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"j. t reum youto" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"So if you want to have a little remembrance of Lou Brock and a couple of those teams, I would imagine that the guys calling the game will touch on that. The passing Of the legend. Another legend that went far too Soon. Buster was the late great Roberto Clemente and later this week, Major League Baseball is going to pay homage to him for a certain ethnic group of players, which I think is a great great thing. Can you kind of take us inside this particular story? Again. Our teammate Marley Marley. Rivera was the first one to report this Major league Baseball is going to allow players from Puerto Rico, which is where Roberto Clemente was from. To wear number 21. Clementi's number on other players will have the opportunity to where some kind of a decal also with number 21 on it, But I really believe that this is you know another step toward that day when they retire his number 21 in the same way that they did that we retired Jackie Robinson's 42. Clementi and in historic figure in baseball and so revered that the sports humanitarian award is named for him. And there has been this growing. Ah, call for baseball to take that step. I think they feel like well way have this other award named form. But the fact that they're doing this and the fact that I think we're going to see players really jump on this and celebrated on DH finally find a way to talk about comment. AE and Remember Clementi. I think that they're just going to continue to build on this. At some point that number 21 will go up in the scoreboards everywhere around baseball. It stands to reason because he is one of the great as you mentioned humanitarians in the history of the game. In fact, that's how we ended up losing his life in that plane crash thinking of others. And this week, Major League Baseball will be thinking of him. Buster only is the host of the Buster Eyes. The host. Excuse the baseball tonight five gas And he always brings it with us. Every single one of us is going to go. I got one more for you. But I'm here for one day, man. I gotta get much as I can. So what do we think that the Mets are going to be sold? And is it any substance to the fact that air I felt like he was just there to raise the price for calling Well, you know, I talked to him about the other day because there was a story that said that he remembered what the word was that he was living or something like that. And he said no. You know, I mean part of the process and let's face it, if you if you're in a bidding and you don't win it, then you're probably gonna have complaints or trades. You know that that happens every day in sports. But I think you know Alex. At some point I fully expect that he's going to merge is a bitter for another team it But boy, what a what a landscape changing move for the Mets to go to new ownership, which is going to spend a lot more money. And for the first time, I think under Steve Cone, I think we're going to see the Mets go toe to toe with the Yankees. Have been for some of the best players in the game. Watch the Francisco indoor bidding in two winters. Those that will be a showdown. Syndergaard has to be something fun to be at the locks in the garden, you know, he probably thought he was 1 ft. Out the door, one on a banana peel that it is the time of John's surgery. Yeah, that And I think it would not at all surprised me if this winter if he saw Ciccone trying to announce his presence with authority and maybe go after J. T Reum youto, the All Star catcher of the Philadelphia Phillies. Indeed, Steve Cohen, huge hedge fund guy grew up a Mets fan. And if you take a look at Steve Cohen's bank account, he's not used to finishing second. Anybody other? It's a 10 billion more than any other owner. No, dad Boy. That's money. Yes, and he doesn't want to use that five year window that the Wilpons wanted to give him. He wants to take over. Right now, let me make sure I get this right. Buster only is the host of the baseball Tonight Podcast, And it's always great to have him on K. J..

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