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"jaanus j. tucker" Discussed on The Hoop Collective

"You can talk about the twenty. Three's all this so it's sometimes as simple twenty-three for the for the suns nine for the bucks. Drew holiday and chris middleton are twelve of thirty seven combined. It's just not for twenty eight points. I think is i looking. Yeah that's just not that's not going to be enough and and cliff. I want to zero in on this. I'm glad you brought up brook lopez. I'm looking at cleaning the glass right now. Which is a great analytic site. The sons for the game had an offensive rating of one hundred twenty four points per one hundred possessions that would have led the league in the regular season by a mile so this is a great offensive performance by the sons and it was great because of the threes and the point that i want to bring you back to was. I completely agree with you. I thought brook lopez's had a really really good defensive game. He would he would cover the pick and roll and there was this wonderful battle between him and eytan that took place at the block charge circle where eight and would catch the ball. Pretty deep but brookwood be there five six feet from the rim just just enough to contest those shots. It'd be a problem. And i thought he was spectacular doing that for the game. Brook lopez was minus one. Had khanna did was minus fourteen. Then tells me is. Their big lineup was pretty good. They're small lineup. Work so cliff like some of those threes. A lot of them. I'd like to watch a lot of a lot of them. Came up random scramble plays off its rebounds loose balls what the sons way and. They kicked him out. But what. What can i do. If i'm milwaukee to cut down on the attempts at least or do you think that this was just a fantastic shooting performance by the sons. And there's really nothing you can do about that. And i think what will happen. Is you know because they don't play again until sunday. I mean so. They'll the the whole staff will watch rewatch rewatch right and it's usually not one big thing it'll be you know like they had a little confusion. I thought they were pretty clean with their pick and roll coverages all night but they had a little confusion in the fourth there right where they went chris. paul Lob to aden for the layup and then they had The jaanus pj tucker a little bit of confusion. That led to the booker. Open three at the. That was on that spain. Pick and roll. Where booker out kind of. Yeah that was. That was a bad breakdown. Yeah but for the most part they were clean and and the same will be true. Because i think the majority of their threes. It started A little bit in transition finish was getting the ball up the floor quickly early in the game. They got a couple early ones in transition. The majority of them from what i saw were more driving kick plays where You know the bucks. Were you know committed to helping. I think it's a great adjustment. You know they're concerning obviously about the foul situation from game one in by helping more. It allowed them to keep the ball you know. It wasn't getting his deep into the paint. They didn't foul as much. There wasn't as much pressure on the rim. And again you'll be able to take some of those and maybe three or four and they may be over helps you know without watching the film. It's hard to know but you can you know they'll be reeds which which is so much of what defense in our league is now with everybody playing five out But i think the thing is if you take away from damn again is less fouling which they did and now you know they'll work on. Hey instead of fifteen threes we gotta get back to whatever eleven twelve thirteen Because the reality is this most of those tonight. Were spot-ups you know. They weren't as many off the dribble. And you know those guys are gonna shoot spot-ups they're gonna make a high percentage so cliff so it's almost right now as we're doing this. It's almost midnight. Eastern nine o'clock in phoenix You've just you've just lost a playoff game. I'm sure the sons. I'm sure the bucks are staying tonight and traveling home tomorrow morning so you lose a lot of the day and travel if you're if you're the coaching staff what is your next twenty four hours like as you prepare for some sort of practice On on saturday. Yes so you know. They'll bill. I'm sure they most a pretty similar. They'll go Everybody a watch the game. Everybody usually has post-game responsibilities This probably. I'm sure a one assistant who may be just in charge of three point defense. You know with the post. He's got a tough night. Yeah you know. So they'll know. I mean by by tomorrow morning when everybody said chased evaluate film a bottlenose. They sit down and they need and talk about what they wanna do for game. Three everybody will see things things on offense may. It's something for drew. May be at something for chris You know to get them. They can get an easy one. They may see something with. The phoenix covers Take advantage of and then they take the things that worked well the things that didn't work well and then at this time most of practices to be honest. There's not a lot of contact. Obviously these guys are gonna play big minutes there day while in the second half the night neither team sub notch so guys played us minutes and the same will be true. I would think the rest of the series so practice will be more teaching correction And just big insure. The guys are on the same page about the areas of the game where they do wanna make those small adjustments.

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