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"j. s envy dot org" Discussed on Vegas Nation - Raiders Football

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"j. s envy dot org" Discussed on Vegas Nation - Raiders Football

"That was former raiders defensive back and pro football hall of famer charles woodson. Let's hope jonathan braham can't get together. Let's hope maybe this podcast or some of those videos out there and big nation dot com concern that relationship blossoming. That'll do it for the takeaways edition of the vegas nation. Podcast today alec again is involved with jay inspire. He's the keynote speaker. For their event taking place may fourth and for the money many camp to get all the information. You need joining either these events you can check it out on. J s envy dot org. That's j. s envy dot org slash. Allocate gold's money minicamp. There's also a link on alec ingles own website that's elegant gold dot com slash. Money minicamp. Check it out there and you'll find a how to get enrolled when this is all taking place how long it'll be and muslim blatantly. Will one of students that you enroll get to meet allegation gold. There's a meet and greet taking place after the end of the session that he's putting together for this virtual event so everybody checked all this out especially thank you to the junior achievement program southern.

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