said when. I started to say that i had mentally ill listeners. Show up at my office. Saying i'm here to kill you because i know you're secretly and use the name i don't know and i know you're part of the pizza gate thing now. They've bought you. You've gone to the dark side. And alex jones is saying i had no idea what a huge component mental illness plays in all that all this stuff. Oh really yeah interesting. yeah it was. He didn't say it in so many words but he said look. I didn't understand. I had that much influence and i unleashed something horrifying that i regret still doing it though isn't he. He's sawmill. he's more careful. He makes like sixty million dollars a year. Nobody's certain but it's a lot. Yeah he's a lot more careful than it used to be. But so yeah the the whole great grand efficiency conspiracy thing that trust me. I've been part of plenty of big organizations. The one thing. They aren't as efficient than secretive. A lot of mental illness going around. It appeals to paranoid schizophrenic. Well part of my point is yeah with. A lot of these big conspiracies if the government and the media and You know if an every politician in the country is in on school. Shootings for instance. The country's the doesn't he never existed that you're that you're concerned about. Yeah which is not to say. Turn a blind eye to the fact that the powerful obviously are pulling levers in their own favourite because they are but tucker carlson and bill barr and the republican governor georgia the secretary and rues lowery of national review and rich lowry. They haven't all gone over to become nancy pelosi's imps it's not happening so anyway realism. That's that's kind of what we don't want to pander to you to make more money. I couldn't sleep at night if i did that. Not that we're you know paragons of i don't know saintliness or something. I just don't like lying to people. I won't do it for a living. I'd rather drive a truck just looking up at the. Tv biden promises. The most diverse cabinet in us history. What percentage of people get really excited about that and is it just. Because i'm a white male. That i don't i think that the reason i don't is i just want the most effective cabinet in american history and i don't care if it's i honest to god do not care if it's all black women. I wouldn't matter to me at all if joe biden were to say. I'm going to introduce the most capable cabinet since lincoln's i think. Wow okay. who are these people. But the most diverse. I mean. i'm going to get us that. Is you know we were talking earlier. About china's only goal their entire country their entire government. they're only goal is to overtake the united states and make the rest of the world live the way they want them to. They're not worried about crap like this. No they're trying to come up with the most efficient way to take over the world. Well listen if you are a black woman and your appointed secretary defense in everybody's well biden needed a black woman. That's profoundly insulting to you but you know. That's the difference between a quality of opportunity and equality of outcome. I don't care there's never another white male president again. It would make any difference whatsoever. Don't have the least concern about that. No no just capable. So i want hell hell. We're outta step I got this list of words that may go extinct. But it's not as fun as i thought it would be. Because i didn't know any of these words still exist in his words that are very close of just disappearing from the dictionary altogether because not enough people use them anymore. I don't think you've probably heard any of these words. Hough the only one i may know is hoople which is a toy hoop that used to play with with a stick like in the nineteen hundred one thousand nine hundred this list. This was a toy. Have you ever seen that. It's like i've only seen it in books. I don't know if i've ever even seen hoop unstick here's your big hoop and you kind of push it along with a stick. Kids did what fun. What could be more fun when you had nothing else to do. But you play zelda other than the other than hope. You didn't get scratched by a rusty nail. You had nothing else to do right exactly so we have that we have a little more bonus mailbag. We're gonna finish strong. You're coming off a little footy to me. A- pardon most people think your son's e. But i think your footy os using. He's using the dead language. Those are the words that it might disappear from the Armstrong and getty show so there are ten words at might be extinct this year. Going out of the dictionary mentioned sunzi which is cute and charming kin. Sons going the word santi is easy. It is cute german. Yeah aren't you santi a footy. Which is foolish your little footie of the taken. Why haven't they taking this out of the dictionary yet. Eskan that's half cents. What's what denomination that mattered to be half a quarter to escalating for that. Wow stenner a food storage tub. That should hang around. That's quarter right. An eighth of a dollar dome. Words should go away dumb. Cash koran the decorative. Confetti filled eggshell. That just went out of popularity. Confetti filled eggshells just. Aren't that fun anymore. It's a shame Confetti filled eggshell have net flicks. We have snapchat filters now with confetti. Eight yeah i guess so. Continuing on with a little bonus mailbag absolutely love this. It's just just in the kelly unicorn. Ian was in boise on business this week. Beautiful boise idaho. And he says. I love the fact that i've eaten endorse at different restaurants every night however the woke walkers are clearly on the march as the use you took offense to my merry christmas wishes and the homeless are camped below social justice warrior slogans along the city streets. It really hit me. When i said thank you sir to a bearded store clerk named shea with a vadim button on their chest as their chauve enlightenment and then he says in his view. Boise is austin texas ten years ago which got me thinking. They're probably ought to be a measure of and there are times. I'd like to be able to swear on the air jack now. I'm polite manner christian man but Bullets i'd like to be able to say bull less because that's a perfect word for what it means. What what am i going to say. You're on obvious gator. Or misleading with such a perfect work. And i'd like to be able to say the f. word right now because there needs to be scale of how calif fudged your city is. Oh right you are at. I don't know whether it's a through f or probably a scale of one to ten of how calif alleged you are as californians move in the first thing you notice is wait a second. That house next door went for three hundred. Seventy five grand like three hundred last time it sold last year. And then you notice. More pre his with bernie stickers then all of a sudden people are shown up at the city council meeting and saying you can't move aggressive drunken bombs away from elementary schools. And before you know it you've got a seventy billion dollars light rail system to know where we really have a christmas parade moslims. Yeah and then you know. You're truly california. So i am strongly encouraged encouraging In favor of roadblocks enforced boarders walls build a wall. And make california. Pay for it if you don't want your town ruined don't let especially liberal californians in now if somebody if you want to have some sort of exam or pulled pastor blood test or something. I'm blood were where somebody says. Listen yeah. I'm moving boise. Because i can't stand progressive california anymore red white and blue american flag manly men and beautiful women the risk of the constitution. Yeah let those people in but the others you gotta treat them. Like trump treated the the people who wanted fake asylum. Say all right. You've got to wait in your state until we approve. You trust me. You wanna do this. Or you'll be caliph lodged yourself music Feels like she your host for final votes. Any nine hundred. Seventy four and brad is rocking the charts. Let's get a final from everybody on the crew. Michelangelo presses. the buttons in the control rooms like human octopus in their keeping us on the air. Michael final thought you know. I had a wedding that was outdoors. I had no problems. We spaced out. We had a good time. Outdoor dining should be open. Yeah it's crazy. It's absolutely crazy that they're banning outdoor dining especially up. The restaurant spent so much time and effort to make it safe. It's the power positive sean. Our producer sean. What's your final thought. Yeah my tweet of the day that was tweeted by somebody by the name of premium. Pete solid handle. I give it the thumbs up when you catch yourself thinking. The grass is greener elsewhere. Challenge yourself to water the grass. You're standing on who jack you're the co host. You have a final thought. I haven't tv viewing recommendation. That you might have missed the first time around. I kind of did. But my wife. And i have gotten into it. It's a great show to watch a couple new girl if you never got into new girl that show is freaking hilarious. And it's got all the charm and romance and stuff it so much like friends. I think it just hit the wrong tyne if it had been a netflix series when it landed Bennett norms zoe. Additional is a delight in love with her when she was in elf. But it's the samba cast that so much like friends. Thing is great. And if you haven't got into that season's worth you can start watching this weekend. My final thoughts is Less intellectual definitely jimmy. Fallon was making fun of vanilla. Ice cream a joke. We played earlier. I've spent the entire show thinking about vanilla ice cream and how delicious. And i can't wait to have a big old scoop of it next more apple. This is a big deal in my household. I'm ordered to only get vanilla not french. Vanilla vanilla bead a particular that you like better than the others. I can't tell the difference. I guess if he can tell. The difference is a big difference. Well the bean year the better for me the good stuff. Yeah but not frenchmen. I understand it. It's probably a little strong gotcha armstrong and getty rabbit. Other grueling for our workday always tried so hard to bring you every flavor of information So many people will think so little time. Good armstrong and getty dot com some great. Swag you can still get it in time for christmas. A and g gear the jogging bras very comfortable. According to my daughter we will see you on monday. God bless america located. That's all the time we have today. I like to thank statue. Male female arena planning ms done mill. The sport land on the time has come do go. They'll come out is bad laurel. I'd be still jayme. Armstrong and getty name is jamie loftus. And i'm here to tell you about my new show. Lalita podcast lolita. By vladimir nabokov is one of the most controversial works of all time and our culture is done. It protagonist a huge disservice over the years. I've spent the last few months getting to the bottom of how america turn. This abused young girls into a sex simple. And what that says about us. New episodes drop weekly on mondays. Listened to lalita. Podcast on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Episode 6

Drunken Confessions

34:25 min | 2 years ago

Episode 6

"Hello, and welcome to episode six of jumping confessions with Cassidy me. Hello care. How are you? I really, really good. How are you? Same boat. I'm excellent really, really. You're you. Sure, I am. All right. Because I had my first drunken confession of the night, people while we are just I starting this off. Oh, yeah. Yeah, what's your first circuit confession? They irritated you tonight. Because this is our third take. Because I keep screwing up. So. Surprise. I think you were going to bring that up. Yeah. This is our thirteen. It is, and we're little more drug in the normal. A little more drunken? The normal were drunk, I know it sounded like you said, if I. So which is Arthur take for the night. So anyway, so I'm doing great. Doing at this point as she you know, she says she's doing fine, but it's kind of between gritted teeth. I think a little bit. No, no. I'm awesome. I feel awesome. Good good. Good. Good though. I'm excited for a possessive, I am to guess. And I think that's why we had to take three takes. Yeah. Because I'm getting too excited that we're getting up there. And we're we're recording at this professional studio. Thank you, very much for Lawrence system system studios, this S's are LOL difficult after we've Drake this and then. Excellent. Let me try that again. Okay. Thank you for Lawrence system studios for hosting us again for the second week in Rowe. Yes. Maybe it's the lights that are throwing 'cause I told her turn out, usually have big lights going, and now got moved. Like all these different lights here. So as messing with them, and now we have like these pink lights, so you talk, and I'm gonna go just late to a different color. Okay. So, again, thank you very much for Lawrence's some studios for hosting us tonight. We really appreciate it next week. We will have guests on the show, which I'm very excited about to actually have other people. Talk to you, besides the Biard. Just change the two. That's actually better than the pink light. Really? Yeah. You feel more blue in the mood and blue. Okay. Stop anyways. So if you are the first time listeners, we are drunken confessions we get drunk and Ciller. Yep. If, if you can't tell as nothing is nothing major or anything like that we nothing special, and you're welcome to join us. Yes. So hit us up on my drug officially that gmaiLcom or at Facebook dot com slash my Junkin confessions, our text me, and call me. I'm fine with that, too. If you ever number, because she won't give it out on air. She keeps putting that option out there. But if you have my number text me, call me hasn't changed in eighteen years. So what are what have you been drinking all all evening? Right. Since you gave it away. The this is our third. Quite a lot there. I know. The final four th and final. So I have started a new low carb diet can still drink my mic ultra, 'cause it's only two point six carbs per beer. A hit a switch up my alcohol, thank you. Thank you very much. Because my Jack Daniels fire for one shot is nine carbs, half-mile carbs for the day well on curves because I'm still drinking the useful during the I can't. So I decided to grab my soco because it's only like two point something, but it's one hundred proof. That's what that's what the problem is today. This is. Why does take? Because the so 'cause one hundred yeah this is why we don't do the hundred proof. It's good. I'm surprised. I'm still congested though. You think cleared me up by now. I can't believe you're still saying no, like week so. Yes. Yeah. It's just it just keeps going, and it's like my cozy energizer bunny, just keeps getting going. I'm telling you just suck. So. Anyway. Well, you having courage me to switch to the culture. I can watch my calorie intake. Yes. The girlish figure. Yeah, but I'm still drinking Jack fire. Yes, you are. No. Yeah. I'm just trying to get this off wedding. I wanna get the, you know, some summer, bad things like that. I don't wanna work on speaking of your daughter's wedding. Yes, we had her bachelor party this weekend. Did we about it for a long time? Yes. And we finally had it, and it turned out amazing. I think it's because then, you know, I'd not one like stroke Muzio 'cause that's just not me. I'll stroke a lot of things, but I will never stroke, somebody's he never stroke. Somebody's ego. I'm not for that. But anyway, AB did amazing job with the party favors, and the the games, and things like that we had a blast we played pin, the junk on the honk. Yes, we did that was kind of funny. We played the drink if you've ever. Yep. And then we went out and we had a aperture scavenger hunt. He came up with. It was great. Yeah. So. And the winner of the scavenger hunt got a rainbow penis kindle. We have to subpoenas trophy, so it was great. We all head blasting my daughters friends, L, his so much fun. That's good. We all made it home safely. Think you husband. Yeah. Your husband came and got you, my daughter Emma donor law. Yes. And then afterwards me and my daughter, the bride, and her best friend. I got us a lift home. We didn't even bother driving. We just left the cars at home. Yep. Got in my husband dropped us all off. He dropped us off. And then we got rights got you. Well, you got him drive you home, and I got a lift for the rest of. So it was perfect. It was a great night. We had a lot of fun. So we're one step closer to getting your daughter up. Thank god. No returns. No returns. Yes. So and then the funny thing, though is that the bachelorette parties AB was so drunk and I love this, because I'd meet her at cornhole. Which should not have. I am like I'm horribly cornhole just because I don't ever played well we'd cited play. And I was the only one out of all of us it could even get it in the hole. And okay, so I'll admit, yes I drink too much. I couldn't play cornhole that night, no-one. However, how do you injure yourself swing? Cornhole Amy's them. Leave it up to me to be. She's like look at her thumbs like I'm good. She just played in cornhole to this day my thumb hurting right now as we speak. My nail is half gone. I don't know how it happened. The only thing I can think of is that when I went to get a cornhole bag I hit my nail just right on the board. And it bet all the way back in just blood, and it hurts it hurts. Oh, no. I want you to say dare to do. Okay. So, yeah. So it other than Amy's injury, which happens on a weekly basis, we had a great time and all went, well, no fights. No getting kicked out of burns arrested. It'd be got arrested. We made it home. I was very careful with the scavenger hunt, because I was like, I don't know girls are a lot younger than me. This could end up in jail. Yeah, yeah. There's a couple of little ones on there. But this okay. Yeah. So that worked out. So because I've been doing all this research on, well, not research, but plaguing the parties, that's what I do is, we've been playing games on the podcast. We have. So tonight is truth truth. I'm just doing a truth game. It's not even a game. I just to start asking questions. You're just gonna give me on the Sanders. Okay. So this also brings us up to if you guys are familiar with our podcast, you will know what this Bill means. We've always used it for games too low. Yes. We're so. Niddle. Yes. So from here on out when you hear that bell. That means we are bringing out in actual confession. Yes, we have a box full of drunken confessions and the gonna come in really handy. When we have our guests on the show next week and will randomly ring the bell, and we will randomly pick out a drunken confession. We all have to answer it. Yes. It's a question that everyone who shows up to answer we want. You guys out there to answer with us. And if it brings up a funny story. Oh, it to us. Email voice messages. My drug confessions edge Email dot com. If you don't want us to see your name, just put on their leave me anonymous in will tell your story without even saying who said it or you can just come on our show. Ooh. Which is good for anyone living in Michigan. So let's give this try. We're gonna do one right now. All right. Let's see what we're talking about is do it ju can do this. What is the most times you've had sex in one day? Oh, most times. I've had XM one day. Yes. Probably three three. Yeah. I would say. Yeah, that's probably right. I would say three or four. Yeah. You hit a point where it starts becoming a little uncomfortable. Well, honestly for females. Let's be real after two it's an effort. Yeah, well, I don't know, for males. It is too, because, you know, they have like a little, but I don't, I don't want point we could just lay there and be like, okay. I don't want to speak for the males though. So I'm just I'm just putting out there. Have you ever heard these stories like women? Talk about. Oh, I can have sex all day long and hours upon hours. I call I call bullshit, we'll could happen. I mean, maybe some people just have that. Stamina not naturally. Yeah. Because, you know, there's a little bit of extra stuff going in going on not going. Uh-huh. Already going on. I don't believe these women who are, oh, completely silver, no medication. No, nothing. So if you're one of those women, let me know more. Yeah, I wish I could tell me your secrets because, you know, isn't even that. I'm sure I could have sex all day long, too, but it will point you stop enjoying it. That's, that's the so you know. Like, okay. Yeah. You know is some point you're like, okay dude? I'm just done. I need a burger. Burger burger, let's wash up little. Okay. So let's go back to the would you rather? No. We're doing truth. Oh truth. I'm sorry. That's okay. I totally messed that I know you did because now it's your turn of screw things up. I've already. So we're doing the trust. Yes, the truth was the last thing you search for on your phone. Do a half to it was a podcast. I don't want to give out the podcast. All right. Mine was games that you can play on your phone. So if you could choose between having to go naked, all the time or having all your thoughts pop up in a bubble over your head naked all the time you'd rather be naked. Nice. Really? Yeah. Because I think really evil things about people. Now, I wish I knew what now I wish you had bubbles with me. It'd be the Bono over my head. I had bubbles over my head, I would be in a world of trouble. We'll see. I'm so blunt, I would have so many bubbles rate now that you would like. No kidding. Wow. Every day. But your friends, I am so blunt and so outspoken that to me, I wouldn't mind the ball, the bubble would it just popped up like true that? Yeah. Smoking. So this is I wouldn't mind having bubbles over my head be like, all right. Whatever. Yeah. I don't want bubbles over my head. They're eight number three. Have you ever wanted on your parents doing it? All my gosh. No, I have. Oh, bless your parents are older. Well, ninety. Does obviously he's really older. When you. Yeah. Well, when I was in high school again figure by the time I was in high school. My parents were already in there Melissa minimum. My dad was forty when I was born. So they would have been in their late. Fifties early sixties. I walked in on them. Yeah. That's a bummer. Yeah, it is. Well, if you wanna get dark, my, my father passed away, when I was fifteen so. Yeah. There, so. Yeah, you didn't have that opportunity do, so whereas I did or am I still going here or radio? More one one more. What's the first thing you would do? If you woke up one day, and you were the opposite sex. Oh my God, I would be playing with it so bad. I have. Three d MIR letting out of three D but like a three you know what I'm talking about. Like what you see in the dressing room like the three years, my makeup. Yeah. Yeah. I would have. Yeah is she could get that'd be like this. What's going on? Up of it. What us actually I hold up. I see that game with my husband but anyway. Hey, Jay griss come on. Like you haven't played that game with your husband. No comment. Okay. Exactly what I thought. I signed for another confession. Right. Ready for remove I'm ready bless me, five cents? This is great one okay? Best prank you've ever pulled onto on someone best prank of her pulled on somebody. Oh, I don't know. Could take me a minute to think, do you have? Oh my God. I have the best over you. Go ahead. Do into this day. She still mad at me. Really? Yes. So back before I met my husband, so we're talking sixteen seventeen years ago, my best friend lived in this creepy old house in can Michigan. And she had four roommates her her boyfriend another girl and her boyfriend, and it was such a creepy like nineteen or eighteen hundred house late. Yeah, it was creepy. And she always said that it was haunted. So one. I decided I was going to, she didn't know I was there and her roommates suck me into the house and I hid in the closets and every room that she went into I started making noises and I started like pounding on closet doors. Flaming doors, close pound again walls flushing toilets. All this other stuff. And this went on, I was hidden for. I'm not even BS like an hour. This went on. I mean, I got her so scared. She ran out of the shower. She made her boyfriend stand in the bathroom while she was taking a shower, and then I started beating on the walls, her boyfriend knew what I was doing. But I started being on the walls, and she ran out of the bathroom. Shampoos still in her hair opening like scared shitless, and then we had a party there that night, so. I did this for like an hour. Just slamming doors. Everything scaring the crap out of her. She's convinced this house haunted. The people that live there knew I was there. Later on, we I get snuck out of the house. I act like I just showed up for the first time parties about to start all these people are showing up, and she's running around the house around the party telling everybody the creepy stuff that happened to her that night. And right behind her here, I am going. That was me. I was in the closet. Now, the horrible thing about this in the swishes mad at me is I let her tell people this for months. It wasn't just one night, like let it keep going. Yeah. Like we obviously were best friends, we ran in the same crowd. We worked together. She would go to work. Tell people that this happened to our and I would tell people actually this is what how she found out. I never even told her. It was me how she found out. Was she went to work? She told somebody this, and I had told that person I was like, no that was me like. Because the one person that she had told was like, part of Michigan haunting investigators like she did this as a hobby, like she investigated goes. And I know people who've done that. Yes. So she was trying to get her to come here, like everything that's happening. And I overheard the conversation and when she came back to her bench. I went you don't need to check out the house that was just me well that, that we rate to my friend was, like, that's not a haunting that was your friend. And here I am sitting at my bench, working away making teeth like Lou minded my own business. And my friend comes out, she was like, I you and to this day, here we are seventeen eighteen. The word or she was pretty what I brought it up. She was, she's still initials alley. That's funny. You made me look like an idiot. I think that to this day that is the best Frank. Well, yes because it lasted so long. And here we are all these years later, she's still mad about it. So it makes sitting that is funny. I'm trying to think of I know I know for a fact I have some really good ones out there, but I cannot just like. My brains out, working really. Well, you can't. Now, the thing I can think of is like, you know, when we were in beauty school, we had the beauty heads that we had to cut their hair on. Yeah. So every so often, I would, you know, just wait months and months between. But every so often I go through one in my daughter's bed. So when she would come home. Yeah. She turned under relates, she'd see somebody's had. You know, it'd make it look like a body in there and she would lose her shit. But other than that, they and I said she was having friends spend the night. So she'd walk in with three friends. At the time. Oh, gosh. She's like sixteen. Yeah. So that I would wait and I'd be counting like one you three. And then you hear all these girls screaming because they thought somebody was in their body was hysterical. Yeah. I'm gonna be honest share your story is lane compare it really is. But I know there's better. I will come up with them. And I will see the middle later. I wanna know if our any of our listeners ever lame, I'm usually the one stories apper. Well. I'm sorry money while you think you're funny, but so any of our listeners out there have had done an awesome prank. Yes. If you could top mine, if you think you can tap mine. Email us even if you can't even if you think is like, because I don't think anybody can top that. Oh, no challenge accepted. I know you, but look at this chair, I think that's. She's all over this chair leans way back. We back somebody. So the okay. So moving on the other new this week is thrones has finally come to an end, but no as let tell me about it because I'm still in season. This is a no spoiler spoiler alert. I will not really feel anything because I'm pretty sure she'll come over the counter and kick your ass. One hundred percent. You can that pretty much my happen. However, I am disturbed by all the social media and news reports. I mean that's what everyone's talking about right now. Everyone's gonna threatening. Training. Complaining, and they're saying it's a waste of my time. Well, I have to say it was not a waste of my time. I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Thrones. Could they have done better on that last season? Yes, I'm not going to deny that. However, if you ever spent those eight years watching loss. That was a flip into appointment. Is game of thrones was not? Game of thrones was not that big of an tackling Dexter was a bad any. However, I did feel this is a no this spoiler. It's all. The girl that plays Santa. Yeah. Okay. So I can't remember her real name. But apparently she had the spoiler of the ending tattooed on her arm here. Tattooed on her in like it. Yes. So if you look on mostly don't look closely at her tattoos on social media, as you will get a spoiler. That's funny. So, yeah, I'm waiting. I'm trying to avoid also media. So I don't have any baseballers people at work. We're talking about it. I overheard. A couple of things I was trying to ignore them, because I'm like, no Dobie Toby. But I like Dexter. I hated Dexter ending serious. I never became a limber jet. Come on. Seriously serial killer turns into a lumberjack really apologize for anybody who's in the middle of Dexter. No, I'm not her and guess what? It's been out for so long. If you haven't watched it by now you're never going to. Yeah. And then, but, like breaking bad head great ending. I've never seen breaking always great. It was great and jesse's my favorite. He goes, everybody bet. Just. Right. That's where I get that from in case you didn't notice. Okay. He should watch. So you're on what season guy thrones. Fun five levian to five. Let me ask you this. Yes. No spoilers, who is your favorite character at this point in time in season. Five at this point in time season five is your favorite all-time character. Tyrian tyrian. Of course. Okay. He's larry. He is. I get that this. Yeah. Yes. Absolutely hilarious. He's just like so cool on every level. And the fact they killed his never mind. I won't say. Live for anyone who hasn't watched as far as I have. So anyway, we'll keep going moving along. See denies oil it. We're gonna have to get off a game of thrones. Because. All you don't. Okay. So the other thing while I was reading game of thrones stuff and going through social media. You know how I am a guru of the what's hot now? Yes. Kind of topics I guess that's the only way I can describe it. I came across the article. And it was about makeup sex, an angry sack. And I had to click on the article because it just reminded me of the conversation we had like a couple of weeks. Yes. Totally and how opposite we are. And how different we feel about this. Right. Because you just I would say in how great angry sex is awesome. I, I can't I can't even contest to it like never hitting sex. No, no. Because my are show missing out my emotions are too into it. Like that's the thing about increase your emotions are like, totally, if I'm mad at my husband. Yeah. That's the last thing I wanna do know now you're really angry is just like now, endorphins going, I'd rather pout and rollover and figure it out yourself. Why would you. Why would you punish yourself because you're mad at him punishing myself? Yes. If you're cutting yourself off from Saks because you're mad at him. Desk, punishing you, and that's how I feel this, why like with me. I don't care if I mad at him or not when I wanted I want it. And I know a lot of people that are like that, just like an old people like you who have to have more emotion involved. Yeah, I play starts before the bedroom. I've heard that. Yes. That's what I need the, the four play the sweet text messages. The if I waited for that, for my husband, I'd never get laid. So no with me just like you know, I don't care if I'm mad at I can't I can't wait till I'm not mad at him. I was I would never ever have sex. So is just whatever I have sex, because I enjoy sucks is not whether or no happy with him mad at him whether or not he's been sweet to me. Or mean to me, it's just I enjoy Saxon the at times. It's just like, yeah, it's time put out or get out. But no, seriously. I don't my emotions. I can't like I said, I always pissed off at Tom. Will you know that? So if I waited till I was like super happy joyful than I would probably get laid twice a year and this they happen. So how many of our listeners agree with me? Or agree with cast? Do you actually motions ship with this on our Facebook page? Let's do a survey. Facebook allows you to do the survey. Yes. So by the time this airs will put a survey on their. Yeah. Do you have to have emotions, or, or do you just want, you know, like, hey, let's get her down. It's time when it's time it's time. Yeah, put out, you know. Yeah. All right now. So let's go back to a couple of more truth or days, while we're on this subject, since I mean so brutally honest, have you ever Pete new pool? Yes. So. Have you ever heard in elevator? No, I. Real Whitestone fart. Oh, please. Anybody who knows me knows I don't do that. What are some of the things you think about was sitting on the toilet? I usually have my phone. Usually usually, honestly, it's twenty nineteen. Oh my gosh. I mean, come on anybody who goes to the bathroom doesn't have a phone in their hand. Now, I'm questioning you. I always have my hand. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. Never happens. All right. What's yours? Have it. I don't know if my drinking swearing. Worst habit. Smoking. To you this. Only because I'm an ex smoker. Okay. So my worst habit. I would say drinking liquor and getting increa-. Oh, yeah. That can be nasty. Yeah, this is a good one because I've had this happen. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction? No. I don't think so. So growing up my best friend had a pool. So I felt the summers at her house swimming. Now my about now mind. You I back when I was in high school. I've always been pale. If you look at me now you can tell I've always been just pale. I'd never tan. I'm as a ghost in, because many MS cast, my best friend's dad called me. Casper. Okay. So I was always casper growing up to him and his family. So one time I went over there, and I forgot my swimsuit. So I brought my friend swimsuit. Now mind, you I was a AA my friend was like a D O. So I brought her swimsuit. And so we're laying there sunbathing which I don't know why we even bothered. Well. I know why she did. She tant you great. I was always ago. So we're out there, laying in the sun and her family to me. Her brother's UC's me about wanting to lay next to me because they would get more reflection off of my. Yeah. Right. So anyway, we're all talking I sit up and I'm talking to everybody and her brothers are there her and her dad, and all of a sudden her daily tasks, and he like looks down at looked out in burrowed, hirsute, so hirsute was at my waist, and I didn't even know it. Oh oh, yeah. Her dad pointed it out to me that maybe. Awful. Oh, yeah. It was. So, yeah, there was less, I ever forgot swimsuit, her house. But yeah, it was so on that. No, we're going to do another truth officiant as if mine wasn't bad enough. We're going to do some more. List one. All right. Last one last one. All right. Oh, I cut these up. So small you did there's tiny. Okay. Have you ever had sex with someone? You were too embarrassed to tell anyone else about. Oh, well, if I tell you then that, didn't that you can just say, yes or no. But if I tell you, yes, then, then obviously, but then it but we all have come on. I have to yes. So, yes. Why were you to barest? I was too embarrassed because he was a north known male for. Oh so, like I didn't want people the knew that I was another notch on his belt. Anoeta Aena like always like that. It didn't happen because he was or. Yeah. And I didn't want to be associated with it makes sense. It was good time but. Okay. So why were you not wanting to tell people because he was hung like a pencil. Yeah. But other people would have had known that. But it didn't we want to go there. You know I didn't even want to be like, oh, you're us left with. No. Yeah. No just we're just going to move passes, pretending I remember his name. Oh, okay. I remember he worked where finding out a little bit about don't remember. His name is horrible as that. No. It's not horrible. I think I've hit too much today, but I'm visiting these things. But hey, this the name of the show. Right. Okay. So next week we are going to be, again, recording from Lawrence system studios, and we're and we have to gusts, so there will be four of us. And then after next week if you wanna be a guest, please hit us up on. My drunken confessions at gmaiLcom or or our Facebook page, which is Facebook dot com slash my drunk confessions, got that backslash down, Pat. Accept this. Oh, yeah. Only so yet, like totally hit us up. Or if you have a suggestion for the show or if you wanna be on the show or if you wanna come drink with us, if you have a funny story anything or if you just wanna take us out for drinks. I'm okay with that. Yeah. If you don't even want to be part of podcast. But you just want to hang out with us says we're so awesome. We're, we're fine with that. I'm awesome totally. Okay. So on that note, I am going to and this night. Ooh. And in the night. Yes, so grab your hundred proof soco. Okay. I got my Jack Daniels. Fire got a little bit. Just. Got a top it off. Or I got this bitch go. And, and here's the cheers that I picked for the end of the night is, I'd say, I'll drink to that. But honestly, I'll drink to just about anything that the truth. Thank god. That's what my lash out. You're not even drinking. The hundred proofs. No. But. Whoo. Ooh. But hey, you know what? I'm still in my car just coats. You go girl. I'm going, I'm going as a matter of fact, I'm getting ready to go out the door. So, so thank you for joining us. Yes. Thank you for joining us, for episode six of my drunken, confessions with Kassanje. Yeah. Just took a little bit to get there. But we got there we got there. So we'll get better next week. Yes. All right, guys. Peace out. Heavy great week. Please message us and we'll see you next week love. Yeah. Love. Yeah.

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Drunken Confessions Episode 6 Angry Sex


34:25 min | 1 year ago

Drunken Confessions Episode 6 Angry Sex

"Hello and welcome to episode six of drumming confessions with castellini. Hello how are you. I really really really good. How are you same boat. I'm excellent really yes really sure i am because i have my first drunken confession of the amy while we are just starting this off. Oh yeah yeah what's your first circuit confession. They irritated you tonight because this is our third take because i keeps growing up so harvey all their <hes>. I didn't think you were going to bring that up. The thirteen day it is and we're a little more drunken than normal a little more drunken the normal more drunk. I don't know it sounded like you said if money so which is why arthur take for the night somebody way so i'm doing. I'm great. I'm doing at this point as she you know. She says she's doing fine but it's kind of between gritted teeth. I think a little bit no no. I'm awesome. I feel awesome. Good good good good good. Though i'm excited for episode six i am to guess and i think that's why we had to take three three takes yeah because i'm getting too excited that we're getting up there in life and we're we're recording at. This is professional studio. Thank you very much for lawrence. System system studios this. Those assets are lull difficult after we've drake this excellent. Let me try that again. Okay thank you for lawrence system studios for hosting us again for the second week in row. I guess maybe it's the lights that are throwing. Oh yeah 'cause they don't wanna turn out. We usually have big lights going and now we got mood lighting like all these different lights here so i was messing with them and now we have like these pink lates so you talk and i'm going to go to a different color okay so again. Thank you very much for a lawrence's some studios for hosting us tonight. We really appreciate it next week. We will have guests on the show which i'm very excited about about two actually have other people talk to you besides this beyond change to waiting. That's actually really better than the pink light really yeah. You feel more blue in the mood blue. Okay stop anyways so uh. If you are the first time listeners we are drunken confessions. Yeah we get drunk and yep. If you can't tell is nothing thank is nothing major or anything like that. We special and you're welcome to join us. Yes so hit us up on my drinking especially that gmail.com or at facebook dot com slash my drunken confessions or text me and call me. I'm fine with that too if you ever number because she won't give it out on air she keeps putting option out there but if you've got my number text me call me hasn't changed in eighteen years so so what are what have you been drinking all all evening yeah right since you gave away the this is our third quite a lot. Actually i know the final four th and final so i started a new low carb diet can still drink make ultra 'cause. It's only two point six carbs per beer but i hit a switch switched my alcohol. Thank you thank you very much because my jack daniels fire for one shot is nine carbs. That's half-mile carbs for the day well on curves because because i'm still drinking the jet i can't so i decided to grab my soco because it's only like two point something but it's one hundred proof. That's what that's what the problem is today. This is why this is taken because the so-called one hundred per yeah. This is why we don't do one hundred proof. It's good. I'm surprised i'm still congested that you think declared me up by now. I can't believe you're still i know like week so it's just it just keeps going and it's like my cozy. Energizer sunni just keeps going. I'm telling you is just suck so addy. Encouraged me to switch to the my culture you you can watch my calorie intake. Yes the girlish figure but i'm still drinking jack fire. Yes you are no yeah just just just trying to get this off again. My daughter's wedding. I wanna get you know some some robotic things like this. I don't want to work on speaking of your daughter's wedding. Yes we had her bachelor party this weekend we did we were talking about it for a long time. Yes and we finally had it and it turned out amazing. I think it's because the you know not one delake stroke emus ego 'cause that's is just not me. I'll stroke a lot of things but i will never stroke. Somebody's while never stroke somebody's ego. I'm not for that but anyway did amazing job with party favors the games and things like that. We had a blast. We played pin the junk on the hunk. Yes we did that was kind of funny. We played the drink if you've ever ever yup and then we went out and we had a <hes> after your honeybee came up with it was great yes so and the winner of the scavenger hunt got a karimojo penis kindle. We have those the penis trophy so it was great. We all had a blessing. My daughters friends has so much fun. That's good. We all made it home safely. Thank you husband yeah. Your husband came and got you my daughter emma daughter-in-law yes and then afterwards me and my daughter the bride and dan her best friend. I got a lift home. We didn't even bother driving. We just left the cars yet. Got around in my husband dropped us all off. He dropped us off and then we got rights. Yep yep got you got him. Drive you home and left for the rest of us so it was perfect. It was a great night. We had a lot of fun <hes> so we're one step closer to getting your daughter married married off. Thank god no returns no return yes so and then the funny thing though is that the bachelorette parties a._b. Was so drunk and i love this because i'd meet she her at cornell which should not have hey i am like i'm horrible at cornhole just because i i don't ever play well we'd cited play and i was the only one <music> out of all of us. It could even get it in the hole and okay so i'll admit yes. I drink too much. I couldn't play cornhole that night no-one however however. How do you injure yourself. That was funny cornhole. Amy's them leave it up to be. She's like look at her thumbs. I'm joshua goes in cornhole to this day my thelma's hurting right now as we speak. My nail is half gone. I don't know how happened happened. The only thing i can think of is that when i went to get a cornhole bag i hit my nail just right on the board and it i bet all the way back in just blood and it hurts. It hurts aw we'll do. I want you to say dared to you. Bet okay so yeah so it other than eighties injury which happens on a weekly basis we we had a great time. It all went well. No fights no getting kicked out of burns arrest arrested. We all meet at home. I was very careful with the scavenger hunt because that that was like girls a lot younger than me. This could end up in jail yeah. There's a couple of little ones on there but that's okay take time yeah so that worked out <hes> so because i've been doing all this research on well not research but plaguing the parties yeah. That's what i do is <hes> we've been playing games on. The podcast we have so tonight is truth truth. I'm just doing a truth game. It's not even a gay man just going to start asking questions. You just give me amazon okay so this also brings us up to you. If you guys are familiar with our podcasts you will know what the spell means. We've always used it forgives up to now yes so often. It'll yeah so from here on out. When you hear that bell that means we are bringing out in actual confession. Yes we have e box full of drunken confessions in the skin come in really handy when we have our guests on the show next week and will randomly only ring the bell and we will randomly pick out a drunken confession. We all have to answer it. Yes it's a question that everyone had who shows up has to answer you guys out there the answer with us and if it brings up a funny story oh meal it to us email voice messages might drunken confessions edge email dot com okay. If you don't want us to see your name just put on their leave me anonymous in wall. Tell your story without even saying who said it or you can just come on our show route which is good for anyone living in michigan so let's give this a try. Are we gonna do one right now all right. Let's do what we're talking about is do it. Ooh you can do this. What is the most times you've had sex in one day. Oh most times i've had someone day. Ah yes probably three three yeah i would say yeah. That's probably right. I would say three or four yeah. You hit a point where it just starts becoming a little uncomfortable. Well honestly for females. Let's be real real after two. It's an effort yeah well. I don't know for males. It is too because you know they have like a little walk. The i don't want us. I mean we could just lay there and be like okay. We're going to speak for the males though so i'm just i'm just putting out there. Have you ever heard these stories like women talk about. Oh i can have sex all day long and hours upon hours i call i call bullshit what could happen. I mean maybe some people just have that. Stamina not naturally yeah because you there's a little bit of extra stuff going in going on not going going going going on. I don't believe these women who are oh completely silver no medication yeah no nothing so if you're one of those women let me know more yeah. I wish i could tell tell me your secrets. 'cause well not even that i'm sure i could have sex all day long to at. What point do you stop enjoying it. That's that's the so you you know. It's like okay. Yeah you know is. You're like okay dude. I i'm just done. I need a burger cutie burger burger. Let's wash up little okay. Okay so let's i go back to the would you rather no. We're doing truth. Oh truth bruce. I'm sorry and it's okay i totally i know you did because now. It's your turn a screw things up. I've already missed so we're doing. The tree shins yes. The truth was the last thing you search for on your phone to a half to it was a podcast. I don't want to give out the podcast. Mine was games that you can play on your phone so if you could choose between having to go naked all the time or having all your thoughts pop up in a bubble over your head naked all the time. You'd rather be naked really yeah because i think really evil things about people. Oh my god i now. I wish i knew what and now. I wish you had bubble. See with me. It'd be the note in my head. I had bubbles over my head. I would be in a world of trouble. We'll see i'm so blunt. I would have so many bubbles right now that you were like no kidding. Wow you know you lose your friends. I am so blunt and so outspoken outspoken that to me. I wouldn't mind the ball and see the bubble. Would it just popped up like true that smoking so this is. I wouldn't mind having bubbles over my head. Be like all right. Whatever yeah. I don't want bubbles over my head. They're eight number three. Have you ever wanted on your parents doing it. Oh my gosh no. I have oh bless her and my parents are older. Well nanny. You died so obviously he's really older when you well when i was in high configure by toddlers in high school my parents already in there <hes> melissa minimum. My dad was forty. When i was born so he they would have been in their late fifties early sixties and it yeah oh yeah that's a bummer yeah. It is yeah well. If you wanna get dark my my father passed away when i was fifteen so oh yeah so yeah. You didn't have that opportunity to do so whereas i did my still going here or are you ready. The humour one right one more was the first thing you would do. If you woke up up one day and you were the opposite sex. Oh my god i would be playing with it so bad i would have. Did you really get three d mirror leading out of three d. but like a three. You know what i'm talking about like what you see in the dressing room like the three mirrors. It's my makeup mirror then yeah i would have yeah. You get like how's this what's. He ain't gonna a lot of it. What does this actually. I hold up actually that game with my husband but anyway we'll come on link. You haven't played their gate with your husband. <hes> no comment okay exactly. It's what i thought the right time for another confession right before we move on. I'm ready bless me father hanson. Oh this is great. One okay best prank you've ever pulled onto on someone best prank ever pulled on somebody. Oh i don't know because could take a minute. Thank god. I have the best over you go ahead do into the sta- she's still mad at me really yes so back before i met set my husband so we're talking sixteen seventeen years ago my best friend lived in this creepy old house in can michigan and she had four roommates her her boyfriend another girl and her boyfriend and it was such a creepy like nineteen or eighteen hundred house late yeah it was creepy as she always said that it was haunted so one night i decided i was going to she didn't know i was there and her roommate. Suck me into the house and i hid in the closets and every room that she went into i started making annoys and i started like pounding on closet doors. Flaming doors closed pounding on walls flushing toilets all this other herself and this went on i was hidden for i'm not even be us saying like an hour. This went on i mean i got her so scared. She ran out of the shower. She made her boyfriend stand in the bathroom while she was taking a shower and then i started beating on the walls her boyfriend knew what i was doing but i started being on the walls and she ran out of the bathroom shampoo still in her hair like scared shitless and then we had a party there that at night so i did this for like an hour to slamming doors everything scaring the crap out of her. She's convinced this house haunted <hes> the people people that live there new. I was there later on. We i get snuck out of the house. Act just showed up for the first time parties hardy's about to start all these people are showing up and she's running around the house around the party telling everybody that creepy stuff that happened to her that night and right behind her here i am. I am going that was me. I was in the closet now. The horrible thing about this is mad at me. Is i let her tell people all this for months. It wasn't just one nine. Let it keep going yeah like we obviously we're best friends. We ran in the same crowd. We worked together. She would go to work. Tell people that this happened to our and i would tell people actually this is why how she found out. I never even told her. It was me how she found out was. She went to work doc. She told somebody this and i had told that person. I was like no that was me like because the one person that she had told was like part of michigan hunting investigators like she did this as a hobby like she investigator so you go and give you yes so she was trying to get her to come here like the survey thing that's happening and i overheard the conversation and when and she came back to where bench i went. You don't need to check out the house. That was just me well that we're in rate to my friend. There was like that's not haunting. That was your friend and here. I am sitting at my bench working away making teeth like hello mike anyway all business and my friend comes out. She was like i love you and to this day here. We are seventeen eighteen years later. Leave is the word order. I brought it up she was she's still mashes alley. That's funny. You made me look like an idiot. I think that to this day that is the best prank well yes because it lasted so long and here we are all these years later. She's still mad about it. So it makes sitting that is funny. I'm trying to think of. I know i know for a fact fact. I have some really good ones out there but i cannot just like my brains out working really well now. The only thing i could think of is like like you know when we were in beauty school. We had the beauty heads that we had to cut their hair on yeah so every so often i would you know just wait months and months in between but every so often i'd go through one him bujar is bad so when she would come home yeah. She turned onto relates. She'd see somebody's had you know to make it look like a body in there and she would lose her shit but you know other than that we did and i said she was having friends spend the night so she'd walk in with three friends issue at the time. Oh gosh she's like sixteen yeah so that i would busk weight and i'd be counting one yeah you three and then you hear all these girls screaming because they thought somebody was in their body was hysterical. I'm going to be honest. Share stories lane compare. It really really is but i know there's better one. I will come up with them and i will see the middle later so i wanna know if our any of our listeners never lame. I'm usually the one stories tapper. Well some sorry funny. Well you think you're funny. So any of our listeners out there have had done don an awesome prank. Yes if you can tap mine. If you think you can tap mine email us even if you can't even if you think is like because i don't think anybody can tap that challenge accepted. I know you look at this chair. I think she fell over orleans. We back we back so many so the okay so moving on the other new this week doc is schema. Thrones has finally come to an end but no as lead. Tell me about it because i'm still in season so this is a no spoiler spoiler alert. I will not really anything because i'm pretty sure she'll come over the counter and kick your ass. One hundred percent pretty much my happen however yeah i am disturbed by all the social media and news reports. I mean that's what everyone's talking about right now. Everyone's complaining cleaning and they're saying it's a waste of my time. Well i have to say it was not a waste of my time. I thoroughly enjoyed the game of thrones <hes>. Could they have done better on that last season yes. I'm not going to deny that however if you ever spent those eight years watching lost sure that was a flip and disappointment is game of thrones was not game game of thrones was not that big of an attack later dexter was a bad any however i did feel this is a no this spoiler. It's soon the girl that plays santa yeah okay so i can't remember her real name but apparently she had the spoiler of the ending tattooed on her arm a year on her and like you know yeah so if you look on mostly don't look closely asli at her tattoos and social media as you will get a spoiler this funny so yeah. I'm waiting. I'm trying to avoid all social media so i don't. I'm having a bad spoilers. People at work. Were talking about it. I overheard a couple of things. I was trying to ignore them because i'm like no. Don't tell me don't tell me but i like dexter texters ending serious. I never see him limber. Jack come on seriously serial killer turns into a lumberjack really but apologized for anybody. Who's in the middle of the dexter why it's been out for so long. If you haven't watched it by now you're never going to and then <hes> but like breaking bad had agreed any. I've never seen breaking always great. It was great and jesse's my favorite because everybody bet just great. That's where i get that from in case you didn't notice okay. You should watch so you're on what season on guy thrones five so. Let me and let me ask you this. Yes no spoilers. Who is your favorite character at this point meantime in season five at this point in time season. Five is <hes> your favorite all-time character tyrian tyrian of course okay. He's hilarious. He is. I get that yes yes absolutely hilarious. He's just like so cool on every level and the fact it killed his lip or anyone who has watched anyway. We'll keep going moving along. Zia denies oil it. We're going to have to get off a game of thrones because off you don't h okay so the other thing while i was reading game of thrones stuff and going through social media. You know how i am a guru of the what's hot now. Yes kind of topic so yes. That's the only way i can describe it. <hes> i came across article and it was about makeup sex in in greece and i had to click on the article call because it just reminded me of the conversation we had like a couple of weeks ago totally and how opposite we are and how different we feel about this. 'cause you just this year. I was saying how great angry sex is awesome. Yeah i i can't i can't even contest to it like aac never had any respect no now because my show missing out my emotions are too into it like that's the thing about increase your emotions. Emotions are like totally but if i if i'm mad at my husband yeah that's the last thing i wanna do know now. When you're really angry is just like now <music> those endorphins go by. I'd rather pout and rollover and figure it out yourself why would you why would you punish yourself because you're mad at him punishing myself yes if you're cutting yourself off from saks because you're mad at him. That's punishing. You and that's how i feel. That's why like with me. I don't care if i mad at him or not. When i wanted i want it and i know a lot of people that are like that. Does canola people like you who have to have more emotion involved. Yeah i play starts before the bedroom. I yes that's what i need. The ah the foreplay the sweet text messages the if i waited for my husband i'd never get laid. Oh yeah so no with me just like you know. I don't care if i if i can't. I can't wait till i'm not mad at him. Otherwise i would never ever have sex so is just whatever i have sex 'cause i enjoy socks is not whether or not happy with him mad at him whether or not he's been sweet to me. You're mean to me it. Just i enjoy saxon the at times. It's just like yeah. It's time put out. Get out but no seriously i don't tie up my emotions and i can't like i said i always pissed off at tom. Will you know that yeah so if i waited till i was like super happy joyful than i would probably get twice a year. They happen so how many any of our listeners agree with me or agree with cast. Do you enjoy emotions or put this on our facebook page. Let's do a survey facebook. Allows allows you to do the survey yes so by the time this airs will put a survey on their yeah. Do you have to have emotions or or do you. Just want you know like hey. Let's get her down. It's time when it's time it's time yeah put out. Get you know all right right now. So let's go back to a couple of more truth or days while we're on this subject since miami so brutally honest. Have you ever pete new pool. Yes so have i have you ever heard in elevator. No i have real whitestone firt art. Please anybody who knows me knows i don't do that. What are some of the things you you think about was sitting on the toilet usually have my phone. I just usually honestly it's twenty lean nineteen. I mean come on anybody who goes to the bathroom doesn't have a phone in their hand now. I'm questioning you. I always have from and that's what i'm saying. Yeah never happens all right. What's your worst habit. I don't know if my drinking or swearing worst habit smoking to you this habit only because i'm an ex smoker okay so my worst habit. I would say drinking liquor and getting angry. Oh yeah that can be nasty yeah oh. This is a good one because i've had this happen. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction. No i don't think so so growing up. My best friend had a pool so i felt the summers at her house swimming. Now my out now mind you. I back when i was in high school. I've always been pale. If you look at me now you can tell. I've always been just pale. I'd never never tan. I'm as well as a ghost in because my name is my best friend called me casper okay so i was always casper growing up to him and his family family so one time i went over there and i forgot my swimsuit so i brought my friend swimsuit now mind you. It's time i was a aa. My friend was like a d. o. So i brought her swimsuit and so we're laying there sunbathing which i don't know why we even bothered sunday well. I know why she did. She tant great. I was always ago so we're out there. Laying in the sun and her family used to tease me her brother's u._c.'s me about wanting to lay next to me because they would get more reflection off yeah right so anyway we're talking rocking and i sit up and talking to everybody and her brothers are there. It's her and her dad and all of a sudden her daily tasks and he like looks down. I looked out in erade burrowed hirsute so hirsute was at my waist and i didn't even know it. Oh oh yeah. Her dad pointed <music> out to me. Maybe awful. Oh yeah so yeah yeah there was last time i forgot my own swimsuit air her house but yeah it was so on that note. We're going to do another true. Compassion as uh-huh mine wasn't bad enough. We're going to do some more or less all right last one last one all right. Oh i cut these up so small you you did any okay. Have you ever had sex with someone. You were too embarrassed to tell anyone else about. Oh yeah well. If i tell you that didn't you can just say yes or no but if i tell you yes then then obviously but then it but that we all have come on i have to yes so yes. Why were you embarrassed. <hes> i was too embarrassed because because he was a nor known male for oh so like i didn't want people to know all that i was another notch on his belt. You know what i mean. Yeah like. I always like it didn't happen yeah because yeah and i didn't want to be associated with it. Makes sense was good time but time okay so why were you you know wanting to tell people because he was hung like a pencil yeah but other people would have had known that. I didn't even want to go there. You know i didn't even want to be like oh. You're used slept with no yeah. No just we're just just gonna move passes pretending i remember his name. Oh okay. I remember reworked. We're finding out a little bit about don't remember his name is horrible. Wasn't that no. It's not horrible. I think i've had too much drink today but these things but hey that's the name of the show right okay so next week we are going to be again recording from lawrence system studios and we're and we have two guests so there will be four of us and then after next week. If you wanna that'd be a guest please hit us up on my drunken confessions gmail.com or or our facebook page which which is facebook dot com slash my drunk confessions got that backslash down past episodes yeah only so yeah like totally heads up or if you have a suggestion for the show or if you wanna be on the show or if you wanna come drink with us if you have a funny story anything or if you just went out for drinks i'm okay with that yeah if you don't even want to be part of the podcast but you just want to hang out with uh-huh says we're so awesome. We're we're fine with that. I'm awesome totally okay so on that note. I am going to end this night. Ooh ended the night yes so grab your hundred proof soco okay okay. I got my acting fire a little bit just over the top it off. I got this bitch. Go on and here's the cheers that i i picked for. The end of the night is i'd say i'll drink to that but honestly i'll drink to just about anything that the truth and thank god. That's what my lash out of ood cool. You're not even one hundred proof stuff no but ooh but hey you know what i'm still in my car bridges codes you go girl. I'm going. I'm going as it's a matter of fact. I'm getting ready to go out the door so so thank you for joining us. Yes thank you for joining us for episode six of my drunken confessions castellini. Yeah just took a little bit to get there but we got there. We got there so we'll get better next week. Yes all right guys. Peace out have a great week. Please message us and we'll see you next week. Love ya love ya.

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Drunken Confessions Episode 3 Drunk Texting


40:22 min | 1 year ago

Drunken Confessions Episode 3 Drunk Texting

"Hello and welcome to episode three of drunken confessions with qasimi hauer. Is everyone doing today. I'm great. How are you so <hes> i'm. I'm okay. I'm okay just from okay. You survived last week. Yes i did yes yes i did. I'm still still definitely going strong so thank you everyone for joining us for episode. Three gary said that but that's okay. What are you drinking tonight right. Well all right so tonight. I am drinking dirty blond. Look like a dirty or i'm sorry aubrey blinds strawberry every blood against ivory blind for us tonight and a drink in my regular mc ultra but i got one sorry but the reason why i picked up stubbs is because we only have enough jack jack fire to do one shot yup because you wouldn't let me buy more. We didn't need anymore. Okay yeah because after last week when we too you many shots did so many shots last week which is going to a lead us into the the subject for today's show which is gonna it'd be about facebook stalking drunk tax but anyway yeah we did a little too many jeff daniels so amy has put us on restriction head eh so we only have enough for one shot tonight. Which i'm kind of bummed about well next time we'll buy immediate half pint visit yeah because last week was chest which i am really excited about the topic because we both did a little bit of the facebooks hockey. We're pretty bad last week. It was it got it before. We get to all of that just reminder out there. I would love to know and so would cast is. What is your drinking choice yeah. What are you guys doing again. Let's no we have our facebook page and that is in confession or you can go if two was facebook.com backslash drunk at my drumming confessions stacked on my confessions. There's no dot com. There's only one after facebook. I'm rambling. Sorry go to assure even tip into that jack already know. I just took it but i haven't eaten much today. Though 'cause i've been studying so and then we have our email which is my drunk and confessions at gmail.com so message us on either one whatever we've actually gotten some feedback yes. We have very excited excited about that. Our facebook page is doing well. We've gotten a few emails yup. Get some good constructive criticism. Yes which i accept because because nobody was jerks not yet not yet so. I'm sure that will come. Please contact us but don't be jerks. That's my role well. We don't we're not perfect. We're just starting this first podcast podcast ever. I've been on one other podcast but it was only like as a visitor you know as like a guest. Yeah amy's emi's virgin when it comes to podcasting uh-huh. It's gonna take us some time to come into our own but i do a gun. We got some great feedback. People have been responding to our our posts. We actually had somebody try to guess what was in the box. What was in your box so if you get it so i don't know what we're talking about right now and episode one go back and listen to it if you haven't and <hes> we did play a game called what's in the box catholics to call it. What's an emmy sparks but technically it was her dirty blond box but we won't get into not out of line but we we gave a bunch of clues in there. We got some feedback on that and that were correct no so hello. I'm kind of thinking. Let's leave it for one more week right where we revealed yeah. Let's see if we can do another one and after we reveal this one if nobody guesses of nine no big deal we'll see we'll see it would last night even like to play the game so definitely so. What else is it new with you this week. Oh my gosh. Where do i start studying law. I've been studying a lot. I am trying to take my securities examine. If anyone's ever done don that. Let me know 'cause oh wow today. I learned what <hes> what was it. Whatever you texted founded like dr seuss riddle. I swear i was reading dr seuss. None of it needs to me. Oh yeah because it was all about the bullish bearish market so intriguing a union that does sound like a doctor say calls and puts in lungs in shorts and everything else that yeah it got a little intense in then i learned what hypothecation location is today yeah that was going to make that manure safe where you speak to me about this stuff and all i hear is wont wont wont wall want like charlie brown. You see my reading this feeling when i read this stuff. It's not an easy read but so did you get overwhelmed and that's why you sent me that sir video of as as baby with game of thrones care take for well i do i do get distracted occasionally and then i go on facebook and they start you nope perusing my social media. She sent me the funniest video and it was ice ice baby but it was all dima thrones characters in the way it was cut. It sounded just like the the song so we did go ahead and we shared it on our facebook page. You guys have to check that video out. Whoever created that. I really really think they deserve it or it's pretty funny is as soon as i saw that i knew that was awesome. Especially because then like the clapped they had the facial expressions at some point it it was also. I loved it well the other thing. Though is i have been like this past. Week has been killer for me because i am lyonnais into a game of thrones so either there's so comedy spoiler alert out there chinese will be twenty and game because i see none game yet either between the two of them. I'm like like half of the stuff. I just scrolled really vast past that fast past because i don't want to see what it says. I'm like i want to be you know. I want to be able to see this myself but i still have a long way to go with gema through you really do you and i mean i'm up to date. So of course i watch it religiously on sundays but and then on sunday night after it aired and people were throwing spoilers spoilers out there and also all jerks i know so many people like you who are getting into it or a season to whatever behind and and i'm just i will out like spoilers on facebook you know but at the same time i know they're going to be there just i do. I'm very careful and i just like as soon as i can 'cause you can glance and see okay. It's going to be something about game of thrones and just fast forward past that. I'm mario that i'm not one of those people is going to sit there and whine and cry about it. I have other things. I like twenty correct. That's not one not one about spoilers game of thrones now so the other thing. I have going on this week this weekend. Coming up is penguin penguin convention. I go to every year. I've known you for a few years. You go review. Well quite a few but i to this day okay. His argument is i know what other well no. I don't i know what caveat huma khan is more anime things like that thing wakon ancon it is well. It started as a lennox paste convention right so in computer stuff yeah. Well well then when you get yeah when you get a bunch together. Sometimes it leads to sci-fi so then it went from being <hes> lennox based to being lennox since i fight so now you have a whole sci-fi aspect to it well then then in the past few years. It's kinda turned into a poly-amorous as well. Is that okay so why is it called penguin <hes> because the lennox people walking around and tuxedo you know there are penguins their their opinions lennox lennox symbol as the penguin o okay penguin there there you know yeah yep so but yeah there's been a loving. It was like a light bulb just totally right so it went from that to pollyannas to. There's a lot of other stuff in there too. Which is kinda cool because you you turn into. There's some fetish stuff going on there too as well so it's it's hitting a lot of different aspects really getting to know you well. No i don't go to the cameras. I don't get into poly-amorous but i do like computers. You know that i do find technology very interesting. I love the scifi aspect yes because i am a total. I'm a trekkie. I don't relate to that. I know not people. Don't that's okay. We ruled the world but that's so anyway so i'm going to be going to that this weekend. I'll let everybody everybody know how that went and give you guys all updates a next week on that one so and there's a couple like they called after dark once wall interesting so i might yeah of course amid take notes. I'll bring my notebook and take notes takes video. I the notes death allowed but are two straight year kind of party. Actually it is revert from everything. You said. It does sound like that kind of party and i expect that you'll be drinking of course so will i be he getting some drunk texts from you know hill yeah you will of course because you're not going to be driving home my my husband well so well. That's nice yeah so i have a d._v._d. So i will we'll be in the past that we get paid for it includes to what they call the <hes>. I just went blank to the room. They have a room there with food and they have like beer and you can go get as much as you want this much. You can drink so you go up. There and you get all that coming well. He's on shave your bed. You have your own me again right to get extra beer so yeah so you so you go up to there you get all the well they don't always have like lots food but they do serve like snacks and they do serve meals up there and everything else ticket so you can go drink and everything else and then there's always hotel parties so we'll be looking forward to your stories from next weekend. That's probably going to have some good better some good topics that you get a lot the money i did pretty good ones every year <hes> this last last two years. We haven't stayed there before that we would stay the night but the one year. I'm just quick. Sorry here so when we have the night the last time we say the night there. My husband was not feeling well but i was. I was feeling great so i went to use of the after parties and in one of my friends was at that and i grabbed dave and i'm like hey. Let's go wake makeup to have any smock. He's great idea so we run back to my hotel room and i opened up the door it we run in and my husband's asleep on the bed and him and i joked up woke and what this list that we had a hotel room there yeah. I bet you and your husband was like never knbr again. I'm thinking i'm thinking that's why probably <unk> just guests but you have taken. That's probably why we we don't have any more hotel rooms there but egging my might ah again just because it's the day after parties are fun sounds like fun. It is so i will let you know next week. I'll raise so we got something to look forward to you <music> so now i want to get back on the topic of this week which is drunk texting and facebook stalking. Yes those go together they do because if if you're not doing one you're doing other or you're doing both yeah i usually beyond everybody is guilty of it one hundred percent again. Tell you a time when i haven't gotten really drug and you hit that level. I think everyone hasn't level drunkenness. You hit it and then most of the time is because you hit that drunken level and we become nostalgic star jack jack. Yes one hundred percent and i started thinking about the past. If you want to oh well we're friends on facebook okay. Even though i haven't seen this person in twenty years let's go on their facebook and see what's going on in their lives or even. If you're not france oh wait friends doing. I don't know no. I feast people that i'm friends with us but then again you've been with your husband for how long fifteen years okay okay well. I would tell them for time but i still like. I don't know i still get curious fifteen thousand three sixteen but who's counting well at the end of the year at least sixty not judging your math skills so anyway so yes so so last week. We had a large drink and then evening. We're only allowed one china jack tonight. This is changing. I think i'm gonna. I think i'm gonna jerk. Gets blonde trigger them much of it because it's just making me pucker well. My favorite was my way. I know is in writing there which we went through the whole. You got pathetic anyway so so yes yeah so we're we're. We are so last week. We drink to drink way too much but i gotta tell you i am still going to be getting more. Check daniels fire. I don't care what you say. No that's fine. I just don't wanna whole pint for one night because that's what got us in trouble last week <hes> <hes> anyway. We'll go with that okay so i get home. We drank too much. Take too much. I got home and proceeded to go on facebook which i do anyway. But i was like decided i was going to start looking up view. No previous friends things like that and you'll never guess what he did. What did you really liked to picture totally by mistake. Were you on your phone. Yes all you ever where you're phoning you. Scroll armitage said you like it. I like to so i had that three second panic of what do i do now. Do i unlike get. Do i leave it. Do i just go with it. Would you do while okay so my theory is it. All all depends on. What kind of post did you like. Did you hit the like button or did you go to the love or what's always the like if you just if you're scrolling and just like it'll get you know what i mean 'cause usually otherwise it pops up if they'd come she paid what was the post. Do you remember what the post was out. No i hit too much jack. It did something similar. I have been just and i wasn't even drunk. At the time i was on a cigarette break at work smoking going through facebook what's now and mike phone froze and i liked opposed house cramp today just like it was a guy talking talking about how he a family member passed to didn't unlike still gonna get the notification so i just hurried up and changed. Should the crazies seattle that you're crying over this sanford you. I'm sorry because i am that's it sucks losing a family member but but it's like especially because it was somebody i went to high school with who i haven't seen in and you never wanna like a a sad so i hurried up and changed it so i hope i hope he didn't get that easy liked your whole and it was more that she reacted well. That's with me when you accidentally like a picture the i guess you might as well leave it because it notifies them yeah so we read. What did you like it. Should i have elected or an angry about it or nothing was said. Nothing's been done sense so i'm just hoping that maybe this person doesn't go on facebook live so it is my husband i in your you never know he goes on like once. Every couple of months usually win. I tell him to go on <hes> because as i speak bookstop very well and then i know is time that this happened to me. Though i've had people then all of a sudden they go on. I'm looking and i'm like okay. Somebody just like to post a mind from like three weeks. Ago seems kinda. Kinda stocky creepy yeah and we'll live with do you hit creeper. I think when they are constantly when you get multiple notifications and now you're back in like twenty ten and they're still liking then i'm going. Oh oh hey yeah. They went back a week or two. That's probably find a couple of weeks is limit. Yeah pass that on its creeper status yeah because that means they were like really taken some time on scroll whatever your do i. I don't think i've ever had a stalker so i don't know if i would be opposed to that ba kind of interesting to have somebody you know at least <hes> you know creep on me for a while now so much stock the creep up the kate that maybe i get what you're saying this us. Every blonde is a little hurt l. There so strawberry ish is edward <unk> just when you get it straight from the brewery right it is it just like overwhelming strawberry strawberry me bad it just kind of hit you in the back of the jaw and your jaw tightens for a second the law. You know what i'm saying another one deck and i don't know if i can do both omega. You're gonna have to grab a little bad. Are you gonna peace out of being in the middle of podcasts. Guests can go grippier not yet sure again silent for a few minutes because i wanted to grab a different beer yes so the other thing is drunk texting and that kind of goes with drink facebook stocking now with drunk texting now aiming has easy and i have this thing worked out to wear i here. We are secrets away. Oh yeah so if i ever have this overwhelming urge to send a drunk texts that i should not send immune. I have agreed that. I actually send it to her that way. I still send the taxed but it's not going to the intended party so that way. I don't have that feeling the next morning i can't believe i said that this gets us in trouble. Level is when we're not together and we're both drunk and i respond with yes which actually we both done more than once yeah. We've oh we yeah you tell them. Bitch what you think of her. She deserves that doesn't always work to our favorite but no we can't be bad influences on the other. Well yeah no shit. That's why we're friends. Yeah it works. It works sorry so yeah so that's where the drug testing comes in so we do have that and it does work from time to time yeah so i want to know from our listeners email us facebook us us the most embarrassing thing you guys ever either drunk texted or drunk facebook storms and and if you if you don't want us to actually say who you are just make sure you put on their leave me anonymous. We won't actually see your name out loud but we may okay. Tell your story yeah. Oh my gosh like the one time this is my favorite and i've done this and it's not so much drunk texting. I was drunk and texting yes but sending to get to the wrong person. I've done that with my husband. I'm like i text my husband. Oh my god he's being such an asshole tonight and he meant to text you and he looks at me and he goes is up and he's like. I don't think you've met to send this to me and i was like oh shit. I was sitting next to my husband laughing so hard. I was l- even though he we were in the middle of an argument in a fighting. Everything i saw i used are laughing ping. I'm like oh my god. I can't believe i did that for me for him. Even more more pissed off at me but it was it was funny as it was funny as all get retire double. Check those context. Yes watch your tactic and my old phone and i swear to god it was the phone. It wasn't my drinking. That is excuse me excuse before. It really was because i would go to person being stupid. I would go to tech somebody. It was at a to somebody else. What's swear to god. I had the other person pulled up okay. It did that when i was drinking even otherwise. I'm just going to have new phone but i need a new phone because this phones sounds like i don't like it but year phones like twenty years older than mine so girl you pay this much for a phone. I'm hanging onto until it dies. Yeah you can make a phone lasts longer than anybody. I've ever met it happens. That's impressive them very it is it is impressive. You could take a lesson or two for me. It's not going to happen. My car is fifteen eighteen years old. My phone is five years old. Laptops probably years old but it all works and we're not going to actually today on your she told me once that i had to would you have to do wind up your phone to get make recall true though was pretty bad galaxy five to open it footfall but you have you the new flip phones. No they opened the oh. Never mind is too high tech going to know is it's a flip book but it's so cool because it's like this and it opens. This never mind because i know that so anyway. I have too much to drink already gone next the okay so again. Let us know what you're drunk. Texting story is or your face. That's where we were going with so. Please let us know email us facebook us. I would love to hear stories. I mean we may not even talk about it on the show but it still gives our listeners and other people who follow us kids yeah if you wanna post every email it to us and we'll posted on her facebook page and like i said we don't have to share who you you are. We will just make sure that you put on their leaf me anonymous. We won't if you hit us up through email. We won't reveal your name. Cheeses czar will only tell you the first name anyways because i'm not going to be like oh look john doe at three five seven west. I would totally say just this this guy. Does oh yeah one hundred this check. I'm really hoping we have a lot of chicks emails. 'cause we're checks and i like getting out you can. We're with this. I just want to know that there's girls out there that drink on our level. Yes i agree because has because you know who drink a lot of men under the table and we're like we're full do this. I drink a lot of everybody able. She does a lot of things under the table and we go another episode. That actually is another episode. Think okay so. I do have to tell you so i've been doing research on <hes> not research but still trying to come up with really cool games for your daughter's bachelorette party. Oh sweet. That's coming up in a few weeks. So oh i fault. I found one. We will not play at the bachelorette party but i thought one. I wanted to play with you tonight. Okay play with me al gross anyhow. Did you know call questions questions to ask your best friend. This could get good especially with vanilla as you're so <hes> i have. I have five questions. The the whole thing was was twenty five. I didn't want to take up an hour of this podcast with asking you questions so i you're gonna answer them to. Yes okay yes but you. I'm gonna ask you're gonna the answer and then i will give my response that fair enough okay so question number. One was what is the funniest moment that has happened in our friendship and our friendship so back when we met in beauty school <hes> he was gonna drive somewhere somewhere. You realize that all right. I gotta run back in in grab something. I'll meet you pick and your car. She goes okay great. I said awesome. I run back in because i forgot like a bag or something. I come running out. There's amy's car. I run in run up. All opening. Hoping radio was running so i i open the car door joe big. Let's go bitch. Look up and there's some old lady drug your seat and she was looking at me like she was terrifying. She was absolutely terrified and so i was just like so sappy. They look up and there's evening in her car like kitty corner from where i'm sitting. I'm just sitting here going. What did she tell south. She looks like why does it goes jumps into my car and i'm like what are you doing laughing. She's telling me she's going to hear her it. I think i i did a little bit but it's only the start. I was laughing so hard and my eyes were watering. We couldn't even drive anywhere for like ten minutes ten minutes before i can even put my god that poor lady. She was so terrified. Would i jumped into her card was like let's go bitch. That is funny that was those are those are funniest moment. I think our friendship i don't think i can. I think very careful and curse before i get it <music> now. Cry now is i'm laughing so hard. I so funny stories that i think really can top it but i'm going to go. The one was the couple trying to pick me up that was oh my god. Yes tober fatten. I thought they were just being nice and we're really trying to take me home and they had to give them into your group. The people behind me to know picking you up yeah. I think i came up with different one. Oh no okay so remember remember when our husbands were out at the bar and you and i wish to a bar and then we went back to your house and you have a <hes> special need house next to you yeah. Oh i remember what you're talking about if it was summertime and the windows open it's just it's a group home next door to us. There's a group home and just give you a quick story. They had one of the guys they're like got loose a couple of times and tried to break into our cars and stuff because he wanted to try cigarettes change whatever because they're mentally disabled people so so just give you an idea. That was just a couple of things that had happened. We haven't had problems sense but go ahead so we're we're buzz. We just got back from the bar. Our husbands are still out at another bar with a bunch of their guy friends and all of a sudden the windows are open because it was warm and we hear this noise so horrendous no and it was and we kinda stopped and looked at each other and was like what is that in your daughter was with us. It was raped by the window to your hat and i'm going what is that noise and it was like <hes> are and i was like oh. My god is there. Somebody in my car and i wanted to go outside checking. Everyone's like freaking out yeah and i was like let me just auto start my car because when auto start the interior lights your daughter you were still freaking out and all you here's what the crap so i called my husband because some of his zombie awesome day in a weird and so i call my husband. I'm like dude. I think somebody's in my car. I think one of the casts neighbors got loose in the leonard. We are the mentally ill instant. Reaction was first number one yellow his wife for leaving her car unlocked number two was him and about ten other guys my husband your cries yeah. We're on our way the joey come save us within five minutes. It's we have four cars full of guys polling lion into the driveway the driveway ready to pounce on somebody in my car and they walk walk in the house and they're all laughing. I'm like what is so funny. What was in my car. Wouldn't you guys do and my husband looks at me and he was like it was too. You can't having sex under your kids fucking under the car. It's a window open. It was so loud and they account was so loud it. I was like i if somebody get out of my car was stuck in my twenty two cats so oh yeah that was funny embarrassing at the same time guys like left. The bar for this came to save us also just from having insight was great okay so now moving on. I have my next question for you. What's your and favorite hobby to do when you're alone okay. I'm not answering this question next i can i say i like to call her and my adult coloring book. I like to play with adult stuff to nine question number. Three is <hes> what invention doesn't get it a lotta love but has greatly improved this world in your opinion toilet. Hold answer no likes toilets. I mean he cleaning. I've got three three of them. I hate them but yeah. That's improved guy could imagine life because you imagine using chamber pot back to game thrones but anyway. Could you imagine you know no. That's cool. That's a good answer. What's your answer. I would say running watered being shower. You know like one hundred years ago. You know that you don't know the history of a bridal bouquet was so because they couldn't believe oh oh so. They held silence eight hours on their wedding date so they didn't smell as bad. That's fun facts for you. That's eh fun facts now that yeah that's good <hes>. What would you not do for five million dollars. Oh oh very little for five million. What would i not do not do kill children good answer. Kill people i love. You know what's really weird. What is your response was killed children. My response was going gonna be dog ears so funny. That's how weird. I am weary about kids. It's the first thought was my my animals seemed like kill little kids. They're in a certain degree with gradients but my first thought went to well. I would never kill my pets yeah five million. You'd better watch out though for your back. I love you but you know it depends on how they are behaving today your dad's elia they've actually been hopefully you guys can't hear them. They behaviors in your husband all right and the last question. I have for you for this round. Right is a what's the dumbest thing you've done on a dare on a deer we should i think this is my firstborn came about just joking not joking anyway my attention. I'm sure my ex-husband ex-husband does not listen to this podcast so i'm fine with that one about your first board oh match. I don't care if mitch listens to it he he's he's got his sense of humor so so do all three of my kids eight none of them. All of them would think it was truth. Rate frigging hilarious the worst thing i've done on a dear. I don't know i mean i've done awesome. John shit my life. I at this point. I'm still surprised i'm alive. I don't think i've ever accepted because i've always been was really nothing ever ever accepted an actual dares. That's that's the attitude me. I know that's what why this means such a great question for me to ask you because i i love to do something. I'll do it. Just that's how i am. If you dare me just like okay. I'm going to call your new challenge listeners. There's even forecast to ninety years. Never have i ever the whole you know consequential things that actually might be next <hes> podcast never ever and yeah. I have ideas for that and that's another thing i wanted to do. I wanna post on facebook. Today was cracking up. I saw the <hes> thing where you post. <hes> says how <unk> ruin a movie title by putting in the house after it so i wanna do that on our facebook and i want everybody you're listening to to join in so you come up with like movie title and then he put in the ass after it and the i would have to say the ones i still like harry potter in the ass but no it'd be chamber of secrets in the s again so one is i was like in game in the end game came in the ass. That won't be funny or one. I saw was what's eating gilbert grape in the ass steered. I was cracking up. I want to to do this on our facebook page but i wanted to everybody no. I've been doing it before. I do it that way. We can get more participation because his watch for that. We're going to put that <hes> <hes> with the best on on our podcast. I love that idea. I can't wait to respond so we're going to do that and i know there's a few other ones that you can ed things like that too but yeah that was i saw that today. I was just dying laughing. That's awesome. I love that idea we up so we're. We're doing it in the ass next week. Think i need my shot after that knowledge naturally cheers. Is it time to cheers cheers while real quick before we you are tears. I also wanted to just remind we says to me. Are you done. Maybe i am now. I guess all right so i just want to remind our gas our our listeners that we would love to have guests on our podcast asked who led so please facebook excuse me facebook or honor teeny all my drug confessions at gmail.com and our facebook dot com slash backslash now i this backslash cash for some reason why dripping confession so hit us up if you wanted to be on our podcast so i'm gonna tell you something. I have a big fat liar. Oh yeah on our first podcast. I said we we do this every thursday. Oh and we switched to wednesday so we doing wednesdays now yes but i want to be a live live studio audience now studio guest studio. I just you know we have a studio audience dame very well. We're we're working up to that so anyway but if you want to be live guest it's going to be on wednesdays now and we do have a studio to have it in. We also want to make sure you guys know that we can fine. We can accommodate other schedules as long as they accommodate ours 'cause yeah. We're the sunday morning. We're we're. We're fight getting sunday morning. We have no restrictions. We change our choice from from beer till like mimosa bloody. Marys it yeah so let let us know what works best for you. We prefer wednesdays. If you guys cannot handle win seized working your schedule. Let us know what works for your schedule. If you really wanna be on it they come up with a topic or questions that you want to ask is or we could do an onsite. I would love to do that. There would be so much fun place ice. We'll go meet you. There and we'll bring will bring some equipment yeah. That'll be awesome yeah his back the rolled my eyes allowed on first time no not really so yeah. If you want to be on our podcast hit us up. If you guys think you can make it be more interesting than us. We challenge you. Oh if we have you have a great story. E mail us matiur. If you don't want us to tell you who you are leave me anonymous otherwise. I'm blessed neon air and i have to warn you. You are subject subject being a smart s to you numer who you're yeah it doesn't matter she's just you'll have to learn to love her. Grow people like fungus yeah. That's a good description description like a mushroom or athlete's foot spare the jock itch. I don't wanna be jacket. You have to do if you are gas. Yes you have to cheers us. Amway boy said if you're a fund enough gas or an interesting enough guests will pay your lift homer uber we might we might if your fun enough yeah. We will if your fun enough there you go but you have to be fun enough and you have to hit our standards. Yes and you do have to cheer south tonight. Yeah you'll have come. Bring your own chairs and you can even like depending on the day you can even name your own subject for the day will give our guests a lot of leeway here well she will. I won't name is a little more than i am anyway so on that note do our our one shot or siegel shot object that we're doing today shot. Can we cheers it. Drink it and then do it and then cheers the beer. What we're i'm confused shot. You're going to do the cheers then we're gonna cheers with her being also do shepherd yeah and then i have to say the jess no problem while group and okay so here's our cheers cheers. We hope you guys listen next week and this is how we're sending you off. All been idea did the show. That's right so here's the cheers here's to hell. May my hi steve there. Be as fun as my way there. All right cheers guys cheers. Thanks for joining us peace out. They will love you.

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Drunken Confessions  Episode 45


55:40 min | 1 year ago

Drunken Confessions Episode 45

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. Www DOT odd past detroit dot com before information. Welcome to another episode of Drunken Confession a show for the bold and the brave the drunken the season where you tell stories. Your best friends already know you me now. Want your family to ever here but always makes for great conversation. Raise a glass or more. We don't judge every week for drug concession. Everybody and welcome to joking confessions episode. Forty five all right all right all right all right. This is my first time doing this. Since the outbreak the solution period. Yes yes yes yes yes definitely so but we're doing it via zoom. Yep We because technology thank God for technology cheers to that welcome cheers Yup perceive Yay. We can't clink but well I could against the glass would probably not recommend that. It's probably not a good idea So we are going to play a game tonight so excited guys to hell. What are you saying? We're playing. Are you have to take a drink if you see the following words? I'm not drinking now so I. It's not her cheap day. Yeah AND DIV striking coffee drinking water coffee. This is only going to mess you up. Cast for that. Not the first time that's happened there coffee there so you can't see coverage corona virus right crazy. Dogs and the last one is fundraiser earn. What's the last one plunger is going to stay that? I don't think so either. You do get okay. Alrighty then you never know. This won't be the first time whatever shows gone down the toilet. This is true. So how's it would be sanity holding up? Well mine stay was ever took. You've been getting out of the House so at least which is good. I mean yeah the socks for work but at least you've been 'cause I'm essential are you. Are you even have a letter this us? I'm essential I feel at this point. That's like That's like a stripper telling you you're their favorite. I'm going my husband even made me this elope. Nice Nice Guy. Cute my essential papers. That's it I'm essential and I think I told you this before but I'm seriously gonNA need serious therapy after the saw over especially since you needed it before it started. Yeah and it's going to be even worse now. Unlike meals Ari ben in therapy this times out therapy and I was okay. I mean I'm okay. I'm just shush ladies. Sorry about my dogs. Dogs all drunk. You guys having at least some wade hard. Because I like can't. She has disciplined if I have one. Then I'm going to have all of it and it wouldn't matter if I didn't care different way we're not gonNA have one. We're not going to have a sober such because I have to see myself. I gotta be like me all my years from Lake here up in my good where there's a will there's a way yeah. Yeah don't tempt me. I am GonNa peer pressure on. You had to drink so to say I think you can try I've seen she's she's got some mental fortitude she. She's she's got to resist skills. I've got some mental stuff too but I don't know if it's fortitude saying trust me up to me. I'd be drunk pretty much every day because all the pros and has been my life for like two weeks. Yeah now I'm you know it's I have no problem like self-isolating I know we have. You are part from not complaining. I'm I'm glad that I'm able to not have to go out in public. But it's just. It's very difficult when like I. Can't I have nowhere to go? I literally sit in my house all day. It's like shuffling around my house like a Weirdo all that same and like my husband's so working so I'm here most of the time frame talking to my four legged for buddies Furby US and trying to keep sanity like yeah. It is difficult especially for me. I'm usually the one I want to be out all this. I mean the the is laid resume at chats. That we've been having or are we can see each other. It's been really helpful but I need some human contacts for you know I. I know I do go to work every day but I also used to not come home from work every Missing my house. I was always doing something every night. And so it's been strange coming straight home from work in. Our hours are also cut at work. So is there as often but I do get to see a lot of crazy people out there. Oh crazy yeah go. I see a lot of frigging nuts. Not kind of just like thanks for clarifying that okay. You're welcome so on that note. I think I need a little shot. Shot what do you? What do you drink in their amy? I am drinking Jack Fire my favorite. I would also be using the left here for having to work tomorrow so choose not to be nice so in all honesty it really this. This whole thing is really bringing out the crazies. I don't even actually you have to leave your house and you can just turn on Netflix. And Watch Tiger King and see all all of the insanity to necessarily tell me that was not the best train wreck that you've ever seen in your entire life. No I only spoilers. I only got through one episode and I think it's stupid. It's a bunch of it's it's it's exactly what I thought. It was going to be a bunch of Idiot. Rednecks doing stupid shit. It's like if I wanted to watch that I'll watch like reality. Tv which I also know. I hear reality TV. But honestly I think it was a great escape from. What's going on that? I was able to lock into that show and be like. Wow people really fucked up. At least I'm not them at least I'm not dumb. Life could be worse. At least her it does make you feel so much better about your own life choices. I think it did so well. Because everybody's stuck at home. I needed to go. Yeah because if I wasn't at home I never would've watched it wouldn't have been like the thing. Facebook would have been filled with. I haven't watched. Yeah it's a I think it has an entertainment value. I'm not trying to say if you like it like you're stupid but for me. It was more sad and depressing anything else. So I- Ron and I was. I felt like if I keep watching us. I'm just GONNA get depressed. I agree I agree with you on that but I mean it's the same reason that Germanized sacral zoo's a couple of years ago like the. I think the last time we went was like five years ago and we walked by ourselves. We didn't have any kids with us. Officials is trying to have like a a good day but we both were so sad. The entire time walking through the Detroit Zoo that I was like yeah. I'm dying like Dj. You'd like them out. It's not fine. Yeah I feel that. Yeah so I get where you're coming from but honestly I'm running out of things to watch so that when they just finished Ozark I tell you awesome okay. I'm I just started or finished so fi of before season. Yeah the new legislation to keep it better and better in just when you think. It can't get any worse John's here like the whole show though it's like every just when it's so intense and like for the you're looking around now right. I mean I go wrong and all of a sudden here comes this person and that person and then the FBI. The situation yeah. I don't WanNa give anything away. But you said Watchos if you're amy if you're I may have to you because I've been right now. I'm binge-watching The handmaid's tale. Ooh That was good too okay so I started watching it like when it first came out and the first episode and went nope done can't watch us. It was too harsh harsh all this time. Everyone's like no of you can watch. Game of thrones walking dead. You can get through the first couple of episodes and get into the storyline. So I- since I had nothing to watch that's what I started watching three days later out on season. Three I'm glued to that show. I stayed up until two thirty in the morning last night. Watching that Terry was already in bed for like ours. He got two hours later to go to work right. Yeah Dave we're talking about handmaiden sale Gotcha so you're in the loop here. Sorry never never watched Eddie Medieval Jokic. Confession could start off with till I think moving and grooving almost. I'm really sorry about you guys. I don't know what they're doing like some attention dog so you have to drink. And here's the thing. I'll just drink alcohol for Stephanie. Actually I'm making list so the next time we play a drinking games. She has to have a couple extra for everyone that she misses today. Yeah you're rude. No Hey you know what? I don't make the rules. Well Yeah it's the rule now so you know. I kneel on the elder in the Group. It is witness. Which one do you want the one on the right? Yeah sure this one now. That's the left. No that's that's my right you're right. Yeah they've always very honey. I e time that you completely lost it how like heat the shit out of somebody or like when you actually see. I guess like it. Yeah you lost it. You gave a public scene or you just couldn't see it anymore and you just finally thought I don't know man. I don't think I have never had anything like that happen. I'm the closest thing that I can think of is. I was dating this guy and he was a karaoke host so and he didn't have a car okay. This is a long time ago when I was young equipment to put on a bicycle. Yeah so I drove him to work and he wanted me to stay and Like it was just me and my one friend and then he had a table of a got wait. I have a better story butter story. You're both no. It's the same guy though. It dumped him in public loudly. It was really great. I so my friend and I we were. We were in a super bowl party. He was there. It was at a bar where he hosted. Karaoke and hip and trading. My friend like Shit all day and I had already had it up to here with him and he was living with me. He didn't have a car you know like just and he wasn't treating me good on overall really positive life choices. What you're saying. Yeah this is right. After I had to deal with the death of a of my fiance this is the first person I dated after and I dated him ten years prior. So don't ask me. Why did it but I did space. So anyway he's been treating my friend lakes Shit in public and I've been drinking. Obviously it's a super bowl party and I finally just like. He's a big star community. And I was like you know what fuck you you can fuck in walk home but don't walk into my house because you don't live there anymore and I'm fucking dumping. You just sat and I was allowed in everybody into bar there. All his friends not mine. Those kind of looked at me and I was like Gerald was go and he followed us. He followed us out to the parking lot. And I ended up getting Mariah. Because you know because you're a sap yeah you're nice and you're like I don't care if I hate you I'm still not GonNa lead you in the gutter right. What the trade that. The bar is APP it. Yeah so like I publicly broke up with somebody loudly and I mean that's really it. I've never gotten into a fight or anything like that. So that's my story later okay Can I'm trying to think of a good loss crap in public story because I don't usually usually if I'M GONNA lose my crap? It's it's going to be in private God. Let me ponder for minute. Okay me. I was having a party at my house and have several couples over and we had dinner and everything else in this one couple. They That one point in time this guy worked for my husband. He ended up stealing from my husband so he got fired. So that tells you the kind of person he was that this was before we found out that so they come over him and his wife and they walk in the door and the wife looks and she's like Oh what's for dinner because we make dinner like Spaghetti and she looks right. Her husband goes. Why didn't you tell me we were having spaghetti? We had that last night and I'm sitting there like Working you dinner. You know if you don't like it. There's a McDonald's up the fucking street you know. But I didn't say that progresses we we clean everything up we start playing again playing trivia and like I said there are several couples there and so we're playing and it was girls versus guys as it goes on. I'm answering pretty much all the questions. For our team for the females were kicking the guy's asses and then this guy the guy that worked for my husband Ben. He says you know you're answering the questions. Why don't you give anybody else on your team a chance? You know he's just getting really snarky with me all night. Okay fine so I quit answering the questions. We nose-dived because people are Mateen in the answers. I knew the answers have recent lives answering so anyway I just kept letting them guess wrong with America on. This team has just putting that out there. Now Amy was there that night and it was a shame because I really wanted to less ship. She was there so this So whatever let that go and then I'm reading end. Nobody on my team wanted to read. So I've reading all the questions. In any time I would say something. He would try correcting my pronunciation of different things. Like I said Unicorn instead a unit Krahn. I'd transpose to letters that was all I'm also very dyslexic. Every time I try to pronounce something like like off the wall country in you know in Africa or city in Uganda he was trying to. He would correct me. I'm like you don't even know what the fucking word is. How are you correcting me? You're naive you don't even have the card in front of you correctly. But he just kept doing it. And digging and digging at me DIG Ambien. I'd like your in. My House came over my house for dinner. And you're going to stay here and trying to humiliate me in front of everybody. I was just thought I stood up and sitting at the head of the table. We had like this long was anti blaming about Levin Point Long Picture. Beetlejuice that table. We had a huge long table at. I was at one end and I had all the cards by me because I was doing all the reading. Right I scooped up all the cards and I looked at him and I said you know this is a fun anymore. I said I am so sick to death. You do another but bashing all night. I said this isn't even a game anymore. Be Done. This is through the cards. They slip all the way cable off beyond all over the floor and I turned around and walked into the kitchen. They swear guy crickets. It's all you heard credits each other and I'm like thinking of the kitchen and I'm like I am so sorry and I wouldn't know that was rage joining us. Hi Welcome hesitant. I don't blame you for doing that. I like the so. He's going after you did that though like did you have immediate regret. Yes because I've never done that before. This is my house. I've always been very gracious host if anyone's ever been over my house you know I bend over backwards and trying to make sure everyone's having a great time everything else another trend. I'm trying to move my chair but almost read over one of my dogs. You should get a drink so I can't see me at all all night. Birds my other friends that were there. Thought it was the funniest thing ever they were like. We are so happy you put them in their place so all the other people left in this guy and his wife are still sitting there. Oh all right little bit back story. I was on medication. I couldn't drink that. Did Not so you over when you did that I was sober? And they had a three or their three year old was trying with with them. Was getting into everything taking food on my couch furniture grinding food into it where we don't allow that in this house. They're trying to climb my shell and the men of hearing stories are like. Oh years ago. Yeah he's like okay so the blast time wasn't that long you gotTa pick out the story. But that's only about what one would then work for Tom. Jeremy like five years ago yeah. When did Ben Work Tom? Don't ask him maybe four years ago. Yeah about five years ago so yeah I just. I've never acted like that before but all my friends I was great and that they were leaving tumble damn it. Finally you guys have probably be a good idea if you left now all right. So I'm I have these occasions. Maher often than I guess you guys do so I'm not. I'm sorry toby's crawling up my leg again. He wants to be on the PODCAST Hill. So the last time I lost my shit mob leg was actually less than a month. Ago was at summit up. I'll sum it up So I was at a bar with friends and we had been drinking for hours and hours on end and One of my friends was being attacked. Not like physically attacked verbally attacked and I stepped in when I shouldn't ask. I consider that losing Michelle a leg seeking help. For one of my girlfriends Clo- I might actually be that same night now that you say that you're with us. I missed that somebody was going to pick up. I totally I totally. I've already completely. I've cleared my cash. I've I arrived flush that night from memory. 'cause yeah probably the last time. I lost my shed and when I woke up the next morning I was like Oh amy you said No. Wash your shit that bad although I I guess I I could. I could go with that night although I didn't lose my shit then I did go off on quite the Raging Bender immediately following Because I didn't lose my crap and had to do something with all of that. Yeah I felt some of that on facebook. Yeah Royale talking in Code. Hashtag friendship right the the one I was gonna go to is kind of the same thing saying but I don't keep it shortage dinner. Party bunch of couples over hanging out And my friend. Sandy stopped by with The Guy Scott that she had started dating a total d. bag and had like kind of pulled away from the group and pulled away from everybody and they showed up at at my townhouse and we and I just I I completely lost it and I was just went off on him for being such a Dick and taking her away from everybody in trying to isolate and what a controlling freaky was to the point. Where like my buddy? Who like? He'd known me entice school Literally burst out in tears And and I and so I stopped on my dude. Are you're right. He's like Nannies. I've never seen you emotional before. This is scaring the shit out of me. What's going on Saito? Walked into the kitchen with me and he starts helping me clean mentally because he didn't know what to do. Oh you said hoping yes. He was helping me. I said helping me clean like whites up now that makes audio but not actually started helping me. And then he's like. Hey you go watch a movie. I said sure what you WANNA watch. She goes anger management off. Yeah so anyway. So that's my story. That's days during story. Aby We have your story as well. That's great good. Well good. It's all relative. Well Yeah Jerry have a story. What was the question? That's what does he do? That's why I was actually gonNA legit skip him. Because he wasn't here for the original question we can do. Yeah so to answer. I next time we do. The important question is what are we gonNA do about my cricket nails 'cause my Nail Tech Ism that's what you're worried about. Oh my God you're causing still come into the bank your cosmetologist figure the shutout pitch may here so looks good a males. Don't mine don't? I'm starting to get grace okay. You're metallised a bit wires. You're so bad because my my hair color so dark. I make a hot mess in the bathroom Everything what was the last time you did? Your own here. Had been prior to me. It's been a while it's been a hot minute so right next question watch. I'M GONNA have to get you a valve to ring me. Keep you alive. Ding Ding trying to find what I see. I think I'm out of your questions. Maybe I can order a bell. Often Amazon is essential. I could go shopping to every single store out there and look for frequent bowel. Just like people think it's essential to come in cash twenty dollar check arms so the first one I pulled out. I think we already did this. So you guys told me if we go to another one. Yeah we did. Why did your relationship end now? One your last one. I don't remember doing that. One Cashier I. Why did your last relationship Ed? Because it was dom sub relationship I wasn't sub enough and that's as far as we're going with that one. Go ahead Mike. What you see my clap. Your what is your last relationship? Ended the clap. No so mine was did. She radically changed her mind about things. Like this is my ex wife. She She was always. You can 'cause that was kind of a mutual thing any whipped. No but like you know at first like you know she wants. She had a kid from a prior. Marriage is and she wanted to have more kids and all that kind of stuff And then she changed her mind and decided you did want to have more kids and that was kind of a deal breaker for me like any day. If needed to make more little Dave's for the world I should call them mini me Lee. Our very important but does the world really need more many days now. No now we're set I've could. He has to now exactly matching Saturday boy. And a girl which which is why we got. The sector's done. That works all feelings talking to the backgrounds. Hey Dude how you doing let up you have to say something. You're being recorded for podcasts. Kid Hero serve. You got stuff Scott All. Yeah understand that Jeremy. You're wasn't supposed to start the whole. Yeah I know that they know on going with him before. Stephanie Icing Anything. Jeremy why dead. Your last relationship ends without who away just decided like also ended elhage ended. Okay now. Did you inform them any moving? Or did you just got to leave their farms? Okay not believe until edited. Well you go is a horse of a different color. Honestly that will just call his horse. No that's giving her a compliment on out. You told cash you've seen pictures. I have now I think so. Alex at the most self confident woman in the world's I'll ever I will put money on that everybody will think that I'm hotter than her. All right on my last relationship ended with me before Jeremy Because I found out he was a huge drug dealer row. I don't do drugs. Hugs Not Drugs. Role is he was really heavy into a lot of shit that I did not know about during our relationship and then when I found it out alles you know. I can't be that life. I wasn't looking to be involved in a cartel. Thank you right debt. Less just wasn't for me. Was He like looking to buy tiger. Was He an. I should've gotten my first hand win. A Scorpion got loosen his house. And then people like from my past started coming over which I knew were heavy drug dealers and they would just stop by and I'm like I need a fix and then yet another smart man but I know what drugs are together really what the hammer was. He told me I was no longer allowed to hang out with out with my best friend and I had to choose between my best friend or him and I was like a mouse. Alternators are never ever you give me an ultimatum as never GONNA go your way. Nope just on principle even even if it's the right decision on principle even if it's the right decision well fuck you talking to either right so my story is the one that I just told for. The last combustion now. So one story to confessions are no until two stories with our to kill him for one deal. Works out good. I'll suffer. You're eating yummy food. Are you eating from that store down the street from my House? I am all right. Yeah this is chicken FAJITA. It's so it's all the stuff that's in a chicken fajita except for like the the heat apart. It's only like two hundred ninety calories and it's really good no she. Actually I offered to make her dinner and cast knows I make damn good dinners and she was like no Auburn and she legit. I as I was cooking dinner warmed her meal up in my microwave and I went tem. You're suppose that are the teams like some of them that I had that are like you know but most of their food is usually really good. So so that's the that's the one upside of all. This madness. Insanity is that I'm cooking a lot more again which is making my well. My daughter really happy while making both kids happy because they like when I cook up teaching my daughter how to cook and all that kind of stuff So it's been you know trying to. I guess that's one of the the bright spots amidst all the mayhem as well. I am now ordering out more because I'm trying to support local businesses. You that's your story you're sticking to one hundred percents. Leonova over here and actually my food right. They usually cook for you. The article I read today said one in ten restaurants in the Metro. Detroit area has already shut down And the expectation is that it may go as high as one in three civilly. That has there. And it's sad because like up until like Beer Keller's cast and I love to go to your colors and they've been trying to stay open and they just announced last Thursday or Wednesday. There are no longer saying open. They're not gonNA do the delivery. It's just not for them written that enough volume to support the business. I mean for the London obviously for beer. Keller's I love bar but I hate their food too. I get it their way but if I'm going to order out somewhere I'm not going to order from from me I'm not gonNA German. What's I said earlier today? I mean you know. Shit is weird when National Coney Island announces that. They're closing all of their restaurants after you know what's really going to blow my mind if Leo's Coney Island was down it's actually where we got lunch today at work so if Leo's closes down it is grab your shed. They will when I wanted near got food there. There's a line well. There's a lot of people that like before all this didn't I mean they will not eat dinner every eight and so I'm assuming those people instead of grocery shopping are still just like ordering drake so I mean there are going to be places that are GonNa make it through this because they have people that are regulars there you know. Spend a lot of money there every week which I love because we need to get that part of the economy's growing well then you look at the door. Dashing GRUB have both For the most part waived all of their delivery fees I know like door dash particular game is given like A. I think it's a fifty dollars credit for any orders from your local businesses like within a certain range of your zip code that kind of stuff So many people are trying to make shit work although I was listening to One of the I drove to the studio data. Just pick up like a bunch of stuff that I left there because figured why leave it there And I was this in the first wave. Dj was saying that. Like Door Dash. I guess in Indiana or knows. No Tennessee has expanded to include liquor stores. Nice which they shed because for for me. I don't WanNa have to go like I. Don't keep a stock of alcohol alcohol here either. I don't you so like I buy. Okay look out by a couple of bottles of wine knowing that if I open one I'll probably you know? Open the second one like what you're going to drink that night. Yeah like so yeah I bought a fifth of Tito's Saturday and I only had one shot of it. Because I you know I had two bottles of wine. I didn't need that but that is going down this weekend. Yeah some people just like need keep a bunch of alcohol around 'cause I don't drink enough of the time for me to just keep it around but when I want it I want it. Oh I think I have drink more at home in the last two weeks than I probably have in the last seven years combined o drinking at home yeah. I says speaking of a deep not being go to bars I thought we were GONNA do. Wonders zooms with Larry. Oh my God so that is. That is the funniest thing that happened to me yesterday. Is Larry the bartender from Temple Bar? called me just to like check up on me and see how was doing. Because there's a dude I know you of all people have to be losing your mind right now. I don't know if that's a cop. Mandarin insults reevaluate shit compliment. So twice story I'm sticking to it. Yeah it's the it's the twenty around. The Bar actually misses me so I'm happy that's adorable. We're SORTA alcoholic. Why won't have chatted with both Augie and Mikey from Whiskey and Hamtramck Just unlike the random bar nights and you know I mean that's honestly probably one of the very few things that's helping me maintain my sanity through all this or is you know every every couple of days. We're doing one of these little virtual barnes and just everybody hopping on and you know having a couple drinks and playing catch up and just seeing the old familiar faces and all that stuff and and that's that's important and I don't I don't think people really i. I don't know how people that aren't doing this don't I don't know how they're keeping it together. I keeping it together. Not Everybody's late getting really depressed him. You know it makes my when I can even catch with all of you guys as long as I can tell you a video. Chat with chaos. I'm like okay. We can still act lake. Were sitting at the kitchen table. Or whatever We can bullshit. It's it's still net interaction nights like tonight that we're all together now like this is what I need. I need all of my ghettos right. Excuse me were included in the RUHR. Yeah I yeah never mind. It's important to do stuff anything that you can deteriorate flop and lake. I just actually read something and instagram on. There's this person that I follow. Her tag is the feeding of the Fox and she is on a disabled woman on. She has a really inspiring story and she was kind of interesting her opinion. Because everybody's like Oh us trying to be productive in get shit done and she's like no. You don't have to get shit done if getting shit done makes you feel better. Cool do it. If hit or sitting on your couch and crying makes you feel better. Do It expectation. Whatever it is. It's going to get us through this time do it. Don't don't starve yourself if you're hungry. And you WANNA eat chips eat them. She says the girl maintaining a ridiculous amount of self-control. I what I read that on the phone. I almost caved. So there you go there you go do. Your peer pressure doesn't matter cast but some random on instagram can have influence over the way Quinn enough which I know it's funny. It's funny that I talked to one. Made Co workers had called me. Say for drama for another day but we ended up talking in. She goes yeah. I think I've finally catching up on sleep. I've lost over less years. She goes mind you the entire time. I've worked with her every day. She can't sleep. She wakes up five times the night she can never get a solid night's lead so now it's no. I can sleep and then I get up watching TV. Take out. And I get an idea in the household savings and she has but now I'm getting kind of circuit city so I lent. Oh no see. I decided the day I got laid off. Nope I'm studying me alarm. I'm getting up. Who needs an alarm when you have two dogs though right yes say dogs over? I see the list. They wake me up as V-word on there off you wanted to know who would say that word today. Just ahead girl. She was pushed in feel. Sorta looking for said vindictive the DICTA now rob word indicating. Yes anyways my story. Sorry I'm trying to do my workouts. Take the puppies doubts my workout and then Jump in the shower. I do my hair makeup. Get dressed everyday. Both of my sisters are laid off to junior your hair makeup and get dressed house like if I don't. I'm going to go into a slump video chat also like see the bitches you you look in a hot mess cow. Well I mean I did. This is need to my hair today and I have no makeup on but I haven't worn makeup. I usually don't really wear makeup anyway so for me. It's like if I look blue jeans on if I don't do your makeup that's where I'm going to go to the downward spiral and I'm not GonNa care about my love's I'm not gonNA hear fighting weight but if I'm getting I gotTA keep my jeans. Excuse me I gotTa keep my jeans on as you go. Five days with Pajama Pants on. I've already done it. It was amazing. No I found guilty on Sunday for just wearing pajamas. I think we did a video chat on Sunday and I was like I kept turning the camera. And you were like the camera. All's like some herbs note judgments here May Pajama Pants on. When I get home from work so I am worried about three now so you worked all day so yeah jeans jeans because they're allowing us to wear jeans at work right now because nobody can see your pants anyway. But I actually had a few people come in. You got to make an appointment to come in but I did have a few people fighting for jeans on GonNa blow up like a balloon. Yeah I know right. You'd be able to defend them. Yeah so I do agree with you. That putting on real close makes you feel different because like I've mostly been like clothes of one sort or another and like two days over the last two weeks. I actually like I got. I wore real clothes for the online convention and then yesterday I wore jeans and a t shirt and I felt that her because I had to go out and get my fifth bite stops so I have to wear something. That's the thing is like even though I'm sitting you're only myself until he comes home from work. I still feel better about myself. Yeah and made that comment to him. I was like I don't know why I'm doing my hair makeup. Who am I trying to look good for? He was like. Did you looking good for me? There was a excuse me. You're right you count because no but I'm I'm I'm taking that laid back approach with the kids too. I mean we're like with other school stuff and that kind of thing like you know if it's it if if it only takes them an hour to get everything done that they think they need to get done for the day. I'm not gonNA ride their ass about it legged. It's it's not worth having them stress out about. You know there. There's no you know especially given Last I heard whitmer probably GONNA be making some sort of announcement tomorrow Where the expectation is going to be closed for the rest of the year You know so So bad for the seniors because they can't walk all because they're missing out on all the third GONNA MISS OUT ON PROM. They'll have a great story for the rest of their lives who are and at least be alive to graduate. Asked that they should look at like look not what you mean by. Jefferson. You're right by be grateful that you you know and I say that because we we did. I didn't I got kicked out of high school and I had to go get my ged. Before you know. So I think I got to walk for my bachelor's degree of Ala you about nope. I chose to leave my school because they feared meow a whole lot of money. One Year Sherry Hansen similar story. Yeah no I was a bad kid when I was in high school and it was like basically just like skipping class because I had I was a very troubled youth. I had a very troubled childhoods rebellious and I hated going to class. I head straight as up until high school. She was a wayward teen girl. I don't grade and I decided I started going to class turning my light grades around. I got my grades back up and then I was late to class one day and I got put in God I can't remember what they used to call it but if you I asked us. Isa Or whatever it was. Yeah whatever like for that period you I E J so I got put in there and then my principle Had had enough of me apparently at that point excite. Benso terrible so I got expelled after raising grades showing up to class and just being late to class. 'cause I had to pee so that's my story. I screwed up. Well I mean also because I was like an asshole for two years I mean I think you guys have all heard my story like I barely graduated barely watched the With my class was like by the hair. My Jason Chan did it though. So that's guide math because my mom died at the end of my junior year. And we'd we forget about one point that I was in school for. I believe it's forty four days of my senior. Nineteen forty four okay so in. My Dad died when I was a freshman. And that's when I went downhill. See the common denominator huge. I mean that's a huge thing to happen in anybody's life at any age but when you're a teenager it's even harder when you have appearance leave. Your life is was their choice or not their choice. Right you've really does have a huge effect no matter what people should be a little bit more understanding. That'd be nice. It would be in a perfect world and Steven. One more drinking session always that allowed a little bit. We from Nice Speaker. I'm sorry it's okay. I have this trend of all the way because I'm jeff so but now on that now we're going to do the last drunken confessions of cheers for the Navy. Who Somebody can wing at. I'M GONNA. It's not GonNa do our chairs the one that's not drinking. Yeah I'm going to last Franchi confession before she does cheers. Yes that's fine F- in Los could talk which animal would be the rudest Toby cads toby. Porto buyers gun eady's EVA'S. Toby would be like listen fucker ghetto. He would be he would be. He bid like that asshole yet. I'll you know with block in his pants. You know you know what I'm GonNa go with a goose. I think gifts be the rudest pieces of shit because their behavior says at all if they could be more like the gangsters terrible. Like I know I don't want to ever talk to geese ever made me straighten it before. I've I've been attacked by them when I was like five. They're nasty. They're terrified of them. Dave I I'M GONNA cats. They're they're just rude. Standoffish assholes you be get the fuck away from me or you know pet me pet me round in its that yeah Jimmy Cool. That'd be dear dear colleague preppy ones out in the woods I saw the debris sean everybody else. Tale tails up a horrible dear. I'd be the one that I was A. It'd be the one going. Ooh Mr Big Hunter Guy with your assault rifle because we're wondering around with bulletproof vest mister. Tough guy out. Can we tell me the hunter is clearly me because all the rage right so the rudest animal I would probably say is I was gonNA say Jeez but so I'm GonNa go with Doug's juncture nice. No they're not agree with me about one turned wild Turkeys Wild Turkeys. They are rude fuckers. Swans have you ever been your swan reach their next. Oh there and asked him fuck us? Now there's a lot of route essages. Their birds were not the correct summit up birds or House except for crows controversial. I would say the exception is cardinals. Crows when they don't have their eucalyptus our decks. A lot of people are being taken away from. Well exactly you know you take a co- dude. That's people realize that I've quoted. They're like oh it's cute like no they're cute and friendly and nice because they're stoned off their ass from the leaves that munching on when they don't have that they basically gonna rip your face off. Yeah have you seen their claws? They go from Teddy bears to those scare bears. Isn't that most animals. It just rip your face off only in Australia. That's one of the reasons why like I'm not a big Fan of going to Australia. Because basically everything wants to kill you. Brazil Brazil's robotic lead us out with a your cheers. Yes I'm GONNA just make one up girl or a lot of cheers. Thanks for tuning in tonight guys. We really appreciate it. We are going to keep drunken concessions alive. Yeah we'RE GONNA do. Facebook wants to yes. You can stream to facebook if we wanted to. Just saying yeah. That's Leonard Youtube next week so next week tune in same time. Same Day hopefully. I I just WANNA give a huge shot out to Dave. Thank you for hosting all of this shit in your basement. Griddle time and keep an eye going and even when we're not recording is entertainment for me. One more shout out all the first responders out there that are men right. Thank you you know what cares. Here's the everybody who's fighting to keep the rest of us. Allied and boo. It's all the people not following quarantine rules out there. You know who you are you dixie. Yeah here is I love you guys. Everybody thinks again for listening to our show tonight. If you want more information you can find it at facebook dot com slash drunken confession.

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Episode 8

Drunken Confessions

51:37 min | 2 years ago

Episode 8

"Hello, and welcome to join confessions episode what, what eight thirty eight yes episode eat with Kesiny. She was going to say, Eimi cask actually go see me, Kansas time, because she see Cass Namie. Yeah. But I threw it off because I couldn't remember which would we run? Yeah. I'm already picking up the pieces. Getting. Good. I'm good at that. How you doing? Picking up visas. All righty. I'm actually doing really good. We've been here for about an hour. So we've got plenty of pre drinking and guessing juice going. Yeah. All right with that. How are you feeling? I'm feeling fine. Yeah. I'm not. I eat before I came. So it's gonna take a little bit more for less your drinking McColl Tra I am. But I did just do a shot of my pickle juice. I mean, let's be real. You did a shot up nickel, its sickle MARTINI. There's also Tito's in there with the pickle choose. So is technically pickle MARTINI, not just figures. Okay. Well, I think it was just pickled juice. I wasn't sure it looks like yeah, no, it wasn't just drinking straight pickles. Those people do fixer pretty good. So so you got your pickle juice. You got your mic ultra got the Jack fire in front of you. Yeah, I have I switched up this week and I'm doing shock top. Ooh. Which was feeling pretty good. It is a little stronger of, of your dad, the hardest. I needed a summer beard. It's like getting a little nicer. Yep. So I needed a summer beer, and they have thirty blonde. So I got shocked up that doesn't really work. Yeah. So speaking of which I had my check fire, so let's start this show. All this time I'm not doing this Oko because there was one hundred proof, and it was just too much. So I'll just watch microbes the rest of the day. All right. Well, there's day left. So cheers with our Jack to episode e. All right. So the Jeff. So the other thing I did is after we had if you guys listen to episode seven last week, we had a guest, Tom, your husband on. And he didn't wanna do shot because he was not a fan of the Jack Daniels, or the so-called. We had, which was fine so force you being me being so smart. I started picking up little shooters of all different kind of liquors, if you would like to be a guest on her show, we're gonna have a shot for you. Yes. And so we have a whole collection restarted, and we're going to start picking up more and more, unless you only drink some kind of crazy off the wall stuff in which case bring your own. Yeah. Sorry. Yeah. I mean, I'm trying to trying to be good hostess with the most. Right. But, but yeah. But now, if you're going to be difficult than, you know, you can take care of yourself with that. The same. We don't want difficult guests, we're okay with that to say in. So if you would like to be a guest, you can hit us up on my drinking, confessions edgy meal that calm, and of course, on Facebook dot com, backslash my confessions, and I'm sitting up our drugging confessions dot com website. Yes. And we really need one of our listeners out there to help us with an intro song. I know we're reckoner brings with this, and we're like listening to other people just to kind of get we're gonna give more thinking heart into it. We're thinking too much. I think we should just go with the one. I picked initially that you don't like because it sounds like bunk. Yeah. It's like smoking weed. So I'd rather one of our listeners, come up with something he don't for, like a five ten second intro, five to ten seconds. All right. So let us know if you guys have any ideas, or even any leads that we can look at to come up with an interesting, little work. We're going to start research this a little bit more because, you know, by the time we get to episode ten we should really have some. Well then go that is go get a ten. I'm glad to juggle. I'm gonna let you have echo. In your hands, because, you know, I have my daughter's wedding Saturday. So I don't I don't want to have to worry about anything right now. I know that's taking care of in a him. A securities exam next Friday. No worries the two I've got your back. I'm doing this good good. Then I might not replace you. All right. Can't. She says she was going to look for a new BFF. I did. Well, so I already came up with the Craigslist sets maybe Craigslist, because you look it up real quick. So I can read it. Yes. So yesterday, we were supposed to go to an event and it got cancelled. So I said to Eimi will since we were already going out. Let's just go grab a beer somewhere and hang out and she's like. To mardi home. Stay home. And I said, you know, I need to find myself, and I said something, and you're the one they think this, you said, you called me Lemus bitch. I did. And I said, I know I'm sorry. You should get a new BFF. It was you're actually not mine, then you wrote. Right. Then the next messages sent. I'm looking at right now stopping to get beer and that I'll be over might as we might as well. Hang out with you, until I find a replacement. I said, damn. I'll hope you put out a Craigslist ad. You wrote okay? I'll help you write. It lets them, good friend, I put in quotations seeking new BFF must be able to put up with a smart eh speech, who will talk shit on a daily basis daily. Yeah. Okay. Well, I. Well, and then you went on to say, that's actually pretty good good because it's kinda true because I am kind of. Are you? You really wanna treat me like pretty smart. Yeah. She you do. Come up with some great ideas for shows. You're you're proving to be not invaluable. I wouldn't go far, but you're proving to be useful. Let's do this podcast without me. Addicted, you're not gonna stop doing nice try though. No. But I can certainly you can good luck. Anyway, anyways. So today is national day it is. So I would just like to take a moment out there to commemorate, all the veterans from World War, Two that are left not only World War Two, but all the veterans all innovation significant, yes, it's very American very like prideful in our son served in Afghanistan guests he does. Yes, he did. I, I totally back our troops. So but you did recently actually, kinda it very little. I did. So what I read today was eight ninety seven year old man ninety seven years old jumped out of a plane today in parachuted over Normandy beaches in Normandy, and he landed on the same ground, he touched touchdown on seventy five years ago. That's, that's fricking seventy five years ago and what a cool guy do. I know if when I'm ninety seven years old if, if I ever get to that. I hope I'm healthy enough to jump out of a. Like I just think that that had been so kick ass for him. I agree. That was just pretty I thought it was such an inspirational story that I wanted to share so. No. I think that's awesome. I think this really really, really cool. Yeah. I wanna be that cool when I get older. I mean that cool now but I'm hoping. Don't make me spit on my beer. And now he goes no way. Call her early fast. Whenever, you know. I mean if the boots fit. Basic Larry kind of same thing. All right. So I'm going to your off of that subject, and you insulting me all night all night. Did anything fun and exciting happen to you this week. No. Actually, I don't think so. No, my forgetting something. No. I'm just wondering. Oh, yeah. I really question. No. Because the plans we had were cancelled we are going to look for new BFF for me. Other than that. I mean well, not a new BFF. But I mean I do need -cation buddy, somebody's going to be stuff with me like that. You know. Yeah, I do. I'm good for my husband doesn't like vacations. So I need to broaden my horizons here. Yeah. Yeah. So. Veronese. You're looking into broadening my horizons. Not really good. I am talking about. No, I'm looking into we can totally put out a Craigslist ad for that to know that. Creepy, exactly. I mean, there's some creepy people out there and I just, I don't wanna attract them, so. Yeah, I'm pretty lucky. I don't I don't do I don't attract a lot of creepers. Eight hundred a lot more than I do. We've been there done that we don't you talk about it anymore. Yeah, but I don't I don't attract creepers I'm more that happy, keeping it that way. So other than that, what about you have anything fund happening, actually? I have a very funny story about your niece and nephew your dogs. Yes. My dog's feeling Toby. Okay. So for the very first time this story already never, I took them drink, my I, I took them to the vet for the very first time together. I've never had two dogs. You've taken them to disperse them both at the same time. Yes. Because I know you've taken him. Yeah. They go to the vet the time but we've always done separate appointments because Toby's older than Bailey. So I didn't know that. So we actually I did learn. We were we were trying to work it out to keep them on the scene schedule instead of having all these different appointments for the dogs like let's try to get him on the schedule. What he wants to once every other week. Right. Not us. So they're finally old enough. They're both over a year old. So we got him able to match up bailing out some vaccinations a little early. But at least her and Toby, or like on the same schedule in the veterinarian assured me that it would be fine. However, I learned something new about dogs dogs have Email glance I already knew this, but that they can use as weapons like a skunk so skunks like when they spray you. Desert you, they get scared. They, they squirt you with that ugly gross smell that England's well apparently dogs have this to do they hitting. I didn't know that. I didn't know they could they would squirt them. I knew that. Sometimes some dogs out there, actually have to have them squeezed. Yes. Well, I've always had maybe work. I've always had big dogs. So Toby is my very first little dog. He waited a whole thirty pounds. He's a Datsun inch wallo mix. And although I don't see any that Doug. He looks Dotson to me, his ears. He's got some. I think he looks twitchy or out sorry ears, stand up. That's usually down. Yeah. He move his up and down. Yes, he does. He he twitches years because he's so forgive has one up one down. By degrom. Go ahead with your story. So Toby was so frightened, Bailey's here. She's my. She weighed in at seventy pounds, by the way, she's a little heifer. Wow. And so- Bailey's ultra-lax do whatever you want, whatever. I know Toby's my little wildcard. I warn them about that. Like he might he has been, he hasn't been anybody yet, but he has an apt. Yes. He has snapped that, yes, I take extra precautions with my little Toby. Actually really hurt anybody. 'cause he's really all you have to do is drop kick him like a football. I know he's not gonna hurt anybody. But at the same time, you know, he he's got a little man syndrome. But so we put them up on the table for the doctor to examine them. And he was fine getting his heartbeat checked and all this other stuff. And then all of a sudden he got so scared of the veterinarian that it looked like diarrhea shot out of his ass. I'm never seen anything like this. And it went all over my husband. All over the wall and all down the floor. And I'm going, oh my God. And Bailey's just laying on the floor looking up at him like what is your problem and the veterinarian starts cracking up? He was like he really uses glanced and I was like, he used his what's. And I'm still dumbfounded that this just happening. I'm trying to explain to the veterinarian. He's never done anything like this before covered his ship. Juice. The smell hit me was like, that is not a normal smell smells like rotten fish, like it was horrible. So then the technician comes in, and she was like, oh, he used his glance, and I looked at her, and I said this thing, okay, I, she went. Oh, yeah. She explained to me. They use it when they are terrified for their life. That's when dogs use it when they think that their life is actually at jeopardy. They use it like skunk uses. Yeah. Their defense. Yeah. And she, she's kind of laughing, but she's telling me it's it's perfectly normal, but here I am going. My poor puppy really thought he was that much in danger. So even though it was a nightmare at the vet with Toby. He got everything he wanted for, like, three days after that. 'cause if you're going to be scared of at nearly that you think you're going to die. They use your glance. I'm just finding the funniest part of the story is the fact that you absolutely give no care whatsoever. That your husband got absolutely covered. It was hilarious. I was like, sorry about your luck. I 'cause the next time I saw when is the next day said, so here you had a really shitty type. I know. And he was, like, did you tell the whole world? She go on Facebook. I said, no, but I damn yes I call. We should go on Facebook. I said, I called cast, and I am going to tell everybody when I see them, what happened, you really should put in base, because it's really hilarious story. Now. It's on the podcasts. Okay. So let's share here. Yeah. Yeah. That's a Larry. I thought I love. I thought I love I love it. So in fresh respect, the next time the veterinarian assured me next time Toby has to go to the vet. I have to give him a sedative. Oh, that's not bad idea. No. And they also assured me that Bailey being there probably helped his anxiety. Let's so. Yeah. Vilis just chill dog. Yeah. She's pretty chill chill. I mean, she'll she's a puppy, she's not like she's not aggressive. She's, she's a house, but really, she's a year zero signs of ever having kind of Grushin or she. She is Toby like you said he's, you're welcome. But she, like I bet you I could walk up and just kick her seriously just straight on kicker. And she's still come over and like me. Yep. She is such a sweet dog. She really is. She's a lover. So I'll post pictures of Toby Bailey on our Facebook page, so you can get Shiels the ninetieth me. Yeah. She every time she goes in drinks. She like drills. And she comes up to me and like waves her mouth across Malaysia every time, and they are she does a drive by lick drive-by issue passes by Michi licks, my elbow, don't you, don't you do dry looks. No, no have done one in a while maybe if I had enough to drink notice that she said in a while, you know, you never know it could happen. Good. I make no promises no guarantees much, call drink. All right. So moving on from the all look, that's our confession about. Oh, ooh. A little early. Okay. What? What do you sure? Yup. All right. Because we're gonna answer it. We don't know. Well, you better answer it. We'll see all right? Here we go. Have you ever had shower sex, and how did turn out? And everyone knows we're asking this question. 'cause you see those, the movie scenes where they're like, mix of in the shower. And you just see the girl's hand on the glass door and everything's she's logged. Let's, let's be real shower sex sucks. It's awkward. It's so bad. It's just try even trying is just so awkward. No. Yeah. I totally agree. I, I've tried it, and yeah, no I will show together this. Okay. We'll find we'll shower together but I'm not going to try and have sex in the shower. Even showering together can get kind of annoying because, like I'm sorry shower only has so much room. I wanna shower by myself and this. You have one of those awesome showers where they have area double, but neither one of our rich yet. No, we don't have that opportunity happen. It could happen. But as of right now. Yeah. Shower sucks. It's a pain. Right. It's not like what? Lemme under their I guess open, my, it just. It's a mess. So, okay. Good. Well, at least we're on the same round the same off. I'm losing absolute thought we're on the same page. Right. I have been absent minded is all get. So. Use the dodgers game. Mary, just don't get the hiccups. Oh my gosh. Thanks for pointing out and making these countries again. Now, I'm probably going to get them. Again. Thanks thinks you're welcome. Wow. So I have the Belden ring, but I will ring it as not a confession on the box out because I do have a fun question for you. This one beat them Bill for wasn't me guy. What soil, everybody would you want to party with? If you could party with anybody for one night, only total party. Yeah. Like not Hoke up. Not anybody that you could hang out with drink, and go to bars with and all that other to be like a celebrity or can be their character. No, I want celebrity because I know certainly characters that the LA bull. Yeah, people like if I had to pick a character minute, I'm going off topic sorry, but Veda pick a character be kept inject zero. Okay. Where's is that would be a blast? So you wouldn't want to party with Johnny Depp. I don't know how parties 'cause you don't hear stories about him too much year about him with this woman that woman this woman that woman this woman that woman, and then they break up and then they get married. And then this person he has a lot of sacks. I got thing, but I don't know about the party aspect, but kept inject Spiro who always occurs about the Rome. Yeah, he is the guy, I would wanna party if you partied with Jack Speer, though, you would always be picking them up off the floor and no. I'd be on the floor with them. It'd be here would be like I'd be like laying on the floor extra. I'm going, oh, this is awesome. This make this. I think if you I can party at the level of my peers at the time. Oh, okay. So Janez are like if I'm the I'm I never the only one just drinking. You know what I mean? If I'm out drinking with people. They're all drinking the same levels me. I'm never liked the one. I sure there's been times. Sure. Sure. Just as specified. There's been times when I've been the drunk that loud, drunker. Yeah. You know, or the Lao drug person we have all been to parties where you have the loan drug girls love drunk, and you're that has happened to me in the past. Okay. And I promise myself, I'm never going to be the loud. Drove girl again. So I make sure I try to keep myself on the same level. How do you feel when you break that promise to yourself? I don't I have to okay? I seriously on the nights that I've had that much to drink. When I talked to the friends, I've hung out with the next day. They are this vote is me. Same with you. Every time you go drinking were pretty much pretty much on par with each other through that. Yeah. And it was my other friends when I go out with them, we'll I'll be like I don't remember anything they happened the night before. They're like, well, I couldn't tell you either. So you're serious is that you and Jack Sparrow would be on the same level of, of. Party. But as for like a just a celebrity, I would say John snow, whoever he is. Because uses him just went every hip, for drinking probably him then get here. Three have. Yeah. Yeah. Because drinking, yes drugs. No. I'm not. I'm not the imagine okays like Eimi wine house, or something like that. He was drugs. So I'm not a drug person either. But I know these two guys I have two people that in my wildest fantasies, I just want out, whatever just drinking. No. I just wanna hang out with them. Well, you're talking about fan one. Now it is a fantasy of mine. I wanna hang out with them. I think they would be offen- hilarious, okay? South Rogan James Franco. But they're still owners. It doesn't matter. They're so funny. I drink jeans. Yes. James Franco is also drinker. He's whiskey. So what was that one movie that they were in with the devil in the end of the world? Oh, gosh. It was so bad. Today's it was such an a as or I can't remember the name of I don't know. But anyway, wash that movie with my mother. My mother was like hill. The hill is this, this money that you would watch that with her. I think it was when we lived with her for that short period. You know, and she just happened to sit down and was like, oh, what are you guys watch with my mother since I was eighteen so good for you. I know. Right. Let's because you had babies. Just babies or plus I know I would just like network out ever. All right. So. We also want to put out there in a few weeks. I'm putting out. Amy's putting out in a few weeks. Although this now there may actually get somewhere listeners onboard, am we're guests maybe. Well, this is where I'm going with us as we would like. Going with them. So what I thought of is, let's do a beer tasting competition or not competition. You're tasting event of ent- and this, why keep your own resigned. Lipping geniune because you, you do have the okay where you come up with really good yet. Which makes me genius. I on the work anyway. So we're gonna do a beer tasting contest and or not contest of. I know because we talked about doing a hot contest. Yeah. Turn, which we will. But that's going to be later on. But no, we're going to do. Do a beer tasting event. Yes. So what we're going to do. We're gonna grab a bunch of different craft beers. Anything from a weedy to PA to our to a fruit to a logger all those running. Right. Ownersh. We're going to give our reviews. Yeah, we'll grab one of each of whatever floats their boat. We're just going to grab it and put it in. But in order to really be successful at a beer tasting event to, I would I would like as many guests as we can possibly fit at the big table. Well, this table seriously. This actually, here's a little story. And I hope it does import anybody. So this table that were sitting at right now is about twelve feet long. I think it's actually like the beetle juice table. So it's really, really long now we actually had this table at her house was our dining room table. 'cause we have a big dining room, actually actually wouldn't put when we bought the house, that has set up as a family room fireplace and everything we ended up turning into our formal dining room. But then it was so huge we need tables. So Tom found this table on Craigslist, and it came with table in twelve chairs and he got it for like three hundred dollars just because it's so flippant heavy. They just wanted to. Don't it is fast. If you guys remember watching Beetlejuice on this the scene that, that the shrimp comes up and grabs her face as the three foot foot plunge. Yeah. That we like you go that one when they this is what the table, I swear straight onto Beetlejuice handmade table. This is handmade and it's just a laminated table. But yeah, it's huge. So we could fit easy twelve people in so ten more besides Eimi night. Yes. So let us know because we wanna do a beer tasting and we just think it would be so fun. So we're gonna wait a couple of weeks to do it to see responses, but we're gonna posted on her Facebook and ask for people who want to join us. And we're probably just going to have a few microphones around, or we could even hit when we passed to people. Yep. Video, it maybe do like livestream. And then that's what I kinda wanna do is livestream YouTube video when we're on this. So if you're wanting to participate on JC with us, yes, just hanging party with us because, you know, we're so awesome. We. Son is so Billy girl. Amy also even listening to these two podcast. We do Amy's like what I really get drunk. I sound like a valley girl. It's horrible. I don't I don't hear myself talk like when I hear them playback I sound like a valley girl, and I'm totally not I come from Romulus. I should not sound like a valley. Well, possibly ugly didn't choose me. No. I didn't use. But it was me. Was you came from wind. He said. Actually, no, sorry, Westside I grew up on for three towards for three on Ford street toward anyway. I'm babbling now. So the funny thing is Amy. Listen to our podcast. And she hates when she sounds like a valley, girl, I might laugh. Because I have just this, so weird laugh that just doesn't fit my normal voice. I don't know. I think it does really. I think. Just like just like also voice goes deep nicer, laughing, because I don't think I have a deep voice. No. You know, but I don't I don't know my laugh, always just kind of like almost know what people had people have told me this before sounds forced your voice. No may may laugh may have like a force laugh. Oh, I don't think it does. And you got a lot of people tell me that. And they also told me I sound like I used to laugh like kitty from this show when she went. And when I do think these because I'm like her. Like do so either like her to know. Right. It's because I have kids and asshole husband. I should start calling Tom Reid. We should it. We're gonna totally nickname, Tom read from here on the boy girl kid, I have three but they're all grown and everything else. But Tom has the girl I have boy, girl, he has a girl boy, the girl's the eldest likened this show. Anyway, totally dickering. So what's next topic me help me out here because I'm just gonna keep going down this rabbit hole. We don't need to do every. Oh my gosh. I'm don't be it has some more pickle MARTINI drinker. Martini. So what is in your merging? Fatal juice and vodka does it to parts pickle juice when? Okay, you're drinking, Jack vodka and. Okay. Mic ultra. Yep. Pickle juice. Yes. And tito's. So I've got really bad her now. I'm excellent. Right now. I'm excellent it. So my next question to you was, what's the difference between just drinking beer drunk? Oh, and what's liquor drunk? Oh, so I'll drink alcohol the differences. I'm going to stop drinking liquor. In a couple of minutes because I can't do it. So here's the difference. When we went out on my oldest daughter's bachelorette party. I drink liquor. I was really bad. I threw well, you guys are up more than me. Yeah. Threw up at your at home to my stomach. I in like, wanna perfect example, penguin kind, I was drinking almost all Oklahoma that night will not linka liquor. I almost always, and I, I don't remember what happened. I can't recall about eighty percent of my night. But if I do just beer, I'm okay. I don't have memory issues. Wake up the next day, and I'm fully extra. Have a little too much depending on what kind of beer, I'm drinking, it takes a lot of make ultrasonic totally. Yeah. It's it took actually, my husband before we were married. We were probably together for I don't know, maybe eight years in. I was really I didn't drink beer. Then I drank just liquor. Really? Yes. I know you don't drink wine. No, it gets me. Herber fujian's. No her voice, did not Waco. Ebony of you have ever seen that YouTube this. Get you guys watch is pretty funny. The for actually the first time I heard white girl wasted. I was like, what was that me? I had a YouTube, it everyone does. But okay. So no. We were together for about eight years. I would say and so we live together, obviously. Yeah. Very serious and series. We always went to the bar, but I always drink liquor. He was always a beer drinker. Well, I would do shots at check and shots tequila. You know, I when I drink the Laker, I mixed up, you know, I broke all the cardinal rules. Yeah. And finally, it was one night. He looked at or one morning. I should say, he looked at me and he said, either, you quit drinking tequila or I'm gone. Wow. I went, wow. What happened? That's serious to see years into the relationship. I'm like, what, what did I do? And I was famous Ford what happened the night I always try to get him into fights at the bar 'cause I drink liquor. I think I'm Billy bad ass. I know you did it when we were at the concert. Exactly you're ready to kill some girl in the restroom. I was ridiculous. It was funny. I sorry that was funny because you come out of the bathroom like so mad, I'm like you, you repeating. 'cause you again. She told me I was rude. And I'm not I'm not rude at all night. I have to agree with that. You're I'm either. I'm very cautious. Specially when I'm drinking, I'm very like extra polite. Like I not a route either. But I'm I am. So sarcastic this time yet. No. She she'd, hold me. I was rude. And I was like, what? Yeah, I know you're ready to throw down with her, and I'm like, all right. Let's see. Because I drink liquor that night, then I was like, I'm from Detroit. Like, like an idiot, I was so so done. Do you from I'm like, we may be in Ohio. But I'll show you. Hieaux bisciste. What's up? Amerifactors, I was wearing my Detroit shirt there. Well, the whole weekend, when I have also the whole weekend, we were like, f-, Ohio everything about Ohio, is just off their freeways, and if you're from Ohio, we apologize. It's ridiculous. It was it was in the hotel charge me for an extra day. So I hit, like, call them and have the charges removed off my sucks. And this what he said to me. I'm like, are you finally it took me like a wild, but I had argued with them. I'm like, why would you charge me for an extra day? We left like eight nine o'clock in the morning yet because. Hall of fame, but the rock and Roll Hall of fame was cool. That was it was awesome. So anyways back to my original story. I'm sorry. Where were we know? So apparently I tried to get my husband to fight that night. Okay. And I started talking crap to some guy and he started talking crap to me. And my defense was really went tell my boyfriend that. Jeremy is sitting there going really. Now, he'll throw down for me in heartbeat at the time. But I'll pay for it. A feeling that, that ever happened in like with my husband, I'd be like somebody lays like getting me. My husband would be like, hey, you started this shit. You're on your own Ono my. No. My husband has always backed me up even if I was in the complete wrong, and you witnessed it once was. With a mutual friend, sir just randomly talking crap to me. Oh, and was. No, I was going home with even Volve thanking but not heavily. Yeah. No, it was very it was chili cook off like it was, and it was very random. That your husband felt was a little derogatory toward you each. Yes. So I agree. Totally. I think it was awesome. I don't I don't know. My husband doesn't like do that. I stick up for myself in this. I stick itemize yourself, but it's nice that he might he always goes back, even when I'm in the wrong, he has my bag, when I'm drinking liquor ninety percent of the time I'm going to be in the wrong. Yeah. So ninety percent of the time he's gotta back me up. I and I feel like I feel like he has to go up to go up to a random game. You like I'm sorry. My wife's a bitch, but I have to still kick your ass. When we're talking about Amy's liquor drunk, as opposed to her beer, drunk on her liquor drunk nights, I will get called the next day going. Oh my gosh. Can't I was such an asshole. I am an asshole when I drink too much, like it'd be like, she'll be like, I screwed up because my mouth gets the bus to me. And I think I'm Billy to Billy, we'll use will speak, your mind seal majority of the time, you don't speak your mind. You really don't there's when we talked about those little public because, you know why, because I'm polite. So I speak, my, I'm very my. I speak my mind, especially during the day. Don't have choice. I'm I cur Bank. I have. But when I'm even outside the Bank on in outside of my job. I it's not that I'm not polite, but I'm very honest. Well, yeah, I mean, almost I don't I don't think we would get along as much. I think that's what makes us great friends is because. Opposites attract all that shit or that you're not it's not that you're not honest. I'm very honest in. So as Amy I must choose win to open my mouth and outspoken honest. Oh, that's. I missed almost I'm I'm out setting. You religion. I said that she started going religion or when people ask me, what religion I am Sam krom now not to tell people what chrome is look it up. Look at or looking at. Well, let me know. Because if you're a true die hard like old school fan of some kind of comic book you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. When I say my gods crumb. He's vengeful. God. I say that to people the time and they just look at me like you know, like I'm looking at you right now. Two. That's all right. That's all right. Here we go. Again, that's right. So next week would we have in store for us next week? I have no flippin idea. Why are you asking me questions? I didn't know there was going to be a test. I know. So do one more question, though. Come on. Come on. All right. So we're going to do one more question and whiny Moore's can confession. We're joking confession. All right. Here we go. You ready for this one? Amy right? Have you ever stopped a crush? I did who I did. Yeah. And I was. Junior high or high school. I don't even remember how old I was, but me and one of my close girlfriends at the time. Who is now actually a cop, which is what makes it funnier. But I we had been like between thirteen and fifteen and we had a sleepover at my house, and we were BFF's at the time 'cause, you know how it is that. And. Our crushes where BFF's. Okay. And we knew they were having a sleepover at their house, that was like this. Okay. Yeah. So it was only like two blocks away. So we decided okay, this is how long ago this was we wrote love letters guide on E word processor. Which is for you guys that are listening don't know what a word processors, and I'm totally showing my age. It's like a typewriter. Not quite as smart as computer doing. It's a in-between between a computer and typewriter. So he wrote these love letters that were like love your secret admirers, and then we snuck out of my house at, like two clock in the morning. And went and put it in their mailbox. Oh my God. I know so Courtney, I guess, so corny and then I get pages, they obviously knew who it was. I don't know why. Because it was before social media. Yeah. And all that other stuff. And it's I know and before cell phones. So my your winnow. Okay. 'cause I hit the flab pager. Yeah, we were totally called out on it, and it was the most bearing moment, because we were like, oh, we're just like fun. And, and we didn't really think that they were gonna know it was from us, but apparently made it obvious, and wow. Yep. All right. So my story with this as so this was in-between has been one point, oh, and one point seven. So between my Tom, I was when I was single. Just trying to specify timeframe here. So anyway, I was. I had deeded did guy for a while. And oh my gosh. I must have been totally drug stone. Whatever the, the whole relationship because it's goes, grouper and really creeper I've ever dated. And it's the only one I ever look back and go, what the hell was. I thinking what because I'm just like even my daughter's called him the frog what did I call them the frog 'cause nasty we all. It's fine. So what he had done something. I forget what it was, but he hit we were out and this is the time broke up with them. We're at a restaurant. And, and it was a restaurant we went to all the time. Right. So he said something that pissed me off. And I'm like, you know what we're done. I picked up his drink and actually poured it over his head. Seriously? I've always wanted to. Great sex in the city and throw my Martinez fee. I took it was history. Not mine. Hi. So I pour his drink over his head and everybody in the whole restaurant slash bar is like a bird, grow place that we went to like just your normal neighborhood. Hang out there all stopped in looked and they're like it everyone froze, because he didn't know what he was going to do. I didn't even know either. I think he was gonna hit me because there was other people there because he was the kind of guy that would hit me. Seriously? He really was. But because there was people there. I think he's loser. He oh, he's horrible is so anyway, I pour the drink over his head. And I'm like weird dawn. I, I want nothing more to ever do with you again. And so he gets up. Well, good for you. Right. I thank you. Thank you very much. But he said something to me when he was leaving. I'm sure it was really bad name. He called me. So I was like, oh game on I was ready to throw it. I get awfully leash. Right. So I get up and go to them out and this one guy at the bar they was saying down from the birth from us stepped up in walked right in between us. And he goes, no, he goes, you don't wanna do this. And I look at this guy for him. Yes. But by looked up this guy. Oh, gee. This was incredibly hot. I was just like, okay whatever you watch. I mean it just like just your shot glass just like looking up at him. I realized just how incredibly good looking this guy was. So I was like. Other guy, I forgot the guy even existed at this point. This guy was so incredibly good looking. So I'm like, okay, so eve comes down by Drake, and I'm like okay, next to and we talking everything, and he tells me as name, and we're talking and everything else. And then at the end of the night, I could tell he was into me. But I don't know why. Because I've always been I, I don't know, if it was been a little more self conscious about myself, and when you run into somebody using his debt, incredibly hot you're like oh, they can't really be. Sometimes, sometimes you're kind of naive. It will you don't think that person's way too high to be? Well, it's, it's no different than the couple. I thought they were. Yes. No way that couple within. Yeah. But this, this guy was just so hot. I'm like, there's no way this guy like wants to hook up with me or anything. So I actually left, he told me is name, though. So I kept his name. Do you remember it? Yes. Well, no, I wanna say remember his last name. I don't remember as first name. Oh, but I remember his last name, 'cause it's. The it's the sausage company coal wall ski close game co-ops commute quality. So that's why remembers last name his last name was quasi, okay? So I at the time he was first named to. So seriously, I started looking him up and social media. Now I was always irregular, at the, the place where you're at. So in in that's what many even funnier is that there was my, our local hang out. So I kept waiting for him to come back in and he didn't. So I kind of looked him up and stocked him. And did you ever get to see him again? This is part of the story. So I messaged him. I found him on whatever social media was at the time. I think it was might space mice mice face. And I like nineteen eighty so I wanted to be cool and everything. I'm just like, hey, I don't know if you remember me, but thanks again, for stopping me for making a bit vision, and he messaged me and then we ended up going out on a couple dates. And we ended up like seeing each other for Lewitt and. Then he don't me, but. Like I stocked here style. Where I stopped him to the point where like we actually hooked up for a little bit. We actually goes Docker, so sometimes it's. So he actually was into me and off too. Sometimes it's worth shocking, but come to find out he was fresh out of divorce and stuff like that. So he wasn't ready to the commitment. I was a rebound which at the time you know what honestly even now I was not hurt broken over it, but I was lucky being the rebound because it just how high he was. So I have to say you know that actually the this talking crush thing worked out for my best interest in that because we did end up looking up off. Yes. So, so, yes, so anyway, I'm sorry for forgetting your first name. But if Mr. cross keys out there. Yeah. Yeah. You had the most flies ever seen in my only. Really did? So. Yeah. All right. So I'm pretty sure this is bringing our episode to close. Oh, do we have to? Yeah. Having so much fun. I know it's about time then this doll. I know. But we'll pick back up. Next week. Nine yes. On Wednesday next week might have next week we will be talking about the difference between liquor drunk and beer drunk. We'll talk more about that. Yeah. Did we not get deep enough into it for, you know, actually, I have a couple of articles, I want. And I thought maybe I was just talking too much. No. And then we're also going to give you our best hangover cures. Oh, yes. So to which is really funny. Yes. So if you guys are heavy drinkers, and once or even if you're not heavy drinkers, but heavy drinkers are the ones that don't have hangover cures because they don't get over. So he gets to the like novice get hung over you. Like, would you do? Yeah, so care of the dog. So basically, how to be a functional drunk is how we're going to tell you to live your life. That'll be coming up next week. And again in a few weeks, we wanna do appear. Tasty watch Facebook. Come to our Facebook page. Anyone who comments is gonna be invited here. And I do believe with the beer tasting, we are going to do Facebook live YouTube, why? We're gonna YouTube live it. Yeah. We're gonna start a YouTube channel. Yes. Sorry. I don't mean to interrupt. No, go ahead. So we're going to start a YouTube channel, and it's going to be my drunken confessions or drugging fashions whichever one I haven't gone on YouTube yet. I will find one now started, and we're just going to start doing our regular commentary, like we do now for our podcast for going to do it with video guess, because people, some people just want to watch video. They don't want to just listen. I don't know why people wouldn't wanna watch us but I don't know I'll get dance who. Oh, yeah. Video. All right. So see tuned next week for all of our upcoming events. We totally have a lot of dolls. Good valley, girl. I did because I totally. But we do we're we're of the valley girlish, but we do totally have a lot of things in store for future episodes, and I'm really excited about it. I am, too, so I can't wait to get more guests on our show. Hopefully our guests next week shows up, and then we have other things and people. And so, again the way you wanted to be a guest hit us up. You can Email us at my drunken confessions, edgy meal dot com. And of course, you can always hit hit us up on think actually probably our best bet just Facebook Facebook, find us comment message. And we have over I couple of hundred fans and I wanted it needs to be. Be a couple million. Yeah. But for now, please. If you are a current fan, if you have already liked our Facebook, drunken confessions. Please share it. Please. Let all of your other friends No-ho amazing. We are. We are hilarious and get the word out there, 'cause that's the only that's the only way we're going to be able to continue doing this. Well, we need the feedback, we need the the sharing. Yeah. Because we're not looking like we're not out there like pursue you sponsors and stuff like that. No, we want you yet. We are we are strong end. We let people who want to do this without saving fans cohorts. Yes, we went cohurt say, I want to come in here and do this with us. We have people that are we have their own podcast. They wanna come on here, things like that we wanna know we're not alone. Won't you be my name? Amen. All right. So on that note, I have a great cheers to send us off. All right. Let's let's hear it. Dean, Martin said it. Best of d Martin, I know me too. You're not drunk, if you can lie on the floor without holding on. Oh, I that before. I love that. Okay. Shut so technically, I'm not drunk because I'm, I'm pretty sure I can hold onto the floor or lay on the floor without holding on. I'm just glad you're not driving home. Amen. Oh, mary. A minute. Oh, this is a little bit of a longer episode trust. Because we a lot, but we have so much fun. You did. Thank you for sticking it out with us. Yeah. Think we sticking with us. We really enjoyed I think we're usually around thirty to forty minutes. I think we've gone over our now. Yeah. But that's all right. Because you know what we're awesome. It doesn't matter yourself finding I am. Thank you for dosing. So we will talk to you guys next week may have guessed my net. We're okay with that Hever. It is what it is, is. Yep. So okay, so we'll talk to you next week by guys. Love ya love ya.

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Halloween Special 2020

Bunker Brothers

47:15 min | 7 months ago

Halloween Special 2020

"Where the lights are blue like walnuts in a hive The Blasters water always makes me feel alive or dead in the bunker where my fingers twelve they always drink Upstream. The alabaster werewolf scream and perfect, once you tell me, punk. Oh and welcome to a very Spooktacular episode of Bunker brothers. Are you going to do the highest the horror host? I am going to just a little bit to make it spooky and things a lot Jack. Oh, sorry, go ahead and with Jack my half-brother as always we're here in the bunker. And yeah, this is a very special episode where we're going to we're going to show you some Tales of Terror and horror and spooky stuff and it's you know, it's all it's none of this is kanen, so don't worry, like if you're if you're following along and keeping track of the actual story. This is all this is like a choose-your-own-adventure where you choose the wrong one. Yes, it's it's like a a spooky episode that is in no. Away, a rip-off of The Simpsons Halloween Special know what is our own original idea. I've never had any writers copyrights. So if they come at us, then that's on beef and it will send a credit on it works. So basically fuck my arm. Yeah. I'm sorry. I stretched my arm. Well, I didn't scratch it something worth their while I was like, I was trying to I was forging for mushrooms in the bushes and I you know, I'm a guy with loose morals as they say and bleeding like through shirts. I wrapped it up. I'm trying to get it to stop bleeding but it's just like this by Ty something bit me and scratched me something bitch you what was it? What makes you It was an animal cuz like a larger black animal that was like, you know sort of larger black animal not with you think like a like a not a dog but big family like Fourier than a bigger like a cat like a like a like a Jaguar know like a big fat animal that craves honey. Kind of oh like a bear in a way. That's fine. I was bit by a bear ice a bit of a barrel lot of the VIN by it there. I didn't want to say it but I've been bitten by a bear. Hahaha. I was either listen Okay my God, he inherited bunker from ahead. And yeah, I've been I was bit by a bear. That's not important. Okay, it's not important part off. Nothing a bit of a bear right now. That's that's called, That's cool. Jesus dude. I don't know where that came from. I was weird around just off. Okay, I'm sorry. I don't mean to swipe it you like that. I just well you got you got your fingernails are a little longer than I remember which is that's just cuz I've been learning to play a classical guitar. It's not it doesn't have to do with my life. I would go for like every just want to go. I mean I was foraging earlier. I just really want to go around someone's campsite wage. I don't don't worry about it. He doesn't matter where bear type thing to say Brian in becoming a bigger and you're just like I could catch one of these these fish with my bare. Oh, well not that's what bears think I should wait. Wait. Wait a minute. Did you buy a bear was it was it was it was it at night? Was it turn a full Moon? I mean, is it ever not during a full moon in Norton? It's just like constant out here day becomes nice. It's basically took a bit by a bear or if you got bit by a Werebear cuz there's such thing as a Werebear except for beorn in The Hobbit, which I highly recommend just seems like you're becoming a job. And see a little bit of a bear. I guess you're joking or jumping on me. It's just like me being a caveman again. It's a bit. Okay, great and she says off anyway, let's turn that Harry. Let's get on with our first Tale of Terror here. Why don't we will be right back get into the show Jesus. Wow. Okay, so we are back with the bunker Brothers feels good feels good to be recording and doing another episode. I'm just waiting for Jackie to get year. I I didn't tell this but we've got a very special guests coming in. It's a very excited about it. He's one of the oldest people in Ohio. He's the oldest dog. Man in Norton. His name is Marty or Martin Luttrell. And yeah, he'll be he'll be joining us right here. Hey, Brian. Yes, Hi Sam. Wait. Yeah. Sorry you look like someone poured a bucket of blood on you like in Cary. Well, no. Yeah. Yeah, sorry this, you know ripping every month, you know with yeah, I was chopping trees chopping trees down are the trees full of blacks that extends the acts in my hands. Oh my God. It's an access shopping with blood to what is sandwiches. It's sad. I was cutting down trees. It's bright fuking red sap, cuz you're you're a you're an expert on sample of a sudden. I mean, I've been called a sap many a time. So I think I would know a little bit better than you do. Okay, but also are you all right. Are you injured did you cut yourself about chopping trees or something and cut myself at all? I just we I was I was with my family and we had a little misunderstanding and I just decided to go chop down some Woods wait, so you were with your family and you got into a fight with them is that that's not that's it doesn't look like you're hurt but you're covered in blood or just being they were just being a little much they were to being a little much. I just you know, I just you know, you made a little money they were just you know, they just sometimes they talk and they talk and they talk and it's like yeah, you know, I feel Carol Carol Johnson off all the time Shanty little catholic Chatty Cathy. Okay. Well, I don't get why you're covered in blood or sad. It's not it's sap. Okay wage. Oh, how did Bobby's literally game go or I guess Big League game or whatever. I don't I don't know the age, but he he did good. He fell apart he's dead. He felt he got hurt or he just was I mean, like he he fell apart. He couldn't handle it. So he fell into pieces fell apart fell into pieces. It's weird to hear you say that when you're just like sopping with blood, you know, our families are it's like I barely even touched them. I barely touched the boy and she goes off about how how I I don't go to his games. I I how I hit him. Sometimes it's like I've never once you hit him know I'm said, I never hit him. That's what I'm saying. I just like to have a drink every now and then and suddenly I can't have a drink. What's the problem is? She's crying are. All right. I I'm starting to piece this together here. So you're stopping bloody. You got into an altercation with your family. And when now you're seem very hectic. I see what's happening here. You trying to steal Focus from me on this episode of the show. I'm here to do the show. No idea what you're doing. You're trying to do some, New Jersey. Bit where you're all bloody and cool and and you're trying to distract me. I'm the main host. Okay, we've been over this guy intro it about for now for now for now. Oh, I see you're going to bring Moondog bag and give us a little you know, the Jack hole again. No, thanks. Pal. Boondocks Boondocks not coming back. Okay. Well, look, I don't know what's going on with you and your family but Thursday is a team effort a team where I'm in charge. Okay, so, please yeah, you're a big man Big Man In Charge because I'm George aren't you? Oh, I hear somebody I hear somebody coming in. Okay that our guest lounge we have a guest today is the oldest man in Norton. He's gonna turn a hundred got yeah, he's gonna turn a hundred and fifteen in exactly ten minutes. So it's a very special interview. Okay, so we just got let's go get him. Okay, just try not could you clean up a little put your clean up a little you're still dripping. You're you're covered in so much suck. That it's blood. I mean, it's a p r i know you said Sapp if you're right. It's is it's a poor blood and where is your family? How am I supposed to know with all these questions? You said get the door off my God, you're being just like I don't know how to set you're being a bit of a crocodile right now. It's like a little bit works. But a bear you're being a crocodile. Okay, you're gonna wait just make This Old Man song. Okay, I'm going I'm going. Hey, hey, come on in there Marty. I somebody stays home. Okay. Let me see. If you're a dainty lady. I will lead you down. Oh, it's so nice. Yeah, your hands are like paper thin. It's like that. It's like that song. Paper. They used to wrap up like Chinese tacos. This is your dad one of those Chinese tacos. Holy unless you count my secretary Ming p p I get it because her vagina I'm sorry vagina. I said it wrong. Look at the liver spots on his hand Jack. They look guys all just pepperoncinis man sort is this why I'm here. You're going to talk about my lover's no. No. No, I don't. I'm not would love to learn all about your medical history because you know, just for the fact that you're young you're so aged and old here. Why don't you sit down with the secret, you know, but the city, you know, you know about the secret is why? I'm not going to tell you if you don't know that if I you know like to try to live here, that's that's actually a my chair Marty you're sitting in it. So quite don't you got so many seats need you know bones, you know, but that's like I said stop upsetting him jack stop that sort of where is he alive until he turns 115. Okay, just please. Are you all right Marty? Okay, I just did take a little sip of my it's just he's he's coughing a Slim-Fast towards my mouth. And it's this this I got you cops all the time, right? This is your guests. Did you decide to affiliate dripping with blood? Okay. I don't see why it's plugged it on in their home. It's not a blood sample tree sap. He was just out of my I don't mean to be a bear but you're in my chair. I always sit there for Jack's share Jack. You don't want to sit there. You're going to stain it while just go sit on your friggin futon or whatever. You can drink sit on the food that I don't sit on the futon for the podcast Jack. Let's just calm down a second. We're at all all the listener and our guests are both getting sick of you and your drippings right now. If you want I should take the stairs all that day and then move my seat, huh? Yeah. I just you could move over to the why don't you sit on this box of nails gospel song? On for a second. Don't make the old man sit out a box of nails. What is he Jesus Christ said on well good one that's liked it. He liked her job with red go and get the interview started at let's go. So, all right. We're here with a Marty Latrell and he is an old the old part for lack of a better term and see you know, you might you might say, oh that man looks like he's a thousand because of his face and the way it looks and you'd be right you'd be closed. He's a hundred and fourteen point nine nine nine nine nine thousand and we are we're counting right right down right now to see him turn a hundred and fifteen and be the really the oldest man much indoors right here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So Marty what what is what would you say is the most exciting moment of your long life? You know you want exciting or like, you know, just fun like sexual or whatever. We just need something that you know, we can desserts and stuff. Huh? Yeah, I mean you must have you just said danger your assistant there and you called her vagina a taco. So that's something you could talk about that. I never claimed that dates, but the kids are calling them now. But yeah, you know back back then, you know, we thought we would have you know, when it was able to do what I wanted to do without the little help of that blue suppository. I take you know, we all think it yeah. Yeah. It's so stiff you shove it off there and then boom you get to go right? Jack Jacqueline minutes. Oh, yeah Marty. I was wondering if I could ask you a question Jack. I was Jackie. You've also a little problems too and had to take to fail might be a little problems have been solved. What do you mean you're done? You mean you can finally get an erection without getting into you know, anxieties of cars Iraq. I got here Brian, but actually God's hands are small stood. Yeah, they're they're rock hard and actually sort of interested in accessing Marty a question about how far we might let him go. What are you doing? Oh my God. I know I put in my colostomy bag off our guest. Yeah. Well, he shouldn't have been in my chair said my family she got on my case and forty. 45 seconds until he was going to turn 115. You couldn't not kill him until later Jack. It's not that exciting of a record. How does he know the exact second thoughts tape because they put it on the birth certificates. It's a Norton thing. Okay exact second on the birth certificates, of course, they do because there's options for you. That's why I only have died of covid-19 my God Bryan, right? All right, I'm starting to piece this together. Okay, what's going on here? You come in covered in blood you say your family is not going to be a problem anymore or kill our guests with an axe in front of me. You're sick the way I run the show. This is what this is all about. This is some Faith thing. That's all about the show off and I just Jack I know it's okay, but I'm your little brother. It's okay to be jealous of me sometimes and think oh Brian is so cool. You don't need to kill people just walk. Press me. Okay. So let's go get some sort of towels or body bags and cover this up just like our dad used to do I assume a New Jersey and you know will be fine. You know, we'll be taking you something. Can I ask you something real quick? I believe you mean ask but yes, no, I don't know. No, no, no, no. No, I mean why I asked where where where do you get off in the room back there? No, I mean, where do you get off talking to me like that? Yeah, my family doesn't talk to me like that anymore because I killed them Brian and then I killed I killed little hearing loss 0 that's why I'm covered in blood. It's not sap you idiot. You fucking moron. Now. I'm going to kill you because she won't what why don't you kill me that would ruin the dynamic of the whole show off forever. I'm going to smash you. Come here. No, what are you doing? Like crazy you guys off the kids? Oh, it's my door now now let me let me know. Don't worry about just doing a bit. It's just a bit ma'am. It's a bit mouth just doing a bit. Yeah, he's dead. Stupid times upc's no you fucken useless piece. It's just a it's just a big part of the show is part of the show is sponge an eye on the show with my last appearance hikers you Moondog shopping shopee. Home. Okay, and we are back. Brian has some big news. I guess he's being a bit of a lothario like our dad. You're you're cheating on Lena. Is that what you're you're doing Brian? Hey, okay. Don't don't don't phrase it like that quite like that said you had a new I just got off. Yes, and I want to be kind of secret and special cuz you just very very shy. Okay and weird. She I don't want Lena to know about it, but we just show so we're Saturday cheater. So no no, like you said, I think it brings me closer to our dad and my way to justify it I suppose. Yeah. Yep. Lots of ways to justify I found myself justifying it every day since it started. So I'd like you to bring Kimiko. Could you come in here please baby? I'm I'm yes, that's her. That's her. She's she's a little wet. She's always really good primer and I can't think of gas. And she's very beautiful in spite of that. I I can't even see her face. She's her hair was covering her face. I can't even yes. Well, she's because of some scarring that occurred prior to us leaving. She's a little bit shy, where did you mean? Well, it was actually a funny story. I met her in the banker widely enough. I couldn't sleep and I was in the kitchen slash bathroom. Just trying to dump one out as the French set and I am I'm hearing this tapping on the back of my skull sort of like through my hair and into my brain. Is that something just pressing against it and I looked directly up and just sort of clutching against the ceiling and the corner of the walls was chemical and she was just there and just hovering over me and like an angel that's not normal Brian that site become just started. It's like she's like fresh out the shower. Okay, just dripping the sort of she's constantly. She's she's staring at me with one eye and she's sort of not just or just all she got her eye on you twice to meet you hear me. Okay? Okay, don't get skip class cuz she doesn't bite she does by Samsung how he's like that. I don't know. It's really it's kind of incredible. I kept asking her. I don't want to rain on your language barrier. She doesn't really speak fluent in English. Lot of like she's I think she might have some slight autism. She's crazy in charge of she's she's it's like a place like a lot of eight people. Okay? Yeah. She's she's trying to claw your leg their home. It's normal. I feel like I'm being rude but she's like she's been down here for god-knows-how-long. We don't know if Dad put her down here. I mean she still in that struggle for I think you're dating. Okay. Well, that's weird. I think you're dating a little a little dead Asian ghost. It seems like what you're why somebody else jealous? I know I should have I bring you in a total smoke show. She looks a little young but I think that's just a schoolgirl uniform what she said. She doesn't speak to me directly. But once you sort of like, I guess I call it a hard night Whispers like when I'm sleeping, I can sort of like feel her words in my brain. Okay. I see this I see this moment where she's like walking to school and it's like the eighties dog. And she's hit by a bus and then she's she's tormented by this this beautiful girl who stole the love of my life. Okay, and then at some point Her Bones were stolen and sold to our father so he could not sure what he did with them. But there's somewhere deeper down here so long. Okay, but what's great about it is that she's find them all day when it's like, you know, you know Holocaust Survivors and I don't mean to make this dark but it's like if it doesn't kill me makes me stronger, right so poorly how is she on the ceiling what she's going around like that for a while on the ceiling they hate to bring home. I think you're dating a damned accursed soul. And I think I know okay. I knew this would come up. It's like motivating applications because she looks young for me right? It's not that's where this is coming from that song. It's a little weird but she's she's been she's she was hit by that bus in the eighties, right? Okay. Now she looks sixteen. I think you know, I'm making sure the cougar now. Okay, she's so she's a little dead and she's more like a crab now at the way her legs are right now, perhaps some sort of beat a life for her fingers slide inside your own body. Yeah, I guess I okay. I haven't kissed her much because of that prying we have done a lot of jobs and stuff if there is some clumping so you gotta watch out for the just feel like you need to break the curse. Otherwise, she's going to Blink she does not like that phrase. She does not like that phrase. I'm sorry. Okay. Comes. Okay. She's hovering towards her now. She's just trying to stay away like a cat. No, you definitely don't do that and you don't break eye contact with her and you don't have table table. Very hard, I just saw the vision you were talking about Jesus Christ, dude. Yes. Okay, so she sort of reaching three for having. Okay. She's doing that thing where she touches your heart and with the back of her hand skills. It's so cold in the old letter do that because I think you should break up with her. So like this, you know, this is one of the ways she's a little bit better than Lina off that she's more reliable. She has she's always here. Yes, she's always I mean, let me just tell you this. I didn't really want to introduce you guys because she once she attaches, you know, it's like it's not like I can go to the bathroom without or any more and it's not like I can sleep without seem her anymore and I'm a student. I'm so tired, but that's like what it's like strung out on love right back and you're like possess or cursed as well and what I'm saying is we both are so this is our new life and don't try to break the curse. Don't try to leave the birth. Anchor what if I if I if I just leave and like I get that made her real mad. Okay. Okay. She's she's levitated stuff around a win-now throwing an office space and oh, okay, that would make contact that's hard to get on it. You can tell she was an athlete when she was among the living because she is dead wrong and screeching and it's really stressing me out. Okay, blah blah blah blah blah. I mean, she's just like Carol and that way right down the same care of a lot and 16 you pervert for now for now. She does not like female energy. So you not have Carol stop by can we know you're not stop by find her bones and no no no, no. No, she's locking the door right now with her powers off. No, that's not going to don't really want to turn your back on her like that. Oh, she's crazy how she moved so she created her spectral dagger and she can really stab fast with okay. All the way out here man. I'm sorry. Okay, I'm gonna show you how Kimmy I'm going to go out for a bit know. I know you don't like that. She hates know. Okay, we talk about this. We use our words. What's that? That's sounds like okay. It sounds like she's cursing you more. It's Japanese, but I can tell it means I'll I'll kill you or something. So that's you know, just walking out. Maybe let's go. Okay. We're going to go to Arby's for a little bit. Do you want anything Chris flat? Okay. We gotta go to Arby's for a bit. I keep telling you I am Arby's okay. Everything's here everything okay off. All rights, so we are back and it's been day 15,000 what it feels like I don't know it's like the end of the world wouldn't you say Jack? Yeah, seen in the world I would say, you know, I thought I mean I've never been excited to have a bunker before but I yeah, it's may have it it's it's it's kind of crazy out there. So it's actually good we have this bunker and conceal ourselves inside cuz it's pretty much the end times as if this is your first time listening, you know, you just chatting in on us. Basically what happened is Trump won re-election in a landslide and all the polls have wronged every state and as a way of you know performing some sort of Victory lap Trump pushed through a covid-19 seen or it's supposed to age. Vaccine but I guess it wasn't ready. We had people lining up left and right to try to get this vaccine. And yeah, there was a side effect a little side effect of yeah, you know, it's it seems to have turned people into I don't know for lack of a better word goals. Well, I like a rabbit rabbit is cannibals who like to eat other people. Yeah. I'm afraid of needles I think so are you so we didn't get it? Yeah, we will I wasn't sure I was going to trust anything Trump said cuz I'm a big wage, you know, I was just scared of needles. But yeah, yeah. Anyway, we didn't get it I got cuz we didn't get it and we didn't get the vaccine and I've actually never been affected for anything. I should have told you. That's why I had it explains a lot. But yeah, so we're we're sort of hunkered in here hungering in the bunker and we actually dead. Here and we can't I assume Jack's family is dead is certainly not as dead. They they were first in line for the vaccine item then cuz of school and it's I don't know. Yeah, so they're probably eating each other out like to do don't I don't really care about that. Brian is like the thing is it's already like it's already Weighing on my mind that the world is over the fact that I know my family. I just had my stupid brother is oh, yeah, you love them so much you spend all your time down here with me. I mean I do I do now because that's right. See that proves my point. So we're stuck here waiting. I hear something something's like clawing at the door. Oh my god, get the gun. Yeah, get the get the gun. All right. Yeah, get the get the old nine millimeter out and we're going off. So this is good content. So Let's see. Who's who's there? Are you goofing? You are human? Hello. What my my name's not heal human. Are you a human or a girl answer the question? Yeah, what makes you think I'm a goal just the scratching the general scratching and sort of your voice. Yeah, and yeah and hailed a lot of polish on the pizza guy, you know, your friend. All right. I'm going to get the door but oh, I love you Papa John's is kind of shity, but I'll still have some I'm starting to just meet me Papa John's. I meant Domino's always. That's even better. It's actually just don't okay. Okay, check the exact. I might this might be because I'm scared from being hungry. I mean nothing but mushrooms and I did eat some of the Rat earlier. I didn't want to tell you cuz I didn't want to share it, but I'm fucking starving off. Cable slowly. So let me just okay, I'm going to call my God. I'm going to open don't open the Chrome icon. I took off fire The Gun Jack fire close to top it off. I told you not to open the door you open the door. Well, you didn't order a pizza. Nobody just delivers piece without ordering a pizza that time it was a goal was gotta be ready for when the regular pizza guy comes cuz I'm starving man Pizza Guys. The world is over the world is you know that we don't know everything in the world there could be at least. All right, let's just Go back downstairs and chill out for a while. And I mean we're going to have to find some way to kill the time down here. So I sent another one. I am talking again. Really? Yes to hear that. Goddamn. Oh my God, it sounds like like Jagged Nails. That's definitely a good P. Hey, hey cooler cooler human life. Oh, that's awesome. Oh, you're a lady. I am waiting and blow off. It sounds like a missing any skin. On my body. Oh my God. She talks about her body. I'm kind of I've never had sex like it seems like a weird way to describe yourself. So wait a minute. We have to make sure she's not a goal. Okay. So, how how big are these breasts, how long yeah, how big are they and what what do they feel like? Oh my God. That's all she needed to stay on the door off. I'll be a cool. Yeah, it's not working off. Okay. All right. I'm going to shut the door. She was frustrated. Oh my god. Did you hear? I don't know where that chick went. So fucking hot. Okay. I heard she had it was a kid. She had no skin Seasons the size of birth. Watermelons. She said was that. Just the way you say it is good at this point. It's been like it's been in a half weeks since I've had sex that's not that's not that long. It is for somebody took a video of a jackrabbit my friends or a Brian rabbits me. You won't answer the door. I'm not going to answer the door unless she comes back stupid. I gotta get that long dick went from Jesus Christ. Sorry. I mean, I'm sorry. So I I wanted to ask you this earlier since you got to kill some time, you know, what's like the thought this thing you did to Carol in bed, we're done that we're talking about like a strong stop. I clearly you're cleared you want to know about this thing can use it? Okay. See that's weird. Don't look at me. Like you're not even I'm just turning putting that you're putting in your spank bank in this discussion. You're wanting just testing. What's what's the what's your what what is she how she wants she's dead dead. What's all right then you'll get off to my dead wife. Oh God. Okay. Come on doing what is that each other? Hello is somebody there? Hello Google or human cool or human obviously human office. He tends to not sure. I don't know if she is distracted cuz I've got all this pizza and these poor Nomads out here. It's important. I can possibly I've got myself a one would you mean which bags do you have like the desire to have a lot as before? It doesn't sound so it was just it was the same goal the first two times but this time it might be that shift goals out here, especially not any attractive handsomely rugged lady like once what what's the name? Isn't it ladies some rugged? I don't even think this guy this this sounds like a cool. We don't even know what pornography is. I know that'll work for me is thing where they still Milady and there's also a car that's true in some point. There's a car I guess he's not. Yeah, sometimes we'll put her but on the did you get pizza? Where did you get pizza? Where did you get that or a new new Pizza Hut promo you get a box of pizza and you get some porn House Pizza Hut still open until the world was over. I'll tell you that buddy had so little slogan. Wait a minute. Wait. What if this is that same Google from earlier? That's what I'm saying is definitely the angle from earlier Who's down? How do you mean it's not cool? He's a cool. I wouldn't think it's so much about how does teach a guy with born? Cuz they told me doing now seems to know what I'm saying. Just don't let's open the doors down. And through the door and just you put a slice of pizza and a ripped image of pornography on top of it and slide it to you and then we'll know that's cool a little bit looks like you know whether the cracks big enough for not this is the first time I've opened it. It's really different goal. I work in Poland. I obviously know the size. It looks different shoot the gun lights off. A real. Oh dude, right not a gamer, right? Yeah. Yes, dude. I only have one bullet left all the bullets song. Why should we were you shooting Rats the other day is that what shut the red ones cuz I was hiding hunting it and I had to eat it somehow but also I've been hating a lot of the other bullets or mad. Scenes with a hammer to see what would happen. I need you to tell me one boy last prior. You've been shooting them in discriminately out the front door don't actually trying to kill the God. There's a plus job of killing. And by the way, that's why you kept fucking coming back. It's hard to aim Wednesdays so Wily what? Yeah, right. Yeah. I'm sure you probably did it probably till that beautiful big titted woman out. There was no it wasn't that was the goals friend or whatever. Oh my God, wait a minute to hear that what it sounds like the generator generator off again is fucked up. Like let's go back downstairs. Hang on. Oh shit. The lights are I'm not I'm not heard of making this noise. That's a very loud Rumble pack going to okay. Thanks Santa. Can you the lights just went out and a flashlight get a flashlight? Okay, but we'll pull the back-up generator usually goes on when this happens right? I don't hear it off. And now and now Brian, how's the door going to stay close with the generators? Not on fuck if we're able electricity my God, the electronic locks on the door aren't oh my God that girl next time he comes back and just rip it the boat with this going hands and he's going to rip off the fuk open and eat our innards like sausage links in it gonna get wieners since my biggest fears to get eaten to death. I know that one scene in Shaun of the Dead really Fox me up sucks. It's like a comedy but it's still like really gross. So gross fucking Edgar right man, so fucking genius, but he could just dial it back a little bit. I mean baby driver. We have one bullet, dude. To use on the goal know I'm saying maybe we should you know, see you later. She works now. We don't get mauled to death. It's a better way out what I'm saying? I don't how do we kill ourselves if we only have one bullet? I don't know. We put like just like put our heads together or something. I don't know. Oh, that's kind of nice wage. Is it a nice way as a double suicide with one bullet. That's a nice way to go. So I put my head real close next to yours like that for others like that just half-brothers. Yeah. She took all right, and then I just pulled the trigger I guess and then it will wait if this is the end said I just bought what I just want to say that I thought. A lot of the episodes that focus on your feet were a lot stronger your head is really warm. So could you hurry up and please say what you're going to just I felt like if there's an afterlife and off if you do a podcast their just try to lean on your Coast more cuz usually really funny. I do applaud cast to my afterlife. I mean, so I've gone to help Brian Well, I mean based on just all the Jack and off you do that's not a all right, that's enough time. I don't think I'm going to do this. Okay. All right, bye-bye. Brian see in the afterlife or whatever. Come on juice say something nice to me before we die. I wish I had been born to a different father good boxing we both wish. All right, just do it shut down and on go on go ready three. Okay, two one go. Okay, so I dodged that one and Jack. Jackie okay. It seems all fuck you shot yourself, didn't you? Oh Oh, I thought that was a test one Jack Jack fuc, I'm going to get some tissues and see if I can plug this up in the hole in your head fucking hey, I can't believe you went through with this this is just like you get some dumb idea and then I guess it's hard it's not nice dress you down on your dead. Oh my God, what's that? Oh Fox something's at the door. Something's at the door. Oh my God. Oh my God awful. Excuse me. Any survivors. What? Well Oh, I thought you were a glow schools. There's no reason for any suicide pact or anything like that. It's all okay. Now you're safe what we've cleared. All the fact is is this this is the military. Yes. Oh, oh, so there's no goals outside. We're we're safe. We have a bunch in the perimeter, but our men are on their asses like white on rice. Okay, so we're safe subject where all right, you got someone else down there with you son. Now we're good. All right, I'll be right up. All right. Well, I guess that's it for the show. So I'm going to go live with the military and see if we can go find that big titty lady still probably out there. I got a rescue her and let's be honest. It's always the way it was going to go down for Jack sooner or later just not happy. So we'll be I guess that's it. And I don't know social media is still up but you know like And subscribe and yeah, well, it's easy to catch you later. Bye Jack. All right, so we've got all the pizza and porn you could need. Oh hell. Yeah. Okay. Hi everybody. We're back. Especially enjoyed those details. Okay, bro. Probably learned a lot today about what it means. Japanese ghost or accidentally help your brother's suicide or you kill your family and then the guests and I think if I could buy all these germs off so so Brian is trying to wrap it up. He's also fully bear now. I don't fully embarrass. Oh my God. I just saw you my reflection. I'm pretty furry fully up here. I love your chut very, oh my notes so quickly get wet and my fangs feel different than all right. I'm not a bit of a bear. Stop saying that you want to see whether tree and then Molly. Chasing me. I just think I'm getting big I'm whoa, you know, it scares me when you get big like that. Don't raise your hands over your stop trying to chase me with your goddamn bear claws. You have some can log. Pocket cuz I kind of just want to stick my nose in your hands. Oh I do I actually have these bitter Honey's. Oh my that's pretty fun. I go crazy for hunting. I love graham crackers and she grants. Mm. Okay, so worst candy. Nobody likes a kid. I loved it. Got more. You got more. I know you don't know. I'm sorry. I think there might be some truth to your Werebear idea cuz I feel like I've never put my face that close to your genitals before and make me comfortable. But while I was very bearing down there, I guess a bit of a bear that I I felt good it felt good to do so, I don't I don't know. Maybe we should maybe we should wrap things up. I feel so much. I think just want to scratch. So yeah, so thanks for listening. I will be back at some point maybe with a Christmas episode trying to get that my honey poop cuz I'm not home. Take your honey, but I feel like you're trying to inch toward my caught and I sort of feel like my caught is my young right now because I sort of raised that truck. Stop trying to get in my yard. Okay. So what I'm trying to say, okay, I'll call you. Just okay, I got a cloth had something that's trying to get my young and I have not it's a cot. Okay, but I have the lawyers picture right off on it. Okay, and that's that's like my child stopped and I need the fap at something and it's going to be hard with these cloths. Wow. Okay, so I'm going to do right now, but after that you guys have you all very fatty. I've been I've been working but it's not taking drugs or drinking a lot of water way, but I guess I don't need to hydrate being a bit of a bear Prime wage. down in the bunker Thank you for listening to this super spooky episode of Bunker Brothers. Hope we didn't freak you guys out too much. I'm Mike Koehler also known as Jack Dobbins with me as always was Matt Shore also known as Brian Warner Bair Gavin's our special guest today was robbed Chester. He played Marty the Google and the military guy Jamie vaness. Did the voice of Kimiko check out Jamie at jammed m p o t j e on Twitter. We're on Twitter as well at Brothers underscore bunker. Send us a tweet. Tell us if you liked our super spooky episode will probably be back for Christmas episode, but for now stay safe happy and healthy out there. Thanks guys, bye-bye.

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Drunken Confessions Episode 11  Worst people to have at a party!


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Drunken Confessions Episode 11 Worst people to have at a party!

"Do hello and welcome to drunken. Confessions episode eleven one one with casting amy. How are you doing today. Amy i'm good. How are you kiss i- mpg so oh yeah totally peachy arete yup yup yup so tonight. We have a special guest we do so. Let's welcome nancy. Hi everyone. I feel so special today. You are very very special. Thank you for being on episode eleven. Of course we usually make them feel more short bush special but you know now. That happens happens to you anyways so again we have. We're in episode eleven kevin which we are sticking something for eleven weeks in a row. I know right. No we're making records every day here. I know so if you guys would like to to be our next guest we have a lot of episodes lined up a lot of cool things going on but reach out to us at my jerking confessions edgy meal dot com you can also hit us up on facebook. Dot com slash my drunken confessions and congratulations cash. She finally got our website up and running so totally go and check out drunken confessions dot com. Yes drunken. Confessions dot com yes. I've been working hard on this you have i'm very proud of yeah. We also have us now. Our podcast can be found on pandora iheartradio spotify. Yes i'm very excited about those things. It's going to be google's. It'll be on the google soon as well. Look you other things and open the world. I know we're getting like you know <hes> professional shit i don't. I don't know how that happened but it does. It happened so so this is a nancy's first time being on a podcast. Is that right nancy spiritual fine so we're taking your podcast virginity right now. Yes i sure do yeah. That was a little rough. I'm not drinking. Jack fire lit shows. So what are you drinking over there cast. Oh i'm drinking your yup and i put crept on a lemon juice in there to train like ease some of my sorocca. I'm not liquor drinker. This objected because there's more sugar than liquor. Think yeah so yeah so that's what i prefer is something like that but <hes> and then i tried this ninety nine proof root beer stuff instant heartburn. Oh so yeah so that one didn't work out either so i just i'm just gonna do the vaca with a lotta lemon juice in itself because i like lemon juice and you also have your your mic ultra and i'm drinking my mic ultra of course. That's my go-to because you know. I'm on the kito thing so that's why i'm not doing the jack daniels fire 'cause i'm trying to do the keough and it's like ten curbs per shot and that's enough. I'll just drink wine. It's just so it's just best if i just avoid it so nancy. What are you are you drinking taking over there. Well my beers dirty bastard. All right love dirty bastard. It'd just be like thirty bastards i do and it's just so yummy yummy and then the shot i just is head was naps creek single barrel hundred twenty proof. Wow now this then. I just took a shot of this and that was delightful something. We're off carrying out yeah nancy outta here tonight to have recently. She has a ride. Yes i do oh i. I hope he will come and get me that was that was i usually don't choose my my bourbon because bourbon should be sept- yeah bourbon should be sipped in enjoy and savor until you hang out with amy and i and then all of a sudden look out the window. It has it. We have a bad habit of yeah and i can in word really fun. What's really fun is that i can do bourbon and beer yeah without any problems. Yes so very very very cool yep and of course i am drinking being <hes> as the iraq yeah i. It's kinda my new favorite. I know i'm kind of obsessed with it. I noticed <hes> but but i am also drinking shock top which actually i'm on my laptop. I've had a couple before so then. I'll be switching to make ultra kind of keep myself under control. We got you drove yourself here. So you can't lake well yeah. My husband was probably get what's probably going to happen. Car is going to be left here and it it happens. Husband is gonna come. Pick me up. It's not gonna go anywhere. Let's put it that way so we're all good yeah we got plenty of kids did sound good so what's new this week so <hes> with me this week. Let's see what is new <hes>. Oh i'm going to be going to new york allred <music>. I'm i don't know what happened to my husband. I think he got attacked by a fever. Maybe something bid him but he decided. We're going to go for a weekend weekend. Make sure you go to hector tacos okay because somebody ordered hector's tacos on my visa card really yeah and i i don't know yeah. I'm just wondering how your visa card because let me tell oh yeah. I know it's going to be <hes>. It's going to be crazy expensive but i'm like i couldn't believe tom. I've been wanting to go to new york forever. Well that for <hes>. Well yeah actually forever because i love to travel in thomson a traveller but long story short 'cause. I'm not gonna get into all the the. Did you think really really better a long story short anyway to make a long story longer because amy interrupted me with comment took him a beer no so so anyway. We're going to go to new york new york. So if anyone out there has been there and has any suggestions by all means besides hector's tacos. Let me know i'd love to hear. Are you know suggestions. Were only going for the weekend so we're not going to be there long but <hes> yeah that's. That's my big news now now. Amy nancy and i were together over this this this past weekend because and i'll let you take it from here. Oh well because my niece my niece graduated. You're gonna say it finally she did it. On time you know she graduated on schedule and that's an onerous to digitize. She got presidential award for the achievements and how far she's come which was very just it was just awesome so you were all able to celebrate that sorry she's just trying to do another shaw tried to do the she did not take a shot. She took us back up like a little. It's not happening so we had the graduation party and then this coming weekend we are going to have husbands forty s party ooh lordy lordy by <unk> by the way we call them husband okay so i i did forget to tell you that nancy so so our men are called husbands burgess marshes which is called thompson honor shore. Yes i know yeah <hes> i call tom. Many things usually not usually not but we're not gonna. They do that on the show. It's nice yes. We have husbands fortieth coming up this weekend so we are excited about that got that party going and we have a gift after kim was looking at other gifts and then i went that was like way too late way too much money i wanted to spend oh and then i was cleaning up and i went wait. I was looking for a birthday present for him and i already have one. Oh i don't have anything i'm just gonna give them beer. I always in his gift is being married to me that destroys throwing the party here all right. I'm going to throw that in here right now. Okay you have a good man. Good man and i have a husband. You're married already. A good wife in health are a man's best. I wealth. Yes very funny. Yeah i remember that yeah. You'll have to <hes> remind my husband and i want to say i want to talk to us there. You go. You never know what's going to happen. Oh god no you never never never know so. Amy was telling me nancy that you have actually <hes> speaking of the parties. You have a good story about a new year's eve party. Hope the clock yes so that's the one we were going to ask you to tell 'cause <hes> casino tonight. We're going to talk about parties yeah because you know you're graduations weddings birthdays and you know just summer barbecues and then fourth of july so there's so many parties what is going on. We thought party would be a great theme so i was at ferris state college. I graduated in nineteen seventy six and i knew amy's mom and dad that's where i met them. They were we were all from this area. She ends up. Let me interrupt real quick by the way if you guys listen to episode ten this the famous nancy and her husband is the famous dennis that are like my second parents some very honored that she's here tonight. <hes> we go way back so that was just i way back out so anyway it was november in i am in the dental field and amy's grandpa chuck watson was was in the dental field also and i was at one of the dental conventions and i went up to the booth that he worked at in and anyway i went to amy's parents wedding leading they came to my wedding but we kind of drifted apart as people do when we drifted apart yep so i went up to the booth and chuck was there and i said mr watson where is keith and wendy and he said you don't think taylor lived in taylor and and then he starts telling me where they live and i'm like going now. That sounds like it's right around the block from me and they lived literally around the block doc from me. I did not know seem everything. They moved in and seventy eight. When did your seventy eight yeah yeah. My sister removed in we. They moved into sunday. We moved in seventy eight. I did not have a child until seventy nine but we moved in the same year we we went to the same pediatrician we lived around the block from each other and i want to say lisa was four at the time <hes> so like five years after we had lived literally around the block from each other i we found them and i call them up in the so this was a november remember we call them up and we had a party on new year's eve and we invited them over to our house and they came into our house and my brother and my sister sister-in-law was there we were playing cards and of course you know it was late we through the kids in the beds and they all went to sleep and my brother. I hit this clock <hes> and it was making noise. It was ticking. My brother says what the hell he may have used a different word but ah unplugged the clock in the unplugged the clock just shortly after midnight so now we're all sitting there and wayne and cheryl said oh my gosh what time is it and so they went home and then we were all sitting there well it would now. It's just me in denison keith and wendy and it was like what time is it. It was like four o'clock in the morning. It was four o'clock in the morning and we had been drinking for cowers. No clue what time it was because he unplugged the clock and we have little children. The secret to our next party unplugged the clock. Yes chilly though now now that even have clocks when uses they're fine. No that is true. How funny part of the story the best part of this story so anyway we finally decide what time it was in keeping wendy gather up the two girls and they go home and we go to bed and we have the worst hangover in the morning and i take my children over to my mother's house and they feed us because i just can't cook you know it was just horrible bowl and i put the clock in and that clock never worked again. He never never ever ever worked again. That's it was never one hundred percent <hes> so that was that was the fun story that has to be a guy gather with wendy's parents parents and emus parents amy year wendy. I'm sorry i know this is what happens when you have your mom's best friend on. This is what happens when you drink yes yes. This is what happens with amy's parents and areas and we've we've had parties. I was like going. Oh my guy party swearing up. It is like <hes>. I just swimming pool. You got during the summer. My house was a perpetual. I just want to put this out here. Anybody who knows me wants to know why party so much. Look how i was raised the parents party. They came over our house. We win over their house. Our our house thirty six years of being on this earth there were the official parties or would you just come over and hang out it was probably both because ours was always the party house to yes and that's how well eimi became friends but we can be s- because as of how many parties we always through yeah wanna be my b._f._f. Throw parties. That's that's how tom and i were. We had so many parties and this was years ago. We don't anymore and i wanted to get back to throwing parties although we can't do it right now 'cause. We don't even have backyard long long story but we're not getting that right now but anyway so we're ours is the party house. It's always has been you know since we bought it yep and we have <hes>. We're on like three quarters of acre. We have like all kinds of stuff. We have have scooters. We have motorcycles. We have trampolines you had turnpike's we had dirt bikes in bicycles and bicycles are just not normal bicycles because we have recumbents and everything else so we got a lot of cool stuff so you're not least school shack and we always and i've always been like to. I love a same turnaround harm. I didn't mean to take place. Israel has now been talking anyways. That's why cast is party. Was this house party party house because i go to your house for a party and then ride a bike. No it's because that's what we did is we put it is and then we lit should on fire and we would burn stop and we'd blow stuff up. Oh yeah we like every chance we had to blow something up. My husband will put goggles on yelp for science and then he'd blow stuff up and so you know i mean oh sometimes there's a couple of times when cops would be driving by because it would be in the middle of the week and he would put <hes> ether in the glove and throw it over the vampire and it would make the loudest boom you've ever heard so. Where did you ether. I don't know but i'd never thought the question my the guided me to a party well. You're probably lucky. I didn't if either you know i never thought they asked him why he had either so he's he's quite wonder you want to talk about all the parties and everything that's going to doors wedding and the graduations are my birthdays as and everything i was like i said i can name like there's certain people that were at these parties that you know. We didn't really get get along with and it was so funny because i'm like this. The reason we don't have parties anymore but i wanna start. Having parties are good but you know over the years of having parties you start to realize that there's certain types of people you know and there's certain people that only show up to parties like they're not the people you hang out with all your long. They're the people that wait till summertime or whatever you when you you have like our fourth of july party or how we pray your christmas party things so we have all these different combinations of different people that we decided over all the years yes of all these parties ladies with and without each other right so like mostly with west but even like we both grew up in party atmospheres. Yes that's what made us best friends yes and <hes> so throughout all these years we need to <hes> we started talking about. How many people show up to these parties that we dislike. Yes and it's always the same people in you know what's funny is. I don't know who listens to this castle. No offense to anybody who's listening to this but if you fall into this category and you take offense to it than you are that person and evaluate you ah funded that you know what you know came up with our top ten worst people to have at your party. Yes so so everyone out there you gotta let us know if you totally can relate to these top ten or maybe you have a couple that we missed so we're going to start with number ten and number ten is the murder now nancy. Have you ever gone to a party where you have the one person there. That sounds like the entire party like sighing because you know nobody appreciates. It's how hard i worked for this party. Nobody appreciates all the hard work. I put in what i did to get this done and you know you always have that murder in the one. That's like oh now. I have to get up and clean us says now he had to go to the hat okay no. I don't think i know anybody like that but i've had people that come to the party fit lake aw is it time to go home yet. Yes oh we're getting there that i. I'm sorry but no i don't think i have the murder although in all honesty sometimes sometimes i hope he's like oh my gosh you know how much hard work into this you are or or do i don't want to help. I hope you you know you. You invited all these people over now. We have to get things to a certain level and sometimes his level is above my level and i'm okay here but he has to have perfection. If you want perfection new perfection i'm only going here because you know what these people love us. The people that i invited love us <hes> and they're coming here to see us and not the fact that my basement and floors imperfectly cleaned yeah. You know totally i well. I have totally been to parties that had the martyr that is oh my gosh. Look look how hurt i've worked all day. I'm so exhausted but are you having fun but we will. I gotcha great job. You're not talking about mere. You know yourself now because i feel talking about. What a great job. I i always talk about. Some of the other person i number nine brings us to number nine. Yes the one in actually i feel like this should should've been closer to number one but it's all right the fighter the fighter at the party we always we used to hang out with with <hes> a person that no matter what situation if we were at a bar if it was just if it was a big group of people they always wanted to find a reason to fight somebody like the ingredient was just the four of us like this person their significant other other than my husband and i then they would start a fight with my husband or with me and it was just always it brings the night to an end row quick and and it makes you just it puts everybody else on edge yes. I don't think i've ever had that experience not in a party any those with amy as she was going to take out some women in the restroom at the eric church concert. There's no you're always seems to ohio and we were we were out to dinner one day with my brother and dennis in i and wayne's girlfriend at the time because it wasn't cheryl and we were sitting there and we were talking and by brother was sitting here and there was some girl sitting behind my brother at another table and i was talking to him nova sudden. She's like going connect- yes. I'm looking at my brother. I really thought i really thought she was gonna and you know. Of course you know my brother right. I really thought wayne. I really thought wayne was going going to get up and knock her lights out you know and she was with another guy and it was like oh my god so we finished our general quick and we left and it was like hell. Oh yes experience it apart. I will admit there has been a time or two in my past and current that i was the fighter but when you drink liquor when i drink liquor and copious amounts of liquor and we have discussed this and yes free earlier podcasts. That's why i don't drink as much as i used to. Now number eight number eight is the e._r. That's what i call them. They're the person that's always shows up up in like. It's like hey how you doing. I'm okay <hes> you know life sucks. I lost my job in their coming the report my car fall but it's not my fault. It's not my fault. I didn't do anything wrong. You know i i just you know my. I just showed up for late for work. I don't understand and was fired and you're like well. How many times have you been late well ten but i have good reason and it's like no okay. These are the people that caused their own. They make choices but everything else is. Somebody else's fault and they are the party like she's a party. Debbie downers yeah like come to the party. Enjoy yourself and hide your dark secrets. Yes if sucks bad. I have a couple of friends exactly i think social associate with us much anymore although unfortunately when one of them is no longer capable of coming to parties because he had a stroke but you you know which is sad which is sad but there were there were times when we were places together or at a party and we were all done and over with. I was just thinking like why do i still yeah why because they just just dragging you down with them and you're like like oh my god. I don't have time for this. I don't wanna be it. Does your crossover get depressed and the next thing you know you're like what happened and yeah yeah you got to distance yourself from the yours at this world i mean when it comes to any of the poops. Love your but yeah you gotta. You gotta just like be like yeah. No that is drinking confessions bell so we're going to do drunken confession since the n._c._a._a. It took a long time for we hit that button today. Usually when i've been listening listening to you guys it's like wasted. Oh this is going to be a good one and i can't wait to hear nancy's answer. I write about sex and my husband. I'm not answering it no okay. That was her husband. Talk about sex. Oh okay okay okay all right well. Let's all she doesn't have to answer. She can pull any. We'll cartoon character. Would you have sex with tell me that's funny. What do i have to have a reason why no bob square pants the like but now i wanna know the reason i wanna know bungee because it was the first cartoon character that came to my mind. Though for some reason learn you have occurred tune character. You wanna have sex yeah sure. I'll pick one but you gotta go i. I'm trying to think all right. I i really am thinking that you have to think about this because i have one in my mind but okay so i'm thinking rodriguez. The only thought was if he can just the and this is why we're friends mine and which is the exact same all right then. We know he's got something going. Oh my gosh so funny your address okay well. I'm not gonna pay for him but <hes> he can always <music>. Okay okay so we're here. <hes> okay so we're back to to the top ten worst people heavier party yes number martyred number nine was the fighter number eight was the or any we are now a on number seven the snob this now the person who feels that they that we should be grateful that they showed up to our party my presence they had so many other things going on but i figured so busy and so important i can think couple of people. I know there's quite a few on my list that we we can't name anybody. No no we're not naming it. Yeah i know and then that brings us also to number six sousse desperate for the love. Oh yeah the the one person who's always trying to find someone to hook up with at at the party. Oh yeah if you have that one single friend you know what it is your generation that is not my geno now. You've never had anybody come. Come to your party and be like hey did. You invite any of your single friends. Now that is that is definitely a your generation that is not yeah yeah because we have we've we've had a couple inter-party both female and male yes so we've had our parties where they come in and they're looking for like looking for love in all the wrong places basically and then if if for some reason they can't hook up with somebody which they usually can't because it's why they're single to begin with then. It's your fault because you don't oh have cool friends. Yes and we're sitting here is going well. We don't have any cool single friends for you to hook up with but no maybe it's just because you suck like maybe you'd need to readjust those people get on my nerves to totally but you know it gets on nerves even more number five next one. Yes certify over. I hate the one upper the one upper no matter what you have they have it already or they have one better or it you know so. I was riding my motorcycle. Really i have a hurley. Would you have and it's really or if you're like you so i went to. I went to new york yeah really well. How was your just like the always have to one up yet and it was like when i'm telling a story. I'm telling a story because i found my story. I thought it was entertaining but then you had the one people person in the crowd that goes <hes> yeah well. You think that's funny. You should should hear this and i'm like i hate that like can't you just laugh and say i can relate to buy. It's always like the they people. Were always have like a just a little better than yours. Yes so yeah that's that's my that's one of my big ones which also brings us to number four number four this single story drunk. Oh gone over and yeah it's like. How many times are you going to tell the story and then you walk into the group where that person is at and you're like oh this story again so you just kind of like the first time on the twentieth time yeah but you know what they're always. They're they're always the drunk one too so they don't even know when to shut up right so you'll be like talking to somebody in there. The when's it coming into interrupt you yeah yeah like like you'll be. You'll be the middle turkey somebody. They'll be like hey what's going on. So did i tell you what happened to me the other night yeah yeah you did really oh well. What about what about this part. I tell you about this part and you're like yeah you like that which also goes with the <hes> with a <hes> you remember when this happened twenty years ago and then they tell that same story over and over and yep yep you're <hes> i've heard the theory interesting many times. I heard it tonight but so yeah so that that's definitely that's definitely annoying. Now the next one for me. I i think this one should have been my number one because happened to me. This is where cast and i kinda differ yeah because i've never personally experienced insist unless if it was with family and which doesn't really count but when you're talking about your friends or people you're not even close into the anti parent is what i call them. Those are the people that come over your house with their kids. Sit down with a drink with food food and do not watch them and let everybody else watched their kit. I cannot tell you how many people have had over. My house and i have had to chase their child around while they're little three year old or four year old. Go sakes food into my living room. Jeopardy on my couch tries climbing my bookshelf which is not attached to the wall which fall and kill them and the whole time. The parents will not get off their ass. They'll sit there and go because they're also probably the one don't don't do that johnny johnny stop and then if they have other brothers sisters. They'll be like hey suzy. Go get your brother. Go gogi hem go go get your like all my got this not their parent and they're probably the same people that are the same story drunk because they're in the middle of telling their story from the time and what pisses me off the most about these people is while their kid is being a demon and terrorizing my house and destroying my house and jumping on my furniture. They're sitting there talking about what a great parent there yeah so we have a little johnny we took him to softball and then we took him here turned the johnny made the honor roll and omega his his teacher said he is so smart and then when you tell them not to do something that they're doing the jump on you for for saint something dare you talk to my job yeah. They get offended when you're yelling at their kid and you're like <hes> yet. No johnny you're not academia smashed chips into my couch. You know no no you're not going to climb on my bookshelf and then they're like they kind of look at you and you're like thinking to yourself. Control your child child but am i going onto tangents amy ring the bell yeah. I can't help it on my gonna heat that one so so what we're gonna do next. Let me hold on grab one or what was <hes>. How did it oh oh okay. Hey what alcohol makes you sick just by smelling it because you got so drunk off of it. Oh i don't have one. I mean yeah. I've i've gotten sick off of a lot of alcohol. Tequila was one of the state patrol is my and i hear people talk about that that oh man. I can't drink this anymore anymore. 'cause i got really sick on it but no that's not not only ever never well. I my mom has always told me a story that she can't drink southern comfort vert because she was at a college per from is there. I think it's wrong. Oh am i wrong. You know better than probably the bomb okay so yeah. She's always tells me that <hes> the only one that and it doesn't stop me from jimmy but it makes me quiver is jose cuervo. You know what when i can't do what stolley bomb what's a stroll. Even i don't know what that is. <hes> stolley raspberries stolen rifle. Oh what's this what's stolley considered though stoli vodka. It's railways in red bull. I cannot do them okay because i got so <music> sick off of those one time that <hes> yeah yeah that was we're not gonna go there. Go there okay so <hes> we are going to who are we. We're down to yes so let's go through real quick. Remember ten was the martyr nine the fighter number eight or seven the snob six desperate for love five the one upper four the single-story drunk number three which put cast lake lake blood pressure went up was the anti parent which brings us to number two number two which is the wanna be the one person person who insults everyone else just to stand out in the group. Try be trying because they're trying to keep up with everyone's conversation. They think they're funny johny but they don't know how to be funny so they tried to go into insults and it's w._b._z. No no i the difference okay. I'm not we are thank you for having us nancy. We will see you again not again. Uh-huh okay i got i am. I am the snarky smart you i can be very smart ass in but ninety nine percent of the time it really is funny. Yes yes. I do it because it's just my personality analogy to try to fit in or be yes no to it makes me standards early to various times when i make when i make jake like smart ass remarks shoe and you know and see i don't do whatever to try and fit in as a matter of fact you'll like it. You're right right. You're right like i used to harvey. Tell that they're trying and then there's the ones that that just do it nicely exactly so when i i don't do it nicely i i do it just because it's me and i know that's doing it nicely flows yeah i just do i because i don't have a filter and i knew what i just like like. What i did didn't that was actually funny. Yes there really was but no we had this one mutual friend in and she would come over to our parties and just start insulting me and people like the first time she say if she got a laugh she just would keep going and just continuously insult me all night because she thought oh i'm cool. I'm funny and just be like so if anybody honestly we're on episode eleven so you guys have heard how cast and i can go back and forth with each other. You call each other bitches. Yes lying. You sell each shelter your craig lil yeah yeah. Throw you to the bus all day long the bus driver running her over and it's fine. She also backs up over me. I guess what we're talking about is when cast and i get on our little castellini move people try to join the bandwagon. Okay that's fine. We see what's going on so cast and i will back off like okay. We're not not trying to like hurt anybody's feelings but then that person if they got one chuckle then they'll just take like if i make for example i'm going to give this example ought. I'm going to be cool. I'm going i will you guys have heard the podcast. I dig at casas age all the time not all the time. I'm very careful about how much do it but i do. I do make each comments because we have such different like we're so separated. I thought it list because i'm so so hot compared to you own weight difference between twelve years. Okay okay no eleven eleven year old okay. I've a lot of years. I am eleven years older than my sister-in-law in her and i are good friends so no but i i'll make i'll make jokes to her like oh. You're closer to my mom's age then who are mine but then there's that one person of the party and was like oh now it's okay to call old and they'll take it too far and it's like no no no and that's let's now the funniest that amy's amy will start it and then she'll be the first one to be like oh hell no or their time or the time time. I got snarky one day about i said something about you. Guys always invite me over to parties and i feel more like your mother than in my own daughters and i made some smart remark in your in your sister said well and that's why you wonder why your daughter's don't invite you. I'm sorry my sister's offense that was funny because she was solely like just trying to make a joke was funny. Okay take that to plot times ten and if my sister would have kept digging at you would've nasty one time it was funny. Ah yes time would not know where i wanna be one yeah because he wanted to be the cool person. They wanna be the popular person they wanna be. The attention person and you're just like you know like no no. You're just what do we do in another one more. Oh wow it's we're going to have to come up with more ideas for this if he's normal up here so i think it was time up. There was someone i wanna just run. I thought i put that all year mccartney. We're gonna do with it do with a cartoon cared. No this one was the which makes you drunk just by smell okay lake house our ocean front leak house or ocean front and what would you prefer we roll over the gamut with our questions questions lake house because if i decided to go out into the water there would be no shark to eat me emotion. I love the ocean but then again. I'm a little little salt things because i am area. Just ask me go ahead. What is your choice. Mine is going to be lakefront really yeah. There's too many things in the ocean that went to try to eat you sharks stingrays so any jellyfish might might my daughter in her family are going out to glen arbor this coming week. We've you've been on friday and i said too. I said to my twelve year old grandson. I said to my twelve year old grandson iside so when you get back we'll go golfing feet on tuesday and he said okay grammy. If a shark doesn't eat me i'm sad sweetie. There's no sharks in when the lakes and he said well there is a type of little shark. That's in the lake but anyway. I quit listening. I would've said no. She's gonna watch for the alligators honey hopwood. I mean i m mean so so so this us to the very last one again. Go through the tannery. No no i think i think i got it. If you're number rewind it if you guys have picked it up and i did agree upon this because are each separately our number ones were different can can do so together together together. We agree they. They cast the instead of webster. You get k. a. They are never wanted to keep up with the same number one that drives us separate ones yet but absolutely bad isn't ahead of her. There's other way we all have that moods friend. The one that shows up never brings a dish to pass never brings a snack never brings her own alcohol or if they do they'll bring like a six pack and then drink twelve years yep. They're the person that drinks all your alcohol eats all your food and like the person like comes in your house and just like open your frigging cupboards angry food aid that because you know i am very very gracious and i always make food the come in and eat all the food and everything else but i always tell people if you're coming over and just bring a dish to pass. I don't care if you stop and get a bag of cheetos on your you're way over to my house just grabs something and these people will do that or they'll show up with just beer beer. I bought for myself elsewhere. I'm not sharing with anybody else. Then they carry around their own little cooler yeah nobody's led to have their beer but they will eat all the food and everything and you're just like yeah or drink your liquor or do shots or they'll be the first one be like hey i guess ordering pizza so the moral of this list is can you tell why i don't have that many parties anymore anymore because we come across. A lot of these people know when you guys party. You're more selective on yeah. You would parties very small small-party now instead of the big bash we used to but i want to start having more bashes again. I do want to start having bigger price because i love throwing parties. I just a love to have people over for. I like running. You're excited that i'm having a party on july thirteen. I'm not having to party. It's not at my house but i am like i. I'm looking at it like i am. The co host yeah. I'm the coho this would be me. I do we we we actually will host and co host parties. I am just no mayor whose houses whether it's at amy's house from my house excited. I'm so excited. This is coming back into town. Ooh i'm going to see some cousins in like like when i see my cousin on friday. I'm going to go okay. Cindy butch 'cause i one of are cousins lives down in florida okay. I think his son lives up here and it's like i'm going to go. Oh my god. Where's where's worse andy. He's gotta come. He aimed at junior and junior has got to come to this party and fourth cousin. Eimi is coming to this party. Yes well you know mike here. We go from one though i really wanna invite. I really really want to invite sharon jody but i know i'm going to have issues with dennis over this all right so the best thing is so from now on when you sit in a party and you're there air with a bunch of other people you're going to sit there and you're gonna go. Oh my god look who is that's the murder that's the murder and then you'll be like that's gonna be like oh. It's not going to turn my sister about this episode. We'll start doing that but but but from my experience i also want to point out you can also be like i the martyr i'm being this knob. I'm the one and yeah sense when you can do that you get this. We wanted on the list. I don't see the perfect perfect hosts. Oh my just here we go into the snob and the one that he did tell you about this. The party story okay already story party started so my sister is very to somebody that denison. I like new for many years before she met okay. Okay before you tell the story because your podcast virgin. I just want to remind you that anybody can hear it. I don't care. I really don't okay that's attached great. Welcome confession is throwing a bowling tournament and we were having dinner and snap. A bowling tournament shit's getting real. You know we were talking in my sister said yeah it was her hobbies birthday and they had this great party and all these people were there and i think she used the word. Everybody okay my sister in emma. You know cheryl. Yes said we weren't there. Well good anura. Yes so yeah you gotta watch what you say. We don't use or or either that or you just you're be one of of those person. That's just cool enough that not the cool enough but you know the person that just i have parties and throw the invite out to everybody put on facebook. You didn't see sorry about your luck. Everyone else came or you know if you're not harder facebook. Aren't you know what if he wanted to fight it. Here's my best advice because frigging like you. Here's my best advice be yourself. Don't try to over think everything enjoy yourself. If you're not having a good time it's okay to leave. Don't don't overdo it. Just don't insult people be who you are unless you're the person that sells people because some people are just like that and then that gays on we don't we don't want yeah all right so again. Thank you guys for joining episode eleven little thing yeah yeah. We've actually consigning really. We're almost fifty minutes. It's already eight. Oh five see nancy time allies. I wonder if denisot parking problems prevalent yeah. It's time for you to do our final cheers for the fine up here at though before you do that oh yeah sorry. I'm jumping the gun. Thank you again nancy for discussed and you're very welcome. Yes yes so let us know if you wanna come back and if any of you listeners obviously we took nancy's podcast virginity and she's having a great take your virginity so we can totally take care of this so if you wanna be a guest on the podcast have cast with cast and you can totally hit us up at my drunken. Confessions said she meal dot com. You can contact us on facebook. Go dot com api. Just evil stink guy for saying slash confessions and again. Thank you very much cash. Did you see our new website. I'm getting there okay. Sorry thank you very much cast for putting up our new website driving fashions dot com. Oh we don't have the braggart occurred on here the braggart the person who brags about everything oh who talks about how awesome they are. Which is you know. I'm just he's looking up in the dictionary. You'll see cases the planning wine okay so please join us again next week for episode twelve. We have a lot in store for you. Guys be going <hes> <hes> youtube line soon yeah and i give you exact date because we can't really pinpoint it down but we've been on facebook live a couple times so we're getting closer so i honestly guys. If you're enjoying this join our facebook page share our facebook page spread the word. We need your love. We need tares. We need the bees and just keep it going there. You go and get shares all right nancy what you cheers here's to the nights it's will never remember with the friends will never forget eight here here here castle training right into her shot with jerry guys thanks again. We love you and we will see you next week same time same in place and hit us up piece by guys love you good day.

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Man Cave Happy Hour  Repeal Day Just a Taste Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style  Episode 89


1:02:50 hr | 5 months ago

Man Cave Happy Hour Repeal Day Just a Taste Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Episode 89

"You're listening to the podcast detroit visit. Www dot past troy dot com before information for happy hour. It is the man cave happy hour. Whiskey cigars spirits and the stories that go along with it. I'm jamie flagging. I am at fox and we are downtown. You know what how. How long has it been since we've been down here shoe good Good year yeah. It's getting it's getting gone. We launched needs to know about a year ago. actually laughably. The memory showed up. I think two days ago that said. Oh my god. I hope they're ready. I'm going down to northville to set up. Shed and they have to record their first show tomorrow but it works great So yeah it's the man cave back where we where we kicked it off here out the What we kicked off a live at the godfather. Yes that was. That was actually the end of october. Yeah in in two thousand seventeen. Was it that long ago. Yeah three years is over three years. You don't know what that does. That makes my liver her. Oh yeah 'cause we've been we've been drinking and well there's a solution for that in your liver hurt and and that's it We just a matthew. Oh is that is that. That's that's what happens. You can't behave yourself. You can't manage yourself but raging alcoholic around the government the government will will step in and Control for you this whole thing. We'd like to call up prohibition. Oh what that is that did happen. It happened it. Sounds like a nightmare but Today some special about this It was the repeal of prohibition yes came down on december the fifth. So we figured we'd get together and raise a glass for prohibition repeal day yes and December five yes. There are a lot of folks celebrating repeal. Yeah on the facebook feeds on the. You know all the pages that i follow. What have you. Everyone celebrating repeal day in different reason to drink other than kovin. Well we have nothing else to do. So why not. Yeah so dave from it and the d. Is here the the the head honcho. Podcast right and and Tara our favorite our favorite amazing bartender is with us so tara because we were like repeal day. Let's let's do something. Let's just do a little toast to jeff. Figure something fun to do for just a taste and i was like last second i was like oh crap we should. We should have terrorists busy. And she's like beyond have you back in the man cave to so we got some fun stuff lined up but we were talking like right now. You're doing craft cocktails you. Sell you sell cool. You teach some awesome lessons. I one of the local country clubs but generally your job right now. You are home school home school. It's like the worst remake of billy madison ever. She's going through all the grades. You got five five different grades. Yeah she's like. It's like the worst remake. A billy madison. Although it'd be cool if the penguin paying you from the other side of the big desk hi miss being behind the bar turns out. The trunk is much easier other. Let's let's be honest like drunk drunks in kids have a lot in common like seriously. Stop leaking that. Put your pants back on. No you can't have that right now. no. I'm not dealing with you right now. I was cut off to teach math to a bunch of drunks. They don't know what fifteen percent is right. So maybe i'll go down the path of you know they wake up late. They stay much darker way. You've you've met me right. Surprisingly it hasn't worn off a tear. We're glad you could take a break from the home schooling and and join us to to your other job of porn cocktails And so yeah. We pulled up a couple of fun things to deal with. That will probably. We're probably going to go with the old grab to get the old forester. The nineteen twenties prohibition style bourbon matt. Do you know anything about the old forester Nineteen twenty because we also as you're digging that We also grabbed four roses. This simple bottle four roses. It's the the the lower end want. It's it's i think it's about twenty bucks for the fifth ish but that four roses is one of the few distilleries that stayed open through through prohibition and it's like we never raised says. Oh well you know for medicinal up. Only you know it's like so that's where that game from is because you would people would get prescribed stories. That would still prescribe. That's the thing about the one thousand nine hundred as though it was the old forester. How how is this entire episode. Not being done. And that's what i see. store say. They continue to be produced as medicinal whiskey. Louisville famous guiraud. Excuse me it is. The only burgh continuously sold by the same company that has been available for sale. Before during and after prohibition era that's why we went down the road with the nineteen twenty. Yeah yeah yeah. So it's yeah. It's a good bourbon to. I have to say out of the with ski row series. The nineteen twenty nine hundred ten are my two favorite. The nineteen twenty. You get so much of the chocolate and caramel. the they kind of notes. It's now we've had. We've had this before the last time that we tried this. We were with the kentucky bourbon boys and we did girl scout cookies with them. It was it was very tasty very tasteful episode very tasty so i went to the officer still very about two three years ago and it is one of my favorite celery such a good time chile gels gills yet to make it. It's it's a good time. Yeah so always have yet to make it to the bourbon trail whole bear trail. I was with brown form. And i just did for. Yeah i would. I would absolutely i would have made it many days longer to just get down there and i'm looking for it because there was an article. Yeah here it is so. There is a article in a magazine. Did i put the lincoln here. I hope so. I did not i just have the I just have the the one article but it was. It was ten bourbons that you could buy in place of really expensive. Vervins and coming in at number four was The old forester birthday urban and that is like it's like two hundred bucks for a bottle the possible to get an. It's impossible to get and they. They said that This just happens on on the list. This just happened to be happenstance. That the replacement for the forrester is the old forester to replace the birthday bourbon. But so it's not a knock on the birthday bourbon but it's This nineteen twenty prohibition style is consistently one of the best burbs in america with that so yeah so five to six hundred dollars. If you're looking for the yeah pass. Yeah so it's One hundred and thirty p. but it's usually people who even that. Yes yeah i know and it's But the seeds and this is where things get crazy with me. Like i'd like to me. Bourbon is a lot like wine. Like i feel like once you hit a certain price point. You really can't tell the difference. You really can't i wasn't here. I'm not a wine drinker entirely. I mean i'm not like one of those drinker. But i do love a really good bourbon once you hit a twenty dollar bottle of wine and i'm going to go sixty eighty dollars bottle of bourbon. Right right yeah. Yeah you if you go above that. You're being pretentious right also really good cheap. Urban i mean do very old barton is a. Yeah there's yeah was with you guys. There's there's nothing wrong with three dollar bottle of all the wine. I they do a good job. Yeah yeah. I haven't had the all the wine all the wine. All bourbon go into Which is not available in the us. Just yet. I think it's february. Were talking about. It and i was like searching. It's there oh yeah all. The stories brings the because they are apparently at one some sort of award yeah But apparently it's only a european release until february. Say i do wanna get my mitts on that eventually but So yeah so. That's why we're we're playing with the The one thousand. Nine hundred prohibition style and it's a replacement for the birthday stuff so it's It's it's it's a it's a player. It's see that you that was very visual jamie. Can you do that again. I'm sorry. is it a player or is it a playa that was over know. Yeah just excited so but We were talking about. I was like okay. We're doing the repeal day. And a prohibition what would be a good cocktail and you like immediately with old fashioned high high ball busy. It's always busy wind. go go. yeah. I'd like to do an old fashioned. So what is the story on the old fashioned. Do you know the the history was actually created in a strip club. Hey get out it. Yeah i think i remember. I'm sorry. are we still talking about drinks. Or is that like i was going so anyways it was created in club. Okay and actually leader. That same bartender took it to the waldorf astoria where he became known as naval fashion. Yes the waldorf ever walked through the through the halls of the wall street never been there. I've always wanted the pictures and the history in that building. Itself is just incredible. It really is. i think. They're closed at the moment and the renovating i wouldn't be surprised not be. There's a lot of renovations going on. A bunch of crap and a lot of people are taking the time to planning time right now paints a fresh face. So are so an old fashioned. So how how do you may. Because there's all little variations here in their their old fashioned. So i do mind much the traditional way. I don't put cherries in it though. Top soda because i know that kind of became a thing in the nineties. Us splash or club soda entirely. I definitely don't do that I do bidders. And i don't use sugar. I use a simple syrup even though it's traditionally with sugar that's just because at least for me personally. Allow the sugar doesn't dissolve entirely and i don't like it and biden class so it's just easier mixed better all right well. Let's let's do an old fashioned. Let's let's crack that prohibition style. What glasses is that. These are very festive. Are those are those are those are those are vintage vintage like Like tex-mex party. Yeah there's some funky fresh classes for sure. Do you remember the name of the bartender. That invented the the old-fashioned gene james. Yes james e pepper. Yeah yes. I must have pepper corn. Hey all right all right. So we're gonna we're gonna get that. We're going to crack that open do that. But there's talk about prohibition better than one hundred years behind us now thank goodness but that prohibition lasted for what thirteen years. Yeah i mean. Nineteen twenty the nineteen thirty. Three spanish flu is behind us to look where we are today. You had to the same mistakes. Parking birkin down the down the road. But there's some laws that were enacted during prohibition okay and they do they forget to take some laws off the books. Like you're not supposed to walk. Gator down the street exactly exactly but always listen to erupt in. So you poured in the bidders. I it so normally it's about two dashes of bidders. Yeah i like a lot of voters you six to eight. I think i'm probably like things super better. I've been doing that at home. Is adding a little being super bitter doing that. Yes that's what home schooling does. I've been adding more bidders to my cocktails associated just that two or three dashes. I've been going four or five or even six. I've found that about five is a little better for me than six. Because i would like seven or eight a couple times. That's a bit much So i i was good at about five in is that's what i found was But that was for. I was making Manhattan's okay so those for my manhattan's i mean i do the same on a bidders. I have probably six or seven bottles of better. i never. i'll never run out. I'm so then. I have a simple syrup which i need using debra because i like the little bit of extra molasses flavor you get from zero okay. Do a quarter outs. You can do a little bit more if you want a little bit sweeter but i'm not huge into sweet obviously interesting so or some of these laws that were So yeah like. I said there's There was some laws that were on the books for prohibition and they just they haven't gone away and it's like why are these things still still on on the books it did last thirteen years But here's some of the strangest drinking laws you can drink and drive in. Mississippi is the only state that doesn't have an open container law for passengers or drivers really. Yeah but the driver's blood alcohol content has to stay below point eight. Oh okay so yeah. You can't be drunk right but you can drink while you're driving. Wow so all these can have an open container in your car during one one for the road. That's where the one on the road. Yes so yeah. I thought that was kind of nuts. This is a this is a year to hold to these. They made they made us closed up the gaps on these so. Yeah so all right so it lasts thirteen years you can. You can drink and drive in. Mississippi massachusetts doesn't have happy hours really know happy. Hour in bast him. So yeah so happy in. The state forbids businesses from running. Happy hour as a public safety measure. So the the the the the michigan state liquor commission has a lot of rules. Here we got in trouble for a couple of things. 'cause man i we were. Dj in here. The you know the trade chip company and we would. We would dj like some of their nights and like promoting and we were like. Oh you know we were doing something with hamm's beer. Yes and we were like. I don't know we will. I will give you a whatever i said. However says we'll give you a beer or something like that can give away alcohol. Yeah we got spanked on that. I don't know what do i know. I'm the dj. I'm just is is for using these. Yeah you can use. The the balls are beautiful. I just walked into jimmy getting spanked. What happened what. I took a phone call and wealth. Report out My ice balls really then. Are we calling them. Duck eggs big mouth yet. They haven't seen the new season. Yeah no. I have not seen the new season so my hands are good good. It's all good. Kids are out of diapers. Did you to an old fashioned. The answer to that. Now so yeah. I don't know if i brought the rate classes for the right. I didn't fill fit. They'll fit all that one was just keep balance all the way i was trying not all right so With one more up there at another to the knicks still she goes a little heavy around the bidders I was listening like walk out of here. Like most of the women in my life. A little heavy on the little little bitter and cynical. How do you like it. Caught coffee like women cold and bidder free trade see. Here's the beautiful thing about doing this for me. Not necessarily for matthew. But for me i will never ever ever ever listened to an accident single episode ever. That's why ever so. No no no no. That's support. That's she's she's proud of it. Actually it's a point of pride for her that she will. And i have three podcasts and i play them like on the stereo loud in the house. So she has. This is all about me. i don't do that. Takeover amazon echo in the house. I take over here. We're not allowed to have the whereas whereas my daughter listens to everything that i do. Oh that's that's you know actually probably a good thing. It probably probably a shortcut on some of those awkward conversation which brings me back to big mouth. I need to watch the new season. No no so. The first three seasons. I was actually okay with her watching a little weird. This one yeah. I'm not ready for my thirteen year. Old daughter to watch a cartoon about hand jobs. I'm just all right. But like honestly i like. I felt the first three episode or the first three seasons were very educational. Okay and she actually told me that she learned a lot from them about her own body and like how things work and all that stuff because for those not familiar with a big mouth is a phenomenal series on netflix show. That's all about basically kids going through puberty masturbation muster and it's hormone watts. Don't miss label. Maury i think the masturbation musters funnier. You do what you do in your own home. You call it whatever you need to. But no so. That's no so it's a great show but like this last season is a la- dude a lot. More swearing a lot more adult language. And like i said cartoon hand jobs. I'm like bordering hen tie child pornography. I'm not quite sure how they got away with it. So while they're in high school in season no no no. They went to summer camp and then in eighth grade eighth in this series. Yes okay. i'm just reminiscing about my own experiences in eighth grade. Yeah i had none of that. Thank goodness i mean sorry. Yeah then again. You know i come from a private school a public school and i had no idea what was going on. Yeah that was. We had that conversation. I you know i. I did my year in catholic school. And then i wasn't kicked out but i was however invited not to re enroll for the following. I tear you You took like a peeler right. Is that just like a potato peeler. Is that Special is that a special just apr and then You up appealed an orange And then you kind of gave the that rind et squeeze in a ways so a squeeze it over it that you get all the oils on the orange And it's more for aromatic. Remain right right you try. Hold this up for that. Oh it's smells. Gorgeous is get this you get does oils kind of right on the top that that poor everybody. Oh my god. That's on at all this. Yeah ok sure so tara. Thank you and you. And i use the term loosely lane. I get a lot of that orange off of that of the first one. So now the ooh wow and see you. Just don't make them at home like this. Well i mean you don't know i don't even you know i know it's it's the because it's not The old fashioned she used The simple sugar that you used was what. Oh temer maria so demerara what what is the actual demerara. A little bit more of a course sugar and it has a little bit more molasses in it almost a sweeter flavor than brushing sugar packs got those the natural sugars and those are the ones that i usually use kind of like the darker the darker sugars. Text her voice was so amazing he was like. Oh that's cute. I know. But i'm just trying to re did i. I the way back in the day. I was a bartender and i've built out a pretty stellar home bar. This is where i'm at. I'm happiest so dude. I love some curious. What kind of bidders are using Like straight or one of the flavors. No straight okay. Very cool now. I have gotten creative with it. But i figured since it was repealed a it was best to call because i have the orange minor minor the orange. i use the orange ones. But i notice there's like walnut bidders muskrat bid new. Yeah there's there's eighty seven different flavors it's ridiculous now so does that. Make a notable difference though. I sure if you ever make cocktail and try with bidders and they make the same cocktail and ad bidders to it it does make a difference especially it's like a cherry bidder or something that has a strong vanilla vanilla a strong favourite to okay yeah usually citrus ones. That get pretty heavy. So 'cause i was. Because i was looking at a recipe and i was trying to make some stuff at home and i'm like oh i wanna make some different and i was looking up a recipe and i think it was for the last show that we did and called for walnut bitter and and i was like. Oh i want I wanna see. I wanna get those you get those right. Meyer now really expanded. The bit actually got to lay just a mixer and additive selection. They really got an iceberg. Like the last gear. Yeah maybe at best. Yeah still a little rough on a ver- moose that they carried by a but the bidders better god yeah. They've got like black walnut salary. Decent selection now. I just i found that yeah. The liquor store by my house literally has an entire like florida ceiling rack. That's about. I'm going to go eight feet wide that's just bidders it is. It's a thing. Oh no while. They're all different if they're all different flavor profiles. That are all different. You know what kind of tint you want to add to your drink. See i and i and i do apologize. I don't mix as much as i should. Because i'm always a neat guy with the bourbons right. No doubt. I love mixed cocktail. This is absolutely brilliant long I don't mix drinks on. How many how many zooms have we been on. How many times have you seen me make an old fashioned zero. Yeah but but i went. I did. I went through a night. Was one of the school board meeting. Night where i went. You know what i. I've got probably. I think i've got nine different and customers at home. And i was like you know what i'm going to try to make. I made it through three rows. Like i should not do this but i but yet. That's a different note. Different flavor okay. Different note different flavor. And i think that's that's part of the fun of being. Bartender is all right. Let me play and see what i can do with this. Yeah before anybody because that way if somebody asked me it no no. You don't actually want that. But to the walnut point like that was one of the things like you know with my little barrel aging that's going on That's been one of the things that i've read lately. Where for the last month. That i'm going to let it sit in there. I should throw crushed walnuts in interesting last time. You tasted your barrel that you're doing now. You said it had a nice little cinnamon to a fire almost because you added that i did right and not a not a whole lot. Which was the crazy. It was crazy to me that that was actually. The note came through because that because it's a five liter barrel and so that was maybe a third of a leader that i threw into that That had that and it was jack fire but like just still that came the. That's the flavor that came through up front really surprised me junior fashion at home or actually the couple places. I've worked put my news together. I will take out the syrup altogether. And i use no chino which is made with Greenwald tickly bone is a dark flavor. So and it just gives it like a super sweet and savory who is really really good. This is a brilliant cocktails. I feel like i'm Down in the speakeasy and yeah. It's nice nice. There's a bar called in metro-detroit here it's called speakeasy and you bartended there for a little while. Yeah does and is and It's it's this is reminiscent. Is that the one that for me. Insider under mckay the cooler door can just not not knocking them but like that whole concept has become super overplayed right. Yes yeah i love the idea of it but yeah they all kind of popped up at the same time and it's and it's a dorms and it's like in a thing but something interesting little as they set. The chef is cooking to a small crowd and young. They do it a little differently. It's not just an offshoot done and it's it's it's sewn menu and it's it's a little more. Small kitchen in the cocktail is a little more tickets. As much as i love the sugarhouse guys like bad luck not a speakeasy right like it's it's it's cute that you put it behind the door. That doesn't have any sign age. That but that's another quicken bro. Bar that's that's that's all it is It it it. Just make amazing cocktails. They do not knocking that at all. But it is not a speakeasy. It is a phenomenal cocktail bar. But it is not a speakeasy but the vibe and the thing they put out was species right right right. That's fair so yeah it was so i wanna know how you doing because you you you you use the simple scher right with this. And then 'cause i. Because i and i use the granular sugar in. You're supposed to muddle it right so unless there's juice in it. Yeah you stir it. If there's juice you shake it generally speaking. If i'm doing it with sugar i'll put the sugar in and then the bidders And then you can kinda muddle it from there and that will help. Dissolve some of the sugar. So what i do. Is i put it in a shake. So i throw the sugar. I throw the bidders in throw a bunch of ice and then i add the the two i was. I'm so happy amateur. But i didn't wanna i didn't wanna slap down but now that you have and then to really muddle it up so the because you said that because if you don't you don't because you end up with the sugar doesn't dissolve so i shake the shit out of it. It's really watered down. So they are more watered down. When i when i when i shake him like that and they're they're cloudy when they come out. Speaking of morty. I just thought it was my cataracts but it's no. It's a lincoln so but yeah well that's the other thing it water to water it down though it's a bigger drink 'cause there's more liquid and it lasts longer because then i have just one for the night and i'm not two or three old-fashioned while i'm watching this. You know one of the things we talked about the school. Were being monday through terror and you could be wrong. Let them talk to them on the game. So one of the things that jamie you even pointed out to was when it comes to make an old fashioned or cocktail you want to stir one type and shake another yes so interested in it. You always wanna shake it because if you don't shake it and you're like pouring a half a lemon juice in it and you're going to really feel it right back here which taking it also helps emulsified like mix everything up or basically. You're okay so word. I heard so yes. You always want to stir if it's just booze all right. So that's you know that. But that's just me being a heathen i've done that with my manhattan's i've been stirring my manhattan since i've been i've been. Yeah it's turn my manhattan's and i don't shake the old fashioned. I'm actually making old fashioned tomorrow for a photo. Shoot oh this is practice practice except been doing the black walnut Sad news though. Ladies nights are illegal in wisconsin. Then don't go to wisconsin. Yep so There's another one. There's another one was crazy. Holdover laws that sad bloomberg editor. That may not be a bad thing. Because it's wisconsin here about the soda jars. You remember So do you remember the guy that shot of the no. No no this. I swear to. God this is the thing The federal judge in new jersey like that was like maybe four months ago. So the guy that did that was a lawyer okay. And he was a lawyer that he was the lawyer in new york. That was trying to outlaw ladies nights because they were discriminatory demand. And that's the thing. Ladies nights are legal in wisconsin from a lawsuit of that exact type the lawsuit. Two men complained that women getting free drink. Tickets violated the public accommodations laws. So ladies nice are also banned in california and pennsylvania. And these those have the amish. So i mean that's i lived in pennsylvania and i didn't know that did you need a passport. That's like such an inside family joke. My were polish. And so it's like my my. My mom's folks came in through pennsylvania. Poland rights pennsylvania worked there and then moved to detroit. And and so my brother thinking you know they came from europe but it was always pennsylvania pennsylvania and someone was going to pennsylvania and he was like. Do you need your passport. it's pennsylvania. Carriages were three hundred. Yeah yeah so. I gotta catch him on drums. Bragging get along the can show you the words so you picked up get them. Who's more messed up than wisconsin Utah where you can only have one shot in a drink but seven wives like apparently nobody cannot make a long island in utah. Yeah he's a long island so they regulate the alcohol percentage in beer in utah right. So that's why you can do that. One beer one shot when i actually was visiting utah. They were doing a special one beer. One shot but they can't regulate would not one shot one beer. No just be a shot so but the other thing is you cannot make a drink in the view of children. Legal in utah. You can't make drinks can in the view of children. Can the children make the drinks for you. I mean if you're getting back to home schooling my kids. My kids are learning how to bartend. Because that's chemistry credit. That's that's that's easy to figure out and then also in utah. If you order a drink in a restaurant you have to order food. I should be in jail after visiting. I'm i'm sorry. I'm having such like point break flashbacks strongest. Damn you start okay. Anyway point break. He calls them point break. Yeah he does call them. Oh okay so. I'm off my own little world and i'm enjoying my mind mild fashion and i'm very happy very strong punch. Their point break washington. Dc as a couple of messed up rules to really. Yeah on elite. Lived there for five years. I probably know these if you could drink with any fictional character which which. Which one would it be. Which fictional fictional character. I mean jesus ordering water took so many things great about that. I mean we don't want to go in and out of here so can washington but washington. Dc santa claus and easter bunny cannot be used to promote alcohol. Knows option now now. No no drunk drinking sand there were there were there. Were actually bars. that i know of the got fine on capitol hill because of some of the promotions. They tried to run absolutely true. Nutty tabs are illegal in iowa. It kind of you can't walk in that we had more for dc sorry you gearing up for dc. And i was reading. Oh yeah no. That's all on. Dc dc got another washington. But so you can use a credit card and and have a bartender hold a credit card. But you can't just say. Put it on a tab you have. There has to be an exchange before you can do that again. I don't know new tab. Tab just got canceled this year. Did it a finally no favorite. That's my favorite part of scrooge scrooge. bill murray's pouring. The tab is literally just got canceled this year. Wow that's been around for a long time. i didn't. I did not know it was still around. Yeah well it's probably why i was. I was one of the morons. That would still order that every now and then for meyer can get a pepsi free. No you're got to pay for kid is pepsi. okay. I don't know as monopoly money okay. let's give me something without sugar in it coffee. Here's a water gluten free options. Here's a water all right so we have now. What what's your thoughts on the four roses that that's a mixer right actually. Don't mind for roses. Bourbon yeah see. I've always enjoyed the roses. We've run the small batch and we've done the barrel select on the show. We have not done this one that bottle that we're looking at right now. That is just the regular four roses. I bought that bourbon in new mexico. I bought that entire bottle and that was right when covid kicked out cova kicked in and i was on a ski trip to mexico. And how long were you supposed to be there. I was supposed to be there for a week. We got there on saturday. So he bought a fifth bought a fifth. I was going to drink on it all week long. It was going to be a great week on sunday that very next day. We were informed that the place was closing down the end of the day check. It took me about one day. Dan day and a half to finish tire of bourbon and that was a nice flight home. I still smell like bourbon. The swear to god i did. Are you know. just that's oozing is. The word is. Oh so. I don't know if we wanna go with the old forester again or if we want to try the four roses but you said you had a second High wall so what the. We don't have high ball glasses. Hi bala glass a tall skinny last cowan's like okay. We should have done in my basement. All these i think. John collins glasses or call tom collins. Sorry a cocktail tom. John collins to twenty two twenty one whatever works. i have to others. Eight o'clock in the morning. No i don't wanna shop not during work all right. Should i make coffee or should i. Just there's nothing wrong with an irish coffee at ninety. Just say bailey coffee. I feel like bailey's has stepped up their game. Because i've noticed so many more new different flavors that have come out during this time. They come out with a caramel macchiato. Absolutely have to issue. So i was at my the other day grocery shopping and i always walked by liquor out because there's like a magnet as right. Yeah so. I saw china and i don't drink from. There was a bright yellow bottle. They now make lemon rooms. They do got it. Yup so concerning thought you were going to go pineapple lemon room charter. It's no. I'm just not sure about it. Who's drinking no. It's good that it's some. It's getting served on ladies night. That's for damn sure not niwa. Is it around the rams jesus marriages sprinkles around the always sprinkles around the room. So i'm a best two ladies now. I'm a girl drunk i am. I'm a man i've been drinking bourbon. Detroit three three going on three years here forty Diving deeper dive deep into the the bourbon and the last year's on the man cave but prior to that i was i was known to be quite the girl. Drink drunk but as mentioned that before it was put in it. And i'm happy but The rump china's. I never not the time. The core is just really. Don't do my job. I don't mind bailey's but any like liqueur anything like that. I do their a'mixer select from china's tequila roses the bailey's like they are not a standalone. Drink no but they are a phenomenal mixer with all these. I don't even say that. Because there are girls that i know especially got what is the The strawberries and cream bailey's the came out. Oh data over. Ice bailey's was pushing. Rocket are probably ten years. The school board nights at my house tend to involve at least two bottles of strawberries and cream. Bailey's he's got a bunch of the elementary teachers there. The elementary teachers in my district are young and cute from the to head over to his house for. I mean board meeting then wouldn't it be great if colleen. Listen to this episode. She goes on this dave. I got a. I got a bail out of northville colleagues. Said i'm natalie that base me redid. I'm going to need that. Just wait for that. knock on the door. Yeah yeah so so got home. All my clothes were unloaded. No tell no. It's yeah it's Plethora of attractive ladies plethora. so is Whatever reason they infamous. Good cosmo. Although i do. You're not referring to run china or shot. Just put the the cosmo. Gosh bob bob used to make fun of me constantly for the amount of flavored vodka. I have my bar and you and you've seen it. I've got all that stuff. And i've i've got like two of those little spinney wheel things with each with okay but you know when he stopped making fun of me when we had the christmas party at my house and his wife and oliver friends like god meet me. My those are amazing and he was like your goddamn genius genius. Okay here so in the tom collins glass we are doing a high ball. Be with regular clubs out. I had to my interest grapefruit. All right this speaking of growth. Drink drunk all right. We'll try to. We're going to use the rose. Yes i will use a you and one of the things. I really enjoy about some. You know distilleries in which they actually. They understand what they're bourbon is and they actually say you know what used this as a good mixer. They actually mix up your favorite cocktail with a sophisticated contemporary flair with as worldwide favorite. So they already know that. It's probably not going to be used for neat. All the time people are going to use it to mix with south so monkey shoulder scotch. They they they they They're realistic about That to they're like a mix us. They're not they're sokaia. Some scotches are like all the holy grail. Econo- stop you. Don't mess with. How dare you even put a drop of water in. Its open opened up but monkey shoulder. They're like whatever you want man. They launched they know. This hoping launch tweeted. How did we never man cave with these. Oh my god The election vodkas were covered. I think it's terrible i. I'd love nick. See the balloon got correct. Not the red one. What does that even taste like. Rubbing alcohol turpentine. It tastes like bad decisions. It tastes like rome chadha. It tastes like necessary. You'll know right now you had to pick one or the other two necessary saw eyeball. Yeah is So it's a bourbon based drink given all right yeah. No no. don't don't don't so we're real quick is with the four rosenstone Typically your fruit offer the nose and a duck puppet puppet as far as But you're gonna get a little honey and sweet out of it. But with a high ball with the grapefruit. I'm kind of intrigued which way this is going to go. Who's glasses. i'm did 'cause. I can't make one of those class. They'll just be no room for give you mine somewhere. I'll remember who's glasses empty. I think we all hit. I told you guys. I have like solo cups. I don't have like classes. Yeah we still have this amazing thing to get to old smuggler. Huge really they. You said that that was from your your grandparents basement or that is from a from grandparents basement bar. I have no idea when it was purchased of scotland. I have no idea how long it my guess is. That's a bottle from the sixties. My guess imported by and bottled in the usa. While w a taylor and company miami florida wow from scotland to miami to your lips. The smuggler scotch with a history. Yeah yeah the yale eighteen. Thirty gotta gotta get the connery with a aga- yale. It's almost as old as my house. Oh well he came in eighteen. Thirty five right yeah. Eighteen thirty my house is eighteen. Thirty one all right. So hundred percent scotch whiskey blended. i dare you glasgow. i literally have not touched. It cannot vouch for it in any capacity has taken down. Pass it around. that's how cope. It happens to me all right. You got one two all right. I got this kid. Low wind gusts. Oh brought those. Why aren't we gonna choose one all right. So what's the mixon. This is just bourbon solo ounces of bourbon club soda cancer up to sweeten it up. We have assets that size. And that's that's just called the hyperbolic all right. I think we did high balls When we did the chili cook off down. I think we did. We did that with the buffalo trace Bourbon with really. It's too medicinal for me. I love bourbon. there's really never a bourbon. All turned down but yeah befo tracers has it. Like i don't know i don't know how to explain it to so i cannot have buffalo trace even mentioned near me without going to the nina cherry song from the ninety just the beginning of that song. Got it with the buffalo trans am. I think i like that. The grapefruit in there is Lighten up a little bit. That's actually pretty it and we because we were talking about so. I've been using squirt as a mixer. Squirt no pun intended the actual soda but it it. It's a grapefruit soda. That's why yeah 'cause so it's the it's the syrup and the yeah and the grapefruit extent rubber nation. My home bar. That i just your balls. We were adding lime it as something that we did lemon to it. I think lemon because it was with the chili cook off and so we were trying to have something to to offset the chili And so we thought they was a couple of people recommended that would be something good to offset chile there's something lighter and brighter to offset the the richness and spicy lighter and brighter after that choice. Just say all right so repeal day repealed. Its the cheers cheers. What infamous for roses Made it through as did the old forester. They actually never stopped All right so one more. There's a couple more stupid laws in here from that. Our old other holdovers. From the poor prohibition age is against the law in washington to destroy a beer bottle a keg or a cask so no sitting on the curb breaking beer bottles on your head washington state. It's just as washington. Guess washington state and then in alaska. It's illegal to be drunk in a bar. I used to live at alaska years and years ago. I could vouch. A lot of people broke that law multiple times. Lucid it kids on a snowmobile. Yeah you're it's yeah. So in idaho towns can only have one bar per every fifteen hundred citizens which means liquor licenses are hard to come by an iowa so within the market of hamtramck. Yeah there's a liquor license for every fifteen people that's dispensaries not not everybody's oh too soon. Sorry augie had to. Yeah so there. There's some kooky laws leftover from prohibitions. Oh dave you got some shenanigans over there. can you google that. Did you try. Googling the smuggler. I did not smoke. Old old smuggler. Scotch take a look at that. That is a pretty good looking bottle. That's like a it's it's old. I'm just getting into the whole scotch thing. Much of a scotch drinker. a scotch scotch. I don't do well on. Scott i don't either. I put down some monkey. Show there. And i don't mind the froyo like is a mess. Stand tapper also dude lafraie league with dude that's like a whole like that's a bonfire in your mouth wedding like that's amazing. Yeah i can't. I can't but i must say with skills like i just can't do the super. Oh year we really need for the only time i can ever do. Though those like the super smell goal is if it's in a penicillin. I do have a good pass and that to me it tones it down with a bit all right so i'm actually on crown. Wine spirits dot com ca and according to them the product description. That was the greatest faith asper. I didn't see the face off. I wanna see it but it says jump. It was a complex blend of over forty months. Lingering finish with a hint of honey. Old smuggler is internationally known distinct. Lingering finish gant's you need a day after pill but actually goes back to eighteen thirty five Apparently it's fine. It's a smooth taste. Due to a special blend to find scotch. Whiskies eighteenth eighteenth century smugglers risked their life to honor to share its taste with loyal customers throughout the island. So do the story coming out of new york about the guy that was renovating his house. And there was always rumors house rumors. That like the shed next door. Like that the The guy like was a smuggler During prohibition and found several hundred miles of the old smuggler of prohibition era whiskey shit and apparently they're going to keep like this. They want to keep about ten of them and they're they're gonna put the rest up on ebay. There was some good ones in their tail. Yeah look i know. I don't want one. But i could see that. Yeah so there's a. There was a story i was gonna pull it up and read it and talk about it and i didn't but fred mimic did a story about are those bottles real or fake are they are they. Real is really prohibition arab urban or not whiskey or not. There wasn't photos some stories. I saw the it's in. It's it's inconclusive whether they're real or not you pass one yes everybody got one. Okay clean you and me all right i. I did a light poor just in case just in case because you can always go back for more right. Yeah it smells like a scotch it does. It doesn't see any any time. I smell scotch and always gives me leather. And that's just me that's just wore my palate factory norton notes take me is just leather. Bright any scotch. I ended up in a leather usually end up in a leather bar after drinking scotch to. what's matt. Are we going to the blue easter. Is that what we're doing o sh- who seizing hers o. J. o. who can't see your face fan terry. Tears do it. She she suite on the front and she's had on the back. She went on the front end. What's on the back yet. Little bird on throw little oak. It sounded pretty. It's like i don't if you could look at all of your faces right now down the high ball just to get rid of that. There's a there's it seems like we've been drinking a couple of other things to our palettes kinda ruined but honey in there. But i don't know if that's a leftover from the lows. I that's there. It's sweet when you first get it but i don't know the avenue that's not it's not a smoky there at all. There's no bear. do not all scotches. That's i mean like in the middle. You could get some smoke you know. It's no it's got it on the no. It's it's i was gonna say it's got a little smoke on the ascertains. it absolutely. Does i got a little smoke at the first time around like i didn't get smoking as around. So it's not a la- big but it's a it's not a glenmorangie. Glenmorangie has the smoke. After right but aren't beg. Does it just have this. I'm sorry you beg for what art i always. Begging cultivar of our big is going to come for you. Matthew do not speak ill of the arctic. I okay there is. There's you know what mr cameron george. If you're listening while we love we love the camera. George four are bag. Including angie such a great guy so we need to have him back. Yes we need to have Have tamika caucus. yeah absolutely. Yeah the only things. I'm serving these days as grape juice and chocolate michelle. We did when he was at The sugar house and we sat down with him at the sugar house so we cleared out that little front by the window. Yes we set up there and podcast with him there. He poured a bunch of glenn. Mirages in to art begs horace. He did see going. Reggie's very flavorful. There's a lot of flavors going on in those carried. Those at the club and club. I got a bottle of it. Somebody brought it just within the last holidays. So oh yeah that's definitely scotch for me Yeah yeah you don't you don't get it the first time you taste. It was like the second or third time the second time i'm like. Oh yeah and i got the hand puppets tonight because man man appreciate time so i just i just felt it appropriate that we get together for repeal day and raise a glass. Dave thanks for having us Downtown here detroit shipping co. i'm a god. It's always so terrible. Bane of my existence. And yet i struggled through somehow busy the once i was afraid i was petrified. This is actually the first time that we've been able to sit down and have a cocktail together in a number of weeks because it's always been on the zoom now so it's a pleasure to have you in person on zoom on the zalmai. God you'd be you kids. Are smoking the pot on the soom things in the stuff and the tara you are an absolute fixture of the man cave helmet. Wish could be on more. I home school so much and my kids have so. I only have one child and she's in dance does extracurricular one child for sure but she's like four days a week by after school time so that a friend of mine has two daughters in any and she is like she hates her life life. She loves that her daughters are in dance and they're having a good time with it but she absolutely adores her life yeah lake. She's one of the regular fixtures at the bar in my face. I don't mind it. Because i grew up dancing so it's nice to have a daughter who's doing the same thing. She is in eight eight now and she's six years old and with cova. We can't go in studio. So i'm hanging out my car a lot so but it's okay so but it's and this. Is this conversation. I've had with her at six years. Old What do eight classes really do for her or is that more about you hoping that that's a thing i will say. She started off in five classes because she started dancing when she was four and then she asked if she could join the palm class. And i was like okay. Yeah that's fine. And when she joined the secretary said well she's an yes. Yes you know. The secretary said you're only one class wave from paying the maximum amount. How much would you pay but wait. Don't answer yet. There's more welcome to believe as there's costumes for each and they're all so dude. Would i listen to her. Talk about this shit. That buys her daughters. I'll make you're a single like where's your onlyfans. My like our you affording these things for your daughters. That are two things. I know he would have won. Don't lie to me one class to another and then the owner studio ashi she would join the goes. One always these leads to another. Here's i have five children my niece though so now my spoke we wonder file i. I had one indian. Okay at five. Toto have like. Did you never buy like a playstation like there's other stuff to do one thing leads to only time. I'm aware that's why did that's why i had to. I had l. snip run day. I had one in inherited to five inherited once or more power to ya. Dad's dudes heads. It's a thing it turns out. I'm very fertile. Myrtle would you like some old smuggler. Black man cave happy. Jamie can't happy hour dot com slash onlyfans. Dale which which way we go right or left left. And then we launch our on mercy. Alright i i don't know it's probably should end it there. I got more. But no i don't have anymore. We still have a few moments. I know we're folks. That are listening. I think they're done to. They might have just been getting or they just turned it off about ten minutes ago. They might have just pulled out the baby ellen like okay. Stop right there right there. Or they're googling onlyfans everyone knows what that is though everyone knows. No oh my so educate me. I'm kidding i'm kidding. Google right here i mean let me get. Let me get my bookmarks jamie. I gotta go. that's going on right now. Checks thank you for coming and we will do more definitely and You know. Dave thanks for always you know being you compliment jamie. Hugs hugs cheers. Everybody thinks dot com Thanks by chance to choose.

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The Booty Butt Legacy | Featuring: Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth

After the Bell

56:49 min | 1 year ago

The Booty Butt Legacy | Featuring: Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth

"The following program is original. WWE podcast coming up. We're joined by two of the longest tenured superstars in. WWE Dolf Ziglar and our truth is this thing on. Is Somebody listening to this podcast on Mondays. We discuss the surprising one. Eighty that rob hold off this week at at least for most of the show plus stay tuned through the end. I'm going to tell you who's GonNa win the Royal Rumble this week. At starts now. You're welcome welcome. Welcome to after the bell. I am still corey graves. And I'm well aware that it probably had next to nothing to do with my by harsh criticisms last week but it won't stop me from taking all of the credit for Ross significant improvement this week. Yeah I said well two hours and fifty six minutes of it but I thought raw was awesome this week and this isn't me trying to make amends. I sat just like I did last week from eight. PM Eastern Standard Time. And I enjoyed just about everything on the show. The whole show felt big. It advanced storylines aligns the matches were paper view level. I mean let's start at the top with the ray and Andrade for the title in a ladder match. I complain all the time. mm-hmm about rematches. This is one. I will never ever tire of because Ramos Stereo and Andrade together our magic you add in the elements off ladder match and these two tore the house down. I never get tired of watching these two. Because yeah they have their signature maneuvers. They have the the things you love to see see but the two of them together are so creative and in an environment like a ladder match with two amazing athletes such as rain a stereo and Andrade you you can expect fireworks and that is exactly what raw delivered this week. Everything about it was great even down to the ending number Correo coming back very very cool very excited. Did you see where this happens. Hopefully it's not the end of rain Andrade because I want to watch that match forever in every type of match ladder match cage match Judy Bagwell on a pole match. I mean you name it I think ray and Andre can make it work Randy Orton one. On one. With drew McIntyre this has pay per view main event written all over over it and here it was just in the middle of raw two of my personal favorites. I've gone on the record. Even last week with drew McIntyre talking about what a Fan I am of his same as Randy orden two of the best in the business and the match was awesome. Got A no decision finished with all the shenanigans that followed but man give me more of that hopefully elite at a pay per view. I would be fine with that at Wrestlemainia. Just those two guys were making great things happen and the thing that stood out to me I was. I was talking to my girlfriend on the couch couch. We lose sight of how gigantic both drew McIntyre and Randy. Orton truly are randy. In particular came up in an era where a lot of the guys were a lot bigger but these are two big dudes so to see them move like they do. I don't think people really can appreciate what they're doing in the ring until you stood beside them we're seeing them in person two big incredible athletes randy or maybe the best in ring performer. In the business I stand by that It's the little things man and drew who is just money waiting to be made. Put the two of them together. Put some bright lights and pay per view promotion behind it and I will happily watch it and again just because I mentioned it last week. The street prophets. They still seem to be stuck in a little bit no-man's-land but we got the Monday after the weekend update and it made me laugh and I'll tell you why the one spot in particular was the bit about reboots and how everything's new and original. And then they showed Morrison and Miz is from smackdown which I will get to later but it made me laugh because we can make fun of ourselves. Not Everything has to be super serious. Not Everything has to be a heated heated rivalry. I like those. There are definitely places for those but we made fun of the other show. We made fun of smackdown and nobody died because it was funny. It's entertainment Eamon at the end of the day and the street profits delivered so hats off to them and the other one that I called out last week because I was uncertain of what the future future held for him. Was Buddy Murphy again. I nobody Murphy is a star. We all nobody Murphy is a star. I was just curious to see how L. Buddy recovered from losing consecutive matches to Alastair Black. Not that there's any shame in that but buddy murphy joined forces with Seth Rollins in his Messianic Complex Alexa and now buddy is one half of the raw tag team champions and respect the Viking raiders. I had fun watching them tag champs. This match was awesome. Because is seth rollins. Buddy Murphy the Vikings they just they delivered man it made the raw tag team. Titles feel important. They don't have bad matches. This was fun one. I Love Seth Rollins as the Monday. Night Messiah I love the Aarp with them. And now buddy. And Seth if nothing else we're GONNA get some kick ass matches out of them so yeah there you go. I'm waxing positive about Monday night. Raw Friday night smackdown on Fox in my not so humble opinion was the best. It's been in quite some time to the point. Where after the show Michael Cohen texting one? Another about how fast the show Joe went by and how everything just flowed from the opening segment with Kane and Daniel Bryan in the fiend all the way to the very end very little to nitpick picker complain about. I genuinely enjoyed everything about smackdown. John Morrison biggie. A great way to reintroduce Morrison to our audience There was the point where he climbed to the top rope and did some sort of par core cartwheel to the outside which elicited a sound from the insides of my being that. I don't know what it actually sounded that like on television but there was no acting behind that I legitimately thought Morrison was going to kill himself but he didn't luckily for himself and the rest of us I'm happy to see Morrison back. I think this whole thing with him in the MS challenging the new date potentially is going to be very very cool for all of us to enjoy at at. The top of the show is always great to see Cain back in a wwe ring one of the greatest of all time and there was some little thing I picked up on. I don't think it was intentional. But it was a really cool a happy accident when I can't remember if it was when the firefly funhouse started or when the fiend started messing with the lights but the red paint cain wears under his mask was running because it got really hot out there under the lights and it was right at that point that the camera cut to Kane's face and it looked like he was bleeding from the mouth which had nothing to do with the fiend or or where we were trying to go. What we're doing but it looks really really cool? Wow we should have thought of that but now that put it into the universe. It'll never happen again. It's the little things these guys and just a continuation of stories Roman reigns King Corbin's seemingly in wwe time has gone on for Millennia. But I'm not tired of it. Because this story keeps getting new layers added to it and the matches follow up and make this story more compelling and seeing Robert Rude back and hearkening back to the table able that took Robert root out and he's now back in the fold their stakes at play here being able to choose stipulation for the match at Royal Rumble. The Big Dog Oga and King Corbin falls count anywhere at the Royal Rumble inside that massive stadium. I think that one could steal the night right. And that's a hell of an accomplishment considering it's the royal rumble in the royal rumble match usually accomplishes that. I'm very very excited and to go back to the Bray Wyatt Daniel Bryan Story. I love so much that they're bringing old footage into play. Even when Cain was involved having Bryant and his rivalry with Kane drawn up and the Daniel Annual Brian joining the Wyatt family infiltrating the Wyatt family. We have such a cool history and so much of it. It's nice to be able to acknowledge it at times like this to make the story deeper. I I love how Daniel Bryan has made believers out of just about everybody He is playing this role to perfection. I honest to God believe leave. There is a chance the Daniel Bryan could be the one to defeat the fiend. I don't think it's likely but the way Daniel has done this and asking for the strap match and just the little stories stories being told in this rivalry Daniel Bryan willing to try to drag himself into the literal Christian hell which exists below. WWe rings which which is where Kane comes from and Bray Wyatt. I'm kidding I don't know what's under there just Kendo sticks and TV monitors and dog food but yeah Friday night smackdown was awesome. You guys. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Two out of three three of you will experience male pattern baldness by the time. You're thirty five now. I don't mean to alarm you. Here's the good news. 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My first guest has been causing plenty of trouble on Friday night. smackdown lately alongside King Corbin and Robert. Rude please welcome the show off. Dolph ziglar what's up man. How are you this morning? I'm doing doing fantastic. How about you couldn't be any better? This might be the best day of my life. What are the chances it's crazy odds crazy odds? I'm going to just jump right into we. We got so much we can cover you've been in. WWE A mainstay so to speak for around fifteen years. What have been some of the biggest changes you've seen over over the course of that time while it's a good call Yes I guess it is wrong fifteen years now I mean the first thing that POPs in my head is developmental When when I was there it was a very You know once a month maybe there was some facts piece of paper sent into the office about what's going on or something instead of now being. Xt exte- were there their entire own brand running shows and being very successful at being on television. That's a huge jump. We were Kinda I-IT Lance Storm. Who would flying in and out You'd be there for we can happen. Go home for a couple of days back to Canada so we even have a full-time coach Most of the time that I was there but I was very lucky. All him even rip Rogers Some of the smartest people that have ever been in wrestling I got a chance to learn from so that that was pretty cool and the over the fifteen years. I mean clearly that where they probably had a phone call once a week or once a month just to see what was going on compared to. We know it's going on at all times annex T has they're probably sell Yadda that show somewhere. It's absolutely couldn't be any more different these days than even even when I was in. FCW those days and you were lovie w correct. Yeah and I was in a little while which was in Kentucky and It was funded as Kentucky. Louisville has a really awesome wrestling fan. Base Anyway Okay and those people would line up a couple of hours before the show But it was a two hundred. Two hundred. Fifty seats may be We bounce around in local all cities nearby and And heavily time but it was it was nothing like you know the you were kind of an island unto yourself a lot different than now. The red headed stepchildren of wwe. WWE Walk me through what it was like going from Lovie W to your first tenure in. WWe What was that experience like. Pretty Nice because you know like I said there wasn't much communication back and forth so I was told one day on to be at raw and you're like okay like what are the details. We don't so now okay so go to raw wearing a suit and walk around and you're afraid of everybody because one your brand new and don't know what the Hell's going on I didn't really caveney friends like in the business told me you didn't even know you're supposed shake hands when you walk in with. Everybody and I will give me a dirty look the first day. So you don't know all these details at back then it's it's limited all the people that I grew up watching your walking the halls and are in the locker room and you don't want to interrupt with their talking but you wanna say hi to home but you don't WanNa know if you're supposed to be there or not and finally getting in their walk in the door and the hey we have this plan for you or maybe we do. Maybe we don't we'll see what happens by the end of the day and You get in there and at that point when you get hired. I don't know how it is now. I never met Vincent Manage Point and You know got to talk to him for a second. Here's what you're doing. Here's the deal. And what do you think. And I I don't Know Adult Ziegler's kind of a funny name so we'll see what we can do so dolls ziglar wasn't your first experience on the wwe main roster. At the time you were a member of a pretty Well known group of male cheerleaders very true actually even before that I was a caddy to travel barreiros. Golf playing in I had my chronology backwards. I wasn't sure if you were a caddy I or a cheerleader. Yeah either way prepared my entire life. You know holding golf clubs dubs in doing backhand springs. But it's I I it's called up and it was to be a Chow Guerrero's new characters manager manager Kirwin White Irwin wide and I actually for the the few very few weeks that we did this. I got to keep my name which was the big even showed up on TV a nickname with an I was like Whoa. You know I guess that's my name. It's great they just didn't care enough to like worry about putting a other like this gal we call the caddy. That's fine and So I I didn't I didn't know job. Oh I didn't know anybody at someone told me Russell. So we rolled around the ring and Did some amateur wrestling together and kind of talk me for a few minutes realized that it wasn't a total jerk and then I was a fan of wrestling hats. Respect for the business and it. It was a good start there. I got to ride with a few weeks that we did this. And get got to learn from him first hand in the ring outside the ring traveling and out. That was a really great experience for me and my first experience with the the Grove Apple was there any sort of trepidation. Where who you come with this really impressive amateur wrestling background? And you're told now you're going to be a caddy on television. It was the worst because at one point a few months earlier. They said we really like us. It's clean cut guy. You have this awesome amateur wrestling wrestling background. We would like to put with angle and I wal- What but meanwhile somebody said it'd be cool if you're right you wrestlers like but I took that as oh next next week. They'll be calling in and it's going to be like a side gigs. Or whatever that Chuck Norris will be as it was nothing like that and that yeah that never came to be and they said yeah by the way you'll be a caddy but don't worry is the golf car to cool. Meanwhile they didn't tell me I'd be walking behind the golf cart but whatever gets your foot in the door much like you becoming a cheerleader. A little bit later. So yeah so I had that I went on an overseas tour at without Chabot and it was just me. He and I go. What am I manage some few months wrestling and I've I've been training hard due to practice a day but I don't know the business I just know that I'm a fan and they put me in On the first match of the show with to Jerry on an overseas tour for two straight weeks and they're like We don't know we're going to do with yet but I think we're putting this first match against to Jiri you guys. I don't know do ten twelve minutes. You guys will be on I. The show starts twenty minutes. He hasn't really speak English. Oh okay let me know he is doing. And then what. And then someone just walked away and I go Okay and it was. It was a little weird coming starting guarding the show with me. Coming out to child Guerrero's new country club Frank Sinatra music that no one even knows and and they don't know who the hell I am so I people say cricket sometimes people come out and I could hear a cup moving in in some ice melting in. Someone's cuffing this. What the Hell am I doing here But it ended up being a fun tour. You know I I pick up these fast. I was working hard and At the end of the door they said hey you did really well. We thought you were GonNa sock but you were. You Know C. Plus like hey great thanks to pass. Yeah Hey that's pretty good. Everything just wanted to give you a heads up with creative of this is over with now so you'll be going back to the So I assumed they go you too. Great of this is over with away and they said the crew white in the caddy and I just assumed that all okay I'm fired now and that's the end of my run. You see so many guys throughout history history who come up and have a terrible gimmick or a bad run and that is that's the end of their careers and wwe and you you managed to survive that and power through to the next chapter. Yeah powered through to become this time. You know it'll be mean current or winning the tag titles and Confetti comes down and it's a well there's there's a group of guys it's going to be pretty cool. It's kind of like kind of like a new four horsemen but it'd be presented to you as such acts if the if I can remember the exact words it was cooler than that take the horsemen but like controversial crate. Like whoa what happened. A- and that is where I did get to meet Vince and he pulls into rooms like we're GonNa do something that's never been done before it's going to be controversial. People are going to be talking and Mike like wall. This is the craziest thing me. I'll never met into my life until this point in the mail chair. Four there guys in this room and I go. My heart sank into my stomach and I went home. Man I go whatever against the other show. Sounds good to me I think so too but you got the opportunity to work along guys like Shawn Michaels Triple H. I mean as much fun as you look back and and poke at the spirit squad you guys had a pretty successful run appropriate time. Yeah we did and looking back it almost ended up being almost exactly one year and I mean maybe three months of that was weird stuff often just get getting thrown off ladders tables and stuff but about nine months of that was ric flair Roddy Piper. Dusty Rhodes deacs every read three out of four weekends on live events. Nothing could be better possible training or having the rub or being in the rain from the greatest of all time time. It got to a point where We were in there. It would be Shawn Shawn michaels triple H and ric flair and they kind of rotated did like two of those three every weekend and we got to be in there with them full time for several months in a row. And if you can't learn from those guys on how to be the best draw draw money and know what works and what doesn't then. You really do need to be done. After that. We got to a point to where they started to trust us in the ring which is insane. I'm less than a year into wrestling. But we you know we listen to them. I was taking for granted coming in Just wrestling matches before the live events. Just trying to get reps inside External Dallas. Doing and I wanted to be good and we got to a point where I got to Kinda take over some matches even though nothing great about them nothing fantastic at all all but I got a chance to you know Kinda run. Call some shots in the ring about a year into the business with some of those guys and that was fun and that was a learning the experience but after that we learned so much and got to do some of the coolest things ever so it's fun to make fun of the spiritual had so much but man I feel like I'm as good as I am today Because of that makes a lot of sense to Rhode Scholarship in the business from those guys so the spirit squad eventually comes to an end and the WW W. Intr is introduced to Dolph Ziglar. How much of the handshaking deal comes from you? Not Shaking hands beforehand or was that just a coincidence. I wished that made sense as I'll show. Oh all these guys but it was. It was we had just started. Something called the reality era to where it was no longer. It was more more realistic people at Johns. Seen Randy or real names and you know what he was a plumber. Or you know. I'm a lifeguard and stuff like that. It was making sure they were real people that you could go online and see their name or someone like me you could like check your stats and I was so I thought we could maybe use my real name so that if you Google me see that I broke these records at Kent State now. That's only reason I'm here to get a try out But for some reason I was told my name would be dolled. Sigler and hand So I got bumped Vincent said mystery man I love this rejoined the reality area. You Google my name. Everything works I I would love for for talking about this name. He goes well. nope is out only gonNA forget it and we're GONNA shove shove it up their butts every time you see it every time your face on TV and I went okay. Yup nope not all right. I guess I was ready to have this debate. Back and fourth but It was me saying my name and the name stood out and shaking Or just putting my hand out to a point made me More unbearable than I am in real life if you can imagine and it made it stand out so much more that it got to a point where I do. Just see me for a second note. Not that I was GONNA say my name and little kids coming up to me and shaking my hand and say and their name and stuff like that so it really stuck it. Stood out Got Your point. Join now it's much better than now to where at an autograph signing and little six year old kids come up and shake their hips and do my entrance. It's much better to have the handshake I. I don't know if I ever got a chance to tell you this in person but when my middle daughter was in a preschool she was reprimanded and put in time out for doing the ALF. Ziglar hips swivel. And Yeah and it became. It became a joke. It was actually down during the days of the. WB Performance Center. We've just been down there and I always remember remember. I told rousseff about the story and I was like yeah. You're not gonNA believe this Lennon. Got In trouble at school for doing the Dolph Ziglar dance and she would Preface it by screaming booty but rousseff. I've always thought it was hysterical. And we'd be in the middle of a workout in the PC and rousseff would just go booty but and everyone everyone would drop what they were doing and do the doll sigler hips. So yeah. I can't believe I've never actually told you about that. It's just just peaked. My interest right now. It's a great legacy to have. Hey I mean I mean if nothing else everybody's GonNa have their something but so run me through cliff's notes version. I mean you've done basically everything there is to do who in. WWe I was my first. WRESTLEMAINIA was WRESTLEMANIA. Twenty nine in New York which the night after you captured your first World Heavyweight Championship. Yup and I maintained to this day it was one of the loudest crowd reactions. I've ever heard so I'm GonNa get that one out of the way for you. Give me some awesome highlights. What do you look back really fondly on a lot of times now so Alliott tagged in something. Big Paper views are coming up whether it's a wrestlemainia or a royal rumble. In that I think I wanNA say a yesterday or the day before. WW tagme something like check out this old match From the Royal Rumble and it was the world title match and it was a myself versus edge edge and not only is. It was awesome to be in that match and to start the show and we want to thirty minutes and People went into that match. GOING DOLF has no chance. This is a placeholder guy. to have a mattress edge to your skin ready for Wrestlemania or something and halfway through that match I want to say about twelve minutes in through the end You can see people on their feet or chanting for both of us or just an it just goes to show how good Edge was in the rain and the most important part to me was I used to ride with edge and it was so cool to learn. I'm from him on the road. Be Friends with him be buddies but also like edge Christian Gerege. All those guys were so smart about I'm not an last storm Canadians. They're you're so good together that I got to learn from all of them and just ride with with eggs For a year or two and was just like I was learning in the ring and out again and having this master where I was in there with a buddy of mine. who also was so good at this that it went from that crowd going? No one cares about you. You're a placeholder halfway through a match. Oh My God Ziegler's GonNa win this. And the match was so funded so good in ninety ninety nine percent because of edge but it was one of my favorite matches and I think just because the rumbles coming up they tag it again. It's one of my absolute favorite matches. Because we we got to do weekends together I got to ride with him. I got to learn from them. And then I gotcha put it all out there at a pay per view and then got to do something that I've said many times. Come into the back follow that and then followed by some kind of swearword really loud but it was I. It was so awesome to do that with a buddy with a friend with a mentor. An inhabit steal the show. That's one of the first time I was like well. I didn't win but I can find a way to steal the show sometime. That's awesome so you obviously have no shortage shortage of memorable moments and career accomplishments but The road in wwe week is quite a grind and after a significant run you. I thought perhaps you saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It was in two thousand sixteen. You were in a situation with your pal the MS going into no mercy. Tell me about that little moment in your career. What's really funny that you said the light at the end of the tunnel and on commentary? JBL I WANNA say it's you know there's about at a minute or two left in the match that about to get you talked about. My career is on the line and we you know we emptied every possible. Finisher that I have in my back pocket people people from my past have broken down and JV L. goes the light at the end of the tunnel that Dole. It's not what he thinks it's a train and he's done and I remember hearing hear that funny and but it got to a point to where In the weirdest way in the luckiest way I never Had issues like any kind of injury that even put me out for a few weeks or a few months or got a shoulder renewed cleaned up or something so I never ever went away way and because of I would assume being good at my job there was net. There wasn't too many. TV's in this like eight or nine years to to where I even had the TV off always on so you got to a point to where you know some people would go away for six months. Some people go away for years he will go from on Comeback Act or weren't always wrestling on TV. I wrestled almost every single role or smackdown were both on. TV nonstop for several years in a row and got two point. Said Hey do I have to take an injury to get like. I feel like we've overdone me and I'm just kind of here's a place that you know you always you see me. You know. I'll be in a match and sadly you'll know I'm probably going to lose that match So we need something to her. I don't need to win all the time. I don't need to be the hero or the champion or one of your guys because clearly not one of them but I need a point to where the world thinks. I'm going to win this math. Because they've seen me so much they know. I'm I know I'm not likely going to win a match I will. I need a break. I need a breath of fresh air. I need something. I don't want to come off the road. I don't want to go away but I have to Anna and it got to a point to where okay no problem you know we. We've taken advantage. You will do it and then it would. The date would come up in would go. You know we really need to these. Two other. Other guys are hurt when he joined the show. Man Come on so this went on for two for about two years and I said I have to leave now so am I might not going to re sign a contract or GonNa fake injury but I have to leave and I love this company. I don't WanNa leave you know and I got joins damn it alright so I find out I'm going to be putting my career on the line against them as one of my favorites and one of the establishment guys. The MS Who never met a script? He didn't like and I like the Improv freelancing. He's the opposite way but I go. This is perfect. I like Ms as you know. He's one of your guys clearly. I'M GONNA put my career Langres to everything we can and I. I assumed going into that match that I was losing and leaving loser leaves town and we got there and I end up winning the match to very much my dismay I go the lime damn time I would imagine is I don't want to and so I went. Okay what the hell are we doing now and we went right back to doing almost nothing. Just it's kind of hanging out and being there and I go damn it. This is what I was supposed to leave and it kept going on and anyway that match was so fond we get rid spirits. Fly Back we have. Marie involves And that matches a really special match because one. I'm pretty sure two thirds of that arena or anybody watching at home assumed that was my last match and I was going run outside my friend and trust me anybody who looks back and watches that I promise you I wanted it to be my last match at least for a year or something like that because I'm very lucky also to have some other side projects and things to work on so I said this'll be great. I'm not just going to sit at home or just do a couple autograph signings. I can stay busy doing stand up comedy and doing some political stuff on Fox News and I wanted to get out of there. I just really needed them to not see me for a little bit. So they can remember that it'd be good wrestling or maybe I could win sometimes but I I won that match and it was pretty awesome reaction in a pretty fun time but the the next day we went right back to Dolph Ziglar and sadly We didn't capitalize on it so I needed to get out of there and that probably didn't happen for another two years for me to get out of there for three months. Will you eventually got your time off. And you mentioned your stand up comedy career. Tell me what it's like delving into that whole new world it's scary mad It is very very scary. It's you know a lot of people I know. I talked to at work or people. Throw jokes out or watch the rickles house or Dean Martin roasts in especially likes his arm he said Don I immediately thought his his arm and every every couple couple days or weeks. I'll get a clip clip from him. Just a fifteen seconds roasts from forty years ago and it's so funny and he loves that stuff of people like stand up comedy or recommend comics and talk rock-bottom all the time but man doing it is is a totally different thing in it Especially when you a lot of people who I know in our business you know the people blow no them from wrestling or their fans of them so when even when I have a show up there people are for the most part half. The crowd is already like. Yeah Dolf here so you don't really know if you're funny or not you know that they're happy to see you. It's like when Seinfeld comes out down. You're like Seinfeld. But and he didn't even say a word yet but what if he was doing an open Mike. You but who's this idiot made me laugh. You know and so I tried as much as I can to Tuck my hair up under a black hat instead of the blue smackdown on that normally be wearing a black hat in Tuck it on there and I would go doing open mic as some guy named Nick and I'd be like hey what's up. Does it Zach when you're in a long line of late or you're on tinder and nobody swiping air. Something like this. I'm trying to do stuff that work on material my real life so oh I realized that a lot of fans would come to shows if we if I did a stand up comedy show but if I did like something take a picture with them and sign an autograph or sign and action figures something so I set up these. VIP Meet and greets to where you can talk to them before the show for a minute or two you in a lot of people have started realizing it was the first time coming to a comedy. Show their big wrestling fans and the Some of them were big comedy. Fans have never been to a show so we take a picture sure and science stuff and basically I was getting an audience to come see me do what open mic which is crazy. Because I didn't have the experience on China's walk around at my house trying out these notes and I don't know if you know the lizards in my backyard. Think it's funny or not so I get to these people and I found a way they do. Not because it would be a big chunk wrestling fans but also comedy fans. Were just coming to see you know if I was any good so I realized some kind of formula after the first couple of shows does that I would do you know twenty percent hardcore insider. You read the dirt cheats on line. You know what's going on. You know jokes and references senses and twenty percent. You know who be altima Warrior is in the Rock and then about sixty percent was migo AAA me on tinder bumble trumbull or me. You know getting stuck in traffic to where everybody had something that they could relate to but also wrestling fans getting what they wanted. And I've got to a point into where they Clubs would be happy because the WB universe would turn out and make these appearances so great And like excel a lot of tickets sight unseen just word of mouth or me showing up and they said well. Yeah you'll headline and we'll have someone in the middle on I.. Headliners go generally anywhere from forty five minutes to an hour hour and a half and I go. I have like seven minutes of material as drenched. Good Yeah Inside Challenge I go. I don't know how many times I just like so anyone here from out of town and like throwing garbage on the stage so I go. I needed something I. I met a friend of mine at the comedy store in in in in in West Hollywood and she became friends. She's a headliner all over the place. She writes with the comedy central roasts her. Name's Sarah Tiana and she was like. Why don't we put together a show and I said we'll explain I go? I can't do in our you know I can't deliver deliver that I go. I'm struggling rip. Notebooks doing seven minutes and she was how about we do something where there's a host and then album before you and I'll I do. Maybe a half an hour instead of like someone would normally do ten or fifteen minutes to do. I'll do a half an hour and bring you out in the New Year ten minutes and then we'll do a Cuban am am. We'll have some fun and we'll do some it will roast each other on stage and make the show the right amount of time so we got to a point to where she was doing less and less time and I was catching ops. Oh I'm at a point where I could do about thirty five forty minutes and which is painstaking and scares the hell still to this day. I gotTa have a little Jack Fire on the rocks before I walk out there. But it's we get to a point where people have come and word of mouth has spread like the greatest compliment. I've gotten I WANNA see a hundred times now is oh you were actually funny. It didn't have to say actually But it's I came here to get my championship belt signed. I came here to this action for your side. I think you'd see watch you suck and throwing tomato and you're like actually worked out okay and now getting those reps in and having those shows this is making me better each time but also I. I don't always know when something works because there are some the wrestling fans in the crowd. So I get to open mics whenever I can. I do Friends shows when I can't do Improv shows of my brother who a lot of people know from. NFC is privately. Pierce my brother Ryan And he's coming on the road with me and he's hosting Acuna a Q.. And A. and hosted the show due in ten minutes in the middle and him and I will be were doing march twelfth him. It is doing laughing gas and kick Gerardo and then we have a really really big show that I'm in the process of finishing today April seconds in Tampa after the hall of fame At side splitters comedy. We're GONNA have a giant I don't it might end up. Being a giant Lake Marx brothers slash your show of shows variety show with like music and special gas and maybe rap and maybe some storytelling and tons of cameos. And all this stuff and it's getting piece together I'm pretty sure we're going to have it finalized. Today it's going to be pretty awesome. Show awesome awesome work in The after the bell listeners. Go to follow along with your comedy stylings. I think I post on instagram. Do instagram lives coming up and and twitter all the time and everything is at. He'll Sigler H. E. G. G. L. E. R. Beautiful the phone working the catch you on Fox News I do Fox business at least once a month. I'll do Kennedy show which is Fox Business at nine o'clock eastern and I think I'm doing her show. Oh next week also but I get there once a month or so and they let me do my own segment which is where politics are pretty ridiculous and people say the same stuff all day long and I'm a search for stuff like that so I came kind of game to where the hardcore liberal or Conservative has to argue the other side and it ends up with everybody everybody laughing usually at the end of the day. So that's a lot of times you need a lap when rafter in politics. That's unheard of right. I know you're busy Z.. I appreciate your time. I will see you this Friday at smackdown that was goodness either. Thanks this little part of after the bell that we internally like to refer to as the interlude. It's not the official title. But that's where we call the part of the show where we stick all of my random thoughts that have no real place anywhere else else off the top of my head new signings to get excited about in annex t Mercedes Martinez a true veteran of women's wrestling. She's done everything there is to they do everywhere but wwe aside from competing in the May Young Classic Tournament. Where if you've got is on that you know she's awesome if you haven't checked it out get on? WB The network and check it out The classic from several years ago Mercedes Martinez went very very deep and she is awesome and I am excited to add her to who an all ready amazing women's roster in an xt elsewhere dude by the name of Jake. Atlas has made a lot of noise on the independent scene. The the dude is hyper talented. Get on Youtube. Get on wherever you watch your independent wrestling videos. If you haven't already check out Jake Atlas Super Stoked on what the dude brings to the table And I'm sure he's GonNa make an awesome impact here in. WWE So congrats to both of those two. While we're excited about the additions and to that roster I have a couple of questions about some holes namely where the hell of the ICONEX I honest to. God I haven't seen them even in passing in it'd be back stage. I think they're on raw. which would explain it but I have not seen them anywhere but instagram in the past several months these women's tag former women's tag team champions and and two of the most entertaining people on the entire roster? Wherever you are hiding billy wherever you are hiding Peyton please come back? We miss you and while we're talking about people being missed Monday night on raw. We caught a glimpse of the ever allusive constantly evolving Matt Hardy. Who is a guy that I have missed and if you follow his social media he is a master at it matters a master of being creative and creating doubt and raising questions amongst the Internet wrestling community? Let's be honest. Matt can play us all like fiddles when it comes to his videos and look. It's no no secret. Matt has sort of been hinting at the fact that maybe his days in. WWE are numbered. I certainly hope that's not the case on a personal level because I consider him a friend and and it really great guy I also WanNa know why someone as creatively gifted as Matt. Hardy isn't asked or invited to contribute contribute in a creative role. I don't know that he's been vocal about that Anywhere but in the television locker room where we sit and complain about life off but I think Matt Hardy would be a great addition to the creative end of things here in. WWe We've seen what he's capable of on his own outside died of wwe and within. And I mean the guy's resume speaks for itself. It's not like you're hiring. Some guy off the street who went to theater school. This is Matt Frequent Hardy one half half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time. The guy is awesome. He is of great value and importance in my opinion. Let's do right by Matt again. I haven't talked to him recently. I don't even know if that's what he wants. But I'm going out in public and saying Matt Hardy Find Your role in wwe and embrace it and wwe find a better role for Matt Hardy because because we want him amongst my other random thoughts that I am thinking about the moment this coming Sunday is the royal rumble. Obviously that's no secret but Maybe not quite as much attention is being paid to what goes on before the royal rumble event. That's this Saturday worlds collide on the WWE Network Annex T U K versus Annex T. It's not your standard takeover. It's a bit of a different look but I have a feeling it's going to be awesome. look through the card. You've got Ria Ripley versus Tony Storm Storm Alright sold that's it that's all I need but as a bonus wait there's more mustache mountain versus the reformed diy. Why hearkening back to some of annexed? Tease Greatest Tag team matches undisputed era versus imperium. No doubt in my mind especially if you caught the end of connects UK takeover Blackpool to. That's going to be spectacular and Finn Ballard versus Elliott drag off. Dragon off competed not too long ago against Inzerillo. The Dude is a star in the making and Finn and he will surely tear it down in Howson. Why is it Houston there but in New York? It's not Houston streets. Halston question has always played me. That's what I'm thinking about in my next guest debuted in. WWe Twenty years ago and he's still somehow finding ways to surprise us and make us laugh. Please welcome the thirty two thirty three. How many times champion? Our truth is thirty. Something thirty something that works for me. I I like just a roundabout. Give me a neighborhood. Yeah thirty-something carry to one. That's good so true. It's crazy to me man like doc You and I have known each other for a couple years but you have been on the wwe landscape for twenty years. Not mentioning what you did before you got there. which is a story in an episode in in of itself? I just talked. I talked to ziglar on this episode and we talked about how different the business has become over that time period. How much is it changed for you? It's changed a lot man for one. We're we're we've got more kids fairly now. Most of these guys now of the young guys we've got now are more like a second aircraft into marriage like it's the millennial style we're talking about how much the business has changed who these days is really caught your eyes for his performance in the ring. Oh man how much time we got out. There's a speed round a slew of Tapa. Mammy says Alexander Ricochet Hey L. P. Buddy Murphy and Ramon live Mogamat lists goes on so many talented young and a superstars stars Good just being around the Mann absorbing some of their energy. They've been all new position to bend. Is I think you're definitely absorbing plenty of the energy instill contributing. It's not like you're the the old timer in the corner. You're going to look back through through your career just in. WWe You the main event villain you've been in a million alien half tag teams and lately was really caught. Everybody's eye is the comedy. You've really reinvented yourself. In the past few years and obviously with a twenty four seven title title. What brought about that change? What made you feel comfortable? You know what a change brought about that change and my whole attitude has been a business was you know if you get S. H. Autism. You can make chicken salad out of it. So we G- regardless of what they give me Gauso also in regards to what it is man. I just protect. You didn't make the best out of cats. In the in the midst of it I can entertain some people. Get some laughs. So you on that roller coaster little bit that's GonNa do. Where did the idea for little Jimmy come from? The JIMBO was accidents. I was speaking to the crowd. I'll promo talking to the crowd and my was about calling all the fans little Jimmy's 'cause they were all John's senior fans and I just turned to my side. And you talking to a little kid and I can say all he's talking to jeff now they will seen him so why confessing happy accidents man. They happen all the time. It could be argued that the twenty four seven championship. No one really knew what to make of it. And you've become synonymous synonymous with it. How much you have in with this man? I'm having fun. They call that time. They called the baby ugly or they said the ugly man I like. Ah Ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly. I'm I mean it's it's hard to disagree to my baby would've so ugly. The baby was in a competitor. Tinted windows are ugly. I remember shortly after you you you becoming I think for the thirteenth or fifteenth third nineteenth time. We were sitting in the locker room. Just talking about ideas. I know you're really active on social media You have a ton of fun. And that's what makes it work. That's what translates to the. WB audience is. They can tell that you're having a great time. Where do where do you come up with some of these ideas clouds? You you you know this is so fun doing it because we thought like this backer lockable Alma back with back there but most of the ideas corey just come from actually some come from fans like tweet something or say something but most of magic sporadically just thinking of this things. Funny ways to be the Iritani creative stuff as well I. I Miss Sitting in the locker room all day and and chopping it up with you. Now that you're Monday night raw and don't get that. Oh by the way I'd be remissed if I didn't tell you that Melissa Censor regarded. She misses you probably worse than I do. Oh man to man us a muffin doing. He's he's probably on the couch next door right now. Having a great time. So of all the stuff. You've you've accomplished with your twenty four seven championship. You're still busy. I know you got your music project work and tell me a little bit about that. Man Batches released the first single call. All all that's going on Valentine's Day I wanted Do some difference Valentine's Day for people man I'm just GonNa sit it off like that and I'm going to drop a single every four weeks putting all year and we're working people find Senate often everything that comes out. After I two Google Music Apple play spotify anywhere. You Find Music digital retailers. You can find my set it off tremendous tremendous. I can't wait to hear that on Valentine's Day truth of all the things you've done on in your career and they have been plenty what's left for Archer to accomplish before before the end comes this. God Limit Man. I feel like I'm just getting started. So you know I just turned twenty eight Sunday my third man. I WANNA do a big dog. You know what I'm saying. You don't look a day over twenty five so that's amazing. I self what else do you up to shoot. I know you're active on as we said social media you've got quite the tick tock channel happening. I'm about to go also take talk to decor go. I'm loving it. Man is where the engagement the fans especially like instagram. Because I can go on there and I can join fans in to come and talk to me and you'd be surprised man just a simple math five minutes two minutes it. Just somebody's seeing. You appear bigger than life to people. Mad It goes a long way. Ns honestly that's I've pretty much have my career the whole time that I've always involved people within my career and been on both down to Earth as much as I can be mad too. Where like that's what's helped my career? We're all these years grounded and gave me dirty the fans. And what are the odds. We're GONNA get to see you in the royal rumble match this year whereas royal rumble the Sunday whereas that Houston sue. Roy Illness out. It can be eh. I mean we can make it whatever whatever makes you most comfortable truth we will cater to your wins and you know what that is Roy remmel ammon he took took his name off the list eagles post to being a rumour two that's how you win the Royal Rumble. You throw Paul Heyman over the top rope so I was curious. I saw your interaction interaction with Heyman and Brock. And so did you remove yourself from the royal rumble match rose. Everybody clarified kind of take myself out because of technical difficulties. Paul said abandoned his name Malls Bronco GonNa take his place and I don't have any problems with Cobra and the problem with Bro but brock. He's not the way to win the royal rumble all ammunition way to win the royal rumble. So so if you're a betting person man or woman don't bet on our truth in the royal rumble match this Sunday. I understand there was a little bit of an interaction with you in a particular very famous actor. That was once a vampire killer by the name Blade not man. I interviewed Wesley. Michael Kicking K.. Eddie Murphy Mac that was fun. Those funds and it is fun the word it is now that was the most sunniest interview at that was for the dolemite movie. DOLEMITE movie Dole. Mike my name Eddie Murphy Watch wrestling new words that knocked my head first and then once we started talking about the twenty four seven tytler how is how it works was used for As far as bringing different worlds different walks of their together bring them into our world us into their world. Wesley Snipes already familiar without world man. He started like revenue gene. I'm like what's up. He's I'm thinking about coming up there and becoming the first actor to be twenty four seven seven. Do we didn't even give invitation. Yeah we talk about these. I don't need I WANNA become i. He is a vampire slayer truth. You're lucky that you escape with your championship that day. That's why I was talking to my way. I love it. Thank God for the Gift of Gab. Well true I have a feeling that you need to get to Houston early and hide out because Mojo rally still has your baby and It's a big stadium. Lots of places to hide and plan out for Recapturing Bring Your Championship. What he's saying he won't be on didn't it? That's what he said but I mean let's be honest. It's probably a good plan on your part to good hiding spot. Sneak right right. And he ain't wrapped too tight you can say rallies magic beans man. So I'll be him soon as I get to all right truthful I will see you in Houston then we got to catch up on mission locker room every week. And let's catch up man and we're GONNA do some social media for the people that say let's do it. I can learn from the best. Oh my gosh you're the best Al Gore. Just get myself in trouble truth. We know we both know that Archer is. I'll see you this weekend weekend. Man Be safe at the top of the show. I promised to tell you flat out who's going to win the Royal Rumble match this Sunday Eh in Houston streaming live on the wwe network. And I lied to you because I don't have that information. All I can do is make an educated guess with a personal flavor on it and this is shocking because I talked about it last week on the show my pick to win the men's roll rumble match is drew McIntyre because drew McIntyre's awesome some and he needs a championship match. If you don't know what I'm talking about checkout last week's episode solid interview you'll learn all about drew's upbringing and Kabi on the women's side of things a little trickier to predict You you've always got a safe. Charlotte flare is a favourite. Because when is she not a favorite in things But the roster is so deep when you factor in all of the women from annex t could we see Ria Ripley double up maybe as the next T- women's champion and head to Wrestlemainia. He had a challenge. The champion of choosing their possibilities are endless. And I'm not gonNA waste anymore time guessing. I'm just excited to get to Houston because this genuinely is my. I favored pay per view of the year. It's fun it's unpredictable and I like being surprised as much as you guys. Alas our time is coming to a close but I it would be remiss if I left you without some zen because it's flowing through me like water like my next quote from C.. Joy Bell. See that's right that's the name I don't know if it stands for anything if it's like Karston Joy Bell Charles Sabathia. I don't know but it's a good quote anger as like flowing water. There's nothing wrong with it as long as you let it flow. I'm GonNa Start trying to practice what I preach. That sounds like a good one. There are some Zen for you. I'm full of IT special special. Thank you to my guests ziglar and our truth. Make sure you follow at after the bell. WWe On instagram twitter and facebook. If you're talking about me anywhere else else use the Hashtag after the bell android users follow. HEB On spotify. stitcher Pandora Google podcasts. Or your podcast App of choice so you never miss an episode subscribes. ATP Give us a five star rating on Apple podcasts. So people know about the show because it's great and you want to be educated and you want me to continue to educate you right speaking of education. I don't know why we don't record this and just played at the end of every show because I say the same stuff. I don't say the same stuff on twitter. I say stuff that gets me in trouble but it's is not the same follow me at W. W. Graves and on instagram or. Maybe you'll see pictures of my dog. I'll be back next week with more wisdom more vitriol and more. WWe w. e. after the bell. This has been original W._W._e. podcast.

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Dyke Bars w/ Jo McDaniel - Ep. 166

Dyking Out - a Lesbian and LGBTQ Podcast for Everyone!

1:51:22 hr | 4 months ago

Dyke Bars w/ Jo McDaniel - Ep. 166

"The often the i call them snap back because baby dykes isn't a thing anymore. And they have like blantyre care and a snap back on this. The new baby to we should snap your god. Let's together off. High welcomed the daikin out a podcast. That recognizes harry styles and olivia wilde as a lesbian relationship. I'm caroline bear chieh. I'm melody kamali. And today we are taking out with bartender and dyke bar manager. Joe mcdaniel about dyke bars. Yes we are in speaking about dyke bars melody. Have you heard about dyke beer. I've seen some rumblings on instagram. About dyke beer. Yes i'm so excited about this. So to dykes in brooklyn including one pass guests of the pod. Who happens to have had our most downloaded episode of twenty twenty and that was our lesbian stereotypes episode last in person recording. They are launching dyke beer and of course. It's not just beer. It's beer with a purpose. That's what makes it dyke beer. They already do so much for the community and this is just their latest effort to bring awareness to our lost dyke spaces and to help save our current dyke bars which still need so much help but because the pandemic guess what it's only getting worse and worse so we need to keep supporting these spaces. It's an american saisons. Brewed with pale malt white. We and oats. They'll be having a soft launch event at the wild east brewery in brooklyn so for any of our new yorkers on january fifteenth. Bring your mask. It's from five to nine pm. Stop by you can meet the founders. Sarah and loretta and follow them online at dyke beer on instagram. And you can learn more about what they're doing. I was so excited when i saw that. They were doing this. And i can't wait to try it. Let me tell you. Beer has been getting me through this very exciting twenty twenty one this this last year. We had this last week. I've been doing right here to. This was seriously the longest week of my life. I remember. I can't get over it double checked. I triple check throughout the week. I thought i was wrong. Maybe it's been too. Yeah yeah. I mean because my birthday is on january. First and i might. That feels like a month ago. That feels like a month ago. Anyway if you're looking for community in the years long weeks ahead have a patriot fan for that. Remember you can get ad free episodes over there for fifteen dollars a month for ten a month. You can join our patrons only facebook group community you can also get access to virtual hangouts for the twenty dollars a month price point over at pretrial dot com slash. Taking out we actually have a patriot. Fan hang out coming up soon. The next car. Yes so if you sign up before january twenty third then you get to be a part of it and those are always so much fun. I'm looking forward to. It feels like the last time i socialize. Was that last. Hang and i can't wait to see more of your faces. We'll give more of a heads up in days leading up to it. I know we had some people in this out last time. Last time i was running from the new house Like driving furiously back to queens to make the the hang out. And i forgot all of the gossip i wanted to talk about. So there's some behind the scenes taking out gossip that just like about pass recordings fun stuff. That melody and i have been sitting on and would just love to tell some of our listeners. About so that that will be revealed january twenty third. Has sometimes you listen to. You think this feels weird and you can go over to patriotic. Join a hang out and we'll tell you exactly why. Yeah i really thought it was going to be a lighthearted week where we all just admire the relationship that is harry styles and olivia wilde. That had a lot of harry. Style stands upset. But i don't know. I think the lesbians approve this pairing. It feels just very gay. This feels like a by pan win. Yeah i am for it to of my crushes together. The harry styles community. Why are they upset. Because she's because he's off the market. For yes i love it. I love that. He goes for older women. He just keeps getting better. The more that is revealed. I love him more and more. This made me love him. More to see this. Aiding someone ten years is senior. I also love that. He doesn't identify as queer that he's been asked about it. Because i'm like is. He is something that i'm unaware of but he's like. Hey i just think that this aesthetic is really cool. And i like the way feeling it and i'm pretty sure i'm not queer but you know and i'm like good for you harry good for you for being like the most secure in your masculinity that you can like really just kill it with lace and pearls nails and just sex appeal. I love harry really me to me too. I haven't come across a picture of harris styles that i do not enjoy every time we ask our guests on our patrons only interview lightning round questions who their favorite opposite sex crushes. Harry styles is the popular answer amongst lesbians. Yeah i'm always shocked when it's not harry styles. I'm just like i'd make. We eliminated the question. Because it's like obviously it's going to be harrison timothy. Shell and olympia wild just because of shit. What's the name of that movie the the movie with the fingering the butthole one that you related to book smart book smart finger book smart. That's the movie. Yeah between book. Smart and libya wild role on the oc. She has honorary queer status I approve. I approve this ship. I'm sure they care what else is going on. Oh man what else is going on. Besides the i know. I guess we'll get. We'll definitely get to it in the interview but right i don't know who else is watching but i'm definitely watching this season of rupaul's drag race Welcome escape to kickoff twenty twenty one and this season we have our first female to male trans drag race contestant got me so cool like just to transition from female to male and then do drag female like there's obviously it's a complicated and this last episode we got to witness got mic coming out to the cast mates i via song. One of their first challenges was to introduce yourself and they did this group musical number where they each got a chance to do. Averse and got mic started their verse out by being like born girl and it did kind of go over some of their heads. Later in the right room got mic had got to come out to them formerly and they really talked about it in the untucked episode which is like the kind of behind the scenes episode that airs after drag race. But it's called on talks yet. How did i not know this. Because i don't watch drag race. That's probably why if you're not watching untapped you're only getting half the story the which you should be doing that was great blue. Made me wanna watch. But i really a fan of got mixed style and it's really cool to witness and i just wanted to highlight it in k. Is anyone who's watching wants to watch along with me on fridays. I'm watching so much live television this past year. It's wild and i've mentioned shows before and had like people reach out. Are you watching. So that's fun and make me feel less alone. You know speaking of live watching something that we watch together melody and did not plan was the bachelor lord to get that text for me. Was my first time watching like a full episodes of the bachelor though. I was also kind of editing. While i was watching so wasn't fully fully engaged know silt. The hotel was looking for something to put on in the background. And i saw that. The bachelor was on and then saw that it was the the black bachelor First black mask bachelor. Yeah yeah and we just concluded our second black bachelorette. I know because. I thought i thought the black bachelor had already happened. I thought that there was talk of it. That was rachel lynn for here The for okay bachelorette okay so it was bachelorette got it. Yeah i also saw that. It was going to be the first episode. And i know that that's the one that has women making fools of themselves which is normally. Why don't want to watch the bachelor. It it's so cringe-worthy and makes me feel so sad that it's just like the worst representation for first-rate women. It's so horrible and it is not. It did not disappoint the techs ascending melody. I'm like why i know i hate that. I keep watching it like. I've already put in this time and i can't peel away because they keep picking their bachelors and bachelorettes from previous seasons. That's how they do it. This bachelor though is someone who is not from a previous franchise. He is actually the best friend of a former contestant on last year's bachelorette. I just kept wanting like someone to come out of limo and just be wearing like jeans and a cozy sweater and have a lesbian haircut. And just see how far that person would probably or if like be. Rose came out a plant a producer. Plant a producer plant. That is like extra competition for the bachelor. 'cause i don't think it's fair that he's there and he has no competition and all these women don't have any other choice but to try to impress him. But what if there was a lesbian plant within the girls who home out. Wait a minute. Because he's not giving me attention. I would like to spend time with her and enough to be free of in addition to that is what they do they get these women very drunk and sleep deprived. A lot of these like roh ceremonies and tapings are happening just before sunrise. So like if you had that real strong dyke you know how straight women succumb to. When they're drunk. A lot of the time to like their concede to in an old come out. And it'll be great television right. I would watch the bachelor consistently for that. I'm in a facebook group full of female comedians. Who watch the bachelor and a lot of gay men to and i got confused this past week. I saw someone post something. And i got a notification from your group posted this. I got confused in the moment. Because i was at the same time commenting on our facebook group. Posts for the podcast. So i in this weird moment got the groups crossed and really thought one of our listeners was watching the bachelor so i replied to it. The post and i commented. Oh my god. I'm watching too. That's crazy i mean. I'm definitely not proud. But i'm so excited to see some of y'all might be watching. This is a group of women who have been watching together for years. They're like yeah. We're we're rookie. I guess i'm not proud. But what else are we going to do. And then can next day. I realized i was like. Oh my god sorry for a whole day. I thought this was opposed in my facebook group for lesbian podcast. Of course we're watching here. Like i really alienated like a lot of the time. Every post gets a lot of comments. And i think i'd just like alienated. Everyone knows i'm not proud. Oh are we doing this again. I guess it was funny. Well it's good that we have all this reality. Tv in case we need to escape from the the horrifying terrifying news I only laughed because it makes me angry and uncomfortable. And that's how i deal with those things and that's just a caveat for any uncomfortable topic if you hear me. Laugh on this podcast. It's added here. Wow dc are you okay. I can't say that. I didn't see this coming because i definitely saw this coming but i think we were all surprised that these lunatics were actually successful but then not too surprised what the double standard how blessed police. Yeah how police treat these trump supporters because a lot of them are also trump supporters. And that i mean it'll be interesting. I very interested to see what a full investigation reveals. And how much was was this coordinated to have it be lower security than it should have been compared to any other event that they do but when they knew that all these people were coming when they were openly planning to storm the capital twitter parlor. Just i've read it. yeah. I think there's a there's another podcast that i sometimes listen to and in their episode that they recorded before the new year. They made a joke about people storming the capitol. And i'm like like everybody knew that this was like what they were trying to be. Incited two to lead up to to interrupt democracy happening and and speaking of predictions. Yeah another thing. The simpsons predicted if people are keeping tabs on all the simpsons predicts of the last year especially but episode nineteen season seven. There's a scene of morons storming the capital and there's like a line that's like the doors open but yeah truly wild. I can't help myself. I've been in this like dark hole after the fact reading on all the planning. So there's a forum called the donald dot win. I was able to get in and see the planning. I was able to read these crazy threads about how they indoctrinate people into their way of thinking like it is a cult and there is like go. To's on like how to talk to your friends and family. What resources to show them links like ducks. It's so wild to read. And i can't stop. I feel like a dummy. Because i didn't even think of this when his last tweet was about. Not being at the inauguration that was actually a signal to people who are planning an attack on inauguration like hey it's okay to attack this event violently because me your your hero your favor president will not be there. Oh yeah and then take it that way. And then i was reading that. That's why twitter took it down. And i'm like holy shit. This is serious like please put a oh see and like the pope mobile like put her in a bulletproof and with the rest of the squad and protect the squad. Yes yeah there's on the forum. I saw killer bunny eighty eight. Yeah drag her hope. Hope you're not a list. Hope you're not part of lgbtq and sure. Oh my husband. And i listened very closely to the words used and not used trump. Never use the word concede. He never mentioned biden. Her hair's to congratulate them or even referred to the administration. He did not even say new administration which i believe could be in reference to him appointing a new vp like mike flake. Yeah every fast. I've seen i don't know. I'm hanging on until inauguration day people can call me a larger someone addicted to the hopi him. The way they talk so funny but this whole video seemed really weird to me and then the comments are like i'm with you. Peed call each other peed. which is short for centipede. The trump's are all a part of big human centipede like these people are setting creators. there are talking in code like this out in the heat in new one was a new one. Which i'm like okay. Did they watch human centipede. So they're admitting that they're all in a mouth to butthole lineup. Eating bullshit well quite a week. Were you able to be gay melody. did anything debut. Squeeze it and absolutely okay. After the week. We've had yesterday alley. And i drove down to kohl's the closest kohl's is at the southern most point basically of brooklyn like below ben hurst by the water. It's like on the water. It's kind of nice by this huge target. We all of our nicest chain stores in new york city are on the water kia view of the statue of liberty. Yeah we drove by it. It was nice. We're like okay. Knew it was nice because we went there last week because there's an amazon return center if you have something really big. You can't just like return easily in brooklyn you have to go down to kohl's and that's the closest call so then we went there and we got some kitchen glasses. We went home after last weekend. Buying them what are you know. They're all broken. Twenty twenty one energy so really bad to drive back to the colds this past weekend to return them and we're let's make a day of it. That's where we're at and the pandemic. Let's make a day of going to the nice kohl's on the water lesson. Cecilia was like. Can we do something fun tonight. I'm like what what are we gonna do. Like our options are staying in and watch a movie. You wanna go bowling. I don't understand what kind of funny things we can have right now. That was all we could come up with and we we went down there. We drove parked and like walked along an expressway. It was very loud. it was very windy. It was uncomfortable and not pleasant. But we're like provide the water. We learned that we were actually on an estuary which is where fresh water meets. Salt water like the hudson river meets the ocean all of our geography. Dykes just got very wet. I know that was for. Y'all and allie and i after the week we'd all had we re just screamed into this jewelry we leaned over the rails and we let out primal screams. Okay garden state. Yeah it was. I made that comment. It was her idea. And i said like garden garden state but make an estuary we screamed and then allies yup. I am screaming estuary. next to kohl's years old. Can i quickly say speaking of primal screams. Cecilia and i are still at the hotel because our house still has no bathroom and right heard were woken up in the middle of the night by some primal screams. Which i'm pretty sure was. But yeah i gotta know when hetero czar having sex does it always sound like the woman's getting murdered because it was not it was not an enjoyable scream. It was like really eight. No way being stabbed and we have any lesbian. You stab each other. Sometimes that word. That's i anyway continue. It was just like an alarming type of scream that even though i was half asleep when it woke me up i can't it was it was jarring well. There was a group of seagulls that kept like we would walk up to them. It was a huge flock of them and they would disperse and then they would line up on this rail between us and estuary and like we'd walk past them in each one as we got closer to one would fly away and then go to the end of the line and the line would just reform leading. So i'd have to say the gays thing i did. This week was as i walked past the line of seagulls. Every time i just kept to every single. I pumped out arab. This bumped and said good game. Good game good game. The flu flu away volleyball manchester. So that's got to be love. it love it. Can i tell you my gaze memory of the week though. Yeah i found myself remembering this past week. The time i was at least one ear into dating a man and i was talking about circumcision with a friend and i really did not know if my i had to text my boyfriend of over a year once and ask him. Are you circumcised. If that's not the a girl could send her boyfriend. I don't know what is. I didn't know he responded. Are you serious. i think that's it. Yes i want to know what year do women typically know the difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis. Because i know for me it was. I was way too old guy. Straight up was in my mid twenties and i was like. Hey are you that just popped in my head and i had to share keeping leading me love it. Did you make time for gayness in your hotel yet. Not necessarily in the hotel wealth. Both so i would say. The gay thing was It's related to a gay thing from a couple of weeks ago. I bought those ellen. Degeneres chris lights those sconces. And this week i return them and i think having very volatile relationship with ellen generous. You could do so that fell super gay. The other thing is just thinking a lot about my gender presentation you know. They're in quarantine. I have become a lot more but you have. Yeah i cut my hair makeup. I grew out all of my body hair mostly right now because i don't know where my razor is and don't want to buy a new one because they're expensive and i'm really having issues with the way i look right now My phone keeps showing me the memories and old pictures of me with my longer pin care. And i get really sad every time i see it because i'm like i like her like that's that's who i want to be and then i look in the mirror and i have like armpit hair and my hair short and i don't have makeup on and i it really bothers me and i keep thinking like no. It's because like society told me that armpit hair and like harrah's is masculine but it's not inherently masculine. It's just a product of society. And i'm trying to like overcome it but i spent so much time thinking about this every time i see myself. This is really gay. That i keep thinking about my gender presentation and how my body hair is making me. Feel a big part of being gay in general. Yeah i think the thing that. I'm realizing i've known you now longer as the way you present now so i'm like having to remember you know what you did right yeah. I used to wear makeup almost every day and had fun tank longer hair and I look very different now. And i i wanna go back to the old way so maybe maybe once a bathroom yeah. I'll get that razor. I think the straightest thing i did this week thank you for asking was that i did watch a couple episodes of brixton and the duke is so attractive. He's just a very very as soon as he got on it. Yeah I don't know if i'm really into. I do like that. The actress from dairy girls who plays lesbian ontario girls. And i thought that there may be some type of queer storyline with her in one of the other sisters and again. I'm not that far into it but the whole time. I'm just like this right. Yeah yeah very attractive. Very my mail type. Yeah that was. Actually my first thought i was like oh is this. How melody feels about like all the men on insecure is like how. I'm feeling about the duke. I really only attracted to women and just my the only kind of man is like the man the type i've seen insecure and i feel like he would fit in there but yeah i i get it. You know i get it. They're all forgetting losing in straight here. Let's go to dr interview today. We are taking out with a league of her own bar manager. Show mcdaniel about dyke bars. Some of you may remember joe from our short too short interview that we had on our lesbian bar project show and ten minutes with joe just enough. So here is a full episode with her. And we know you're going to love it joe. Thank you so much for taking out with us today. We are so happy to finally be doing this me too. I love a good dyke out. Yeah we got a little preview of what it would be like to dyke out with you at our lesbian bar project show and immediately. I think like during the shows that we need. Yeah we need you as a on the podcast. We need to continue this conversation because once we got into it almost felt like one of our normal interviews on like. How do we only have like ten minutes way cooler tonight and we have to do. This is a cast member of the l. word i. he's the only one i listened. That was a hell of a week for me. Because i flirted with lia delara that night before in our green room for another event and then what does that look like flirting with link. Tell us literally. There's nothing to it. You just show up and kind of like last year vagina. A little. bit and leah. larrea is totally flirting with the human. She's like smell. I smell a woman. Yeah she she can sniff it out through the zoom like she's the originator of big energy so hard so and i've been doing this a long time so i basically just like fed the energy. I had a picture of her. There's a picture of her in our bar. And i literally sat in front of it for the zoom so that i could be like yoda. See yourself next to me. I was like let's chat love it and was rosie. Like where's my picture. Because donald was on that event as well and rosie's also on my wall. I positioned myself just so that both photos were there because the bars called illegal own. So we actually have rosie from the movie okay. I was hoping so. Because that's great. You also have a picture of madonna we do. Actually it's frankly around now because okay. That's fine to the guys who owned the guy who owns my bars like an old gay so he had already picked out. Cindy loppers picture. Madonna's picture and met melissa etheridge that was like the extent of like women. Gay friendly he right there. Holy trinity yes precisely. I just realized that. I already broke my new year's resolution of not mentioning rosie o'donnell on the only like off to a great stars of the new year listening back when she was on the podcast. For the lesbian bar projec- she was actively like telling her children. That mama mommy's working like the kids were running around near where she was sitting to see that side of her. Oh yeah her instagram. it's all like mahmohd. It's just like her making crafts with her daughter and posting all the toys. She buys her daughter. Like i don't think it would suck to be rosie o'donald kid no but no. I was obsessed with that show and when she started adopting kids. I would like look over at my own mother and be like i. I wanna be rosie o'donald kid right keeps expanding this ankle tattoo on jet skis and i feel like some kind of way right so many ski pictures always with her ankle taped up because she's added more ink to like her one tattoo piece. That's the mom. I was right. My mom didn't want to pay the tattoo yards when she got her. I had to like forty pay you for that. I was shocked. My mom did it and she took me to get out to and is still mad about having because now i have a lot of Rotated how old were you. When you got your first one. I was seven and it was okay stamp before we even called that and it was. My mom actually drew this like floral tribal situation. That's on my lower back. i was seventeen. I was a senior in high school. And i started asking for a tattoo at twelve. And my mom said if you get straight a's all through high school. I'll get you a tattoo your senior year so i was valedictorian of my high school class. A masterclass in parenting. Listen if you give them the right motivation. They'll do well for them. So it's funny because i'm a i'm a mom and my kid is seventeen and they have facial piercings and all of the like quote unquote rebellious. Things in the running joke in my house is like how is every going to rebel because real autonomy. I'm like okay. If you wanna try that. I think a septum piercing is gross looking. But if you're into it like let's do it so we pierce there. I actually held their nose when they got their peers. You know this means they're gonna rebel by becoming. A republican owned several family members during this election. Because this was the first one they were and they literally hit people up. And we're like listen. I'm a non binary. Queer eighth app human. Your vote is like for my rights. And if you voted on your racist yeah. My mother didn't take kindly to that. So we're not speaking and i'm cool with it but yet no i think the way that they're rebelling. Is there a total helicopter. Mom to their cats their rebellion is like. Don't pick him up he's sleeping. he's a cat on my staff. Yeah joe yeah. I gotta ask you real quick. What's the last thing he did this week. The gays thing i did this week was probably schedule. A kitten neuter and right and and actively to the vet refer to myself as the cats grandmother. There my kids kids. So i think that was. That was pretty gay. How i how i managed to sound like a total crazy cat. Lady absolutely stereotypical. Gay like oh. My grandson needs his balls. Glad blake oak. love it. yeah. I would say because it's a neutering it's gay. If it was a spade that wouldn't be that gay the home of tied into republicans. Don't police that body. You're right right castrate the arabs. Can we talk about republicans and rebellion real quick. Oh yeah oh because we were supposed to interview you yesterday. January six at five pm as you were fleeing the city leaving my apartment. That's roughly three blocks from the capitol building and the crazy part was i was at work. And i'm like response work in emergency care so i'm listening to the police scanner as the police are trying to contain this group of zealots who stormed our capital. Got inside through Around the weirdest part is there's video of these people minding the like velvet rope. Oh i m people are. They stormed the capital but then like stayed with it. It's it is. It's a lot of dc and it was confusing. I thought they were being like ushered i woke. And that's why they were going through through the lines. But i'm like no they're just hung off of the like a balcony in the rotunda and we're like climbing over things literally out of shape. No offense offense to but like absolutely offended. Yeah no it's it's a it's a tricky thing So the proud boys have been in. Dc this is their third visit. Since october they come monthly. We're expecting them back again in january brian. This time the call to arms was that they would storm the capitol building. And i don't know what their plan was. Although one particular asshole like photographed he left a note on nancy. Pelosi's desk they're like beat on the like just like every utterance of the all but peden the corners of the rooms. I know there's not enough breeze to get the stench of loser out of her office now like there's they came in and they spread covert all over one. I mean that it's bad enough. The republican politicians were spreading covid and people were afraid to be in the lockdown room with them and some democrats got out of there because the republicans refused to wear masks order today that one of them had covert one of them just has positive for covid so so that was insane but there was one guy they showed with like zip ties like they were gonna take hostages. A noose built in on the north side of the capitol. There was an actual like hanging and news and find bombs like three so far bombs bombs so so yeah so i live very close to the capital and the first thing that happens in these instances is that the streets get shut down and i was at work which is about ten minutes from my house. So i'm like on the phone with my partner like get the kid bigger out or my sister's at get everybody and come to me and then we'll make a plan and so we did that and actually have a really good friend in virginia. Who's just on the other side of the bridge. Like dc is situated. Interestingly were i like to compare us a little. Bit of the boroughs of new york. Maryland and virginia are literally. You're like driving down a road and suddenly you're in maryland. it's not. They're not far away so we had. Dc's like the team did exactly what it's like the dmv dmv dmv Do you seem maryland. Virginia and the question is always lake. Are you from dc. Where you actually from our. Where do you actually live Hey i lived in the city proper for two years but the fifteen years i've been in the area ad-libbed elsewhere so it's like super super common but yeah we had to evacuate our neighborhood. Because i wasn't certain. I was going to get home and i wear like a black lives matter mask or hoodie. All the time and so the concept of walking home with the potential infiltration of proud boys in our neighborhood was like nine not okay. No not that. I'm like i get to my friend sherry south. I'm like reaching out to youtube like so. Listen i'm on my way to virginia to like be safe with my family i to try and swing at your like five late share. I'm going to go on your bedroom for an hour. Because i need to record this podcast that i've been waiting to do for a month. Also the thing. That's interesting about it because the problems have been here before. I've been out protesting since before. The bar opened. Our our bars proudly supports. Blm protesters and have been getting tested. Weekly since june and in dc were really fortunate. We have free testing. Sort of no questions asked you fill out an online form. They swab your nose and you get an email a few days later. So i have been getting tested. Because i've been out in the world and my kids immuno-compromised so i'm like what is particularly aware right And i had to like really sit and think because the first amendment right like we want people to like have the right to protest and then there's so much conversation surrounding our peaceful protests that went on all summer and then this one moment Don't know if you've seen there is a photo viral photo. Going around from one of the george floyd protests national guard members are on every step of the capitol right leading. You are mayor. Did ask for national guard. Three days prior and was denied. Because we're not a state so the mayor doesn't make that cau- right president does national guard Guarding the capital because we were denied. It was up. National guard are not like they only about gladis. oh no they. Absolutely were capitol police. It's interesting because right the day before all this happened. We were driving up independence avenue which is where the capital sits and my kid looked out. The window was like this. Capital policeman is holding a machine gun and like literally they're standing on street corners with machine guns and my kid was like that's a little terrifying that we live so close to something that has to be guarded that that particularly But we're already sort of from. My end is a proprietor of a bar. Thinking about inauguration and the no for shine they show up because the last time they should have it was really unorganized in this because it was like more of a nationwide rally. Several states had their capitals stormed. We weren't the only place right against again. It's not something we've seen frequently in. Dc again is such a liberal city and by and large the people who come here are more liberal like. We don't see these. We call them maggots in my in. My we just have never really experienced something like this and so over. The course of the last couple visits we become more I dunno more aware. But also i used to say because i'm a fan presenting woman that being out was the most like every day form of activism. I could present as people have an idea of what gay people are. And then they like. But joe like as a kid and a dog and a house that they just sort she seems like you know i debunked in especially ten fifteen years ago really debunked myths that conservative. People thought of gay people. And so now. I'm like no being celebrate tori like talking about the things that we actually think matter like queer spaces and bartenders in our community. Like that's like our own form of activism or rebellion to be like. Yeah i know you came into my city. But also i'm gonna sit on dining out and have a bad ass time with these two chicks in new york. He ads like fuck for coming to my city in the first place. This episode is brought to you by best means new year. Same fund fiends. This mobile puzzle app is always updating and changing the keep things interesting i have been exclusively playing this game for over a year now which means that if it were a lesbian we might be married but lucky for my wife. It's just a fictional world. That's been taken over by slugs and you have to solve puzzles to defeat them. Plus if i did try to marry this app then that would breathe life into the whole conservative. Gay marriage is a slippery slope. Lie so i'm not gonna do that. You can have whatever kind of relationship you want with best scenes casual polly nominate mus. Lith- romantic geo specific. Like i mostly play. When i'm in bed but i swear is strictly platonic. Engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters. Trust me with over one hundred million downloads. This five star rated mobile puzzle game is a must play download best fiends free on the apple app store or google play. That's friends without the our best fiends. Your bar a league of her own so tell us a little bit about how you gotta start him bartending. Because you've been a you have a long history or you got this bar. Yeah all dc started at a club as a security guard. Yes door dying of shut up. It was a baby gay at that and it was like before don't ask don't tell was repealed so people would pull out their military. Id and be like is this okay. I'd be like i'm cool with it. You accepted them really really good at the door. Because i recognized the gravity of coming into a gay bar. At the time. Like the first club i worked at. You couldn't tell what we were from. The outside looked like a commune. We were like the last of c. Sort of hidden gay space. It was called apex And right that was my next. It was called apex. And it it opened in like the seventies and you could tell it was like all black paint and mirrors inside. It was a dance floor. And i worked as the door and i paid attention to people and commented on their birthdays and was like fun. I was the star of your experience with us in that mattered to me especially because when school would start the new semester would start in all the freshmen would come in newly out or first time in a gay bar like we were a lot of people's first gay bar and i was really good at the door so one day my manager came up and was like. Have you ever thought about bartending. Because i had that natural ability. I've never met a stranger. Drives my kid crazy. Because i just chat at giant about people's top like or their baby. I'm just a friendly by nature. And because i walked through the world with privilege i'm white. I'm fem presenting for all intents and purposes. I look like i'm straight so. I know that i'm privileged. So i see other people and recognize that. They don't have the same privilege so i care about that so i was taught to bartend in. Oh five and i've just moved around from place to gay place by and large for men like that's just where the money is frankly though in. That's the the places that exists if you look at the breakdown of percentage of bars gay bars that are racist that exists. Yeah and i was a male. Yeah i was a fill in so in dc. When i first started we'd like three big gay girl bartenders. And it was the manager of phase one. Whose name at the time was sarah. A bartender at a place called chaos which had a ladies night in her name was marie and then me at apex. We were the gay girls and they loved to try to get each other drunk. That was like the goal. If you win and on your night off you'd go shot for shot. I to this day can't drink like a bartender. I am not doing graham on your shots without throwing up. But at the time phase one which opened in nineteen seventy one was the longest running lesbian bar in the country. Open nineteen seventy-one. It closed in twenty fifteen and i was The manager who followed archer. Lombardi would tap me as a fill-in. Because i have. I like to say that i've had a fifteen year career. Bartending in. dc fucked will like having a kid really help. We're going to get to that really helped with that. But i So i bartended at apex I bartended it phase. One i bartended at a second phase that only lasted for a little while because it was a space that hard to fill up with women and then i would work ladies nights i was known to out i always had a day job and so i was known to pick up shifts so i picked up shifts for a long time and then in two thousand eighteen i one this is the title the stolley key west cocktail classic I'm familiar oh you know. Yeah well i know bartenders. Who when that happens like they'll post on their instagram seven years. I was the second woman to win. The whole thing. And i was the first queer woman. I have always been good at bartending. Because i love people a lot the of like interacting with people as dope for me so the week before the dc stolley. He s cocktail classic. 'cause they do it regionally. I the week before the story reps came in. I didn't know who they were. I served drinks and did my like flare fun. I'm the girl so i have to work harder. Because it's a bunch of shirtless boys and then me and beautiful. I worked at cobalt at the time. The boys there were like choice. I'm still friends with a lot of them. Because i can appreciate the eye candy She's right and the stolley guy whose name is skype. Patterson he was one of them was like. You should really do this. Bartending competition and i was like right but if i win i have to go to key. West for dc pride. Because they're prides are the same. And i was like no bartender is gonna leave the city pride. That's basically our tax return to work that weekend. We don't sleep for seventy two hours straight. It's totally and so got talked into it. And i did it and i one. Dc because you're miked as you make drinks and i am one of the few people who can make drinks and talk at the same time. It's not easy mixologist. Have a really hard time with that. Because that's not your focus right. I won the dc leg. And then i one. I went to key west or pride. I had my perfect sister be my handler. I one he west during their pride celebration. I got to give fifteen granted. Charity was super awesome mile but that's how that was like the the last stepping stone for dave peruta. Who owns my bar to be like the women's i want you to run it and people come up to you all the time and shit like that so when he first came in. I was like ok. Sure course you And then i bet at him a little bit. And i reached out to people i knew in the community and was like. I've heard some things about him. That i don't like what do you think. And they were like. If you wanna be a part of this you should do it. It's good and so low hand gay guys say stuff like all the time that they're always i feel like blowing hot air number and i'm like yeah sure. Come come film me. One in june of eighteen and then aloha opened in august of two thousand eighteen. What's your sign. You mental friendly were able okay cool. Yeah i'm a leo ninth and fun fact. The bar opened on my birthday and in the least leo way possible. I actually didn't tell our owner when he chose that date that it was my birthday. I'm still proud of that to this day. Roan leo somebody. Note is just leo of me. Now you're running a league of her own but then the pandemic happened a year and a half into like my dream of having a space that i got to like have some say in. Yeah right and yes so you probably opened around the same time as joelene. Yeah right actually. Jelena's night so i did a curve magazine article. This is another way that i'm this person. The are in the article. They sent us the link and included all of our email addresses. So like i am. I consider myself friends with lisa. Can't astrology from henrietta hudson's owns henry hudson. I consider myself her friend. Because i reached out to every press that was copied and was like literally in the girl in the subject line. I was like us girl. Bars have to stay together. And i like cut and paste this email like i'd love to get to know you better. I'm super excited to know who you are. And i actually have made the one. I'm i talked to most often as julie may brief from pearl bar in houston but between that curve magazine article which prompted the lesbian bar project and then the lesbian bar project some of us have like actually gotten kind of tight and been friendly with each other which is awesome right becoming an avengers of dyke percent and also like teaching people that misogyny is actually bullshit lifting. Each other up is pretty damn cool. Yeah yeah that part. I think eludes some people who write about us. Sometimes i'm like yeah. Open three more dyke bars in dc. I'm here for it. I will come and drink at your bar right. I mean when i lived in atlanta there were a handful of lesbian bars that existed. Yeah of course is the only one standing with my sister's room open at the time my sister's urn was open at the time it was back I haven't been to the new location of my sister's room. I didn't even realize that there was a new location until the lesbian bar project and then there was this other bar and then there were a bunch of kind of mixed bars and then the mostly guy bar but i would do like. In one week i would go to six different parties part. Yeah so it's not like they were. We've always had a. When i first opened a low the first people i reached out to were promoters because we had so many like really cool hardee's that weren't attached to a gay bar like over easy. I swear to god y'all if it comes back next year you have to come down to dc for. It's once a month on a sunday from three to eight melody. I know what time you go to bed. So it's and it's like miller. High life is their sale at the time. And it's two levels with outdoor space and dance floor upstairs and a bar upstairs and then a bar downstairs but it's just where all the dykes like debut their spring outfits and like expensive sunglasses own. My god love it but it's white. It's not totally white. It's not totally young. it's not totally sis. Which is awesome like you really. I when i opened a low i like made it mandatory for my newly hired staff. Y'all need to go to this party. 'cause this is the vibe. Were trying to put out there yet. Just a tea party. It's just because it's the once a month called over easy and it was started by a dj and the dj's only get ninety minutes sets so they're like playing the best of the best a tea party. That's what i brought up on the our gen richards episode. That's what yeah started like gay bars and gay culture. They had to like gathered during the day and pretend they were dancing and like would show up. A girl would show up with a good guy friend but then the guys would like dance together and the grass until the cops came and broke them up but it was always like during the day around teatime. I just remembered the name of the other barn atlanta and it's belief sima cool. That's a cool name. It was kind of like you would start the night epa lisa and just kinda like check out. Who was there. Get a drink. It was kind of a weird vibe. It was like pink and purple lights and like these like sheer curtains. All over the place and you just felt like you were in a different decade Like in an eighties music video or something on a date. That's what you want like like billowing. Curtains like touching everything in there was white but it was Not accept the people because it was atlanta and then it was lit with these like pink and purple accents correctly. Someone's going to write and be like waiver is now and look. I was drinking a lot. I was in my twenties. I opened a low. We also had x. Plus open which was a this amazing woman lena. Nikolai owns a restaurant with her mother. And she convinced her mom to convert their shares. A event space to a lounge and they opened like the week before league of our own and right now. They've been closed since january. But i think they just had some family stuff because it's a fully italian run family business like they're not bringing more people in but it's like very much a lounge and so i used to say like that's where you would take your date for like 'cause they have like a vip section. That i shit you not has like glittery. Sheer curtains like closing you in a bank. It like well. That's filthy and awesome like so you go there and then you come to a low the next day like you know post coil and eat tater tots and watch football like. That's what we would talk about. And that is why like going back to the friendships. Between gay bars and specific dyke bars is like the queer people like loving on each other anytime. Lena and i were in the same space. I was like come on. Let's take a picture like we are. We are not competitors. We friends and lift each other up support each other. Her mother came into the bar and had a drink with me into illegal. Unlike the concept of like shifting that is just as important as any other shift we've made in the last ten years between switching from lesbian to switch you know asking people for and respecting pronounced these differences in in the bar. Culture are wildly important because the new generation of queers are smarter than we were ten years ago and it's not even just like book smart. There's an entitlement. Because all of a sudden the world is paying attention to sedgley access to information one hundred percent absolutely. We didn't know shit. My kid taught me what pan sexual was. I had no concept of and i dated somebody who was like i could never date someone who identified as a lesbian and i was like well. I better do some research. 'cause i wanted to date this person and i was like. Oh no i'm queer like that makes way more that's a more fitting so right. We just didn't have access. I mean shit. If i had had the kind of representation. We have now been out years before. I was not to pit different groups of gays against each other but doing the gay. The gay guy bars are doing matt kind of work. Like i just always feels like it's the like the queer women binary space that are. Yeah that are like oh to evolve trying to be more inclusive trying to be aware on the forefront of like okay. What is the community saying. And how do we make sure that were like up today. Listen to them really. It's such a good question. And it's particularly good for me because i am Illegal around is attached to pitchers which is owned by a gay man. Yes so we're all one space. There's five bars. Total a low and the restaurant are like ground level above us. Is the dance floor. Where i always have won a league of her own bartender and one pitchers bartender and then upstairs is all the boys If you walk into a low so low has its own entrance. Because i found that people my patrons their are patrons who will not be comfortable going into the pitchers pitchers door person who's generally assist man And so we have our own security team who like certain people. Don't work the door at a low because there can they come off in a way that we don't feel is welcoming to certain marginalized members of our community data. Best way to sit however once. You're inside aloha. You can get to anywhere in pictures like it's all connected you can get into. You can get into remorse. Which is doped because then people who just want to sit in have a drink generally stay in aleppo but you can go all the way upstairs in their patios as well so like. That sounds really fun. And there's the dance floor that's like hacked and sweaty and condensates. It's kinda gross but and then the dj is lifted up so you can see the dj above the crowd. And let's all get off about to cry. No i just. I keep having people post on their stories and tag me like images of our dance floor and it's funny because like on one end of the dance floor. The pitchers bar an entrance and then on the other hand comes straight from a low. So you sort of see. It's a little bit more. A fab and non binary and trans people on one side and a little bit more dislike standard straight standard gay men on the other and then like in the middle or the people who are like comfortable mingling right and so. It's it's stunning. The first time i worked on the answer or the first time. I had one of our. Dj's tazrout i remember going into the deejay booth and she was like joe. I have always wanted to throw this party and like play for this many people of different interests and like the. Dj's we choose specifically half to get the circuit in their zone in there. Get the hip. The carly rae jepsen for the boys madonna. Speaking of you mentioned to us the last time we spoke about a certain seles byan guests. Dj oh when i worked at cobalt. Now okay with shane here i'll tell it anyway. All right cobalt had the longest running women's party was at ten lor is called lower It's run by this chick named karen deal who at in my day and she'll kill me if you put this on the podcast so i hope you do. We called her. Frosty name was frosty. She added frost frosty. Sounds like an orange is the new black. She was no she was shane. She i swear to god was modeled after her women ran away from her crying constantly. Wish i wishing character was named frosty. The only thing that could make better right ben if they call their frosty if like are butch lady killer. She wears a ring that like goes across both fingers. Yeah she's got a tattoo. Like a girl holding i mean she's ju- frosty is forever frosty to me. So karen started this party in the early Twenty tens i guess maybe twenty ten itself And she was every third saturday at cobalt and it was the ladies party because cobalt is several layers so that you had a dance floor and kind of a lounge year area. There was like good lightings. You could start your date on one level and then go up to the super dark dancefloor and for their ninth anniversary. They had dj no names. Which is kate moaning aka shane from the word and another person whose name i can't remember. That's terrible because she was a really good. Dj jennifer beals. Nobody knew i bartended that party and we had like a vip moment where people could come take pictures with. Shane and i took a couple of things away from it one. Kate moaning drinks white wine and to see one hundred. We had like a like a little section for her kind of like a green room and that was the request was white wine and she's the tiniest human yeah yes ever so small. I'm so i'm i'm i'm a broad shoulders and we like passed in a doorway as i was setting up my bar and i was like all gonna break. She's tiny but then i feel so terrible for her because she's spinning in this corner. And this darkened deejay booth and the dancers dark. And there's like a light show happening but literally everyone is just got there flash on her as she's dj -ing. I was like this has to be released. I got to sort of meet her a couple of years ago. It's a tricky thing. And i'm really grateful because i couldn't have come along a better time for me because i had so many sort of connections already. If you work engage basis for long enough you just a mass a group of people and finding the right deejays to work in your space matter so much important and especially for us where crowd is so mcnutt not just illegal veron's crowd which is really diverse but then to add the pitchers crowd to and like i have a dj. Who's and one of my tenants. That i have gotten into arguments about is i don't charge a cover ever. I don't wanna be exclusionary that way love. It's a hard and it's like an i. I had to work around it. Sometimes when i work with promoters because i've hosted some of the parties that promoters have put on in st bars because they want to save space and also like sort of putting putting those things together like i recognize. You need to make money off of this. And i i can cover my costs including the dj. With the boos. So i can't i just in good conscience. I've seen people not get to a space that they need. That could be life saving for some people because they can't they don't or can't afford to pay the cover. Will you talked about what goes into finding the perfect. Dj what about bartenders. Oh yeah oh my bartenders. I've been really really lucky. So i've worked with a lot of really cool bartenders from the start like at apex. This guy named mike harrington. I learned so much from him. About trusting my instinct where people are concerned and like the way you approach somebody the way you talk to them matter so much to their experience and then also like to the safety of everybody else so when i hired bartenders for a league of our own it was always about their their capacity for interacting like something. I'm really proud of as the league of around as a place. You can come by yourself. You're not going to be weird if you come bye love it. Yeah and that's huge. I love that. So it's huge in dc by and large people come to dc knowing zero humans. Yeah a lot of people to roll through on like a business trip. Even cove covert. I've had that happen when we had like our street. Ary open and had some limited inside capacity. I had this woman come in who had just moved to. Dc in the pandemic didn't know anyone read about me. Online found the bar and watched happiest season with us and we had a whole critique and then beloved and i noticed. Erica rose cute. She was so excited to send me her her Her podcast with y'all this person. She's brand new to the city. We were the cornerstone of her experience. Even in a pandemic and she attended our new year's eve party when she came to pick up her swag bags she'd like brought us cookies. Like that's like we're we're such a small town in having a community. Oftentimes feel really bad for straight bars. Where people just come in to drink and don't have anything in common like the fact that people are walking into a gay bar with some sort of like an agenda and not a bad way but like you're looking for your people you're looking to connect and there's this like understanding there so with hiring bartenders i was like how do you connect with people The biggest rule i have with hiring people is nobody who works. Fairly garrone is cool. We just don't have cool bar. Somebody told me once. Is that the time when aloha opened. I had the under part of my head shaved. I just had hair on the top. And i'd like a fade and i'm covered in tattoos and someone was like you're pretty cool and i was like i am really not cool like jeopardy answers and critique your tender day like it's not it's not about being cool here and so in bringing on bartenders that was i literally just sat across the bar from each person and was like would i come back to. What would make me come back to you. What would make me drink with you right. And you don't want people to be intimidated by their bartender. Right and because you know dykes are intimidating leary. Lemonade bartenders at bars. And i'm like oh i'm scared. Sound like my biggest crushes were lesbian bartenders. And so hot. So intimidating also terrible bartenders. Like they'll ignore you to talk to their credit hour. And so while we still like. And we not encouraged that. But like i have one bart tender named ali and we used to like name the hookup the alley cats. Whoever allie was hooking up with wasn't alley cat but allie also this like she so phenomenal this fat bodied blonde southern queer. She's hyphen like glitter. Everything does like all the like drag makeup and she calls everybody sugar and like makes these. The babies are obsessed with her. Because she's like the mama they never had so that was part of bringing her in. And i think one of the big responsibilities. I've tried to work or with a low as like station. So having people of color having of center people or trans people on our staff so that when someone is shy and new or maybe transitioning or maybe just coming out. They sort of see themselves in our staff And so that we can work on feminine visibility and work work on transphobia and like just offer a sense of solace when you walk in. Yeah so do you ever have any straight bartenders street women specifically because like the first lesbian bar that i went to my bartender. My go-to bartender was straight. But she was like this burlesque dancing. Pinup girl looking tat. It cheer looked queer queer energy a of bisexual energy but she was straight and yeah. I don't know like i just kind of assume that all bartenders engage basis and like one of the gay bars. I went to in atlanta one of the actually. A bunch of the male bartenders were straight. Kind of like a really strip clubs. Yeah gay strip clubs. A lot of the male strippers are one bar. I used to work at that. Most of the bartenders are straight. The guys yeah. I have been really fortunate in a league of her own that i have found representation on lots of levels in queer people. I've been really lucky that we haven't we've had we've had security guards who were Really feminine and i think it's important to have security guards who look like everybody as well because that helps with ds glading situation trusting to me. You brought that up earlier. I was like i. I've always assumed they have to be big like be a good man like And i think it's one of the things that sets illegal verona part that i know of. I'm sitting on a panel in march about this. Maybe it's becoming a bit more something that's talked about but the rachel pike. Who is our head of security at a bartender. So i moved her from security to bartending. Because she's so good at people she goes by coach. Everybody calls her coach because she's also a life coach. yeah and she coached basketball and looks like a basketball player so she came on as a security guard and the first time we worked together. There were two women. everyone is allowed in alot donor. People away because they're straight presenting or even straight the only thing you can do and it's happened before is be like we'll could turn somebody in like okay now. You can't comment that. Yeah so we let everybody and so we had this guy at anytime. A this man comes into illegal around. We're like aware. And i always wear a walkie behind the bar and my door person who i can see from. The bar has a walkie as well. So there's two women sitting at the end of the bar on a date like facing each other and chatting in this man comes in stands near them. And i can't see from the bar where his hips are. And i'm like i feel weird and i look up and i see rich at the door. And she's doing the same thing like watching him so this we barely met at this point. I'd hired her as a security guard. She had worked in gay men's spaces before and she changed everything. When she became head of security she took the ego out of security. Like you. don't have much there. Yeah there's so much and the concept of a bouncer is so archaic it just is like the concept of. Like someone holding you accountable. Having to be able to kick your ass in order to be effective is so archaic and so useless because if you go in escalated you're you're never gonna get anywhere. And when people are been drinking basically by and large rachel six feet tall. She's a bit menacing. She's masculine presenting. Everyone on earth. Says she looks like tommy from power. Which i have never watched. But i've seen the pictures but she trains are security guards that were always gonna escalate ultimately. You're in charge here regardless of what you look like or how much bigger this person might be than you. You're in charge so hiring really feminine women as our security guards hiring like smaller-statured. Humans like yes. You can still do this if you do it correctly. Which ultimately is about like. I feel like it's probably time for you to go home. Yes you're right and then the person is like yeah probably am ready to go home and so sometimes it gets big and heavy but ultimately our goal is always like to move the problem away from the crowd. We wanna keep the whole crowd safe and we have to cut somebody off and they get lip. It's so easy to just say like it's not a personal attack on you. You've just had enough for tonight. Drink some water and come back in twenty minutes and then we get on the walking or like this chick for instance like she you know cheetos and soda with the lemon were on the walkie and the again like long blonde hair. She's done for a while. And then we like send a security guard to make sure everybody because we have five bars. That's ten bartenders on a busy night. Everybody is aware that person's had enough for a while so we use a little bit of shame which is important is healthy. We're like if people try to get a drink like didn't didn't tell you you can't drink anymore. Approaching rulings calm situation the only time we get shitty about shame on me kicker for fuck in the bathroom then we're like as we walk them out. That's gross. don't fuck in our bathrooms as we walked through the crowd. I really liked doing that. having a wide representation insecurity is really helpful because rachel is a masculine presenting white. Person might not have as easy a might not be as easy to listen to as a really feminine beautiful black woman like our security guard. Amara she is. She presents a certain way. So she's less threatening right off the bat. So i'm quick as a manager to be like amara go. Just stand behind rachel. She talks to these people like get coach. Yeah give coach backup. You don't have to say anything. You have your shirt on like maybe touch your walkie so that they know your security that you don't have to do anything i just want you in that in their presence move one hundred percent especially with gay men who are so concerned about image like you sure should aren't gonna swing on a woman in front of another woman. Men like so ultimately like we find ways to defuse the situation and coach teaches our staff from the start to make friends with the potential problems. Right from the start. Yeah good yeah and like forget an for rates often these. I call him snap back. Bay dykes isn't anymore and they have like a snap back on the new baby now. And they're they'll know we should snap back. Yeah i created. Snapback emerged avera- levin hair flat as can be a lot of time flattening it and then put a snap back on backwards really fitted flannel every time or take in nice weather tank top and i was going to say like a white beater under the flannel for sure. Hundred percents get back to the bathroom. Says absolutely always how often. How do you catch them here. Sorry what's the best one thing. The bathroom is the most well lit place in the joint. That's the way to combat. Nobody wants to fuck and like a brightly. Fluorescent lit space. Yeah that's just a lot of pressure especially when you've just met someone and we're super sex positive go home. We are here for your slutty. Your slutty moment in life. Is it stalls so it stalls everywhere and all of our bathrooms are gender neutral. The only bathroom we have without urinals is the one downstairs in league of around. Everything has both stalls annuals so it is stalls so basically it's generally you can tell when someone starts making out that they're gonna try to visit the bathroom together and so we have security guards who are watching and like as the manager i float through and take a look. Somebody's like really starting to grind on the dance floor. I'll tell you stay here by the door of the dance floor. 'cause i'm pretty sure these two are to. Yeah and then he found. Oh my god. It's so listen. I'm gonna tell you a story that's gonna give you chills so you stay on the stall one to a stall and then if they're not out right away like and sometimes you need to hold your friends hair while they're throwing up and we're here for it. Tell by your feet if that's what you're doing more if you're feeder and you're like and also gross. I really hope you washed your hands. I e But one time so. Dc has an incredible And robust deaf queer community nice. Yes when i worked at apex. Our bathroom stalls were much shorter. Like i would stand up from using the bathroom. It'd be like hey what's up to the person in the stall next to me. They were really short. Which then. I figured out eventually was so that we can kind of see us security. What was happening in there and these two deaths interesting. I've been to gay bar like that. Why so we can tell you fucking or snorting stuff to me. Yeah yeah that's so funny naive. The drug part of bartending was like oh. That's the thing right got it. So these two deaf girls Or having sex in the bathroom. Stall so i get a call over the walkie to come in there But they couldn't hear us. Tell them to stop. So we're like hounding on the walls to end stomping on the floor to try to get their attention right. It was an unpleasant experience. It was an unpleasant and they were both super drunk so then we had to help them. Get your was a lot. Sounds something about the fact that there are procedures in place for monitoring lesbians getting close touching. And i don't know something about that makes me really happy. Well and what's funny is like. Frankly here's the funny thing about women in particular in my experience and like queer women. We don't usually need the bathroom. The dance flers plenty. And then you just have to s security doohan checks. Oh so it. Actually for us has happened. Less in the bathrooms again. Fluorescent lighting. were too smart very smart. The bars here are pitch black. You cannot see anything when you're in the answer upstairs stonewall fun when you like get home and look at yourself. That's what i looked like. So we make them really really well lit and And then we do hand it. It happens more frequently outside of the bathroom. We walk me a hand check. You just put your hands up or down. somebody's. I had a customer on our front steps. Like a stoop between our two doors and her girlfriend was in a skirt. Jeter all like i know. I know what these motions are get home. I should be apologizing to limo broken and other bars. The most common is against the wall of the dance floor. Yeah yeah so then. That's generally coach's job to like have to sort of interrupt and be like okay. I gotta see everybody's hands above the closest fine like basically if you get your girlfriend off through her jeans on the dance floor like get dramas. Well done you. Yeah if you got a if there's fluid and you're in a crowded dance for like just cove it be being a better not member. I can say that. I have respected those rules and having i have not allie has fully gone up. My address at a gay bar. Never never allie was drinking. And this was that a gay man's older gay men leather bar in chicago call the jackhammer where not so like they all hated that we were doing that. We're the only women there. And they were livid. What's funny is i am an. I like frequent kink clubs like i'm a kinky human and fifteen years. I have never fucked where i work not once. Not one time And i don't think it's boring. It's cleanliness to me. Like i also don't sleep with women with acrylic nails because i'm like. Oh the bacteria what are some other crazy stories you can tell us about about the dyke bar scene like what are the craziest things are crazy nights. I mean we see. I have a friend who was a promoter for a long time and runs with this sort of incestuous pack of lesbians And they're less so now or a bit older but when they were younger like she was dating her and the net then now she's dating her. And i was like. Oh you're the real l word and she asked me once why i never hung out with them and i was like because your group devolves every time. You're drinking into a telenovela. Like somebody is a mad and like arms crossed angry. Someone's crying and then her friend is also crying because she's so distraught and like someone is sitting on the curb with their shoes off like every time you all go out together l. novellas if there is a group like that in atlanta that i used to just people watch. Every time i went out fact that people don't think they're bartender can hear them from like three feet of bar is beyond my. I can't conceive of how that's possible. I'm like i love this. This is all reminding me of like kind of when you're in high school middle school and your student and you don't really realize like how much your teachers actually know about you and how much your teachers gossip about you and you're like oh you're unaware of it until your friends become teachers and you're like oh no we know everybody bar hundred right. Yeah and it's like you can also tell like when my favorite couples who come in and are like instagram couples. Select people are so excited about them and then they come to the bar to have their rulli like hushed argument about. Somebody's might it's dc. Were a small town where clears are concerned like the drama like rates literally had to tell someone that she couldn't kick ur x out because she cheated on her like no i and the girl like she cheated and coach was like right here. You can't like make her talk to you. She doesn't have to talk to you about it. And also i'm not going to kick her out. She's allowed to be shitty like a shitty. I'm really sorry that happened to you. And also as head of security. I'm not gonna like kick her out for being yeah so that. The hushed arguments are really fun. If you get together for that time and money would never have. I mean the number of my and then another good one is the repeat dater like we have regulars who always us and it's like and the fun part is when they bring somebody we know and it's like a well and then i have a regular who just keeps me abreast using tinder like. Oh this person must be single now. 'cause they're back on tinder and i get like screen shots of people When my sister dates on tender because my sister's also queer. That's fun because she's quick to be like vetting people through me like what does what about this one and i'm like. She is not as tall as she looks in that picture. Yeah she's like. I know she's really lucked out that way. So how are superfund. The worst thing and i was quoted in a top ten things. You can do wrong on a date in a bar and my. My number was Flirt with the bartender. Like the number of time. Someone goes to the bathroom and their date like tries to slip me their number or one of our bartenders. And we're like no. That's you're doing a bad job like and also like don't screw up here at the one girl bar like don't don't get don't get a reputation to each other here l. advised in terms of like stories from running the bar and people who come you mentioned influencers. I'm wondering about politicians. I'm wondering if a senator kirsten cinema has been. No i'm too. It's funny because dc is not a celebrity town. We just don't have that. We have a professional soccer player who loves to come in. And she's like dc famous And then a wnba. But here's the tricky part is like by and large people who are out in. Dc are not like. they're not the kind of out that goes to bars and especially like my spot. that's so large and has were so new. We have like notoriety attached to us. We get hit. Nobody i get none of the like i don't get i don't get and i'm like Come charlotte climate. Sarah mcbride but the problem is most of our politicians who were really hearing about to are trans and are straight. So they're like also coming in. So i have land people to see which are like bartenders from gossip girl in san diego. I'm like woohoo emily's here we've a new wave a new little blue wave and then maybe you'll get some choice politicians in a couple months. Well that's what's cool about. Bartending and dc is you definitely noticed the difference when the administration changes like the eight years that we had obama. Our customers were amazing. The last four years we have not had a lot of politicos. One of my trivia mavens is the was the director of communications for corey booker. Who's a senator from new jersey. And that will. I like consistently unlike kristen. I can't believe that people don't know who you are. You're so cool. Went to yale lake. Look at you go. And she's like. I'm so we'll single what you're saying is you've never seen hillary clinton in disguise. You couldn't tell us if she don't even chelsea. I would totally tell if houma abidine ever comes in. I am ready hell. i'd be happy with. Afc straight and i would be happy to be. Yes in who would be entitled to see cory booker. And then he's busy at work and she goes for dream. I'm hurt. I tweeted at fortune. Feinstein was like because she had show here and was like you're on my wall fortune. Like come bring your carolina over. Bring jackie yet. she's so. I'm obsessed with them. I am too. there's so cute. Yeah yeah totally like. Did the hot girl mary thing. Yeah i have. I have a whole wall of inspiration. And i'm consistently like semi widely is a dc native her. You're here unlike. bring your wife. I'm obsessed with y'all yeah come on who say people although liam made a good point when she was talking about it and i actually met at the cubbyhole. They have the cubby. Hose the instagram group of the instagram account. So i had a regular create a low hose so we like and then the cubby hosts followed them and they freaked out but one of the one of the customers who love carded cubbyholes came in. She was like in dc dropping. Her grandmother offer something to like iran kobe. One of the people runs cubby. Dc copy hose and just wanted to see you all. And i sent her a shirt release amena and i was like talking about. Having you know leah areas the first like real celebrity. I've ever like interacted with. And i did so on zoom with like fifteen other people which is fine but she she was like yes she comes into the corner where the regular sit and just holds court and i can't even fathom what that would look like years and i can't even i- macy gray. She's the one celebrity who came into our and she's not even clear she feels. I was. I was starting to get excited. That would make sense. I mean i was that boy. I was ready. I was ready. She walked in. And i was like hey and she was like i'm gonna go upstairs with the boys and i was like let's talk about your sweater. We're talking about this a little bit before Before we recorded. But i wanna make sure we get those on the podcast wearing an amazing sweatshirt right now. What does it say all right. So this is part of our merch. Line and chile A replica of the sign at our door which is fairly large and stands behind our door person. So when you first walk in the first expectation we set and it says consent is sexy and then in parentheses it says but here it's mandatory And the goal with that is people have a misconception about consent that it's only about sex and that's actually not just while let's it wildly important insects. It's also while the important in the bar scene and not enforced so even if people order shots now let me get five shots at tequila. Five people have to sort of raise their hands because we follow the enthusiastic model of consent. If it's not a hell yes it's a no and that applies to everything including conversation. If she is not hell yes ing your attention. You gotta move it on and our security staff actually makes it a priority including on the dance floor because we have more than once had just sort of pull someone away and be like. Are you uncomfortable with this kind of dancing. Because yes some gonna part of unconsented dancing and it's terrifying. Because that's like that sets expectations that sets boundaries or a lack of boundaries so our security staff is trained that consent his mandatory in our bar staff as well like she doesn't first of all. She doesn't seem like she needs another drink. And there's this common misconception that everybody has to do the same shot and we were like. Oh i hate tequila. Well then don't shoot tequila. You're an autonomous human. And so what's great about like starting conversations in a bar where people are casual and having fun is we then get to like open their minds to the idea especially what i find sort of small-statured feminine. People aren't always willing to push back on something if they don't consent to it and so we really afford people at opportunity to ask themselves like do. I wanna do this. Do i wanna dance with this person or do this shot. And so what coach really done with our security staff is maintain an enthusiastic model of consent inside the bar. That's our expectation. If you walk in people have to consent to your attention to your shots to your physical touch et cetera. So much so that like if somebody pushes their way up to the bar and are like touching someone will stop them and be like. You don't know who this person is. You can't just touched them. And so for people to have bodily autonomy started set something off in brains and for people like. I am a who when i hire new bartender. I have to say like it's a close space back. Here are comfortable with me. Putting my hand on your lower back like bartenders don't always get asked that but you're still anything each other as you go through your night and so the concept of like through and setting those boundaries it can be born in a bar environment and were like we missed the mark often as service industry so like affords us an opportunity to give people that yeah especially in the industry that just classically has no. Hr in there's just no understanding of how to act most of the. I'm right so to provide. That voice is one of the greatest responsibilities. I have as the proprietor of what. I like to tout as a safe space. I can't call it a safe space if i don't live by that. Yeah i can't tell you how many times i've been bullied into a shop like legitimately yes did not want. It knew it wouldn't mess up my night. I'd vomit my whole next day and just had to do it like looking back. It's very stupid right. And as a bartender people wanna buy you shots all the time. And i think one of the most dangerous understood that buying a bartender a shot. I don't last thing i wanna do. When i'm drinking is work. Like i just don't want to an and there are so we always drink what we call a pop at the bar which is like maybe half shop. Maybe a little less and i usually right athlete. Drink jack fire. 'cause i'm a pussy. Can't drink things that are stronger. They're bigger than that. And i am so with especially young aggressive people i think. The new generation of queers has this misconception that they have to be big in their queasiness in their femininity or whatever it may be and there's this aggression that comes with it and a hundred for starting. I'm not kidding. Lipson to the camera. And then they're just taking that energy out into the world and maybe dangled their being locked in the house right right and we can't like the only way to teach people how to relate and have relationships in a healthy way because that leads to talk city that sometimes takes ten another in their early thirties before they figure out like a real shit in that situation. So for me as like the notoriety. I have gotten in being the person who opened this bar. I have a responsibility to like us. That like sis white fem presenting privilege and be like i'm not going to shut. It's not even that. I just i'm not gonna so to like bring down that aggression notch in an. I always say like don't shit where you eat right. I'm the bitch with the boos. You can't mess with me. Yeah west. I i make the decision here because i have the and so for me to be the one. Where this like brash. Twenty-three-year-old fuck boy presenting queer girl comes up and thinks that's how she's going to move through the world she comes into our space and i always say are and we because it's not mine it's ours match like a collective community conversation. She thinks she's going to walk in and like impress somebody. And it's like dua shot with me. And i'm like i don't wanna shop actually don't know as a complete sentence if i learned anything from coach. No is a complete sentence no period no period and so love from bars perspective. It's a tricky thing right. Because and i've worked with gay men a lot so that concept of holding people to task or holding people accountable is like well. Then how do you sell. Things will funny thing when you do the right thing. The money will follow you. So you're willing to stand up and be the one who takes that as a responsibility in that comes into how i hire people you have to be willing to be like really uncomfortable. Yes you have to be willing to like really call people out. And i don't rachel always says like the most loving thing you can do is hold someone accountable. So like i'm loving you in making you do better. Yeah and no one. I liked that you nip it in the bud before the show has been purchased because a lot of time. It's born you take it out of guilt because someone spent money. I hooked up with this girl like out one night in chicago years and years and years ago she found my instagram would follow me so she would know when my shows were just like where i would be so pretty much. Didn't want this attention. She would buy me. Like glasses of jameson. Like like she would. I don't know how much in dollars and i. At the time i was in my mid twenties i would feel guilty and i would take it and it got to the point where my straight friends. We're like we're really concerned like she stop accepting drinks from her. You're going to get raped like she would just like. Try to get me very drunk and take me home and like because it was a woman. I didn't like consider that as soon as i showed of. The money. factor is being broken being like a whole sixteen dollars of liquid highway. Societal influence says you should be jamir and accepting and grateful or whatever the case bartenders in queer spaces and in fairness. That's all of my experience. I don't know what it's like elsewhere but like we have such a responsibility and to to utilize that power for good like to shut down. I can think of one particular regular who's wildly insecure. And i am a human enough to like when you're a bartender. You like humanity so well because you just see the worth of people like the girl who will walk out to their uber and stand with them in the cold so they actually get picked up and make sure the driver has their address like there's good but then there's like the shitty ones who are like if i get if i get another shot in her. She'll probably come home with me. Like i literally have a regular now and she still questionable human and i called her rapi once. I use that term with her a little rabi and to this day she gives me shit for it and to this day i am not sorry for using that term. Because that's what we're that's what we're programmed to expect is like if i fall in fall in line then i won't upset somebody. Well like fuck you not here. We don't do that. And it can be hard with women sometimes too and i always in my mind when i see behavior from a woman. I'm like if a guy was doing this. I would definitely have a problem with it. So i shouldn't give a woman pass because she's a queer woman doing it and this behavior is is just as gross. And i don't like it and i'm not going to make excuses for it. So those sweatshirts is there like a website where people come back everything so our merchants all on our link in the low hose instagram bio we have links to our virtual events to our merchandise to our go fund. Me are all in the a at at a low ho- dc a. l. o. h. o. d. c. A league of her own. It's an acronym people get very confused by it and when we're all vaccinated and everything is safe and good Can melody. And i come to low and put on a show there. Oh my god. Great a have great acoustics on our dance floor but also like yes absolutely. You don't care we just outside a cup like you know like a big lake right. No one of my bartenders is a drummer. And she's been busking on the streets of dc all summer. She and her band just like set up in random spots with a tip jar but they also were smart and like put a qr code for now. There is a comedy club. Here that is doing train shows. Now i can stand up. New york is e mailing. Allie for her avails and she's like how do i say i don't want to do stand up on the of train like the no. It's true and it's terrifying right now like we did this. Virtual new year's eve and the concept to me the fact that i didn't realize how much we had so much more of a virtual presence than in person presence because we spent the first year and a half we were open with just this huge volume and i would stand in a three foot by three foot square and just throw three hundred drinks people in a night so the concept of having a virtual presence is beyond me and so it's been really like who'll and overwhelming to see people like put us on their instagram story in their new merged that we just launched and we have a couple of cool things and actually erica roses about to go on my story from lesbian bar project because to thank her and her team i sent them all beanies with one of our logos on ice and was like i sent them five. I was like once for lia if you can get it to her. I'm just saying i mean. Unfortunately we have to wrap this up. But i love talking to you so much and we're so glad you're or the time we're glad that aloha is is open and we want everything in any listener like whatever you can do to help. Aloha in any of the other dyke bars. Yeah hell just absolutely. Yeah yeah just a follow. What how anything else by by the merge what else the merge the gofundme open back going our virtual trivia we have queer trivia once a month all virtual six team seven questions in seven categories. We've been doing it for two almost two years now and they have completely converted to virtual ends a trivia so it's like hop culture. It's really good trivia. Because kristen lynch who was the director of calms for cory booker is one of the letter One of the writers of the questions. So it's like up to the minute they right at that like a few days before And then we have speed dating that we're doing virtually go to our instagram be dating. Oh my gosh. She and haulers gays on this because we wanted to organize. Yeah dating and we. We were too intimidated by it. But it were. We'll see here's the thing i was really lucky to have Like an intramural social sports league. That has a huge clear contingent. Their director of sports is a senior director of sports is a queer woman. She came to me with it. So like they sponsored that dc phrase sponsored speed dating. And so like we're getting. The aloha staff is getting the ticket prices. It's like twenty bucks to to participate and we're about to add three more dates. It's speaking awesome. Okay because it's via zoom so you're actually having like a face to face date versus tim. Yeah i've never. I've never dated online bartender for fifteen years. I've met every relationship to from behind. I have one relationship in fifteen years. That i didn't meet bartending. So of being a bartender. But there's a lot of my last question are dating apps. Killing the the dyke bar. No absolutely not no. I literally have what we call it. A low ho in normal times. Take a chance tuesday where somebody gives me their phone and from behind the bar we collectively poll if we swipe left or swipe wake i love that i but also all this makes me so sad about not being able to go out by i mean the thing about our spaces is worthy only population that has basis just for us so even though it's like so hard that we're closing. I just think a resurgence is coming. And it's just gonna be. It's the roaring twenties yet again percent but also less about booze and just about community community yet. The goal is to like on trivia night. I pack the place when we do it regular. But i barely ring anything. They're barely. I mean they're paying enough to keep us open but they're not doing writing or just there to commune. And that's that's the whole point. It's always been the point. It started with safety and now it's about community. The purpose of our bars is to be a place where people can find other. People can't wait to go eat dinner now over. Donald isha. thanks you okay. We have to wrap up. Let's get tear listener question outright. I want to know if i'm the asshole. Yes i love these. Yes more of these achy. Mail dot com roughly one to two years ago i was friends with someone in the local queer community and yes we slept together multiple times we were never romantically involved for sure. It was a fun summer. That's about it regardless. We stayed friends. Eventually she started dating someone else. As did i who to keep it short. I didn't like after a decent amount of time. They broke up got together. Broke up got together yada yada. Needless to say i wasn't the most supportive of their relationship. Because of this my friend basically said that i make her uncomfortable. With how unsupportive. I am and i left as i'm not gonna lie about how i feel. I really hope it works out. We haven't spoken since. And i no longer invited to any form of queer vent near me i feel like i've been excommunicated but i don't actually know that i have been am i the asshole should i have pretended to be supportive. Who emphasis on the accent excommunicated. I i want to say maybe there's less queer. I hope sure his thought about it but maybe thanks a lot less on because of the pandemic but yet but if regular zoom hangs popping off that you realize you're not getting invited to potentially. Yeah that sucks. I'm not in the business of lying. About how i feel about someone. Especially if they've proven to be problematic. Yeah so i would have not done anything differently. You're definitely not the ass hold. And i think that if you're moving to friends territory with someone even if you have a past but if you're going to be friends part of being a friend is leading a friend. Know that the person that they're seeing isn't great and i feel like i was trying to think of examples of my life when i haven't liked somebody that a friend is dating and you can only say something if you're a really good friend. Yeah that's true. It's a hard position to be in. Because like i know someone who was engaged to someone who i thought was a total skis and thank god. They broke up. But i'm like oh. I wonder if she's like why didn't anybody tell me 'cause it's a it's a hard thing especially those people are going to stay together to be like. Yeah this this person is in great. You know yes. It's hard but like if you if you have the courage to do it and to say. Hey you deserve better. This person is in great. Like that's not you being unsupportive. That's you putting yourself on the line to be supportive right In the past. I've been the more vocal friend who's just like. If i see something problematic i like say it right away and it has come back to bite me in the ass. Like sometimes friends would be a little less apt to share Some details about the relationships with me because they know. I'll say something so that's been tricky so i've been dialed back over the years on my feedback on my friends relationships. I wasn't invited to a wedding once. Because i did that. And i was invited to the bachelor. We can put not the way. That's why i know who's in minus just have a fun weekend with the gals but not the wedding. Because they didn't want you giving stink to the. Yeah the everyone knew how i felt. That's funny yeah. I think you are being a good friend. And i don't think that your opinion like it sounded like it was something where you were being territorial and a jealous ex which you're clearly not then. Maybe it's a problem that you're telling that you're telling this person that you hooked up with like oh no. You shouldn't be with this person if you're just like plotting to have the multi yoursel. That's that's not the case. And i don't know what do you do in this situation if you feel that. You've been excommunicated from a group. Because i've been in this situation before a little bit paranoid where i'm like. Oh i have beef with like someone in this group. And i'm kind of paranoid that everyone's hanging out without me and this is actually very relevant. My life right now. We'll save it for patriot. And i want to ask someone else in the group about it and be like. Hey what's going on here like. Is there something that. I'm not aware of or as the spend discuss amongst the group but by doing that you put someone else in the middle of whatever drama. You're having and i don't want it. And i never want to do that to someone so i just sit here uncomfortable. I've been that person to and it is very has been put in the middle. Yeah because a lot of people don't want to get involved in the drama and then feel like if you them like they can get mad that you know and the last thing i want is more people mad at me some like you know. I'll just sit over here and wait it out. Time will tell i guess. Yeah it sucks. If you're especially for someone who's like to like proud. Two stubborn to sears. The way is like well. I guess they're dead to me. And that's not i feel like i should sit back and listen to the advice you give out. Yeah i mean. I guess you could try planning your your own thing and if you still want to be friends with this person you can invite them like planas zoom hang out or something and invite them and extend an olive branch or try to clear the eric your own event. Yeah it is easy these days. You just make a link. And you can also customize the password to. I'm sorry done or or we call now yeah. Are we cool. The name of the zoo meeting is are we cool and just invite everyone to how perfect great advice again. We nailed it. Send your questions to daikin out at mail dot com and you can follow us on social media at taking out on everywhere and at dining out pod rosie. If you're listening already follow us on twitter false attacking out pod you can follow me at melody molly and negro problem me at ti caroline. Thank you so much for taking out with us this week and we'll see next tuesday.

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The Day We Got to Know Them

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

2:01:43 hr | 1 year ago

The Day We Got to Know Them

"You make a million tough business decisions every day. So here's the easiest decision you have to make all year long Dell's cyber Monday in July is back and bigger than ever you get no brainer deals on the very latest computers with Intel core processors and a huge selection of servers electronics onyx and more all with free shipping on everything to make your decision even easier Dell's small business technology advisers can help you find just the right tech- call eight seven seven by Dell. That's an easy call to make eight seven seven B U Y del call or visit Dell Dot com slash small business the bad thing on radio in the morning so it's humorous assists by listening to Elvis in a sexy. He's really funny like the rock of a group just wakes me up in the morning and driving a word really peppy and happy in the morning I can see them as my friends. We need your voice silence morning. Show dammit. I woke up thought it was Saturday. I was ready to watch Saturday. Cartoons in front of the T._v.. might eat my fruit pebbles. No cartoons came on it was the news oh sorry well welcome to. What is this off Thursday? We're so close damage day. What would we need? We need we did a weekend. We'll good morning. Welcome to the day we've got stuff to do today. We've got places to go people me food to eat and things to drink uncle Janis Paige Visit Today Froggatt here beautiful Florida. He's checking in on the big Florida microphone because he is a man from Florida Gandhi and yeah producer Sam scary great t trait nayed and everyone's here everyone's here. Hey <hes> first call of the day we actually callers of the day everyone say good morning to Allie and mark good morning our mark. What do you guys do it too low lady? Why are you guys up so early horrible commute every day for an hour so we have to listen to something and you our office we listen to something so so Allie in mark? You guys are married and you you listen to us on the way to work in that way. You Start Your Day without arguing with each other because you're really quite listening to our incredible. Show exactly I get it. I get it. How long have you guys been married right? Well see I'm about to get married. You can talk me out of it right now. Go Oh there's so many reasons would be on the radio all day. I can tell you Allie and Mark Look Back Twenty years the day you got married how exciting and how festive and fun that was. I'm so looking forward to that day. I'm Roy. I'm so the fun part starts when everyone everyone leaves the wedding and you can actually get down to being being married. That's the best part right. I hope you guys have a great day and you know since there's two of you checking in is the first collar today we have to send you to Elvis. Gordon show shirts okay oh phenomenal. We're GONNA ruin one of them. Offer that would be great exactly you'll have an air and a spare well Allie and Marquette beautiful drive to work. Where are you listening you to us today at iheartradio? I'm so glad you're supporting our iheartradio. You know we're going on Nasdaq today. We're a public company. I don't know what that means. We're probably Allie Allie. Hey Mark Thank you so much for listening. Hold on there you go wow yeah I don't know what it means but I have to go to Nasdaq today and we have to ring some bell officially declare that iheartradio is a public company. What does it mean? I don't know anything about stocks or anything exactly okay exciting considering the bill. That's so cool why don't get to read his stand on the stage while someone else rings the bell over and re take my own damn belt Tinkerbell hilarious. Give me a bill. I'm going to remove. I'm going to take a gong okay. Hi Go buy some iheartradio around the room Daniel. What's on your mind today? How upset I am with all things Disney's? I don't live by Disney so I can't always shop and buy the things I like. I found somebody who does it for a living a Disney shopper yes so it's called mouse marketplace in its on instagram and I actually stumbled upon it and she happens happens to be a listener and it's a small business. She started her name is Christie and they do it for you. Disney shoppers they'll post pictures of bags and snack boxes and all sorts of stuff and if you want it they'll go get it for you and ship it to you. They put together snack box for me of all different things from like Disney Springs. It is the coolest thing and their listeners on. It's a small business so Disney marketplace if you're obsessed with Disney like I am it is definitely I have an idea. It's rainy in New York. You know when you go to Disneyworld. They have those cheap little plastic ponchos trash bags. I need a Disney trash bag rain Poncho if you could get your Disney shopper to buy one because it's raining cats and dogs here's a plan scary what's up with you your piece of clothing and then afterwards regret buying it and you like. Why did I buy this shirt? You're wearing today exactly real so this is a guilty where I'm wearing it because if this failed to the bottom of my drawer and wear it so I have to wear it today I like it. I hate it. It's a lobster the picture extra lobster on a t-shirt blue lobster. They're so rare very reason so you're wearing a shirt in your regretting guilty guilty why I don't understand how how does guilt have anything to do with I wasted money on. Do you feel like you have to hey condie great lunch. Yesterday I had so much fun with a lunch date. Always seems like you know of course Gandhi of Indian descent everytime we have lunch. We have Indian but it's so good so good. He's got this problem like no. I love Indian food. What's on your mind okay so I never really do birthday shout out but there is a little listener named may may seven years old and her mom calls her little Gandhi because she only wants to wear hoodies and Jordan's all the time the dress like me which I think is so cute so happy birthday to her? She's seven years old today and she waits everyday listening to us while her dad comes home from the graveyard shift so happy birthday little one Gandhi Gandhi Gandhi Gandhi a little little little miniature. Thank you all right. Let's get into your horoscopes producer. Who are you going to do it with today? Oh let's do it with me. Oh Lord should we be warn everyone ahead of time. When nate does the horoscopes with producer Sam? It's so syrupy sweet I mean it's like eating a teaspoon of sugar. I'm the buzzkill of a situation you know. The other person go ahead is okay so if you're celebrating a birthday today you were celebrating with Vin diesel aw who else Kristen Bell Wendy Williams is a big birthday birthday Wendy Wendy Wendy hell yeah all right capricorn. You've been working hard and are finally seeing results. Reward yourself for your accomplishments your day's attack ooh Aquarius. There's an important unity. Take in your professional life. He bowled an act carefully. Your days is super. Seven Pisces now might be a good time to make plans with your romantic partner solidify your relationship and confirm confirm your commitment. Your Days Aries get focused and make your dreams are reality. The longer you wait the longer it will take you to reach that goal your days in eight hours. There's a conflicting push and pull in your life that may leave you feeling unsure unsure about how to proceed find the compromise and move forward your days nine. Jim and I explore your artistic nature and begin to manifest some of the ideas that have been rattling around in that head of yours your day nine cancer. Your emotions are more more stable than usual so open up and speak from the heart. You're days eight Leo Ellis if things don't seem to be working out don't press the issue. You're better off waiting for a time when you're more confident in today's nine my fellow Virgos you've worked hard for reason it's to enjoy life and if you don't do it now then when take time and be with your loved ones our days a nine libra you're unsure of which way to turn take a break from what is making your head spin. I've been all around before you make that next. Move Your Day a seven or R._P._O.. Romance is coming your way as long as you stay level headed about the situation. Trust your instincts and let your heart take control your data ten and secretary is take a break from the spunk can fire and simply lay low. This is a good time to sit back and receive all of the greatness that the university has come into your day on nine those your Thursday morning thank you while we're sitting here doing this job. I'm looking over at our huge model of Norwegian bliss our ship. I'm looking at trying to figure out where onboard I want to be right now. I want to be anywhere just sailing away wooden sailing a wooden sailing away on a Norwegian the best thing right now yes yeah unfortunately we're going to have to sail away on the ship radio station anyway. Thank you nate. You're such a big Wayne and of course producer Sam. You're the best let's get into the three things you need to know. Gandhi what curve all right everybody has been trying to age themselves with the face APP while now we're getting some information that all of the photos are going to Russian company who is keeping these photos and uploading them to a particular database and not only that you have agreed that it's okay for them to use it for whatever they would have to let the Russians have our pictures. A lot of people are up in arms about this but the thing is with most of the other apps that you have already signed up for. There's all kinds of stuff in there too. We know facebook and snapchat. Just be careful. Get to my picture look into pictures lasagna awesome all right. There's a restaurant for the first time in the U._S.. That is opening up and it's going to be serving pot infused meals of course it will be in Hollywood. It's called farms and they say you're going to be able to get all kinds of stuff there. There will also be a smoke room and they'll have the same type of filtration system as a casino. Does we can smoke inside and the smoke it sucked out so neighbors don't have to worry about it and finally we talked about instagram changing it so that you cannot see likes while they've already we started to roll it out and it's happening now. In Canada Ireland Italy Japan Brazil all these other places. They're not gonNA show likes anymore on your picture. They just want you to focus on the picture and the content not on how many people are liking it could be coming to us soon so scary. You have no reason to be on instagram. You can get like that's going to turn the industry on its ear. It is no thank you ready for Thursday ianna Guy Halsey Elvis Duran and the morning show all right so I'm the queen of multitasking and in New York City you have to be an audible easily fits into my summertime plans. Wherever I'm headed I can plug into the audible APP in a library of bestselling audiobooks and exclusive originals pop right up your first audiobook is spree audible dot com slash Elvis? You know there's coming in to say hi uncle Johnny Johnny. I had a big event last night at a violet seller on Staten Island raising money for cancer for cancer. It's kind of a weird thing to say. We're raising money for cancer. No actually we're against cancer cancer raising money to fight cancer anyway. A lot of bartender showed a lot of people showed up. We raised as a lot of money. It was great. It was awesome so uncle Johnny said he should i. I used to buy make a cocktail. I tell you what you can stop by. We don't need a cocktail M._l._k.. Speaking I we don't need a drink. We're okay. We don't have to get drunk every morning if he comes up here but we have to do something with them. What do you guys want to do with uncle Johnny when he gets here? He's always known for telling jokes. Yes okay. Maybe a joker to yeah. We could do a match game with him. Oh okay come on day brody. Can You whip up a match game for Johnny Absolute Roti so accommodate day all right so we got tangled for his uncle uh-huh sorry Johnny Variety so yesterday was hot dog day today's Chilidog Day so they took leftover wieners those Julia so that's going on today. We have that going for us. One thousand dollar posh mark free money any phone tap is on the way to ring the Bell Nasdaq you practicing so iheartradio is going public as far as as far as stocks go you could buy you can buy you can own so you can be our boss so today Nasdaq I get to stand on a stage and watch Bob Pittman our fearless leader push a button and ring a bell wow. It's GONNA sound like that here. You hear bias that. What else are we doing today? Come on Straightening Your Senior Executive wink. We're going to get to know the interns later. Let's get to know the interns of getting to know the entrance. We have that going forth scariest to really love getting to newly endurance. Yes then you're. Why are you scratching your face with a four okay? This is crazy in the car. Today I think I got bit by something like my foot and ever since then I've been so itchy gee and the only thing here other than Ghandi's nails but you can't always scratch me is that I found in a plastic thing unwrapped the fork and now I'm scratching myself because I'm so itchy I think you should go see a dermatologist scratching herself with a fork. I just saw it interface. My head feels good. I know neko hopper scratch yourself with a fork. You really should put some ointment on. Did I put moisturizer on them. Both that Pitney Recall L.. Let's get into your field goods with producer Sam all right saying what do you have going on. It is retained with field goods and I love showers you guys it's like nature's reset after a walk of shame or you just hop in the shower washes everything off but yes we do take showers for granted because there are so many people that don't have soap something that's so easy for us and that's why I love the company soapbox because they have showers essentials like Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash and for every we products you buy they donate a bar of soap either locally or across the world to someone in need says something so easy for us means so much to someone else because they got stuff to wash off two guys and the best part is they come from recycled pickled hotel bars of soap there sanitized and shaved down so nothing goes to waste Borut or his word Hyatt written all weird enough though pox. Thank you so much for what you do you guys are kick ass and you can link over at Elvis Duran Dot Com. If you have a company that deserves to be featured. I would love to shout them out. Email me salmon Elvis Duran dot com subject line field pay. Hey Kerry what's up. This is pink and you're listening to Elvis Duran in the morning. Show all upset summer is going to end eventually and also you know it's going to end. Don't say it Nacho fries at Taco Bell. It says limited time to the commercial yeah I know but the good news is even the Nacho fries may go away sometime soon. I don't know the date. I know it's going to happen. I know that the love of my life my love of my life my favorite song by Darren Criss is still going to be a season season. We'll be left with this taste of you. Never Dare Chris is going to be an eye. Radio's Music Festival in Beautiful Las Vegas Hope. He sings the song all this T._v.. Okay so even though Nacho fries are not going to be here forever which is so sad this song will be here forever. I would love I would love some Taco Bell Right now. We're hungry this now the I know I need some Nacho fries. Can we make that happen. I love straight. Ages reminded that you'd all this was supposed to be a thirty thirty second commercial. You've got three minutes cares Taco bell. I don't care you can tell me to shut up about TACO. Bell you want. I'm going to go on for ever turn this partial commercials never they go on. That's my reasoning tasted told her that rather than smashing cake in your face Steve Aoki's GonNa Smash Natural Fries Interview. Thank you great tea. Can you run over a Taco Bell for me to tell you I want to talk about last week dollars short with money and the lady behind the counter said it's okay take it and enjoy. That's the spirit of talking about right there to share that with straight nate is so mad at me right now. Why are you man Taco Bell Bob? I mean come on man. We got other stuff. We gotta do today how you went on about Uncle Johnny. How dare you this is Taco Bells Thai get it bill had there how long was supposed to be thirty six now? How long have we been talk? Have you heard this far. Each and everyone go to Taco Bell. Go get something we're talking about. It turns before you find them. Can I get a Burrito pleased with now. It's not all right so anyway. The NACHO fries will not last forever but this song will talk about all right. We gotta take a break. Please scary you ever tell me what to do again. I swear to Never GonNa take you to talk over fifty. Five one hundred data and messaging rates may apply. It's the morning show yeah. We've got guests coming in today or buddy. <hes> ant man is here. He's bringing some sort of surprise. He walked through a bunch of boxes. I don't know what he's doing. I don't know if you know our friend Batman but edmonds from another galaxy anyway at Man's here uncle Johnny speaking from being from another galaxy Uncle Janis coming in but today. We've decided to stay sober. We're not having coattails with uncle Johnny today. Okay that <hes> brandy. I almost called Gandhi Brandy. You're putting together Brown Gandhi Pay Brown gone. I'm okay I'm not I'm not down to be drinking just yet okay all right. We got that going for US Ashley. Hey Ashley what's going on. Hey nothing can much. I'm just at work so I just heard rumor. You're getting married on the same day. I'm getting married September fourteenth. Is that true yes. I am. I'm excited. I am to want you to be happy when it's over. Though don't you just want to get on with the marriage and just. Enough with the wedding you know yeah it's it's a bit too much. I'm also in the process of buying a house though happening so putting together. A wedding is a fulltime job. Buying a house is a fulltime job. You've got like forty forty five jobs yeah so you're having a little issue with the wedding coming up in September. What's that Ashley? <hes> the person is supposed to be doing my hair and makeup canceled on me just the other day that I've had since me no no they can't do that. They can't cancel late. What was the reasoning seasoning going on vacation? No that's not cool not a good guy. I know it's the most important day of your life. I'm going vacation. Can you just come your own hair. They need to know already booked you already booked to. That's not cool man okay well. You know what you have time to find someone. This is no reason to panic. Even though hair and makeup is an important part of the day. I get that but you'll find someone and last minute on a budget is crazy. Everybody wants to charge me like outrageous amounts of money so let me ask you this. How much is how much does it cost to get Harry? Make for your wedding day. I bet it is expensive Ryan. Yeah I have no clue very hundreds of dollars. Yeah I mean in the New York area would probably cost maybe three four hundred dollars coloring your hair up to or curls or whatever and you know what it's funny. When you get a regular your hair done like it's one hundred bucks for an update but if they know you're the bride bill upcharging Holy Crap? You should just lie and say that it's just an outing things to a company picnic. That is a lot of money but you know pictures being taken you WanNa look your best. You WanNa feel good too. I mean you know doing your hair up makes you feel good about you so it's an investment worth doing so. Is there something we can eliminate from the wedding flowers our food bridesmaids. Can you donate a bridesmaid. Let's do that. It's hard to find someone that you know that's good at it. That doesn't make you look like you're working on the street corner too so wedding disasters where all a victim of those live. I live in Virginia. Oh okay well. You know what there's got to be somewhat. Look you'll find someone. I'm not worried about that but it's going to cost you money anyway. It's it's what Israe- expensive we were talking to our wedding wedding planner and the people helping us put the wedding on yesterday Ashley and I could just feel the money falling out on my ass as I was talking to my but felt like a slot machine that was that we pay was paying off big time they hit the on my fiance feels all right I know but the good news is as soon as the weddings over you can relax. It'll be over you and I you know something tells me Sunday September fifteenth. Actually you and I will have something in common. The wedding will be over all right. Listen best of luck to you. Go find someone. You'll be good get in their sister. You'll find someone hang in there. Don't give up all right. Thank you yeah weddings poof yeah. I was on the phone with the guys yesterday. He's like wow we have to have have these tables. These tables cost fifty five million dollars and then you have to put these curtains cheat. Don't want people to see behind the curtain did tell them to look the other way the up charge on wedding stuff. It's insane yeah I can't even I can't imagine how people do it. Does it so like I've been telling you I'm hoping and praying that people say they can't come to the wedding so I can save some money. Actually the phone ringing. I can't wait to be at your wedding. I so you know you don't have to bring being a plus one. You can just come on your own because a lot of people there you know already now bringing this woman I met her and our I got. You don't have to bring her now. I don't even know her name. I'm GonNa Bring Fun. No I don't want to pay for this strange woman plate cages. They just come on your own now. You'll never name shall we. We're GONNA bring kids to can their kids kind of one thing I hated was when they would call and ask hey can so and so come on the invitation station did they cannot come to my mind that people really do invite another person people invite themselves that weren't invited and not show up. I got a call yesterday from a friend of mine. I my husband can't comment. I remember my girlfriend <unk>. Ask What's her name Carlino. Bring her them so uncomfortable with that. What's scary something I noticed about my invite? Got It from your free wedding. It said too scary and Robin named aimed specifically so I could not if rob is not come in. You're not bring anyone. You're not gonNA bring your friend will just because you want to just went on a cruise with your buddy will plus one and robin can come why yeah I couldn't because because all slash your tires not working anybody shrewd you wrote her name Yeah Robin. This is not transferable mindset guest guest uh-huh okay. If your boyfriend doesn't come I could save. I'm kidding you. Don't bring him thanks I he's coming Olive Ghandi's new boy. Can we call him boyfriend can yeah he's cute. He's cute Daniel Daniel report all right great to your invitation strictly Sas Brag and TRICIA tender. I've already tried have already tried to bring uncle Ted attention teddy. He would sit there and play when we all eat him oblast Daniel froggy. Your invitation says froggy N.. Lisa does say Lisa so we'll have lease again. No you're not going to bring one of your golf buddies. Dan Yes a new version of gossip girl. It's coming to H._B._O.. Max which is a new streaming service that will be launching next year now. There's no word on returning characters but I have heard all the action will revolve around a new generation Louis. Katy Perry was talking about why she made peace with Taylor Swift. She said I realized how much we have have in common and that we should celebrate that and that our friendship <hes> should show that we are there for each other. That's why they became friends by the way a little <hes> little something to pay attention to hear. Taylor swift is coming to see us soon. I said I Taylor Swift said so. I didn't even know you could do this but apparently three of the game of thrones actors were nominated for Emmys. They submitted themselves because H._B._O.. Didn't submit them for consideration. I I didn't know that you could see that. You could make yourself. I have no idea but Alfie Allen Gwendolyn Christie and Correze van Houten they all submitted themselves and they got nominated interesting. Oppose found that the Marvel Marvel Universe is the most popular fandom sixty three percent of the people are into it. I know I love it. Syndrome Sandra bullock did something really cute. She adopted a rescue dog <hes> so her dogs died. I don't know if you knew this. They died ride. The days or weeks within each other was crazy poppy and Ruby and so she has adopted a two year old rescue rescue poodle so okay. I didn't know poodle rescue dogs good. I I guess maybe anybody any daughter being rescued rescue poodle that means we rescue the poodle. No the poodle doesn't rescue people right. I think she was saying that there. It says a two year old rescue poodle. I'll maybe she rescued. The poodle is out. You're making a frigging kidding. A rescue poodles could rescue people they could but that's what I always say who rescued who rescued the dog or the rescue dogs that have the big the big barrels under the next yeah. No no a rescue poodles poodle that we rescue you thought you were saying you didn't know people ever gave them ask you because you have a rescue to our God can any Dobie rescue dog. I'm not a dog owners. All dogs can be rescued but not all dogs IOS can rescue you so if I'm drowning. I don't WanNa to our to jump in and get me anything else. You Need Clarification Hollywood fiftieth anniversary episode of elementary let three Scooby Doo and guess who from Boomerang a little secret obsession on at high by God her get you call the doctor. Are you having a stroke for stroke. I want to rescue great tea man. What's up? What do you need guys left the door open so I came in again so we were talking to a friend actually second ago about the fact that her wedding is very soon and her hair makeup person we just bailed out so Jordan Jordan's getting married in September just like me just soccer for nationally and so what's happening with Jordan? Well I actually already was married. I was married last September but <hes> that's Hurricane James Season so that was a problem for me. <hes> I ordered certain flour and I was assured that I was going to get those flowers well because of all of the hurricanes we had <hes> the flowers were not able to be delivered. No no flowers at your wedding well. Nobody did not call me to tell me that so she did deliver flowers. They were completely different ones than I were so I show up on my wedding day and I have a completely different set of lower than what I had anticipate as quite a shock. At least you got flowers told you there. Carnations didn't tell me it was a different color. Everything it just wasn't when I had visioned and you know you want everything to go. No you didn't pay for that to be honest if the wrong flower show up and that's the worst thing that happened in reading this that's not letting how come carnations are always crapped on like the crap flow mom's favorite flower they are then like the crack boot near who cares there's yeah there's some very anyway. We'll look other than that. Everything went off without a hitch. Everything was great so <hes> you know good luck to you with your September wedding. I hope it all goes well shoot. I'm I'll be drinking. I don't care anyway. Thanks for listening to us have a great day yeah. It's the worst thing that happened to reserve the wrong flower show. I know you pay a lot of money. You want specific flowers. I get that you'll have it at my wedding. I'm miscounted. How many prides veins were in the bridal party and I had one less bouquet so no you're coming down the island? Each of them have a bouquet. Would you do so we had to take the first bridesmaid out. When she walked down the aisle? She took her bouquet rent to the back of the line and handed it to the other girls show business though that's what you do in show business back to the carnation. Why is the carnation crapped on? Why is it like the crappy flour? Now I'm going to Google. I bet somebody has an answering. Why is the can you go this? Why is the carnation the crappy flower? I'm no florist but it just looks cheap jeep. Am I wrong. I think it looks cheap because we've been conditioned to think it's like the cheap flour many lasts a long time carnations last a long time longer than other flowers so they're like Oh. There's uncle Johnny speaking of the Bastard Stepchild. I've traveled flowers uncle. Johnny just walked it his hair Johnny get in here John John. I've missed are you. This is Johnny now. Are you nervous that we're not gonNA have cocktails today. We thought we would have a totally cocktail free morning show. Oh I had them all ready to go. What were you gonNa make? I was GonNa make it was <hes> Jack Jack Honey Jack Jack Jack Fire Jacqueline here's fire and mixed it with little coconut rum <hes> and it was <hes> by coconut of fire coconut yeah. I was GONNA do that in a bag and did it. I wouldn't be sober today all right like another day of soberness. How many can I do? I know we gotta take a break. We have a thousand dollar posh mark free money phone tap on the way. Oh my gosh the morning show when it comes to finding the the perfect gift. It's a basket from Tate's bake shop. It's the perfect answer of course it's filled with their signature crispy and buttery chocolate chip cookies and more visit Tate's bake shop dot com use the Promo Code Elvis you get twenty percents off your purchase. Have you ever gone to work and all of a sudden friends of yours is show up no air you're like why are they here. At my work right came to work to do my job in all all of a sudden my friend ant man just walked in high end man. Hey what's going on guys Uncle Janis here. We need them more than allow late and then brought some big box in here we I don't know what that is. We'll get to that in a minute. Hi guys ant man's here yes. I don't know why he's got a surprise for you. Man Gracious Cardboard box. He brought his big box. So before we get to eight man's big-box Uncle Johnny we went to a wonderful wonderful event last night Staten Island Violet seller raising money <hes> to fight cancer that was fabulous event the one who is running it in his restaurant him. He is one of the best nicest guys he has met in a long long time. So what happened was <hes> uncle. Johnny was a guest bartender in the other bartenders they all had their own cocktails and so it was a competition yeah so you did you you tried uncle Janis cocktail than the cocktails of all the other bartenders and then whichever drink you like the best you took this cork and you do it in their bucket. What would you say you had to put the clock in the bucket? That's how he put twenty of coffee. Can you say it again. Mike talk in mckean the Cork Sova can they had on in front of you so you put your coke in court yeah yeah okay so so at the other night. Whoever's can had the most corks in it won the contest? Janis can didn't have the most court well. I think they were stealing my corks. I haven then Eddie corks in your case what happened Uncle Johnny. I counted I had more than the others but then all of a sudden I went for a cocktail came back in my caucus with going court so his his cook so wikileak's anyway so it was a great night raise a lot of money it was it was it was it was a great cause and there was a lot of people that lie to fans of the show which which was great it was really really find time and I'm happy I was part of it and to raise the money for such a good card. You know sometimes you can still have a good night without having a little cork in your can absolutely absolutely good morning ant man born and what's going. Who is this some Guy Joey Joey? He was a big help in motivating me with this. What is it now you? Can you describe it because people are listening going. I don't understand there's a box. I don't get it so you can see on top. I made a little bonus replica of the OWL statue. Actually that's an hour now lamp. It looks broken broken so it looks like you. The box is a replica of the big building that we're sitting in right now. Yes right of PNEUMOCOCCAL thirty two avenue of the Americas right right here in downtown Manhattan in the most expensive neighborhood in New York City so if you know me he could tell you when I make gifts for people especially like birthday cards and stuff like that. I like to make custom things. I don't like to go to hallmark. Buy You a car and make something so since you're getting married I had to make an awesome some wedding gifts you ready okay so you're about to pull the building off. There's something underneath the bill earthquake in New York City drum roll ant man is now giving us a the Elvis Iran morning show corner studio. We'll away hold on. It's an exact replica of this weight and they're so ugly man. Sitting in a chair is little action. I figured you and then I actually had had sound to it. Okay in the morning show sports up hold on a second okay. Here's the problem with this. The the challenges is this so frigging cool but no one can see it posted on instagram and everyone can can kathleen come take a picture. How can you get Kathleen? Can you come get a picture alright even as the little thing that we pull down when Liam guests isn't a laugh at this. There's there's little bonus accessories in here. We have your book. Oh my book is which has a Typo on the side from a previous thank you for this is great your iphone I four this is amazing playing with Dunkin donuts sponsor drink okay so wait till you can't tell by listening to this is out of control crazy. That's amazing. What does it do you played? Oh Okay but wait a minute okay. We have to put this up online right now. So people can see vodka look. He's got to think comes down to the corner to you. Max The dog and the court you made this. Would I have to thank my friend Mikey Timpson. He did your the head sculpt. That's a custom action figure scope on marvel legends body with Lord. You're on Standards Body Chris Pratt. Thank you this now so you gave me the dad bond. Ah believable I mean you must have some amazing edibles at the house to have find the time to do. I went to fantasy land with this. I don't take about two and a half three months notice goal microphone. Let me ask you okay so my action figure. It doesn't have a penis. I mean like anatomically correct. I mean you have Samuel Jackson's legs so maybe you never know that is unbelievable. Wait till you see this all right <hes> Catholic can you can you <hes> here. Put on my phone too. I'll put instagram the mind into intricate detail. Almost everyone here knew what was coming except for you showing everybody little pros okay so let's get it up. This is amazing it man thank you. Thank you so much sign that says we're we're running late in the hallway yelling. We'll thank you so much. I tell you what let's get into the three things from Gandhi and take a break so during the commercial I can come down and take a closer look at that. I felt like it just one like the the showcase on prices right after I get to go play with my new jet Ski. I cannot thank you enough. That is unreal all right Gandhi. I'm sorry I'll go look at this. This is pretty Goule is edible. Eat it now the three the three things that we need to know what are they gonNA. Demonstrators Puerto Rico are really really going at it today. Overturned barricades police are setting off tear gas if you didn't know what was going on its protests against against governor roasts CEO now these protests started nine days ago after nine hundred pages of group chats were leaked revealing the group of men mocking women The handicapped and victims of Hurricane Maria a lot of people are calling him corrupt and abusive. They want immediate. Resignation similar protests happening. Here in New York in Miami and Orlando as well. I was talking to our friend in Ricky Santos yesterday he was he said what are you doing. He says I'm in bed watching the live coverage from Puerto Rico. He was watching it all night. People are so pissed off. We met the governor dead. He seemed nice to US seemed like it. He didn't make fun of me about being gay he did not ricky. Martin is one of the people who's really pissed off. Funny called off his European tour to come back to Puerto Rico to all the things that are going on. It's really intense over <hes> big news coming out of Broward County as well officials in Fort Lauderdale are responding to a water main break apparently on a contractor <hes> hit this water main damaged it and now people could be without water in that area for about twenty four hours if not more so prepare yourself if you're around there and finally there's a new type of dating event event where people can go and a three minute powerpoint presentation on why to date their friend. It'll be to a room full of single people help so if I have a buddy who I think you're so dateable. Why aren't you dating? I can go and Pitcher to these people and maybe you'll find a date would love Daniel Daniel to pitch you single digits to hear what he would say. Oh I would actually like to thank you one thousand dollars posh mark free money phone tap is coming up. His name is in the morning. 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Anthony emailed US wanting to phones out both his parents they're retired and they get bombarded with Robo calls every afternoon so they wanted me to call Michael Oppenheimer. Oh scary back in the day he would date girls and they would ask for him to use the Michael Oppenheimer voice when they were having sex scary. How did that go here? We go here. We go love. This is Mr Michael Oppenheimer for sham well. How are you doing today MS and we're not interested in addition? Well was like a towel and a sponge all in one no I'm not interested. Do you have a dog or cat no house for nineteen dollars and ninety five cents. We'll hear you that's a meal. I'll give you h sham wells for that price yes. Why do you wish you todd tried to sell us up Dr by move onto the next person that's telemarketer? Where does a good afternoon Sir Mr Michael Oppenheimer with sham well the product that will make you say Oh dot the pitch? We're not buying it. You can clean up spills. I guarantee you. I wouldn't by Mercedes bed Soviet. I do know that you can use them over and over and over and they'll last for you know and you know you ain't going to get the sales gave up going into next part. Do you know this offer is not available in stores. You gave you a ton of gold for two cents. I I would buy it. Luberon wonderfully your order four larger for Large Sham Wales and I'll give you four mini SAM wells for fro. No it's like a towel but it's a sponge all in one. I don't believe it. No it holds twenty times. Its weight and look how it sucks now. Now it's machine wash. I hate it. Though is Mr Michael Supervisor Supervisor put us God supervised died. I'll call the cops Lou Lod somebody else right. Don't go away the price in half away. Your issued spills fast stopping Lou. How often do they to break can afternoon? This is Mr Michael Oppenheimer time. You know what I used to tell about itself to give it a try and you'll be seeing oh well to the sham. What what do you like this? You have no life. I know you got a girlfriend. You wouldn't be reveal. It's time each in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight showed up shambles up your throat and you can really connect slowly. You've got nothing at hold like even television something to watch you. GotTa Call People Up Beg like this. I don't think you go to bed at the halfway house right now. Scratching the surface is so I'm the only thing that is important in your life right now. I what are you what are you you enlisted. People would be called today Sir. That's probably eighteen times you live. It needs Zeev North Lavar sir. Do you not me. I get this place looking for you Michael Oppenheimer. I have your son right here on the phone. As Oh you such pitches Michael. This is scary Jones with Elvis Duran and the morning show I love you. You guys look toby halfway buzz drunk getting tat. I love that when you pull a phone tap on your parents and they find out that you the person who says I love you as if as if that's going to get you out all right if you have an idea for a phone tap let us know if you know someone who's phone tap of Elvis Mr N. dot com and click on the phone tap link and that was a one thousand dollar wash mark free money phone tap Hulo Maria Colo you just one one thousand dollars. Oh my God. I can't believe he also use your other people winning. It was like a chair. Turn Maria exactly it's your turn. This is your time this. Is You empathic. Thank you so much. Thank you for listening to you. Listen every day I do and I've been calling every day Hugh and then I listened to everybody else. Winning turns and thank you sweet Jesus. You're listening to us and you want it. Thanks for listening. Maria go have a great day two thousand dollars on the way okay thank you to. It's all about posh mark. Good a posh mark download your posh Mark App today use the Promo Code Danielle for ten dollars off if it's twenty bucks. It'll only cost you ten nice. Wow you are fast. You're calculating all right. Johnny is here. We got to play a match game with Uncle Johnny. Oh that's GonNa that'd be fun time. Johnny Uncle Johnny even though you didn't win the bartenders competition last night because they didn't put enough <hes> clocks exactly. You're a winner in our book. You know what I'm saying thank you. I had a wonderful time though we raised a lot of money <hes> it's it's a great price. We contestants for match game. We can play with uncle Johnny one eight hundred two four two zero zero one hundred what could go wrong with uncle johnny what just to say. We need cousins all right. I just said that right. I what do you say you're going to be going to talk to. The microphone could do Daniel in the meantime. I love the done the meantime who hadn't done Danielle Cli- Italian girl with a moustache all right one eight hundred two four two zero one hundred we will play people ready to play on display now. Let's do Daniel Daniel. The four hit four Daniel so pok mon detective Pika Chu is the highest grossing video game movie of All time it has passed Laura Croft Tomb Raider so it is now number one in the U._S. and it even past past warcraft to take the top spot globally so congratulations to poke him on everyone loves their POKEY MONEY SO CUTE POK Mon Yeah Iggy Azalea and the cartoon character pepe pig got into a little bit on twitter her because they're both releasing albums tomorrow and Agee said Collab- with me now all end up breakfast special that that's not very nice piggy. There's a bruce springsteen exhibit but on the way in his hometown it's gonNA open this fall in freehold New Jersey. It will have a hundred and fifty items on display so if you are Bruce springsteen fan you're gonNA definitely want to get out and check that out. When it comes around Mary Lopez leaving extra he is going to be co hosting access Hollywood but on Cross street scandal is three of the game of thrones actors who were nominated for Emmys actually submitted themselves because H. B.? O. DID NOT PUT THEM UP FOR CONSIDERATION I didn't even I know that you could submit yourself look. I'm not in any T._v.. Shows but I'm submitting myself an emmy next year all the awards we get on the show. We submitted those ourselves apple. T._V. has a new peanut series coming. It's called snoopy in space. A NETFLIX has cancelled. She's gotTa have it. It's been on for two seasons Spike Lee. He said you know what I'm not going to let it go. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA shop it to other outlets and see what happens on a new poll has found that the Marvel University is the most popular fandom sixty three people are the sixty three percent of people say that they are so into it. Dr Wars comes in second and the D._C.. Universe comes in at number three Harry Potter is fourth and Star Trek comes in at number tournament marvel. You're talking about he could chew now about the ant man. He's all the an and I know he. He loves all that stuff. <hes> what else what else you got <hes> what's on T._v.. Tonight you've got secret obsession on Netflix Hollywood game night also the One hundred fiftieth episode of elementary and if you're a scooby Doo Fan Scooby Doo and guess who unbe Lorraine. Thank you Danielle all right. It's time to match the stars. Unfortunately no star showed up so we're going to match uncle Johnny in all right. Here's my worst glamorous to give away. We do scary. Hey it's the brand new dynamic espresso machine from delong only espresso machine with true brew over Ice Technology Mantra Espressos law taste cappuccinos and now the perfect iced coffee anytime with the touch of a button so available. It's Lik bloomingdale's. Okay GonNA win your very own dynamic. We loved along all right. Let's get into Mashburn uncle Johnny. You know how to play right. Oh sure that this before I think over the past for us yeah we have uncle Johnny and it's a pleasure to have you here today. It's good to be sober. We're not doing uncle Johnny cocktails. We thought we would go over well. I had a little coffee this morning with would send Buca inside a splash. We're welcome to match game. <hes> let's see contestant number when Nikki Hi Nikki. I Good Morning Good Morning. Welcome to the show now. Do you know how to play match game. I all can you just refresh me. Tell you what I'm going to read. A sentence that has a blanket in GonNa do is try to see how many people in this room will say the same thing for that blanket. You will say all right okay so don't give me your answer immediately here we go. It's so hot outside how Al Hi it's so hot uncle Janis bartending instead of keeping a joint under his toupee uncle. Johnny has a blank under his toupee right so once again think about it. Don't give me the entry at Nike the Stars or writing down their answers. It's really hot outside usually uncle. Johnny has a joint rolled up under his toupee. Today I know I did. I smoked it. Okay so usually go. Johnny has a joint under payment. It's so hot hi it's so hot. He is something else under his toupee so looking real okay guys froggy. You're your own all right here we go. Did you think about your answer. Nicki here. We go so hot outside instead of a joint under uncle Janis to pay uncle. Johnny has a blank under his to pay. What do you think that is? I'M GONNA say wet towel a wet towel okay. They never know sometimes the stars Gandhi. It's so hot outside rather than a joint under Uncle Janis toupee he has a blank under his toupee cold beer a cold all right right froggy instead of joint under uncle Johnny to pay it so hot. He has a what under his toupee frozen Margarita a frozen Margarita all right so far it makes sense because he's a bartender the ad uncle Johnny yes Ohi- outside instead of a joint under youtube you're to pay you have a what under your to pay. I have a fan. I have a lot of fans. This is just miserable <music> instead of joint under his toupee. It's so hot uncle Johnny has what under his dupay liberal later like the frigerator we're looking for a cold all wet towel instead of a joint underpay so high he has under up by the way Nikki in the history of this game. There are a lot of times. We don't have a match so you may still rent. It gets that bad all right well. Let's move onto Sammy high. Sammy Hurry did Marnie and boy did <hes> all right so you don't have match games. Match came works right yeah okay well here we go. Don't give me your answer immediately. Give the Stars History Tiller answers all right as you know Disney's live action. The Lion King just opened and there's already a porn version of the film in that version instead of seeing po-keun Matata they sing a KUNA MONTBLANC. It's okay the lion king now a porn version instead of the Song Ho Kuna Matata in the porn version they sing HAKUNA MONTBLANC right down your enter Uncle John froggy ready to go all right here we go sammy for your own Delong dynamic the touch of a button whom a nice coffee cocteau all right <hes> in the porn version of the lion king instead of singing a Kuna Matata. They sing a KUNA MONTBLANC how they say Hukou Not Mukunda Akhoon Amato's now I feel good uh-huh Gandhi. There's a porn version already the lion king right instead of seeing a KUNA Matata they sing a Kuna Ma. I said Hukou sausage good answer is hey froggy in the porn version of the lion king instead of Hukou Matata. They saying her KUNA. I got a KUNA nuts. It doesn't even make sense uncle Johnny yes in the porn version of the lion king rather than singing Kuna Matata they sing her Kuna Pat Tasr well I know but we still have more to go. Hey scary instead of seeing her Kuna Matata in the porn version of Lion King they sing Hakuna Poon Poon <music> Puna no okay in the porn version of the Lion King. They don't sing Kuna Matata. They sing a KUNA all right well. We do have a winner. Sammy till semi what she go. It is the brand new dynamic espresso machine from delong where you can just got true over. That's all you need to know all right. Thank Bruce thanks for listening to me. Sent Nikki Shirt have savvy and there you go KUNA Matata all right coming up. I didn't already have sound with Garrett coming up. Eric Hang on good job uncle Joey Elvis in the morning show. You probably know that Marie Antoinette never versus. Let them eat cake but here's something she did say as she was led to the Guillotine. marie-antoinette accidentally stepped on her executioners fight her final words were. I'm sorry I didn't mean to do it. I'm Danish wards. I am the host of noble blood a new podcast from iheartradio and Aaron mink each episode focuses on a single story from the life of one of history's most fascinating royds for Marie Antoinette during her final days to the Baronet Lost Austin see might have reappeared as Australian farm. The world is full of ill fated love affairs bad decisions and family drama the firm honor the personal determines the fate of nations and when you're wearing a crown. Mistakes tend to be deadly listening subscribe at Apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts twenty six million calls connected on the battlefields of Europe. 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Janey Ward was sixteen years old when she died under mysterious circumstances she was at a party at cabin in the woods in the small town of Marshall Arkansas stores fell off my daughter would be I'm Katherine Townsend and I'm heading back to Arkansas on a new you case to find out what happened to Jamie Ward on September ninth nine hundred eighty nine when there's no justice done it hurts a lot of people town listen to how and gone on Apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts available July twenty fourth. This is the outcast a weekly podcast about what it means to be clear today by out magazine and it's staffers. I'm your host. France Rondo the deputy editor at out magazine. This label gets thrown on her. She doesn't necessarily identify yourself that way. Everything you see on drag race you saw in Harrison's burning. I just WANNA be like mislaid soaking up brilliant listen and subscribed the outcast on apple podcast the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts the bad thing on radio. I love Elvis threat in the morning show. It's humorous. It's fun. They live with Elvis Duran sex it if he's really funny he's like the Rock Group wakes me up in the morning. I'm driving. Were really pappy and happy in the morning. I could see them as my friends. I'm over in Toy story in the morning show. Let me tell you something. The Orange County fairs going on this weekend Sunday night and Middletown New York our own scary Jones will be there with ninety-six one kiss F._M.. And Beautiful Poughkeepsie New York on stage introducing the hot touquet consul scary what I think of popped okay I think of you so that's the Orange County fair Sunday night in Middletown injures New York have a great time scary. Hey we're getting ready for a big party to found blew the Beautiful Fountain Blue Miami Beach where I was conceived story right I didn't I heard it the the other day but I don't know the actual story I mean my mom and dad went to they used to go to the Fountain Blue and Miami Beach and in the suite which we've stayed in which is kind of weird. They did it and here. I am Blue Baby Blue Baby. It's so weird sleeping in the same bedroom where you were conceived. I think they changed the sheets by now. You want to join us for the summer. Pool Party will fly you in two nights at the Fountain Blue Miami Beach Round trip airfare unless you live in the Miami beach area which make does it make sense. Also you'll have access to the show broadcast in the morning Pool Party breakfast everything the concert at night. It's going to be amazing. It's happening August eight. If you want to join us go to y one hundred dot com for all the Info if you want to win your trip go to Elvis Duran Dot COM keyword contests. That's where you'll find the entry info and all the rules Elvis Duran dot com contest slash contests. Where's my musics carrying around the room? What's on your mind today Gandhi? I found something on H._B._O.. Yesterday that is fascinating saying I know we all are into true crime. There's a series called behind closed doors. It's about one of the most infamous murders that happened in India and what what's going on with it and I can't. I can't get enough. It's crazy so if you're interested H._B._O.. Behind closed doors we're so into crime in murdering yeah I know discovery I._D.. Channel how God and then they take they take like a one minute murder story and turn it into thirty minutes. Oh yes this is at least to this one. Let's go around the room to uncle johnny uncle Johnny. Please go right ahead last last night. We had a great job fundraiser for cancer and I came into the city from fire island for that and now I'm doing this and I'm on my way back out to Cherry Grove to cherries and I'm going to be there for the rest of the summer and I wanNA thank everybody everybody who comes out there to see me and to get the t shirts hello lady that I give out the lady shirts and I WanNa thank you and now be out there for the rest of the summer so pure environment and WanNa come say hello. I'll be cherries alright uncle johnny there you go uncle Johnny behind the bar pay froggy. What's up with you? You know all this. I have a disease that is sweeping the country. It's called Prime Nisha. Do you know what prime easiest talking about Prime Nijaz when you bought stuff on Amazon earlier this week on Prime Day and you don't have a damn clue. What's coming to your house? There's new box every day that stuff so now. It's like a new president for yourself every day. You don't even know what it is yesterday. I opened the box. I leave you remember ordering what came in this box but I'm sure I did Prime Asia Asia. I got it. I got an IPAD add yesterday and I got some sponges how fun hey producer Sam. What's on your mind today? I had a night last night that I thought was so amazing and I want more people to do it. I hung out with my friends Andrew and and our friend Michelle from six PM to midnight and all we did was talk. We sat around a table and had a glass of wine and just spoke there was no television. There was no shows there was no anything ended up being such a great time. I'm like you know what this doesn't happen enough with the people anymore so make a plan to do nothing just sit with the people who actually care about all and chat with them. I'm I'm with you. It was wonderful it around the room before we get to. I had a lunch with Gandhi yesterday. The next time I want Danielle Danielle was Ed Danielle in the next time had someone else and before you know what we'll do a lunch with all fifty of us wish you would have been there. Gandhi and I just had the best lunch date yesterday. It was Indian food. I love it was nice conversation station. I can't even like this is a time always always love ordering Peas Palau because it sounds like you no. I'm begging Daniel. What's up with you? Don't do it then you get pregnant <music> anyway. I have two grown kids right when that grown but they're big right and I'm a mom but sometimes I swear him a ten year old boy because I by the rusty not talked with the rusty knock a bar probably on the west side highway and I look dude is the most united spit on the west side highway since before we were born. It's been recipe. Don't funny. It's I'm a ten year old boy. Really we go out. We're GONNA take Daniel to the rusty. Rusty not is definitely there. It is exactly what you think. It is all right excellent. Let's get into sound with Garrett Garrett. What good morning all right let's start with Jimmy Kimmel last night Cardi B. Our friends stop by and Kimmel help people understand Cardi B.'s lyrics to her song clout inaam the bonding thick of me off Santo Daime get a response? They're aware of her talent and they're just trying to get a rise out out of her. I know they're mean is somebody just got to pay to launch their lashing out you guys because their popularity is waning. Yes every single time so happy right now. I can't even explain the Jimmy all right. Let's turn to you A._B._C.. Seven in Detroit serious problem going on summertime community pool. There's a mystery pooper going around down while it is staying discovery at a neighborhood pool in mccomb township Champi Association says someone left Human Waste right in the water southern Action News reporter Rudy Harper tells us workers believe the culprit did it on purpose. The Homes Association President would not talk to us about this mess in fact. She told us to leave here. Are they posted about it. On social media and say not only happened once not twice but three times and residents tell us it happened again this week. Oh that was my worst nightmare as a lifeguard getting that that potential like Hayes Hey. There's something floating in the pool because you have to drain the pool. Even if it's a candy bar even if it's a candy bar then scoop it out and clean it and invite this happens Gary was at the Golden Nugget corrine Brown. Let me tell you about Helen Leeway. She holds the Guinness Book World Record for the lowest vocal notes sung by a female now. This note is called D. Two registers at seventy two point five hurt the whole the world record for that or your balls jiggling now. Let me tell you about the email Guinness Book World Record Holder Tim Storm now. Here's a sample of his lowest note now. It's only a sample because his lowest note you cannot hear only animals like elephants can hear it so here's attentional elephant. Yes listen. Can you imagine and goes lower it in my balls. Thank you thank you John. I was curious now played a lion king match game. Just a few minutes ago and Kim comes out on Friday. The vocal group Pentatonic stay cover a classic. Can you feel the love tonight. It's great talk some more keychain. What I hear it again all right gary thanks my favorite film <hes> Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory original yeah the one with Eddie Albert Jack Albertson from Chico when the man anyway so I watched the original Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory and I'm thinking this would never happen in real life which part of it the Opel? Maybe you're right. Maybe all the thing that got disgusted with in this film. Is You know Charlie lives with his GRANDPA. I think his mother yeah and then three other old people in this one little apartment with eight beds okay they can happen but anyway Charlie walks into this room with all these old people who are just in bed and I haven't been out of bed in years. I haven't walked you know they stink Charlie. Never goes oh GRANDPA. You smell like you know what I'm saying totally agree and so. I'm thinking it's not real now. Charlie would never be able to stay in this room with fecal matter on the floor disgust. There's so many inconsistencies like the mighty ducks were my favorite movies still might be but in the second one they go to the junior Olympics mix and then all of a sudden they like meet this kid who was like street hockey player and they just say hey join our team. The Olympics of already started and they just add someone to the roster can't do that that is it's the magic of film I guess this kid can be totally okay walking into a room full of old people that stink and you can just join midseason exactly what I didn't understand either like Charlie's grandfather is like in his bed and he can't move and he can't seem to get up but yet when he gets that golden ticket he gets off the fact gold-digging granddad workmen's comp fraud right there. I noticed what you're watching these thriller movies or Horror Movies and then you hear noises in the attic. First thing I would do is call the police but they've never do they always have to go and investigate the situation. The first thing I would do is get out of the habit but God forbid you turn on a light. If you're going to go investigate it. Everything's in the dark and no way that would never happen in real life and I got one ever seen the fast and furious part eight so they they're driving their cars on like an ocean that froze froze over and a Russian submarine comes up into the ice breaks. It's it's running after them and then shoots like missile right after at the cars and I'm like this is so so make believe they would never be able to drive around the ice on a Russian sub not real. We're talking about films that are a little more reality not science fiction with a senior more reality right well okay. This is science fiction but there's one one part that drives me nuts. We all saw Jurassic Park loss world. We're not the last world the newest one whatever it was called. Bryce Dallas Howard in that movie is wearing high heels through the whole thing running through the jungle dinosaurs like at what point I would have been like take listings off. I was yelling at the whole movie at drove me nuts when she wanted to work hot well she did but I just felt like oh her feet a woman never takes off her ridiculous. PTERODACTYLS fly down in Flyer. These angels was the same way remember would like kick like the bad guy with their heels and stuff will fly off. It's not even going to happen. Why is it that that some films like about government and conspiracy things and people have to break into computer files? Everyone could be a hacker within within five seconds on the keyboard and do in ten seconds to the police records all I found out that information handed pass by real fast who more food and drink okay if you notice whenever someone goes to buy something like a drink or some food or whatever they just give them money you never they never take the time to get the change back and you never see the reach into a cash register or anything like that secondly. They never touched the food they you can see a restaurant kitchen table somewhere and there's and there's food in front of you and they never eat it. He never stopped to take it'd be weird. You can't talk and deliver lines if your mouth is full but that's not really reality would be hold on a second as you tell you reality a you'd be talking while you're eating that any scary talks and spits food while he would be a great eating actor or a crappy eating actor wanted to know when they snort lines like cocaine but I wanna know like what are they. What are they faking 'cause if they're really snorting lines? What is the cocaine what goes in their nose powder? I don't know what Gandhi is looking at doing. What are they snort in movies actors really snort shoot and so while you look to that now a hold on the answer going while I want one movie problem at a time yes scary go so what about when people are in cars and they're trying to go someplace to destination? There's always a spot right out front. They don't have to circle for parking. We call that Doris Day parking because Doris Day was an actress a long long long long time ago in every removing she did she would pull right up front and just park and so every time we go shopping and parking space for Oh my God doors park. My Dad always says. Didn't I tell you I called ahead. Thanks that's such a dead so apparently there are different concoctions but the most popular one is a bit of cornstarch mixed with baby powder. Yes they set just regular starches too sticky and heavy. How does he make them sneeze? Maybe it does does that get it or what about when they're trying to break into into a car to escape someone in the doors. Just open the keys in the visor. Yes full down break in the for just a minute okay. Look you remember how many years ago when the car alarms were the yeah. I used to remember in order. All the different sounds good so I haven't heard one of those in a thousand years. I heard when they're that good God man year but I have never heard any of my cars alarms ever. I don't even what they sound like anymore. Is it because people aren't breaking in people are you can't just shake the car and make it go off. What is happened in car technology that I missed? Maybe we should send t out to like go shake all the car we used to do this. What was a bit we I used to do our alarm? No car alarm tomorrow. A caller would say either Carlino carline drive the cardio and then you do be on the street. He was moving the car and it's a car went off and they sent Carl. They win the prime goal. Remember those locks us to put on the car. What was that o'clock there? Yeah you put it on your steering. The I called it car cuff but then there's the other did most the most popular one is the crook lock now now. That was the cheap one manufactured by the knockoff. It's called the club the club the club so I have my house out in the middle of nowhere I mean there is not a house within a hundred miles from my house right so we invited scary to the House for a party he pulls behind in front of the barn and he closes his door. He puts on the club closes the door in here the alarm what the hell are you doing setting. You're putting on your club. In the middle of nowhere my first experience in the suburbs I had no idea ignition cutoff switch on top of that as a secondary <hes> bypass. My city boy in the country are rabbit hop bye he went oh my God so much pet gone out on a pet. I get it though loving taking scary out of the city any time I ever saw rabbit. It was always in a cage hey to be fed carrots by my neighbors back to the movies. I still don't understand like titanic when what's sinks. She's floating on that like out of the piece of wood that she really liked last in the water all that time nine I to me. It's like shoot a frozen never let you go from my heart sharing my door with you. You GotTa go let me go. I WANNA I WANNA know why would a hero takes on a bunch of villains they although attack him at once. It's I always wonder that they always take turns especially in like kung-fu noticed about car scenes like when they're chasing each other like or in the police car chasing scenes like right now. We've got cameras everywhere. There's no escaping but in these movies they seem to somehow get away from them and unlike a car crashes into something like pit bulls whiles over it was also in the car chase scenes. You're going down an alley in the car in front right goes by and then all of a sudden a moving truck pulls out now about when things explode like giant explosions and people are just walking away from it all cool like there there hasn't Extrapol- your ears would hurt you would fall down something walkaway smoking in the scrip okay and I don't get your sore or if your captain America if you have like seventy five people coming at you that one person is not kicking their butts walking away. It's so ridiculous. I'm like there is no way in hell that this just happened. It's in the script uh-huh show sponsored by state farm protect your car and home with the one. That's here to help your life go right state farm talk to an agent today at one eight hundred state farm. Let's get to know our interns interns today. We're meeting Robbie. Emily Megan Kinney. Not much about Robbie already feels wrong of your. I just read four names five people's walking when four there's four snake so let's get to know you nate so okay so let's will end with Robbie so you know what there's something really cool about our internship program daybreak as in charge and he always brings us the most incredibly cool gifted wonderful interesting multidimensional interns turns every single season. I don't know how you do it you really do. Let's start with kitty good morning. kiddie welcome to the microphone come on Mourning Mourning Mourning so have you turned on other media show. The radio shows are in other media outlets. I ran my school's radio stations grand that this past year <hes> I was hip hop director there for a bit then I was training director and then I was general manager this past year School University Albany go on in Albany. That's so cool yeah so anything interesting you WANNA point out about your internship here at the Elvis Duran Morning Show I love I love it. I was here last summer and now I'm back helping out with you. Guys is a little bit helping out on z one hundred. I just love all the cool people I've met the interns or super cool. I think we're definitely as interim class. Where a lot closer than last year yeah so it's really nice people but you live at you live in a in a very very nice apartment on central park very nice way to put it well most most interns living in small little dorm room somewhere nobody apartments in the past so instead of living in one of those I live in a one bedroom apartment with my retired mother that was built in the forties so that's definitely better show you do come from a family of privilege and so but but still your do you want to get out there in the workforce and do your <unk> own thing? I Love Your family football team. No big deal was also one way to put it. It's okay the Baltimore Ravens seem so my my great uncle was art modell so I shop at him all the time choice so your religion the modell's hanging out with the modell a big family. I have a very big family. MY ANCESTRY DOT COM account is easy to get lost but so I do have my cousins are modell's so if you shop at modell's high that's us us. If you don't live in the northeast you may not be familiar modell's as a it's a huge sporting goods store and whatever what they used to do for like <hes> trick or treating these to give out modell's gift cards their house anyway for the family. Let you know that we have an entire spectrum of backgrounds grounds for all of our interns so anyone have a question for Kitty Kitty question. Oh Kitty so you said that this class of interns by is closer than less was there. was there something going on with. I don't think there is like beef. I think just like we have like a group Chat Pat last year and it just never really kicked off. Where's this year? There's a whole snapchat group and like I really don't even use snapchat but now we're like. We're on it all the time. We're always talking taking videos of each other. Robbie took a weird stalker video of me recently with that one no yeah I didn't even know it someone told me and then I had to find out secondhand yeah cool there might become beef who knows so as far as interning on the Elvis Duran morning show has anything occurred here that has actually actually put you on a different pathway to a different <hes> profession possibly or other other questions you have about your future because of this internship I mean definitely I think that like <hes> I have always known. I've wanted to work like in entertainment <hes> preferably in music but I I find myself more convinced that like iheartradio might be where I wanNA start my career because I really enjoyed here. I'm not just saying that because like I'm here on air now. I promise I promise I say this like Maxwell all the time okay. That's cool this each the worst around here yeah everybody just respectfully out of everyone. I think maxed around now actually likes me know everyone. Everyone is really sweet. It's scary as a question. I was GONNA ask who is your favorite and your least favorite member of Elvis Duran in the morning. She's very fair question. A witness will answer the question. I know scary wants me to say he's my favorite but deaf but I will say like scary was one of the nicest people to me last year so I definitely I love scary. I love everybody on this. Pick one. You can't do that. Oh my God. I don't know I'm going to say brody because I feel like he controls my future intern Kiddie Kiddie come on. Let's move onto intern Megan. Come on intern Mega Good Morning Megan morning. Are you enjoying your internship at the Elvis Duran morning show. Yes I love it understand. It sounds weird to me to speak of of myself in the third person yeah. He's a nice guy. Elvis Duran is a great guy from Megan's point of view. Okay good okay. You're saying this. Is your second round with us. This is my second summer. So what brought you back. You could have gone anywhere. Why did you want to come back to the Elvis Duran morning? Show I absolutely love it like people say it's hard with the mornings and whenever I tell them oh I have to get on the three fifty eight train to get in here on time. They're like how you do. It and it's honestly just like for the love of it. We must not be as bad as we think. We just haven't seen it yet to school I go to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Go vol's from originally Long Island so you grew up listening thing to us. Oh yeah definitely I actually came and visited <hes> when Carla Marie was on the show my aunt was friends with her and she let us come up and do a tour and I saw you guys and it was like the old studio right yeah. Hey <hes> it's kind of interesting uh of people who come visit us before the become interns. It seems like we would have scared you know Oh my God. I got my foot in the water. I got a taste and I was hooked so I mean I don't know exactly. I don't know if you know exactly where it is. You want to end up in land. But where do you think you would like to go in this business honestly anywhere around music. I grew up doing music my whole life. I'm in a band right now. We play on the weekends cover band. I sing and I play Guitar Right. Hold on guys play instruments at all interview. Robbie does float Robbie Danielle intern banding anyway sorry about that any questions for intern Megan. I really liked the WHO is your favorite and least favorite member. Oh my God this is really tough but elvis because his name is on the show probably uh-huh yes completely choice. Thank you least favorite. I know Jake always gives me. These looks when he walks by can't tell ya it's kind of creepy yellow bag you question them. After taking back to two kitty asked the same question. What is your favorite Elvis Duran morning show talent fit that you've witnessed? We're under the pressure here to put a show on. Sometimes you know the pressure get to talk and we have we throw fit like little babies little tantrums. I won't really call it a Tantrum but sometimes I'm sitting in the other studio and I just hear thuds coming behind me and it's Greg t sprinting back and forth cursing being like Oh call me back doc intimate hearing not and then not really seeing them go but then walking like watching him huffing poss- coming back we now reserve the right to bring kitty back to nosed any talent Allan Phipps any <hes> tantrums being thrown by any members of the show. Oh God you can speak freely. No one's going to fire probably like I. I don't know I guess like Brody when when he gets mad about like sports or something he does. He gets all mad about stuff that he can't control. That's what is totally out of. who was her least favorite number of the cell? That's true I ever I never I answered that lease favorite on I'm not stealing your answer. I am going to say Jake. I love him to death but he got angry at me for yawning today as he does with most random things that I will do person yawning thing is a human dead in the face as he does to every single intern he goes stop yawning exercise our thank you kitty. Thanks for the recall of answering attorney Emily Emily welcome I know. Have you noticed anyone. Throw any sort of Tantrum or fit your show my favorite is you. Oh you had a right to remember. When you got rained on really that was I honestly Kinda? Handle it well. I was surprised they didn't have closed down or walk to work in the pouring rain again. You and I have my dog Max with me. It was a bad day back. There was no umbrella just wondering we're getting to know some of our favorite interns her here today so right now. We're talking to internationally so emily any observations from your time here her at the Elvis Duran morning show that you want to share something. Maybe we don't notice being here in our cage every day. You may see something we need to know about. I don't know I guess how casual you guys just taught like when you guys are talking. It just seems like you're just hanging out <music>. I wasn't expecting that. I don't know what I pictured it to look like natural but it's all scripted not one script. That's the satisfy I guess you can really just say like anything like you really do. They just run in and or like the mapping. We've run in like randomly like show you something to say and you say well. That's what we do. It really is the easiest job on earth. They pay us a Butler money to do it. How about all the money you make money? It's so great you feel bad. Okay so your favorite and least favorite on the show people that you connect with the most and least <hes> my favorite is actually brody because I tell people he he could be like. You're not that old but you could be like my grandpa. You're next anti-hunt totally skipped over the fact he skipped over the your father because he's really cute. He's cute like man cute man Dan Haircut and it was like a haircut. Maybe so happy act which I don't know I've never talked to Josh in my life by the way to be. Josh does a lot of our the sound he's he's sculpture sound of our show and he doesn't very dark cave and when you get to know Josh he's one of the sweetest people in the world he loves he loves comic books and he loves Disney. You'd never think Johnson Disney freak is it's cool thing all right so any final thoughts before you give the Florida Robbie by the way. What do you guys all think of Robbie? He's a very interesting odd quirk of nature. I believe an absolute wildcard. You'd never know what's GonNa come out of his mouth. Only that's the only thing I know about him is his sex life about one under my sky. Though I do wonder you know working for a big corporation if we're liable for anything with him out there spewing information about his sex life and we really got to be careful with that yeah well. That's why I asked him in the back if you guys meant to go to commercial right when he started talking about that he got paid for sex by the way we're about to get back into that in a moment the computer tells us what time we have to take a break just so happened. The computer said it's time for US perfect 'cause he was like yeah I have and it was like oh it's durant in the morning show plus you notice that as well all right well thank you very much best interns. We do absolutely and keep in mind in brody's. He is the wizard at choosing choose a clunker but we haven't Rambagh skills only one this semester. Thank you want to intern Robbie. I everybody gets that Robbie's background is such where he comes from a very liberal artistic family family. I do your mom painter and artist. She's a murless and your father. Murless your father. What is your father? He's in commercial real estate. That's actually how they met. He wanted a mural painted on his building and he hired my mom to do it very cute tablings any I have four biological siblings three biological siblings and couple stepbrothers stepsister Ish <hes> my family always has people living with us so I call them my siblings because they've lived with me for my whole child horse one from France France one from Tanzania Tanzania or is in Africa. Yes okay so let me ask you this question. Did you grow up going to rather than going to public school. You went to like nude encounter groups. I went to a quaker school. Okay Okay so very nice yes which was I think that's probably why I am how I am. Crackers are very huge community so I really love the quakers spreading their sweet. People wait a minute. No one's blaming anyone on anything. Did you hear blame casting casting blame. No we think you're going to get to it. Oh no blame no play okay so last time we spoke with you on our show. The question was have you ever been paid for sex and then you said. Is it okay to talk about that and then we just assumed at that point you're guilty not is short hair point. You've actually been paid cash or trips furs jewelry alcohol okay well sixty dollars worth of alcohol ago. There was a receipt aw it was after a stripping Gig. The girls who hired US said hey robby are would you be able to stay back a little bit with our friend for maybe a little extra. Something and I was like okay yeah so I didn't feel I will be honest. I didn't feel great about myself. Afterwards though dollars is pretty low you let me ask you a question the Robert you could have easily said no I couldn't you choose my chose to wasn't a part of choosing being to do so fun yet good time. Do you want to see what would happen. I think that's what it was. I was like Oh this would be an awesome story to tell right and you weren't desperate for alcoholism in alcoholics and you needed that fix and so you had to get it through sex. No there was no there is no foul play besides illegal prostitution but I don't don't if you're thinking about it don't do it. I don't know humiliating what you're saying it was it wasn't really humiliating. I was like am I really worth that much like that. I don't know for me. I was just like I like that. Didn't that's not how I want. I want the person who I'm doing it with me. I want to obviously they wanted. I guess that's true I emotionally but physically works to just looking at him thinking. Can you come over and talk and show my kids what not to do. Does your mom know that you are out there playing around and having a good time she does yes she does see my mom. Does my my dad does. She doesn't like it when I talk about it graphically but you're saying when you say graphically. What does that mean my how graphic in my lot get? I mean sometimes to bugger. I give have graphic details of what I did last weekend. She doesn't like the actual physical actual movements and things but we gotta keep it on. We have to keep the schedule going here so as we've asked our other her favourite enter today I gotta say this intern classes. My favorite of you guys guys outrace. We're having a party individuals. You're all have your own thing going on and that's what makes the whole stronger as you may know when somebody who your favorite and least favorite people to work with on the show people you've connected with the most and the least any observations down that road greg t is amazing uh-huh I grew up listening and you hear Greg. There's no way that's him and then you show up and that's exactly pretty much. He's walking by t he goes to the show's very stand offish people who were on the show who are in this room. I honestly you guys are maybe going to make me say one I can't I can't say anything negative about anybody. I didn't request a negative comment. I'm like who who is the least who's the least likely to get to know on the show probably why. They still stripper name Michael Michael J. Jaycox when you were diaper also Michael J. Hey question original being no name that greatest all right so but what as far as an internship goes. I know we have a lot of FUN Games but at the end of the day it's business I mean. Are you actually learning something here. Josh is I work with Josh doing all of his audio production stuff. He's the best he I've never met somebody so talented on pro tools. I can't can't argue that you are a pro tool charge money then cost that much either I hear so this is <music> our interns everyone because Robbie Emily Megan Kitty. Thank you guys for coming in and by the way I will tell you another added bonus with Robbie's he knows sign language and so. Why do you know sign language? I I failed my Spanish placement exam so I needed to pick a new language and they loved it and he's actually been using it for good stuff. I have been yeah I love. It and I'm going to study at the National University for the different hard of hearing noticed about you and I know I know some people have pointed this out when you're just having a conversation with anyone someone who can hear perfectly well. You actually use sign language without knowing it probably because I'm always practicing so sometimes I saw what I talk like. He's doing right yeah. I I love you carol fantastic interns of Elvis Duran morning pay Katy Perry harm Shawn Mendez Elvis Duran Duran and the morning in south Elvis Duran in the morning show we love summer but some are will end. I've got bad news. Summer will come to an end and yes I hate it but also tate's hates bake shops moore's cookies and coconut blondie cookies. They're coming to an end to their here. Just for summer only all-news let's start with the smallest cookies chocolate marshmallow goodness of campfires s'mores I love those and the coconut blondie cookies a perfect summary Twist on fresh baked blondie but sounds kind of creepy in a way to blondie hop in the oven. I love tapes cookies. <hes> as as a matter of fact I was at at Tate's bake shop in Southampton the original one last weekend so much easier to go down to the grocery store down the down the street redivided so wherever you go this summer to a barbecue to a party don't go empty-handed. You don't have to bring an expensive bottle of wine. You can take a beautiful bag of Tate's bake shop cookie start with the foundation the chocolate ship buttery crispy cookies that they have year round and there's several flavors s'mores and coconut blondie look for the reds Moore's bags that blue coconut blondie bags available at your local market limited edition summer cookies. They're gonNA go fast just like summer. We love you tate's bake shop the morning show hey suzy it's Elvis Danielle and Gandhi and froggy and scary and straight nate and great tea and high reporting so wait. Oh you missed your exit why I was driving to my stomach bed appointment and I was listening to you guys and totally not paying attention to where it was supposed to drive so I missed my turn. We have an effect on people we we've. We totally shattered people's brain cells and trains of thought so where're you going. What's your appointment where you're going my stunk unease her vaccinations so she is going to the vet this morning? I'm sorry let's rewind skunk. Your skunk needs her vaccinations. Yes did you take out the stinker in the skunk. Yes they're actually my skunk is a further form reject so she was rescued from perform. The sentiment was removed when she was a couple of weeks old and now she's an awesome pet. Raccoon raccoons are awesome. I used to keep raccoons met somebody who had a skunk as a pet and she told me the skunk needed therapy. This is too far. He's just doing okay. I mean you know mentally usually the people need therapy not banned. I so agree okay so raccoons skunks. What other pets have you had <hes> keep venomous list reptiles? I keep Al's my I have a Fox just on all kinds of stuff. I feel so lame having a Schnauzer I have one dog one dog and the restaurant exotics look <hes> <hes> God bless you and you did take all his safe at the house or what what's your skunks name. Her name is winter. She Will WanNa while by no skunk. It's getting better and better with no sticker. She may need therapy all right. We'll term around make a U-TURN and go to the the vet's office and thanks for listening. Thanks guys thanks for all right Danielle. What's going on all right so poll found that the Marvel Universe is the most popular fandom sixty three percent of people say yeah I'm into it? I am a Metoo Star Wars next sixty percent followed by the D._C.. Universe with fifty nine percent <hes> so congratulations to all of the winners I feel also good about this. Don't focus on detective ticket to that's the highest grossing video game movie of all time impasse Lara Croft Tomb Raider and it recently became number one in the U._S. and now it past warcraft to take the top spot globally which is pretty cool. There's a new version of gossip girl on the way it's going to H._B._O.. Max which is a new streaming service will be launching next year no word whether we have returning characters but I have heard that all the action will revolve around a new generation so I'm guessing most of the characters will be younger and new younger younger Gaza rusher Dawson Perry talked about why she made peace with Taylor swift she said I realized how much we have in common and that we should attock surely celebrate this and we should be able to be there for each other and that's one of the reasons that they're you're talking about friendly. I three of the game of thrones actors were nominated for Emmys submitted themselves because H._B._O.. Didn't enter them for consideration crazy so <hes> the person who plays Alfie no always theon theon theon brand is that right brand of Tarp Yup and the person that plays Melissa dry massaged okay. Can you tell I do not watch game of thrones. I didn't even know that you could put your name in a nominate yourself. I had no idea I think that somebody else had to do it in either yet. It's kind of interesting but they're up there and they're up for awards. I'll pull his found a why already told Dr Sanjay Book adopted a rescue dog. It is a poodle two years old. If you didn't know about a year ago her two dogs poppy and Ruby they died within days of each other and she was obviously devastated so now she's adopted a new puppy and she is very very happy. Charges were dropped against Kevin Spacey in the case of a man and who claimed he groped him at a bar in a message in Massachusetts three years ago. The case actually fell apart because the accused refused to testify among other things so it is not going to court as of right now is real sticky story in Boston. When I was living there yeah I'm sure and IGGY AZALEA AH hey take aim at pepe pig because both of them actually have album's coming up tomorrow so she took to twitter and he told Papa that if you don't Collab- with me you're going to end up as breakfast specials okay? Do you call it beef with the big. I guess you do okay heartbreak here. Everything you missed with Duran Duran in the morning audible gives members more than ever before this summer you you can enjoy everything from best selling audio books and exclusive originals to audio fitness and meditation start a Free Thirty Day audible trial and your first audiobook is absolutely free visit audible dot com slash Elvis as you know the iheartradio Music Festival going down in Vegas this year Alicia Keys Communica Baeau chance the rapper French Montana Palsy her marshmallow Stevia key and ready for the new one yeah backstreet boys backstreet boys and into our huge humongous list of superstars at the iheartradio Music Festival Las Vegas go to IHEART FESTIVAL DOT COM. Buy Your tickets make a road trip Gandhi the three things we need to know right now all right thousands of protestors are taking to the streets in Puerto Rico in opposition of governor rose CEO. These protests started over a week ago after nine. Hundred pages of group chats were leaked and from these group chats we saw that he slows the other people in the group were mocking women mocking the handicapped and mocking victims of Hurricane Maria many people calling him corrupt abusive. They want his immediate resignation. Celebrities are flying in for this bad bunny cancelled a European leg of his tour to comeback and similar protests are actually happening here in New York in Miami and Orlando as well. Miriam Webster says that the top searches on its site last night included Racism Socialism Fascism xenophobia and bigot you might wonder why and that's because of president trump's rally in north North Carolina where he continued his attacks on a group of minority congresswoman the crowd actually started chanting send her back. Keep in mind all are U._S.. Citizens and all but one were born in the U._S. as well and finally the man behind the storm area fifty one facebook page is talking about the fact that the whole thing started as a joke. He's now saying guys do not storm area fifty one it originally started with forty people laughing and liking it. It's grown to over a million. They WanNa Start Mary a fifty one and the U._S. Air Forces saying don't do that. We're here. We're going to stop it and those certain things. Some of these people are just stupid. These Elvis Duran in the morning show audiobooks are now an outdoor activity. Thanks to audible and this summer I'm feeding my need to get out there and keep up with the latest data celeb- memoirs inspiring originals bestsellers and tons more choose your first audiobook. It's free get audible dot com slash Elvis Elvis Duran phone tap right scary. What's it all about well? Anthony emailed thus wind a phone tap both his parents they're retired and they get bombarded with robocalls every afternoon so they wanted me to call Michael Oppenheimer scary back in the day he would date girls and they would ask him to use the Michael Oppenheimer voice when they were having sex Jerry. How did that go for here? We go scary. This is Mr Michael Oppenheimer for sham well. How are you doing today MS and we're not interested issue? Well is like a towel and a sponge all in one no. I'm not interested. Do you have a dog or a cat. No for nineteen dollars ninety five cents. We'll give can you hear you. That's a meal. I'll give you H._M._o.. Wells for that price yes. Why do you wish your time trying to sell us up? Goodbye move onto the next person. That's telemarketer does a good afternoon Sir Mr Michael Oppenheimer with sham well the product that will make you say oh. What about the pitch we're not by you can clean up spills? Hey I guarantee you. I wouldn't by Mercedes bed Soviet. You know that you can use them over and over and over and they'll last for had no and you know you could get the sale. Give up go to the expert. This offer is not available in store and she gave me a ton of gold for two sets. I would buy move on. What if we build your orders four large? I don't why for large sham whales and I'll give you four mini SAM wells for fro. No it's like a towel but it's a sponge all in one. I don't believe it no holds twenty times its weight and it sucks sucked now. It's machine wash. I hate it though <tone> Mister Michael Supervisor Riser why would us this call was told me supervisor who was told to call the cops Movado but somebody else right away cut the price in half away your spills fast sir happy. Hello Hello Welcome today to break can afternoon this Mr Michael Oppenheimer. You know what I used to tell about itself breath. Give it a try and you'll be seeing allow to the sham. What what do you like this? You have no life. I know you got a girlfriend nothing so you wouldn't be we'll be always time for nineteen dollars. Ninety five showed the shampoo was up your throat and you can really connect lowly. You've got nothing hold like even television something to watch you. GotTa Call People Up and beg like this. I don't think she's going to bed at the halfway house right now. Scratching the surface life is I'm the only thing imported your life right now I what do you what is your list of people who'd be called today Sir. That's probably eighteen times you live at Niks Boulevard Sir do not you make me. I get this whole place looking for you Michael Oppenheimer. I have your son right here on the phone as such pitches Michael. This is scary Jones with Elvis Duran and the morning show. I love you you go look. He's toby halfway buzz drunk getting all of that when you pull a phone tap on your parents and they find out that you the person who says I love you is if that's going to get you out with permission granted by all participants always durant in the morning show hey jen. How are you great? How are you doing well doing well? It hasn't happened to anyone here in the room but I I don't see why consider that unusual to actually call the police and have a family member thrown in jail and so this happened to you right. Yes so what happened your ex boyfriend yes my ex-boyfriend and stolen light debit card and I think sixty bucks off at the A._T._M.. 'cause he did have he did have the pin number but he didn't have permission to take it and I know about this. I found out by trying to buy something and and <hes> and I so I asked him if he did it. He lied to me and told me no you know and so I filed a report and they ended up finding him on the cameras the A._T._M.. So that's how I guess the takeover campers cameras there now ways so okay so was he still your boyfriend when he stole it. Yes he was now okay. I know this may sound kind of like a stupid question but we're just looking for an excuse to I mean it was it was already falling off the cliff anyway or like Oh God thank goodness we send him on the A._T._M.'s theft. I mean I wish I would have been smart and left him then but no I stayed with him for another five years but no longer with them than have to stay within five years more after he stole the money here. Oh I had kids with him <music> now now. How long was he did? He go away for here five years so you had a relationship until he got out of prison he let him go at least when I always say when your boyfriend's in prison at least do you know where he is every night every night warious they renamed him Sally Jen. Well thank you for listening to us have a beautiful day today. Okay all right to sir. Still you on hold on. Let's go talk to Matt. Hey Matt how're you doing. We're doing okay. Let me see if I get this straight Matt First of all a pleasure having you here Matt's mom stole sixty thousand dollars in Matt's wife's name and now you have to send her to jail may twenty fifteen. I broke my back and my wife became nurse. She was my mom's nurse at the time so she had to quit. It'd be my mom's nerves and she kept getting checks on my wife's name until twenty eighteen when I finally had the surgery and I wonder what disability and we found out through the disability people I couldn't get disability because my wife had income that we never knew about your mom taking it. Your mom yeah well so so she's in jail now now yet. We're in the process of going through court and everything right now <music> but Tom and I feel terrible. You must feel terrible. I mean but I mean. Have you considered dropping the charges or is that out of your hands. It's Outta my hands. It's more it's in the state says now because it was so much if it wasn't as much I wouldn't care 'cause I have to pay taxes on it and every Lao oh man I'm so sorry this that's the thing if you have to turn in someone who's in your family especially your mom that has to that really has to great on you sorry about that. But so. How long does mom have go away for? Do we know yet. She's looking like ten fifteen years. Is Mom talking or are you talking to mom. She's trying to talk to me. I have a hard time talking to her 'cause. I can't be around her. 'cause I just get angry everything on sorry man all right. Listen thanks for calling but you know what look don't steal sixty thousand dollars from your son. There is a matt. Listen have a great day to invest over getting through this okay. Thanks for having me great talking to you. It's great talking to you too. Yeah I mean we laugh like Oh always sent dad to the jail. I know but it's your mom to jail. You know like Oh. It's just sad. It's really tough yeah. Who on the show would you send to jail in y while we know nate murdered someone so that was my first time all all right all right? I don't know why what did I do see who you end up hanging out with send you do now. Do you would do well in jail. He'd enjoy if you'd be very popular. The popular try not talking Elvis Doreen in the morning show lifelock with Norton Security. Already is the identity theft protection device security. You need against cyber threats in today's connected world join lifelock dot com use Promo Code Elvis for ten percent off your first year. That's Promo Code Elvis for ten percent off. I'm Dana Schwartz and I'm the host.

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