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"isaac taloqan" Discussed on KTKR 760AM

"It wasn't He didn't It didn't flop, right? But I don't think anybody's gonna you know. Confusing with Jerry Seinfield er Dave Chappelle any time soon, But give him an A for effort, right? It was almost like the old rookie show things used to do that. You know, I don't know if they do that in the NFL anymore. Maybe they do. Maybe they don't. But if they don't they don't show it. And those are those are those used to be classic And then tomorrow was back at center stage Is Tommy. You know his family. And you know his. This was again another human moment. His family was shopping for jerseys at the Cowboys Pro shop, but they couldn't find a come our jersey right and then who shows up at a team meeting in street clothes? Mike McCarthy. Go take a look at that shirt. I don't know what the hell that was. I don't know if you buy that Omar, the tent maker or you have a custom made. I don't know how I'll just leave it right there. But you know the players kind of gave him his due. He came walking in. He was He was kind of dressed up sort of half dressed up for him, and then he basically he said something that he has the right to say, And it's something that would come from a veteran coach and Mike McCarthy is a veteran coach. He walked in, and he gave everybody sort of this sobering reminder that guys look around somewhere. You are not going to be with his team in a few days. And and then he took a little shot at Isaac Alarcon not to be confused Isaac Lowenkron about wanting that cake, and that was one of those campy things unless you've been watching. Hard knocks from beginning you wouldn't know what that was. And that finally brought us to the final preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and obviously they did not go well. But Dallas only played their twos and threes. They are matched against Jacksonville's ones. And again Jiuquan Hardy, who was fighting to make his case and I am so happy to Ezekiel Elliott was on the sideline. Providing commentary was really encouraging them on. And you know, Hardy did have a big role in the touchdown drive with Gary Gilbert, a quarterback. But then there was an interception and that kind of killed everything and Already opened the second half even made it even made a tackle on special teams. Isaac Taloqan. He was named the captain for the game, but his play he didn't exactly light it up. He didn't flash He did play well, but he not. He didn't look to be NFL quality and camera still had some struggles. And these three guys, you root for them all to make the team. I just did. I can't help but I did. They didn't throw. All right. You know about the outcome. And the initial 53 Man roster and you were pulling for these guys. But even Ben DeNucci not to be confused with Don fenucci, the black hand, even though these guys get that, you know, he did generate sympathy. But the truth, you know, the the truth of the matter is Ben DeNucci is not a major league quarterback, and they showed that slow mo shot at his side arm delivery, and he just He's had his day in the sun. He got further than most people in life, but it doesn't look like he's got a future with the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe somewhere else, So there's one final episode next week. That was sort of Cover the final touches as Dallas gets ready to go through, Uh, you know and get, you know, prepare for the first game, which will actually be two days after that episode airs. But obviously it's all done. It's all behind us. Now. I think the filming is done in the concert done. I'm hoping they take a little bit more behind the scenes and hoping maybe Jaquan Hardy or one of the you know, as a gala con with the players I just mentioned maybe end up on the practice squad. You never know. Sometimes until longer Journey to the NFL. And sometimes you know, it's not always as the crow flies and there on film, so maybe somebody saw what they like when Jaquan Hardy on that, Uh, special teams tackle Or maybe not. But the truth of the matter is those are the things that focused on most the human aspect. The guys trying to make the team and pulling them away that they're they have lives outside of football. And in many ways, you're just like you and me. I still get a kick out of hardy going to that restaurant looking so forward to that favorite dish they prepare for him. He even said when they called and go. Is this huge quantities? Yeah, you got a kick out there to get a big smile. So at the end of the day, these guys are human beings. We're gonna bring in the crew get there get their thoughts on, uh, on hard knocks and as we head and do Episode five and if they had any takeaways, or maybe they disagree with some of the things that said, or maybe they had some takeaways on some things. I missed. But first, let's go to the man. He's so respected. He was at the Leuven, France, and they told them Go ahead. Bruin, you can actually touch the artwork. It's Bruins fairly with the latest. Well, thank you so much. Bernie and Ed Ojediran seemingly well.

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