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"iwc wctc" Discussed on Veteran On the Move

"Not one not one a year later. They're all still there because they many of them went and looked to see what the prices were in new repress low or that they were I I sank we because we felt like my business and then once I did that I you know Kinda like modeled. The behavior then declined could do themselves and I say when you say that price that you're not comfortable with an insurgent cringe on outside I want you to look like the warrior. Oh Okay so you're actually working at the business on a regular basis Walking alongside of them like you said like almost like one of the employees were the one of the managers. Oh no not there like the day-to-day operations. I didn't do anything in the business. I was just coaching business. Owner several in order to to implement some of the Strip that must be in order to implement summer strategies and they needed to see what that it might look like. You know they couldn't just pick up the phone and say I need to do this because that was just so foreign. You know knows at asking them to do something that would totally solution is your business. Same time it was a tremendous risk if they lost these people like what would happen. That's interesting and and so talk a little bit about when you first get a new client. What what kind of structure? What kind of it means you don't have have like stretcher training programs but what kind of methodology do you use to get started into tap into that owners brain find out what's going on okay so when I get time now? They generally don't they. Don't come to take a coaching program. They don't show up like that they come with a I'm I'm I'm a certified divers business owner and I think you have the same thing going on in the states on with an organization in Canada called IWC WCTC and that means. I'm a veteran all business so I help people bid on tenders so business owner will come to me and be looking a bit on the tender you know federal government contract Clo a large contract and when I have a look I sat to have a look at what it isn't redoing the shah. Aw Load prices or it's me them initiates like you know that doesn't scrutiny as you've been on contract you WANNA be raising your prices. Did so then we'll go into a coaching change. How do I do can you? Can you show me how to do that. So it's never. Chris Shown Up to take coaching. It's showing up to do something. And then the fact that they need coaching presents itself. Yeah so it's it's more like consulting trying to solve a specific problem or fixes specific issue so now when when do you know like in the US. When you bid on government contracts you know the joke is always goes the lowest bidder and of course most mostly that's true How do you work with customers? Who are bidding on these government type contracts to raise their prices to a point where they might even raisin you actually get the contract well so two things first of all under the certified divers supplier program on meeting? My client is certified divers supplier so corporations have a certain amount of their spend designated to verse suppliers. So they're asking your suppliers bid on jobs and a lot of people don't know this so for example. I know that in the states you are way further hit when it comes announced diverse difficult conversation around diversity. Players in there are some companies that multibillion dollar companies that have a six six percent spin allocation for diversifies. So it's not as long as you can do the job. It isn't the lowest bidder. It said they must cost. They must like a company like FIA. Chrysler must hire diversified meet their mandate. So it's a different. It's a different kettle of fish than normal or standard contract federal coming for example. Yeah you know you you said Fiat Chrysler A lot of especially military folks we hear government contracts in government is government debt and oftentimes. I think we get this preconceived notion that it no can has to be like a government contract but there are large corporations who have to fall in line with this government profile government system of whether it be six percent set aside that kind of thing. Fia Chrysler is not a government government government government entity. But they have to get in line with those set aside requirements and stuff in order to do business with the government so you have a lot of big companies. He's that have the same concepts that the actual government contracts have oh have absolutely under accountable so in states you guys have something. Called the Veterans Round Table Menu over there yet disorder Soeder counterpart that that deals with them diversifier. So I'm new to the diverse supplier world. been doing it now a little under about a year and a half and I mentioned Fiat Chrysler because I just went to the automotive sector trade mission and I mean they are looking to buy everything imaginable from you know star from chips to pack the car parts to consulting services to train ranger leaders and they're especially interested in doing business with veteran owned businesses. They want us to step forward and stuff but many people are not. They don't have the confidence to step up and do they have confidence in their ability to build her widgets. I should get that job. It's so true exactly and I know a lot of a lot of guys are just like that and I'm even that way myself. Sometimes I in this we were. We were raised you know. Isn't that just raise. I think the military made us. You know it no took it away from Jerry Proud wet. I didn't military. We didn't need to Google market ourselves as individuals right feels adults very foreign. Yeah feels uncomfortable. It's kind of that self promotion thing so the first few times the big contracts and that whole thing goes out the window right. Success goes a long ways. Well he debbie you force it. We're getting close to time. I do I give you the last word so if if somebody's interested in checking out your services with people can Dan. How did they find you? Two things first of all my website. WWW dot people can dot ca and you can read all about mid air. But I will club up coming up in January for anybody WHO's interested in money mindset and it is Napoleon Hill singin grew rich six weeks long learn from home on this San Zoom platforms. And I have five guest presenters. Set it in a just kick the Heck Amari mindset in in what. What exactly is at something in this American sign up for oh absolutely in What have I send mutilating can? Then you can have okay okay. We can put it in the show notes and then if if somebody doesn't see the show not can they've get to that off of your website. Yes okay and that's basically like a six week course where you talk about Napoleon meals. They can grow rich book. Yeah well You know it's a workshop. I Colored Workshop Brooklyn so which is a book and I do this every January. It's the six six time I've done it and I bring in five people who are successful in business. Every time. Napoleon hill talks about something they expand on in. WHOA that's cool and it's all done on? Zoom Zoom Yeah. That's awesome. I love that concept is really cool. Check it out. Debbie will awesome. I appreciate you being here and sharing your success story. You know we look forward to your future. Success appreciate appreciate it as well. Listen vetted on the move your pathfinder to freedom if you like the show we review and I tunes reviews are always greatly appreciated so until next time. This veteran is Oscar Mike..

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