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"israel tober" Discussed on JOHN16AND12.COM

"God if you should take it or not. It's up to god to to give it to house the message if we should take thrown out deny thank. God have given me much message. When the i got this paper that i was one year too young to get it. I have to wait like everyone else. That is working young people. I have to wait and it may be will be in in the middle of the summer when it's my turn and And then this i remember. I have to remember that. God was telling made to do my. Dna sold quake ideal. Not have money. When i come back from east read because everything was going into that traveling but idea. They've done the way i get. I come back. I was that darian in november. And i did my dna tests in november. I may be in israel Tober i got the dna test in november and Glad idea did. Because then i might deny so whatever will happen. The dna is there that this clean dna that have not been manipulated of a vaccine. If it should be that way as a i don't know the the the facts about it. Its own Thinking i'm talking about how i thinking and i am not talking about that this the truth only god can tell you what the truth or not because there is so many again this going on and most of the agenda is about money financial again the but also political again though. They have a issues that we are too many on this planet. So it can happen. I don't say it's too thinking now that the it's to reduce.

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