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"isaiah printers" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Be here to begin our at least an 18 week run. At kind of around the three locations. Very excited. Jacket H. M s a very cool place to get an excellent patio outside and a lot of room inside a ton of TV. These Adeline bar that is a killer bar over there. So thanks to long next for having us and we're excited about what is ahead. All this is presented. By your Cincinnati northern Kentucky Honda dealers and it has brought to you in part by Hawksworth Blood Centers. Hawksworth donors save lives. Who will you save? I'm lions McAllister. He is Rocky boy. When we laid out some of the things we are optimistic about. I'm excited about what about rock Some of the things we are a bit may be concerned about or reserving judgment till we see further evidence to relieve any building angst we might have. Okay, so you might have heard this team has had an issue with the offensive line in the last. Really? Yeah. Rumors. 56 years. Yeah. So I feel fairly comfortable with the frontline guys, right? I think, you know. Add and Riley Reef. Is an upgrade. I think Joan Williams will play better in the second year. Trey Hopkins. I think we know what he can do. But depth. Lance where is the death on this offensive line? You look at Isaiah Prince who's a backup tackle. Two years of experience. Deontay Smith, Backup guard rookie Trey Hill, Rookie Jackson Carmen rookie Fred Johnson. Two years of experience, so Inevitably, once the last time any often in the offensive line in the NFL went an entire now 17 games without an injury or 10, right. So what happens when Deontay Smith or Isaiah Printers. You know, some of these guys that don't have a ton of experience have to come in. That's a huge question. In my opinion, no doubt I was talking with Jay Morrison from the athletic last night about that very issue, and he said they they like the young guys the rookies, but It's one thing to like it. It's going to ask him to step in right away, says if it's later in the season if an injury happens, you know week 10 11 12 when they've got some reps under their belt, and there, they get their feet under them. That's one thing. If something goes haywire with somebody early, this might be. I mean those names. You just reeled off for the twos and the lack of experience. It might be the least experienced backup set of offensive lineman in the NFL and three rookies. It's gotta be. It's gotta be. So that is a major issue as far as I'm concerned, and we shall see what about you? Well, let me let me finish off an offensive line because Jackson Carmen to me. He's going to be the guy who we watched through the prison mob what they opted to do to getting trading down. We knew all the names, whether it's Kevin Jenkins and granted. He's out now, maybe for the season with an injury. But there was the Liam Eichenberger your guy at Notre Dame. There was Walker Little Sam, cause me a whole bunch of offensive linemen and the Bengals it at 38 opted to get out of that down to 46 that opened themselves up for Are you sure you know what you're doing? I know they got two extra picks, and Tyler Shelvin and Deontay Smith. You hope for them in the future, But maybe you took a you took a roll of the dice on somebody who was a tackle. You're now asking to play guard and somebody was coming off back surgery on a team that just screamed out in need of an offense. Offensive line help! They have exposed themselves a little bit here. They better have hit on Jackson Coroner have nailed that. And let's be honest. The early returns are not good October himself who has never wanted to throw anybody in the bus, said Look, the guy came in kind of out of shape, and you know that sort of thing would look, it's tough enough transition from tackle to guard right for a rookie, but it's even tougher when you come in. And maybe you're a little bit out of shape and you're not don't look quite as dedicated. So that's you're right. That is a decision that's going to be looked at, like every week for the next three or four years. No doubt about it. I'll give you another one. That is, I'm kind of holding back on it. It's a slight concern until it's removed. And that's Jamaar Chase. And now there's a whole bunch of silly stuff going on a pro football talk is Is trying to take his comments out of context to say he can't catch the ball because the college football's are smaller and there's no stripes on the end of the NFL footballs. It's not what to believe there. I just know this. He's clearly experiencing drops to this point, and if you're wide receiver, the key element is holding on to the football and I just hope it's something that's not more up here now boarding to my head. That kind of grows with more evidence presented in week one if he drops another one. Ideally, you'd like him to make a big play on the opening drive of the game, and everybody goes who, man? That's the guy we drafted. But right now there's no you can't just explain away and say, Don't worry about it because it's been the story of the entire camp. He keeps dropping the football. It would be one thing. Look, sometimes guys have a game where they just can't catch the ball. But it's been oh, th has been camped. It's been scrimmages. It's been in the preseason games, so certainly an issue and it's certainly in his head. I mean, the guys tried a million footballs in his life. The only thing that's different right now is Is the fact that maybe inside his head and he's thinking about it, and that's a hard thing sometimes to overcome. Tell me how significant this is, and I'm not presenting it as an excuse, but we know he didn't play last season. Right, so he's shaking off that rust. Plus, he's trying to get up to speed at a speed he's never experienced before, if he were coming back to get up to college speed to be one thing. He's coming back after a year in trying to ramp up to the NFL game. At the speed of that game. There's got to be something to that adjustment of having played at one speed you as a rookie, probably said who this game's fast right? Well, it is and I always uses example by the only way to get good at something in life is to do it and to continually do it, not repetition, while And then take time off and do it again again, You know not to blow smoke up you but you are great at radio because you do it over and over and over. I don't know about you. But if I take a week of vacation off the first day I come back on radio, and I'm like God, you're a little bit out of whack right? So he takes a whole year off of football. So now he's trying to make up for that. Now he's inside his own head, and he's got everybody down him and all that sort of thing. So The only way this gets resolved is what you just said a big moment in the game, and that's where you would love to see. Joe Burrow have confidence in him on a big third and seven, right, right. In the third quarter, something like that, and boom, He constantly goes to Jamaar Chase. He catches it, and then that can be eliminated. Like just like that, Yes, but if it keeps going, it makes it harder and harder to come back from in my experience. Can I give you another one? Another concern and this is more coaching staff related. I was looking at the game notes today. This team has got to be able to figure out a way to finish off games and win close games. Let me give you some numbers Rock. You know, I'm a numbers guy. Yeah. In Zach Taylor's time here in games decided by three points or fewer. This team is 06 and one In games designed by three or fewer 06 and one in games decided by seven points or fewer. Zach Taylor's Bengals are 1 12 and one when they've led at the half 12 Times. They've only won four of those when they've led after three quarters 11 times. They don't want 15 of them Rock. I'm making the case right now, and that's coaching. You can argue, but guys got to make place. You've got to put you guys in position to make plays and this team's got to win close games and they got to finish off games or they're not going. Take the next step They have to take. What's the number? One thing everyone had against Marvin Lewis. The adjustments right? In game halftime in between drives, although everything and those numbers kind of indicate the same thing going on here, right that this is a chess match is going back and forth come into the game and you have your game plan. And guess what? First snap of the game. You may say we're going to throw this out because it's not working or we come out in the third quarter. We think they're going to do this, but they do that. It's just a constant. How quickly can you Can you adjust from that? And this appears to be from those numbers of team. That's not doing that well, and there's winnable games there. Three point yes, and and I don't have the statin front. But I've seen one of Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, but it's like when they have a lead at halftime..

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