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SMU's Return from a Death Sentence

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SMU's Return from a Death Sentence

"In the history of college football only one team has been hit with what's called the death penalty punishment that so extreme it essentially kills the entire football program it wasn't Baylor after it's sexual assault scandal here was that high school players were being given big sums of money to go to SMU payments of thousands of dollars tens of thousands of dollars years to its current probationary period it was southern Methodist University the Small School in Dallas Texas back in the nineteen eighties they were hit hard over guard including the NC double A. Because I mean this wasn't exactly a program with a rich tradition basically since the fifties they had not been very successful so aw crude violations and it decimated the program for decades but now the mustangs are looking for pro sir claimed some national titles in there they got three conference championships in that span and they were led by what's known as the Pony Express so Chris let's start the story back in one of the wildest errors in college football the nineteen eighty s so SMU in the one thousand nine hundred takes Chris Vini about how SMU has clawed its way back into the national rankings through a new coach and a rather unusual recruiting tactic the player to come in and that continues to move forward into eighty two eighty three eighty four they get hit with some more penalties than eighty-five and the most serious violation added seven channel eight sports takes you along route of the pony express a one hour preview of the undefeated mustangs road to their eighth postseason bowl appearance running backs Eric uh-huh family's cars you know anything you can name the that that a high school kid in a family might want it was really the wild wild west of recruiting only how SMU was competing with the likes of Texas Texas am for players it was instantly going to draw attention because people weren't used to it they get hit with some small penalties early on like steps to punish. SMU What exactly did they do really drastic reductions in scholarships they're hit with some television bands where they can't play on TV in those days but this wasn't unique to SMU it was happening at a lot of schools in the conference it was happening everywhere Smu just took it to another level there's all sorts of story from wondering and the athletic I'm under skelter and I'm could beat the Davidson it's Friday October eighteenth and this is the lead this was one of the best teams in the country wanting to talk about conference championship in consecutive undefeated they stayed undefeated untied and in their six zero and the ranked in the top twenty five for the first time in more than thirty years today we're going to talk with you end at the last minute dickerson changed to Smu and to this day he will never say why that was okay so at first the NC double A. Took some smaller I think there is something of emotion and as Persson he was presented a car by people associated with Texas am it was gold transam people joked that was called the Trans am and players who were selling tickets to boosters they get put on probation that happens in one thousand nine hundred eighty one but it doesn't really slow them down because they're really starting to get Persson and Craig James Eric Dickerson we're going to be a pro football famer one on one of the best running backs of all time was just like a man among boys out there on that field is running out officials push back against the NC double A. When they started to get sanctioned there was a point where the school disassociated itself with what he called the naughty time they've already promised money to a lot of these kids some players essentially had contracts and they knew that if they immediately stopped payments players were going to go for everybody watch him just literally explode and it looks like everybody people got position on any just began the lakes in the cushion about these boosters a little bit I mean these are happening at a time when there's this huge economic boom in Texas and it seems like the boosters are really using kind of nine boosters and that kind of called the boosters off guard they thought the school was going to try to fight back against the answer to play a little bit more but the school wanted to is about players who would flip on signing day to go to SMU or to go to a different school in the conference because someone came in late with with the new payment there's a famous story of Eric and you realize the walls were closing in everybody a some you realize that and realized that they had to figure out a way to get out of it at the same time Dallas was booming in the nineteen seventies it was there was an oil boom there was a real estate boom the TV show Dallas would J. R. Ewing was was big game winner take all we're all working together in the boardrooms and stuff like that and there's only one southwest conference school that is in Dallas in that Smu and eventually those the schools that they went through in these college football programs that they support as as they're bragging rights like you said and as kind of you know their their point of like their their biggest point of competition on the one year death penalty the NCWA the death penalty was no football in nineteen eighty-seven along with that there were strict strict restrictions on scholarships that they could do moving forward and when you cut off the lifeblood of a program which is recruiting it takes it takes a long long time to recover from have things established for years the instability thought it would be five to seven years at SMU would be able to recover from it and that was not at all the case and this was first year count on that everybody wanted to get to Dallas and so as town grew you got a lot of alumni from all these different southwest conference schools should've known you do whatever you could sabotage me overreact I'm not exactly GonNa blow up your wells you know especially since they're going to be mind this unsuitable and reveal what was going on so they were in a position where they wanted to try to stop it but they also knew they couldn't stop it cold did the school itself did any of the boosters or any of the schools nineteen eighty six monthly payments ranging from fifty to seven hundred twenty five dollars were made to numerous student athletes the sanctions levied against Smu the body trade tracy thirty two he was the type of player that does not come around very often and the team's success caught a lot of people off give off the impression that it was trying to clean itself up but there were still payments going around the players and it was not as clear cut as they wanted it to be yeah can you talk everybody else seems to be doing all right so you have these boosters who keep breaking the rules the NC Double A. is closing in and then at the end of nineteen eighty six the NC double realized in part because of the actions of people above them and people long before them this situation at Smu was so involved to the colleges from all over the country to come in try to find some good players that they wouldn't have been able to get otherwise and it was basically a free for all and I assume there were no hard feelings the penalties be truly felt and did this punishment for Smu have an effect on the other teams in their conference who as we know were brings the ultimate punishment the joint investigation between SMU and the NC Double A. has concluded that between September of nineteen eighty five and December of nine also cheating quite a bit teams in the southwest conference kept cheating even a few years later everybody everybody in the League was still under penalty and it seems like the sanctions the instability to rule that SMU would not be allowed to play any games basically not have a team in one thousand nine hundred seven had never happened before and comes in Texas realized that they can go to a new conference and make some more money they decide to jump out in that very quickly results in the core again all the way up to the chairman of the board that the end Sibley felt it had to penalize the idea of the program in order to make something that had never been done before throughout the history of college football there are deep histories of schools trying to find any edge that they can cheating left and right program brand new team so they wanted to take some time are coming to SMU's campus because they wanted to recruit these players to come to their school when the Sibley said that anybody can transfer without penalty that was an opportunity for a lot of the Litas brought to you by ziprecruiter hiring can be painfully slow process when the penalties fainted after giving that announcement it was just a complete shock to everybody and with the within minutes I mean within days other schools this toward the players who did end up transferring you couldn't blame the players you know there was no team for them to play for some guys especially if they're seniors they have dreams of ends SMU contributed to the downfall of their entire conference to you agree with that assessment I do those a lot of an that because it takes years to get players in into the program developed a culture and get used to a system when it's all brand new and you're starting from the ground up against these teams who was the reaction in the Smu community everybody was absolutely stunned nobody nobody thought the inseparably would go through with it the NC double A. Enforcer who com slash lead that's ziprecruiter dot com slash L. E. A. D. ziprecruiter dot com slash lead ziprecruiter the the delusion of the conference okay so SMU was a program that went from national championship contenders to not being allowed to play at all what what was in the nfl they gotta go play somewhere and so they they they spread out everywhere over the country as soon as they could because they needed to find a place to play they were hit with they were SMU bruce when they were conversing with versus of other schools who were winning they realized you know we want to get involved we want to have a winning program how do we get on board with the the same practices halfway all tourists. Coo Dylan Moskowitz needed to hire a director of coffee for his organic coffee company he was having trouble finding qualified applicants so he candidate within the first day see why Ziprecruiter is effective for businesses of all sizes trust Ziprecruiter for free at our web address ziprecruiter DOT COM found his new director of coffee in just a few days with results like that it's no wonder four at five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality did the smart thing in switched to Ziprecruiter Ziprecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you it's technology identifies people with the right experience double A.. SMU and the whole college football world anticipate that the death penalty would result in three decades of futility no artist way to hire so Chris did the city between a lot of the schools there because they were all accusing the other schools of cheating and when Arkansas found it could join the SEC the southwest conference get smaller and then the Texas sided not to play any games in one thousand nine hundred eight they would have been allowed I think seven games they all had to be on the road and in that time. SMU's basically building a brand new qualified candidates fast dillon also use ZIPRECRUITER's candidate rating feature to filter his applicants so he could focus on the most relevant ones and that's how we that

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TVR357  Veronica Mars Hulu Premiere Date Announced, iZombie S5 Premiere, Season Finales Begin  TV Rewind

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TVR357 Veronica Mars Hulu Premiere Date Announced, iZombie S5 Premiere, Season Finales Begin TV Rewind

"TV rewind episode three hundred fifty seven. Hello, and welcome into TV, rewind episode three hundred fifty seven for the week of may fifth two thousand nineteen. I'm Stephanie Zimmer happy to you back with you once again. Coming to you for the first episode of may, I had every intention of getting an episode out last week for the last week of April, but you know what they say, what the best laid plans, I had everything written out. It was just finding the time to record and edit that was just not happening for me. So here I am with an episode in may. And I hope that you are understanding of the change of schedule rope not being on a regular schedule. But I'm trying my best to get at least one or two episodes. Artem on I hope you do understand that this podcast is, again, sponsored by best David, Michael, and Lisa thank you for being our five dollars a month, sponsors, Wayne, Donna and Mark are one dollar a month sponsors. Thank you so much. You can join them at patriot dot com slash TV rewind. But just links in the show notes for today. And there's also a button on the homepage of the website. Miss Greta is on the couch with me. And she is panting in the background. So that's probably what you're hearing your TV rewind. Knew bring Arthaud what's on last week's television. We'll take a pause for the news rewind the last week and fast forward to next week and it's been a few weeks, I have talked to you. So we have a lot of things to discuss. We have up fronts coming up next week. So the fates of many shows are being determined as we speak, and we will announce many of those today, that have been announced. But if you don't know about your favorite show, just wait s-. I hope to get another episode out next weekend with the rest of the list. So let's hit it, renewables killing e for a season, three NBC America. That's very good for those who watch that. I've heard very good things about it. But I haven't seen it. Future man for a season three on Hulu which will be its final season berry season three on HBO NCIS season. Seventeen on CBS while good girl season three and NBC blue bloods for a season ten on CBS I can't believe that's been on for that long. When calls the heart for a season seven on hallmark shrill for a season two on Hulu manifest for a season two on NBC. That's exciting. For those who are washing that new show last man standing season. Eight on FOX NCIS Los Angeles for a season eleven on CBS and NCIS New Orleans season six on CBS the good fight season. Four on CBS all access the hundred for season. Seven on the CW, Roswell, New Mexico, all American. And in the dark offer a season. Two on the CW and an end. The historic thing about that is for the first time in many years, they cancel nothing this season. Very surprising. The twilight zone for season. Two unsee Bs all access black Monday for a season to unshowy time on my block for a season three on Netflix empire for a season six on FOX, and it has been officially announced that empire will no longer include jussie smollet as a regular cast members. Although they did extend his contract. So if they do decide to bring him back at some point, he still getting paid. So I don't understand that us really weird. They should cut their losses. If they're not going to really have them as a regular cast member. The chief or a season three unshowy time Penn fifteen and Romney the two different shows, I season two on Hulu blackish for season, six on ABC and Cobra KAI for a season three on YouTube. The only show that I watch on that list is blackish. So happy about the I like that show a lot. CBS will remain in the latter for another year, at least with the network renewing the young of the Russel's and the bold and the beautiful for the nineteen twenty TV season. The network actually renewed its entire daytime lineup which also includes the talk and game shows. Let's make a deal on the price. Is right, the forty seven year old wine are has maintained its position as number one Sopra thirty two years running the coming season will lead will Mark leading man. Eric Brandon's fourth decade with the series. Good for him BNB while. Meanwhile recently marked its thirty second anniversary. So that's exciting. That CVS is staying in the daytime game. It's not good news for all shows because there have to be cancellations along the way. Roh has been canceled after one season on FOX, the gifted after two seasons on FOX wrecked after three seasons on TBS and Santa Clarita diet after three seasons on Netflix. I only watched the pilot of relevant, it was it was rough. So I'm not surprised about that. The gifted I watched season one but I never bothered to keep up with it for season two. So I don't know how much it changed over the last season record. I really liked on TBS that makes me sad. But it's not that surprising because TBS has not seemed to be in the comedy game anymore because they keep canceling all their comedies. Including anti-tobacco that is pretty much canceled, even though it hasn't been officially announced and Santa Clara diet. I was watching like the first couple of episodes on Netflix ex and I really liked it and I wanted to continue. But then I found it I was cancelled. So I, I asked this question on our Facebook group. And I said, you know, a few just started watching a new to you, Cheryl such as in my case Santa Clara diet. And you really liked it. But then you found out that it was canceled. What do you decide to do? I know as a poll question. So I asked you continue to watch it because you're wanted to complete it. Do you stop washing because, you know why bother it's going to end on a cliffhanger anyway? Or do you look up reviews and see if it's worth it either way, the majority went with reader reasons, if it was worth it? So I think I'm going to continue at that show eventually when I have time. Went other shows go on hiatus because I really did, like what I saw. So I'm sad that it's canceled. Had some good potential moving onto other news. The current season of family drama Andy MAC on Disney channel is going to be its last the remaining episodes will air Fridays at eight seven central beginning on my birthday, June twenty first with the series finale scheduled to air on July twenty sixth. But it just shows that Disney channel does not want to keep their live action shows on for very long because I believe that is also its third season. And other shows on Disney, have not made it past third season such as girl meets world. I love it loud. Love that show. Preacher fans. Your prayers have not been answered sorry, the ABC drama will AMC drama that would be interesting without ABC considering what's on that. Joe, the AM see drama will end after its upcoming four season which will debut on Sunday August fourth executive producer Seth Rogan, confirm the news the tweet referring to it as the final season. They got renewed for the fourth season in November with production relocating to Australia. I liked preacher. I think I watched the first two seasons of that and somehow lost interest in it. But it's very dark, and it's very violent. So it was not always for me. Maybe I'll catch up with it someday nearly a month after her merge, twelve arrest. Actress Felicity Huffman is among fourteen defendants pleading guilty to their involvement in alert scheme through which parents paid bribes to get their kids into elite colleges. She pled guilty unaccepted full acceptance of her guilt, with deep regret and shame over what had been done. She said in her statement, per the indictment, Huffman and husband, William, H Macy, who is not referenced by name paid fifteen grand to have someone take the SAT in place of their oldest daughter. Which also resulted in a fourteen twenty score for her. They pursued doing the same for their younger daughter. But ultimately decided not to repeat, the action so good on them. But that and good on her for admitting it was wrong to do and admitting that she did wrong on, like Lori Lachlan who continues to not admit guilt. Despite the it's the fact that it's cost her Oliver jobs, and she might orcas in actress anymore. By at least one of those gals involved with this is admitting. They did something wrong so good for her. Your summer vacation will officially take place in Neptune California, Margaret calendars, the eight episode revival of Veronica Mars will drop on Friday, July twenty sixth, and it has been confirmed that all eight episodes will release at once which is very different for Hulu. They usually do one episode a week. So I'm excited about that. In addition to revealing the premier date, they also dropped a short teaser and, and since then have done another longer trailer. In which she in which Kristen bows character prepares for spring break in Neptune and all the NCAA recites that come with it and the tro that just dropped earlier this week is more about her life in Neptune. As as of now it was lovely, and it had a lot of Logan echoes in it. So I'm off fan of that. Logan, Veronica forever. As freelance reported, it is set five years after the events of the twenty fourteen feature film, which works out to the date. Now, of course and will feature. A new mystery as Mars investigations is hired to look into the murder of a student on spring break your six, I'm super excited for the show. I'm such a huge fan and such a huge marshmallow of the show. I'm very excited. I wish they would announce more people that are coming back because there haven't been enough announcements such as are we getting MAC back because she's a great character. I need some Tina major ruin on my life. We shall see. But always say I'll be tuned in to any announcements that they have if the did the same style they did for their Kickstarter. I'd be very excited like videos for each of the people who are involved, be great. But I don't know if they're gonna do that whilst have to stay tuned it weight, but I'm very. Except for July twenty sixth. I don't know that Manatt binge all episodes that weekend. But it will definitely be highly of my summer management at store twelve seventeen isn't the only change at superstore series creator. Justin Spitzer will step aside as show runner, a head of season five as part of a new overall deal with universal television, Spitzer will move on to develop new series for the studio, fellow superstore, e Gabe Miller, and Jonathan green have also Inc. New deals and what was exceeded Spitzer as co show runners before he created superstar. He spent seven seasons as a writer, and producer on the office Miller and green previously had a three year stint on the late show with David Letterman, as well as the office and the Mindy project, some not at all worried about superstore, as long as it's going to have people who are previously involved in the show. I think they. It will be just fine membury excited about that show. I'm a huge fan blind spots. Renewal prospects suddenly, look murkier now that NBC has pulled the show for the duration of may sweeps beginning as of April twenty six when this was announced the blacklist move to eight PM christening, their new time slot with a two hour episode and remaining there until the finale on may seventeenth then on may twenty four blinds about or return with the anti opin ultimate episode at eight PM. I don't think I've ever heard that phrase before it must be the third west episode these season will, then close it back to back episodes on may thirty first airing at eight and nine. And that means that the blind spot will not air any episodes during may sweeps. That's very interesting. I've never watched blinds. But more than just a couple of sites when it first aired. But I don't know what that means for the show. We'll have to wait and see. And now we have to announce the death of a few people from the TV world who have passed away, as we wrap up the news Dallas fete, Ken Kercheval, who played cliff Barnes. They longtime arch enemy of J, R Ewing on the original CBS series and subsequent TNT revival has died at the age of eighty three. He died on Easter Sunday evening in his home, in Clinton, Indiana, after making his acting debut in nineteen sixty two in the Broadway, play something about a soldier could she'll went onto appear onstage in the apple tree, cabaret and fiddler on the roof. He segue to television, be a roles in soap search for tomorrow, the secrets German, how to survive a marriage his film, work included. Roles. In the seventies picks network. The seven ups rabbit, run, and fist. But his big break came in nineteen seventy eight landing the role of cliff on Dallas. He appeared in the pilot through the series finale, one of only two cast members to appear in all fourteen seasons of the show. The other one being Larry Hagman Hy reprises role as cliff in nineteen ninety six TV movie as well as TNT revival, which I definitely watched. Kercheval, an Hageman were the only cast in bursts, who were on Dallas through its entire original run from pilots finale. He appeared on three hundred forty two episodes of the series and directed a here of installments as well before returning as cliff in the telefilm, and revival, which and the rival lasted for three years before getting cancelled in twenty fourteen. And I loved that revival. It was great on playing cliff Curcio admitted back in nineteen eighty-seven to the Chicago Tribune. He just makes you cringe. Sometimes the only reason he works is his own, sincerity, and the humor, I inject into him, if it wasn't able to convince people that cliff really, really believes in all, schemes it would never work. That's a great description. So I'm a huge fan of that. Character. Off cliff Barnes. And I really enjoyed what they did with the character, and what they revealed about various people connected to him in the revival. I thought was very interesting. And exciting go watch via if you haven't. It's awesome. It's way over the top and cheesy, but it's a soap what do you expect? And the second one is Oscar nominated director John singleton, who also co created the affects drama snowfall has died at the age of fifty one. He passed away on April twenty ninth after suffering a stroke earlier this month and falling into a coma and his family took him off life support. A graduate of USC film school, singleton rocketed to fame with his direct to'real debut of boys in the hood in nineteen Ninety-one which earned him in a kademi award nomination for best director making him the youngest person ever nominated for that award. That's pretty cool. Singleton went on to direct films such as poetic Justice, higher learning and rosewood along with the two thousand the year two thousand shaft remake starring Samuel L Jackson and the two thousand three two fast two furious. On the small screen. He created the nineteen eighties drug trade, chronicle snowfall and directed the pilot episode served as the executive producer during its first two seasons. And it was renewed in September for a third season but has not yet premiered. He also directed episodes of empire and American crime story. The people vs OJ Simpson. So John singleton definitely well known in the TV and film world and way too young to have died from complications of a stroke at the age of fifty one that's so tragic. So our hurts, go to the family and friends of John singleton and Ken Courchevel who passed away in the last couple of weeks. You can find all links to everything that we talked about, at TV Rian, podcast dot com slash three five seven and with that will move on to the weekly rewind in the weekly reader when we talk about some shows that have aired in the last week and gave you some thoughts on what happened in all those shows. Now, if I had done this podcast last week, like I had planned to I had a lot more shows to talk about because the previous week, I was on station. So I caught up on my Tibo one hundred percent except were legion season two which had recorded. Which was very exciting for me because that hardly ever happens. But, you know, I was home for a couple of days. So I could catch up on stuff. However, last week, the case was not the same. I went back to work and it made it harder for me to get caught up on a lot. So really I have watched a couple of things, but not anything worth mentioning because some of those shows are going to be having season valleys in the next week or two. So they didn't have anything super dramatic talk about so the only show that I wanted to talk about was is ambi- which had their season five premiere thug death. And it is the final season for is ambi-, which makes me sad. Because I really liked that show so much. But I'm also very excited because rob Thomas has never actually been able to finish one if it shows without them getting cancelled. So I'm excited for just I'm excited to see what the final season is going to look like because I've grown to appreciate these characters so much, and I'm really excited to see how they wrap of all their stories because I love this show airs on Thursdays on the CW. So here's what we know. So far Payton is the acting mayor major is still the commander in charge of Fillmore graves. And he's a little less willing to go to extremes than chase graves. Was so we pick up six months later. I don't remember if they actually said that on the show. But this recap says it's six months later, it makes sense to me, will this go with it. We still have a lot of problems in Seattle new Seattle. There aren't enough brains to feed the dead the tensions between humans and zombies are at all time high. There's a video released of the undyed showing down on a human women's brain, and it goes viral makes things quite much worse and Blaine who's living lavishly like a rockstar, which was my favorite part of this per MIR him just walking around, like he is just the greatest thing ever being so smug. And having these ladies in his bed, and he's just throwing around money. I just loved that part. He finds that his brain smuggling business is in trouble the border agents that he's paid off to look the other way are no longer okay with sound base, because of that video, meaning that his operation is not delivering like it used to. And he explains to live in Clive. And we find out also in this premier that Dale is pregnant, at least that's what it looks like to me. And she's asking for very specific chocolate, and she has a bump on her belly. So that's exciting for them. Some base get hungry, and he gets in. And Wayne delivers less brain sees less wealthy, which makes him sadder, which he shows them in a very cute little way in which he comes into the police station, and he throws ten thousand dollars at the men and a little bundle. And he explains his sad state of affairs. It's not a bribe, it's just a statement. And then he almost accidentally leaves it on the desk, he leaves, so as part of their deal. Major puts the pressure on blamed to bring in the goods major reminds him. It's why people are willing to pretend you're, you're Jack Sparrow, and that Jack the ripper Yikes. So Blaine kidnaps the five border security guards and threatens a turn them into some basin. Kill all wines. Isn't that nice? Four of them agree to resume their partnership and the fifth never returns to work sad. Meanwhile these on beheading dead enders are going to extreme and violent links, which was the most shocking of this episode. A human man approach is one of the activists leaders at her food, truck and has given a location in time. And then drives a van armed with explosives into a security checkpoint killing several Fillmore graves soldiers. And this is before we find out that this character who leads this. Is also appearing on a morning talk show with Peyton, and they basically have a debate about. I mean, the blonde chick thinks that zombies or the worst and they have to be murdered. And Peyton is trying to be very cool and collected as the acting mayor and it just is not great. And the blonde lady is from the Goldberg. So I definitely recognized her. So with all the chaos is easy to understand. Why major is inundated with applications from people wanting to leave Seattle. I mean it's not a great place to be right now. It's kind of the worst. At the same time live is reviewing hopefuls, who want into the city encoding video from teen boy, whose terminally ill and stuck in a terrible foster home, basically, he is getting molested by his stepfather by his foster father and his foster mother is enabling it. Just makes you wanna cry honestly, and she was basically crying tearing up watching the video, so she sends not we to get him across the border. That's the funny thing about it is that I don't even know what his character's name is. But fancies capper cannot be anybody. But we will. So I'm disconnect continue to call him not. We. We'll because I don't know what his character's name is. And I don't think it's important. I just go we will wait, wait. It's not we will. It's funny to me, and TV line does the same thing. So I'm cool with it. So she sends able to get him, he finds his a prize in which it's not only the kid that wants to go. But it's also his to foster sisters who are also in the house and need to also leave to go to see it'll. So, of course, not wait till is very surprised by this heat does not have ideas for them. So he agrees to take them, but it's going to be pretty dangerous. But he does agree to take them all with him by the last one of the passengers on the bus tips off the police that the girls are hiding in the bathroom and game is over back at home. Robbie has his time with them on. So he's is AVI. And he decides to take the brains of a Vinnie Jones tight macho man, and so his pay his. Type this episode is basically aggressive macho guy who super jolly about everything that Payton does, especially because the newscasters all over her. So he's not he's not feeling it at all. And Peyton is just not dealing with him at all. She's just like okay all this week for this pass. But of course, at the same time that he's on this brain. He does not get off to the best start with his new liaison a cure. Because he's mostly just yelling at her mostly because he's just irritated about everything else that's going on in his life. The other doctor figures out the needs figures out that condition needed to derive the cure. I thought this was a really touching part of the episode because you think that Ravi on this kind of brain would just be like her totally over the top, and aggressive the whole time. But when the other doctor mentions the specific illness. We have to remember back into our brain ins of this show that it is the same disease that Isabel had. And so he's very sensitive about that because he knows that, that is what killed her when she was very young in her teens and this other doctor doesn't know about that story or that he has any connection to anybody who had it. And if I'm incorrect on this, please, please, correct me, because I'm pretty sure I remember this well enough to say this, but the other doctor is basically explaining the symptoms of this in the fact that only three hundred some people in, in the world have it, and it can be used for cure. So when he first hears about this from the other doctor, he's very aggressive end and mean, to her and yells at her. But then the second time as she's trying to explain this to him. The real Robbie goes through and says, you can't do this. You're going to be killing these, these young kids. And so when he's on this conference call with the other doctors. He's messaging this doctor and saying, are you going to say that it's this disease that's gonna cause it. And she's not sure if she wants to, but they have a nice little, I conversation. And in the end with this conference call with the doctor. She decides this say that, yes, I had a theory about teens with this disease, but it didn't work out and it wasn't cracked. And so the conversation is basically over and the two of them are going to be friends know which I like because she realized the jeopardy that she'd be putting in those three hundred children's lives that they'd be hunted and killed. And so she comes around to aside, and keep seeing her nation from her bosses, and then they end up being friends, which I like so interesting development for that storyline, especially because Ravi knows it. He has created a cre- Acura from Isabel. And so he doesn't want that to jeopardize the life of all those other kids who have that disease. So I was in isos storyline for him. And as the episode ends live in Clive think they finally figured out, who the dead woman is when. Her boyfriend finds her phone and Jacquet abandoned in the woods, but we don't actually know we just know that, that lady is gone. And we have a two bay continued which we haven't had for a while. But I really liked this. First episode back. It's didn't have a whole lot of action happening. I was expecting more bang for the buck considering that we don't have a lot of episodes for this last season. So I was expecting him to hit the ground running and really hit us in with someone. Bam information. But they didn't do that so much. It was basically just reminding us of what of what has happened before and setting up where we are now and maybe as the episode's go on the action will continue to build and be more exciting. But there wasn't a whole lot going on. It was exciting to see the deal is pregnant, I'm really happy about that, especially because that was so important to Clive to be able to have a family, and that's why live gave her the cure. In the finale. I really like to see the conflicts that major is going in as a leader of Fillmore grace, because he doesn't want to be as amoral as his predecessor was, and he wants to make good decisions but at the same time, it's very difficult to make good decisions in this kind of situation where everything is so wife and Daf. I loved seeing blamed just being totally over the top and ridiculous as per use. He just such a great bad guy. And the fact that I don't hate him makes him even more interesting to watch. I have to say. We didn't get to see live on any brain, but it was fun to see Ravi on a brain. I really liked that even though chauvinist over the top macho guy is not as character. I thought it was pretty interesting in fun to see. And the fact that Peyton was just not relieving paying any attention to him when he was doing this, even though he showed up at the tape recording for the morning show. Just totally pissed off and. Looking really mean. But that was that was just the kind of a, a fine little thing to do. But overall I like this premier excited to see what happens as the episodes continue. It is the final season. So there's only so many stories to tell but I'm excited for what happens from here. So that is, is ambi- and that's the only show I want to talk about because as I said before I've watched a couple of other things, but nothing worth mentioning at this time. So we'll just move right along. So with that will move on to the fast forward and we have some things that are going to be coming back or finishing up this week. So even though I'm recording this at eight o'clock on Sunday night. I will mention some things that are finishing or premiering tonight. So we'll the dance has its finale tonight on NBC the Spanish, Princess premiers on stars. When calls the heart returns on hallmark sands Laurie Lachlan for the remaining episodes. No word yet on whether she'll be part of the next season. But unlikely Monday, the sixth, the resident on FOX finishes for the season shadow hunters series finale on free form, just seen try not to cry too much. I think you'll be all right, though, man with a plan finishes on CBS and into the badlands has their series finale on AMC on Tuesday, the seven, the haves and have not season six premiere on Owen. On Wednesday the eighth Lucifer season for all ten episodes premiere on not flicks empire season finale on FOX, the goldbergs and schooled both finales on ABC. Star on FOX modern family and ABC and single parents on ABC. So Wednesday will be a pretty big night for me. I'm very excited about the goldbergs an school because berry is going to be on both episodes. So it'll be very interesting because he's going to graduate on the goldbergs, and then he shows up on schooled as Dr berry totally much more mature and having, you know, having great success and came back to win Laney back and just at the moment that CBS finally realising. Yes. Feelings for her, and it's now a triangle, and it's super complicated. And he hasn't told her how he feels. Oh, I love it. It's I love it. I really also enjoy single parents, a lot scientic cited that that has had such a successful season. On thursday. The ninth paradise hotel season three, premiers on FOX and mom finale on CBS, and that's going to be a good one too, because he gets married and she gets married, not with Christie and it's going to be all thing. And I think it has to do with her reaction to the dream that she had up being the last episode, and I'm super worried about her relationship super worried. On friday. The tenth sneaky Pete season three premiers on Amazon and society, premiers on Netflix agents of shield season, six premiere on ABC, and I wonder how much influence that will have post everything that happened in the vendors. I don't know. I haven't watched shield for a couple of seasons now macgyver, on CBS finale, last man standing on FOX finale, the cool kids on FOX finale, proven innocent finale on FOX and blue bloods, finale on CBS and that's what's going on for this week. So that's it for the fast forward. So now in talk about record for later and give her a combination of something to talk about on DVD streaming or on TV and actually have to recommendations for this week just because as I mentioned I was on staycationing that we can after Easter. So I actually not only caught up my tvos but I caught up on streaming shows. That week in the following week. So it was like, really exciting for me. So my first show to recommend is called being Erica. And this is a show that ended on Canadian television in two thousand eleven so it's now you know, two hundred nineteen so it's been a while, but this is a show that I heard about way back when it was airing, but it didn't really do much because I didn't have any way to watch it at the time. And so I continued to think about it and see if I could catch up at some point. And at some point, I must have been able to watch it on some Canadian website or something, because I watched a couple of seasons. I think maybe all I wash all the seasons except for the last one because the last one was not available. So recently like several months ago. I discovered that season four of being Erica was available. And so I caught up on it. So being Erica is a very cool show. It stars Aaron car punk. Not really any other recognizable faces. I'm sure they're all Canadian actors but not anybody that I recognized immediately the premise of the show, is that Erica, this, the main character on the show gets any, an encounter, with a therapist, who's not a therapist type person that you would see in real life because basically she gives he gives her the opportunity to go back in time and redo her life in various moments that she's made mistakes. And so through the course of the show, she has the opportunity to do this. And by the time she gets the season for she's progressed in, in her process of doing this so much and grown so much that she herself gets to become her own doctor and have her own patients and having the same opportunity by the end of the season. So it was a very cool show. I really liked how they wrapped it up, and they had a very satisfying series finale, and it made me very excited to have been able to finish it to canal. Find all four seasons of being Erica on Hulu. Oh, definitely. Recommend it and they're not super long seasons either. So I think they're like thirteen or episodes, or so that it's very manageable. So definitely. Check that out. And my second recommendation is the Kaminsky method, which is on Netflix, and the season two should be premiering sometime this year and season one is only eight episodes. So it's very consumable and it's only twenty something minutes for each episode and very great. So this stars, Michael, Douglas, and Alan Arkin as best friends who are also kind of combat a best friends. A kind of reminds me of the male version of grace, and Frankie, or what I imagined the f-, the male version of that would be because I have not seen grace and Franky Michael that goes plays a acting coach and Alan Arkin is just like her his Kerma g best friend, who's dealing with all kinds of stuff in his life, sir. Older guys of a certain age, and they're dealing with living in Hollywood. And all the consequences of that being. Having high profile lives, and I really like it. It's, it's interesting to see that kind of a story told about men of a certain age because you don't have stories about men that age a lot, but it's very interesting. And it's very funny and it shows them trying to embrace romantic relationships, even though they are much older people now and one character does lose his wife, the Alan Arkin character does lose his wife through the crosses of the first season, and you see him grieving, the loss of the character played by Susan Sullivan who plays his wife and how he deals with the consequences of his grief, and how he deals with his daughter that comes back into the story, who does not have a very stable life, and she's, she's played by another notable. Actress Lisa Edelstein places. What has starter? And you see the dynamics of the. To friends, you see their family life because each of them has kids, and you see the how they deal with life. So I'd highly recommend it. And it also won the EMMY for season one. Which kind of was the reason that I got interested in nice at all if they want an EMMY that must mean something so I better, check this out. So I did. And I got hooked within the first episode and I just kept going, and there's only eight episodes. So it's very easy to watch, and even my husband liked it, 'cause he likes Michael goes from other things. That is my second Mercker mutation for this week. So if you've seen either of those shows, please, let me know what you think. And if you have any recommendations for me for various shows to watch once my other shows, get to summer break, because I don't watch a whole lot of things during the summer, some always looking for new recommendations, even though I have a huge list of shows that I need to catch up on. But that's my Rex for this week. We are in Amazon affiliates. If you're interested in ordering anything on Amazon to help us out, you can do that at TV Ruben, podcasts dot com slash Amazon, and we will greatly appreciate your help. It like to find me online, Twitter dot com slash angel Steph. A. N. G. E. L. S T, P, H, or Facebook at the same link Instagram angel theft, six twenty one please check that out and follow me. We have other shows on the network that you might wanna check out alias rewind has just finished up recording all of its episodes, but they're not all released. Sue can still listen to us rambling about alias which was so much fun to talk about. And it didn't take us five seasons. I mean, it took us five seasons to watch by didn't take five years to watch, and it was just a really enjoyable experience. That I'm glad that I did it. I'm gonna miss having my friends to talk about with alias. But we still have psych rewind that's talking about that show. We are in season seven, and you have this show. So stay tuned to find out what other new shows will be launching in the next couple of months. It won't be anytime soon because things are still influx in my personal life. But I hope to have something together within a few months, and I'll definitely keep you informed. If you'd like to send us feedback you can do that at TV Ren, podcast dot com slash feedback for this show or for psych rewind. You can review in subscribe to any of our shows by going to TV ruin podcasts dot com slash apple or for the show a slash Android slash radio. Such Google are slash iheart radio. You can find us in all those places. And if you like to help us out financially patriot dot com slash TV rewind is how you can do that. You can also follow us on Facebook dot com slash groups slash TV rewind. Which is really the best place to tune in to news about the network and what we'll be doing in the future and just about random stuff in the TV world. And I'll be posting as much stuff as I can over the next week with different announcements about renewables and cancellations and reactions. Please check that out if you haven't not yet and also can find us on Twitter dot com slash TV relay, but I basically this post about the episode's there, there's not a whole lot of conversation happening. But Facebook group is the best place to get conversation going to thank you all for listening to this episode. Thank you for your patience as it's been challenging over these last few months, actually several months to heavy have have a regular schedule. So I appreciate your patience with me. And hopefully things can get on track on a regular schedule soon. But mostly what happens, you can find all our show notes and time codes and everything at TV, ruin podcast dot com slash three five seven thanks for listening. And I will talk to next time.

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Robert Kirkman #5

ID10T with Chris Hardwick

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Robert Kirkman #5

"This is an ode to the glass noodle. You may be glass only name but our love for you is crystal clear in every bb go korean. Dumpling your tantalizing. texture tickles. The taste buds. And while you are see through the world can't help but see you the glass noodle one of many obsessively crafted ingredients. In every plump juicy korean dumpling from bb. Go go handcrafted co bbdo. Authentic korean dumplings now in the freezer aisle welcome to the podcast number eleven. Thirteen head on over to ten dot com sunday april fourth Which i believe is easter sunday and also the day. That the The finale of season tennessee of walking dead. The here's nagin episode will be airing that night And on talking dead. Geoffrey de morgen will be on As well as hillary burton morgan Who plays lucille. But i tend. T- is launching the official exclusively. The official walking dead polo shirt. Which is a. It's a walker head polo shirt so it is a a red polo shirt with a walker head on the pocket area and We're taking preorders. Starting sunday april fourth And then they will be shipped out a couple of weeks after that so Check in What i detail dot com sign up for the email list so you can be notified of the walker head polo and when other things come up and yeah just a heads up. The day of this. Posting of the podcast is march. Twenty fifth twenty. Twenty one Just in case you want to know unless this was dug up a thousand years in the future and you're just listening to this purely for anthropological and historical reasons. This is a podcast and But anyway if you're in the here now in twenty twenty one That will be sunday. April fourth perimeters on the walking dead official walker polo exclusively at dot com. But now. let's talk about you. The anti community with the cork board events that i ten dot com like chris dunn who writes we are photographers who've been partnered with a company called archipelago who develops light room. Presets for photographers. Priests are helpful. Editing tools and provide photographers efficient workflow and allow them to quickly achieve colors and tones of their aesthetic dreams when editing their images during a shutdown we came up with an idea to provide lightroom presets tools and education to the photography community at a more affordable price option typical signature preset package sells at ninety dollars a pack right now with a monthly subscription that provides an exclusive new preset monthly for only eight dollars a month. There are also providing subscribers with the community to share their work and interact with other photographers around the world along with monthly educational videos and gear reviews. So if you're a photographer you're interested interested. In joining their quest for new presets you can subscribe at archipelago. Quest dot com. You can cancel anytime. We hope you stick around as we continue to grow a supportive and inspiring community of photographers. Thank you chris done. And to anyone else events that i d ten t dot com for your thing on the cork board. This sodas mr robert kirkman creator of the walking dead earlier when i spoke of walking. Dead polo. I said this is relevant to this podcast and it just so happens to be not planned. It just worked out that way. 'cause guess what kirkman is barely even here to talk about the walking dead which of course we talk about But he also has on march twenty sixth on amazon. Another comic book Invincible airing premiering launching. It's an animated series now with an unbelievable cast. A first of all stephen jahn who when we recorded this a handful of weeks back had not yet been nominated for an oscar. Now i can say oscar-nominated stephen young stars in invincible. It's amazing i'm so excited for steve. He absolutely deserves it. And so congratulations steve. If you listen to the podcast. I love you. Also an invincible j. k. Simmons sandra oh Gillian jacobs lauren. Cohan mahershala ali. jon. Hamm zachary quinto. I mean it's an incredible cast and a great comic at that has been now realized over amazon. So that is congratulations to rubber kirkman. And everyone over at sky bound image. And and there you go that is That is available. Well i guess let's call it now because this is going up on the twenty fifth but by the time you hear it it'll probably be the twenty six so you can watch invincible on amazon right now. You can also watch the walking dead season. Tennessee's in effect right now that will then roll into april with fear of the walking dead and eventually world beyond comes back then. Eventually i walking dead show comes back and talking dead so until that. Here's a man who i adore and side who i oh pretty sizeable chunk of my career to the episode number eleven thirteen of a robert kirkman initiating protocol. Here we are here we are you do it. This is actually where we've been shooting talking dead. Yeah this is a basement talking again. I've seen this room many times. What are you talking about. How dare you way talking. Dead is a show that talks about the walking dead. Yeah this is my. This is my basement. We started converted it into like a log cabin thing so it looks like a looks like a log cabin but it's cool. It's in los angeles. The not not not a log cabin esque city at all. So it's like yeah. Looks like a place where you could get comfortably murdered. What what does that poster behind you is that is that that is a fresenius. A poster for the us nineteen seventies classic the gauntlet with clinton's. I saw clint eastwood there. I couldn't i couldn't configure out but it is. It is the most epic movie poster for that is in no way as epic as the movie poster and that was a long longtime clint eastwood. Co-star sandra lock. Who i believe in my wife sometimes wife yeah briefly wife But yeah no no. The movie spectacular posters like a thousand times better. It's like clint eastwood as conan. The bar burien liberal. But i still love clint eastwood. This is okay. He can talk to as many chairs as he wants he still. He's still a red dude. My book is a is that artwork available anywhere or is that just something that was done for you. No no this is the actual What they called. it's a six. I think it's a six sheet poster. It's all The posted that they would have put in in the theaters. Dodge the actual the actual painting. I believe is owned by robert rodriguez. Oh my god. Of course he must have a ton of that stuff yes economic so looking around to see what else does in your is that a transformers post the transformers. the movie. yes. Oh the original animated movie. Yes yeah movie is the animated whenever any anything else. It's transformers stuff which is all good. I loved michael bay so the animator. I want to clear up something. Because i have a memory in my head but have not been able to find it anywhere online but i saw the original transformers movie in the movie theater with a friend of mine when i was in grade school and i distinctly remember there was swearing in the movie which blew my mind because there was like i think when something is maybe when unicorn shows up or something you know spike goes oh shit i remember there were swearing in the movie but when the vhs dvd came out that was not in the movie and it made me that. I wrote the shit that spike says when he put when he. I don't remember that being in the theatrical version. Okay it was in the. You could get a japanese version of the of the vhs You know like back when you would get vhs tapes things from other countries From places the international cut basically had the shit ultra. Magnus is trying to open the matrix of leadership. When gal is a tactic they have on the junk planet. Which i used to know the name of but when i'm old now and he can't open the matrix because he worthy that's for rodham as prime to later on tonight he says damn it open and that was in the theatrical version. I recall and in the vhs birger. Because i just remember that absolutely blowing my mind that fucking transformer. Just sit the like holy crap that yeah. I didn't realize that was. I didn't realize i at the time. Well there are a lot of things that i didn't realize number one. I didn't realize that basically the commercial existed just to be a toy commercial that was beyond my scope of understanding in the eighties. I just watch the shit out of watch. That i feel like was the planet junkie on like. Didn't it just have some sort of a name like that was just. It was just sort of like like made up words like they just put english words with something. That sounds robotic. So like cyber tron junkie. On and wasn't eric idle. It was junkie on. But yeah eric idle played rutger and dare to be stupid in the midst of this louis. Fucking great i swear to god i was so blown away watched it three days ago by the way like. I watched this movie constantly. You know what's interesting about your fascination with this movie is that there is some seeds of walking dead dna. No no no no no transformers. The movie is the basis for my entire career as a writer entire writing style and i'll go even further the kind of entertainment. I prefer to consume that. Because as a at a very young age i talked my parents into taking me to the movie theater to see transformers movie because i love the car you and at a very young age eight minutes into that movie. The autobahns are flying from the moon. Cyber tron to earth to warn auto what city that the deception gonna attack and mega transship. Intercepts them mega truck and bus through the side of the ship and fucking selling usually murders iron. Iron hide and ratchet. And i want to say a somebody else. I know wheel. Jack is dead in the city later but like black like orange. Smoke comes out of their mouths and there is go black and they fucking die never healing major characters so they've never done that in the cartoon but like not only is it killing major characters but it is sitting down for a piece of entertainment that is going to absolutely below the back of your head out like i want to. I like i talk to people that are like well you know. I don't really like to be surprised than i. Just can you give me a little hint of what's coming like a little anxious. That i just wanna know and i'm just like well like blows my mind because what i want out of entertainment is i want that sinking sinking feeling of like i did not expect this and it is now happening now and it has taken me to a place that is it is making me nervous. That is making me stared at his terrifying me just because i'm entering into the unknown. It's it's what. I strive hard to provide and everything that i do. And it is the thing i most enjoy when Nicolay custer wallace gets his hand cut off. in a game of thrones. What's what's what's his god damned naven that although nikolai customer though what what is what's the what's the name of the show. It's killing me. And i can't think of ood jamie king slayer jay jamie lancaster. When he gets his hand cut off in that show. Like i felt sick to my stomach. And the way that he gets his hand cut off and then it immediately goes into the music and just lay in the episode is over and you have to wait a week to like get any kind of like acknowledgement of what just happened. And you're like well like what what what is what is going on like like that. Is the sweet spot entertainment for me. Rick grimes move by. That's comics rick. Grimes move by the way we did it we did. It was rick runs in the comics. with me having not read the game of thrones books but all credit the george are. It happened years before in the in. The game of thrones books. So i'm not gonna take credit for any kind of shockingly Not that the guy invented chopping people's hands off and we've been doing that for years but But but yeah. But what i'm saying is it all goes back to transformers the movie. Everything comes from transformers movie. I loved transformers movie because no because when you think about in the eighties very common now for you know for major characters to be killed off storylines and i do believe that walking dead led the charge it in in terms of television to let people know like well no characters safe and at any point you know it used to be like o. J. r. ewing. We'd get shot at the end of the season and that'd be banger and you didn't know oh but then he turned out to be okay. The idea of killing major characters is just not something television really liked to do because they really liked to double and triple down on things that are working so they don't want people to go away and what sorts either way and but in the eighties. That was really never done particularly the philosophy like that. They sat down and basically took this toy commercial of a television series. And said look if we're gonna make a movie it's gotta be so wildly next level from what the tv show is there's going to be. Swearing characters are going to die. Characters are going to evolve. Mega is gonna turn into galman. Who's fucking leonard. Nimoy it it like they all mad respect to them for deciding the to make a movie they were going to up the stakes to such a level of though it was almost done by accident too because really all they wanted to do was the cartoon as spectacular as it was and i still watch it. Sometimes to this day amazing soundtrack by the way the music in transformers. Tv show is actually awesome but it was to sell toys so when they do the movie the movie is to usher out the previous product line and usher in the new product again. It's dead all of your toys are dead all of the poison in your house that you're playing with dead characters you do not wanna play with them. You want to play with new toys. You want hot. Rod you want up you want blur. Donna bots super-popular. We'll keep the diner box around but everybody else like. Those toys are old. You don't want them anymore. You want these new toys like it's literally all that would kill your old products and bringing new ones. But may god damn it. So you're right so here. I am thinking like a creative type. Like oh it's so bold that day as no was the intent from a lot of creative people along the way that are like okay. We're going to do some cool shit within this contract. And they did a great job. Yeah it really was. And i think orson welles last movie. Maybe as ukraine right. Wasn't that his last film. I think i think it is. Yeah it's one of those famous lake last movies like all julia's last movies street fighter two or it's like wait a minute. There is less movies transformers a lot of last movies like that still a great still a great thing to be involved with it and also it it really the end. The animation was great and it really they could. I understand that they were trying to usher in the new level of the new wave of transformers. Now it's i don't know how that escaped me all the time but they really really really did a good job with it like they put more effort into it then they necessarily had to at that point because all of us who watched the series would've gone to see the movie anyway but they did. The animation was really did up the game on the series. Although i don't remember did did a lot of that bleed back into the series after it came out. I know like later on. Yeah now the animated series after the movie completely follows up after the movie and has all the characters from the movie seasons one and two of the television show take place before the movie and seasons. Three and four take place after the movie. And it's all it's all very tight. Continuity watts got it got it got it. I really are. They still making transformers cartoons now or they have they done. There's a net flicks. There's a netflix show. But look. I'm here to promote cartoons on amazon. So i mentioned no but no. Let's there's a there's a pretty cool transformers start right now on some streaming platform. That's not relevant. It doesn't it. Doesn't use peter colon as the voice of optimus prime which i consider a cardinal sin. Oh yeah so. That kind of frustrates me but But yeah you gotta have him and you gotta have the guy who did star scream who also that was a. That was a pretty epic. I mean there's tons of spoilers for transformers the movie the cartoon but at this point if people haven't seen it in the last thirty six years thirty five years you'll like the spoiler. I feel like that's been lifted at this point. Yeah no the star scream. Death is i remember. I had some friends over. And i had videotaped i taped the movie from cable in i replayed the star stream death when galveston shows up and turns into this wicked laser cannon and they were just not as impressed as i was. I thought it was the coolest fucking thing i'd ever seen and it was just yet another example of like. Why don't you turns black and crumbles into ash and then gal trying like stomps on the crown that was on his head and it. It's just the absolute most brutal shot deceptive for like ten seconds. Yeah finally got his wish. He got his wish. He's been to that since the very beginning of the show and he did it breath. Oh where do you stand on this because the just like the physical laws of the universe. I always wondered how at the beginning scene when megatrend breaks into the star cruiser and it starts murdering everyone. I remember anything like oh well so all the other times. They got shot. Like i don't understand the. I don't understand like the science of how now all of a sudden he's able to murder them of course it's a movie and they were able to they chris. There's there's still some level of fuck you. It's for kids. You have to acknowledge there's always a little bit of fuck you. It's for kids. I mean you know like all the other transformers die optimus prime dies and turns gray and it make sense that happening but But yeah there's a lot of inconsistency. I mean look if you pay attention to the movie Some of the insecticide. John's that get turned into. The sweeps and cyclones are actually at the coronation in the background of the star screen. Seen so there's there's some little there's little things where you're like for kids like whatever but yeah it doesn't make it any less spectacular So i mean one of them is a normal sized transformer then turns into a goddamn line train space shuttle and then they all get inside of him and they leave the planet. And you're like wait. What how did that guy. Turn into a giant shuttle they all of other giant robots. I know that there's like some mythology or someone hasbro was like well you know. These transformers are They're hollow and there's a lot of space in them. So that's why mega tron could turn into a little gun and then turn into a full sized transformer I'm just like just leave it to fuck you. It's for kids like we don't need to have like scientific explanations. For why megatrend trump shrinks down into a handgun. That the other ones can hold your leader. Now hold me and jews mealy economize transforming the only way to that is your kids like whatever it's done there's a little aspect of this that is stupid and that's what makes it special. I guess if you you're willing to suspend your disbelief that there's a planet of humanoid robots that is basically just like our planet but just everything is cyber find with suspending your disbelief about the physics of the transformers out working. I was not. I don't as much as i loved. Transformers i was so irradiated by globeop. Did you go bots love to go. Bots did you. I just didn't like how they were that to me. Like fell now. Yeah yeah they they were bendy felt like even as a kid i was like i was upset by the physics of it because it didn't. It just felt like how they so. Bendy this metal. It doesn't it doesn't make any bucks in the i called go bots the transformers. My parents could afford because cartoon was absolute garbage. But you know what it's all we can afford in the kirkman household so the go bots not to be confused not to be confused with kirk the kirkman household the go bots were basically the kirkland brand transformers. Yes they weren't. They were like the the the bag of Of honey owes at the bond the bottom of the shelf as opposed to the honey nut. Cheerios which were like two shelves higher. That was the go butts exactly. They were the ones where the packaging didn't have quite as much effort into the design but it is interesting that we as as creative types we think of television and film as artistic television specifically as an artistic medium. Which doing well. But this is the question of when you really peel back. The layers like wait a minute. Television shows were created to distract people so that they'd be focused on a box that would sell them shit. Yeah we're all just selling paper towels. Maybe what do you think you'd do this podcast. You don't hear those ads. Do remember recording this things right creamy mattress. It's a mattress may have whipped cream. I should be sleeping on whipped cream today. I slept with cream last night. My loved it creamy mattress. That's the mattress for you. They'll ship it to your house. It'll unboxing you'll you'll you'll try as on if you don't like it because that's not up floyd who get a mattress at their house. Come on by the way. Did these sarcastic. Ideas tend to be some of the best ideas. I think foamy mattresses is a really great ice cream whipped cream mattress was it. Yeah it's a mattress fuller with cream. I don't see any problem with that is good for. It's good for a couple of days and then it smells real bad do you remember. I don't i don't think this is really a trendy more but you must have had this in kentucky too because it was very popular in tennessee where i grew up the waterbed trend. Did you guys have a water bed. When you're like nope like water beds. Were such a thing. And i've never heard anyone in the last twenty five years today like blah blah blah. Waterbed that i own. So i can i can. I'm talking about waterbeds you want. My parents had a waterbed and as a as a kid. I remember You know like from time to time. During a little bit of spring cleaning my mother would have broom and she would be burping waterbed because the waterbed get air bubbles in it and you would have to take the cap off and you run a broom across the water bed and like push the air toward the open cap against some of the excess air out of said waterbed and you know like your parents. This is the best best thing ever. I love waterbeds so cool. And so lo and behold. I think for my fourteenth or fifteenth birthday. Robert got fucking waterbed unbelievable. Did you. I had a go ahead. Sorry i'm i'm just stepping on your questions. No you're not. I i was just asking. Did you also have to burp the bed to get the air out. Yeah yeah because it starts to get like it starts against bologna and you can feel like lifting you because there's like an air bubble on top of the water. Anna contained bubble. Your ear science guy. You know this works. And so Era it just makes the surface feel weird but the waterbed is just probably the grossest goddamn thing on the entire fucking planet because it is a. It is a wooden box with a big big. You know plastic bag inside of it that you put like sheets and stuff but like dirt and grime. You basically have a gigantic mother of all couch cushions around the perimeter of your bed so like any dirt debris or whatever just get stuck down in there and so those cracks around the waterbed are just horrific. You know tonight. Ink pens down there all kinds of stuff and then The edge of the water bid is a is a wooden box. Which is you know. Hard because it's wood and so you're like climbing over this like wood-frame to get into bed and see like a shin bruises and things climbing into bed but they give you these pads that you put on the on the bed but the pads like thin nylon like like coating overlook some cushioning material and Both things get ripped up so you'd have holes like in the pads on the the thing just looks terrible now. Practical not very practical note. I do. I do miss the I have a local commercial from memphis from the eight from the eighties stuck in my head which was at country boy waterbed. We just want to say if you ate sleep. It on water you autre. oh shit which. I'm sure you must have had equally colorful local kentucky commercials of similar businesses or like the furniture store where the person would have their kids in the shot. You know like in the commercial. Like i mean if you grew up in the eighties you grew up in a world. Where if you didn't have a water bed you're trash especially in kentucky because you get you get the woman with the tallest hair on the planet. That's on your tv going. Well i sleep on a bed of water and blah blah blah. Isn't that the fanciest thing you can ever think of Meanwhile it is you know. Basically the white trashy is a piece of furniture. You ever have with water. That i'm pretty sure they would have had to have put chemicals or something in there to keep the water from just water inside a waterbed is usually like neon blue reich as it's got so much stuff in it to keep it from you know getting to rose But yeah i mean you'd have to drain it from time to time. There was like a attachment for a water. Hose that you would attach to the to the little cap and you have to like push the water out of the thing and do through the water hose and out do your yard and then you'd refill it like every now and then just the stupidest invention ever I i talked about beds all day. Chris but i kind of feel like we lost everyone. No not at all you kidding. We've talked about cartoon. Robots we talked about talked about Whip cream mattresses. Which i think is the next trend. By the way i think people are ready for whipped cream mattresses. And if it's too firm you just there's just a little valve and you can just suck some of it out and then and then just kind of like soften the mattress a little bit. These are good idea. I feel like often when we get together. We come up with so many good ideas. And i think we're cream. Mattresses is really really solid winner of an idea. Let's do it you need to. You need to invest some of this walking dead money into the whipped cream mattress. Oh did you. How do you still have a bed and breakfast. Whatever happened with that. Talk about ben breakfast. We're not talking about now. My though my i say my wife has been breakfast. in kentucky it's a it's called expert acres in if anyone is looking for a place to stay in cynthia kentucky Wonderful establishment. That is run by my sister-in-law anesthesia and Yeah it's a it's a. It's a great little place for you. Stay if you want to stay in bed and breakfast instant the kentucky instant the kentucky yeah. It's beautiful instant. Dana's fantast account. And they get a lot of walking dead memorabilia. You know like there's a big walking mural and you can see some of the places from the walking comics. 'cause the first issue will walking dead took place in cynthia kentucky. So it's It's not a badly. I know that i mean. Obviously the walking dead has a wide. Birth of the universe has a wide birth of telling going on at the moment. It it is. I mean i always. I always thought like we'll someday you know. The show's gonna wrap up. I really kind of thought like oh. This is going to be like one of those csi type. Shows it goes for like twenty years an ending and i know it's still like two years away. It hasn't really sunk in with me yet. I think because i've kicked it down the field emotionally like what's bill like way down you know and it's not just i mean like yes i will miss doing talking to but i will miss the show like it is it. Does you think you're going to stop doing talking. Dead after season eleven. Oh i don't know. I don't know i mean we haven't had those conversations so i have no. I have no idea but you know like even just so. Many things have changed since the show started. You know like it number one. The way television shows are made the type of to all these platforms erupted and started creating like when walking dead started. It was such a unique animal because number one. You know shooting zombies show with those kinds of special effects in hd. It was just never done before. Like i said killing off major characters so much about the show that was so different and then in the years you know like after a few years of the being on the air all these platforms emerged and that kind of like a television show it sort of proliferated but even the way that people watch television has changed in the last ten years so it really has kind of straddled. These two different eras of media. And it's it's just it is kind of surreal to me like i just still haven't really fully processed i think about it a lot because Walking dead which was fortunate to arrive at a time when you could be a an extremely noisy. Tv show that gets a lot of notice and gets people talking about it and it's really really way more difficult to do that now with all of the various different platforms and people producing you. Know what is it like. Can thousand shows a year now I think that even if you just look at you know two thousand nine when the walking dead debuted versus twenty twenty one just a number of television shows that are in production is exponentially higher just because all of these big streaming platforms are trying to do a you know all kinds of stuff and so it's it's kinda hard to stand out So as a person who's you know looking to create tv shows and do more things like that it's a it's it's interesting to see. Just how different the landscape is pre walking dead and eventually Postal walking gift. If there ever is truly a post walking dead. I mean i know we're ending with our season eleven but i think they said that you know. Amc announces sitting on season. Eleven and we're also doing these fiber shows will live on in some form But but yeah it's it's It's it's definitely a been a wild ride to see the You know just the changing landscape of television and get to you know watch out. It's all unfolded. I mean binge-watching. I mean obviously you could get a dvd set of something and binge-watching but the concept of binge-watching current shows was not a thing in two thousand ten. You know it just it. It's so strange to me How and. I have no idea what i keep saying. The pandemic really hastened this shift in programming broadcasting that was already underway but it it really made kind of happen faster with the breaking apart of companies in the reforming and the end the Streaming services like really kind of rushing like. Oh well everyone's home we gotta start like you gotta start getting these things in place so we can you know everyone and so it it creating shows now does the idea that people will probably binge watch them. Does that affect the creative process. In any way you know as a or is it different than the sort of like traditional linear broadcasting or even comics like well issued an issue week to week people will just have to wait until does the storytelling affected by the idea that these things will probably be binged watched i think that You know i. I mean not really for me. I think that if you make your show your show has to be a innocence. Your show can be less interesting. If it's being binge-watch if you're if you're watching from week to week you have to give more to the audience to make them hold on for that gap between weeks in between seasons. If you're binge binge-watching it's i feel like it's a lot easier to get somebody to watch your show a minute later than it is to get somebody to come back a week later So i don't know that there's necessarily a need to change your storytelling to accommodate binge-watching i think that it can heighten the experience I watched breaking bad as it came out and You know i. I enjoyed the show immensely I'm recently re watching it with my Soon to be fifteen year. Old son and You know i'm like oh wait. That character from season four appears in one episode season. One i realize that. No yeah that that they actually showed him working at the I'd forgotten that actually showed him working at the car wash that he eventually is like when she was like. Yeah you to car wash. we're going to buy it. I was like entity minute car wash. Because it's like eight. You've watched those years previous when you're when you're seeing season three seasons four and so it it provides like a a much more You know maybe just for morons like me but it provides a much richer experience because you're consuming it altogether so you see all the little nuances and you know little little tricks and things a little you know closer than you would otherwise All that said I am somewhat against a binge-watching You know as a person. Just because i love being forced to to digest and contemplate. What it is that i have experienced. I think that You know one of my favorite shows going on right now is the mandalorian by far. And you know. I just love the You know the sense of community that it's brought back to television watching where like an f. a a show stranger things you're like a you know you and i are talking and you know we both liked stranger things we get on the phone and we're like oh my god. The new season of stranger things right like isn't it great. And then you're like oh i'm only on episode four and i'm like oh on episode five and that is the end of the conversation. We don't talk about it. You're here here. we're both enjoying it. Great but on a thing like mandalorian. Oh my god. Did you just watch the dragons. It's crazy yeah. I just can't wait till next week. Like everybody's on the same place. Everybody is like forced to have that gap between episodes and You know i. It brings back let since a community that you had you know back in the early days of walking dead and and You know the television of that. We grew up with where you go to school and talk about x. files and things like that. It's really cool. And i think there's a happy medium that You know comes from you. Know the way that mandalorian instead success that That amazon is doing. I think the way that they launched the boys where they're giving you these three episodes and so you get the binge the first three episodes and get hooked on the season and then from that point on it moves into that weekly motto. They could easily put all those episodes out on the same day. But then somebody to do one day where you consume it. And then it's and then it's over but by doing the three episodes and then the other episodes like you get that mandalorian effect of like. Oh my gosh. Huey did this and you doing this and usually what homeland or did an. I'm very excited just to bring this to a place where i can train schill something that. We're doing that launch with invincible. As well on amazon well. I think you're right by the way. Because i do think some shows are like fast food. Were you just kind of want to consume it all at once and nothing about it again and some shows are these kind of sumptuous. Feasts that you wouldn't want to eat every day but like but every so often it just is really satisfying and it really sits with and you're right and i think walking dead might have been a much different experience if it had just all come out at once ten years ago and then every season it all came out at once. Because you're right. I think the the experience of being able to really process and talk and theorize that really forms community and that keeps the conversation going and it's the thing that powered talking dead but also and especially with the boys. I loved the ritual experience of every week when there was a new episode. My wife and i go. Oh my god there's episode of the boys. Oh he's shit. let's it's coming out. let's watch at it and it's friday. There's something to live for well kind away. Yeah and so it like that experienced is is is. It should not be minimized but also but not for every show like shows that have a lot of stuff going on and a lot of characters like dense plotlines and crazy you know like shows that are shocking in great ways need those times to digest like the boys are walking dead or breaking bad or whatever but not every show necessarily has that So i do think it's a case by case basis because when when talking dead i started to get you think we should. We should bend watch. Bad shows is what you're saying. No i think there are some shows that are that are more appropriate to binge watch. Because they're just kind of tear through them and they make sense as a whole they're just like it's just like watching a long movie you know like oh i got it all at once. But i do like the idea of binge-watching as a supplemental viewing experience like your experience breaking bad where you now you've experienced a show you can go back off shit. Here's all these easter eggs all these things that connect that i never really that never really realized before. I'm really glad to hear that you're doing that with invincible. Because it's gonna. I think it's gonna you know the because invincible has those moments that i think people are going to those. They're going to talk about you. Know week to week is gonna keep people coming back. It's got those. What are they called. Transformers movie moments. Where you're like. I got it and expect this to happen did you did you ever expect. I feel like early. On when i would have conversations with the walking dead i started. You're like yeah but you know invincible. I don't know if that's something will ever get to get made. I just don't know if that's not sure that's the thing. Can you not reveal to the public on negative. I am privately. They know trying to look like a positive human being who is happy about things. And it's cheerful and i just you know don't reveal come on come on. I can't be. I can't be labeled somewhat of a pessimist at times. Well i think yes some of pessimism but some of it's also like tempering expectations and also just sort of being realistic that the landscape programming has changed so much since you know ten or eleven years ago that yes you know like a network probably content wise. Maybe wouldn't have been able to do like invincible. It was it was crazy that walking dead even got made on for sure on television and that really like evolved. The types of shows that are made and television is a business and so when when network see like oh the walking dead which is a show that we might have been afraid to do before because it's so violent and getting so intense but now that's doing really well. Maybe we should. You know like it's they follow the money so i i will say more than all that the a back in two thousand nine or so when we were talking. You know there hadn't been this superhero landscape that that is. I think necessary for invincible. Really thrive invincible debuted in two thousand and three as a comic at a time when the comical guardians. i've been reading superhero stories. You know for a lot of people their entire lives you know. There's you know. Almost one hundred years of superhero tropes and things to to play upon invincible. Really is i. Think the most appealing to someone who is very well versed in superhero storytelling. And they know that you know villains do this heroes do this and this is how the world works on. This is how secret identities work. The you know how like different. You know like layers differently. Electrodes that you have in superhero stories because invincible of you know mainly it subverts those things and it plays upon your expectations and Lows you into thinking you know what a story is going to be and then kind of shifts the ground out from under you and so you really need an audience that is well versed in superhero storytelling to really get as much out of invincible. As as as can and now that we're moving into twenty twenty one. That audience is literally almost everyone on the planet. Thanks to the mcu fixed warner brothers. Thanks to all of these. Cw shows The various dc animated films like superheroes are literally absolutely everywhere and so. I think that it's just the perfect time. i mean. the boys is another really good example of a show. that kind of does what. We're talking about You know the homeland character. You know because he you know you identify him. As a superman like character has more weight to it because when he does the things that he does your brain is like. This shouldn't be happening at rockaway. This character should be behaving. And that's intriguing and makes the story a little deeper for you invincible. Does you know a a lot of that. And it almost couldn't. And then the same with the same with the deadpool movies like the the you need like thirty years of superhero movie tropes for it to ben comments on that and that is in lake invincible. That's that's what's so great about the dialogue with the audience and with fandom because there is you're kind of picking your head above what's been done and going. Hey what sort of like with scream series like. Hey everyone yes. You're paying really great example. Your fans of this genre of this type of thing and but we know what we how it normally goes and so we're just gonna kind of make fun of stuff fuck with other things flip things upside down because we're all in and that's when you have like community creators people who are in the community in the demographic who are creating the content for that community and that demographic and that's i think what helps it ring true but in the old media days that would have been considered to niche or to like you know because media way they always thought lowest common denominator biggest widest audience possible. And now because you have you. Know streamers like amazon. Who are able to say like. Hey we understand that niece just means hyper targeted focused audience which also can bleed into the mainstream as well. We know how to reach that audience. We have algorithms can reach that audience. It is kind of a wonderland for the kind of fan driven niche content creators. Because it just kinda you're able to cut through all the noise and just like really reach into the heart of your audience in that way. Yeah yeah and. I think we're moving into a real a renaissance for you know genre fans and genre storytelling just because the way these streaming platforms workers. It's not like traditional media where you have to have this giant audience. They're looking for a subscriber bases and you know netflix and amazon. All these places their subscriber base can be pieced together from a thousand different niche audiences. So long as those people are subscribers in they're all subscribing together you can provide much more unique and much more different much more targeted entertainment. Which is going to lead to some really cool choices. It's a really awesome stuff forward and also as a creator they know. It's i feel like the streamers don't necessarily do what networks would have done in the past which is okay. Well we have this property. We wanna make thing but it's for television so we gotta kinda like tone it. We gotta spin it a little bit for our audience where i feel like the streamers. Just go look rob. Kirkman obviously made the successful comic. You know how to make it so just make it the way. You think it should be done you know. Would you agree that there's that there's more creative freedom as a creator with this type of setup because they know that you know your audience. Yeah absolutely. I mean with with amazon and it was like we wanna we wanna turn this book into animated series like. Yeah cool and we were like. Yeah but you don't understand like this is super violent. And they're like yay cool and then we're like. Yeah but you know like we you know we're going to like like keep all the violence and it's going to be sprawling epic that's going to be this crazy thing and they're like hey that's great and we're like okay but in order to do that it needs to be an hour long and they're like yeah cool all right now. We're doing this insane. Hour long animated series that is I have also this some fans Vegetables violent comic. There's a lot of crazy stuff that happens but when it's all moving and it has sound and everything it's like a thousand times worse right and Especially in in in. I'm gonna i'm gonna spoil things but But when we when we get in there and we roller sleeves up. We're like okay the comic at this. Let's see if we can plus this up right. See if we can make this crazier and more intense and nutty and So what we end up with when absence come back. I'm like oh my god they're never gonna let us get away. This like we are going to have to turn this down. We're gonna have to cut these things. We're going to have to clean this up. This is crazy and then they go through clearances and people are like thumbs up. And i'm just like holy. Crap will animation nuts animation usually gets more of a pass than live action and some pretty outrageous stuff happens on the boys which is live action so i would imagine an animated show would have like would even have a little more leeway on top of that. Yeah yeah there. Are you know the boys is fantastic. There there are definitely times where you know. We're like ten times. Pass some of the craziest things they've done on the boys. It's a it's a looney and so this this iteration of of invincible as it. It's exactly what you had hoped for. Always kind of what you thought it would need to be to get. Yeah i mean it's it's it's you know it's a creator dream come true. I mean You know working with cory. Walker and ryan outlay on the comics and and bringing that together. We had that environment because of image comics to push the envelope and do whatever we wanted know no holds barred comex and and so that's established and so to be able to continue that kind of mode in animation form To end up with a product that You know like like crosses the lines. We wanna cross you. Know provides those shocking moments that we want to provide. And and it's hard. I mean i have to say this walking dead to like. It's not violence. Violence sake like the whole thing is about invincible. Exploring the ramifications of these things and the drama that comes from that then and the real human toll that superheroes existing in our world would have. And you can't do that unless you show them. The ugly side of what this world you know is all about and You know being able to to to go to those places and show those things There's actually gut wrenching moments in invincible and I couldn't be happier with the thinking allowed to do. It's going to be a crazy experience. The cast is pretty amazing to Steve steve young plays invincible. And j simmons play on me man j. k. Simmons ezama sandra. Oh as debbie. Gillian jacobs adamy. We've got walton. Goggles ceaseless deadman yet clancy brown. We got mark hamill yet. Zazie beetz we got mahershala. Ali like I'm just andrew reynolds like where were you know. There's a lot of names not saying. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna try to list everybody. Because i'll forget people. We got a ton of the walking. Dead cast coming into play the guardians of the globe. Let's i think i saw lord cohan's name on the on the lauren cohan We got We got cynical martyn green. Got chad coleman. God michael cutlets like winnie james. It's it's going to be great. It must be nice to be able to go back to the walking dead cast. Listen i'm sorry your character died on that show. But here's this other show that you could do a thing on also that in the case of some of these actors we are killing them again. Kirkman just hey you wanna come die again in an animated way. Don't listen you know to like with with what people go through with prosthetics and special effects and stuff on the walking dead like the physical like just being able to go into a sound booth or even just in some cases probably their own homes with like a microphone. I'm sure that's not a big ask. Well now yeah. It's it's a. It's a lot easier to get people to do voice recording that it is to you know have to get them to go to a place at a certain time or the can all be together like it's. It's definitely a little harder do you. Do you make a vocal appearance in invincible anywhere. I absolutely do not come on. I don't know it's still a still a pet peeve of mine like i don't like it when people cameo in their own things just it just it always pulls me out of the you know you're watching lord of the rings and you're like jeez peter jackson doe k. Your movie have you look at you now like come on. I don't know. I guess. I guess i have no fun me as i. That's interesting you say that. Because of and i feel like i i'll regret if i never do it. I'm already starting to regret it but early on in the run and walking dead nicotera would always say hey man come down man. We'll make zombie. We'll put you in a and two two things always kind stopped me from doing number one. I went through zombie. Makeup first season talking dead and it was it was pretty intense and secondly i always thought yeah but if people seeming they recognize me. It's going to take him out of the show. I don't want to be the thing that people are like. Fuck you man you stupid face like ruined walking bed you know and so i was always hesitant for the exact same reason even though they probably would have made me up to be unrecognizable. But now i didn't greg. Nicotera himself has played a thousand different zombies that behind the zombies so it makes them what i'm saying is you don't know him like he's it's not like there's the same zombie showing up constantly like they do the makeup in a way that you can't tell But now you should definitely be islami. I don't do it because it seems painful. Yeah the the listen for anyone who hasn't gone through the goal woes. Is it hard to get makeup on. It's like well you sit there for a while like there's a bunch of shit glued to your face. The contacts are pretty intense. You can't really move. You can't really you know like the the actors like the extras who go. I mean i don't even want to say like extras. I wouldn't even like the featured zombies like zombies on the show the amount of work that they go through to to bring those things to life with all of the makeup up all the shit and in some cases like you know have special ventilation so that their body can grieve and when they still have to convincingly be animated dead people. It's pretty fucking epic. That's no it's like if you if you think it's easy to be zombie on the walking dead. I want you to encase yourself in trash bags. Make sure that you were completely sealed inside. And then poke a hole in it with a straw for you to breathe in and then go stand in the sun for six hours and then have to still move around and convincing lee. Perform a task. Yeah yeah exactly. It's it's it's difficult work do you. Do you have any plans for have you have you dealt with it yet with the show i mean. Even though like again there are other walking dead properties. They're still but yeah but this is like you know it's it was the first one it changed. It changed your life. You know like you know. I think about how much it's changed my life and i'm just like the weird cousin of the show you know like it's going to be hard for me to say goodbye to it. Ah scrappy doo of walking dead. I know that's grab do no. I'm puppy power. I'm kidding come on. But no i I guess i'm not really thinking about it to be honest You know angela's hard at work on our massive season eleven It's going to be our biggest season ever and there's you know there's there's a long road ahead to get all of that done and so i guess i'm more focused on that and not focused on the fact that you know when that's done You know everything will be different. World be different. There won't be a quarrel walking dead show so So yeah. I don't know i mean you got me thinking about now and i'm starting to Get short of but a you know. I don't know. I ended the comic Is can it can be worse than that for me. Probably i mean that was pretty emotional. So so i don't know i mean Do you ever you ever think back about that. And i could have just gone for a little bit longer. Do you feel like you know. That's the story ended the way it needed to end. I'm i'm peaceful with that. Yeah it's that second one really. I mean i think that I'm so insecure as a writer if i have to be completely honest unlike if i worked on that for even one more month i know i would have fucked it up. You know like. I feel like i. I just skated by on the skin of my teeth to get to an ending. That people seem to be satisfied with and yes internet. I know there's some people that aren't satisfied with it but But you know the ending did seem you know very well received and so i feel like if i if i were at work one more minute on that i would have ruined at all so so no i i. I got an exactly at the right time. And you know it gets sometimes when you would come on talking dead and we were talking about the episode that would just air and then in the breaks. You'd go men. My brain is so far into next season. Because we're already in production were already you know. There's there's this constant forward momentum where you as as as a creator are generally like a year ahead of what anyone is seeing case know. So you're that forward. Momentum has probably spared you a lot of the things that maybe you've you've already kind of mourned because you lived through it like a year before anyone and seen it. yeah. I i always found walking dead to be talking dad. Being on the most nerve wracking uncomfortable experience possible just because Yeah like You know i i. I'm always were spoil something. I'm always worried that i'm a you going to say the wrong thing. And there you know there was there would be like the cuts that you're reviewing and the episodes that you're writing and the things that are airing so you're kind of like three walking dead shows that exist at one point and then when i was writing the comic there's like this fourth walking dead thing and so it's almost like keeping four different universes like together in your head and you also are on live television and you have to not look like a moron or at least that's a ho. I don't know that accomplish that. And i don't know i mean i don't know if people have even noticed but i haven't been on talking dead in a while because you know it is so nerve wracking. The last few times. I was on talking dead There there are a couple of things. I saw on twitter where it was like a Find someone who looks into the camera. The way robert kirkman looks into the camera on talking dead. Because i noticed that there's a. There's a prompter that has can reveal a little bit about talking totally. There's a there's a prompt or that has a your next questions like on the bottom of one of the main cameras. And i'm so nervous about like okay. What what's what's going to happen next. Like what am. I gonna talk about that. I would be like. Oh shit. I can totally see chris's questions before he asks them. And so i can like work on my answer a little bit before and so i was watching that camera as it would get shots like reading the question. Okay okay okay. I got a good answer for that. I know what to say there. That's cool. i'm not gonna spoil anything yet because that was that. Was that one episode the okay. Yeah an and you know. Sometimes i re-watch episodes before talking. Sometimes i wouldn't have time to But but eventually i was just like this is this is too much work. It's too much it is it is. You're right because it and it's specifically one of the two main reasons. Why don't i never watch the show ahead. Because i don't want that. I don't want to know you know like i. I found out about Laura's death in you know that season three or four three. I think episode four season three. Maybe you're asking me now. Yes i think. That's right. And because i visited i was visiting the set and i saw i saw sarah come around the corner just like covered in blood in a way that was like oh you didn't survive. Whatever happened to you on the show. And i had to sit with that all summer long and had to go to comecon and she was on the panel. It's like so what are you excited about for a or is there an and i. It was so hard to keep it. In and i was terrified. I was going to spoil something. And i also felt like i had to lie to people in order to pull it off and i didn't like that i didn't like that position and so why would of my life but for you it's like all i'm gonna say something is this. Did i accidentally just say something that happens in the comic or happens on a few was this episode was it. This was that this show was at that. And so i can understand the pressure of ad but also like you're in the sort of unique league maybe coveted but also like not coveted position. It's it's almost kind of george lucas ingwer. It's like you created this thing but you don't really own it anymore like emotional. You don't really own it. Its own by the fans and fan. opinions are valid. And it's it's it's it whatever you think about. The show is somewhat relevant but also not entirely relevant at the same time because will have their own interpretations and their own ideas. And that's all okay because that's fans they're entitled to whatever their their opinion is but it is interesting that you've created this thing. Do you feel like in a way like oh. It's not really mind. I'm like a consultant at this point but it really sort of belongs to the world a little bit i mean It's very much still mind chris. How dare you sure sure. But no i mean it's it's It's really moving to think. About how much of a part of people's lives it is Just how many hours the people have devoted to this. I mean i've been to many convention i did. I did a walking at crews populated with with people that love walking dead and so yeah i mean it's it's really amazing and You know it does give you a bit of a sense of just how important You know everything involving walking dead. It is just because you want to constantly be You know making these people be and giving them an experience that Repays their dedication. So you know there's definitely a gravitas. I guess that comes with it where you know what i would sit down to write walking good comics. I was still writing them like you. You you can't help but have in the back of your mind like yeah. I'm right in issue of a comic. I've been doing that for sixteen years. So i know what i'm doing but you know lake this panel might be tattooed on. Somebody's leg you know like this This is going to appear in tv. Show that's going to be watched by millions of people You know. I wonder if i wonder if this line of dialogue get turned into a mean will. Will this character be worthy enough of getting action. Figures like they like. Don't shit pops into your end really like. Why am i thinking about this But And you know and sometimes it makes you be like well you know. I will be more unique if they had goggles. So let's give them You know and it may influence things a certain extent but But yeah it's it's it's crazy. Seen what walking has become and how has an effect on how everything is done. Yeah and also just sort of speaking to that you know i i i do think look this will always be a part of my life and i'm i'm very that's comforting to me. That will that even when the show ends and whether or not we do more talking heads i don't know of course i would but i don't know but it will always be a part of my life the same way that when characters come on and they die off. Those actors are always. It's just a part of. It's just a part of this amazing community. And i think walking dead really helped to show us that in television like these communities are really important. Because it's not just yes it is entertainment but at the same time you have to remember that. It's it's a part of people's lives. And like i was saying you know like my wife and i watched shows. It's a part of your ritual. And it's part of it's a bonding experience. It's a communal experience. It's a way that people it. It's something that gets people through tough times and helps them celebrate You know friendships and or in cases where you know people will say like. Oh you know like i this family member who's no longer with us. It our favorite thing to do together like that is so impactful important to be able to look people in the eye and hear those stories and see it's not just retainment. It really is like we really understand. Now that it's that it is a community. That is i think the thing that i am most comforted by that i feel like i will always be a part of that even when the show is done and and so that has helped a lot sort of some of the like man i mean but it is going to be a i will be sad like there's no way around it i know i'm just kicking it down the field for now but even when we were talking about before about how things exist so that then other things like invincible or deadpool are able to sort of comment on those things. My wife and i watched this fun. British show called zomba vote. And it's just the silly listening. This scillies zombie comedy. Where one of the main characters is this girl who is like such a hardcore. Like you know a gamer. Zombie like like sci fi or film fan and they re make a lot of walking dead references. Like we'll fucking rick. Grimes wouldn't have thought and it's really fun because it is again. It's in that same vein of like you can see. The writers are having this dialogue with the fans. Its it's definitely a by fans for fans kind of show and so. I don't know just something that you might enjoy really really fun and silly so british british show called zombie until you said it was a british show all right. Take it easy now. A podcast y'all get mad at me. That's just so what have you been. we're willing. we're almost in an hour now. I realize that you and i have not caught up in a really long time. I think maybe we chatted her text at once or twice. And because i. I miss those times where it'd be like fuck women while let's go have dinner and now that like going out to dinner i mean i know people can dine outside but we're just emotionally not there yet. Take no risks. But i miss are taking a risk for pork chop. I miss our dinners. And i miss i do i do too. It's so weird like with the quarantine the pandemic and everything like You know you don't you. Don't call people on the phone. You don't like that used to be a thing. But like i have friends like you in los angeles where it's like you. You know way we converses we text and then we get together. Let's get together. Let's get together and talk. It's like well you you have a device in your hand where you could just make a phone call and have the same conversation you would have over died on count. Then count you. Don't and so. I yeah i feel terrible because you know there's you. There's there's dozens of other people that i haven't really talked to or seen or conversed with a much at all during the During the pandemic so So yeah it's getting to do this. Podcast i was like. Am i going to sound like a human being. Like can i can. I sound like a human for an hour. Because i haven't done this in a while. I haven't done very many interviews. I'm doing more as we ramp up For the launch of preventable. but i'm like You know. I don't really go out and talk to people that haven't been to the skype out offense like we. We have zoom meetings from to time. But even those. I feel like i'm an awkward weirdo now. Like and maybe i was always an awkward weirdo. And now i'm just aware of it but it's just you know like i feel like i'm rusty with my with my A sound making from from voice so easily. It's so easy to become an isolated hermit when the world is like stay home and be isolated and then you start going really need to go out to get food. I guess i didn't really need by have a lot of close i don't wear. I don't really need all of these. I don't need and then you start you start kind of like retreating and i think there's a steep slide into like just hermit is where you just don't go. I don't need to you know. Like i don't need to do anything i don't need to go out ever again. But because it's you know like we are in a time where we are able to have thanks to amazon coincidentally And other like food delivery services. We really don't have to leave those of us who are fortunate enough to have jobs that we could do at home. You know like that's that's really the you know you got to know that we are. We are very lucky to be able to Sue home and have a driver. Bring us everything that we could possibly want from amazon but But yeah it's crazy like a. I don't let me ask you this If you were to so february of twenty twenty. I would have said there are so many television shows that i want to see. I don't know if i will ever have time to watch them. All what month did you run out of shows in the pandemic. Because for me i think it was like october goats like wait a minute. There's nothing to watch. You know what we did not have that problem because there are two channels that is in our for three things number one. Well pretty much every horror movie that comes out we watch. Yeah so there's always a constant stream of horror to watch and then when you kinda live in the balance between hgtv and investigation discovery. There's always a true crime thing or series or a renovation thing or series to watch so and there are like you know. I mean i don't know there be thousand episodes of like house hunters international. Like there's no shortage of those types of shows that kind of fill in the gaps for the scripted. Things that really about this house hunters international. I need to know. Please don't kidding but well okay wait. Let me just a side note. Do you watch house hunters at all. Oh i don't okay. So there was regular house hunters which is basically like a you know people in the united states looking for house and there's three houses they look at. What are they going to jews. And then how centers are national. International has a weird twist where it's like people are always. They either want to live in another country or a jobs. Take them to other country but we noticed that well into the run the series. They started really leaning into like relationship. Friction in a way that sometimes. It's like watching your friends. Parents like passive aggressively jab at each other. Where you feel like. Should we be witnessing this. You know and so it. And it's so many episodes in the last handful of seasons that i feel like it's definitely something that they've leaned into where it's just like you'll have couples and it's like well i want this house while it's a thousand dollars more month. Well yeah but. I have to be here all the time. Maybe you should get a job while you're there you know like it's that kind of stuff you're like holy shit. I don't really like watching television friction. But for some reason it's sort of works because at the very end they pick a place and then they always do the three months later. Oh we couldn't be happier and the looted our like really. Because i feel like this relationship was not gonna last there was already friction and you had to start a new life in another country. That might be one too many asks for finding their facebook pages to see if gotten divorced. Seeing it worked out. I give it six months six months. Maybe if they're lucky so we haven't actually we haven't necessarily run out of stuff in that way because there's always some you know there's always something to watch or some new or something. Why you feel like you've exhausted all clearly have it run out of anything because there's great things like wanting to vision new shows that are coming out and stuff but i feel like in february. It was like there was just a massive list of all. These shows that. I wanted to watch that. I hadn't gotten around to and nine. I've watched him. When does the said you know if i gotta be honest. I'm still s. Still need to get through peaky blinders. I haven't finished that show yet. So what i'm saying is i'm a liar. I still gotta watch the wire i've been. I feel like the longer. What's the longer i don't watch that but harder to start it. Because the expectation is i felt so much pressure and i know this because i have pressured people about like breaking bad. For instance. Like what do you mean. You haven't seen breaking bad. It's only five seasons. But the wire i feel such an intense responsibility to watch every i know it's very detail oriented show to be so immersed in it's an i also feel the pressure to love it so much that it is almost almost had a little bit of an avoidance like. I'm afraid to start it in a weird way. I don't know you gotta start watching the war you ridiculous. It's it's amazing. it's you know one of the best. Tv show ever made. But you know. Don't be intimidated by it. It's not like it's like so complex that you're not going to be able to watch it. You know just a cool show. I also a great characters. Also very funny like i don't know if anyone's told you how funny it is. Show goddamn hilarious. No it's it's a good show Interestingly enough i watched the. I think i got the first two seasons on dvd. And then i watched the other seasons as aired way back in the day and There's an episode. I believe in season three or season. Four that my dvr. or no. i think. I didn't get home in time to watch it and so i missed it and so i would have had to I feel like you know. Hbo and rerun things. And i just. I just missed this episode. I drive by the dvd's interest. Watch this one episode. That i missed but there is a mythical one episode of the wire in season three or four that i missed and never got to watch so i'm actually planning at some point to rewatch the wire and i'm very excited that there's an episode buried in there that that i have never seen because i just like the next week i just was like i. I guess i'm just gonna watch this episode. And i followed along okay and just in different time when we all things up on our phones but the sad thing chris. I don't know if you've noticed this or if you're willing to acknowledge this. I have hidden age. Where i know when i finally do rewatch the wire. I'm more than likely won't be aware of which episode it is that i never watched before so you don't even remember which you don't even know the episode number. No i don't but like i'm watching breaking bad again with my son and i'm like oh yeah i know how this goes and then it doesn't go that way and i'm like shit. I totally forgot about this one. This is crazy. you know. it's it's it's it's almost like i'm watching it for the first time i mean i remember a lot of the big stuff. And you know things like that but There's a lot that you forget when you get old. You know what people will not see because this is an audio podcast is how your head sunk down and you just look down offscreen and when you went as you get you get a lot of time to think about your age in the in the pandemic and definitely get real sad. That's that's been. That's been circling around the back of my head like so many more goes around the sun to get to hear you start counting like if i'm lucky i'll get thirty more christmases like if i'm really lucky you know i. It is kind of a weird. You still think about that stuff before because you always feel like this time millionaire. Where like i got all the time. He's got well no. I guess i don't and horrifying. I think it's in the two towers. Someone says They're talking about the soldiers they have and they're like some obscene Too few winters and some have seen too many to say that some of these guys are too old. Some of these guys are too young. And i had never really heard that like vernacular like like referring to how many seasons you'll experience is like a reference to your age and so now i'm like okay so i'm forty two i've got. I've got eight summers until fifty break when you when you break down that way. It's like eight. Summers is nothing especially when you get to this age. Where year is basically like a month like a month. I mean what year was like when you were young holy crap it was like forever and how one year like ten years like. Oh my god. It's only september this doesn't end until like may what the fuck you know but what you just said reminds me of. Harry met sally. When harry met sally where she's were meg ryan's like like she's sobbing. She's really upset and she's like would it be forty and he goes when some day in eight years. Yeah but it's just out there. It's just out there. It's the same kind of thing it's just out there but we think about that. We're releasing the walking dead Releasing the walking dead and in color. And we're releasing it as the walking dead deluxe which is a twice monthly series. You get to issues a month. And i'm undoing this fun thing in the back of every issue where i go through my handwritten plots and i talk about like how i changed. Certain things or or different storylines that i had planned and abandoned. Some characters could have died at this point but didn't some characters died at that point could lived and you don't like different things that just going through the behind the scenes because i have like a handwritten for every single issue and a lot of them were very different than what ended up coming out. And it's fun to kind of dig back into it and so you know every few weeks i sit down and i go through my plots right a bunch of notes about different things. I was thinking at the time. And it's great but I recently did the one for issue Eleven and I have a list of you know her family. And who's on the hurdles farm and their ages and herschel was a you know an older gentleman who had adult children and you know like when i was writing that issue i was like twenty three twenty four and so in my notes. I have herschel. Forty nine forty nine really totally reasonable by the way totally reasonable. A guy like a guy lived on a farm in georgia. He would have had kids at twenty three twenty four and they would have been twenty five twenty six when he was forty nine like it's totally plausible. Oh my god. Now that i say fifteen year old son. So when i'm forty nine myself will be. What is what that sell. Twenty two twenty three. So it's okay to just one about the look. I i looked i looked down again. I apologize so involuntary like a okay. So just one. Is there one thing before we wrap this up in the comics. You talk about storylines you abandoned. It's one storyline that you're like shit. I probably shouldn't have not have abandoned this one thing. No there hasn't been. I mean I haven't gotten to some of the bigger stuff 'cause later in the run there. Were you know like. I had an ending planned for issue. Seventy seventy two sadly. I had an ending plan for the series and it wasn't nail down to an issue but it was very soon after they got to alexandria. And i've talked about this a little bit. I think when. I finally did in the series but when i got to that point in the in the comics i was like one this sucks. It's super depressing and super dark. Doesn't really like give you a satisfying conclusion and too late. I'm having a great time. I can't bear the thought of not. You know writing these characters anymore and so you know and this was months before i actually got to that point of the story. It wasn't like. I was writing the last issue. I can't do it But but there are things like that that i've abandoned along the way where you know you need to. You know like. I had to like a you know like come up with other things to keep the thing going and You know i just i. At that point. I couldn't bear the thought of ending it But you know. Was it a deal. Yeah it was a completely different ending about it. Was it it was basically everyone died. That's the short version of it. You know it was I mean i'll just tell you. I think i've talked about it before. I don't remember. But when rick gives a speech about living in alexandria long-term and how they can rebuild civilization and how this is where they were supposed to be and i think it was just like pre in. Pre ezekiel like this before a lot of that stuff. He was going to be giving that speech and as he gave that speech it was just going to fade to a statue of him. Having given that speech so it would be like a you know a marble version of of rick like in the moment where he was giving the speech. And then you zoom away from the statue and see that the statues in the middle of alexandria and commemorates the tie when rick gave this monumental speech about the rebuilding of civilization and alexandria would be like built up like it was way more successful and there was all kinds of like buildings and structures and everything alexandria but it had been abandoned for many years and all the windows were gone and it was a complete ruin. Zombies were walking by so and so so the end was like rick succeeded. He finally rebuild civilization and then it didn't work and they're still zombies and fuck you an stars like what's the best ending didn't work and sucky. Yeah well. I'm glad to way a black glad that it continued we did. We did keep the rick statue thing. That is something that happens at the at the end of the comics or for people that want that spoiled but but yeah so there are elements of that that were kept but i feel what we eventually ended up with is a much more thoughtful appropriate ending for for people that had gone on the sixteen year journey and actually wanted there to be some kind of meaningful resolution. That gave the story some kind of value. What i understand that though. Because especially from what i understand about how you were approaching the comic to begin with it really was to to kind of shake up how these types of stories are told which is why you cut off it. Would it be fucking crazy if you cut off the main characters hand and yeah and so from an early point of view to end to end the series of that way i can. I can see. I can understand why what i imagine. Your thought process was for how the comic was being done. Why that seemed appropriate to you from early on like. Oh yeah well. it's fucked up fucked up brutal world. No one survives the apocalypse. Kind of the you know and so i understand. But i'm also glad that you were evolved enough to go okay. Well at the point. Now i feel like that. We've gone past that. And i really do care about this and i care about the community bands a care about the characters. I care about doing it. And so i want to give it a better. You know so. I appreciate that you that you let that go in favor of of being a as i as i got older and more mature i decided to do something that there was a little bit more optimism and hope that that crept into the storytelling that i think shaped ending in a in a much more satisfying way. Yeah i mean it's like you know when you're young you want everything to be punk rock and brick structure then as you start to get older you go you know. Maybe there is something to this verse bridge chorus verse chorus structure. You know like maybe there is a little. Maybe it's not. So maybe these for a reason. But i i'm excited for invincible. When is it when does it premiere march twenty six march twenty six. So they're gonna amazon's gonna drop the first three episodes and then it'll be week week-to-week week after that. Yeah it's it's hashtag invincible friday. Every friday leading up to march twenty six and then we got three episodes on the twenty six th and then you will get one episode a week until we get to the end of the episode first season which i believe will be around april thirtieth. Think the date So yeah you'll get three episodes to begin with and then weekly after that fantastic. Is there anything else that you want to plug gore anything else coming up this new mattress company. That's coming up with free mattresses their mattresses full of whipped cream creamy dreams. I believe is our tagline is was the perfect dude. You stuck the landing. That was an olympic level. Riff creamy dreams at creamy dreams. Whipped cream beds. We just wanna say if you ain't sleep but on whip cream then book you doesn't work it doesn't work Yeah we we just want to say if you're not sleeping on creamy then you're going to pay you go. Yeah perfect robert kirkman with back pain. You're gonna pay with back pain. It's not you're not going to get the creams. Great doesn't quite give you the lumbar support. You might need the cream. Gets a little rank even with the The chemicals don't eat it. it's not edible. You might think you could eat it. You might think you could just scored some on on a on a sweet or something or hot dog. But you can't and we had so many chemicals in this whipped cream to keep going sour then he neon blue neon beyond blue whipped. Cream inside these mattresses waterbeds. By the way these cream he's cream mattresses are just waterbeds out of landfills and filled with water beds. That's all it is. That's all it is not to look up. They still sell waterbed somewhere somewhere. Someone still got a waterbed somewhere. I imagine but I adore you. Robert kirkman. I hope to get to see you in person at some point soon and dreaded house right now please right now. We're going to give each other covid with our mouths. Thank you for this specificity of the transmission. I appreciate job. Give it I love you. And i hope to see you soon and yeah thanks for. Thanks for doing the podcast again. I'd like you to chris. Well look you. Two men transform and roll out. Ooh i gaining complete enjoy overeat.

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Episode #529 - Can Elmo Touch Your Hair?

Legion of Skanks Podcast

1:30:42 hr | 4 months ago

Episode #529 - Can Elmo Touch Your Hair?

"Did you catholic finger point. But if he takes the period company policy. What's up everybody. It is the legion of skaggs. Podcast this is our second show. The week we bring to you out of the goodness of our hearts. I'm your host. Big joe kherson the scarcer. Here davey smith. what's up. glad to be here out of the goodness of our hearts and with more space for ads. And there's more space for being so good to you for ads. Now enjoy this little next little message from amigo as the goodness of our hearts. Of course we have defending ellis mania champion. The puerto rican rattlesnake lewis. Jayco mez. what's up mother. Fuckers is the three of us zoom. Baby boy. Double satan dude. You're getting so the little nasdaq's now. I love little zacks. Oh by the way we be talking about. Little nausea in the last show. Nike is suing the company. So the company that's making shoes is not just some fucking viral products so they want to aftermarket like super up for you. So logo is huge on it. I saw people like tweeting online. And they're like okay well. If nikes not endorsing this then why would they be letting them use their logo. And then like the next day. I saw nike suing them. You know they're not letting them use their logo at all yellow a little nasdaq's could show up to court and booty short and giving the judge a lap dance. Y'all ana yao on a police case dismissed starts put those those fucking dick huggers and goes and lap dances. The judge like satan stick it s and due to complicated matters. I have recused myself from this evening. I phoned up and that i will dismiss myself Yeah the nikes sewing and they're going to win Maybe i mean selling them. As nike's decision matter shit trademarked up. They own that you can't put that on a show and it's also their designs air. Max it's like it'll no matter. What do they. They're gonna get fucked. It doesn't really matter when someone makes a viral shula that they decorate one and sell a pair of them or something to go after all the people that do that. The problem is this these were sold for a thousand bucks or thousand bucks. Each six hundred sixty six pairs eighteen dollars right. It's like the. It's like the thing on the bottom of the shoe. It's like ten eighteen yet lou. They can also they can also probably sue them for like damaging their brand like not just the money they made off of it but the fact that they're like associating their brand with this devil shit probably like nike is nikes always human is in the god damn thing. I don't know but i'm selling the pair of louis. Shade gomez laziness gang shares. Where i come in each pair. There's a drop of companies. Now shoot a full load in there. Just lewis made a thirty eight. How big lows you shoot. Lewis made seven pairs today. He is exhausted. While here's the thing. I shooting each shoe like you know how like it'll be like in porn where it's two chicks and you give each girl a little bit. Let's what do the show the first the rights. You usually get a little bit more than the left shoe but is is the vacation going on louis. Technically your birthday thing debut drinking whiskey in the afternoon so nice fucking benjamin. Franklin works theresa fucking cone yet by candlelight. You never have a afternoon cocktail part of the problem. Where's my fountain. I'm sorry first off. I do have like a sweet s in my office here. Like a nice kanter with whiskey in it and to as glasses. Oh yeah. I'm old school. I'm sorry mr going to jamaica for the seventh time this year and have a drink. I must i must i must increase my bust. Yeah so birthday. Are you you in jamaica land in jamaica back S going back to villa. That i've been before. Yeah not. you're not turning forty. The sierra thirty nine this year tomorrow's here all right well. Happy birthday yesterday when this airs. Happy birthday to my birthday show. David turned thirty eight. Yep ended up month Wow wow we're living in the future boys fucking man up this morning before. Lewis's forty though. I'll be my mid forties before your forty. They damn dan a damn i. It's just funny. That dave lives is life like a fucking poetry. The turn of the century. Dave right man. I don't really understand. What am i gonna pinpoint the year. That dave went one eighty completely. He was a widower when the show started. It was straight up like a hang out on a fucking stoops smoke. A blunt drinker forty wigger when the show started now. He's giving give me to suburban afternoon. While i sit here and stare at my giant jack on the wall if you think about it though it's the it's the logical next step from wigger up some who are definitely the furthest and that's not it's not a bad thing it's not it's not even In this just the reality of the conversation you are definitely the furthest from who you were when the show started when you look at all three of us. J. exactly the same. Jay can afford more hair dye but yeah no j. hasn't changed a wink. Jay has not changed a fuck in winky. Do that's a lot. You're right jays. Actually jay's a better person jays better purse do just changed a lot jay. jay is a better person. He's a thinner he career. He's more successful short hair the short hair. That's pretty big short. Sure we've all changed a lot. I mean your host still with him gloves on. Maybe not that much. In fact he does really just hilarious and only. Because i'm wearing like a. I don't wanna fuck up a shirt that i have to go out tonight so i just throw on a hoodie and it's the hoodie picture of quite literally. Haven't worn it in years. Sleeves rolled up. I was gonna make a joke that wearing the same hoodie. Geez you're wearing the same gloves and hoodie. Dave brandt maybe space in this picture. Says i'm better than the show jay. Those my face in this picture goes. I'm going to change a lot. You're doing here is going to be some changes. Excuse me and me look like we're both staring at the same underage girl go back to the bigger. My expression is there's going to be some changes in my life and j expressions are we are never going to change yet. Lewis ask sam louis how old she is and she sells back seventeen. And then i'm saying so. The countdown begins Shit that's so weird. Yeah no yeah. I don't even saying it has like a book. Dave changes just like it's a. It's not puzzling to me. It's just like it's It happens so fast and like we don't you don't live near anybody right now. You've you've been married for a while now. You have a child now so all those things are going to change no matter what do you know what i mean like. I should be changed from ten years ago. It's weird that you're not further off from. Who used to be jay. Would he be honest with you now. Way far off more used to be. Well i mean dude. I when we started the show was in my twenties. I mean i'm like i'm a father pushing forty now. Yeah i i should be in a different place. That's how it's supposed to be jimmy drastically different place a sad got. I was in my early thirties when we started talking crazy To i guess thirty three. I'm forty three so that was thirty three ten years ago. It's actually ten years legion skanks. Now it's two thousand eleven that we started and in november it was It would have been episode twenty. So we're coming very very close upon the ten year anniversary. Bobby alex you should get the exact date of the ten year anniversary. Try to find that first place. I remember when i used nine. Now say soon i used to always talk about how like up. It was that there weren't more articles and we weren't people weren't more offended by us because we earlier downloads the most offensive shit and then when it started it was like hey measure. There were so many articles attitude. It's so funny. Because i really on shirk part of my Part of my thing okay. It's coulter we were begging for it. Didn't seem real at the time. I don't know i say on stage when it comes up a lot. I say that were i go. You know what's funny for years. I thought that While all my friends and people. I knew were getting in trouble for their offensive jokes. And i was like man. I guess my shits just so wonderfully brilliant that no one can see any holes in it and it's just that good thing turns out. Just nobody knew who i was. They found out they were like. Oh no yeah you to you piece of shit i well. You know what it is to that allowed you to have. That is that you can. And there's almost every comic who knows you as a standup would say us. Almost everyone be like you can get away with things in your stand. That other people just can't get away with like you could talk about certain topics that would that would have other people. Lose the crowd but you can do it in like keep everyone on board. It's just part of your charm the way you approach the topics and whatever your personality. So it's kind of easy for you to feel like that's just the way i am my personality like i can get away with this shit and they can't but then you realize that it's like yeah when it's in print in an article none of that matters you can get away with more than most people can because you are genuinely funnier than most people. So this is what i used to say about you. It's like i would always lose arguments you anytime i. I've never argue in front of a crowd again. Never gonna because every time. What happens is jane. Convinces a crowd that he's right because he's being by the way histamine just to be clear. That crowd could just be me jail. Just convinced me i would. I would say that. I can beat j. in any debate. Or it's like that age old fucking adage if there's a tree in the forest here if it's me and i'll fucking dominated him going to call me like hey jude just crush. Jane not sure knows about can't even off microphone. Lewis is just dunked on my ass. And i will destroy him arguments anyway. There's an audience there. He convinces dolts. That he's right because they're laughing. Wait debate something right now under debate something dave. I've been waiting to be told to not be on. The show is the baby. i'm. I'm upset that i wanted to down stairs for this all you right now. Your pasha dave death penalty. It's not a good one I don't know what are you guys disagree. I of debate club do you. Do you know the way. Debate club works jay. Now the first year will is. Don't tell anyone about talk. Just i've been cool my whole life now the way it works. Is they give you the topic. You don't like you pick something you're passionate about. They say all right You know fucking one person's the affirmative one person's the other thing and really know that i knew even if you don't believe it you have to debate but i'll i'll destroy any debate with dave here. Dave dave davison honest. Fucking judge of debate character. She would never he would never sway one way or the other on a million years. Never for sergei give you a topic. Hey can you make another coffee. You could do that all it. How does your coffee intake interfere with zoom podcast every single time. What i want some coffee. Who get everyone here likes coffee. We all there's a coffee flying. None of us are right. Not all right j. Drink some other fruity drink. But whatever it's all i'm saying is every single zoom show lewis is like okay. Let's start in five. I gotta get my coffee or coffee. Delivery comes or yes to go hang on was debate if lewis should prepare his coffee and have it there before. Show whenever you guys are great. Whatever fucking Happening you guys. What do you mean. Why did you struggle with the easiest set. Hey nah i started smoking weed again you know. I can't really think that much. This one was. The one of the shorter lived lou. Now that was over a month over month really okay yeah. I've drank december seventh birthday. Your birthday yeah. That was the last drink nice Such a blow out dude. It was time to turn it in. Couldn't get better than we do them. Dave was funny somebody. That's dave on monday. After monday shoving david hanging out for a while he goes. Just the uber happens to be a few more minutes than normal. I know we. Dave is the most maybe the most votes because he spent seven hundred dollars round trip to come talk. Exageration legitimately the price of a flight to detroit. Every time he for sure for sure for sure. Do you could fly. You could come right around buffalo. I can fly to puerto rico for cheaper that it takes you to time a day. Here's the thing right. This is one of the weird things about being an adult and how this has all changed. It's all it's all free. It's all fucking right off. It's basically if you traveling to work it's just not. It doesn't matter if i if i take the train or an uber or anything else. It's all of you every will give you everything back. Some of back. No yes but you're still like basically using as much as you can fucking did not. Yeah of course on your fucking so it's just like yeah. No you're right. it's forty percent off. I guess or something like that. Get a flight to detroit right now for one hundred eighty eight dollars today. It's a terrible terrible airline though and a terrible city to go to the whole experience giving a real shit show generally speaking. You're gonna eat shit on this. I would never fly frontier airlines spirits. He just said frontier. You can get one. Twenty-one five frontier before spirit. Yeah thank thank spears. The third recline well frontier experience. The one spirit you have to stand. It's something weird also southwest. I won't take because i'm not going to be in a scrum to not have a middle seat. I think it's insane. That's their plan. Dave is dave won't fly frontier. He just lives his life like he's part of the frontier explorer. What was the frontier. I'm trying to remember. I don't exactly know reference there. It's all it's hard to make the joke come together. Would you have no idea what it was. Fly frontera help. Hit total fucking about this whole thing. Guile frontier the movement of imploding. All right. I think you're gonna lose this debate today. You're already colorado actually debate j what the topic bitch like. You want like a real debate topic or something. You guys do disagree on or just some random thing that we disagree. We disagree on find Find the debate. Topic is j. Should stop wearing flare release. Debate debate was really go for it. Lewis really thinks you should stop and clearly jay Does not want you might win. Do go go it. Who goes i i know. L. no affirmative the affirmative go first. Okay so ladies and gentlemen of the jury. The resolution j. should stop wearing flare arguing for the affirmative. Louis j gomez lewis. You have the floor. I mean ladies and gentlemen big jail gerson you know one of the funniest man on the planet one of my very. You're very dear. Closest friends brother. I'd say all right and that's your time j. r. ewing for the negative. Everyone agrees that all of his flare is gay as fuck like nobody likes it. Nobis like oh hey dude you need to wear a bandanna and fucking bracelets and While it chain and all this other stuff nobody ever says that everyone however does say jay. Why do you dress like such a faggot. the j. I don't know what is going on. But he has his style sort of followed. The trend of metallica throughout their entire career. So whatever their where he goes you know what that's totally cool aware but metallica's ten years behind what school the wear so jay. I'm telling you we love you. This comes from a place of genuine honesty. Your flare sucks. Nobody likes it now. Stop wearing it and start acting your age. Wow that was a compelling argument from the beginning and somehow lewis things metallica's ten years behind. What's cool. I don't know what year he thinks we're living in two thousand and twenty one lewis. Italica is not the standard of cool for quite a while. You're here you are you doing for the negative. Yeah i like it man and also it's really It's in career wise. I must say whatever is about. It has made me memorable to people also A look the kind of goes with my comedy and Yeah it was just like you know. I would have dressed more. I wish i would address more individually in in highschool. I didn't so now i can say people remember it doesn't i don't think i haven't gotten pussy ford or anything fine. You're six foot. Five and louis people remember you louis. Stop it now. it's rebuttal time lewis. You can rebut. Jay was saying go ahead. You're seeing is six five hundred pounds. Go ahead next five hundred yes. That is five typically the funniest guy in the room. Most of the time ninety nine percent of the time people are going to remember you. People do not remember your flair. There are more famous comedians. You not flare Please forget the debate. Turn the mike off. Please up wearing your flare. Like you perform in sweatpants. Sometimes which there's a million years i would never do. So i've never. I've never gone on stage in sweatpants once ever. I've never gone on stage. And you're attacking mind as opposed to debating yours which is fine. This is rebuttal time. So he can lewis about your argument on your life. You've never performed and sweatpants. Now let's stand up. Never think so. I mean maybe maybe. I've gone down at the stand. We're doing our show. Alex gray sweatpants to rose masters. I've seen you sweat but we made it before. That's a little different. It's not on onstage. slow sure he's onstage. Standing up now. Joe was a show that you were you know representative of whatever and you're sweatpants. I wouldn't say. I would say you can probably count on your hands on one. Hand the amount of times that. I've worn sweatpants absolutely. I'm just saying but you just said before was never an hundred. Start with just record a handful. The record lewis speaks indefinite. So that's what i'm saying. How could i fall too. He goes everyone thinks new dress like this. Everybody thinks everyone thinks it's ridiculous. Sweatpants onstage to poll. just there's gotta be someone. Everyone thinks crazy. What sweatpants stage. Well i would also give you that. But that's not what we're debating here but yeah but you can't say everyone thinks jays ridiculous ryan toast you dress like you because it just goes to show though what the point dave of that if i may was show that lewis speaks in debt so everything is really mean. When he's saying everybody he's already shown you that for sure i've never all those definite words really don't mean anything. Lewis says everybody that could be three. People could be a hundred people but whatever it is. I know i've through experience. There's people. Who've i i guess sort of like the way i dress let alone or just kind of accept that. That's the person i am. We all accept that. That's the person you are. You're yelling me to stop it. No debate because the debate topic. This is going to turn to a real fight. Now off the microphones at chase actually picked a different debate topic a semi offended. I'm just trying to win the spurt. No law can we debate. The topic. is jay offended. Ooh that's the next debate man. He's a lewis. I do feel like jay would be doing a better job if there was a crowd. I feel like they'd be laughing at lewis more but yeah just you know now on zoom debate. I don't know it's both say. Well i guess i put it in the comments. He won the debate. I'd say. I don't think i should be a judge. I'm not i i was moderating. And we have our people and alex and Whoever else is here. She judge fans judge. Put it in the comments on youtube. It's fine at this. Move to but what we hear lewis who think ooh confident that if you think that the people like your close they don't they hate your clothes. Dude got a fucking mandar. One person listening to this show right now live in here with us one. Your debate is gone once. You said every everybody thinks. Do you know the debate was. Should you not have flare. The debate wasn't that everybody thinks you're not understanding the debate. The debate was his favourite flare. Jay's is the scarf in the bath yes his favourite. isn't it sucks. i don't think that's what he means. Bobby doerr says he loves it. Bobby you're out you're fired. You're also this anything yet. Not gnarly did jiagelo so scared. Gmo of course. Of course i like it. But i'm afraid of lewis's response. I mean it's just thing even ari on drugs. One time admitted that he likes it. I have a thing all right hated it. I'd look dave. You fucked up even bringing this up as i don't wanna i don't wanna jay. Now i feel like the whole thing. It was jaylen. Bring it up for more time will move on. We'll bring it up again so to. If i were going to estimate i'd say it was about five seconds after the words came out of my mouth i went. This is going to go in a bad direction. Yeah yeah it was like jada doesn't like to be attacked for his flair. Where all my life. I will talk about my flair. It happens on stage. Look at you right now. We being funny south central air killing it. You are freaking. Ejei place isn't getting central. After so goddamn nights when you're used to having those fucking window odds just fucking and the heat. Whatever that fucking does that heat come through the central air to us. Just the asked so much better than this is like. I didn't even know that. Both of those things existed. So when i moved in here i freaked out. I was like how do i even. How do i make. So i'm gonna freeze during the winters during the summer. And what's the stupid thing on the wall with the numbers. Well this hotel vibe to it. So actually what they are it's centrally. I guess you'd call it but it's it's a unit in the bedroom and a unit does the other bedroom and living room. You know what i mean. So it's like a second. It's almost like remember the hotel you go and you flip up the thing in my bedroom where you flip the thing up on rag floor unit and the controls controller there. That's in the bedroom and then the living room. It's a thermostat that's next to the machine. Oh okay but that's still that's still better. It is more controls great. Yeah good buddy. I'm happy that looks The back band that you're recording it now looks great. I like ever seen fucking was insane. Man sny secrecy and put her initial on the wall. He had spoken the show me to strive to tear down three furious. Dude fucking places though. Please break it over your knee on. Now it's a backward c. j. o. It is a jay. I'll that hey look at that guys. Real quick spoke about one of our amazing longtime sponsors. Here leaving a skaggs. Of course that has blue. chew free boehner's free boehner's everybody that's right the all only Chewable tablet that helps get stronger longer. Lasting erections sue graphic stronger erections longer. 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Yeah he came back again. Forty five minutes Whereas the new dryer in the plane crazy. Yeah i mean it's supposed to be because you pay rent and when you're afraid when you're afraid of losing your place for making too much kind of commotion complaining about stuff the stuff you'll eat is insane. Well that's the funny part for you. A little things like just having good credit or like the every time i've moved into a place before this time before this last time it's always been like i'm like crossing my fingers that you're putting together like all of my paperwork ever need to get a place. It's always like you're a grownup who dresses in a suit and tie and please please stay in your place suit man. It's like even like i. I'm like trained like they're looking at you with like my stairs here so i can call my landlord and i'm just trained to be like. Hey i don't mean to bother you. Were like most people are gonna fix my fucking shit like i pay a lot of money to be here like i'm a good tenant but i've always had because like before this. I was always late on my rent. I was it wasn't even like you. Do you lose your right. But you realize if you're renting a fucking place especially when it's a nicer place and you're paying good money for it you realize that it's like this is like someone serving you your coffee cold at a starbucks like just. This is supposed to be here. Sorry this is your jobs. Take care of it but jay also just moved from like the east village. I from the east village to the upper west side. And it's there's a different fucking culture in like The buildings are like they're kinda like old buildings and run down in the east village even though it's really expensive it's it's cheap but there's just kind of like a thing of like yeah. This shit doesn't work. that doesn't work. what are you going to do. And now you're in this like new modern fucking building where it's like. Oh yeah all the should be taken care of. It's just much. It's a much nicer way to live. Yeah no for sure. But i mean i really. I mean that place i was in before they were just like. We said we needed a new fridge and they just brought us in like someone else's old yellowed from their apartment free. You know what i mean. Like countertops floor. All these things they were going to do like the super was great at the place. But i mean like he can't make them no it's not him. It's an owner g. We square our shifts bad. We need new start. And if we're gonna buy the stuff and like no you can't you can't make it nicer on there. It was weird. We get some since we have these conversations and like i think people it maybe the loss on people because i've seen some people make comments before we're the like just getting a nice car. Now he's almost forty or just moving into a house but what's what's cool about that. It's like i've spent fifteen years not making any money. I spent fifteen years. Investing all the simon hoping and praying to god. That i'm gonna get myself to a place. Where hold on myers wait. He's getting another the cool part with my words and thoughts and ideas. I'm making enough money to live in a nice home or buy a nice car taking vacation with my family and it was unknown whether or not that was going to happen before it happens. You don't know. I couldn't even go back in time and give myself the advice on how to get myself to even where i'm at now and it's all crazy successful but like that's what incredible. Yes i could have probably just gotten some fucking normal job when i was twenty five. Put down on a house and got a nice car and fucking did all that other stuff. But i would still be working for the man. It'd be very unhappy with the life. That i had chosen and the path that i was on. Well now yet will you. You were saying at the beginning how we've changed since that picture that we took our ten years ago when we started the podcast and the truth is that for all of us. J. was you know definitely further ahead who you know then then mere you in the comedy world but all of us were completely uncertain about what are few b. j. was just like it. Jays road work at the time wasn't it was you know very could have easily just dried up. Oh they're just not gonna go on every one every two months or so taking a six hundred dollar weekend in rhode island like may maybe two or three years after we sorta podcasts. Like i was gonna say privately. Six seven years seven years ago. now. I'm probably even taking it with a thing like oh man. This is kind of bullshit. But i was taking it but it was like two hundred dollars a show for like three show weekend or something. Yeah yeah mike okay. It's more money than you'll make in the city so you might as well as well at the time me being like. Oh man six hundred dollars for a week and that's wild for the year. If i always give corey. And dave the owners of the providence for is because that was what they paid at the time for someone who was drawing no tickets or anything and like now. He's excited to like pay me when i do that club now. Because he's like hell. Yeah man like he makes him feel good that like. We just added actually two shows on thursday to providence. So quick plug. Sorry okay are. They were sold out but now he added two more. But yeah that's like It's great it's do upgrading. Life is fact. I think the fans also of like seen it happen to. Yeah well but i think like it's not like you're like you know we do this podcast. We're all fairly honest with it. You know what i'm saying. So it's like i. I don't know like we're not like creating these smoke and mirrors like no. The reason like jay moves into like a nice big highrise building in new york city. It's like a nice thing. It's a feeling of accomplishment. Maybe it's not like. I think i think it's just lost. Some people sometimes like well. The only reason why it's like impressive is because jay you literally nothing else except for say funny words. That's the point. I'm saying when you when you get it from like you said some people are like you're getting your first nice car now uh-huh you're getting actual space to live in Finally now ha ha. It's like yeah but most people probably doing something when they got that stuff for it that they don't wanna do. So that is what's awesome. Yeah you're like took a complete balls out chances. We all did to just go all right. No i don't have a college degree like waiting if i to fall back on if it didn't work out so that's why we fun of me crying. Thirty thirty six years old. 'cause i was like oh shit i don't have money. Yeah once because you're losing three hundred dollars an episode on siriusxm. Yeah no shit. But it was really. It was funny. It was like Even that time to have that thing like a happy thirty six thirty six you guys were financially better positions than me and louis. You had a kid already too. Yeah so like For sure in a better financial position. Yeah it's It's kind of a. Yeah it's kind of because i'm thinking about a year and a half away. I believe from buying a house which is like while the i the idea of buying a house and four years away from foreclosing on that house. I still to this point. I don't know what the first step is like even even step number one. I don't know what i'd do. Go google right now. Like what do i do if i want to buy a house. Hello mr bank man. Here's some money. Realtor ultimately but Go on zillow but actually the thing is about buying a house though like what that made me notice last night because i said i'm on the same timeline about a year and a half two years to buy to buy something where i could also have this like. Keep like the apartment in the city but Faulk pothead idiot. Sit so many things stupidest head stupid. Pothead it was Started looking at us player. That was the bro. i know what it is. Having the thing happened last night with a thing broken they came and fixed it. Like i am like when people say those stories like hope. You don't have a septic tank because if it blows that's gonna leak shit up all your yard. You got or your air conditioning goes. That's a fifty thousand dollar fixed and you're like you like you got to handle it all yourself. Yeah that's what sucks about owning. I'll tell you that is a nice. It's a nice thing about renting that you really take for granted yet no matter what the fuck happens. You're like oh this is someone else's problem alternate bike. But it is someone else's problem but the problem with renting is unless you're in a place like this now is mobile's my point where i'd be like. Hey man these floors in here are like the windows. Just completely draft like they're freezing And they're just like yeah. Oh yeah yeah well we gotta figure that out at some point and they just never do. They gave us a hot plate for six months when they had the change. The gaslines ridiculous that they gave a hot plate Like a two thing hot plate They cook on basically and they re and lewis when we first started this. Podcast me and lewis would have been like i'm crash as for awhile. He's kind of hot plate going to hop was like now like now that live in like a single family house like i like garbage will like fine my art. Sometimes it'd be like shopping bag like in my yard or in the tree. And i gotta get that shopping bag out of the tree. There's nobody to like you think it'll just be there forever. This shopping bag you by tree to do. The funny thing is when you're up there on that ladder that neighborhood doing it. They think you're the help getting it as a he has a hispanic trees. Oh and who the neighbors is. This building is full of hilarious. Some hilarious people watching shit though. There was a blonde woman who walked. And i don't know how old she was but she had such a hilarious fake implants Like inner stretch ridiculous looking at it wasn't like a tractor it looked like botched surgery What do you mean in the building from like the lobby or whatever. Yeah i got side smoke cigarettes out these people kind of coming and going sometimes sometimes old asian women are getting beat up. You could just watch it. I'll do anything it. Just sit there and be like hey man. Not my problem That's what happened with the security guards. He's osh now. I didn't see that got fucked up by a big black. Watch it on the show. I watched it. Listen to podcasts. But that's very much that's crazy. Birds i tell you i wanna be Before we in the video. Say i'm gonna be. I hope popular in a good way in this building because a building like this is full of most people who treat all those door guys and shit like the help. You know what i mean like. Very like Like not engage with them at all. And i've already had the old elba by the thing like sues your football team eagles me too so many f. Down there right now and they're going this fucking new guy mainly talking to me about be in with them as a brother man one coffee going coffee from the bitch now. The voice guys bitch. That's really funny. It's an between being cool. And just being matt pitch. That's fucking hilarious They bring the video please. The asian hate the thing. That's happening a lot right now. Apparently it's not just the media just reporting asian eight more a real thing. Nobody hates people. Point this out except this guy so this this looks like ball rock vs chunlai streetfighter. Really does. i'll tell you what had all asian people know karate. That's true what happened. Karate is always defense. I fisher mayo. Dacia they really showed a made video games like they are in reality. Like charlie should have had no strength to meet shortly. Yeah that's the guy. Now what does randomly and and what about this was anti-asian or is this just a random crime I don't why do we vogel you take a purse. Was there anything else. He did now because he just beats her. The trailer for the new king kong. I mean he just again cogan anti trailer for the new king kong. Come on guys it's just racist godzilla vs kahn. Good one lois guys. Please laugh worth raises. Yeah is that you go. Hey guys. New gods oh movie with hong go Okay video shows asian woman sixty five violently attacked as witnesses look on in new york city. Too big boy. That was a big boy. I ran away. I swear to you. I fucking swear to you on my life. That's funny where it takes place at where we ended up moving at the other places that had like good priced for like really like nice. Apartments was over in that area right there which is like forty second forty third and like tenth eleventh And i was like. I didn't even go look at. I know what's outside their rob apple. Turns out i would have guessed that in my top five things run kicks to es spartan kicks to elderly asians but she No but i'm saying like that area out there port authority. It's kind of garbage over there. It's just like when. I mean we'll all kinds of shit. Do we know why the wha what provoked the attack she talking. Shit what does she was really racist. doubtful i mean. This looks like probably just asian does random asian. Hey i'm not sure what's making people have it. I mean i know. Obviously they're going to say it's cova whatever but like what like asian people are the most maske people in the world. You know what i mean like. It just seems make sense for the blame. It just seems weird. The timing like. I guess if it was like a year ago like last april or something. I'd have been like okay. They're all freaking out over the the kobe thing but just now to randomly be front kicking women in the street. I don't know maybe. I'm wrong and this was gesture it happens it happens. I don't think it's like a massive problem. That's happening right now. With the media's kinda report on the brand new wave of asian heat up you know and like so things like this are happening but like is it just the case that if some random crazy person like that kick someone else. Are we just jumping to the conclusion that they did this because they saw an age because it because it was because it was looked so random like there had to be something behind it. Because i mean the guy like beat the living shit i was very vicious and my guess would be if i it doesn't have to be like let me just say. Let me just say if i had to if i had the build from just the video like a narrative that would fit that. It's like black people also like you know like Even chaves successful guy like his grandma upheld that television people to some say his grandma passed away from it. So if you're a black person who lost the fuses. A shitty healthcare system is actually the more problem there or whatever was going on where it was just like Passing through the black areas. More viciously death numbers that. Like when you're pent up and you come back out from like you know now. Everything's kind of opening up to normal again like that might be why. He's just raged in fucking do it either way. This show that broke the camel's back. She forgot to put soya sauce in his bag. And that was it like he just went crazy. Why y'all niggers ain't got no package plastic black. You gave gag role what the fuck is a spring. Roll drag lady solar plexus. Okay what you still talk shit. I try to tell me. I can't get ross whitmire chicken you talk bad about the late. Great gregory hines tap dance and he looks about the leave it again for a second. I'm gonna. I'm gonna kick your is around and you've had enough haven't and for good luck j.'s. Purple mazda don't you Do you ever see that video. I think it's in some fucking fuck. I can't remember what countries like some south american country or something like that where there's like a dude who fucking steals checks purse and then a car just comes and runs him over like a car sees it happen just runs him over like i feel like we could use a little bit more of that like how is that guy not just like that he should be just like the shit should be beaten out of him publicly about magic wise magic. Not working in karma jumping the curb and then this guy and that guy so big that if i saw that happening i think i'd literally have to be like closer please. Up to something. The guy was gigantic. That's almost what i'm saying but if you just throw everything into. Let's just say you saw him doing that. And you came out of that. Those doors that we're seeing from behind and just like just drilled them with your body like to knock him out of the way and you're right in front of st and he gets hit by a car and dies. That's a fucking. It's a weird sticky situation of of the hero that you are because you you still have to go to trial on shit for a murder. Well we know you were stopping fucking possible murder. What is this one being faith. This isn't what i was thinking interested. Oh i have seen this is just. That was just bad. Timing the fief got yeah. This is a reenactment of the black guy. In the asian lady the buses played played with guy who he's definitely dead. Oh yeah train Well it rolled them up yet but he was. He was a doofus himself. I'm saying if you push them out of the way they get hit by a car right. But i kill the. What a weird situation. Where you wouldn't go to it would be would be looked at as i guess it depends on all the details of how it went says if his on camera like. Hey you're not gonna get in trouble. Well the butlin. That dude should be just like publicly executed like anyone who just do that to like some fucking video wartime. The she was talking shit. Look at what happened. She's walking this way. Then she turns around and starts popping off. He's a completely innocent unarmed black man. Who's just sitting there. He's like i'm driving matters what i'm saying. Y'all crows are all already probably you're on rendre. Mammoth just trying to go to work. Please stop yelling at me. Ma'am i don't want any trouble. Nowhere to make him the good guys and bitch. I can't believe what if she just coughed. That's what it was yeah. He tried to call covert on me. Oh what if you distance. What did you kick the bat. Out of her. Hands refuse about to eat it eat live bat and he was But that's a study kevin twenty. Not a good he know. Y'all i'm the hero. Get about out your mouth. Sit out your mo a key to the city. He seems like a big good. Go back lewis. What do you. What do y'all the name a street after me so funny because i think in the moment i'd probably fuck him. Go over there and getting between them right like i think adrenaline would kick in these situations. Happened before where. I've where you know either about to attack a check or attacking check and i've stepped in. I've never seen a big dude. Beat violently beating the shit out of a check like that. I've had like things that. I've stepped into before that i i don't i don't see how if i saw that i wouldn't just try and then i might add after in the moment like ash. Now i got a problem. The problem is like you know. Look i want. I would love to be in a perfect world where i have a kid to get home to. I wanna get fucking killed. Maybe for this fucking even deserve the beating. We don't know what you did. The guys bobby just put up to the guy's got suspended pending investigation or something but again like with the security guys who got suspended the security guards that were just watching and they close the door not locked. The woman in it was pretty bad. It was a very fast situation. And the guy goes off when you go out there like your your actual only course of action would detain that guy for the cops but like how do you do it. You're putting yourself how real risk this guy's obviously crazy. Yeah you know what i mean like. He's crazy. He was crazy if he does this to an old asian woman. What do you think he's gonna come on at the same time if you have hired people for security than the building. She's just by the building. But what you're expecting. Is that there people who are capable of handling this type of situation. You know like maybe they should be armed with something not even saying like guns but maybe they should have like doorman. I dunno our doorman security. There were dormant door dorman. I don't know that security there. The lines of i mean you know if there if you're just a doorman and not like a security officer of some type of thing and it wasn't in the building i don't think as you get. Yeah this guy killed his mother in two thousand and two. That's right i remember. This is a fan of the show. Yeah he's ls fan. It's fucking yeah. That's true but it wasn't him but they said this guy did the black dude. The black guy killed his own mother. Two thousand two. That for sure is that fact. What are you gonna do to me. He killed his mom. He just beat up an old asian lady. Yeah he's gonna bother me. I'm a dude what he chicks you come out there dude. I totally understand where you're coming from or you got there from kicking up your hey and he goes day sir pledged to meet you. I mean what do you do. I mean he's so big and scary that it's like i don't know i'd like you i'm minimally get my ass kicked. I'm best case scenario. I'm going to get hit a few times. He was on lifetime parole for waco back for fatally stabbing his mother and two thousand to thirty said. He was freed from prison in november. Twenty nineteen know. The details about the murder were released brandon elliott. I mean fuck. He's a big boy again. You'd like to believe a perfect world like they're just kicks in. You know i have to do something about this. He's gonna kill that lady with these head stomps and you try to do something but like again like there's that moment he was like fuck dude. This is like i. i have to go zero to sixty. You know what i mean like. This guy is in a thing. I know what i do. I run on the lady. And i punched her in the face. And like stay down you just alienating you choking up dude. I started hitting his better than him. Trust me lady too. I got it. Don't worry sir. I got her. I swear to god. I would say i was about to go. I don't know if he was actually that big. I mean you couldn't tell from the angle then that picture. Yeah put in perspective for anyone listening. He'll say shook night. I mean like legit. Yeah he's a big build and not like now shug night has been dropped a few times and his dying. Yeah back in the day shug night. What happened to the. We've seen as kicks what happened. What happened to the woman if she didn't die he's she's dead. He lauded saw though he is very top heavy. I think he only works out of his legs. We're actually a little thin. So so jason mix. She might have hit with the best limbs serious. Physical injury was removed by. Ems gutless to nyu lincoln hospital. She was discharged on tuesday. Should discharging are nowhere. He kicked the pussy. Doug versus thirty. Kick her so hard she discharged gunk from the to minnesota fucked. It's a mixture of peace. And i did a sixty five. Your first of all. I don't know why. Asian women seem to be the most brittle at of all humans like i just feel like to be very tiny first of all. It seems like it'd be satisfying to kick that old woman. I'm not saying like pure like you know like you crack your nockles at satisfying or if you pop like a bubble tape or you know packaging. I feel like stepping on an old asian woman's bones would have a satisfying crunch. Yeah for not like emotionally. That's horrible you're saying. Yeah maybe he was just trying to get that feeling. He kicked her once in the chest but the rest of them were fucking straight to her head. Well maybe he kicked her once and he was like. Oh i didn't realize how good that was gonna feel and then he kept doing it because it was addictive. I wonder if she's lucky. In the position it was that he was stomping and not kicking like kicking actually probably done more. You know what i mean. Maybe i don't know he's a big guy. No no i know. But i you know what i mean Alex says she stepped on a lizard by accident once and it was satisfying but horrible Now i would hate that. Stepping on a lizard would really. Yeah that gross me out. Only i would assume that i would assume that. It has the same feeling of cracking open a fortune. Cookie like nation and then body opens up and reads. You're lucky numbers or nine seventeen I mean his fucking yeah. Well he's being charged with a hate crime and just assault It's a shame it wouldn't be more like it's fucking why this guy go back out in society ever Seems like a crazy while he's out after murdering his mom. It's crazy how many people are out after murdering their moms even fan. Who i like. I'll say look what's his name jay tournament and i kind of problem with the guy okay. Sure he's a sweet guy. Actually we guy problem lewis. Come on he did his six months. Can we just say that. Why is he out. I do not understand why that is wild. Obviously saying he paid his three thousand dollar fine. He served his six months like well. Well he was insane. Yeah he killed his mom. Obviously he's insane. That's say that's what people killer moms. Are you describing as insane people. When do you get in trouble for. Kill your mom. Because i would fucking hang out with jay twin right now but i'm just saying if i have to be completely honest i'm like dude. Why why is he out. What a mom killer. he's already. There's no more i mean he's done the full job he He got off on on insanity where you're like a lot of these people who killed her mom's completely well-balanced normal human beings. Those guys gotta go away you know what really surprise you to find out normal. Dudes killers just straight up. Salt of the earth dudes. You only get eight months in jail for killing your own mother. I remind my mom. She's living out the rescue dog. I can kill your mom and it. Just ain't that big of a deal. I didn't realize that and be working at a dominos pizza and once i real quick. Let's take a moment and thank yo. Create him dot com for supporting. Today's show if you are over the age of twenty one years old and you're in the market for crater you'll create them dot com is the place to get it. Why okay are a t. O m dot com doolittle research. Secret can help you out. We have a lot of people on staff that i wanna say are addicted. I gotta be honest with you. 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Oh god damn it. just everybody. I was wrong he goes. You're telling me jodie foster didn't want me to shoot reagan. Wow is i'd never would've saw ringing. I watched the accused recently. She was hot as fucking. The accused hottest faulk potluck. I smell another debate now. She's the best she's she needed more flair the best she's ever been. It's just like all right debate. Would jodie foster have been hotter with more flare. I'm telling you she was never hot water now. Well show as a child and old lady. We find the in between to debate. That was go back to those pictures. Bobby actually because The reality is the one on the left when she's a kid is that's jodi foster that the guy killed or shot Reagan for as a child. Well that's just crazy from her from taxi driver. Pull up jodie foster and the accused the g. Mike actually pull up the scene in x. videos we watch rapeseed. We did this in one of the earliest episodes of the show. He didn't watch the actual rape scene. We talked about how it was one of the most jerk scenes and you know what. In retrospect it's not. Yeah probably not when you were a kid. You were excited. They were showing nudity. Somebody famous it is a crazy long rape scene and the there's multiple cream pies honor so it's like after the first guy cream pies in our the next guy just fucking some guys come well. I don't even remember this part of you. Don't remember it did. Oh i it's been a while and then the guy who was mad goonies also fox her kurt. The one that said. Andy you gooney. Can you guys are really wrapped into this rape. I'm telling stories over here. You go this way. Sorry actually this litter. That looks like the greek and gave the first one hundred episodes of gangs is how they would all go for any women in the crowd james at domi and getting the first before. Everyone turn into sell outs. It's pretty crazy to watch jermaine fowler and coming to america to it was good now. It's terrible okay. Said that it was. He knows it was rough. It was bad. It was just too a child's musical on the background. It was it was it was seven years ago. Numbers in pg thirteen. There's no cursing at legion of skanks reviews children's movies to rape hit insist she is loving it to be honest. No i gotta be honest at this point. Even i'd be guys. I don't think she's loving it. There's no evidence of that. The should be there should be a mcdonald's using something similar to this happened world before it's so weird to like a gang rape at the back of a bar. I think this base officers story. I think this whole movies side. I would as it that that something similar has happened many times. I would bet that to the three of us have been a part of something like this sort of. But i'm saying it seems like you're not the one it's not. It's there's something extremely gay about it yet. Fucking another guy's cream pie. Yes definitely gay. Okay fucking the problem. Just like she's pulling your fucking dick out and fucking looking in front of you all your buddies cheering and shit and holding. It's what the fuck is i. Dunno gang jerking. What is this. I don't know about thirteen pounds of batch from my nuts. When i was a look the point is that she fucking. She's pretty hot and also. I watched this with my mother. That is a window into the soul of louis. J gaumont lewis. this is how this is how you conceived. You wanna see. The story that me father met was like. Hey mom can we watch tiny toons. Why is he the son. Why isn't he the spin on his hand. Cream pie to users lose. Here's the question for what are the odds that there's this many like minded dudes in the room to take part in this. That's that's why. I think it's crazy thing. Is you better fucking letter. Bite your finger doggy unless you runs out. that's right. Yeah by the way if you see her sitting at the bartering for her go back to running out. Do you know how seeing how vicious at cena's now american dad recreated that it's fucking wild. remember that one. i like just the. There's a sitting at the bar like while this is all going on. Someone was just going. Like i ordered a makers there in the back of the bar but if we were outside of the born she ran out screaming like this. We would definitely make fun of her tits. No run much. Are you crazy bitch tom. Down lady Your skirts riding up with the drama. My right yeah. I don't know that's such a bizarre again. I'm certain it's happened. It'd be my guest but it's just like it must have like five people who bar friends. None of these guys were super connected in any way and it just like would it be fun of all cinemas ray fisher shit six other people that are like yeah fucking caught up at the moment. Got a boner. Ucla fuck cream pie. All that pussy hair is getting into the way that match them. trying to fuck man fucking couple of judaism. I'll be honest if they would've fucking jerked off to a cup. I'd stick my dick in that. But they tend to that he will but like the one guy so evil that later on in the movie. He sees her in a parking lot. Like look here's the here's what i can understand. Caesar these guys get so worked up in the moment the drunk. They're fucking like a moment of evil. They're horny deviancy. they're doing like whatever. It is debate. You say oh. Let me let me make this point though. So this moment happens when they're all fucked up. And i believe that something like this is probably happened before. What i don't believe is one of the guys so evil that he runs into her again after they've been arrested for rape and they're on trial and he's just like ooh you remember it so evil and she's like he's not lying that guy that guy. Oh you forgot. I was there for the raid. Yeah this guy was the anyway. Here's my fucking rules. Who acts that way. Sexy seen are gone along shit but the movie is. Let's let's that was a pretty. That was a pretty mainstream movie like that. was you know like. Would they do that anymore. They like would you be able to do. They don't like make a low budget movies anymore. Mainstream mainstream movie might not get that graphic like that. But i but because it's not like the message of the movie was that's okay there so here's just happened to be picked it. Is it a true story. Find out some avenues. Though dave now that it's like there will be an amazon original movie. That's got that saying you can catch this type of stuff on youtube. Have no fear. Yeah don't worry that's all that matters plugs real quick before we 'cause we have to talk about a couple more things here Dave david smith. Oh yeah pork fest and freedom fest. this summer. My special libertas is up for free on youtube. Go check that out if you haven't already follow me on. Twitter just cracked one hundred thousand followers blowing up over there very happy i was really looking for one hundred thousand followers for so long and it has brought me no sense of joy whatsoever to achieve But yeah and check that part of the problem right here on the digital network. That's all louis the legacy of our joe's case or strength. During the grueling trial was immortalized in the nineteen eight filmed the accused. The movie is loosely based on our jews case and included a graphic sexual seen at a bar on top of a pinball machine so yeah it's also true story fucked up makes it way harder. He goes good plugs. Are i will be in. your guys. lives off Coming up in. Florida port saint lucie being tampa in boca raton. All in mid april. That i'll be in cleveland was vegas. I delete scandal going down to austin to the new creek in the cave. We're still working on a date on that. So that's going to happen soon enough. 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If you ask me throwback vibe throwback vibe for the show so we should talk. We didn't talk about this at all yet. I heard about this anywhere. Are the new sesame street characters to black sesame. Street characters right. I guess bobby. Do we have any back to the of a no problem with new black characters on sesame street. I don't like that. They were beating up old asian women on the show. We thought that was really. Here's my question more. They are they like. There's that's what. That's what i think's weird because the muppets are all different colors. You know what i mean like. No one's supposed to be a white kid or anything so why people furry things like they're the people are red and yellow and all kinds of end. The real cheapo are There's already a lot of black people that's my point. I'm saying so black. Mummy the are there any white muppets. Like i don't know. I think there are possibly not like writing characters but there were a couple like people. I think i'm not sure. I don't know i'm telling you bert. And ernie bert's you're earnings are telling me bird's not white but burton or white characters but are they thought the whole thing of the muppets. It's not a color. They are more yellow than anything else. But still i'm just saying if you get if you're giving them a fucking cultural identity their white gay men you assigning them that yourself. This is something is not assigned to them. They're accurate white guys. They're not acting like fucking. Coney is black guys and that's the problem. I got you but saying this is very weird. Now they're putting black features on on a muppet that's supposed to features anyway. Yeah j. it's a little bit weird. We're right. I mean the fact that the father muppet is still in the child muppets. Life is just. It's ridiculous it should be. It should be a mother and seven kids weird and give him a purple noses. Super racist looks like it. Looks like the egg. Plant look does know. I'll put my dick on my nose by the way that my my argument falls apart if there's just dedicated white characters of muppets. Maybe our video of this calendar. What why are the wire. Why do they create these characters. Isn't there usually a reason. They have like a death but recently to teach people about fucking culture find out. What's this. what's the question. What is it elmo. People like to work with sniper your people so lease what is my mom. Say we have to move because properties. I know why my mom and dad told me. It's because of melanin right lotto. How do you see more lardo. Fuck well melanin is something that we each have inside our bodies that make the outside our bodies the skin color that it is things on the outside like our skin color hair texture. Cut your hair. I mean to ask elmo texture come over and jumping a trade crow just kidding. that's an old one. that's really fascinating anyway. Break time over back to work rate. Charles marie most coaches. We will confront those you know. It's true what they say that's all he was looking for. He's just making conversation. Anyway you can grab some. We'd i mean this is alma. What your new why. People don't show violent many people call this race but even though we look different were all part of the human race. What are the other families are. Abra can use the park rules. Geez to jay's point right it is a little bit weird for them to say we're all part of the human race clearly schumer. That's not right. I mean right is he's something different here. People really are stupid been. You've seen red very humid before. Maybe you should go back and educate yourself problem education. What's another word for. Ignorant wants to know like that word. Harold west and his father. Elijah sat down so they're just there to educate elmo about melanin. Black literacy racial literacy we got noses and hair texture right. I think it's bizarre now. Is there more are the more clips from the show. There must be must be any look. This is a different. It's a different world we live in. I'm not arguing. There's different and i say before if you went to explain this through black human beings on sesame street makes sense to me which has been there forever odd. That's the weird thing is that there's gordon and miles and all the guys they're all it's it's like a black family is like one of the biggest Human you know people Street and then. There's like an asian dude and was maria. When i was young there was a lady yet. There was the black collect cans. There was a black woman to yeah. Yeah gortat wife but yeah this is just. It's also a little bit weird. I just hate like. I'm all for teaching kids to not hate anyone and love everybody and treat everyone the same. But it's it's a little bit weird to make them race obsessed like this like like. They shouldn't even be thinking about this. Like i don't know very bizarre. Yeah no i. I agree with you and i have a child who i me i. James is definitely older than the age of sesame he used to watch it and he's Probably spanish it'd probably spanish. Most my guess would be to yes there. Are there always sleeping. Hey elmo do you need to couple of black. Bub and muni really crazy. You guys gave me our dime. I wonder what that's I don't know it's again. Like i guess if they're assigning race to them up but i'm not arguing that they shouldn't have every race if the muppets were a race thing you know what i mean. I'm just surprised to me. I said that's why. I kind of backpedaled only in the sense. And i bet there's like hispanic ones but again like bert and ernie of course you're like just by whatever it seems. They're white people but they just never made them like white. But the black pack characters are gonna have black like felt jay. Burt has a paper clip collection. Okay his white guy. Yeah i look. It's just they're sort of writing this. The new thinly new writers that are in hollywood for tv shows for anything they're writing woke things into it. It's how you get stuff onto me now. Part of like this is like sort of the new culture. So sesame street was always Like they were the best sense of like liberal like they would always be promoting this type of shit like back in the day not like this but they had like videos. I because i have a kid. I've seen a bunch of the sesame street shut and like they have. They like kind of like ones. That i thought were really nice. They have one. That's like a little black girl who's Talking about how she loves her hair. But it's really sweet like kind of like it's four black kids who have like you know show when i was a kid on wwe characters and i never thought twice anything of it. Yes it's people sesame it's just like the the woke ship isn't just like inclusive it's like so forced. I don't know. I'm just very weird. We never really talked about the The dr seuss thing on this show where they got the better. I think it was actually his family. I think it the susani company. At least they decided they didn't wanna like sell a couple of books. Any when you actually kind of look at it like it's not that crazy it's actually not that crazy. We're sort of up in arms. That were bronx cancelled the culture. Well they were all other canceling doctor. Cecelia we'll no not really liked doctor. Says some old timey shed and like like he has like you know borderline offensive. You know it's funny. It's funny for us to look back can read. But it's like if you have a four year old. That's reading dr sousa for the first time and you have like a fucking bonanno's african like fucking like jumping up and down with spears or if you got it i can understand that and i can understand if you've got a little. I think they were asian. Drawings african as. But if you got if you got a little asian kid or a little black kid. I understand where you don't really want them reading a book where that's like. Sure the fucking thing so. I don't know i get that. Of course. I mean the funny drawings. Yeah for sure. But here's the thing again. That is the time changing and they're making a decision that yeah i mean jesus you know what i mean like yes. So if they're making that decision. I get it. Yes not that crazy. They're not doing it. It's not like comedy even that doing to make it a thing. It was like a kids thing. It's just like his antiquated old. It's just there's faulk did well did did Dr seuss had like crazy antisemitic. Stuff back in the day right like he was like a borderline all bad. There's like racist. Popeye and shit like videos. You know what. I mean like this ever not better. It was a so. It says they're not they're not banned printing them anymore. We get copies of them right. But that's what i'm saying. So it's like i don't even think it's a big. I get the morning to do that. That doesn't blow my mind. This is the antisemitic stuff. Yeah i just as a collectors item. I like to get the books that are banned. Can you find them on ebay. I bet you again. That's not semitic it's fucking crazy. Anti-nazi ship was it. Yeah i didn't see what it was like. Yeah he wrote he wrote a whole bunch of like world war. Two propaganda really can't read. It's not big enough for me to read on the screen missy. Only god can make a tree. Can't the perfect spot for something and dr seuss same guys. what books did he stole. Christmas go leader. John jay grinch. Shay this is. This is like other these kids now. It was like this was like adult propaganda. I think a lot of this was like fucking you know. Just like but he's got everything. Yeah like you got to think about the nineteen forties nine hundred fifty s a day on the office senior. Dr seuss book yet. Yeah like that was that that could work on them like they could buy that. One fish two fish blackfish jewish. Have you read the new seuss. It's praise you remember. Do you remember that fucking fuck. Who had that joke was the joke about. If you still mean us to love this but if you say if you showed transformers to people in the fifties i was a fucking nick. Schwarzen- that's right. It was a knicks watson. Job the street but does it right like if people in if you just went to the nineteen fifties or the nineteen sixties and showed them like some of the crazy movies that like the crazy special effects of be like dessus blow their mind back then it was simpler. You could just show him like dr seuss cartoon and he'd be like out. We gotta fight the nazis do. I'll tell you something that I watched the fucking documentary last night called console wars mourad nintendo coming out and just being like this shit for like so long then. Sega came out. And that's what it became like. They started everything about sixteen bit and thirty two bit and sixty four. But you know it kept changing the competition and like to where we're at and i remember having a genesis for sure. I remember getting sunk the hedgehog with it. It goes all the way up. It goes over to the playstation. And i remember getting a playstation thinking seeing like wow what an innovation that was and where we're at now with video game like the vr things we have and like what the we've noted that completely. I remember a round playstation two some madden game in playstation two. And going. that's it. You can't get any better than this. This is they'll never take it to a higher level and probably getting to a higher level is the higher level of is what ages us out Louis is is doing the online stuff and everything you play. But like i don't even know what the fuck to do. I've played jimmy martinez a couple times online and basketball. But i don't even play those big games. Come out for anybody i do. Nba ufc game. And that new ones. Even terrible i. If you just committed to playing a little bit you can get into like a call of duty or one of these games pretty easily. It's not that hard. I haven't played a video game in long the new. Ufc game bed. Yeah it's just like it's too much lewis tried it. I own it. i've never even opened it. You have it on my computer. I've never even opened clicked on the game to play it. I don't like first person games but the thing is It's just like now. It's all like call and response technique. It doesn't have the same action few of like punch high punch low punch humor but you know special punch. Everything's like a wheel and you've got to follow the wheel and timing for the perfect time. This is not fighting really. Why am i fucking playing a carnival game next to a guy fighting. Yeah it is what i'm saying. Shit going on yeah. It's like i just want to go where they stopped making the boxing games. Which sucks like those. Yeah you need to learn the submission wheel like what. What is the submission wheel. It sucks. Say they really blows. So i i just downloaded Ufc two which was the last great one of just that one was great. Yeah j. what is your game ever played. What is garage band. What's the last garage band. That'd be sort. That play guitar hero saw the that we could play. Yeah what do you mean like. Oh because it's not coming out right. Yes it stop coming out. And then the new ones came out for the next generation systems like two years ago or maybe even a little more terror. It was like to again. They made it super complicated again. Like give me the five fucking colored buttons and let me shred like studying. You're making me fucking learn and actual thing like the new guitarist. Six buttons on top of each other. It's like you have to know how to play real guitar in order to play this game the whole i purposely stopped learning how to play real guitar because that game out. Yeah and now you're told me to learn actual thing. It sucks but i have. I have three sixty with the With the play. Yeah you do it. Let's get a guitar hero. Tournament gone one day. But i got eighty five inch screen. Tv now too. So it's a thump. we volcano. I'll be there. We're doing it over. Zoom no now you gotta come in dave. I might be let it get that goddamn license again any day. Now it's coming up and around the before dave dave's wife has drop them off at the mall. Pick him up. What i need some new sneakers you can get a little moreton. Give me five dollars for the food court. I got uber. You googlers around your town. I can go anywhere. You just drink and your dan happen every now and then i remember the liquor store more. Come home and he gives me office. Supplies and whiskey put on an overcoat and his caveat and he walks to wherever he has to go with a briefcase. Going eight miles. New davis was like pursuit of happiness for baggers great moving Pursuit of happiness solidly Should we wrap the sum bitch. Up was ready to jump some bitch up. Everybody we will catch you monday. Law nope maybe maybe Unlikely but either way there's gonna be some. There's going to be something on monday some now. The next episode is never guaranteed guys. This could be a what we talked about the last ten years. Hope you enjoyed it Kitchen next time piece. You've been listening to the legion of scams podcast with j. o. Kherson or lazy. i'd up on friday for me of a shepherd of shit hits ruiz-gomez louis j gonna look on a break. Your fucking jaw. I wanna in your fucking nose. Male plentiful magic in his fucking head and comedian. Dane smith fuck. You got to. I feel like if i wanted to be gay. Fucking stick your fists up your ass. You blew the legion of skanks podcast. Ding-dong we're done here time to go.

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Vengeance 2004

The Jim Ross Report

1:40:55 hr | 2 years ago

Vengeance 2004

"Today's episode grilling J._R. is brought to you by well US Jerusalem myself bringing the show on the road and we're doing this weekend. What are you waiting for Jacksonville? We're coming to see tomorrow and according to the rumor and Innuendo jail all right have a very special guests lined up. You don't WanNa miss it. It's going to be the talk of the Internet. Come Saturday morning at the only way to see it is to be there live and we're right there in Jacksonville tickets are on sale now grilling J._r.. La Dot com where he can snatch your tickets just thirtysomething box. It's grilling J._R.. Live DOT COM and if you're digging this show. What's your digging? The most about it is the idea that tyrannous. I have a filter. There's no more stanford filter over what J._R. Sang and if you've got something you've always wanted to know for this is your chance to ask and get the real answer. No filter bigger tickets right now for tomorrow nine July twelfth in Jacksonville Florida one night before a e w fight for the fall and tickets are on sale now grilling ailing J._R. LOB DOT COM and of course Philadelphia. We didn't forget about you coming to see you this Sunday right before extreme rules. You don't WanNa mess it where Dave and buster's tickets on sale right now at Jim in Conrad Dot Com Jimmy Conrad Dot COM raking. I can stanch or tickets up when we return to Philadelphia the home of so many great w._w._e.. Memories it'll be fun to hear Jim's take on his favorite memories in Philadelphia on the W._C._W.. Side of things and the F. side of things and again capacity J._R. Anything. He's got a lot of national. Take US right now at JIM AND CONRAD DOT COM so without further ado here's Jim Ross and grilling J._r.. Ah Hey it's Conrad Thompson and you're listening to Grill J._R.. The Voice of Professional Wrestling Jim Ryan Jim Harry you. I'm grid man. I'm good of <hes> feeling well. I got a lot of exercise today. I said in one lounge chair my pool for at least an hour in the bowling son of Oklahoma Ninety five degrees and then open breath breath them's dark. I got up and walked about ten yards and set down the couple of squats in another last year but you think well. That's the nobody could do it more than that. Don't even triathlete by J._R.. We are so I got my data did a couple of spots away and which kind of funny nice only visual set back down to my original lounge chair and I thought I had a hill workout so I've got a shower. Our I've made a meal of Goodman five could not be better well. We're hoping to make everybody else's life a little better today because we've got an interesting topic. We're going to be going back fifteen years to the day to revisit the W._W._e.. From two thousand and four specifically we're going to be covering vengeance two thousand four which went down fifteen years ago today and of course we never just talk about the wrestling card. We're going to talk about the goings on behind the scenes and if you're wondering what's next well. We've got an the answer for you. We're looking forward to the next episode Jim. You not talk off air you think next week's episode is one of your favorite pay per views you ever involved in of all time has slightly <hes> it was <hes> it was the Calgary Calgary Calgary stampede event the they're in Calgary Canadian stampede titled The we it's One of those deals where we don't give the audience that that by ticket and make their way to the arena enough credit when they are emotionally invested and their uninhibited and they're and they're and they're looking forward to being a participant at as that loud Boisterous Fan <hes> we forget how important that is and that night was as good <hes> live audiences. I heard you know the arenas not huge but it was not a good crowd ten twelve thousand but boy that crowd was just fire and the other thing that was interesting that day was watching Pat Ed Patterson a giant Turkey leg so stay tuned for next week. We're going to revisit Canadian stampede one of the best paper he's ever from July of nineteen ninety seven but before we talk about this week let's talk about last week. J._R. Aren't the feedback you got from great American Bash Nineteen Ninety so many fans that perceiver in there on they currently are in their thirties or forties maybe forties but they were teenagers. They're influenced. Influential influence easily influenced young men and women mostly man that said they list our show and it took them right back to the spot right back to where they do. They're sitting on the couch right where they remember what they have for dinner. I mean it was some crazy stuff man so so overall pasta I I think our numbers representative people liked it and so you know all in all a win if the audience likes it and they tell their neighbors about it and then they'll just another you know bullshit artists wrestling podcast then maybe other so give us a shot and like what the here I sure hope so and we hope that you're telling your friends and leave us a review and <hes> spreading the word that Jim Ross has a new format revisiting all the great moments in professional wrestling history. Today is going to be no exception vengeance two thousand four. It's an interesting time in the company W._W._e.. Going H._e._W.'s gone and <hes> it's all just all a one man band at this point. I guess you could count into T._N._A.. But they weren't really making headway at this point <hes> they may have had a Fox sports steel <hes> coming but there in the afternoon. They're not prom Tom. It's a totally different ballgame from some of the years power. We've we've talked about here on the show. This one goes down July Eleventh Hartford Civic Center right there in Connecticut draw seven thousand fans got two point five five Bahrain which is about two hundred forty thousand buys. It's it's the fourth vengeance that we've ever seen on pay per view and this is during the brand split era so this is a raw branded pay per view <hes> you were able to attend these pay per view events for both raw and smackdown. was there a different vibe backstage for these shows. They're all have a different feel not in front of the camera but behind the scenes. I don't think so Conrad Not really a raw was still seen as the the big brother <hes> the the Alpha male of those two shows because of its tenure not because it was a better show or not is all subjective anyway but no not really think anything different in my day was much different because instead of preparing for for a broadcast that I was going to be a part of as a talent I was a preparing for the broadcast to be a producer of talent and I helped with the announcers. It's just there and get the point together. Get organized and their notes are background stuff and and be supportive especially could so that was a little different but none of the vibe was still the same same cameraman Saint T._v.. People people same staff you know same office people so not really anything different. Let's keep it moving and talk about the back story that we're coming off of to get <hes> this show vengeance bad blood was the most recent pay per view we would aaa two feet Shawn Michaels and the hell in a cell match their and Crispin Wa would retain his world title defeating Kane at this point. You know we're just on the heels of wrestlemainia twenty. There's this big crowning moment went. <hes> where Benoit becomes the man just a handful of months removed from at this point. Do you think the Benoit's title rain is meeting expectations of the chairman or not so much well it for the chairman Chairman Ben Walls account a guy that for Vince to really embrace been washed got to deliver in an extraordinary way financially in other words he obviously has to be monetize to the maximum of his abilities. His are selling tickets being on featured evinced a self pay per views a merchandise etc etc as far as Chris Benoit. The wrestler build a bill being the right guy for that job to me. There is no doubt no question whatsoever about that but I think this issue it goes back to that same old deal the size matters and you know Christmas five nine. Maybe five ten Max I guess and I thought he'd just amazing when we signed him. I was rejoicing clue we signed him under my watch and I was very he he and all those guys Eddie and Perry <hes> in <hes> Dean Dean Malingco now at the Awa tapings and the T._v.'s. I should say T._v.'s everything's live. He's doing well as a good agent great mentor the Great thing so I just WanNa miss that no I been well as a guy. He was a freak of nature man so his matches are just all inspiring and nobody talks about much now because I obviously understand the political nature of Chris murdering his son and his wife and committing suicide being obviously you've got to be a midst of member to figure this out. It's not a great thing to talk talk about and this is exactly not talk to others about this Chris Benoit deserve to go into the hall of fame well first of all. It's not my call to say who does or does not deserve to be at any hall of fame what I can tell you this and I know this in my heart of hearts that Christmas walk at tell us and so on ask should you go into the hall of fame he would say no because it would cost too much of a distraction because a story about Chris Guas career would be overshadowed and punted to the sideline by the devastation of the last twenty four to forty eight hours of his life. Let's let's talk about where the business is for the company at the time they're going to release financial data for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year two thousand and four which is going to an increase in revenues over the fourth quarter from the prior year twenty one million dollars <hes> specifically. They're showing the latest bar a figure for wrestlemanias. My needs to be eight hundred eighty five thousand which is a strong increase of Wrestlemainia nineteen. It's up like fifty five percent and it's obviously going to greatly increase the pay per view revenue. The extra pay per view royal rumble draws five hundred eighty two thousand dollars which is also <hes> up fifteen to twenty percent say extra because we've got more pay per views in this quarter than we did in the P._R.. Year your home video release incomes also way up from eight million into eleven point one million when these numbers start to come in is telling the story that business is turning around or you know it's not necessarily the case that there's more fans here but we figured out a way to ring more cash out of the fans that are passionate excellent. I think that it meant that the Christian wa I'm five nine or ten experiment was successful. Mission fans wanted to see different things and ring as long as has the bell to bell content and the performance level stayed exemplary for the W._W._e.. Level the top of the line. You know the big league dot deal so I think that it what it told me was that the fans are ready for a little different presentation and so we need to kind of tweak our offense a little bit everybody. We need to tweak what we're doing. Become more versatile be open minded enough to do new things that would fit our skill set. It's all going to say well. Mark Finish. Don't become a high flier he he our podcast mark great broadcaster on Busted Open Durham sear six saying with David Greco new phenomenal job but that'd be like say mark. We're going to Sasi changing you. GotTa come back learn to do a couple of Hurricane Rana's in a head scissors. Can you handle it okay. I'll see you later. They will happen. They'll be like asking a refrigerator ready to do a drop kick England and it shouldn't have it. Should he be asked so that was the deal. I thought what is it told me that bans piqued their interest again. In some personalities who's whose in ring style warranted what we're looking for a more hard hitting athletic presentation much like her talked about with a e w hard hitting athletic Dr- Dr- dramatic at points with a great story based in reality it possible so that's what we're looking for it. I think we've we've found that the problems in this whole thing is look how long the rain across wall was and gives him at his at his peak that was cut short. Just not my take on it and again. I noticed the topical thing to discuss but you can't ignore history idiot matter how you present. It and I think we're presenting correctly yeah. I do want to mention that. <hes> business is not up across the board. Your average attendance is actually down in North America. You go from six thousand in this quarter of two thousand three to five thousand. It is quarter two thousand four international attendance is down a little bit but only about five hundred fans television advertising was also down a little bit but wade would explain that part of the reason that's happening because of the way ads have been sold on smackdown. <hes> merchandising is actually up from twenty million to twenty five point seven home-video way up as we mentioned three point one to eleven eleven point one but a big reason of that is you guys put out the Monday Night War D._V._D.. Sold one hundred eighteen thousand units in that quarter compare that to wrestlemainia twenty and only sold one hundred and fourteen thousand units so the Monday Night War D._V._D.. Actually Asleep out sold wrestlemainia which is really telling you that there is a lapsed fan movement beginnings fair to say yeah and the money not were a scenario is more interesting than the the other d._v._d.. It's amazing too when you look at the the revenues of the company just fifteen years ago no now that this is a multibillion dollar company but in two thousand and four revenues are three hundred seventy four point nine million in two thousand isn't three at three hundred and seventy four point three million so while you may say oh well attendance is down and ratings are down revenues are actually just a little bit up not enough to make a major difference to the bottom line but enough adjusting adjusting behind the scenes to make sure that we're still on the right course and the Motley fool what analyze the latest financial statement and they would say when it comes to raining out profits W._W._e.. Is clearly at the top of its game. The question for investors is whether they're willing to buy into a company with such a murky revenue picture for my own part. I suspect revenues will remain in a slow growth phase for a while but on the other hand wrassling ain't got nowhere ain't going nowhere anytime soon so I'm confident that there will be a few nasty downside onside surprises so as long as W._b.. Keeps a headlock on costs and continues to reward investors with the dividend and ample free cash flow. I'd be glad to keep it on my tag team. Benefit investor uncertainty drops the price over the next few months that. That would help seal the deal but if you get in the ring with these Bruce Keep your eyes peeled a big drop in revenues like a folding chair to the back of the head could change the direction of the match in a flash so they're trying to ride it. They're a little tongue in cheek but the idea is they feel like wrestling's going to be around for a while and they feel like Debbie has done a great job managing their costs and trying to maximize their profit when a report like this comes out as a high fives around the office first of all we wanted to knowledge skill of metaphor man because a metaphor man that content that Texas you just read is dropping every reference resting refer. He knows into his piece so he lays children is metaphor man I eh I've always said this on a lot of stories but it's not a very good answer I can add to it or subtract from it but the bottom of this deal is I had a routine. I had a schedule every week had so had great similarities celebrities and the great predictability to be unpredictable. I knew where I was going to be every Monday and every Tuesday every Wednesday morning at ten o'clock I knew all this time. Thanks because it my job bit in those those recently built. <hes> you know the standards type thing so far racist for a house years you're you're framework so I'll try to say God dammit and so you know I it did change a lot. That's why I never got. I never got despondent over Eric's eighty three weeks. I'd have time to get where we're going to have another extra drink because they'd be our ass again. Are you kidding. I just want to get my fat ass. Owning my awash cooker goes to Mars another day and Monday nights another night. You can't get to Ohio the great ready to kick it to lower the bad ones. It just doesn't make sense in a world where it's all about. What's caught today right well? What's hot is everything happening with <hes> J._B._l.? We should mention. This is the the the moment in time where it gets himself in trouble over in Germany <hes> he works for C._N._B._C.. He's a contributor there and on June eighteenth he does <hes> an interview on the Howard Stern show where he's going to defend the Nazi gestures that he did in Germany quote Ach and make fun of everybody everybody I can any described his character as a cross between J R Ewing Pat Buchanan and David Duke and he said his role as an actor is similar to that of an actor in a movie quote. This is like saying Anthony Hopkins is culpable for being being Hannibal Lecter and he blamed as being fired on C._N._B._C. quote some little guy that had a pro wrestling website email the network and <hes> he did say that he was not an all in favor of the actions of Nazi Germany which seems saline even even mentioned but when I hear Hey Brad Schell done something silly and there's a little bit of pushback we're going to have to cut in loose is the understanding when that comes down that hey we're just doing this to see why okay. We're GONNA bring him back shortly. Well I could tell you I didn't think that when I first heard it would be that much of a disturbance about it because John was being advertised to appear and was performing as character who was a a detestable villain on television weekend and week out that we have seen to go to any cost to achieve success and and he's articulate guy for it but he's a big male Texan is in that character. I didn't think anything about a man I really didn't and all of a sudden well. It's a big deal and I think he's a big deal here. In the Northeast where I live in Connecticut or is a is a big deal everywhere because I'm betting you somewhere in Oklahoma Texas. It'll give shit. I don't they got better things to do like earning a living buying groceries so I never I didn't understand it. I understand the gravity oh I do. I'm not by any stretch Adolf Hitler Fan. I don't have any memorabilia watches movies. I'm done with that guy. He's he's he's. He's a Goddamn Devil. So why would I even spend time studying about the devil. I don't want to visit where he lives. I got other plans so I I thought a lot was made out of Conrad in the early going but I understand the sensitivities of it and if I was a Jewish man I'm I might be even more affected. I was offended by the Nazi. Nazi movement is horrible. There's no good about it is there. I can't find any so. I think that you know it was a it was sensitive deal. You're damned if you do Dan if you don't is a hot button well. If you don't do anything then you you're. You're disconnected in your Jewish audience really if you do something then you know is he getting his First Amendment right as our Second Amendment right violated and has was he in his character of a television personality which is what I say John Les Field is too smart and too street smart and formerly educated smart to do something like that in a in anger your Conrad or you know he did it in the sake of entertainment and you know being a little stiff was his character so i. I don't agree that Agassi in real life but we're not talking about real life here his name his name's not J._V. L. by the way folks sure so. Let's talk about <hes> something way killer road. He says W plans to tape editions of raw smackdown about once every three months overseas Linda McMahon don't ask the news and her investor press conference this week and the decision is in part scheduling convenience as it will allow W._B._Z.. Run a full week's worth of shows overseas without worrying about rushing back for raw and smackdown. It's also a sign that there aren't enough surefire sellouts outs in the U._S. for on smackdown in large arenas whereas W._C._B._S. confident and can draw larger crowds overseas for its events which are deemed as important by overseas fans more so than just regular house shows that overseas fans are aware don't generate much watch news or including include much in the way of newsworthy happenings. The first tour will be in the United Kingdom in October. This is a significant adjustment because for years the W._B.. has just primarily been focused in north with America and would pop overseas once or twice and the rest of the time they're just hanging out here in the U._S.. And bouncing all over but they've started to see crowds fall as we talked about on average on from six thousand five thousand but abroad era in eighty four hundred so you can sell significantly more tickets <hes> and they think they can even build upon those because they were primarily taking how shows now they could take television. Everybody knows that's where the stuff happens. That's where news is made. That's where debuts happened. That's where titles change hands. What do you think of this idea and were you a fan of it when it was announced absolutely big Fan of it because it took us to do markets <hes> fresh audiences audiences that weren't burnt out? They weren't in Allentown or a the other spot there. They used to take W._B._Z.. T._V. APP for years and years and years they weren't shreveport. We'd admits out television forever. Memphis it was their markets that weren't burned out there are new and fresh and the brand had a good fit for television wise so it just makes sense. She WanNa monetize that television investment you producing the show. You're providing a carrier her at that time I think of Sky Sports and <hes> so yeah they had the footprint to do it to promote so why not and I thought it worked out really well especially when we went to the you work several date several house shows Lianne are coming out of of your television and then the the sensitivities have got always be on the front side the backside those tours to where you're not running the horses to they just WanNa drop before they get on that international national flight assist their time off and our ability to recoup before they measure over and then because you've already got your T._v.. Don't on the road. You don't have to come back and do television. You've already got it done so then you can start your tour either. Give gas out that following weekend. Are you start late but although says it'll be taken into consideration but I thought it was a real good thing and you know our plane didn't work out so great but nonetheless the actual the vessel of what people act like professionals as diverse successful. Let's talk about another thing that's going on in this era way. Killer would write that management is continuing to hold meetings prior to raw and smackdown the television Asian events whenever there's T._v.. They're gonNA get all the boys together and they're going to watch matches together and they're going to critique the videotape with the idea being they want the wrestlers to tell better stories with their matches rather than resorting to who they are calling out of context Hospi- and one wrestler is quoted to way to saying you'd be surprised how few wrestlers understand the art of working a match. Most of the wrestlers are memorizing virtually every spot in their matches and that's not working Conrad that was that was the two thousand four said yes. It's the same thing today you can go to any locker room these hardworking men and women just out there trying to live their dream and make a damn live and you're going to see guys and gals sitting there memorizing their match like Shakespearean presentation not taking into any account whatsoever of your audience. The most important element of the entire fire presentation is taken out of the equation because we're going to memorize this damn thing and by God. You're going to like it. Yes the gist. Is You know if give them more of what they're buying but if you're not planning your next move based on how the crowd responded to the most recent one than maybe you're not as in tune with the crowds you could be. That's your perspective right right pretty much way. Killer would also say Steve Austin Awesome has decided against working for Japan's dream stage entertainment according to one source. The company Made Austin a lucrative offer but he was concerned that his stock with W._B.. Would drop if the Japanese shows that draw well. Your friends Steve What he Mecca wage report for here well the I like. The fact is reporting on the Senate if somebody talked to wade so the one of the boys probably more and you know there's a lot of these guys the younger guys know how to work spots and execute a spot remove. What a maneuver type thing but most of them don't know how to connect the dots and take you on a psychological ride that is required wired to be skilled at your profession in this world so there's that awesome thing? I don't think Steve Ever seriously considered taking making any kind of deal in Japan at at that point in time. I really don't obviously anybody that can get him in any tag match scenario single massias somebody takes whatever you're you're going to go after because that's what you do you sell tickets and merchandise and he does all those things guaranteed but he I don't think he ever had any seriousness about that. That come inflated rumor at that time but there's no doubt discussion and there was no doubt some dialogue back and forth but I don't think I ever got to the serious level that it was even close to happening. It's just he really felt comfortable doing physicality after he got out he escaped gate he does a hellacious bullet man. You've gotta understand that how big a bullet he dodds to get out of the damn business and not being a wheelchair and he stayed in great shape and he sees healthy right now but you know him. Continue One more match a bit and just so you ask. Why would you jeopardize your everyday life for one more match for God sakes is sound like you write a country song here you know put the towel up? It's killing me. Go Home Gaullism money an S._D._S. this deal. He's always gonNA make money but he's not going to fix health in jeopardy and why should he why would anybody want to do that. Wade is riding in the torch about <hes> the great American Bash Rush and basically that there is an open acknowledgement from lot of the roster about how terrible it was he would write wrestlers and members of management. No the show was a stinker. Jim Ross was especially vocal about not liking it and the quality of the talent featured on the show really frustrated a lot of wrestlers who feel colleagues of theirs with more experience deserve those pay per view shots like the Basham Sore Stevie Richards Val Venus or may even Nunzio a train Palumbo London and a number of others who have been on the sidelines on slightly and the situation would be a lot less frustrating if the solution simply featuring better wrestlers already on the roster wasn't so obvious. He says one wrestler told him it was lame. None of the UNDERCARD mashes had any heat drama and there's no excuse for that with all the T._v.. Time I'm ahead to promote the show. Another wrestler said the crowd could tell so many of those wrestlers weren't ready yet. They might not have been able to put their finger on Wa- but they could tell and someone in the locker room was comparing it to magicians. You may not know why one magician edition is better than the other but you can tell the good from the bad and the crowd is more sophisticated advanced realizes the kids today are different. They've been exposed to different wrestling world who grew up watching wrestling as opposed to those who watched Wrestlemania one one common thing among the locker room discussion was that Vince McMahon needs to spend less corporate profits on bonuses for himself and his family and more on investing in a much better developmental system quote it can't keep sending the younger wrestlers to Hire Valley to work in empty gyms six days a week and expect them to get it said one veteran and that setting you can only learn how to do moves and getting good condition but you can't really learn how to work. You need the crowd. You need to be put in a position to have to sell tickets and know what it takes week after week and that's not happening right now and Sunday. It was really obvious how damaging that is to the company. What's your take on that well? Obviously I must've been pretty vocal because to get coated in the torch. Well I was disappointed is something we talked about. It talked about there and we'll get there still continuity you know this is when I got the job and tower relationships and the thing we knew we had to do west to get luck. Everybody else's locker room. I don't care what kind of sports entity you are. Even what kind of entertainment entity you are in ensemble cash you wanna stay young and athletic counted Blah Blah Blah so we were always looking for the youth and the athleticism athletes natural athletes have had some success in an amateur world are understand the principles and the importance of being on a team and you can't build a wrestling company and unless you build a team that's comprised of your wrestlers. It's imperative is not an option well. Maybe we'll give by the he's alright. He don't talk much. He's all right. He's he's not that friendly. Don't work. Everybody's GonNa play a role of building the team. Team and I saw nothing about that. Those principles the show was lane set guys. Do the same spots you get the same finishes to get the same highest parts that they usually miss you know just no imagination nations. I want to try to think differently and folks. If you watched rescue today no matter what is and you recognize. A musette is about to take place. Guess what he's the guy or the GAL is over using it when you can sit home and you're lazy boy in call the spots what the hell's going on right so so I that's what I think about that. I made another porn. I thought it was good at this point. You picked out the crowns and being able to sell tickets. You need the crowd instead of just working an empty Jim in Ohio valley something else wrong about yeah. I I was a big. It's still am to there to Al Snow's version of Ohio valley wrestling great job at training <hes> kids men and women there and Louisville. You're interested in that kind of thing I dish or check that out they'll treat you fair and honest and he will lie to you to get <music> all those all three of those traits in the wrestling world if you hit Goddamn gold go embraced that so but I was a big fan of all how they were part of my budget and a town our relations department we Subsidize Valley you know Jim Cornell was a good friend of my steel is and you know and any day was very well respected veteran grade teacher so we needed that and then feel so so how how how how good was it because you know they got that real slick performance center now good that was that in Ohio valley produced these guys resigned in one class brock listener and John Cena Randy Orton and David Tista and Shelton Benjamin who by the way it was the best athlete of the group so that's what that little how valley for -duced but to get better you must work talent that is better than do in front of a paying audience of any size and not an jim in front of your in-laws rock listener in this era then a interview with E._S._p._N.. where he says he wanted to be able to <hes> have money and and not be poor which is why took the quick path the fame and riches but in retrospect he wishes he'd gone right into a trial for the N._F._l.? And <hes> that's yet another comment which <hes> won't exactly endear him his colleagues in the W._W._e.. E._S._p._N. would say that he had a multi million dollar contract with W._W._e.. And <hes> some folks are saying inaccurately that it was a forty five million dollar contract and in the same interview he's denying using steroids which the colts coach Tony Dungy has backed up. I guess he saw a test so yeah. Maybe even combine is that a strip Barbie don't matter it was clean urine J._R.. You know this Assad bar or I'm probably going to get in trouble for it but I know listener never fail the drug drug task but come on like we we say on ran told me only only resting sword now. I don't know the answer I mean I'm with you man but let me tell you something it. I looked at it. He I saw fishers recruiters kid for two years man <hes> Jerry Briscoe led the way and I support him in every way that I could have made the financial offers I I getting the numbers he wanted to hear to get him to sign and he as soon the last day of class which I doubt if he was gonNA end anyway whereas over Minnesota he was on his way to Louisville where he promptly became the foreman of the Ring Crew Andro the ring truck because he knew how to drive a tractor a truck up. He's working on the farm. Make was his dad's of Moose is dad is a big perogie powerful man he talking significant. Turn your head in an airport talk by thick muscular muscular barrel chested hands catcher's Mitts so there's no doubt in my mind it's not great d. genetics but because he sometimes got real ripped and all this other stuff you gotta wonder was that just as diet can he do that. I can't do it. I can't even I can't do any by the God damn you know the Milky Way stand who wanted to have again. You're not I'm not. I'm not disparaging any of that. I just know that this rumor has always circulated around listener owner because he's he's failed. You have see tests. <hes> I mean that's that's he's head public failures. That's not a surprise <hes> he was also arrested in two thousand one for receiving steroids dropped the charges four months later because they said it was more of a vitamin type thing. I don't know how much involvement MC had that but it did eventually go away but when you get arrested for steroids and you fail U._F._C. Drug tests and you're still telling everybody I don't take steroids and apparently the drug testing policy these days excludes part-timers. It's only for full timers that it does seem like there is a maybe that's all rumor and Innuendo. Maybe it's all bullshit but isn't this one of those where there's smoke. There's fire type situations. I don't know and I really don't care. I don't care if they all do steroids. It's just really to me. I really don't if you do things under doctor's care he's not he's not such a rogue in a maverick and here the metaphor come up here tip of my tongue that that he would go into minister himself and he's going to be. He's going to be under doctor's care no matter what he's doing. I think he's he's his own investment. He's gotTa take care of the horses pulling the wagon here and so. I don't think that that would be a deal where he would be going administer himself they say but I don't know I'm with you though I'm his appearance but he does a really good stuff and dieting and I I don't know what else he's taken. Who knows well? Let's run through this to who cares I exactly I don't wrote some of my favorite wrestlers grown up freely and openly admit they took steroids but it's become this taboo thing where you're just not supposed to talk about it but there's a lot I mean Sarah's did not just disappear in wrestling not if you're still we'd play at checkout words or place in other words indiscriminate words right Sir so you talk about well. He's on steroids. I can understand if you said well. He's all gonorrhea or you know the uses the gonorrhea he does yeah he's he's. He's waist-deep gonorrhea. Look at him to gonorrhea guy. What can you believe that this just it doesn't matter if your if your doctor's care somebody's looking after you and you're looking after your own health and it makes you feel better haven I what are the discoveries? I've made is the testosterone implant and I swear by it I've had you'll remember six months talking about T._R._T.. Right Testosterone replacement therapy load that <hes> twenty four hundred milligrams every <hes> every six months I five months feel and it gives me energy and I get my memory back like sleep better. Everything's better so I if that so. Why should I deprived myself for that at this stage in my life? There's no reason to to deprive yourself of it and that's why those guys that do do the gas as long as you're using your rains in senator doctor's care and you're not looking you know rolling yourself up like the <hes> the Goodyear Blimp are seven guy then why not why not and so people all hockey police said that think about under doctor's care so saying here of course. Let's listen to moderation's the key to life <hes> this. There's a story this E._S._p._N.. Story man it's got so many layers to one of the things discussed is April motorcycle accident where he broke his jaw fractured his left hand severely pulled his groin suffered some tissue damage and his lower abdomen and his testicles are bruised and swollen for weeks and how big were they in massive he and his agent downplay this to the media. They don't want it to hurt his chances at the league and he says about his shot at the N._F._l.. E._S._P._N.. Is Painting a long shot quote. This is not some half ass shot to see what I can do and try to make the N._F._l.. For me this is ball's out one hundred percent and I plan the knock the snot out of somebody there you go. What did you did you tiger? He didn't play in college. <hes> did you think that he had any I mean obviously he's a freak of nature but you follow football closely. Would you have categorized this as a long shot at best as well long shot at best <music> but doable and he made it down to I think the next to West guy cut so he got really really close and that's without playing no football censor South Dakota class last to a to a high school days. It had like he came from a big school football powerhouse he came he came from a small town small school and they didn't play football again. He's done is an amazing accomplishment to get that far which fixed the fact reserved with the steroid thing. He's a special athlete man. He's really is a special special athlete. I used to think that I think that between him and Billy Gunn they order probably two guys are all off the record started being under run and jump basic athletic skills that you don't always equate directly but back in a gym to run and jump Jazz cinnabon do they're both amazing and brock to eighty three hundred pounds to do all that is scary terrifying. The other thing that comes out in the article is <hes> his discussion about fighting. He says if it was legal and I wouldn't get in trouble I pick a fight on every street. If I wouldn't lose any money or nothing I would find. I'd fight every day now. Of course we know he's going to be on the money because not too terribly long after this when the N._F._l.. Doesn't work out he jumps an M._a.. And that worked out old <hes> one of the things that E._S._p._N.. Observed here though that I can't believe this made the news but it was E._s._p._N.. Dot Com cover story they. They're talking about an incident where they have a reporter witness leshner lashing out at a female fan. The a woman tells listener that a male friend of hers thought she thought he was cute and he replied amidst burst of swearing is written. I don't like the gays write that down and your little notebook. I don't like gays obviously. He didn't know he would be quoted. He didn't know this would make the news but this is a P._r.. Nightmare at this point is it not not good yeah. It's not good no it's just he should have said it but he has no him. Liam Rock Lizards such a unique guy. He's very very unique to follow and to be a fan of but he is <hes> has no filter and now that he has has found financial security instability he really don't give a shit right and the other thing is he didn't back away or back down from anybody in in a discussion or fiscal confrontation that's who he is and it feels so. I don't understand that you're right. You can't understand it because you're not that and here's another sidebar for you. You'll never be that. Maybe once in a lifetime. Maybe you got a couple of guys like that this. They're all inspiring and everything that they do from the get. Go you know here's a here's a two thirty five powder. WHO's doing shooting star press in in Ohio valley wrestling which I I went crazy? What the hell are we doing or crazy? You ought to be doing that so anyway. He's he's special. I'll tell me he really is special and you see his body changed. Basically he trains. Oh for sure. Yeah I mean he's lean providing you know he bucks up for wrestling a little bit until somebody says in a locker room hey man you gain weight then he'll he'll say he needs to get cut a little bit so that's that's the the Alpha male him and he is a legitimate alpha male. Let's talk about a couple of other guys who are going to butt heads White Keller would report that Mick Foley said to be extremely upset with the negative comments made by Ric flair has autobiography. That's now in stores. Apparently he feels a bit betrayed. The Vince McMahon would allow such harsh comments to be published in an official W._b.. Publication especially since Foley has been more diplomatic in his books regarding current W._b.. Talent that he may have had harsh words for apparently it's to the point that Foley isn't returning phone calls for anyone with W._W._e.. <hes> think most people remember flair called MSC a glorified stuntman it upset Mac to the point the here in my hometown of Alabama and Monday night raw taping full is going to try to confront flare in catering and things go south from there yeah setting their said they're trying to quite lunch unbeatable Huntsville Alabama begging for some barbecue. Let me feel like somebody got a piece of corn bread brother what's going on and then I see them on the other side of the little cafeteria walking towards each other lucky go to aging gunfires approaching the that the <hes> you know down the thoroughfare there in deadwood. Hey I got I got the guy's name right now. <hes> Seth Bullock tritter twitter twitter follower cracking go sheriff. It did what I got all those episodes. It's the only thing I have in my TV at giving them my APP. The only show is every episode of Dead Wood. I'm very one dimensional Conrad. I'm saying to myself but we're we're oriole this top. What we're talking about full backstage Oh yeah yeah so they're walking towards two good fighters and then I think I think rick was on the offensive at first it and then mic basis counterpunching or counter scuffling but it never got real out of hand and it was very very quickly broken up so you're gonNA be like guys in my you wreck a hip percents here so but that's what happened there is very it wasn't bloody brawl? It was at somebody had somebody mounted. It wasn't a great right hand time left you nothing like that. It was it was just a a little bit awkward actually but luckily to what he got hurt and here they are. They're so both the welcome to face of the earth and doing all right. What's your take on that should W._b.? Have said how you can't say that about Foley Foley or or is it better to select the guys may themselves. I am going to lean toward the ladder. Let the guys be themselves without look. We're communicating here. It's been creative. This supposed to be a creative company so there's got to be creative ways to frame things that are not distasteful and not I rolling. This still tells the story that's kind of what being a wordsmith is all about figuring out how to frame in your story using the words that you have at your disposal so I think that Kinda got let it go unless it's too far then you figure a creative way to make it work but certainly. A I think mix it he saw that in a bookstore civilize the book and I'm only oppression did not know about this quote in advance. Is that how you read it Conrad <hes> Yeah I mean I think when the book comes out somebody price Martin's a month he reads it and he's upset and feels like it's a double standard because you know he's his assertion is he tried to take care of W._w._e.. Folks when his book came mountain eight it he did he did a great job of that but reading mixed writing in that tenor fit him to me. He's not he's not a he's not full of venom and vindictive you know most syphilis bristled at three zero but he's he sincere so when he's when he's writing this serve best it very poignant to me I think <hes> he did the right thing but is he should have been made aware of this yes and the wt been made aware that if Mikus said about it and the only way he would known that is to have advanced copy so if you're what I would say from now on I was if somebody's running a book the your machine then in admissions another talent that talent needs to be made aware what does this so if they have any issues with it you ain't or indifferent they had the opportunity to express themselves civilised that let's talk about another way killer report this time it's about how shows and how it's cause for concern because there's been record low house show attendance this summer already he would say most recent house shows have been drawing around a thousand fans hands sometimes a bit lower in rarely ever more than two thousand and some of the buildings W._B._Z.'s been booking have been smaller arena since they knew it would be low but in general these tiny crowds mean tiny payoffs for the wrestlers and there's there's a handful of smackdown how shows are canceled in recent weeks and wrestlers would rather work but they'd rather be cancelled than work for nothing since their payoffs are often based on attendance once they pay for their own hotel L. Food and rental car expenses so the guys may actually wind up losing money on those events <hes> the Rog is the raw crew feel like they're in better shape than the smackdown crew and the smackdown crew was concerned that maybe nothing nothing will turn around but hopefully Kurt Angle and big show come back that will make a difference but some of the lower card wrestlers actually appreciate that what tickets sales are sluggish some of the big stars lay out like triple h ric flair Chris Jericho geico Eddie Guerrero Kurt Angle they would just not make that event which means that they're not siphoning off a big cut of the gate and they get a better pay day. This is all making a lot of sense when you start to think about hey we're gonNA start going overseas once. Every three months does not yeah let me tell you this formula that Wade laid out there. It's not quite accurate. The formula in that era paying talent alive avails somewhat it was deceptively simple but obviously because it was a discretionary head is complexities. If you had a house where the the net the net many the number immediately after taxes so the net house is one hundred grandma say okay well you the normally the talent bunnies would be about thirty to thirty three percent sometimes thirty five sometimes lesser pay per view because the revenue <hes> size and the math also goes around that stuff. That's another story so you got one hundred thousand dollar house. You Got Thirty Grandma's safe or your your talent pool the main event we get three percent three per thirty grand three percent or thirty grand thirty grand to three percents what nine hundred dollars so both guys got two guys get nine hundred dollars unless you stole cody of five percent and then if you're with that would go the same numbers are going to be put in that formula. No matter of all those guys that were at that we're off that you read their off the big names and the pay scale did not show the formula do not change if they weren't there so the main event on that card that they were not on is still get paid three percent of the knit after taxes so lets you mix insist anybody now and I'm glad you're sharing it with us because it's always been one of those great mysteries as a wrestling fan you know how does this work. I'm sure it's a mystery for a lot of the voice sue but you're saying it's three percent. Let's call nets five. That's not going to information that I don't think ever been out there so well. It's just fact and then the challenging part comes in and they're so you get some your you're friendly and so not so funny discuss your talent is from they don't when they disagree with your assessment of their value on the card because many of them don't take in consideration how how the biggest of tie that we're slicing up and I can promise you that a thirty thousand dollar Pi eight very big. You got to pay off all the talent all the managers all the referees uh so any talent appearing before the live audience on allow that obviously we're talking about has to be paid so that's kind of how that worked and it was tough to discretionary so there's no right or wrong so some some say I got shortchanges Fay. So what are you basing it on then you found out we also said he got this as well so's lying Guzzo Raymond my office. Did you tell me maybe Wang for the show. They cover their mouth. Little kids laugh giggle yeah. Why don't you just want to get a rise out of it or you did here? He is here. You are taking up my time. That don't need to be a be relegated. You know it's so there's so you get that at the time guys get all stirred up or they get a call saying there. You just got. I just got the Mastercard Bill Holy God honey so it's all it's crazy. It's a whole different world in that pay off world in that and I don't know how they're doing it now. It'd be honest with you. I really don't I don't know if the guys all these big guarantees that every week like a salary and how are the royalty dot the road is how are the bonuses for lava vets and pay per view our they factored in is another good question because a role you're straightforward. I got a royalty check and then this week appreciate thanks pants and bigger but nonetheless I appreciate it. Let's go to go home edition of For all right before vengeance two thousand four you in lawler going to open the show and <hes> say that Eugene is the G._M.. A._m. for the night and he's GonNa make Jerry Lawler Stacey Keebler Tyson Tomko Chris Jericho into Jiri play musical chairs and the winner gets a title shot Jericho wins. An Eugene reveals as for the intercontinental title. What did you think of making you gene the G._M.? Musical chairs the cowboy looked at that way. I don't think so I have I love <hes> Nick dance more promotional the dakotas thanks South Dakota. He married Miss Miss Out Dakota. She's really kicked his covers that rascal. He's got a good wrestling school that the world of the guy but he's a comedy act. I'll be very talented comedy comedy act but he was a comedy act and I thought we saw too much of it. I thought that we were on to something. The Gimmick has his legs but it wasn't a decathletes legs fix. It was a sprinter's legs short distance shortly at the time and out but we start over exposing I thought and it it short shelf life at the hands of the promotion bad decision making next up. We've got lower assist on getting a win over Rhino in val Venus and about four and a half minutes and the new gene's GonNa tell evolution that he's GonNa team with Ric flair against resistance at vengeance engines and triple h comes out and doing a promo about his title match Chris Benoit's the pay per view an edge interrupts and vows that he's GonNa take out evolution one member at a time they fight and then edge bails and the rest of evolution comes out. What do you think about the creative to have the G._M.? Make himself tag partners with Ric flair at the pay per view and one that's allegedly the <hes> emotionally challenged right. It's a stretch man is this he gotta laugh. The first time around he entertained the right people and all of a sudden southern gets a call back and he comes comes with his call back more lines. He's in more scenes and that's where I say we over exposed and we allowed that Canada burn much it quicker than it needed to be so it's just a lot of that stuff. There was had no logic it truly was I rolling it was so completely devoid of logic an eugene in that role I can say it'd be somebody's little buddy side kick tag team partner a lot of things but this assist like okay and I think it's done is like a lot of those those us casting those roles that whole roll this the Raji and the smackdown G._M.. The aid W._G._N.. Whatever all this sort of scores man people knew some different so give it to? Let's talk a little bit about Vince McMahon Vince back at this show. He missed the raw prior. He had about ridiculous that man he couldn't make their all. He's back here. The Vince what was he a big proponent for Eugene feels like something he would have in all about yeah Vince Locke Ichi Look Conrad. Nobody didn't nobody dislike Yuji because you knew the guy behind the character right. He's a sweetheart of a guy's a way you could not like Nick dinsmore but the character has limitations it had US boundaries and for whatever reason it seems like it's a session in wrestling in general for people to try to to recreate what the already have just change for change's sake and industry in your life in general change for change's sake is stupid right so I think vissel activity entertained you and then of course as as we hear and we say and we know that when the rider signed something that Vince likes they right in that direction with that slat because in their their little feeble minds and they're little balls into a thimble memorials else they had they'll do whatever they can. They need to ingratiate themselves to the boss not knowing that he's paying attention to your ask Kiss and not knowing that he didn't get it and the best way of you get over is go get positive results in your your job description. That might be a start so vince you know. He said he likes the guy but he he loves the character to CARE is he. The person who continually pushes wishes. Let's do more Eugene and then the writers just sorta monkey. See Monkey do events for now. I don't know if he even had to say. Let's do more Eugene when the writers saw their pitches and their absurdities for that character the special knees kid in roles that he didn't need to be in that but nonetheless hit another story for another time. I guess I think they saw Vince GonNA chuckle out guy. Look he's named after this kid. There was a uh has learning disabilities in is dad was old friend of the company and it came to came to Pittsburgh and he brought his son with him and his son was <hes> <hes> at they had down syndrome. His name is Eugene so the character Eugene was actually named for this special needs kid that would come to the matches in Pittsburgh with his dad and the kid was probably forty. We looked down there and look very young and I know he had a real crush on Moolah real blessing to get out much anyway. That's where that thinking from so this kind of had a soft spot for Eugene and so the character got an extra lap around the track. Let's talk about the next segment here on the show. Batista's GonNa Fight <hes> caned or no contest when Matt Hardy attacked Kane and then Todd Grisham was going to interview hardy backstage next age who's refusing to comment on leader next up Randy Orton pinned Chris Jericho with a roll up from behind his feet on the ropes and eighteen and a half minutes. We're really long match for all then owner would jump with Eugene in an air mattress like one of those <hes> bouncy house deals trying to manipulate him to go along with their plan then we would see Nydia beat Victoria and Molly Holly for a contract for a title match on a pole match yeah then Trish knocked out Lydia whether cast and pinner to fulfill her title match defense and Trish gave leader a hard time about being pregnant and then <hes> in our main event triple h and ric flair in Eugene would be edge edge in Vanua after Eugene knocked out been wall with a chair from behind that's been while had hunter in across face fifteen minutes and forty five seconds so interesting. Is that the right word for this episode Awro Yeah it was a lot of left-handed marriages as they call it the booking room a lot of things that district quite fit you know if you had not seen Eugene in all those little <hes> stopovers for comedy and absurdity so many times not maybe once okay but so many repeat appearances and he was only in your building toward the main event event the tag team match I get it but you know the audiences audit straight wrestling fan especially nowadays and they get enough of your ass in a hurry and they move on and as as a talent Alan you gotta be able to listen and observe what are you. What are you doing that? They're they're getting awful and that's why memorized mansions doesn't work very well but yeah I liked the match I it just seemed seem to be a little bit Conrad Rick flair triple h okay. I'll get an eugene yeah so you can make your argument. Well todd do something different air. You're always professing new things fascinating do they do. I just didn't think that was a long term deal and maybe it wasn't supposed to be but I know that when it first started if we had taken our time with that storyline and not force fed at down everybody's throat with multiple multiple appearances on the show then I think the character legs so I'm thinking probably got all right as it was it got cut short for the record whereabouts covered vengeance two thousand and four. I guess we give her a peek behind the curtain before we clicked record he said God Damn Connie Water we. We pick this show so J._R.. Not a Superfan of vengeance oh four fair to say fair to say let's get to it though that's the fifteen year anniversary it's fun to sort of look at these matches and times in history in a bit of a capsule so <hes> way killers going to do our write ups force from the torch to Jerry and Rhino beat the coach and garrison cade when to Jerry pin coach seven and a half minutes this match was actually announced during heat with the jury answering coach's Challenge Picking Rhinos a surprise partner <hes> Wade would say what you'd expect from these four with coach playing chicken until two Jerry was hurt the jury sprayed cade with green myths late in the match and then coach hit Jerry from behind but Rhino then gave Keta Gore as they brawled at Ringside Jerry surprise coach with a roundhouse kick to the head for the pin solid opening action actually liked it. Okay he gave it a star and a quarter <hes> coast feel about being being involved like this. This is a boat load young and athletic man about town raconteur loved it and he was you know he he wasn't really formally trained but he picked it up. He knew you know He. He got. He get through something I to Jerry was GonNa Smash. I I've been a big fan of Jerry's and Rhino. They're both the author radar guys a little bit but they're both really really good so a garrison cade course lets us too early but it was not a bad little match in that regard and it went. It didn't go too long seven and a half a- as you could you could stomach that so those are I got a decent over decent ochre next up. We've got rick flair Batista and Orton and they're upset that Eugene is having any sort of involvement with evolution in hunter since he has a plan and but he's wondering about where you genius he's a little worried when he goes looking he sees Chris Benoit trying to convince you Ching. He is his friend and the evolution members are not Eugene as conflicted boy. This is all about what you were talking about over exposure Eugene again the theory a- pushing the Eugene character is not bad but anything you know some visits only this one. I said God damn jared how much ice cream can eat even even some of the words even though we love ice cream. We can't eat every meal every day. Don't do that so anyway. That was that that scenario I I. It's just too much. It loses edge. It's not new fresh anymore and every time you throw him out there. It takes a little bit more the bloom off the rose. Let's keep it moving here. We WanNa talk about the next match. Batista Chris Jericho Wade would say it's only an okay match and he says Batista isn't good enough yet to be here he to an above average mass by someone even as good as Jericho but ceased to one when he gives an awkward sit out power the bomb Jericho and the ref cast a three despite Jericho's left leg being draped over the bottom rope to stars. What did you think I thought it was better to stars but not significantly better to have an argument about it? <hes> you know a day was coming into his own. You know he's he's still catching up in Jericho been around forever so Chris was a much more refined had a higher skill set at that time then did Batista but I didn't. I don't recall it being earlier this week. I thought it was solid. You know so I had. I didn't like the mets made the point of this is that they're you know the introducing <hes> Jericho from Long Island in Winnipeg sound like a small thing if you're a wrestling fan loyalist type person those things like that bother you and I think sometimes we mitt those this malady world. That's when we catch a lot of grief from the nonbelievers your how can you remember that Shit J._R.. I don't know do just do eleven. Maybe that's it. Maybe you should love something as much as I love wrestling. How about that Aso yeah this is I mean according to the rumor and Innuendo and I want you to sort of set the record straight? The real deal is has vince doesn't think Canadians are relatable so he thinks that you know we need to have all of our stars being from an American town that way. They're more relatable. Is that the same thing you heard. I've heard that I just can't imagine he never said that to me and we've been a lot of meetings on those times a lot of meetings. I don't recall US ever talking about that. I remember talking about this deal but it wasn't. I think it was to make Kim it. A little bit more refined <hes> elitists a little bit of and being from Long Island would more readily identify that than it was him being from Winnipeg you know I always thought well Whoa okay we say he's he's from Winnipeg but he's now living in Long Island and the other thing I would say who gives a shit so anyway that was a big deal. I thought on this stuff and so so that's one of the he woke up one day Jerko just be from Long Island Okay and nobody said nothing 'cause I used to tell Paul Heyman. He got to know what he'll to dial pal. You GotTa know what he'll dial. Oh and that was that he'll for me. It'd be from God. Damn you know Muskogee Oklahoma. If you wanted to know where it is next up. We've got Eugene storming into evolution of course you do gotTa have more of that APP. He's going to storm in evolutions locker upset and hunters convinced them that their friends and <hes> it helps when he gives him one of <hes> rick players robes and you john was <hes> Eugene's excited he's GonNa Strut and he's going to do a little overdose of Eugene. Next up law resistance versus you build up down who could be against Ladies Gentlemen Rick Flair and Eugene Dammit. That's a great bookie so they go twelve minutes twenty eight seconds. It's Deke win. Eugene wrestles the first half of the match by imitating flair players reacting with disgust the crowds eating it up though <hes> and then flare tags in resistance assistance work him over for several minutes and in the end conway takes a cheap shot at Eugene Barack him into the ring post Eugene snaps and attacks lowers starts when the REF gotten his way Eugene shoves him down there is your cue he gives Laura's starts stunner rock bottom and a people's elbow so we're getting all of our cool stuff in two stars. What'd you think of this match entertainment? You know it's just I I guess it was booked it laid out as to what it had to be because he really even though is tag title match the champions. Who Are you know Rob Conway's Hello Undervalue Guy <hes> but they <hes> they're they were having a heat? There's no momentum coming into the match Eugene and Rick's another left-handed booking nothing our little if anything in common the broader together this little story line with the evolution has about it and in Rick's tags and I don't I've never been a big fan of Rick Tags involving a real personal issue in wrestling the ice cold tag champions for the title is not an issue so I would overwhelm with it. I it wasn't had another the guy's execution Conrad it had to do with they were given a cold plate to to to eat off of there was nothing there so. I've surprised it got to star Matt. Hardy is going to get a win over Kane and ten in minutes twenty nine seconds. It's a not hugh match hard is going to charge the ring getting some early offense but then Kane really dominates <hes> eventually lead runs to the ring and tries to Beg Cain not to hit hardy with ring steps hardly hardy surprises Cain by ramming his chair into the stairs on us and canes face for the K._O.. And then scores the pin and after the match hardy told leader that she's pregnant with what may be his child so she should stay away from his masters and stay away from him and legal sad and the match is telling the story needed to according to Wade and he says hardy looks like he has a fighting chance while still selling his underdog stature to stars New Jerry put this over a huge twin format and so even say. I can't believe it was a big win. I don't I don't think anybody would you know they some know everything because they have to they have to. I don't think people thought met Hardy is going to win and win with one-two-three so to me. I just go by I feel I felt like it was an upset. I didn't expect it so a a lot of fans agree with that by the way so it was true I thought but yeah the this now here first of all Conrad at this point that show we gotta make sure we got at least one more way to get Eugene back in the show right okay so good that some thought secondly were commissioned on a journey of pregnant women here and is going to be this is where the soap opera that Vince so dearly love started becoming an play. There's nothing wrong with pro wrestling soap opera. It's all about the execution of and you'll go through this up on some of those things out but God day pregnant women in an in general managers and you know. Why should anybody take these shifts seriously something we do take seriously our great sponsors here on the show and J._R.? I don't know if you've got your painting in and yet but I got my painting in for paint your life and I can't talk about this thing <hes> positively enough. I actually open this with a house full of folks. I didn't know exactly what it was so I was eager to open it. I kind of forgot that it was coming or you're very right and then when I opened it my goodness it was a huge hit and multiple members of my friends and family went ahead and went to paint your life dot Com Chris how this works. If you get like a favorite photo of kids wedding day pet it you can have that painted by real artists to my hand painted and it's all done at an affordable price. I was blown away as was everybody my half. This was not a picture this was in fact painting and I had a skeptic like my data. Let me look at that and he does. It can't believe it. <hes> lots of folks in my family have ordered one. I think you will too. You've got to can't stress the quality this you gotta see for yourself. Go to paint your life dot Com <hes> and my wife actually ordered photo of she and I together. I think we're in Chicago at <hes> Smith and we'll it's. He's just tremendous. <hes> got near paint your life photo yet. I have not I have not but I was very curious to <hes> delve into that cake. Can I take those who photos off your your your phone that you might not want everybody to see and do that or J._r.. That's a blue commercial. We're doing paint your life dot Com. Here's the he want to give a truly meaningful gift. You gotta go to paint Your Life Dot Com. You can have an original painting on anything you like China or Conrad. I know I know exactly what I'm going to have the cover of my our next book will be out in the spring of twenty twenty. I'm GonNa have that photo a painting of that. I'll be honest. I really thought you were going to say of your backyard or of or some sort of sooner moment on my back hair that my back here is was also very <hes>. Ah creatively designed so another thing but here's the different though you're back here is an abomination that was painted by God. This is real work here. A world class artists a true painting and all created from the photo and let me tell you man you WanNa get over at the house. This is the best birthday or anniversary gift ever. It's way more thoughtful than taking the wife down to red lobster something you're getting something. She's going to use and cherish and show off to your friends. You'RE GONNA get Brownie points for days and this thing is all scrape for decor. It's a work of art with paint your life. You Get your favorite memories transformed into a work of art. You'll cherish forever. I can't say how special this would be a gift for someone or yourself and right now for for a limited time offer you get thirty percent off your painting thirty percent off and how much does shipping J._R.. You guess not a damn thing free the special offer right now text Ross R. O. F. S. Two forty eight forty eight forty eight. That's Ross R.. S. S. Two forty eight forty eight forty eight. That's Ross R. O.. S. S. Two forty eight forty eight forty eight message and data rates may apply great idea. I love the idea Conrad's I I get my I'll trick my daughter to give me a Fisher occur fisher her or US two granddaughters refrigerator magnet and then I'll I'll have all these these beautiful pictures painted. Thank you for holidays. It's awesome. Everybody's going to love this. You will to check it out paint your life dot com see see what you think about it and then go ahead and get the discount just do Ross R. O.. S. S. Two forty eight forty eight forty gate. <hes> I guess I should mention this whole cane and lead a deal here comes to a head may seventeenth where Kane Attacks Matt Hardy and lead a promises him something for him to stop June. twenty-first first we see an episode where Matt Hardy Proposes To lead a and that's when Cain reveals that lead US pregnant with his child now with maths and that she had slept with Cain in order to protect math <hes> this is right out of days of our lives lives. What did you think of this story long? The demon seed has failed as path to the womb of the one and only leader. I thought here's how this works. Thank about this. There's no goddamn romance at all. There's no story there's no journey we go from having wish myself somebody's ear in one month and then a few weeks later she is with child. There's no chase there was no nothing wham Bam thank you. Ma'am was what this was so it was a very unique story with a very unnecessary short arc but here's the thing it didn't have any really uniqueness to it because I think that there were times when we had more than one diva pregnant of euro guys back there man and not all of them calling home all so I I didn't like the I didn't overwhelm with but I would've liked it better if we had told a better story and and when you say draw something out it's a negative connotation tation to extend the story line in episodic fashion is what you're looking for. Not You're going to draw out draw out as painful so I could have been done better and had nothing to do the talents again because the solder marching orders. I don't know what to say about this. Pregnancy angle here with demon seed something else. Edge is going to Pan Randy Orton in twenty six minutes and thirty six. Six seconds to capture the Intercontinental Title I it's two and a quarter stars <hes> Wade would say the final five minutes were four stars plus easily but the rest really dragged it down <hes> two and a quarter. They didn't really I love it but this is GonNa End Randy Orton seven month reign as intercontinental champion which I guess is like the longest reign in like seven years. What did you think of the match and what did you think Randy Horton's Ryan as I see champ thought that match excellent aw I really did I thought the ventures <hes> solid they said a nice platform foundation in the early part of that <hes> performance to kind of get in the mood of where we're going what road traveling here tonight and then <hes> as pointed out the last few minutes where it was four or five minutes whatever and that too subjective folks hard hard fast four hundred for that either? It's how you feel about it. I thought the last several minutes that mass was excellent so I thought it was one of the both guys better outings. You know I'm really surprised at Randy. Award is not being utilized more today than he is. He's that good and <hes> no company including W._W.. Plethora like that work on their talent on the level skill set level of radio word they just don't so so I think he could be utilized much more. He's a he's a very cunning mysterious at times complex and always provocative talent and I love this work. You know he's one of those guys we sign that one class V._W.. and He's been around the hall of Fame Guy Obviously made a lot of money. God bless you. I'm proud of him and he's a guy that vince what crazy about hiring when we we've argument to the system right so but Randy Orton ego back look at different years he's healthy. He has M._v._p.. Seizes as long as he's booked to play in that level then all of a sudden any kind of fades away the story line storytelling. I don't have to fade away and he's here there and yon this time off a randy. WE'RE NOT GONNA use it for three months. You're going to get this bill. Check every week beginning and everybody we have live happily ever after rest you healthy stronger tighten up your core Blah Blah Blah and all those talk about in your family. That's the main thing so that's what you do there but you don't just teasing bringing back here there and yon so ran is a big time player man. He's he's as good as there is and you look at over the course of time I mean isn't that one class you know the scene and all those guys Brock Batista Sheldon Look How long he's gone on top and he's a lot of money. He didn't have to Pasta Fisa over hardy. Let me ask you in. This match feels like the fans sorta get behind him to. It's it's a little weird in fact because edge is supposed to be the baby face Randy Morton's clearly the hill is part of evolution by the fans started to boo edge and they're chanting for Orton from the start. Eventually you lawler even have to acknowledge it. Finally there is some support for edge <HES> HE'S GONNA turn baby face the night after summer slam a little a month after this so the plan here is hey we gotta get the intercontinental title off him because we're gonNA crown champion. Did you know that at this point and did you know that we were going to kick them out of evolution the next night and making baby face or did the fans sort of make that decision for you because they're so far behind him. I think the fans for <hes> <hes> fans pull the trigger. I don't think they're precondition or nothing. I think they were there. They they felt what they saw mood there in that direction so readies Randy's always as long as I can remember being in the front of mine awareness tennis events and whomever is around him at that point in time as it relates to talent positioning and utilization. There's nothing randy can't do. He's a better he'll that maybe face. He's it may be more suited even that to be a character benny face a stone cold kind of guy that you can't trust but his damn sure fun to watch and he does what he says is GonNa do and he's really not that. NASA GAVA got a lot to be like him so so he's another guy. He's a he's a big time player so he was a big start at in two thousand four. He had a good year. I thought he had a good year that year and the here's the thing Conrad all the Big Mashes that Randy Gordon was boop Dan in two thousand four. We're talking about here. He delivered right. That's all you can ask next up Victoria and molly hauling six minutes and fifteen seconds. It's a number one contender's tinder match <hes> they get one star <hes>. What did you think of this one molly is? I guess we should remind everybody a few months prior to this. She had her head shaved by Victoria wrestlemainia twenty. What did you think of her match here? With Victoria two great hands. I think Victoria got hurt mess at quicker than they planned class acts both ladies or credits to the business and that's one of the Nice to talk about with the advent you know I was a physician to to facilitate some of these hires when we started bringing more women backstage Mac the locker room trying to say in the in the family <hes> and <hes> a lot of things changed but one thing that I'll say that changed. I haven't thought about today and I should have but it's enough to meet remember to talk about here. Was that a lot of these women when I read the name Victoria Toria especially Molly Holly and I see their name and what it reminds me of is how what a class act they were how they upgraded our locker room how they how they're pleasant to be around and they were great. Examples samples what it's like to be a teammate and some of the ladies had less ego than the men and the men are sort about me and the women were about us and this guy I think about those ladies there. They were big time players. Here's I think a lot of the young male athletes were were helped but by saying how some of these females conducted themselves as pros and for that we all have all data gratitude we get a video package packaged snacks for the been watcher blades bats of course they're showing all the Eugene staff where Bischoff is telling triple. H E can be the number one contender if he beats AB- Eugene AAA goes to attack him but Ben while makes the save and been well accidentally Zili hits Eugene with a chair in the head AAA says manipulated Eugene and made him an honorary member of evolution elites Eugene Saving Aaa from sharpshooter and he hit been Wa in the back of the head <hes> leading to triple as Asia Pinning Benoit in a match on raw triple. H is GonNa comment that Eugene is going to play a part in AAA winning back the world title so here it is Crispin. Wa gets a win over triple relates to retain and they loved it. <hes> the torch loved it. They gave it four and a quarter stars. It's a roughly thirty minute match pretty dramatic finish with Eugene being involved of course you know what it is. It's <hes> <hes> lots of early teases for crawlspaces and suplexes and top rope headbutts but the sharpshooter comes in about halfway through another nice submission tease <hes> the can't enough nice things about this match and <hes> it's GonNa lead to a rematch of two weeks later on raw. They're going to do a sixty man or sixty minute iron man match for the world title. What'd you think of this pay per view main event Chris Benoit and triple? H The little Eugene of course L. Course take that as it was because that's been the bill though show but again in a perfect world would saint eugene which would have by the way made his involvement in this main event much more meaningful much more meaningful. The overexposure of Eugene in this show didn't do triple h any favors and quite frankly it didn't do been Wadi Saudi favors either. It's it is the focus a little bit and I don't like split focus when you're talking about a world title just doesn't make sense so unrealistic but they these guys had had a classic the kind of master the announcer loves to call both of them when challenged and pushed triple as could be very very <hes> combated at his facial expressions show that his body the English shows that because he like a lot of the greats feel compelled they had to be the best person in their match every time they go out and then when you're in the main event of a pay per view and you're going to last and he had that mindset then there's that added motivation to be to excel steal the show well you can only imagine how many years it was for Chris Benoi to rattlers brains all over the world to get to this level of main eventing W._W._e.. Pay Per views. That's why the rest of many they headlined resume twenty extraordinary sorry for humanity so <hes> but I love telling that story I thought we were onto something but it just it just didn't it didn't last long enough to my taste but we understand how short anyway but satisfy that but been Wa and AAA raise their game they laid their shit in they did things or be realistic and believable. I didn't catch myself. I rolling are trying to find one. What am I going to say about this that that broadcast cash flow because it was real it was organic and I believed everything I saw everything I saw because those two guys on that night or that good to demonstrate how you conduct and execute a pro wrestling match both to me? It should have got five stars such thing but they were. They were great. They everything needed to do Gordon Win. Check it out. You know once a week I recommend a massive check out. This was pretty good on a lot of folks are not GonNa WanNa Watch Chris Benoit Mats and Yeah I get it <hes> as far as the pay per view main event this is pretty damn solid even with little eugene silliness and the silliness would continue the next night <hes> triple h is going to tell evolution the next night on raw eugene cost him the world title but he he has a plan to just go along with it. An Eugene walks in triple h sort of baby faces in but says Uncle Eric is really upset and eventually when he meets with Eric Bischoff Eugene. Here's that Bischoff isn't mad. It was just an honest mistake in fact he's going to give him a world title match later today with Crispin Wa so of course Eugene's excited about that later been wa would warn Eugene. Hey I'm going to wrestle hard tonight and then been won- Eugene go to a no contest at about six and a half minutes don't you Jeanne thinks he's one and then evolution attacks him bloodies and this raw gets a three point seven rating man. This overdose of Eugene just does not quit doesn't know not until they shoot chewed up and spit back at you. That's about when it's going to stop. That's a big problem in and a lot of booker's and creative types are afraid to unsettle the horse they writing in on that has been as done okay for them because no matter what the Gimmick Hammock is no matter what the storyline with the talent talent is everything it's old and and there's some things things that have to be relaunched restarted. You know so that's the problem problem. It's a big problem so you stay too long. We ride the same pony too long. God Dang I wash the Western channel because all these circuses now well. John John Anway was on last night. I watch Ongo well. You're going to have some time to watch a little tube on the way to Jacksonville this weekend. Were excited to come see if you haven't already pick up your tickets they are not going to be in Jacksonville the night before a ws five for the fallen all and we're pretty excited about it and you should be too because for the first time ever <hes> J._R.. Can say what the hell he wants. He's not contractually obligated you. Heard gave the formula for how you paid the main event. What nugget will you hear? He can't tell on the podcast bigger tickets right now at grilling J._R.. LOBBED DOT com. It's this Friday night the twelfth. It's a late night show. There will be mules involved. J._R. is going to let it fly. It's going to be a good time. Here's the thing if we get there and they don't have any ginger beer. I'm really going to be creatively. Miffed are pissed off so I gotta we gotta get on that rupp Raphael Raphael well reather Lavar probably a lot of the A._W._S. Allentown so you can you can imagine that some are just dropped by to for something to do and so we're going to run into entertaining them as well so if folks look if you don't have your tickets right now this very minute Conrad said there's still some available. Get them at the door the show up in let's say rick carpet deal show up your shorts and their t shirts Conrad down thing but a diaper so there you go yeah so there's something else to look forward to grilling J._R.. Live Dot Com. Don't forget this Sunday July Fourteenth Philadelphia P._A.. Right before W._B.. Presents their extreme real show. We'll be at Dave and buster's. We don't want to miss this philly. It's this Sunday July fourteenth Dave and buster's the place to be tickets are on sale now at Jim and Conrad Dot Com and we just announced last week or coming to Charlotte North Carolina the return of Jim Ross to the heart of Jim Crockett promotions. It's gotTa go down on August Seventeenth. He could snatch tickets right now. J._R. ARE IN CONRAD DOT COM of course it's part of the big gathering which is a giant fan fest. They're bringing back this year. We're excited that they're doing so excited that you'll be there until they've got a great wrestling matches and then our show again another late night show you never know who's the show up at a convention like that. It's August seventeenth and we gave you details of top of the show about Rochester September twenty ninth. You don't WanNa mess us on tour man. We want you to come out and support us as the best fastest easiest cheapest way I support the show and we really appreciate your support until next week. Go ahead and watch Canadian stampede from July nineteen ninety-seven so you're up on what <hes> I guess Jim would say is the tale of two shows. This one was just sort of Air Canadian stampede man. It was bad ass what did J._R.. Absolutely amazing a lot of behind the scene stories there <hes> unique booking guys get ready to work blossoming. You know you see really that <hes> that rose opening up the stone cold Steve Austin and how that match in in Calgary or so big to his development because it married him even a little bit more with breath and the never underestimate how much Bret Hart <music> <hes> matches and influence on the success of the developing of the rattlesnake persona steel tell you that it's a big there so a lot of stuff like that we'll talk about. I can't wait to go back to watch it again and an and <hes> it and see though show 'cause like I said seventy great memories so much fun as as a blast so all good and Conrad all see civil soon right yes sir. You're going to see me this Friday. Jacksonville Florida were excited.

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"The reporting for the liberty being reminding bread liberty with a smile is the population of thirty two thousand people but because they had to make the land of the boroughs so large to make it one city it is three thousand two hundred and fifty four point seven square miles which makes it larger as a city that all of Rhode Island and Delaware we will be the largest city in major league soccer and my team name is Boca. Juneau AW FRESH. I will be cellphone phone. I will be injecting cash left and right like it's my job. My Crest Madrid style. But instead of the stripes it is the northern lights slowing behind a giant iceberg as my colors black and green bay colors for the night and the forest around our city our home of course as white and glacier blue sorry Vancouver whitecaps I had to steal a little bit something from you. Our supporters groups similar to L. Afc is going to be the three thousand two hundred and fifty four point seven instead of the thirty to fifty two four hour square mileage of our city. Our stadium is the tingling name the native local name for the area which is Zonta Keeney. So you can call us. You can call our stadium or the heaney whichever one you choose. Our corporate sponsor is GAC Alaska Corporation. One of the native companies created upon the settlement between the United States government and the native population it is the third largest company in Alaska and their logo. I swear is a bird skiing. It is green and white and it is a bird skiing depressed. I can't steal it from them on their Jersey. What do you mean I would make a Bombonera CONTO BUT I didn't get through my stadium. Build yet go sit you guys. The the tax of one sponsor looks like we will have. We'll have all we'll have indoor stadium. Of course our roof though will be all black with dotted stars when we win a game. We'll shoot a cannon of Confetti. That looks like the northern lights to cover the sky in victory. Our players are traditional local thing. Our players will come in. Of course on dogs leads the dog wearing mascot jerseys instead of the kids and they will come along on ice which will then clear off. I have of course the video from the Alaskan Minor League hockey team where the bear comes out of ice and flies a fighter jet which I'll send you guys after that will of course be our pump up video. My technical director was actually going to be Chris Henderson. I believe in having MLS KNOWLEDGE. He's a local guy. We'd be stole that so I'm just GonNa go all in and go raquel may Boca Juniors connection the gun. Shy that every team needs. I'M GONNA go young even though my first. Dp is not going to be as young so I'M GONNA go Leonardo Yard deem as my head coach. A Guy who has experienced coaching young players and my assistant coach is going to be current player coach in Azerbaijan. Michael Essien Michael. Essien is your Baisha. Thirty seven years old assistant player coach. Nineteen's as well as playing Centerman my first designated player signing will be someone who will be able to adjust to the lack of Sun at times and major dark quickly. He's from Sundsvall Sweden Emil. That's a good one a good one with young guys so he'll be comfortable helping. Develop THEM HELPING. Bring them along. We want apply obviously UPTEMPO high press game. My expansion pick though goes to the ethics of my club which is young players giving them opportunities. And we're GONNA take Diego for goon off of the New England Revolution. We're GONNA find him a permanent starting position or we're GONNA go from that. You said you wanted young players. He's still only twenty three. I know messing with the money Yeah it's Outta Nowhere Anna no where I still remember that Laureus Season as Sixteen seventeen year old double digit goals grits. A The rest of my roster is filled with guys from conquer calf. No one's heard of Keisha Fuller from Costa Rica's are starting leftback. Dorey Remarkable Romero out of Dominican Republic signing center forward. And then. I'm just going to have signed a bunch of super slow talented Argentine tans and playing in every single position. Yes I was hoping I was hoping Maradonna would have to make his way up to some point but that I don't think that's again along with all the way in Gotcha. But we have to get him. He has daddy duty here later today. Also your up through Yes so initially. I thought I was going to have to fight Kaelin Berkeley but then I realized that's too close to the Oakland roots and I don't want to infringe on then. Then I thought maybe go on the road to Santa Rosa California because I love Santa Rosa Or maybe sonoma's calls the Mua knows I love both loans but that's all pretty close to US territory or Sacramento Republic of coming into MLS. And I want to infringe too much and then I thought what's a major market in city. I enjoy that does not have the top division second division soccer in its Baltimore and then I thought about that. I used to love the Baltimore. Bohemians team name and crest. Don Cameron No. My first job by job is going to be too by the Baltimore Bohemians. Ip that Great Club you could see. Of course the Ammash to the Maryland State flag. Which is I think pretty dope the team colors black yellow and red kit sponsor. This wasn't easy for well. I want to say. I did consider old bay which I use on every staple of cuisine in that area. But I'm going like Figo. Foods showed up. Eeg To claim. Also believes in my play. The play your kids. Ethan that we will have at Baltimore booking meetings That play your kids. Ethos will be led by my head coach. Eduardo Day who is at Internacional of Brazil. Portalegre currently was great for a couple years and Rossing club down in Argentina. I wish some analysts team at higher quite frankly He of course spent a little bit of time with the Philadelphia Union and a lot of time with Miami. Fca I believe so he knows the US. He has credibility Around the globe. This easyhire for me and his staff is ever. He wants director of soccer. I consider it a couple of names but only one really stood out as right for what I'm trying to do and that's true lease pirates release. We need someone who's forward-facing and who will get the community involved. I think he will do that. Do you guys have a cigarette sponsor? No no comment on that. You shouldn't smoke by directors or excuse me my club president. Ceo There was actually only one choice for this. The man who really put together a lot of my club plan Matt soldier you could hit him on guy consultation with farms by first DP NOT GONNA go for like a sexy name but like we want to win so I'm bringing you on Hell. Harare back to mls the destroying central midfielder for Venezuela and now starring Granada in a lot. Lita is going to be my first defeat it also having a midfield that allows me or my second not to bring back more out the as it was one of my favorite analyst history because Mario needs a bodyguard. Sex Midfield my first expansion pick. I WANNA stay. Local and the best current professional player from Maryland is Jeremy of oversee. This one's gone for me now. He's down to third on the depth chart in Portland. I just like the Justin glad thing. And you're I think you know it looks like there's maybe not a future for him at his current club starter so I feel like I'm pretty happy with my spine already now. The tough one as we all know with clubs in cities is getting the stadium right but Baltimore has the perfect location if you look in downtown. Baltimore and then just straight south. You'll see the ferry Bar Peninsula. The end of this peninsula is a giant building a for. At and T. H. E. and we're going to work a little. I'm going to buy a plot of land and right on the very tip of this vanilla. I'm building twenty. Five thousand seat stadium. It's GonNa look like these United Stadium because I love the steep curves the standing room Supporters Section. I do WanNa bring back bouncing stance And I know rip it off a little bit of DC's lower right there But it's important to me to have that sort of flavor so right at the south end of the ferry BARF insulin. That will be our vocation as for the local tradition Well actually yet as for the local tradition unders. Let's run the Besiktas fans you're our inspiration. Oh my God it's a flotilla it's like an it's an army of boats. Yeah so this is how Sheikh the stands like Game Day. This is how a lot of them get to the gate because their stadium is right on the Water. So is ours. There's a strong ferry through. The harbor taps go river culture in Baltimore so this is how our fans are going to get. To the Games they're going to congregate downtown You know right by the right by Leave from Harker Place. And then you could see the math that we can put up right now producing anders. You could see the math that shows the route are flotilla of fans will take and of course because this is Baltimore there has to be a tribute to John. Waters of some for each boat will have their own their very own divine impersonator leading the flotilla suit Game Day. That's it man. Baltimore Baltimore Bohemians are back hitting the high seas getting to have the most beautiful stadium looking league. Voisey it's on Bocaccio it's on. It's not boise. It's treasure valley. Trust me yes it's like again it's like Crystal Palace doesn't doesn't make sense to people who go no. It's sounds cool man. That's that's been one of the most enjoyable that number on us route with this thank you. That's I hope. I hope everyone at home enjoyed that as much as I did. Benny what's up man? Thank you for joining us on these These interesting times. Let's call them my pleasure dude. It's something A little bit used to so I'm excited to be on the other end of it now. Podcast expert for this first episode. Exactly Benny's guidance through all the he's like a try this click on this. Are you in the right program? Is the right browser yeah. We haven't figured that out if you hear any child noises lunches being made behind me many. Let's start here. I really want them in the basement. Like Bennys kids data. That doesn't sound. Put them in the basement. That's not the best. That's that's the world we live in central distancing time of distancing. I've done all the talk and I've been watching all of our funds. Davies on talk but I encouraged me. Benny that you worth thirst trapping and I'm not saying Alphonse Davies doing that a decade ago way before technology was really built for it. I watched all of no air. You've been talking look. How did you record that in two thousand ten? And what does your wife think of that? And then I want to read you some. Actually I'm just GonNa read them to you right now. Here's the comments on Youtube. He's Brazilian that's why a good time. Gee I think I love him. Even More Ella. Mayo he's gorgeous. I can't believe I'm watching the same guy right now who I just saw playing the World Cup handsome in love that that's the whole thing. It's hiding some negatives in there too not at the top nowhere near the top. Well I that whole thing was that was all by accident. The whole thing started for my buddy from High School. For whatever reason. He's you know kind of art scene. Whatever and he wanted all of his buddies to like do this music video and put it on a facebook page so that he could get more people from our high school to do it he just wanted to get a bunch of into it and he said Benny maybe. If you do it other people will follow so I do that. And we're borrowing where they Olympics. It's during the Olympics and we have so much time to kill because unlike what people might think. We are not at the Olympic Village. So we don't get to meet a bunch of people. Would it be? How would you have been killing time at the Olympic Village? Benny you're not social distancing right. I'm you're acting with people. I'm sure there's plenty of stories that I would not know of Matt. So that's that's the Olympics. At least most people think have to you know our as more to do with but with soccer we travel around the entire country from hotel to hotel were very isolated and so I decided. Aren't I'll do this and in the background. Sasha question who was my roommate is watching me thinking. I'm some kind of psycho but I'm thinking this is only going out to like my good friends. You know like tens of people will be able to see it and obviously the the time difference. I go to sleep that night after I like upload it to this facebook page wake up the next morning and I have over close to a thousand notifications on facebook and I'm thinking what the Hell is this. I go on and I realize it's a public page. Everybody can see it. I take it down by then. Somebody's already filmed it with their phone uploaded to YouTube. It's gone viral on soccer websites. And I'm thinking Oh God this yeah so then from then on everybody kind of was able to see it. I couldn't get it off a youtube. Once we played in the World Cup it went to like half a million hits. It was crazy. Somebody like somebody took the original video which didn't match up with the audio up better and it was like it was like really well done and it made me look even better singer than actually was. What does your wife think of it? I think she you know she. She accepts me for I that she found in two thousand eight so actually. I think I did that before I met her. So I guess you had to accept me anyways so there you go. We got another one on the podcast. Have a follow up real quick your new digital job. What have you learned as a host and a question asker that you would tell other players or that would have made you a better player to be interviewed in the past. Oh Man I don't know I think we we have a little bit of an advantage. Then you guys Having played with a lot of the guys that we interview and and kind of having that same ground same platform so it is difficult than I. I've always been an open person if you ask the right question. I'm going to give you a pretty pretty honest answer. I'm not gonNA say something that's GonNa that's GonNa hurt me in any way I'm not gonNa you know Something just for the headlines that potentially could you know hurt me and in the long run. But I'll be pretty honest and I think some guys are pretty reserved and I don't know man. I don't know what kind of advice I have it. We've kind of I don't know if we've learned anything yet other than you know like we said doing this on skype and having then caster up and making sure that we get the audio saved but in terms of the questions. I it's it's literally like we got four guys that know each other on skype and we just have a conversation We kind of as as a group me silent Ike over some of the questions and things that we want to talk about but You know we just talk as if we're just talking to our buddies it feels friendly until I like corner someone and being aging right in the middle of a show. That's right we had anyone on the show yet. You actually weren't that tight with where it was someone who is like. Maybe there is a little bit of rivalry or maybe you just didn't have that much overlap. Have you been able to break down barriers that might have gone up Biz limits? Are you going to get back on the show? I think Beckham it'd be great on the show I have no problem having him on. I just don't know if I'm the one that's going to reach out to them but anyways I would have no habit Amman. I think you know tinder home with Sal. Even though they don't really have been talking about about dinner home for long enough to know him but the I would say that you know when we did emily on it. None of us really knew. Emily in that really cool one to be able to talk to her and kind of go away from just the men's game and so that was interesting but but it is easier. I think in some in some way to to kind of have a little bit of a connection and not necessarily all three of us but maybe one of us and so you know Alan Gorden You know I could play with him for a little while we I mean I know Allen Not Not super well boat. He's been in the League for so long and so usually we have somebody that knows someone in some way but there are. Emily was one of them. Were doing just McDonald tonight. Which I you know. I met Doing the the black history month bit with With Emma lesson. So that'll be interesting tonight. But Yeah so. We usually know somebody right. I mean soccer's a small small world and so we we we we run through the same pass but It's it's okay I I be okay with talking to people that we haven't necessarily met in in in our career. Hugh you guys got a spin off. Show by just like let him go and our time once or twice a week. That's what we've been hearing. The funny thing was. We did GORDO. And then the next day he was doing the color commentary for found out and they score on the last minute goal drew more on knees. I was like involved in Gordo in the game. Yeah so Podcast if you don't know we've tried to push it because it's such an amazing show. It's my favorite. Mls podcast though subscribe rate download. Whatever I hear you sell those things Benny. We still don't know whether ratings even matter but apparently help find the show I needed on a story from you about the one time or the worst time you got on the wrong side of God and when I say God I mean Peter. Vermes what what is it? GimMe a story where you gone wrong side. Because I think about guys like Stefan Ray and there's so many others throughout the years like you just don't you just don't cross Peter in Kansas City and lived tell the tale. What's the word you just had to pay a price? Well I don't think I've cross it that bad then because I've I've been able to you know live and tell some of the tail so if I were to say a singular moment there's been I would say somewhere in I think it might have been two thousand sixteen or maybe fifteen where there was one time I just would not allow him to. I would not agree to what he was saying. One time in training and It was him and Kerry both trying to tell me the same thing and I'm like no that did not make sense at the time. And whatever it's kind of a hard story to describe and they were pissed at me but you know at because it's kind of in in the heat of the moment. I think it was a little bit forgiven but what I a better story in my opinion would be my first year there and I came in And I knew that Peter is a tough coach. I coach I'd played with him on the under twenty s albeit. He with these an assistant coach so a little bit of a different role for him but I knew he was going to try. And get the best. Outta me and I wasn't going to be able to get away with stuff and I came in as a starter. He brought me in from New England and I played. I don't know the first ten games or something and it was against Portland that we lost at home three two and after that game. I wasn't a starter anymore. And it was you know it was. It was difficult to accept because In my in my mindset there was a team Collective Fault for US losing that game. It wasn't on any one player and sure I'd I've been a part of it but there were other guys that were still playing And had had been at fault for that game and so it was hard for me to kind of wrapper on my head. Why am I kinda? Did the self pity. And that didn't work with Peter And and so that that the story ends with me. Kinda realizing that. I'm not getting back on the field unless I changed the way. I think I changed the way I play And maybe even then who knows when he's GonNa give me another opportunity to really get back on the field and start. I was coming off the bench some games but not starting and that year. Which eventually was your that. We won but that year. I started going to twenty four hour fitness twice a week after practice to get extra fitness in. Because if I ever got the chance to get back on the field as a starter I wanted to not have lost my fitness and that's always been my biggest weakness so I mean Peter got their you know settled in parked inside my head and And I knew that that was my one chance and so I just kept doing that without knowing if there is going to be any kind of benefit at the end of it and thankfully I got an opportunity. Come playoff time and after the first game we lost. New England in New England. Two to one I started the second leg. We obviously one and we went on a run and I started every game after that and had a pretty good playoff run culminating with our championship. So that was the best story I think of Peter. Not really a given into me in me kind of having to realize that some things needed to change. I still remember that will slide rule through ball dom dwyer beautiful. I was told by a source that that first story that you started to tell. Was you talking a lot of training and then being told to go to the second team and then not getting the start after being a starter for a long time time. Because you didn't stop talking. Is that source false? I can honestly tell you that I talked so much in practice. Some just talk in general right I can. I cannot remember it like first hand but that sounds as one hundred percent of that. Sounds like it's you. You mentioned you mentioned that. You had played for Peter when he was assistant. With the U. Twenty's a lot of people may not know this but that in two thousand five was coming up against an Argentinian team. That was led by young phenom named Leo No Messy Messy and in that game in the second half and messy came on Ziggy Schmid. Use You as a man marker on was I remember watching it happen at the time and that was very happy to see reference. It in your retirement letter telling you like what do you and like. Did you understand at that? Point the type of player you're going up against the in on that day. Yes Oh actually Peter will tell you a little bit of a different story in that But he was the one that was in charge of Argentina during the scouting part and so he was in charge of Argentina. I forget lapper was in charge of someone else. Harks was in charge of someone else anyway so Peter went and watched Argentina play and saw obviously messy but he came on a lot in the second half and so on told Ziggy as soon as he saw that messy was coming in at halftime. Look we need to get someone man mark in this guy and and Ziggys like now? We're winning one zero. Were doing well. Let's just stay the same and purely in the trust me do this guy is GonNa ruin the game for us. We need then Freddy Adu slightly better than says. Nah We don't have to. I play. I don't remember was the kickoff but literally like I of the second half this guy gets a ball dribbles. Everybody almost score some hound. But you know we we managed to you know we we get lucky and he doesn't score. Ziggy turns to Peter. And he's like Oh crap like one of those looks. Let's get someone on this man. We got Hamburg. This guy and I just remember during the game like Ziggy Kinda yelling. I don't know what the hell it was you know. He was yelling about what he kind of. Got The information off that. Look the mark that one guy over there that's good and And so yes as best I could you know I mean messy goes all over the field. You Know He. He's he's got a free role in so It wasn't the easiest thing that just kind of run with them all over the field. I tried to to some extent plane my position but also realized whenever he's in a position to get the ball and being a dangerous spot to to try and slow down to some extent and it was crazy. Man I remember I I can tell you honestly that I told several of my best friends. This is going to be the best player to ever play this game after that one half of I'm not dead series on that. I said that this guy is the best player in will be the best in history and I still stand by that I think he is. I think he's better than Palay Maradona. Anybody you doesn't matter who you talk about macy's is the best ever and I can. I can tell you that we we beat them one zero. And in some instances I got the best of him. So I'll take. What were the legally as you're allowed to say that I said I'm honest man. I don't care if I did. I read correctly Benny that. You represented the US and the mcabe games to yes. I did before became a pro. That's right I'm sorry. The WITTMAN is not is absent of any detail. What was this it was like you and Johnny Bornstein and Nick and then yet we so I was playing in in college at Ucla. And I had made the commitment to play with the Maccabi Games in the summer of two thousand fifteen and then John. Five or two thousand two thousand banning. The years are getting to me but Two thousand five so and then you know it was i. I literally made on the under twenty's the first time come November December of two thousand and four. Where's he called me in for the qualifying and then I made it to the World Cup and was part of the roster and then from there I got recruited by professional teams Hamburg Kaiserslauten my Orca and Herron vein and I went on those trips and eventually decided I was going to sign with Hamburg but I told them look. I had made a prior commitment to the Maccabi Games to the US national team to play. And if they would be okay with me playing in that. Because I didn't want to go back on my word and to be honest I think I wanted to because it was going to be a lot of fun. Just Been tel-aviv. Presumably will village man. It's like that's true that's true. Nobody has servers. It was something that I wanted to do and Hamburg was okay with it so I I. I think what I did was. I didn't sign my contract because they wouldn't sign it unless you know I have to take a physical make. Sure I'm okay and then I. My Dad took an insurance policy in case I got injured at the mcabe Games and then obviously not I played and I think we took funny funny story about the Mugabe Games as I got suspended for the finals for two yellow cards. In quarters in the semis which were ridiculous but said. I couldn't play in the finals. We lost Israel. I think to one by remember correctly in the finals but anyways after the mcabe games that went back to Hamburg healthy sign my contract and you know finally played as a professional soccer player in Germany. So it was a funny story guys. I played in the junior version of the macabre games like a lot of Jewish guys. Choline now texting me. Hey now that you're retired. You really ready to go back in place and mcabe Plato. Like seventy over. My Dad played when he was over maybe in his forties. Maybe I don't I don't know if you've played that late until seven over forty. You're looking at forty. I WANNA go metal. I beat Montreal in the final boop that cities are Panamerican or what. It's like. There's multiple ones that happened around the world and you represent your closest JCC and so like some countries only have one like Venezuela. England showed up stuff like that and then I was Sid Jacobson. Jcc Baby Daddy we're actually under a time crunchier. We're only we only have time for one more question and it's GonNa be this one the other day. I tweeted out like the favorite. Us National Team Games. I've ever seen number one. My List was Germany number. Two the lost Germany in the quarter-finals of the two thousand and two World Cup number two was the win over Spain in the semi finals of the two thousand nine Confederations Cup. That Spain team is a personally. I think that's the best national team I've ever seen. They had been on thirty five. Game unbeaten streak. You basically created the game winning goal in the second goal in that one clint's goal net when walk us through that game prepping for it what it was like going against that team the mindset of the national team in especially once you've got out field? I think the craziest thing about that game that we're playing against you know like you said the best National Team. I've ever seen as well with the with the with the best run up to that game and we had two losses and one one win in the three games of the Group. Stage so theoretically. We shouldn't have. Had you know too much confidence going into that game? But it was just funny. The way it's set up was we were. I mean we had like what less than a one percent chance. We needed to win. Three zero and Brazil beat Italy three zero and as much as like you know we felt like okay. Let's do everything we can to beat Egypt We didn't know what was going to happen. And they decide and so when everything fell into place and we went through. It was almost like well. We literally have nothing to lose right. We we just somehow made it through When we probably shouldn't have we had a good performance against Egypt an hour rate for great performance against Egypt. You got steamrolled a pretty decent team right. We played really well and then we kind of went into Egypt. We went in with the same mindset against Spain in that we really had nothing to lose. Let's let's go out and do obviously play to our strengths and and and and set up the tactics that we did but at the same time we were just like well. We're not supposed to win. We're not even supposed to be here. Let's see what we can do and men and the beginning of the game we tackle approach was obviously give up space. The that we're going to deep we're going to allow them to do the things that they're good at but not close to our goal. Let's limit the amount of chances that we give them and then we got a team that can counter. We had. I mean Charlie was playing at a ridiculous level. He he played next to Josie. Who's a good person to play with the speed and the strength and holding up the ball and people being able to run off Josie and then he got Landon Clinton on the wings who Both goalscorers can get into the box can create that you know that second runner and so we had a team that was built for the counterattack. And we we started realizing in that game how efficient we could be in that role and so I remember the first and I think it was. Sasha that told me I think we're going to beat Spain and I'm thinking I mean I don't know yeah fine. We all think like we're going into a game. We think we're GONNA win kind of thing but why like. Why would you think that you know they're the best team in the world? And and he said that and I'm in as the game went on in on the I ten minutes all right. We haven't given UP ANYTHING WE HAVEN'T GIVEN UP ANY CHANCES WE WE LOOK. We look good. Whatever for twenty minutes the goal comes in. What like twenty something minute Josie goal? And we're like what the hell is going on here. You know it's like we're off one nothing and we have it and we've and we've looked like I wouldn't say the better team but we're playing better tactically. We'RE NOT GIVING UP ANYTHING. We've had some chances going forward. We we took care of one of them. Now let's let's keep playing the way we're doing it and it keeps on going and keeps going keeps later in the game and you just start going confidence and and believing more and more and Bob puts me in in the in the middle of the second half and I get that opportunity. I mean all the bulk of POPs out of nowhere. Michael makes a good play on the ball to kind of poke it free. It comes out to the Left Surgery Rama's over commits I'm able to take touch inside. And then they're kind of disorganized and also in a game where you're only attacking. Which is what they were doing for most of the game. You forget a little bit about like you don't you don't. You're not concentrated enough on the little few moments that you have to defend and so I kind of get through the defense kinda easily with like just like one little fake I get around and PK. And then Sergio Rama Sergio amongst glide right man Kinda gets like he doesn't know where to go and then I slipped landing and land. I wanted Lennon to shoot. I WANNA landon. Who Try. And then he goes and crosses it and it wasn't like the best cross but he put it a dangerous area and you know sneaky. Clint just gets in behind Sergio Ramos and pokes at him. But like the whole game and then once you get that. You're you're thinking where we actually are going to do this now. Two Zero. We haven't given up any and I don't remember them even getting many chances. Afterwards even you know So yeah we game was the reason why I think that game is the most impressive is because I've never been part of a team and and you can push this even the Brazil Game. Even though we didn't win that game the first half was exactly the same as the Oem Spain and and we knew exactly what we were. We were very good at doing what we were. Good at and we got results from an I'll be in in a very short period. One three zero one two zero two zero the first after Brazil so two and a half games we were playing at a ridiculous level and And so for me. That was the most impressive moment of my national team career with with the national team in terms of I still remember dame and watching it I had to tape it to work and I remember getting home from work. Nobody tell me what happens. Nobody say anything and my roommates ruining and still then watching. And just when Josie scores even going would happen even knowing that it was coming. It's like running around my college house just screaming punching things. I mean it was. It was one of the moments that really cemented the sport. So thank you for that moment. Benny Benny is retired. If figure that part out so if you WANNA Har- on Twitter Benny anywhere else. Like how can people? I don't know just Yeah twitter. I'm on instagram. A little bit less than twitter but China up that a little bit but And then that's exact same. Fr- extra time. That's it for us. We're GONNA put out some videos later today. We're going to mount rushmore for every single team. And we're GONNA do the greatest. Mls team of all time somehow working on a little march madness bracket action for you. We did not get the very much mail other than the very long expansion teams that we enjoyed a lot between boy in Alaska. Binney where you're GONNA go play Boise Juno or by those options again Boca Juno. Just throwing that out there number margins because I watch my ravens play nine four zero six soccer dot com. Hit us with all your mail here. Jersey up media marketing. More and Benny Fail. Hoverer what What the what the AFC ONE. Who's WHO's what's the name name on the only name is your your number at the pretty and there's the texts from understand. He's going to kill us again. We don't stop this show. Nice for everybody. We'll see Monday. Enjoy your weekend watch. Mls Classics Youtube. Everything they say. Thank you see you're listening to the Hartman. Newscast Radio Network Broadcasting Live. Twenty percent of this stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and Instagram's this is the liberty your daily source for news and activists updates produced in partnership with the S. and L. S. network and listeners. Like you online at acid. Ls NETWORK DOT COM. 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Npr obtained a secret recording from February twenty seventh in which the lawmaker gave the group had an exclusive social club a much more dire preview of the economic impact of the corona virus. Then what he has told the public wonder where we find all the news report right here on the Liberty Meet Visit S. DOT news to get the world's most sensitive media published all in one place. Save yourself from the endless time. Spent searching for reliable alternative media. News makes it quick and easy. No ads dates just roll headlights. Twenty four hours a day visit. Snl last odd news and get informed today without the corporate media span. Your news now continues. Ireland's Health Service has announced that it will transform the country's biggest sports stadium into a massive drive through corona virus testing site testing at the eighty thousand capacity croke. Park Stadium began Tuesday on an appointment. Only basis on Wednesday spokesperson for the Health Service. Executive said Croke Park is one of the designated testing centers for North Dublin. The mind unleashed reports at with its massive football pitch and location in central Dublin. Croke Park is home to the headquarters of Gaelic football and the Gaelic Athletic Association given that no matches will be played at the Dublin. Venue anytime in the near future. The offered the national stadium as a site for dry through testing. The spread of the corona virus has disrupted or destroyed many things the airline industry the economy and any sense of normalcy. That we may have enjoyed until quite recently the mine lease reports that now it appears that covert nineteen will also change the way marijuana. Smokers enjoy their beloved herb. The furious spread of the virus. Means that smokers should no longer share their joints and in general should lean more toward enjoying edible products advocates warned in a statement pro cannabis. Lobbying group normal warned that while we are living through the current pandemic. We should all be more mindful of our day-to-day consumption practices. And how the choices we make impact not only ourselves but also those we care about normal also warned users that is dangerous to continue sharing. The implements used to smoke cannabis such bombings vaping pants and other devices. And those should be cleaned with disinfectant GEL. Support for the liberty is brought to you by the homestead you room. Guru is an educational website offering tips. Tools news stories and commentary on everything home. Standing hobbies include green homes guarding animal. We'll have to drink you yourself. Home Remedies Alternative Energy. Survival is a schooling and more those details for found online at the homestead docu room. This is the liberty powered by the S S network at SNL. F Word Dot Gov. I Make Moreau reporting for the liberty. Beam reminding spread liberty with a smile shop. Smart with your tax refund. Check your family dollar APP for smart coupons for five dollars. Twenty five dollars off. Fifty or twenty author seventy five dollars total purchase. Sign up for smart coupons today and shops Lart at family dollar and the man is about to say yeah. Let's everybody listens the USA radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Cbs Radio Workshop dedicated to men's imagination. The theater of the mind this is classic Radio Theatre. WanNa get away from it all the FBI in peace and war. Barry McGee the unexpected. The unexpected unexpected. Now here's your host. What talks in crime? We had to place you sit and get caught dead in. Duffy's tavern with Ed Gardner as Archie. The manager in this episode originally broadcast March Seventh Nineteen forty four at some seventy six years ago and we thank you for tuning in on this Saturday. The fourth day of March Sixty Sixty of twenty twenty two hundred ninety nine remaining until we get to twenty twenty one alexander. Graham Bell Pack granted a patent on this date in eighteen. Seventy six for invention. He called the telephone. We handle eighty four million dollars a year serving everyone from presidents and kings to this time of the earth every so often. You can't get a call in your order for apparent. Maybe you charge for all. You didn't make this just ring this computer world. We have multi billion dollars space age. Technology is so sophisticated. We can handle it so the next time you change care them. All Lily Commoners. Ernestine the phone operator. Pride OF AT and T. At the time not really but Alexander Graham Bell getting in and getting the patent on the telephone on this date in eighteen seventy six role Edmonson announced to the world and the state in one thousand nine hundred. His expedition had reached the South Pole in some Alabama state troopers and local law enforcement forcibly broke up a group of six hundred civil rights marchers now the event televised on dubbed Bloody Sunday and it was detrimental to their safety. Premiering off Broadway on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the musical version of the hit a good man. Charlie Brown's Starling Charlie Brown in the initial production a young man who would become beloved as radar O'Reilly and Mash Gary Berghof Golden My. You're elected as the first female Prime Minister of Israel the ultimately disappointing comet discovered on this date in nineteen seventy-three. The National Network began broadcasting. It would go through several several evolutions now known as the paramount network. Mike Tyson entered the WB. A world heavyweight boxing championship to his WBZ. One when he beat James Smith after twelve round fight in Las Vegas. Now the Supreme Court ruled on this date in Nineteen ninety-four that parodies of an original work are generally covered by the doctrine of fair use. A gunman took eight people hostage on this date in nineteen ninety four in the Salt Lake City Public Library hostage incident the Ninth Paralympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City opened on this date in two thousand and two in two thousand five secretary of State Condoleeza Rice named John Bolton countries tops arms control official the next us on Voi- to the United Nations President Bush intends to nominate John Bolton to be our next ambassador to the United Nations. The President I have asked John to do this work because he knows how to get things done. Bolton replaced a former Senator John Danforth the Republican in Missouri who resigned in January Bolton served from August two thousand five until December of two thousand six as a recess appointee by President George W Bush resigned in December. Two Thousand Sixteen when the recess appointment would have otherwise ended because he was unlikely to win. Senate confirmation Bolton now the former national security adviser under president trump and apple granted the patent of the ipod on this date in two thousand six and in two thousand eleven reversing course. President Barack Obama approved the resumption of military trials at the US prisoner prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba ending a two year ban. Now among those who passed away on this date in history the companion gertrude. Stein Alice betoken US politician Jacob Javits actor divine film director Stanley Kubrick country musician songwriter. Pee Wee King Frankie Carle the pianist and bandleader and Claude King. They say don't go all in Wolverton mountain born on this date. The founder of the Kansas City Star newspaper William Rock Hill Nelson patron of the Nelson Atkins Museum of art in Kansas City. Composer Maurice rebel Rene Gagnon the US one of the US marine shown the photograph of the raising of the US flag on Iwo Jima. The very funny Allan Sousse and Tammy Faye Bakker all born on this date in history. Happy number eighty six to Willard. Scott wouldn't it be apprehended financing his birthday on his show on the today? Show like you used to any race car driver. Janet Guthrie who was the first woman to qualify and race in both the indy. Five hundred and The the Daytona five hundred Daniel J Travolta hillstreet. Blues is eighty today Chris. White of the ZOMBIES is seventy seven. Peter Wolf J. Gyles Band Band is seventy four. Earning Eisley of the Eisley brothers turned sixty eight houses for diversity enrolls from Malcolm in the middle breaking bad Bryan Cranston. Sixty four Taylor Dane. I'll always love us. Fifty eight today from the Office Jenna Fischer is forty six from bones. Tj Time is forty-five here's another contrast from her role in that. Seventy show to enroll in orange is the new black. Laura Prebon is forty. Today he was in tooth fairy and tropic. Thunder wants love to have those on your resume. Branyan Brandon. T Jackson is thirty six and from once upon a time in Horns Villain Schmidt his twenty two and those just a few of the people who celebrate the seventh day of marches. Their birthday. It this happens to be your birthday too. Hot Day off people you. We mentioned earlier this hour. We will be joined. We will be going to Duffy's tavern where the elite meet to eat. Ed Gardner starring as Archie his gassed. Where we someone you might not ever have heard of except possibly by reputation Colonel Stupnagel. And we'll tell you who he is because he was very important in in his early work in radio in setting up contact invent help monthly about their invention or new product. Do you think companies would be interested in your idea? Do you want to try to get a patent call? 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I'm Mike Marrow with your latest edition of the Liberty beat Golden Trading at one thousand four hundred seventy dollars silver at twelve dollars and sixteen cents and Bitcoin is trading around six thousand two hundred sixty five dollars. Today's gold silver and BITCOIN. Prices are brought to you by brave botanical high-quality crater and CBD at reasonable prices with excellent customer service. Brave botanical is activists known and mission driven the liberty and brave botanical. Believe so strongly in the power of freedom. We're giving it away for free. Just go to liberty DOT news slash recreate. This is the liberty at network dot com in the news soon after he offered public assurances that the government was ready to battle the corona virus the powerful chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Richard. Burr sold off a significant percentage of stocks unloading between five hundred eighty two thousand and one point five six million dollars of his holdings on February thirteenth in twenty nine separate transactions as the head of the Intelligence Committee Burr. A North Carolina. Republican has access to the government's most highly classified information about threats to America's security committee was receiving daily. Corona virus prefix around this time. According to a Reuters story PROPUBLICA reports that a week after birth sells the stock market began a sharp decline and has lost about thirty percent since on. Thursday burke came under fire after. Npr obtained a secret recording from February twenty seventh in which the lawmaker gave eight. The group had an exclusive social club a much more dire preview of the economic impact of the corona virus than what he told the public ever wonder we find all the news to report right here in the liberty meet visit. Snl S. DOT news. Get the world's most sensitive media published all in one place. Save yourself from the endless time spent searching for reliable tentative media. Snl S. News makes a quick and easy no adds fuel. Click Bait just roll headlines? Twenty four hours a day visit SNL DOT news and get informed today without the corporate media. Spend your news now. Continues Ireland's Health Service has announced that it will transform the country's biggest sports stadium into a massive dry through corona virus testing site testing at the eighty thousand capacity croke. Park Stadium began Tuesday on an appointment. Only basis on Wednesday spokesperson for the Health Service. Executive said Croke Park is one of the designated testing centers for North Dublin. The mind unleash reports that with its massive football pitch and location in central Dublin. Croke Park is home to and headquarters of Gaelic football and the Gaelic Athletic Association given that no matches will be played at the Dublin. Venue anytime in the near future. The G. offered the national stadium as site for dry through testing. These spread of the corona virus has disrupted or destroyed many things the airline industry the economy and any sense of normalcy. That we may have enjoyed until quite recently. The mind unleash reports it now. It appears that Kobe. Nineteen will also change the way marijuana. Smokers enjoy their beloved herb. The furious spread of virus. Means that smokers should no longer share their joints and in general should lean more toward enjoying edible products advocates warned in a statement pro cannibus. Lobbying group normal warned that while we are living through the current pandemic we should be more mindful of our day-to-day consumption practices. And how the choices we make impact only ourselves but also those we care about normal also warned users that is dangerous to continue sharing. The implements used to smoke cannabis such as bonk's vaping pants and other devices and those should be cleaned with disinfectant GEL. Support for the liberty. Meat is brought to you by the homestead you room. Homestead Guru is an educational website offering tips tools. News stories and commentary on everything. Home Standing Glued Green homes gardening. And we'll have to drink yourself home. Remedies Alternative Energy. Survival is a schooling and more those details for found online at the homestead docu room. This is the liberty powered by the S S network has in Alaska Word Dot Com. I'm Mike Moreau reporting for the liberty being reminding you spread liberty with a smile. Covert nineteen better known as Corona virus has spread throughout the world symptoms of this respiratory disease may include fever cough and shortness of breath. These symptoms may show up to to fourteen days after exposure. If you are experiencing these symptoms and have come into contact or in an area with an ongoing outbreak. Please call a hotline and or consult with a physician. Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces for more information please visit CDC dot Gov forward slash coveted nineteen. Thank you it's Mattress. Firm's semi annual sale right. Now save up to four hundred dollars top rated rains sealy queen mattress. That's now three one thousand nine hundred ninety nine plus coma free adjustable base when you spend six ninety nine at mattress firm. We make it easy to find the right bed for you so hurry in visit mattress firm. Dot Com or a store near you to save today. Your budget stretches further at mattress firm off L. PURCHASE RESTRICTIONS. Apply voted for spitting on. Rav until visit mattress firm DOT com slash sale. And listen to man is paying yeah. Let's everybody listen. The USA radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time the CBS radio workshop dedicated to men's immagination the theater of the mind. This is classic. Radio Theatre want to get away from it all the FBI and peace and war McGee among the unexpected. The unexpected the unexpected. Now here's your host. Why Friend Catching Beck starring in the adventures of Final Vance as it was originally broadcast seventy years ago today. March twenty first nineteen fifty before we get to a regular things. I want to mention something to you and pay attention. Because we're going to give our mailing address Very shortly here because we got in the supply of Classic Radio Theatre Stickers. There are three by three sticker and if you have seen our web page or a our logo on our shows that's what it is my pictures not in it. No you don't have to worry about that. But it's a beautiful picture of a family sitting around a classic radio and our Classic Radio Theater logo and it's a hologram sticker. It really is the folks over at Sticker Mule awarded me fifty of these and we still have. I think about forty of them left. We made the announcement last week on our facebook pages and through twitter. And if you want these semi self addressed stamped envelope and I will send you one back and along with a note. Thanks for your support. We want to get these out so if you WANNA get these. They're not rubik like I said they're only like three inches by three inches but they are really sharp and really really shiny and really really glittery so we have that for you this for being a classic radio theatre listener no obligation no cost. Is The self addressed stamped envelope and I'll send it to you. I'll give you that address as soon as I tell you that. You're listening on a Saturday. The twenty first of March the Eighth Day of twenty twenty. Actually it's the first day of Twenty Twenty And we have a two hundred eighty five days remaining in the year. Charles Lindbergh presented the melamed. Lindbergh did I limb Burger Limburg. Charles Lindbergh presented the Medal of honor for his first transatlantic flight on this date in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Alan freed presenting the moon doll moondog coronation ball the first rock and roll concert in Cleveland. On this date in one thousand nine hundred fifty two at a press conference on this date President Kennedy discussed the protests of Army Reservists. Who were being called to serve in Vietnam? Now you've heard the quote. Life is unfair but let's hear the president put it in the context. There's always an equity line. Some minute killed in a war and some in wounded and some men never leave the country and some men are stationed in the an. Arctic and some stationed in San Francisco. It's very hot. And military are personalized to assure complete equality. Life is unfair. More than fifty eight thousand American men killed in Vietnam and a war. We couldn't win proving that life is indeed unfair the Federal Penitentiary Alcatraz closed on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty three in one thousand nine hundred eighty five NASA launch arranger nine the last in the series of unmanned lunar space probes in one thousand nine hundred thousand five. Martin Luther King Junior lead thirty two hundred feet people on the start of the third and finally successful civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama March from Selma to Montgomery will be as historic in American history. As Gandhi says March to the sea turned out to be an Indian history the historic marching kings participation in it greatly helped raise awareness of the difficulty faced by black voters in the south and the need for the Voting Rights Act which was passed later that year President Johnson on this date in nineteen sixty five committed the US fully to the Vietnam War. It is and it will remain the policy of the United States to furnish assistance to support South Vietnam for as long as is required to bring communist aggression and terrorism under control at the same time North Vietnam announced they would support the Viet Cong until the Americans were driven out John Lennon and Yoko Ono traveled Amsterdam on this date in nineteen sixty nine to begin a bed in for peace which there were. They stayed in bed for eight days except for bathroom. Breaks to draw attention to the cause of peace later. They spoke of the importance of the event to a BBC reporter postal. We made people laugh on. That's good you know. I mean Jonah Neil go like the wind. You can't see it but when it passes the trees bent on that's what we do and they had a lot of results Paul from skin. Nice film out of it and probably album. A lot of people wrote US and send word and people from the states all around the world. And just instances like some guy wrote and said now because of your event and I'm not. I'm not joining the area. I'm growing my hat. All we are saying there symbolically instead of Kicking a shop window insight. Do something I grow your half a piece. You GotTa do something. The first Earth Day proclamation issued by San Francisco Mayor. Joseph Elliott O- on this date in one thousand nine hundred seventy. I can pronounce Elliott. Oh cold without practicing it but I can't pronounce a lot of stuff today. My Gosh wants a Saturday thing. Don't you know Vinko Bore? Ya Crash during a ski jumping championship in Germany. On this date in one thousand nine hundred seventy you may wonder who's he and why is it important? Because his image became that of the agony of defeat guy in the opening credit of ABC's Wide World of Sports President Carter announced on this date in one thousand nine hundred eighty a US boycott of the nineteen eighty summer Olympics summer summer Olympic in Moscow to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. I can't say at this moment. What other nations will not go to the Summer Olympics in Moscow hours will not go? I say that not any equivocation. The decision has been made all in all sixty. Five countries boycotted the Games because of the Soviet war in Afghanistan though. Some athletes from some of the boycotting countries participated in the Games under the Olympic flag. And this prompted. The Soviet led boycott of the nineteen eighty four summer Olympics in Los Angeles on the season finale of the soap opera Dallas the infamous character J. R. Ewing shot by an unseen assailant and Nineteen Eighty. That led to the catchphrase who shot jr it. Anyway you wonder where Hillary Clinton was about that time. Sports illustrated reports alleging tie tying baseball player. Pete rose to baseball gambling in nineteen eighty nine in two thousand pope. John Paul the second made his first ever pontifical. Visit to Israel and divided. Supreme Court ruled the government lacked authority to regulate tobacco as an addictive drug in two thousand in two thousand two in Pakistan Abed Omar Sharif Sheikh along with three other suspects charged with murder for their part of the kidnapping and killing a Wall Street Journal. Reporter Daniel Pearl and the social media website. Twitter launched on this date in two thousand six with the first tweet by CO founder. Jack Dorsey passing away on this date in history. Sir Michael Redgrave Dean Paul Martin Dean Martin Son MacDonald Carey Dak Rambo Bobby Short and the Gong show host Chuck Barris. This is the birthday of Johann Sebastian. Bach Jimmy Cocoa Very delightful actor Al Freeman Junior and Eddie. Money who passed away. Just society at the age of seventy happy seventy-six birthday to Bond James Bond Timothy Dalton and the living daylights license to kill. He is seventy six today. Sandra from the COSBY. Show Sabrina. The ball is sixty two. Gary Oldman turns sixty two. Now's the time to negotiate in order to obtain the best conditions. Hitler will not insist on outrageous terms. He will know his own weaknesses. He will be reason. Beloved finally more spots pay. Well go go. Give emits jets they fall. You can up with tiger pled. Y'All head your mom from the Darkest Hour Gary Oldman Sixty two day ferris. Bueller Matthew Broderick fifty-eight today Jonas. Bergen Joker Bergen from acer basis. Fifty Three Rachel McFarland from American. Dad is forty four. She Hayley Smith the boy. Sheep does there and Clint Eastwood Son. Scott Eastwood thirty four though some of the people who celebrate the twenty first day of marches their birthday. If this is your birthday Now when we come back from this break I'm going to give you our mailing address so you can send a self addressed stamped envelope to get one of these stickers. Doesn't need to be a huge enveloped. letter sized envelope should be fine. But if you send it to and we will give you that address. And then we'll get started with the final Vance's well I'm White Cox. This is a Saturday edition of Classic Radio. Theater on your favorite station. Hi this is Wayne. Allyn root healthcare open enrollment period has ended. Did you miss it? Don't go a whole year without having a healthcare program sign up now with liberty. Healthshare has a Christian healthcare sharing ministry. They're not insurance. That means you could sign up at any time of the year. Liberty healthshare is network. You're free to pick your own. 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Truly I guess he's now taking Strauss dropped Wayne Allyn Root Puerto drops at the power dot com. That's the powerball dot com the our more dot Com and you're listening to classic Radio Theater on your favorite station okay. Viloence used a moment but here is our mailing address if you send me a self addressed stamped envelope. I will send you one of our cute little stickers From Classic Radio Theater and that mailing address is in K. E. L. Y. Radio K. E. L. Y. Radio H C thirty three box. Three three one five five a repeat that H C thirty three box three three one five five in Illeana. Vada that's E. L. Y. E. E. Lee Nevada and the code is eight nine three zero one. Now if you didn't get all that you can find it on our web page which is classic Radio Dot Stream Classic. Radio DOT stream. Okay Vilo Vance Jackson Beck starring March Twenty First Nineteen fifty. What a night took the words right out of my thoughts? What a night that you decided to come along with events. Thanks for asking me. It isn't every private investigator who has taken out on a case by the district attorney. You aren't every private investigative household. Well thank you. Mark them right now. I wish I were an Indian guide. I think this is the spot where I'm supposed to meet weeping. I'll have to get off the shore. Weeping Willie Gangsta Nicknames. A very descriptive. Oddly definitely only. Willey isn't a gangster he's highly literate newspapers referred to as an informer. The police call a stool pigeon. Aw insisted demand the phone this afternoon that he knows who killed Al poured yesterday and would tell me if I met him here alone. You are not very complimentary we met. I wasn't bringing sergeant heath or any policeman for that matter. I can't tell you why because I don't know I do know. I don't relish going up in this reign as opposed to shack of some kind out here so Willey said I use the spotlight on this side of the car. I can pick it out and we are not over in that direction. No not over there. It is Marco practically parked on the threshold. Right we'll make a run for it. Yes let's go come on. Mark get very wet bench not to. Let's go in and see your friend. Weeping Willie good enough of course if he does a Strip club. Been WORTHWHILE. No question about that. The poll was in a ragged slot. Machines was murdered wounded. While he doesn't answer. Suppose WE FIND OUT S. I see the body events a knife in his back. That's really all right. He had an appointment with us but somebody got to him first. Somebody and something name do murder. Slugged me I beg your pardon wash slugged me give me a slug. I WANNA play. The slot machine led to different. I gather guate- different. Meaning it for you and your gathering. If you didn't know so many words you won't find it's tough to understand ones. I use giving a slow certainly sir here. You are apple lemon good good. It should be good I fixed a machine mindset and it's Okay Sam did good you almost as good as I did. Weep unwillingly up in his shack. I'd say that was quite an achievement. They've you would say if you'd say it say it. What are you waiting for the senior Brown slug me? You want another slug you and your education. Yeah one of the slugged. I'd say that plane enough yesterday. You did you did but May I ask what you're trying to do ya? May I ask you ask then you? I'm testing a slot machine if it works like you say if the Gimmick is good as this one we go in business tomorrow with no competition and nobody do identifies no competition. Because I'm not thaw out LaPorte yesterday number one and nobody. The finger is because I took care. We've been willie tonight through you know you got words but I got ideas. Jaw when a cop's find that knife and Willie at ain't GonNa be surprised. Gimme the slug with you. How many times I have to as well. What's the surprise? The police are going to get and like you. You'll be surprised to find that the by by the Jackpot. Is Don't buy gimmick the machines. I get up. I didn't hit you catch up going up some of them words years to help you. Don't think you should have done that. you don't put two slugs in a machine and right away it pays off. I think we'd be in business if you don't get better than that fixes machine fix all the machines in the back by tonight fix them so they don't pay off better than ten percent or I'll fix you for good long on. How bad does hurt channel? Not Too bad milly. Whatever you put on. The cuts took most of the pain. Glad tell me what happened. Why the boss Clip you Sam telling me well. I fixed one of his slot machines. He tried it out but I guess. I didn't file down the notches on the last bar. Far Enough it caught. The three bars came up. Yes the boss hit the Jackpot and my jaw practically at the same time he gets hard. Milly that ring. He wears doesn't help any. I know Dave Hitz very hard in that ring wears cuts as why he wears it but he shouldn't hit you. I was thinking to really. How long have you been with Dave Logan with them? Oh that's hard to say I. I guess I've hung around him for ten. Maybe fifteen years just seems like always what's the difference? How many years makeup always are you still funding? I know he hits you. I've seen him. You can't still be fun. Why are you driving at kid or you shouldn't hit me me? I don't think he knows that and I think I'm going to convince him. That telephone call district attorney. Good boy wait a minute. I'll look up the number for you used book all thank you thank you. Shouldn't they hit me? I wouldn't do this if he hadn't hit me million. You know that I got the number. I'll get it for you know you're doing the right thing. Sam. Lean me doing the right thing. Well I'll talk to him when you got ashore out. Hello is the district attorney there? What are you talking about? When do you expect him look? This is milly ended. Yes what's all this about the DA? Somebody here wants to talk to the district attorney. Oh I get it Sam. Yes that's right. I look you tell them the D. A. N. Tell them not to call on A. Da Don't tell them that district attorney is coming to call on him There are certain cases out police cases and I think these two murders belong in that category. I think I alabart was a gangster. He was killed by another gangster weeping Williams about the name of the killer and was murdered to prevent exactly carrying this thing a little further. There was a knife and Willie's back that night had fingerprints on. It's pretty clear fingerprints. There were being checked right now in our files and in a moment will know who held the knife that killed. Willie lets me fine. If we do Markham there's doubt in your mind. There's always doubt in my mind. Allow me to dispel that practically immediately. Kenan durant heck after you Blanco. Have you checked the fingerprints on the knife that killed leading the way did the French are very clear? You See. That's the cycle. I was telling you about. We are sure that really knew who killed Allah part was going to tell us who kill the port when he was slain. The your sure that the port is dead. Sure well of course. I'm sure identified his body myself while it was at the mock just wanted to know. Why can't him well? This is gonNA sound silly but the fingerprints on the knife that killed weeping Willie belong to Allah Port who had been dead twenty four hours at the time. Willie was murdered her. Oh that's a weird one. Filo Vance March twenty first nineteen fifty and the Jackpot murder case. I'm Wyatt Cocks. Thanks for tuning into Classic Radio Theatre. We'll have the news of the day from seventy years ago today and the conclusion of Filo Vance coming up here in just four minutes. Thanks so much for making us part of your day. Classic Radio Theatre. Hey I'm andy and I started. 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Twenty first nineteen fifty in the newspapers of that Tuesday seventy years ago. These were some of the headline President Tomb and demonstrated his all out support of Secretary of State Dean Aitchison yesterday with the declaration. His running the State Department admirably. And we'll stay on the job. They're a top White House source disclosed. The president is considering giving Senate communists by investigators limited access to loyalty POWs to help clear accused members of the State Department. Aitchison has been under fire from Senator McCarthy. The Republican Wisconsin whose complaints of Communist links in the State Department precipitated an investigation by Senate foreign relations subcommittee was also bombarded with criticism. Recently in connection with failure to aid to Chiang Kai Shek Government of China Justice Department attorneys charged yesterday the John Lewis is back to work orders in the recent soft strike where a sham and pretense they asked for a punishment of the union government late. It's brief before the Circuit Court of Appeals Urging overrule district. Judge Richmond beat teach who cleared. Lewis's united mine workers have contempt after three hundred. Seventy thousand miners flouted the court's Order. February eleven to return to Work Ambassador Phillips Jessica. Yesterday angrily denounced Senator McCarthy's charges that reds infests. The State Department is utterly irresponsible a blow at American foreign policy and actual aid to world communism strike set for today on twelve. Western railroads was headed up by an executive order signed by President Truman. The order set up an emergency board to inquire into a dispute between the carriers and the switch. Men's Union of American. It automatically postpone strike for sixty days. Evacuations of two thousand Americans and other foreigners from Shanghai blocked yesterday by the refusal of Chinese Communist. Let to rescue vessels enter the port. Government charged yesterday to antihistamine drugs. Sold across the Nathan's Doug. Counters are not safe for public use and are not a cure for the common cold the Federal Trade Commission and a formal complaint accused the Bristol. Myers Company and Anna. His company both of New York of false advertising in the sale of Brazil stab and Anna. His both products advertise nationally at their products. Kill cold symptoms. In one day have twenty days in which answered the charges Martin Lackey of grand rapids. Michigan is in the doghouse because his wife was when the real doghouse have is. The latkes had a spate of its climax. Mrs Gill Lackey wrapped herself in a blanket went outside and crawled into the doghouse. Despite her husband's please. She refused to budge. Finally he called police officers argued soothingly in eventually dragged Mrs though some of the day's top news stories as reported in the newspapers of Tuesday March Twenty First Nineteen fifty on your Radio Final Vance which continues now on Classic Radio Theatre. Thank you millie. These cuts don't look very pretty but Just Roy my face off for walk. Are you sure? The District Attorney's office said he'd called back when he came and they told me. Oh that's a nice tie Sam. Thank you all. It's a little bit loose. Let me fixes right ahead. I like to fix we are. That's better really awful. Polite sure wish you were big shot. I'd like to go for you. Are the big shot and go for the guy. On top of very unusual. Many people allowed us. We didn't expect you to drop. Well how would the rest to those slot machines? I fixed all right. Yes Sam I hear you on a DA real pals at right. Of course not I hear different. You know what I do guys across me San. What is all very simple SAM? Funny me having to tell you what simple you and all those words you know but it still is simple. And what's so simple as that? I can't let you go talking about. Meet any district attorney really. You told them. What did you expect? Now wait a minute boss. I want you to tell me. And then he don't lie to me not keep away from me. I was only fooling. I didn't tell anybody ever did you kill him. Dave did you kill them. Sure big for it then. He tried to cross me. Nobody crosses mainly. Maybe you should remember that. Don't worry about me Dave. I'll never cross you as long as you stay on top of the right at your side. I'm sorry mark I'm only. This is such an absurd theory of mine. I'd rather not discuss it further until we get to the more. We'll be there shortly. What do you expect to find when we get there? The dead more keeper. Watt. That's right. Oh wait a minute as this is a little ridiculous but so is the finding of dead man's fingerprints on the knife. That killed weeping. Willie this is a possible explanation. If the mall keeper is dead too. That's possible explanation. Not For me until we get there and find whether I'm right or not. You don't have to wait any longer. Here we are. Oh this catching the homicide department outside the more door just megabanks roll down your window. Would you please certainly canton? Kevin Vance Canton. We Got News Day trying to reach you. Mr Markham hasn't been in his office. He's been with me. What are you talking about? We came down to talk to the more keeper that Iran glad of that. That'd rather explode your theory advanced. Doesn't it I told you? It was a pretty far fetched idea. I had I know the wall keepers in there. Then he can definitely and it's perfectly all right for you to talk to him good but if he answers yeah that's knows he's been invited. He's dead as any girl we ever had. In China. His conclusion of Filo Vance March twenty first. 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It proudly call eight four four route wall that's toll-free eight four four wall could root wall dot com. We will build this wall together. Call eight four four route wall to wall dot com root for the Wolfpack Day starts with Scott you this message not authorized by candidate or candidates meeting Rupaul. Dot Com all right. Let's wrap it up on this Saturday edition of Classic Radio Theatre Filo Vance March twenty nine thousand nine hundred fifty the jackpot murder case. This is district attorney Markham. The murder case we started on has become three more cases vital in I assure all related all were done by the same person or more keeper is the latest murder victim and Vance insists that his death explains a dead man's fingerprints on the knife killed. We'd be willing stoolpigeon. Although he doesn't say Holocaust meanwhile the murderer might be. Anyone might be A. What can I do for you? I can show you stationary or perhaps a box of candy. Nice place you yes yes it is. Perhaps you'd like to see some greeting cards now. I'd like them to see the back room. What's in it the back room? Yeah the back room. You're going to have to keep the machines in the back room for a while. I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about. I'm talking about slot machines. I don't have it. I'm putting to slot machines in the back room of your store. They'll bring customers in keeping me here. They play the machine. It pays off ten percent of what's put in you and I split the prophet crooked snot machines crooked slot machines and Nice Story. Be it rather have a crooked nose? I could break years with one. Correct machines will be moving in this afternoon. Anything goes wrong with them. There's a car. Tell them where you can phone me so I can send a guy over to fix them at okay with you well. I'm not sure I don't don't got all day. Is that okay with you? Though I really go to work and you know make up your mind. What time this afternoon with the Machines Alvin speaking well? That's we've got another one murder. Ask that makes four and don't tell me you anticipated this one on the country but I imagine it's tied up with our case. We're pretty sure it's a gangster named Sam excellent mechanic as I understand it and a slot machine expert choked to death and we've found the body in an empty lot worded obviously thrown. There were mocks. His FACE VANS. It apparently been beaten up about twenty four hours before his death. Whoever did the beating up water ring did a lot of cutting no idea as to who did it not anymore than I have an idea how. Allah port could have gotten off slab in the morgue to kill weeping Willie. Didn't of course. I'll explain that some other time right now I'm interested in grabbing are good. This is getting to be an epidemic. I know oh I can give you one little thing that I mentioned that this Sam was a slot machine experts. Well we had a call from a shopkeeper on market street who says that. He's being forced to put in a couple of crooked slot machines this afternoon to send a man down there to protect him. No no Markham don't do that. He's in no danger. I want to go down there. I have an idea how I can make a slot machine. Really pay off the Here any minute any minute I come in here. I play this slot machine I hit the Jackpot and what happens. Nothing comes out. Y- I know. I explained that to the man on the telephone. I'm awfully sorry about fish. You see I've only had these machines in this place for an hour or so and I. I don't know very much about that. Guy Is you said Florida but again a right away realizing tough enough to hit the Jackpot on a thing like this then after I hit it at. Don't pay off. Well I'm sure the god of a racket. Are you running I? I'm sorry I everything will be taken care of. What's the baby's head this gentleman? He was playing machine. He hit the Jackpot but nothing came out and he said he'd go to the police. Okay you get outside to carry a store. Leave me in the back room. You understand why I understand. I bid it all right you. What goes on. They go look the three bars or where they should be. That means the Jackpot. Nothing came out here. Now and it's it's it's what oats talking to you. I don't see anybody else in here. Keep look machine probably stuck now record a couple of times. It'll spill thing was jammed up. Let's all this. Matchbox was stuck in a payoff slot. The coins couldn't come down pretty good way of making sure. The machine doesn't pay off. Look you got you know. It's there on the floor. Pick it up and beat it. Keep playing you'll pick it up. What did you say your? Pick it up to your machine on before I get tough. You'RE GONNA get tough and you're gonNA cops before once you well little man you up for me you little rugged yeah sleep tight. Tough guy who what happened here. What what what. What did you do that Just knocked him around and it'll be okay. Come out in the street when he wakes get lost all cut up little. Betsy did that my ring girlfriend of mine they give it to me. I look straighten out this room after Obama mighty no good to have a joint looking so sloppy. It's bad for business. Sure those cuts on your face. Don't really bother you. Vents serving a very good. 'cause I hope I hope so too. They look to me exactly like the cuts on the face of their dead machine experts. Sam Remember yes I do and that was especially careful. Be Beaten up by the character who came to investigate the slot machine. After I fixed the back of the machines would hit the Jackpot then jammed the payoff slot the pictures. We took face be ready. Any second. Good Kenton is bringing them in along with the pictures we took of. Sam's face the cuts a similar. Whoever beat me up beat Sam and in all probability later killed in right and he killed Sam he killed the other three to Markham. It all ties up at my mind. I know the motivation. Everything I located in come in. I see you have the photographs and take a look. Let me see the Martin. Cancer they are. I'm not very handsome. Cardi. I'll tell you that those cuts abuse certainly are almost identical with the ones on the picture of Sam. Vance Sam's killer beat you up Where to send Sargent? He thought to pick him up. We can get through the storekeeper. He has the phone number Markham. My friend do me a favor. Yes let sergeant heat stay wherever he is. I want to go to see this particular individual myself. He did a pretty good job on my face when he called on me at the shop. I WANNA repay that call and the job he did on my face. Aw I should've been there many times did you. I don't know I clipped him. He comes back for more clip again. Becky come but he wound up like all of them. Do you're my Kinda Guy Dave? You really don't think I was petting him. You know mentally I guys that deliver the rest of the slot machines and alert but that means they work fast. Who's complaining might have fellows Sure liked what you got on a shop out here for a little more happy to oblige it. Is this the one? Oh sure? Sure they've I can tell now supposed. Both of you will listen. Great first of all. I want you to know who I am. I think so. My name is Filo Vince Vance Sorry not at back in the shop at a really work to over going to give you another chance. Thanks can't wait just a moment to give you a real reason for taking me apart okay. I'll wait first of all. I know you killed Al apart because ally the slot machine racket sewed up. Then you're killed weeping Willie because he was going to tell the district attorney that you killed LaPorte. You did a cute knife trick with Willie then had to kill the more and keep her out of confederate named Sam. He was a slot machine expert. You probably had a run in with him. That's the recent. He's dead Vance USA very convincing. But I didn't know better begin to believe what you're saying. You can't do that. You're not going to let them. I can say that again please. Don't she set it already? Now Dave what are you waiting? No not a thing down daybreak over at this. Just what I'm its commit. A knock him out then imagine i. I did see your right. You figured everything right and you're not allowed. Nobody are knockout. Think day before coming for a long time you'll be him vance. Nobody could be dead. He beat everybody. I don't understand it. You hurt him. Yes I imagine so you said before I was right you know. He killed the port and the others. Certainly I know it. I even watched him kill Sam. But you beat Dave. Nobody ever did that before the district attorney about Dave sure tell them. Why shouldn't I tell them? Dave ain't the big man anymore. You're the big man than you'll beat him. Sure I'll tell the. Da Anything you want. Thank you I imagine. Markham will be very interested in what you have to say. I'm quite sure he's also going to want to hear how that deadly reports fingerprints were on the knife that killed weeping. Willie man has the questions is out advanced. I intend to sit back and be told and I've waited long enough. Yes you have Margaret. Well it was worth waiting for. Wasn't it certainly Milley's knowledge of Big Day is criminal activities? Are All we needed? But how did you get her to talk? That's a long story. Well let's have it well. Miller was on Dave side as long as he was a big man when I knocked him out. The one thing she worshiped in the man was gone but right. Now you're interested in the LaPorte fingerprints aren't you? I most certainly am Allah. Port was dead when weeping Willie was stabbed and the ports fingerprints. Were the only ones on the come on man. Stop Holding back all right. Here's what happened. Go ahead big. Dave went to the morgue on some pretext or other after deciding to kill Willie. He had with a knife when he got to. The mortgage asks the keeper. If he could see Alabama Buddy bookkeeper. Let him he took out a knife. Press the deadly fingerprints on the handle wrapped up in a handkerchief and left exactly he stabbed Willie still using the handkerchief and left the knife to confuse us. He then realized that the more Gabri could identify. We figured what happened. And so he returned to kill him to arrest. I know yes well. This is quite a case. Wasn't advance four murders all over slot machines with only one killer. At least he's a middle of our net at Margaret. As long as he's in the middle where at the end of the Jackpot Murder Case March twenty first nineteen fifty-five Vance on classic Radio Theater. One more time. Our Mailing Address K. E. L. Y. Radio H C thirty three box street. Three one five five illing. Vada eight nine three zero one that's K. E. L. Y. Radio Hce thirty-three Bucks Street. Three one five five billion vava eight nine three zero one. Send us a self addressed stamped envelope and we will send you one of these beautiful classic Radio Theatre stickers provided to us through the courtesy of the folks at sticker mule at sticker mule dot com by the way You can find us at Classic Radio Dot Stream. You can also find the mailing address there if you didn't get it from me and always support free radio by thanking the station supporting the advertisers. Tell your friends. Great Radio shows are back. Classic Radio Theater. Right here on your favorite station and the USA radio network have yourself a great salary You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network broadcasting live sleeper seven-hour of this stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on twitter. And instagram's this is the liberty your daily source for news and activist updates produced in partnership with the S. and LS network and listeners. Like you online at S. L. S. NETWORK DOT COM. 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Five six million dollars of his holdings on February thirteenth in twenty nine separate transactions as the head of the Intelligence Committee Burr a North Carolina. Republican has access to the government's most highly classified information about threats to America's security committee was receiving daily Corona virus. Briefings around this time. According to a Reuters story PROPUBLICA reports at a week after burs sales the stock market began a sharp decline and has lost about thirty percents. Ants on Thursday burke came under fire after. Npr obtained a secret recording from February twenty seventh. In which the lawmaker gave the group had an exclusive social club a much more dire preview of the economic impact of the corona virus. Then what he has told the public ever wonder where we find all the news. Report right here on the Liberty Meet Visit S. DOT news to get the world's most sensitive media published all in one place. Save yourself from the endless time spent searching for reliable alternative media. Snl S. News makes it quick and easy no ads. You'LL CLICK BAIT. Just Roll. Headlights twenty four hours a day visit. Snl LAST DOT news and get informed today without the corporate media span. Your news now continues. Ireland's Health Service has announced that it will transform the country's biggest sports stadium into a massive drive-thru Corona virus testing site testing at the eighty thousand capacity croke. Park Stadium began Tuesday on an appointment only basis on Wednesday spokesperson for the Health Service. Executive said Croke Park is one of the designated testing centers for North Dublin. The mind unleash reports that with its massive football pitch and location in central Dublin. Croke Park is home to and headquarters of Gaelic football and the Gaelic Athletic Association given that no matches will be played at the Dublin. Venue anytime in the near future. The offered the national stadium as a site for dry through casting. The spread of the corona virus has disrupted or destroyed many things the airline industry the economy and any sense of normalcy. That we may have enjoyed until quite recently the unleash reports that now it appears that covert nineteen will also change the way marijuana. Smokers enjoy their beloved herb. The spread of the virus means that smokers should no longer share their joints and in general should lean more toward enjoying edible products advocates warned in a statement pro cannabis. Lobbying group normal warned that while we are living through the current pandemic. We should all be more mindful of our day-to-day consumption practices. And how the choices we make impact not only ourselves but also those we care about normal also warned users that is dangerous to continue sharing. The implements used to smoke cannabis such as bonk's vaping pants and other devices. And those should be cleaned with disinfectant GEL. Support for the liberty is brought to you by the homestead you room. The homestead guru is an educational website offering tips tools news stories and commentary on everything home. Standing topics include green homes guarding and husbandry do-it-yourself. Home Remedies Alternative Energy. Survival is a schooling and more those details for found online at the homestead docu room. This is the liberty beat Howard by the S. L. S. Network at Essen Alaska Word Dot Com. I'm Mike Munro reporting for the liberty. Bean reminding you spread liberty with a smile. Covert nineteen better known as Corona virus has spread throughout the world symptoms of this respiratory disease may include fever cough and shortness of breath. These symptoms may show up to to fourteen days after exposure. If you are experiencing these symptoms and have come into contact or are in an area with an ongoing outbreak. Please call a hotline and or consult with a physician. Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces for more information please visit CDC dot Gov Forward Slash Cova nineteen thank you the USA radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Benny Brown look. I take your money or your life. I've thinking molly one of these. This is placid radio theater. The Great Gildersleeve Bob Hope show transcribed direct from Hollywood from Hollywood George Burns Gracie Allen Show. Now here's your host. Why Cox comedy this hour with Ozzie? And Harriet we start out the the Nelson Family This episode originally broadcast March Twenty First Nineteen fifty two who resent the amusingly transcribed adventures of Ozzie? And Harriet starring. America's favorite young couple Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard. Things have been rather quiet this morning. At the Nelson's nothing much unusual has happened. Harriett call the boys and they got up as usual. Came down to breakfast and she called Ozzy down for breakfast as usual. And she called Ozzy again as usual and then she called him again. As usual men the boys went up and help dragged him out of bed as usual. So you see the whole family breakfast and things have been very quiet and very very usual as usual van. I'd say it was just about time to start happening. There goes the phone now. That doesn't seem especially unusual. But when you never can tell hello oh hello MRS peabody leave. She's the president of the PTA. Oh that's too bad. Who is it. Harriet is MRS peabody. Oh well thank you MRS peabody. I'm very honored that starts this afternoon. Doesn't it what's up boys. I'll be very happy to or not at all and thank you so much for calling goodbye. Oh this is awful awful. You sound money. Pleased on the phone. Women are a little hard to understand paw big. Pta meetings at the school auditorium all this week. Or what about it? One of the regular council members can't make it and I've been chosen as alternate will. I don't think that's awful. I do I hate going to school to boy totally unprepared. That's the same feeling. I get. Sometimes he should have been there yesterday. Boy Our history teacher asked US questions about stuff. We never heard of before that stopped you for a while and had no. I gave some answers. They never heard of probably get a mark like you never seen before. I'm afraid I'm going to like something you've never seen before. I wouldn't even by that. I just look at my hair. I think it looks fine. Thank you Deborah. It looks just terrible. Nine no it am I. Good suit is the cleaners and so am I. Gloves and I don't have a decent hat to wear. How do you think I'm GONNA look hot? That's putting it mildly. Oh don't be ridiculous. I think you look fine right now. You know darn well Harry. You look lovely no matter what you're wearing you just saying that because I'd crown if you didn't know I'm not I really mean at this time that is I mean it. Every time I at this time especially well thank you but I feel much better if I'd had a little time to get prepared and another thing. I don't even know what subjects they're going to discuss with all those professional educators and teachers there. I'd be very happy to lend you my schoolbooks. Why don't you keep quiet for about five minutes? Nobody was talking to you day. Cut IT OU- boys we've got enough trouble with your mother so upset upset. I'm not upset. I'm just little frantic. That's all there's no reason the worldwide you should be. It's easy to say in the first place. You won't be expected to compete with professionals when it comes to the technical discussions on education. If you just approach every problem with your usual good sense and judgment. You can't go wrong. I hope you're right. Oh sure knows what he's talking about. Your mother has a good head on her shoulders and if she just uses it you'll make the grade good head on my shoulder stupar. Yes I'd say so hope. Mom makes better grades than hard. Well I don't know. I wish I was confident. Don't be silly you'll be the highlight of the conference beautiful. You're intelligent you're well-poised you're GONNA stop you you're crazy. Hi Thorny Oh what. Are you doing catching up on the latest news magazines? That's what newsstands of Foia. Now they also liked to sell a complication. Well I'm trying to decide which ones to buy which wants to read right here on the take home. You ought to try this one. Yeah good uh that's not bad at all but I don't think canceling would approve of my having this around the house. Why what do you mean might feel a little self conscious self conscious? Yeah being married to a guy who reads major strong. Belinda Planet. Eating space monster kind of books. Do you read anyway. Well I just thought it might be interesting for your boy. Will I always thought it was great things going this morning? Oh that's right you haven't heard the big news. That's not surprising after all. I haven't seen you in quite a while. When was the last time anyway? I think it was when you drop me off after bowling last night. Honest has it really been that long. It seems to me. What is the big news? Alway you just trying to be funny. Well I suppose it is funny in a way. It's funny how women seem to have these little FEMININE FRAILTIES. The point is that how it has been chosen to be a representative to the big. Pta Conference this week. I think that's wonderful. I don't see any sign of. Frailty there You should have seen this morning. Yes the very thought of facing these people and she practically fell apart. No confidence in herself. I suppose they don't get the name weaker sex for nothing you know. Wait a minute is this may sound like heresy. But let's face the facts. According to people who know women generally stand pain cold better? They live longer in fact girl. Babies is supposed to be more rugged than boy babies. Well so what so. I just thought you want to know before you made any speeches about women being the weaker sex. And I've seen several articles to say the same thing and they all haven't been in the Reader's Digest. Either in the first place starting you're talking about the physical side of it. What I mean is the emotional weakness. Women suffer from lack of assurance. A lack of self confidence. Did you take a look at some of those magazine articles how to win a husband how to keep them after? You've got him how to get him back again after. You've lost all articles directed to the women trying to boost their self confidence. Okay but what's this got to do with Harriet and the PDA everything? Thorny she got the news and went into a panic didn't know what to wear didn't know if she'd look right worried about how she'd get along. I don't see what he has to worry about. That's just it's she has nothing to worry about it all but try and tell her that well. Why don't you and sure to reinforce that Feminine Ego Hers? That's what I was trying to do this morning. Well go back to that woman. Sure she can have confidence and assurance you know that's just what I think I'll do. Good boy is now. Aren't you glad you talked to me? Yes I don't know what I would've done without you anytime at all and I've gotta run along. If you have any other little problems just address them to me in care of this magazine. Stan. Thank you and good night Dr Panel is that you know. It's your old dad gone. You're not so well I can't fool you. Can I know Sir quarter if you try hard enough but I could at that? What's that for just thought I'd run down and have a soda. I think you'd better think again. We'll be eating dinner too soon. So as I wanNA talk to you before your mother comes home. You should've seen on when she lived. Here's really dressed to kill boy. She was only going to a PTA meeting. Who'S YOU'RE GONNA kill? I don't want to mention any names but I have a couple of teachers in mind. I just think we ought to help your mother little now that she has this responsibility for a few days you will probably come home dead tired and discouraged and ready to give up the whole deal. So let's try to be very encouraging and very considerate. I'll Cook Dinner. You're kidding I hope I. I don't think that'll be necessary. But you can help out by setting the table. Let's going on here. Oh dear mom sit down. You must be dead tired. Oh No I feel fine. Besides I got dinner again. Why don't you rest awhile and let the boys tonight thoughtful of you but by the time I got through showing you how to do it? I can have dinner already. Why aren't you terribly tired? I mean from the PTA and all on no. It was a lot of fun. It's going to be very interesting and Mr McKenna's such a nice man who is he well. He seems to be taking charge of everything. He's a superintendent of schools. I believe he said I made some wonderful suggestions. All good for you at five minute there. I know you must be starved. I'll get dinner started. Women Harriet isn't there's something I can do to help. Yes there is. You can stretch out on the couch and rest until dinner. You look tired. I haven't ready in a Jiffy. March twenty first. Nineteen fifty two the adventures of Ozzie and Harriet on Classic Radio Theatre. Maybe you can relate to this. A lot of people think they're stuck with their health plan. It costs too much or for whatever reason they just don't like it the great news. You're not stuck with it. There is a choice. It's called medishare and you could save so much. The typical savings for family is five hundred bucks a month major difference maker. This is the affordable alternative health insurance. And just to give you a little more info about medishare. 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Nineteen fifty two. They have I want you guys dry in these things. Go ahead ricky me. That's what I said. Yeah I suppose you've got a broken arm or something I did my share. I've fixed lunch. Okay I did my share to I ate. It is pop on David. He must be an older man. You don't become superintendent of public schools overnight. I'd say he's probably in his early sixties should doesn't look that old to me or one. Did you say Mr mccarey? There's a picture of today's paper all I didn't see that just a second I'll get it for you. Is that all the dishes PA. Yeah that does it. I guess we can relax for a while. Now you mean this is Mr mccarey. Yeah that's what it says. Wallace Kerry Superintendent of schools somehow picked a little different. He's not a Croquet full-time certainly isn't a very dignified way. The Superintendent of public schools to dress. Rahm said he's real swell to work with well. You know your mother. She gets along with anybody pretty dull to me bow ties. Nobody wears those anymore. Guys were aw well yes certain types can get away with it. I think it looks good on him. Well it's not too bad. I guess think that crew cuts a little ridiculous for a man. His Age looks pretty young to me. Young he's at least thirty net young. Only you park. That isn't important. Some men are old at thirty and other men are still young at at at At the thirty take mccarey person. He's probably a bookworm. It doesn't bother keep himself in. Good physical condition definitely isn't the athletic type says here. He was captain of his football team. I imagine that was an honorary title. Holy smokes in a champion at the low verticals. Yes hurdles not as if it were high hurdles get all of his shoulders in the picture. Well I've got a couple of bad coats myself. Mom Cities Very Nice. All your mother thinks he's very nice. It's about time she stop kidding around with that. Pta Junk Anyway. I thought you were proud of her pop. Well of course I'm proud of her. She's done a fine job and now it's time to come home. I think so too. How a young guy like this Wallace mccarey? He gets to be Superintendent of public schools in the first place probably has a lot of political connections. Mom said he's very smart. All right then. Why does this boy genius need a big committee to do all his work? Form Wastes your mother's time over there why we're practically slaves here at home. Are you sort Mr mccarey pop? I'm not sure it anybody ricky. Look will you kinda straighten up the rest of the house? I'm going out for a while going PAS. Oh just down to the barber shop a kind of clean up the sink. Well you fellas. What do you do with all these orange peels and coffee grounds here? Wrap them up in this newspaper and throw them in the garbage game. No hello thorny I was just on my way over to Your House. I wanted to shake the hand of a truly great man. Who is that? What you of course is your positively amazing. I never realized what a really brilliant neighbor we had. What's this all about thorny? Don't you remember that talk? We had the other day you know about women and how they lack confidence in themselves. All yeah spending a lot of time. The last couple of days building up Catherine's confidence and the results have been marvelous. She's another woman. I almost feel like a bigamist. That is worked out for you. Oh Catherine's ready to tackle any job. Now she's even talking about painting the House this summer. She was talking about painting the House last summer to yes but then she was talking about me painting the House. Don't get too excited. You probably end up doing all the work own never is I would want to destroy. Catherine's confidence in his own. I guess you're pretty proud of Harriet to understands he's been doing a great job at the PTA conference Yeah I guess she's doing all right. Oh now don't be so modest. Is I guess. He's even on a special committee with the Superintendent of Schools Yeah Yeah I have. I walking down the barber shop with me barbershop. Why are you going to the barber shop? Well rumors gotten around that some guys over there are cutting hair but as you had a haircut last week and I'm having another one this week. Is there anything wrong with that? Know what your head haven't shaved clean of you. I just don't think you need a heck. Well Summer's coming in. It's kind of silly to have a big mop of hair when it's so wait a minute. I was only kidding about having a head shave. No it's going to have a little more taken off the top short haircuts and style. Now you know. I've seen a lot of women with them. I think they're called poodles. I've always thought of you is more the shaggy dog tired. I looked pretty good with a crew cut. A crew cut will not really a a crewcut kind of a modified version It what do you think? I don't think it's ridiculous naturally. You'd think so euros against anything that's new or different. Wait a minute you asked for my opinion and I gave it to you. Of course I'll admit that I know beauty expert but then you're no beauty either. I even mentioned this thorny. You can't discourage me however I think a crew cuts going to look very good on me. Say is don't you think you'd better take along a sack for the here. They cut off after you see. You may want to put it back. Hi Oh boys. Will you take some of these packages for me? You sure got a lot of groceries. I've invited mccarey over for dinner tonight. He's very anxious to meet your father and I know you boys will like him most. Well I'd like to talk about longer summer vacation. Also no homework. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear any suggestions. I think aplenty boy today. The last meeting. Well yes and thank goodness. It's going to feel wonderful just being a housewife again. I'm GonNa feel pretty good not being a housewife again. Aren't you kind of early? Well yes there wasn't much to do at the last meeting g look at pop singer. I just saw what happened here. Did you fall asleep in the chair? I had them. How did this way? Don't you like my hair? Shorter looks just like a crewcut. Well the crew cut. What do you think of it Harry? Oh I imagine it's very comfortable. Yes it is after all of the weather's getting warmer now and and I thought this might be a practical. Pardon me. You catching cool. No of course. Not Maybe you better put something on your head stocking cap you can wear. My head feels fine. What's so unusual about a crew? Cut A lot of men have them. Oh it's fine dear. It makes you look very and besides it'll grow up in a couple of weeks. Don't care for it Well I guess I'm just not used to it. Well if you'll excuse me I've got to get dinner ready. I invited Mr mccarey over tonight. Oh is that all right. He's very anxious to meet you. Yes I think. I'm kind of anxious to meet him to be buying a little while. So you'd better start getting dressed okay. March twenty first. Nineteen fifty two the adventures of Ozzie and Harriet here on Classic Radio Theatre. We'll wrap it up in the next half hour along with an episode of fibber. Mcgee and molly right here on your favorite radio station. Thanks for tuning in mattress firm semi annual sale. Right now save up to four hundred dollars in our top rated grains SEALY queen mattress. That's now three ninety nine ninety nine plus tecoma free adjustable base when you spend six ninety nine at mattress firm. We make it easy to find a right lead for you so hurry in visit mattress firm. Dot Com or a store near you to save today. Your budget stretches further at mattress firm offer Belgium. Coughing purchase restrictions apply to participate in additional until visit mattressfirm dot com slash sale. Ever streamed the business only fiber network. We believe business deserves better. Ever streams full-service approached. 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Nineteen fifty two. Hey what's this pop ricky? Where'd you get that out of your pocket? Well it's just something I happen to pick up the men shop. Are you GonNa Wear David? Don't look at me like that. You said yourself a lot of men wearing bow ties. Yeah me set the table. Oh sure all right yes fine. I wish you'd stop staring at my head. I didn't realize I was staring. You just look so well so different. I should think you'd be used to seeing a crew cut by now. I know this isn't a short as Mr mccarey. Wears his hair. I should hope not. You mean you don't like his crew cut either Kuku. I wouldn't exactly call his crewcut. Hey Mon- somebody's coming up the walk or it's probably Mr mccarey. No this is an older man older than Mr mccarey. I'll get this boys Nelson yes. I'm Wallace mccarey. Oh Oh yes once you come in. Thank you Mr mccarey. I hope you didn't have any trouble finding the house. Look not at all. I certainly appreciate this invitation. I'm so glad you could make it. I see you've met my husband. Yes please come in and sit down thank you. These are two boys David Ricky. This is Mr mccarey boys the key. Would you excuse me? I have dinner ready in just a moment. Take your time Harry Carey. Now sit here and chat a while your picture in the paper all. Did you see that? That was my college graduation picture. High see whenever they want a photograph of me for the paper. My wife gives them that two favorite picture and I must say I rather like it myself. Yes it is a good one but it looks. It's a why don't you boys can help your mother. She may have a little trouble. Finding keep up. Is that chair? Comfortable won't boy a glass of Sherry Fry. Thanks I've been very anxious to meet you Mr Nelson. Thank you yes indeed. I don't mean to embarrass you but Mrs Nelson the such a well poised well organized adjusted. Just Person I. I just knew she must have a very happy home life. Oh thanks we certainly do. Show me a happy confident wife. And there's always a strong capable understanding husband giving her that feeling of security. Oh I never really thought of it. That way wonderful and we really couldn't get along without them but they do. Lack a man's driving fosler's yes. I guess you're right at that. I suppose nature really fashioned. That way woman is the frail and frivolous creature unpredictable. Emotional man is the steady sturdy solid influence. Excuse me POM POM Arsenault where. Your toolbox is my toolbox. Yes Sir I think she wants to fix something on the oven and she can't find the toolbox Nassir. Pardon me for laughing David but Mr mccarey and I were just discussing this very point. What would women do without their husbands? Isn't it the Truth David? Tell your mother the toolboxes right where she left it last week after. She fixed the lock on the back door. That sounds just like well. A toast brought a Nelson to our wives as the Fella says. We can't live with them. We can't live without them March. 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Compared to what I was paying for Health Insurance Liberty Healthshare is a nonprofit ministry. Your money goes towards helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need other members. Are there for you. You could feel good knowing you're part of the community of like minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens for more information. Call eight five five fifty liberty eight five five fifty liberty or good at libertyhealthshare dot. Org Slash Wayne Root. That's liberty healthshare dot org slash Wayne Root. Now it's time for us to head the seventy-nine Wistful Vista and see what's going on. In the McGee household. This episode originally broadcast March Twenty First Nineteen fifty-six own Montagne was really crowded. I just bought some stockings. That's all what you do anything or not much running wally winton Kramer's drugstore. We went over and stood in front of the Pancake Palace. Awhile Kook flip-flop checks in the window. That's always fun. You know the way that fellow pitches those pancakes always fascinates me new guy working on this week old pancakes. Pete's not there anymore after all each. Here's what happened equipped. You don't seem to know exactly what happened. Was there Thursday during the Lunch Hour? And he saw the whole thing. Well what happened? He said that his riddle there in the window cooking pancakes. He's been doing there for seventeen years and all at once you kind of a funny look on. His face. Picked up a buckwheat cake with his Turner and stuck it on the ceiling slam. It right up there way out in the middle of the rest of my goodness on the ceiling hung there for a couple of seconds then dropped an old man. Mcdonald's split pea soup drowned. I'd like to have been there and seeing that you weren't because from there on out. It was bedlam. Managers started over the ball out and Pete popped him in the post with a hot wet pancake wrapped around his head like an Indian term. He started firing on everybody in rains. Limp says inside of three minutes hanging on every customer and the heavenly offers apron and he's tall white hat laid him on the griddle struck a match and walked out front door into an open manhole as heard from since well it just goes to show. You never can tell. Doesn't it sometimes the quietest? Oh Hey are you in any hurry to get home. Let's go to the bookstore and look around while. Oh God. I got in the good book tonight. I haven't read any really good books for a long time. Johnny word up all the time Mr. Hi Old timer going someplace just going in the bookstore. Here go buy a book that Your Fun. Idea Johnny. I think every home ought to have a book and I was saying my girlfriend just last night Barra. She say how has busy anyhow? I haven't heard much about her lately. Just fine daughter in pretty busy with Musica lately but otherwise. I didn't know betsy was a musician. Oh Betsy comes from a very outstanding musical family kids Papa. Plays I jug with the ozarks Philharmonic Mama's left-handed Zip Bicker and best. He's got a sister who's the only girl at ever went over Niagara Falls and a bass fiddle had a sister. I should say guess is quite a musical background. She is what sort of music does bessie play. The daughter Jers plane lousy yourself a secondhand steam client from a broken down showboat last winter and started learning to play the holy smoke. Seemed like the poor girl spent so much time moving in hunting for new places to live that you don't get much time to practice kids. Well I can understand that all right. Hey you kids got a spare bedroom. Would Jonathan just just sitting on the sidewalk in front of her last place right now? Her Nikolai appear in a deputy sheriff. He's only got two hours to get out of the neighborhood and as C. He Admits Bradley. Crossing the street there yesterday. Hello Mrs she later. Can't music lover with a spare bedroom? How'd you like to read it to a very fine musician? Friend of mine. I could move on your downtown here at my poor. Mrs Bradley has no idea what she's in. Come on. Let's go in the bookstore. Would we can find okay. Look did you have in mind every one of those hemingway savage buckets of blood or the Zombie Comics Yearbook. No No. I'm not in the mood for that stuff today in here. I want to pick up a good second hand. Copy of Sir. Walter Scott's Ivanhoe what or if they haven't got that maybe a little chuck Dixon Steele two cities. I know exactly the kind of book I want. Well FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE COME ON. Come on before you change your mind. You haven't got a good secondhand copy of tale of two cities you know. I'm sorry we haven't said I have a handsome new edition here of the complete Dick and that's not quite what I'm looking for. It's only five dollars in a very nice. That's not at all what we're looking for. We'll just browse around well. Healthy you just call me. Come on over this way me. They have a lot of secondhand books. Down here okay. Look over the wall places to find you McGee Bookstore. What'd you come in the Air Force? Not Raining out very nice I am. I didn't see you. Mcgee came in here to buy a book Dr Naturally. Oh pardon me looking for molly copy of Tom Swift and his mechanical toenails or maybe the campfire girls meet errol. Flynn own doctor. On second thought that stuff would be a little too grown up for more than we way over little. Jim Dome Little Dome sure. As a matter of fact Dr himself came in here hoping to pick up a good secondhand copy of Sir. Walter Scott's Ivanhoe or maybe something by Charles Dickens Tale of two cities is the one I want. I was looking at some books to T. news taken back to school year. The Dan just reminded me that. I haven't done any good reading. Hey I'm really proud of US attorney. You may rebel little culture into him yet. Molly Matt Organ about culture the only culture. You know anything about fats. The kind you keep in your lab to grow that cheap penicillin in charge us five bucks a jab for what? What brings you in here? Doctor you buying just looking me. Oh just browsing around me. I like to keep up with the new good books so to watch literary transparency. What you've been asking about today the WHO. Oh well I had right here for you my life and the Celtics Hair Lawrence of Arabia. That's where your challenge to me here. I'LL TAKE. Let's not make a big. Oh for goodness sakes. Did you ever see anybody turn so ran him? And his culture of all the high class books to live in the sultan's Harem owner. How much it is never mind. Come on there. Some nice use books over this way. Maybe you can find just what you want. Your don't have to be Ivanhoe. I just happened to pick up the one teeny and it struck me that that was the kind of book I've been looking for. But if they got something else that strikes me right. Got Your key kittle on her miners mined. I couldn't find the book dairy but I'm sure that copy of David. Copperfield Will Give Justice. All sure this book will be swell darn good bye to you. Know that for a book pass. It was in pretty good shape. Isn't it sure? Few pages are road on that. Don't good songbook sturdy. Binding book like this last forever. The story will anyhow You know I don't understand this sudden thirst for good literature dairy but I'm certainly pleased about it. What what brought on this homegrown renaissance. I don't know I just got thinking the other day after all I mean we savage stuff and then murder stories and things. I've been reading it just suddenly struck me. I ought to read some different prints. I'm for that anything different from that. Mock well I suddenly remembered a great old classic that I always loved and I haven't read it for you. I just had an urge to read it again. A real saga of the old West the West now wait. Dickens didn't write about the West. You're living know that the book I'm talking about is a classic your remembered molly one. My Uncle Sycamore sent me from Arizona. Confessions of a saddle bum by sagebrush Hawkins that but I don't understand for the last five years. My dear confessions of a Saddle. Bump has been holding up the corner of my work bench with the short-leg on the garage but you're trying to buy even hone tale of two cities because when. Tini stopped by those books the other day I measured them both on the leg of my workbench and they just fit but she would let me keep you the one but but I I got. Here's the exact same size and I'm going out to the garage right this minute and slip it under that shortly for that well of all boy when I stretch out on that important with a cool root beer hot cigar in confessions of a settled bump all the most literary evening. Well this is ridiculous. Ladies and gentlemen most of us take normal good health pretty much for granted. We don't consider it any great exciting to be able to stand up and walk. Move around please. Thousands of crippled children the greatest dream in the world. The most exciting thing they can think of is just to be able to walk. Just walk anywhere. We can help them. Make this dream come true through the National Society for crippled children and adults. The Easter Seal Society thousands of crippled children are slowly learning to walk today and rehabilitation centers in clinics in home services and in camps. Your Easter seal dollars bringing constant health to our thousands of crippled children and adults and without our help. They have no hope. So don't put it off please man your contribution to crippled children in care of your local post office remember. We alone can help them off by tomorrow. By and the old timer is played by bill for men. Dr Gamble by Arthur Q Bryan. Mary Lampson was the woman has. Is John Wall telling you that tomorrow? There is a telephone mystery. Seventy nine with the Union for detail long. You gotTA wonder don't you March Twenty First Nineteen fifty-six fibber McGee and Molly on Classic Radio Theatre Ladies and gentlemen would like to have you meet tour of the sweetest fellas and all the Radio Industry today bothered me. I very much turn and I hope we can only live after that wonderful introduction. We have sent Raleigh Balloon. You will his faith in about an should. I say no decided to leave him. He has like they must. They must say okay. Well he blew is out of tap dancing school for adult and the fact. That might be interesting to see what's going on. I need is Not Youngsters that children. These grown men and women some of them In their forty s learning to TAP DANCE. Just for the fun of it. They're all in full possession of their faculties to which makes it even more unusual so Let's call in Raleigh balloon now at that adult have dancing school in New York. Waimalu PANT LEGS HERE. Their yard they They're not therapy. Like if you're GONNA BE LIGHT ON IMPRESARIO. Speaking down derided air like you just trying to get out of a forest arrested long underwear. I got a little eventually yet on your dogs. Let's try it again funny at the piano if you would etc right here and Cost of any now. I top explaining how much the cost of any box. Several of them are latching that you haven't practiced hall. I remember last week when you don air. I gave you a couple steps. I said I wanted a digested by this week. I did all leaner about tap. Dancing is your wake up. Call now eighty dollars the only that literally you let me show you that my time maids model of AIDS opening a week while he knows fact what you want me. I don't want to get a little bit of Rivalry between we present the own brand. So are they going to who just left a little bit? The kept leaving grade to accept the abduction. Try once more cooperate. What may go to Dash delay dry. Oh running conveyed. Hey think the cat your microphone. GotTa get Outta your broadcasting over the radio. Wally unauthorized broadcasts. You didn't check with me. Go but we're just trying to think of New York Life. Well I may put the fist on your pulse in a minute. You don't just leave by mobile leopard. Talk a little bit of America. They're an adult tap dancing school. This is Debbie Reynolds. If you've been wondering what you can do to fight communism personally from your own home air is something you can do. Support radio station built and financed by the contributions of the American public to the crusade for freedom. Radio Free Europe is one Cold War operation the communist fear and attack constantly support Radio Free Europe. Send your truth dollars to crusade for Freedom. Care of your local postmaster. And you don't have to send me anything if you to you can get our email address or mailing address on our web pages well and that is at Classic Radio Dot Stream Classic Radio Dot Stream that you can stream are programs on demand learn more about classic radio collecting and contact me their classic Radio Dot Stream and don't forget that our programs are available anywhere on the Internet. Podcast of served apple podcast. Google PODCASTS BOUGHT UP BY SPREAKER. Iheart radio tune in overcast. All you have to do a search for USA Classic Radio Theater. That's U S A classic Radio Theater. I'm Wyatt Cocks. Thanks for spending part of your day with us. Would you do me a favor? Thank this radio station and support the advertisers by doing that. You Support Free Radio and tell your friends. The great radios are back at this spot on the vile classic Radio Theater on your favorite station in the USA radio network. 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Just go to liberty beat DOT news slash recreate on this is the liberty beat at SNL s network dot com in the news soon after he offered public assurances that the government was ready to battle the corona virus the powerful chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Richard Burr sold ave significant percentage of his stocks unloading between five hundred eighty two thousand and one point. Five six million dollars of his holdings on February thirteenth in one thousand nine separate transactions as the head of the Intelligence Committee Burr a North Carolina. Republican has access to the government's most highly classified information about threats to America's security committee was receiving daily Corona virus. Briefings around this time. According to a Reuters story PROPUBLICA reports that a week after burs sells the stock market began a sharp decline and has lost about thirty percents. On Thursday burke came under fire after. Npr obtain a secret recording from February twenty seventh in which the lawmaker gave a group had an exclusive social club a much more dire preview of the economic impact of the corona virus than what he has told the public ever wonder where we find all the news to report right here on the liberty meet visit SNL DOT news to get the world's most sensitive media published all in one place. Save yourself from the endless time. Spent searching for reliable tentative media. Snl last news makes a quick and easy no ads. You'll click bait just roll. Headlights forty four hours a day visit. Snl S. DOT news and get informed today without the corporate media span. Your news now continues. Ireland's Health Service has announced. It will transform the country's biggest sports stadium into a massive drive through corona virus testing site testing at the eighty thousand capacity croke. Park Stadium began Tuesday on an appointment only basis on Wednesday spokesperson for the Health Service. Executive said Croke Park is one of the designated testing centers for North Dublin. The minden lease reports that with its massive football pitch and location in central Dublin. Croke Park is home to and headquarters of Gaelic football and the Gaelic Athletic Association given that no matches will be played at the Dublin. Venue anytime in the near future. The offered the national stadium as a site for dry through testing. These spread of the corona virus has disrupted or destroyed many things the airline industry the economy and any sense of normalcy. That we may have enjoyed until quite recently. The mind unleash reports that now. It appears that covert nineteen will also change the way marijuana. Smokers enjoy their beloved herb. The furious spread of the virus. Means that smokers should no longer share their joints and in general should lean more toward enjoying edible products advocates warned in a statement pro cannabis. Lobbying group normal warned that while we are living through the current pandemic. We should all be more mindful of our day to day consumption practices and how the choices we make impact not only ourselves but also those we care about normal also warned users that is dangerous to continue sharing. The implements used to smoke cannabis such as bonk's vaping pants and other devices and those should be cleaned with disinfectant GEL. Support for the liberty is brought to you by the homestead you room. The homestead guru is an educational website offering tips tools. News stories and commentary on everything. Home Setting glued green homes. Gardening animal husbandry. Do It yourself home. Remedies Alternative Energy Survival Ism on schooling and more those details for found online at the homestead dot. Ku Ru this is the liberty beat Howard by the SNL s network had s network DOT com. I'm MIC murrow reporting for the liberty. Beam reminding spread liberty with a smile Cova. Nineteen better known as Corona virus has spread throughout the world. There are few ways to help lower the spread of this respiratory disease. Wash your hands. Avoid touching your face including mouth nose and eyes cover your coughs and Sneezes Monitor your symptoms and consult with your doctor. Stay at home and away from other sick people except for medical care. Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces for more information please visit CDC dot Gov Forward Slash Kovic nineteen. Thank you. I've ever streamed the business only fiber network. We believe business deserves better. Joined the business only fiber network ever street faster fiber better business. The USA radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Look I take your money or your life and molly straighten up that buzz one of these days. This is placid radio theater. The Great Gildersleeve Bob Hope show transcribed direct from Hollywood from Hollywood the George Burns and Gracie Allen show. Now here's your host. Why it Cox. We go back to March twenty first nine thousand nine hundred fifty four for an episode of the Jack Benny Program and while a lot of emphasis at this point in time was being placed on Jack's television programs they still came up some exterior extremely or extemely. Actually it's extremely isn't it funny stuff for his Radio Program We go back to one thousand nine hundred. Eighty four the Jack Benny Program on Classic Radio Theater Jack. Benny with Borough Livingston Rochester. Devasta- Bob Crosby and yours. Truly Down Ladies and Gentlemen Tonight Jack. Benny does another television. Show his guest stars. Bing crosby and George Burns but meanwhile let's go out to Jack House in Beverly Hills. I know his home. Saw If you'll just follow me we'll go in and pay Jack Visit and you didn't ask me to leave because you're going to sit there and listen to what I've got to say. Oh we better not go in. There seems to be some sort of a commotion going on. I haven't told you half what's on my mind and believe me. I'm talking for everybody in this neighborhood. I moved in. We thought you were Nice. Gentle kindly old. We knew it. You had the mortgages on all our houses. I don't blame you for not saying anything. All you can do. A sceptre with your mouth open and why because even you know that that last trick you pulled was the cheapest Bob thing ever did. Imagine putting a woman with seven children out on the sidewalk because she missed one payment Rochester. Turn off the radio just had another episode of that Thrilling Story. The me no man and tomorrow's episode you'll hint true story thanks. I don't know why you listen to that program. Boss always upset she well. I don't know where they get those fantastic ideas for radio programs. Nobody can be that cheap. Well WanNa corny title the mean old man. It's ridiculous I'll get Mr Bennett. Residents starve stays green radio television and the only laundry service that Livingston almost the commercial on. Thanks Hello Mary. How do you feel what a hundred Mary? That's awful that Oh your temperature. I thought you meant the Doctor Bill. Anyway I'm glad you're feeling better and Mary what you're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll call you tomorrow by. What'd you thank you? Well everybody's been sending her flowers and fruit and candy and so. I thought I'd be a little different. What did you send a bowl of Chili? Good nippy weather looks like Miss Livingston. We'll be back on the program next week. I'll get that I needed the the dome. Well Hello Mr Brown. Hello Mr Benny. I'm sorry I'm three days late with rent on our house but here it is thank you. Oh by the way. Mr Benny are hot. Water heaters leaking. You think maybe you could have. It fixed well. Plumbing costs are awfully high. Now I guess they are but it's been months since you promised to paint the living room. Well I fixed the hole in the roof myself. How good I guess. I'll be running along. Goodbye Mr Benny. Oh by the way Mr Brown. How's your wife? What she doing now you heard she rides that radio program the mean Oh man. Oh Yeah I listened to it every day. Your wife has quite an imagination imagination. Goodbye wasn't boss Mr Brown from Long Beach. He's been complaining a long time about a hole in the roof. It's fix this fixed. I don't remember you send anyone down to fix it if I say it's fixed it speak if you don't believe me listen to tomorrow's episode and you'll find out the way. Rochester television script arrived from. Cbs Oh my director Ralph leave. He'll be here soon to Gobert with me. I wonder what's holding it up. That must be it now. Command Mister Benny. Osu Dana's come on in thank you. How do you feel fine thanks? How are you folks find too? That's good especially my father. After six months they finally took the cast office put in a cast for six months. And what was wrong with your father's foot nothing? He stepped into a bucket of cement looked Dennis Kid. I can understand your father stepping in a bucket of cement. I can almost understand him. Standing there letting this amend drive but why would he keep it on the spot for six months? My mother made him when he stayed out late at night. He couldn't tip toe into the house. The most ridiculous thing I've ever heard managing your mother making him put in a bucket for six months two weeks ago. It came in handy how they were invited to a masquerade in Papuan as a potted palm. Kid Do me a favor with what as long as you got your mouth open sing. Don't talk okay. Thank last why when Jack Ass Dennis to saying why would they have people sing these songs and such there are several reasons why we don't the most predominant which is that while the scripts are covered under one copy. Write the songs themselves. The underlying music is covered by some companies by the name of ASS cat. Bmi Si Sak and They don't recognize when things have lapsed into the public domain Like many of these programs have so the performance itself is in the public domain but the actual song it's still under copyright to the people who wrote it so and we don't WanNa get our radio stations in trouble. You see that at the the music world is so weird these days so many people demand. Well it I'm not going to get into that that's political and this isn't entertainment program but only not when I'm talking March. Twenty First Nineteen fifty four the Jack Benny Program on Classic Radio Theatre. Maybe you could relate to this. A lot of people think they're stuck with their health plan. It costs too much or for whatever reason they just don't like it but great news. You're not stuck with it. There is a choice. It's called Neta share and you could save so much. The typical savings for a family is five hundred bucks a month major difference maker. 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Mellberg financial have the appropriate licenses for the products. They offer you're listening to classic Radio Theater on your favorite station. I started talking before the break. About how weird the music industry is. And that's why we stick mostly to the the generic portions of the program occasionally will play a little bit of a song. But we won't play a whole song but there's reasons for that and we don't have the amount of money would take to fight somebody. Should they file a copyright claim? And they're out there. Do you know that happy birthday to you? Just come came out in two thousand sixteen. Finally in the public domain federal judge ruled that the company Warner Chappell Music bought Sumi. Who WAS IT Let's see let me just read this little clip here. A federal judge ruled music and this goes back to two thousand sixteen the Music Publishing Company. That had been collecting royalties for the song. Happy Birthday to you. For decades does not hold a valid copyright to the popular celebratory Song U S District Judge George H King ruled the copyright originally filed by the Clayton F Sumi Company in one thousand nine hundred thirty five granted rights only to the melody and specific arrangement of the tune but not to the actual song itself assuming ever acquired the rights to the songs Lyrics Warner Chappell music been enforcing the copyright since it bought Sumi successive the Birch Tree Group in nineteen eighty eight. Here's the kick happy birthday to you. Had reportedly been generating some two million dollars in royalties per year. For Warner Chappell Music. Just for something. That probably you've sung and that's how weird the music industry gets and I don't want to fight these. Some of these people are displayed out bloodsuckers. But I I've said too much march twenty first nineteen fifty four. Let's get back to Jack. Benny after Dennis. Finish this song added. That was very very good. Thank you you know. I can't understand you. Did you come in here and talk when you talk? You sound so ridiculous then you sing. And when you're seeing your a completely different person what are you a doctor. Jekyll and Mister High. Each one has his own show doctors on another network. Oh by did say Mr Benny what now. Can I have your permission to do a guest spot tomorrow on a dramatic program dramatic program? What's the name of the mean? All man he's got a wonderful part for me. We're fix a hole in the roof. Well by Chester. I sure my television script hasn't arrived yet. I'm going to call. Cbs see what's holding it up address. Why all right all right? You don't have to shout. The line is spending now hold on. Who is it true? Jack Benny he wants. I should get him the mimeograph department. So why we fresh with them. Why was that so fresh with him the other night you call and ask me if you could pick me up and take me dancing at the Mukamba and then he got mad because when he called for me I was wearing my overrule. I don't blame them for being mad. Why would you wear overalls to the Combo? We'll get to them of Combo. I always wind up fixing his car. Well you better off than I am. I'm not mechanical minded. I have to get out and push. Have you been out with Jack Likely? Yeah two weeks ago. He took me to a nightclub. We sat at a corner table the lights low and he got the Roman. Why did he do? He had the way to fill my slip with champagne. Gosh three yeah. He's stuck through the open toe not to have the happiest time. And Yeah but you know what I've been thinking. Maybe we shouldn't be so fussy about men. I guess you're right after all. We're not getting any young for yourself. John I'm only twenty three twenty three. Then how did you get that medal for sticking switchboard during the San Francisco? Fly Me never high main. Why should I lie you with the? Yeah I miss abandoned. The line is still busy television script. I'll tell them goodbye. That mimeograph department drives me nuts. That's gripped should've been here. Our or maybe. That's IT command. Hollow Don Pillow Jack. Now what's the matter Nothing nothing now down. Don't try to kick me. There's something bothering you. What is it The sportsmen quartet. They're mad at me. The four of them are outside and they won't come in because I'm here. Well last ridiculous come on and follows. Hello Boys Hello boys say they won't talk to me a wonderful idea for next week's commercial haven't you boys have you listen to the silliest thing? I've ever heard Don. Why are they mad at you? They found out that you pay me more money than you pay them. Well that's a fine thing to be mad about. Now wait a minute Jack. I think they've got a point there. Well Don if you feel that strongly about it there should be an adjustment. How much am I paying the Quartet? Now one hundred dollars a week down if it will make you feel better starting next week. I'll cut you down to the same okay. Thanks Jack I've saw the whole thing now. There won't be any more trouble amazing that I didn't think of that myself. Okay gone now. I'd like to hear the number. They're gonNA do next Sunday. Show sportsman can't wait any longer. Now they're appearing at the Statler hotel here in Los Angeles and they have to get over there and we heard some new numbers. Oh off the bye Don Ricochet Romance. I well I'm Tom. I'm I'm I'm well. I saved a little money by cutting down salary but I lost a little too after all. I'm his agent. Let's say chester. I'd like you to take the car and pick up my suit at the cleaners. Because we haven't had the maxwell all wait we haven't no don't you remember. You told me that any time. The Movie Studios WanNa rented I should let them have it. Also you rented it what pictures are. GonNa be in there what it comes in second in the Jerry Second. Gosh I hope they don't whip it too hard. Why you have to take the Rochester. Someone's at the door. I'll get it. Okay see that Ben. Hur's a great story. I remember the first time they made the picture. They beg me to be in. And who wanted to be Francis X Bushman father yet so few lines Rochester hills. There is your TV director. Mr Ralph Levy. Oh come in row. Come on in all right Jack. Fine fine here have a seat. Ralph C there seems to be a delay in Mineola with the TV script but they should be delivering at any minute now Jack and as soon as it gets here we can put on a few minor little change if you might have in no time at all Jack. The cars route. This has one script that I have complete confidence in. I worked out from the start. It's got just the feel of flavor that I will check. The script isn't being mimeographed. That's right Jack. I read it this morning and I just couldn't let it go through. What do you mean you couldn't let it go through? Well Jack. In my opinion the script is nothing to start with the situation as we can a goes no place. There's no action no movement. It's a completely static thing and what humor is is old hat and Corny in fact. I can't remember when I read anything. That's obviously amateurish. And that's not only my opinion. Also the opinion of my Assistant Dick Fisher of my entire technical staff of the head of BBDO and if the chief of CBS Network television. Oh yeah well I showed it to my butcher. Safeway this morning and he was not about. What does he know about comedy plenty? He directed the Horn blows at midnight. You're going to drag in experts. I got some on my side to. That's right boys. Tell him about Mr Carrel be crazy. Yeah he liked the script and he has to be a writer who gets ten thousand dollars a page. What's funny. I never heard of him. What does he get ten thousand dollars a page? He won the. I can't stand Jack. Benny content. I still say this funny script and for the life of me. I don't understand your objection. Well you're still positive. Maybe I was wrong. Look I've got the script right here. My briefcase let's have another glance. Good let's face it does. GonNa say this is pretty funny stuff. I told you around. This is a funny script troop. That's a wonderful live. Certainly believe me row when it comes to judging comedy. I'm seldom wrong. Well I guess maybe on wait a minute. This isn't your script This is the one for the radio show. I direct radio one radio. Show the mean old man. I must remember to tell that writer to fix the hole in her room lately. All our scripts are coming in soaked. That's no problem of yours giant now now now. Let's where did I put? Oh yes here's a TV script but now rap. I'm sure so would you please? Mr Bannon rose dance. Yes yes I see all right goodbye. Who was that Rochester? Butcher all the one that likes my script he's thought it over and changed his mind. I don't know why even Golden Him. There must be dozens of butchers around town who directed me and pictures added. March. Twenty one thousand nine hundred fifty four. Jack Benny. We'll have the conclusion coming up in four minutes along with another yours. Truly Johnny Dollar Story as Classic Radio Theatre continues here on your favorite radio station. Classic Radio Theatre Family and let me ask you a question. Did you sleep last night. Did you toss and turn? Could you just not get comfortable? He did then. That is one of the things that the my pillow does for you because part and the bulk of the problem of not being able to get to sleep at night is because that doggone pillow you just can't get comfortable but with the my pillow. I had the best sleep of my life. I'm in the best health of my life. I do the best work of my life and it's not for any reason other. The only thing that changed was my pillow. I have to tell you that year and you don't have to take my word for it. 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Telhami central by and tell them you want your buy one get one free special on the my pillow premium pillow. Thanks for listening to Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station now. The conclusion of the Jack Benny Program March twenty first. Nineteen fifty four route. You've been reading the script what's bothering you. Well in these first five pages Jack. The only thing that's even remotely funny as the bit with the orchestra and we can't do that with the way. Not We'll check you know very well. We're not allowed to put the camera on your orchestra. Forty million people watching. Wow it's all right to show the boys on television. I got clearance from the musicians union. I don't care you're on. Some of those forty million people will be eating. All whites will take out that bit. One routine doesn't make a script bad. Get this debate residents. Oh yes Mr Roy. What's that all right? I'll tell by Rochester. Roy Director call say doesn't like television script doesn't like it but I never even sent him a copy. Well he said he got it by accident. Accident Yeah this morning was at the Safeway and bought a pound the halibut and your script was wrapped around that. Nice break script around a smelly halibut. Put it the opposite way. I don't care what an I still think. It's a good script on. Don't Misunderstand Me Jack. There are some good things in it but unfortunately the whole idea is wrong. The whole script is based on your being cheap but rather with the character portray people expect me to do cheap thing. I know and that's fine for radio but in television the audience sees you standing there. You have to be a little true to life but nobody will believe it. Well now look here. You have a show starting with two strangers knocking on the door of your big Beverly Hills Mansion to ask directions and you invite them in for lunch and then charge them for that which is practically making a restaurant out of your home then you show them around the grounds and when the man accidentally falls in the pool you charge them a quarter for swimming and to top it off when he starts to Sneeze. You insist on giving a penicillin at five dollars shot. I really Jack nobody could be that cheap route. You're absolutely right. How could we expect anyone to actually look at me and believed that I could do things like that? Well that's my point Jag until we can fix this script so you aren't cheap and more like you really are. We haven't got anything. Okay Ralph. I'll call my writer immediately. We'll throw out everything. Get a whole new idea now for a plot. I was thinking. Maybe we out buses here. Oh my goodness there. Five minutes early. Rochester dust off the same display and turn up the flame under the suit as I was saying Jack over. Get to push the Rice Miller saying I feel that if we could come Rochester. There's plenty for everyone featuring uncle judged by putting his findings come over here and eat with me. I can't chain on my spoon reach that far. Join this you're GONNA pay extra to get mustard on your hot dog dog. That's not in the last time I was in era accidentally fell in the pool and they charged me swimming doubtful. Thank you here's your check. Check me rob. You're standing in front of the penance. Here yard poke souvenirs of Beverly Hills tenants picture Postcard Jacksonville. Listen to me for a minute. I could tell you what I was thinking. Slash goes one of the pool. You'd pick them out. I'll get the penicillin folks. Get your hot dogs and drinks yet. Your hot dogs and calls. Why are you helping me figure? If you can't why did join US Jags? Rice pudding attack. Jack is true that on your television show tonight. You're having both bing crosby and George Burns as guest stars. Yes and I hope George is in a better mood and he has been the last few days. He's had a little trouble with the Income Tax Department why they wouldn't let them take gracie off as a dependent was written by milk. Josephsberg John Pack Berry. I'll Goldman Al Gordon and produced and transcribed by Hilliard month March. Twenty first one thousand nine hundred fifty four. The mean old man Jack Benny here. On Classic Radio Theater. Our prime responsibility is protecting our families. But we also need to protect our family's assets for years. I've studied economics in the Bible and is financial professional. I'm Dr Tom Barrett. I found goal to be the best way to protect assets from government gone. Wild gold has ridicule by leftists elites. Who say it's old fashioned and suitable for financial planning but gold is anything but outdated smart family. 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Not by some star tribunal and that's why America has become the richest most just society in the world other countries for so-called positive rights onto their citizens. These enable one group to take from another group. They're free speech. Money and choice by using government force socialists love wielding power over people. Sometimes we take our freedoms for granted but we can lose our bill of rights and our Constitution and become like Venezuela or North Korea failed brutal socialist regime. We need your help to spread the good news about our amazing. Us Constitution help us take back. America go to our American rights dot com brought to you by the American Media Council. Wayne Allyn Root Mr Health. I want all of my millions of fans be healthy. Live a long life so we could save America. American exceptionalism et capitalism. So are you in front of America? Did you know that at nine hundred seventy three? 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That's the power mole dot com the Power Mall Dot com now on Classic Radio Theater. Part three of the five part yours truly Johnny Dollar Story. The Jolly Roger Fraud Manner. This originally broadcast March Twenty First Nineteen fifty-six from Hollywood. It's time now for I have your call to the Los Angeles Hospital in Tijuana Mexico phenomenon. I'm Johnny dollar investigating the wreck of the The Jolly Roger. The only survivor reported was a cabin. Boy I understand. He just died in your hospital. Yes but most unusual circumstances and your daughter. And that's exactly what I wanted to know some things you told me earlier that I think you ought to know. I'm on my way down to Tijuana to see you tonight and every weekday night Bob Bailey and the transcribed adventures of the man with the action packed. Expense Account America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator. Yours truly Johnny Dollar Expense accounts submitted by special investigator. Johnny Dollar Location San Diego California. The Universal Adjustment Bureau Hartford Connecticut assignment the Jolly Roger Fraud. Four hundred sixty thousand dollars worth palatial yacht gone down to Davy Jones's locker room expensive item. Nine forty cents telephone call to the hospital in Tijuana from a phone booth at Coast Guard headquarters here in San Diego. Because of the neck Paula's nagin seemed to have knowing everything I did. Everyone I talked all even on the telephone. I was afraid to let my call. Go through even the coastguard switchboard before leaving for Tijuana. I check with Jam Penny and talk briefly again with Lieutenant Smith again. Had somebody put that cabin boy out of the way before you could talk him down. The doctor only said that he died under unusual circumstances. But yes that's exactly what I think. What's more important right now? Is that apparently? The land told the doctor thing to before he died. So I'm going on down there you want to use my car. Nagin seemed to know I was going to use it before. He'll probably expect me to use it. Now see giving a rental car. Have it delivered to my hotel service? Entrance onto your name. Okay so nagin made no bones about it. When I talked to him he's having me tailed and he'll probably try to do the same thing to me that he did the Bird Parker once he sure I'm trying to block his four hundred sixty thousand dollars claim dollar but me. I am to stay alive until I can not only prove his claim of fraud. But see him. Senator Murdering Parker on the lads. It went out with a jolly Roger Dollar. Why don't you get the police in on this? With if your life's in danger I want to do it alone. One more thing yeah. You're sure that's needed money. I thought from all I've ever heard that that international rag here was loaded. According to the paper's both Holland and Switzerland locked up as bank accounts within the last week or so. That's why needs a pot full of cash to get over there. That's why he sank his ship so he could collect from. Your Insurance Company Accidents Mechanical Failures. That what he said something to do with the electrical system to use his own words but if the cabin boy was the only survivor of the explosion and he didn't talk to anybody except this Dr Hernandez. I'm going right then. How Nagy and know what made his yacht burn and sink. What's your guess? Expense Account Adamson fifty dollars deposit on rental car on the way back to the hotel to pick it up. I kept looking for somebody that I could identify the tails again that put on but if he was there. I couldn't take and as I drove a few short miles from San Diego to Tijuana. I began to wonder if maybe I was just too small bribe for Paula. Zahn again shipping magnate munition maker international spied about away nonetheless. I still kept an eye out for a familiar face or more point for familiar car. That might be following midday traffic on the big broad highway was astonishingly sparse. A handful of tourists type cars loaded with families the way across the border for a quick look see at Mexico. A handful of movers were on their way to see how far and how long they're American dollars would keep them unfavourably exchange Mexican pesos. So smart cadillacs. Some of them towing outboard runabout some filled with fishermen and the usual run trucks big trucks and trailers. The boys who made a living behind the wheel the best drivers on the role wherever they work loaded with goods for transport between states or countries. Or what have I drove fast? I drove slowly and I still didn't see any car that might have been following to make sure I took off on a gravel side. Road grow or more waiting. Nobody followed so I finally gave up and went back to the main highway at the border I asked. The guards were the corresondents. Hungrily hospital was Jovan Card to at park and back and ask the first nurse I could find and I should've stop right there because she was beautiful. Asked you where Dr Hernandez hung out Monday. Spoiler Beautiful Romance in the Buddy and let me into his office a place to sit down next. I'm so glad you come. We're hearing those. I must confess world somewhat concerned when they fishman wrote in the poorer on cabin mojo survived the wreck of it was the name the Jolly Roger. Yeah that's right so again couldn't have picked a better one so jolly rogers the name of the flag that pirates shifts used to fly skull-and-crossbones. I suppose you know I know it was a glorified Barrett preying on the whole world student of history in your modern as well as ancient and his small selfish way. I realized that policy Nagin has looted- their whole world. Dangerous man say you are worried when his cabin boy showed up because there was a man who called and wish to visit him in system at all seem but of course because of his condition. We could not permit it. The explosion on the ship adulterate deal of damage to small body. When he was brought in here I could see that immediate surgery was necessary to save his life so operated and I did so realize that divine providence would permit me to save the life of disporportionate. Operation was a success. But you told me over. The former he died or poor spital and usually we're not able to provide such things but I appointed a special Louis. Deluca Danni I ordered that man who would not give his name to insisted on seeing him be kept away back to our. The nurse left only for a brief moment and only to inform me of the remarkable improvement in May one doctor. When I entered the room he was doctor. I'm I'm sorry if you've lost your patient of course but you tell me over the phone that there was something unusual about his debt. That's why I came down here have lived. He would have lived CEOS on this. I know that someone got into the room with him. During the brief moment they were left alone got into him and killed him race. One isn't a knitting needle. I think so. He would mean well against what he was killed. Murdered told police about this see and they are what you call the loss. How do you think I feel? It was going to tell them what I knew about the unfortunate boy when your telephone call came then I decided perhaps best talk to you. I won't just what is it. You know about him what he knew about the sinking of the ball. The generally roger thanks to adrenaline another stimulants. I administered even before we began the anaesthetic for the operation. That safety on. I didn't stay long. Regained consciousness long enough to talk with me. He talked a great deal. Well well what did he tell you my notes? I get very careful not to draw. One is a doctor. Wants to say they're gone gone here. I kept them here because I knew they'd help to solve the crime of the singing of the shape. What are this void? Tell Ya Nelson notes. Doctor you must remember something I want. He told you see what led. He'd seen a strange device taken aboard the ship. He was y'all and curious as all more. Yeah let only the capital had had taken into the engine room that he had inquired about it and been told to mind his own affair device was retaliation like a clock he said in Clark an alarm box like an alarm clock it were set for two thirty five to hold everything that was the time the Coast Guard patrol. Planes saw. The explosion knew that by going back to cook senior dollar. He's already and I don't know about you but it sounds to me like the Nike and I one of his men are both planted a time bomb in the engine room of that yacht. See now wait a minute. If the captain knew about it it looked the. Us Coastguard reported that the only survivor was this cabin. Boy I surely. The captain wouldn't have let himself get blown up. No he would not except for one thing. Yeah and I tell you only what I know from the common more. The trip was a test before the ship boom was gone and long trip. It had many new devices on large toll muscle. What you call the radar. Yeah go on. They got it done when they reach a point of the Coronado islands ordered a small boat. Who are they still over the side but in doing so they must be radar. Mast fell down on the carpet. Dan was struck by Dr. I'll listen listen carefully. Tell no one. You've talked to me. Tenure local police if you like what you learn from the cabin boy reported to Your Coast Guard or whatever you have to down here in Mexico but don't under any circumstances let anyone know you've talked to me. I don't understand you wonder where your notes on the Kevin Boyer. What if you ask me again? I was looking them over right now. Nothing is impossible with a guy like him. I want him getting this mark man doctor. He's after me and we after anybody who tries to help me cannot believe what you'd better have. You WanNa stay in one piece. I'll take no chances. I don't think I was followed down here but I may have been if so your life is in danger your same as mine so please watch your step until I can pin whatever it takes again to send him off a life vest. Yeah sure it is but outside of you and a girl named Jan Penny and document that phone yours for a call across the border of course hit. Thanks and I'll hello operator. I WANNA call coast guard headquarters in San Diego California Lieutenant. John Smith and some Mexican operators speak English at all. Yes thank you. You seem alarms in your. Are you just hope you find no cause for alarm before this is over when I say it again? Watch your step the mere fact that you've talked with me at all. I reach him. Well Cheryl Talk to anybody there headquarters. Oh I'm I'm calling lieutenant jump I see what is it Mr Don Lieutenant. Smith is dead. What a hit and run accident about an hour after I left him. Watch your step Dr Seuss. See you do seniors dollar now? Here's our star to tell you about tomorrow's intriguing episode of This Week Story. Tomorrom some real help from two close friends. You know close enough to kill. Join US. Won't you yours truly Johnny Dollar Yours? Truly Johnny Dollar starring Bob Vela's transcribed in Hollywood. It is produced and directed by Jack. Johnstone also wrote tonight story. Be Sure to join US tomorrow night. Same time and station for the next exciting episode of yours. Truly Johnny Dollar Roy. Rowland speaking there you have it part three of the five years to Johnny Dollar Story. The Jolly Roger Fraud matter as it was broadcast March Twenty First Nineteen fifty-six hope you'll visit our web page. Classic Radio Dot Stream that is classic radio downstream where you can stream are programs on demand learn more about classic radio collecting and contact me their classic. Radio DOT stream. And don't forget you can find our programs and your podcast served on the Internet apple podcast. 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You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network broadcasting live for seven news feed. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and Instagram's this is the liberty your daily source for liberty news and activists updates produced in partnership with the S. L. S. network and listeners like you online at acid. Ls NETWORK DOT COM. I'm Mike Mirro with your latest edition of the Liberty. Beat GOLDEN STARTING AT ONE THOUSAND. Four hundred seventy six dollars. Silver at twelve dollars and sixteen cents and Bitcoin is trading around six thousand two hundred sixty five dollars. Today's gold silver in Bitcoin. Prices are brought to you by brave botanical high-quality crate him and CBD at reasonable prices with excellent customer service. Bray botanical is activists known and mission driven the liberty and Bray Botanical. Believe so strongly in the power of freedom. We're giving it away for free. Just go to liberty beat DOT news slash re create this is the liberty beat at SNL less network dot com in the news soon after he offered public assurances that the government was ready to battle the virus. The powerful Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Richard Burr sold off a significant percentage of his stocks unloading between five hundred thousand and one point. Five six million dollars of his holdings on February thirteenth in twenty nine separate transactions as the head of the Intelligence Committee Burr a North Carolina. Republican has access to the government's most highly classified information about threats to America's security committee was receiving daily Corona virus. Briefings around this time. According to a Reuters storing PROPUBLICA reports at eight week after burs sales the stock market began a sharp decline and has lost about thirty percent since on. Thursday burke came under fire after. Npr obtained a secret recording from February twenty seventh. In which the lawmaker gave group had an exclusive social club a much more dire preview of the economic impact of the corona virus than what he has told the public wonder where we find all the news to report right here on the liberty meet visit. Snl DOT news to get the world's most sensitive media published all in one place. Save yourself from the endless time spent searching for reliable media. Snl S. News makes quick and easy no adds fuel. Click Bait Jeff. Rawle headlights twenty four hours a visit. S. Dot News and get informed today with the Corporate Media Span. Your news now continues. Ireland's Health Service has announced that it will transform the country's biggest sports stadium into a massive drive-thru Corona virus testing site testing at the eighty thousand capacity croke. Park Stadium began Tuesday on an appointment only basis on Wednesday spokesperson for the Health Service. Executive said Croke Park is one of the designated testing centers for North Dublin. The mind unleash reports that with its massive football pitch and location in central Dublin. Croke Park is home to and headquarters of Gaelic football and the Gaelic Athletic Association given no matches will be played at the Dublin. Venue anytime any near future. The G. offered the national stadium as a site for drive-thru casting. The spread of the corona virus has disrupted or destroyed many things. The airline industry the economy and ends normalcy. That we may have enjoyed until quite recently the mind only reports that now it appears that covert nineteen will also changed the way marijuana. Smokers enjoy their beloved herb. The furious spread of virus. Means that smokers should no longer share their joints and in general should lean more toward enjoying edible products advocates warned in a statement pro cannabis. Lobbying group normal warned that while we are living through the current pandemic. We should all be more mindful of our day to day consumption practices and how the choices we make impact not only ourselves but also those we care about normal also warned users that is dangerous to continue sharing. The implements used to smoke cannabis such as bonk's vaping pants and other devices and those should be cleaned with disinfectant GEL. Support for the liberty is brought to you by the homestead you room. The homestead guru is educational website offering tips tools news stories and commentary on everything home standing glued green homes gardening. And we'll have drink you yourself. Home Remedies Alternative Energy. Survival is an schooling and more those details for found online at the homestead docu room. This is the liberty beat Howard by the S. and L. S. network at SNL ASSET WORD DOT COM. I'm Mike Moreau reporting for the Liberty. Being reminding you spread liberty with a smile to see graphic campaign as early as next month paired with a simple line of text that reads cigarettes cause Trish in science news. A new study finds that every style of parenting inevitably produces disturbed and miserable adults. Despite in great barrington parenting styles across populations from overprotective too permissive. The end product is always the same profoundly flawed and joyless human being one. Bright note of the study adults can find temporary happiness. When they're able to perpetuate the cycle of human misery by having children in other news the Pulitzer Board adds a giant. Pumpkin category and a local man's utter failure in life is a bit of a sore spot for more news. Visit the onion dot com slash. Newsbeat is the onion news network and law and welcome to freetalklive. It is and other live Saturday episode. Where you as always are free to take control of Airwaves? You can bring up whatever's on your mind. Our number is eight hundred fifty five four fifty free. That's eight five five four five zero three seven three three. We've got the discord Colin Line Rooms. They are open available to you over at discord dot L. R. N. DOT FM. You can sound off that way and you'll sound way better than if you call on the phone with you in the studio tonight. It's Ian and the captain. Wow captain it's been on Mondays together and also Saturday. So how are you? I'm doing great. My Life doesn't change that much. I mean we work out of my living room. So you know that's not a big change But you know it's nice to go out and like see people in real life and there's just aren't that many people out there in the streets and it's just bizarre it's weird how like once you can't do a thing you want to do that thing Right once it's no longer available guy can't even go to the bar and have a beer. No you know no you cannot I that I like drinking although in some places you can't. I heard the Mariana Islands. You can do it. Well if you own like a small homebuyer for example you can just well drink at home. Of course bill sure you can drink at home anytime you assist quite the same as you know going out and meeting random people and that. Kinda thing and you know. I wasn't doing it that often. But I am a Wisconsin. Kit Originally and alcohol is part of the Culture in Wisconsin. It's part of the culture across the United States I'll agree with that. I will say that it's a bit more and more so there. You know. Prominent in Wisconsin for every I think for every church. There's three bars in the state of Wisconsin. So yeah they they take their alcohol seriously there but now that a guy can't do it and I guess I'll just twiddle my thumbs. You know I've got time for some of the projects that I haven't been getting too so hopefully There's some new musical projects in my future. That'll come out of this. As a result but I'm otherwise enjoying the festive government mandated pandemic. It's awful I mean. Obviously you should try to enjoy your life obviously You know being happy about things if you can is a good thing but it's hard to really be pleasant When there's so much tyranny out there when the reason things are the way they are isn't because everyone would necessarily choose that right now if you wanna stay home. That's fine with me. Yeah absolutely want to do. If you feel like you're susceptible my roommate is medically susceptible to certain things. And he's he's like spraying the locks with. Lysol here comes that's fine. You know. Do what you feel is necessary to keep yourself safe personally. I think this thing is way blown out of proportion. I tend to believe that first of all I don't trust the government very good so I don't believe that the numbers they're giving. I don't know whether the true numbers are higher for. The true numbers are lower. Because some people believe that they WANNA THEY WANNA keep people calm so they're reporting numbers that are lower others believe that they want people to panic so reporting numbers that are higher as far as infection rates and things like that because well they benefit if people are scared they are benefiting because they can use that fear to then put in new restrictions into place like for instance. Oh I don't know forcing everyone in California Illinois and New York State to stay inside their homes Marshall and effects. I mean that that does sound a lot like martial law. I mean even though there may not be military members in the streets with tanks yet. We're not that far away from that happened. Just because you can walk out the door and be outside doesn't mean you're not in a prison right if you can't choose where to go when you walk outside then you are in an open air prison where to go who to associate with how many people can associate with. There's places that are that are limiting gatherings to ten or less all right. Yes I'd heard. Massachusetts was twenty five. Was the Max our very own. So-called live for your dice. State of New Hampshire is fifty and by the way there was a lawsuit that was filed last week about that and I've got an update to that particular story. Well since I mentioned Wisconsin This from W. K. O. W. dot com out of Madison Wisconsin. Dane county sets up website to report gatherings of ten or more people. So now you snitch on your neighbors. Apparently also give some money if you snitch him out too because a lot of the snitch lines. You'll get like like there was a New York City. You snitch on your neighbor for having a gun and they'd give you like a thousand bucks. Hey you the snail my God. That's horrible. Yeah that's horrific right I. I don't know but apparently the public health of Madison Dane County set up an online form that can be his to submit a violation of governor. Tony Evers Order. The form asks for some basic information before offering several fields. To describe the gathering. Did you hear about the guy who got arrested for doing a wedding? I read a headline about that. But I didn't read the actual articles wedding corona virus from Philly. Cbs philly right because they had too many people or something of the police in Ocean County. New Jersey have arrested a homeowner for hosting a pop up wedding with more than fifty people in attendance. Now I don't know what a pop up wedding is. I guess it was like one of those short notice things. Yeah they call the. What's the thing where you like? Sent a text message in flash mob mob kind of the same thing of up wedding or they have it at like maybe a public place right. So everybody goes. Hey let's gather at Smith Park over here because it's a public area. That's open to anybody at any time. And everybody just sort of shows up they put up some tents or whatever bringing some alcohol. You know whatever it is. I don't know so. They arrested the person who was I. Guess getting married Ella. Eliyahu socks forty. Nine years old has been charged with maintaining a nuisance. So it sounds like they're really stretching to just come up with whatever they can to charge somebody with. Does that mean a guy can start anew? Cincinati get charged. Start the nuisance leave. Yeah aren't there yeah. Whoever's maintaining interest busted quote the Lakewood Police is asking? Well it doesn't sound like they're just asking the LAKEWOOD. Police is asking that citizens be responsible and obey the directives set forth by the State of New Jersey for the safety and health of all those that choose not to will be subject to criminal prosecution because this whole freedom thing that's out the window it didn't really exist before corona virus. It was all you know basically a scam and illusion. You know you really didn't have freedom. At least had the illusion of it and the semblance of it the relative freedom to be able to walk out your front door and decide whether to turn left or right you know you had some basic choices that you could make previously. You didn't have offense necessarily surrounding your property. But now if you try to do something that is outside of these diktats by these so-called governors here New Hampshire his press release calls him His Excellency. It really says that that if you disobey His Excellency in their armed guards that you will be put into a cell. Where by the way you'll be in close proximity with a bunch of other people. I just I just want to say to our listeners. And I've said it before and I'll say it again but I am a free human being an individual that is different from every other individual different as individuals can be except for maybe identical twins. But you know that's another story but within that I need no leader. I need nobody to tell me what to do. And how to live my life because I am best qualified to do that. Nobody else is best qualified to tell me to do that. The lakewood police again saying that they will prosecute you. Violate their little Precious set of rules Lakewood. Police say they've responded to approximately seventeen calls for violations of the social distancing restrictions laid out by the state on Friday. The Governor Phil Murphy in New Jersey said he expects to issue more restrictions on social distancing. Probably this weekend but at that time did not indicate what that might entail. So I'm I'm guessing that now it's illegal to actually step close to somebody making criminals out of people that are otherwise peaceful harming nobody trying to carry on with their lives. It's disgusting it's really about. You could be harming someone captain by being close to someone you could be spreading a virus to them see now. You're a threat that could be harming people when I pass gas to the toll. Free number here is eight fifty five four fifty free. That's eight five five four five zero three seven three three. They can arrest me for that. Yeah is it now illegal to actually step within six feet of another human being because if that's true and I don't know if that's what the rules are in New Jersey. Because that's what part of this whole social distancing thing is is a six foot distance most of the time that's going to mean you're gonNA have to walk in the road if you're on the sidewalk with somebody more coming up. Free Talk Live. Bitcoin DOT COM has launched a trading platform at local DOT BITCOIN DOT com allowing you to buy or sell bitcoin cash via dozens of payment methods. Like pay pal then. Mo Bank deposit remittances or meeting in person with cash. There are no idea requirements to sign up for and use the site and all communications between buyers and sellers are encrypted finally a global trading platform that respects your privacy visit local. 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That's eight five five four five zero three seven three three. We have the discord Colin line rooms over at discord dot L. R. N. DOT FM. Feel free to jump into those and you'll sound almost like you're sitting here in the studio with you tonight it's Ian and the captain. It is just overwhelming the amount of news that I want to talk about like some nights on free talk live. It's like slim pickens for for free topics for show topics like okay gotta go into my evergreens and pull something up from fish the Internet for something to talk about but no not not the last couple of weeks. Anyway here we are a week. Two of the festive government mandated pandemic. It's been about a week now here in New Hampshire that they've locked down access to restaurants and bars. So that's that's when it really started for us here but in other places it's total lockdown odd California Illinois. I think just went yesterday. New York also within the last the whole state of California state it started in San Francisco six counties in one area and then it expanded statewide just in the last couple of days. That's right and also in other related news Canada. Us Land Border also the US Mexican land border closed. What's called non essential travel so if you're traveling for work so if you're a trucker professional driver you can go across the border but if you're just going to go down to Tijuana to go shopping or whatever then they're Gonna. They're not going to allow you to leave now. I heard that the Canadian border closed to well non-canadian citizens and also for some reason. Us residents did that change as of midnight last night while land border according to Global News Dot ca between Canada and the US has closed to all non essential travel. So if you've got to work and you can prove it. I imagine right. Yeah then they they might let you across so I know you guys WanNa comment feel free to jump on the phones here. The toll free numbers eight fifty five four hundred fifty free but before we go to the calls since we were talking about New Jersey. You had an update from Wisconsin as well where. There's a rule that you cannot gather with more than ten people is our that is correct. Is this like an executive edict. This is from the It's from Dane County and it's governor Tony Evers Order Okay so our statewide. Wisconsin gatherings over ten people right and so they've set up a snitch website Where if you are in Wisconsin and UCLA gathering of more than ten people? I can just see. Like Mrs Kravitz Peeking out her window. There's eleven people next door. I'm GONNA go online and fill out this form. Apparently any person who willfully violates her obstructs the execution of this rule or any state statute rules county city or village. Ordinance for which no other penalty is prescribed. Which they're currently this falls under can be imprisoned for not more than thirty days or find not more than five hundred bucks or both. Yeah so basically misdemeanor. Yeah there but literally. They're in a cage people or threatening the cage people and find them for gathering more than ten people and I happen to know that there are some quite large families in Wisconsin then are larger than ten. Pete suspect they will make an exemption for that because it makes them look really bad if they start going arresting families for being in their own home. This makes it look good but but it. It does to people captain. That's the thing like in our world it doesn't in our world people are wrong dammit. It looks makes them look like tyrants but to the average person it seems like they're welcoming this. I mean they're frustrated. I'm sure about the fact that they can't go to work. And maybe they're gonNA have a tough time paying their rent and all that but at least they're safe because safety is what matters to most people they've been raised in this government indoctrination system where they've been told the government's here take care of you. Where every president I remember at least in my adult lifetime so like as far back as George Bush and a little before that all these presidents have always had Barack Obama George Bush. They've all stood up in front of Americans at the podium and said it's my job as president to protect the American people. It's all about. It's all about safety is all about. You've got to feel safe. Show me show me. Show me where it says. It's the president's responsibility to protect the people. It's not it's nowhere. Whose responsibility is yours individually. You are an individual. You are responsible for your own protection you need to learn and educate yourself take responsibility for that stuff and stop depending on these tyrants to do it for you because guess what the more you allow it to happen. The less freedom. You're going to have but part of what's happening here and there's another story. I've got about this again so much to cover so little time Quarantine shaming you heard about this. Yeah this is the new thing where all these people who are letter anyone scarlet letter all these people who wanna feel safe and they love their the government thank goodness we've got the government out there. They are actually socially shaming and ostracizing. Anybody else who's like you know what I want to just go out and do what I WANNA do. Because I'm willing to take a risk and I'm not worried about all this fear surrounding what honestly it seems like is just another iteration of the flu although it isn't as deadly at as the flu is widespread is the flu and there are. There is such conflicting information. There's reports that are like the death rate is like double that of the flu and then others are like the death rate is not even half of the flu and then there are other people who are saying and I forget who I heard this from but the claim about all these people in Italy because people have said well look at. What's happened in Italy? The claim is that a lot of these people who died in Italy like the Super Majority of these older folks who died already had a pre existing malady of some sort. So it's not like they were like a healthy eighty year old and got sick and died. Right they were in firmed and got sick and died. They already had something else going on right. Yeah so it's being blown way out of proportion and let's go to your phone calls and thoughts. I WANNA get into New Jersey. Apparently at nine PM Eastern time tonight the State of New Jersey will be going into full lockdown. I'm staying out of New Jersey if you want to go. It's the garbage state. I don't want to go to New Jersey either. If I ever I I would prefer to drive around it if I can at all avoid. It's one of the worst places one of the least free states of all of the The United States and by the way that is what we're seeing here is some of the least Free State's New York Illinois Allah -Fornia Illinois now. New Jersey are the ones that are doing. The total lockdown at point nine PM Eastern time we will give you the details from NJ DOT com. What you need to know about these. Stay at home order you thought. Wisconsin was bad with ten people. There is now zero like you can't go out and gather with anyone at all what where in New Jersey as of nine PM Tonight. You can't you can't gather with another person. Get out and gather with anyone what if entered. Lake Mary it. And you know you WANNA go for a walk with your spouse. You can go for a walk. What about your kids? There's an exemption for for for exercise. You're allowed to leave your house for Exercise. Saw How nice is them? We'll tell you more about coming up here but let's go first to Larry. He's in Indianapolis. You're on free. Talk live go ahead. Larry. No no thing. That's blaring contradiction. What are they going to do with all the homeless people? I've seen a bunch of homeless people right downtown yesterday at the mission crowded in our LEICA cameras sardines. I guess they don't hold the same value but That's a good point though Larry because when I was in Seattle there were several. We'll call the missions for like the homeless and all the time homeless would be lined up outside waiting for them to open or to do their business. And there'd be a line at least ten deep six feet between every single person in the line Thank you Larry for your call tonight. The toll free numbers eight fifty five four fifty free. That's eight five five four five zero three seven three three. You can bring up whatever you want to control of the airwaves here on. Free Talk Live. What's happening where you live? How do you feel you ought to work from home? Get paid and forward liberty all the same time. Free Talk Live is looking for account executives and appointment setters. If you've got a phone computer internet connectivity initiative a belief in the non aggression principle. You're qualified earn up to eighty five thousand dollars a year fulltime twenty five thousand dollars a year part time set your own hours worked from home. Spread freedom join our team and work with one of the biggest leaders in the Liberty Movement. Apply now at sales DOT FREETALKLIVE DOT COM sales DOT FREETALKLIVE DOT COM. 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Yeah and that's just your bureaucracy if it's the same way everywhere else in every other government department and our Jedi. This was a microcosm. If it's bad way I was. You know the entire federal government so from the very top to the very bottom former police officers. They've told us that. Usually ed for about seven years. They've told us that in their experience usually the worst rise up through the ranks. Would you say that's accurate from your experience? So lewdly free talk. Live seven nights a week from seven to ten eastern live on the Liberty Radio Network at L. O. R. N. DOT FM. My Name is Jacob Hornberger. I'm president of the Future Freedom Foundation which Congressman Ron Paul awarded for having an outstanding freedom website riots at F F F F F F dot. Org and we'll send you a free three months. 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The Corona virus response by the government. Gangsters is getting worse despite the day. It's getting dumber. It's getting more dangerous. And it's getting more deadly to freedom as well. I believe I made this prediction a week ago. Today that things are going to get much dumber and while true to form. They sure have very quickly. You're right about that. Freedoms PHOENIX DOT COM. Where you can get smart nuys though head on OVER TO FREEDOMS PHOENIX SMART? Where they've got the newest if you feel like you're dumber sounds like an Ernie get on overdue Freedoms Phoenix because they've got the newest and freshest stories and perspectives on current events from those who value LIBERTY FREEDOMS PHOENIX DOT COM. Has it the daily dispatch? There's the best way to stay up to date on science technology historical findings Liberty News government overspending and the rise of the police state. It's freedoms with an S. PHOENIX DOT COM. That'S FREEDOMS PHOENIX DOT COM as captain kick ass. Continue here in the studio. We'll give you the rundown of what's going to happen in New Jersey tonight at nine pm eastern so about an hour and a half out from the total lockdown the countdown on is coming to Jersey. And it's already hit California New York Illinois. Maybe there's another state I haven't heard about. I mean by no means. Am I tapped into all the news about this virus? It's impossible to follow everyday's that's true so feel free to let us know if you've seen any kind of Developments here that we didn't catch. Let's go first to your calls and thoughts to white is on the line in Kentucky listening to KC in Bowling Green Yellow. Dwight hey there yes. So if China's a country of one point two billion and they've reported three thousand five hundred deaths and they are now decreasing on the curve. So say they go up to four thousand five hundred deaths they are three times. Uh so extrapolate that. That's what one thousand five hundred desk for our country. That's nothing but that's that's not nothing can strike T- We'll right but you don't see nothing but you don't see any governors closing states because of lightening strike cynical noise is what is what we're talking about here. I mean I'm not saying I mean I'm not trying to minimize the packer. Who is who are dying. Okay I'm not trying to guess is that's not a hundred thousand deaths. I'm GONNA be mad. Well I mean I wouldn't be mad if people thousand for flu and that's what trump said. Hey it's kind of like the flu. You might be a little bit worse and yeah I mean I don't know Just my that's my thought. Yeah no look. I don't blame you for being upset. I mean I'm not going to be upset that more people didn't die. I think that's a good thing but people should be upset about the restrictions on their freedoms that these governments have been putting into place all across the United States insane restrictions on freedom. We told everyone to home and not drive. We fifty thousand deaths every year from carbon. Exactly thank you for the call. Dwight great point freedom excellent analogy. Yeah Eight Fifty. Four fifty free because life isn't about just being safe. I mean life is a risk right. I guess I constantly I put all my stuff into some pods. I sold my car. I flew to New Hampshire. I rented an apartment sight unseen. I really didn't know anybody here when I did it. And that was all risk. I could have died at any moment and first time. You tried guy did I. I did almost die five years before that. So you know everything is walking outside the risk you get hit by most accidents happen in the home is a risk stepping into your bathtub is a risk so like so. Don't take a bath if everybody just stopped. Showering we could prevent thousands of deaths per year. Right wouldn't be able to sit in a room when the moral but that will create social distance. Let's continue here. Let's talk to Zach. He's in Ithaca New York. One of the lockdown state ZAC. What's happening out there? Hello went to the grocery store right when it opened this morning and it was pretty weird. I was GONNA say as far as that last caller was saying about the numbers data out of China. You cannot trust any number for the Communist Party. They've just stopped. Testing government. Trust the United States government or the New York government but going. Yeah I would say. Probably ten times with their stated numbers were at the very least. I did WanNa talk about is Adam. Curtis hyper normalization. Are you familiar with the documentarian from the BBC? I'm not I'm not familiar with such a lesson from the BBC. He's been doing it for about twenty years and Twenty Sixteen. He made hyper normalization. Which the thesis. Statement of documentary is essentially that Western politicians Painted a false reality for people. That was much more simplistic and we all began living in this false world and gradually over time reality started to penetrate that false constructive world and we're now suffering the consequences of that just makes sense. Now what do you mean by that Like a false construct reality. We all agree that we're all living in the same fantasy on some level that you know things are under control. Everything's going fine. And then things that have been lurking in. The shadows gradually over time. If come to permeate the bubble of this false constructed reality that we all can you give them. Yeah I mean like I'm thinking he's talking about the religion of authoritarianism right. The DOT COM is one of the. It's a very very interesting documentary. It's all over you to And it's been very eye opening for me and I think if anyone's got any spare time to sit around and watch the I couldn't suggest more time for that. What was it called hyper normalization by Adam? Curtis Bitter Lake need the power of Nightmares? That century so If you just listen to the first like two or three minutes he states the whole thesis statement of the what is okay. Thank our recommendation. What's it like being in New York right now with the total octo? It's kind of spooky because I'm in Tompkins county where we have a lot of Chinese students. We have cases and You know it's probably been here a lot longer than they said so potentially I might have gotten. I didn't feel well a little while ago. I could have gotten over for all I know or that could be wishful thinking and I'm about to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day so I mean hopefully it'll die but if I do okay and so you are being forced to stay in your home. What are the restrictions there? I'm not being forced. I mean I. Don't you know like to go out and necessarily leave my house as it is but I mean the buses are still running the grocery story? It's still open right okay. So ugly there is In these lockdowns as I understand it we'll go through the New Jersey restrictions here in a moment but as I understand it. They are telling people that they are allowed to go to the grocery store. They may still be allowed to go to perform a some sort of a so-called essential job but for the most part otherwise they're supposed to stay in their homes under threat of violence. I don't think there's any it hasn't gotten quite that intense here. This is a college town. The kids are all Everybody's paying the order so nobody's nobody's really tried to push the limit and see how far the government will go by disobeying the order. Yeah everybody is actually going. Put up some anti Chinese propaganda. Just for fun anti-chinese government or are you anti Chinese people Because that does okay. Good the People. The people are like tons of their government. Just like we are. Thank you for the call tonight. I appreciate it Zach Toll. Free number here is eight fifty five four fifty free. Jerry is in Charleston West Virginia listening to Wvu. Hello Jerry. Hey fellas You know West. Virginia was the very last state to locate some. I mean we. I'm sure we looked really hard We finally came up with their own. CORONA virus here a couple of days ago Before that happened I had a lot of t-shirts printed up Anybody can buy them and it does Cova Nineteen National Champs. Social Distance thinks than eighteen sixty three West Virginia became a state. If anybody in the United States has been distant from every other state it's West Virginia So I posted on facebook today but to destroy the entire world over something that may or may not happen is going way to totally Jerry standby you gotta say we can bring it back here in just a moment because the risk from this thing seems to be relatively low. It doesn't certainly no no worse than many other things that are regularly with us. 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If you considered getting into crypto currency especially if you found yourself with a little bit more time on your hands given that the government gangsters are threatening you. Leave your home without their permission. Slip now basically. You need a hall pass. Just go anywhere in life. According to the government people in California New York and as of nine PM Tonight New Jersey also Illinois Started I think yesterday so I want you to know about BITCOIN DOT COM. That's where you can go to learn about cryptocurrency like bitcoin and Bitcoin cash and get the basics. Because now's a good time start doing that? Especially as the federal government is going to be pumping a bunch. More dollars or yes. They already circulated announced a one point five trillion that they're just going to inject into the economy. That's right then they're also going to do another into the banks which we'll get into the economy edits. Then they're gonNA do another like seven hundred billion in what they call quantitative easing which is printing more. You're adding Zeros to some bank account somewhere right and don't forget the checks they're going to print out probably for every American so you know that way. Remember that. The government's taking care of them. Here's a thousand dollars. What when did the price of your freedom become a thousand dollars that seems pretty thick and low to me? That's pretty much sums it up so go to. Bitcoin DOT COM learn the basics about bitcoin cryptocurrency and also get the latest news headlines over at news. Dot BITCOIN DOT COM. Let's go back to Jerry. He's calling us from West Virginia Jerry. You're back on free. Talk Live with your thoughts. Okay so As I posted to facebook today I said sure. Take the standard precautions as you always would if you were ill and maybe take a little more but the world has been through this before and survived without shutting it down so you know the cure here is going to be much worse than the problem and the more you know as every day passes and as one of the other callers mentioned we have like five homeless shelters and in a very small area in our town and those people are just crowded up together now they have put Some porta-pottys out for them. So now they're going in there to shoot up drugs most with that right right and so you know this takes me back about ten or twelve years. We had a beautiful river here. Call the cold river and it was a very shallow river. It was probably four feet deep in this particular area. Very flat. Lot of smooth rock and you could have a wonderful time and people have had a wonderful time Swimming in this area for over one hundred years well. Some kid drowned about ten years ago and his mother raise such a stink over it that the state came in shut. Shut the whole area down so you can't win here anymore. Under threat of going to jail so this generation and future generations will not able to enjoy this beautiful swimming area because of the government ridiculous because of this push towards constant safety safety safety no risks allowed and you know what. I've been a skydiver for forty years. I was one of the first to jump off the New River Gorge Bridge. But don't talk to me about safety okay. Great Call Jerry. I really appreciate hearing from you. Thank you for sharing that with us. And I'm glad I'm so glad there are people out there still who actually care about being free and being able to take risks in life because that's what to me is an important factor in my life has always been the ability to take a risk. Yeah because I don't think you can not just taking a risk of like going swimming. Which doesn't seem too risky to me. But I guess you know one kid died so therefore nobody can go swimming now. It's crazy But you know to take a risk in your life whether it be in business risking your money or whether it be risking jumping out of an airplane. Now that's not my kind of risk. I'm not into that clear. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane for no apparent reason skydiving. Yeah that's what I mean so doing You know everybody should be free to take whatever risks. They want to smoking cigarettes. That's a risk to And and the this whole idea that we need the government out there to decide when when it's okay to leave the house like literally people everything you do that you consider fun probably has a risk involved. That's probably true right. I like to drink beer yet. Alcohol's gotTa risk involved right. Some people like to Ski Berry Risk. Right skiing or snow skiing risky right skateboarding. Report every risky. Yeah well except for. Maybe like chess. Sorry I don't know if that's a sport but bowling's risks think. Chess is a sport in the same way that I don't think sports are a sport. The these video game dude has never had carpel tunnel. Oh my gosh it is debilitating and I say this as somebody who likes video games right so it's not like I'm biased against video games. I enjoy them. I grew up with them but I don't consider it a sport and I also say there's somebody who doesn't really care for sports era sound like I'm trying to attack gains like normally sports include some sort of physical component. That actually involves exertion. And I don't know if I consider lifting chesapeake exertion nor do I consider coming the controller controller. I mean to trigger over some amount of hours of non-stop gaming. You might get a sore thumb. Maybe you really have to be playing for a long. But it's a risk nonetheless. Well there's the risk of inaction in that case being sedentary the risk of not doing anything giving her mom grounding you because you spent too much time on the video games. Yeah and so you know there's this quarantine shaming apparently going on which maybe we'll get a chance to talk about tonight. And as far as I'm concerned we should be shaming people who are all about this safety. Nonsense I mean. Look if that's the way you wanna live your life that's fine but stopped trying to force it on everybody else. Stop trying to tell me and my friends and the people who I care about how they have to live their life stop trying to tell local business owners how to run their business if they want to put in provisions to so-called protect their customers or recommendations or whatever by all means they should do that. So get this in Seattle Washington. I would attend this Irish pub that I liked I don't mind saying their name is Shawn. O'donnell's Irish Sean. O'donnell they're a chain actually Sean Sean Junior own and run the place and it's a family run deal get haggas so they do occasionally but only the Everett location at any rate Before the government mandates started coming in right there a fricken Irish pub. And we're coming up on Saint Paddy's right so one could have the go out for a drink on Saint Patrick's day here. It's like their Christmas financially. Speak Right for an IRA drink beer. And they sent out an email to all their people that are on their list and saying. Hey we're we're keeping it low key this year because of the you know this is before the government stuff they started. They started doing what they thought was the right thing for their families and their customers so they started sort of restricting. Okay we're not GONNA have the big Irish bands we're not gonNA have the festival Blah Blah. But what we will do is we will offer you know to go family meals so if you WANNA pick up a traditional Irish feast for your family. Go to our website or whatever you know. They'll feed a family of six or something I don't know but you know they send out and they were. They were doing this they were. They said we're GONNA not. We're going to close down. You know these two stores but these others. These other bars are going to beat. Restaurants will be opened. And you can come in and eat or you can get to go. And that's fine and then as things sort of progress there were like now. We're not GONNA have anything but we will still do the to go orders right so they were voluntarily doing the things that government is now mandating already as a business who sort of had their customers in mind right and I don't understand myself why the government feels like they have to come in and mandate it when businesses are perfectly capable of making decisions for their customer base. Come on you may not understand it from your perspective but try to understand it from. There's this is a perfect excuse or I know it's a power grab for them to get away with more control. And that's what they're all about. Yeah they love telling people what to do. They love watching people follow their orders and they love feeling like they're in charge so I mean this is a big moment for all these politicians who've just been salivating over. I can't agree with more people. Let's talk to Trina. She's in Bloomington. Delaware you're on free. Talk Live W trainer. You're on. Hi Everybody Hey I would like to share some information. I'm glad to another caller called in. And what you were talking about risks because it relates back to where I wanna say I used to work in nursing was a nursing assistant. I know what I'm talking about please. And sharing this information because I know there are people out there who are trying to do. what they think is in important and necessary to protect themselves but people are not properly using latex gloves like medical people. Wear you know doctors and nurses gloves. You say they're not properly using them. I want you to tell me what you mean by that. If you can hang on we will bring back. You can explain that because I've seen this at some businesses here in town that are better able to be open because in New Hampshire. They restrictions are only on restaurants and bars for the most part people wearing latex gloves behind like a counter or whatever. We're come up free. Talk live remember when I heard about bitcoin. How long did it take you to realize this little project would soon change the world? The you kind of wish you had gotten involved sooner. Well now's your chance to be part of the next revolution in money. Inter coin is working to finally make crypto mainstream. It's designed to be scalable enough to support everyday payments and even elections without the state. Bitcoin was originally supposed to be a peer to peer cash system. The way we would all pay one another without having to trust any third party but instead over time it mostly became a store of value. That's because every ten minutes. The bitcoin network must put all transactions into a block and that block can only hold so much. If crypto is to become mainstream for everyone to use it in everyday payments. We need a new architecture. One that says secures bitcoin while being far more scalable checkout enter coin dot org to find out more and maybe pick up some of those coins for yourself. Oral Health. Important to you if you don't like your own teeth fresh breath or kissing people then by all means stop listening several years ago. I met Jessica Armand Founder and CEO of magic mud. And I became passionate about the product that she created. 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This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and Instagram's this is the liberty your daily source for news and activists updates produced in partnership with the SNL s network and listeners. Like you online at SNL s network DOT com. I Make Moreau with your latest edition at the Liberty Golden Starting at one thousand four hundred seventy dollars silver at twelve dollars and sixteen cents and Bitcoin is trading around six thousand two hundred sixty five dollars. Today's gold silver in Bitcoin. Prices are brought to you by brave botanical high-quality crate him and CBD at reasonable prices with excellent customer service. Ray Botanical is active stone and mission driven the liberty and brave botanical. Believe so strongly in the power of freedom. We're giving it away for free. Just go to liberty beat DOT news slash re create. This is the liberty at network dot com in the news soon after he offered public assurances that the government was ready to battle the corona virus the powerful Chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee Richard. Burr sold off a significant percentage of stocks unloading between five hundred eighty two thousand and one point five six million dollars of his holdings on February thirteenth in twenty nine separate transactions as the head of the Intelligence Committee Burr. A North Carolina. Republican has access to the government's most highly classified information about threats to America's security committee was receiving daily Corona virus. Prefix around this time. According to a Reuters story PROPUBLICA reports that a week after birth sales the stock market began a sharp decline and has lost about thirty percent since on. Thursday burke came under fire after. Npr obtained a secret recording from February twenty seventh in which the lawmaker gave the group had an exclusive social club a much more dire preview of the economic impact of the corona virus. Then what he told the public.

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