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"ist studios" Discussed on podnews

"The latest from Pod News Dot Net apple plans to make its own exclusive podcasts Bloomberg reports apple has quote reached out to media companies to discuss buying exclusive rights to podcasts. It's initially unclear what this means for. The I tunes CNN's A._P._I.. That many other podcast APPS US or indeed what it'll mean to android users but for an indication as to how important podcasting is for competitor spotify's investors their stock price fell by three percent following the Apple News who's the folks behind single file have released their podcast as a cassette and in the comments of the Patriot linked to we learn many others have been released as a U._S._B.. Tape a USB key. That looks like a cassette which is pretty. Pretty Neat U._S.. Sports Network E._S._P._N.. is to launch a morning podcast. It's to start in early October. The company have also said that their podcast users have grown ten percent year-on-year minority shareholder of Lipson says that it has succeeded enforcing the company to convene a Special Meeting K. Mak which owns six point five percent of Lipson wants to replace the board of Directors and change the company's corporate governance shares in Lipson closed up almost almost five percent yesterday on the news at a five-year high but don't worry people called rob and probably Dave are expected not to be affected by this news Lipson has released a new version of their software update four one nine which only. Only impacts those starting new podcasts but is aimed to help those users Jack reciter has published four ways to check the popularity of podcast. One trick is to use gas box. He says which shows both total subscribers and total downloads of a podcast and as an aside cars pox lets you claim your podcast and add your social media and other links to it just search for your podcast on cass box and the claim button to start policy has announced a new curated rated playlists feature will increase in your bit rate mean more Listeners Simpson's Rob Walsh wrote a piece back in two thousand sixteen backed by data and mentioned in the feet this week surprisingly raw points out that w. t. f. with Merrin. MM is encoded at just forty kilobits a second now from earlier this year. We've also published a page with lots of different bit rates and sample rates so you can hear or not the difference you'll find it linked from our episode notes and our newsletter today Eh Southern California public radio has launched L._A.. Ist Studios which will focus on developing podcasts on issues specific to Los Angeles in California in the U._S.. How we look to lots of advice today including a better away to listen to podcasts now? If you get on newsletter you now have the opportunity to get hold of something money can't buy we have pod coasters. Yes and they're there for you. If you can help spread the word about pod news you'll find a unique link to share at the bottom of your newsletter and if you're not getting our newsletter you really should it's at Pod News Dot net. You'll find more details on the many many things you could be using our podcast of four episode notes and.

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