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"jack boone" Discussed on Post Show Recaps

"Of of leadership especially in the first half of this episode episode but I mean they're basically inviting him at this point. We don't know what to do. I it's just I mean it's the bystander effect to the both those life shattering circumstances yeah so it's not just Jack Boone is trying to make an attempt at this as well this is probably going to inevitably and being a little bit of an LV episode per boone. I'm sure he's not GonNa get out of our twenty. Three points unscathed in that regard but points to boon for at least trying. He's the only person Jack that goes out there to find Joanna. Boone does not have the stamina to go out and reach Joanna. He makes it only so far well Jack. It makes me wonder though because Jack does does this thing where like stops for portion of time and I will say this this first part of the and I would would have pulled for eight sounds but it's really mostly visual. It's pretty intense especially for somebody you know Josh who has a bit of a fear of open water do no this is my worst nightmare air but jack stops portion dives down and picks up boone for some reason I had this almost cartoonish image of maybe some people did swim out and they just kept drowning rounding like lemmings going off. A cliff and boone is just the most recent person that Jack was able to catch who followed like five other people in front of him to try to pursue this this poor woman Joanna and boone not unlike a lemming will go off a cliff at some point later on in season one to be fair Jack in this episode so yes that's right. There's a lot a lot of quipped jumping in this episode. So Jack Finds Boone Boonsak. Did you get did you find her. She's still out there and that's when you realize there's more than just boone out there to the people who are out. There and Boone is the one who's insistent. Leave me behind Albie okay. Jack makes the call that that's not all right with him. He's got it. He has has boone in his arms. He's GonNa make the decision to save who he knows he can save That's that's the old Christian shepherd way of doing things right you have after you've got what it takes. If you can make those kinds of hard 'cause Jack has what it takes according to his dad probably in this moment when he scoops Buni brings him back to shore lots. It's a really fancy camerawork from from the lost crew here as he's bringing boone back and there's kate and everybody to to scoop up Boone as Jack gets back out there and everyone's like what are you doing. He's like she's still out there like yeah but you're exhausted like yeah well. Maybe you could help your so. I gotta do someone's got to do something and I do what he's gotTa. I gotTa do this speaking. No we all just eight sorry. We have to wait thirty minutes cram. All those poor bore cramps speaking of cinematography Agassi. There's a really interesting into the first act here where as Jack does attempt to swim out once again we see all these damn gawkers standing on on the beach but in the foreground is the wreckage of us yanic eight fifteen which again I feel like it's a great just microcosm visually of the fact that here's everybody you know not doing anything having to watch Jack who served take sole responsibility for everything which as we know is a fatal flaw of Jack as a person especially before for the island and the wreckage being in the floor ground. It's just a big representation of the fact that this is their immediate concern relying on him for their survival. Joanna included -cluded and that's going to be the major tenant and the major piece of pressure that Causes Jack to run into the jungle yeah absolutely all right so jack he goes out. The score is ramping up. It's just like it's really really intense is going. It's just like really like Oh my God what's is going to happen and you don't get to see what happens you just slam to the serial lost title swirling in the air and then when we get back to the episode episode. The tone really tells you how that played out. It's very grim. Boone is sitting by the edge of the beach and he's just staring out at the Ocean in Very Imo. Jack is back on the beach already. He's like sorting through things like he's not quite catatonic but he's obviously not feeling like Super Uber Chatty and so it's at that point we're awake. You're like okay so clearly that did not go so well so Jackson meet up with Kate and she's going to give him the scoop that her name is Joanna. She wasn't supposed to be on the lane. She went swimming in the issues on like an expedition to the great barrier res. Imagining Franklin hits at home being like Oh my God God that was supposed to be my seat. She took my dad right. I mean so she's she went. She went off to the Great Barrier Reef. She got an ear infection. She's told like he's probably not be swimming around anymore. Because the ear infection she must have gotten bored just GonNa go home then and so she was able to it yeah she she swam back to Sydney from the Great Barrier Reef Fifteen and here here. Oh she is because of that decision she ends up dying just offshore of the island and take a very hard for a few reasons but one of which is like I didn't uneven talks or I didn't even know her name. She's been here. We've been here for days. I I never I never I never met her. Well Jack. You know there's a lot of you out here and you have been rather author. Clicky at this point. It seems like you're really only talking to kate and early and Sii eat mostly and then like some scuffles Sawyer here and there you probably could have tried a little harder and have you even in smiled once Jack bring a little levity here suppose picking him try. There is a really interesting exchange says you tried. Jack says no I didn't I didn't and we're going to get a a good glimpse here Josh. The Jack takes things very very hard on himself. I know you said that his dad would be proud of the decision that he made but I think the emotional repercussions that he's dealing with it completely invalidates that statement yeah he says I decided not to go after her and after he has made that decision to confess that to kate he's looking on the ocean and out of the Ocean speaking of cinematography such beautiful shot of pulled back quite a distance but there is a man in a suit standing in the water of course we know that to be Kinda SORTA Christian shepherd but not actually Christian shepherd down real John Terry. Please stand in the ocean. It is at least the real John Terry but if you take the man in black at his word several seasons from now several hours of lost away from this moment he will insist that he was the man that Jack was chasing all those years ago searching for water and he was gonNA he was trying to lead Jack to water whether or not you take that story at face value I do by of course this is the man in black that this is the smoke monster. We know that Christian shepherd is dead dead. I guess we don't totally one hundred percent know that Christians body is on the island fairly assume based on the rules of the smoke monster monster but much of this episode for me has gained its power in being able to view it as the smoke monster really messing with Jack and testing being him and certainly in this moment. Jack is jackets feeling that Steph we fill in the beginning stages of just how raw he's going to end up feeling throughout this this episode and not to mention that as you said he's been very sleep deprived. I don't exactly get an explanation as to why he's been so exhausted whether it's because he's worked himself to the bone trying to help everybody or whether he's been so quote unquote haunted by his dead father. That's caused them to stay awake. Maybe it's a combination of both but if it is the latter then yeah totally ties to this idea that again by the quote unquote rules the men in black can't directly impact the candidates but you can certainly do things to make the candidates behave in certain ways and you'd have to feel like this is to quote a later episode the long con where I I know that this character is important to Jack. I'm going to manipulate him to have maybe do certain things maybe go over certain things to put his life and sanity in mortal risk and I think that we can definitely track over the course of the episode. There might be a turning point for this character in terms of shifting moods and mentalities at a certain point. Okay cool so we're we're getting into it that there's there's a water problem and there's some there's also what I love about. This episode is there's a lot of like little great private. Interactions like interpersonal interactions that are not massively essential to like story lines in this episode are really great flourishes for the characters and are really fueling doing the overall theme is thirsty. One of the one of the key elements of survival water is at risk right now. They're running out of ways to hydrate themselves. They are really at risk of being in very poor health one survivor in particular who is going to feel that the the hardest of anybody else but I just I just love and I think that this episode does it in a way that we haven't even really gotten in in quite a way yet on loss like these these moments. That's where you just see strangers meeting and interacting for the first time or family members just having these really great moments together wake Michael And walt are going to be brushing rushing their teeth and watts son taught me how to brush my teeth like she told me what to do and he's about to like drink the saltwater don't do that man just don't do it and you get this moment of like. Walt very reluctantly listening to his father who barely respect you you get a great moment where Jin and sun are together and and we're just one episode away from knowing Son's secret that she understands everything that's going on but she's watching Michael Walt from a distance and Jin telling her like you need to be drinking more water water. You're clearly dehydrated Jin. Everything's GonNa be fine. Don't worry and sounds like maybe we should try interact with everybody else and she's like no don't want to hear here that. I'll tell you what to do. I let these little early shades that we were getting. Everybody thinks that these scenes are fantastic. Well you also need to remember that. You know we have some very unique circumstances in that that. I know that we've made a lot of comparisons between survivor and lost hell. We did a podcast about it very recently but I think that wall survivor takes the concept of sixteen to twenty strangers who who don't know each other coming together there are pre existing relationships here and while there are you know we're. GonNa see what Charlie and Claire later on sort of a two strangers coming together together and comparing their lifestyles like you said there are already relationships that are coming into new either completely building new values allies from it or just repeating the same old beats. It feels like Jenin son might be the former where you know sunsets. When will someone tell us what to do and I'm like son. I think you need to look in the mirror for a hot second it because you've been living that for a while you already have leader whereas Mike Lynn while you could see Michael trying to again especially post locked trying to get and go with this sign mister wizard of. I don't know why you shouldn't drink seawater. You probably just showed it do it so that's going to be some things that have really. I've always really loved about the characters of loss as well as much as it is to see Hurley Jack to people from different walks of life interact with one another. It's really cool to see two people people who know each other how they interact in this situation especially as the havoc endanger of the actual plane crash itself dies down and maybe some more survivalist five list worst-case scenarios. Come up as you see here. I take different tendencies. These people get to come out as we see over the course of this episode where Michael Uh. I think this is sort of a wrap on Mike Lynn Walsh Sands Waltz fund line to pregnant lady fell down but yeah more and more more complicated stuff from gin you know more shades of grey from January. He's going to have this scene but he's going to be the one later on to barter the fish with Sawyer to get the water that he feels like son needs right speaking of bartering with Sawyer Royer. This is always always seen that I adored the scene forever just because of the dialogue that is exchanged and just how much of a scoundrel all songs is again. We're just tracking early. Sawyer and there's so little that's redeemable about him at this moment where Shannon's coming to him and like she's getting eaten up by bugs so she wants like this bug spray with Aloe and they're negotiating and they're trading for it. Your money's no good here but it start it starts off with with a line that I just I love so much. which is you're in my light sticks light light light commerce sticks as in those legs of your? I Love Sawyer Sawyer. The Grammar Nazi is my new favorite thing well. It's it's interesting a because maybe we're we haven't gotten into the series. Bible stuff yet on Shannon and Sawyer. I think it's in the entry for Shannon. R- it's pretty it's baked in early on that. They I think that the writers wanted there to be like a romance story between Shannon and Sawyer to some degree. We'll have to offer aw cyborg. Eat is so much such as so much better. I agree absolutely but I think that this is something where like they had a great scene here but clearly Shannon was not going to be somebody who responded to Sawyer in this way and he eventually says like your money's no good here but then he negotiates for five grand second thought she said money was no good. It's like I was I was negotiating says I'll take an IOU. Something tells me you're good for it. I rest bro I I I again. This is like you know even though we got that one sort of sappy sawyer moment where he clearly shows remorse for not shooting the Marshall in the heart of were perfect it for two and a half episodes Sawyer I also say Shannon listen and maybe this is.

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