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"isaiah mitchell" Discussed on WBAP 820AM

"Just go ahead and just flashed across my screen here, kids, So let me just pull up the article here and who's writing this? I think it's Mackenzie. No, it's Isaiah Mitchell. Isaiah Mitchell. Former state Senator John Huh finds announcing his bid for governor today. Quote for too long, Texas has been let down by politicians who offered nothing but excuses and lies. I'm ready to take on the federal government and the entrenched elites of Austin's swamp. We will finally finish the wall and secure our border and we're not going to ask permission to do it. We will put Texas on the path to eliminating property taxes, and we will enforce our sacred voting laws. So the voices of lawful voters are preserved and not diluted through corrupt election procedures. That's Don Huff on Senator Don Ho finds announcing his run for governor, by the way on that Score. There are some things going on in the Texas Legislature, you need to know. There's a there's a Representative of the name of white State representative James White. He's a Republican district 19 good man. Mr White is a Black American. Who wants to make sure that Wants to make sure they are dilapidated property tax system has done away with He is calling for a special session. To make sure that we transition out of This backward property tax system, which is going to harm us. His property values are going to the roof. And into a consumption tax that gives us Control over how much money we're giving to Austin. Hey, Joe, You're saying this? You may not know this, but Texas has history of abolishing its property tax. State comptroller said that for the 1st 100 years after independence, a state property tax provided the 50 to 75% of all tax receipts. But Texas dumped its state property tax in 1982. How many of you remember that? Nearly 40 years later, and East Texas lawmaker wants to do it again State representative James White Wants to replace the property tax with a consumption tax. Which the Crystal Saito show favors as well. In the midst of a pandemic that makes The most choice in my in my view. Anyway. Okay, so there's the breaking news folks and some tangential news to go with it. Back to New Gingrich. Newt Gingrich is saying things That I have. Then I have not heard. Any Republican. The national stage saved President Donald Trump say Purcell Saito show has focused on the illegality of states. Let me just state for the record, and this is where the press is opposed to me. I do not believe it is permissible for states to violate their election laws. Gingrich took it a bit further. We can just said, is really important for people to understand the can. He's referring to is Ken Paxton, who can just said is really important for people to understand in a number of states. Republicans were just playing out lawyered Thea other side did a better job. They set the rules of the game. The rules of the game were designed to do exactly what he said. Figure out how many votes the Republicans have. And then hold the ballots open until you can get enough votes to beat him on. That's every one of the states. It was really close. The Trump lost, you had those kind of shenanigans. And you had state law violated in every single one of those states on my mind kept. There's no question that those states were in effect stolen. That doesn't make the national media happy. But I think he's a historian. People gonna find it's absolutely true. Again. Uh, the most I can confirm for you. Is that states broke their laws. Um If you go into a bank, and you take the money by breaking the law, do you get to keep the money? If you run a red light Breaking the law and you get into a car wreck. Do you get to walk away? So okay, Well, sorry I broke the law. But No harm. No foul. See later. Do you get off scot free like that? So if you and I can't get away with breaking the law scot free, why is that the States are allowed to do that. And should they be? And is there a remedy? Yes, there is. And that's why The rep probate. The degenerate Chief Justice John Roberts won't hear the case. Because he knows there's a remedy and he won't go there. He's a political chief Justice. And he won't hear the merits because he knows the merits or salad. Chief Justice John Roberts knows for a fact that at least four states broke their election laws He knows for a fact. So he just won't hear the case. I know it's I know it's illegal. And if I get this case in front of me, I know I'm going to the rule. It's illegal. So I'm not going to hear the case. It's corrupt. It's crooked. It is. It is beneath us as a country for that to be going on, but it's going on right in front of all of us. Not to my hand. Hello, David. Welcome The Crystal Stato show. What do you say? E Just want to ask questions. Why? Why didn't I hear that? Really? I mean, why wouldn't hear that case and one? Well, I don't know. Chief Justice John Roberts. Chief Justice John Roberts is a what the U. S. Were denied. So every one of those courts.

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