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Samsung's 'The Frame' TV: Spotify of Art?

WSJ Tech News Briefing

05:17 min | 2 years ago

Samsung's 'The Frame' TV: Spotify of Art?

"Better faster greener super micro resource-saving server and storage systems with intel zeon scalable processors reduce the cost and environmental impact of your enterprise infrastructure learn more at super micro dot com. This is tech news briefing. I'm tanya boost does reporting from the newsroom in new york a television manufactured by samsung known as the frame and called by many eddie spotify of art is digitally bringing masterpieces into the living room museum speed the future but first these headlines google issued new guidelines limiting employees discussion of politics and other topics not really to work a major shift for the company that has long long prided itself on open debate and freewheeling internal culture alphabet inc said in a public memo that staffers should avoid spending time debating matters unrelated into their jobs among other discouraged behavior a google spokeswoman said quote this follows a year of increased incivility and our internal platforms and we've heard that employees want clearer clearer rules of the road on what's okay to say and what's not walk technologies trumpeted its first high end a i processor the chinese telecom giant's latest attempt to challenge silicon valley's advanced technology the ascend nine ten designed to crunch. The massive amounts of data used to build a._i. Algorithms is available immediately. The chip advances while always goal of curbing reliance on american tech kolding up the palm sized ascend nine ten at an event at weiwei's headquarters deputy chairman eric su declared it as quote the industry's most powerful a._i. Processor and quote a federal appeals dell's court froze a ruling that qualcomm had committed an array of anti-trust violations a boost for the chip maker that allows it to maintain its business practices for the time being the court court decision is a setback for the f._t._c. which had sued the company citing an illegal monopoly that harmed smartphone manufacturers and rival chip producers to his ruling found. The company leveraged its dominance smartphone chips to force manufacturers to pay high royalty rates for qualcomm intellectual property qualcomm argued its business practices were justified justify. The journal says the court action isn't a definitive reading of the merits of qualcomm appeal but indicated the company has a fair shot at winning coming up as museums meet the future were introduced with the new spotify of art better faster greener super micro resource-saving server and storage systems with intel veon scalable processors reduce. The cost and environmental impact of your enterprise infrastructure learn more at super micro dot com samsung has struck digital art agreements with the tate gallery in london the prado in madrid the van gogh museum amsterdam westerdam's among others. The latest deal sees its unique television. The frame landing at the royal museum of fine arts in belgium as part of the new agreement samsung samsung display twenty two of the belgian galleries flemish masterpieces on its frame. T._v.'s isabelle van who necker managing director at the museum has more. We are participating dissipating into some some initiative because we think technology has a lot of possibilities to spread our heritage in another way india museum so we some some frame we can bring the artwork into the living room of the people and hope that they will afterwards want to to to visit the museum and see the authentic work intern. We're seeing some comparison with the digital methods that the likes of spotify made popular johann von camping out samsung tv lifestyle project manager explains its subscription based so you have to formulas in a way you be u._p. Eater five a month and you have unlimited access so i always personally i call it the spotify of arts so you pay five hundred a month. You have unlimited <unk> access to all the artworks that are in there more than one thousand two hundred artworks or you can also decide to pay a one time fee for one on artwork and then that will cost you twenty euros more on the actual technology sensor measures the lightning in your living space ace and based on these results. It's adopts the back light of the hill so it would really look like a real picture because of you would show this picture on on another tv. You will always have the feeling you are looking at the t._v. Isabel van acker is back to talk to museums of the future. There are a lot of challenges for museums is because the museum of tomorrow and we have to think about it before you had only physical museum. Today we have also digital museum if people are used to to have after digital images and we have to develop this whole digital museum today and accessibility is one of the important challenges as as well. That's it for the tech news briefing reporting from the newsroom in new york. I'm tanya bustos. Thanks for listening.

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