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"israel bush league" Discussed on First Class Fatherhood

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"israel bush league" Discussed on First Class Fatherhood

"And mom and dad. I mean, they if this school is delayed by two hours gotta get to work. I mean mom's gonna be two hours late. That's the. That's not necessarily good thing for for her or the company, she may or he may work for so I'm with you there man, either pull the trigger and shut shut it down. Or are forcing the school yet a half a day with the delayed opening Israel Bush league, I think, but I know you said that you came to father late in the game here. So how did becoming a father to change your perspective on life? Well, it really impact all of us pretty much the same. You know, I'm standing here while talk to you. And I'm looking at my faith thinking, I'm it has rounded me so much more. You know, you're out there chasing life, basically. And while you're chasing life life, kind of passing you by. And when you when you have your first child you realize, wow, there's there's a a greater. Reason for being on this earth. And just me chasing. What what this life has offer me now about what life I can give to someone else. And that's impactful slows you down. Stop it. Smell the roses you cherish every little moment. And you realize that you are now charged with a greater responsibility than you ever thought you had before you had a child yet, very well said now this your daughter watch you on TV rob with doing the weather or has the fascination of seeing data on the TV. They're kinda ward off a bit. Does. She still check out the show. Mom, doesn't put me on through often. But you know, if I'm out there, and it's form if it's it's a little bit, Harry Madeleine gets a little bit nervous there two. She was frightened to watch major spanning and some wind and rain. So it's not necessarily things she something that we we like to do. But if it's just me on studio playing around doing silly things. Yes. Sure. So she gets a kick out actually brought my daughter on a life shot wants to Eminem factory on good Morning America thought, she get a charge out of that. And she we put her on television. There was supposed to be able to kid there. But they didn't show up. So we put her on the air, and as outgoing and as freewheeling socially as she is life came on. And she he she tighten up a little bit, and daddy, you would think which would step in and and V season pro and workers through this mess, but I was nervous having child on television. That's that maybe the only time, I'm. Really nervous on the air as when I have somebody. I love on with me. I don't wanna miss it. And look at the factory once in a lifetime deal for the kids. So she have had experience Dovan, the Eminem and everything was fine. But being on TV's is what he does. And she knows more importantly on the weather can see Love's weather too. So whether she into that profession that's up to her, but we all like being outside for sure. Very cool. What was the transition like for you, rob going from one child to to and adding his son into the mix here. And how is your daughter's response to taking on the role of big sister? Everyone says all your daughter's older. So she's going to be a maternal. She's gonna be helper. It's going to be great. Well, she just like any other kid insure you experience this when the second one the second one comes out and matter how old you are the attention goes to that one then the little jealous. So there were certainly some jealousy. There was time where she basically ignoring the baby and making things more difficult for it. But we're working through that now, and she's become a he's bracing the role of the big sister ask for me when we went to have second with the first time around like like most news, I was kind of excited to have a voice, but knowing when when we have birth it wouldn't matter, and certainly not the case, and she's studies little girl, and I love having daughter to the point where when we had our second. I kinda was hoping for another girl 'cause I was. I afraid I wouldn't know to do with the point. I mean, I'm all About Eve party dress up man, that's my deal now. And but having a boy make change your hat with a little pressure on you as a man. And now, it's a little more rough and tumble. But that aspect of it has been so much fun. And I couldn't be happier. And I'm excited to see him develop in into a man. Yeah. Awesome. I had it in the.

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