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"ivan crusher khrushchev" Discussed on ARN

"Couldn't be here without the hall of famer himself the founder of the four horsemen the creator of the spine. Buster ladies and gentlemen. Here he is. It's our own anderson aren't how are you man houser by going good man better than i deserve excited me here. I'm loving what we're doing taking a walk through memory lane and of course we're talking about july of nineteen eighty five today. We tease at the end of last week's episode. But you guys are going to be in. Greenville south carolina on july first. And they're doing ten team battle royal where the winner gets fifty grand. So i guess you only split the brand. Yeah supposedly you won twenty five thousand dollars that night. You're into the purse so we won that yeah. Does this surprise you to tell you. Bless you thank you sorry without chakma still being a male yes something about that sometimes happens that one i would have remembered whatnot. How would think so money out of money especially in those days what you like about about a royal anything not one single thing and i don't think anybody will tell you different knows her way around a business. It was too easy for people to get involved in this thing to get caught up in their own fistfight and step on you. Low achy knee elbow you in the back of the head there. So many things that could happen about a royal. Because it's just it's pitch up and smear with a bunch of grown men and if you've got a prize that big man they're turning it on and it's not a safe place to be it's a. It's a match that i've never heard any wrestler. Say that they actually enjoyed. And i know a lot of fans really love it but Still it's it's the shits. Yep i've heard gallo's say forearm forearm forearm forearm say call about a royal forearm. Four on yeah or the couple more for forearm forearm and the guys that were smart. But it really didn't do a whole lot for your career were the ones they were four corners and you tried to find one of those corners and get your back into it so you could watch everything that was going on and the rain that avoided anything happening behind you. But they're only four of those and once you got there and got settled in most guys didn't like to give that corner up but it didn't leave the aged to a bunch of excitement. If you were in the corner well a couple of days. After that on july third you're going to be at the dorton arena and how about this. It's another tag team battle royal this time. Ivan crusher khrushchev win it. I guess this was just the flavor of the week the other participants in this battle royale are of course magnum. Ta manny fernandez the barbarian and superstar. Billy graham of course you and only jimmy valiant and starship eagle catch everybody up on who starship eagle is. I've been a lot of people. don't recall. who is it. all come on you know who starship eagle was. I really don't scott hall. I didn't remember that. Yeah he came in with a coyote in eagle american starship. Of course coyote was very young. Dan spivey But yeah scott hall here working as starship he goal. How long did that last night very long at all. I think he got his big break with you guys Helping cleaned the ballpark for crockett and then worked his way in here. And he's gonna find some greener pastures up in the awa has some success there and then he's off to the races also in this mash. Buddy landale kendo nagasaki. That's a name. We've spent much time talking about any good kendo nagasaki stories you can share with us kind of double back scott hall that three often. I don't remember like he. That was when he was really big to he was he was a big up. Dude would not remember that. I don't know that must've been a real short stay. I don't think he was there for long less for sure. There's a new sports drama series on stars and it's set in the world of indy wrestling. Heels follows a family owned wrestling promotion as two brothers war over control of the league and their late. Father's legacy ace and jack spades rivalry. Both in and out of the ring is the main event brother versus brother hero versus. He'll even see in punk a stepping back onto the map for a cameo alexander. Ludwig plays a spade to beloved hero. Young hotshot and the star of the duffy wrestling league outside the ring a struggles to reconcile his idol status with this habit for self-destruction saving a male plays his brother and league. He'll jack spade is hard working. Proprietor husband and father is trying to breathe new life into the wwl. Don't miss heels. Premiering sunday august fifteenth only on stars and the stars app had a you know awa at a real good run. Yeah oh well that's probably just my memory playing tricks on me moving on. What was the next question. Kendo nagasaki and you got handle stories. Okay yeah you know. He had that look he had that minjah outfit. I think he had the before mood ahead. The missed muna thinks stolen from him right. I think so. i think it's borrowed. Maybe is the term. They prefer maybe bought on on insult anybody. But i know kendall had it. He was Jj dylan had managed him at some point during his career. I think prior to this maybe in texas or no. That wasn't jj was. Where's the other guy with the bald head. That gary hart. Gary hart. I think that was. The association was familiar with maybe from dallas prior to him coming to crockett or was that afterwards. You know. I don't recall off the top of my head. Let's keep running through the list here. Though we got dick slater and bus sawyer. Ron bass and bus tyler pats knock on danny brown and stoney burke and sam houston haven't spent much time at all talking about stoney burke and he gets tony stories now stony was one of those guys that i think probably pass through pretty quickly that i don't recall if i saw a picture of him. I might sam. Houston we've started figuring out was pretty pretty talented around that time Stoney burke july fourth the next day you're back in the omni man you guys are running the omni. A ton here tells you where the businesses interesting to note here. In july of eighty five. The opening match has bobby eaton and dennis kandari so Kinda co cool little footnote in history when you think about it. The main event is flared magnum. Ta but somewhere in the middle now. It's only an arn against buys and brett sawyer. So it's been a buzz and dick slater. Now it's buzz and brett sawyer so it's family versus family. I like that. Yep me too personal issue. You could skip around when you shoot an idol conrad and you'll remember this in those days. If it was something that really worked you could get away from it for a couple of weeks and still be promoting. Say that there wasn't a show that had those participants the andersons sawyer's say three weeks away. You could still be promoting it and reminding people with a clip on tv. Hey member this happened a week ago two weeks ago and you can keep it fresh without having to just jump and run to that match so the fact that we doubled back in that was now. Brett and buzz is our opponents. People still remembered to pothead. It was still pretty clear in their mind. I want to mention. You're actually gonna miss a couple of shows here. You're gonna miss july fifth and on that's an appearance in richmond. Virginia you were originally supposed to be in a tag match against bass and tyler. Eventually they get deaton. Tatum to substitute for you. And only you're also supposed to be in the main event which once again is a tintin battle royal. But you're not there so instead it's a nine team battle. Royal any idea why you would have missed the show here on the fifth day after the fourth of july.

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