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Jeezy Interview

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Jeezy Interview

"I'm pretty sure our new house might be haunted. What makes you say that the furniture is levitating? Most. Welcome home. Yeah that's that's spooky. You know what's really scaring. Missing out on Gyco for help with homeowners and renters. Insurance GEICO makes it easy to save bunch. Great. You're not sticking around. The is just getting started. I'm. Happy. Cul. Today and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. This is fight night a new podcast from iheartradio. They thought he had robbed a dead Liz man in this country guys who would not hesitate to blow your Eto. This story from Atlanta Georgia has been reported for fifty years. But now for the first time, you're going to hear what really happened. From the people who lifted. Listen and follow fight night on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Everybody. Our special guests without a doubt is one of the front runners of of rap in the south He's a songwriter tube. He's an active philanthropist He's been by my side a lot lately. As. One of the mentors from foundation annual mentoring program. And I really really really appreciate how his brothers shows up and offer these young men and they live at critical points and just always gives back I've never called on him and he didn't answer the call man he's got a strong story. he's compelling and boy he has him young cats undivided attention. Well, he's got a new show everybody on Fox. Oh, and it premiers tonight and he's also got an upcoming versus battle. Go find out more about the general. Mr J Jesus. J. J. J. J.. That was a great into. A I'm the best at it up like up you like way Chevy right yeah. Bring him out. Bring him out. Genius Hey man. Nice talking to you man we've been talking a lot lately man. Because here's what we call about. You got a new show. The title of the show everybody's call worth the conversation. Debuts Fox foxhole tonight tonight, everybody. and. Apple TV. You. move cried UT's sir. I. Learned from the bed. Premier tonight. Seven PM Eastern time. Sippy in my I guess it's amazing by the way this. Is Your I guess only. been seven Emmys back the bank. She is comedy Entrepreneur Motivational Speaker Philanthropist. Around the world world class. From what I'm hearing. You know you get down. Hobby later to. All the time. Become by do. I'm trying to. Do. I'll show you have and be mad it. Falls to put it together man but I'm I'm coming on the show tonight man tell everybody what the show was about what you hope to accomplish with the show entitled worth the Compensation Rack I want the conversation feel like you know you're sitting on your on t. pull you sit in the Bob South. You know you you most likely talking to like minded people and people to see situations the same for me. I've tried myself in I've accomplished a lot of things being able to get into right? And get information that you just don't get you know just around the way. We'll be back with more with the one and only, but his name is Jesus, but he's really Mr J. Jesus Jenkins. Reports you're listening to. Morning Show. I shall we back welcome back to the Reid Steve Harvey Morning. Show. A special guest today is a friend minor young soldier this. Really really really into giving back Recording Artists Philip Vall philanthropy songwriter active everything cheesy Jesus would us today and he's got a new showed ask tonight. At Seven PM Eastern ten PM. Pacific. Work AH compensation Your boy is only there tonight with him. But we're talking about it and Hey Man. Let's. Let's talk about this battle debt is laundering gets on a bus going on. This. Versus battle on November nineteenth right here in a t Ale Adnan. You and he Would me put his battle? My name is big snow. Yeah. Big Snow? Coming Snowman me big snow. Snow. Avalanche. SOCK. To wait. Old Mountain gave way. Now. I. Feel like. Berlin. was going to be that. You know we do we do. You know I feel like we both have something different to bring to the game. He might bring us catalog. To verses, but I'm bringing real life. You know all everything that I talked about. Somebody can relate to it because it's real. And offer me I just feel like it's going to be a celebration for Atlanta. Will be a celebration for music and you know I ain't come to play. You know I'm just you know. You know I understand I'm staying with and for me at all times you know. I know I, know about I got blood sweat and tears my ball. It Ain't never been just music to me. You know my catalog. Wild right. I wouldn't be. where I went through. So everything I was said I stood on I'm two forward to it though you know I'm looking and I'm ready. I. Got Mine on my dog big snow. All I got all my chips is open to window big snow avalanche to be example. Get Blizzard a seventy seven I was in Cleveland when it happened thirty six inches of snow. That's big. No. Eight look one more thing you've done a lot of work with the first lady Michelle. Obama and the president. Program when we all vote, what message do you have? For our listeners tonight to make sure that that they get the message. I just feel like you know and I went and voted with some guys from the chapel the ended up Lacey Pe- the president from there. and when I actually voted, we had discussions about the numbers I think last year. Voters there was last term election it was six, hundred thousand. This year is almost One point five. Our Word is getting out there I. Think I think it goes like this I. Think you. You make small strides at a big goal and I think. The more we learned mobilized together and be all on the same page. You know we we get a little bit father to the point where you know when we do go when we all get it right? We do go vote. Vogler anything else because we all be on the same page. So we gotta mobilized and this is a small part of that. No matter how does as long as we saw, the numbers we continue to a number that I moved to get bigger and I message gets greater. I, think we working towards go in Ns to get the right people because it's not just. The city officials about who the mayor who governor WHO's. The judge you know he's all those things matter to you. Understand what we go through and is GONNA do their best to make sure we're not being mistreated you can't complain. So you gotta get. bushby hurts, Hey, look y'all new show is called worth the conversation it debuts on Fox sold tonight at Team PM Pacific Time Seven thirty eastern time, and they put you on gather for Jesus Jacobs every scout. Snoring. Thank you JEEVES E. Nephew Tommy is up next with today's prank phone call. This. You're listening to. Rb Morning Show. On this season of on obscured, we will go back to the streets of Victorian. White Chapel to follow the trail of Jack. The. ripper will join the police in their attempts to solve a series of brazen and brutal murders as they try to make sense of the violence taking place in their midst, and we'll explore the alleys yards and homes where a series of monstrous in became the most infamous true crime story of modern history on obscured season. Three premiers on Wednesday October seventh subscribed today on Apple podcasts iheartradio or wherever you listen to podcasts when law and orders the headline what does it mean for us? Williams an attorney and former public defender and host of a brand new podcast where we're going to cross examine news-making cases. Famous faces to understand the context and I'm Dustin Ross I'm on TV writer a cultural observer and I am thrilled to be co Hosting Holding Court with Ebony K Williams not a podcast about the law. This is the show for the people to help us navigate a rick system teachable moments from the so-called law and order headlines Listen to holding court with Ebony K. Williams on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.

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Film Session | He Got Game

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Film Session | He Got Game

"Today's episode of no Dunks has brought to you by remarkably remote a new daily microcosm from gotomeeting all about making work from home. Where for you with indispensable Intel on how to stay sane motivated and productive at home. We're here to help you in this brave new remote working world. Add to your flash briefing on Alexa. Subscribe on your favorite podcasting APP. Good morning sweet world and welcome to the no dunks podcast on the athletic network. It's Friday may twenty second. This is film session and today were breaking down. Nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety eight spike Lee joint. He got game. I'm Jay skeets alongside me. Thanks to the power of technology tasks Mus. Yes everybody he tassie. We got the beard. One Trey Kerby. Hey the man making the magic happen. Gdp hello there is and finally roll-call we have a surprise fifth man here. Today are very special. Guest is co host of the athletics here. The deer bucks podcast. He's CO founder of Count. The dings that NBA Wu Tang collective. You guys all know and love. He's a teacher so everybody sit up straight in his real name Trayvon Edwards. Who you likely know him as Black. Trae. What's up man? What's going on guys? Are you doing appreciate you joining us here this morning and talk a little? He got game. But before we lace up our Jordan thirteen's a little housekeeping guys. Email us your questions and comments to know dunks at the athletic dot com for next week's beach step in podcast always oblast. Speaking of podcast. If you haven't already make sure you check out the two classics. We dropped on Thursday. We had an awesome time talking to USC Journalists Aerial Halawani. And then later in the day we caught up with our good friend. Kelly Dwyer to discuss game six the movie and the last dance and he played a sweet. Little Guitar. Licks which was very fun. Follows on social media guys both twitter and Instagram at no dunk. Zinc Lee had a huge guest on pop impacts yesterday. We we had to give lead the day off because he went forty nine minutes on pop impacts with rockets. Gm Daryl Morey I Shit you not. He had him on for forty nine minutes on instagram. Live yesterday opening up an old pack basketball cards and and talking about everything so lease exhausted. You had to get black train here today. And you guys know. We're on facebook at FACEBOOK DOT com slash. No dunks Inc. I guess it's official. We're now on facebook okay into the movie here in film session again. Nine hundred ninety eight. He got game written and directed by Spike Lee Stars of course Denzel Washington and Ray Allen The IMDB synopsis. A basketball players. Father must try to convince them to go to college so he can get a shorter sentence. Black trade earlier this week. I tweeted that he got game. Was GOING TO BE THIS. Friday's movie and you re tweeted it with tag me in for this one so that can only mean one or two things one. You really love this movie and are excited to talk about it or be. Maybe you dislike this movie and it's one of those movies that's fun to clown. So which one is it Black Trae? I think I'm in the middle. The time when he rolled out I was like obviously spike Lee. Everything Denzel everything and I also like that ninety seven class but as I watch it. Watch it in twenty twenty it's kind of laughable but again I tried to try to keep that ninety eight I and you know it didn't hit the same as it would have as what in particular didn't hit the same. If if you had to pick rail ray. Our admiral was really bad He's stuck out really that in twenty twenty. Yeah that's funny. You say that I remember people writing at the time like you know something along the lines of reality just delivered the best performance ever put on film by a pro athlete and I. You know watching this again. I'm with you. I think he holds zone at times. Especially sort of and scenes with Denzel. Maybe that's because Denzel Washington's carrying them in those scenes and then other times it's really rough and like look you're asking a guy that's a professional basketball player to act in a movie here that's not easy and have a lot of lines into and to get that across on film there. Were there were moments where you're like. Oh this is this is bad white tree. I guess I'll call you white trae for this. What do you think of Ray Allen's acting performance? Yeah you're exactly right skates. It wasn't just people saying that rail and put in a great performance. Was Roger Ebert saying that rail and put it in a performance here so I think the reputation for the past twenty. Two years is that rate kills. It and there are some scenes where he does but there are some scenes where it looks like the Guy. Learn how to act in eight weeks and then had to carry almost every scene. And that's the crazy thing to me. Is that for a guy who had never acted before? There are so many scenes almost solo scenes right. There are obviously a lot of crossover scenes with Denzel but there are so many scenes. I feel like that Ray is the protagonist in every scene by himself and that is a lot of pressure for a guy who learned how to act in two months. It's not like you would teach somebody to play basketball for two months and they'd be like all right now you've got to be the starting. Shooting Guard for the Utah Jazz. You know doesn't really work the other way. So there's a certainly a learning curve to it and I think ray is good in some of the scenes and then some of them. You're just like all you're doing is player on your nostrils man. Yeah I mean spike. The story GOES SPIKE ORIGINALLY WANTED. Kobe right to play the part of the shuttle's worth and Kobe like the script. He was excited to work with Spike Lee. As you would but he just finished his rookie year there and had a bad playoff loss to put it kindly to the jazz. When he's on the Lakers had all those airballs and so he I think at that moment was GonNa get back into the gym. I got to be better for the the long grueling. Nba Season so he passed on it. And then and then spike went with Ray Allen Black trae. It would be weird to see this. It'd be fascinating. I guess trying to picture Kobe in this role is almost more difficult than than breaking down. Ray Allen in it I think I think he would have been to over sophisticated. Try too hard And I liked that. I liked the rawness a railing. So again I I won't bash him too much. I could said yet. Eight weeks to to really Kinda get it together and then also even still a little bit of Stefan Marberry Life Kind of hard to cast him as well. So in a scenario they did mentioning. You know During the big time speech But outside of that like again you get what you get ninety eight. You can't is. Kinda like heavily star studied in there. Because it's a lot of people in there now But I definitely would've liked more scenes from actually the professional actors in kind of carry rail and movie versus a heavy robe. Right right skeets. You had them in your top five basketball actors. If I'm not mistaken are you're starting five right the but not to do with acting to that. Yeah my fictional basketball movie ballers yeah. He's in there so nothing to do with actors. If you regretted that decision definitely nothing to do with acting I. There are still not that many professional actors or professional athletes. Who are better actors than Ray Allen? I mean it took until basically uncut gems or maybe you would argue. Train Wreck Lebron for somebody to put in a decent enough performance that it doesn't just seem like a professional athlete being an actor. Yeah and like you said. Tk It's like he's to do a lot. I mean he really is asked to carry a lot of scenes and he doesn't decent job. You know you roll your eyes a couple of times. Okay maybe could have gotten a little bit more from your there ray but Yeah you're right it wasn't bad. Jd that you've never watched this movie right first time watching game time. So what did you think so? As far as Ray Allen goes as an actor. I thought he was fine. I mean having met Ray Allen and I think we've interviewed him. Just the ones is that right when we an all star weekend. Yeah he liked. He was talking about his jim his dream of opening a gym track post Career so I'm sure that's going to happen soon wasn't an WHO's an actual a workout gym exactly. But he he sort of didn't we had asked him a couple of questions leading up to that he gave the most sincere answer. We've ever gotten with our jokey questions like he was really dug into it thought about it and laid. It laid out his plans for after the after he was retired and he just seemed to. I thought that he didn't get it. He didn't get that we were doing a bit and I thought wow I don't I don't see how this guy can act how he can carry a movie. And and how old was he when he was shot this too? I mean he's just a kid and having never acted before acting for Spike Lee. What an intimidating to situation be and I thought he did a pretty good job. You know you watch these movies and you sort of suspend your disbelief ago. Okay it's ray out you know like it's he's about he's not an actor so let's give him a pass you know so that was fine with it. What is your favorite scene in this movie tasks diso wants to go to while I was just thinking others. There's a few I was just thinking about. When ray wasn't really extended into an acting role and he could just sort of be his dweeby south when the article gets pulled out of the stock of one of the players and then we get the intros dissolves into the team intros and raise raise. I love that scene embrace just sort of his. You know kind of straight shooter self. But that's that's who he is and that's and that's I think what. Jd's talking about when he just he doesn't have to. He doesn't have to act. And and you know up against Walter McCarty and Travis best who I had thought about four billion years it was it was cool and I thought that was a great technique by Spike Lee. The guys talking trash after win. Newspaper article comes out and dissolves into the team intros. That was wicked John Wallace on the team to John. That's one of my favorite scenes and this whole movie. It's just shot so cool and you're right. It's like fun. It looks awesome even like back ninety eight. It was so cool. I think it's still hold up. That seed now is the Lincoln splitters black trade. You have a favorite scene. Is that one. There's other ones out there. Man is so many again this is when I was actually playing a basketball so like trying to imitate everything like I wanted this to be. My Life I think now at thirty five the big time speech because he was really just kind of breaking down and I think players could still learn that from that movie But from thirteen years old trae it would probably be when he's like doing his little sizzle reel and he's like basketball has like poetry and emotion. You cross the cross right. Hit the join printer. Face Swish in the crowd goes wild like that gives me chills because like it just takes me back until like plan days in like one and a half that moment of having a ball on being a man that you also but you like now you said The big time. What's his name big time? Willie right that through is amazing. Sorta hated but also. Yeah the bore. You kept talking like Whoa. He's breaking this down. He's telling you everything everything in this car right. Yeah very authentic. So I think that was like the hidden undertone by Strana. Give off and it's like it is constant every day because you know Young athletes get drafted. They washed their family change. You know what I mean in in. It's interesting because you know a a your favorite cousin who you probably. She ate hot dogs. We when you're five now thinks you need to give them a ten thousand dollar business loan for or you're you're great niece the payer rant ten minutes before tip off like these. Are these players have to deal with constantly? And he's like calling them bloodsuckers in you know like it's just tons of temptations in. How can you maintain a professional career and do it clean without the without the extra stress? Yeah will yeah. He's like he's warning them of everything. The drugs the sex and like you said the the leeches which are basically like the people. Maybe you would least expect. It's your family. He also gave off his own little. Like yeah nobody on the streets would be messing with you because I told him. Don't mess with Jay man. I thought that was hilarious. Because it's like everybody wants to say gates something to with four him like like. Hey I don't want nothing but I really do want something big time. Willies big time. Tommy before big time thank go wrong. Jesus it's big time Willie Trae trae what'd you do? You have a favorite scene in this movie. I mean I'm with you guys when they are announcing the starting lineup for the rail splitter. I think it's great. I don't remember exactly who it is. Who says I feel handsome when I'm on the court and the exact way? Yeah I guess. He's about mid card on the handsome level of the starting five. But I also love Lincoln Lincoln roll-call classic moment who didn't do that on the bus during high school basketball. That was a must but my favorite scene as a fourteen year old as thirty six year old is the visit to tech. You Rick Fox is there with the backwards KANGOL TUCKED IN SHIRT. And honestly you know twenty years later. I'm still wondering how Jesus ends up at big state. I can't believe Chick-fil-a on campus at tech in the nineties honestly ridiculed in that scene. It was so good. I think I've seen some some Rick Fox acting performances but I think that's the best one. Maybe he was acting a lot like himself but he killed Jaydee. I don't want to jump right to the but I'm going to jump right to the end because this is a big part of this movie that I think a lot of people do have problems with It's the ending and it's this. It's a little strange I remember reading it when I was a kid. I remember loathing. The ending of he got game And so I was coming at this. I was trying to look at this differently this time as an older man and like what was I missing. What's the symbolism here and what I'm talking about of course is really it's Jake. He's he's imprisoned. He's back in prison. Throws the ball over the prison wall. After you know you think you might get shot. He's stepping out of bounds there and all that and then this ball magically ends in big State University where ray goes and grabs it again. This is a polarizing ending to a movie. Like what is the saying here? Am I missing? Something is too cheesy as it. Just right will start with you. Jd and definitely get everybody's opinion on this. What do you think the ending is it cheesy a s? I think it is was it in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. I don't know I didn't watch it but forty nine year old. Jd thought it was good. I mean it this is. This is the connection that father has to son. Right. I'm this is sort of the the redemption that we were looking for Jake and Jesus is relationship right and they mended their fences through the game of basketball. And I think that's that was the connection that was made in that final climactic one on one scene. Jake didn't get what he wanted but but did he. I mean because he. He reconnected with his son and he was able to give him that. Final piece of fatherly advice and be an actual father to him after being absent for so long and and after pushing him for so hard and really pushing him away the night that his he the jake murders Jesus is. Mother is the night that Jesus quits basketball right HE QUITS. He he he. He pushes him so hard that he decides that he's I'm quitting the game. He does the unthinkable by throwing the ball over the fence and And I think there's a connection to that scene with Jake throwing it over the prison wall but but his son catches it and is it. Is it a little bit grade? Ten Films School Maybe Spike Lee makes me feel like I'm watching student films a lot of times like going. Wow He's really he's really a sledgehammer to me right now or I don't understand what he's doing with this at all. You know what I mean like the. There's there's never an inbetween for me. But I liked the ending as a father I found. I found the story between Jesus and Jake the most compelling part of the movie as it should be and and you know I was happy I was obviously not happy that he stuck in prison and but I am happy that they that they came to a relationship with Jesus sitting there reading a letter from his father while all this is happening and he had never opened any letters from him at all and he had been sent hundreds. So it's it's it's like a closure. I guess I liked it black TRAE. What do you think yeah I have to piggyback off that It definitely had some. You know back then. I was like this is corny. Wait understand like again. I'm not I'm not a father but I do understand how important to connection nothing. Jake was at peace after tossing the ball. Like look if I gotta sit down for the rest of my life. At least my son knows how I really feel about him in the fact that he got to hear you know that that letter be read it was like finally like. I just wanted him to forgive me. You're not because he was like you know son. He's trying to teach trying to teach him a lesson like about like yes. I made a mistake in our hope that you've you find in your heart to forgive me. He's like I'm never forgiven you into movie. And it seems that towards the end in a movie he does forgiving and Jake can just kinda not rotten risen but it just kinda like he has a piece of mind kind of moving on because that was kind of like the Internal Clark killing him right and yeah it just it. It's it's a deep message. You know what I mean especially like house by portrayed it you know what I mean like Jake was in his life. It wasn't like he was absentee. Father like this situation happen. Gave his mom like a hard show. She hit her head on the stove. Like handle definitely an accident but like and it wasn't even like a domestic violence situation making just Kinda like Oh Dang because they put me in a situation always kind of constantly played at in my head to like you can be play fighting with anyone. An accident happen. I was like I knew anything that was like a real situation. Like this could actually happen. So you know Definitely tons of life lessons tall in. Yeah I thought it was cool. I I did think it was like how is impossible for Jesus to catch it in arena. The part I almost wish spike stopped on the throwing of the ball. Oddly and then maybe just show US J. Jesus in the gym but this you know the ball literally falling out of the rafters is like the part where. You're just like really. Do we need that? I think we were going to get to that. Oh Yeah I was causing it and searching as closely as I could in the concourses was. There's somebody out there. They both knew that this was happening at the same time. But you know I think it really ties up the movie with a Nice Little Bo. We've got maybe ten minutes earlier. Jacobs telling Jesus I'm teaching you get that anger out of your heart. And he is teaching in that. But he's also teaching himself that they're both bonding together. Jake is at peace with his situation. Despite the fact that it didn't turn out how he wanted. Jesus I think the same way and I think there's a little symbolic there as well with Jesus where the Jordan thirteenth as he's naming the court for big state. Yeah I had noticed that Nice Little Nice little addition there for sure. I love that you guys brought it up to the final one on one scene between Jesus and Jake playing for the you know. The letter of intent is so damn good. It's so good. I'm sure you guys know but maybe some of the listeners note the original script called for Jesus to win that thing fifteen. Oh so for him to kick his dad's ass and that didn't happen. Because Spike encouraged the actors Denzel and Allen to like just play play real so this will hopefully come across a little bit better on the film and Dental started getting buckets and he is throwing up some prayers. He actually drives on the one time which is pretty impressive but he banks home a couple that are just there and I think like you know. The crew onset is starting to laugh. I think Denzel takes a lead in this game. And everyone's like Whoa. Whoa WHOA and then of course rail turns it on a little bit and you get You know him kicking his ass but I love I love. How shot the music. I know we'll get into that is incredible and was really had totally forgotten about when I was a kid watching. This final scene is is fantastic tasks. I assume you're a fan of that one on one basketball season I was. I think that was a great decision by Spike Lee. To essentially just use that basketball scene and then the sexy montage stuff that black trae mentioned earlier about the a you type stuff like he just left going right basically you either just got a one on one move or you got this one on one game in this movie. There wasn't a lot of basketball scene. There wasn't a high school basketball scene. Where you kind of just fell asleep like this guy is GonNa pass it over here. You know it was. It was a good to just have very very limited basketball and so I was totally into the scene. The drive that Denzel scored on Jesus as Jesus drowned. Obviously just let him score. He scored with his left hand on the right side of the WHO and it was like a scoop shot like he could have blocked with his forehead if he really wanted to decided to. Just let them score but yeah it was powerful. I think what I didn't like about that scene going into the ending was denzel gets coughed up and is being brought away. Any says to him. Hey the ball's in your court now type type thing basically. That's that's what he said it. If it wasn't literal something to that effect and then the ball gets tossed to him in the final scene. I'm a man who loves stuff on the nose but even that is a little too on the nose for me. I mean that's just but that seen yet extremely powerful and I I hadn't seen in so long I had forgotten both the one on one scene and I think it trump's the love and basketball one on one seat in the end it was a little bit more impactful than than Monica and Omar. Epps going at it. Yeah it is. It's I think it's one of the best one one scenes we've seen on film for sure because it feels it does feel real. It's being shot on this huge crane. There talking trash blackberry. What do you think de Ngel Denzel? Washington's jump shot. I mean let's break this down. What do you think of his release? I didn't love his form but at least I'm not a shot doctor. I'm not I'm big on lungs. It goes in. I don't even think my shot is even like the most purest jump shot in three hours and maybe been macklemore have like a amd Bradley. Bill has a beautiful form in his narrow. Like I don't know but he went in. It was really seen like. I think about the YMCA. When I think when I see his jumper the older guys the shooting I over there is whole style like even me watching our live. Tweeden last night. I'm just like the fashion was just kinda crazy life for Dinsdale to wear to shirts. Michael referred under like is at the edge the sweat like I don't. I don't know what was going on like the double knee braces. Maybe got bad knees or whatever but it was just interesting. Look than Jesus actually war overall short set off a look battling was right and actually attempted that in over on that was like oversize with the Asia and under and some timberland boots. And I'm just like I. I mean I'm I'm from Compton California so I looked nuts doing it maybe maybe was the thing in New York City. I don't know The those gene overall those were so they were cut low on Ray there. I remember my Buddy Griffin. Trying to rock the overalls strafford Ontario for summer. But I don't remember it'd be on that low the one off right like the one on untied on one on clip to look but yeah those are thought rays were kind of more fitted than you'd ever see overall like they weren't that baggy and that's hard to do for Ray Allen whose rail thin maybe the war draft person screwed up or something. You know what I thought. He looked pretty good. I thought he kind of pulled off that overall. Look I don't know let. Let's talk about the music jd. I'm really interested to hear your take on this with your expertise in sound production and all that were you shocked. Surprised with American composer Aaron Copland. I was surprised. Yeah considering he had been dead for eight years. The movie came out but Yeah I thought I want first beuing. I always just sit blind and I watch not knowing anything and then I was like wow. Is that hoedown during a basketball montage. I mean is this Aaron Copeland really I mean like so I went back and I and I looked. I looked it up and and I had A. I had a lot a lot of problems with the music and some of the scenes. I thought that there were scenes. That had that sort of pastoral Americana under it like when Jesus is talking to marry in her bedroom and there's music wiser music there or when Dakota and Jake meet for the first time in her room. And there's just this nonstop it's almost like a drone and it's too much but I thought hoedown worked great. I thought the opening montage of the people playing basketball across America with the most American sounding music of all time at think that that piece is called What is it I wrote it down John Henry And you know. I dug a little deeper and John Henry african-american railway worker folk hero who literally goes up against a machine. A literal machine Digging holes or he would pound a stake into the into the Rock and and there was a steam engine that did the same thing and and basically had a contest that he went up against any beat the machine but then he died. The at the the effort of beating that machine ends up killing him. Is that relevant to the story? I mean you can definitely glean some meaning out of it. I mean Jesus is going up against the NC double a machine and he beats it in the end. I guess will kill him. Well probably not but think spike said basically when I think of of Aaron Copeland I think of America and that's what this story is about America and American masked ball and The position of that sort of you know cowboy. Danson hoedown music with the with the inner city Basketball being played. I thought it was great either. Worked AWESOME AND AT THE END. The as you said Pointed out skeets the final one on one. The music was so guests over that I it was just just. I don't know if they while they obviously edited that way. I don't know if they planned it that way but but just it's like riding the roller coaster of Jake's emotion that whole time and I love that part of it and then of course get the public enemy songs and I think there's a cares one song in the in this movie as well trae. What'd you think of the musical overall respected legends curious? One is like me hearing at our. No you know public enemy our respect. All those legends is beyond me because I think at that time I was probably like Jay Z demands. So it's Kinda hard to go up against the a different style but also do understand like those spice guy is so he's to plug them for and he's kind of. He's kind of loyal to his core. So I get it I mean I don't I don't really kinda fired up on that. I mean I think the the only association to this movie that I really got from like hip hop may be Joel since Anna Join West the game missing and it has the Anna at any goes into the beat and I was just like Oh. That's he got game but anything else associated with the you know but I couldn't watch that video actually. I tried to watch last night to like the public. We're has where palm in a ball and a video and stuff like I started. This movie. Like you send. Jd that first scene where we see all walks of life in America playing basketball and we have that crazy. It is that John Henry a competition from Aaron Copeland. So that's on Nora's in the other room so fired up this movie. And she's like what old tiny horror flick are you want because it is haunting? Sounds old. It's It's weird this jarring but it does work. I really liked the old music in this movie to be honest watching it as an older guy. I thought it was pretty cool. Task Trae opinions on the music hated. It liked it. Some of the some of the choices were odd Tread saying you would expect to hear Jay Z. And in a in a basketball movie in one thousand nine hundred eighty no doubt about it but I also thought it was so effective. I think like you guys are the opening credits. You Watch that the music is perfect and you WanNa go play basketball afterwards. The last one on one scene is perfect and I even think the middle one on one scene where we ultimately see jake killed. Jesus mother I think the music is so great in that too because they're just playing basketball you know they're having an intense one on one game and then the music and Denzel changed just like a tiny little bit right just like five percent different and suddenly. Denzel is very scary. I think that that that the way he was acting and music with it. I thought it was perfect. You went from a dad and a son having fun playing basketball to the worst night of both of these guys lives just like that. I thought that was awesome. It does a great job telegraphing. What's about to happen? It's just filled with dread and we haven't even gone back to the apartment yet. You know what I mean. We know Jesus has his his breakdown and I wish that they had shown Jake was really scary that night. I think that they were trying to say that he was drunk and I wish he seemed a little drunker than he was. And the I feel like a pardon. The Pun pulled the punch a little bit When the murder scene happens because it just comes off as just a a horrific accident. There's no intent to kill right shows just like there was. There's another scene later in the movie that I thought would have been a little better beforehand. Where Jake Confronts La and then he ends up beating the shit out of De'andre and he is terrifying in that state? It's so powerful and I wish. We had seen that Jake before we saw the the mother getting murdered seem only because it could. It could still play out the way a plate out but we know that there is definitely a temper on jake and a violent side. Jake and he's he can be a really scary guy and I don't think that we really saw that until The De'andre getting beaten up saying right. So then you're left going. I mean you get it. You're like Damn T- did accidentally kill your mom but you're like Jesus come on like is he. That bad guy is hard on you and I'm with you. I did Straw without watching this again. I was like wow like from all we're seeing. You hate a man. You hate this much. Really like he does seem like he's he's he's a hard ass. I get that but it seems like a loving father and you've got your family there and they seem in love. You like what we're what we're getting. Yeah I duNno black traded. You also feel that way or not not really but also gone for the majority of his all his teenage years too so that whole absence and stuff like that is just. It's a gap to gap. I mean I I don't know I mean you got bubba to who who hasn't been mentioned. Who reminds me of a current father in the NBA? Yeah don't let listeners figure that one out but yeah he just I don't know so just because he's not there. I mean because of an accident again and unfortunately the timing of that night where he's hates his father and he's done with basketball and then the death of his mother again an accident this this works well enough that there would be this very very distant and untrusting relationship. I guess is what you're saying is what you're at least getting from the movie. Yeah I mean 'cause 'cause when you're young the narrative has pushed wrong you know you never know. Obviously his uncle stepped. And before you know probably a you or boosters came in and said here Jesus you know we're just helping you and normally in in certain communities. They're like yeah. I'll take all the help. I can get a west to catch. And there was catch until he actually found out. Uncle was driving his new car and all well because he doesn't Bubba does ask Jesus to I want to wet my beak like you'd literally says to him. I want you to pay me for all everything that I've done so far before the car happens right. I mean yeah so I think day you know Bubba and his wife pushed narrative that you know jake is a bad man from bats and you should look at him as you know this this evil person so when you know obviously the daughter has a different sentiment towards Jake because you know he didn't she was to either too young to kind of think that through or you know she just has a undying love for him but you know what Jesus is like man. I've I've I've been without you. I don't need you. I've been kind of. I am taking care of my sister. We've got a place to live your making sure that she's good. She's going to be good because obviously Probably GonNa make today and things of that nature So yeah like. Don't try to come around. Obviously his situation he's dealing with tons of trust issues too as well guy has girlfriend sneaking our de'andre who's a family friend you got dom PAG naughty Got To high school coach. I think the only solid purse was bigger. Yeah yeah that's right. Yeah it across the. I don't have a pro. I don't have a problem with anything you just said. But as an audience member you meet Denzel in prison. He's he's Denzel Washington. He's a super charismatic guy. He seems like a good guy and we're not seeing this bad side of him. This potentially dangerous side of him until after we see the murder scene and the Mur as you know. The Aunt. Sally and Uncle Bubba share they. They weren't there they're all they know is that that. Jake killed there. Her sister in his sister-in-law But I felt like we needed to see Denzel. Jake be scary earlier. You know what I mean. That's that's the only criticism I have in that department but be honest. Gd In watching for the first time. Did you think that Jake had shot? Somebody? Let's say when we find out that he's imprisoned because he killed somebody we don't know who he killed right or how it. I didn't know I thought I thought it was serious. For sure would whatever he did and then they just sort of mentioned it. I thought the way that it unfolded y. The way we find out what happened is pretty is pretty good actually because it just comes up casually in conversation almost as just like well. Yeah you know I killed your mother you know and it's just like what why you know and and the way we of course find out the circumstances behind it and it sort of not. It's A. It's an accident but But still he is responsible. He did push her But yeah it's it did seem like a like it was a more serious charge than than than we thought so test. Besides Denzel Zeke. Who is he's incredible in this? Who's your favorite character in? This movie from the secondary tertiary characters is a big time. Willie is it uncle bubba somebody else. Yeah I loved Uncle Bubba. I thought he was He was gray definitely looked a lot. Like Eddie Murphy and What the Hell's. The movie called is not where he played. Every single character nutty professor. He looked like any he. There was an Eddie Murphy vibe. Maybe it's the glasses but he was. He was incredible. I thought he he he was. He was forceful and he was. He was he was asking for what he wanted. And he was pretty pumped about that. Lexus and I wasn't a fan of some of those spike Lee shots. We got some crazy shots of tight. Uncle Bubbas mouth and he was talking. Like what are you doing with? Let's get off that mouth. We had a double head like there was a poetry reading happening. There was spinning camera when Denzel was sick and But yeah uncle Bubba I think a Lotta great characters even Gaudy the the Italian agent. I guess he was in his Little tendencies I was gold. Forget about silver. Forget about platinum diamonds. That's like speed and power in the NBA. You can tell this guy knows basketball. Was that guy an actor. Was that guy a real agent. What Nora was convinced? He's like there's no way that guy's an actor he's a real agent that they said. Hey just say. Jd things here. I don't know what about you. Black trade you have like a secondary character in this movie. That really liked SIP. Rogers yeah the Seabra Projects Man I just I was. I was all about SIP. Rogers me and I can't wait. I if if there was a sequel. I would love to know what's Rogers happened. What happened with hip? Rogers I wanted to know I wanted him to make he was next up and to answer your question. Don is a fictional character. He also was used an NBA two K. That's same active. A there's tons of agents like that you know what I mean. Probably Lenny Cook. But what about you? Jd character sector he liked. Wow I kinda hate it. All the the the secondary characters that I liked Rick Fox playing Rick Fox I guess I liked Delilah. I mean she's good A little one dimensional. I think all the women in this movie are pretty one dimensional A lot of the secondary carrier characters are just sort of a get central casting on the phone. We Need A. We need a sports agent Ono sports agents. Okay semi a used car salesman. You know what I mean like But Yeah I guess if if if Jake is the main character then Jesus is my favorite other character because again I really loved the the relationship between the two of them. My favorite scene of the whole thing is when when Jacobs telling Jesus where the name? Jesus came from from What's WHO Earl Earl. The Pearl Right. I just I love that reveal and then I love that the very next scene is tech you and they put up all the the religious imagery in this Israel. And it's just like it's not that Jesus guys it's an just. It's it's a very powerful way to cheapen all of that. You know to make that whole pitch. Jesus feel Super cheap and superficial you know and So yeah that's what I liked white trae. What about you for a secondary character who I would like? I would agree with Jd. You know who really is the lead in this movie is at Denzel or is it Ray. Because it's a real tossup between those I also thought Jim Brown was pretty good. He's a great speaking athletes. And Yeah that was pretty cool to see him in that role. I love the scene where him and the other the other parole officer come to visit Jake in his his hotel unease at making grill. Jesus with an ironing board and an iron and I just thought that was great. I think four if you're talking about professional act athletes who actors Jim Brown. He kills it and he's effective every single time. Yeah I WANNA TO SPIN OFF. Movie of just him and crude up. I would watch the hell out of that. I love those two guys together. I love them in every season. They're so good all right. Let's get to some random observations. I gotTA I. It's very important question. I'll start with you black TRAE. What's worse to shoot on double rims or a net with no Mesh? We see both of them in this movie. Can I say yes John Room for me I? I've always grew up. Had No like no net is just Kinda just here's away and no one's replaces him. But W I man I did everything possibly do for this shot to go in. And somehow it's rattles. You believed that Steph. Curry in his in his brother grew up shooting on that. And that's how they got good shooting. It really helps with your arc. No doubt shooting on a double rim. You GotTa get that thing. Perfect for it to drop okay. I want someone to clarify something for me. Maybe I missed. It might be an idiot. Why did jake get sick in the car? If I thought he was I thought he was faking it. Getting sick I miss something or was like did he actually get sick because he just eat prison food. Like I guess that makes say gave him something along. The Ward says something like It's not a I. Don't trust your acting ability but we have to make seeing focused on me that that makes a little more sense. No but it's it is confusing and it's like the it's it's so quick cut and We see him in the in the in the dining area. Just wolf down this food and then you know all of a sudden it just. There's a lot happening all at once. I didn't notice and I had the same question and then I went back and watch it again. Wow He's really committed to this bit legit making himself Puke in the car. I think you're good. You're out of jail man but okay. That makes a little more sense. Can we talk about the fought in? He got game those credits. I know it's the late ninety S. Maybe that was cool. That thought that might be my least favorite thing about this movie. Aided maybe on the loan I don't know why I'm going. Back looking at the font. It's brutal on my favorite. But you know I guess they were trying to go for something a little more hand-drawn I don't know it looks. It looks weird though another one a scene I did not remember watching this as a kid and I. It is powerful. It's emotional but it is a little weird. The scene where Jake is making with his dead wife's Tombstone Adia. Wow I in for about that scene. You'll see that often but again it's it's supposed to be of course he's missing her and stuff like that and drop the flowers and stuff like that but he like legit like makes with the tombstone of their. We'll get that cool crane shot the other thing I have. Maybe you guys have random observations. Did you see spike trolling the Bulls with the newspaper headline near the end of the movie? Where it says Jordan held to ten points and I assume it's against the Knicks. And you know I had hit basketball reference to check. Mj only score ten points or less. Well I'll make it a trivia question. How many times did he did score? Ten points or less as a bulls player not is wizards. Here's what would you guess fifteen backtrack and he guesses nine tasks gotta go low just because just because it's Michael Six. Keep going lower guys. Mj only score ten points or less as a Chicago Bulls player twice twice in his career. And he did it. I think he did it. Eighteen Times a wizards player. Unfortunately but we don't. We know that doesn't didn't happen. So yeah never against the Knicks score ten against the Hawks in March and ninety seven and he scored just eight against the cavs in eighty. Six only sixteen minutes played. He got injured in that one But anyway yeah that was that was spike. I think troll in there any other random observations or questions or anything else. You guys want to bring up about this movie. It's awesome when Jake goes to buy a pair of Jordan's and he's amazed that they're a hundred and fifty dollars like his mind is blown that they could cost this much. That same pair of shoes. It's one hundred ninety now. Jake you're going to have to ask the officers for a little bit more. Danielle was actually watching that scene. She said one hundred forty bucks at that time was a lot now. Actually there's a lot but a couple of years later everybody was popping off two hundred dollar shoes Vince. Carter's two hundred bucks. Hundred forty was actually not crazy. I love to be able to get them for one hundred and forty now. There's no jobs in this movie. Unfortunately we do of course get a booger. Thanks for the question. Would you rather be named Booger or Jesus? Yeah I had that in my notes to Jesus worrying about his perceived Biblical name in his damn cousin is called. Boettger got pretty easy man to be fair. Jesus his given name bigger true. Uncle Bubba did not name his burger. I hope maybe maybe yeah. That's good point. That's a good point off. Jesus I'd rather be named Jesus for sure booger I mean. It doesn't doesn't young Jesus Point. Let's because you eat all your boogers. That's exactly right. We've also had a great run for nine hundred ninety eight sportscenter. He got game obviously has the fake nineteen ninety eight sportscenter but the last dance has a fake nineteen ninety eight sportscenter and a real nine thousand nine hundred eight sportscenter thought. It was very funny to see. George Carlin that montage people talking about Jesus because George Karl? Actually did get coaching later. Ray Right. I'd forgotten about that. Yeah what did you think that the little ESPN piece? They'RE BLACK TRAE. Where we get all the college coaches we get some NBA guys. What in there and I think Miller's in there and maybe Jordan Mj's what of that. I thought it was cool. I mean it showed some transparency like this kinda like it's Kinda real and then also you know we actually got a taste of it in real life with the nickname. The nickname era. When the Jesus Shuttles were Miami Heat Jerseys right excite so that was actually cool experience to Kinda like try to translate it into something real. I mean everybody. Kinda hyping up this kid. Because at that time it really was pre internet and would not pre Internet Internet The rankings exposure was just kinda slim to none. You had to actually go and watch these kids so you're ESPN Talkin about a Jesus. Shuttles were probably wanted. A wild is names that time to be doing it. Seeing Coney Island you know is pretty cool. Yeah and then like not only the ESPN piece. But we see like the sports illustrated cover. We see the slam cover Yeah I did like that decision. That really obviously make it as realistic as possible. How insane is that sports illustrated cover if you really think about it? They're putting a high school kid. Seventeen eighteen years old on across with a crown of thorns illustrated three. Yeah for sure for sure anything else. Guys We'll get to grading this movie so don't worry about that yet. But any other random observations or questions or stuff like that. I want to know why Kota is in the movie. Yeah I win. Why is she there I just don't understand it and So I'm just asking The the hooker with a heart of gold. The May as well Turned to the camera and say I don't do drugs. I'm claim right. Well why what's the point of all the okay was? He made a connection with her. I guess and you know. Spent the night with her. And that's nice and stuff but I don't understand why she was. There made the movie way longer. Well yeah the movies long. The movie is long. It was long and there is premature ejaculation as well and could have salad. Won't do that but I'd be like and sorry to like I guess jump in on this one but I did like a Dakota's pimp a him in Jake cavernous tear off. Yeah deadline is one of the. I still say to my friends. Like Dang you you know me partner you looking or merely area Just like this is the greatest thing ever like. They had so many like funny. One liners like where he do when Jesus walked in and he's telling his boy watching them play one on one. That's why he ain't GonNa make it. I'll say that all the time too is funny. Random LINES LIKE I`ll. I'll be watching college basketball. And a player makes a play by he angle make the most powerful is is something. Maybe a little weird I love and I think it's only because Denzel can deliver this for some reason. It gets me every time I watch it. When he just says hello son to for the first time holy crap two words and Denzel Washington can just like Damn just take the wind. Right out Along I don't know why how he says it. It's just so perfectly delivered. I love a bad ass Denzel. So that's what I love. When he does end that scene there the first time he talks to to. Ray Ray walks off pissed off and denzel throws the ball up like fifteen feet ahead of them. Toss it to lob and he walks into it on the second bounce it just hits them right in the head rally just like that. Because he's bad asked ends El. How many takes did that take or was that just like magic right there? One take I know exactly the part. You're talking about like Dale. That was cool is he. Throw it up or does he bounce it for. Is it like an angry bounce? Oh yeah it is an angry betsy right. Yeah Right. Many walks into it. You're right all right before we agreed this movie. A quick word from our sponsors. The Black Tux believes every grew. Every men. Who's getting married on. This planet deserves a better experience when it comes to finding formal. Wear a suit or Tuxedo for their big day. Did you know the Blackhawks was actually started by two guys who had one of the worst? Tuxedo fittings? You could imagine I didn't put now. I do end. You know what I bet. 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There are no commitments. And you can cancel anytime. So if you're struggling with the go to get Roman dot com slash no dumps that's get Roman dot com slash dunks for a free online visit and free two day ship or guys critic score on rotten tomatoes one percent. Pretty good pretty good audience score based off of nearly forty five thousand user ratings so a whole lot eighty-three percent critics and the audience Both agree this is really an a movie here. Roger Ebert. He did say he got game lease best film since Malcolm X. But there are a lot of people that go through some of the reviews that did not like this movie at all It did it. Didn't work for them. For whatever reason a lot of criticisms I saw were like the idea that it was too long and a big part of that. And maybe this is what you were talking about. Jd there's almost enough material here. It feels like for two films and Spike Lee is deciding to make them both simultaneously as a lot of that. And you know maybe that results in sort of a scattershot film for for some people but let's break it down well. We think I'm going to start with tasks we'll get you start us off. How do you want to grade this? What's your scale? What do you think I like the movie a lot? I think of everything we watched here through our film sessions. This one was able to be carried by drama and of course. Denzel plays a huge part and and being able to carry it. But they're such little basketball. There is just the sexy one on one moves in that montage some street ball play and the one on one game at the end no team play whatsoever and I was. I was I was into it because it was the really was the relationship between between Jake and reality character so I was very much into it. Of course there's there's a ton of holes in the plot. There's there's no doubt but when when you look through the archive that we watched in Eddie and a Muslim and teen wolf the way back love and basketball. Airbud coach Carter. White men can't jump. Uncut gems is different category. Because it's not a basketball movie whatsoever. I thought it was the best movie we've watched and I was into it very much So I'LL I'll go. Nice Nice eight out of ten. And let's throw on some some overalls eight out of ten sets of overall for me and Yeah look we'll we'll drop the button off off all those aides who just a single button overall eight a ten right white trae would. I'm right there with task. I loved got game in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight I had. He got gained poster on my wall all through high school. And I'm not ashamed that I had now that I've watched again as a grown man. You know I think I would rather have somebody be an actor. Be Okay of acting in very good at basketball than the other way around like. I think if you try to do this with Michael J. Fox. He can barely play basketball but he's an actor. I think it's a much different movie to me. The best acting of the Jesus rail and does at all is in that final one on one game to not break character when Denzel Washington is unexpectedly scoring on. You actually impressive right like if you were going to go. And you're like beat you fifteen to zero and then he goes out and scores five baskets. And you're actually playing against each other. Ray doesn't break. Denzel doesn't break like Denzel. Not Like Gordon Player. I really did it. I thought that was amazing. So I'm with tasks I'm with the critics. I'm giving this eight. This is the biggest decision of your. Life's out of ten nice all right. Judy. You're going to actually. Yeah I mean I. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would I like anything that makes me think and makes me want to read more about something. I loved the Aaron Copland Music. Half of the time that it was playing I didn't mind the public enemy stuff but I'm an old guy so there you go I did find a lot of the characters one dimensional but but ultimately I liked You know they're spike Lee likes to likes to pontificate and he likes to preach a little and I found Although I did love the the big time speech I did hate all the Cuda ways when he's talking about You know you're going to you. Got To watch out for the crack and we cut to a crack house and then we go and and an opium den and watch for alcohol Or is it gambling you know? And then it's just like the most extreme situation each time and and that just that kind of bugs may takes me out of it but Again I loved you have to love Denzel Washington. He's just he is One of the most electrifying actors on screen and and and I just love watching him and I thought was decent. I thought he he held his own So I'm gonNA give this This is a recommendation It's it's six out of ten. Nathan's hotdogs at good. You liked it. I liked I liked f our guest here today on film session Black Trae. Would you think I'm GonNa go seven point? Five had some some bright spots again rollins. Acting Sore for side is You know the prostitute who what else was need the ending the whole ball costing to catch the guard. You know what I mean where he was working on big state Just just reviewing them things like a lot of stuff wasn't needed you know but overall I mean it's part of my childhood and you know I do like I took some positives from a in a kind of outweigh the negative. So you know if to watch this movie. I definitely tell him to watch it. But it's not it's not in my top top top five movies basketball movies ever Yeah because you do see well. That's interesting because you do see some people say this is the best basketball movie. You disagree with that. Yeah okay. That's fair I'll finish it off here on the same page as you guys. I think this is a powerful movie even if it is uneven. There's no doubt it's damn it's too long. It takes thirty minutes off this thing and I think it's much much better like you guys were saying. I I liked the cinematography. I actually disagree with you. I like when Spike SORTA does that. Someone's talking about doing drugs and we see of a scene about it. I I sort of like how that's edited at times. I'm not saying I don't like the way it's edited. They're cutting sure it's just a sledge over my head. Yeah Okay Spike thing. At times for sure for sure. Yeah absolutely but the style of I'm all in on. Yeah I thought the Great Cinematography is Pretty Cool. Beautiful at times. I love the score as we talked about. I thought it was jarring at times. Been in a good way. It works Denzel. Denzel Ray Allen's good enough. I'm giving it eight out of ten accidentally banked in Denzel Washington numbers because that's those things where prayers dropping but so overall we like it or not the greatest basketball movie of all time but we're high on it. What do you guys think? Let us know on twitter at no dunks INC trae black TRAE. Thank you so much for joining us. Where can people follow you online? What's the easiest way to a Trevan at tr veto in E. ON twitter and at Trevan Edwards on Instagram? And as I said you're on the here's the deer podcast box. Podcast yell daily Dean Athletic. Nice Nice we'll keep up the great. We're big fans really appreciate you coming on. Get your questions and comments guys for beef step in next week. No dunks at the athletic dot. Com Clipper rose. You heard it here. I have a great Tom. Turn-up love you guys awesome. Thanks for joining us. And this is usually when I recite a quote from the movie but black trail. I love the way you recited that pimp and Denzel Line from the Hallway. Do you mind giving it to us again. Brother do you. Do you know me something you staring at me. And My lady like in Gaza for merely air it with people.

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By the grace of God this all I can really tell you. I was talking with a buddy the other day and he was telling me, he said man, he had interesting philosophy about it. He say you know you can have dreams and visions he's say but God. God will never show you. What all he has for you. He won't show you all of it. because. He knows you'll mess it up. and. You know what man I thought about that and now how true is that? Okay. I know that I got a radio show. I didn't see it. It's just become this major blessing for me. I didn't see it. But if I would have seen it. And known win he had planned on giving it to me. I would have messed it up cuz number one. My first question would have been to him why got away so low. While and I go downhill as start on the radio now. And then I be in radio. And in Totta Cedar got. But see the thing about God is God don't need your help. Matter of fact, he don't really want it all he won't. Issued a love him an obey if you can do two things, think I think I could be wrong I think he'd be really cool with us. So had I known. About these blessing steady had for me, I would have messed up because I would put my thinking into figuring process and that would eject it all up. The first thing I asked him why got away so long and then if he has shown me what I was going to have to do to get it. I would have show messed that up man hyphen do that. I do all of that. Wait a minute I got to go through all of these mishaps in my life. So when I get the radio show, I have something to share. Man while on I just read a couple of books and shed at experience with him. Now see, I, want you to know what you Talkin. Bout. I want you to be transparent I. Want people to be able to identify with Joe Struggling apply struggle to see that they can get. Awful. See God never shows you all of it. Casino will mess it up. I wouldn't have any books. I certainly please no, I would not be hosted. Fan Few county you. It is amazing man how God works. And my invitation to everybody today is allow God to work. You know you can ask him why you want to and from time to time I steal do. No good for me. But that why me Oh what was me Laura thing that don't really get it for me. Because when I start asking him why I'm asking somebody who has a thought process so high above mind that there's no way he told it to me I wouldn't even get it. You would need how bright you think you. You just ain't GonNa get how and why he does it his way you're not going to understand it. But he has a plan for each and every one of us, and if we had here to the plan, if we submit ourselves to his wheel and just say, okay what you want me to do I am telling you it is the best way to Lille. Now. You can also do it the way I did it early on. You can just do what you WanNa do and see high go from nab and I will tell you from personal experience is not going to go good. You know my wife and I were talking the other day. As she says, some women I had to write it down. She says Steve or funny thing about seeing. She say seeing costs you more than you want to pay and causes you to stay longer than you wanna stay. As my wife where she got her, she says some some old person told to. She says seeing costs you WANNA pay. And cause you to stay longer than you WANNA, stay. As the problem may about doing what you WanNa do because we all sinners man of us all of us every last one of our sin as you will be a senator until you die. You could be saved by grace. But you're going to be a sentiment you are going to make mistakes. You are going to in your life knowingly do wrong. I bet you will I don't know who you thank you I don't know who you've been listening to but get this. We are sinners. We were born into a world that is sinful. Now, it's okay. It's okay. Is Our world. But we can make the best of it because we can form relationship with God and we and we can go to wall with this thing and we can win you can actually get over. Being born into this world is not a end-all doesn't mean you're doomed now man because God is available to give you life in not only give you life to give it to you more abundantly. I have more of an abundant life than I've ever had. If you took away the finances trusted believe I have so many I could tell you that I'm grateful for for my wife for my children. Man. From my family. For the few friends that I have. For the work that I do. Man for the respect that some people that I feel around some people from the reputation of earn. Now I ain't cool with everybody I. got that. I in. Cool with everybody everybody in. Cool me everybody. Don't like me man get past that right there. I don't care what you do everybody like you. Some people didn't like. Jesus. What did he do? What did he do wrong to anybody show it to me where he was just out there just messing over folks and you can justify all that happened to him. To show it to me, but he knew everybody like me. I just come to save you understand I. got you Feelin me. You're going to spit on me. You hang up there you're gonNA pierce my side. You're GONNA do all that to me. When you get through steel love you. Powerful statement man. God will take care of you. If you form this relationship with him he has something for you. He has a plan for you. That is beyond your imagination. He will give you the desires of your heart, but he also has some stuff in store for you that you're not even asking for that he is willing to ship. To An address that belongs to you as long as you stay on the right pad and are trying your best God a ship you to bless anyway 'cause please no, he's done it to me. I'm living witness to this day. God will ship you blessings and you ain't going to be perfect. But if he know you're hot if he know you trying to do better if he see you trying to change if he see you trying to get it right he understands that you going to stumble all the way through this thing. But if he know your heart and he no, you trying to get it right and you doing the best you can boy here's ship some stuff your way man, you really be tripping man you really be tripping. Steve Harvey. got. Radio show. Man Crazy eighty you're listening to Dave Hardy morning show. When's the last time you got rewarded for brushing your teeth with quips new smart electric toothbrush good habits can earn you great perks like free products, gift cards, and more. 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Gentlemen without further ADO. Here is my. Mom Toast by hats off to the bet hip hop awards from last night. Donald wasn't to make can ever brought a set of what? Hear I here I here. That was it. Off Five Baby. That's fine. It. Versus battle. Swiss ooh. I'm calling them out TI. Outcast. What you will. Go up just bus rams Airbus scared of buster. Gave me bus stop. I'm talking about, who did you want? Hate. Last all that law that way baby. Six flag bus. Bus GOT TIRED OF TALKING ABOUT HILL head. Buzzer Todd. Plus Outta them clothes. got this out. So I saw bus. Boston. They've Jim Shirley strawberries. Steve I do have a request later. Okay. Call Rail Right Busta rhymes facet. Kvas a what's up. Joan you more. Air Back. Few Tom. Among name. A.. K. Ready my request your. You know how you started the show sometimes with music. Now, you just did it with hip hop. Now, I want you to slow it down a little bit. We haven't heard from him in long time. This is your all time favorites. there. Vandross. Earth. The. Way I do. CAN SAY FOR CERTAIN And that is true. A chance. For. Me Hey you So hold on tie if you think you ride. Nothing. Hurts as bad as where you see. You. To easily. Off His facial expression remember not too long go. owner. But. Was She That you would be. Oh. Okay. And was hoping that could one day be. For ME TO GET FOOD LOVE Sometimes love. Just way food love and you go. Get your. Chance to learn. Way. Way Full. All. Right. There you have it. Coming up at thirty two minutes after the hour. Right. After this, you're listening to leave. Harvey Morning Show. Coming up next our young Jisi will be our special guest. He will tell us all about his new show on Fox soul and his upcoming versus battle Jay Jay Z. Jenkins. That's his real name just found that out next hour but right now it is time for ask the. Are you ready C L O chief love officer Steve Harvey. All right here we go. This one's from K. DUB and Tallahassee Keta says, I'm a forty four year old single dad and my eleven year old caught my girlfriend and I having sex in the backseat of my Tahoe, we snuck out to the car trying to be spontaneous and Kinky, and my daughter came to get her IPAD that was on the front seat. My girlfriend went to talk to my daughter and my daughter told her that she is a Ho. Just, like a Mama said, she is I wanted to beat her behind but I couldn't afterwards she had just said, my girlfriend had been putting up with my evil ex wife for wild and she told me I need to handle her. I'm only concerned with making sure my daughter is good. Am I wrong for only focusing on her CEELO? Well, you can't do nothing. which show x you you can stop that. You don't tell her that she O. H. O. E.. She told and she repeated it. 'cause that's what your Mother didn't put an eleven year old head. You have to talk to you eleven euro about respecting other people. With the name calling now. Let's look at a couple of day. First of all forty years old does your name Steele have to be K. do? That's where. We get some a little more adult. So we could get into full time parody. K.. Do is kind of hard. As K dill to be into full-time parenting. And K deal you was outside the car screwing. You do understand. That eleven you roll having a computer and can go right in house and look this up on a computer. has a very, very young mind but these young minds exposed to a lot more than we were when we were eleven. So brother you only focus is your daughter. I don't know what you say to your daughter though she catches you having sex with the girl chill wife ex wife toll. Was a Ho- now she's outside in a car. Should locked the tours locked Adele. What's that got to do it? The Dan wonder you can see I seen a whole lot of cars when the door was locked. And maybe they were hoping they return it. All right well dad. To talk to your baby. Yeah Sammy, in a rally says. I'm a sixty, seven year old widow and I've. Started dating again, but my children don't think I should because it's too dangerous I haven't estate and a few nice cars and they seem to think I can't handle myself around men men I was on a day the other night and my date happened to be driving my car my pastor saw it and told my son my son said that no other man should be in his father's car well, everything my husband left me here on earth is all mine now and I need my children to settle down the pastor to he how can I get my children to up and trust my judgment? You'll son go for the do drive the Car Daddy. He just not going to accept. You know and you need to date a man that has a car of his own. y'All been picking him up with the Church bus. That's probably why the pass to mention. An. Perkins in Church. You pull up. Just to say his call. He all his. Car. And it just ain't a good look. You have to be conscious. Be Aware you have an estate now people could be using you for the wrong reasons. That's all. Yeah just be careful but she wanted she thinks she's got it together. She wants to trust her judgment. She's doing yeah you don't bad judgment. Husband passed I don't know how long she says she how long she say she'd been a widow. She just said she's a widow she started dating again she didn't say. This a bad look, the sun is not going to accept other man driving the daddies call. Buys on Damn Beta man with a call. Yeah I. Like that advice. All right. My truck. But she said it terrorists now because their daddy left her. All right TAB IN MICHIGAN HIS NAME IS TAB Her name Stab I'm a thirty year old full figure cutie with my own business and I just a great guy. But we've never been out on a public date. The first six dates he bought food I cooked and he stayed overnight. We've been dating three months and I've only been to house once and he ordered takeout. All we do is eat and have sex I invited him to a drive in movie last weekend and he said no because of covid nineteen he goes out with his friends and he's not concerned about cove. Then I think he loves having sex with big girls but wants to keep it a secret. What do you think? You'll be right. Thank you. Absolutely. Right. Belichick dates started. You invited him over you cook he spent the night Shell has six. Key invite you over his house. He get takeout. y'All. have. Some most sick. That's what he likes. And that's what you liked. Food. was set it. Yeah. You got to reset this 'cause this. This is not going the way you want. No. Six days. They've never been anywhere. Bring a movie. That's crazy like a great relationship. Get out of that kitchen girl. ooh. full-figure Cutie. All right. So what do you tell her Steve? I. Don't doubt that you fool figure. Cute. It's nothing wrong with that but you can be a slim goody whatever you. WanNa call yourself once you start with the we eat and having sex. That's it. All right. Thank you. Yeah, great advice as usual coming up next. Tommy's run that prank back right after this. You're listening to. Harvey Morning Show. Coming up at the top of the hour and we'll have today's national news plus next hour. Our very special guest is Jisi. That's right. Jay Z. will tell us all about his new show on Fox sold is upcoming versus battle and his work with First Lady Michelle. Obama when we all vote Jay Jay Z.. Jenkins. Coming up at twenty minutes after the hour right now the nephew is here with run that prank back which you got. Turn, get to these nappy roots right now Lot of people out there would have is different I. Know you're not show. Have you know you think you. India. Re What Albert is right here is nappy hair nappy hair Moscow candle. Hello, I'm trying to get Francis. Friends I do on my name is Daryl. Kids they go to. Together. So yeah your daughters Kaylin, right? Yeah. Okay. My son is a Dj del Junior. They meet you at the beginning of the school year you remember meeting down there. Oh, I met a lot of people like, sorry. I can't play she right now. How Gay No problem. Hey, listen. I was GONNA, call you know there's only a handful of a black kid that the school you know in a private school in. And we the the the black parents we all got together had a meeting a couple of nights ago. Okay. You say all the black parents. Okay. I wasn't there. Why wasn't I called Well, we actually had a meeting about your daughter Kaylin well, what about you? She is problem schooling he's crazy or something i. don't even know about what's going on well actually. You, know we feel privileged to be. You know you know like I said, it's only a handful of blacks and we try to carry ourselves in a dignified way presidents I attitude the way we handle ourselves and you know Kayla's doing very good schools and what I understand and very nice with all the rest of the case he's getting law that's not the problem. Well, we're we're we're trying to get is the grooming of Kaelin Kaelin has these braids and what we were trying to do is give you know we had a meeting about it. We WanNa hold on Oh let's. Just say how grooming something wrong with her grew well, it's not necessarily a clothing. Of course you know the kids wear the uniform but the braids you know we we want to represent us with a lot of dignity. The way we carry ourselves we want to be You know pretty much nice and clean spitting pilots we would really prefer for our with straight. Opposed to being braided up you know. That kind of gives off a ghetto type of look to it, and that's what we're trying to avoid. Are you crazy it's something wrong with you you first of. My. If you couldn't call me for me why are you calling me? Like I said the meeting was to get the general consensus on. We're all the parents fill in the same way about your daughter and her breaks. You know we're just trying to keep everything classic when it comes to the blacks that attended school. There's only ten of us you know ten children attending. You what you can attend you would you can't is to. Hang Up. You tell the parents Oh them for me y'all can go straight in hit rock bottom Outta hill talking about my child and her brace. Braves are ethnic they are nice. Years. And I don't know Hannah Hail, you got my telephone number but tell all the pants for me to kiss the crack my you know what listen I I don't like the way that you're talking to me. Okay. I carry myself with class with dignity I'm spitting Polish man. I wanted to call you. You're acting just as her hair style and let me say something real able to your. Okay. You and all parents can hit rock. He'll don't call me more when the like this ignorant I'm far beyond this my child is well groomed. She's going to go to school as a matter of fact, and mine the cost to. Yeah should have been beaten on how we can get together and pay the tuition. How about that? Are you trying to sit here and tell me that you got a problem, take it rains down and win her hair straight. So she can look a lot more classy than what she looks right now until pathetic look that she's having right now you know what I don what's your hand glass take a picture of your staff and sent it to me text intimacy folks phone numbers gave it to you take a picture. Seven six to me I bet you. You look like who would have thought it my daughter raised I'm going to stay up for the rest of the. Year as a matter of fact, wing only rebranded if they'll stay that way so it could be matted and represent. That's what we're going to Francis listen I don't I don't want an argue I just wanted to call and see if we could actually you know come through a medium on this. Do you think that there's the possibility that I mean? I'm picking up DJ tomorrow after school. Would it? What would it be? All right. If I picked up little Kaelin and brought her home and let my wife do her hair. please. I. Wish that. He would pick my daughter up and see what the Hell I do. I'm calm. My husband intended come on your path and what? He. Has I wish you weren't picking my dot call the police. As a matter of fact, you're GONNA have to call the police for me and my person do it and see what happens but I'm just trying to get some class here. That's all we wanted. We're not wanting to fight with you. It's just the blacks here. We think we want a little bit more classy. Look of the way we are grown. That's the only thing we're looking for only person going to be taking the class when we get to what you don't be taking the class. How about that? ACT STAND UP. Like you y'all get five dollars and one penny. Toxin. Think you better than ever? Forget where you came from as a matter of fact what you guess what you mean because I'm calling the principal and your. Day Give me your name and Mr who what's your name That's that's that's that's that's not that's not really what my name is but that's what tell me when Tommy. Your real name, my name is my name. My real name is Tammy Thomas. No no my last name either what would they handle your name? Do you know my name is Tommy Nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning? Show who's been Keith? Got Me to prank phone call you. My. I tell you what keeps it out for the rest of the week for. ME. He said man he said, don't take about two and a half minutes with my wife to go all say it don't take two and a half. Applying me. You I. mean. What. What I got. One more thing she wouldn't is the baddest and I mean, the band is radio show in the lane. Steve Harvey Morning Show. Dean Baby. She was not having A. Map. Yeah. Come on come with that beach and Bray Johann. What about was say y'all get some money. You. In word. Right right. We would like to change your daughter's hair when they come wages with trying to look the pot a little bit different than what you what you're sending the school. It's. It's just so black what it is. Wow. Negroes Baby? Growth. Be Back to our with the most stupid dojo title. Coming up at the top of the hour entertainment and national news right after this you're listening to. Morning, show. Hi I'm Maryelle Tim Ross and I'm hosting a new podcast called Pisces reports with so much going on around the world. So many people telling you, they have the definitive take on the music we bring you to the news so you can hear it for yourself from the newsroom that has earned more emmy nominations than any other news team. This podcast goes where the story is from conflict zones to the labyrinth of digital life. You've never traveled quite like this get the vice news reports podcast on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Coming. Up In twenty minutes, Jesus will be a very special guest. We're going to talk to Jesus about voting is coming versus battle, and also his involvement in the voting movement But I in today's entertainment news last night was bet hip hop awards which got Carla. Well, we were watching this Shirley, we were on the phone. All talk to each other Texan. Each other while we were watching the bean. Shot out to eighty five south and serve. Them bores. We Love Them. Over. Sat out a very own cat dog production director but. He was behind the scenes. I of any award show I've ever seen where pretty much improv troupe hopefully show Group of comedian I thought it was outstanding because I've seen a lot of their shows on eighty five south Masan Broderick, introduced me to him and everything I knew nothing about it. You know I don't know how much a choice it was. Be. Damned jokes. We appreciate it, but let us do this right here. That's how it started. But but knowing what they've been trying to do for longtime a first I've ever seen a comedy trio. Show you know the Kings didn't do it. So to watch, that was really amazing me and said, did the first Bart awards to I was with good. For, two very funny. Yeah, yeah you know I've never seen a comedy trio. The HIP hop awards. Cool. Really, good. Shot out the DC young Carlos Chico beans. DC skating so. Him? out to Ti and Monica came through you know the Tran House. WHO Virtual. Ciphered. Tommy. We were talking about the ciphers they had one was skip Marlee lady featuring. It was good. Yeah. You saw Jack Harlow you know that's the guy was piloted. No no winners. Ignorant. Saw Snoop Dogg he presented masterpiece with I am hip hop awards. So you knew the legends in the game, and then of course, your boy toby new week, we performed jam a little bit of a tried. I knew it. I would go and get tight allowed. Come on. Jail Man Yeah Toby was rocking. I. Liked the set. It was this mint green. Bay had on. Black lives dramatic. It's so sweet dramatic. Got This is. What? Yeah. Yup, so shout out to big Sean he performs Detroit. It was cool though it was far trouble, but it was all good. It was very entertaining. So shout out again, eighty five cats dogs a home. All right. Let's go Steve Time for today's headlines, Ladies and gentlemen. Miss an trip. Thank you. Thank you everybody. Here we go. President trump campaigned in Lansing Michigan yesterday focusing, of course, Joe, Biden on covid nineteen curfews and lockdowns and our Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. A trump boom or a abidin lockdown, but you're already locked down I mean this thing. We gotta get her going. Governor, Whitman reportedly feels that Donald Trump's constant criticisms of our efforts to contain and reduce the corona virus in her State may be partly responsible or maybe mostly responsible for the recently foil kidnap plot against her meanwhile new corona virus cases have begun to really climb all over the country. Joe Biden who was in Georgia yesterday told supporters that that is why trump wants to talk about put down shuts down and closing rather than actually talking about the virus itself as Chief of staff. This last week made a stunning admission. Emission, I believe but never thought he'd say saying quote, we're not going to control the pandemic end of quote. Biden says, that's basically throwing in the towel waving a white flag according to the Miami Herald local Minister Pastor Rhonda. Thomas A director faith in Florida says in Miami cops have been trying to intimidate black and Latte next voters into either leaving poll sites or voting for Donald trump past thomas accused as one officer who she identifies as Daniel Obeida of showing up at a polling. Site wearing a facemask reading trump twenty twenty, no more bullcrap. Of course, crap was not the word exactly used to other grand jurors who decided charges in the police killing a Brianna Taylor say they think the three White Louisville cops involved were both negligent and criminal and they tell CBS Attorney General Daniel Cameron misled the public when he claimed that the grand jurors, all agreed that murder charges against the cops were not warranted. They say that was not true. They didn't all agree never was true. A Phoenix caught me while under both a criminal, and then departmental investigation accused of making a quote credible threat of violence against the Mayor of Phoenix. Kate. GALLEGO BECAUSE GALLEGOS PUSHING FOR POLICE REFORM OFFERS Steve. Police is denying the allegation sad news America has lost another hero Tuskegee airmen. Regional Brewster has died at age one, hundred, three, he served in World War Two was family says. He died peacefully on Monday airman Bobby Brewster was stationed in England and France. He assisted the bake base commanders. He said he was treated better in Europe than here in his home country. After coming back, you went to law school and was a practicing lawyer until he was ninety years old dodgers won the world series for the first time since nineteen, eighty eight and is national chocolate. Chocolate Chocolat came back in the Steve Harvey Morning Show you're listening to. Morning Show. Everybody. Our special guest without a doubt is one of the front runners of of rap in the south He's a songwriter to he's an active philanthropist He's been by my side a lot lately. As one or two mentors from foundation annual mentoring program. I really. Really really appreciate how does brothers shows up and For these young men and they lives at critical points and just always guilds. I've never called on him and he didn't answer the call man he's got a strong story. he's he's compelling and boy he has them young cats undivided attention. Well, he's got a new show everybody on Fox hole and it premieres tonight and he's also got an upcoming versus battle. We go find out more about that. General K. J Jisi. J. J. J.. I'm the best at it. I feel like the heavyweight champion. Bring him out bring your mouth. Hey Man. Nice talking to you man, we've been talking a lot lately man because here's what we call in about. You got a new show. The title of the show. Everybody's call worth the conversation. It debuts Fox sold tonight tonight, everybody. At. Your. APP Apple TV. You know move crying. I learned from the Bay you know. Timothy B. M. Eastern time ten PM sippy. My I guess it's amazing by the way. Who is your first guest on? No other been seven emmy back back she's a comedy. With no motivational speaker philanthropist. World. We're a fisherman from what I'm hearing you. Get down. To. A really. All the time to. I'm trying to share. I appreciate you have A. Put together man but I'm I'm coming on the show tonight man to tell everybody what the show is about what you hope to accomplish with the show entitled worth of Compensation Right I wanted to conversation I feel like you know you're sitting on your on TV poll you sit in the barber shop you know you you most likely talking to like minded people and people see situation the same for me I've tried it myself and I've accomplished a lot of things being able to get into right owns and get information that you just don't get you know just around the weight. We'll be back with more with the one and only. His name is Jesus, but he's really Mr, J Jesus Jenkins. You're listening to. Morning. Show. I tell back welcome back to the Reid Steve Harvey Morning. Show. Special guest today is a friend of mine. Young soldiers are really really really into give it back Recording Artists Phil. Philanthropy songwriter actor everything Jisi. Jesus. What is today and he's got a new show that ask tonight. At seven. PM EASTERN TEN PM Pacific. Work Ah compensation. You boy is on tonight with him. But we're talking about it and. Hey Man. Let's. Let's talk about this battle debt. Awning gets a bus going on. I is battle Ono nineteen right here in A. While U. N.. T. I. Would, you gotta call me put his name is big snow. Snow. Snow. Snow biggest. No. Wait. Old amounting gave weight. Picks now. I mean, I feel like, no. Berlin probably going GonNa be that you know we do we do and I'd be like you know I feel like we both have some different to bring to the game. Yeah. He might bring catalog. To diversity but I'm bringing real life you know all. That I talked about you know somebody can relate to it because Israel. And for me, I, feel like it's going to be a celebration for Atlanta. Will be a celebration for music and you know ain't come to play. You know I'm just you know. I. You know I I I'm I'm staying with in for me at all times you. Know I know. I got blood sweat and tears my boss baby. You're. They never been music to me my catalog. Montana. Right, my I wouldn't. I wouldn't be here. Without went through. So everything I said I still don't number two Ford to it though you know I'm looking forward I'm ready you know so we. Got Mine on my dog big snow. All I got to all my chips into to window. Big Snow. Avalanche. To. Be Exact. Blizzard, a seventy seven. I was in Cleveland. When it happened thirty, six inches of snow gets began. No. One more thing You've done a lot of work with the first lady, Michelle Obama and and the. And Program when we all vote what message do you have? For our listeners tonight to make sure. That they get the message. I just feel like you know and I went and voted with some. Guys from the Georgia Chapel the end up lacy. Peterson. President from there. when I actually went out and voted, we had discussions about the numbers I think last year. Voters, it was I mean last term election was six hundred hours. This year is almost one point five. So that means our word is getting out there I. Think I think it goes like this. I think you can. You make small strides at at a big goal and I think the more we learn to mobilize together and be on the same page. You know we we get a little bit farther to the point where you know when we do go when we all. Get it right and we do go vote in that going to be able to stop involvement anything else because we won't be on the same page. So we got to mobilize and this is a small part of that. So no matter how those as long as we show up in numbers when we continue a number and I moved to get bigger and I message gets greater. and. That's and that's to get right to the right people because it's not just. About the city officials about who, who, who, who's the Mayor Governor who's WHO's The judge is. All those things matter to you get people like us to understand what we go through and is GONNA do their best to make sure we're being mistreated. You can't complain so. Let your. Voice be hurt. Hey, look y'all the new show is called worth a conversation. It debuts on Fox hole tonight at ten PM Pacific Time Seven thirty eastern time and they put jazz gather for Jesus Jenkins everybody. Bird snored. Thank you cheesy. Nephew. Tommy is up next with today's prank phone call. Right after this, you're listening to Steve Harvey Morning Show. Coming up at the top of the hour right about four minutes after it's my strawberry letter for today, the subjects he ruined his chances for intimacy. What till you hear this letter will get into it and a little while. But right now, the nephew here with today's prank phone, call what you got for us. Is. Frank a musical artist. Done that in a while yes. uh-huh Franken. Bt would last night you know doing anything you know turn. How about call Thomas Ooh. On. Yourself. When he ain't singing. Getting pranked. That's why I got a pro hello. Who Must be can win? Noble. Are you are do you work with Call Thomas? Okay that's who I'm looking for I'm I'm silk from big time promotions I need to speak to call if it's at any way possible. Yeah. Hold on one second. Up. Yeah. Yeah it was a listen. My my name is silk from big time promotions and not wait wait. Wait wait. I'm sorry I'm sorry ups. against. My Name is silk. So okay. Big Time promotions out of Mississippi. Now I've been dealing I don't know a I'm trying to get this right. I've been dealing with your managers who supposedly big Mac and my right Now. I didn't send deposits down. One hundred thousand dollars worth so that you can do Jackson and but Luxy for me Jackson was supposed to be last week I've been calling all week. Long Way Way Way Way holiday I you you say you said a depart you said two, hundred, thousand nine, hundred, seventy, two, two big Mac your manager. Man Listen Brother, who are If, would we? Now if seen them in two thousand dollars, Nah Nah, I don't think. So one hundred, thousand dollars to big MAC. And he also in return brother sent me a contract signed with him annual name owning now. I. Signed on I signed up contract science I see no contract is one hundred dollars. How I understand what you're saying but I'm letting you know what has already happened to me now. I will you gotTA CONTRACT SIGNED WITH WITH My signature, my signature. Signage, all the said Carl Thomas. It had you don't name and your manager's name Oh I'm trying to tell you I didn't sign no contract. Let me say this all silt trying to say, no sip trying to say is this right here is that silk his get his money back? That's for one thing now, what I don't want to do in. We can handle this like men all we can handle this like. Don't make me no day-to-day all upon the whole. Now, you against it. Now you know who are you threatening me on I know is I need? In Mississippi. Tomorrow. Dog. I I. I don't know. This on the web to pick this but you ain't GonNa call me up the blue on. Talking. About two hundred thousand I don't know what you're talking about who you are. I don't know what you're talking about but we get into a problem. If you WANNA get down like that we can get our like that. I'm GonNa tell you right now you know Zach upcoming. All be sitting trying to play. You know what I mean 'cause I. Like that this is silk from Mississippi? Me Mattel you so don't make me leave your into. Don't make me leave you into our money back you and you'll manage. Money I see right now. I. Okay. All right. Okay. So or whatever your name I'm telling you dock built. Mark you stepping. Told you right now? Don't you think you think Let me. Let me tell you something. Let me tell you. All you. Is the same. You're gonNA, make me Yup about my money. Okay. I I I say exactly exactly what you call a punt. See. Why? I live in New Jersey. You know exactly what it is playboy don't. Don't take. It. Don't take me to road a new. Jersey if that's what you're looking for now won't you said Mississippi Tamar? Who is this? No I ain't shooter you right hand man Yoda one. I've been calling all damn week and you ain't gave him the phone. Let me speak to. He's busy. Busy y'all got my money I. got on a thousand dollars tied up in this hour not talking about the Oh. I, don't know what do you think you talking to how do do you call it? How do you get this number? Let me say this to you call this number. I'm telling you I'm telling you all mark. You got all the muck. Playboy closing. Right. Now. Let me tell. You I'm telling you only saw police. Anonymously called. You saw playboy saw let me say this. Listrik, are you listening I'm listening to you man I'm I'm GonNa? Tell you right now I'm telling you. So let me say this contacts. This is nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning Show. You just got bright by your born my bait. Haha. Radio. Man. Baby. Boy. We. You. there. They. Got Me I. Love. You got a whole nother the sad card. Man. You might be put me up to. then. I might I might might know you in the worst way. Boy, you've got gotTA. Gauge. The. Right Man. We're GONNA straighten it out in church listen. Tell me this. What's the baddest radio show in the world call town man you know that Steve Harvey Morning Show with. Tommy who really in the bag right now gotten May. Go Hey you're wrong you're wrong you already. Question Attorney. This question. What is your? What is the love you have be wrong. What is the love you have of being wrong how wrong was I was wrong I'll get him was wrong for that. Joe Love Being Wrong Meyer of it right. On that. I am passionate about it. Call. Okay. Now, let's go down to lack unless you that would be great. Don't you think John Legend. Be Nice to prank. John in it can be pranked to. Can I ask, why would you them because? To. Lodge looking. Looking for some time. Prank might affect they hosted last night. How about all the eighty-five South Oh? Yeah. That would be. You. Play on the. You know Carlos is the intellect the brain. Young flag on customer yacht, does. Go. Get some. Of to yeah. Ranking. All right. Thank you. Nephew coming up. Next is a strawberry letter subject. He ruined his chances for intimacy. We'll get into it right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. Are you ready mistress the head fixing podcasting Tuman Bay. Yes. Reaches thrilling final season. This wild not as you. Saved. From iheart radio at Goto productions Stephen is coming of might've child a fire destroy. She's dead but she came back something is going to happen. You need to be ready from creators, John, Scott, Dryden, and Mike Walker me. Because Gregory, you are the hinge of history scrolls with never about the past. Future Women May season for take me to Monday listen and follow in Bay on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. What Norma. To in be. Well six days I mean this countdown is real. Okay. Oh Six. Days left until the November third election you can still go right now they're still taking your vote. You can go to vote dot org and find out where and when you can vote early in your state. That is vote dot org. Okay. Pleased about their elite please vote early. All right six days left. Don't wait till the last minute like we do don't do that. All right. Changing gears today's strawberry letter. It's time. If you need advice on relationships dating work sex parenting and more, please submit your strawberry letter to Steve Harvey FM DOT COM and click submit strawberry letter. We could be reading your letter live on the air just like we're going to read this one right here right now let's go up and hold on tight. We got it for you here it is the strawberry letter Subject, he ruined his chances for intimacy there Stephen Shirley I, need your input please I live in the UK right outside of London and I love your show. I have known this gentleman friend of mine for two years. We have a great friendship. So a few weeks ago I invited him over for the weekend. It started out as a great meet up and I was glad to finally get to spend some time with him I asked him. If he wanted to share my bed or sleeping my guest room, I had high hopes that we. Could share some physical intimacy, which is something we'd never done. So this is how the evening went. I announced I was going to have a shower and I thought he would take one after me but he did the clothes he was wearing had a musky smell and since he'd been travelling all day I've thought he might WANNA freshen up but he did we got him bed and he started touching me in an intimate way we kissed and it was a good kiss but I still could smell his musky smell on his shirt and his body. As things got more heated I reached for his instrument and it was dead. He made up an excuse that he'd had too much to drink, and that's why his instrument was in rising to the occasion. I was grateful. It didn't work because he smelled bad anyway. I turned away from him and went to sleep the next morning I got out of bed early. So he wouldn't try again he woke up and came into the kitchen and tried to kiss me but he hadn't brushed his teeth or taking a shower get his smell was all over my house. He left that afternoon because he could sense that I was not pleased with him. He keeps on asking me to see me again to prove to me that his instrument works but he's ruined any chance at intimacy being too harsh. Should I tell him that he stinks? Will I will go here. Okay. Thank you for loving our show. In the UK, just outside of London, we appreciate it so very much we really do. Tell all your friends about a girl. Okay. Let's get to it. Bad, hygiene. Meaning Stinky Breath funky body odor like underarms but anywhere else down there. All of that just overall cleanliness. But. Anything anything you know just overall on cleanliness nastiness it is an absolute deal breaker absolute deal breaker for me point blank period. So to the question. Are you being too harsh. No, no, no no you should have made him get out of the bed. You should made him get out I. Don't know anyone who were put up with that. Should you tell him? You Know Betty stinks you ask only if you plan on continuing to see him and I don't think that's a good idea because he doesn't bay, he doesn't brush team now move on Oh. Now? You know you and all his head L. none nothing about this letter makes me sick. Oh I don't. So Oh. Oh. Oh. This matters about a man that state. Exactly. I could care less but if you want some advice it is. She does see you know his gentleman free of yours for two years now let me ask you some until years. You smell his heir. To. Tell. You Ain't notice nothing. Well maybe it's because y'all were just friends and y'all wouldn't really. Close excuse me. So you decided you want to spend some time with him. You had him come somewhere which for the weekend. And then you decided you say you won't. It hopes that child can have some physical intimacy. Because y'all had never done it before right Right, so you tell him. I'm going to have a shower. And I thought he would take one out to me but he didn't let me tell you something about funky people. Who Say I'm going to take a shower he figured. Well that cool. Six she's from London in a British accent. I dare say. Thank you. To. Join me but maybe partake afterwards now. Okay we got it. I doubt say. WHY WASTE THE WATER The lottery he does only good. Absolutely you take a shower. Word is better than none wash dog law and waste the water do it my sal. Technically with the fact that I can't smell my downs out. That's the problem. That's the key to stinky people. Stang. People don't notice state. In winning. Day used to it. Great. Thank you. Something else they garbage can some wet? Is Dead issue but he was traveling all day just based on that. He should have gotten in the shower. INDYCAR together with shut up now. Yeah. All right. Coming up. At twenty three minutes after the hour, we're going to have part two of your response. The subject of today's strawberry letter. He ruined his chances of intimacy. We'll get back into it. Right after this, you're listening to Dave Party morning show. Come on stieglitz recap today, strawberry letter he ruined his chances for intimacy. Surely, I want you to read the letter. I'm going to be, demand. From. London. Hearing this letter about me and all communist throughout the letter. Stephen Shirley I need your input. Please what is This. I live in the UK right outside of London and I love your show Lobeck. I have known this gentleman friend of mine for two years. We have guys. Yeah. We have a great friendship. So a few weeks ago I invited him over for the weekend what to do. I definitely was coming along. Thank you started out as a great meet up and I was glad to finally get to spend some time with him and so. I asked him if he wanted to share my bed or sleeping my guest room. Oh, do how? Far At. I had hiring the bed Oh my goodness. Wonderful weekend. I had high hopes that we can share some physical intimacy, which is something we've never done sabotage. Special. So this is how the evening wind. I announced I was going to have a shower. And I thought he would take one after me. But he didn't. and. Why should I? Take a shower. Has got to take a shower and it was you. The clothes he was wearing a musky smell. And since he'd been travelling all day. All Dad, you say, I, smell musk gay. I thought he might want to freshen up but he didn't. We got embiid and he started touching me in an intimate way while that's what you want it. We. Had High hopes that it would get. Let's get it started. We kissed and it was a good kiss but I still could smell his musky smell on his shirt and his body wants side now. Absolutely, fine didn't use to what I have. Music back. Now splitter. The right way. You didn't tell me. You're going to reach the event. Wasn't ready. All right. Well, yeah he made up in back. I had to Mandy. He made up an excuse that he had had too much to drink, and that's why his instrument wasn't rise. I been drinking Ale all afternoon Ale. Try Drinking one entire yawn estimate wax. Probably wasn't working I. I was grateful. It didn't work because he smelled bad anyway. I turned away from him and went to sleep in. The next morning I. got out of bed early. So he wouldn't try again. I knew you got up early hours already up I saw. Up. And came into the kitchen and tried to kiss me. But he hadn't brushed his teeth or take a shower yet if I hadn't. Saola last night. Pray tail why would I get up and take one in the modern? Brush my teeth into one thirty in the afternoon. His smell up tower this is not your segment. Smell was all over my house and I am a person that has an ro that wasn't smelled have. Well, that was all wrong. He left that afternoon because he could sense. I. Was pleased with him I. Love Because you are Nagging Xiaohua. That's why. Did. You want the company. Did you want bad? He keeps on asking me to see me again to prove to me that his instrument works. My instruments sometimes doesn't participate because it's just sometimes it can't stand the smell. Sometimes, might amid says. Be Damn if I stand up only to be knocked back down. Am I being too harsh. She has damaged. Yes. Shipping Harsh. Should I tell him he stinks I know I studied. You know. There's A Big Husky ass man and no no smell Moscow whereas my damn meals. Like himself, he can't hear are used to drown out the smell. Got Little. Smells me Dan. I think what we added. This is pleased telling me stinks post your comments on today. What you got out of it and IT'S A. Post your comments today strawberry lettered Steve Harvey FM on Instagram Tommy Shot Up. Very letter. PODCAST on demand coming up at forty six minutes after the hour junior sports talk right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. All right. Come on junior junior is here with sportstalk. Go All we have say what say what congratulations to the Los Angeles dodgers they were. Serious champions. They beat. Six. Auditor. This is grace because now the world series trophy and the NBA trophy all living La. Issue Question Man. How did you? Get to the series. Oh, they beat. We was watching basketball we need Lamma. Did. It'd be rain. That's right. That's right. My bed. Only reason I ask because I thought it was a Houston no, no, we lost rain. Rocks when you when you throw. Mandalay. Hey. That's face on this. You got talk about a man like that. We know we we didn't make it to the world series. We not going to the Super Bowl we awale we didn't make it anywhere in the NBA. June. going. Down Super. Bowl how we never been. To See a C. C. C. you don't know how to lose. I do. I'm here seeing how we don't off games. I'm here to help y'all losing ad season. We how to lose no, you don't know. 'cause you keep taking it rolled y'all having a bad day all this here gonNA. Have this go from. You know the history of Houston Dina. Harte's. All took us through the you know what we been through. Go ahead Tom Forget. You Know How many jerseys about how many had site and about how many tickets Do y'all. Thank you talking to We want championship in football since nineteen, sixty, four I was. A I wouldn't here. Okay I was seven. How Dan you? Tell me by. A Sigara Gatien. We wouldn't. We wouldn't even rack and yet. We We'd lost photos I ride is sixty eight. Lights now. Carlos. Day. Roberts. Way To go man. To. Man. All right. Well, thank you junior Sorry about that. Coming up at the top of the hour another night of civil unrest in Philly we'll talk about it right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. What's up this currency and I'm Alexa Kristen we're the CO host of Atalanta the advertising industry's most thought provoking podcasts. We're back with our new partners at iheartradio every other Tuesday to bring you more of the new and next in marketing media and creativity. We introduce you to guess from in and outside of the AD. Industry to solve the biggest challenges, toughest questions facing marketers today. Islandia practitioners podcasts were critical thinking meets creativity and pitched points or the way it's been done before aren't allowed. We bring our listeners actionable perspectives to bring back to their brainstorms and boardrooms. Atlanta clubhouse reopened with Special Guest Malcolm. Glad. Well, be sure to follow us on twitter at Atlanta podcast and listened to Atlanta on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Here's trending news from our home station and Philly one zero, five, point three W., d. s.. The Philadelphia Police Department has increased its presence around the city and the Pennsylvania National Guard has been deployed in Philly last night do to more civil unrest in response to the shooting death of Walter Wallace junior junior Walter Wallace. Jimmy was a black man who refused to drop his knife when police asked him to according to the family's lawyer they reportedly called for an ambulance to get Mr Wallace. Some help for mental health crisis issue on the video, you can hear the officers repeatedly tell Wallace to put the knife down after he would not drop the weapon to officers fired off at least seven kids both officers were wearing body cams and we're taken off street duty pending the investigation Philadelphia's new police commissioner is a sister or Daniel outlaw take a listen as chief outlaw is going to the community where the shooting happened and she's talking to the people a was the fact that. I used the first thing of of. They went with that man. Didn't return. In the community not look. I'm here to listen I. Don't have answers for what happened today it just happened. Obviously, we got to put everything together. Shooting took. Yeah. Now Yeah here we'd be yeah they're upset. Round. Here's a lot well and you know it is but in his deal. His the people call too 'cause he has mental issues. The ambulance so they called for mental help. the officers in Philly don't have tasers. Oh. who had that I don't understand. So. Here's the problem there presenting. Their only line of defense at he had a weapon and he kept coming what the public is saying is. They didn't even try to as now we found out later they don't have tasers, but like I've always said. These police officers aren't trained enough. So they only have twenty two week training period. You got to learn how to do domestic violence reports. You GotTa do how to settle arguments fell. On Robbery Bank robbery, you gotTa go through all that training. All of the shooting they do is only target and they're all keel shots, chest and head. Chest and head. If a man has a knife in two officers have a god shooting him an lega bring him down. Yes. But we don't do that in the United States to black people. We don't bring them down. We take them now and that's what the deadly force. And it's always the use of deadly force the fear in that this whole thing is. He had a knife. They're going to overlook that it was a psychiatric call. The said they needed help an ambulance for some a psychiatric problem he had demand I heard. I could be wrong. Had A history of mental issues. Which wits Steve Brings up if they knew that if the police knew that he had a history of that is more outrage as to why? Russia. Different. What even when they get there The fear factor. In police officers. The embedded. Trip that's in some police officers is going overrule the fact that you telling him. He had mental issues because all they see is this black man with this knife, get an animal or so. and. Then that Amnesty clause goes into effect. Is Hard to charge police performing in the line of duty. And that's what you. Say. We gotta get to the polls show. I'm telling you. Yeah All right coming up more of the Steve Harvey Morning Show at twenty minutes after right after this, you're listening. To morning show. KFC's bringing back their popular chicken. Senate, fire logs for the holidays. So now you can. Say that. Without. Whole House. KFC they're okay. They're really popular though their chicken scented fire logs. From own. Noticing. Logs. On the fire in your house like Fried Chicken. You can enjoy a relaxing night by the. One hundred and fifty of law. Do. I should get that. Oh. That's cool. UNE-. No no no. Don't do that show. Don't do that to that man thanking somebody when he come in the house. And you'll. Hewlett berry burning logs. So that wouldn't be a good idea. Teasing him. Good idea. Gray. Atomic Remodel she has no idea when it'd be finished. Because it don't matter Wendy. Yeah. No, I just want him to hurry up. So you can get the dust out and everything but other than that. Yeah. Take your time. These fire logs are so popular that they quickly sold out for the past two years straight. If you can have your house smell like a sense, what would it be any kind of food for me? All right. More of the Steve, Harvey Morning Show and some trending news coming up thirty three minutes after the hour. Right after this you're listening to. Marty morning show. Last night was bet hip hop awards which you got. Carla well. Shirley we were on the phone of all talk to each other with texting each other while we were watching the. Pop Awards, we have to give a shoutout to eighty five south sir. Big. Boys. Love. crowder. GotTa sat out our very own cat dog he's our production director. He was behind the scenes. That's a first of any awards show. I've ever seen where pretty much an Improv troupe hopefully show. A group of COMEDIANS. I. Thought it was outstanding because what I've seen a lot of their shows on eighty five south. Broderick introduced me to him and everything I knew nothing about it. Of course. You know I don't know how much choice it will. Go we appreciate it, but let us do this right here. Not Necessarily started but but I've known what they've been trying to do a long time. It was just a first I've ever seen. A, comedy trio Hostess Show You know the Kings didn't do it. So I mean to watch that was really Me and said, did I be wards to I? MEA said. To very funny. You know I've never seen a comedy trio. Hip Hop awards. That's cool. We really good. Talented guys. Shout the DC young flaw Carlos Chico being degi CDC skating use of. I left. Ti Monica. They came through the Tran House you know. They have virtual Cypher Tommy. We were talking about the CIPHERS They had one with skip Marlee, lady Cypher featuring good. Yeah. You saw one with Jack Harlow. You know that's the guy was piloted. No no winners. allergists is ignorant. We just saw snoop dogg he presented masterpiece with you. I am hip hop awards. So you knew the legends in the game, and then of course, your boy toby new wig, we performed your jam a bit of a tragedy. Knew it I will go and get the title. Come on? Behalf by. Jail, man Yeah Toby was rocking. I like the set it was this mint Green Luke Maye had on and he had black lives dramatic. It's so sweet. Dramatic guy did this. Like Coming up it's our last. Day. Break up the day and we'll have some closing remarks from the one and only Steve Harvey coming up at forty nine minutes after right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. Nine Super Bowl appearances six super bowl championships. The New England Patriots Tom Brady and bill. Belichick are the greatest dynasty in NFL history. I'm Gary Myers NFL sports journalists over forty years. Join me for a new podcast the goat Tom Brady I pull back the curtain on the greatest run of sustained success by one player and one team in NFL history with never before heard interviews with bill ballot, check bill parcells, Robert Kraft Tom Brady senior coaches, friends family, and, of course, the greatest of all time Tom Brady, the margin of error. So slim and there was a couple of plays in each of those games if it goes our way we win. And that's that's the way it works, and that's why it's hard to win. Super Bowls the goat Tom. Brady is available. Now listen and follow on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Well guys, we've set it all morning six days left until the November third election. If you haven't voted yet. What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Go right now and get dates. So you earlier state early you skip all around that suppression tactics be used go early. That's right. That's right now I'll tell you something. If, you can go and vote between one and four. The lines were the shortest where I win. Okay I. The lady said at the Post she said you know that that transfers into a lot of polling places, my friends at work and. Saying right after lunch by one in Ford slows down tremendously. There's some key Senate races If you live in these following states democratic senatorial candidate Jamie Harrison is running into Carolina that's right. Mike espy is running for Democratic senator in Mississippi. That's right in Georgia. There's Reverend Raphael warnock He's a candidate for Senator Democrat Democratic Senatorial candidate. Marquette. Bradshaw in Tennessee. also Mayor Adrian Perkins in Louisiana running for a Democratic senator and attention Michigan voters of vote to keep. Democratic Senator Gary Peters in office. Okay. Gary Peters not his opponent Republican John James. Okay. We're trying to keep Gary Peters in office in Michigan Not John. James is deceptive y'all. He is of very much. John. James as American. He's very much a trump supporter. Very much teast two thousand percent behind trump got a lot of red hat's. John. John. James. Is Not no. We want the name again. Shirley. Oh. All of them. No in mich- Gary Peters Scary P and we want Gary Peters everybody in Michigan. We won't Gary Peters in. Michigan did not. James Jones do not Jon. Janes John. James. Do not vote. For Jj do. But he ain't. Kitchen, DETROIT? Yes. Very. A Detroit y'all the show of now we can change the Senate. We can change the presidency we got work to do people we got work I wouldn't I wouldn't want to look back at this moment time and not have participated I would not wanNA look. Really mad right. Knowing that this one right here you can do something about. You know what I've been hearing to see. A lot of people say they stayed home in two thousand sixteen. That's why these early voting numbers are up because this said I'm not gonNA stay home this time I it last. You Right. Let's go make A. Yeah and and I think that mail in voting situation where the president was talking about you know it's rigged and all of that I think it's backfiring because. You know so many people are getting out to vote even covid nineteen. Standing in line, they are actually coming out of the house to vote. So that's good doing the electric slide Cupola show. Yeah. Black people I want to. Be here. With It was cute has to New York in this way. Way towards two billion people already to phone early voting I love it. I love it. We got a vote. We have to vote no choice. Yeah. That's good. Baby if we go to the polls. We will make the difference. We are it? We are the deciding factor. Young people. Are. The deciding factor. People of color are the deciding factor. If everybody who is eligible to vote. That didn't vote in two, thousand, sixteen what a go cast a vote on next Tuesday. It'll be a landslide. It'll be real ugly mad. It. Be Real ugly for this guy. Because I want to send a message to him. The. Proud boys. All those militia groups. The clan. The skinheads. That damn. He partied a had all of it. I want everybody to get a message. I want this new Q. Thing they talk about whatever Eddie is they got going Q.. Q. Non all bad. We. Look we got time for that. That aluminum nodded mess. We got time for none of that. Foolishness up in hill. When did we become so curious about everything that we? Go try check that out. I was on a phone call. Yesterday today. With other grand bosses of make us South Five. Fraternities. And we that work on the Airways data frat brothers me, Rickey Smiley had deal Hughley. Talking and they were talking about. How twenty five percent of black men. In Michigan or something voted for Donald Trump last time and why is that caused caused because they got tricked? You thought if you voted like them. That they will consider you one of them. You Ain't never that. Look. I'm I'm exhausted from it we have to vote. is nothing else to say is Tuesday We've OATEN. Go early, vote we vote and go down there Tuesday at vote we vote and I don't care how long the line is. How much water we meet where we need to stay go to bathroom whole your place we go down to vote he got to go black lives do matter and you find out just how much sir and vote Out here. For All Steve Harvey contests no purchase necessary void where prohibited participants must be legal US residents at least eighteen years old unless otherwise stated for complete contest rules visit Steve Harvey FM DOT COM. You're listening to. Morning. Show. With Law and orders the headline, what does it mean US seventy K Williams, an attorney and former public defender and host of a brand new podcast. But we're going cross examine news-making cases and famous faces to understand the context and Dustin Ross I'm a TV writer Cultural Observer, and I am thrilled to be co hosting holding court every K Williams this is not a podcast about law. This is the show for the people to help US NAVIGATE A. Rick System teachable moments from the so-called law and order headlines Listen To Holding Court with Ebony K Williams on the iheartradio APP and Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. What's up? I am machine gun Kelly and look I know Halloween is GonNa. Suck this year because there's no trick or treating and all that but I've got a treat. There's a musical podcast that I made with my friends twenty four K. Golden and Er day-to-day Todd and Satan. Saints not my friend but Tommy Lee is and Tommy Lee is playing Satan but don't just take it from me. Tell Him Satan Banks Stu feels great to be playing Satan on this podcast who listened to Halloween in hell on iheart radio APP apple podcasts or whatever you get your podcasts on.

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The Engine Room S2 E23 Rewinding to play 20 Questions Part 2: Nick Romano, Mark Meyer, David Lloyd, and Jeff Algra. E6 to E10

Band It About - Podcast Series

14:43 min | 2 weeks ago

The Engine Room S2 E23 Rewinding to play 20 Questions Part 2: Nick Romano, Mark Meyer, David Lloyd, and Jeff Algra. E6 to E10

"Well to the band about podcast series once again. What free introducing you to get instead. I'm rebounding to episode six three to ten of the engine room series two replay the closing segment of the show. Twenty questions three minutes. Now i will share something that my guests haven't picked up on the majority of based questions are regularly usually in a reword format to add variety and are always ask a few the sign one g what you want to throw into question that fits with what i know about them which helps to personalize it and gives them a really good laugh. And you definitely hear that in a few. Today's christian so now it's time for me. The hit rewind wrong now. The first single pitches your favorite band sunday night. Your favorite red hot chili pepper drama. The very fiber play growing in us. The most dixie dropped during a gig. You'll favorite tv series. Of course the worst movie ever seen this album that you purchased a bowman sexy man. We've had going dining or tank away. What song do you sing in the shower. Enjoy this drum solo in the world name of band. You wish you'd say imply live. You'll favorite song sundays sunday. Minute nintendo game characters. Mario and luigi were plumbers. Who might the better tradesmen. What's number one bucket lee. Starting off we run out of town a before we end up chatted. I'm going asthma. Twenty quick random questions or as many as we can get through in the spice of three minutes to close the interview. Are you ready mark. Your time stops now nine percents that you purchased countdown tv. You least favorite song to play cyber cartoons rohingya. cd's must during a gig ninth regional. Some change took thirty and chicago transit authority and plus with donald trump and nutrient nutri from the shower Cats dogs brothers. cats dogs. this constant you went to nine abandoned. We should send taught before we end up chat today. I'm gonna ask day. Twenty quick questions or as many as we can get through in the spice of two minutes to cuisine to be a i ready fix or i'm not sure godless trough time stops now nine the first album that you purchased of first album. Ross raw palm. you. Can kate cyber international band little which i was better three ninety hundred john right question. Great ideas that you height the jury. Who's what hotter fred flintstone. This consequently all actually ross raum but it was a it was. It was in the coaches that it was early. They played crunchy granola suite on dawn. Why to drop during a gig. Probably probably full aspires favorite. Maybe well j. Jesus crosser stop biggest. Fear talented struck not be not applied. This single you. Purchase righty out. What was the name of. the muppets. Back apprentice primer decent in the shootout. No what was the first high young morris monnet drums solid at the played bisco. What was that beth drum. Solar that you've ever played taw. Gosh hera answer that. Pass number one holiday destination like flavor abundance of northern check. We should say play. Live little taghrid. Pastathon time go. Are you ready curate. I think i am okay. You're tone starts now name. I called that you went to favor. International drama or band drummer. Brian blade definitely which show is better night as a wide knives. Nine thirty that you hate waste is who had the better drummer. The bengals the go goes. I don't cannot pass on this cd that you purchased probably despise goes. The my speaks that you've drop during a gig. Three thaggart book the bell. Joan biggest fear letting people down fiber liking band Shallan astronauts nine. Something that you cannot live without food. Shirl falls chopsticks leaking this brand of deodorant for drummers any just holding forwards paldon best drum sala. You've played on the north something. Something advanced probably. If you can be anyone in the world just one day he would made. I would be routed. Middle and i would just yet. It's not even that. But i leave it at that survived and then that you wish you'd seen live. Oh i wish would say Jeff buckley pastathon favorite pastime. I love the football. Let's occurs pet height hate time. Thank you once again curiosity before we end up today. I'm going to ask twenty two random questions or as many as we get through spice of two minutes to close the interview. I ready test stocks now. Nine hundred single that purchased a black magic woman national band who rolling stone scheib was better. The monsters the evans family wear yellow felix. The cat lets the top always works talk spectrum Say well that you've drop during a geek. Oh for real flavor The want to wake up was a flight pitches. Santana row breakfasts bedtime seven thirty. I shouldn't symbols Through probably ties. Zillah talent the government the makeup. Let's driving lynch to draw. It was a full thames. Noname fifty nine. The number one thing on your bucket list spent on holland saint claude. Let's plume guy. Oh you got very much down. Sixteen by the looks of a thank. You wanna guy jeff for joining the band about podcast. Today you've been great to chat to. And i hope that everyone who listens finds. This is enjoyable as i did over. The information and lakes relating to today's interview can be located in the description field. And please feel free to message. Maine's you have any ideas. Requests for future bantered about podcasts. And make sure that e subscribe to receive notifications. When the next podcast becomes viable. Thank hugest thing everybody that remain from fanget about.

ross raum Jesus crosser morris monnet beth drum Brian blade luigi bowman fred flintstone donald trump Shirl Mario nintendo asthma lee Ross kate chicago scheib bengals
Me and My Jesus

Run That Prank

11:17 min | 8 months ago

Me and My Jesus

"Zai-qing what's going on I? Know it's been a while since you may have been out of the house living life like you used to but you know what? There is the open road that still is out there and you should probably reintroduce yourself to it in a Mazda. I was lucky enough to drive around in nine the last couple of months and I have to say the C. UV lineup by Mazda is pretty wonderful. These vehicles are masterfully crafted. They have elevated design that's reflected in every detail from the controller knobs to the steering wheel. It's all there. So if you want more information on the MAZDAS UV lineup including the first ever see it's thirty GOTO MAZDA USA dot. COM SLASH IHEART and don't forget to explore their strongest finance options embark on a journey to a world unlike any, you've ever seen Ridley Scott the director visionary behind alien and Blade. Runner makes his television series US direct to`real debut with a highly anticipated Hbo Max Original Series raised by wolves. Welcome to Kepler twenty two b the only known planet where humans can survive but survival won't be easy when new threats emerged from beyond the planet and from within don't Miss Viking Star Travis similar in the new HBO Max Original Series raised by wolves streaming only on Hbo Max and subscribe to the official raised by wolves companion podcast on iheart apple podcasts spotify or wherever you get your podcast. Coming up at the top of the hour right about four minutes after it's my strawberry letter for today the subject if he won't shave I won't either. So they're. People right here. Before. We get into that though the nephew is here with today's prank phone, call what you got for today necessarily. Last, yeah. brought. Me My glove. Healing power. Today's tidy liles me and my gene let's go cat dog if you would. Hello Trenton breaches just to. Show how you doing giving you a call on behalf of Baptist Church you you are a member there. I'm all right. Okay listen I'm calling you Dave some of the members have gotten together and had a meeting and wanted me to give you a call. it seems that. a lot of them are complaining about Sunday services that go on and one for me to give you a call on their behalf so that we can see if we can address the problem and talk to you diligently as possible and try to get the problem rectified. What's going on well It seems like that A LOT OF MEMBERS COMPLAINING And what is your name again My name is ma'am. I'm not actually a member of the church. I've just been the one that they've been asked to give you a call and try to talk on the members behalf. So maybe we can get this problem rectified that you they have as for you're concerned now. This this regards to. Well. It seems like the members of the church are complaining about that you're doing too much. Shouting at Church on Sunday and it seems to be going on every Sunday you running up and down and you shouting all over the place and. Me I've been singled out about my shouting. Will ever distracting man, you're distracting everyone from getting the word and listen to the word and being involved in the service, and that's the purpose of the call is to see if we can get you to tone down some. Okay. So the dog complain about me sounding the way people run up and down the miles every Sunday and almost trying quite willing flips and they single me I complain about me. Ma'am I don't know how it is it. You can see everybody is doing cartwheels when you the ones that that they say is the one that's doing you. kind of being singled out. All I'm saying is that they saying that you're doing too much shouting and too much running at this church. Now I'm just a message. They can't tell me how shall they don't? They can't tell me what's going on in my life with keep me from praising God. I mean. They also may us, but they're not gonNa tell me I can't pay my God they all know how good God it's been the me and you know what I understand. Then I agree with you wholeheartedly but it's becoming a distraction I. mean they they was at the point last night talking about. So we put some seat belts on the pews so so you can stay out. See binding on town people. They can't show inside the plays God what, what are we? Trying to play gone and get outside on a stop. Worrying about what I'm doing, we're going to need you to quit running up and down these hours and doing which. You know I'm trying to stay calm. I'm trying my best. Who Jesus Jeez That's not happy. You can tell me I gotTA stop. Shouting. Are you running. Aren't you just? Run Right now. Okay. What I'm trying to get you to. Run up in town is pretty by knocking run up and down the street and plays, but they're not telling me to stop shouting and we'll get you to be a little bit more reserved as what we see man. Let me let me go ahead and go further on what they. Spirit move. Okay. Well, let me move and tell you what they told me now play if we can't get to the point where you can tone it down, then we may have to ask you to leave. Him Ask me who J. Jesus what? You. Actually. Why would they want me to lead a charge? Charge for fifteen years. Leaving the chart, run up I'm. Told me some. Happy alike. Listen. That's. Okay go here but I will be there I'm going to. I'm going to be there on Sunday Mail and I have been the person who has been appointed to make show that you're not running up and down these often shot in like this you got to keep yourself reserve people could hear the word of God. You are standing in people's work. That's what you're doing you win. They come trying to send me again and. Put that. Up On me here. That now. I haven't been in charge fifteen if I wanNA run Dan South jumps screen whatever I WANNA do I'm Ain't nobody GonNa stop me you go have to stop this this past your last Sunday doing it, and you're not GonNa do what this is. Why I said just And I'm telling you could tell the Irish of the Deacon. Board. The Deacon ask the medicine live who asks you to let Me See final swing on them. About the spirit and swing I'm telling you that now because he so you really push me to try hot and try. To show that I'm saying. That you make it you make me back, Owais. You rented. Now that's what you're. GonNa do. Okay. We'll let me ask you. This is the God. Now you whereas the One? With me when I was talking to be. Back, tell you. What this? But now. The other side of me rose up, raise it up. You didn't raise it up in me to guess what comes to six. Pew and you ain't going. Okay I. Can that be matter of fact? Come born the past Oh. Yeah. Digging. You want whatever you name. I'm talking about it. How You need to be talking to past myself and let him know about this situation you don't. Pass the. White, you don't talk to pass to talk to pass over the past. Fifty. Yes. That guy said. Oh Jesus Jay. You've you've an old Jesus not not not not see just like this you see how? Stand Yeah because I'm. Just going to cuss you out right near because you're really hitting my nerve. I got one more thing I need to say to you ladies. Real quick. 'CAUSE YOU'RE GONNA talk to this operator bet says nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning Show you just break by your girl. We'll see you know. I'm I'm on kid on. owner. He's this guy one more day. Let me something. What is the bad is I'm talking about the bad is radio show in the land. The. You know what? I'm saying. When you play too much when you print church folk about the. Komo. Folk cussing and brought to coast. What did you tell my girl? My mom would. Get a hard. Tell me mess with. Older you. Has Gone too far this right here. I. Operate Kirk want. Prank. Prank Kurt Kurt Good Prada yourself you prank and comprised singer. Jar Kurt. God Isaac Marvin Sapp. Keep. Keep Your Eyes Open. 'cause coming your way baby when you expect. To. Okay Now I want to see St won't give it enough. That's who I one. All right well. Thank God that's over. Coming up next strawberry letter subject if he won't shave I won't either we'll get into it right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. Xijiang what's going on I know it's been a while since you may have been out of the house living life like you used to. But you know what? There is the open road that still is out there and you should probably reintroduce yourself to it in a Mazda I was lucky enough to drive around in nine the last couple of months I have to say. The C. UV lineup by Mazda is pretty wonderful. These vehicles are masterfully crafted. They have elevated design that's reflected in every detail from the controller knobs to the steering wheel. It's all there. So if you want more information on the MAZDAS UV lineup including the first ever see X. Thirty Goethe Mazda USA dot com slash iheart, and don't forget to explore their strongest finance options.

Mazda Hbo Ridley Scott Kurt Kurt Baptist Church GOTO Kepler director apple Isaac Marvin Sapp spotify Dave official Owais Jesus Jay Dan South White Steve Harvey Tommy
Episode 38: He said what during sex??!!!

Dr Nurse F Show

28:06 min | 2 months ago

Episode 38: He said what during sex??!!!

"How'd you how'd you welcome to the doctor nurse at show a podcast explicit content. Make sure your kids away. I if you have a weak stomach you should turn this off right now takes dams offering so becker you brought you here for. She's gonna give you a full physical today here on the show. Just put this on. You know that. Did you know that if you you clean to take a shower. Y'all cleaned up shaved you. Do you do any mail order. Studied if i would've known so any maintenance john shaft work cleaning up he's the buzzers it's two thousand twenty something you know what they're about letting it grow all totally out though like honor of larry flint. This morning this morning. I sit on e. bam put the opportunity for somebody to To auction off the chance to corn. Roll my pubis. You but that be super fucking fine till like ten. Till like cornwall. Someone's poops desire to do that. I know it would be funny. We're gonna wax. But i really don't wanna do jason kidd wax him on the show. Yeah i've been waxed on the show live on video. I want to jaybird. Also he also made a bet with his daughter something like that. I don't know like basically. I think he has to get his nipple pierced silverback. We saved him into a hitler moustache. Once awesome you may have gained a couple points a mutton chops the all on youtube. You can talk. I was thinking about doing the monkey tail. That's the new rage. You start here and you come down and it comes a year and it goes like a half this part off and this so it looks like there's a monkey detail wrapped around your fucking cock sucker. They're bring a monkey around his mouth fucked up. She kind of fucked up. What do i wanna talk about the new game. Or i should i tell my. Should i tell my holiday story guys meet. No no no no no no no you need to tell it right now and then we can. Yeah yeah that'll be airshow for this time. Yeah okay. I need to tell this. 'cause she started telling it at my house and i'm like you need to shut the fuck up right now television show. Oh good you guys. Yeah it's good. Go go guard so it's not gonna work i worked. I worked valentine's day saturday. And you know okay. okay. I see this now. This is the monkey. Yeah that's shit so anyway is valentine's so anyway so so anyways they were we're gonna like i'm not a big into this homework. Bullshit i should be. I'm not setting a great example at least female female ever. I don't give a fuck. You know like why. And so i'm like i to go to work. It's valentine's day. Gotta you gotta get. Just give your put a and real quick before i go. That'll that'll be fine. So i'm ready to fucking walk as valentine's day. Let's do this. Who husband's a monk for her to initiate. Anything is a huge deal. We've talked about this before so that that. Yeah i can understand his muppet nests. Because i could give a shit about that or anything either. I'm just like whatever you know. So so i did. I'm like i'm like. I'm like we're time we gotta do this. Okay so things are going down to happen. it's happening. i'm like i'm getting ready to fucking do my business all right all right so so when i go he goes like clockwork. It's been you know fucking two and a half decades of this shit until my ex wife. And i used to be yup and it works out great because then boomer done by. So i'm like i'm like oh he's it. I'm getting ready to heal instantly trigger. Suddenly i fucking in. This was explained to me after suddenly. I have a hand on my fucking chin like pull me like backwards. And i'm like i look and i'll just say it. Just say who's your who's your. Who's your china. quit romance either. Just ruined your own fiona. Lose your valentine. I'm your valentine say at braxton. Who's rail until i'm like the girls you daddy. Yeah that's kinda nasty. Yeah headed girl below one times. Call me daddy has to face. She she said give it to me. Daddy ends on. No i shouted over. Face he's gotta finish it. He can be upset about it. After it is kind of creepy though house like i said i'm like what the fuck was that. Who you just your valentine who's is you don't have to see the fucking us like who's your santa claus whole. Does he usually choky like that or it was just shocking that he took you out of the moment sometimes i get like a little bit of like tug nothing or whatever but nothing nothing scares the shit out of me says a hair polar me out or anything like that but also has a hair colour but he meant to like lift my chin when he did that is handling meant to lift your chin. And say who's your valentine's ever came out like well egypt spill down on you and you know that's happened much you know. He's just trying to get in the holiday spirit better bare out could give a whole new meaning. The president is trying to make it better for each trying to make something you can get it in on. You can't do that. Christopher columbus explorer remember that she feels like not as eating or not. My valentine show you fucking ruined it for me your woman day. I can't even get off then all the way there and then like that. You couldn't did you. just call an end to it. So was was it because he was talking or is it because of would've fucking retarded because he said who's your fucking valentine in the middle of fucking like who says that nobody ever again. You're fucking rocks off. I'm slow archambault walking serious. Who's all like are you fucking. You're gonna be mad at me. Because i got mad at you. Favorite goes on stupid. Who who he was mad. Because i was like fucking. I didn't react. Well what did you smash expect. Down would probably actually been plus shocking. The drawing who so rather than saying like. Who's your valentine you have. The hamlet did that'd be easier. Yeah that would actually be more like it makes sense like the was so good. I made the daily. Yeah yeah that's what the fuck. I'm talking about lou. Bogue it over his ring fucking asthmatic. Maybe should put the who could down for a minute ride. That was my holiday and then that was last working sunday right attacked by the ninety one year old. I think it was that yeah. Who is your valentine chance to finish right. Touchette put your hand on it. No crazy jumped out and then like right at the news of god. You know honestly you call you at work and say who's your valentine my god. I can't believe you were debating whether or not talking about that on the show with valentine's yes she is the best most fucked up sex stories ever time with her husband. I don't get it well when you're fucking doing this since your fourteen or fifteen years old kind of run out of you know it's true you gotta who's your valentine now we really. Who's your valentine. We pretty much through all the fucking stops. By the time we rehearsed only one year. I gotta say. I'm a little disappointed. I love you man. But your valentine played as ari care easy. I always laugh like that just true. That's how god made me. Do you have a problem with it. Why picking on me so much. We're not going to be friends that's it you. Don't you remember grade school. It went why is he being a bully. Because you've heard that heard that yeah that what's going to happen. Yes no check one. Who's your president teddy. That's the closest holiday. I'm sorry howard. Taft god itchy. Who gets on the look at this since like hives. Yeah hoosier ida cigarettes coming from. I've had every night this week at work too good. So it's not just here do not have sexual relations with that woman. Who's your blue dress. Wow right now. I can't top that we need a minute. I think getting admits recover factory period. Here that fuck me all up for like a minute. I'm like i'm like. I don't see a fucking oh me now see now i gotta tell you i don't. I don't think i would have been like all right. Let's just keep going like i wanna know. What did you say to him. I was like what the fuck was that. What default but see. That's go men are men are dumb like that so now you have to make a point of it the next holiday when you're fuck like right as he's getting ready to go you say like you know Who's your fucking favorite hanukkah. Who's your who's your easter minding. Who's your easter bunny. Put the shoe on the other foot and let them see how well see. The thing is the thing is in my mind. I'm thinking that issue was premeditated. There's no fucking way that he just like could you. Maybe he did. He was like thinking that new fucker. When i'm blowing it on. Who's your why there was a group of guys involved talking about it and probably three or four. That's a great idea. Do that would be super romantic for her. How long between sex sessions was that. I know usually like two three times a week unless like you know i'm not i'm not old enough to be all dried up fucked out like i saw it so you know sometimes once a week depending on how how far into the month we our own whatever and yeah i mean i don't know probably like a few days maybe like four days five days i if i was. I won't have sex on valentine's day. You can have mine no you can keep it. I'm not i'm not. he's always fucking shit to you. I would have started laughing. Like i wouldn't. I wouldn't have got mad at him. Like i don't like died laughing and he started laughing. Listen the only reason i was mad about. It is because i fucking got like jerko fucking orgasm. I'm like well you in my shit for that. Was it like forceful. Yes on the neck. Yes which way were you doing. Were you like asked to him. Dog you on my fucking back. So he was on top of you and put the hand over your data but then how for some reason. I thought you really coming from behind the way you like me know. Because no 'cause he reached down he just he just reached out and like like like it slipped that he was trying to grab my face instead. So what was he trying to like. Gently grab your chin and say. I don't know. I think it was just too much in the moment. It was like kinda like this when he was so much in the moment that drooled on you because i was looking down because i was watching this happen. I'm like this is cool and then fucked it. all up. He did by doing a knows ended the stare at it his going in i. I'm cool shit. I don't the girls that do that. Like they like watching that shit going there. I don't watch that you don't don't don't try to record it and then and then make me watch it like five minutes later like you gotta you that like no. I don't have to 'cause. I just saw it. I was just watching. It happened so well. this is my angle. She wants to like set up a camera in. Put it up on the screen and in the bedroom while while we're doing i'm not into that. I might have wanted to do that in the first five years of my relationship. Maybe because we you know but now like my girlfriends. I've had been wanting to film and put it up on stream to do that like chicken outside. I'm afraid because i'm usually ten to fifteen years older than these chicks. And i don't look as good as them okay. I've done this before. And i'm like you know and i of course i destroyed the fucking tape. 'cause we got divorced do. I've never recorded anything. Tripod never say no. I recorded myself holding the can't phone behind my head while two girls blew me. What that was fucking awesome. I immediately watched it. And then i immediately destroyed it. I was wearing a superman t shirt at the time. I'm not even joking. It was fucking awesome. All right fine. I give you props for that. But i've never ever. I've never recorded anything. I'm afraid for something to get out there. You sound like he'll succeed with emphasis so video. Your video video heated since video. Live in this deal. You can't be that. I'm in education and public service elected official. I probably shouldn't disseminate that kind of information. Know your real name voices here distinct and his nickname voices that i think i could not pick your voice out exactly yeah. Voice transformer his voice to sound different from show. Yeah sounds yeah. That's good material very distinctive. Yes same. My voice is very distinctive. Know like when you get on the phone or somebody call it like er calls known. Like and i don't know florida. I'm on no. It's like dominoes pizza pizza. Whatever the fuck i. oh what's going on. And they start talking they know with a fucker talk. Garrity know right away who it is. I didn't say anything anymore. I just call it heads. Fifteen years funerals voices. More distinct me. I don't know maybe it's known each other longer. Maybe i don't know though because even like when you call me i know right away. It's you But i mean it's us phone. Has her name on it right now actually. I don't work not at work does. It doesn't even have my name on it like not at work. It does on mine changed it. Or i put it in. It's awesome bitch that's right. Yeah but it says it's me dumb ass bitch is a different. My phone is starting as. I'm getting messages because i'd never changed that back from partnoy i did and then embarrassed the shit i'd be. Oh i was on the phone trying to take a transfer. So i was talking to your doctor from a different hospital in the phone was sitting right by the speaker. Phone of the phone was on. And i'm getting messages in guam. Schoolboy what was your. What was your school already scuba getting it. That far away from the microphone dude. It's like making all sorts of noises and she was your phone interfering with the equipment. That is so weird. It's weird. I just got this phone. Can we j- jesus try a ringtone for school. He when he would call you by the way teddy roosevelt. What's up what's up. I just got corrected. A baby resident by the way there it goes again and he said that it was. He tried to say arthropathy and it was recorded as after pussy just needed he. He texted me to clear that. that's fantastic. Thank you for paying attention being here. Good job baby resident. I love that plus buddy april. Exactly fucking a right. when are we supposed to. When are get a fifteen on soon. Penn fifteen is probably listening right now and what the fuck is going on with hd. Now he's coming fucking button sized no not really meter banger. Izzy a well. She's married okay. Then hopefully not. I couldn't tell you. I wouldn't be surprised. There was a a show that was listened to through the life you recently. They kind of got me. Got me thinking here. The young twenty olds get naked in your in your place. Oh that's a great. That's a great applejack. Yeah that happens. Yeah fast. I'll give this one team man because i was thinking. It's been a while since dirt. Squirrels been onto lurks. Crossing about that show. Is i like how you guys you're like we don't we. Don't wanna see this so you like went off to a different room naked. Yeah he isn't no that stray but he's not paying attention to things to do than talk about lesbians big lesbian twenty year old. Something's do they have like your hot tub. Yes twenty and probably like twenty six or seven. We're standing at my at my patio door league on with the folks going up. Shit calls are falling off closer off. Let's go in the other room. Why would you go in the other room. I don't have a deck. I don't really know why we 'cause you're asked brought him over. That's why because i wanted to record. Yeah we were all. We wanted to record a show and they wanted to be quote unquote on the show. And i was like. Yeah my chance record here. Sleeping skills will sleeping. she's she's yelled. Get the fuck outside because we're and so get the fuck outside. He's got to work tonight like he worked last night. He's trying to sleep naked chick through your house new. They weren't yet kicked him onto the back yard and then they're all get naked in the backyard and the middle of fucking day. What time of day was. I don't know and eleven o'clock in the morning you fucking serious you get neighbors. I know i know. I don't think the one would be able to see the way that his on both sides on all sides me are single men and these women naked. They call it. This changes everything. Because i'm picturing like night-time eleven in the morning. Yeah so these aren't even drinking out of the stock. They're hammered at eleven o'clock in the morning. Yeah we were kind of gals. We work nights so we get out. We go to church and we drink. We don't know now but if we but if if we don't like the last i don't know how many months so i came up with this idea because all the bars closed that we could just do what people do when they go to. Football games. balkan tailgate. We're talking tailgate. And i drive a big ass fucking. You know saga ankle. So why not everybody. Just pile your fucking ass in and we'll fuck and suck them down in my room or we go to. Her house are they. Come to my house so we go. Sit on the helipad and her mom. You brought these chicks back to replace all right totally did in. What was he drinking. What got him so like. I don't know they were at the bar just getting wasted doing like. I didn't work that night so i wasn't drinking. I was stone cold sober. I was a little buzzed over. We've got naked. Chicks gonna wanna record record. I'm like all right cool. Come on over. Let's record. And i was like i gotta go. I'm going to record so dirt. Squirrels like hard and then bubbles was like amazon again into bubbles and feathers so then next thing we know what. Where do these chicks i mean. They're they're drunk or at least buzz just wanting to have no clothes on while they're in the house i in there being loud as fuck and i'm getting pissed cause they're all fucking sh- wasting and i'm sober. How many people can you fitness. Hot tub ten cheeses so so off sleeping on the road. Silverbacks literally literally so skittles is sleeping and i'm sober and i'm like standing there and they're being loud as fuck and i'm getting pissed cause they won't shut the fuck up and he's got gotta work so like you know i'm like you guys need to get the fuck out like backyard is right there. Go away so. I kick him out in the backyard and she stays with me next thing. We know they're shedding clothing that you recording. They came back so we went in the family room which is like on the opposite opposite end of the house so we went in the family. Rehearse and i are sitting there and we're recording. And the next thing we know these naked bitches are coming in there and like shaking their bubis in our face who is sticking their tweeden. Nar face who came in. I was jj jj's and lesbian pictures of these chicks on my facebook. I'm sure to see these. Jj well all right naked inside. I don't know if i still have. Jj 'cause she moved the what's attitude. I can't move my phone because then it makes everything on hand. It is weird. How it makes is missile. Dj for all that you was making your backyard to look at the sets and then next let me see. This can't reach dislodging puppy checks. Cute that she looks young hell though is in her early twenties. He's not like slava this girl and then. Jj she runs show before royal extra. She's an lots of times and then there's all right. Let's who's the other one. I don't think i have. Jj anymore the other one. It's one of them. Jesus christ of latter day saints. What the fuck your kid. Somebo turn about this. He gained raked my left arm. We remember ever saying that champions right now. I'm okay with that. You want now baby expensive. It all makes perfect sense down right exc back explode. Remember any of. That's bullshit. I remember saying to get some different my bag. Hey guys this is dr pinky. Pies's nurse fiona. We just wanted to let you all know where you can find us. We are on facebook. We are on instagram. We are on twitter yar on the world wide web. Yup where can we be found. You can find set. Https colon backslash backslash call and www dot doctor nurse f. show dot com and you can find us on facebook duck nurse at that's our group yellow and come and get us or find us on instagram. It's doctor nurse. At show podcast in widow doctrinaires up show searches finest come and get us e part of our group stock us a little bit. That'd be awesome. We might like that kind of a lot. Yeah listen to us on apple podcasts. Google podcasts spotify. Pretty much anywhere. You can listen to podcasts. You can find us. Google play goddamn being bug a. Bug eyed and baga baga aside from that be like stocking yeah so be stock stocker. hey and don't forget to go to our website and post on our blog. We like comments. You put a couple of out there. We're just trying to you know. See what y'all are interested in calm and ella. Yeah that's where you'll find all the latest news about and what's going on so we us an interesting scenario. Yeah can we see you there.

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Why Missions Matters For Kids

The Confident Parent

28:10 min | 1 year ago

Why Missions Matters For Kids

"Quebec thriving relationship with Jesus I'm your host Joshua on the children's Pastor at Oak Creek Assembly of God for the past six years welcome to the competent parent podcast where we want to help you feel confident in your role of raising kids he said Hey disciples and every Christian following after this I want you to go out into all of the world until everybody about me the captivity of sin so that when they when our bodies die that all of us every single person can have the opportunity to spend eternity in heaven with as us because the options are either eternity in bliss or eternity in tormenting and in hell separation from God anybody that's in your life that you would really benefit from hearing this go ahead and share this with them in this episode we're going to discover how you as a family can develop a heart for missions and our hope is that at the end of listening to this you will feel confident that you got this thirteenth is coming up and begins Missions Week at our church and so it's an entire week where all together all ministries we focused on missions and missionaries this is it's fulfilling the mission that Jesus sent all Christians on and so this is Kinda J. Jesus last words before you send it into heaven getting a this upcoming Sunday October thirteenth so if you're listening to this past October thirteenth you're listening back into the past but for US October today I wanted to talk about for the next couple of minutes with you as parents about how you can make missions important with your kids and so we want to talk the confident parent comes out on the second Wednesday of every month if you've been enjoying this podcast would you please rate us with a five star rating and while you listen to this episode if there's on for a week and then the week that we came back my whole family almost died not really but figuratively because we're sick and so went through so before we begin let's define what missions is so anytime we talk about missions that we got missions week that we're trying to reach mission mission and then how you can set the tone inexperienced atmosphere for your family to make missions important so that your understand why reaching people for Christ is such a big deal why does he want that wall because he loves US anyone's every person to experience relationship with him experience life that God created for them and be set free from on my behalf because I'm gonNA be releasing two episodes this month in October two episodes to kind of catch up and make up for last month and so I really excited about today's topic a whole week of sickness or just kept ping pong back and forth and it was the week that was supposed to report record a podcast and so then took a couple of days off of work because of it there's good reason why I didn't record a podcast so please let me explain and also I ask for your forgiveness so last month my family and I went on a trip and so we were and then we coming back to play catch up and then at that point it was like we're GonNa wait till October Butts I have something special for you as an apology got doesn't want anyone to go through that that's why he sent his son and so when we talk about missions what is missions its reaching people for Jesus it's it's letting people know how much God loves the vote what missions is what her missionaries what are ways that kids at our church can impact the world making Turtle Making Eternal Difference reaching people for Christ and we we make it a big deal around here we have this big food fest then we'll have on a Sunday we bring tons of missionaries that share their stories and and giving them an opportunity to accept Christ as their savior and so kind of going from there we have missionaries in some missionaries Everybody welcome back to the confident parents Before we begin I have to apologize I completely missed last month but or big deal especially at our Church me personally missionaries just the amaze me the blow me away so missionary as somebody that for you either full-time like for the rest of their life there's somebody that leaves their home travel to a different country to tell people about Jesus there fulltime like that's what they do is their main focus is to tell people about Jesus and now there's some people that because they have to go to restrict your countries they they find up they tell people about Jesus but missionaries are just they just blow me away there's somebody on staff that is working to become a missionary it's just it's amazing that they would leave everything that they have to go and do that and so we have a big appreciation for missionaries and they're doing a big work I mean think about other vocations and then just kind of as like a way to get into the country to make a living and then then they after you know their job or their job through there foods news smells new languages new culture new dress and live there completely devote yourself to doing that it's just it's my what they look like for your life to pack up everything you have to sell it to quit your job to leave your friends your family because God is late on your heart to travel to a place that may have very little exposure to the good news of Jesus and to be that person that thing ghosts this foreign country new and to me it's mind blowing and so the assemblies of God which our church is a part of we have just a dynamic just wow so thorough process to get people to become missionaries and so it's not for the faint of heart because there's a lot of steps to big deal to leave leave your home and so they want to make sure that people are prepared for this that there are equipped and they understand what they're going into and so through the assembly of God we have incredible way to get people on board trained and ready to go is a bunch of funds before you go off so that you can focus on telling people about Jesus working at Bible colleges training up new pastors in the area go for a couple of years and then you come back and then you raise funds again and started all over again and then while you're there in the country traveling many missionaries travelled to villages that have no outside world communication and then that's the only person that will ever expose those people to the Gospel generated to get money to go live over in this country been living there for a couple of years but now they need funds for the church you know they need money to buy chairs to buy lights computers projectors and so where do they get this money from how are they able to do this stuff so that they can tell people about Jesus and so for kids we have this real and along with that is that if you want to become a missionary and raise funds to take care of yourself and so you're really cool option this really really cool program that we call be GMC S. acronym that stands for boys and Girls Missionary Challenge and and so the assemblies of God the kind of the standards are you raise funds get ready to go do all the training credentialing and then you get to go and then the people in this kind of blew up from there so that millions and millions of dollars are given around the world to help people be reached for Jesus through GMC for example the mckinstry who used to be on staff at our church as our Christian education and missions pastors They're going to be planting a church in Spain and so they're they've already for example convoy of hope that's this like big trucking ministry that helps in disasters so hurricanes tornadoes stuff like that and is a challenge that we want to give to the kids for a couple of reasons first we want our kids to develop a heart for Christ in heart for people and so this is a fun way for kids be able to get involved barrels little yellow barrels that we give out there see through little orange cap on top of it and we encourage kids hey take coins because a lot of kids that's the easiest thing to find oft and they get these little these little piggy banks these little barrels called buddy barrels and so it's a character buddy on this little plastic little plus Queen on the street or asking people for extra coins but take the coins Philip that piggy bank bring it into church and we'll send it to her missionaries and they are way of giving through the assemblies of God it's called speed the light in those funds for teenagers from the give the speed of light missionaries are able to access those funds specific there's missionaries all around the world they use GMC money to build water wells and water filtration systems for people that don't have access to clean water there's even things ways that missionaries have used be GMC money to help train people about farming so they can use sustainability on their own and then through teaching the farming that's how they tell people and through conway of hope if you give money to that it buys food water you know essential needs that people need and it transports it to those areas enhanced missionary to Spain he was saying that through GMC once you get approval to access those funds you can buy again chairs you can buy a computer lighting equipment you can of access to for kids reaching kids it's buying puppets it's buying on curriculum that kids all around the world can learn through that curriculum about Jesus Fun Systems for that and so right now one of the ways that were encouraging kids to give is that in preschool on October sixteenth so I you know like like poster things to promote your church like you can pretty much do whatever you need to do with Gypsy to reach people for Christ and again if you're listening to this past October sixteenth you can just imagine how much fun we had during this time but October sixteenth that's a Wednesday the kids in preschool whoever brings the the categories that you use those for so be GMC is super open like they can use it for a ton of stuff so I was talking with pastor mark origination of the barrels I believe is that that's how like long time ago that they would either transport bibles or some way to spread the Gospel Oh Jesus and get that open door a big huge resource that GMC has become as is through bibles purchasing bibles or making by was really cheap for people to to be able to do those things and then when they give housing and schooling then they tell us kids about Jesus in lives and families are transformed in so and so it's really unique about juicy is that it's super open for missionaries and so there's a number of ways that people can give to missionaries through the assemblies of God they were taking shipping containers so things like the big massive metal containers at the US to ship things on boats there were taking those in transporting them into house is a little bit about why should missions matter to your kids you know what is the big deal and then how can you help make missions an important part of your family she is so so cool and of course at our church we want to make it as fun as possible for kids to give so they want to give money but then there's also like rewards and the same time we're doing a boys versus girls competition and we have the scale set up so that one book is for boys one buckets for girls in the skill shows who's that's kind of our district area for the assemblies of God we had a big focus on helping this church in Asia or this ministry in Asia with being in schools for kids that are living in the slums and they would use B.J EMC money like our state give two hundred thousand or something crazy just to the thing is far better than most most compassion ministries in the world. I mean it's really really great the money that we're giving does make an impact I mean there are so barrels and thought Oh you know what let's have the kids be able to take part in this will give them these little barrels can put money into symbolize hey you put money in there you're getting bibles transported to these GONNA call yourself a Christian this is how you live out being a Christian you know we wanna make an eternal impact understand as Christians that this life isn't it we begin with our first one why should matter and I it's because we're all being Christ's plain and simple it's just obedience it's kind of like the standard like it out and helps people get set up with blankets and all that kind of stuff and so if you give to convoy of hope you're specifically giving to that kind of thing or kind of like a teenager GMC has made an impact on people and so with our kids we want the one to help them understand that Jesus called us to reach people for him and so we're going to inexperience for our kids we try to quit ways to do that and so we're excited about this mission we coming up at our church and so kind of giving the setup I wanted to talk with you guys there's an eternity and so we want to help bring as many people with us into eternity with Christ and so when we give money to missionaries and so just kind of five ways that you can help missions matter to your kids real simple five ways why it's a big deal the flossy behind its practices that you can take not even close at this point but then after that the gender whichever gender brings the most the grade in that gender so for example if girls got more money giving to be jim see we just launch us on Sunday and the boys are killing at right now like the girls buckets super high up in the air the boys is super heavy radiant secondly it builds compassion so when your kid gives up their own money to give to to send missionaries to tell people about Jesus win and first grade girls brought the most money of all the girls the first grade girls all of them we'll get a couple of slime to pour on my head and then on top of that we're giving them nations it's obeying Christ there's a blessing that comes out of that you know if we ever whenever we blessed the Kingdom of God God totally blesses us back it's not the singer God's told can't go physically we have people that are willing to go and we can help them do that by financing them and supporting them so we want to help our kids understand that giving being food and water to these people these people will suffer that we can be the solution that's really easy to help people so I want to obey Christ second l. all the people that we can in our lives around us that we can physically talk to we want to tell them about Jesus but then we want also reach as many people around the world and the we a pair of Bluetooth headphones to the top giver whether it's a boy or girl whoever gives the most to GMC and so he wanted to be fun we want giving to be this fun exciting operative then in the future so we want to bill compassion we want our kids to understand that people are neat that without Christ there's GonNa be Trinity of suffering that without the help of people be GMC is used in incredible ways to reach people for Jesus last year for the State of Wisconsin in northern Michigan many stories if you wanted to go to the beach GMC website I think it's be GMC DOT AG DOT com if you went to the website there are so many real life stories of how the people we want them to be compassionate and so as kids if we don't set that standard in it gives them opportunities examples to do that now why would they ever Oh really taking God he's Omni Benevolent which means he's all good I mean God wants to bless us he wants us to have a good life and so when he sees as being selfless is figuring out how to get money or it's hey I'm doing this job I don't love this job but I need it because it's got a great paycheck we want our kids to be generous you know we when I'm old cost money boys or girls the top givers in that gender will get to pour slime on Kyrie our preschool director which superfund and then in elementary Paris you know we don't want kids growing up to be so focused on money at that every decision that they make has to do with money whether it's they're worried about money and so it's that is building compassionate side of we want our kids to care about other people we don't want our kids I don't think any of us into this one or kids be selfish little Brat do that in the future and so for not encouraging our kids now to give to be GMC why would they do that in the future an God's GonNa totally change their heart so it's GonNa be it's so why does missions matter because it's obeying Christ it's building compassion it creates a generous heart in this part is fun I like this next one is glee for vehicles get speed the light rain spreading the light of Jesus these vehicles are vehicles through sound equipment video equipment but it has to be in those especially for kids it's unique for kids fourthly it creates an entrepreneurial drive yeah right it creates entrepreneurial drive vantage like GMC in somebody's got missions like the percentage that's held back than percent that's given is out it's staggering. I mean it's amazing some creative way to make some money and so over the years we've seen crazy crazy things happen as kids figure out waste his money there's a kid that grew up that's always worried about one he's stressing about it buying real cool fancy toys and stuff and always self centered about their money or ideally do I want them to be generous in giving in want to build compassion third creates a generous heart again this kinda complements off of off of our second point but we want our kids to be just it's I definitely don't want my kids to be that I want my kids to care about people you know if I envisioned my kids in twenty years from now do I want my kids to be somebody now kids obviously don't work they don't have a steady income unless you're giving them allowance money or they have specific tours where they make money kids aren't making money like we are ask for third grader I love it my brother my the oldest of my two brothers this guy is entre entrepreneur guy he was when we give money to be GMC we are making any terminal impact you know that money isn't just just thrown into a closet or used for people and blessing other people special relationship with him man God is not GonNa turn a blind eye to that so first reason why missions should manitou our kids is because it's so be I want my kids to take care of me I hope that I can create this generous heart inside of them being selfish but it's real it's like I don't want the it'd be selfish little punks wanted to be generous to care but they would give towards other people and see that money it's important but it's so workers to be creative to figure out when the rent of times to be able to figure out on their own how to get through those times and what's great about GMC and this is this is making money like kids have to figure out how to make money and so when we encourage our kids to do this stuff it creates entrepreneurial drive I gotta figure out how can I get money as much money as possible to give to these mysterious up people will be in heaven and the the funny thing is he would go around the church and around a school around his neighborhood unless you're working and you're creative you're not going to survive this world so be GMC is really easy way to help develop entrepreneurial skills in our kids and finally why should missions Manitou your kid is that it creates this bigger picture for our kids that we are the church work of money towards that haircut and then whatever haircut got the most money he would do that crazy haircut and then walk around with until it all grew back with the kid eternal impact but if we're generis we give it away than we see the blessing of God we see the impact of got it creates just kind of kids that we want our kids to be generous kid he would have three different haircut options and they are wild so the Mohawk shave his head or something goofy like a bolt cutter something and he would ask people to vote and then here's a little bit couple years younger than me but his entrepreneurial spirit figuring out how can I help missionaries around the world Hukan Generous Heart I see that people are in need I want to obey Christ safe entrepreneur spot I mean they're not in a crisis where they need to figure something out in order to survive it's kind of a safe thing it's really it's helping it's an important thing easier if we begin the practice now to build compassion tell them understand that there's people need to be way easier now if we do that and set them up for success success now I don't think we want I don't think any of us look kids want them to be bombs discount freeloaders just kind of sloshing through life I think all of our we want all of our kids to her olds our church together and so if your child or your family decides to not participate in giving towards missions you're not part of the crew find some creative ways that you can get money for the GMC I'm not just going to hand you twenty bucks number done like you've got to figure out how to work for this because that's how the world works school or just any school that's not Christian school it's very easy for them to feel like they're alone in the world that they're the only Christian or the Christians and their church the only Chris they know but when we do this we give to missions and we rallied together at helps paint the big picture and understanding that there's a big sea church here like ours is the kind in thinking about other people I think all of us obviously want her kids to have a great life in to enjoy their life in the money earned but we also want them to be nice good us together as a church we see that we have to make an even bigger dent in this crisis of people needing to know about Jesus and it's cool because it you're missing out but when you do give when you are faithful in your prayers torture missionaries man it's like we're railing all together and it helps our kids understand that his cream the big church veal and helping our kids understand that Christianity is a big deal and it does impact lots and lots of people titians our doing man this is a fun way for them to fund way to to experience entrepreneur skills like if they do this they figure out how to raise money there's fun rewards for the about people to see that there's needs that we can solve it and to be help just like Christ was helped us third creates a generous heart sleman how you're gonna how you're GonNa make some money for the GMC do you WanNa go ask people for money around the neighborhood do you want to sell something how do you WanNa do this work for it world hundreds of millions of people billions of people that are part of this church that are all rallying together we're working together as a team to reach people for Jesus is a big church a big world full of Christians that were teaming up together with that it's not just us in our little pocket here but that it's all around small C. Church and there's Christ's church around the world and we're helping to advance the Kingdom of God together so missions should matter because like water bottles was a kid and go to the park and just sell water byles to make money but that's the kind of spirit that we want our kids to have you know helping them understand that it you got it that our church like our little group here this isn't it like Christianity is a world wide thing you know if your kid goes to a public S- as a thousand bucks each time he would do that do that you know just once a year for a couple of weeks and one thousand dollars as a kid like a third grader I mean that's a ton of hang together so finally as we all give you know we can only as individuals we can only give so much but you to do to be a Christian is to help reach people for Jesus share the good news that God loves them secondly it's building compassion it's helping your kids to care do this thing about how much money we can raise so I wanNA encourage you every Sunday your kids can bring in missions money there isn't a specific week that they have to do it have it in time hoping reach people for Jesus but there's not this immediate danger that comes with it but instead it's fun way to develop the skill inside of them to help push them encourage them hey again I'll just go over real quick the five reasons again why missions should matter to your kids I it's because we're being obedient to Christ if you call yourself a Christian this is part of the standard of what you

Joshua Quebec one thousand dollars twenty years six years
S02E01 - Going for Goals

Penny Radio

31:42 min | 1 year ago

S02E01 - Going for Goals

"This is radio. Thank you for tuning. I'm James Whitson An. I'm here to help you lost your money. Whether you're a complete beginner orthopedic blocked once or twice. Now is the time to start your journey and take control of your finances all with you every step of the way. Hello and welcome back to Petty Radio. Beaujolais resumes to our fringe. Falling out off. The fest hit season no exaggeration. We have back. Bring season from lockdown will hopefully be look of ood Date but we'll see how it goes on to say. Welcome back to Craig. You'll be pleased to hit policies co-hosts probation more like keep. It grudgingly agreed to human being. Come back because he has nothing better today to how you doing crazy. Any updates from lockdown. Well I mean slightly upset at the patronizing co probation remote but otherwise fine not treating me. Well discovered I am terrible at gardening. I mean really quite bad at gardening. Don't have the patience or the inclination. Just just away just by the plenty to go always WANNA gripe easier. What's easier Banking out making breads wonderful but not abroad or just spread. Yes yes but on a regular bread. Babka is of yeasty though. It's amazing to again something that won't happen. So will gardening approach so far slash bird or we kill Thinking more growing things rather than just destroying things. The gardens mostly grass. Anyway you could try to live in oak with some pots with things in you. Bits and pieces time. It didn't go according lamb thought. Cherry Street don't plan this by boy a little while it will start to bloom blossom. Be Nice be delightful just to stick. Just a sticking point in the garden has been laid out for many weeks full of instructions you know by the right height for the right compost in it regularly know happened just a stick. Isn't it supposed to take like years to our other that you could expect miracles? I've night I think it says like four to six weeks for Barry to start growing this fall in about three weeks. Nothing's happened if he beat applying a death detto regularly to what j? Jesus Christ August have read the instructions Thrown Authority. So just curious says right. Yes absolutely if you drink it in high enough quantities then everything will will stop very unlikable Ever again yeah exactly the healthiest. You could ever possibly be affect health. Almost traffic nine sympathic Lightly crucial saying he won't have but everything else will be spotting Good say that top advice for listeners. Out there you heard it from crazy now you know. I mean I'm not I'm not medically trained. I have never spent any time as a doctor or nurse or any kind of medical professional but I have read a lot of things on the Internet so probably qualifies me to talk about it with authority. Undoubtedly also turns out. That'd be uh I is flat and vaccines don't work. I mean who new vaccine is. They work that's why we're Nova white from before we he's look restrictions at the moment Yeah absolutely I mean it makes sense. There will comb the medical profession just designed to make as a if anything is moyal. That's what I've read on the Internet and I think everyone knows that the Internet is just hundred percent. It's just it alphabetical older woman. Sure don't miss anything though so Folk the printer and the moment on trying to print it off. Internet good good links for a while. doesn't sound that being unusually quiet law paper almost as we facially growing your paper now but it sounds of it so yet so sustain. Yeah absolutely I'm reciting and if you don't why is GonNa Kill me? I have a chance to enjoy it so as we use it for everything. You just go into meantime ranks. Anyway I guess we can move onto the next section now which I should be very pleased to hear. We've in some interesting questions from some of listeners. Outlets so yeah over to the fest. One did a questions that more requests from the Czech Republic wants to or in fact is looking forward to meeting women off any radio being crushed by his pizza annoyed. Taty show us. That did the right thing if he gets happy with US nonetheless. And we've got another eastern European. Listen Alex this time from Latvia. Who has requested that we play his favorite song? Now again telling show that this is the kind of radio that you're expecting and wick becomes his your son but I cannot pronounce it in fact as I've never even seen before so I would probably just have to leave it there. I mean surely. You've done a google search on this piece of oral art so that we can enjoy it this episode leading his on hand before delivering a big surprise. You gone you've researched. It found a Can Use doesn't have any kind of terrible music rights on it. Going to be problematic needs to come and win. This episode Finishes Swing Joel Favorites. Well I would like to say Craig. The this show is very well. Research Through production quotas Such a new with that I as you can imagine I have no good it. Disappointing the probation. Now you're offer by Shin Greg. Maybe I should actually change the insurance include. If you can just say your name I will import it into the existing in try and that probe resilient I'll say in a really natural everybody ready for this fray yet. Now you've just taken the insurer above a minute now he's GonNa be close in the state much quicker the first one speed up so some more like great public. Sarah I think we've done the items housekeeping. So yet edgy pants. Take Post won't not ready posted electric messages these days but tick that disingenuous various wellbeing. Exactly so I guess we'RE GONNA Straighten Austin. I sixteen minutes of not getting into it and anyone's still listening. You'll be happy to know that you made it through the hard stop loss. Season GETTING UNDERSTANDING BOOKINGS PASOK FINANCE. What we've got you this season is we're gonNA get started on the actual doing this season. The doing is going to be figuring out where we currently Where we want to be to the future. We can go and work out how to get a focus practice. T may just be saying but I wanNA crack with it now puts his sufferings practice straight away but really lets. You know where you currently are open. Went TO BE ANYTHING YOU TRY. And they will be direction. This may end up being counterproductive alongside time. Financial help okay. So what if you want to be when it comes to financial future? I'm going to take a guess ultimately Financially strong health position at some point now that is relatively easy to figure out what financially strong maybe until the difference what it means for crazy. Go for you not to mention that at some point is holidays civic times right figured out who these details could actually be when you start thinking about on your life. Sounds not don't but it can be quite unappealing people who knows what already won't stay won't be when they grow up crank would you. Would it be when you grow up? Penis mobile paint his motto anyway for most people probably not critics. He's these changes. You go through life and you have more experiences. You get new responsibilities. Admit you people discover new things figuring out? These things. Anyone pointed could be an ongoing or initiative crisis even once. We know that that really is Lucky. Changes go through life. So that's why by developing a financial framework we could keep the same rules processes and methods but just change the goes and therefore the plans how to get now. You might be the kind of person that loves plenty of future. Know exactly what he wants to win. Or you may be someone who hates thinking about future and professor. Just wait and see what life as a somewhere in between person the Alex make plans but for founded out. Figure out exactly what it is. I want when it comes to stuff like the big plans like I went to achieve in life and that kind of stuff now funding the time and space to think about these things without getting distracted is always a challenge but then when I do come up with a goal as she making the changes necessary to achieve. It can be scary as well so just to give you a little bit of insight into my personal use slightly. More retrievable within Craig's might think one thing that otherwise went to go traveling and see more of the world so one day probably your particularly tedious state job. Something just clicked. I decided that was exactly what is going to everything else. Just seems focus on. That is more North refused. Money's explore World for a not completely change my life and it changed my outlook Features well so help me figure out more of the big stuff so since then. I've got married going shopping for another year. Climb mountains stifled shocks changed careers penny radio and ultimately solely but my support the ducks who climbed from each. The point. Is that when I made that original sketch troubling any plans to this stuff on sin but she worked was achieving go. It's amazing how open you becomes other. Opportunities are more willing to think about what you really wouldn't have lies and therefore the more likely you are worse things make you happy because civic in line makes you more likely to succeed what you're doing and Golden Mind Lecture. Figure out the steps that you need to get he can think about the pricing collins. Istat break it down into manageable mini goes most. Then it's easier to achieve. These actually gets when it comes to setting your goals in thinking what you want life and I know everyone has those kind of recruitments and it definitely doesn't just click a play straight away or so we think about what goes in structured way the more likely we ought develop chief wages and plans to get so. That's the way of me saying that what we can do in this episode. You start thinking about goes and like I said earlier this season. He's GonNa be figuring out where we all know where we want get but because I've goes evolve especially if this is the first time you read about it's worth thinking about what we want to get see without biasing us out by thinking. Oh we can't get because we've already thought about where we already on. It's just impossible so basically we start thinking about a goes right now at least as we start going through this season we can help them in the back of our mind. Think about how realistic these goes off to refiners. We start to the position so the by the end of the season. Hopefully we'll never properly defined so goes for financial future can stop funding and how to achieve just took it about financial goes. I'm talking about you. Goes in general mattis because the Mexico she come up with ways have some financial aspect anyway. And that's what we're eventually going to be putting how to achieve to. How'd you go about doing what it should be up to? You can put your musical staring spice. Just that you mind won the you can sit in the ball from what Eureka moment. You can sit tight with a blank piece of paper or penstock brainstorm pace do you. I mean you could give me a lot of money if you come up with. Your financial goals is and I'm GonNa tell you show that you can get someone's come up with your goes for you. I think something that Stephanie. Very personal you're right light sitting down with a blank piece of paper that kind of stuff. That doesn't really work for me. Works for me speaking about it. Usually I stopped bounce some ideas of my chosen victim which is usually my wife is always over the moon as you can imagine and then I took three days is a bit more detail. Sometimes it got something in mind typically of times. I didn't even really realize that I was thinking about something but by took about something else it triggered it heads and then it so much like you discovered a brand new idea but by Tokyo free stuff I find the you actually figure out. Why saying out loud whether it's a good idea or not or whether it's led rubbish because if you say it sounds robby you've probably going to be rubbish. Everyone else. What speaking sin if they are actually interested in what you're saying no voter asleep. Then they'll probably give you some help for feedback. Tell you to stop being stupid and sick during washing up or they might tell you some things that Yan before it can actually help us figure out why you have these goals in mind as well exploring why is coaching mind can also be Away of those. I guess you know if you go through that process anything about what we will not send ownership that. You'll know that you're probably more likely to go lessons. Mona Ship in control for that long easier to buy into your own goals than something that someone is dictated to you as well right you have to make it your goats buy into it. Dedicated time and effort and the resources to achieve yet. Say Yeah I think. That's that's right Craig. If you don't have the since varnish and you have that sense of by then it's going to be a lot harder to at shoe. Chico's goes in the longer term on probation for your wealth or read. I kind of as you all here. Just kick a robbery. Nothing bet today I would like to use. He's want Guinea pigs today. Faster right with you show I to say Guinea pig. Craig on about the kind from Peru. I don't get that reference. I well in Peru. Can you pay as very much on the menu? Must have to be loaded. Yeah very expensive as well but you tend to just crunch the budgeting slightly ahead and order lamb like a wall is a French delicacy. So basically that. He's tiny tiny little birds like it's more than a sparrow and they savagely overfeed them. Their lives are miserable. They just force fed all of this food and grain and all the rest of it and so then they die because savage do that and not treated terribly and then they take restaurants where they are cooked and you just eat the whole thing. Either law crunchy Olo bones because the cruelty involved in the preparation of the altar land is terrible is really bad you have to put. Am Napkin over your head. So the goat count you eating. This creature has been unaltered. And it's a real thing is being savagely mistreated power while delicious and it would make to really justify. I mean what you say has to be delicious. In the Philippines chicken fetuses chicken is blue ticket a both lies DEG weather features to start growing and then they just crack open and swallow it down and the apparently you can feel the texture of the feathers. It's not very nice at all so it has to be delicious. Just be fucking with. I'm just sounds like you need to be a bit more patient. And he doesn't and he's talking faces. Why swollen role they might know in Saudi shore? A little preparation goes into an alternate like a good couple of months. Then you have to cook it right and then you know down. Donna goes crunch crunch crunch much much other than maybe we should get some about French listeners. Out that it's a right in and explain why they do this and send it does sound very French lies. Cut A fog for girl type Cruzi. Yeah but like waymo delicious army which is also French and also delicious. Well as vegetarian or possibly come in so we'll take your word for it. Cradle anyway so If you WANNA be Guinea pig today which do because you just wanted absolutely say Craig. Today I would find out what your goes are. Maybe you could provide some inspiration trial listeners. So I'M GOING TO BE PUTTING IN PRIVATE. Mets forgave coach. What was social distancing? Everything so I'm GonNa ask you a few questions which I think it's Austin so they can help frame their objectives and have an idea of their own goes and everything so a dive straight in without. What is your dream job apart from the one that you're at the moment of course. Well Gosh. I'm quite fortunate in that I do very much enjoy the job. Guy Have Quite lucky that this might sound slight depressing. I think maybe given up on the idea of a dream job. Little while ago accepted the grim reality. Oh just having a joke. Let me think about it this way. Maybe it's a dream job isn't something that sort of Esoteric and out there and you know something that. I've always really wanted to do or anything like that. My dream job is a job. The I enjoy challenged by them. Stimulated by Well I don't spend Sunday evening dreading going into. I look forward to doing the things I to pay. He well a willingness. I can take care of my family. I can send my kids university. I can afford the house you know fixes old and comfortably make sure. Vogel the things that they need in a bit more on top of that kind of stuff so you know perhaps a sort of relatively modest goal but I want a job that offers me all of those things whether it be working in the company. I work for now or working somewhere else. If I can continue to climb the ladder and achieve though the success joy montgomery oven gets bumped when you timing happy a very realistic reassuring that For those people who are on the twenty five who still believe in something to dream job. Sorry to break it to you but you know sadly deluded while the best you can hope for is like Craig said to just keep down gets away with it. I mean I'm paraphrasing narrow fiercely. I said well quicken. Who's winning. Now you know James. Being quick is an inspector to that t same boat show. Yeah that's okay Craig. So the next one If money's no object what would you be doing with your life right now? Assuming that was locked out money was no object. Then I mentioned I would be spending on all the time going to new and interesting places than seeing different world knowing that kind of annoying backpacker away but staying in late nice tells instead and I WanNa thank you and feel like just walk to like the highest mountain in the world would know oxygen symbolic. I want a nicer though not. I'm not saying that what you did with your traveling was wrong. James just not hard. Let's get tonight. I guess these he was all very positive. Always one yeah no income resulting then. Yeah I'd be looking for ways to you know do interesting things with my wife my family and just really enjoying the best things you could own socratic get onset So next question when you're an old nod or an older man and you look back on life. Would you think that you would have hoped that you would have achieved number? One faulkner from old did a well. Yeah by Mode Alad you again. Okay yeah that's not how it anyway so when I am when I look back. What was the question when Oh you forget that when you look back on your life when you're just about to die what would you have hope that you would have achieved what else? I enjoy going to work. And I enjoy doing the things I do. My career for me has always been less about achieving things for me personally and more about continuing to progress so I can put my family a stronger financial situation so it's very much a means to an end so moving ahead at work is not because I want to move ahead at work. It's not. That's not the goal in itself. Goal is to be able to earn more money so that I can live so when I look back as an old man. I'd like to be able to see that I did enough in my career. Finally will well taken care of had all the things that they needed access to education and driving lessons or whatever it is you know was that helped them out when they wanted to get started with you. Property isn't going to get any easier unless oleo people diachronic arts and they might need help him. I need help with a deposit if I can be in a position. Those kind of things to help out with the out. That's GonNa read the stuff that means a lot to me to know the provided Fulham in the best way you can and to see the. They've grown up in the goods. Decent sensible adults with its have moral values. Good work ethic good understanding of how these things are supposed to work on the ban but themselves in a position to succeed and make themselves happy in what they're doing but those are the things I would to look back on see that success the some very noble cousy have their Craig again. I can honestly say that You WanNA drink cooler and get rid of those pictures out. You Know Craig at one ceremony that there's no way of getting rid of the is you out right. Put them on the Internet Day. I think you've pretty much the next question as well which was around the by important things to you what your values are site for our listeners out there. I think understanding what the important things you'll values all will actually help you understand what it is it you in to change life as well. If these other questions that really triggered that kind of a response it loose help you understand why you want to achieve those things that you're setting out to achieve so if you can answer that question and that will really help you help you set your goes so anything more. You'd like charts that Craig really good in that case you would go into one that sophisticated more specific achieving that you don't want to work forever and that maybe an unfair assumption because there are some people do and derive a lot of Of the South West from that but assuming that you don't want to work forever. When do you hope to realistically retire on? What would you do in your retirement? Wow foof retirement a law so it seems. Relatively far away to be honest really showed me a couple of years in the. Yeah no I think I mean I don't WanNa work forever. I feel like there is to some extent responsibility on people to retire. You can't just keep working forever because whilst you might have lots of skills and experience it you can find that ways to pass that skill and experience on people and it's you'll obligation really to step aside and let the next generation of people come through if you're they're taking space when you should've retired activate selfish. I don't really agree with that. So yes I do think it's important to to retire. I don't want what for you know when I am retired. I I would like to be honestly secure and stable and and just able to to enjoy a nice life. My wife and I talked many times. About how when we're older in just a nice place not too big. Just big enough to us live somewhere in the countryside. Maybe analog gardening at this point so we talked about having a nice job in vegetables probably on the table mountain. Just be sort of Nice calm quiet life. Grandparents is come to stay. Treat him unspoiled on. Because that's what grandparents do fumble. Hopefully achievable kings really hurt if you go if you go age. Mind when you'd like start that we'll sell the retirement age at the moment. Sixty five balkanize now basically find online executive. Why you're like your changed. The retirement age is basically sixty shakes. The anyone who hasn't retied yet and the pig larage. Craig Heights breakage you but at sixty eight around sixteen we'll be great neck off the government's finished Hp Seventy so You might have to readjust your a mess live longer okay. Good good good plan. I so last couple of questions should be. This is more just from whatever wintrust rather than you said. Signora goes but a ways. The main thing that you've learned about yourself during lockdown apart from your shit called Great Baker Meskel Baker. He can tell that. You're well I duNno. I mean obviously. I work from home before I've always enjoying spending time with my family. It's great to to spend more time with us. It's difficult juggling things but I think as we said last time when wolfing choir fortunate position so it's not anything that's insurmountable pass is a bit of anonymously jank but I don't really feel like a learned anything about myself during lockdown. I didn't own on because I haven't really experienced anything particularly you just a lot of the same stuff all at once really. Agai were is pretty So I'm expecting more from you for the rest of lockdown so you've got about three days sick about the better answer all already go out and last question for me and for the most important questions. Warsaw your three cross bays of who time three craft base of old time now thank Silence niffer radio hobbies which is a brewery normally. Mos- way from me do a little league stout always during stout very nice so dark be bitter. It's got some nice notes in that that's tremendous. What big fan of that last. Great Good recommendation agree. That is very very good. Cross unbowed brewery. Do an absolutely magnificent mango. Pale is brilliant. Brilliant it's full and packed full of Flavour. Free choosy just tremendous one of the nicest drinks you could have in the summertime A spectacular on a holiday magic absolutely magic stuff. Yeah definitely one way. Favorite burs of time absolutely suppo just early and then goodness. I don't know obstacles and about a couple of relatively local to me here. You Know No Shock Alabama South East of England ridgely from the Norfolk. England has lots and lots of excellent craft. Breweries in the northeast This time bank brewery widened brewery to a number of excellent Biz. Talk Social APPs right band as well but I think if I really had to say you know for a band that you can drink our regular basis you can really so sal Gal and enjoy the other day from McCullough in Denmark. I think it's a blowout D. H. Pale is very nice. You know it's you know the right balance of everything remains originally you could born in. It's just very well put together. It's great in the toll tree because is the only one I can read ankle at the moment through. Like H GONNA talk three without need for those uninitiated out that that. He's a double dryhome beer and I recommend that you try one immediate. I mean unless the time differences weighed in. It's like you know you're listening nine o'clock in the morning then. Don't do that because that sweet and you might have a problem. Well No. If you're lockdown you can go wherever you want right know. Is this those emails from Hey challenging? Yeah Zoom Chelsea. There is probably some correlation right. I'm sure I've run out. That has found that enlightening. Shall we say Craig so? Thank you very much for that at for being the spot that you fulfils. You'll get he big duties very so goats doll to you patronizing. Mesa fucking show walls. Yeah so this week sauce for south listening is to go away and think about your Utah. Gets you hopes and your dreams and making the somewhere. Because we're going to be coming back. Sets goes later in the season. But it's something that I recommend that you look at as we start going your current situation so at the beach of the excites the rest of the season. Just take another look back at the nursing. You've written down see if he can Detail against them and then That will help you come the lost excited. The season's set goes Process and as we agree not where we covered all. You probably find that your rights go is to change bit. Hopefully they will become clear and a bit more defying. So what should we go away and during that offer this site cracow go a little bit if I work for you to if you would Be SET TO HELP OUT A. We need to come up with a name for season. Two A new formal crazies in east so Can we expect to catch in life changing season named by the next episode? I'll suddenly give it my all goods and what I hear you Oscar Great. We'll be looking at next week where we started delve into where we Cardi. All looking out nets wealth. So for maize or anything you will try crate normal. Finish each enjoyable experience as always. It's places talking to you James. You are most enlightening and educated and well read individual that I have ever met. An automates tend the paper over. And you certainly is always worth listening. Said I go good. Thanks for that okay. Well in that case thank you very much for joining us in our first episode of season two so next time. Take Care Goodbye from me. It's goodbye for may take it easy. Everybody radio join me next. We'll be continuing the journey to help you your money.

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This Sundays Word is #More  More means more This is #JustATouchof_J  Ep.2  Pieces for you!


42:52 min | Last month

This Sundays Word is #More More means more This is #JustATouchof_J Ep.2 Pieces for you!

"The baby test talk show. afterwards he's include could be yohannan. Hey this is just a touch db your nor like putting things out there pieces for you right so listen mama got a new series and i gotta jump exam on you. Yes mama got his foot. Zamel us louis. Yes so look. The new series comes on sundays and this sunday yet. This word. it's where i'm gonna go ahead jump exam on y'all gonna give you all the word of the week okay each week. We're going to have different topics different words so this is just such a baby. Makes your check out these pieces. They are up next. I i love my baby. Hey this suggested such a jay. And i'm coming at you getting ready to put it all out. There in pieces. Base was correct with my babies. What john out. Oh my gosh. What are you all out there doing your letitia and on because they hated baby living your life do what it is that you do that you do that too. Oh my gosh. I know you're so why do i tell you that. I know that you were out there. Be a soap dale and so wise baby combo ceo with y'all ready. No because god made you way mash out to you got oh my gosh. He's rewarded those that diligently seek kim. Now what is the second reason why i tell you. That are not that out there be associated so wise baby already noted to may cause y'all out there listening to me and this is just such day y'all nor put it out the pieces four q a look at the third thing that i tell you all to know. Gotta give a shout out to my haters. And what do us say. Hey joe ready off three one. Two three data need this work Yes y'all need. This worked so so listen. If you just coming over to the whole justice such as trying to figure out you know hold on. What's this lady. Jane wash given a shot to explain to you okay. Hate is acknowledgement backwards. Okay that's all. It is our vice. Who i gotta give a shout out to my hate. Because i'm acknowledging it. Okay because they are acknowledging me all right this will got worse says. Let me break dancing. Gods were says that he's going to prepare table for you in the presence of u. n. right. I'm gonna nurture hair oil okay and you cup school. Run over our right. So basically god prepared to tape it for you like me all right. Let's let's just talk about me. Like i got a current health situation that i'm getting over. Okay so basically apple putting it out the a peaceful everywhere over the internet. All of them are podcasts. You share my story my testimony so basically people you noted naysayer the disbelievers the haters. You people were those type of stuff they over there like. This is their my show about groping for. I was going on peak around the corner. You like jason offers gordo with jay because they wanna know right so guys like preparing his table form you know. Just think about this. Give christmas you know your birthday. Everything that you know. He put it out there pieces for you. You just bow like how you go and they look like dad this kind of throwing wise. They wanna see what's going on. Okay so they come over and they want to and blessed by the message because the message of god's light his light this radiating inet shining bright like saw okay. He said lecture. Like shine before men are vice. So he's putting me out there shining bright like a diamond they come inova and they wind up getting blessed. Like the bottom message okay. It's kind of like this. You sleep right. You and your room is dark. Somebody comes and hits. The light switch. Bell is startled. You write it wakes you what The light disturbed darkness. Okay and it gives you tension so sometimes guy likes li- he lets the light shine bright like exam today. Could come over. You know laws over life bait and a wine give blessed by the message by testimony. Whatever he's using to put out the and places for baby. Okay so what you gotta say. It's high hater because y'all need this work. Yes johnny worked to. He brings the message over for whoever needs to work. Whoever's listening right now you need this work so look have. Y'all been going over. The monday was all seven or instagram baby. Yes y'all been checking out the pieces. Oh my god been down on you. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm doing new segments on my mobile app daily sunday to like friday. Okay y'all again. I'm weekly or maybe every other with is just such debuted. Just put it out there pieces for you know. I'm starting off getting back to doing what it is. That zuhdi zoo zoo. And i believe in my best life. Yes so let's talk about what's been going on on. My name is our services on instagram. So i put out that. They found mold in my house. Listen debt was like nine days ten days eleven days ago. Something like that. i've been in hotel. Okay but get this. Put new plates from a house or god. Just think about your. Does it just a touch of jay. Which i put these pieces. Denver put him out there today. They put new ones in there and it grew in my bare foam. Like you're almost filled the whole thing with white. Nothing but more so. That's one of the reasons why i've been sick. 'cause i was living in debt. Okay brand new new construction home so might did some some builders some baby just a touch gago handed on pieces with the lures and everything so you know people skin over to the left to the left to the left right and talk about other stuff that i've been putting on. My name is arlene services. Six two okay and facebook can just such facebook page shoots twitter nba five immigrants pop facebook's about putting all my stories all these pieces okay sauber putting out. You're doing a four one one episode yet. Entertainment episode you know. Put those little. Podcasts pieces out the right inspirational tuesdays. I put low thing out there to where i find. Someone's posted inspires me and talk about it and then we got wednesdays year making love kitchen addition and telling you all about vs kids jay. I'll put out the hoffman. You know the little disc you throughout the and i you know we go get to those pieces. Okay that's the the halibut dish year then thursday's popular podcast thursdays. Whenever giving you all a new podcast. On thursdays. And fridays yeah. Y'all got to check it out and see gordo fridays. It's like a little fitness baby lower health and fitness. But this is just a touch j just trying to put it out the a piece for you baby so make sure you're checking out on just sixty two app and everything okay. So we're moving on over to the left to the left to the left. So i could talk about making love and these kids. Yeah yes i love. These kitchen been cooking. Guess what. I ate your fish. Yes so god later. Martin try to see him. I tried to see him in two different types. Okay but sacchi sack ya you know. Have you would pronounce. This is just a touch of debris. We'll put it up the a piece for you. But i tried it and it was good now how to deal with the history issued later. Because i didn't take anything to break it up. I just wanted to see how my body was so you have been fighting it off all for the a couple of days you know pins and needles a little bit like kind of all over me my back in my face you know and then i'll be in dates. That really should be neither. But this is just a tentative. Sometimes i just put it out the pieces that my system is healing. Okay so you know. Is this one day at a time. But i did introduce fish so now i have three proteins. Okay i want be careful kind of with the fish and not to have too much of it. 'cause i had like eight outs is stop. I had three thousand zero. Just say so. Good could help myself. But now i'm dealing with the big lehrer show you norm weights. I take the new product. Shelter you tax the prevents and no they are not paying take their product when it comes it then i'll go ahead and i'll do more fish. Okay so this is just such day. I'll put that out the a piece of yard extra to it. But i did you know. Put a little salt on it. You know the himalayas. Because there's only so. I can have right there. Maybe it was good. And i put that out there on. My name is all seventy six or instagram. When i was thinking golfing on pieces that low after so happy to be alive. I'm so happy to be alive. Your consisting almost took me about here. But like i said this just touched you. Just put out their pieces for so long. We lost on over to the left sitter. Let's it aleph right. Talk about just such a fitness. Yeah i gotta tell you also so listen. I have been working out all my gosh. I've been running. Yes just the every in seven times. Yes joe like around like the coldest day seven and didn't not been doing my exercises and stuff like i gotta do this cross crawl exercise to get my coordination street and it's kinda like you're you're you're you're running but it's in a walking motion okay. So i've been doing that. And you lift your hands and your legs like if you were running you have to turn your head to the right and then turn your head straight and when you do the other move saban doing that okay. Then i've been going up the flights of steps four flights of steps kick them leg day to the side or maybe just such. Jane and i gave so wait. But i'm awake for the okay. i would say you. I knew how much look this is. Just a touch jay. I'm doing good madan weight training. Okay listen just where my five pound weights now okay. We got walking in snow but up. All the exercises basically. The i was doing before when i was bodybuilding. So that's amazing okay to a once for their but those buttocks y'all because you got flipped like a baby did day. I'm just chop put it out there pieces for you but starting to get toned again and so on my legs they everything just. Isn't that little bit of time. 'cause you're down with the protein so this is just a touch. J just want to put that out there and piece for your lech or no. They are kept telling you. I was going to work cow and now i'm doing what it is that i do. I do birth. Yes so let's talk about just says. Today's fitness bright j fit. How does fitness pieces. Yep dropping one out there for your front over god. You just touched. They're very put up pieces out there for you. Okay so ladies gents makes y'all check that out. Putting all linked tree in my bio put it on justice such a fitness page or instagram and facebook. And guys we do have tell us fit coming to your to keep selling your about that. 'cause you're nor put it out near pieces than i dropped a dime on you with it i pale and i'd say go ahead and purchase that thing. Okay so thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for all your love and support desk just a little bit of jays. Fit justice has jays fitness. Just put a little bit out the a pieces for you. So let's talk about justice et so there is so wise. It's getting so much better. Oh my gosh working on it. You know secret yudo soccer i gotta do. There's gonna be amazing. You're going to have so much on. Just such a j f but for right now just makes you the four point -o version. That's it if you got that you good with those pieces more things coming okay. This is just a sesa j. Like i say i'm just getting back out there. Okay doing what it is that i do. I do so just pay attention. Because i won't definitely be dropping a bomb on y'all and i'm definitely going to be shining bright like dharam. You're to be seeing these videos and me working out and everything okay. 'cause y'all got to see the transformation you have to see what god is doing. You have to see how lost on my hair. You have to see how we're not all my hair child lost a lot of the thank you. Now let me use all of the. But you know you just have to see how i highlight wet and i was one way and then i went to another way and how god restores you have to see. Okay so not. Put those pieces out there for you. And i'm putting on justice. Jay and everywhere. Okay nail just as jake canada's sign someone good thank you okay all right. I created four strains last year. Okay my own stuff you know. Look okay. put it out. Dea pieces for your also had just to touch cannabis papers please if you are a smoker or you know you do. What is it you do legally okay. Those pieces up my by where you can purchase my rolling papers. French pamir numeral ono roller papers kings slim magnetic book may all you need is just a touch jay and it's a song out there that i did a remake with drinks Laugh now cry later. Maybe you get some of that. Just touch j. early. You might laugh now. Cry later. And i'm just out pizzas for you. Okay that's it right. B break radio definitely gotta talk about bieber radio. Your guys giving a big shot to break radio for begging me sticking with me doing what it is that they do support me just showing love. Oh my gosh. Donald them eighty-seven fm atlanta. You can also listen on break radio. They got their own app. Just like me you out there. Doing what it is that they do and they got the justice. Touch j. show premiere at twelve midnight. Okay 'cause i'm going to be doing love jones thing you like beads c. Or you know just giving you oughta pieces right now. We're playing my repeats podcasts. And things like that. you know. we're working on stuff and also nail. Y'all catch me at the top and a bottom like every other hour. Yeah a four hundred one. Why you're so. Make sure you check out those pieces. I was talking about Oh my gosh khloe kardashian. I was talking about Completely simmons i was talking about all star weekend. I was talking about coming to america. Oh my god was talking about how to talk about his legislative. He got bored baby. And all these other pieces for you and this is just such jay. Now look mama got to drop it down. 'cause i got story to tell like biggie. Oh my god. I a store. That's to what it is dude. It exuded ads. Say yes and i was. I got a record sunday. You know the sunday's were right so look you go. I always got to be transparent. I keep one hundred. Which you i sorry kind of get discouraged a little bit. 'cause you know i'm just starting bed with these pieces and i'm like you know. Gosh you know the enemy was on. You know my histamine level kinda raised. And i wasn't feeling like i was feeling before like i had stopped filling like it feels like things crawling all over. You and i know you like what do you mean. It's like pins and needles. That are all over you so when it raises in your body sometimes because of things you eat or your stress level war like girls there cycle. Okay my second was getting ready to come on so it was kind of like all these factors play in. Just think about glass and if you fill it with things like water or juice milk key filming filming it filming philip when it gets a top of the histamine level you start to fill som- like okay. My histamine is a little high. You get increases smell. you know. my smells didn't really go up crazy or nothing like that. Thank god you know because we don't want you don't want those pieces. I didn't break out or nothing like that. Got a little bit of like a each kind of like a little rash on my arms a little bit. That's what happens but nothing like crazy. You know i was just like okay. But see i'm trying to not take my antihistamines and a lot of drugs. I'm trying to do it like herbal lee and things like this so i said okay. I had the fish. But i was getting kind of discouraged. Says i'm like man you know like this is going on now. I gotta do the sunday word. You know things are going on with the family. You know i'm in a hotel. The new mold and audet was yesterday. Today is monday. That was sunday. So my dad. When i gotta do. Sundays weren't but i was like kind of like a little discourage any you're out you're going through that because you can't get like over wilms which is so many pieces you not starting back again and i'm happy because i'm running. You know what. I'm head. Because i'm doing things but i was just like. Oh gosh this is kinda starting to beat like overwhelming like a lot. So i was going to give you all the sunday word sunday where was going to be about perspective and i hated all down. Okay this about perspective. Td jason. I got i got word jumped in my spirit. And that's what. I'm gonna talk to him about it yesterday. Which was sunday. And i listened to my passes and all that kind of just like all the little. Be eighty your off out there because dislike are so overwhelmed with things. It's not a lot but it's just like it's just it's just it's different because it's kind of like new. Your life is shifting. You know anybody out there going through that. It's just like you have more on your plate more so senate appear in listening to the td. Jakes he starts talking about as i was watching a perspective message. Faith is perspective right Check it out on. Youtube is dope and he gets kinda like towards the end of the middle of it and i'm like god. I feel like god speaking to me like what are you telling me. Did i hear him say. Td jakes more. And i'm like oh so look at the store. That's big. Drop a dime on yo. It's all about more see. I'm sitting up here and i'm like. Oh my gosh got discount on it. They're going on. Uk omar gaj already. Know what happens. It's just such a baby. You already know what happened when we starting to put out piece for your not get interrupted. Y'all got a story like big y'all know is about the be good so let's get back to more right so i'm thinking. Oh my gosh. I got more. I got more more going on right. Anybody outdo one day because that's jc. Start talking about more. And i'm like to some like. Oh okay i got more gore. Nor did he say to whom much is given much is required and see. Let me share this. which all. Oh my gosh spirit. Thank you jesus all over me right now so look through this whole time. Bright since like two thousand sixteen. Since i've been Explore my entrepreneurship and starting my businesses. And doing what it is that i do like doing my own thing. Just it's such a jake thing okay. Change involves evolve in my life. china. China be better. A better person. Says i've been doing this sometimes when it would get kinda like hard and strenuous. Okay i will always hear that. Scripture to whom much is given much is required got drop it in my spirit you know says. Hide your high. God's word in your heart so you won't sin against the so basically that basically means like you study god's word you remember and it like kind kinda like sits your heart you remember it. Okay it's like a song is dear. It doesn't go away and it'll come back to you like when you need it all right now. Look i'm chomping these pieces out there for you. Follow him okay. So i will always here to studio years now. Like two thousand. Sixteen to now. And i'll be like here. You know too much is given much is required. Okay you know. But yesterday i heard two different when td. Jakes sam more. So much is given much require. So i had to write down a couple of notes for you all right. I'll usually do not. Just you know free free. Styling and his leg got through me. Okay because that's what. I pray all the time. Okay god let me go ahead and be able to speak your worse. Be me okay and we gotta pray to god shots do prayer at the end but if i forget it i got nick style. Okay because i'm working on those pieces all right so look here's the notes. So he said so much is given much is required right and we're talking about more our site okay. So an example of more would be all right. Now follow me k. You get a bigger car right so if you get a bigger car right you need more gas because you're increasing with something. i If you get a bigger house you need more electricity right to heat the house or the cool to house just such a j more gas more water. Okay promotion your job. Bright better opportunity okay. More responsibility all right. You might be leading teams or doing what it is you gotta do. You might be a manager more responsibility more. Okay now new relationship right now like your own relationship. I like that other one. You know you got to give a little bit more but this one this what you got put out there pieces but you gotta spend more time or if you're by yourself now you have to do things differently. You have to give more okay so does a couple different areas where your life could change by getting more. Oh man. I hope you'll get this. So when tj more and then her saying to whom much is given much is required right and that is. Luke doesn't look. I'm a drop a dime on your let me say your would. It is right now so y'all can know what it is luke. Twelve show got those pieces correctly. You so we'll make sure. I make sure tell you what scripture it is. Luke gotta go to bible luke luke lu lu lu lu lu lu. Sorry i should add but work with me luke. Okay old get there. We get there. We're going to get their luke. Luke luke look i wanna give you all i wanna make sure you got it seriously right when you want something you can never find it and i wrote it down and now is like where is it a right. To whom much is given. okay luke. Twelve forty eight okay. That's the who much is given much will be required. Okay so i'm like dad. Who much is given much require. So if you're getting these things they require more because they are more when you get more. Now moore's required. Oh my gosh so look. This is just a touch debating. I'm trying to put these pieces out there. Just call closest thing out because this is real simple. This is easy. This sunday's word is more okay. So td jakes. He's talking about more. So much is given much is required is cooking with me. Okay i got more so much much is given to me. So moore's require more is given to me so moore's require so if you've got more given to you moore's require sometimes it's a lot like job. Giovanna bible job had a lot allow destruction last of happened to him. Any basically came a guy like look you know say was just like a. I'm about to go ahead and mess with your people job. I bet you mess with them. You know he'll curse you when he basically won't be cool with you know more. That's basically what he say right so got a good head. But just don't do this okay. You can't do that but you can do. Whatever else you want. So everything was just like. His life was turned upside down. Anybody out there going through that you like dislike turned upside deal. Okay just as a trumpet this out the apiece for you because you got more. So that's what happened. He got more turmoil. He got more heartache. He got more pain right but at the end he got more god gave them more. So i'm comedy and i'm just trying to tell you that sometimes when you go through things in life and you got a lot going on you got more you're at a level now where you can accept more okay like me at all these things now coming about it this thing right here all of this stuff find out what's going on find out. There was mold in my house. That's more on finding out that we did the second thing that was worse. That's more a minute hotel now. Even got my brand new construction home in a hotel. That's more okay. I'd have drama sofa run. I gotta do what it is. I do and i gotta make sure that i'm okay. That's more doctors. Visits an audit type of stuff. It's more more. I'm putting it back out there and pieces for your more so more is required of me. More is required of you. I don't want you look at your negative situation or anything that you got one. Think that it's too overwhelming for you. Cussing to enemy. He'll try to get you look at your more as you're more being banned you more of is good. You're moore is good. To whom much is given much is required. God is giving you more. Because he's going to give you more more means more better core. Just gotta put a little bit more guessing different type of luxury record. Better quality gives you understand. What i'm saying moore did just such a baby. Don't get discussion. You're more on the discourage them more yesterday. In like dan. You gotta do this and got to do that. And i gotta do this. Oh my gosh. there's a lot more. But then i started to think and you know what happens when i start thinking drapes. Stop to me. He was like no more so much is given much is required. When joe got everything it was because he could handle the capacity of it do know how much more he got got restored everything to him because he could handle more more. Gives you more. So if you out there like i said you're going to be me and i got this going on. I got dead going on count on joy. Be happy because now you've got more now you gotta learn how to handle it differently. Do levels required devils. It's more elevation. you're elevating. You're climbing the ladder. You're getting better to get better. That's why you got more. Don't be upset at the more and think too no. It's not too much. It's exactly what you need at this point in your life is exactly what you are supposed to have which is more because now you're able to handle more and the better that you handle it the more you can handle it you'll get more and this is just touch baby. Just wanna put that out there and pieces for somebody. Because i really like yesterday. I was really sitting back this sunday word. I got four one. I gotta do. I just got the running. I gotta go to to stores. That's two hours ago a me. I gotta do this. I got this at the house with the mold. I'm here wasn't complaining. But i was like dag. This is more. But he said it's a whole much is given much is required moore. I'm out here able to bless. Oh my gosh. I keep praying god bless me bless millions and i know he will but thousands and thousands and ks in case in case i'm being played over one hundred countries worldwide. Okay everywhere this is just such a j. d. know michel de all out there zimbabwe and madagascar. They know me a london. Japan israel. I'm getting translated. I'm everywhere okay. They listened to me. This is just. It's such high. Y'all okay. Because i can handle more more means more so if you out there and you got more i just want to encourage you. Please be happy. I know it might be hard. Sometimes i go through to. Sometimes we look at the more as it just being overwhelming like more in a bad way but we got to see it in a good way. Okay and this just such a baby as one. Put those pieces out there free solo. Who much is given much is required. That's all i had to say. This sunday's work for the week is more more. Just remember if his moral your plate. That's a good thing right. Oh gosh gosh trump dumb on me. I'm able to eat more. I was eating fifty calories. My god lord jesus to nothing for days. My body went into starvation mode. Got his is what. I'm saying this to you but now i can eat more almost three thousand eight four thousand calories a day. I'm clear like thirty. Five hundred calories a day. Because i can handle more harm speaking to myself as i'm speaking to you. Thank you jesus more okay. Because i have the capacity to handle more the same way you do too all right this just saturday. I just had to put that out the pieces for you. Because i don't want you to get discouraged and you're more all right. So how'd y'all want me to end wanna do and like the motion. 'cause he really dropped dom will be like look you get where to my spirit and i was like dang no what you write you eat and more like lily guy feet new more. He gives you more. He giving you more. Because you handle more like i said much is given much as required man and i'm just going to end this like this. Okay who is this. Come on your what is this. What is this what is this. This is just attach a jay. I'm just trying to put it out there pieces for you baby. That's it so. What's the first thing that i tell you when i'm skating on a body and i'm moving on over to the left to the. Let's do what it is that i do baby. Try to handle this more. It's all nobody make you feel like you waechter wise. Please don't know don't do it. And don't make yourself for like there. Allies and i kinda was doing a little bit yesterday because i was like a warrior. What all those so much going to do it right. You know and you know you might be doing that too because it's just war just remember as thorough as level. Don't make yourself you ain't nobody else in your more. Okay now you do. Dates by shannon cakes shoprite like a domino like me like no. I'm like this like oh my gosh you know from my run into get like gosh. I can't believe my daughter is that i've shut brad like a day. Y'all skinned and clear head come back. I'm like oh my god. Put away to stuff buses day day looking at my legs. Like look at you getting it. You get near you. Put it out the pieces getting there right. Shannon bright like dominant. That's what you do what you more. You let it shine okay. Don't let it shine okay. And then you know what else you do what you more to spread love. That's the last thing i'll tell you. 'cause it's the brooklyn way that's that's one okay and this just touch deby. I just got to put that out the a pieces for you gotta give love because the world needs love. Okay you gotta give love you gotta give up to yourself you gotta remember. God is giving you love where he gives you more deaths is love even if it feels like it's overwhelming it's more. He gives me more food low arizona. Termite i'm hungry but it's more. I should be happy. Because i i didn't have more. I couldn't handle more. My system. couldn't handle more. Okay so quick recap all i want to tell you all this ingham more. Just make sure that you look at it as a good thing. Okay sometimes we get a little caught up. And i wanted to let you know. I had got caught up on sunday. I supposed to give you on a sunday thing. And i had do it on monday because i felt like it was it was it was more. It was kinda overwhelming. But i'm working on it. And i'm getting there before i know it will be right back to boom boom boom boom boom. Doing what it is. That i do but i kinda got caught up in a little bit and i know y'all are out there going through that too. You know a lot of stuff. Corona is more a lot of y'all gone through a lot that has increased your more okay capacity and you might be looking at it just in a bad way on these. You look at it in a good way. So i thought it was about okay so i love babies key me in prayer. I'm okay but you know. I'm gonna keep on shining brian domino stuff. I gotta do okay and y'all do it to all right and just remember book like i say i love my babies and now be when i got something else to say Hey y'all this is just such almost forgot to go ahead and pray for your race so look gotta go ahead and pray all right you already by closure is got to put this out the pieces for your dealer. Honey father i come to you guys just saying thank you. Thank you so much lord. Jesus for opening up the windows of heaven allowing me to be able to speak your word people ass you log onto please allow. It's a penetrate and to be able to help them to help them to be staying focused. God if anybody's out there going through anything. Please know that. Jesus is rewarded to those diligently. Seek him that he will never leave you for sake you that. He's there in the reason why he gave you more. Lord god thank you for increase for more is because to whom much is given much more is required so god just touch him lure wherever they are a on the no the guy that you are and that you're there for them all right y'all so look this is it always say jesus name we pray amen and if anybody wants to know god and you don't just pray for him to come into your life and change it and he will all right so look just just. It's such a j. jesus name i pray. Amen i check out these next pieces. I love you bye bye and remember. God loves you too. A this is a busy. Be coming at you. Put out flare gas to work. And you know you. This is just coming at you. Picking up relief kitchen. Wait a minute shell huddle was second. This is just such ejei. Your member oems. Listen i got another one for you. Sustained tim right now. He needs just such a j. That's next. i love babies. Check now mahbubur. Or he made his just tetteh per year. Pieces girl was rise is just such is just sunday louisville. I you rates He likes his kitchen kitsch this year. Yes make sure to make excuses. Acitivity is the i. This is such a sweeping your head high. Insisted on you need is just touch it check. It makes you audiology App to the league's are the bio. Y'all wanna give a shout. Lay you know you're right.

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S1Ep23 Sunday, December 13, 2020 Topic Discussion Part 2 The Purpose of Fasting

Red Blonde Fox

1:11:50 hr | 5 months ago

S1Ep23 Sunday, December 13, 2020 Topic Discussion Part 2 The Purpose of Fasting

"They man we thank the lord. We thank you lord for a sunday school and we're going to be ready to going into our morning worship as we enter into one worship. I wanna say to all the pac podcast listeners. Listening to rid blah fox podcast. We thank you because we backing up ration- if you listen to still got central philippines Got germany virginia ohio texas california new jersey illinois and western cape africa. We thank you for joining us this morning as we go through our morning worship and as we pray we thank you for being with us. Stay with us as we go into this. Our power in jesus father we thank you. We praise you. We bless you. God we honor. You is no guys like you. You're the guy that may to heavens serve and we're densify you. Could we know that you know god. Of abraham isaac and jacob and most of all. We know that you are guy and we thank you for being our god. We thank you for senio saw. That shared his blood own cavalry for us to have a right to the tree trio life. We thank you for that now. God blesses as to a morning worship. Skippers your words. We thank you are science school. We know you with us guy because you with us in spirit and in truth and we thank you for being with us now blesses as we go on today in the service jesus name amen name man they can tell you read description forty nine or re and verse interest four the so be joyful in lark. I let them see how about on the bed that was with them. These is named in dance with warm sing. Praises unto him was blocked with thimbles. And thank you for the word. A man is coming. She's gonna read a statement of faith. We believe the bible to be there fired at all. The infallible ran word of that. We believe that there is one god eternally existing in three persons. God the father. God the son and got the holy spirit we believe the blessed hope which is ratchet of the church of god which is in christ at his return to believe that the only is being cleared from san is the repentance and faith in the precious blood of jesus christ we believe that the regeneration by the holy spirit is absolutely essential for personal salvation. We believe that there dental work of cross on the cross provides healing for the human body it answered to believing we believe that the vet says in the holy spirit accords x. tuned for is given to believers who asked for we believe in the sanctify power of the holy spirit by whose dwelling the christian is enabled to let a wholly separate life in this present world. Amen stand standby as we use couple of worship songs. Stand by if you haven't heard about anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain. It's free this creation tools that allow you to record. Edit your podcast right from your phone or computer anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts. In many more you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. His everything you need to make podcast in one place. This is mandatory call to action. Download the free anchor or go to anchor that fm to get started in. Don't forget to check out the weekly sunday. Church services on my podcast. Red blonde sucks man. We thank the lord. We thank for that song and at this time. We're gonna have our district missionary dr rocio landing hail. The service is in your hand. Dr this is the way to be here with you. One more day anna. They added eleven to see happy faces. I just why is everybody to continue to stay safe and be wise. Said a we can be at the end of this crazy. Premed as various were awarded prayer. Day for your goodness and universities. Thank you father for your protection all. Cni your hey the pretension oprah solid we thank you for keeping us out pro s today low art that you bless us with your world lessons with the understanding that you're trying to get us to do a give us what we need to put your word and action by the us with our patients and help us to love people more five and help us genuinely care and while i was carefully glorying praises thing you say we pray thank god abe amen amen so we have a really good sunday school and bible studies. I want to encourage those of you that do not come to a bible study on wednesday at six street. Please come and be with us. Same zoom number days at six o'clock and we had a wonderful talent and we're learning a lot about the word i want to ask for. Everybody is the air is on usually. We all see your beautiful face. But she's here and thank god. I've been praying to see. I thank god. We always pray and lift up those that are part of our family. We don't see and look at your yard says the tears. What is this wonderful. Hey and valenciennes lente she never. Let's see are facing. But i'm just last dr linnea the other one wanda the lesson. Yup cool all right. Well we're gonna go into something a little bit different. But i i know god is giving it to me. Help somebody supervise. His word is warning. We're gonna go to saint matthews. Let's go to mass us. And i'm going to start at matthew three sixteen but then we're gonna go to chapter four and we're gonna do that one to eleven okay so matthew chapter three as sixteen. Just say raise low honor. God bless you. Were i have something now. Okay everybody guy. And he's when he was is with us straightway lower and low. The heavens were opened up onto him. Any some of the spirit of god descending like a spirit of god descending down in likely upon you a voice from heaven saying this is matt left side whom i welcome so we know the history behind this story. We noted how john about. This was his second cousin. He was married first cousin and About this was the one that was right. Now is not in the wilderness saying as jesus was really coming he was paving the way for jesus. Jesus finally came back there. We seem something that was one of a kind On earth that. I don't think is happening six in this type of porn. He's as coming out of the water. Jesus says he came out of the water and the heavens opened up a half of the now descended to earth and earth guy himself spoke. He spoke in. This is my beloved side. I'm well please. This is the first time that i think the only time that the son and the holy spirit was presented at the same time we saw the dry of guy and this actually jesus got back. Jesus was married flesh. God was an and adopted. The senate is the holy spirit. That's very important to know. Because we know guy is a triumph guy. His army some people to try. And tell you that it's just guy. Is that these people to try. It is just jesus you know they don't say it's just the holy spirit but we have here. The god is trying guy. We see all three parts of god. The father son and the spirit at the same time that's important in order to understand how that's important to understand how god came and saved us. That's important to know how he is. Even though now after his death is a man so this is a this. Is your of anybody young. You got saying it all anyway. Jesus is the way. Jesus the jesus way in a life to the following through so he has to be the doorway on the open door to go into even get the guy and the holy spirit is the way the sizes to the door. So you see how he's three and one is three in one visit. Daniels raise gives. The analogy ended apple our thinking about an apple acquiesce skin and four but is all the halfway man. That's the same thing with god. The father got a son. And god the holy spirit he operates in different ways still the one entity and ultimately. I is is the word if you look at john. Saint john john. Sage one is in the beginning was the word was with god and were saying in the beginning was the word so we know ultimately we go back to god. You really the guys the word out. This way year a word is spoken so that means a bird has to be spoken out and we think word is i blow your mind but what is the word often a word is vibration ourselves. Come out. And it's a migration. God can be anything in anywhere. He wants to be because he can turn into anything he wants to. Because guy is a word was studying out a little bit and delve into that. He would get out of it as well. That's what god is telling me. That he is a word in a very beginning was the word and he manifests itself into a humane. Many mattis's into a supernatural being again and went back to the right hand of the father. God is truly a magnificent being a truly is chapter four because this is where i really get to an olive is i think have been bad. Cast we listened to sister via nestle. Scissor liz wonderland. Yes is the one who told us about another person about her being back ties and how he didn't feel that was back correctly or he had had done. Or whatever c make sure she was being. Baptized is very important because it's the symbol of baptism is going down into the grain when we go down to the wire and we're leaving says down in agreement. We're coming up acclaimed being. This is jesus in. Jesus didn't really have any sense that time. Because he was the guy he was he was really was but it had to happen. Because that is the order things. And that's why jesus. Winter john johnson. I can't baptize you. But jesus says no you have to baptize me. Because that's how it was written that our process and that's what we're trying to do. Because i follow everything on word of what guy tells me to do. Never right but listen out for his word for his vibrations to let me know what i need to do here on earth. So that has jesus four. is this after. He's lead of the spirit into the wilderness to be hefty of the devil. So let's think about this royal. I realize was jesus. Okay we got we got saying about ties. He was happy. So i mean we were happy we were telling everybody about. The lord was excited. We want to know so much about the bible without anybody prompted us all the time and we were just you know we were just students. Great newly neophyte students in the lord. Jesus was about a seer into the wilderness because after we got down because we were tom now into the wilderness. Yes you can think about it. Because now you're getting understanding about the word and the world and enemy and the lord and you got to decipher the lead us to the wilderness land. Then we'll just us. That will hurt us. That we're smart. But we have to overcoming overcome the wilderness. So he's asleep of the spirit is a louis to be tempted of the devil. To sometimes too is a test to see how strong you are mchugh lily surely lovell because he says that you love me. You'll keep my commandments. As you love me. You'll do what i told you. If you love me is really not a decision to be making because you know which encases the devil takes whole everything because he goes right to your wonderful desire twice in desires and things it would really make you feel good the pleasure of flesh and he's gonna show you all of those things that's going to be time if you have to make up your mind and whether you're going to do the right thing. So he jesus to be tempted by. The devil fasted. Forty days jeff. Remember right here working. Jesus fasted in forty days and forty nine. We have to get to the point where we give fast hours not forty days the ultimate example fast. But we have to get to a point where we can fast is way off and we decided that we have to kick fast so we can get. We cannot resist the devil without strict. And just deal with your smash. You're be motor locomotive every spiritual strength as spirituals stress by fasting reading. The word advent is working as a free nice. I would think that the by or the flesh. When the week. I would think that it would desire some water. It would desire food assistance. You know keep alive. I i would say so. Because he was a hammer. Ask for forty days before nineteen. He was after work a hunger so he because he was a flea by he was this guy but he was also flesh at this time what we would feel. This is an example of god going. Show us the pattern of how we can go. Do as well what you do well. Is this an lyndon center and we own lies comes to us and all kinds of ways he comes to us. He said the son of god command these stones be made a bree. They'll let me tell you about the devils. Unfortunately is the fathers the world. He's the one that is rolling danes down on right now okay. He's the one that has always chaos going on. He continues to keep chaos on in the world guy our children because we have god's protection as we walked through this way theory jari because that's what we're doing on earth we're just walking through. This is not our home and this is not what we're really be. This is where we find ourselves living right now. World is a testing around. The world is a purifying round. The world is a separating ground. We read so much into where where he's is separate from the team. Well right now we walk in the chain and so he's definitely been essel. Jesus he said and thing especially for your latest thing whereas further the bible willing or know first of all because that'd be on that because this is a sacred thing it and everybody else. They'll need to know that lord tells us to wash our face russia versecki to and it annoys yourself with the blessed soil on your when you get ready to. Since astra fasting. You should be talking with the lower because the hungary every early gig of more stress your body is your your spirit is going to be and you try yourself we got so yes lord passing i feel hundred pays but i believe you lord thank you and thank you for this word with you on friday with you arena. Where with you for the appointed time of the fast. Get through this because you got through you. Show me when you also told you cast out and stones and thank you bree that you. I can make drew and wanted to tell him. He's but he answered said it was written. Man shall not live by bread but by every word that preceded guy so that nothing has no food or water right now is not going to solve. The situation was assaulted situation and make me stronger is every every word that seniors out of the mouth of god. Why am i need to know what he says. And now how. I can get over the situation as i n because every word of guys aware because has ended up getting the word and work so we're learning of god as we're reading the word we're learning him so we can model his behavior and we learn his character guy us to do. He wants us to live his character because when we his character in us the we will ask. God deaths to his house. You live character what you believe in what you do. When you give looking doesn't agree to enter is the boundaries. God lives cared her devils character. You can sell the dental care. How can usually here living like running swiftly in trouble because it gives you a kick trying to hurt somebody cusses somehow because they may. That's the devils character character. Saints god's character is loving having cases having long suffering those are gods carers. Are we showing the character of guy or are we showing the character any now. I want to take a little easier for you in your mouth. A little bit more and i want you as study our state notes. I would like to suggest that the mark of the beast is what character. You are display. I'll say it again. The bee's is a the character that you're display. He says that we will. We will have a barking your hand. Right that's what he says is for the market. They were supposed to get our hand. Okay are here is our mindset are. Here's where our mind is okay. I'm gonna make decisions in my mind. And if i decide to walk in adele's character. I saw the market obese in my mind because undressing to does. The hand is shows our action plan. Takes us to where we're going. Okay i action so if my hand here i've made up my mind to go over. Shoot up past his house. My hand takes me to pass. The house made up in the mind. That i'm not over her pastor and i drive to the house. Behavior of what has earliest of arkansas. Has a mind is a behavior of the gamble listeners. Really good one arena are heat allthough guests to be true. But you know what. I'll go wait with guys as the market is your mind and your your mindset your thoughts and your actions are you living under god commanded or other guy about it think about it remembered and just get a little further in somebody trying to china. He mark was cages. And write it down one anything about that much out of studying in look for that because i know sound form to you guys but i need you to send me that diseased is when we when we read the word and we we have said. He's accessible listening to what people tell us a lot. And because we've listened to it. I listen listen to a promise that the years i just kind go with because there's also says must be you know they use a little words and some of fisher's but is it really right. I'm assuming layers in the bible of understanding that once you get the surface understanding the endo deeper deeper saints in order to really get a word or we will be sending looking for something that we believe dollars and it has a different way so you got to study so i was out there is. What is your character showing. Are you living doing okay so back to the scripture always let me get one let me get up look one. Eleven unusual phones means new phone. Okay no unusual takes a missionary the marco. These is what here too you're living. What did she say. The character of the character. Living limiting are you living in adel scarcer. The mind is weird. The market supposedly shows the mark. I'm your mind is saying that you do evil because it takes you to where you're going. So why are we thinking. There's gonna be a mark on one. August follicles confusion fusion. Thank you puzzle. He are he will. He will bind us so much. And maybe thinking the right thing why as you say you find out something totally different. All of us the church i already but is it really. God wants us to do. He wants us to study ourself approved so he wants us to do for. Something might not be coming back. You missionary logo one of each like kind of piggybacking out. He said the market obesity is trump minding your head. Your character whenever. What if you don't actually out on what your mind is thinking what i'm saying. Then how would that be the mark of the beast. You personal okay. Go me earth law. The james tells us to be double minded added. He don't eat that mind. Okay obama you have to realize you have to find out what you really believe me you look at your actions in your mindset. You're really in god. All you know you think. One way. Anger i will say you could say it could be dead. I don't know a parsing. Let's put it like this. If parsons church thinking of doing something wrong but then they currently on because i may eat in jail or whatever the case may be being may have a righteous person because we all fall short. You don't see you. We may because we still could be mad are the best of us. You know what i'm saying is like he's still a struggle. Wheat is not saying his liverpudlian or your character dabble. It could be you you falling short somewhere you know your shortcomings or you know it could just to say economic on flesh out of flesh so i don is like a little because the markle the visas which are mind here. Maybe i'm just over in the husband. I don't know but Is really simple is what you is. What your action. How you now have. You been told you not to do it. And you didn't do it. Meant say if you and the devil told you not to do it and you say we'll project that ongoing wanting damn act it out the year. It is either orders not business. I do me what i was not right out of. God's basically doing the devil's work who he go. That's like you say you're you want. Because ultimately the neck larval want me to is not in his character that is not in his character. We know holy goes in on jury right right now. We're not scared right right. That's what i want to say for one. You know what you just missionary if we get out of the camp we gotta get back in there. You know flash taken it flesh take us like you some have flesh wheel take you. You know like These telemarketers on the days. Take me why we'll go off. And then you will look at me at the up. She would say now. You know that wouldn't right so so so here. She is convicted me so now when they called sometime i'll get the phone and i just pushed talk and just hold the phone as i. I'm gonna get you one way or another. So i'll get you without saying nothing. So did you know you got it. We can't get out to count but we gotta get back in. It would repeat it. And that's what i make it. I will show. We'll we will right. God is single. Writing down. Eric and as i say we might look for somebody that do this. Why now should mesnier one god. That view as as to why he really wasn't that is to be told during the bright light. Like with or somebody from somebody's not about building it's about. You thought you have to forgive a person. No matter what they do to you you have to forgive them. Feel light persecute gonna sign thing in causing problems usa. Give them mcdade. You don't want to deal with their. That's not seeing that you forgive bill. Let's just say you don't know to me. that's not. that's not like way lizard. i understand. We'll stay what you're saying. And i'm gonna sit on that on that now if if dealing with somebody. That always didn't drama. I'm going to tell you. I'm going to get away from them to keep my peace. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna go around and not gonna start cussing tripping and they do this all the time mrs showing you. You don't wanna be around the zero saying must give them my right. You forgave them. Little reasons why i'm not around and really deal because it's always something the one who showing when i say to myself because he a basically talking about long when peace and persuaded are about more than that though. We're talking with us eric. Cow is just a part of god's garriga dry I'm trying to be very peaceful trauma. 'cause we gotta stay away for gay me. Why do we have to stay away from some people. Wrestled wants you to understand because they will out the other side of you know. You're are the following the daddy filing the into bekaert as say yet so our has their mouth. God met all time. Yes gold's scientific on sale. Say well i'm gonna put my citing as not no may only be hall all all they really can take a vacation on ownership show because we have to exit onto after crimes and remember say is now go home when you give them more. Because he's ought back in until ninety nine so really know if you forgave him. Don't matter when you don't because of personal but they don't want to really accept. Listen i saw what they need to. You is nothing but you know why we don't need to worry about that. One down by we got. We got a is veneta. Got her hand in discussing. Want to follow peace with all men hauliers without no messy You better get away from them on peaceful people naive. What if the person is not wear. One of the person is not aware what they're saying and it's not their leading cells. What does that person. Just not aware of the action on that. They're not aware of what they're saying. It's not while but they're believing that is true from okay first thing. I was saying that that person has a little digging little researching before they open your mouth all right right here. True as for insured right. We're we fight us shut up. Do we find out what's going on here. Looking stop bridges. Let's not many go into word. Research with every is to find you. Stay in guys era. You don't wanna out here aguirre over the dallas snake. That's what could you do. You hear him question off on holiday but we will not like. My here isn't a. That's what else talk about ready. Master not every word to god to on us because the word no matter that guys every word you say to one person you know you only said it to that person comes out of the mouth of the person saying and i'm in i'm no. I did miss to nobody with this one particular price. I don't know. I'm just saying that's why i'm saying to i person. They may start a lot of rumble. Just don't want any just cause problems. And i forgive them. Basically be with them is lie where you were out here. I was out sick out. You know more wife. Oh i say. I i still so my tone of voice. I was not was showing us loose. I wasn't completely nice. I wasn't what i'm saying. He try to play on talking about what you do you so very august. How will you respond in got scared. Let me tell you. What would i really appreciate cruciate because i shared suffer with mental illness than the president. And you know people think that my mommy right what are very smart house on these lists mildly cops to transfer alexi. No i've now it was stupid stupid. The conversation was talking. Inga's here were you. In conversation i was mad was not passing of night us one crossword but i was sending my because i was sick in a person is doing and lots of me. They don't tell me to my face that they say something to do a day outgoing stuff and they think they think i'm stupid and i don't know what i'm talking about and you'll know what i'm talking about. Because designed conversation live on the voice level in the same conversation that are haven't of different people from their church stieg on so arno. This person is telling other people. The conversations points meals. You saw what i'm saying. I'm ovadia congregation. How good daddy. In god's character somebody up what she was she found out and she believed what happened because she only deal with the person and it continues. Okay okay and it continues to happen with the first you you have to let people go to let people go when they constantly doing something in you know as mess. You'll be nice. You move out of the area that. I need to forgive that person if everything else. She'll in person. But i don't have time for. I don't know how long you guys now that you forgive you and i cursing also celebration in my walking talk. I know worry to do to stay in. Gaza character prairies. Rega- our saying her care. Light has and does said god how the win over othman and chicago pass here to get away. Try to run away at all of a sudden on that friday or something. that message is cain new. Gist of the clear blue. What did you say something to heal heritage old. You know pat. But that pastor. God gave that pastor truth vestry and that nadine with right is as in the lord's simple messenger to get his message across the pastor. He wants him to locking character down. He was trying to run away. He didn't wanna be able to display. He didn't want to be bothered as their interview. And guys the messenger to say. Now you have to be a leader because to see that character in them and down to earth fun okay. So this been the devil. Kagan up wrongly city center on a pinnacle of the temple. As says they'll be. The son of god has knelt down written each give. His angels trust sunny d. and in the Time now is those testing and you think you was just do doing angels. But then he goes on to say. Charge the devil's advocate. Diseases goes on to say they'll show that so. Do you see any was trying to get the devil to watch any trying to jesus to walk in his character because he as your god. I am a god. Jesus is mine. E-e-e-e-no they had walked in the character of god examples of how to do that. Along the words. Jesus spoke with. He's guys lert. Everybody's thinking is an all day long as us and we wanna walk with the character of dot. Edu was is one of the. Do you want us to see art. I heard does he was again. Says the long. So tending me Ridiculous me but i want you to take on your car. You want to you right here. i'm walking you. Why now again. The devil take hug is living as all the changes of the world and the warriors have the power the j. jesus our changes and the earth while her agent through here with your world system world the world because nothing or you know some dollars that was free bottles lights on the doing and as you don't want to die that's all we got the song and we got worse. He doesn't he repeated he. He had ninety dollars worth base. A triple low regard us unity. He's long it wasn't he say he says he should all the world and gloria s. Tanning them all these. They will give me as that will saw down your worship not. i'll give you ain't whatever you just. What should be more sessions listened to dot celebrities and a sarah soul to the devil and they wanted dying from overdoses moorer's because they dance they might year that is not as indians. And all of that will be you right here. Yes yearly you right now get and fall down enough hours four. We've been an equal. Jesus christ we don't want to our care. And that's what laura showing us and. Gosh they win. Say hey we have our jury. His best ball was he a cheesy to renew the devil right away. So papas giving about give me allardice. Guys were thousand worship the lord bad guy and he gave us the water so patients or nothing. You're gonna walk back here. Kid as i get was letting the lord god only sell bassam thank. You highlight that mugged on on the wall. This site this is how you guys here. The ages business as revealed the devil away and they got to restore him him to give water everything that he needed. Jesus and that's what he wants us to share your mind. And gary was g studying for yourself for yourself. I know my crazy right now. There's the trump. This is the true or not. I say y'all over and over and over weight of lonzo. The envy has worked some things. We read a word. Finding is not really asked to the auburn. Told us that we learn this. They say because we don't know we your because the world system is setting up now. I'm sure you could see the world system is setting up like we look at the vaccine out in four months and they're trying to make a way to make it mandatory jail on you gossiping. I'm just saying in the world system. Don't know what the worry with the song the driver's license or you can travel gonna hurt real ivy dr to you to right state license passport onto this role system so flight. Then you guys stay. Something might not really be thing before i gave you some relation to understand. House marketed beast. I'm for god. Got me totally wrong. Could rely on by the hand of that. New drivers loves it from on your program to look for something like that so the world search for the weather week. Now you are marcus. The characters you're leading me on but we learn a blah holocaust uson confusion. God help story to lower the seiger that he'll be getting seen right and right now. We're at twelve twenty five. I'm dari talk in turning back over to the past. Not a question. Winter star for the ide- so if we added surrounded by getting something warriors. Worry us but i wanna know so blue. We get it. Does he really condemned god. That is that's margaret. Now is telling you. You're gonna to continue our own when i renew my passport. I mean when i got my passport issues are supposed to go to jamaica from my cousin's wedding but the call she couldn't have jamaica. They were saying how eventually everybody's gonna need on a pass for tribal a driver's license in one to go to certain places. Will you traveling. Or whatever depending on friday going so they said eventually everybody will have to have this stock. And that's what the man told me you know when i did my passport application. Apropos stops you saying that. This is our pastor two eighteen about kids. Eight in look did actually saying. Did this time now to catch it so in crisis so in essence what we learned to gay gives us a whole 'nother thing because the mother lease a wasn't that whatever controlling thing comes up under the when god is telling us mark is how are you living chiel her sins and your future or young guys who jesus heals your damaged gmobile policy that we all know. This book is because we walk in god's aired last night it's back to the pathak born baggy so much for the word that you out in. The negotiators touch is in the hearts of our members. Give on the monte one study and what a dig into the things. I seem porn to see at the true in your words and jesus name bank angst and we think the low for the word. Now as as we as we move forward almo- study that market obesity and with distribution in. We're gonna bring it all out so we know which way to be going. 'cause it's all in the word he got always let me let us know which way devil is moving and you know in another thing She's right. i don't know if it's going to be in our time of day that they're going to be killing christians and it's coming discounts re ready in america but listen. I heard fasting the last week or two or up into this time. So i want you all to know. I'm praying 'cause going into the new year's we're going on a fast and i'm gonna give you all the dates the time and every day we're gonna come on. Zoom have prayer at a certain time in our fasting. We don't we don't tell nobody that you're fasting is sacred and and you know i'm gonna have to like some of us dish missionary first lady. We all know we do insulin. And all that so some of us go to twelve but the moat and then others go to three. We're going to do for from twelve three those take medicine. You know which way to go. Because i'm gonna tell you give you instructions if you had to take your medicine you take it and he had to take a bite or some you take that too but you still a fast. That's not breaking the fast because we're doing all together okay. So going into the new year it the thing that that you looking for in the thing that you need. I'm gonna tell me come to me. These people owed me some money going. Release dead money. Because i'm getting. I'm getting ready to fast on these woods. Lord god god is going to break debt and make them give me what they owning. So you all got something that you need to bring before the lord that you know only guy can. Do you know it's going to take a supernatural and we're gonna do it. We're going to do a man and pray for brenda's a nephew a little bit he. He critical condition additional them to fray the last night. They said he got a he got a a blue o'clock on his heart from one to the big house but because they specialize in that and they put him in a coma. So y'all pray for love bay name liu bei. He's he's a good young man. Pray don't pray for all right. We're gonna pray name. Yup so we're going to keep going keep loving each other because we have passed after life because we love the brother end. We love your clothes. And i don't look wednesday night. We begin down majette. Y'all komo we'd be having a ball. I'll tell you laughing and look the night just really i look. I look forward to the night. Alright so we see are we. Six o'clock at the lowest willing. A man righty just called me and told me they taking him. Washington hospital causes. Blood pressure's one one. Eighty one point all right. Gresh internal god we thank you for it user heart every see you heard a report got now even as he's on his way to the hospital. God we speak a supernatural blessed with his blood pressure that you bring it down to where it should be all in the name of. Jesus all got one twenty over eighty. It'd be perfect. Oh take it to him reading now and lay hands on red now in regulate that blood pressure and we thank you. We go reba. Believe it without a shadow of doubt that you're doing now in jesus name amen amen all right love. Y'all tonight okay. All right scenic. Mr david to already all right.

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Attacked In Secret

Uncensored Advice For Men

31:18 min | 5 months ago

Attacked In Secret

"What's up fellas. Welcome back to uncensored advice for men. My name's josh. I'm your host. Obviously a dude. And i have a lot of questions about life relationships sex all the things that go through this crazy brain of mind. I go out and i ask experts. I asked people ask influencers in and business owners and wise people. I ask them the questions and then i report them back here on the show uncensored advice for men i also you guys can head over to uncensored advice for men dot com in. Ask questions to. And i'll go out and ask my network on your behalf reported back in so today's show we're gonna have a conversation with a business owner and a content creator a influence ser and all the him shares story david. Welcome to the show. Hey man i appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me my honor. So why don't you tell us a little bit about you know who you are and what you do. Yeah i'm i love it. I'm gonna do to arctic kinda kinda follow you You know just a guy who who was blessed man to to not be probably dead somewhere. de- dead and Just you know grow extremely grateful And not taking anything for granted and is trying to to Motivate and help people The best way. I can just by telling my story and just living life the way right on right on. Now you're based ad of florida's right yet tampa okay and you you run a you run a business quickly about your business and then you have some other cool things that you're working on to about your business. Yeah absolutely yeah. So we're we're marketing advertising company and Primarily we work in the automotive space nationally and in canada and Do a lot of marketing and advertising for that industry And of course then as a content creator things like that i write for forbes and and you version do a lot of A lot of speaking but So yet marketing company provide a activity and customers for for multiple companies across the nation. Awesome now with with what you're seeing in the world today. As your as your writing you guys have created about twenty one different programs and devotional for for men specifically in hope and giving them hope what. What are you seeing in the world of guys today. Where our guys in your opinion struggling. Most i think i think identity the i think When i mean by that is the what do i do. You know purposes. Obviously of a word you know you can in some ways get worn out but I mean if you look beyond a the misuse of the word. I mean what we search for us what we look for. Why am i here. And i think what guy is. It's it's the identity you know of of Before i figured out what it was that was supposed to do You know had an identity crisis you know in a in a kept me up at night and kinda paralyze me for a long time so the i think the trick of the enemy right in our mind is to. It causes us to do nothing so the search of what i am supposed to do. Sometimes we do nothing because you know we don't know what way to turn so i think I think that identity is a big deal in and it causes It can cost one. If they don't give up which is a big deal in men today. I think he can cause us to be paralyzed into become stagnant and become apathetic. You know and a lot of waterways maybe you know not pursue what it is that may got put in us originally. Yeah now walk us through what you've struggled with like not knowing why you're here not knowing what you're supposed to do. How did how did that affect you. How did that impact you. Yeah i mean started with the you know in adolescence in high school and so forth. You know somebody now where you mentioned the content creator someone that's does podcast out there talking. You know in in many ways for living on video somebody would never think that guy's shire that guys You know they think the opposite. Well the truth is that's not true going back into school i was. I was not not voted most likely or most popular. I was voted least likely and You know didn't didn't have that path. So i think that researching then you know in it and you know through the pressures of society and social just just went down a path of lack of confidence and so early on in business. You know you're in you're searching and of course faith walk. Just what do i do. And and so. I think that with me it. It caused me to To to kinda just pursue a path of like you know what i'm going to. I'm going to just hang until i figured out which was not a really good thing you know. I'm just gonna in in that in that. That respect itself caused me to delve into two drugs. Life of you know just Just chaotic life for for years and it caused me to You know caused me to really. Almost memo's died several times. You know in so But you know so. I think that's that's kind of. That's the that's what it caused me to do. It started though in in that lack of purpose in school you know no one. Their lack of mentorship. I can go down so many passive that. Yeah why do you think for guys like with me. You know especially after a major failure. I've had. I've had a lot of them right after a major failure. I have such a hard time and this is me personally. Just like refocusing. On what i'm supposed to do next because i get i get hit. I get dizzy. i'm like oh man that hurt. I don't know next step to do especially when it comes to was my purpose. What am i here for you know. What am i good at all those kinds of things. So how'd you. How'd you kind of snap out of it because for me. I was paralyzed. I was dizzy. I couldn't think straight. I couldn't put two and two together. Yeah i mean. I don't want to sound religiously cliche but i mean god really did it. You know it's it's through his grace on that level because in. Here's here's here's the problem. I think that exists because god speaks could people. I mean you you speaking to you being there me. And that's how he chooses to do it. I mean i don't know about you. But i don't. I don't know anyone that just just god dropped down in hologram form or you know tapped on the shoulder and said hey i'm god let me let me let me tell you this so uses people and i think that you know one of the things that we lack in people who've made it you know call it made it or come out of it or found their way. They don't know how to describe it or they don't take the time to pour into people. That's what i love about what you're doing because the reality is nobody. Nobody wants to share. Or they don't know how to share or if they say it you know they they what they speak out in twenty second video doesn't shine any light on it. It's like almost think about watching the video that there's some sort of guru that you know that doesn't give you any insight and the reality is they just didn't quit you know and i think that we can some a lot of of so-called success today by the fact that you just didn't stop his heart beat somebody that won't quit. I think if we end our life and we're on our deathbed and we didn't quit than we won. Like i didn't quit as i die and i think that's so. I think that the importance is talking real like this them. Yeah so you mentioned like guys who kinda get you know. Make it right. We we make it through the other side. We we might find our our way. We might find our purpose. We might find success or it stumbled upon ray. You said a lot of those a lot of times we don't go backwards and yank through it right. Why do you think that is could be fear. Based i mean some people that are highly successful. It could be you know. It's it's it's i think as much as sometimes we're people might want help sometimes people don't i think that You know being busy being bothered. So i think it's fear based i really do think there's an element of people out there that are successful that feel like if somebody else gets here. I'm going to lose some of mine. I really do think that that's sad. It's not true. You know. But it's but it's it's a fear and i think so i think that's a reality in so In some of those people are selling programs so called to help people. It's just that the content in those so-called help programs won't do it because it's not based on that the reality true story can actually help somebody And i think it's some some others maybe time maybe business. You know. we're all busy but if you don't if you don't take time to. I mean what what good is it. How much money do you need to make right. The reality is the real fulfilment is in you know seeing somebody else be succeed. It really does provide something that money can't provide in the third third point could be we don't know how some some don't know how they've they've made it but they're not they don't they don't they. Don't have somebody that can help them. Put the content together. So i think that there's a lack of Of that in that all kind of be wrapped up in time. And you know just busy do my thing. I'm pulled in a million directions. There's so many different things but you know the reality is. I think it's an obligation of of of people that that love. God that loved. I mean if you love god love people you know i mean if you do then is kind of an obligation so we figured out we definitely have to figure it out now making it through right. We made it right we. We stepped out of sex drugs. Rock and roll all these sayings that as as a guy for me. When i am hurting when i'm spinning when i'm lacking purpose or mission i get complacent fast and i could go downhill fast. I could get dark fast. i could. i could go. I could go to all sorts of things to kind of cope with my brain. Because i know in those times. I'm not living to the the the guy that i'm supposed to be right like my biggest fear is one day meeting the guy that i could have been right. God like that terrifies me. So for a guy who's like stuck in that right. He he just got punched in the head and he's spinning and you know like one of your piece of app devices. Don't give up but one of the things is there's a guy on the other side who maybe could help. Bring him brian. So for the guy who just got punched in the head. How do we identify guys. Who maybe can help or are good help. Because there's a lot of fake gurus out there. There's a lot of fake stuff out there that all help you through this and this but you know they just want your credit card information. What what are your thoughts. Yeah so you know. I don't know if i've ever said this on a on a podcast. But this is what i thought re here. Why you're asking that I think that you need understand and this. May this make you feel better as a at listening. If you're that person that that when i say don't give up i do what you just said i do. As well still still your. Here's the thing. I think that that the problem exists when somebody gives the impression that they've arrived and their beyond that you know J- jesus perfect was tempted. He was tempted in. Here's the thing about temptation in if it didn't if it didn't entice you then why didn't it's not temptation so he thought about it now. He's the only person that i know of. That's never failed. Everyone else has so. So the thing i would encourage somebody with. Is we still experience this and we still may fail. And we still may give into those types of things. Sometimes and that's the thing i think that when i say don't quit. It's like the the biggest mistake that somebody that's not jesus as a man or the follows him in so speaks for him which is great acts like. They don't do that or acts like they don't tempt or fall so i'm being very careful because i think the guy wants to bring through things and give his victories but man i mean like if you if you know he also instantly forgives he instantly forgives if you him he instantly understands and and so. I think that the person that that that's listening. Now he's understand what not quitting means is. Don't let the god will never when you fall. I mean you could literally have gone a year two years in all sudden step in something and kind of man just feel bad about it and say let me. I don't wanna do that. Let me let me let me work getting out of that and if you take it a god. He's never the one that goes. I told you so shame on you. That's the enemies voice gaden. That's not got as never his voice. His voice is come. Come on come come with me any any any cleanses you and your wash you and i just think he wouldn't understand that you know The self righteous. It's not an excuse to send. It's not. That's not where i'm going it. But it's a self righteous like holier than thou kind of deal because look at when someone puts themselves in those types of pinnacles. How many of those men have fallen in when they fall. Take just tons of people with them because they looked at them as a as a god. You know in some of the in. That's why so shocking. When some of those people because they have issues in their life that do they need to walk around and go. Hey look at my issues. No but they need to be sympathetic and understand when somebody else struggles. That's an think that transparency and that realness is what we need this. You make really good point right. So they're leaders right so when they fall right there they stand on a platform and when they fall they take others with them. So we're we're having a. I see some pattern in our conversation When a leader false he's going to take some people with them but on the other side of a fall. There's a guy that can help bring you through so you could either help bring people up with you or if you fall you're going to bring people down with you. So how do you guard yourself from from the fall or from you know from not getting through it. How do you guard yourself against that. So and i think. I think people are important. I think You know one way or the other. Where wouldn't were me you know. There's there's people that that i've given access to my life Been there's employees and people that you know that guard myself with when it comes to social media social media could be a huge huge gateway into certain failures that men would would would fall into or be tempted Having individuals that are accountable have five or six people that have access to facebook in different things. You know that we do receive messages. And so there's just accountability lines where you know if i were. You know things happened in secret you know. And that's the biggest thing is when we isolate ourselves. That's when we know that could be the first the first sign that maybe we're heading the wrong direction and Especially if you know. There's certain things that you might struggle with or certain opportunities just understand. I think that it's going to come and surround yourself and allowing people to have access to your life and you know that truly care. Because i think that's where safety presides because no one's immune to it. I mean that in the big in the moment you think you are you know. Just think about it. The more followers the more the higher pinnacle we talked about it. I mean that's where it's the most dangerous. Here's the deal you know recently. There's some some famous. I mention names and things like that relevant but famous ministers and things like that that you know just in the last couple of weeks somebody that that kinda fell off a pinnacle so to speak you know very modern young passer that influence hundreds of thousands of people in. Here's the deal you know. He's still the mana god he was. He still the person he was. But the reality is and there's there's a price to pay for that because of how it happened bananas. Just it's you know the the eyeballs in the judgment in the hurt in the people that that impacted and It's just an enormous because you know because of the stature and because of how many people saw it and unfortunately You know it's. There's no way to undo that. Do that the unravel they're hurt. But there there were ways to prevent it and not saying. I've always done that but these are just measures that we have to put ourselves into because desi enemies job. I mean just just expected. He's going to take shots. Me took shots at jesus. Hey tempted him. You know if he's going to do it to him he's going to do to use it to me and every other person and So i think the person on the other side of that can help somebody by just you know just by telling the truth You know that we can help each other that way. Now you're describing An area of guys lives that we typically don't have great strengthen right like i had to learn to be transparent. I had to learn to go have a of guys that i could call and go. Hey man. I'm struggling with this right. But like i know that there's guys listening that would be like you know. I'm struggling with maybe porn. I'm struggling have an an affair. I drink too much. Have a drug problem. you know. i'm addicted to these pain. Medications i You know secretly doing this or that right all these things that are done in secret that are just like weighing in on our soul whether whether you're christian or not you know that there certain things that just kinda way heavy on your soul but like the. How hard is it to expose those darkness that those things in your soul to another dude. How in the world could could you know for the guys in the audience. How in the world can you give guidance on that or like. Where do you even begin. Man it's hard. There's been some. there's been times in my life where you know things. I've failed at in the past and failures that i didn't I didn't want to to make some unhappy. I didn't want to get access at the same time we give access. We also you know. We also experts at at at saving private rooms private areas in our life where no one has access. Well you know. I think that it comes down to Realizing that first of all those areas we'll take you down you know ultimately they'll take someone down you know and once once a families destroyed a once you know you lose a career off a pinnacle in ministry. Whatever it is that you know wherever you are you know once you you know if it's a drug addiction you know once that takes effect physically or affects you know something major. There's no undoing. That sometimes i mean so at that particular point we kind of you know. The bible story samson right you know. He laid his hat head lapa delilah so many times until it was until it was too late so we all play around it in play on the edge knowing that in some cases i think So i think that you know. It's hard to to share that with somebody. And i think the only way someone is going to give access to someone That area there life is if they really want to see change in it Unfortunately i think that sometimes as men you know we we don't give access and we play. We play around with it and It is dangerous so i you know it's hard you know. I think that the the number one thing is you mentioned something earlier. I believe in maybe it was in our pre conversations and about all of this is really painkiller. It's all it's all. I got feel better. You know in. That's that's what it's all about every bit of it. I mean the affirmation we received from somebody if we're playing around the affair the emotional fair the drugs. Yeah everything's about. I need to feel better about instantly. About the circumstances that i'm experiencing in and of course in this environment that we're in you know it just amplifies all of that and So i think that man. I you know. It's a very tough deal. I think it comes down to do. You won't freedom in that area you know in Because it really is better you know when we when we experienced that freedom and god You know but. I would encourage first thing because he made. Somebody could be listening announcing man. I i'm going through this. Maybe they've never done it. I don't know if. I want to open up somebody you know. The first thing i'd say is opened up to god. You know re because god's thinks things that we don't you know he he thinks in ways that we don't and he's never out to get you you know and that's the biggest thing i think. Sometimes we'll think men have opened up the god he's gonna expose this. Or what have you. God doesn't want hurt you he wants to help you and i think that's the first thing somebody can do in this. Let him you know working your life and i think it's a first start place and So there's different levels. I think depending on where you are as well. Yeah yeah i for me. It does right because i grew up in the church. You know. i'm a believer. I've i've stepped away hundred and thirty times right. And and somehow man i just i know in my heart that this is what i'm supposed to do. I'm supposed to follow god. I'm supposed to love god. Him sosa love people. Sometimes i don't want to to be honest but You know for for guys in the audience. You know listening in You know you're you're having conversations about god right. You're very open about god in your you know unashamed about that. Your business owner. You have a for profit business but you you do. A lot of work Writing content for guys about the bible. Now what hope is there outside of that right. So the guy's listening go. Listen man. I don't i don't believe in god like do you have any advice for them or or or just no hope without guy just none. I mean i you know. I believe that. That's what it all comes down to. You know this life is short. Obviously you know my i. I know where. I stand on that but always wasn't that way you know i grew up in church. Just like you did Now have family members going back. Several generations that were preachers and pulpits in church and so forth. i've done that. I i do preach administered and so forth but You know. I was always even as a christian that owned a business is different now. Now we're kristen business. So you know. I i know where i stand on it. I just i. But i also can relate to somebody who's watched church you know and and been turned away from it. You know the thing about it is you know. I'm not advocating. Even though i believe you should find church and finding that because you need that community. But i'm not. I'm not saying the church is going to save you. You know the thing is is that there is a god and god. God wants in your life. You know when he's not Unfortunately and fortunately fortunately not. But unfortunately it's been you know. People have spoken for him that that that that he does. He's he doesn't want to speak for you know with unfortunately as well because that means that everything you've heard that you've you know that that that has hurt you and bothered you not necessarily from god so you know i would just encourage you know people that don't believe you know the thing i've learned about god is that he's big enough and he's he's awesome and of his bad enough you know he's he's god enough to to just man. He knows exactly what every person needs at any given time. I mean we can't fathom that. So i would just encourage him. If you're if you're at a place now where you dislike you just lost what. Maybe you don't believe in which you know one thing you have no peace you have no joy your life spiraling out of control and you know it. Just you're over it. I would just encourage you in whatever way you can't sagata if you're real then prove it that that's in that way by the way he's he's actually okay. Well you don't have to speak in king james and get all like this and it's god if you're real prove it and you know what watch and just sit back and just to enjoy for yourself but Anyway so yes. Far as business. People watching that are believers. I mean to me. i'm out there about it because you know god's really blessed me in that respect and then also opened up doors for me to You know touch and help other people with respect to that. And i just I'm just. I want to be quiet about it anymore. You know and so i'm in an industry. That is a that that needs all industries do with the automotive industry which is primarily the industry that i work in really needs. You know need some really good people with some really big issues. That industry digs exactly what we're talking about. Very male dominated industry. And you know they're just good people ma'am you know people you'd want to the on your side just you know good salt of the earth people but just issues like crazy just breeds into that industry so you know great industry to to be a great mission field. You know cool now as as we've got about five or six minutes but you know we mentioned a lot about a leader when a leader takes a nosedive right. He brings people with them for the guy who was looking up to this leader. You know they were like okay. I wanna follow god. You know. I'm starting to learn about the church and and i'm i'm following this leader. This you know this guy that you're talking about and then the guy takes a nosedive so then i go. Oh my god like what what happens to the followers who go you know like that. We just lost our leader. You know the hell with this. Yeah now i think First of all you know. It sucks When you're saying that for some reason. I just got the picture of like you know military wise like somebody you know. You're watching a military movie or something you know you see somebody shooting back and forth each other. That's how the enemy would fight in your fallen this person and then all of a sudden enemy grenade and throws it into a bunch of people blows blows everything to hell. I think that's the kind of the what happens with that. there's there's there's pieces all around and dumb so you know what i would say you know is it hurts. You know i've had it happen You know it does hurt it in and you know it sat. i think agrees god But he but. Here's here's thing i would say you know God is real in spite of that person and you know if you ever followed that person and not not everybody that follows aspirations to lead like that person. They were following. Did but if you do if you did you know or You know understand that And even if you didn't understand this that person in front is going to have the biggest target on their back. Because it's the enemy can pick off people one at a time or he could he could use that type of weapon to pick off the leader which then has a windfall or domino effect. And i think that you know just really trying to understand that that is the purpose of try to look beyond that and you know and then even maybe be sympathetic to that person. I think one of the things. Maybe he'll you get mad at me. Like i can't believe that you know i don't believe in god now here. Not person fail everything. I thought you know is not real tried this. Try praying for them and saying you know in really asking god to sympathize with that person. Because i'm going to tell you that feels crap. That person feels like they. Just let down god in the world. They're dealing with a whole another set of issues. I promise you you know. Because if that was even if they're prominent that that level of success is gone that level of of influences gone in so they're not were they were. they're not sitting around like you know somewhere going on minimum still here and everybody was following. He's gone so just just try to reach out. Because i think that could be a first step. And that's a big deal wants you get over. That many enemy loses all power. He lose every bit of power right there But you know. I but i will start my saying an kinda summit by saying with that i get it You know but You know and but you know what the enemy don't let the enemy win. Don't let them win because he wins. Not with that person going down. He wins with everybody that person fluency is being affected ultimately. That's how he went though that. That's how that weapon is effective. You know if it explodes takes multiple people. It's a different weapon in the arsenal of the enemy. It just is. Yeah now you wrote a. You wrote a devotion a guide. You know called worship. Is my weapon right. So we talked a lot about the you know the enemy right so that for in the christian world let's satan the devil right You wrote a guide. You know worship is my weapon. So where can guys go right. So let's just say guys right now under attack getting beat up their leaders just fallen right. Now they're exposed and the hand-grenades been tossed into their camp and boom pieces everywhere right there. Churches fallen apart. Their group is falling apart. The friendships are falling apart right. You've got a weapon right here. Worship is my weapon. You gotta guide. Where can people go to find that and to cap the. Yeah you can go to if you download the you version y. o. u. v. e. r. i o. n. u. version bible app like i think four or five million people on the app is international And you can search worship is my weapon. You search my name. David villa twenty Different emotions on there but Or if you don't have the app or you wanna go on your desktop. His bible dot com and And so one wanting real quick are say about that. Is you know the the and we talked about the enemy's weapon but you have a weapon in that. And when i mean by worship i don't want you to get all You know don't don't think cherchi on it. You know worship is your into it in your car on the way to work you do it. You can get up from your desk. Walked to the bathroom in at work. You know you can put your swap yourself in the bathroom at home. Whatever wherever you are shower in in. That's where that time and it doesn't have to be all cherchi and sound are religious but that that will give you some insight written by some pretty cool people that will relate to what we're talking about and Just give you some insight on what you can do to get some peace back in your life and victory back in your life. Man we need some wins wins. Here's the thing winning you know. We'll we'll start to make this thing feel a lot better. You need some wins. You need to remember that you can win. And i think that's a big deal for men. He abby we. We need some wins. We gotta feel good about ourselves sometimes and we've been beat senseless and we've lost a lot less win again right and so yeah absolutely so if you feel guys you feel like you're just getting beat down especially this year right you're getting beat down and beat upon and You gotta you gotta weapon got a weapon near camp. go check it out. Download the you version app. It's a it's a free app. Get on your phones and search for one. Is my weapon right whether you believe it or not. Check out. This tool might be helpful to you david. Thanks for coming on the show guys as always listening in reach out our guests and say thank you. let's be. Let's be grateful for their time. If you are in need of help reach out to someone reach out to a local pass to reach out to me if you're if you're in that darkness and you do in a bad spot and i need out. Reject me uncensored advice for men dot com head on over there a lot of contact form. It'll be a quick conversation. Appoint you to some of the dude. I know that might be able to help. All right guys love ya. Thanks for coming on Listen in on this episode. We'll talk to you guys on the next show. We'll see david thanks john.

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Why the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Sucks Out Loud LRRC 2-23-21

The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus

1:00:06 hr | 2 months ago

Why the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Sucks Out Loud LRRC 2-23-21

"On this week's lou dini rock and roll circus by guest. We will give the rock and roll hall of fame its annual thrashing as we discuss the nominees and give you our picks for who should be in an who definitely should stay the f out. Get ready to rock out with your talk out. It's the lou dini rock and roll circus all right. Everybody welcome back to latini rock and roll circus. My name is lou. Lombardi aka lou dini. We have the full power trio in full regalia. This evening we have keep the hawk hawkins wearing no less than three masks very very free. Dr fathi says aware threes. That's what i'm gonna do. Because he knows everything. I'm gonna tell you right now. Man you are the most protected. The rest of us are just trying to kill it with alcohol right lilly. Legit anyways guys. Welcome back dini rock and roll circus. The hawkins i've already said and we have what's up. How good show over the weekend. For my second lily. Six is live saturdays. Very successful showed savell pine. He can't wait for march march twentieth. So it's going to be superheavy. Show with grave. Birth strangle the witness and the creature and shrouded in neglect so four super very extreme metal bands. So come out and say that ronit neglect those. Those are all great news by the way love. Love love awesome so real quick a little bit of business before we get started Guys is i'm gonna say there's no reason to get up there with your mask on the plane your shell give a mask on but you have a boring moving guitar. Who the hell wants to see that. It's bad enough. You gotta wear stupid mask if your mouth is cooler than your guitar. There wrong is a problem. So we have the solution for that. That's called wolf's customs dot online wolf's custom dot online and they will. They'll hook you up. They won't they will get that guitar of yours. Squared away looking so frigging hot and amazing. That just you know women will be throwing their masks at the stage right lilly. Yes if if nothing else and so good was. Customs online talked chris thunder wolf dodds and he is demand rock radio dot com download. The app you can listen to great guitar. Driven rock twenty four seven. And please check out all the things we have lombardi music dot com free downloads. Free i said. I i'm sending you guys out tomorrow. Those are on the list are going to get some sneak. Peek information. About a band. That i absolutely love new song that they just put out band called silk nine silk nine unicef. And so. we're gonna try to do this as well instead of just doing the podcast now each week. One also show you guys some new music. So that's one another reason why you want to go ahead and go to lombardy music dot com and on list the least real quick. I don't want to correct myself. It's not shrouded in neglected. Shattered shrouded neglected abandoned. They're not saying that show. We're going to get letters now. Well sue me. I'll give you some white cloth so we're talking about the rock and roll hall of suck my something as you all know. I'm a huge fan of the rock and roll hall of fame. I agree with everything that they do. I never questioned any of their decisions. Correct lily correct. You know absolute greatest organization And i also hate chicken wings and bourbon so there it is all right. So we're gonna we're gonna get into this. We have the list of the nominees with a call to come. Nominees and nominees nominal nominee and and also. I wanna give my list of why. The rock hall of fame should be burnt to the ground as well as i want us to talk about what. What an alternative to a rock and roll hall of fame might look like something where we could still honor great music but eliminate all the problems. So we're going to get into that step by step. I think we should do is. We should find out who these nominees are. And i think we need the hawk to kind of you. Know kinda you know Give his evaluation as we go along. So who do you guys. So what is that. What we're going to start there. You guys know what the rock the rock hall of famer. We have to go to the history of the rock. I kind of feel like we don't need to go through the just in case. Yeah okay so what are you okay. So the first nominee is mary. J. blige believe everybody knew who that is keeps mary. J. blige is i do. She has released thirteen studio albums. H eight which have gone multi-platinum worldwide sold fifty million albums in the us and eighty million records worldwide and has won nine grammy awards for american music awards twelve billboard music awards and has also received three golden globe award nominations so she does have an extensive resume under her belt. But what do we feel about. It is is her music rock music. I don't think it is wrong. That is just me. I thought that she produced number. One are nb aren be rhythm and blues rhythm and blues. I we love members. There's nothing wrong with it. But it's the what's what's it called again. Keith is called the hall of fame the rock and roll hall of fame. I mean i. I know people say racist for saying that like but i mean i like i i could go i'm okay with chuck berry and jimi hendrix and rock. Though that's the difference and to be fair there is a hip hop hall of fame. France lenny kravitz. Some like those guys are all cool and national rhythm and blues hall of fame so there are two other hall of fame which do not include any rock people in the new people. I'm saying not like bo. Diddley not like chuck berry until anyways. So what do you. What do you think about mary. j. Do you have any anything about mary. J. that you want to chime in on keith. Should be in the hall of fame. I mean at this point rock and roll. Your payment are pretty broad. Brush if you ask me. I'm sorry he said rock rock rock and roll came from from blues and blues was originated by african americans. That was gonna say that's not racist. That's the truth muddy waters robert johnson's of the world and the whole weather billion people are sound like where the basically nucleus of what would become rock and roll now. Should there be a rock and roll hall of fame or a hall of fame for every sal music. Yes because you'd have one sg popping up everywhere very goddamn five minutes. There's another fricken. John ra- music. So if you're going to have them all but as rob hall of face. How rational hall of fame sees it. I mean from what. I understand the board of people that pick these bands that actually get in are just old suits that just ownership. But then they get them in they get the final save. So i don't know as the snyder would say throwing the bone peasants if you will by letting fans in why am on it alone. Sorry god billy altman was causing shenanigans. I destroyed him out. Of course Good of edna as aren b artist's goes. Yeah you're talking about a frigging heavyweight but as rock and roll once again. I don't think that me is is not rock and roll but At the end of the day she's not going to get in any way my opinion so we can just move on. If i hear something. I the question about his. I'm my thought it was four. maybe five. How many people actually get more than that. I don't know what's happened. Makes it got a frigging list is long every year but only what. How many make the cut five or six for thought all right so i wasn't as after a number that's a pretty like i said every year very expensive list and you can make arguments for them all. I can make arguments against them all. I can't release this year. i. I think mary j. blige is smoking. Hot freaking look. She's gorgeous stunning absolutely love her. But i don't know. I wouldn't if i was making a sos put this way keith. Say i was going to say. Hey keith. I'm going to make you a playlist a private playlist on spotify. Great rock so that like when you're cruising around or you're trying on different masks or whatever you're doing you have a great rock. Listen to mary. J. blige would not be on that list. Not only because i was i was promising. Rock not great. R&b also would it really come to mind when someone said hey is a who do you consider a great rock artist. Would you say mary. J. blige off the top of your head. Probably not and my my hat on fixed. Hey man you need all three masks on a doctor said it was only your house. Ever i saw. I'll send it to you and i saw a great like roundtable discussion with dr drew and a bunch of other doctors who've been like like Silenced and stuff on social media uv is really good. I was thinking about you and i was watching it anyways. So he got its neck Next on the list. Is kate bush so english singer songwriter. Rico she At nineteen the uk singles charts for four weeks with her debut single weathering heights becoming the first female artists to achieve a uk. Number one with a self-written song again. A lot of stuff under her belt not so much someone again that i would say if someone asked me who. Who's your top rock people. I would never in a million years. Kate bush never she's not rock and i didn't close to rock now. She did that song running up that and they play it they play on. Some of the alternative stations does closest thing she ever did. Janet jackson has one rock song. It's a kick as rock song but that's just one rock song. Yeah that does make you. Rock artists are making influential rock. What do you wanna say about. You feel like you probably like kate bush. I think she has the most unique voices. I've ever heard my life now. Is it a voice. that's for everybody know. Is it rock and roll. No to fricken weird for rob hall of fame. Even it's usually pressure on the ballot. They probably have to take a here. That music is just not for everybody. And it's but she was innovative when using electronics and her voice. And just a lot of lights crazy like samplings and using like a almost like a human frigging nursery rhyme. I don but it's was just you know these kind of her voice is just like it. It just sounds like something on someone should be reading you. Mother goose or some shit i don but it's it's just where that yet not rock music municipal. Experimental was hell. You have to give credit for that voice. i let us not but it's not rock and roll. I was just trying to be an asshole for the benefit of the audiences entertained. Folks no. She's not she's not going to get nader on the ballot for twenty years and she. I think she's one of those ones. They just decided. Just be like okay. And there's a lot of bands that Aren't there bands like classic bands that have been overlooked. Oh constantly why do. Why do we have to bring in mary. J. a. And cates bush when we have all these other bands that have just likely guys like young guys who play guitars ladies to play guitar. A rock and roll hall of fame. Put suzie quadra on rockall fame for kate. Frigging butcher married david. I'm just saying you're saying you're just saying. I'm just saying i'm saying i'm just saying saying i'm just saying you saying to say i think the next one i think all three was agree but go ahead The next one on the list is. Do from ohio where the rock and roll hall of fame as their classic lineup consisted of two sets of brothers mothers. The mothers vase the band had number one number. Fourteen vogue chart nineteen eighty with single. Whip it which we all know and did make up a dance to when i was in ninth grade but nobody will ever see that ever do it right now. To the new. I am not drinking for that. But they are known for their music and stage shows and their science fiction themes and the whole thing and they're very unique and just i actually did vote for them just to i like I liked that. I liked through being cool. That's a that's a that's saying. I liked their version of satisfaction trump parts of all time. Yeah that's really disciplined. If what is he doing in that i wanted to ask you about was a lot of syncopation largest lot of lot. Cool belt plate just cool. Syncopation works just off the b. Just it's not that typical like whip it has that like straightforward kind of notes fast as it straightforward almost. Like stupid this. Go kind of feel because you're looking at what night when they come on. Nineteen eighty eighty. One you're still getting that kind of get real fast sixteenth note. Hi hat kind of body on that but yet on that one use this kind of its cornerback onyx. What a cool placements of symbols. And just a lot of patience distant. It's very cool drum track but They wanted songs. They took in just really made their own. That's one of the most unique cover versions of of her. Yes very unusual. Okay now. I'm just going to play devil's advocate because i know the devaux influenced like guests. They have basically essentially kind of one hit wonder but they also influence a lot of bands that came after them. Like focused on you know bringing electronic. Sounds like that so get where they were influential. But you could make the one hit wonder. That's true so you could kind of say. Well do they really deserve it. I think they deserve it. Because they're influential and also there. Wasn't that much for me from a cell too. But i actually i would like to see them. Get into spur because it would be something different. Actually let let me see that. Maybe some other minds or getting involved in the process. But i don't think they'll get in Yeah i think that. I personally love them but i could also kind of go. Both ways do they. Should they be in the rock hall of. I honestly out. Let's go through our list here. And i'm gonna kinda give you guys what i sort of think about this. Next band. definitely should not be on the foo fighters. Somehow i miss them in my notes. I guess i just skipped right over them. Maybe because i don't believe they should be in but the fighters are banned however. I don't know that it's their time to be in radio. How many years does it have to be twenty five twenty five from your first hit and they had twenty five. Oh yeah everyo- i checked. Everybody has the criteria to be in this year foo fighters carry the torch of rock authenticity with infectious hooks in your face guitarist monster drums and boundless energy. I think that they are the definite. I think that's the definition of rock in terms of music music. The music part of it You know so. If you know. I get that I understand your reservations. We're feeling some of the classic ban that haven't gotten there yet. But i think also that dave grohl continues to inspire kids to pick up. Pick up the guitar and rocked out. So i i really i i. I'm like hell to the yeah with with foo fighters what do you think about foo fighters. Talk clause here on this one. If you're waiting for fucking iron maiden to get into not hall of fame does my. How many metal bands are actually interrupting my whole thing. What to think that's correct. Black sabbath metallica. And that's it. They're they're just not into metal. That's one of things where you probably wait. Another one hundred years foo fighters with other times. We want to see him. Thomas now dave growth rate musician. Great songwriter dubious second induction and they deserve to be an it's a slam dunk for me. It's interesting that you mention thinking about metal because It's it's that's just the way well wait a minute. Let me say though. Not somebody calling me. It's dr fauci on hold on a minute. What's up doc. Oh boy oh yeah yeah okay. I'll tell him what did he say don't own reports. Anyways you brought up metal and they'd there'd prejudice against the metal. Okay how is it. That metal bands don't belong in the rock and roll hall of fame but are in be hip hop and rap. Do there's a whole reason behind this. They say it's sales and rb effing money. Yeah oh that's exactly it okay. I'm going to get really pissed off in a little while but it's not time yet. Sold millions of records millions. And you know what do i think they should have on the. I'm getting great way to calm down. Wanted to grasp metal bands of all time. But they're just going to get snubbed. I can guarantee you that this next band deserves it for a couple of different reasons but go ahead. What do you got the next on. The list is the go. Go's formed in california in one thousand nine hundred eight. There is defending the early eighties. First all female band that both wrote their own songs and played their own instruments to top the billboard album chart charts that alone to me should make them get an and they're great songs and there's they have punk roots and i think that's fantastic. Many that definitely gussied up punk. You can tell that like they. They came into studio and the producers. Like we're going to kind of tone that down a little bit but it's got still got the same essence. I absolutely agree and they got some killer musicians. Mazing guitar player her. She's a pretty good dominatrix. i haven't seen i have. I saw that on like a behind the music or something like that. Yeah but we gotta you got any comments on the goes like the go. Go's oh do you know what if you wait long enough. Janelle take to the rush hour. I'll be here all week They should be in weight. Not right now not yet. I understand that have been around them in shit that they might even be seven years old at this point but at the same time i do think they broke some barriers down but i don't think that they have like they won't they. They won't get it and just due to the fact that i dunno. They won't don't want him avenue the reason for it. What are you drinking alcohol doerr. This is doers. White label. nice glenda scott's with he's got you drink doing a little scotch verbier very diverse with your liquor. I started getting into the finer things alive or something. I won't drink his clinic which i would never drank for any reason Cognac probably the only thing that i think wanna menu that i would not turn but scott's bourbon blended scotch whisky and just regular all. Whiskey is all for me buckets. It and even sometimes jane. But i gotta go for gin and be honest with you. Switched to hard alcohol. Due to the fact that no i do not want rush my own death which will be coming. But i don't like beer. He gives me a frigging headache legit. Okay what are you got. Next is a band. We all know that. I'm gonna vote for forever and a day as iron maiden Should have been in a long time ago now of course you had. I mean they've they've had forty albums including sixteen studio. Thirteen lives me. How many albums forty. I mean again. Forty i mean i'm very mary. J. blige like twelve thirteen. Hello forty thirteen rock albums metal albums like actual rock. Yeah guys being in your face kind of music. Your parents off. Also the pioneers of new wave of british heavy metal. Throwing that out there. You know nothing really accurate forty albums combined studio. That's that's all all albums studio live ep. All of it. Let me play. Devil's advocate for a minute to the last time they brought us down. I think i think if it says iron maiden on it. It's a good album that's not true. You want to go out and buy dot fear of the dark with that others. It's got to be thousand times better than half the crap on the radio. Now so i i don't care it's still iron. Made is still bruce dickinson singing. He's a mother bad but bad. Mfa i'm like all down with bruce. Well we all. Norman mattis like almost like the mental rolling stones other than somewhere somewhere in time then back. I'll give you their their give credit. That should slam them somewhere. In time on. I don't even know what they're what they did at the end of the day. I think they are going to get the fan vote. But i do not think they are going to get in. Oh you don't have the whole country of brazil probably done four. Yeah that's should be in but unfortunately not just influence their sanely influential for their their sound but also for the live four answer mazing musicianship. And excuse me bruce effing dickinson. La always always probably if you could probably name the top five singers in metal. He's in the top five. He's usually in all those countdowns. Come great guys jack. Bullet-riddled flyer sorta thing as s off. I mean guys at that but at the same time it's like like i said let said. Hey hey all metal things gonna come up again. What have we got so this next person is definitely effing way. So the next person is j's we can just get okay. We know. Jay z as. He's i'll bet you. I'll bet you one hundred dollars right now he gets in i. I must say you want. But he doesn't belong. I'm just. I'm done right gary. It's salute dini rock and roll circus. I'm leukaemia showing veto. Okay let's move onto somebody. Good the next on the list. Chakai american musician singer songwriter. Career spanned five decades beginning in the seventies lead vocalist of the funk band. Rufus awesome known as the queen. I r and b artists to have crossover hit featuring a rapper. With i feel for you and nineteen eighty-four blah blah blah. She's amazing she's worn lake ten. Grammys i mean. We really need to say much more about it. Yes aren b but still influential and comes from the roots of chuck berry and all. Those guys only a chick. So i could see. I could make an argument for her kind of on the fence. I mean i love her. i think she's she's a she's another totally gorgeous woman. Frigging love her like her music insane but rock. I don't know. I kind of like on offense about it. If she got in there wouldn't be she hasn't bob. I love chocolate. What would you say them. Sorry i think you start a whole whole problem there. It's like it's just the fact that she goes into. Why married you play. Mary j. blodget. I'm sorry it's causing a chain reaction there if you go into the record story looking at sex both in their. That's legitimate key. This god is a good point. Did you guys hear what he said if you gun really smart actually. I'm really smart. As you know the word fucking docker foul. There's not a shock on as you're wearing three mass keith is. You're wearing masks. I'm smart to copy smart tomorrow now and i think on my own with remastered bunker. I can't even live with my life again and get letters so yeah okay all right Next one is the king. King miss carol king again somebody. I love actors since fifty eight. Initially one of the staff songwriters at Bro building and later as a solo artist most successful female songwriter in the latter half of the twentieth century having written one hundred eighteen pop hits on the billboard. Hot one hundred so she okay. The record store is she in the rock. I don't think she's in the rock section. I don't know where she would be properly pop. So i have a hard time because i absolutely love her. I grew up listening to her music. That tapestries one of my favorite albums of all time. Rock and roll. This is the problem. We're gonna talk about this. Why rock roll out. The concept is wrong. Let's say by keith. She's a great songwriter. Grip ian player in the songs are pop Does she belong in a rock and roll hall of fame. She probably will not make the cut. This next person do not know their music at all. So i can't really comment okay. So i'm probably going to say it wrong Feel kuti is how. I'm going to say it out loud. But spell different nigerian multi instrumentalist bandleader composer political activists blah blah blah is regarded as the pioneer of afrobeat and african music genre combining traditional yoruba and afro cuban music with funk and jazz. So i'm going to assume he's funk and jazz sections in the record store. If i mean do records exist. I don't know if you go to amazon. That's probably where he's going to be. I don't know anything about keith. Anything thinking about that did yeah. He's like i mean it's pretty much. What little bio says he's at godfather of that afro afrobeat. We're gonna kind of him as a question mark. I have no clue only thing music. Let's move on to somebody. people know. Cool j ll cool. J. rapper record producer actor author entre entrepreneur. I can't even say today again. Hip hop and rap. I don't know i like him. This is one of the things i look. Here's the thing i'm going to say about the rappers like. Ll cool j. z. You guys do know that like in the late nineties early. Two thousands rap and rock kind of combines. Yes you know what i mean so you could make an argument that these guys are influential on rock. Because of that rock kind of thing. I'm just playing again. Advocates aerosmith and run dmc and i would probably put golf. I'm fine with run. Dmc be in there so why because they actually had like real musicians playing real guitar riffs local jaded and unplug when mtv. Okay baby capsule deserves me. I each spends more money on this day on chapstick than anybody else while they are mixers lifts more in the six packs since he was like three. He's in amazing shape. Yeah yeah he's a beautiful man and he's still looks like he's probably fucking vampire to be honest with you might be. He might be one of those all the you know what they say. I'm not being racist. I heard oprah say black. Do please stop saying be racist. Let's move on from that black. Don't morgan freeman says. Wanna stop racism. Stop talking about with you. I agree black. Don't crack that's percents so this black dudes. They will look young for really really when you see a black personnel wrinkled and stuff. They're dating they're six. That's that's called drugs like in their eighties. There's like those are old efforts. Put this next band. So i'm gonna know if i'm interested to hear what you think about these guys when he got a new york dolls. American rock band formed in new york city and nineteen seventy-one along the lines of velvet underground and the stooges i bands of early punk rock scenes. They never really achieved much commercial. Success at all they were sort of very underground. A very specific audience. I honestly don't think that they're going to get in on the deserve to be in. However i think people don't really know who they are today to even be like out like they'll skip right over near dolls. It'd be they reunited. I saw the long ago. And i heard that they looked and sounded great. They did i. I saw them actually open for keeps going out. But i saw them over for poison and motley crue and they did sound like plant people. Stop giving me the wrong impression here. I don't y'all about anything. Ooh bill until my especially i. I don't have much more time. Because i'm wondering in surgery in fifteen minutes of keith paging dr bourbon killing me dude. He's got like seven masks on now. Aging dr bourbon guaranteed but to end tonight. I won't have covid the end tonight. Masks cure cova. Let's spread that rumor. If you wear glasses and a doctor india. Several doctors action india. Yesterday i read an article. It says if you wear glasses you're three times less likely to get covid while they are just you touch your eyes and faces much when you have on it. It won't go through your eyelids because you know what i gotta. She working high balls then less secure next week. The c. d. c. Says they say you're gonna wear six mask and boy. That sounds like fun. Okay next band is this has been. I know keith. Likes rage against the machine from los angeles california formed in nineteen ninety-one. Their songs are very political. And i'm influenced by rap though. Come on truth. This example of that they have sold sixteen over. Sixteen million records nominated for induction in rock and roll hall of fame and their first year of eligibility in two thousand seventeen as well as twenty eighteen but both bids failed. So who knows. Maybe now i don't know. I didn't take them on my list of to vote for because there were other choices but i might later kaethe keith. Live let the fan vote stops begin. Don't mean shit. Because i think you're to go. The dave matthews been had like all the votes in any other act and they still didn't get in. Now it means nothing. I just like seeing what the fans for. Well you definitely want to go with your rock and roll heart. Deaf went in to vote in the new york. Dolls are racist machine or even mary j. Blige it's up this completely up to you. That's the beautiful thing about america but used to. Will they get in this year. I don't think the a cool band yes do. I think that they had some executive has anger issues. I mean he might knock over them him if he comes off but in a leap to he'll fine trash not in office anymore. So this next guy is this guy is like what like really important musicians is also live. Tyler stepdad yes. So i mean it. Just that alone gives them credit. But so todd rundgren american singer songwriter. Multi instrumentalist Diverse range of styles as a solo artist and member of the toby. I've known for his sophisticated and often unorthodox music and he has occasionally lavish stage shows. Surprised he's not in. Isn't this his second year though for induction. Like again like i would put him. I would put him ahead other of i. I voted for him when i did because You know it you know this guy goes back to seventy s. He's all over. Some like massive albums means like bat. Outta hell me all over that fricking album. I mean there's just Actually the new york dolls to they are so i mean so. What do you think about tod keith. Getting any comments on todd patient of an area to go man. That's ridiculous that's just show that day sometimes donnelly discriminate against metal which they do but of people that maybe aren't the poster child for you and pop music or whatever it's like maybe he'd more of like a behind the scenes kinda guy a lot of time so they don't give that shit there do like the new york dolls. Nobody knows who they are. Nobody's going to right. He's a behind the scenes. Kind of guy. Well okay let me ask you. A question are people like a mutt lang. And bob rock. I want to say mud is not in there in the hall of fame because those guys should not have producers. I'd just modern day. People like someone. Like put butch vig inara if you wanna do you know what i mean. It's like it's a lot of producers. Don't get their due. I mean the daily show on producer's producers. We have that's a good topic top ten rock. Yeah that's that's that's yes a good one and this next lady i. I'm a huge fan. I grew up with this woman. She had a big resurgence in the eighties. When i really discovered her good lily. Tina turner known as the queen of rock and roll. She broke prominence as a of acre tina turner review before launching a successful careers a solar performer. Because what's love got to do with very energetic stage performances. I've never seen her life. But i've seen a lot of her on. Tv one so much fun to watch. She's not young anymore and she's still like rocking out in her legs of antastic and i just think who music's an easy but of course that's legs are there you know i actually did see her live. Once shinde lauper all people who was big and pregnant at the time opened for her and it was like ninety degrees in at burger town. Whatever and she still goods and he loved was tina turner. Kamov man. i'm gonna hold. She was the time. Probably one hundred fifteen but she was killing it. And i have to contradict myself. You're good icy for dot. She was on a list with that stuff she did with you. Know turner stuff regardless of attitude problem. But i mean that stuff with that she with ice and then went on to be a massive pop star in the eighties with private dancer. Another albums but i want to say that she should be in. I'm sorry it's enough. It's enough the. I've especially the i've turner stuff is enough rock and roll that you should definitely give it a nod. Little not passing sounds rock tonight. I simply the best in the song. I i think. That's a total rocks on. We don't need another hero. I mean i think everything about her screams rock and roll. I agree like gravelly voice again. And she has tissue being in which is probably a contradiction of what i've said about the mary. Dead the shock collins and all the hurt higher albums and her songs especially doug turner stuff. That era of her career is a little bit more rock and roll to me. And i think that that stuff is really really just screams a little bit more rock. Roll the arrest no move and she has sold over one hundred million records all right in this last lady again. This is a woman who i think is mainly talented. I grew up listening and loving her music. A lot of songs by burt. Bacharach had hits with those. If you say birkbeck rock and roll not really but go ahead. Dionne warwick g ranks among the Forty biggest hitmaker's between nineteen fifty five in one thousand nine hundred nine based on her history on billboard's hot one hundred pop singles chart. She's i would say she's more pop but that's just me i think she's awesome very light relaxing kind of music. I don't hear anything that i don't hear. It's the kind of music my parents with like. So that's kind of how i judge. It's rock because your parents like it. Like this is what i think what i started when i was interviewing indie bands. None of them play music that their parents would great sound. Like i'm sorry like rock and roll was always a big middle finger to your parents to school. The government everything. Like if your music isn't doing that like what are you doing. What do you got. Woody massacre. I think that. I'll pick she's gonna get in there minutes a little to To sesame street from iowa. So i'm gonna i'm gonna come to pass on your day on. Is she a brilliant center and entertainer one man. I mean you know She had some pretty good longevity. Sheila good question gladys knight passed away. sure no. Did she pretty sure she did. Look dion working almost is still alive. Nice how old she was born. Nineteen forty do the math. Talking telling tales out of school gladys gladys latest alive. Thank god bless gladys knight sorry gladys we didn't know if you live to be one hundred ninety seven news people fake news that we were just misinformed. Your fake news. Joe biden very smart on your fake news. I actually do have the current fan. Votes statistics off your ship. Because i really want to know what that we all know the phantom ranger bites right now feel a kuti is number one. According to the number two people deck you liberal hollywood and everything else good number two tina turner number three is the foo fighters number four is iron maiden and number five is carole king those at the top five right now in the fan voting section which one which one of those five feel a kuti he has to and a feel kuti will definitely get in because it will be considered racist. If he doesn't. I said the word again but it will look at the time. You're the one that keeps talking about the times we live in. You're the guy wearing seven mass. Podcast i kind of feel like tina. Turner is going to get in. But i think once again. I said in the top five fighters were number. Three they'll get in the lowest five. Are kate bush new york dolls. Ll cool j. Jesus and mary j. blige right now for the fan vote To make jd. Sold of turnaround notice not the end of the day. And i know people really as rap. Does i mean he's like the modern day like thing you know. He's like the big deal of rack. I mean i didn't mean to be so cruel to jay z earlier. But like i just don't think he belied is just personal. Interest perseverance has a lot of problems. He has ninety nine problems. But if you want and if you have a different opinion start your own podcast. It's all we do have a lot of talking. Okay god that's what we want. Thank you finally. Somebody's talking some shit good. What days that they'll damiano. They just need to rename the damn building. Bill thomas she has no business going into the rock and roll hall of fame. That's to mary. J. blige jared greece. I'm bothered that. It took the moody blues so long to get in the hall. Jared greece again. Yes to devaux bill. Thomas loved yvo not sure they belong. Jared greece yesterday the foo fighters bill thomas. At least food is rock bill domino. Listen dave grohl and company has been ignoring my attempts to get him on my show until that happens. It's a no for me. Serious man jared greece. Yes to the gogo build on miano. Yes go-goes keith. Miss you also. You need to share the cookies with me. Said beth showed. Jared jared greece not a maiden fan but they deserve it build on domino yes to maiden best jay z. What the fuck shock. Akon sure at this point they need to change the name of the establishment carole king. Yes should have been in years ago. trails we got. Ll cool j. I'm going with yes. That's jared greece build on miano. I loved l. Back in the day but no not unless the change. They changed the name of the dam-building real quick way. They wanna tell me something. Let me put the place jerk. Jarrett greece are wanted in surgery. Take bill thomas near dolls belonging before some of these others yesterday new york dolls. Build on me on me. Yes on rage against the machine. Yes to rage todd. Yes todd lily. I knew fs going on much. Love from charlie doyle yes to tina. Yester- tina holiest holy hell. Yes to tina tina. Turner fans dion lewis. So yes that's our. That's our talk first of all. Let me say this. I have eight reasons. Why the rock and roll hall of fame needs to be put out of its misery. Our misery go first of all rock and roll is completely anti-establishment and the rock hall of fame is what it's an establishment. It's the anti. It's not what rock about at all. Shouldn't be like this corporate ties where he s. It's bull shit number two. It's incredibly divisive. Look at us tonight. And all the people on everybody's getting mad member and you know and then like it kind of you know. I've had to say that i'm not the our word several times because because i disagree with certain artists not being in so it's like kinda paints people that disagree is maybe worse than they really are. It's terrible what's what it's doing is absolutely terrible on number. Two music is not a competition. Sorry no it's not. It's supposed to be fun. Love music is for passion about it. It's not who's better than new sky. And i guess we do those versus things. That's done in fun. We're not gonna handing out awards or anything. We're not we're we're trying to give get people to talk about the two ours when we randy rhoads versus eddie van halen people who were nothing about music are on the damn thing corporate types i have. I have something to say about that later. Okay okay so actually. There's some criticism going on right now. The most free go on is that it's run and controlled by people who are not musicians. Such as founders. Gene winner and susan evans and writer dave marsh. They're actually reflecting their personal tastes rather than the public opinion as a whole so. They're going by who sells the most records who who is in the headlines right now. That is who they want to win. It's there were. The choices are being made because there weren't enough big names that would sell tickets to the dinner workout for this tenor. Yes that's actually. That's how they they called it. That i didn't call it that. But that's what they say so they just the fact that there's a rock and roll dinner. Hello rock and roll like roles like smashing all the plates and covering yourself in food and they actually dropped a doo-wop group because of in in considered in favor of a name artist. They dropped someone who probably should have been in. They didn't say who for someone who probably shouldn't have been in but what's more one of my number five. It's not held in cleveland. I don't care. I don't care that it's too big just a small thing. Do it the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland. If you're going to do. Invite your ps and just have a few people there whatever and keep it really cool and real rock and roll. Have the guys play like an make. It look put dishes in cleveland. I agree i make a dirty rock club and it would just be way cooler man right to fly damn it into flats in that the and this is a question that comes up on every single one of these nominees and we talk every year that we've done the podcast. We've talked about this. We how do you define rock and roll. It means something a little bit different every person. So how can you have this stupid. It's what it's gone from. Just honoring people to becoming like almost the grammy awards right. And i know rockstar should ever get the grammy. I'm sorry that's bs but we don't know what rock is. There's always argue four. Who's a it's stupid. Never seven the golden era of rock is over. I i really have a hard time with anybody past. Nineteen ninety-six ninety-seven Being in the rock and roll hall of fame. I mean you could make an argument occasion. Maybe jack black or what's not jet. Black jack was or jack black. I love him to. You can make an argument for the giants or or maybe a dan auerbach of the the black keys. We there's like one or two. The exception approved the role. But really that golden era when the when it was all set down as to what great music was what happened starting around the time of bill haley and the comets and chuck berry in those guys at probably to somewhere in the mid nineties. And that's the music. It's so funny keith. Because young folks love that music. That's the music they want to learn. Do when utah drum lessons to kids wanna learn. They want to learn classic rock. When i talk guitar lessons. They wanted to learn classic rock. Nobody wanted to learn. Because that is the great music in our hearts and souls. We know it. And the last thing i'm going to say is this stupid virtual ceremony. Just i hate it stop. Do you do a small thing in club with again and have something really freaking. There's nothing about it this coal. it's all stupid. it's stuffed shirts sitting around at a fancy frigging dinners nothing rock and roll about it. It's it's an embarrassment to rock. They make money that way lou. That's the whole problem. It's all about the money. Awful sad sad thing is upcoming years with this stuff. People start to fade out. And there's not really all the great bands to me kind wayside man so it's going to be harder and harder to pick this shit later on. I agree well. You know we're gonna we're told lily before we started. This is the last year i wanna do. Show how they're doing another show on it I really hope that like it goes away. So how would. I have my thoughts on this so say we wanted to honor the great artists we wanted. We didn't want to make it a competition right. We don't want to be on. This guy is better than that guy and this guy deserves it and this guy doesn't but we just wanted to have something that was very much in the spirit of rock and roll to kind of say. Yeah we really recognize how much we love this person or that band keith. Wearing would kind of like comes to your mind is like what you think might be a more rock and roll better equal kind of way of doing it which is sort thought on. It changed the name to the musical event. Miss the music hall of fame argument simply. If you change the name of it you will not have any argument. People won't give a shit. I'm telling you because you can just say it's music. The music is anything. That's musical beautiful. You can have the same because everybody nowadays once you know all that diversity. You can have a goddamn amish reggae band metal band and then you can have anything you want there so any band that is worthy of the music hall of fame. Nobody will bitch because you can put it hip hop and you can put the frigate arm be pop metal extreme metal. Anything you want. Man reggae reggae eight or some ready artist. I'm bob marley. All bed man. You know what i man but it's the same amish reggae hip hop i want amish break new death metal hip hop skiffle i. What what are your thoughts on it when we talked about it earlier after i thought about it a little bit. I would take a compilation of if we're going to go museum wise. I'm gonna take a compilation of all videos ever taken at every concert. And maybe do a collage and that would be fun. Just to showcase what. I've seen in what i love and also i think maybe they should do some like music clinics at the rock hall of fame. Yes what my thought on. That's a good point. My sort of thought on it was eliminate the whole thing and have like just got the building and let the fans and let musicians. Just come in and hang up or present memorabilia for low for periods of time can rotate it. Or whatever. have some staff in there so that nobody vandalize his anything or whatever and say this music really important and just kind of let it be like a kind of fluctuating flowing kind of thing do music clinics there naked. Be about the fan for and create a Maybe charity around to help young folks get into music and things like that and do something much more in the spirit of rock much more kind of less way less Put pitting one artists against just sickening. That like you have to read interviews with bruce dickinson and they'll and these guys feel snubbed. And they really shouldn't nip silly. It's just absolutely. It's a destroy distributor. One second they started a pretty smart do but if you even in his own words said it's twisted sir was on the ballot. There's no way should be. That's a fucking joke band another fence that the but seriously man with you your identity. Take themselves seriously. what did they have. They they're basically a one hit wonder. Now that's that we're not gonna take. It was their only charting. I went on and it's not. I don't believe that was a big charting song. And most you and i in willie know that song but most people don't know that song and the same way meyer video Yeah well see. He's in he's in. He's in the other one the the we're not gonna take it and and burn. How had a video to that too and it's in it's great and people kind of know that's essentially the kind of a one hit. Wonder i mean. I heard snyder talk about it. On howard stern show and he said they all made enough money off of that one song that they'd never had to work as a solo artist lincoln. That was a great era. That's the golden era. You could make one big song and you can retire. I actually snyder as a solo artist is much better than him from the edge and i actually saw him also with It was that classical rock show or classic musical show that he sang to like he was singing like italian opera and it was fantastic but they need to jump into rock and it was so much fun really. Yeah oh it was fantastic. Did you see that movie. He was in the land. Yeah yeah you need your mask on for that one about. That's that's that's completely at the movie. Just a big shit sandwich. man. I'm gonna tell you what that traumatized me a bit with it lipson. That's become a thing. That's about twenty different harm. I know but just still gross. It still grosses me out. There's very few things that gross me out on this day. Nine hundred sixty five filming began on the beatles. Follow up too hard day's night Let's see what else happened to say. This seventy four. David bowie rebel rebel by david. Bowie entered the uk chart. Single reached number five the following month originally written for the aborted ziggy stardust. Musical in late nineteen seventy-three. I mentioned suzy quattro earlier yes day. Nineteen seventy four susa- quieter was number one in the uk single charts with devil gate drive good song bath. Keith said you need to go watch the relic and then ll i. You're starting trouble. I'm scott was basically probably the few things i would rather do than once the relic most everything on a list in front of that. yes so i'll get to later. But i've like probably ninety years shifted. There's still completely takes me out of the whole thing Let's see here anything else. Really good nineteen ninety-five american singer. Melvin franklin died brain seizure at age of fifty to two thousand and two of the. Bg's made their last ever concert appearance when they appeared at the love and hope ball in miami. Beach florida Let's see is there any birthdays. We have some birthdays. We need to talk about we. Johnny winner happy. My keith's was a couple weeks ago. Brad whitford lily. Somebody about me and him on that. Bradford howard jones not the metal singer right. Yeah english musician singer. Songwriter howard jones. Who did what is love. And all the songs I think it's michael wilton from queen's reich. Happy birthday that. I saw that all over facebook twitter. Okay and that's all off last. Say johansen i love how you said that all right from from the kardashians love me. Love me saying that you love and always happy birthday tall. You wacky musicians out there in in music. Land that song. Make fun of it if you want to. It's qatar forever and is thrown them with the recorded as the court after. She sings the lyric. There's one quarter to strums alone by itself. You never quartered us. It's i don't know i did. I played that into shelley deaf band. I don't remember what the cord was out of up. I want to know. I'm we can let down your. I'm so disappointing. So that was this day in europe. You're my kid. Send you to bed nine. Go to bed bill. If you're watching. Billy wants to know why lily blocked him. I said she does that to everybody. You really the up. The super stalking again. Let's just say he was trying to get too personal. He's a stock. You serious yeah. He wasn't sending stuff now. He was asking too many questions about things that he didn't need to know the answer to questions all the time. Not just tell them trait alabama. I was like billy. Guess what you don't nothing. And then he wouldn't stop. So i said sorry billy after that. If you're watching after that the actually while we probably should did he pulled him. One of those things on my own i was on this goes all over the world. Let's let's let's call that down. We could talk about when we're done. You guys been listening to something called. Invite him to talk about it with asta okay. We could do that way. We can get to the bottom of what his actual malfunctions okay. Maybe we'll do that after the show but guys listen to leading. We're going to be doing some therapy with one of the fans afterward to go right now if you go to loot any rock circus dot com. There's nothing there you won't say anything so good lombardi music dot com and get access to all kinds of cool stuff. Shoutout out to rock radio that carry the show. We do really appreciate guys have been we get. We've got a lot of listeners. Line of fans from there so go to rock ridge radio dot com and download the app and of course our good buddy chris under wolf dotson customs online Do great job gives you a custom paint job on whatever musical instrument that is that you prefer to play. It doesn't matter he could take care of it for you. So go to wolf's customs dot online lily. You can listen to my show on rock ridge. Radio it's hotlinks lily. Six thursdays at six pm eastern. I'm actually. I've interviewed jesse. Vest of blitzkrieg Formerly of tantric. And that's going to be playing this thursday so check that out as well as i have. My louis xiv saturdays. The next one is march twentieth. And let me read the real bands. This time shattered soul the creature grave birth and strangle the witness. Heavy bass set that night. So come out and say i come out and say come out and get high and buy me drinks drinks about you because man why. We don't have time to get into that. But i had a. I had an experience with the big dogs. Stay on the porch little puppies. You got a minute to hang out keith. Or you gotta go for doing surgery like twenty minutes all right guys. Thanks so much for hanging out. And listening to the lou dini rock and roll circus. We do this every week. If you love what we do. We go live on youtube facebook and twitch averages they night from an eastern time from nine pm to ten pm ten pm respectively ish ish. Yeah we get started. We get started so feel free to check as you can hear We take we take folks comments. We love that act actually so we love with interact and sometimes what's so funny is a community so cool sometimes. They're not even talking about what we're talking about. Just how you doing there like talking to each other stuff. It's very very cold. So it's a cool community and you can find out more about the lombardi music dot com. Keith hawk hawkins. It's so great to say. I love the masks. Keep up the great work. Keep pretending not time like thirty minutes. So let's get this over with. He's keeping the world safe for the rest of us lily. B. six is has green hair tonight which we didn't even talk about. That's okay we don't talk about my hair and the nice white teeth. It's my all right guys. We'll catch it is all on the next dini rock and roll circus and.

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Ep 49 | Jases Duck Band Lesson and John the Baptist 3

Unashamed with Phil Robertson

55:31 min | 1 year ago

Ep 49 | Jases Duck Band Lesson and John the Baptist 3

"It on a chain. What about you so I see all the activity out here must have been your hunting guest from this morning? Actually they're all heading to Texas they who are who really what they do he. Actually we hunted with him in South Texas and but he just came by to visit he. He didn't go okay. It was a really interesting visit. 'cause at Marshall. His his cousin is my in the heads up kingdom dog ministries I. I've seen the video of the. It's really interesting. Really as he takes his show you all the stuff. The Dow did all the principals involved with dog. Training is apropos as they say. Far Human Beings would you discipline supplant them because you love them you train them because they get in the you know I'm in love this morning. Train love it. All comes out with him. I am trying to his dog. The dog is just amazing so he implies the biblical principles of what he does dog train him. That means I need to repent. They feel like okay gloves. But but but I mean Jason still dealing with the devil in. Here's the here's what's fashioned exorcism. This is a Jesus. Here's the Iran are running part of what's happened. I got a dog. I was on a search for a dog because because fills doll has some screws loose upstairs and he gets so excited that he wants to participate in calling. You know we're imprint. We sell dugway rent within the dog starts going. You know. I'm looking around thinking these ducks. They're like oh those those there's ducks and there's a how lean doll six years seven years. Since we've had blue Jason's been saying he scares ducks at the same time we've killed fouls blue has retrieved. Valves this is the argument and never gotten blue. Goddamn so I'm like I can take a little. What what did the? What did the nerve? I don't like it. Let me interject something here because what happened is the older feel has gotten offense. The hearing is not what it once was and so to feel. It's a winter. He's like my dog whimpered a little bit but since he can't hear as well it sounds like a whimper but everyone else it's it's a how it's helping so I get a dull. I get a dog and my dog. The first couple hunts he has the fire. He's a great retriever. Well he starts to whimper but as the season has gone on he's got more and more excited and now I basically feel causing blondie his name as Bigan again. I just have a blonde version of the same the same dog. He's awesome retriever. He does well. He's a little better than fails Dell's but today he was all the chain he started a Yelp a couple of times he jumped when the first ducks came in. I'm trying Hond do constructive discipline. I'm trying to be patient and but it's just frustrating. When it was a tough day to duck it was still dog but the dog has not but but he will but he has not quite learned yet the trust factor once he trust JAS implicitly once he can really trust him? He's he's the owner the one that the one is disciplined him him and training and because he loves him and he appreciates the work. He's doing going get the once they bond there He'll be a lot better so we're not. I've I've been when Jason's work with his dog. He's scaring very. FEW DUCKS SCARES A few. But now but not. It's not a whole lot but it's just hard. I mean I really appreciate you feel sad that because in my mind you don't WanNa be the guy with because we've been over there the last six years saying I wish feel. Shut that dog up. But you can't shut. The Dog House. Race has a dog and and people are saying the same. What are your kids? You in on an embarrassing whatever comes a little different skill sets a blues a little better with his nose right now but blondie get better. But he doesn't realize his his first year through the woods. You know he's running. Today's I said he was running wide open looking back at him. But he's so so jacked jeff emotionally. He's running look at j just runs into a tree. I'm and I'm like you Brooke Real about that. Because then he was like and saw though most dogs do not run into trees. May Busy as you not being around. y'All haven't said that there's another facet of duck hunting. The lot of people are non duck hunters know nothing about men in and their animals. Because they're they're worth their weight and go. What did you add it they? It's bad muddy. It's thick with broad these. These dogs have a knows that can you know they can smell a duck at one hundred yards down we end up look and they can get them where you have to fight right vines thickest trying to get a human when he took all he made three of the greatest retreat. Today he ran into a tree. I I mean look. His eyes are bloodshot. There was blood all all on him and I thought it was a doug from retrieving the dunk and I was looking I was like oh no. That's his he's just running into the snags it. He's got one speed wide open but low. We shot a wigan which we had a bunch of women come in. I made a bad call on. Ah because I made an impulse we have not seen a bunch of of Wigan which lhota paper Sandwich and is that even a duck. We don't get a lot of wijn row America. Reckon the the right correct name would be American ball pate ballpit and he's as beautiful beautiful. We don't see many of them in this drug took up and here comes eight or ten and feels blown a teal call at them because there's a lot of shuffling in the blind and my daughter. He he senses is your excitement. Everyone's own age advise on edge. We hadn't had the greatest of Hans and those winds and when they turned up in their wings even though it was cloudy I could see they were winning from the wing. I became like my dog I was and they. They dropped down and I just thought they were closer oeser than what they appeared and I was just like kill them and we raise up my mom my mom and one comes out but he falls pretty far so I take Cov and I think the last words said if I have to be out here all day. I'm getting that wage in my doll went with me. We walked. I would say two hundred yards because I ahead it Kinda mark. We're on dry land big woods and I see some flickering way off in the distance and I realized this wijn is trying to take off and my dog season in my dog chases that duct till almost out of sight and I saw him jump at it because it can barely fly and I thought well he got mine. Banged up being chased by. Yeah so about he got it well then he looked up was looking to mail it to the right and there he goes again through the woods you know and he he sees it. He's back on him so then they did go outside and I thought well we got a fifty fifty chance couple. Minutes comes by here. He comes the dug in his mouth at and I was like okay. You're forgiven all the excitement. So prettiest which I've seen in my life we're all we're all holding hands leading uh-huh again we get back inside claimed to have shot the mythical wedge shooting his little pop guns signs Alma. Well here we go things back to reality heard. The story stoneless demonstrate. Yesterday there was a controversy over because some he says he shot abandoned. You're out of the blinds so you were part of it but he said you he unused shot it in the bazaar was claiming it. You know whatever yes then said. He shot guest as you said. You're a guest. You didn't shoot. He's playing this. They're not invited to come with. This ever is said and by the way I've seen you shoot. You didn't shoot that duck. I've been watching us to see. Finding has grown man over something. The government puts on their track birds. They you know they call bands jewelry story right. It's all there. Yeah lay bracelet. GROMAN men lose their integrity and get fighting mad over a little piece of Tin Ona Duck. It goes without saying we have long strings of bands. Yeah because we got this year Arken thank of five six problem. Yeah back in the old days do people ever come to blows over by Ford. I wondered about that. I aww did something this year. That would change that culture. I'll tell you for the team. I tried to go Philippians. Two you know humble your sales you know like Jesus did and maybe that'll change. So here's what happened. We're sitting there. We got a young cameraman. That works for duck commander. His name's hunters ause like you qualify. Irvine he's in there and we're we're unloading in our guns. The hawks over and he says Mr Jas when he's twenty five years old while he's gone missing. 'cause you're old sit in the decoys and I looked up up and their two wood ducks coming in the decoys. You know he has his camera like you know. Hey shoot those which we weren't looking relieving I'll put a shell among gun raise up and shot one of the wood ducks well and we just left in there too. We were packing up. We'll win. Somebody went and got. Would it had a ban on it so I thought. Here's there's moment because I asked Hunter said he's a hunter even though he's he's filming he duck on instead of your shot a band he said. No Sir I said. I'm going to give you this ban because you spotted the Doug if you hadn't spotted the Duh the layered I wouldn't shot the dog so technically I was like I'm GonNa Enjoy Yourself. Why are you giving it to him? He he didn't want us because he spotted it. And does it really matter. I think it's also I mean. We made his day. We turn the near having having a teaching moment. The Duck was from Kentucky then a week later that you know. They're ready to have a fist bag over this ban yesterday. So I thought you know what then mark so there's a lot got going on right now in the country With gun control You know the stuff. We've been watching the Specialists Data Virginia most recently you know he kinda got a bunch of one. Party has taken over the whole deal and so they're like we're going to get you know they're talking about gun on buybacks. I like that. They didn't buy the guns. But you know it's like they didn't sale the guns but they're going to buy back from the from the electorate you know from and the people and so the Second Amendment has been at the forefront of a lot of discussion going on around the country You know for pretty good while and of course we've kind of always been at the core of it mainly just because we hunt and weapons have always been a part of I mean now of course if Defense Abbott I mean hunting and rifles goals and and shotguns. Mostly we hang when we were growing up but when I was in high school every body I had we had guns in the vehicles on the campus. Yeah no now you do that I mean there's news trucks and helicopters. Oh It's you know it's pathetic and unfortunately like people like us and they're all over. The country is just a way of our life. That's is this what we do so we got some some guys. We've talked about their product before it's really great. Because you know I I noticed in this Virginia. They're trying to shut down gun ranges arranges. You can't go practice you can't go shoot. I mean it's ridiculous and yet we know if you'RE GONNA have a weapon you need to be needs to be safe you gotta know how to use it. We were trained from when we were kids and then any situation that bad. That happens. What eventually happens is somebody call somebody with Aygun let's try to resolve the situation which is our point about is the heart and the founders wisely knew that the only the government and law enforcement had the weapons that could lead to a bad situation which we see all around the world. So they said you. The American people have a right to be armed. Always so Thomas. Jefferson have made a salient point. He said the purpose of the Second Amendment is so that as they last resort. This right to protect yourself from tyranny and government. Yeah exactly you don't want to give your weapons ever so this is a product we want to share with you before is called I target pro and so it Mary's technology with an ability to be able to practice So you don't have to necessarily go to a gun range or go somewhere and actually so they actually used this. Then try this out which is weird. You did this. We don't have the tech bone own in your body now but he's got the Eunuch so anyway he see you program in the APP and then what happens is you're able to do the target With your whatever you you know. They've got They come in all major calibers including two twenty. Three's fifty six everything that you can use to be able to target practice but it you know the bullet you put in. Obviously this is not a real bullet practice virtual boy. I guess what you call so anyway. It's a great. It's a great item is a great way to be able to practice. Make sure you know that you could hit what you're aiming at because that's important especially when it comes to self defense so we love these guys We want you to sign up if you go to target pro the letter I target pro dot com. The offer code is Phil you get ten percent off and free shipping when you use the the offer code feel so that's at target pro dot com offer code is feel and start citing in your rifle pistol. Whatever we need great adamant we need to get one of those? Yeah Asep that needed. They abandoned the the duck in Kentucky and he flew all the way down in front of in Luton North Louisiana. I got one the other day is CNN. Somebody's sitting on the computer. You know pepper. They get them now just to get the numbers Senate on the computer. They'll tell you can actually make around the computer no longer makes Iraq doesn't doesn't really you. Can you can put the volume on. It'll be a person. I hear a lot of strange. Sounds coming out of people with computers in their pocket. That's all I know but anyway. This doc was banned in Wisconsin. That was on you right and yet I had a couple of Thi of this year One Blue Wing Teal and one green wing teal one. One of them was banned. It in the Crotch Springs Louisiana Really Yep Last spring when they were coming back from the Pan were they were they winner so someone Chapman and put a band on him but last year. Well they well. I got that one and there was a green winged teal and some little town in Mississippi. I've never heard of it but some that's that's why that one was banded so it's pretty unique and when you look at where these ducks come from. The question is what department and Saltwater the implemented that made my mind the migratory instinct a savvy use them for example. Why do ducks migrate us? Thinking about all they you do is feed the food chain. That's what they do. I mean what who put in those ducks to floss out. 'cause if you did it from a community standpoint from the ducks it's not working you die by the millions. It's a pound or two product depending on the size and what type duck it is. But they're coming in mass by the there's over one hundred million and they're coming in mass across the North American continent from the Canadian Canadian. Where praise all the way down in Mexico and there are a lot of things besides us that are using them as a food? So let's more than say. Stay in an argument. They say well. What do you mean the weather pushes them down? But I'm light. Well once they get down here I don't they just stay. Yeah there's Argonne around here they go back that's just ducts. You Have Arctic Terns and all these other birds all kinds of migratory birds that are coming from a long. Aw Distance Food source food so I think it's a great owls foxes alligators. Everything's eaten them. I think it's a great evidence that there is a guy come up with anything. Duck is good for except for faith with two things before we leave. This one is out to our old friend Debbie the other day and he was telling me a tale about to our drake's banded there were killed like two years apart but both were banded in the same batch thirteen years ago and they both wound up in the same spot in front of him Arkansas and he shot him both probably brothers out of the same assigned to that I killed a candidate twelve or thirteen years old yuckiest canvasback in and the the the numbers had worn off the band. It's a piece of aluminum. is what the the aluminum band lightweight. But this one he had worn it so log at all must have almost almost had Born into it was just fall off. And that's it so I said man that's been on that duck a long time sue. The debt is well I sent it to the state police and they got some kind of stuff they put out there and they raised as you get the numbers in and people file power but anyway they checked it and they gave me the number and he was twelve years. He'd been He had made twelve migratory trips and backs while we were there. It his live marks. That's a long term or more on about that. He had killed two of the same bass have been doing the same thing like thirteen trip. So the last thing I'll say about this jazz just to show that you're leading by example is is working with your duck blind compadres the end of that story so stone at the end of the hunt. I guess because they've been arguing test. We looks over at the guest and he. This is you want this duck and he said yeah I killed it you know. He's there still over sand. So so jay cuts the ducks. legoff takes the band and throws as the duck over to the guest so there there's your leadership by example is not working on can eat it the anyway all right then I guess so so. We thought we were moving on John. Jay's at the end of our last podcast had one last tantalizing I thought you made a an analogy that you know since John. The Baptist was Blunt and vocal and and he. He leaned a little on the tree side as far as J.. Jesus came to love and Grace and truth and we know other people who do especially when it comes to then. I'M NOT GONNA mention any names but I think coming from that. Is You get. He had a lot of bumper sticker moments. In my opinion of just one liners that are also one of them is in John. One fifteen where John Testifies we touched on. This is a little bit concerning Jesus because he prepared the way and he cries out sane. This was he of whom I said and he makes this is profound statement. He who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me. Now hello just to show you that. That was a bumper sticker moment in John One and bars. Oh where's it at the thought he said it again. Yeah Yeah Yeah. He does look in verse thirty the next day. You know in twenty nine John saw Jesus coming toward him and said look the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world which is another profound statement but then look what he says. This is the one I meant when I said a man who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me which I have a rule anytime. The bobble repeats itself. I take note I take note. That's right it's all inspired by God. And when he says something and then he says it it again okay we're emphasizing the Holy Spirit is emphasizing. Something here and so just like that statement because it shows you you that God's DNA through Jesus is way different from ours. Because how do you interpret that statement. The one who was before me. He has no let the one after me after has surpassed me because he was before me. Let's just discuss them. The statement is that that's a big stay but I mean it doesn't fit into a human narrative because we couldn't couldn't. We can't do that like he's surprised. John the Baptist knew he was a human although miraculously conceived You know the his mother was married right. He knew that Yup but he is is is accentuating is zero zero an ano. The one the one that's going to say the world he's got so we've talked about this before It's it's really crazy to me that you the Bible says that People William bit ways of doing evil so everytime you think you've heard everything there seems to to me one more thing if somebody comes out with so the latest one is people stealing your the title of your home dude food through the computer through the Internet. There's a story that that I was sent about this woman named Deborah. So here's what she said they. She said criminals found the title to our home online fouled fraudulent documents claiming they owned it. See how how could that happen but it gets worse. Isn't this from my own home and lost eighty five grand in equity go so it's a real woman the because what the Internet boom the Internet has done is it spun and easier way for predators to go in there and take care of the vulnerable title because in the old days you know you had tattled to your home. Another them to never have them both forever. You say that's it's not going to quit young. They're here they're here and they all it Oughta catchall so since we since we got two choices. Is there get rid of all computers. That's the fairway for the rest of us. We go with our friends at home title lot because basically they've come up with a way to protect you're the title from your home so it's home. TATTLE LoC dot com you register. I finally make sure nobody's already gotten your style because you wouldn't even know right. Somebody shows ZAPPA says. Hey you're in my house and the deputy shares with them and they're like you're like wait a minute and they let's see here saints with Credit Card me all of a sudden you made a purchase for two thousand dollars your alight no. I've been sitting right here so you go to hometown model lock home title. Lot Dot COM That's where you're gonNA find out you get sixty we Risk free days of protection. This is what you do that. If you go An register and check it out. I think you should at least to find out. Make sure you still got your house. I'll give you the word for it. This will be interesting. It's called cybersecurity. We'll let me get a word to you so I'll say so. This thing this black box they come up with occurred. So do that thing you can slick me out of my money and my house before and cat can lick his tail and you said your wonder. Why don't have one? Well if you get home lock. You wouldn't have to worry home a lot. Good job he was he was there before me mean and I've always been here but he has said he had only become flesh when he came out of the Virgin Mary. Jesus was there during creation are you are. The Bible. Wouldn't say okay through him. All things were made right. You see what I'm saying when I've always thought it's curious because you're right. You know the story of the two pregnant when we talked about that. Before the you know John the Baptist mother. Mary we know that he knew some of what was going on way back. They know they had to be stories. Told about it and yet thirty years have gone by remember the thirty year old men. Now that's right and so you know I'm not sure he was to- specifically hey by God to do what he was doing you go out in the Wilderness you start baptizing people repentance. We talked about this before and he didn't give John the full scoop he didn't get the whole scoop and reason why is because of what you just read. Because he said I would not have known who he was and he didn't baptize. Jesus remember Jesus camp by the point missing him. What statement did he made that statement? If you realize that Jesus had idea it's one thing to say. Hey Jesus he's the Lamma God he takes us into the world. Well it's another thing to say that before Jesus died this correct. That's right he's already. You know what it reminds me of of Abraham when he was asked to sacrifice his son in Hebrews eleven says he just figured reasoned reason the God could raise the dead. Yeah we you know what when you reason to the resurrection. That's pretty sharp Connecticut. You're I know Jesus came back to me beyond the shadow of doubt but if I got put in that situation even knowing that it would be the most difficult thing ever but you take you took a situation where you have no knowledge of someone ever returning from the dead and Hey God you know Hint Hint Wink wink whispers in your ear and and says sacrifice your son but I'm like hey no that's right but he reason and John Baptista the same thing. They knew the plan Dan. They trusted so much. They trusted the plan and figure it out another thing. That's critical is it. You have to remember that Matthew Sixteen I after after peterhead confess S.. Jesus as Lord he told Peed give them the keys to the King of Heaven. So he's going to be the one that unlocks the door to the kingdom but if you notice they god was very Hush La say this. He chose the time to tell them what was fixing to happen happen and he basically was doing it when he was on the earth. Before way died was buried reservoir he resurrected he was traveling. Pretty Well Incognito Nido Al Because Matthew Sixteen Twenty one from that time onward. That's been quite a while from the ministry with the time. Jesus began his administered grind. From that time Jesus began began which he hadn't really failed the details and John. The Baptist was calling the Lamma God and everybody who exactly is in Jesus is not given them much Enlightenment on the topic. Courageous Soda Quiet. There's something about Ah over first. Corinthians where it says the they wouldn't have crucified if rulers and powers of the evil on had known who he was they wouldn't have crucified provided they didn't know the evil one didn't know Jesus we're going to save the world buys death right so if you look it says from time on Matthew Sixteen twenty anyone Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders chief priests and teachers of the law that he must be killed and on the third day be raised ally. Peter took him aside and began to rebuking. Never Lord. This is not going to happen to you. Here's Peter Arguing. With the reason Jesus had become flesh to begin with God becoming in flesh but the reason was so he could die but in be raised from the dead and solve ir-sen problem and our grave problem compete. It was argued about him. But that just shows you even Peter Disciple of Jesus. He knew what was going on. Not at all now need the John The baptist. It was hidden by God. You get over and look into fees and you know. It's a mystery hidden hidden hidden throughout the book of fees This comes up over and over and over I'll just give you a few Listen to this. Here's here's The apostle Paul to the church the emphasis and here's the way. He describes the Gospel Let's see what's this Surely heard about the administration fees and three The Administration of God's grace that was given me that is the mystery made known to me by revelation because he didn't get it either as I've already written Therefore you'll be able to understand my insight into the mystery story of Christ which was not made known to men and other generations as it is now been revealed by the spirit of God's Holy Apostles Improv Improv. This story is that through the Gospel. The gentiles together with Israel. You know the gentiles. Will you look down in verse. Nine to make plain to everyone. The administration of this mystery which ages past was kept hidden in God. WHO created created? All things so you start reading all in Texas put them together Al you say you know what it remained a mystery until the very day it happened and and to this day to millions. It's still a mystery out. It's a mystery because of their statement that John that we're discussing discussing Mo- most times people can't figure something out because we go by the laws of nature Time Gravity Yup. Yeah but what if you have a being that came from a virgin will that that means the rules no longer apply. Uh If you have a person leave without the aid of a spaceship something big going on here when he says. Hey I was before Abraham Doc. You're like what the laws are being manipulated. So I look at it like time space matter. None of those apply to Jesus. That's why you take a simple verse like that throw people who don't believe in chaos. They don't understand it is like Hebrews Thirteen eight it says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever which was John The baptist. His point reason he's hit the ones coming after me. He surpassed is because he was before me. He basically quoted Hebrews Thirteen eight up. He's the same yesterday today and forever and paper Lie. Why don't understand? He's outside of time outside. Outside of space has always been there created the cosmos. You like this to Jesus snap but that mystery. That's why it's it's a mystery and low to go with what you're saying Colossians one says the mystery of Godliness is that Christ is great. Yeah is great is that Christ aced is in you. I mean that is something this same Christ to John. The Baptist referring T- enters human beings beings. Yeah through his Holy Spirit near like a lot of people's No way no way but that is funny. Because you shouldn't because you have a spirit I mean the the idea the Holy Spirit shouldn't be a big deal. The people you have a spirit spirit is your if you see a you go to a funeral. And there's a body laying in a casket. You see their body but something's missing the spirit is missing some San Suu Pity any data sphere. So why wouldn't why wouldn't God then be able to have part of his spirit speak to your spirit and to go back to duck hunting and dog training rain and not look at creation. It's look what's life there is in things die and guess what it comes back. I mean you're live in just a planet full of life on things come back. It's like you can't go anywhere and not see this process. I looked down in the water yesterday over there in the middle middle of the woods. I just looked down until the water and the water. How was teeming with little swimming Creatures I mean just Fulham. Yeah well allow these ducks. Are Eating these invertebrates but I would just look at it in the water and it was just like a lab. I work at alive and I thought man live the dog. Drink that water all morning and you wonder why acts a little funny money from diver Diadema truck right now. A little worm may open the door and say hello because I know when I drink anything with a lot of creatures in away from what Jesus was going to do to save the save the world if the rulers and authorities had known about it they wouldn't have crucified the Lord Glory that's one and at the bottom of where I started while ago. God's intent was equations three ten that now now through the church that'd be us. The manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities authorities in the heavenly realms according to his eternal purpose which he accomplished Christ Jesus our Lord and we may approach go with freedom and confidence. And I asked you not to be discouraged because my seven try that was John the Baptist point you know look he's Bar Greater than me. I mean I'm not even worthy to is shoes. Well we talked about from the Old Testament. The Jewish mindset. They would've understood they're looking for the Messiah. They knew that someone in the spirit of Elijah or even lie. Jason say maybe even Legem self is gonNA come back but basically John the Baptist was just a neon sign. Dan and that was his purpose in life was to point. It's interesting because you go over to John Three. Yeah that's where I was going. I wanted to get another profound state. Do that. He he was he was baptized. And then this big argument breaks out in Verse Twenty Two Through about twenty five Twenty five says an argument developed developed between some of John's disciples a certain Jew over the matter of ceremonial washing. which is what we talked about before about four because of my way? Were you baptized. The John's Baptism Sam believe in the one who's coming. and Oh yeah there. He is the lamb God over there. I'm sure the argument was. Why are you Bapti? Why shouldn't he be baptized? If he's the Salaam ago what are you doing whatever the was but that have been no way we don't it. Don't take much to start an argument. I've I've always thought it was because since he says there Amona Washington. Jesus I wait a minute you're out here. baptizing these people you go to the temple for that cleanse and you know I mean I think that was part of the argument remain. Jesus destroyed this ritualistic right view of worship and even in our religion today really did a lot of people have problem with that. On every street corner. Churches turned into into this ritualistic type. Let's worship for seventy minutes and then go where they treat a building like a temple about the life when we walk out the door. You know we don't want to be too excited in here. You can't eat a sandwich in here. You know we have to be you know. Don't you have homer is the we're in the sanctuary sanctuary or not. Because I've had people like they've responded. Jesus they WANNA live Jesus. And you're like they WANNA be baptized. I'm like find the nearest water. But I've had people say well I thought I had to do it in a church and somebody ordain man handed To make officials say well. I don't know John. Jesus was down. Hey on riverbank seem to say. Let's go to the evil but anyway this argument breaks out and now I love this statement in. Here's another bumper sticker moment to this. John replied a man can receive only what is given from heaven Um and his point he makes his point later. You can read the argument and his point was when he said look you're saw sales can testify that I said I'm not the cries cries but absent ahead of the bride belongs to the bridegroom and you know. John was making a profound statement which we really all could say you about anything positive in our. It's not about us. I mean the anything. Good that's happening to me. Even in the way I was made before Jesus it came from heaven it comes back to that belief that were made in the image of God and then were recreated in Jesus and that was his point it was. It's all some some statement you know boilers enables. My core ruled as just what you said. I preach for years and it's easy for guys in the pulpit and churches is to think they're great because they get people that love him and give him praise and then there's also towns when they think they're terrible because people are mad you said there's and he's always think I'm neither I'm not terrible because I'm working for the Almighty so he's GonNa give me what to say so you know taken hanging out with him and I'm not great because Christ is great. I'm just the Guy I'm just the release of information to always tell our staff body should have that. Yeah don't let arrays or criticism. Stick to you. You just doing the feel like they can't share Jesus because they're like well I'm I'm not you know qualified or I don't have a way with words it and whatever you're expressing is coming from heaven anyway that's right and when we speak it you look you have the greatest book ever written there little fused on the difference between disciple of Jesus and a theologian. That's right there. Little little confused there. He has lots of theologians. are running around. Yeah I think it comes back to that club mindset a lot of people they go to church because they want to think that they have figured out the way. God Won't you to set it all this up set the the what would you call it. You know the process set the processor we. That's why you have so many any different churches which is so frustrating to the world. They're looking around so I don't want him on that y'all can't get along I can't find two of you. That agree on anything. That's which ones ride. There's I five hundred different types of different so everybody argues about the process and I think that this one the statement from John would just clear up a lot of that whatever good we got going on or whatever things we say it's coming from heaven that's the source it's not us. It's not a preacher joe down He's just the best preacher I ever heard on wise any better than anybody else. We got the same Emmanuel we coming from the same spirit from heaven you know but I just liked him you know. And that's what people do. They tend to lift up the guy and then the guy feels like remember that guy that told us it's like whenever people compliment you pour gas on you you know about that because it's not use really always figure when I was preaching Ten percent of the audience was GonNa love me no matter what Tim present was not live me no matter what so. I'm I'm kind of working on the middle eighty anyway just trying to give them something to encourage but a lot of people have asked. We've got a lot of questions as from from viewers and listeners. That are like how do I do. I WANNA share. You know I I want to be able to talk about Jesus. They're like afraid because it's like how to start that conversation whether somebody works my in your a family or whatever. So what advice would you give them. Just in the day to day living about how to talk about Jesus rather talk about number one fear. I've always said this meantime was public. Speaking our real shies a kid. Look I I grew out of you know why because the spirit of God change me. Yeah I just realized that if I'M GONNA try to be a disciple of Jesus at a public high school. I'm not going to be able to do that quietly. I tried for two years years. It just didn't work and so I got it in my head that I thought you know what if I stood before God and he said why should you be here. Why should I let you in in heaven? I would come up with an explanation now. It would be centered and focused on Jesus Christ and what he did on a calls from US ends in the resurrection. But I would be able to explain that God asked me to and so then I thought well if I could explain it to God you know if he if he put that to me to say share why you should be here. Well then what. How come I couldn't do that to my buddy and that's just what I got in my head and I thought you know what what I'm not going to be embarrassed or shame? I mean we do this podcast and call it a shame but that's Like I'm not going to be ashamed that I'm going to heaven and so the first time I did did I was so nervous because it was my best friend and I start you know. What if there's a heaven and we're gonNA live forever? I won't this guy there because he's funny and I like him and so I told him that's how I started. I said look I know me and you have Kinda gone our separate ways because I mean he was getting drunk every night sleeping with any woman he could find and I wasn't and I said look. This is going to get a little weird but I found a way to live forever. I'm going to heaven. And here's here's is how I came up with that and look. I was so nervous that when I would turn the page of I would rip it out. Why are you shaking? You sound nervous harvest. Answer your question I'll Last night a house talking couple individuals and I just reminded them one of the ways you said was how would you just you know just people who are afraid to say anything. They don't want one. Thank you could do is just a Let me ask you something I Dan go over there and and and demonstrate it. I said Dan who's the woman who knows everything and he said Alexa. I said Yeah. Call Alexa and ask her. What year is it in China and so he did Alexa said two thousand house in the nineteen? That's what it was before the New Year and I said what about North Korea's it will two thousand nineteen so Alexa was saying it was two thousand and nineteen years. It's now two thousand twenty years. I just asked people. I said if you ever wondered if if there's a two thousand twenty that means if you went backwards you would get back to year one. I said why is it that it that everyone on the earth is saying it's The a year two thousand twenty but they don't know what they don't know why it's two two thousand and twenty years from what are from whom so so if you look at it now I did. That is not with him to yeah and they both looked at. They said we never thought about that. Too great he says breaker he said whenever thought about that. I said well once you now understand that you're counting time. I said the eight say no. We're not counting time by Jesus. But but why's it. We're all agreeing that it's two thousand and twenty years since Jesus came down like the Book Aja Inflated Flesh Like the Book of John Says I just don't understand why anybody wouldn't look at it and say well I mean you have opponent to legitimate way to get in and I mean to me if I know the people I I'm sincere. I'm like I love you I don. I want you to remember counting time by one individual. I don't know I may do. It feels approach. I went through for years. I've asked I don't Daska I just want to know. What do you think there are? No I'm just saying well you you deal with a lot more More of an argumentative. A lot of people come to you and they're they're trying to tell you there's No God it's two thousand twenty years from something often what there's no argument here recanting time by if anybody so. Yeah so what I'm saying dad and I'll say this has always been since dad doesn't go anywhere we've established down the PICA late. We live lives with people. Dad lives down here on the river but people come here and they've been coming for years baseball. Oh Dad he figured I must be sending them out here so everyone that comes. This is what you you is number other I. I'm a Christian. Feel good but I don't know right if they show up down here they're either lost or they're lost. I'm just saying they're either lost their long either way I'm I'm the person's like by the way what are all the years call before Jesus got here and as it turns out the irony of it is they're called BC which is short for before. Jesus got here and then our well at least I would think you would investigate. Investigate that particularly indicates valid day. But if you went to some universities they would say that you know it's all just a sham. But that's why I said but they're still writing down two thousand twenty years from some but I really was not a date based on anyone but I but it is two thousand twenty getting upset about. He's just making this point the irs. Three questions go introduce that people be email mobile the three questions and they're pretty simple. How did you get here? What are you doing here? And how are you leaving. Those are three good life questions for human beings and you can read and Paul CIRMAC seventeen and he sort of answers those three questions. which is you came from? God you're here to find God you know to seek God Adam fine and then how leaving. Resurrection I wanted to give you my last. Hang on before you to do that. Let me just cap. Would you just said with averse. That is a directive which is grab I Peter Three fifteen in your heart set apart crisis Lord. That's for you to always be prepared here to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have with gentleness and respect so there you go all right. I wanted to give you this because this is my favorite from John. baboots this John Three thirty and he said of course this is right after he said God American receive only what is given from heaven and he talked about the bride belongs to the bridegroom and then he says he must become greater. I must become less. Are you on a bumper sticker for daily living a disciple of Jesus. That's it we don't have to discuss that because everyone knows what that means you gotta become less. He's gotTA become greater. There's your secret it to disciple of Jesus living and the lat La tell people about Jesus. That's right yeah and the last one is he says this look. I'm not sure exactly what it means but I like it makes me want to run through a wall in verse thirty four it says for the one whom God aut has sent it because he was speaking of Jesus speaks the words of God. And here's our bumper sticker moment for God gives the spirit without limit. There's no I thought of everything in life. That has a limit on the speed limit bomber. You know whatever lameduck limited. Yeah Doug Limit Major Bummer. But I'm like you know what God gives his Holy Spirit. There's no limit there's no limit So that's why I usually when somebody's asking me if they're too excited or can we do this. I want to do that in the name of Jesus. I'm like go for it so so oh took an old sanjay's from way back the sky's the limit. That's right but not really not really on this guy. We're beyond beyond that. I think that's why you see. I mean just. I know it's hard to discuss. That brought up a pretty complex deep thing on the last minute but you know I'm I'm just I'm just saying when you when you think about that. The God gives the spirit without limit. I mean that is an exciting thought was. Oh if few really believed that which ozzy down the babs did so the Apostle Paul rest of them that were our example you can lay your head had across a stump thirty years old and lousy my to take a sword. Cut it off because that's what happened. Always guess deck and the only way you do do that is if you know that the host burs without limit and that I will live again. Yeah otherwise you run away screaming from any situation like that WHO sold their example. Ample testimony witnessed. Here's what we're talking about. But that's how you do it and to me. It's in contrast with everything. The world says that we view as good young. They'll say be the best you can be or really there's limitations are when you have the Holy Spirit of God. He tears down the limitation is no start believing in the impossible which goes back to him. You know he's not bound by time space you know. That's why when all of us someone close to us our friends. Or even if they're not but you know we pray to God I fervently believe if if you know patient goes to doctrine there say oh he'll be dead in two weeks I'm thinking not necessarily You know we right. And we've all every one of us have been involved in a situation many times. They said this guy will be dead. I got one on one of my good friends. autopilots one of my lines. I'll use when I see him later. is I thought you weren't supposed to be here agree on and I do about it. There's a kid because we see a lot the kids in trouble so there. There's a kid who has some rare disease that it's about this long. I can't even pronounce it and the average lifespan of seven years old. He is the oldest living kid with with this condition today and low. He's He's twenty years old and that guy he's very inspirational. I have my phone and we talk lots of times. And he is convinced that the Lord held him and he goes everywhere he goes and he shares. How good God is? You're never going to convince me that guy just said you know. Watch this. I'M GONNA say the guy. He's the oldest living partisan with this condition and in his mind. The first time I met him you know ever all his family were upset and they were he wasn't he's a God. God heal me. Uh I'm like he did. He's like Yup. He said they just have a hard time except to nap. L. Figured out. I met this kid when he was like nine twenty. I love it. I'm just saying so. So we gotta run. We gotta run but one last bumper sticker day's business about John. The Baptist was one of my favorites. You said so many made me think of it. Romans four eighteen against all hope Abraham in hope believed. I mean you talk about believe in the impossible possible and we know what he was talking about because he needs kill them. I kid guys gonNA raise him because he's already told me what's going to happen so against all. Hope Abraham in hope the the league. So if somebody tells you there's no offspring that say the world including Jesus succeed ladder. Jesus was coming through my my my saline an and he said go kill him get rid of him okay up anyway. He said evidently he's going to raise from the day. I'm GonNa do what he told me next time. My account just about some faith as had no hope I'm hopeless and you say now you're ready to hope that's right now you're ready good stuff Thanks for come along the journey with us. Keep us in questions and ideas. We try to work those in As they were to work into our Bible studies keep those come and keep watching. Keep telling other people about it this. They were doing exactly what we challenge you to do by doing this podcast. So we're encouraged by that. We'll see next. And somebody makes them John the Baptist bumper stickers because they they were pretty Dang it you tell somebody to write a song and they did now. Maybe somebody'll they song when it was also. Yeah Hey side. I don't know his name. But thank you for the south so bumper stickers. Here's there you go. We are so glad you're watching and listening to the unashamed. PODCAST be sure to like us on. facebook subscribe on Youtube Youtube and I tunes. That's going to keep up today with all the new episodes and also let other people find out about her podcasts. Keep spreading the word and watching and listening to unashamed aimed with Phil Robertson.

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Breaking Down Jim Collins Newest Publication | Turning the Flywheel: a Monograph to Accompany Good to Great

"They're on today's show break down. The words of wisdom taught by jim collins bestselling author of good to great and built to last we break down in the words of wisdom found that his newest book titled turning the flywheel a monograph to accompany good to great ladies and gentlemen. This show is filled with momentum creating knowledge bombs. Some shows don't need celebrity narrator to introduce this show this show to may eight kids co created by two different women thirteen multi million dollar businesses ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show the pattern in china sir yes yes yes and yes thrived nation. Welcome back to exciting time. Show on your radio uh-huh in podcast download and onta- show jason we have many many reasons to celebrate before we get into today's show called turning the flywheel a monograph to accompany company good to great. We have many reasons to celebrate. I want you to think not not too long but but think about a client you're working with right now. Who's having some massive success. Having some wins something great is happening for them. Go ahead and encourage the thrive nation out there sure us a win of the week my friend yes so a one of the week is mardi grisham. Mardi gra advanced commercial systems advanced commercial systems. It's a roofing company right. It is based here in tulsa oklahoma so oh founded broken arrow propounded in broken also servicing tulsa also serves impulsive oklahoma okay and it's mardi grisham. Yes sir all right back to you so marty is right now at the top of google and it's just changing his life. He has the most reviews of any roofer in the broken area nice martin. He's also popping up organically on page one because he is a content riding machine. The guy has articles upon articles like he's just killing it and the best part about it though is he just loves doing like just listened to everything that you say. He listened to the podcast his mission every awesome. He can't go to sleep until he's recorded three podcasts. It's unbelievable what consistency and diligence can do once you find what works and you stick with it. It is unbelievable the kind of success that you can have now i i would hate to. I can't one up marty but i have three wins. I'm sitting on three wins right now. The epic and i feel like who am i to share an epic win without i mean because my my wins aren't maybe as as as profound as mardi so i'm gonna keep some music to compensate the my winds aren't as big as mardi. Mardi grown business dramatically. He's having success here. I am celebrating rating three winds. That aren't maybe as big as his win. I'm going to give it a try here so let me let me cue up my my three winds of the week. My voice would get more to character as i do three wins over the week. We're number what <music> mark pool now flows. This small waterfall is odd. Waterslide is uh the grotto slowing power in the man cave win of the week from easter. Demand cave is coming coming together in the pool is blowing. The hot tub is flowing. That's a big win win. I have this week sam smith. The rb singer home allowed singers sam smith rb singer. He now all young sam smith now dances in video his new video. How do you sleep sam. Smith is dancing. Somebody would never doing but sam smith is dancing doing it. He's doing and my third and final win of the week is jim. Collins is off the best thing of good to great and built to last niyaz rejected me komo more times than most when it comes to being on this show. I don't know directly but i can say this. I've invited these told me no. I've read his books many books great books of applied its books. I've been invited to be on this show. Many and i get a lot of rejection but he is now. Send send me an actual book jason you. Have you have the letter in your hand to prove it. I have the letter in my it's assigned book and jim collins. Jimmy collins j._c. We call the old jason j. c. People not give us a jesus christ. Some people call j. jesus christ j._c. He's a good author. I mean not that great author but i'll tell you what he's a great author and and <hes> he wrote a book years ago called built to last and good to great and as i was growing my company d._j. Connection i've found myself kinda the stuck at a certain point and i didn't have a coaching program to help me get unstuck you know and built a yet <hes> what i did have access to books books and so i went out there and got that book built to last and then i got good great. Let me tell you what when i got good to great. I didn't know what the heck that book was about. I couldn't figure it out now. I mean i read it but i don't know jason. Do you ever read a book and have no idea what the books amount you're reading. It's cockman. This book is tough to understand or the book is written really well. All right just knew so little about vast majority the vast majority of business and i had to listen to the audio book absolutely. It's like the contents there but my understanding hasn't really match yeah yeah. I read that book once reading that book once i know i listen to the audio book at least twice while on road trips to dallas and i i was when i was building d._j. Connection dot com location in dallas and one in tulsa so most weekends. I would drive to tulsa in dallas. I know i listened to the book completely at least twice. I know i read the book at least twice took a lot of notes and i thought man. I'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna apply these principles and grow d._j. Connection and i did i applied the principles and it went very well for me and i can just say that and <hes> i oh jim collins de gratitude and one of the notable quarters i remember from reading reading. I read a good great. Was this says a company. He should limit its growth based on its ability to attract enough of the right people jason. What does that mean to you. You company should limit its growth based based on its ability to attract enough of the right people. What what does that mean to you. So if we're talking customer base it's like the idea of your ideal unlikely buyer so to me my my definition of that would be don't try to grow pass your <hes>. Lid you want to make sure that your product or your business. Whatever your your offering people is going to attract the right people otherwise you're going to be spending a lot of money in a lot of time. Just kind of spinning your wheels so as an example elephant in the room. We have four thousand members niche. We have great members. The kind of guys who like elephant in the room are men's grooming lounge chain or are people that values setting an appointment <hes> for their haircuts. They don't they don't have wait. They value showing up on time the dome so they don't make other people wait drew. They value a haircut experience. Not just a quick ten minute cut right. They value premium cut they value the paraffin hand dipped the hotel treatment. They like the experience and we have about four thousand guys that are members. Oh yeah but then we also have a great great team of stylists grooming professionals and all of them have to be happy people. I'm not interested in hiring somebody and coaching them how to be happy. I wanna hire happy people and <hes> jason it turns out. There is not a lot of happy people out there at times we we've. We've found the great ones. We found some great ones but last week as an example example we had one young lady she came to interview and she showed up for the group interview and then she <hes> visual but early. I said hello what's your tony and <hes> she said my name is such and such and i said but she said it with with kind of a look. She gave me the the look. My name is such and such. What was her name. Wasn't amanda osama think my name's amanda okay well mainly. What do you hear the interview. Okay now mike. So where do you work at now and we'll you and she's like sports cuts or whatever it is. You know what i mean. I go okay and then who are you. I'm klay. I'm the founder or co founder of elephant the room chick. Oh is so nice to me but she had that attitude right because she thought i wasn't important and then when she discovered that i was important to her. She was nice right and i knew right away. Okay that kind of person would not be a good so we can't grow elephant in the room anymore more. We shouldn't try to go elephant the room unless we can grow with happy people and we shouldn't try to grow the business unless we can find happy employees and happy customers i but the moment we start booking the wrong kind of customer. Oh it gets. It gets weird when you book a guy that can't understand. That's why the first year dollar but if you're somebody out there that can't grasp the concept of showing up on time for your haircut. Let me tell you what kind of sales pitch we do. We usually don't even try to sell membership. We had a great experience see you later hopefully not because it shows forty five minutes late to a thirty minute appointment. If we book you and turn you into a member. The expectations can be met from the customer customer perspective or from the service perspective. It's going to get weird because jim collins says company should limit its growth based on its ability to attract enough of the right people now. That's just one knowledge bomb that jimmy collins has given us. He's he's got a lot of bombs. We got a lot of knowledge bombs and i wanted to have him on the show. I want to get him on the show. Come on jimmy. I've reached out to jimmy and jimmy just he he doesn't he doesn't say yes. Now i know he hasn't said no to me. Personally his assistant his team has said no to me and and so what i wanna do right now thrive nation as i want you to. I want you to take just a moment and i want you to help me get jimmy collins on the show. Oh yeah we're going to do for a second. We're gonna get kind of weird here. I'm gonna makita supplement. Makita kind of this is gonna remove any negative blocks in the universe. I know i'm a christian and i'm just telling you right off the gate right off the jump. I don't believe this is gonna work but i'm just asking for us to try so when i'm gonna do is i'm gonna essay. Jimmy collins come to come to be on the show beyond the thrived after jimmy johns. You know oh. I'm sending out supersonic waves. I'm sitting in a high frequency noise systems in just kinda. Give me some eco action. I'm gonna start to send out vibrations. I don't believe this works. I'm going to try to send it out. There and jimmy collins just to to to throw it back. I'm gonna throw like a boomerang of optimism of hope of gratitude. I'm right now. I'm just saying i've been and why let's say that you've watched the movie. The secret forty seven times and you now believe the law of attraction is how you get jimmy collins on a show like this. I'm going to do it so we go. Jimmy colts. What's you want to be on the thrive time show. You need to be on the thrive time. Shout jimmy because jimmy collins calling jimmy colic's jimmy collins buehler buehler jimmy jimmy we call it. I need you on the threat after me jimmy i need you. We need on the thrive township into the dough joe of mojo you come to us from boulder colorado. It's not working frank okay so now let me read a little bit about jimmy collins and then i'd like for you jason. You have the letter in front have you do. It sounds like this and it's we have proof. Jimmy collins sent me an autograph copy of the book with that letter did he did which kind of feels like a non rejection it feels. I was like he's rejecting me. I don't know i don't listen. I don't think it personal personally that <hes> wolfgang puck has rejected me because he ended up on the show into saying yes almost makes me think less of them. That's true you know what i mean. I'm i'm a clown show. I'm a note no talent joke who just happens to be good at business and so when i get you know <hes> <hes> shutdown by wolfgang wolfgang puck tells me no it. Lets me know this guy's classy. John maxwell told me now we've had him on on the show. Now we've had we had john maxwell on the show with wolfgang puck and john maxwell said no go. I'm not gonna be on the show. I'm thinking classy yeah when the founder of the founder of ritz carlton says now horst schulze. He's been on the show. I say oh man you've classes now and they say yes. I'm like i thought you were better so no let me read you kind of a bio of jim. Collins tyrod. Here's jim collins earned a bachelor of science and mathematical sciences at the university of stanford and and then he earned his m._b._a. From the stanford graduate school of business who he went on to work as a business consultant for nearly twenty years jason eighteen years at the legendary consulting confirm kinsey and company jim then went on to work at hewlett packard hewlett packard as a product manager. Oh so you guys have that in common unbelievable now collins i. I got hired by hewlett packard to do some consulting but he was there for a long time a fulltime. I was there as a consultant for brought on from the outside he he was like a fulltime employees and so he he trumped me again now collins as i call him jimmy see we have great relationships jimmy jimmy collins or j._c. Or are the mountain man jimmy collins amount men then decided to begin teaching writing and research career on staff at stanford university again graduate school of business he then earned the distinguished distinguished teaching award in nineteen ninety two and in nineteen ninety-five wh- shunned up that'd be when i was fifteen nineteen ninety-five jimmy see jim james james james decided to start what he calls a management laboratory based in boulder colorado throughout jim's career he has released legendary bestselling books books such as in nineteen ninety four fourteen homeys he wrote built to last successful habits of visionary companies and two thousand one he unleashed good to great why some companies make the leap and others don't he's had beyond entrepreneurship how do how good to great in the social sectors how the mighty fall and why some companies never give in great by choice and turning the flywheel monograph to accompany good to great now monograph after a monograph is a detailed written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of it. That's what a monograph is. A monograph is detailed written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of it so when we have your in your hands you have in your hands. What are you what is the red thing you have in your hands. You read into the re the title of that great book yes so this is turning the flywheel a monograph to accompany good to great and <hes> whose signatures on that book <hes> that would be jimmy sees jimmy say james college. It's okay so go ahead. My friend read the letter. He sent us read the letter he sent to the thrive time jim you ready. I'm so ready. It says dear clay greetings from boulder. Oh aw i wanted to personally share with you a signed copy of my most recent publication turning the flywheel a monograph to accompany good great guy. I very unbelievable will it's. It's incredible. I i just want you to hear one more time to place. It's also good part that partner. I want to start again one more time. I you just need to hear it and i just want just go for wartime dear klay greetings from boulder. I wanted to personally share with you. A signed copy of my most recent indication turning the fly woke a monograph to accompany good to keep in the years since reading degree. I've seen just how powerful the flywheel the principle is to build a great organizations large and small the fly will principal when properly conceived in a deployed is particularly relevant. Today as leaders seek a coherent. Oh here it way to build momentum amidst a backdrop of circum good now. I'm gonna emotionally together. Keep good good now. I'm good. I'm back back back. At one end of the spectrum. There are fast growing companies like amazon which has consciously harnessed defy will affect defeat its momentum machine at the other end of the spectrum. There's the delightful discovery of a rural kansas public elementary the school using the flywheel to elevate the learning of children. We've obsessed or we've observed leaders and making use of the flywheel nearly every sector from startups and nonprofits to the healthcare in professional sports teams the more challenged leaders to crystallize their specific flywheel capturing the drivers of momentum and how they linked together the more passionate. I become about sharing in what i've learned. I hope you enjoy it and most importantly find it useful. How does your fly. We'll turn signed jim collins. How does your fly wheel turn yeah. I'm gonna start using that line my wife so how's your fly will turn but it is heads when he asked right so now he sends us the book and i thought we would do today. Share a little bit of the book a little bit of the monograph monograph. I see i would never call a book a monograph but that's why jimmy collins in a different level that's true. Have you ever heard the word monograph before right now. No one i was reading it. This morning you handed to mimic was a monograph. I pictured something with like embroidery to me. A monograph sounds like something from like the eighteen eighteen eighty s that was used to communicate people old school. It was like if you're going the telegraph. I don't use that. I think i'll use a monograph right right. It's more simple okay so go ahead and read. What would he got. They're all right so turning. The flywheel starts with a quote firm pier. Luigi nervi have unions have good reading music to kind of background that the thrive nation deserves when hearing a book of this quality class so perez beauty does not come from decorative effects but from structural coherence and so we begin okay in the autumn of two thousand one just as good to great hit the market amazon dot com invited me to engage in a spirited dialogue with founder jeff these and a few members of his executive team this was right in the middle of the dot com bust when some wondered how or if amazon could recover in prevail as a company <hes> i taught them about in quotation marks the flywheel effect that we'd uncovered in our research and create he taught amazon about the flight wilson so jimmy collins amazon about the flywheel effect he did okay continue in creating a good to great transformation. There's no single defining action not grant program no single killer innovation no solitary lucky break no miracle markle moment rather it feels like turning giant heavy flywheel pushing with great effort. Get the flywheel to inch forward. You know what a flywheel is. I actually had to google it this morning. What what do you what the heck is a fly symptoms listening going what the heck is. A fly is this. Is this a wheel or made of flies. You know one thing it's a <hes> it's a mental thing it looks almost like a gear and you said it it's got a particular mass and direction of movement and you move it or to store potential energy <hes> <music> <hes>. That's you knew you move it to store potential energy. Yes so the more you move it in the fashion move at the more energy at stores. Oh really okay let me let me ask you this up. Real quick some everyone in this city albeit explaining flat wheels now flywheel energy storage units and i used to keep an engine running smooth and keep it running when you're not giving gas or it's neutral uh-huh now a good analogy is a potter's wheel so if you think about potter's we'll have a little foot press. They keep pressing again. I can relate to a potter's wheel so and what's that we've all seen ghost basic gift. There's two guys go into a bar. One got okay. We'll go getting and it's been a large stone on the bottom and that's that's stones rotating. It's is connected to a table and wants to hold the claim that can shape and mold it and i said my name big shot plays sin speed and that's because of the flywheel down the bottom who has has it's a nurse and so it stays jimmy collins is talking about noushin flywheel stored energy. We'll keep going even though the force that you apply is at intervals so the same idea can be applied to cars so cars have fly wheels attached at the end of the engine earn potentially crankshaft and it's the item that will be pressed against with the transmission so you'll either have a clutch or a <unk> import converter and the torque converter would be mounted <unk> attached to the flywheel and the clutch the clutch plate would press against it <hes> when you were trying to accelerate or when you're engaging the clutch rather so so the basic idea is if you didn't have that liable on their run really uneven power distribution oh went through here and we got the four strokes divided the intake compression power exhaust so you go into a korean first okay so the point is a wheel that stores potential chill power correct. Okay keep rain. I just wanna make sure that we didn't lose anybody there that that point. I'll give you a music back here. We go you keep pushing in with persistent effort. You get the flywheel to complete one entire turn. You don't stop you keep pushing. The fly will moves a bit faster two terms then four then eighth the fly will build momentum in sixteen thirty two moving faster a thousand ten thousand one hundred thousand then at some point what breakthrough yes the flywheel flies forward board with almost unstoppable momentum. I i feel like here's here's here's what you need to do. I need to go back about three sentences here and you need to time you gotta like channel. Your inner james earl jones here something you gotta you gotta get to a play because this this right here. This could be exciting this. This could be a guy so the public reading is public. Typing is probably the most horrifying experience in the world when you have to type in front of people at our conferences so we'll have people who cumbria conferences workshops hundreds of people. I have a member of my team who has to type or pull up displays images and things like that to showcase and just this show examples of what we're doing. That's a pretty horrifying thing but public reading on a podcast that is the next level thing because you are listening right now to a man who's reading knowing knowing that the words he is saying are being judged by five hundred thousand people very true. I'm sweating. It's like speaking imagine. You're asked you a public speaking event right in your twenty people. Oh toastmasters remember that now. Imagine toastmasters gets out of control and now it's like two hundred people. That'd be really terrifying. Imagine being asked to speak at your favorite college football team like oh you or michigan or florida whenever you're speaking in front. One of the florida state crowd. Oh that's a bad chan. You shouldn't do <music> imagine that kind of audience energy imagine that many people all in a stadium florida state state number florida state f._s._u. Florida state imagine their war chants. The crowd filled the stadium. There's tons of people there imagine that kind of energy that kind of energy here we go and that stadium let me look it up. I believe <hes> missy. Florida state the seating capacity florida. Oh yeah oh come on now. I want to wake up to that well here. We got to talk to you about it. We find it. Ah almost drummoyne said yes aw we'll just say this that stadium seats a lot of people say this. I mean it is we're talking about at least sixty thousand people were there at that stadium and i'm saying there's ten of though nine of those maybe eight of those we have eight it football stadiums worth worth filled of people eight stadiums full of people and then i say hey jason. Could you read a book. You've never read before in front of a group of people so with that sort of energy you know hardest your energy. Your inner gangster a hair here. We go. I'm ready. I'm ready. We're creating a good degree transformation. There's no single defining action. No the grant program no single killer innovation. No solitary lucky break no miraclemethod rather it feels like turning a giant's heavy flywheel pushing with great effort you get the flywheel to inch forward you keep pushing with persistent effort. You get the fly wheel to complete one entire. Turn <hes> you don't stop you. Keep pushing pushing. The flywheel moves a bit faster asked about faster who turns to jackson ford then eight. The fly will build moments of sixteen thirty two moving a thousand ten thousand one one hundred thousand then at some point great through the flywheel flies forward with almost unstoppable momentum. That's what was perfect timing perfect. Yes he now that that was awesome. That's the kind of stuff that we need here. In the thrive time show doj mojo somebody out there needed to hear that and let me break it down and if you want to get the rest of that book if you wanna learn more about that that book you got to buy the book turning the flywheel a monograph to accompany good to great and jason that's all i want to read today because i feel like we've we've touched on the idea of giving the drivers ebbers enough of a sneak peek into the book that they need to go buy that book and it only gets better from there was the first paragraph i mean that's that's auto auto now. Let me explain to you what we're talking about. He's saying it's not a single event. It's not a single breakthrough. It's getting the momentum finding what works and doing it over and over and over over to quote the doctor timothy johnson when of our clients the ophthalmologist frahm tusk lusa alabama. It's doing stupid good repetitive tasks doing the same thing over and over and over and over again finding what works and then doing it over and over again doing the same same thing over and over again it is so important that you learn to what are these stupid repetitive tasks that you have to do over and over to to create that momentum now. I'm going to talk about if you're a roofer out there. The seven things that you need to do the seven repeatable tasks that will create that flywheel energy the seven repeatable tasks that will create the the energy that you need the momentum that you need before. I share those seven repeatable tasks that you need to apply if you're a roofer if you're doctor if you're a dentist if you're a lawyer if you sell retail products if you are a restaurant before i share those seven repeatable tasks will create the flywheel momentum that you've been seeking and the income that you've been needing to achieve your goals. I would like to ask you jason as a coach. Why do you speculate evacuate that it is so hard for many people to do th- repeatable tasks why i like the way the tim phrases. It's stupid. Repeatable tasks the second. Can't people find something or repeating something. They're like oh. This is dumb. I've already done this before. I didn't see results. Someone's gonna try something else or people getting the mindset or they just want to do something new because new ideas exciting they haven't done it yet right so let me let me thi up action number one one. You have to to do every single week. You've got to do advertising. You can't stop jason white. Can you never turn off your advertising well if you're using google ads if you turn them off then the second you decide you want to do it again. You have to go through waiting period and you lose your relevancy. Google loves consistency. They love stupid. People tasks next you have to gather objective objective google reviews from your real ideal unlikely buyers. Why do you have to never stop gathering google reviews amazon reviews or why can you never stop gathering reviews you once again to the consistency. If you're somebody who is constantly adding to the platform that you are advertising yourself on that platform is gonna love you. You seem like you're active but at the same time time you're growing your value towards people because if you if you say fifty is good enough okay you know we're at fifty when your competitors low that's fine when your competitor or somebody new comes around and they they have even something as high as fifty one fifty five and then start getting into the hundreds people start to lose track of who you are so you have to advertise every day true you have to gather. They're a review every day. That's that's two third. You have to write content on your website every day right one page content per day one one thousand word article article per day minimum jason why why does every business owner out there whether it's the owner or some who works for the owner or you hire a marketing firm. Why does every business owner need to write a two thousand words of content on their website original content original h._t._m._l. Hypertext markup language. Why does every buddy out. There need to write a thousand words original content content per day on the more content. You have the easier to find and the higher your you'll rank so if you're doing that every day that's i mean. It's no brainer. You're going to get to the top faster or stay at the top because most people aren't gonna do that jason. Why do you have to do the group interview every week. And what is the group interview. The group interview is a process by which you put at a job posting and you allow multiple the people to accept it. They come through and you interview all of your candidates at one time in an hour or two hours of power long decided needs to go on for but what it does in long run run is it eliminates all of those single one our meetings. Yes on one so again why why can't why can't we just interview when we need people. Why do we have to the interview even if we're fully staffed even if we have nowhere to put a good candidate. Why do we have to interview every week because you have to have those people in the pipeline because even let's say you're fully staffed with good people. Those people could good have something happen in life or they could get hit by a bus or they get hit by meteors or they could just not show up one day people yet. I mean you can't have your business built on a house of cards cards now the next move you have to analyze your accounting numbers every week. Why why you have to know where you are you can't you can't just one of the things i'm really passionate about now is you can't can't focus on the. I think we had a busy week or i feel like we're profitable. You have to know those numbers because i mean you are the business owner and if you don't know where you are profit wise is that's not good now. The next repeatable task you have to do seven repeatable tasks that will create that flywheel momentum in your business. You have to track where every lead comes from jason as and why do you have to track where every single lead every single new customer every single new buyer. Why do you have to track. Every single person comes from it goes back into the advertising if you're track and where people are coming from you can say okay well if nobody's finding us on google than we clearly need to get our reviews up if everybody's finding us on facebook. Maybe we should kind of push for some more facebook advertising now the next seventh repeatable tasks that you must do every week if you wanna create that momentum in your business that flywheel momentum you've gotta listen to record calls and watch video of your staff through why it's like game footage for any professional football team or spiders. You have to find where your weaknesses are and reassess like it's <hes> defined act measure refund define act measure refined define act measure refined now jim collins and notable quotable from jim collins he wants said the purpose of bureaucracy is to compensate for incompetence lack of discipline so basically when a bunch of people. We're like well. Let's it. Can we work on it together. Can we form committee. Can we work together on it. How many times do you see that where you're coaching with a business owner and they'll go. We'll we'll work on a teen. We'll get the team on team. What did not with content. How does that go well. The content doesn't get rid <music>. Oh or you come back and the argument because their opinions don't line up but they wanted to work as a group right. That's i'm just trying to tell you jim. Collins has knowledge tom. This is notable cordless from good to great. He'd writes the purpose of bureaucracies to compensate for incompetence and lack of discipline now. Jim collins file notable corridor from jim collins on today's show and by the jim collins. I cannot wait to interview because i know when you hear this show or you hear rumors of this show. Are you google search and you find your name optimized optimized for this show. Jimmy see you're gonna you're gonna go. Something is calling some call. It appears to be coming from tulsa thrive type show. I need to be on that thing. Whoa that's what's going to happen to you. It's going to be awesome and then and then after you do that you're go. You know what i i got to check out the sam smith song dance except he's one of the week i here's sam smith is dancing for the first time in a video. Al's pretty good asleep. Let me just a little sneak peek here. Jimmy collins what you're gonna find when you do a youtube search for sam sam smith. How do you sleep. He's doing some sorta oh to handle this. I don't know maybe it's i really think i don't know if i can handle sam smith dan's. I dunno. I'll all all i'll get back to you about that. Jimmy see i know i'm your song critic that you trust but here's my final notable quotable from you jimmy. We're we're on a can. I call you james. Okay so good. Good is the enemy of great and that is one of the key reasons why we have so little that becomes great. We don't have great schools principally because we have good schools. We don't have great governments principally because we have good government few people attain great and their lives and part because it's just so easy to settle for a good life and i think that's why jimmy collins rejects me a lot. He's going you know. I i have a great life. I you know he's a great guy up there in boulder older colorado right in these great books it is you know as laboratories management laboratory things are good for him and he's like if i were to come down and let the butthead aka klay clarke interviewing my life would just be good and i can't accept a good. I didn't until klay clark takes his show a great level. I it might ruin his brand a little bit to be on here but i i asked you jimmy collins. I i asked you this. He's pleased because no but seriously jim i'm. I'm not going to beg but come on get on the show nation email. Jim collins right now find his website owner say hit him up and say get on the show come on do it got but then seriously go out there aaron purchase the book turning a turning the flywheel a monograph to accompany good to great and jim collins. Thank you autograph copy of your book and now then further ado in each and every show with a boom jason. Are you ready to show the boom. I'm pumped. I'm ready. I'm ready but i can't do because because you know what i'm gonna do. Watch sam smith dan's. No i'm going to invite. I'm just a moment. We're gonna call on the phone. We're gonna call tim johnson. Ooh and we're going to interview him about why jim collins. We're going to interview an ophthalmologist. Yeah atop opthamologist interview him on the show about why why jim collins needs to be on our show but stu jim collins get ready for this. We're gonna get them. What say you take two rings to get tim johnson before six a._m. Is tim johnson said yes. It is hello. How are you tim. Johnson are tell listeners where where where do you live live my friend. I live in birmingham alabama. What is your relationship to the one jim collins. I've invited jim collins on the show multiple times. He's rejected me for various reasons called. He has class and standards but he sent me an autograph copy of this book. I sent you the letter last night. You've seen it tim johnson. You've seen the letter and autograph if book. What is your relationship like jim collins. My relationship currently is non existent. I quietly stalk him. I'm reading this this book. I did learn that his wife is an award winning triathlete really the one the night on the nineteen eighty-five hawaii ironman triathlon which we'll i did not know that this just in from our home office. Wow okay so you're it could. Would you have you so. You've read his books. I what was your favorite book that you've read about the the jim collins book. I know it's been a prayer while but is there a certain book that resonated resonated with you the most or a book that you enjoyed the most. I like how the mighty fall. I thought good to great both last all good on valid how the mighty fall but once you get there. How do you what happens. When you stay there. So ah could you. I mean would would you agree with me. Would you come into agreement with the thrive time nation the thrive. Tim show that jim collins should be on the show. Do you have any like high pressure sales request dry pressure move or a strategy of how we're gonna get jimmy collins on the show jimmy c. j. c. threat. I was gonna take abduction. What came type of jimmy collins. Here's we would like <unk>. Have you on the show tim tim don't you think we should have do you think that it would benefit jim collins and benefit the listeners if he was on the show yeah his new book. You sent me turning the flywheel really good so so jim jim collins. Here's the deal if you're out there right now listening in here's here's the gym i'm going to optimize for your names either way. You're gonna eventually find this podcast and i just want you to make it easy on us. Okay and just good book yourself on the show lower. Your standards get on the thrive time show and <hes> if jimmy collins wants to improve his vision. How does he get a hold of you. Do you have a website there <hes> dr johnson yeah so we're just launching freedom ophthalmology dot com <hes> if you wanna spill correctly. That'll get you to the right website. We also have <hes> the quake spelling misspell it well. We'll get you there anyway. That's awesome freedom ophthalmology. And how long have you been an ophthalmologist. I've been an ophthalmologist or five years and <hes> work doing medicine for about ten. Where'd you go to school. Where where'd where'd you go to school so i went to emory university for medical school and hospital for residency did you did you not graduated graduated top of your class. I did in college. That's true yeah okay. Okay okay so you know what you're talking about and you're not the malla gist and and <hes> final question if you were interviewing jim collins right now what we question that you would you would like to ask jim collins if he was on the show right now. What would that question be. I wanna know one single tip. He has for building a great company in the one single tips he he has four keeping great all right well jason. We looked in each and every show of the boom yeah dr johnson. Are you prepared to bring a boom from tusk lusa. Are you in birmingham right now. We're tuscaloosa. I go back and forth about to drive back to tuscaloosa right now so you're currently in birmingham and i'm like i'm in between i'm always loyd everywhere. Birmingham booms the booms. I'll tell you that it's true okay here. We go any further to three to what dr brock. I gotta ask this year a chiropractor anti-business owner i am but have you ever found yourself. Needing an attorney have ended up for what kinds of situations contracts under different <hes> trying to think <hes> mostly yeah. I haven't really had any trademarks or patents or copyrights be writing something now. I'd like to say yes but now what about negotiating leases yes. What about an employee who filed for unemployment or maybe somebody who had to let go or somebody who you're right like litigation. You've had to deal with no thankfully not really okay <hes> jason. You've been around with that. You've been involved with the elephant in the room. Men's grooming lounge i have and now you uh-huh coach clients to you use to manage all three stores managing close to four thousand members and dozens of employees and and you now coach clients alliance. You're in our in our morning coaches meetings were. How often do our clients have legal questions legal questions every single day well. Here's here's what i found. I've been self employed twenty for sixteen years old so i've been self employed for twenty two years and there is not a week that goes by. I don't and have some sort of legal situation. Usually it's copywriting something. It's protecting something. It's drawing a contract. That's buying a piece of real estate. It's dealing dealing with a wrongful termination. It's dealing with purchasing a company selling a company. It's always something that i need a lawyer for and the worst possible time to be looking looking for an attorney is when you need need when you're trying to flip a house and you have an offer right now that has to close today. You don't wanna be looking for an attorney to look over that that agreement. You don't want to be looking for an attorney when you're trying to sign that lease. You don't want to be looking for an attorney when you have to buy somebody out or fire somebody you don't want to be looking for an attorney attorney when you are looking for the answers right so i would encourage everybody to do today is to be proactive and find an attorney out there that you can trust now. We have a great attorney based in dallas texas. <hes> who's elected to be a sponsor of the show by the name of scott read. That's r. e. I. b. scott reap deep and his company read law. They offer a program called the eye legal coaching. Let me just share with you. What's included in this program that is available for as little as eleven dollars dollars per day. Eleven bucks a day unlimited phone access to the legal coaching team so if you have a question you call unlimited access unlimited. It'd text messages back and forth legal team. That's you get contract. Coaching contract design a sixty minute session with an ilegal coach it manual. We'll strategic planning session <hes> avi. I've v._i._p. Ticket to the legal workshop v._i._p. Document volt a custom design of your corporate structure monthly v._i._p. Check in call with illegal coaching team online access to legal platform. All of this is available for just eleven dollars a day. That's a lot now. I'd be lying if i said i used this company. Okay i use west carter and company. Winters winters came dot com. The reason why i use winners and king is winters and king represents t._d. Jakes they've represented donald trump junior nave represented joel osteen joyce meyer and huge corporations operations and i have a lot going on in my life and i need an attorney that super well connected into the literary space and i need something understands media in the complexities of what i do you right. That's why i use winners and kane. It's i've used west carter for years. <hes> so i would really unless west carter something happened where he was no longer there <hes> mhm i would never leave winners and they was great job with me but if i was looking for an attorney today and i didn't know where to go and i'm going to tight budget and i know a lot of entrepreneurs seniors are i would definitely check out. The good folks here over here at rebe law. Check these guys out today and check out legal coaching package objectively actively doctor breath. Do you think that makes a lot of sense to have a well yeah. I mean you've got the immediate access and you've got it at a very reasonable price because you're going to be paying by the hour for every little subject that comes up <hes> all the time in here. You've got somebody on speed dial. I mean you've got instant access. <hes> guaranteed in in several different platforms texts call online. You've got documents you listed off a number of things there <hes> and all at a very reasonable price so check him out today at rebe ebb law. It's our law dot com our i._b. Law dot com the phone numbers nine four zero five nine one zero six zero zero zero nine four zero five nine one zero six zero zero. Tell him that clay clark sent you and then they'll probably get a little bit frustrated that the lead it came from me because they know if they gonna lead for me. It's an entrepreneur. Who's got a lot going on. Who's gonna use the heck out of this program. I'd say it all sincerity thirty though they love working with entrepreneurs that's their niche and it's available for as little as eleven dollars a day. If you don't have an attorney you can trust right right now. You don't have an attorney. I don't think it hurts anybody at all to just check out the check him out. Do the free consultation. Check them out today and read law. That's r. e. I. b. rebe leib law dot com.

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The Good Friday Show 2019

The Erick Erickson Show

1:01:13 hr | 2 years ago

The Good Friday Show 2019

"Hello and welcome. I'm Eric Erickson here on WSB. And this is our annual Good Friday presentation. You haven't been here before welcome. If you have welcome back for the next two hours. We'll talk about the most important weekend in human history. And why it matters today? I believe in God. Jesus crashes only. Some. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit. On. Don. She was crucified. It is the truth of God. That's third day. A great group of guys I think they have since all moved on from the band, but just a wonderful wonderful group of guys at a wonderful piece of music that they did with Brandon heath there. I am delighted to be with you. This is eight years. Now, we have done this the very first year that I did this. I told management of this your station. Heavy no, I was not a radio guy, not at all. And you know, it's just I I'm a Christian. I m evangelical I believe the bible is the word of God. And I had never worked somewhere that expected me to work on Good Friday. And I said if I'm gonna work on Good Friday. Well, you're gonna get a unique show the looks in the studio priceless. And there are a lot of people who were like, you know, what he shouldn't do this and inside WSB, everyone was very supportive of it. And. The audiences loved it in. Now, I've been asked to Christmas whenever year two after captain her passed away. He he took up that one had been doing it before I got here. And now, I do a Christmas one. But the the Good Friday one is to me, very special, and I will tell you why I do it if I'm gonna work on a Friday, I believe in tithing and think I have been very very blessed to wind up in job. I never expected to be in radio. And I'm sure I will get to the point of telling you the story tonight. But I am here on this radio station because I got asked to fill in for guy who got arrested in a crack house not here. But elsewhere and a day turned into a week turned into a three month stint filling on a radio program for someone who got fired I got paid in an expired gift certificate to outback steakhouse, and the then president of CMG heard it I thought it was my show and asked me to take Herman Cain spot. When he ran for president, and I have been here ever. Since completely providential never planned on doing it. And as a result. I do this show. I can take one day out of talking about politics in news a year and do something like this. And I appreciate your support over the years for doing this. It is honestly the most gut wrenching stressful show. I do I have to work myself and talk myself into doing it. In fact, last night, I went out and I walked and by the time, I was I had walked three miles. Just psyche myself up to do this show today and getting ready for it. It is an exhausting emotional thing to get ready for and I never expected that. But it is become something in Nelson view, expect it the main reason that I do this is because this really is the anniversary of the most important event in human history. And I don't say that as a Christian I say that as a human being if you ask historians and this has been done, and it's been done repeatedly. And it seems like there are a lot of people who. Are hoping one day. Most historians will say, Nope. It didn't happen. But in fact, most historians really do believe they may not believe that Jesus is the the risen Lord the son of God, but they do widely except that a man named Jesus lived, and they do except that he was crucified on across. They may not accept that. He rose again from the dead, but they accept that. It is accepted widely by people around the world, and it is monumental in the impact in history. There is an in fact in most surveys of historians. A academic Historica other will not just Christians, but academic historians around the world, most historians listed as the most important event in human history and virtually every historian listed in the top five important events in human history. But it averages typically as the most important event in human history. And the reason is because the rise of Christendom. From a tomb in Jerusalem is a profound thing it has fundamentally shaped human history it has shaped western civilization. It has spread the shape the spread of western culture. It has shaped the values of the west. It has shaped the language in the vernacular and the common tongue in the medic expressions of the rest of the west. It has impacted the east is now impacting China the council on foreign relations expects that there will be upwards of thirty percent of the Chinese population. We'll be Christian by twenty fifty which is profound. The rate of Christianity spreading throughout China since nineteen eighty according to the council relations has grown tin percent. A year without stop despite bulldozing churches, despite persecuting Christians, despite jailing leaders than the most interesting thing is that only twenty percent of self identified Christians in China, a tinned a state run church. So the impact of what happened on that? Cross roughly two thousand years ago in Jerusalem continues to shape the world, and you don't even have to get to is Jesus. The son of God. Now, I believe he is. And we will discuss that tonight. But that is why we do this every year because whether you believe in any religion at all whether you are Christian or not you cannot escape the fact that one man dying on across two thousand years ago has echoed through human history since that point. And in fact, I would argue is echoing through history up to that point as well with things that happened. But since that time, I mean, the west exists as it does today in large part because of the Christian faith, the slave trade was wiped out because of Christian missionaries in Christian belief, William Wilberforce, it's very very funny to hear people today in the vernacular Christianity and the west is on the decline, savaging Christianity because. Of things like slavery. When it was the Christians who were the ones who got rid of it, William Wilberforce and others. This is a munya mental event in human history that we talk about tonight. Stricken end. See him. Tis the Christ by managing this most Soltys. Seeing the long expected. David, son, David. His son. God now has. Fee. Masud badly. Gig. Sudas fig. Sobhi scheunemann. Greece. Steamed him. Considered him. And as. Bye. It's a curated here on WSB every year. We do this. I pick out music from listers allot of it from people in the area, either recommendations or from local churches, one of my favorite parts of doing this every year is that I've gotten to meet a number of great people over the years in doing this. And it also inspired me in in part to go to seminary where I have been I and I moved from reformed theological seminary at up to southeastern Baptist rubbing working on my doctorate. I'm actually thinking I may move back to finish my masters. For a lot of reasons. But you know, the the main reason I got into doing this was because after doing this program for number of years. This is the eighth year. I've done this. But a couple years in. I started getting asked to preach on Sundays. And by the way, if you ever want me to come speak at your church. I'm glad to if you want me to preach on Sunday. I'm glad to have done around the country, the very first big sermon I ever preached. He was kind of funny. I had a John MacArthur study bible with me in who was right there. Literally in front of me. No one had told me was going to be there. John MacArthur himself. Man. I was my twenty minute. You people think I talked fast on the radio might twenty minutes urban. I think I was done in five minutes. But because I kept getting asked to preach, and I kept saying no because I never been to seminary. And so I finally decided to start going to seminary, and I do think it's very funny that the churches that were asking they did circle back once they found out. I was in seminary and when they founded on reform some near there. Maybe not. Yes. John calvin. And I yeah, we we agree. A lot. We agree on all those five points nonetheless. But that's why I went in in then I became much more aware that this is a ministry where I really I tried to open up to you in ways that I don't and because of the clock in this hour when I do it with the traffic breaks and the segments. I try to I try to be a little more personal here and get into the the deeper stuff in the next hour, and I will bear with me. But I also like to play the music because the music is a part of this. And so let's listen to this and. This is neat debris. And when we come back, let's get into the meat of this. Why I really feel compelled to do this program will. Surely gum bind. Doc glazing. Seeing your. God. Is. Welcome back to Syracuse in here. This is the WSB Good Friday show. And this is death was arrested by the ministry up at North Point. Zone. Also dead in. See that. Please. No way. Windass was arrested. Again. Redeemed? Skis. So I am on I tunes inap- music. I've got an account at e WRX virtually everything all social media. Eat Erickson on Twitter on Facebook on Instagram on soundcloud. You'll be able to get this on on I tunes through the air here podcast or through sound cloudy to Bjork's, but you can get the list of the music that I'm playing at apple music. It is the Easter twenty nineteen playlist. It is on my profile their extra songs in there. Something I really wanted to play. And just I wasn't able to. Make time. I, you know, I map out the songs before I do the show. And I know there are some songs I wanted to play that I'm not going to be able to play tonight. So there's that I can't talk about what I want to talk about right now because I'm afraid I'm going to cry. And it's very awkward when I do the show in this clock at you know, what I first started. I was nine to midnight and then seven to ten and then six to eight and then five to seven and now four to six and in the beginning, we didn't have suffered traffic. And so it was very awkward. I'll never forget. It was it was poor captain herb we moved into drive time. And I'm literally sobbing. It was it was bad. And I'm afraid it'll happen. So let let me do this in this segment. What do Christians actually believe I always say in you, you talked to differ people in and they'll tell you for things I think there are three boundaries from into which you can pour a lot of things of disagreement. But I think that there there's a perimeter that's formed by three points. And the first point believe is the resurrection. This. So much intellectual capital of early. Christianity was poured into this. And as pulses, and I read the fifteen if the fiscal record of resurrection of Christ did not really happen. We're all fools in. We're ridiculous people. And I firmly believe in the physical bodily resurrection of Christ. And I believe you have to be to be a Christian. Now, there are a lot of people out there who say they're Christians, and they don't believe this. In fact, gosh, I put this up on on the research dot com. The other day, this is not a controversial point. This has been settled doctrine within the church since thirty three D when Jesus Christ rose from the grave, and yet a neighbor of mine, actually, maybe maybe not maybe, you know, there's the gospel Thomas and stuff, and it reminded me of just how bad churches are with doctrine these days because a number of things that that he's he cited including wool, the the formation of the cannon and stuff that they're actually really good answers for that. Like, the for example, they didn't actually write in stone. Basically these. Are the books of the New Testament until about three hundred eighty three three fifty eight d but e you can take the early church fathers who lived in the age of the apostles and just after the apostles, and you can recreate the entire New Testament. It's not like the books were known issues. Nobody wrote them down in the order. They should be in. But they were all known, and they weren't citing these other books. Into Christians really believe the physical bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. You have to believe that to be Christian to begin. You have to believe that it's not in dispute in any denomination. You have to believe that if you don't believe in the physical resurrection views Christ, you are not a Christian that upset you. It's not meant to upset you, but it may upset you. And if it does I'm sorry. But you have to believe that the second point is I do believe you have to believe in the virgin birth. You cannot believe that that Christ was fully, man. You have to believe he was also God, you cannot believe fully God. He also had to be manned for reasons. We'll get into here a little while. But you gotta believe in the virgin birth. If you can't believe in the virgin birth. You can't believe in the resurrection. Oh, I can't believe that God became man. And was would born a woman who didn't actually have a lay with the husband. But hey, I can believe that this person went to hell and came back. No, you if you believe when you probably can't believe the other these are the two miracles that I think are two points. Of that form abound dri for what you have to believe is Christian third making a triangle into what you comports much is the trinity. There are many fine. People minivan were very dear friends of mine. And I know I always feel awkward say that because I know what makes a mad, and I don't mean to Finn. But I really do believe that the third one is the trinity. Now, some people say it's second necessary. But secondary that the DA is more important. I think the d is related to it that God became flesh. Jesus is not some ancillary figure. He is the second person the God head he is he has got himself. And I think you have to believe that in between these things we can believe much, but these things are necessary to get to the all the parameters and doctrines of Christianity. See? I sip role. But you see. Andrew. This. You can't. Crowd. David Crowder for me in. I know he is listened to this very least I've been told he's listened to this program. And I he was an acquired taste for me. I I wasn't sure at first. But then I realized he was going through a a dare I say experimental music, and it just it took me a while. But man, I really really love. David Crowder's music now. Good good. Good guy by all accounts. I have not met him. No number people who've worked with vast. So within those three parameters faith, I the resurrection physical resurrection. The virgin birth and the trinity there so much about Christianity that is in dispute among Christians, but those are disputes among Christians are my Catholic, for instance, are are they Christian guests orthodox. Yes, presbytery. Yes baptist. Yes. If you believe those three things, then yes, I do believe that you are. A Christian, even if I disagree with how you interpret your faith in and there's a lot of that these days of I think there are some people who they want to be liked by the world that they twist their faith. And the problem is historically we see people begin. To twist the faith to be liked by the world. They fall out of the faith. They stop believing things we've seen this over and over and over with people some of whom were great theologians at one time. I was in a bible study need to resurrect call the we called it the dead theologian society. And we only read dead the alot Jains goes we didn't want anybody to start reading about and have a wind up like rob bell. When we come back. We'll see if I can get through it without crying. No, great, Ken, whole, my buddy. They're a green Ken, ho my, buddy. When I hear that trumpet. I'm on a rise out of the ground. They knew green Ken. Oh, my buddy. We'll look down the river. I see bend the angel and coming after me, no gre- general body. No. Ken, buddy? Will down young gave me put you on the land. But gabriel. Were you the one the cruise? By law. Were you? Crucified mine. That is the only song I played every year. In fact, it used to start the there are three verses to this song. And I would play each verse for each hour tonight. We're only doing two hours, and they there are so many Georgia musicians that I like to highlight. I love my Johnny cash. I always play to I always played no grave and always play or there. But okay. So this this is this is keeping it real. And I try to only do this once a year. And I do it now and truth be told I was going to do it in the last segment. So I could move into deeper I, but this is deep is I can go, and I don't have to toss trafficking in case, I cry. My God helped me on a one one. Glenn Beck and Honore. You'll. A friend of mine once told me the hardest thing to be a Christian is one who has never not believed or has no memory of not believing in. I don't have a memory of not believing some of my friends, I have a professor mind from seminary who was an atheist, and he he read Johnstone's book. I actually have a copy of it right here. Basic Christianity, if you are interested in Christianity, if you're Christian, and you're wondering, John Stotts, basic Christianity, read it, and he read it, and he said he got on his knees completely unbelieving in got up from his knees. As if he had never not believed that it was that profound of of a conversion and his wife. Rosemary is like me. He says we we have very boring stories. I just I don't have a moment. My very first memory of my grandmother is sitting in her lap with the golden book bible in her reading the story of Daniel in the lines into this day. My favorite story the bible Dalen the lines. I remember the picture vividly. I actually found a copy of the golden book bible. So when my kids were little I could read it to them. I don't have. I don't have that. But there are moments. Where I have known in ways that I did not know before if you're someone who's driven Christians talk about the the piece that transcends all understanding. And I I've lived that in its these moments like accidentally falling into radio all these things providence never expected to be on TV. I got on TV TV before I was on radio fell into radio. But the week before Christmas here we go. The week before Christmas in two thousand six. I lost my job. I was running red state. We were independent company, and we were out of money and. Dear dear friend of mine to this day. Dear friend calls and told me we read a money. I was gonna have to find a new job the ad revenue. Got away the Republicans lost congress. Nobody was buying ads on a on a conservative site. Now. And I needed to tell my wife, she was at the doctor for an appointment came to the door. And she had this look on her face, and I needed to tell her, but she had something to tell me, and she told me she had to go to the hospital. She had a blood clot on her jugular vein. They found spots in her lungs back in Labor Day of two thousand six we were headed to the beach, and she's in terrible agony. She had all the symptoms of pulmonary embolism. And the doctor either that or it's gallbladder scanner lungs if it's not that scrawl bladder to this lungs, no pulmonary embolism. But they sell the spa they saw these spots and A the we went to the beach. You want to have emergency surgery shit blocked by duct. They took out a gallbladder. We got home. There was a message from the emergency room saying that we needed to call a back. Immediately scheduled surgery too late. But she went into the the skin for her lungs when they were scanning they found the blood clotting jugular vein, and they're like you got to go to the hospital and be treated for this. And she got there and her doctor. So, you know, there is a rare form of cancer, this is one of the side effects 'cause people don't get blood clots there in if they do that they got sponsor the lungs while you may just have this former cancer, we need to do a biopsy. And so they did a biopsy the week before Christmas in two thousand six. And he was the scene of a movie. They called me back down a corridor into a little room. We're just adore with the window. I think there was a window of the door. I don't know if there's a window in the room. There was a two chairs there was a phone in a bible on a table. There was a doctor and his assistant nurse assistant, my laws, and they told us my wife had six months to live that she had a rare form of cancer. And it had spread into her lungs from somewhere else. They did not know. And because there was a storm outside. There was a wreck in the in the nurse's room was full, and they needed as many doctors could go could go and said, she was recovering. And if we wanted him to come back and tell her that she had six months Livy, he would or could do it and towrad lost my job. So I went, and I waited for her to wake up. And I told my wife she had six months to live. She did up believe me, she really didn't. But that's what the doctor said she had six months to live, and I was out of work. And look at the time. I've gotta go gotta leave you in recovery. I've gotta go get Evelyn our daughter. She's one she's at daycare in. It's almost six and I got to be there. And so I leave in the rain it is raining it it's beginning to drizzle now, not raining so hard, and I get and I just can't make contact with anyone, and I'll never forget, we get home, and this old beat up car been my sister-in-law's score was old black Acura and Evelyn the back seat, and I cannot move and I seek in the mud I'm sitting in the mud, and I'm crying, and she begins to just Pat me on my cheek as if everything's gonna be okay. Is everything's gonna be okay. And she's happy. She can be. I've got I've got to get out of the mud. It's raining and we're getting wet and I'm covered in mud now. My wife's going to die out of a job. I've got to feed the baby I got to change your diaper. I gotta get her down for a nap. Do all of this. And I wait for family to come to take over. And I go up to my office. I've put down for a nap, and I just begin to cry more. So than I'm doing right now. Into send emails to people and tell them, I've got bad news. My Christie's gonna die in. There's nothing we can do. I've got six months with her. I'm going to be a single dad. And I went back to the hospital that night in in. She didn't really even remember that. I told her at I told her again that she had six months to live in. What were we going to do? And we begin to have conversations the conversations you'd never wanna have. But it was the conversation that you have to have because you you're in the moment at this point. And what was I going to do? I was going to be a single dad remarried. What would we do with? How would we raise of them? Where should we live? Should we be close to my family? She'd be close to her family all of these things. In late that night the doctor came in. And he said, you know, what we made a mistake. We've never seen this before. And we thought it was cancer. And we need to send it off to the mayo clinic to be looked at. And it turns out it wasn't. Turns out it wasn't. But I'll tell you what. You can listen to this. God had nothing to do with that. But a fast forward ten years from then. I am in the hospital, and I very literally amd dying. I am it is March of two thousand sixteen and I am very literally dying. I have blood oxygen of less than eighty five percent. My lungs filled up with blood clots, and I'm waiting to be admitted into the cardiac ICU unit and my wife gets a call. From the mayo clinic and the mayo clinic says, hey, we inspected those spots in your lungs ten years ago. We're seeing people from that time period who had those same spots, and they're converting to cancer. We'd like you to come out for a biopsy. I'm literally being wheeled into the ICU. It is actually so bad that the doctor sees my scans and asked if they've taken the body to the more get it's that bad. They don't expect me to make it through the night. And I can talk about that now. And I don't know that I've ever said that on the radio before they they weren't expecting me to live. They was that bad. I still have lots of my lungs, and that's how many I had in my lungs. I've still got him in my lungs. But head Christie nut had that happened to her in two thousand six she not had the misdiagnose. We would not know now that she had lung cancer, and they called it so early because of that, and you know, the next day. I it's so funny. The next day, my buddies, and I were partners the red state. We got a call from group in Washington that wanted to buy red state. And so I didn't lose my job. I gotta pay race in a new job editing the site for a for a larger corporations just it was it was all within twenty four hours. And yes, I have seen God's in my life. I felt the piece that transcends all understanding sitting in my office praying begging God for help begging God for mercy. I felt it. I have lived it. I have been there. I know there are those of you who have been there. I know there are those of you going through hard times. And so I tell I forced myself through the tears through the heartache through reliving the pain every year. That's why I do this. Because I know there are so many of you out there who are going through these things who aren't sure. Sure who were looking for something. And I I want you guys to I I've been there. I have been there. I have lived this hell, and I'm happy to share it with you that sometimes it doesn't work at Christie's got an incurable form of lung cancer. She does there is no cure for it. But my goodness. We know God's with us. And he's got a plan. And we know that right now, there's a drug that she takes that keeps it in remission, and we continue to fight and pray, but we've been there. Status. Call agencies souls, Craig. Precious. As the steam days. The. P. The key. Now. I. Slighting? Jesus christ. Welcome back. It's your in here on WSB. This is Good Friday show. Seem to live in. These sway me to come home. Wondering so new place to calm. No where lame. Suit math. That's death has lost its way by band named Carrollton. They're not from Carrollton Georgia. They are good people. They really are. I. Roundabout have gotten to just know them kind of sort of they were very kind a couple years ago. Actually, I guess it was two thousand sixteen when Christina we're going through all of our health struggles. And since the nice package. It was very meaningful to us. So I don't mean, I I know some of you I put you in tears, and I didn't mean to I'm trying to keep myself out of it. Christine are fine. Now, I guess it's time to give you the Eric's update before we get into the algae in full full disclosure deep theologies coming up in the next segment if not now. We are fine Christie has an incurable form of lung cancer. It is genetic you you don't need every year. I say this and people they want us to be rate on testing, and this that and the other inches. No. She's never smoked. No. It's not right on its genetic. Her family has a terrible genetic history of cancer breast and lung, and she did not get the brushing when we first got married. She had a prophylactic mastectomy because her mom data, breast cancer. Her aunt died of breast cancer. Her grandmother had breast cancer. It was called early. But basically all the they'll died a breast cancer say for grandmother. So we did this and turns out she doesn't have that, gene. She has the the lung cancer, gene. And. We deal with it. And it is it has been a struggle. And I've gotta tell you in the last couple of years, we we've struggled with church, and I mean just this last month, you'll has not been easy. It really hasn't been easy. And I haven't wanted to complain on radio. But at the first week in March, she got pneumonia. She's very susceptible to lung stuff. Now, she does take a pill everyday keeps your cancer remission one day the pill will stop working. She goes for scans every three months the the pill typically works for two years. She is now into beyond two years two years. And and I guess six months in now, and it still working we have a scan coming up in a couple of months. It stresses me out every time. Our life is lived in three month increments. And but she's fine right now. She's good. But this past month, she had she had demoniac. She got a kidney infection. She was badly treated by an ER doctor who didn't pay attention to what another doctor said needed to be done. And so we spent days and days and ers we have already exceeded our individual and family deductible this year. And and I got sick as a result. And I've been traveling. It's it's been rough. It's been rough. I my in laws are saints. I could not survive this past month without Thomas, Linda, my inlaws. I genuinely could not have survived without them this past month. They have been such a huge help. But it's been rough, and it has been depressing, and I've had all these these burdens in job burdens and in frustrations and struggles in. And I really at some point. I wanna do I wanna do this show nationally? I wanna have a Good Friday show. Nationally went dow-. I want to have an ashtray. And I felt I've been working and setbacks in and just everything else, and I felt piled on it's it's been rough. So when y'all have hard times, just I say all this because I don't want the I don't need to. Whoa. Is me your or anything? I appreciate the prayers. But I just I I am more and more mindful of the fact that there are so many people who go through garbage months and garbage days in deal with awful things. And they think they're all alone, and you are not alone. And that is why I do this that is why bare my soul and share with you all the problems that have happened in our family because I need you to know. You're not alone. I want you to know that there are people out there who are going through this with you, and it gets better than if you have faith be a faith. Let let your heart be troubled, redemption. Resurrection day is come. Foods. School. Jerez who the sea? The mole. Full them spree. Fresh rome. Sweet. The rain's new. From. I do. The food's good. Welcome. It's you're a Curic sitting here on WSB. This is the final. Oh loan full. And some. On the. Where my show each. Sweet. And. I'm. Full rick. I knew. Man. No sad. It'd be spoke. For time won't man. I'm long. So this is where we get into the theology. The history of of Christianity and of Easter in particular that by the way casting crowns, good Georgia group. Beautiful beautiful song their version of it. I want to spin a little bit of time on. What happened on Good Friday? We call it. Good friday. My sister actually texted me through the day and said what why do we call it? Good friday. And we do because it is good for us. God died on a cross four us in conquered death. He did it for us. The gospel message gospel means good news. And the good news comes with this Jesus dying on across. This is from Luke twenty three beginning verse twenty six. And as they let him away they seized one. Simon of Cyrenaica who was coming in from the country in laid on him the cross to carry it behind Jesus. And there followed him a great multitude of the people in of women who were morning and lemon team for him. But turning to them Jesus said daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me. But we for yourself and for your children for behold, the days are coming when they will say blessed or the barren and the wombs that never bore the breasts that never nursed then they will begin to say to the mountains. Fall on us into the hills cover us for if they do these things when the wood is green what will happen when it is dry. Two others who were criminals were little way to be put to death with them when they came to the place that is called the skull there that they crucified him and the criminals one on his right and one on his left and Jesus said father forgive them for they know not what they do. And they cast lots to divide his garments. And the people stood by watching but the ruler scoffed at him saying, he saved others. Let him save himself. If he is the Christ of God his chosen one the soldiers also mocked him coming up offering him sour wide and say if you're the king of the juice eighth yourself. There was an inscription over him. This is the king of the Jews one of the criminals who were hanged railed at him saying are you not the Christ? Save yourself at us. But the other rebuked him saying do not fear God's since you were under the same sentence of condemnation, and we indeed justly for we are receiving the doer award of our deeds. But this man has done nothing wrong. And he said Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom, and Jesus said to him truly I said you today you will be with me in paradise. He was now the sixth hour. The six hour on this day one thousand nine hundred and eighty some odd years ago, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour while the sun's light failed in the curtain of the temple was torn in two than Jesus calling out with a loud voice at father into your hands. I commit my spirit and having said this he breathed his last. And when the Syrian soul would have taken place he praised God saying certainly this man was innocent. This happened. This is real historians. Accept it. There is more evidence for Jesus of Nazareth existing than there is of Nero the Roman emperor existing there are more firsthand accounts. There are more second hand accounts written within fifty years of of Jesus life, then of Niro's life. And there is this. There were a lot of people who claim to be the messiah there were a lot. And we only worship one of them. We only remember one of them. To conclude that Jesus was not who he said, he was you have to write a lot of people out of history. You have to write erase out of history. Erin, as we know who are it is was we have a lot of his writings era is studied under a man named Polycarp. In here as wrote about Polycarp Polycarp taught him because Polycarp was a student of a man named John and Polycarp studied with another man named Ignatius who we know existed, we have Polycarp, right? We have nations writing through Ignatius and Polycarp in three of the post apostolic, the very first of the post apostolic Clement work with Paul and Peter Polycarp Ignatius work with John and and Paul and Peter apparently had interaction with them. We know from the writings we can piece together virtually the entire New Testament from these three men in their writings, that's how we know that we didn't need people three hundred years later say oh these books New Testament, we had three people and a couple others who worked under the apostles directly who wrote about what they said and through them and their quotes of the original letters and their testee shin that these letters were by them. They said they were from we can recreate the New Testament. People who despite the New Testament can't dispute that fact. And we know Polycarp and Ignatius they studied under John, and they identify John the apostle they did it by John is the author of revelation, and he's three books and of the gospel of John, and John was that I witnessed John was Jesus's best friend. We know from John we know from a Marquesa cat, which is actually the account of Peter that was written by Mark. We know from their can't we know for Matthew who was an apostle himself. We know from Luke who interviewed people, you know, people don't appreciate this about Luke. But Luke gives us merry song. Luke, very clearly interviewed Mary. And the reason we know that Luke had to have interviewed Mary herself these because his his language that he uses shows clear diction of how he translated Aramaic into Greek the word, phrases and choices he made or the word choices and phrases. He would not have made except beat. He was translating make into Greek. So he spoke to someone who spoke. Gear make more likely than not it was Mary. We know these things we know these people are real, we know Paul Israel Evernden. No one disputes. The Paul was real some say, he perverted scripture, but no one disputes. He was real. And and Paul says that Jesus appeared to more than five hundred people, including his brothers included his brother James, James became leader in the church. And here's here's an interesting thing about James James did not like Jesus when they were alive. Maybe I shouldn't go that far. But James Jesus is is some say half brother some say first cousin, but they were they were kin and Jude who wrote a book of the bible, they were kin. And according to John the eyewitness, according to Mark, which is Peter's eyewitness testimony, John it John or James rather. I'm sorry, James and Jude they told Jesus get outta town. We don't want you here anymore. They tried to stage an intervention they in Mary all J J. Jesus had multiple brothers Joseph and Jude and James in Simon and they staged an intervention with Mary they showed up where Jesus was preaching and try to get him out of the house. And Jesus said, you're not my family. These people are my family. They would not come comfort Mary when Jesus was executed and yet James Jude were leaders of the early church. Something happened to convert them James was actually told by the the leaders in Jerusalem, you need to denounce your brother. He's dead and people are claiming that he's risen again. We know you didn't like him you need to tell people. This is real. And what was James response? I was wrong. He's the risen Lord. He's not my brother. He's y'all way. There's a profound statement he said. Jesus is y'all way God had the creator volt things in the local leaders were so enraged they carried into the top of the temple. And they threw him off him proclaiming Jesus. His brother was actually alway the hallway downs splat to the ground and he's broken. He's battered. He's bruce. He's lied. He's dying. But he still breathing in proclaiming Jesus. As lord. According to the eyewitnesses, this is all historically documented, and they stone him to death. Judas killed Jesus's. Brothers are systematically exterminated his whole family line systematically, wiped out by the Romans. All of the apostle save John wiped out by the Romans all of these people, you're telling me all these people were willing to die for lie. All of these people were con artists in it together. They were willing to die for lie. They're willing to spread this story across the world all of them dying terrible deaths except for John. And you're telling me, it was all ally. Really, you're telling me it was lie. I refuse to believe. It was a lie. I refuse to ride your AS out of history. I refused to write Clinton of history. I refuse to write Polycarp Ignatius out of history poli carp man who at eighty years old, the Romans came to him and said, all you gotta do is Baker cake. I'm sorry. All you gotta do is burn incense. Everybody knows. It doesn't matter. Everybody knows. You don't mean it all you gotta do is bake and Polycarp said, I can't. Because I would know I am giving honor to something that would be sinful for me to do. And he said, I've Jesus I've Jesus taking care of me for eighty years. I'm not going to turn my back on him in Polycarp said you don't even have to Timea up. I'll stand in the fire in you can burn me to death. We know this this is documented by the Romans Polycarp win onto the pyre and was not tied down. He stood there as the flames consumed him and some say the flames didn't consume him, and he was ultimately stabbed in the heart. But we do know what is what is not in disputes. He stood in the pyre untied to be burned to death. And we know he was a student of John we wipe a lot of people out of history for this or we can believe now, I can't sell you on Jesus being the risen Lord. I can't it is not within my power to convince you of something you do not want to be convinced of. But I can tell you. There were a whole lot of people willing to die claiming. He was Lord. Would you be willing to die to claim that friend of yours is the Lord if you knew you were going to die by holding onto the idea that your friend was and all you had to say, okay? My bad. He's not. Would you go to your death to defend ally? Because all these people did. In the beginning. God told Adam and eve that eve would have a son who would crush the serpent's head. Which way bre ham. God said that Abraham I'm gonna make a deal with you. You're you're if you will treat me as your God, accept me as your cod. Your heirs will be as numerous as the stars. And Abraham cut up animals and was gonna walk between the animals because in that day. Everybody was literate. And that's what you did. Is you walk between animal parts of symbol. I'm going to make a covenant with my keying in. If I failed lived my into bargain, I'm going to die and Abraham was prepared to die. He was going to accept God is God as his God. And God put him to sleep in God walk through the he could see the vision. God walked between the animal parts. God say Abraham Abraham. If you Abraham screw up. I got him going to die any did on that cross. Jesus was the manifestation of God's love. And he is rescued us from our sins and the sins of our fathers, all you have to do is accept him as your Lord and savior that is the good news. That's all you gotta do in your life would be profoundly changed. The bella. He's away. If you need. You got. I'm Eric Erickson every year I closed with this song. It is Jude's doc Sala Jude. The brother of Jesus who went to his death, proclaiming Jesus Lord on behalf of WSB and my family, happy stir to you. God bless. Reman? Jesus. Has. His speed. Ma'am. He has you from your. Remember remained. Jeez. Bra. Remember? Now free. Man. The league. Say jeez. Laurie. Rand? And. Jesus. He's the. He is. She is. Jesus. The. And.

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Its Episode 19! Guess what happened because I listened!  This is #JustATouchof_J  Pieces for U!


1:04:09 hr | 2 months ago

Its Episode 19! Guess what happened because I listened! This is #JustATouchof_J Pieces for U!

"The baby test talk show. He's he's include could be yohannan. Hey this is just such jay which all did dawn. Oh my god listen this twenty one day challenge podcasting yeah going be share my journeys and everything with the all. So make she all. Listen alright. episode is up next. Hey this is jay. And i'm coming at you getting ready to put it all out. There in pieces baby was correct with my babies. Watch woody all out there doing. Oh my gosh you're out. You're living your best life shannon o'donnell 'cause they hate it baby zillow. What it is that you dude at to dude at two. Oh my gosh. I'm no go out there and why do i tell you. Did i know the cia out the appeal. So wise baby hun. Why first of all. Because god made you them way okay shall do you got you so watch your. He is rewarded to those diligently. Seek out shot sell your some man got his third right now. What's the second reason why you're that. I knew the chill out here being so so baby. Cool your we'll see we'll be a worthy out to be met you got to be through a you guessed to be wise if you are listening to me because this is just a j. Y'all know put it out there pieces for you ed. Third thing that i say is i could be laughing about it no more. I can't but you know this. Something else that i said i give shadow to my haters l. What to say these hanes joe. The base says the disbelievers. The people you know man look did they just can't see they got site daycare. I'll say 'cause y'all need this work. Oh yes y'all need. This worked to okay now. If you just come over to the justice such as jake's variance right a you like way hold on. Who's this girl why she'll be given the shot. I hated that me splits. You like when you were in the dark. Say you and your rome units dark room ray and somebody come in and flip. The switch ballots a light on. Wake you up. Wait a minute. What's going on my will you join. That's basically how they you know they do when you know you shining. Bright bright bright time. Because god's put you off the whole you know you've got this this little lad haddish shawn lettuce shun shun lead is it's on inside of you and it's just shot so bright y'all know like description wh- excuse me gets the scripture will quit matthew bob lunch. You're right gay on nothing wrong now. This is just such. I put out the piece for you. Baby so gear right it says e are the light of the world. We're talking about matthew. Five fourteen unilateral world sixty says that you liked social before men. So i let the light shine and what god is doing. He's led lights shine to and like i said sometimes you won't bunin darkness. You know the dark disturbs the life. Will you shine and on right that low light shower dom like waimea grover this john them up waukesha. They chopped going on. You know like what. I got going on right now. Got some current health issues. you know. I'm basically delaware and you guys pointed out the a piece of war yudo you got shot right there but we got find out what's going on her united lost thirty five pounds. You know chad look like it used to just whole changed. You know god changed. He put me out the full so they like this man. What's on your right. And when he does this. He prepares his table in the presence of your enemies. Right he annoys. Should your cup runs. See my head is anointing oil my cup and all that is running over and you know all this fearlessness is coming out you know but guys not doing it you know do my looks like he you know it was out there before it was just like damn. She's amazing she's beautiful. You know now. I'm just in raw form. It's just me how god sees me amazing and beautiful but other people might look might be like. Oh my gosh like. She's all lola praying for me and they so upset and i'm like it's okay. This too shall pass. This is nothing you know. Looks at not this but god. He's preparing his table to all day. In prince of my enemy annoy my hair. Oil comes running over giving me everything. I need just like thanksgiving all my god. Just like how eight today. Your guests like twenty seven hundred more calories you know. I can only eat fifty calories for like a month a have twenty. Seven hundred child is just a touch j you know he disliked prepared the table for me. Honest stuff out here and you'll get to see seat okay. And what happens is the haters. Naysayers disbelieve is. The people who did you don't wanna believe and you know was hey in august. Whatever just wasn't there like they said it was going to be there. Whatever it is that he's using to get there with tension these people they wanna give blessed by the message. You know as. I got this little thing you saw your first store. One day you know. They're going to be a footstool. The you know they're gonna have to watch you. They're gonna have to watch eat because they got get the lesson so this adjusted baby so basically. What i'm saying is 'cause your need this work. Yes y'all need this work to. You won't be putting me on them pieces for you so look. Thanks for listening and we're going to skate all nova today. Let's let's let's talk could tell you about. The hate is fish and drink if any all out the y'all experienced some hey please macias. Golden justice as at that is basically getting revamps. Okay new versions coming out. Just wait for apple to go ahead and cut that check all back. How it's done. Okay should be done tomorrow. Hopefully okay let's just touches it nor i to put that out there for you but Look you're going over the monday owner seven six on instagram cut. If you had you could see the haters passion drink on near school around and also you can see how putting stuff out the pieces for you. Baby your happy with the whole mold in my house shock stored at sale. Like biggie chow. Molden house. i ain't even in downtown atlanta up. Something nice and lovely. Yes baby took me a day was filling all good must await. Those are the pieces. So i you know. I can't eat too much just at such. Because that's the part of the story that i got to sell like biggie. The rapper big man. And it's just such j just makes y'all go over to make a lump these kitchen on instagram. Okay and he also shoots over to just at such a j or facebook or whatever. I'm putting on instagram. Also shoots over today so if you not an instagram person. You dislike no. I don't do that. you know you. Different countries like my main kevin shelter cabinet does all my clothing and stuff japan. He doesn't have instagram. he's just his facebook. So you know sometimes you guys look at me on different types of social media. Avenues like twitter nba. You know everywhere you know this. Just trees in the bio okay. I'm just shopping. It all out there for you since day. It's you know we go over to the left center left. Let sue guizhen okay. We'll talk about baker kitchen. Shell this. I was up in his jaw. Make it look these kitchen. I just hit me like my little coconut things. Ian all my guys. Cheo forts turkey dies. Today i ain't even gonna lie going for a four and i'm still hungry. This just says i'll what's gordon udalls working out. I was losing weight day thing. You know that was working out doing fitness. The i'm working out trying to eat and gay. Wait look solace make love these these kitchen up in this suite eleven and having a good time. You know of airbnb you know. Just chill okay but Extra you know what i did. Don't try today for make love these kitchen at tried a yellow pepper. Your no. It was a sweet wonder. I was able to rent one. So you know michelle to go back to. But they told me she's child green so gaas laid on my heart. I'm trying beef. Your this is just excessively. I'll know but they say it's good for me and my my my health and everything. So that's going to be my new proteins. And i'm trying on wednesday or i so y'all garbage shiatsu. I scanned try but you don't look anything workout. Jackie says gopi. Okay from you just a grace beef and i know a couple of places so we will go here. We'll do we go. Try it out. But i tried the pepper and it made me think about the green purple because they have agreed to something like a loop pepper steak gel listeners. Dive right that you just got introduced one thing at a time. But if i can handle day in the red like a red pepper or green pepper in like they say white onions are supposed to be good and i tested good on name so we will try you. Jack touchy out. Might come up with cypher. Step was sub shack handle grains. I can't handle rice. No none of that. No grains vegetables and fruit here needed me. Eat at chad. I was e with the years. But that's enough for michelob of vs kitchen so we will be back to talk about their one. Also marl next episode. I got to say we stating all over to the other let. Let's talk about just as fitness. Now i know. I told you i was work out. Do the weight training. I swear the. But i'll have my weights. I left the weights at home. And they got a nice fed with jimmy this facility just place you facility. I'd for sudi. Jim area. It is amazing. Increase upstate so this place is so over. Gosh if i need to show right off the highway. I'm gonna have to put the pieces the pieces for your okay. That's all i can say just fabulous fabulous channels so fifties. But i left the stuff dear. I was trying to go to the gym because he was like colby yudo. It's just such a so. I did not work out today. But tomorrow you know supposed to be have my weight's ships in me and they won't be dropping off you know my family and you'll be bringing in syria daughter there You know nobody. He said to me shaggy my stuff and there's just such a maybe my do it. Hopefully i will. And i will put it out there pieces for your butts. Y'all females are so thorough in wise and all the guys they have purchased my fitness pieces. Yeah justice such a bit kevin. I love you mommy and japan. He designed his delta so thoroughly. He's so wise we got so much. Come to your and my other my other people's stand. Okay he works on all my my beings and all my Exercise stuff this company old. I got some polarity like machines. Shot a working on pieces. Okay and now. We got tailor fit. Okay that's going to be coming to your this guy's stuff and we got the boxes with the little print off my god like it's in the shape of a for yours. You know your data that saturday the put it out there for you baby the best way. I can't do of the way. Okay so we go over to the left. Let's sue waken shown nike and sell you about beep break radio okay to look i just got off the phone with sean. These sean garvey. Yes a b break radio so we were talking about the whole. 'cause you normally be doing the entertainment segment and god leading my heart. I need to incorporate debt into my podcasts. She you're be getting t a what i think about know was going on out here in this baby jay. Y'all know i always got out piece for you. Some get his scoop for your weekly okay. Now look i heard some stuff was going on with our say. Allegedly you know. But i heard you know kim kardashian mighty digital sub like try to file for divorce you know something like that you know al does just did. I heard that bills you was. Do you know he'd been going on for a little bit now. He would talk about their home. You know the river meals with their whole thing. He did with kobe bryant. Shell putting in a song and audio. Y'all know about that. See no then some no sue. You know biden. He didn't do their whole. You know the the Their law with the With the sports with saying you know transgenders things like they should be able to. You know. Do the whole sports staying and compete. You know you know. In women's events in gaza vizor their temperature who just just such a. Maybe that's what i heard. You don't have to put the peace. W hey eddie murphy. A he was all you know what i'm shows that he do you know late night and i heard that he was on there talking about. Somehow he was going to do the whole coming to america thing. You know that's recover your okay. He was on. You're talking about how the story was real. You know the story day him and prince was playing all shutout you prince. The league reprints. How was really playing basketball and stuff. Just just such jay okay. The shirts versus the blouses. For all your about dave chapelle. And we're gonna skate on over. And dave chapelle you know. Now he by his stuff on netflix. Like you know chapelle show and stuff like that but this just touched you. I'm shop it out the a piece for you. That was the rumors that i heard and that's going to be full one one like how mary j. flashing i'm used to do it. Oh what's the full hon. You gotta go would do you get a good. You know what else i got going on. Break ready l. The justice such shell year man look late nights company. Your gonna give you order remix. His songs ever everything me. Oh my god just to say how. Monday to friday nights weber. Clack eight right now. we just do like remakes. Re re re do's on my show a suburb. Things is changing being. And the lessing tell you about just such okay. 'cause that changed to yeah three point six versions would ahead up now. We do a four point zero. You'll be really came up. Four point zero okay. But i can't wait for apple to go ahead and prove that apple. Since they were lying they will do it. Is they want to. Do you know one minute. Your evidence next bit you. They lolly gagging. Would it be but this is just such a day. we work on it so right now push notifications. They had to give fixed. Okay revamps also. 'cause i'm thinking your getting the quality stuff that we put out there and your head to going into all types of podcasts on the app has been cutting off in the middle to and. I'm so sorry you know look here like i said you all know that okay. This is just such j. I just had ordered out the piece from so now. Look i gotta stored itself like biggie. Biggie smalls the to do don't doodoo store said okay. So let me say so. We didn't want and right. And i'm like wow that's amazing like cigna and i'm like oh i need to really get about this situation. I was in because you know. They thought the molded stuff in the house. Xiao moa fungus. I just all of my body of the house. So i don't even think about how long the going on but this is just such a ajay right. So i'm just chomping the mp's remember. I told you the guy told me. Share my testimony. And i was having a celtic and stuff and i was telling you. Please pray for me. You know my vision visions messed up and today in the middle of like basically me having this attack he kinda like stopped but it was just like i was still heavy and got was. I asked him to pray for you. So i'm like right now. Like what like you must be tripping our guard like how do you want me to put it all your stories and you know. Share those social media. I'm like that is a lot. I got five instagram's five baseball's twitter to you. Want me to make a post on everything and their share it all the stores too but i listened and listened. A lady responded from switzerland. She was like oh my god. Please get control because you don't it will be never ending for you. It will be catastrophic. I think was her exact words going to post it. Check it out. You know is dear. You know her name was felicien. So go ahead and check it out or whatever because i got the la you know just just piece for you. So when i did that she told me about toxic. Prevent okay so when you see you see we read. It is so my name is arlene services agreement. When you're reading the post it's called toxic prevent and decide a charcoal but it's made from volcanoes lava any binds to order taxes and stuff. You have your body so look your way. Galleys roma hardest. He said look with sydney. So i looked at up whatever and he said. Look at the look at when people ask questions and somebody s question they said does it take care of mole fungus the body and michael toxins. That's what i got going on in my body. Now look this. Just a touch j. I never noticed it still care. The death bonds it up and it takes it out of your body so the whole ninety days did. I'm up in this house. Because i've been in my house. Miles brand new okay. But i've been in this house and you know. Sometimes these things get in the heat in the air could system stuff and everything you know and And then you gotta suit builders and stuff like that but you know just just today bukit affected like me you piece for you but what happens is is that i wanted to take in that thing for ninety days and i'm getting ready to actually take the next one tomorrow. I have to say one of has colostrum minute in the hills like really leaky gut and everything i got going on but i just want to say you'll how good gatti's you see gadidae so god told me to try to supplement and the supplement that i try off the the missiles and i was kind of like upset with got. I'm like this like how you go ahead and try to set off very at eight missouri. So pomegranate juice and pomegranate juice stops it. And i was like wait. Hold on just such that. You're doing too much. he said. Share your testimony. And i wanna hit and not shared my testimony damage felicia mr. She hit me up and almost felicia hit me up. She told me about the south prevent and then she said the only reason. Why responded. It's because you put jesus out there and you put god. They're not so. She says she told god that she will help. Save somebody like he saved her. So i took the time to prevent. And i never even knew that. The toxic prevent binds mold and fungus and michael taxes in a body. And that's what i've got going on this just a baby. I got to put that out the increases for you because somebody. They're going to want you to try. He wants to trust somebody in china. And i keep trying to tell you. Look at stuff every day. This is just such jay okay. I'm calling your be like they do up when they up in brooklyn and the bronx all that they they said. What's up big. Yeah would mean meaning like it's kinda like high kinda like say hello. You know what's going on. You know crack lagging. How are you doing. You know all those things. It's a slang word you know. African american colloquialism. You know it does something like that okay. For all of my people out the japan madagascar. I love your show to your idea. Do this thing get translated for your suggested. Sacha j i love you. They ghosn nausea. Oh my gosh. I love your this is just such a j. You not put it out the piece for your thank you for calling in everything you do and your messages and stuff. Okay now look somebody out there. And i need you to understand from what i just told you. Okay is a you. Must listen when god's tell you to yes. Don't this just doing my own way. Your i watched choi robbers talk about samson. And i go get into that message but he little message out there. You might wanna check it out. Shall utah new listener. Yes that's surge. Roberts husband you know surge roberts is td. Jakes the bishop bishop. Best job cd. Jake's i'm gonna be his house one day cooking well. Go watch okay but bishop. That's his daughter but anyway her husband. So ray whose appearance did he was talking about. Some sub today about how sometimes guy got a break. You were y'all wanna listen any y'all out here for like your guam today like you broke down. Well listen look dishes such j. He broke me down before you know so now. Listen okay. he said every nishio everytime shell confess they he is lord and i just got to put that out the a piece for. Y'all know that doesn't say but like seriously you know like artist gave your testimony. I just told you there was mold in my house and fund it is an fungus show. Different sides oh. My god lord. Jesus and i was in there police oats. Okay just live my best light being fabulous okay. Don't what it is that i do but again in my lungs in my system and ineffective my daughter's to one of my daughters. She actually got like. I used to build up her body. You know But it was in the system and we never knew so years almost about a year and a half. I've been displeased. You know like. I said new new construction everything. We'd i people live there but never knew so audit which is messing with a semester within mesa. Was you know. But i was in the house the longest because you're not used to travel around the world for work but since i stopped traveling like day. You know 'cause kobe. I was honed. Okay so maybe a home more working from home and things like the right shouts unemployed because i'm collecting data. Just wasn't going auburn. Look kobe hey you know what a guy have you ways for his glory. You don't put on a happy on a stuff got up in me. That wasn't good. Okay and then. I didn't know could eat you know in this league. Good and orders all this chemical imbalances. And i was all emotional your for like years like like almost like two years. I kept seeing. What's going on with my green on drina glam hormones. My hair fill out. This is just such a jake baby like literally like totally totally different than i looked right now. Okay like foreign like really want to some pieces. Things was caught are low. Me just horrible like oh my god could walk. I couldn't see. I keep trying to sell your this okay. I can't even see visuals. Black honey what. Muslims cramped up his mess. Anybody out there mestre chow. Just your whole life. Change would happen. But i listened. One guy told me to go ahead and share their testimony. I listened while he tried to supplement. Okay they made me had amassed sell stuff to to make me go ahead in and share my testimony because he knew i will. Obey obedience is better than sacrifice. Looked at Yes please okay. so what. i'll do is go right on. Melissa and he has somebody tell me. Oh my god he has somebody. Gimme exactly what i needed. See all you gotta do is just listen. This is just today baby. Let's all you gotta do all you got to listen okay. This lesser spill low talented. You can hear and listen. So i listened and miss felicia shot out with switzerland thorough. Wise woman right when she called me up we talking. I'm like miss felicia. listeners escaped my testimony. I'm telling everything. I'm telling y'all you know she's like that's normal. You'll be able to smell like fifty feet away because you know what will happen is is that you know. The histamine is so. That's why you'll smell day. And i'm like oh my gosh. She's like he is like a good thing. But it's crazy you say you in my words. That's basically what she was saying as she was telling me. Audit ins and outs try this. Try that that'll help. Clear it out but take the tax permit. God is tell them you're going to be okay. You just got to heal the your system. You're good so you know what i said to us. I gotta tell your i. So i gotta tell you my my scripture. It's the scripture. That guy gave me about before this happened. i said and it says don't be perpetually uneasy distracted or worried about what you're going to eat don't worry about your body don't worry about you. Close is lifelock more than food and a body more than clothing. Look at the birds of the air. They need the soci- or the harvest. Y'all wanna know what ms felicia started doing. When i was is she started quoting it with me and she added scripture. I know that scripture very well gone through the spirit all over me right now. Yes holy spirit. Yes i fill it any all out the feel that telling you it. Is he head her notice scripture so i will believe how does this just touches j. It's kind of like when god confirms things you pray for something and then all of a sudden he confirms it for you and you just like oh my gosh like that. A number of confirmation right there. You know you pray their job you know. Let the guy have all the blue suit when i get there on the blue suit like waving this day. It was like i said. Oh my gosh how. She noticed scripture and she was like yawning respond to. Because you know god. I told god that i will help somebody and you put jesus up there. I knew because i know. God i know jesus said yes chow. Okay this is just such as she proceeded to tell me. Says she said just try to tax a prevent right but i never knew like i say was molded stuff in the house. Mold fungus yeasts. I didn't know. I had it in my body found out last monday at the head. Low dervis meltdown. Remember i told you about that. Just put it on social media like y'all kids take your was because you know if i put any pieces out there like that he would go on to. I'll going through that day. I think i just need to know. I need to know. I can't take it no more this too much for me but you know you handle you know what about an hour later. Once the doctors know happen boom told me then they said listen. Go ahead put these plates. Your house please please please do. We think you got something more north. I'm like no my house new. You don't put it all up in there. But what i'm saying is i listened any y'all out they're going to go through because you listen because he got me putting this out the appeases for you so anyway back to miss felicia so you know me a misbelief. We got a nice relationship. We talked about when our we'll go to africa together and she towards the world and you know. She has histamine intolerance. I don't have that. But i have histamine issues because of my good so she tells me telling you the socks go help you. She said she called me up one day as she said. You ain't doing good. And i said as she says you not and look. I said they like six hours different from times right. You know and she said you ain't doing good. I know it. I could feel it in my spirit. You worry in this stuff. You need to stop doing there because you stress us. I'm okay she said no. You're not listening to me from that. They four i stopped. She sent me a prior to do every morning most mostly every morning. Okay like when. I say every morning like five thirty four. I'm on the prayer okay. And it's on youtube. And i put it on my own my aunt gracie y'all gonna look at it. Whatever nice prayers dope. It's just such okay. You put the pieces for you all right but she told me no you not. You need to listen. God is gonna make sure everything is okay. Just trust me and trust him. Take the toxic purvey is going gonna be fine you know because i had hit her up a couple times a little nervous. I can you take it with this. You take with jill. It's going to be okay. Chad is just such j. Oh my gosh. And i never knew ahead. The mold and stuff in the house. There was inside my body right to put the deloitte trays out in seoul. Innate told me actually told me it was inside my body or monday. Okay but they told me to put the things out. And then i found out that it was in the house and then got told me. Today bombshell lavishness. You know chilling. You know what he's having a good time certainly a bath and everything. You look sick me a beer seven. Fa gets how many cups. I put in epic epsom. Salt their magnesium cause of member. At first i only do one show and it was messing with me. Did i did too last sunday. And now this sunday. I did three three one four cups. Yes our working. Uptake look pieces. All it. it goes through all day to find out is sitting the house. And the guy says i gotta till he said and i look at what simply taxes prevent and read up in day and i read enough in there so i asked the question does it by michael taxes fungus more. And they say yeah. That's what is four. And this is just such jay. I'm trying to put this out there and peacefully head on now. Listen to what god told me to do. I would never have that toxin prevent. I will never met mess. Felicia i would have never had this stuff. That was all up in be binded. I wouldn't be here right now. I would not be eating for turkey. Thou's in one day. This just judgeship got meet meet like two years. But i wouldn't have been eating it. No not at all. I'd have been jacked up coma girlfriend today and when i called her on facetime i i called her and i took a quarter and she didn't answer and i am and she called me. She text me. And i said i called you and she called me bay and you know she won over. Garafolo body done over and dominican republic jabber. You heard is just says it you know. Stop put out the piece. So she's talking to me. She's like yeah hill and everything. You know it's crazy. I'm a little bit of pain and you know she's. I knew he was doing good and i see i'm doing good. She saw figures. You got everything straight where everything you had gone on. Because i heard from you. I said really calm your face. Saw i said before you call me. I want you to be alarmed. How look i said because you know my hair and stuff have allowed things like that. So i'm like you know i'm just shot her. You know me my role in this or whatever scarf on like that. And she's like. Oh my god. Gillian you loss. Oh so much way like you don't even look like your one hundred twenty prosser girl please about what he was twenty three where roddy i said but i'm eating late. You know like i said. Today i had over twenty seven hundred calories though. I say you know what i'm eating. I said my stuff is a little My food you know. I don't have a lot of options. I said but i'm eating. I wanna eat. And i said my only fifty car. She said but she had like dark circles around. I think that's it because you know. It was more houses as i did and i said but you know that will get better. And she's like oh my god. I'm showing you know nobody knows you don't you. Had everything he was just in november was on his muscles to. She's just like she can't believe it as she is. She was just like upset like my cousin. She was the other day when i show her face on. She was cousin. I'm trying not to cry and say don't cry because then you're going to make me cry right but i'm what. I'm trying to tell you all that. That don't mean i always say you all about because i want you to know it don't mean nothing not because it means something to me because it doesn't because in all it is i really know who god is. He really saved my life and he got to trust. Save yours too seriously. But you ain't gonna listen to them pieces some telling you all this on his podcast right now. Because i want you to know that you gotta listen to god and trust them. You guys were some towers. You can hear his voice. You trust them. I don't care about them. They says disbelieving one. Call you to another type crap. Listen let me tell you how thorough goddess hair somebody called me up and say we should cash it matter of fact. She didn't calm hippy. Or as you wish a cashier gas it got ugly in a. You need anything i need to make sure you heavy. I need to make sure you straight wishes. Zell not a type stuff you know. Send me a couple of hours. Then he had another girl hit me okay. is she the one. I'm talking about right now. be before that. She sent me a bible too. That are re or the town. Okay saudi you go. You know who you are. I love you okay. Brazil i love you baby. Okay thank you so much on your husband your family and everything okay. Then he and my other girl hit me. Okay toy you shout. Utah usa thrown you. So why not doing. My best friend toy you are okay sought sawyer. One time you know you know got so many do south of your anita hill is to make sure i gotta be obedient. I should've just three days ago. I said what she says. You guys are cash episode like that. I say yeah. But what. I gotta do this so she sent me six hundred dollars when it was going on with. Send me for missing. I said i thought she says sixty was a mistake. The justice donald j babies. She said no no no three days ago. God's me of duties. And i listen. I gotta be obedient us okay. A mother girl shot usa model just yesterday. Four honey pump. No problem here make sure you go ahead and you put up the anything you need to do. Please let me know how can help you. And that's just the does nothing. Adding are free doctor's visits you know what a doctor's the basic like. We don't even know what's going on which you so. We charge you for this visit. Three hundred four hundred dollars people like just doing everything. Because i listen so got me to do. Because he said my greatest sufficient for the man nurse my mercy's a new every day. So if you out there struggling you go do something. You feel like god trying to tell you to do so but you don't wanna do. I suggest you go ahead and listen all trying to set up these pieces for you baby. His trauma your down. Which maybe you don't want to believe because something somebody else to say. You know. Maybe too much guy for them. What you got going on you know. I don't wanna but you'll need to worry about nothing. All you need to do is say you know what i need to really start. Focus on to focus on it and if you out there you won't do that and got it really put things out the pizzas for you. We'll go ahead and listen. this is just. It's such a j. always worse. Says you know. I will not leave the norfolk safety. I will be with you. Just be strong and courageous and good courage. Joshu it'd be emission ceo right. Take you out this saturday. Got gotta put it out the pieces for you. Let me see a lot of bible. Bible so thorough. Oh so happy. She sent me this bible and trying to name drop by name out there and stuff like that you know but you know i just really feel like you know. I want to knowledge them. You know and i think because sterling wise but you know when when god does something like that with people and he put it out there. He gives you things that you need. He always provide what you need so do. Listen you'll get exactly what you mean. But joshua is joshua chapter one in a bible. I will be with the all the days of their life. You know he won't be wishing you whatever you need. But you gotta seek ye first though the kingdom of god his righteousness. There won't be added in the you if you go out there and you're doing what it is that you wanna do for you. Did you seek how i so he. You're not you gotta seek first the kingdom of god and all his righteousness. You gotta getting to his his presence. So then you'll get the presence some y'all out there y'all be honest thing like this new real quick please you know about bills or whatever goal or whatever you got something going on you want to be his best friend. No he no. You already know why he's doing it. Then you know churchill more. You'll want to give no praise or more you. I ain't prayed in a while. Yeah bet because now you'll need you. You didn't need nothing. But you know like. I say like with samson. You know sometimes guy teach you a lesson. He'll bring you down to your lois. You know just so he can get you the tension and it's just such a day you don't want them pieces you don't want them pieces so he's putting me out there for you. You know so that you could see what it is that he does and for his glory so i just wanted to drop it down on. You say you were happening day. You know 'cause somebody senate but if you listen you'll be like just as such a baby. He will be you want me because it's just such i dropped up. We got got sort inside to put it out there like biggie. I mean an end. As you're making you sexy janet jackson berry boys. I come up with another voice. Eyadema was something else you know adequately called sina movie voice. You were bad will look to me like sugar spies you my god yes that will right. Did at t. marie i good. You've got to say it soon. Yeah man oh my gosh to pay like me. Oh man maybe. I'm gonna call it senior. Vp voice. i don't know but anyway this is just such right and i'm gonna end delights. Who who is says come on. What is this what is this. What is this. This is just a j. o. k. Put it out the mp cisco right so mad at the skate order to the letter. So i guess. I could And say you what. I'll tell you the first thing that i tell you when i'm leaving about this thing is don't let nobody make you feel like you ain't the then why Yes please downs. You can't shoot him And you cannot make yourself you either and listens ago. Check yourself because you reckon yourself you definitely making yourself feel like you ain't thoroughly wise. I promise you with that. One you are. You know you need to recalculate some days. I could always called you to do something and say you do it this message for you. Okay do what it is. And he'd tell you he'd say okay. Now what's the second thing that i tell you i'd know so crazy but such all my god just such a j. all these other pieces eight number got i swear back but the second thing i'd say your with the left you try to make my extra okay is yes they hate it and the your pets and zoo what it is that you do that you to that shoots just who sam gets shackled you re on a girl because she out there she signed she's dropping bows got just going on gordo de or okay as lovey okay she out there giving them just as such a new area that she can and that's the shawnee do need to shine bright show okay nonetheless thing that's how your is i'll tell you about love and you gotta shine on him and give him the love you gotta spread love because it's the putin away and it's just a touch a baby this really put it out the pieces for you spike says the world knees toes yaldo net knows what their part is so i though but spread the love because it's reciprocity man this like when god tell you to go ahead and do something he's trying to give you his love the reciprocity all you gotta do is listen home my gosh can be sitting cruise. It's just such all you gotta do is listen at see. He shot put out the his his free does so spread the love. Because it's the parkway and it's just it's such today i will give you a quick recap all their assets. Your was asocial story. You know like biggie. Smalls the rebel. Put it out the for you. And i'll let you know we're habe half dolan. How wise guy. He's so that he's said it all up. So that way i can go ahead and take the tax Somebody all might be like. Why are you had to go through it and all that. So yes so i could tell you all these pieces cause some. I need this work to for his glory. He'll use whatever and he goes to us. Okay he could use you use anybody. You have no idea what this is about you know. Hey mike has something to do with the builders are how they are here to a forty stuff and you know now you know they might be here sufa like millions of dollars is still because you don't got sick so i'll just said okay all i know is you gotta listen to gab. Okay when he signed. Tell you to do something that's all. You gotta do do it. Because he gave me toxic a whole month ago and attacks the prevent shout the socks prevent and they're not paying you anything but you know look they up germany. He gave me a german product. Wasn't even here in the united states from a lady. They hit me up on instagram. Because i share my testimony. Okay because he told me to at these told me to try to supplement that made my man sells goes off. And i'm up here questioning. But i said okay. I'm gonna listen to you because obedience is better than sacrifice and i know. God's word tossed guy must know something more. Let me go. Shared his testimony. Miss felicia what they put it out the pieces for me and let me know everything i needed to do and that he had confirmed the scripture was reading to her. She started quoting it. Oh my gosh birla wise guy and then all of a sudden i go to the doctors. The head is little breakdown on cry got blue. He finally tells me the same day hour later. Okay this was wrong when she got fungus. You this all being your body. And they like just please. My doctors is begging me. Just put these placing your house because if you own going nowhere something is got in you and you don't know how and put it up in there and i see it's all over the place. The little the little mole cassette place you put in. Your house is detected all different types of strands. But how thoroughly why's he was. He saved my life. You know how you say my life because he had me taking a product that binds it and take sadate system for thirty days. And i never even knew and this is just a j. Jesus thank you got you so thoroughly. So why's he put that the pieces for me. He say my life. So i say that. Say you might wanna listen. You might wanna listen. God's you to do so you might wanna listen so he can take care of them pieces for you are right so look batty here. Okay of love your. Oh my gosh. I love your listen to me everywhere. God created a platform. So that i could put the pieces out there. I just want you to watch him. I wanted to your give your video tonight. But guy said no wait. He said don't do it now. He said we. I'm sorry you're on belgian anything. He said wait and so this weekend. So i'm doing video. Okay i'm put out your mauricio you'll have a look now and everything. Let's see my show. Your my hair fell out and everything. Just just subject. 'cause i can't wait for god to show you how you going to heal these pieces. You know he's already hilling. But i just i just want you to see the walk of it. I want you to see how are look so that way you could see how look later. Okay when he gets off his family's nisar okay because he put out the pieces for you because somebody got to believe this is what this is about. He wants you to believe all know who this is four some. I'll did not believe it. I am this. Podcast was just to get you to believe i saw about it here and be pay when i got something else to say. This is episode eighteen among twenty-one days. A podcast nineteenth common gonna be a net shortly allama babies. thank shaw. Keep me a prayer. I'm keeping you on too. I love this thing right here. Alert us all right. Bye-bye hit this is this is coming at you put cash to work. This is coming at you. These kitchen and better sound. My name is our own an asset six on instagram bay. Pass y'all more about the moms for gas. This is saw good matab. Synthetic sundown forty five minutes to sediq seconds. Put a kid and saying move to coming. Heavy present text message in south. Bend like a pimp. You sell out for you the way i just know how to death going through your head. Mother and better she said had fulham myself. Go ahead and busted open showing. What a big half of saying even got a whip grip. Rangpur step is going. Kip reddit with words of wisdom new chummy while absurd to try and touch me out in public. Because they him one appear like skin. When they can burton. Self-conscious face blush with levi's put a taper on my tongue breeze but i'm still hot humid in the city but i'm sitting comfortably sent that sundown forty five minutes to set by second put a kid. I had ten check big move. And we'd teach vega lessons overhead to president. And i'm going to time like message in south. Fill yourself out feel bad for you so we have made it. Oh my gosh you know what i'm gonna say. Just be doing whatever. Wait a minute shower hodel second. This is just. It's savage your member of songs. Listen i got another one for you sustained. Tim right as all he needs is just such a day. That's what's next. I i love babies. Check it out mobile you when i do. All he needs is just such a chases pieces is not gonna whereas right is just. Such is just sunday young mississippi to visit brass raid. This like soup. Kitchen vs kitchen is expected. To be changed is thank soup macchiato global to make these is foot. Tell you touch sweeping your head system on unidas just touch it. Jay emaciated download digested App to the league's are on the bio shots at eleven. One life. you know you right. Hey y'all this is. It's such a g bb which all did on he allowed signing on because they hated living your best life. Doing what it is that you did. Listen mama got a drop down one. Y'all but i want to listen to the song of the week right. It's a remake. You know which is such jay to let me know what job thing call it. Yeah full songs won't be coming up soon and makes y'all go with a making them these kitchen baby and check out the justice such a j app to Mama just dropped the ah sweet potato brownie recipe for young justice satiety. At y'all y'all one day i know you. I listened to the sounds they up next. She joins momma got some ground is a ground for you. Justices put it up into. He's out the company who said i. She knows head did substitute thousand best. Not your normal spot child. School didn't kitchen can't don't pieces food did.

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Ep 264 | When Phil Met Steven Tyler, Willie's Diet Competition, and Churches and Gender Pronouns

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Ep 264 | When Phil Met Steven Tyler, Willie's Diet Competition, and Churches and Gender Pronouns

"Him unashamed what about you. So jason interesting because you just in texas without amount of last guess so texas has been. I guess you'd call. It opened up more from the corona virus for now pretty good while they were one of the first states to say you know. Numbers are down. We're basically going to open up businesses and that type of thing. Could you notice the difference. Being there did seem different to you. I was curious to just their texas is a big state and camping out in allston and allston. How would i describe it it it. It's much more left wing than the rest of the state means left so You know it's like you would. You can't go into a convenience store without a mask. Like here in louisiana man by sending so even without a mandate by the government or the governor in that case the people that still own the places or in some areas are still enforcing to well. I don't think it's the people working there. You're you know these people. May i was pumping gas. And i'm outta gas station throughout outside. Well over six feet. I would say sixty feet from and there's a guy walking in the store and he says where your mask and so i looked around. There was no one standing behind. And i went not gave them a nod. I mean what. Am i going to get upset. No didn't like the way. I looked and inconvenience towards. You'd have more things more encounters. i well. It's because it the area that i'm standing but you have about every once a month. I hear some different ways. Jason having some kind of usually bad encounter to convenience stored. Jason is gonna end up in a shootout convenience store was one of the reasons. I don't do convenience all because it's inconvenient. I don't do it because some jerk walk by and say where's your mask. Long rangers. Our main western matt dillon. What what are you talking about. Yeah well it's like you're right the more leftwingers you are the more you're going to have people you know they come cairn's for some poor people named karen source of all that is fear. Yeah just a little bit of mine in other people's business well last phase. I mean if you ever walked past somebody and look over. And they're doing something you may or may not like and you felt called a bone to call them out sixty feet away for anything. Have you ever done that. I an outlaw. In the eighteen hundred. And the days of met dillon. Go is going to be the only time i might ask. Where's your mask. If i were an outlaw. And we're fixing the rav state code and you don't want to let people know who you are put to mask on any other thing. Does that make sense. Well i thought that at and i were walking past a little strip mall and we were walking past the door of a liquor store and had the sign on the door that you had to wear a mask and i looked inside and there were a bunch of people in. they're buying liquor now at masculine. Would you've ever thought ten or twenty years ago. That people that go into liquor stores will be encouraged to where it might ask him. How many times they get knocked off you back in the day though. Now it's just a weird society that we're here is a dreaded thing among the lost and they're thinking well maybe this will save me. Some of it is some of it is not so much back to the gospel again. That's i don't think it's as much like in that case i was not breaking any agreed upon rule. You accent j. j. Jesus man what was the most oft question our statement made by jesus concern in these matters. He said do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. However an oh man oh man dino what number five was fear. The lord the lord. I have a good lesson on that. I think i've given before dante. This one story part of it is just living in a different society. But i think it's a it's a fertile ground for sharing jesus and i'm real proud of my wife. She has numerous bible studies going and she's just taking it on but it's like jail surprise me so he said bring your golf clubs so knew surprise. He wanted to take me somewhere by the way while. You're there. I've seen more people converted to jesus in the last couple of years especially during the corona virus. I've seen more people come regardless than any other time in my life on the earth because now they people seek something strong statement j. So he takes me to a place that he knows. I wanted to go. It's all all. I want out of the bus because there was also moves awesome. Golf course it's been on tv. There's event there. So did the math. But i don't wanna say like on the ways the only thing he said you know i went here once before and so i'll just take because he was kinda looking at me in an awkward way as i'm driving like looking at my what i have on. Its by the way. When i went with him he didn't he didn't have to do is just so throwing that out and said so. You don't look like ago. Oilfield look at me so so anyway here he said. Here's what happened the last hour here. I said okay as. He's looking at me weirdly. I'm i wasn't sure where this was going because i i said i have a mask. And he said no. No you let me tell. My story is okay. He said so. I go out to the putting green. He's waiting on the people to who's going to meet up with and he said a guy walks up to him and says a Tuck your shirt in and so shirt and way look down in jail. Had it like three quarters. Tuck dan joe and marked out in a while and get a little sake. Well he's having a problem with twenty five percent stay in touch and so we are on a golf course. Yeah so he he makes the adjustment and so then he says i go to the driving range and he said a young woman comes out and says sir and because it's so job looks down because he's they can. He's sprung a leak here again and she says. Can you turn your hat around. Because he had his hat turned around backwards. And so i was li- now i'm feeling uneasy about headed. He's i know from so then before he sees all he has to go the bathroom so he goes to the bathroom he now has. His shirt could be wrong with that ever. He has his tired around so he makes looks in the mirror. Hey we're all good. He said i turn around. There's two older gentleman just staring at me. Always a bad sign and the rich and the rest. That's what i said that i'm thinking about it. That's turn this are look down thinking i got. What else more can. I do wrong sir. Please don't urinate on your shoes. And maybe that so one guy says sir you need a haircut and the other one whoa and the other one as in. They were a team of confront her said shave. And jeb said. I'll keep that in mind and he said so. I was like jill. Why are we going here now. Look jay she would've entered a zone. Where the these the. The tire police. The in the in the gray in the words of the great ted knight in caddyshack realized that at bushwood some people. Just don't law say. But i was thinking nine can take took my shirt or my hat when he said that i thought okay we may have prom. I mean i've let myself go. So i've added another one tomorrow. Not only do not do convenience stores. I don't do gawking courses. It's it's funny. Is i wonder why don't go out there and as much as i care i said i'll tell you what we pulled up and because i looked around and realized oh this is so you feel like looking eat off the grass and so i put my hair in my hat and i said yeah. That really helped a lot. Well let me give you a little quota attack With the brothers. Yesterday god does not do favoritism he does not show favoritism no matter what the color of your skin the clothes on your back. Wherever you came from your ethnicity not god does not show favoritism period therefore we should beat the same and the counter to their favor to canada. That is that all men who are members swanky. Golf clubs do show favoritism. Yeah that's a microcosm of the kurt culture. We live in jas. It's a dangerous thing. Never doubt that made it. Favoritism is is brutal sam. What made it worse is because you had to play with a member. Our member friends they were. They invited us into the clubhouse. They're proud to know your famous people you know and so then japan i. This is this. you can't make this up. We both forgot our wallets. And so now not only. Do we look like what everybody's thinking we don't have any money. I actually am there of a homeless man in this place. I don't have one dollar ma. Brothers as believers and our glorious lord. Jesus christ don't show favoritism suppose a man comes into your meeting goff correal today doubt wearing a goal ring and fine clothes and a poor man and shabby clothes also comes in. We're on the golf course if you show special attention to the man wearing fine clothes and say here's a good seat for you but say to the poor man you stand i you you sit on the floor by my feet. Had you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts. It's a dangerous thing favorite top to bottom and the smallest of cases and you got a glimpse of it or biblical answer for that trash. I think it affects you. Because you know. I'm a decent golfer and i played really well but on the first tee box all these people are looking at me. I've already. I'm worried about this. So yeah i topped it. All the t third house like what. Why am i doing this. why am i here. Third of our congregation happened to be homeless. So and the police said they dealt with them for years so now were there and there are brothers and sisters and they're homeless. I think to bring up how you dress would be a little so that you know who is a really good golfer and has been as live and loves golf. You'd never think this alice. Cooper of kuban. They'll rocker alice. Cooper the long hair the crazy man who invest tunique came up with school School's out forever ever wherever my boy marine. That up is can you imagine the list. Alice cooper probably got rolling into some of these swanky got little heavy on the allied maybelline but other than that they decide. You're the first probably per person of fame that has a certain look about them did has been looked at they tell me alice. Cooper's dad was in fact they preacher baptist preacher bala and then i less went rogue you know and and i don't know how that finally worked out. Maybe the hardest people to reach our preachers daughters and sons true. I never forget when dad and mom met. What's the guy's name from aerosmith lead singer for that group. Yeah aller tyler's something anyway. Steve tolin steve tower. I didn't hear that it just hit me. I was going so we may as well. That's what i was gonna say. We made him in the trump at the lobby hotel one night and he was carrying a pizza and a little bitty pekinese dog. I mean you look up. Here's this guy you rank them. How could you not. He's holding a beta a little bit now and we're checking in and we're we didn't say anything. We were used to being around famous people he was. I got one of your decoys. We incorrect correct as baz. Is that right. yeah man. I'm linda duck up in new hampshire on my farm and it was just a surreal moment to be this dealer data. The ole-ry leave there with with a new thought for tighter. I'm thinking they'll do. They'll say stuff affects you say it does it do not show favoritism even utilized has. Let's take a break. 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Check them out. No it's crazy as we're an act. Eighteen where he went to corinth. And because you you realize that in these letters i mean can we say the carinthian church probably was here so that no other church gets a bad. How many problems we have always for the worst church of the verse cholesterol. The ldl guy has a tough crowd. Who had rodney dangerfield. Dangerfield's had it right because the apostle paul would agree. You know tough crowd here however however you know when he got down the inverse eighteen the lower because he was getting persecuted from. He was preaching at the synagogue. And which is why you gotta remember corinth was a turn into this port city and think actually was negro who built that canal. Still there today. I don't think it's wide enough now for commerce. But i think now the place where a lot of world traveler naval right even people coming going and you know like the marine corps get. They got a group of them. The soldiers port city. About getting well when you when you think of them have the ability to give gifts miraculous gifts. Well the speaking in tongues would come in handy here because if you're trying to get jesus to the world and you got the main biggest city in greece. You would need that gifted car. It's awesome. you know. And he was having trouble with the religious people so then he just goes to the greeks. Well when you have a big city. The biggest in greece at that point we know what big cities are like. I just described one so there's a lot of frivolous behaviour mischievous going on. So then when you get over into the carinthian ladder your light. Oh okay okay. Starting understand why. Surreal for data. We were athens. We mentioned the last time we were talking from eggs. Seventeen when you're we were driving to a location and it hit me. 'cause i look up it's like we're on their version of interstate in the signs. Like corinth exit right here. You go up the macedonian exit like all these places we read about in the bible. They're still there. I mean i mean there's or some version of it is still. There is still a little bit of mischief going on among the population in greece. We saw a lot of problems. Yeah but at this time it was a rolling. I mean they were. They were rolling. You know but what. I was gonna say as what what appealed to me in this story. I mean there was a couple of arses stood out i mean one later on is is probably the most obscure verse in the bible because we were talking about how we look and our hair and all this but you know with they they sailed off after he met priscilla and aquilla. It's just a it's a where is the. I was reading this the other night where it said that paul had made a val cut his hair. Yeah in verse eight. Oh and the second part of verse eighteen. It says before he sailed he had his hair cut off at. I don't even. I say that century sensory Because of a vow he had taken all about and put it in here. It was just going off point for lou but in obviously meant something to paul. Well when i read that shaved his head yeah because he had taken a vowel. So i thought stay away from making bals considering hair. Stay away from this. It's like when you get caught up in the motions and you make a bat with somebody. I mean it's like. I'm always talking to willie the other day. And he bet somebody a guy. We play galway on who could lose the most weight in a period of time. He was thirty days. It was a month and i heard the story though the night from the game and willie lost by one pound on and so i've forgot what the what the winter was on the table. It was a it was a it was ten dollars a pound for. That's what i was ten dollars pounds. But i mean you know. There's three hundred bucks because they lost about ten. I mean if you whip them this could get get expensive and the guy willie was about well let has got plenty of money but the guy he was battling against hebrews yard that that's not needed he ain't got a lotta firefighter so he he was how i was so nervous because i didn't know i thought man those robbers competitive you know and then willie's got his car and he looks thing and there's a a box of doughnuts flaming hot was appro. Willey said i spent a small fortune on have catered deliveries to everywhere. This guy went in the twin cities. Now that's just me. It's more money allows just trying to trip him up shows you so much but but that was just a lighthearted point but in nine and ten when he says one night the lord spoke to pollen a vision he says. Don't be afraid keep on speaking. Do not be silent for. I am with you and no one is going to attack and harm me and i love this line. It's just because. I have many people in this city which he was talking about corn. Which i sharing the gospel though. That's that's a good code. Remember load this member. Time in my life where i read that. We're it changed. Mar the way of things. 'cause i thought i want to be this guy from god's perspective in western isle louisiana and you know i was talking about austin earlier. I want to be that guy. Because i'm not sure how many people he has in that city even though it's very big place but that made me realize the all god is always working. He works through. Jesus he works through jesus in us. He was doing that at this time. And nothing has changed since then. He's still does that and for him. You know jesus to say that. In red letters i think that's a profound statement that everyone is a disciple of jesus should think about now. Are you looking at the opportunities. Because i think a lot of times god may be sending you faithful and you just. You're not looking at at it. From that perspective are they need to think about the mindset to because it says Paul so after be untold. Don't be afraid of mini baby. So paul stayed for a year and a half teaching them. The word of god to ham this thing about this jesus saying is getting in my way he just stuck out a year and a half right. There just camped out there. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah people coming and going tough town. Tough crowd you say. He's riding amid eleven. He said don't be afraid. Well he also had special. Imagine the people who dealt with. Because i'm just looking at it. Two thousand years later at the ones coming and going and not a whole lot has changed out a whole lot exchange. But i do think a lot of times or afraid to speak up because let's face it. Our our culture is not in some circles of our culture is not very popular to have a message about jesus. I was reading. I was reading about a little third grade girl in mississippi. And 'cause i keep up with the group which does a lot of religious liberty court cases and she wore a mask to school. Because i adore wear masks in this. Jesus loves me on. My talk comes in there and they said no. Can't you can't wear that here. Yeah interschool meditate it off. So she goes on. She tells her parents. I guess they gave her another mask where they went up to school. Or like why. Can't you work because they knew you can wear. Blm can wear this you more that you can wear whatever but no jesus loves me at this little school going back. I thought to myself that's just. It was a little girl she probably didn't make the you know i make an but now this case is going to go to court because you try to shut it down these united states four or five years ago they ran me through the wringer you know. They just came. The attack was full. I looked up and now you know. Bill o'reilly's expounded. Or what an idiot i am. And they're gonna. They had priests come along and say well what to expect. Percents i'm redneck. And they're all week of discussion was quoted bible verse and got them all stirred up to you and your brother there. That helped me more than anything. That's ever happened. That helped me more to say. Yep i'm on the right side of this thing. I'm going spool. Speed ahead and i'm not going to be here to the right or the left. I'm just now gone but it helped my faith when the attack was at its peak. Us at the now am beginning to understand. What the apostle. Paul and all of them are saying. We must go through the hardships to enter the kingdom of heaven. It's up to other people to hang onto this to break so a lot of people these days it's all about and except for you dad computer screens and earbuds because every meetings i mean. It's all about the computer. You're trying to listen flared from the computer when it was first introduced and i and i have no complaints about doing so. 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But what i was gonna say is so you get the the foundation for where the chargers at car started see. Now you have people there in. I don't think it's an accident that a power couple. One of god's power couples for cilla and aquila were part of that foundation there. 'cause speaks well of husband and wife teams which is gonna get when you get two corinthians one of the problems was the gender identity and i even thought about that when you mentioned that middle if that might be somehow connected to some of the discussions he had about hair. Maybe that was intensification. There was a lot of homosexual behavior going on at that time and at the current time just gender bending when read first and second corinthians you're like oh there you had all these problems not just that yet divisions the you know the lawsuits among each other. They were getting drunk on. Lord's supper pretty much anything you can think of. You couldn't great. You couldn't tell male from female. Bob survey shing well right. Pasta power ran into that. The hair thing and all of that speaking of weird rebukes you know i was in building which there's multiple passages about. The god does not live in building. I was in a building and was confronted by two older gentlemen and they said you need to take your hat off when you come in the building. I said thank you and i get walk. And so they kept coming. They were like as in now they were. They went the second leg. And i said appreciate it. Christianity spanish one of them quoted the verse in corinthians were said if a man does it uncover his head. So i'm like oh they come not in love but you know they come with versus and i said with versus i said gender issues now that stopped because they thought i was crazy. They know what i was talking about. But i was referring to the passage that they thought about context of what was going. Yeah because i believe the problem was you had men looking like women and women little like man. They were all gathered up. Say hey so what the problem is. And what i wanted to bring up. An i taught a class on this. I have a few notes. I mean this was years ago. So i don't really remember off the top of my head but some of the things i i wrote down is i think it's interesting that i believe their problem was that they have been spiritually decapitated. Which is the worst thing that can happen to a church. If you lose connection with the head which colossians two nineteen says that he says in the early part of chapter one he says he's is the image of god. And then chapter two. You've been given fullness in christ all the deity lives in bali form in jesus then it says and you were circumcised and the law was cancelled with any goes into people that are in a church that have lost connection with the head and it goes in to some of the same problems that in colossians that was happening in corinthians but the last verse of second corinthians the last verse in chapter thirteen and verse fourteen. He says may the grace of the lord. Jesus christ the love of god the father and the fellowship of the holy spirit be with you all if you started with that verse and went backwards. You figure out. That was their problem. Because you think about it. They had human divisions what is the what is the answer for that realizing god is your father because that brings everybody together. He made us all from one man. He made all nations of men. You think jesus is our lord may the grace of the lord. Jesus christ the love of god and the fellowship of the holy spirit so you so what does what does jesus answer. As far as problems will look at look at what their problems were. they were divided. They had this pride issue about. We are who we are. You know no matter what they had lost their purpose goes. Their purpose was basically. Go meet at the building and fight. You can make an argument. That same problem is front and center and these united states of america two thousand year later. Yeah so i think they issues not recognize. Jesus lower made them. Were they did. They weren't living out their purpose because they had lost connection with their the body of christ. They represent jesus but that wasn't happening in the world. They were gathering up in the bill and then the third thing that the fellowship of holy spirit they were all pursuing the gifts of the holy spirit. But we're lacking in the fruits and and so that leads to human performance. They were basing everything. Oh look how great. I am the make things i can think about if you go. By human divisions human pride and human performance that is a recipe for chaos. Which is what was going on here. And that's why. I think he said this. Hey then and now think about this chapter. Fourteen of first corinthians which is where all the the things about the gifts and all this this view of the women's role in the church because they were functioning in pride in their own performance and in divisions and so that's very controversial passage. He in fact he started off saying stop thinking like children. I mean he's rebuking him. He's like you've got women holler from the back while somebody's up. Talking in people are experiencing these gifts emotionally or what is chapter fourteen inbetween. Just think about this without getting into the weeds of the details of that chapter. Thirteen is the greatest chapter in the bible about love in chapter. Fifteen is a reminder of the gospel so you said well what is there. I i know this. They had a love problem and they had a jesus a lack of jesus problem and that was sandwiched in between all the chaos. That was going. So what's happened in our world today unfortunately is a lot of people will go to chapter fourteen and try to figure out some truth. Their own how to operate with the roles are gender roles or the miraculous fruits of the spirit. Or and they're they're missing the point. There was a love issue and there was a disconnect of jesus issue. Whatever happened in chapter fourteen. That's minor compared to those two issues. Because if you don't have love and you don't have jesus as your as your focus. Well what do you think's gonna happen. It was it was destroyed. Take him up right so that was the foundation for my study. I did point out that. In first corinthians alone jesus is lowered is mentioned that phrase over ninety times which is a which is a profound fact because you say what it what it what do you. What do you think there problem is. They hadn't surrendered. Jesus he was not the focus. They were not connected. They weren't getting the relational aspects of this. They got all hyped up on. Cnn the miracles and then trying to apply that to each little group of all the division. That's why when you get to first corinthians twelve and he talks about the bodies a unit were all part you got ears. You got knows you all these famous verses that we use like we're we were baptized into one spirit. There's no male or female or he says the same thing he says in galatian so he was trying to get them to focus under jesus as authority and that's why when he got a second corinthians he started sharing with what your purpose is here until he's like we have the power and jars of clay. You know we commend ourselves to people's conscience where new creation it goes on to say we're ambassadors. As though god were making his appeal through us for god made him who had no sin be send for us become the righteousness of god. I mean it's like we he wants to use you so so it comes back to the same thing to finish Just kind of outline of what. The class idea is that you can either be selfish even in church or you can surrender to jesus and let him you and it doesn't matter where you're outside of a church or inside the same principle applies. You can get so caught up in the great things that happened in miss. Who's giving him team. Yeah and pretty. Well he said the same thing to the roman church. You have no excuse you who passed judgement on someone else far. Whatever point you judge the other you're condemning yourself because you who pass judgment do the same things. There was a lot of that going on at car. Now we know that god's judgment against those who do such things as based on truth when you a mere man are amir woman pass judgement on them your neighbor your brothers and yet do the same things. Do you think you'll escape. God's judgment or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness and tolerance and patience not realizing that god can this you toward repentance. He says you. That's what was going on a car. I it would just a group after group after group and they're all accusing each other. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah we got. You don't usually what what's interesting about. That is dan so you go from the the ancient church which obviously were reading about these situations and come to the more modern era charts in the same mistakes are made slam. sally do splinter into groups. Thank this passes means this thing. So we're going to build our whole deal on this. This one's over here. And i think you lose your sense of being able to impact the culture. Which was paul's whole point here instead of instead of thinking about this idea about worrying about the hair in first corinthians eleven if you look at our culture which every single day goes down more of a rabbit hole about people's pronouns call them sales he day. We should be able to speak to that you know. Here's how god made us and that's very clear. And so we on fearfully unashamed make those into our culture. I was watching so the department. We would be interested in in the government. Probably maybe our s but the other will be the department of the interior right because it's all about conservation. Hunting lands everything about the department and the tears about the great vast united states. I was watching the meeting the other day. It just showed a clip of it in so they were kicking out this measles. Three government officials kicking off a meeting of the department of the interior with some oil and gas people. They're having a little sit out the first three women who worked for our government. They're bureaucrats in the department of the interior talking about oil and gas had affects. Our conservation spent the first three minutes of their speech given their pronouns. What they're get called. That i work in an area that was once the ancient lands of blah blah blah. This particular i mean. They spent three minutes basically give them putting their left-wing abbiati either. And i thought this is the problem with our whole culture. I mean thing. I think a lot of religious of rules have contributed to that. You know and i'll tell you what just hit mute us. It doesn't allow to speak into it. Well and i just think that that some of the ways that churches apply you know that i corinthians fourteen where it says you know. In the churches women are to remain silent. And you know they're not allowed to have authority over man and so well. If i was a woman reading that and i wanted to follow. Jesus i was like what the heck's going on here. What are you saying. You're better than me. So i had two sisters that you know well that used to live here. They moved off. They were in town and real. Close our family law. They love jesus you know and they asked if they come by. They just wanted to ask me some bobble questions. So they did. This was when i got back in town from last. We sat there in probably talk three hours and they asked me numerous chris but one of them is. They asked me about the women's role in the church and they were asking questions. But first corinthians so i thought here i am because because they had their heart is right. They love jesus. Their life is consistent with golly principles. But it's just they they just they want to know and so i thought you know. That's our problem in the church. We don't we don't articulate and don't study enough to help here's two young women who i think will be fantastic leaders in the church. So i said willow. Here's what you got a remember. And i brought up. We had a one time sadie. She has a pretty well. Global outreach for jesus she uses her platform which we all received you know from our old doug show and then she was on dancing with stars. Well she's out. There share. Jesus and i know how we we know. Say you know she. She has a heart for the lower and as a dynamics god built her the biggest platform because the justice ticker last week so she gets up and speaks it one of the local churches you know and somebody asked him about that. They're lia- because it was like a sunday morning are like you know what about these verses. She she shouldn't have done that. I said we are you crazy. I mean that was my initial response. But then i said you know what because it was a weird conversation but i'll i hadn't studied enough to have a quick answer so i did and not only did i think he was crazy. Based on what. I read now. Could tell him why and so when they asked me about the women's role while had that information ready because i'd already done the study over. Sadie i like. And i told him i let me bring this up now. Here's a girl. Here's a young single single girl that married now said and she's out sharing jesus with everybody i said when you look at the church at corinth number one. This is a new church. Where are the elders and you say. What are elders elders are husband and wife teams because then the qualification for elders. He says they should be the husband. But why and this whole church was help started by a husband wife team priscilla in kuala and i know when god said what man is joined to get on what god has joined together tom. Male and female matthew nineteen let man not separate the two of become one. God views that as as of one unit. Now i told the two young sisters. I said now i do think the church has not adequately shown that because i think when the when the elders may and you know how about the i think it should be them in there y. At all times they're a unit. Because i think they would give a perspective on things like this so let's say a young girl sadie who's out doing great things to apply this. I grin fourteen to finish my point. She comes in and somebody says. Hey i think we should have her get up and speak and share all the great thanks. She's doing in the world by the elders making that decision and then she gets up in front of men and women. There's no longer authority issue this. This is something awesome that she's sharing and the elder teams that god i put in place in numerous lists have decided this needs to be shared. And you say well why. Why did he say that. In corinthians in where would it be wrong where it would be wrong is if sadie sitting on the back row while someone else's speaking and she stands up and starts hollering say and this is what i'm doing across the world. Well now we're all looking around. Like what the heck's going on here which would cause chaos and you know what was happening. Which is what was happening here. Two totally different situation. Both these girls. I shared that with they get they got teary eyed. Because they saw well that makes sense and they said why is. No one told us that i said i don't know i guess you didn't ask but it made them feel like a wild and so what i did was. I went over and read what i mentioned while we'll go. Second is four five and six about us ambassadors and us god making his appeal through i said does anybody denied that that's men and women and they're like well of course it is said. Well how come. It's okay for us to represent god male or female outside the church building. But it's not okay inside. I said i think we've missed. What the problem at corinth was when you get disconnected from the head. And you're not getting your identity as being sons and daughters of god where there is no may male or female. He says it was twelve. So that's why think the churches have done a disservice. Made a rule that oh you can glorify god is a woman outside of the bill when you come in here. Sit down and shut up as well didn't like that either. You know and i think it all came from a misdiagnosis. And i'm sure people disagree with him in you know what fun. Study it and form your own conclusion. But i'm one hundred percent. Sure that god looks at male and female incomplete equality as soldiers of the cross and there are units that are deemed by churches as leadership. And that's when you wanna talk about authority those couple. Power couples are getting their authority from. Jesus christ and they're making decisions about who speaking in who's talking and so after having said all that my wife getting up and speaking in front of thousands of people me on the front row would not bother me one where you say because there's nothing. We're a team. Because she does that in some. And i do that. You know in speech. What is the what are we splitting hairs. There's no rules and thus phillips daughters. He had what was it three dollars four daughters and they prophesied like what were they girls. And that's why we just did a series on acts our church and and so i. What i wanted to do was tell modern stories that go along with these stories. We read about them book acts. Well that's men and women. We heard great stories. Great testimonies of people whose lives have changed men and women. Because while would i want to cut off. Half of our workforce. It just doesn't make a lot of sense but the bottom line is out if people when to one thing to say your focus on jesus but if you're going around and bill tell them people to take their hat off because you're going to invite people from the world and they don't know your rule your made up rules and you're going to be way. More offensive am barna bridge of sharon. Jesus with people. If you're trying to figure out these little subtleties about how we're going to operate on a sunny morning. It's terrible as one one. The that years ago notre gentlemen no he came up to me and i was teaching that night and there were three guys three businesses that had come in they had on there was sitting that he can't to me i he said. Are you going to go over there and tell them those three guys take their as or am i did. It was one of those moments you just have. I said neither you nor go there until those three this. I said i said if you do then you. And i are going to have a serious conversation when i'm done here. And he looked at mount everest has got so big and he went over and sat down. He never said a work. I was thinking these three young guys that come in here to hear me teach and the you're going to do as march over there and a fan. They're right off the bat over wearing a hat on as the charge. Bill i wanna. I wanna really sat was jason. So i'll prophesized is appropriate You propaganda basically prefaces say. Wait a minute what it's a family structure who you say you have men and women you say and the whole bunch. Prophesy out all it is. Is they speak. The word against us to your. They're not like alexa way. Above somebody. no. It's just what they do. Because if you listen you'll say ou at a personal level. My wife is better than me. You know you're going along all of a sudden it's mayo mayo mayo. Then female female than male almost out of time. So i just want to say i think subtly what i was saying is i think the disconnect is most churches just have men as viewed as the leadership and where i have a problem with that is they're married in christ and they're assembled power as argo. Yeah and i think they've missed that. Because i think if they would would make that public even in their leadership in there Meetings in there even when they get up in front of the church. I've been to some churches. Were like the pastor and his wife. Get a i love it. 'cause myskina at some event so i wanted to read this. This is the last section. I gained and sixteen it. Nobody ever reads these types of things but based on everything. I've said. I think there are some subtleties here. That are kind of humorous and somewhat disturbing because our applications of but at the end of first grade than sixteen and burst nineteen. It says the churches in the province of asia. These are his final gradients. It says they send you grading. Well here's a. m priscilla come up again they greet you warmly in the lord and so does the church that meets at their house which is so opposite of the problems that were happening where this couple is doing what. You're supposed to be doing what you do. You not think she's doing any speaking. It just seems ludicrous. When you look at the big picture of what was happening then is all the brothers here. Send you greeting and all these police. These church police look at. There's verse greet one another with a holy kiss war. There's a direct command while you're taking the hat off. Why are you not going around making sure. Everybody's kissing each other. With a holy kiss which is the prob you get into more though that in the middle of the corona and then in verse twenty two which is the point. I made when you don't focus on that that where i started. Witches were sons and daughters of god where followers of jesus christ and representatives of him and we have the holy spirit. Ns when you're not focusing on that relationship you start getting into these little subtle things that you think are important that are not true and so then he says this which i think. This is a profound profound vars and a bumper sticker moment in twenty two. It says if anyone does not loved the lowered a curse be owning kamal lower. When you don't love jesus as your lord which he said it over ninety times in first corinthians jesus is lord everything should be revolved around that premise. And if it's not chaos ensues so there's a carinthian overview. Thanks for listening to the unashamed. Podcast help us out by writing us on itunes and don't miss an episode by subscribing on youtube and be sure to click that little bell to get notified about new episodes and for even more content that you won't get anywhere else subscribed to blaze tv at blaze tv dot com slash unashamed.

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#272  Area 51 Sex

Kinky Katie's World

1:01:31 hr | 1 year ago

#272 Area 51 Sex

"The following program contains adult content crabs language of sexual manner completely the irresponsible advise along with some things you'll wish you could on here if you are under the age of eighteen easily offended or like to judge others based on there's sexuality please turn off for those who remain enjoy and have a nice day because I was fucking the Shit Outer First Mistake Katie's world in ten nine repeat seventy six three Katie's growth starts now. How are you ready to dress. You said you wanted to play dress up. Don't you in New York and now lie from rural thirty four studio. I bring you a girl. That's not very good at judging both sides here she instead the key. Katie and welcome to the show here at the lovely ruled thirty four studios rose and also what we're coming at you. Live from radio live DOT com. He gave me radio. Dot Com in radio chaos dot net. I'm your host Ken game with me. As always is my favorite. I don't WanNA nearly mysterious. See Yeah how you doing sugar palm yes. So what does that interest out very good at judging a hole sizes that that's what. I thought it said whole take that guy's whole you like. They're stacked up when there's like three holes in a little grouping. It's your favorite liked. You liked to freak people out. That's fine Gosh Weirdo ally. That's okay so yes welcome to the chaos. That is the world of and we've got a fun show for you tonight. We definitely have some new shit from around the web and brand new tits man. Yes it has luby's in it so fun fun one segment that actually has ted go figure wow. I know it's amazing and what would be a complete show or a whatever. I don't know what I'm trying to say. You would have tried to say so. I just sat it. They would not be episode of Kinky Katie's world. If there wasn't some genital trauma now what it go anyway why why why would. I possibly ever want to get a good night's sleep on a Saturday night. You know like why would why would I ever want to like sleep. Sleep not thinking that you're rummaging through the Internet to find find out where girls are cutting their significant other dick off. It's always the story that guy guy calls girl fat girl coach. Dick off vomit styles deb to sit. Oh my goodness so yeah kind of talked about in the first hour. I hinted at in the pre show where we're getting some new tattoos. Yeah Hey timing. Did there are some of the fans they're they're kind of obsessed. Whenever I get a new yes okay uh-huh could film. I have one guy asked me I had. One Guy Actually asked me didn't tell you this but he asked if I could if he could lick it while it was France. Oh Oh dot com. Oh no no. I know I mean. I don't know what your mouth has been well. You don't know where my blood has been so. I'm just saying I'm just saying you're rolling the dice here buddy. You don't even know what you're getting yourself. I mean I it's already too late for me. Oh so so you know you know you might not WanNa. Look that wound yes so I think it's a little at the judo. No no you don't know you're so mean but yeah no it was one of the things that I said when I was getting the the roses on my forearm and he's like Oh. Can I like it. When it's pretty crazy yeah kinda? Give me the chippers. I appreciate taught yes. That's very nice of you well. It's something it well it is. It's creepy but you know did ask for every see see you know for every fifty girls. He asked that one of them's bound to not call craven blog him. You know what I'm saying. Yes Sir Lick. It like a cat some girls really I mean they. Maybe they're into maybe they are. You know what I mean. That's that's like humiliation over. You know you know what I'm saying like my fresh tattoo not right here. You know there you go low. She ended up at all yeah. I saw. Oh my goodness. Get Bad because you remember when I got the last one done. It's what's wrong to your skin. It's weird I I did. He's weird as weird. Oh speaking of tattoos we have our Superfan in front of the show Shane Coming Tomorrow Shane and his wife. I believe used to really yes. I'm surprised that we haven't read the story where she cuts his take off some point now now come on and he's vowed to have done something to piss her off before they went to bed. Come on oh well Melia. There's a good chance that maybe one night she just gets batum says you know what fuck you asshole. I just don't see her doing that. I don't know but you never know. It could be the ones that you never expect. You're like what the fuck that is what I'm saying for Burke. That's what I'm saying. That's completely could happen well. It's kind of funny that you're talking about Dick Torture because that's why there's fifty six year old lady she tied over her older husband and cut off his shelly candidate Alf. Let me guess he called her fat or something. Nosy actually abusive this time. I'll take actually abusive you order being because then turnabouts fair-play kind of a thing no actually no. He doesn't even know why she did it her. What do you think she used. Well well ACADIA member. Obviously I went into catch and use myself. One of the poultry shares poultry share. You are so so close their pruning shears. Yes she called. She called nine one one and she told the operator that she attacked his favourite part of himself. Which is an ally? Maybe it's a chronic masturbaters. I don't know why was had to cut it off. She also said that she couldn't get enough blood out of it to make the sign of the cross or even right-center. Oh yeah well. I think we're getting a clue. I think Aclu just came across star Jazz Katie. Yeah I think it blew right in front of us right right there. You catch it no no now. He probably cheated on her porn or somebody set off. Yeah your taxes favourite part. That's right his favourite part. Maybe maybe he was like excessive. Force can wear like he had that five inch as long dangling foreskin. You know what I mean. He had to like roll down like Doc. Ross member. I said I'm trying to be nicer trying to be nicer and you're making it very hard for me to be nice. You mean there's a lot of people out there with five inch long foreskin. I think we would all agree. That would be a weird fucking. Tang that one dude who wraps it around a stick and stretches it and shed that's does that would be really strange. That's so if you stretch out your foreskin to five five inches. You can no longer be sensitive when we say you know. That's pretty fucking weird you can't you can't be you stretch out your foreskin to five inches fucking doc in wind socks. I don't like gross. It would not look like a regular day. No prolapse APPS asshole or something. What if he'd like. You're taking you just want it to you want to beat it a little. You know what I mean if you're tired of I'm tired of like Dick Titan and not grow me a law has foreskin rose robie one Katie Great. That's terrible like it stop it. You are pleased up a lye well so anyway she even the call went on for over thirteen minutes and she even recommended to the pruning shears to the operator UH. She said because they work really really good at cutting roses. She tossed a towel. Adam and she said that Oh you're not GonNa die I because you have to carry a message and then when she asked the operator asked like is he conscious and she's like he's just dandy. Is He really dandy. Apparently is now we deserved it as I don't know it's whatever I know. What are you like Stevie wondering over there. I'm plugging going over the concert. I was just listening to before we did the show we you're. You're not supposed to be like what are you doing. Do I fucking. We're going to build that fucking wall. It's the car on. I'm getting to build that wall my fucking northern border is that all right my border so we're going to have these dividing yeah things. I'm putting something between us because you you ask way too many questions about what I'm doing over here. I care like why don't you keep your eyes on your own paper. I'm curious. Have you ever heard that. Keep your eyes on your paper. I don't want to to Claude I. I'm not confident enough on my own listen. I have to say if you look at you for approval. No no no provable by any kind of a signal signal other than what I say all right. Don't worry you can't take visual cues fucked. What about the people listening what Adam what about them. They got they have they can only take. Jake fucking cues from what we're saying. What are we gonNA have secrets behind their back no to secret communication. Do you know there's this stuff that you guys should try. It's called magical Pena's wine when you just want to get that drunk that Dick Drug and fucking. I think it's actually made from from Animal Dick from animal really yes wine. Well Dave fucking. They put everything into into wine. They confusing all kinds of cool shit not no well. I wouldn't say infusing. They stick it in the bottle. You know there's like a snake in the bottle. There's a seven to Keel right. Maybe Chef Dick in your I don't know extra for fucking Human Dick Dick Dick Dick cannot pick it out in the tank like a lobster that one ooh put that one in my bottle still alive still alive still alive. It's still twitching. Eh that means. It's fresh helping ready to go. It's just a neurological reflex. Torey people freak out about. It's not alive of anymore there. Is this Nevada sex worker. she said that that storm area fifty one thing a-as a little bit ago he wanted to see if the military would actually shoot them. Yes okay yes so that they will actually shoot you. You know there was only a couple arrests for public urination that's and they said not that many people showed up but it turned into like they had all the Hippie like music festival and really public urination. How how bad is that really here not too horrible if you've been arrested for that no no. I've been arrested for that. I wasn't going to say things in public record. I wasn't doing anything weird but being drunk drunk and peeing behind a dumpster like you know what I'm saying. I know that it's pretty it is. It is something that you shouldn't do it. However any man that's in in a city in a major metropolitan area and you're fucking bar hopping and your shit faced and you have to be but you don't want to go back into the diner. That's full of fucking cops like literally. There was like twelve cops inside at the table next to us and we were a little rowdy. No yes got back out to the car. I thought about it like do I want to go and I was like Nah Covina dumpster and then one of the cops meeting the other cops inside fuck. It swung around and it was dance pants off. Yes handcuffed move pants around the ankles. Everybody everybody coming out of the restaurant. It was it was fun. They wouldn't even let you pull your pants. No no if I still had to. I would appeal to them yeah. I don't doubt that at all. I was shit face. I don't drink anymore. It's one of the reasons yes Jim. I hit my community service for behind dumpster anyway well back back to the whole fucking area fifty one thing one of the one of the sex workers at the alien ranch areas. She says that and she says she's GonNa make probably about six hundred thousand dollars. I WANNA make a cool more than half a MIL Aryan ranch. That's right a Ariane's hurry ends red hands like Gloria Steinem Jesus but yeah you know good for her serve. Go for it. Yeah make some money to it up charge hippies charging triple quadruple she maybe maybe she maybe she will yeah yeah. Should I mean you. You're obviously you're going to be doing it with those. fucking weird dildos lay the fucking alien eggs inside. You were those called. Oh yeah was Wadsworth. fucking insert eggs like they're like depositing toys. Yes and you take you take these fucking egg-shaped egg thing as gelatin you make you make college and you load them up in this fucking alien. Dick and then you shove the aliens. Take the orifice of your choice. impregnate yourself and impregnate yourself with is your new baby alien farm. Yes very alien. Far and gelatin will mel inside of you supposed to be okay but I wouldn. No you know. Let's just me but if you do it you know. Make sure you let us let us know how long you had that yeast infection yeah. That's what I'm saying or whatever the fuck you get out of it. Let us know if it was worth it safe. You're gonNA good make it just do it in your ass because because it's fine and just fire back there really nasty mood babies babies. That's just not right. ooh. We love it could be it could be a fun new way to take Jello shots shot to people aw why why would you why would you why would you do that. We're not GONNA do it and they're gonNa say I learned from her right. Their Dad Katie Qingcai okay talk more shit face you a main about ever clearing shoved him in my rectum. I've been blind and God damn best leg to hasn't got here. Tell you have the I'll be fucked up for three months. Katie real fucking funny. I you slowed is all bay eunice. Having Oh laugh yes we are not dumb ass. Don't infuse what why are we talking about alien insertion Dildo. What were we talking. We're talking about the alien area fifty one chick who's a prostitute over at the alien alien ranch as far from betty pages ranch. No actually it's not far she. She's now over at the Mustang ranch she. She's done like a couple of weeks at all of his locations hut. Remove it around a little. You know what I mean. Of course I a lot of them are pretty close to each other. I think I want to say it's a cluster because it's only legal in one area. It's a cluster whorehouse it's it's a cluster. Put the best way yes go. Check out page. Yes go see betty page. He said she reconstituting her fucking twitter account she is. She's trying to get back so it's yeah it's hard to remember now because she she's fucking. She likes doing the drop off the face of the earth action. She does where she just completely unplugged for like he year regrets it and she does. She goes fucking nuclear. Ed Status just like like pausing the account or doing something like that and she fucking goes nuclear on it facebook to everything is gone locate h-bomb on this bitch holy crap. It's like where did you go. I'm back like if not I'll just out of nowhere. She'll send me a message. She's like I mean obviously anime rules apply with her. Just don't ask questions you know hoping because she wants to come and visit though high did she Abedi. Just curious ship shares out. She's little spitfire. He's like five foot Tall Yup. There's a new kid's toy out. It's likely egg layer. No they came out like last year or whatever they were like really hot for Christmas. Is your recall hatcher. Moles these fucking eggs that you actually have Hatch Oh okay I shouldn't say well. There's a new version of it care of them and they're like electron kind of a thing and they know if you're not taking care of him. Yeah okay different lights come on and the shell actually cracks opened their toys. I'm OK well. They have a they have avenue a new version and it looks like a Dick. It looks just like a Dick when it POPs open. These kids kidding erected really looks like a tic. These kids did this this une boxing video and the like what the fuck for its the giant and its glittery pink and it grows through thirty two inches in height. Wow they're really setting. You know what the worst part about. This says. They're really setting unfair expectation for these boys. You know what I mean. They're going to go. Oh my God I gotTa do someday. Are you serious. Are you serious. I can't grow that. Oh my God my tickets to small guy. How did mom ever not data of data ever. I'm not Mama. I don't know what happened. Well one one of the kids in individual said. Look mom a massive knob bloody brilliant uh-huh yeah you see you can see what it looks like and and how it pops up and you could watch it grow Nov.. Is that British for AH for for decades. Yes Okay Holly Walker. Okay dear the boot. It's sure round the trunk round boot around. Oh see now getting my accent's confused. It's hard to tell that's 'cause. I don't think that he would say it's just it's foreign to me so like foreign yeah okay. Why not actually there there we have? We've had a lot of listeners in England and then K. Hi Guys so uh-huh. I'M NOT GONNA try to do the accent I don't do. I don't do a bad one. I mean it's not not real bad but I I got to warm it up. I know I needed to give you like like I know. We have a lot of a lot of listeners over there and they're going to be doing. I got to give you a Cockney in C- to hear voice to it. Yes you can put a cockamamie knock hockey new cockney sneeze. Ah fucking COCKATOO screw that boy birds American Airlines arena has has been the home of the Miami Heat since ninety nine and while last year. They announced that they're no longer going to be sponsoring the Menu. I know who's trying to spots. I know so many wars begun in the front. Runner is Miami based Porn Site Bang Bros.. That's right. Bang Bros Stadia yeah ten ten dollars for ten years for the million dollars telling us at ten dollars as well as I say. Hey I twenty. I've been twenty dollars. Kinkaid Kinky Katie's courtyard probably well. They either want to call it. Bang Bros Center or BBC now I ah I like BBC birthday so for those of you that are unfamiliar with the term for BBC. We're not talking about the English Rush Broadcasting Bill Br British Broadcasting Centre whatever I say they would know. BBC does stand for Big Black Cock. They take a wild show now. Really people don't really ride with trading wheels around here. I think it's funny someone as Sushi the other day what a reach around was it's and she's like I. My life is completely. Larry honey honey lemme strap something on and I'll show you it doesn't feel right I do yes. It is shut up it over well. I you know a lot of basketball games plan harsh. They'll never let him too but it's a good thing insularity. It's completely promotional stunt for Shah. They actually came up with and I. I read somewhere that it was like a legitimate. They did it like a legitimate eh offer so they actually you know. I guess you're supposed to put up money or whatever two million though they they put it out. Put it into whatever the fuck they do. It was official but they pretty much know that it's not happening. That's no-go BBC Co.. Look honey. I got US tickets at Thursday nights van win over at the center now jet the BBC honey It's going to be one of those nights baby so so what he takes Jennifer. You did it all yeah. There were two drivers that were pulled over well. They weren't drivers. They were on bicycles okay. They're really using the term loosely here. Yeah yeah okay got pulled over and they got charged with. Dui It does happen but it was a late. Well there was a late night and you know they at least in America no self respecting European Dan Police Department whatever arrest drunk I and under bicycle where we do. We'll arrested with your writing. If you're riding through the wrong county for sure sure we'll see here again riding a riding lawnmower down a highway is probably sounds like you're gonna find in good old. Usa I'm just guessing slut. I'm thinking probably by the way I'm GonNa be on that new. Florida Man radio station. I'm doing a guest by coming up on dangerous conversation cool yeah now now. You're speaking to a worldwide audience about a local radio. It's awesome whenever whatever uh it's out of Orlando so free people in Orlando or can pick the stations whatever okay okay. I don't know these people are on the bike pulled over because they almost got hit by a couple of vehicles in could there is no lights on their on their mics and it was like fucking midnight. Okay trash okay well. They got put in the cop car and then they both got naked and search to have have sex. I like it yeah. I like it. Did he finish. I don't think so because one of the deputies tried to try to stop me opened opened the door and then the guy's shoved him into running was this boy girl boy girl boy girl girl girl dot nine nine binary gender describing Pronoun on describing Pronoun. I will just say you'll see their mug shots and there was one penis. Viana okay this Cockatiel Adam. They were involved got cockatoo Pussy in the back of a car car well the eventually got caught and both of them had blood alcohol limits levels okay over point one five. Oh Yeah Yeah that's you know when I got to you I was I was a solid point two four and that wasn't even so much much later that you got that fucking Breathalyzer though they just before they took him in the hospital yeah so yeah no that was that was right at peak. I think I'm I'm just letting y'all know. I've never been arrested. Okay there's been times. I should have because you didn't try. That's that's right. Did you tried lots of times yeah. I know I'm terrible. I think we're going to go into an episode of thirty four and when we come back right and to bring you tips man and we're GonNa talk about some art and some nasty beauty trends and yeah so stick around. We'll be right back. I'm nine bullet basically and refreshing snack. Did you know that there is a there's a down syndrome. Jim Drag show negative. I did not know that that was the thing okay well. These fucking asshole people are trying to cancel their event because they think that down soldier Omegas they drag. They think that it's wrong and they think that they're being exploited. Even like we like this okay. I mean nobody's forcing them to do it. Nobody talked me into it. Okay liked. Apparently they have a group really it's a it's a UK base troupe of everyone has down syndrome in it and they wanted to come in to in grand rapids Michigan to do to put a program near the whatever and they're like no doc. I never occurred to me. It just never occurred to me that you know the extra chromosome and and a drag show how it just never occurred to me that Somebody Down Syndrome would watch address a drag. Why not just it's not something that anyone has ever brought up before. It feels a little left handed to me however I have. No you know what I mean. It's like watching a left-handed poll jerk off it like there's nothing wrong with the left hand jerking off at all however. It just looks Kinda Weird. You know what I mean. That's not right. It's will it's not. There's nothing overview congestion jacket they want. It's one of those things we're GONNA have to get used to the idea. Take a Lotta pictures okay. I need to see a say no. Dow OCCA- they just they look like drag drafted. I said okay so kind of you know. I had a different image. Let's say okay. I can't help myself shelf. It's the first thing that popped into my mind. You know what I mean like out of control stick to face Israel. That's the first thing about him. You know with the CO play Tetris with your goal in my bed talking dog food autism but she wants to serve my dig into change should tell you stores. Josh interesting what welcome back to peak as world raspberry live dot com communicating radio DOT COM radio dot net us this before hot poor action action or action. We do play a few songs her mortgage for a while. We haven't in a while. We've been we've been rolling around on other. I was saying I dig it. It's quality quality felt really is that most of this stuff is really hardcore filled out dirty well given the total later act he can radio usually nudes or posted the weekly Daily News. Please yes there. Are you see my jubilees quite a bit. You can get on on my facebook. Can Katya radio key Katie radio DOT COM and can Katie radio at gmail.com basically Google me can key Katie radio how people call me Cabbie. Don't because it's not my name not to do that. If you actually want me to respond that's right. They just won't there's this chick. She makes Dick Art Giacosa Decor Cart CA-CAR CA-CAR. I she sells them on Oetzi and they're pretty cool making decades. What is she like fucking making shit out addicts tone Thomas. She's making shutout politics. Yes she's making shit out of Dick's. Are you talking about those. Dick shaped things I really had a different thing gets completely arts arts and crafts like everything has either a dick or multiple dicks in it really is the first thing that popped into my head was some blond chick from Nebraska with camouflage on and a necklace of cock all around her neck. Oh no no no that's fine like with like grease smeared on her face like she's GonNa on fucking commando unit like straight Outta Predator but she has cox hanging around her fucking necklace okay. That's not the way it's happening. No no a lot of these are in our encased in glass and like there's she made a dick into a lighthouse. It's I mean. It's all you know. I'll take it is. I'll take hard. There's one huge Dick. That's all like mere. Bald here balls the balls. Ah Yeah it just keeps you like that. There's the there's the Unicorn wine where it's it's like glittery and has a horn on it while Katie obviously I was heavily inspired by our current administration but she said you know everyone needs. Dick some people elites big tech and they're pretty reasonably reasonably reasonably priced. Check Art Yeah Cock Heart. Check it out so I mean you'll see it on the cart right for sale ca-car yeah. I mean how you GonNa explain now into the wife honey. I swear to God Hud Decoration. I laid it for you. I just saying I would display it. Well you know what I told you. I know we want edits scandal though for years for years years since since I've known you the very first time you asked me say hey what do you want me to get you for Christmas whereas they whatever and it's always either way to red or yellow the GO-TO with no big tits first goal to sorry yes natural tests goals sexual to read added or or the ten inch Black Foreskin Delta and I'm GonNa go on the record by saying I have gotten either gotten close on the six oriental. Yes just did not have the big tests and I tried to do it once. I try to dress up and didn't quite where you really not. Six two. I was in heels doesn't doesn't count. I know I'm not really oriental either. What and I don't have a gold tooth fake that that's favorable. Yes I know I gotTa Fuck. Yellow highlighter pen right here. We can make something yellow God. We'll turn on the black clay. That's all I need like turtle black light on it here. Oh my God what the hell happened in here worse than a motel six six scarier than the worst on house anyway. There's this. There's this T- that Kate got got her man that I want to try. She got it from the Bahamas. It's a product of the Bahamas. Okay I mean there. You gotTA throw. The one of the girls do the movies with yes okay well. The passion is a gentleman's Ti okay I should the name of it is stiff. KOC school have gone. Yes Gentlemen St Traditional Performance Enhancer Answer. It says we tell you why this is known locally as stiff. That's right you know little known fact. If you ride up Viagra and just put them into you. It works fine fine. Blow it on my ass. Here's your apple sauce. It's so funny because I thought about getting some of the storm like why you put this stuff in my head. 'CAUSE 'cause secretly you. WanNa drug me you and mutilate my body secret about it. I drive hints on Tyrod. I can't fucking okay. Pick out. You really not helping the situation. Yeah I know really not make extra paranoid again. Yeah I mean who would leave me. That's me nipples hard. Ah telling you I know you're you'RE GONNA go. Fuck it around like that and somebody's not gonNa have a good time. We've got through this and I'll completely just say please. Please don't know you'RE GONNA dream. I can't control what happens. Seven and my sleep you. This is not good for you the one of us I'm telling you it's taking Melatonin yeah. I'M GONNA have to like time. I self down to something. That's it's not a good idea and then you're gonNA fuck. Fuck that no. Oh yes you would. If I know fuck you you better lock yourself in a room ooh. We don't need to know you're gonNA tape it. Show whatever it is. It's finding their where's Keith fucking noodling for catfish total snitch actually just wake up one day and just have it be gone beyond we can make that happen we get out and then you'll wake up and it will be fine. Oh I'll know you're digging around in there. It'll be painful and sore and then I'll be getting around in their Lord knows. I don't know how to do that stuff. I let cutting you open and then and then I would have thought in my head of somebody just did that to me while I was sleeping and I really wouldn't like it. I'd really want to open a backup and see what was in there to make sure you didn't leave something behind interests seal up on your way out but it wasn't me and no that's not a tracking device. How could I trust anybody to actually close that up out. I can't do it. There's there's no trusting anybody in Chicago. Put My name in the stitches just by but get that tattooed sued around a scar well then I could. I could cover right over the tattoo. Yeah that's true. I think we're going to go to your favorite a sex study by boobs in and on the New England fucking. It's time once again for Tippett. Man Flexes like fucking cat you how you get beat me on that one no no could. I wasn't looking over at you so I was ready for your assets time. Well you did a good job. I saw you had to tell they tell you what your switch. Why would know because I don't look at you while we're doing it broadcast. Yes you don't want to cheat. I can side. I don't WanNa Ritchie told you fucking wall. You're going to enjoy the worst part about that. Is You'll pay for it probably hey. You'RE GONNA fucking pay for that. Goddamn mentally sure I'll pay for six states now. Allow women to be topless in public public six six four Collins and Colorado had a city ordinance forbidding women to go shirtless in public and it has been officially the rules unconstitutional constitutional. You cannot tell where they can't show their boobs. That's right fucking America Mirka if if men can go topless and show their nipples so can women no. We need to stop sexualizing women's titties. I Know Hotel do they're just say mankad shoulder. That's all dude. You got to wear pasties. We're talking about. We're talking about really weird people. If if you want to stop sexualizing titties okay. It's Kinda hard to do. I I'm already. I'm kind of all in on that. You know what I mean yeah. I'm so I you can't back out of that now. Because like my brain I like boobs. I like them too. and I wanNA touch them and smack him me to bite fight on our hands and just rest my face against my cheat. Oh soft and squishy totally will let you know that I'm thinking that chances are I'll tell you if you're walking around topless. I'll stare at them well. She's Bona Fide Agar the weirdest motorboat and oddly enough and the six neighboring states. You're women aren't allowed to have abortions. You got to pay them back for for going topless at him other states well. Let me just tell you which states you can do this end. Utah off Utah Colorado Utah Colorado Okay Wyoming Google on New Mexico Okay Kansas really and Oklahoma Oklahoma so weird little is it yeah. Is it contagious or something what's going on over there. I don't know that little patch of of of of like farm non-western yeah I mean a lot of that's just fucking wilderness. There's this flat wilderness side. Even farmers even farmer who fucking state parks and Federal Bark said you know what I mean well Hitman so yes. That was your tips in it for the week so go get your shirt off and if a cop says something to you just say Katie. He said it was alright so because she would she would vet all of these stories and make sure she was giving you. That's right yeah. We have a research department Oh One more thing that I remembered is. There's another thing about the area. Fifty one porn hub is on it. I I mean they've been they crank out some shit. They're all kinds alien porn yeah well. They said they have unearthed a video of two born stars rating area fifty one in being winging alien the video the video was released on September eighteenth and you can actually watch it for free on the porn hub link could have you'll you'll definitely will. We'll have it on our websites. What what you're saying yes by the way if you wanted to know anything about like where where you could get to Bart break music or like notes of all the stories Katie talked about we have links on the website for each additional shell for every show. That's right well. After a certain point I started doing it awhile ago. You've you've been on even doing a really good job. No links have been on it for a long time now. I don't remember when I started started about anyway anyway anyway. So that's it so you can look. That's not true. There's a there's a guy who got a glass thermometers stuck in his bladder. He he was Saudi went to our order after he shoved it in his urethra or a and wait wait. I not excuses fell no well. Yes I was sleeping and I roll over on it it was I just wanted to take my temperature and I didn't WanNa put it in my but I thought that's where you're supposed to put a thermometer. Komo did it. I mean obviously it smooth and slide. He has just rights is glass. I like taking my temperature care. Will you've reached a hard. I am too hard dirty a he had this thing in there for eleven days and then started a p blood and that's when he was like I need smell who wants to go to the doctor. I have the thermometer in my day. They call. I think I think it would pass the flab and now it's somewhere. It shouldn't may floating around somewhere deserves. A thermometer order shouldn't be anywhere near Your Dick. A small swallowed it a win. It's a medical miracle. I don't know how what ended up there. It's like stick Mata with my Dick. Human bodies a crazy place and a thermometer fuck. What if it broke. That's rally what happened when no no no no no they showed they showed an X-ray was hole and they showed it when they pulled it out they had to go in with forceps and then and then they waited with will they went with a little camera first and then the snake. Dick very much with the camera and then they had to go go with forceps. They wouldn't break it there. I don't even know if they make the routers anymore of Mercury and I'm not sure if they do ooh. I don't know if it was like an old goes through ometer. He'd be could be dead killed himself by fucking Dickel with Robert Robert was even sick like I didn't say I need to take temperature. Don't fuck my dickel. Don't do that like I. I always wonder what is going on but then I remember what's going on it. Guys will do some weird checks to but like when you're a guy you'll think hey. I can roll up a towel around that paper towel old the paper towel holder holder thing he put some goddamn vacillated fucked the shit out of it fuck that I can fuck that thing Lavar. Hey there's a pool jet. It's about twice too small for my day. I could fuck that yet. I'm going to try anyway could fucked fuck. Fuck that jet. I see that big nut over there because Abu Mechanic I it's it's. I think I could thread that thing right. Oh my God Damn Johnson well. We're getting off later. I can fuck that nut fuck fuck this is so gross this little factoid but before the days of listerine people UC's year and mouthwash goodchild ancient Rome right yeah according to the legend wealthy Romans and they had Portuguese or Lithuanian year and imported in to freshen there breath and Whiten. Your teeth will obviously Portuguese urine is the best year in for teeth whitening. It's really worldwide well-known Katie Portuguese. He's fees. They said they said it was the most poor Putin in the world's right. It's the most the what the Romans believed and that's why they had it imported sorted and no but they were happy to do it because they slapped a big fat tax on a yeah well. You know you know what happened really well. There was a an early on wild fucking Portuguese salesman and he came to Italy and talked about all into the fact that it will make their teeth wider than any other goddamn Yaron Everbod. I really what he was doing is putting bleach in the urine. They didn't know that and the Portuguese really liked the idea 'cause they're like. Ha- stupid fucking Roman we feed you are P for your toothbrush. Ha Stupid fucking Roman Yeah r Kelly read this article here's like I wish I lived back then you ought to be maybe it's the the port wine they drink a lot of an and fucking and fucking Portugal there Gezi maybe could be. I don't know yeah there's also there's another little thing that was kind of a attached to that is people in each in. Greece these bathe Baid in crocodile Pu her could cause. They said that I had anti-aging yeah qualities okay. Does it smell like like older fucking lucky reptile sock. You probably saw oh gross. Alligators have a weird smell till reptile instinctive yeah yeah like you know right away like Oh. That's that's a freshman Rosalyn Yup. We saw fresh kill on on the road which really sucked so yes. Yes there was a big alligator trying across the road and got nailed by a Abbas all the time it does yeah I mean we were actually on a road called Alliot rallies. Yes go figure runs. The state not the middle of the everglades the big fucking swamp. It's Nin gas well. You're stuck stuck. You're not stuck Katie. Whatever is beautiful everglades. Everywhere beautiful everglades looked sawgrass more sawgrass look marsh. Did you see that alligator. Did you see his water moccasins. Thirty five thousand cousins today are like watering around everywhere and grunting. That's very good baby. Her baby ater eight two tiny swamp kitchen. The males can get intent data. were vacant that like almost like a lion roared but it's real deep and low sake when it gets a fuck it march. April easy need to stay the fuck away from the alligators then you need to watch him. This is your public service now. So in for people people are like not near gator country in there like people freak freak the fuck out they take there's an alligator fifty feet away and they need to run and scurry around these exact motions or straight. I mean they could run over Tori you but you're you're okay. Alligators are lazy. They WANNA hang like if you walk down to. The water didn't know they were there. Okay yeah you got a problem but like if you know where they're not gonNA come fuck with you here okay unless it's march or April and then you know just leaving the fuck alone on and make sure your pets and animals are indoors for those two months. Yeah check your feet pull every fucking day. Yes they liked to get in your pool and yes they can climb fences and screen porches. Whatever they exist water I mean we we just had a few months the last season the lady who found five inner fucking kitchen yeah so so other than that not really bloodthirsty Thursday. There's there's that for a couple of months. A year wants to come in and say hi okay. Have you talked to potter Lord and Savior. Whatever trying to think of like a gator football player just yeah? I don't know anymore either sorry Cleopatra Cleopatra Than Donkey Milk. Oh God quote unquote say they get it from a male or female Katie. We don't know a melted donkey. It would make more sense if Kelly Kelly sexy steed instances fucking weird they also they also used to carry did you the origin of of bouquets of flowers like small bouquet of flowers was a they used to have them under their skirts to hide their pussy odor dead serious that was like one of the very first reasons. That's the first good thing I actually heard them do well. I'm just saying I mean we're talking about brushing your teeth with specifically Portuguese here in pithy because it's the best to whiter rallies. I mean it's obvious to really absolutely you know but actually bouquet of flowers down by the that fucking you know how will he must've been bad like once every couple of weeks and you have like once once a ladies lady comes in. I mean you're you're. GonNa have a bleeding date. I'll have you know you're wrapping around. What's happening yeah. What's let's go on a a mom. This were contract came out and mckim around. I'll put the potato up there like you told me bleeding took root L. No I'M GONNA have potato boy. I just like hygiene back like a long time ago. I think it would be stark to try to bank somebody from like a thousand years ago. You know what I mean like you. Go back. If you go back to like like we're wandering tribes of fucking people hunting game game and shit like that you back to those times like what what what was the snatch like back then what is some like BC snatch. I don't know either I don't. I don't think I want to know what do you know where your you had to fucking appropriate to like. Could the species Katy. We'll of course get down on that. Dick but you gotta get on that day. I wonder if I'm sure they did blow jobs back. Then what Korsakov Zinc yes okay. I'm sure dudes tried to stick their dicks pretty much anywhere 'cause like who's there to stop a back. Then that's true I got a bigger bigger club club. You Bitch. I'm GonNa fuck that monkey a monkey. GonNa do catch that Monkey Book God Muggy Forget Fungus Rock to crack that rock. Well Fuck that crack. I could get my day crack. Wedge it in their book that crack. Oh like sandpaper aw fuck a rock and that's the really crazy part is we know that all these sexual things have been figured out like ten thousand years ago in a jungle it goes somewhere or like on a desert Sahara yeah. You think you're being creative. No it's already been done for hundreds of years. Sorry Pal you're good. I mean right but we do have fucking alien. Dick's that will lay lay fucking exit now sorry we gotTa Alien Alien Dick laying eggs lowering egg-laying decks. My sexual dyslexia popped up for a second. That's something we'll have really oh. Please loop pop it in there. We'll for anybody looking for a job out there and if you're in Lancaster Pennsylvania they're opening and DILDO factory a handful of people listening from there and adding one hundred fifty jobs hundred fifty the California based Mr Fister Dildo announced their plans to open up. The facility are art everybody over here. We got the PFISTER dues over there. We got the Pfister owns and we got the PFISTER may well. They also say they want to be a good neighbor. In the community they sponsor an annual toys for tots event that provides sex toys to the financially chilly disadvantaged like a good neighbour fear stories Oh and God a uh well the the factory is GonNa make a line of rubber dongs dildos vaginal can and their and their their signature shirt Mr Fister fist the magic can cut yourself on a rim. Oh flesh lady okay. Nightline came soft edged plastic rim. Yes salted like a Margarita. I call her Mary. So if you're like has to go on down Zik factory that's higher down into glad diptych factory. Pena's there honey. I got that job down at at Mr Fester. I love it when you bring your work home with you. Oh I could get you that giant Goddamn Double Fist Don. You always wanted go faster. I got cheese yellen duck to it's a noisy little quaker yellen basically basically the duck. It's the opposite of silent time well. He was gonNA explain it to you. Okay Yelling Doug is it's very similar to the five finger gentle palm a technique. It's the same it's just palm forward right into the snatch like you're saying stop so you're not actually you do to penetrate angle and it's also very similar to Dos boot and Germany so oh so it has like a vacuum effect. There is no vacuum effect now now you don't stick the boot end and you take the foot and then we'll add up like that. That's why I said. It's just like the whole the gentle gentle palm twice technique is is just like the fucking angry duck. Come on okay. Saint's this day go on your first pom Pom Pom Pussy. I guess they're also going to do a limited edition. Squid Dildo don't think looks pretty cool and w giving away the five hundred to the first five hundred people come to the event which which ended the squid does the fucking the one with the Dick End to end what a fucking has tentacles race or the tentacles going in like sounding devices prices and you're sticking no fucking head of the squid a fifth of choice well. I don't know maybe tentacles. Yes okay tentacles. Are they stiff panicles or they floppy no. They're floppy and other other. It's so well it's kind of it's kind of like a milky clear but they have holographic like like flexing ooh yeah. It's pretty it's really neat chartreuse. That's pews so yes so check it out all right well. We're going to data here for the night of the week for the day whenever you're listening and we'll be back with another new exciting episode of Kinky Katie's world's next week yeah whenever yeah sweet to you that's j- Jesus do yeah like yeah we just we Corey Corwin. Whatever that's true. They don't need they don't know I know they just content every week. You're going to get content every week so don't worry about it. Shut up enlisted like like like Sunday Sunday evening Sunday night delivery. That's right yeah so Monday morning. When you wake up to go to your run on your fucking treadmill you know what you mean got your apple. Watch rockin eighty fucking years. You're doing your fucking mileage there. You got your apple. Watch one hand your fit bit on the other. You're like double watched all right. People do well whatever you do and however you do it. Enjoy your time. Remember remember you can be on the twitter later. Aki Haiti radio. Can you hit your radio. Dot Com kinky Katie radio at gmail.com and on the facebook Kinky Katie Radio own. Just be careful because you can start getting in trouble for drawings of Lewd things I didn't get in travel. Travel wasn't made these leads. What's the move we know has got in trouble again but I think someone has it out for him for Dick Drawing. I don't it was addict. It's usually get your troubles a dick. Dick's are the ones that get you in trouble right. You're Dick Right yeah coming to your heart. Don't do the creepy voice. Turn gravy voice. Do you have anything for me as C. Negative all righty righty well. I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful wonderful. Whatever it is you're doing and yep the IT. Does anybody does.

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Ep 143 - Swan Song

Heartland Radio 2.0

1:18:21 hr | 1 year ago

Ep 143 - Swan Song

"The take it easy radio it here. We go welcome the heartland radio two-point. Oh it's Wednesday for you but it's Tuesday for us us. The boys are almost all here. I'm here compass here digs ties here. Connor's here Knicks here. ZITO's Zito's here missing. Is Billy Youtube owner pals. Nice not to give him a vacation. He is visiting his mom Tom and his little brother for his little brother's birthday in Florida. So he's not here. He's here in spirit. I had no idea billy had a little brother who I know right. Mind uh-huh but a brother all the say much nowadays looking kids. Oh He's a great kid so yeah he's he's way he'll be back Friday Friday sir. Yeah so he's still boy Roy. Little Motor Congressman Summit in handling some Bailey's work is he busier than you thought or not as busy as you thought about what I expected it to be. A little steam engine is here. My eyes have been killing me. Because he's got like eight screen in writing. I walked in there this morning and turn the computer on actually shook myself. I was like J.. Jesus brightness down on this day but it's been good it with that being said I love I mean you got to be a special person. He's got that Jean know where he got it from. But because I actually think he's a little more cool than he is cumbersome. Just kidding This is a very special episode. Where this out of the way up front Instead of saving the end just so you know this is not a joke This will be my I last episode on Heartland Radio which for the foreseeable future I have been invited back. Pat To make appearances Whenever the boys want me or yes whenever I ask which is awesome? So here is what is going on before everybody should their pants and starts making up things that the concern Here's the deal the true to this. This is my worst fear because people only hear what they wanna hear. They're going to halfway. Listen to this and it's going to be so many so many socially connor we'd ask answer for uh-huh ever seen parts of the Caribbean three. The Jackson upset. But now I have been having conversations for a while this this is not a bad thing. It's not like path Matt. Everybody hates everybody whatever. Pat is literally. I brought this up in. The past is literally affording me the opportunity to to focus more on stand up comedy. I had not realized how much I miss. Stand up comedy until I finally got a booker who turns out the Hustler and started a booking for me. It's all different ballgame. Then I'm doing places I couldn't do before and That's because pat because of this because you guys that listen and I'm very fortunate ordinate so first of all everybody in this room needs to know. Each one of my brothers will always be. This is not a situation that maybe we've experienced in in the past when people left It's very much like when Sean left. I still talk show once or twice a week still always going to be one of my best best friends in the world. All these guys are going to be my best friends in the world I love everybody. I specially love Pat. Peggy me an opportunity. He didn't have to give me like When when he got to offer from borstal sports and he asks this up but also this shows with him to come? Do that was awesome. And I I learned so much from that dude. He's obviously everybody knows what's going to happen with and to learn from the guy like that is just. I mean you can put a evaluated. It's priceless knowledge. And and here's here's here's how bad this pat just before was like just know. I know you're going out of your own chaignon stuff in pursuing these passion projects. Whatever so happy for you but if it doesn't work out you just fucking come back here? Who fucking says is that nobody says so I that might help my officer the honest little safety And in full disclosure. This is part of us. been going on. Obviously this right now is turned into a mother fucking rocket ship that has taken over sports media and PAT is taking over sports media and all these guys are valuable assets sports media and you knows not available asset the sports media. All the time is not like I like sports. I I just don't have the brain for I like it's not a passionate passionate mind like some other things are and when that's the case it's hard for you to study and learning in information doesn't stick as well right like I may I I can read. CNN May thing once boom fights coming up. I automatically know who I like better. And why that's how these guys with every other sport in the world and I admire Meyer all of you for that. Everybody should know each guy in this room. If God forbid Pat Shutdown or whatever tomorrow these guys would be bad why said. ESPN all these. The places but I I just expressed a while back. I'm like I just feel guilty man like I don't feel like I'm participating as much and then that causes my brain wonder a little bit because when you're the dumbest guy in the room it's tough man. I am not wired here to be the dumbest guy in the room. Somebody in Zito I so therefore my brain goes into survival mode And it just wants to go you places where I know I can do better and do well and you know it's just a natural thing so fighter by nature. I don't like to be down and Yeah so I was going on is fucking me up a little bit had a drunk night Texas guys ridiculous shit was blocked Moonshine just all survival tax very reminiscent. Um and so. That's just what's going on in Everybody here like a man. I loved like we all came together. we all came from different places. We were all learning from each other. But yeah I know so much more about the NFL than I ever have in my life. And that's something I take with me. I have a new love for it. we addicted to gambling. Yes Albee gambling the rest of the we we now all these things. We're all going to stay good friends man. I just one thing. I insist assist on whether or not I get replaced with not keep sending shit To everybody in PAT included like It's awesome I hope I keep popping back in. I mean it was make that happen and vice versa. In from here you know I get is true. Crime podcast Pat told you guys about. It's halfway through. I gotTA finish that. put it out and then I you know I I do an another type of form of that podcasting. Sell some things coming up and it's GonNa charge you a bunch shows and get better stand up and Before I'm too old. Here's what happens Vince League. So you get old and stand up and you gotta go persons comedy. It's fine. I'll be doing the little nursing home. Communities in Florida they fought though on the circuit de uh-huh what's going on with the true crime podcast Halfway through more than halfway through on the fourth episode I think it's six episodes total and hand on my top. So he he's been. I know but I needed because You know we're so busy here as you guys know I was so i. It was like second shifting. The true time would start at like eight and be here two or three in the morning the go home and then I was tired of fucking next day. Fuck Shit Up. Because I was tired I have to Redo we do it. So we get that back on board and Yeah so it's not the end of anything into this relationship so people don't Shit your pants over this. This is not a big deal. It's very like this is the thing that's everything I think Antonio everything that happened. Yeah And I I wasn't paying gene. I wasn't What he saw? I'm not I wasn't committed enough like yeah toward towards the end there I just wasn't contributing enough To it wasn't fair you know I felt bad and PAYCHECK and I felt bad and Yeah so let's just how bad is overpay people so you know but it's nothing you guys are. I was narrow but but yeah It just had happened. Ah I need to give it a shot and pass money shot. It's awesome well at least you going for groceries one day and never come back so throws a much better way to do this like a bed. Some smoke I'll be right back win the pennant. I come back after the pennant. No does not Danny Glover at J.P. Kiko because let's kick ass episode. It's a good deal of this and Yeah the torch will be passed My little desk. Well somebody will be here Nobody knows yet. We're working it out. Maybe somebody great And Yeah keep listening. It's going to be awesome. I'm still going to be the number one merch Buyer the thing. I'm just GONNA boycott. 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And it says that he He's not an alcoholic anymore. He doesn't drink every day. And at most only drinks three to four three to four drinks a sitting. So this guy's just still a fucking booze booze bag is GONNA die from alcoholism probably but he elected to have brain surgery to have to say like any time that the body senses senses alcohol and it shocked shocked. Usually it says he can't feel the magnetic pulses in there at all they just put these things in his brain rain and when he thinks about drinking something else they constantly feed Electricity Electric Impulses into his brain. Okay he can't fill it but it's something that for some reason he claims keeps him from just blocking out every day and says he used to drink. Twenty Ounces of Scotch a day twenty weapon. That's really well. I mean when you're dealing I mean he's probably exceeded AIDS in the eighties. He sees two zero. He's basically over in the virus. Whatever the hell into chrome? What's the point you haunt villagers at the village province? Jesus you can't say China Moulana Corona virus has gotten so bad that there's a small country off the coast of China Macau something gambling. Yeah it's known as the Las Vegas of familiar. They've closed all their casinos. They're all like not. Can You Imagine Vegas to do that. Chinese disneyworld how much money is lost. Really Cheese yes. That's probably Milan world. I think as Chinese disneyworld Chinese Disneyworld Moulana as part of the Disney franchise. Thanks I know move on world just have shipped all over the place. You take take care about Aladdin. Maybe I could see them cared about a lot. I mean definitely Dumbo. They care. Milan did try to get a change to Milan on world. The one point I really big head when he took off coming out with a movie. I've actually live action I saw this alive accidentally low and stitch coming out straighted Disney plus. What's that it's not as good for you guys fucking show Straits Disney plus which one demand delorean? Yeah way different stories. Or what do you mean series Star Wars. It's not a movie food exact situation no no TV shows. Don't Oh come out in the theaters pal. Okay Movies do Leila's this movie. Not a series low to Oh you just change the name of the show to Tony gets bought one of the dumbest. It's that fucking dummy success and that's way way. What does this become any body? Tony what happened. What do you mean? We're all friends here. You've never been friends every everything. Let's be honest. You guys have been friends. I've always been coworkers guys. Go out together I go home and hang out. Everything changed into the night. You kick that drunk out to your backyard for drinking tap water. What do you mean inst- was about a month ago? Two years ago won munt and guys just lucky didn't meet Tony. Uzi would have been a bad day. Tony Guns No. But I've never been friends. I've been friends with but everyone else would co workers the hostility towards fellow. Co workers has been ramped up significantly lately WANNA to make sure he's okay with us. There's something going on. I just hate everyone. He's engaged on. He's planning a wedding ties plan in the way do like I'm planning a wedding planning lanny leading up to. How stressful is that right now? I got an like because I have zero pointing today for mind is just like what does go to Vacation place and in some guy in Hawaiian shirts don't say you're married party. Gone past all the stressful parts. We've we've all the stressful parts have been cited. They've been playing so now. It's really just kind kinda waiting really diet. That's what it is. That's what it is that's why you're lashing out at the Diet. Haven't even started yet. The first day exactly tackling the anticipation of diocese also wasted. Oh Man but he loves diets. The only one that doesn't Zito I hate right now. We talk about the other night. You had seventeen protein in bars eight just because there are plenty of our diet took me. Fox looks like a raccoon on steroids here last night. You also can't dip them in ice cream. It could Zito's guns in that shirt pop. That is a good shirt concert. Floral white shirts is this in this. You know on a U. Four Cubans E. Oh I love I love it. Where's your glasses downstairs in the studio nice in place but some loafers and so those Goddamn Thirty S? That's the only reason I'm wearing these. Ah Those are in dangerous. Those are endangered sell slippers. HEDWIG better jazz bar. Seen it never seen Harry Potter L.. Jesus we Dr Coworkers. Those are those are als. Yeah they killed The lady on the staircase I forgot about that was a rogue al.. What's the mouth tongue delivers mail? It's just a piece of parchment I'm not L.. No Yeah I saw the prisoner ask girlfriend back in the day. Yeah used to Made me go see it and I was like this movie. Stinks man that will. You can't just jump into the third one. I agree agree. I agree I didn't WANNA do. It was held hostage now. We'll get you through it. Try to watch land before time to head that guy Who wants to lead actress name? Daniel racketeering he can never be anything other talk Paul up big time. He also made like a hundred in eighty million dollars off Harry Potter so I watched him in a movie where he plays an undercover FBI agent the trading white supremacists through. Yeah Yeah I mean just like fucking Harry Potter. It's like you know. Hey Black Biebel anything. Well it's because does he is just tweets root for a super bowl commercial. Yeah Crusade Skis though Ben and stuff well because he can grow beard rain will Scott stuff. Dwight tried to grow a beard. But it's still just white and he at least got jacked should role as you know. He finally broke out of that but he wrote his own stuff to white rights groups. Beazley's been other stuff has you yes. She's been a couple of Sitcom she's been on USA network. Nope I believe is ABC. except I don't think you can compare that to Harry Potter. Though I mean Harry Potter is a way wiser than the office. Yeah I mean the Harry Potter. Have you seen the office. Have I seen Harry Potter. That's that bigger. That's a generational gap my friend. Only ooh Harry Potter World Harry Potter sections in Theme Parks. Are there office. Generally you got the first one came out when like when I was a kid. Ah say that's a pretty good point though is I think it's a very good point. I mean like internationally that is Cabrera. I mean it was a brand before the movies came up like so many people wrapped up is worth like. She's the she's the first first author. It's become a billionaire. Yeah she's just fine books the firth. Yeah they're they're office books that the Harry Potter the J. Seven books seven books eight movies. The the random books uh-huh I read the Books Hernandez of them get paid. uh-huh okay cool just kidding. Yeah so people would take offence to recipes. Just hope you're right. They said Suzie tomorrow neck talking about his death. Talking Bake a uh I tell you I went to I was writing some stuff for the show this morning. Right and get up the ship. Yeah get my get my laptop out setting the bar get my coffee already. That's a nice to really start looking things up and then fucking boom. I hear this explosion from the back of the neighborhood and then the power goes out. You know I lose power all time spent this time I fucking transformer blows up like there's a little transformer station Russian in my name or blew up. I don't know I just heard the all the lights go out and I have no power and then my laptop is on three percents. Yeah I noticed as I look and I'm like Oh bok charges here. No I had my charger but no electricity. That's so therefore useless. Yeah so I'm like I gotTa go find a starbucks right so I leave the Google starbucks Mike Wifi and and you have to Google like the closest starbucks. Do I had to because I initially. I was like she's hospital in my phone. Seventeen percent of my plan with no way to charge it saw ought to go to starbucks and three different three different starbucks that I picked like nearest you on Google maps. I go to them not there anymore. Like what the fuck are not knowing where my nearest starbucks is. So I'm driving. Then I remember Oh shit I gotta get something at Kroger. I propose I drive by by kroger ago and Kroger and I grab these three items I need and I get into the self checkout lane and and there is an eighty year old woman in front of me who as might as well have been staring at a spaceship and why don't use a self checkout lane when you're eighty it's not for you. Let the sixteen year old employee. Cashier help you. So she's staring at it and she has a carton of eggs and she gets out of her cart and she just sets it on the little glass window in this weights. I don't know if she thought like it's priced by the pound and that was also a little waystation for the eggs but she's just sitting there waiting old and then it's like the egg pocket side down right so it's just sitting there and finally woman behind her. This between she and I goes tries to help her out and she goes you have to find the the scanners barcode in wave at across there so she. The little lady opens a carton of eggs for. You're not and grabs a single egg and pulls it out and finds the little stamp a little red stamp on the shell of the egg. That indicates what farm it came from there rose acres so she takes the stamp and to start waving it across the window over this fucking button. Was this latest. Did she looks back at me. and The lady and I just go work they probably broken and I just walked the Fox because I was about to disrespect her with my belly. Laughter I was the funniest thing I've ever seen that I wasn't allowed the ladder. Because you crack the egg looking on the inside for waving a single people people ask before that yes that happens. which was the first time in a grocery store definitely thought process first first time at the self checkout lane? I'll tell you that like she could not have been more confused and to have as of all things. Cheese guys are assholes probably Ernest probably just died. They were together for fifty. First Time. She's Ernst rate ever fucking kids. Go get the eggs if your husband enjoy diverged into a grocery shop at anyways. Someone's going to do it so she doesn't have any children no thanks today. She couldn't couldn't reproduce. Oh Oh yeah. You told me. She couldn't have kids yet sad while she wanted the eggs man. I feel bad for this lady to try to sign lose a good half hour right. I Mighty Day from waiting on this pay. Finally I just go to regularly pay from three items. Get the fuck out of there. I find a starbucks. That's real close to the croker. Auger I go in there and the places fucking pat except for one tape. I'm like how in the fuck and it's like ten thirty in the morning hours ours. Are this many people at starbucks right now. Like do people just work out of the starbucks Or whatever tease US get it. Yeah I don't either. I mean full so I get the coffee and I sit down with the one table and I look. There's only one outlet. My charger can reach in. This jackass is sitting in one of those comfortable leather chairs ears. And it's a four thing outlet there's four things plug into has all four occupied different devices. It was like I don't know if he was a DJ Jay because he had some kind of mixing thing with headphones on through the tests tweets computer in an IPAD. Din like all four used up and I'm setting sending nearly four percent on my laptop. It's dying right in front of me. I have no way to stop it from happening. So finally sorry do dude panting and I look over the guy and is there any way you could clear out is one of those outlets and let me put my my laptop in here for like a half hour to give some power. I've got something I gotta get done. And Jesus and I'm like you motherfucker like this is not going to be a pivotal moment in your. Dj Career could've been Pfizer. Finally he does and it was like the end of the world and I plugged in for a half hour to get enough juice and then finally I duNNo. Second Shift was starting to starbucks for the people who work there but like these people started the clear out and before a new crowd could come in. I found a different place in the corner. All by myself could plug into this. Is Your Life. Thank you some work done. Jesus Christ was the worst thing now. I don't get people who work at home will leave their house and go to work. Choose to go to starbucks and work at starbucks only did because I power like why would I choose to do that some people have temptations. They can't you know honor corner asked me to do it all the time with sometimes. Just don't be can me. Please go to starbucks. I got this I D I gotta get off my chest you know. There's there's good coffee there but you could sit there all. The there is a there as a lawyer that I know when they're done responding office. You guys says it makes sense your fucking rats crawling off. uh-huh defend the place now. I like the PAS side carefully my friend even Steven Yeah. You don't like the pub as much as you so much like the life that comes with. I'm leaving my college. Yeah exactly that's what the pub is all about living life you wanna live. It's not so much a location as it has filled with his sets. Exactly you you said it. It's mindset Tony. You've come so full circle go with Paul Man. I could just cry so you don't. You hate the way that some people hate like ice cream like you love it but you hate to eat it. 'cause you you WANNA get fat. That is not what are you trying to say. Oh I had. Diabetes is trying to say. We're going to get fat if we go to the pump if we hang out of the pub too much. That's that's possibility 'cause the couches are very everyone. Says they don't want to get up and it's nothing to Taco Bell. That's a fine dining the road hogs Wesley. How towers your diet honestly since becoming resident of the PUN? It's been good actually mean Carter been going to the gym. He's been working hard. We've kind of tighten it up together. Nice that's exercise. It's not diet. No we've been eating wealthy out. I mean connor usually. It's like five steak strips for dinner was a couple of steak shrimps a bag of chips and I call it a whole great. We get that point across wheels veggie chips so oh nice in the bad stuff we do. Where do you get the steaks chips? Are they the frozen ones like in the bag and then you know beef Jerky Oh Jack Leaks. I like Kelly selling it like. He's I was picturing just sliced picture big off thinking of frozen bag heat a steak. There's just fucking beef jerky tackling some. Great Close Your Eyes. It's basically stay. Never overcook okay. I don't know why question you've got but clearly he's eating well diet everytime everytime cooked to perfect unbelievable I'll mix to candy or they're fucking Pat taught me back. Gosh you're a mix of of an old coal miner and a cat nothing but beef jerky and canned tuna. And it's a damn good live and let me tell you pal the four inside too long ago they even though I haven't Saudi Salad. A day keeps the doctor S. They've been told me so. Yeah I've been I've been consuming. See Him I can't get into solid no matter how much I I want to. I just can't get into the only way I can eat a salad now. Don't get me wrong if I like if I go to a sushi place and they got the delicious for Chinese Silk Folks Ginger dressing on there but I know I got real food coming right afterward like I can't eat a meal like that or unless I cover it with all kinds ends of fucking steak and chicken and shit. What is he's taking? I love a Cobb Salad Baker Apple Wood smoked in their problem. I only eat the topics breath and addressing the croutons me. That's me I just want to like. I just started making bowls of shredded chicken. Little pieces of real stake strips and then or honey mustard on it and it's infuriating Zito. He gets a chicken Caesar Salad every day. Since you're dunks dunks the chicken in the Croutons in the Caesar dressing they leave. The cell is just a little bed for the rest. Gosh you did not putting honey mustard on yourself. All I'm a big heavy buster guy. I don't like like that it's the Hillbilly I get it. I get it because it's very like man as easy but I just love. I don't know that there's address I sometimes get orange thing going. I will fuck in house and franchised I will. I Will Geez it used to make loose meat sandwiches. Myself like shred just mix it with with friends dressy and Luana by me sticking. Gee What are you reading the meat from like you buy like a whole honey. She's greater meet this like a beef shoulder the cooking like a crock pot. So it's basically like carving station just pill it up taking apart. Yeah looks good some for me. Granted a lot of work for a a beef and French dressing sandwich. The worth worth it not better than a good cup of ours you on Sandwich huge. ooh Oh yeah no POCO. Yeah dipstick French to stake him. Do you like the soup with cheese. He's on top of what the cheese on todd. Famous authors. Good French tips is what's Your D- Roast beef sandwich. The dip happen It's like beef onion soup. Yes Oh okay is weight and the broth in friendship soup the same. Yeah basically changing your mind. How big shred Nice Slab of prime rib but too much rather prefer that? But you know if you're in a pinch and you WanNa Friendship Rbis got pretty decent right He's right Arby's doesn't right they have the means. What's I love their Their Ruben Ruben race. Market Ruben Urban. Ruben I love the Bacon Cheddar with the BEICO lost their militias and their milk shakes are pretty the top. I think it was actually means into the sushi place. And then with Darby's aw come down we just next door we could pass. The Diet is going. Well okay. It started buddy. Those are less fat past the body bag but folks on L. T. fat fuck talk and fired. Nineteen of this room has become unbearable. It's tough to stand as is the skinniest guy here. You bring an old abandoned building there was just a little hole a little crevice in the Rock Wall and you were just walking walking by minding your own business like nothing's wrong wrong in Sarajevo to half vermeil away feel so shitty about himself. He's GonNa take a listen. I you can see past that can we. Can we all agree though. That staking shake has the best shakes shakes just dump every the only fix your pants both. Yeah there's I mean eight to ten scumbags in every steak and shake location Gatien just We do Sonics. I've never had a son that I'm really 'cause now Worst shake shack shaking shaking. You get the half and half milkshakes the half half mint in half chocolate or half banana chocolate mix should I can keep the homeless guy dipping his fingers. I will but that's tough to come by steak and shake days. Aw That's how I feel the morning. I don't get a good night's sleep because everybody always about how important is a good night's sleep but thanks to C. B. Md.. 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Twenty five percents off your next order when use the Promo Code McAfee at CBD MD DOT com once again that CBD THE MD Dot Com Promo Code McAfee for twenty five percent off of your purchase of high quality CD oil products from CBD MD.. Question Best Fast Food milkshake. I really don't love the shake shack shake. I mean there's good ones dairy queen guests as fast. Food obviously leans potbellies very good. Oh I have a really popularity Jay. Jay Won't stop talking about honestly really taught ballet murder only response if he he had potbellies for lunch other than that silent as a door. Talking a Jesus factor fiction Mu. Not This is eight. Thank you starbucks for the research behind the stack stack fiction. Always line stuff town truth. That's why they call it that or fiction okay area. These are the things we already know. Fact we already know the Steven Seagal is a true American icon. Yup a national treasure to not only us but the fine people Russia fact. We know that we already know that. He's a legend on the martial arts community legendary action star and he wants worked for the CIA where he trained field agents in hand to hand combat and even participated in field operations himself. When the CIA needed him? Fact fact we already know that we already know. Punch John Leguizamo on the chest. It's already too good on the set of executive decision because John Leguizamo laughed out loud when Steven seagal announced to the entire crew that he was in charge of that set not Kurt Russell. Even though Kurt Russell was one of the biggest stars high at that time it seems to God's character died five minutes in the movie is true fact. We already know these a certified police officer in the State of Louisiana and that he really goes out and fights crime he that just pop out on the scene whenever his own film crew that he employs at his own production company happens to be out there filming throw on a raid vest. He's out there like every other cop fighting crime. Connor Certified Peace Officer in the State of Louisiana. Oh yeah fact these great things. It's about the legend that is Steven Seagal. But what you might not know is that Steven Seagal was actually director John. McCain's original choice to play Dylan. The CIA black ops operative eventually given a Carl weathers to star opposite of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Dutch in the original Predator. Wow seagal turned down the role by telling McKiernan. I don't will die in movies in learning the valuable lesson for turning down that epic role seagal greet two years later today. Five minutes in Kurt. Russell Watt executive decision. Is this piece of movie trivia fact or fiction fact Wow al faxing them any reason why don't give reason in just after just when the respect that I don't like somehow thinking and I appreciate you. That was transformative. What you just said right there reading and it was a lot of information to digest personally? think shit. I'M GONNA go fishing okay. That was not originally Carl weathers role I guess I you listen. Things couldn't while the rest of it was fact. Remember we already know this war whereas very good question. I don't know Yeah I'm sticking fiction fiction I think they would have went for fucking before for Carl weathers or note before Steve's chiefs ago but also before Carl weathers because he was not there is no choice according to my version that's also hard. The core weather wasn't the original choice. Specimen is I'm GonNa say fiction because you fucking eight Stephen Skull. You're not gonNA tell some cool shit about Steven Seagal up no way I think it was a bad move. Turned down one of the most epic supporting true our roles in the history of Action Fair enough fishing because you just tried to sell the other way. Okay okay we got four fictions in one fact announced down to. I'm GonNa go fiction because you would love to end on fiction no matter what. Oh that's good logic Koska logic I liked it so we have one two three four five fictions and one fact this piece of movie trivia is indeed read fiction. Good job guys. ooh Only only are Canadian friend. Got Her all Roosen. All those other things are true. I mean I mean fucking bullshit is everything that goes fiction. That's why I wanted to end with the Steven. SEAGAL fiction good call. Let's see there's no way I would give him credit for something. Any did punch John Leguizamo in the chest for John. Leguizamo is an American. I climate people forget he was Leeches in the movie spawn. He really something. Whoever was on the pizza fixing doc is one of the craziest have been tomato? Look it up. Look it up was pizza in the garbage kit. Oh Oh so yeah. Maggots maggots leads. Just leading. Lisa's it'd be a different program. They look the same. There's just different colored arguably not their clothes. I do know they have the same slimy type of look but smaller than Maga's look. Mike Reiss and leeches look like giant roaches. Evil your little blobs but but still similar woodland it all right. Yeah so final fuck you to see him Seagal forever dead to show prouty berries you. You're right there you're done. You touched John Leguizamo again. I'll Kevin Hollywood guys four ten. Why are you punching? John Unlike was on the disrespect. It gives Kurt Russell in Nineteen Ninety Ninety Kurt Russell one thousand nine hundred Hollywood. Jesus was he's Yeah so what do you guys got planned for this weekend. Anything cool around the corner. XFL Baby Oh here we go to watch a game and Never Watch Pick the team. I know ty has a team against. I'm close to switching allegiance. I'm pretty close jumping on the Dragon's Aga's bandwagon up there. I have to take the sales team. It's the closest to hear our drive. They stink of course they're gonNA say Lewis has already are hot the roughnecks. Oh that's a good one gave away five pairs of tickets to the game this week through through how they that's how big of a fan. I am a front row seat for three Bucks Fifty Fifty Bucks for a box. Holy Shit there said they'll make it up in popcorn serving the beef jerky in tuna canes. Tony do you have another ticket holders. I didn't know that I'm there. Tuna and chicken strips. Did you say you guys see the dude. Who was there taking a flight from Toronto to Jamaica and when they were over Florida stood up in the middle of flight and yelled I have the krona virus? Go edsel they immediately to turn around and go back to Toronto. They still don't know if he actually did have it or not but still pretty pretty much of a Dick move might as well. Yeah y'all I'm strapped balk at this point that guy off the plane and the hatch come on pal opened up the exit door. Push him out. What would you do if that happened to you on an airplane if he if he said that and I was on the plane? Yeah did you say. PM immediately tackling but then you're getting closer to him. You're definitely going to get energy tackled it. I would just pretend like it was a hijacker mega totally. Pretend like it was a hijacking and I was saving the plane I would. I would holding lean down a homemade. That's okay everybody. Go to the back of the plane. I'M GONNA stay here in First Class. Hold this guy down. We need some boxes. Bring them up here throw peanuts. Adam Hoping Analogy Olo peanuts. It's like I don't know probably it's probably over the door and throw them in the book. I'm going to get it on his way back to Canada last night. Dude heard Yoga's without he added yesterday. Why the pubs taking me down killed my immune system? Oh Jeez yeah. Good point because offer something. Is that what you tell you really bad we really bad call. If you survive living a month at the pub you'll live forever because you'll never get sick ever again. You'd supposed to every body will have giant vaccine. Yeah you'll have antibodies for every type of illness disease. And it'd be just a Pumpkin hairball Coughed it up. Ah Scipio parody by me. That I'm a position my phone. Ever make a superhero parody. The superheroes Kryptonite. It's going to be peanuts. He's never peanut allergy only weakness instead of Krypton from another planet. He's just like peanuts will kill baseball. Game his uh-huh go to go to Texas roadhouse as probably the a bill in probably his home base is as fortunate as Texas roadhouse anywhere near it because the Berles peanuts on the floor Anyone watch make millions No I flipped it on for like two seconds. There's halfway through so I decided not to. So this is a new documentary on and the guy who scammed the McDonald's monopoly game or twelve years or some Shah Zsa dollar prize each year. It's gotta be incredible. You know by watching it premiered last night two nights ago taught gotTa Watch host good. That's just classic it's classic. Bob Guys retired cop really. Yeah he went to work their security fucking scum McDonald security. What a bag of Shit and fucking came up with this plan? WHO's only got new or the winter's gone so cops when they retire? Have to work. McDonald security purity. The French fry protect the secret formula praying real high level of incorporate security job macdonalds. Like you greedy fuck. He's probably making twelve times as a cop. And these like fuck and It's did Matt Damon by the rights for the movie mark. Walberg is the one who's producing it really uh-huh for the movie for the HBO Special Hbo Special. And Yeah I think Brad Pitt bought the rights of the movie always see it's GonNa be Great. That was Israel scumbag moved back. Because you know not only take that money. He stole some medicines because every time I thought I was GONNA win. Yeah I love that you went to McDonald's like it probably ten times the usual mount your every time I get park place him. I'll fucking Jack Awesome awesome matter time. I mean I guess it was nice like getting a free fucking double cheeseburger every once in a while and some fries but outside of that if you if you had never had the opportunity to win anything good I mean. That's Horse Shit. Is it over yeah. I don't think it's I don't think yeah. After the whole scout at least he left us some buy one get one free food. Scratch Jephson it. That's all the Russians cheated in the Olympics. We still have the Olympics. Still One guy ruin something great. I agree I'm surprised that already. chason ascendant pick up that philosophy and try and do their own version of the MIC millions. Will they have a lot of people have done. JUST KNOCK UP WAY Burger King. You know they'd like when anytime like a movie comes is out they do some sort of Mumbo jumbo with it. Yeah so you know. It's something to think about something to think about fair enough you're gonNA watch them make millions dot Hu big the the monopoly scheme. Doc came guy that was in the factory that was Reacted to the mob demob. Incredible I can't wait last night. I was a avid McDonald's monopoly player. To as a child that's killed it for only two decades still money out everyone's pocket. He Store Innocence Hall. Yeah it's like the day I found out Santa Claus fiercely. We are big McDonald's family. The McAfee family. It was right down the street from the rate at walk. A good walk owes something to do. Take like you you know an hour of your life out too so something to do. The dollar. Many change Gameboy really did no longer there one. It's not I didn't know McDonald's ever-closer All Saints McAfee. Move business out now last last night. Yeah Yeah but I'm dying. I'm dying so Jesus Story. That goal sounded pretty easy. But you know what's not running a small business it's filled with unexpected events that require sudden cash cash flow. You're right bovine can help you. Secure cash fast and applying online is easy and takes just a few minutes. Are you gonNa tell us how you God damn right I eh. Bovine is an easy fast way to help. Support Your Business Growth with a line of credit of up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars dollars two hundred fifty not a whether you need money to offset upfront cost secure inventory or paying unexpected expense through blue von you can help help yourself and your business stay secure for any reason. There's no fee to set up your line of credit and Blue Line. Never Bovine never charges maintenance or prepayment fees vs plying his easy just go get go online to get blue von Dot com slash heartland fill out a few simple details. And you're done with your application within minutes minutes and it's not GonNa Affect your credit score. Okay cruisers funds can be received in as fast as twenty four hours. It's quick to almost a day almost a day. Have Peace of mind. Knowing that funds can be drawn with the click of a button for any business expense blue viner's health more than twenty thousand customers and has delivered over two two and a half billion shown in funds to businesses. Bovine also has advisors available by phone to answer any questions and help meet your your business needs with an a plus rating from the better business bureau and a nearly live star review on trust pilot see why thousands of satisfied business owners have chosen chosen blue vine as the go to source for financing right now listeners of this show blue von is going to offer a special limited time promotion promotion of a one hundred dollar gift card when you take out a loan or open a line of credit with blue von. That's pretty good. Not Bad promoting really get blue vine dot com slash heartland for more details once again all you have to do is go to get blue. Vine Dot com slash heartland heartland and apply. How's this going up here? Sounds like a lot of laughs straight. Yeah have been eating beef Jerky for dinner. For the last week take strips they are stakes stakes strips every night so misleading beef jerky. It's all in how you word it. You know Alan Beef Jerky a steak strip. So we're not. We're not falsifying information. Technically yes it's what it says on the bag. Of course we were thinking slice slice Sirloin and you were talking. I don't know why you're thinking that I can remind Thanksgiving dinner. So you guys sports on me all right. Jeez what's that Tuna Company. They'll be like Cohn circus sushi Sushi every night runoff blow turf every night. uh-huh noodles been having Asian cuisine. Every single do good for you. Yeah man it's good living at. It was funny for Thanksgiving every night steaks ribs every night. I walked all the way to McDonald's for Christmas close. Yeah that's a good walk straight straight walk to a lot of things that could have happened in during that walk to. You shouldn't award slippers. Much Down Donald Celebrates Christmas. I didn't know that I guess so does Wendy's Taco Bell in case we learned a lot that day Yeah there fifteen years. That guy stole everything everything. Every time you bought for why decade and half every time you bought an item from McDonald's donalds for there was a fucking monopoly. Our prime to our prime to save. You hoped yet hope park place maybe a quarter pounder with cheeser soft drink made him fry flurry Oreo by Laurie. How how about their spoons that they used to start with and then they would just pop out of the game change in use at guy you know? He was originally a wasn't he originally shake seven happen milkshake maker salesman And they got into the Burger business. Still think listening but they take off Christmas. They've they've they've apologized to the Lord like I never got his kickbacks to sure. Can we get his loyalties. You don't they still do the monopoly though. Say his loyalties loyalty loyalty. They don't loyalties rolled loyalty but they don't do the monopoly anymore can't remember I don't I don't think so. They might do some sort of like Poland peel game but it's definitely not monopoly. Such good fucking idea. Brilliant Guy all takes golden ticket for five plus. I never thought about this. How piss was like Milton Bradley the creators of monopoly because they had the license that shit them so they're signing off on this game now they're games getting attached attached to this disgusting fraudulent scheme monopoly? How I never played it sucked? I've never played these Simpson's or should you cool takes takes forever long game so I'll risk you guys love those long games. I don't remember you all you sit around and rescue risk rate longer risks. There's GonNa Animal. It's aggravating fuck. There's always one fucking guy who's like on keep attacking her body. If you can keep attacking you I go out and I'll fucking put you out can't damn it now. The whole game fucked live for the strategy dot again. I'd WanNa be when he was saying that I was was in my head I was thinking. That's definitely how no treaties at all defend the Congo until they're in Madagascar. That's where you can find. Awed everywhere else doesn't matter. We had one friend that would do that. We've never laying play every game is like basically what you're saying you're going to win so we know sitting down you're GonNa win because nobody can ever attack you. Are you going to get pissed off and put us out of the game. That's all I commit suicide right away. I've only played risk one time. It was on your ipad on a flying I one but I don't understand Dan. How how attacking's auto way to do it you? How does it work? TGI BILL YOU WANNA attack we gotta wait till times right. You GotTa wait till you can attack on two fronts. The cards good game though right very good everybody that I appreciate opinion on things likes the game that I think that's probably why the board game is too long but they have like the electronic origin. Now that is very very talk. You know what I always thought. Was the dumb game. battleship really. Yeah seen gene. I loved battles. I'm guessing the random chance reading their voice Yeah Yeah you should have loved that as I don't remember the voice didn't have electronic battleship. Yeah Oh yeah saving throwing rocks at each other you're right. It was probably alleyway more cool with the electronics. That great guests. Who is that right? Guess who who. I guess that game was on. I've I've been worried. Gave phone game for that. They should and should make like a word with France. Yeah they probably have. I don't think so no now. It looks like he's dialing up Morris Code over there cutting cameras you see his fingers. I didn't know you cut cameras for this show. I like what you're doing. What did you look like? You're like like premo executive producer visit. Does he look shirts. Trim up you do look very professional. Cuban no hat. What are we doing short such a long walk special headphones that fit over Fedora Butts? Oh Yeah Cuban. Seed is a crowd pleaser. Oh yeah gets people going nursing. Like Jesus stopped in his young stopped in his tracks for Cubans breeze. Learn to hang. Hang out with them. It's throwback shirts and there Cubans each shirts three sweet. Oh my God. Did you hear about getting bullied by drew. brees he's for So he can meet Cubans eat really. Yeah well we're on radio row and Drew brees shake everyone's hand. He's gotta go really good guy really really good guy. Allegedly came over and basically like put his elbow in the middle of my back to push my body doubts. Go down and shake hands and exchanged. Jj Business cards with drew brees people. Don't talk about it a lot. He does a lot of good in the community anything. He's actually huge brick. No He's not. I will say this pets interviewed Ju- breeze in my opinion pestle microphone. I think so too just the best never. Ad Everything he he said counted a timing. I just thought he was. I liked him a lot. I like to me. No his body bag you asked me. I really hated him but but I I liked him a lot as a person and the way he spoke. That's why I think he's retiring due to the Said you were there. He was not nice to you. You know he's very nice to me. It was nice to bring you guys smoothies you to. We don't deserve well. Aaron Donald managed to bring it to xl pies for that is true. Is this beef with brees go. Yeah I'll never let this go. They shake hand either he really push them out of the way that it did not shake ties in Cuban community Cubans. What's his name down? There is what he said. It's incredible. How like him? You didn't ask about his your theory about the game's being rigged for him. Oh yeah well out of also ruined the show I mean towards and stuck it in there a mother I think he would have handled it very well. He was very good. Yeah I thought it was very had some fucking asshole type comment smug again. You know off the cuff hilarious picture yet. Yeah everyone got it ready except for gump gullible was true. Yes it was a steven. SEAGAL FACTOR FICTION'S I. I didn't think about ahead of time lends itself to be fiction. If I'm saying it but only I had to play him in a body bag. PUT IT in the rest final show Steven Seagal. Yeah so now. He's dead to the show forever I think he I mean he kills the first time. You're talking about Steven Seagal. I think was maybe one of my favorite favorite moments because we all learn so quickly that there was a de Patriots for him and I did not know that Stevens call was hated by people. And then you start getting backing by people people are like. Yeah I hate them. I was like all right. There's a little cult down there. Yeah I'm happy you love me. You'll hate him if you could. You miss this part but he. While on the set of the movie Executive Decision Punches John Leguizamo in the fucking chess already passed. The Leguizamo laughed at it. Allowed piece of Shit Right. Believe Zomba's American icon. Speaking of public people are greedy. Punch a child just let a week ago was dancing with like non-discharge up charges were dropped vindication for regret. Yeah that little kid must've said something police. You're telling me these really courts aren't fixing and then for gritty due he's just a piece of shit punched a kid deserves it. The philly court system also wants to lock people up. I mean you know degrading wears costumes. MIDCOURT represented keep a straight face. And he does he speak. Did you own up sidewalk. Him Up locked him up. Lock them up. I thought we were on his side. Just who's on his side you were. I was never honestly asleep. Punched a kid. He's a scumbag Steven Steven Seagal Punch pissed off. And he was actually Steven seagal under there the very a hole in the kids spine rips it out. So he punk. This has been said yet. I have another fucking phone call I have to be on. This is now taught. I've been very lucky to work alongside yu-pao now I'm very very fucking happy for you. I cannot wait to see how you do in taking over. Not only stand up comedy world whenever you fully commit to that the crime podcast and everything when you get into. We are all very happy. I don't WANNA speak for everybody else. Speak for me. I am credibly happy for you excited for. You can't wait to watch you and if anything ever happens where for some reason it doesn't work out please. No you always have home I appreciate. I told everybody that very much helps my ulcer. No but I think I think the thing for you is watching you get back into stand up comedy. It's been a lot of fun from far. I've only been a couple of shows you've done. Well obviously one but watching him from afar get back doing is a blast. Because I think you're gonNA be so good at it and I think I think the world deserves it and I'm pumped for you or in anytime you want to be a guest on anything you let us know. Oh Man I can never make it up to you the gift you've given me knowing me but everybody in here and my son for Christ's sake just fucking priceless. Really appreciate you buddy. UH-HUH I appreciate you. Maybe we'll be in touch we will for you get out of here. People gotta know like we said you're GonNa Shit your pants come up with your own theories of whatever people people got. No there's no fucking Neil will hear anybody ever says pat did something to fucking bury like you can go fuck yourself appreciate so. I ended up everything I did and for him to say. I'm always welcome back. Jesus Christ he does some interesting by the way go fucking Agrees I think what happened with. Greedy was in court and knowing. I'm just guessing. This is how the Philly court system works with what what happened with the other guy is they at some point. Said please stand up. Remove your mask. When he took it off he was white they quit? This is some of their connor I plead the fifth on that one. But this little shit I mean you gotta think this kid went back to his mother and his mother is like your piece of Shit. Okay I know what you did. You probably yanked on his tail or something and kicked him in the Crotch. Fuck Doc philly okay situation. Thank you I appreciate that. I think that's actually what the attorney uh-huh did you. What was your? I didn't ask you guys probably talked with this radio. What was your favorite like super bowl commercial all the commercials jeep? GPO WITH BILL Murray. That was good one. Suck at any time you get a bring. What's his name back from? The Junk Tani now. His Ned Ryerson. Aw Oh yeah Yep pock really like mock thank you. It was my favorite snickers I enjoyed should on everything that I hate the top gun trailer with the fast nineties. or You guys don't like it. I love no not enough not enough time. We need to be good fast. Nine going to drop a hundred million million dollars to play. The role of the Marvel Marvel dropping some heat on Disney Disney bosses. They're we're really doing it right. Disney is going to be. It's Thursday they have one more Kirkum wrong tie but by like tenfold. Probably Twentyfold have one more Academy Awards than any other entity or any other person while Disney may probably. Ah I'm sure they will fucking movie you know. Now that's ever been made pretty much but I don't know Disney plus needs to add some more like movies to their libraries. It's a little come on Jay. They'll start do you think they'll start buying rights like Netflix. Do the Betty never now. Did they bought Fox and I. I would assume that I mean I don't know that'll probably be on some other streaming network or something but they technically have the right to put all that stuff on there to go. Yeah Simpson's is just a huge. Get the live forever because of the sense what do you think Disney's about to go over before they got the. That's that's all they're going to make. What were you gonNA say enjoyed the Alexa commercial or is like Alexa? Make it six degrees cooler. She takes the log out of the fireplace and throws it out the window concept. Good Idea Alexi tell my wrong. They they finally got it right. Pretty much top to bottom with commercials and I've been wanting to but like this was these were the best Jaylo and I don't really remember that in any Eh fast commercial. Yeah that was I. I didn't love the homeless one. Seen that a few times on twitter as well yeah virtue. Charlie J. One one person after four of them are loved. Charlie I like I like Charlie anything I just I love him. I like the one where the proctor and gamble put all their products together into one commercial cleaning the house pretty much. I didn't care for baby not now. Yeah stupidest it's fucking stupid. It's obviously clearly rebuff of baby iota. So just but it worked. How about Jason? More thousand one douse one. Yeah actually you know what I forgot was a J.. Samoa I came on. The scene is the remake of Conan. The Bar Burien because I just found I watched it the other on your deficit. I know see coated because when I was a kid. The Schwarzenegger came out the first real. Movie that Schwarzenegger Jesus Currently Fun Guy. Mall is came out where he's like then he wasn't it's big as he is now so he was just more like I don't know just fit looking but I remember like he was a good actor right Allie box in the last night a great movie but he he could tell like he could act and it was awesome fight sequences. You must read off season. Three Baywatch no. He was in season. Three Baywatch go ahead go back. Holy Shit he might have been like lifeguard three but he was good horn really eh. It was weird to look at him and him not be as nearly as Jack as he is now but he looked more like a like a tight end. was that Pam Anderson Baywatch. I think it was like right after Karnal. I don't know I'm still says. Oh yes me bleed. Poor Carmen Electra. Really fell off than she was on top of the she drove that car writing to a tree stock where she died. I in her career died. We spent some time together because she was like seventh grade. Of course my mind was forming. Just spanking your meat. Yeah for sure. She seems crashing home computers. Who else was she hanging out with? There's another odd good. Yeah yeah but I mean the girl. There's two of them together friends dammit. I've lost it Pam Anderson. The dirty who Pam Anderson was sucking on Tommy Lee's third legs exclusive out. See if I can find there. Were two of them together. I feel like the other one is the only reason. Carmen Electra existed outside of Rodman. She's born sir. It was currently Dave Navarro. Yeah they had a reality show. I forgot about that. Oh Yeah fucking. The Tattoo artist fucking outlived you in the entertainment industry. They're married four years. Robin was just a year. Yeah I mean Rodman was also with Madonna. Yeah I won't point I I mean your big worm baby big land for him and then nothing eating cheese with Kim Jong not a bad come up all circle. The scene a thirty for thirty. I heard it was really good. Who Robin Goods Shoots okay balls go. It's really right. Yeah it was really a lot of crimes. There's always crying with Robinson it's crying. They got really deep it when he married himself. That was like a big big part of it. I forgot that you know what that he needs. Like two holes drilled any skull electrodes put in something wrong with that. Did anything else about now that we put all the fires in the world. Do you think so I think so. Well I don't know about that came close. Crony buyers away Yeah so destroyed by now else It's been a treat love this place. Love Harlan radio. Love all you guys listen. Obviously you're the fucking best listeners on the planet we don't lie. We say that you guys are fucking army and you're lucky to still have these guys can't wait to see you hosts necks. It's going to be fucking electric and I can't wait to stop by again and I'm GonNa join myself even better. 'CAUSE I get to be in that chair and I fucking steer the ship you just pop off spifer again. It'd be great. Well you guys take care of my Boy Bailey really over there. And don't let him get to nerd out and loss Teaching teaching teaching them how to be a little more cool than he is little. Hey little motors. I got grabbing grabbing grabbing. Bob You know what I mean like. Hey pro get off that youtube every now and then it fatherly torch for me all right in all honesty love you guys love each will you in this room because all my best friends of Utah Guys. Listen we're out.

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Episode 804: Kristen Bell and Josh Gad

Relevant Podcast

1:25:17 hr | 1 year ago

Episode 804: Kristen Bell and Josh Gad

"This is relevant week of May Twenty Ninth Two Thousand Twenty and. It's the role podcast. I'm your host Cameron Strang and joining me from lover and Virginia Jesse Kerry low low from Austin Texas author and podcasters Jamie Ivy. Hey guys from Nashville Tennessee artist and producer Derek Minor. We have a great show in store few today. It's going to be a weird show is going to be a good show. Let me tell you what's coming up. Coming up later we have none other than Kristen. Bell and Josh Gad. Joining us They I mean if you don't know who they are there. They are part of a new animated series as debut today on Apple. Tv plus from the creators of Bob's Burgers Central Park. So they're gonNA join us and tell us about that show. I don't know if you've ever seen the intros for the PROMOS for but it. I have their voices forever embedded into the deep canals of my brain. Thanks to the frozen franchise and as much as. I love them both as performers. I'm trying to work with some forgiveness issues for both. It's GonNa be hard to listen to that interview without hearing. Olaf Yeah and Princess Anna. I know I know and like I said I. That's that that's an interview. I rarely rarely personally pass on interviews. But this one's like I'm sorry what you've done is too far okay. Those movies are are very dangerously addictive to children. And it's like I it's I can't I couldn't go there but good for them and they're both very talented and I do think they're hilarious and smart people so that's coming up but I I don't know how to segue yet again like we have been the last few weeks. Our country has been dealing with some very troubling and important conversations around the news. That's been happening in the racial injustice space and yet again this week earlier this week the news broke about The Minneapolis George Floyd in his murder by police up there we wanted to talk about that here at the beginning of this show and I wanted to invite a couple of friends to join us for this segment. I wanted to tyler. Huckabee our senior editor relevance join us. We've been covering it all week at this. The site on relevant daily. I want him to join us and I also want to bring on a friend of the show author speaker consultant former worship artists. Carless whitaker who has been engaging this topic on social media as well welcome to the show. Guys thanks man. Thanks for having me. Thanks Karen Tyler. I want you to Kinda give an update to the listeners. Talk about what you know. The story was happening if they've been living under a rock and then Carlos Before we get into the conversation I wanna read a post set. You had earlier this week and I think that'll kick us off. So Taylor give give give us the story of George Floyd sure and and I'll be a little brief here because I know you've probably been seeing a lot of. I know these also that this content can be traumatizing for a lot of people so I do want to be sensitive to that but Four officers have been fired in Minneapolis. After an eight minute video of a white police officer crushing a black man's neck with his knee refusing to listen to the man's pleased that he couldn't breathe and ignoring the crowds of onlookers. Begging him to stop the man who's George Floyd becomes unresponsive and was later pronounced dead at Hennepin County Medical Center The whole video is we do. Have it posted a magazine Dot Com? It is very graphic. I do want to caution people against watching this because I know so. Many of these videos. can build up after watters but it is important aware of these things Benjamin crump is the attorney. Who's been hired by the family to pursue justice in this case he said that. Floyd's death is part of tragic cycle in the US. There's a quote from. He said we all watch the horrific death of George Floyd on video as witnesses begged the police officer to take him into the police car and get off his neck. This abusive excessive and inhumane use of force cost a life of a man who is being detained by the police for questioning about a nonviolent charge. How many wild black debts will it take until the racial profiling? Undervaluing of black lives by police finally ends there was also a press conference from Minneapolis. Mayor Jacob Fray who said that the officer failed and the most basic human sense being black in America should not be a death sentence. He says for five minutes to be watched as a white police officer pressed his name to the Neck Cup of black man for five minutes. When you hear someone calling for help you're supposed to help do to read this. According to Buzzfeed News Floyd had recently moved to Minneapolis. He worked as a security guard at a local homeless shelter. He was involved in his local church where he was fondly known as big floyd friend of his told buzzfeed news quote. He gave us hugs. He told us it was going to be okay. He told us we could make it. He was such a big brother to me here. He was grounded. He was spiritual. He was an athlete. He was an organizer. He was a comforter. He was encouraged or I could just go on and on and on about who he was. That guy did not deserve to die like that and of course a nor does anybody here. So those are. I'm sure the facts are all very familiar with at this point but it is important to stand the context in then. Yeah just post from Carlos. Caught me and Cameron CY public outrage. Obviously there's you know Demonstrations in Minneapolis. And all week. There's been it's just like this almost seems like it's a breaking point for America in. This is an important conversation. I'm going to share so I I'll be honest with you. I've been running relevant since scream account last few months and I post about a modern we post about BRIANNA and I didn't post. I didn't say anything on Tuesday night from relevant because I was scrolling and a lot of Christian leaders had really nicely designed posts and pretty little hashtags and man. I mean seriously. Did this worship leader go? Aska designer to make this thing and then they I mean it was just really a Christian White Social media just really was on you know right there and then I kept scrolling on it came across Carlos Whitaker in Carlos tweeted. And then Poseidon's Graham this no more tags no more. How can I help my black brothers? No more calculated responses. You want to help show me your unbridled unpolished response to these weekly murders. Cry cuss scream. Saab stop being measured raise. Hell start there and then I saw Carlos engaging a lot of people who had something to say about his post and I thought thank you Carlos because I think this is where we need to go. I'm tired of and Derek talked about this a couple of weeks ago. Like what do you feel when you see finally Christian leaders actually speaking out about this stuff but do you roll your eyes? Do you say thank you. Do you say too little too late and then I. It's like this. Was this like almost like everybody. Had this perfect presponse and it just was like if fill it felt flat for me. Man I don't know I didn't. I didn't want to replicate or perpetuate that same old things. I didn't know what to say and I wanted to talk about on the show today. Yeah I mean camera. Thanks for asking me to come on here for second and talk about it. You know I think that for me where that post came from was after the Ahmad shooting happened two weeks ago I put up a nicely edited a seven minutes Decree to my white brothers and sisters on to things that they could do to help the black community and it was. It was like what to say and what not to say and I felt like they were like. Oh thank you so much for that input that we really WanNa know what to say what did not say and I was like okay. And so actual they heard me then when this happened. I started seeing them dot saying the things. They weren't supposed to say in saying the things that they were supposed to say and it was. Gross. Like My. It just was to me. What what it showed me was the people that are coming because just listeners. Know again like I'm a half Mexican half black guy that lives in in the south at so I don't get to choose what people view me as right so you know when I'm at the gas station like people get to pick what they see me as kind who I am and so the DMZ getting his Carlos what to do. I don't know what to say. Help me as a white middle class. Soccer mom know what to say. I think what getting to now is okay if if this was your best friend. This is the responsibility to people. If this is your best friend that this happened to guess what you would probably get on the next flight to Minneapolis you. Would you would make your sign and you would be in the streets marching if it was that personal to you and that is that unbridled by just that inner ethos kind of rage that. I'm talking about that. So many people are feeling but the white community maybe doesn't feel that and they want to know what they should feel and I'm telling them that's what they should feel. That's what they need to be doing. They need to not just be putting up another post because Oh hey got it guys. It's Tuesday another black guy got killed. Let's put up our Tuesday hashtag posts. No it's time to do more time to get angrier. It's time to March. It's time to do things. Honestly you'RE GONNA lose a lot of influence. You'RE GONNA lose a lot of friends but guess what like I don't care anymore like that's where that's where I feel like people need to get to the rich and I'm not saying that Chrissy to be filled with rage all the time the listen yes you do over this and and you need to treat it as if it is your Your best friend. That has happened to what would that. What would that look like? And then allow that to begin to rise up. And that's really you know if you go into the the the comments section on instagram posts. Man You know I. It's it's the typical ones that are coming black on black crime. How come you're not angry about that for Carl Bill Jerry Audio podcasting got the How about how about this cartilage? What about police officers? Kill more white people than they do. Those socking points that that that that come into my comment sections and honestly like three three of the most massive ones. They were all anonymous because they didn't want to show their face They didn't want to and again. You know like all of those points can be refuted by me in thirty seconds. The posted. This conversation isn't to refute your stupid black on black crime things or you're you're ignorant will cops kill more white people toast. The point of the matter is the rage that needs to be exploding out of you needs to be so personally felt that I need you to imagine if this were your best friend okay. What color they were. What would you do you will you would bang on that on a Minneapolis city? Whatever police station and until justice was served? And that's what I'm talking about an and again I'm I'm coming at this for for so long as a as a guy that the majority of my audience they're white moms to be honest with you. That's like who follow me on instagram. That's that's my end so it. Suddenly the last two years I've gotten latter about this has made a lot of people very uncomfortable. I've lost a lot of followers because of seeking out honest but I feel like I have an opportunity to get angry and to get loud and to have people go. This is really bothering Carlos to Carlos. I never really saw you as a black man. I never really all these things so I feel like all of these emotions have have just been you know like a pressure cooker. It's pressure pressure pressure. Finally that top has come up and it's like people like all you talk about. Well yes it's all I talk about now and I'm tired of talking about it too and so if you're tired of me talking about it then do something about it so anyway. There's my unedited kind of opinion of what the conversations going on in my world spent. I don't know I I'd light. Matthew Twenty five says when the son of man comes in his glory and all the angels with him then he will sit on the glorious throne before him will be gathered all the nations all the nations and he will separate people run from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goat sheep from the goat. He will place the sheep on his right and the goat on his life. Then the king will say to those on his right. Come you are blessed by my father. Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world for. I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was stranger and you welcomed me. I was naked. And you clothed me. I was sick and you visited me. I was imprisoned. You came to me. The rights just won't answer him saying Lord. When did we see you hungry and feed you or thirsty and give you drink and when did we see you a stranger and welcome you or naked and clothe you and when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you and it came will answer them. Truly I say to you as you did to one of the least of these of my brothers you did it to me. Danny will say to those on his left. Depart from me. You cursed into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels for. I was hungry and you gave me no food. I was star steed. You gave me no drink. I was a stranger and you did not welcome naked. You did not clothe me sit and imprison. You did not visit me. Then they will all answer saying Lord. When did we see you hungry? Thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison and did not minister to you. Danny Will Adam saying truly I say to you as you did not do it to one of these. You did not do it for me. And it will go away into eternal punishment but the righteousness into eternal life. That's all I got it. It's the truth it's good. It's good I tell them. We're talking this morning about what we do. I'm like I feel I feel like this is coming up again again again. And we're saying okay. What we say two weeks ago. Derek Jamie okay. We need to listen when you get educated. We need to re. We need understand. This is not recent. This is four hundred years this all these things right and then it happens again. It happens again and it's like okay. We were saying okay to five years ago. Four years ago we were saying White Church leaders. You need to speak out about this now. They're speaking out about ours is like it's still happening. And I just as fields defeating like how do we interact actual change? What can and should we collectively we? Americans do? And I thought about Kim Kardashian West here like another injust injustice happens in our country and we can get upset about it and raise awareness about it and talk about it. And we're chasing our tails right or reacting continually reacting continually until America gets caused fatigue and they stopped talking about it right. But how do we actually prevent? How do we actually change course and Kim Kardashian? She could be sitting there. Using her social media platform to be tweeting about incarcerations or criminal justice injustices and things or she could go into the halls of power and behind the scenes advocate for systemic change with Van Jones and other people and all of a sudden like she's turning the tide of criminal justice reform. And I'm going. What's that step with this right? What do we need to be doing collectively where there is willpower? Now what can we then do? I don't have an answer for that so for the next week or so. We're going to do a multi part series on our website. Asking leaders mentors elders in the space for help and guidance. Okay and then take the energy and the frustration and the anger that we're all feeling right now and the helplessness ever all feeling and actually hopefully direct towards something so I don't have an answer for talented is talking about this morning and we're going to be trying to link arms with a whole lot of friends around the country to say we got gotta change this as we advocate for more accountability and the police forces is a is a government is a DC is what is it like. What can we do? You know I think I think everybody every leader that you're talking to right now you know I was. I saw Louis Posted yesterday. I can't bring you like he posted this thing right. And so Louisa. Very well known you know. White Christian leader in in our country and sells lose talking about it right and then he's like it just sickening right all the things that he's supposed to say and then a stroll down and I saw and I will. I won't I won't name the Christian leader That that said it has to stop right with little prayer hands and this Christian leader is in every single picture. I see with Donald trump like. He's he has his ear he is. He's right there next to him. He's and so I'm sitting here going. Okay connect tell you how how we can stop. You can walk in and you can be loud about the fact that you're going to tell the president United States to stop using rhetoric that is going to continue to advance what is happening in police force. That is going to continue to allow people to feel like they have the right to do this so instead of saying it has to stop him. Louis give me those comments section. Let me see a post of you calling the President United States because you have ear or knocking on his door walking in the White House and making this an issue freaking Kim Kardashian has done it. She has made this issue. So Mr Pastor Chris Leader with millions of followers. Don't let Chris Kim Kardashian be the one that's leading this conversation. It's gotta be. You agree music crazy. That is that it's saying that that is is that data. Jim Kerr dashed in. Is the leader in freak out black rights. Thank you you you you evangelical priests every morning people. Every morning are getting up ended by Kim Kardashian. Light let that sink in. You guys are a joke when it comes to black people. You wonder why we don't come to your churches. You wonder why we feel uncomfortable. This is why because to get changed in the criminal. Justice system. Dot Com Kim Kardashian has been more of a leader than you. Your joke joke period. Like don't care don't bring me churches. Don't I'm not playing games anymore frequent? I'm tired. Da watched my grandfather get beat by six cops. When I was nine I got caught in when I was five by some white lady would Afro Light Light got spat on my my freaking second day of Second Grade Bassem white guys and caught a porch monkey. I've been pulled over by COPS. Handcuff guns to my head like this is not a game. I'M NOT GONNA sit here and debate with everybody over the facts defects are what I saw. And that's a man begging for his mother as guys stairs on his neck and that is the biggest symbol of wipe people have done to black people for four hundred years and as far as I'm concerned like if you if you can watch and then not be Ab- say or not even take the time to say I might not get it but I'm not going to antagonize black people and try to make them hash up. Why they feel if you can't see that we're not family. We're not brothers. You're not my friend like and that's truth and if you pass this all you got to freaking offer with all the millions of dollars funneled into your church from ties and offer it. All you got to freaking offer is instagram post who des Com twitter posts. That's all you got for me so entertain your kids. Somebody who is Ben? Across the World Preaching The Gospel. Of all you have is that we're not brothers. Were not family. We're not friends nasty. Truth because friends don't let friends go through stuff like this and turn around and antagonist him in the middle of their problems. They get up. Do something you act like. You don't know what to do but you know exactly what to do for abortion you know exactly what to do for ties. You know. It's what to do to everything else but when it comes to black people you're coolest you've been clueless for four hundred years. No you know what to do you. Just don't want to do is tell the truth you're coward and you want to watch. You're watching US died. I have two kids. I'm terrified to send to the world. I'll I'll terrified to go into the world at times because I want to come back to my family. You may traffic stops. I've been in head. Cover no freaking reason. Get that man. The truth is the true. You may not want to hear it and look. I don't care honestly do not care like I don't I don't like don't don't don't hit meet listening. You can watch Berkman Stan on a man's neck why he begs for his mother and says he can't. We have nothing else to talk about. I'm done I'm done trying to consult you on how to be human. Yeah I'm done consulting you on if you supposed to be able to know if you're good enough to know the Bible and Bible and you know all that stuff about theology. Do you should know enough about seeing people die and hurting and how to help them on true. I love that you connected abortion man. I mean like the Church has says the Church says we're pro-life we care about God's creation we care about our lives and the Church has mobilized for forty five years about abortion at every level. Where's that level of energy for this life for these lives? If you'RE PRO-LIFE YOU'RE HOLISTICALLY. Pro-life is life and human dignity. We're all we're all children of God right and and and not only that. Look at it you know. I think everyone you know to especially white. Evangelical Christians in this country need to have a lot of self reflection and self examination about what issues? They actually put their time and energy into you know Lebron James. You know his post on instagram. Had A picture of and we've all seen the video now of the officer on one knee. The other knee is on the neck of a of a black man who's handcuffed and then picture next to that. Lebron James was Colin Kaepernick on his knee. And it was something along the lines of this. Why you know this is necessary. You know referring to the protests. How many White Evangelical Christians got you know for some reason you know? Got Angry or took personally Colin Kaepernick chosen form of demonstration of protests against racial violence. If you're someone who spoke out against that and having spoken out or haven't taken action against this I think it's time for some serious self reflection and and and and legitimate prayers. The Holy Spirit will convict you to approach these issues. In a way that is honoring to him to the Gospel into the Kingdom of God. Which were were all a part of and we all you know we're we're we're all supposed to be a part of this thing together and I in if if someone's impulse is to be antagonistic or or or to divide I think you know and to not seek justice ultimately then it really is time for some serious serious self reflection because like the like this scripture. The Derek said Jesus for told us Things like this will happen. That there will be moments that will separate people who are convicted by the Gospel and people. Who aren't I wanNA thank you Carlos and Derek for your leadership in this conversation and living by example and saying what needs to be said. My thing is like okay. Where do we go? You know your eyes are open so many of our audience corps life crisis. It's GonNa use me for when we can do with my life. I want God to use me. And it's like we over over spiritualize being used by God as God opens your eyes to the thing right there in front of you do something about it. You know. Your eyes are open now. Camera do something about it. That's what the guide us you. Your Voice your intelligence your ambition. Your creativity be used. Let's do something let's change things. I mean there's a reason why Jin Z. Is Not even looking to the church right now. You know they're not. They don't even consider their spiritual. They don't consider Christianity because what they see from the American church as I all right. Let's do something then you know. Let's be the change we WANNA see. So we'RE GONNA keep this conversation going. We're going to be you know I'm not plugging. Not then I'm just saying here's a platform magazine dot com or ever GonNa keep talking about this. We're not going to Hashtag this thing and then move on right. I mean this is thank you for settling in and we're GONNA see some substantive change. Come out of this and we'll all be Kim Kardashian. We're all done go. Carlos Lizards don't know you're recording this on your twentieth wedding anniversary. We just want to say. Oh what exactly. Yeah yes Carlos you know how much guess fifty five years old celebrating his tenure wedding anniversary today. He's Carlos leave us with with at least you know. Two decades of marriage is is something that should be celebrated. Give us give us your best piece of relationship advice. You're an expert your pro. I am not a pro because it's honestly list. This is marriage advice for men K. This is because I'm not a woman so I don't know the marriage vice-chairmen is Mary a woman like my wife that that set so I've got to say if you if you can marry a woman like my wife then you'll make it twenty years because she's definitely done the heavy lifting so anyway it's outcome. She's sitting in the room right now. There's no she went off camera and we're staring when when he said my best advice is to marry a woman like my life. She's holding a few cards right. Yeah thanks for joining us. Yasser do yourself a favor. Follow Follow Carlos on on Social Media at L. O. S. W. H. T. low swint. All right thanks man. I guess okay. Hey y'all listeners. Stay tuned up next. Tyler is going to stay with us for a special edition of the list. Actually felt the victims felt real cost creeped. You're listening to Peter Cotton tail featuring toby Lou and chance. The rapper the song as pray for real man. Derek is my goosebumps. Haven't gone down from what you just talked about the I. I would listen to an Audio Bible if you're reading it like Dude Derek Man. Golly well how in the world listener dear listener? I don't know what I am. I'M GONNA apologize in advance for what about what's about to happen going from that to this day. I I that that's always inappropriate but it feels a specially inappropriate tonight so it's different all right Well Look Tyler. Huckabee host of our daily Faith and culture podcasts. Relevant daily with this week's hottest. Yeah so to two stories today and they'll though allowed they sort of dovetail. We'll see what happens here I don't know if y'all notices her feel paying attention to twitter as debuted its new fact checking feature never. You'll never guess who's unhappy about. Why would this be Seri? Why would I don't understand who with a large following influential position Cycling Misinformation Tyler? This necessary this is. You couldn't have said it better myself. Jesse. I've got questions answers. So over the last few weeks the calls for President Donald Trump to face them accountability for misleading false and sometimes downright statements reached a fever pitch and these cries actually reached kind of fever pitch on Tuesday when the New York Times published a letter from Timothy Casseus. Who'd written twitter CEO? Jack Dorsey asking that. They remove trump's false tweets about his late wife. Lawyer trump has repeatedly pedaled baseless conspiracy theory that Laurie who passed away from a heart condition. Two thousand one was killed by then U S representative Joe. Scarborough can't believe that's true but is twitter has not yet deleted those tweets but it has used its new fact checking future that flags misleading information on its platform and pushes users to more reputable sources of information that feature actually debuted earlier this month but hadn't been used until Tuesday when the president tweeted angrily about in ballots. He falsely called them fraudulent. This is his tweet. He said there is all caps no way zero. That male and ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent mailboxes will be rob ballots will be forged and even illegally printed out and Friday only signed in he goes on holding. The new flag has places. Like I. Just say one thing you obviously like you know the president when he took office and falsely claimed he would have won the popular vote. Had there hadn't been massive fraud. You know he had in. There was a federal commission on election. Security found a that examined millions of cases of voting if foul one incident of fraud millions. So not only. Is it baseless but as anyone else law creeped out or how much he started about voter fraud like all. They need to do these ten steps that. I haven't premeditated about voter fraud but I would say about voter fraud. That's not right. Flack or anybody else. I just wanted to point that I just wanted to point that out my. I'm not worried about voter fraud. T shirt is raising a lot of questions already. Two thumbs a fraudulent voter even talking about mail in ballots being voter fraud anyway and we were doing absentee ballots for decades. Like that's never been the thing. I mean you area where I live is is a very you know. Military Heavy area and the people who utilize the mail in voting system are people who are serving. Our country are unable to actually go to polls. Because you know they are deployed. They're the biggest segment of the population. That uses mail in ballots. So if you're going to say that you know that. The mail in ballots are fraudulent. You gotta be careful. What the implications of that accusation are out there. The best use of the fact check fact check thing with twitter is on rappers like just all of the. Hey Joe I got I got the my chain is worth ten million dollars like. Let's fence drugs and I did this. Let's fact check it. I WanNa know where's that I think that's the best youth but do we all kind of like the like. I want the truth about like what actually did before he got big like. I like the story the way it is right now and I don't need. I don't need the liberal elites in Silicon Valley right what if you have you found a Gucci Mane was an account before he was a raptor county lived may have basic life like. I think that that's going to be amazing. Is is using that on. Let's do that. Here's Lamar was home. Schooled I rank MARLINS DIS actually make a billionaire claims. I need to know the truth about that. And then I also if they can to save the last vestige of democracy in in modern civilization. That's the two things. I'm tasked twitter. Twitter so president is not happy about the fact check. He tweeted that. Twitter is now interfering with the twenty twenty presidential election. Come on saying about my statement on mail in ballots which will lead. Massive corruption and fraud is incorrect based on fact checking by fake news. Cnn and Amazon Washington Post But of course twitter spokeswoman Katie Roseborough defended the company's actions saying trump's tweets quote contained potentially misleading information about voting processes and have been labelled to provide additional context around male and ballots. Which like you said have been used. Our regular part of the of the democratic process have been for a long time. I think think it's funny that President trumps favorite places. You get on the middle of the night and just tweet ridiculous things. And now he's not going to be. What are you going to do with this time? Now like what's he gonNa do because he's GonNa hate twitter. Fact checked all the time to get fact checked all the time. I think it's beautiful. I was telling Tyler this morning. I just see him. Leaving in a huff. Like we'RE GONNA go over here to conservative twitter. He's going to start a rival. Whatever but the reality is as his ego won't let him. He needs the biggest popcorn possible. He's not GonNa go talk to an echo chamber. He wants the big stage and now he's GonNa get his hand slapped. I mean that's I love it. I'm here for this. Let's get the popcorn out and watch it. Here's what I would do if I were twitter. I like I like the little you I experience of below the tweet. It says fact. Check alert and you can click on it. I here's what I think would be more effective. If Ron Howard's voiceover narration interested element would win. Trump says something like hey you can just inject UV light into your lungs to blast the virus. Actually that's not a good idea or a poem. Mail in ballots are are right for fraud. No they're not. You know that fact that way too I do have. I do have one more story for and this is a this. This is a bit a little bit of a u-turn birth intersection of faith and culture. This is there Clark I think I think we're ready to get so next month. Netflix will debut a new thing called Eurovision song contest. The story of Fire Saga And it's not totally clear. What it is. I think it's a movie that Stars Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as Lars Erik Song and secret Eric's dot here. I'm sorry to contenders for the fame. Global Music Competition Eurovision Eurovision They'll becoming from is land. The movie's first trailer is actually just a music video. We won't get into. Let's just practiced roll the tape on this on a little bit of this music video you'll be able to hear it listeners. I want you all to be able to see this because I think it's important that you do on claw. I hope. This is the feral dressed like a viking and Rachel McAdams on a Icelandic lava field. La Along the ocean. Oh this is will farrell singing. That's Rachel God Mike. The pair high doing snow angels off. So Oh my goodness yes more of that than you. So okay this. This is literally what you just experienced. Listeners I know you're like okay. That was terrible European music. You MISSED WILL. Ferrell and full landing Viking warning. It was amazing. This is literally why we are working on right now taking daily to video podcast actually more news on that coming up. Because he's coming into hoes in this is it. I feel like that's yeah I just want to. I just wanted to share that experience and if somebody who's like has a weird fascination with Eurovision though the very strange song contest which the US is not part of a so eurovision is an annual. It was canceled this year. Eurovision is an annual competition in which every country in the EU submits a saw. Aband- an unsigned band and a music video is like the Olympics of European music and sent you down a rabbit hole that I do that. I want to rescue you from but I'm not going to. There's no rope. There's no there's no to bottom. He's gotTa go to Youtube and start watching these and some of the stories that you'll find there are going to break your heart and change the way you think about your shirt. I maybe your life as well so this is a movie about two people who are submitting to the content. Exactly it's another one of Will Ferrell's like you know. He's I think he has a lot of these movies where he's the underdog and a competition basketball figure skating. The same character over and over various puts on new clothes. Now it'd be an ice skater for this one weird Icelandic Wannabe Popstar. You know it never. It never gets into a well. That is not running. Try netflix original. So be able to watch it on Netflix. June twenty six. I think oh so soon back up very cool all right well for more content like that follow Tyler everyday relevant daily about ten minutes covering was happening at the intersection of faith and culture. All right. That'll do it for. Its stay tuned up next. 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S. dot com slash relevant for twenty percent of your first purchase Bombay Dot com slash relevant. Our next guests are Kristen. Bell and Josh Gad. They are both part of a brand new comedy cartoon from the Creator of Bob's Burgers as called Central Park in a debut today on Apple. Tv Plus Kristen Bell. I mean you know. We're over the she's been Veronica Mars. She's been in countless movies. And and of course he's a voice of Princess Anna and the Disney movie frozen. Josh Gad's the same. He's been in countless projects including With Kristen and frozen as the voice of all off but I mean you know from the wedding ringer The daily show modern family new girl countless other movies and shows there are new project is getting a lot of rave reviews. And like I said debuts tonight on Apple TV plus well our very own tyler. Huckabee spoke to both stars this week. Here's part his conversation with Kristen. Bell and Josh Gad so Josh Gad Created Central Part. This was his idea and something that that he was interested in talking about. A great story of his is why Central Park and what meaning that place in New York City has for him. This is a cool story. I can recall of very vivid memory of Being in the in the spring of two thousand a ninety nine I had. I was going into my final semester in high school and I had applied to Carnegie Mellon drama. Where I would out she needed. Co-star Lindsey Odham Junior. Who was my classmate? And I left my audition in New York City in. I put everything on that audition. That was GONNA be my lifeline open. If I got into the school I was sat in. If I didn't. I was ruined in my mind and I left the audition in my mom said what do you WanNa do. I said to her left. Take a stroll through Central Park. And we walked into the Parak- and I kid you not. It started sprinkling snow as I took a stop into the boarder left. The border of this concrete jungle entered the border of this magical natural wonderland natural wonderland and it really made me feel like everything was going to be okay and the thing that I'm obsessed with about. Central Park is it's the great equalizer you'd be the richest person in the world or the poorest person in the world when you're in that park you're on equal playing field and a park soudan exists. It should not exist and yet here it is in the midst of steel in. You. You're taken to this place where anything is possible. That to mean felt like the magic that we wanted to bring to this series to in Kristen Bell who was also on the call her deter friend and colleague. Josh Story Kinda spurred a little memory of her own and as somebody who also is very enchanted by Central Park in the first time I was there I thought the story was also very. Oh winsome as well. I mean I went to Nyu. So I went to school in the city in. I remember growing up in in Detroit and in Michigan. Where like there's like as you get on the outskirts. There's like a ton of land in backyards that are just overgrown and you can run around and I was missing that a little bit in the concrete jungle yet. I was incredibly thrilled to be eighteen years old studying musical theater. And there's something very very special about this paradox. That is central park in that it. Just it shouldn't exist there but it isn't equalizer but you're able choose fulfill parts of your personality or at least. I was where I was like ready to be a working woman and and living in a Up on a walk up on more four L. and yet is sort of yearned for a little bit more Michigan. And then I could go to the park and that could happen. There was to me it is. It's a celebration of Which our show is well this celebration of diversity because there's two different lands right next to each other coexisting and you will. Not I dare you to find a person in New York City. Who can't make an argument that you need to them both swimming. I think this show does really well is appeal to a wide audience. I think we're used to kids. Entertainment were used to to entertainment for ups and And if something is for a whole family it tends to be kind of four kids but there's a little jokes that only the adults get this show. I really felt like I was made with. Families in mind is something that targets really every age group. I loved it but it didn't feel it all strange about watching it without kids but I could easily see kids having a blast watching central park. I was curious about the challenge of writing something for that broad of an audience and they were able to talk about wanted to show that I could celebrate with my cares You know something akin to Bob's burgers which you know my co Creator Loren Bouchard. Smith both also had a hand in creating and I wanted to be a show that celebrated life that celebrated a passion that celebrated perseverance in the face of adversity. A show that celebrates and you know all those things that make us. Oh cumin and And we didn't feel the need to rely on on cross humor or to to you know there's poop joke. I'm not gonNA live by. We felt we felt like we wanted something that really could be the essence of CO viewing at a time when there are fairly limited options. Were you love something? Maybe your kids go kids. Love something that maybe you don't. We wanted we wanted something for everyone to love and I hope we accomplished that. Kristen Voices Molly. Who was very familiar character to me because she was an awkward teenager. Who was a nerd who loved comics and night controller? Remember that from my own childhood so I appreciate it. Some of Christians thoughts about what it meant to play somebody like molly and the nuance that she brought to that role. One reason I love playing molly is because a lot of people right adolescence on television and cartoon or live action and you can fall into a lot of cliches. You can fall into a lot of places where they're just rebellious or they hate their parents or All these things. That aren't necessarily realistic for their dramatic. But they're not realistic in. Mali is a an awkward adolescent. As they all are because they're figuring out the world that they have somehow in central park shown assist big beautiful brain that she has in this like this lightning world inside her head where she can only draw that she can only draw about but in in that world. She has competence empower. And it's just it's. I'm very grateful to play her. That was kristen. Bell and Josh Gad makes her check out their new show from the creator of Bob's Burgers called Central Park debuts today on Apple. Tv plus talk though off wrong. Do you go if you to do Aletha Song. Break my heart. Today's episode is also brought to you by unbound for many families living in poverty. The current reality of isolation role experiencing is their norm war confined them to their homes. They worry about their children's next meal or about proper healthcare for a relative yet. They smile and wake ingratitude for another day. They live prayerfully and the faith. That tomorrow will be better. These families show us the true meaning of faith. Let us live by the example. These families lead for us. Since nineteen eighty-one unbound has been following the lead of families and walking with them on their journey out of poverty connecting them with people. Just like you people willing to step up and tell someone. I believe in You. You can join thousands of sponsors of already partnered with someone a world away. Are you ready to be part of something bigger? Join US at unbound dot org slash relevant. Go do it great organization okay. It's time for all right. What do you have I got sent down a rabbit hole recently? And that always makes for some fun content. This is semi this this link. And it's from okay. I'm going to read the words that that sent me down the Rabbit Hole. Here are the words. First LESSON IN DREAM CONTROL DOT dot. I didn't even know there was any lessons in dream control but evidently there are in there ordered by none other than former bash brothers. Jose Canseco now. When I grow up I loved baseball and I thought the bash brothers were. I thought they were unintentionally hilarious back then because they was mark mcgwire and Jose Saco. And there's these big to hulking dudes who Jose does now best remembered for having a fly ball bounce off the top of his head because his body is so massive and and that that you know he can't properly control the running through the outfield. But now I've been turned onto his latest business venture. Now you guys may remember i. This was a few years back. Jose went on and was trying to raise money. Did A go. Fund me are one of those type of crowd sourcing campaigns where the person who who bid the most money he would take out on a big foot hunt in the desert and. I really really wanted to go. Even though I know that's a trip I might not ever come back from like I don't feel like goes into circumstances that you want to be on is a bigfoot hunt move the former bash brother particularly former bash brother but anyway. I wanted to see what what he was he was talking about and this is a twitter threat from a couple of weeks ago. And I'm going to bring you the latest update here. He said he tease something out. He said I'm going to teach dream control seminars. After you get your masters in extreme control you'll be able to interrupt facility where you we put into a coma induced dream state for whatever time you choose and we'll be able to do whatever you want with notions whatsoever. No dream note the matrix obits. He's just he just talking about the plot of the moving section dream for everyone but he also warned this. This is why you have to take the seminar if you die in your sleep you stay in the dream state plane so you better know how to control your dreams. Just a warning don't go dabble in and he said this is the first call as what this is is total recall. Yeah it's like a mind wipe and I listen and dream control. Ask Yourself am I dreaming as much as possible. Once you ask yourself while you're dreaming you will know what to do. Limitless power to control a gate to another life. He then went a few weeks of tweeting about his desire to get into bare knuckle fighting but today he or earlier this week he got back into what I'm really was here for. Was updates about this dream opportunity. So this is what he tweeted yesterday. Who wants to be a part of the next billion dollar industry? Guess what Dream Life Controlling your dreams. he said. If you can control your dreams you'd have a perfect life wherever you wanted any time. No restrictions contact Morgan. If you're interested in six weeks seminar on how to control your dreams once you get your masters degree. He will be put into an induced coma for whatever time you choose to enter your control. Dream Life. Contact Morgan. Adventure said it. Who's Morgan? You might ask Great Morgan. Whose great great question. According to his bio his twitter bio Morgan is his business manager and Morgan's though numbers right out there and I looked at that phone number also like why does that films tell me what you call it. I looked at number like that. Looks familiar like you know why because I called Morgan before to ask him about if I could get on the SASQUATCH HOT. And so actually. I've actually Morgan. I have spoken before. This is so guys lost and we call now. This is this is literally lists. I turn off like I can't handle the awkwardness of if Clark is successful and dialing this number off taking the headphones the call relief car. Jesse can you clear something for me? Yeah so he says you'll live your perfect life but is just when you're asleep. Yeah exactly that's why you need to be in drug and the medically induced coma to really get the most out of the your dream state. But but here's the thing Jamie we're getting ahead of ourselves but then you wake up to your real life if unless you've been the six weeks seminar and have Jose Kaneko's master's degree I wouldn't go dabbling warned you what happened if you drive him to die. The Dream State Jamie. You're sucking the dream plane. Can you call you like call from facetime audio? I can put it on SP Oscar on speaker on speaker by Mike if you dive around me. I'm terrible with all right you got. Hey y'all remembered y'all y'all dream Yeah I do. Sometimes every there's nothing is can you guys hear this. Oh My Gosh. Oh my gosh. This is Scott's the amazing. I know this is. This is why I casting was invented. If this a work contact him in the Dream Plane. He probably spaced. I mean he's he's GonNa call waiting. Who Don't answer lease Morgan. He does he have a voice. Mail like Strip that is just the basic. Ats's let me Literally Messenger. Hey Morgan My number is well. You figure out a call me back. I'm uncomfortable shouting at where I am. But I'm interested in a dream plane and the dream realm and the six week course by Jose if you could call me back. Obviously this is urgent. Thank you and I'll see in the dream realm. If you don't contact me soon. All Right Morgan could you talk to. This is awesome fingers crossed these calling back. Hey Jesse if he calls you back. You have to record the phone call. I have you guys. Don't understand it. Awkward Phone Call. I don't feel awkward. I I am. There are two things in life that I feel like uniquely. Good at okay like there are things in life that I feel like. I'm I'm like I can do things at the level that semi competent people can do things about most but the two days it's like I really don't games for podcast again. These are marketable skills by the way out in the open job market. I can make dumb games for PODCASTS. And I'm very very comfortable making extremely awkward prank calls. I don't know why those are the two gifts to each his own. And and you know Morgan calls back. I will absolutely reporter for your Jamie. Maybe I need to be part of this. 'cause I can't remember ever dreaming. I know technically everybody does. But I don't wake up with any recollection of anything ever happening. So maybe I need to go to his seminar get his Masters Degree from Jose Canseco and learn how to dream. You know. Listen if I was tempted like find all the details I can in how much the six week seminar cost and there are so many better places for people to to send go fund me money but I was thinking you know if everything was right in the world right now I would probably not be above San guys. Listen Carlos can tell you that me spending the money is probably not gonNA work out great for my personal relationship but people go fund me. I will go and or I will send a surrogate and they can go tell the dream realms oh my gosh all right you have. Jamie well my I just have an update okay. So a couple of weeks ago we talked about Tom. Cruise go into space to film a movie member this right. Tom Cruise can do whatever he wants. How wants to all his own stunts? Well now we have a director that's on with the movie. Diamond is isis name. I believe so I believe he did american-made edge of tomorrow Mr Mrs Smith Bourne identity movies and he's teaming up with crews on this. They've already got the first draft of the screenplay and this is kind of breaking news. Right now you know. We don't. We don't record this on Friday before this on Wednesday. Right now the SPACEX Falcon nine is going into space today. If the weather cooperates Cameron your weather down in Florida today it's been raining all morning Looking at the sky right now. It's very dark skies. I is the first time. Humans have launched from into space from American soil since two thousand eleven the final space shuttle right. I will be up on my roof as soon as we're done recording because we see it from here in Orlando. We can see it on the horizon. And I'm very excited. I've seen I was just looking at two hundred years now and they have been worried about the weather. But it is a go cameron. You need to get on your your route. Four thirty three eastern time. Go up so I have an alert for four twenty to get the ladder out for real so the update is that we have a director for this movie. And you know the the you know. They're stating the obvious that says clearly they're going to have an unprecedented pre-production clearly. So that's that's the do as the preprinted pre-production scheduled get to space and we'll figure out for your guys don't revenue thought. I'm excited about this launch today. I'm being real. This is me 'cause when I was a kid I was. There was a season of my kid. Era that I was very into space scrapbook very into so and and and Y'all know Jesse and I went to Space Camp as an adult couple of years ago and But when I saw in two thousand eleven my son was two and it was the final space shuttle launch and I grew up here in central Florida. But I'd never been to a launch right. I went online. Got A raff raffle in got tickets. To be able for the first time in my life to go to an actual launch it was a morning launch and we did the math with all the traffic is. It's a two lane road to get out there. We'd have to leave about two in the morning to in the morning to your allow and I set my alarm and I was very tired and I thought and I didn't go. I still have the tickets and I just I didn't go. I can't believe it. I was kicking myself like history and I was too tired to go. You guys know my about space super lame super boring and do much my expensive. No it's time not have time to go up there okay. We're all very busy. Lot happening down here on earth. Why they hitting golf balls off the moon. Okay we better do it. Costs Twenty five billion dollars to get you up there. It seems like every minute pretty valuable pretty costly to the taxpayers. Glad throughout the nine iron out what would happen if chip shot. Okay okay. Here's my question to to Derek and Jamie here because camera. You've made your thoughts on space very clear. I know you think very clear Derek. Jamie if you had the choice between you get access to space travel whenever you want or Jose Canseco dream control. What are you taking? Jose can shake a train. Control other speaks in my dreams. If I want and I guarantee you can SACO space dreams our way cooler than actual space. They both have a big chance of died. Diane space or you Die Dreams. You live in space forever or are you living your dreams forever. I don't I would never trust my life to Jose can Canseco. Yeah I wouldn't trust anybody's life to Jose Canseco and not keep remember. That total recall is popping out of the skull when nate when they ran out of air. Do you remember that like the beds? The band like Klay Mates or whatever I'm like. I'M COOL. That may may or may not be real but man. I'm just GonNa just continue watching star wars and just digging like that. It's all fun and Games. You get inspected by Jose Canseco. Then he's running back soon back. Hey I don't want to alarm alarm anyone Jose. And he's in he's every time I go to sleep on his. It's Weird yes Nelson Front Man. Johnstown guard does he no longer believes in God. They wrote on Instagram Post. After growing up in a Christian home being a pastor's kid and playing and singing in a Christian band and have anywhere Christian in front of most of the things in my life. I'm not found finding that. I no longer believe in God. I think one of the you can read the whole thing on his I g but I think one of the things that stuck out was he said. The process of getting to that sin has been Several years in the making it didn't happen overnight. And all of a sudden it's been more like pulling on a threads of a sweater and one day discovering that there was no more sweater left so man that's deep and I dated. This really speaks to. I just wonder how many Christians celebrities are in place. You know what I mean. I know being out all night on a row with a lot of people. We have some very interesting conversations. I think you know he wanted. He said was his Russell. We said he wrestled with telling people about this but he said enough. The longer he went with this the more he felt like it would be genuine not to tell people because we. I think skies probably playing shows at churches as asking people to speak in all these different things. So he's he's like yo rather than just continue playing a role finance for financial benefit. Rather just tell you guys stand it's really sobering dame and it's it's pretty it's pretty it's pretty wild. And then it's Fr one of his partners you know kind of kind of trying to encourage them and we're all on different journeys etc etc. Newest is crazy. Yeah I think about it. Like how many Christian you know alternative bands from two thousand twenty years old at the time group in the church and they found the lane to play music. You know Christmas music and stuff and then it's like now. They're very different season of life. They're they're they're full on adults now. They're in their thirties. Forties and you keep evolving this humans. Everybody's on a journey a spiritual journey of some sort heading toward or away from God or whatever reconstruction and re deconstruction and. It doesn't it. It's not surprising to me that he said this. And like you said like how many other artists of his or his peers are probably on this journey as him. But they feel boxed in or they can't speak out about were there authentically at Derek Webb is an artist. Who from that era different genres but that has been very vocal about his deconstruction of his faith. He posts on instagram this week. Like hey all y'all who's labeling atheist things like that is like L- listen like I would be fine if I was proven wrong about everything that God is real and everything and like I find out that God is real and all that like I? I don't hold adamantly to anything of where I'm at and somebody in his comments said Derek Man. I mean a lot of times. You have to fully deconstruct before you can reconstruct anything. And so don't worry about a man we're here with you know that kind of thing and that's just the real human experience that's authenticity and I'm not advocating for pull the sweater unravel your faith. Not all of us are there but we all do need to always be questioning why we believe what we believe in be testing the spirit and like you know like in an effort to grow into a deeper and more substantive in authentic faith and so hey man you know so. He's out a place in his journey where he's Kinda at a place like. I don't know that I believe what I used to. I don't know I don't know that. I even believe in God. The way that he used to define God. That's not the end of his journey right right. Obviously it'll be interesting to hear an update ten years from now. Can I read what the band please? This said one of our on Hawk. Nelson's instagram one of our best friends. One with whom we have walked worked and lived alongside for twenty plus years revealed some of his innermost feelings on his faith journey this past week and then it says our mission is Hawk Nelson has always been to inspire and encourage all with the truth that God is for them and not against them in that messages. Most simple appears form that they matter so now we turn that towards one of our own that God is still four John and he's still matters why because that truth doesn't change just because we question it and then this kind of goes with what you're saying. Cameron is says how we treat one another when they are at a different stage in their journey based on their life experiences as part of a bigger conversation. We're called to love one another unconditionally. As God loved us. We should also encourage and challenge one another in our faith seeking truth. I think that's great. I think it brings up a great Conversation About Cultural Christianity versus Christianity. Because what he's saying is I think it is cissy said. I've been mostly a cultural Christian all of my life. That's what he's saying. I grew up in a church had Christian stapled in front of everything and now where he's at that Cultural Christianity. Does it feel Philip place in his life anymore. So but that doesn't mean I think cam you said a great thing. It doesn't mean that historians over with and and Nascar Canada Pete Response. That often happens in cultural. Christianity is the moment you have any questions that don't fit within the narrative now all of a sudden we just subject you out of the club think they deaths bad at the Arctic. The response from the band is excellent speech and I think to. It shows like an evolution. Hopefully I think one that is somewhat generational you know. A generation ago doubt was looked at as a sin. You rare now where all that? All that does is make people intellectually dishonest remain like making doubt a bad thing makes people forced to be intellectually dishonest. They in other words. They'll say things that they might not actually believe because they're too afraid to tell people what they believe in what they doubt without because they feel like they're going to be judged or cast aside when the reality is is like doubt in and of itself isn't sinful you know like there's a reason the psalm say come all to come to me. He didn't say come to me. All who know everything and are super energized than you. Totally got this. He says come to me all you her weary and heavy laden a need rest. It's J- Jesus wants to people who are struggling he. That's the whole message of the Gospel. It's like hey listen. A lot of people doubt you know people Jesus own disciples doubt it. You know what I mean. But like he didn't cast them aside he he he. He pulled them closer. And and so like I feel like if we'RE SUPPOSED TO BE CHRIST. If we're if the church is supposed to be the body of Christ that's how we should treat doubt with you know we should not look at it as like. It's this like I said this overtly sinful thing. It's not you know we're we're human beings we're GONNA we're GONNA question things. Jesus you the. The Bible seems pretty clear about that that that you know you know. Even Paul struggled with stuff you know. I think I think our job is a church is to to be more willing the psalms or full of a two guard. Where are you like? Yeah I think this also brings up another my husband and I had this conversation last night because someone emailed me that they didn't like a guess of mine on my podcast and that I should have a disclaimer. And this wasn't Blah Blah Blah Blah and. It's this idea. The apologize to those people deepen Jose Canseco dream theory to hot foot. My but what happens? Is You know the he comes out and says that he's having these doubts. And all these things and then people are like. Oh my gosh. I built my whole faith on him. You know or if you don't agree with someone or they change their mind about something it's like. We're to as cultural. Christianity is to muscle. I just believe what they believe. Instead of what the Bible says we base our whole faith on. I'm just GonNa follow this person. And whatever they do and they're gonNA they're gonNA fail. They're going to change. They're going to evolve and I think this also is a deeper conversation about okay when when you're following someone because this is my idea of what it means to be a follower of Jesus and there's nothing wrong with like admiring and mentors and all those things but I guarantee people are going to come out and be like I'm burning all these albums and all these kind of things and you know this is messing up my faith but we have to have faith. That's based on the Bible and not just someone else. Does that make sense? I think is a big issue. Philippians where Paul was say therefore my beloved or therefore my friends as you have always obeyed not only in my presence but not so much. My absence continued to work your own. Salvation with fear and trembling like we. Can't I if if my salvation is rooted in as much? I never really listened to Hawk Nelson but if my salvation is is rooted right in the front man of of Hawk Nelson then. I have a very weak foundation. Your Foundation is rooted in what they're is going to do. Your faith is rooted in that. You're in trouble because there's no telling what's going to happen to me ten years from now you know it's right there you go all right. Well that'll do it for the lives. Stay tuned up next. It's your feedback. You're listening to Phantom. The song is into happiness. Okay so it's time for your feedback. We we're GONNA have a question that week here in a second but I wanted before we did that. I wanted to update on something. Real quick. This feedback people. Were tweeting at the podcast. About this whole chucky cheese stuff and they got. Let's talk a got me looking more into it. If you're really interested in the actual stuff of like how chucky cheese and show Biz pizza and the businesses. There's corruption backbiting lawsuits. It's so crazy. It's really fascinating. There's a documentary about. It was done in two thousand and eight years ago. Check it out. There's an actual backstory to it and I wanted to fill in some gaps. I talked about the other week. Okay we piss qualities pizza remember. Yeah so squatty. His name is squall E. P. Pie Plate. He's an Italian Emigrant. And he's the chef and drummer of munches. Make believe band as an adult. He inherited his family's restaurant where he paired his traditional Italian fair with his lukewarm. Stand up comedy routine which it didn't go well so customers at his family's Italian restaurant didn't like his stand up comedy his jokes inappropriate and the business began to tank so pass quality and his nephew. Gino faced a harsh reality. They're gonNA have to shut the place down while those plans changed. When police qualley discovered an unwelcome rodent who had been residing in his restaurant. Now there's a backstory to chucky cheese. Chucky cheese was an orphan and he got some money and he made it to the big city but he didn't have anywhere to live and in living above this Italian restaurant. So one night through so chucky cheese. Was this restaurant not chuck chucky cheese a singing mouse where he's a rat originally Singing rat and And then one night pass qualley discovered this singing rat and his kitchen and there was an answer to the sky. Business row was so he dumped the family. Name in favor of Chuck Chucky Cheeses. The East stands for entertainment by the way it's Chuck Entertainment Cheese Where he basically forced the singing rat to perform like he was. Judy Garland or something Being an orphan with no social skills not to mention probably unresolved Childhood Trauma Chuck E. was unable to perform under such pressure. People hated him without the gift of Song. Chucky cheese just a rat and t shirt it wasn't until chucky cheese saw child leaving the restaurant wearing a birthday crown that he decided to sing his favorite song to the boy who the boy appeared sad that his parents had dragged him out to you know. See this singing. Rat Chuck Being Chucky. Being an orphan always yearned to have a birthday party but nobody has an orphan. Nobody knew when his birthday was and so he never had a birthday party so that was his dreams have birthday party. And that's why happy birthday was favorite song so Chuck E. to make the boy. Happy sang happy birthday because he never had one. However the orphan mouse was living out his unfiltered charter. James Happy Birthday. And then you know it goes on from there and they you know there's a whole interconnection of all the characters are in the band. That's how Turkey cheese become chucky. Cheese I like to chucky cheese boardroom. I getting off the ground they're just the scrappy startup. They're like hey fill up backstories for the ANIMATRONIC BAND. And he like comes any reads this whole dramatic thing about the orphaned immigrant from Italy. Who's looking for an opportunity and they're like we're kind of thinking more along the lines of just saying something like singing rat from the sewer just kind of like that. But I'm glad you've got this orphan back somewhere. You really went over and above Phil but we're GONNA need the rest of the BIOS by lunch. Yeah all right. So that's a little chucky. Cheese Clark probably edited out ninety percent of but there you go which brings us to a of all right we. We want to get back in the flow of hearing from you. Guys you know. We talked about chucky cheese a couple of weeks ago. Now you know more about it. You're probably a few of your deepen. The rabbit hole about chucky cheese backstories. We want to know about your birthday party experiences. We want to know The funniest or maybe most embarrassing thing. That's ever happened or to you or that you've seen at a birthday party Do you guys have any. Yes so this is a really mild. This was my birthday but I pretty much ruined my best friend's birthday grown up and they got skating rink and bring out the birthday cake and I he. He was happy birthday and before he could get to blow as candles out them out before he could get to but his his vow to trick is that the candles were trick. Candles flame kept coming back and I just kept blowing and speaking all over the gotTa was Roy. So He'd never let me live that down every time we see you remember. You ruined my birthday so then in college you beat up your roommate for his awful man. I'm not inviting you to my didn't get a lot of invites you to arouse get. I wore a bowling choose home from the Bowling Alley twice ties. We pull in the driveway. My mom you're now going to believe this look war again. And he's got to go back to the bowling alley when I was a kid and I don't remember this but my mom tells I had a birthday party and nobody showed up except maybe a cousin or something. I have zero memory of it and she said as a kid I was like you know who cares But nobody showed up to my birthday party and maybe I do remember. Maybe I have childhood. I am for real. There's there's trauma counseling where they can help you. Unearth that and dive into it. Probably Formative Trauma Trauma Memories. Kids block out like our brains block them out. Jamie Moore go into a dream. I could go back to your Morgan calls me back out. I hope he does his. Can you like? I'll throw you into that and I will. I'll be like Morgan. Listen here's the deal. I gotTa know the seminars going to cover this because it's a childhood birthday deal and Can Jose get in there and find the memory can go poking around? Jamie? I'm not I'm not a lot of people have different feelings about counseling and stuff. But like I'm telling you you don't remember it because that is how our body chemically copes with trauma and here's another thing that happened to me. I'm Ingram I was doing a conversation. One time about any Graham and they say that a lot of times any Graham sixes have a childhood wind like they were left. They were abandoned. And I'm talking to this person like I got nothing. I got nothing. I'm telling my mom and my mom's like well when you were to. I had to leave for three months for a work trip. And you stayed with your dad and she said you cried and cried right left and I was like there it is. There's my childhood wound that don't even remember. The mom left me for three months. I'm a woody has ever come to one year birthday. Nobody came fly from. I'm a six and what I've done is I would add. Jose can pop on the old. Noggin implants new. Good memories of my childhood. I mean a kind of a blur and I'm kind of disturbed at some of the things he planned it up there and I'll be honest mortgage Zaba return my calls. I don't know how to undo scared right now and I've made some bad decisions but the Jose can say go dream things right up there at the top so guys the mortgage if you're listening really need you to call it. S for some reason. Jose Canseco attended every of your childhood. Birthday is he's a hilarious guy. Thinks it's really funny. Lauda other people's candles dare. I will hit us up with your Stories or your repressed trauma stories. Either one your birthday party stories You can hit us up on twitter at Realm podcast or you can messages on instagram and facebook as well. Well thank you too kristen. Bell and Josh Gad. For stopping by you can check out their new animated musical series Central Park it debuts today on Apple TV plus and you can also follow the show on instagram. At Central Park official also thanks to Carlos Twitter for joining us as well. You can follow him on social media at Las wit on that note. We'll wrap it up. I'm Cameron Strang. I really need more. GonNa call me back shaming dared mining. We will see you next week. Have a good week. Everyone thanks for listening to the relevant podcast check out our features interviews and news updates every day at relevant magazine Dot Com and make sure to follow relevant on twitter facebook and instagram for the latest Bryn. More great podcast check out our relevant podcast network featuring shows like relevant daily signs of life unedited and many more launching throughout the year. It's all fun and Games to get accepted by Jose Canseco relevant podcast network.

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