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Fresh update on "israel" discussed on Chip Franklin

Chip Franklin

01:22 min | 2 hrs ago

Fresh update on "israel" discussed on Chip Franklin

"That use their platform I don't know I don't agree with all of them. But I do think sports is pretty pretty great at sort of advancing ideas and ideals. Nationwide. However, sometimes the athletes they missed the mark, and that seems to be the case coming out of Philadelphia. Sean Jackson, who is a perennial hitting this fantasy football. Start. Who's had some incredible seasons in the past, and also some NASA great seasons in the past. So does Sean Jackson comes out and he posts on his instagram, a Hitler quote. Not typically, the guy that you want to jump up in quote is Hitler. So Here's what he posted. All right. Here's the quote that he claims was Hitler. Which actually came from another. It came from somebody else quoting Hitler. Okay, so whether or not Hitler actually said it is actually being debated right now, of course on the Internet, because that's what we do. But here is what What did John Watson was quoted Because the white Jews knows that the Negroes are the real Children of Israel and to keep America's secret the Jews will blackmail America. They will extort America. Their plan for world domination won't work if the Negroes know who they were. The white Citizens of America will be terrified to know that all this time they've been mistreating and discriminating and lynching the Children of Israel. Okay. All right. Ah. Somebody thought that was a really good idea. Post. Um Here's the issue. That was not a really good idea to post especially the whole part about Jews Blackmailing America and, Ah Trying to Extort America for their plan of world domination. Not Really something you want to jump up and say, Hey, I really found the answers to life here. Not cool, man. Not cool. So of course people did what people do on the Internet and they went. What is wrong with you? Uh, he went on to praise Louis Farrakhan, who has been identified as being anti Semite, but the Southern Poverty Law Center. Hey, Louis Farrakhan is actually compared to Jewish people to termites in the past, so not cool. So people jumped all over Sean Jackson for this. So Jackson, then repost the quote. With comment, says anyone who feels I have hate toward the Jewish community took my post the wrong way. I have no hatred in my heart towards no one equality, equality, and then he's got AH raised fist. In every color available on the iPhone. So he's basically other saying, no man. It's It's wait. No, that's not what I meant. The problem is you Basically said that Jews were going to blackmail America for world domination. So it's kind of out there, dude. Out there. Can't really take that back. So what? Then? Did Dijon Watson excuse me? I keep saying to Sean Watson, I apologised to Sean Jackson. What? Sean Jackson. Then do he talked with the team Who said, I don't know what's wrong with you? Oh, and then he came out and he posted a on apology What he had to say. And I turned on my audio cause of well My silly music I was playing scored.

Sean Jackson Hitler America Sean Watson Dijon Watson Louis Farrakhan White Citizens Of America Philadelphia Nasa Football Israel Southern Poverty Law Center Children Of Israel
Fresh update on "israel" discussed on Larry Elder

Larry Elder

00:56 min | 4 hrs ago

Fresh update on "israel" discussed on Larry Elder

"Be sure and use promo code, Larry As to your question. Is it true that More black for killing, he said in a six month period of time. You were killed. They were lynched by the HQ. I've heard it said this way, and I believe it was Bob Woodson of the What's the Neighborhood Foundation? Who made this claim. And he said something to the effect of Don't put me exactly on the words, but blacks kill more blacks in six months. Then the clan killed in its history. Something to that effect. Well, if you look at theirs to take last year Of the roughly 15,000 homicides Ah, half of the homicide victims are black. Now, A lot of these homicides are unsolved, as you know, Chicago, 75% of them. But assuming the stats hold And that is generally speaking around 94% of black homicide to kill by other black people. The numbers around 85% of white homicide to kill by other white people. So assuming those numbers hold your looking at around 7000 or so, A black homicides last year. And near as I can figure out in the history of the clan they met might have lynched around 3000 people. But these numbers are not hard and fast. No one will keep really good numbers on this kind of thing. So it's speculative, but it seems to me It is not an unreasonable thing to say. But it is in some dispute. I have seen it fact checked and the factory people are like, Wow, that's hard to say. Hard to say. I mean, people were Blanche, not everybody. Lynch was killed with lunch by the Klan. Hard to say when it started, like, you know, not good records were kept so forth and so forth and so forth, so But it seems to me it's not an unreasonable kind of thing to say. But you're going to be challenged on it. It's all I'm saying, okay? Triple 8971 s a G E, triple 89717243 is the number couple more things I want to talk about before we get to some of the Chaos just in hand at this. A new report documents for 1000 lynching than Jim Crow South Ah new report says Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit This is 2015. I estimate two or 3959 lynchings in the South from the end of the reconstruction era. That's 18 77 to 1950. So again assuming what I said is true that half of the homicide victims in this country you're black. And most of those homicide victims are killed by other blacked and then the number is not unreasonable. Now a couple of things. Bye. Saw a article Someone sent me. And the headline. I want to get to what's going on in Atlanta, The Atlanta mayor eyes now getting fed up and The Georgia governors now ordered the National Guard to go in. We're talking about that. Also, the former NYPD commissioner has been ripping the Mayor of New York DiBlasio for his anti crime initiatives, he disbanded some 600 anti crime units. Is taking a great deal of money away from the police department, even as homicide to going up We'll be talking about that. Just a second, but I get this piece. Called Black Lives. Matter goes Full anti Jew Now. Racism is part of the terrorist organizations manifesto. Now I knew that the black lives matter. Manifesto had suggested that Israel Was engaging in apartheid and that sort of thing, but that kind of part of it is ignored by the mainstream media. And the peace talks about some things have been going on about the violence going on the streets and names of black lives matter. About the looting being done in the name of black lives matter. On. Then it quotes the official Twitter account of black lives matter, which said, Quote as Israel move forward with the annexation of the West Bank and mainstream British politics is gagged of the right to critique Zionism and Israel's settler, colonial pursuits. We loudly and clearly stand behind our Palestinian calm rides, comrades, end of quote. And it talks about a protest led by a Harvard student on and making all sorts of anti, said Dominic Chance. Protesters making anti Semitic chance. In this march is led by the student. Okay, so it's just basically talking about The black lives matter and its anti Semitism or or what? What this guy perceived to be its anti Semitism, not at all, an unreasonable position to take I read the piece and also mentioned the Republican Jewish Coalition. I know something about them. They called on Joe Biden to condemn the anti Semitism chanted by the protesters, and Biden said nothing is what the article says. And the Republican Jewish Coalition in this article issued the following statement. We are horrified by the vicious hate mongering by black lives matter. Protestors the Black lives matter Charter. It's field with anti Israel and anti Semitic lies. It is deeply disturbing, but not surprising to hear those sentiments chanting in the streets of Washington, D. C in the fort. OK, so that's what the article said. This does this guy wrote. His name is Lance D. Johnson, never heard of him and his blogger websites called intolerance dot news get never heard of it. I looked at it to make sure it wasn't wack job. He didn't appear to be wack job. So I tried to post this piece. I'm just reading you. Excerpts from And my Twitter Countess won't take it right now. We try. That that maybe something was wrong that something's haywire with my wife. I don't know. I tried it again. Same thing. We try. I'll put it in draft. We try later on. So then I said, Okay, we post it on Facebook. Now they're owned by two different companies. Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company so frequently I have difficulty with both of them. But these are two different companies, right? So I try to post it won't take it either. With did gave me a reason to say that violates our terms of decency. It's intolerant. Intolerant to post an article this is black Lives matter. Go full anti Jew now. Racism is part of the terrorist organizations Manifesto. The fax. Either. It's intimate either is in the organization statement of a statement of principles, not calling it a manifesto is maybe Ah Ah, subjective, but it is a fact that it made the statement that made about Israel. And about.

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