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KMOX News Radio 1120

02:11 min | 3 years ago

"jke l. l" Discussed on KMOX News Radio 1120

"K hd 3 lewis this is cbs news on the hour reset advice ziprecruiter i'm jim michelle steve bannon the former chief strategist the president trump was on capitol hill tuesday but he climbed up when questioned by a house intelligence committee panel investigating russia election meddling ranking democrat adam schiff accused the white house of putting under a gag order but it was learned the ban and has now been subpoenaed by the special counsel robert muller and that may have influenced his decision to refuse to answer question cbs news legal consultant andrew cohen it is no surprise but it is a very big deal that steve bannon the former high ranking trump official was subpoenaed by the special counsel's investigators sign that they felt it necessary to compel his attendance rather than merely asked for it and i suspect that those investigators are going to ask farmer pointed questions of bannon than any republican lawmakers are likely to ask him and of course for bannon there is jeopardy if the answers the same mm questions differently in each venue the skipper's or two navy destroyers were involved in deadly collisions last year now face criminal charges cami mccormick report the navy says it's filing negligent homicide charges against the commanders of the us has fitzgerald and the us has john mccain the charges will be presented at a hearing which would then determine whether the two or court marshaled the collisions involving the navy ships and commercial vessels off the coast of asia cost the lives of seventeen us sailors leeson pohlmann washington say the body of washington state university quarterback tyler hillen in jke was found in his apartment tuesday dead of an apparent selfinflicted gunshot wound police chief gerry jenkins luhn officers one and five aid covered mr alinsky the key with a gunshot wound to his head and a rifle lying next to him and they also found a appears to be a suicide now alinsky had failed to show up for practice tuesday was expected to be the cougars starting quarterback next season correspondence default herman as the latest on that coupled from paris california accused of abusing their thirteen children greg fellows of the riverside sheriff's department did not hold back his feeling i would call that torture officials for the first time publicly spoke about some of the horrific conditions inside the.

paris mr alinsky police chief washington state university john mccain fitzgerald negligent homicide cami mccormick andrew cohen adam schiff russia president jim michelle steve bannon cbs california chief strategist gerry jenkins jke tyler hillen washington asia us navy special counsel official steve bannon consultant robert muller capitol hill trump
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KMET 1490-AM

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"jke l. l" Discussed on KMET 1490-AM

"That woman michelin jke and we've got to get back to do in the the job of the president i never thought about it i never thought about you know what's the effect on my kids now someone's bringing it up in now i remember that that little conversation so what about bill clinton what about bill clinton david brooks is the only one bringing bill clinton in the conversation senator kirstin jilib ran democrat of new york and member and and the and the member who now holds hillary clinton's former seat said that bill clinton should have resigned from the presidency after the lewinsky scandal twenty years ago i think that is the appropriate response style i think things have changed today and i think under those circumstances there should be a very different reaction yeah i think he should have resigned too but the democrats had a different and i said this last week the democrats ashley well they actually held impeachment hearings and he was actually impeach but by that time it took so long to get justice or to get hey he was impeached for for lying to to the fbi saying that he didn't have sex with her than he did in a so among science that so he was impeached but then they had to vote about they had to vote to whether to remove him from office and i would've i would've been embarrassed enough i would have wanted to to get out of the limelight and i would've i would've resigned will coordinate work this is that happened i wouldn't have done so you know hey eight years eight years keep it in your pants eight years you're going to be in the in the spotlight no know it if you're in the spotlight hey if you're married follow your vows be true to.

president bill clinton david brooks kirstin jilib new york hillary clinton fbi michelin senator lewinsky eight years twenty years
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ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"jke l. l" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Dow on i two and the espn app hi i'm jeremy shan you may know me from espn's outside lines in sports center you probably don't know is that i've suffer from crohn's disease for almost twenty years the crohn's colitis foundation of americans take steps be heard walk program is the largest national walk programme dedicated to raise funds and awareness jke backgrounds disease and austrian flights to learn more about how you can help and to find a site near you please visit www died cctv steps dot org well i finally did it i opened to 401 k what why just wait for the inheritance we definitely got a rich uncles somewhere where one call away from the winner's circle at the derby dinners of multiple forks a vacation home in the country using summer is a verb you don't actually think that team when it comes to financial stability don't get left behind get tools and tips for saving at feed the pig dot org this message brought to you by the american institute of cpas and the ad council it takes twelve years to create a godhra takes on the phone time to create jobs and at the end of the day the difference between a chevy from of the other could be in some uniting asked to make a pledge to child needs help mentor can't who need some homicide volunteer to meet the challenge him because an a child advances we are tudor give advocate volunteer live united take the pledge now at leaving added that org brought to you by united way.

Dow crohn espn jeremy shan crohn's disease colitis american institute of cpas twelve years twenty years 401 k
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"jke l. l" Discussed on WLAC

"The facebook logo that's exactly right levin none other the media is terribly worried that trump is going the influence people the media will tell you i me crazy emeka ms vision jke actually said that she worries that trump may actually end up controlling what people think on jobs and the economy and it's not the president job it's the media's job to tell people to determine people eggs exactly what they think that's very honest i don't know she intended feet of issues had it sits and she's very worried the president intimidating amedee is going to lead people believing what the president says instead of what the media says and it's the media's job to control what people think she used the word control she worries that trump is a signal this and her fear is rational but her philosophy is of course all wet but i mean i think that's pretty accurate firms or what they all think they're in charge what you think they're in charge what you know don't know and any challenge to that like alternative media or apr president with direct access to the audience does need them is a threat yep folks it was just a couple of years ago they have people began to hear regularly the term ransomware but even then they were not able to explain what it was but they heard about it now it's growing and ransomwear is becoming widely known and widely we feared ransomwear is when somebody is able to take control of your computer and encrypt everything on it and they have the password and that's the ransom they then demand money from you in exchange for the password that will unlock all the data on your computer how they get in some of the fishing attack sometimes a straight hacks but it's it's pervasive and it's.

levin trump president facebook