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The Vienna Woods Killer AKA the Poet of Death

Serial Killers

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The Vienna Woods Killer AKA the Poet of Death

"We begin our dive into the notorious. Austrian serial killer Dr Johann Jack Survey Ker known as the Vienna Woods killer and the poet of Death Jack Hunter Vaguer was always a sadistic and violent man but for years he was able to mask dark side by presenting himself as an author of poet and journalist in one thousand nine hundred seventy six. Jack was convicted of murdering Margaret Shaffer and received a light sentence by the Austrian courts. Margaret was Jack Second Victim. However charges were never brought for his first suspected murderer but while he was in prison Jack took the time to educate himself he began to write short stories and poems it culminated in his bestselling memoir purgatory. His memoir caught the attention of Austria's elite and petitions soon wet around begging for Jack's release in one thousand nine hundred fifteen eighteen years into his sentence. Jack Vega was set free and his celebrity continued to flourish but just four months into his freedom. Jack's urged to kill sex workers revealed itself and for the next year Jack Prowl the streets of Vienna Prague and Los Angeles strangling sex workers with their their own underwear and dumping the bodies in the woods he was caught in nineteen ninety-two leaving behind him a trail of twelve bodies though there is speculation that he killed even more women who have never been identified Jack Interviewers life even at its beginning was marred by violence when World War Two ended in nineteen forty-five allied forces from the US Britain France and the USSR remained in Germany and Austria. The allies occupied the two countries as they began the long process to rebuild the occupation lasted for ten years ending in one thousand nine hundred fifty five during those ten years the German and Austrian birth rates spiked the procreation wasn't entirely between German and Austrian citizens instead many young women found themselves pregnant with the children of allied allied soldiers many children born during this time period had no idea who their fathers were in Germany roughly four hundred thousand babies had allied light fathers and in Austria that numbers around Thirty Thousand Jack Vegas would be counted among those thirty thousand in nineteen fifty fifty two ratio owned travailler. A young beautiful country girl took a trip to Trieste Italy while on this trip she met an American soldier hurt named Jack Becker. Unfortunately we know very little about their relationship but we can make some guesses based on the time period the aftermath the war forced many women to engage in survival sex work in order to make ends meet even worse. Many of these women were sexually assaulted by Allied soldiers. Either of these could have happened to Theresa. It's possible that Theresa was forced to engage in sex work to survive but it it is also possible that her time with Jack was simply a passionate fling one that resulted in pregnancy while pregnant to ratio returned to Austria and struggled to find work. She turned to petty crime like fraud and theft as a way to provide for herself in the weeks before giving birth to Jack back to ratio was arrested for fraud however for some unexplained reason Teresa was released. She then travelled to Yudin Burg Austria and on August Sixteenth Nineteen fifty gave birth to Johann. Jack faker named after his American father. Please note that much of what is known about Jack's. It's life comes from his memoir purgatory or the trip to jail report of a guilty man and it must be taken with a grain of salt written while he was imprisoned during the nineteen eighties. Jack's writing was solely intended to garner sympathy from those who read it Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode assode please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but she has done a lot of research for the show. Thanks Greg as an adult it. Jack Unterweger was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. A couple of aspects of narcissistic personality disorder are exaggerating achievements mints and talents as well as having an exaggerated sense of self importance much of this comes through in the way. Jack describes the harsh upbringing. He faced as a child wild. Jack claims that his mother was a sex worker but nothing has ever been found to confirm. She made her living as one. The general consensus is that she worked as a barmaid and waitress Chris. It is possible that while she worked as a barmaid she engaged in sex work from time to time or that she told Jack that's how he like so many others at that time was conceived saved or it could be pure fabrication it could when Jack was two years old. Theresa was arrested once again for theft and sent to jail. Jack was then sent to live with his grandfather fair demand visor in Carinthia South Austria from this point on Jack claims to have had a terrible childhood. According to Jack Fernand visor was an abusive drunk who forced him to act like a quote court fool a slave. We've educated by grandfather to be a fraud accomplice injects version of events he was barely given enough food to eat or enough clothes to keep warm and according to Jack he had no mother figure around instead a rotation of sex workers in lovers frequented the tiny hut decades later Charlotta. Our Ferdinand stepdaughter would protest that all of Jack's claims about his grandfather were a pack of lies Charlotta had lived with Sheridan ad in the same house a decade and a half earlier in the late thirties. Charlotta never disputed that Fernand had a rough exterior a product product of his country upbringing but she believed the rest of Jack's descriptions. Were fabrications according to Star Lotte her own mother. Maria Springer lived with Jack and Ferdinand for about six years beginning in nineteen fifty two Maria helped raise the boy disputing the claim that only sex workers unfair demands random lovers around as Jack got older. He became something of a burden. He was very stubborn and manipulative. Charlotte claims that he would come up with clever schemes to get whatever he wanted. Jack's attitude soon proved too much Maria Springer and she left in nineteen eighteen fifty eight when Jack was about eight two months later Austrian child services took Jack Away from fair to net and placed him with Fernand sister. Mr The exact reasons why jack was taken away from Fernand are unclear. It's possible that Jack's delinquency and fair demands inability to control troll it were responsible or it's possible that fair. Dan was a little too rough with check now that Maria wasn't around to contain him. Charlotta our does believe that it was during those two months alone with Fair Dinette that the myth of the overly abusive grandfather began in addition to genetics a child's child's environment can play a key role in person forming narcissistic personality disorder or NPD according to the Mayo Clinic in most cases a child who was pampered or received excessive praise could develop the disorder however a consistently negative environment can also lead to NPD. If Jack Really did face the emotional and physical abuse from his grandfather as he professed. It's possible that the

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