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"ix engineers marine engineers" Discussed on Drowning Verdict

"The biggest break in the curious case of mr cruel is it. My theory that he was in the ran and was on shortly when he committed his crimes. It's the golden state killer was finally taken a trial and put behind bars and that he was still alive. The fact that investigators victims can put a face with what was only once. A voice behind the flashlight gives us hope that mr cruel is still alive and can finally brought to justice by shortly theory holds water in my mind. Only my ideas my own and only investigators close to the case would know if they stack up my theory hinges on the line he said to vic in nineteen eighty five and that is this by liberty. My freedom is worth more than your life from that line and the word liberty. I've given you my reasons. Why i think he was in the ran. And as i said stationed and hmas sarah's for time during a few of his crimes a service is a mythical creature it is a three headed dog. That guards the gates of hell. Mr cruel has three heads. So it's appropriate. He is and was a navy man he is from a family man and he is a highly intuitive killer who has always lived in the future at hmas serice. They do a couple things. They train. electron. Ix engineers marine engineers and supply officers all recruits for the ran touch base at several at some point and a lot of people. Move through it. Those were engineers would be sent to an actual naval ship to beyond ford. In order to solve problems that could arise such as leaks and how to attack them. I'm ninety eight point six percent. Sure that mr cruel was an engineer at rest and then was transferred to an actual ship. I believe he committed possibly to attacks while at cerberus and on shortly and the others while stationed on the naval ship before we get there and put a gag ball on this series. I wanna tell you about his personality. Because only two percent of all people have the type he has and that is identified as i n t p on the website personality max the i n t p personality type is nicknamed the engineer personality. I didn't make that one up. The i stands for intuitive and people within tuition live in the future. Mr cruel lived in the future so show that he knew that something called. Dna could do Damage to him down the road. He wasn't a dumb fish but it wasn't work killer whale. One with purpose in ten person leave traces of themselves at a crime scene the eighties and nineties yet. Twenty years later on the tools methods and technologies can catch up with them. Those traces they left behind mr cruel knew. He couldn't leave a trace of physical evidence no nails skin spit or cement nothing despite his high volume of personal contact with victims and their families only two percent of all personality types live in the future. It's not a coincidence. It's nicknamed the engineer personality. And it's also not a coincidence. That cerberus was within a short distance of franks did where i believe. Mr cole stopped along the way before going to any one of his crime scenes. It was easy for him to step into the population. And then hide behind the gates of hell as investigators were trying to figure out what had happened over. Twenty seven seven thousand. People were searched or questioned and mr cruel was on shortly and when he was transferred to an actual ship. He was on shore leave when he committed those crimes. It's my belief. He was transferred to the h. M. s lonsdale at some point along the way which was an actual ship that was on the water at the port of melbourne. Today it's a luxury apartment building. At the time. When mr cruel was ford it was part of the ran. I take the t from short and replace it with an e because they literally mean the same thing the only difference being on land or water as you know. His last crime was in nineteen ninety. One and the body of the girl was found. In ninety two the hmas lonsdale was a navy ship decommissioned by the ran in nineteen ninety. Two in taken out of service. Mr cruel unknowingly was actually put out of business by the ran and that is the reasons. His crimes had stopped if it weren't for that he'd have had the protection in the movement to keep doing what he was doing. Although i will say that. I truly believe he did not want to kill the last girl and i think that affected him. It's because he has children himself is a father and was married by the time he was forty. It's a theory that the girl saw his face and for that she paid with her life. And i believe that his liberty and freedom was worth more than her life. He meant what he said. His short leave and subsequent shore leave was worth everything at the time. Shore leave is the same as shortly. Ve it's requested while you're on the water and to go ashore. Mr cruel most likely committed his final two crimes while are on the h. m. a. s. lonsdale was working as an engineer and spent a lot of time in the water. He spent a lot of time thinking about the future and was thrilled with himself that he could choose to commit a crime as easily as you can choose what to have for. Dinner was his power over choice where he found himself and that power was intoxicating is he still alive was he in the ran to my Theories have me leaks. I can only say that. I'm ninety eight point six percent sure. Only investigators who know are the ones who really know they've seen the files interview the people and all the intimate details. I've done what. I candidacy that. There was a dna of different kind. That like the golden state killer something other than forensic dna was witness to the crimes in the case of it was the flashlight in the is a tactic. Highly used by cops. At the time of his activities. The word liberty and how it synonymous with leave in the navy whether station at land or sea is the dna of different kind. I believe mr cruel said the line and that what he meant was that his shortly leave. His freedom is worth more than your life in two thousand twenty one. It'll be thirty years since his final crime. The edge low was caught a thirty two years after his last murder. And so by my count. Mr cruel has two more years to keep living in the future before his past catches up with them if in fact he is still alive. No this he was born into the world to a mother and father and he went to a school like all the other children. He believed so much in love for a time. He was living in the future as an adolescent where he had a life and a wife and children it was likely though he was at a catholic school and it was there that he suffered embarrassment beyond repair.

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