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"ito oliver" Discussed on Never Not Funny

"More thoughts on cats. Ito Oliver did that thing that I remember being at his age where you're interested? But you kind of pretend you're not interested because like you think you're going to be made fun of about it. Oh boy. But can I relate to that? I think that was I was too young to even understand it. But that cats was the first Broadway musical ever saw. And I was seven or something. And it made me feel weird. Like, I didn't like I was like uncomfortable about how we we were talking about homophobia in the culture when we were kids before we started. And that might have been part of it too is like I loved the songs are some of them are very catchy in are very good. Yeah. But I didn't know what to do with those feelings, and I also didn't know what to do with the feelings of people in lake robotic suits running around and jumping off my chair. Yeah. You know, some of them were ladies and some of them weren't. And I didn't know what to make of it. Now. I know what to make of it. I touched them. What's in? They Well, come in. they come in my space. They're gonna touch you. Just give me a little. A little bit. Right mittens. That's right. Mr. Mr. nobody understands you do they match right now, tap dance. We had very good seats. I got him on seatgeek. Courtesy of the seatgeek. And in fact, Oliver's like only they were way off to the side. But they were on the isle so he had full spot. That's my new jam off to the side. But not to like like ten rose. Fifteen back is the best because it's not like the angle doesn't bother me. But it's cheaper it's cheaper. And if you're on the aisle, you have nobody in front of you. That's great. I, of course, had the tallest Asia men in the world and in front of me. I don't believe he's Asian other than the fact that he was he was yelling there might have been coming. That's the basketball player. Yes. Thank you is. That mean fever. What was that guy? You know, guy not the different that was what was that guy's name. He put it. He flame out fast. He full Justin something because it was Mao lean credible Lin, sanity Lynch sanity. He that guy flamed out the second they printed the Sports Illustrated cover we're dealt with him. It was it was I think a simple case of he came in and nobody had ever played against him. And so they didn't know how to guard him and he was. Outing up numbers for a week. And they're like, oh, my God this guy he was putting up Lynch say, no sorry. Don't apologize. Apologize to the Lynn family was his first name. I wanna think of it. Don't tell me Hannah. If you if you're looking at up don't tell me yet. But anyway, yeah. Then once people had seen him once they'd be like, oh, here's how you got. And then you've done immediately a good baseball player like where they do once. They figure out. Oh, if we pitch move away inside he'll never hit home run. Yeah. But if we don't he'll nothing but home runs, right? So we go see cat. I think it so Oliver had that I could tell he wanted to go you should get everything he wants. But you know, I'm not I'm not gonna lie. I haven't seen this thing since nineteen eighty six. Look, I don't I know you Earls worried about spoiling Oliver. I think taking if a child wants to see a musical that is. I think that's an enriching experience. I I don't think I would never say no to that. Because there's always that's you're exposing them to I art look, I rock show where who knows what's gonna be happening there. Like, maybe there's drugs or maybe there's like, well, there's definitely drug says he's Nikki's next to me. And you know, I always do a little h before I see any show between the toes. Nobody sees it. But at the same time if you go to everyone. Then going to the theater is not special. We're in L A. So it's not like there's fewer things, and you know, that there certain things that neither of you're going to be interested in..

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