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"irving max kellerman" Discussed on First Take

"We kicked off the list. Jimmy Butler at number fifteen number. Fourteen is the answer to our trivia question this all-star. Nbp has six all star appearances since entering the League in twenty eleven. So who could be? Listen next I take the prime time. Players ranking is Kyrie Irving despite only playing twenty games a season irving recorded two fifty point games one of four players this season with multiple such games putting on a show. It's just after being drafted first overall out of Duke. He has won rookie of the year in NBA title and an Olympic gold medal irving puts it up talk player number fourteen nets guard Kyrie irving all right. You heard a number fourteen kyrie Irving Max Kellerman. You are up first. One word to describe Kyrie radio active careers radioactive look. I've said he's the most skillful player in the history of basketball. I don't mean he has the wisdom as to no winter deploy his skills. How much of it? And when that that wisdom he does not yet have to the extent that some of the greatest players ever had but skills wise I when you include the handles the shot the finishing in the paint. What does he do? Passing appeasing great on the offense then a skillful a player as ever existed so yes a lot of power there. But what radioactive actually means? Is You have an unstable nucleus. If you harness that energy you have you know nuclear energy which can be an incredibly good thing and Lebron. James was able to harness that energy and help us. Kyri to beat the warriors game seven at Oracle the year the warriors. One seventy three games but left without someone who knows how to harness that energy and that includes Kyrie himself he can have a destructive kind of instability can have a of the nucleus of the team can have a destructive a deleterious effect on the team. I give you I the Celtics and then the Brooklyn Nets. Both in both instances. You took a talent like reports the team and they actually got better. That should never happen. Incredibly powerful but not fully stable enough to really harness that power. All the time radioactive. Well thank you. Dr Phil Kelemen appreciate that psychological breakdown. I'm so touched by it. My word would be special. Ed because the brother is special is not just that he's averaging twenty seven. There are a lot of good basketball players in the NBA. Very few are great. He's one of the great ones. Then you take into account the fact that he is a showstopper. He is box office. Kyrie Irving you walk through the turnstiles to watch this show that his brother is capable of putting on as you said in the past. He might have the greatest handle in the history of basketball. This is a league. Dentist at odds. Ahah Thomas Alan Iverson. Nate tiny archibald excetera. And you might say that Kyri Irvine has the greatest handle in history about. Let me not forget Chris Paul to all right still Kyrie Irving is that Konadu radioactive and all of that stuff you can use debt. My response would beat the. Boston situation is an example. He didn't handle a lot of things in terms of personal life so well that particular year. No doubt about that last year you walk into a new situation new guys Kenny. Atkinson with somebody that they like. But a lot of guys didn't believe in and should've then believe should have been the head coach and Lo and behold he is gone. Jot Von was your interim coach for two games. He was but he ain't going be the damn head coach. The Brooklyn Nets next season. It'll probably be tied Lou or more Jackson Tyler with beaver front runners if they're smart and so when you look at it from that perspective we talk about the Brooklyn Nets and what the expectations are. It's the combination of Kevin Durant with Kyrie Irving. He is special is the ideal. Could he have work? Things out with. Lebron stayed in Cleveland. Yes but deliver them from getting a championship. Noah did not they WANNA title? He's been right because by the way and the two finals that whole wait a minute into two finals that he was there. The average twenty seven and twenty nine respectively. If I remember correctly he was that elite. Okay so when I look at him. I'm saying Yeah. You could say radioactive. I can't summarily pooh-poohed that I get all that but the bottom line is this brother is so special talent. He is box office. You walk through the turnstiles to watch him. He's electrifying. He's skilled and by the way he's the champion too. We can't forget all of that. I think wrestle as you surp- Radioactive Lebron. Lebron knew how to harness. That material knew how to harness the energy and focus it. That's what I'm saying Stephen A. Absent Lebron presence or a coach. Who REALLY BUYS INTO? He's going to have a negative effect on the team. We've seen it too often and that should never happen because you say that. I've sat here and said he might have the best handles of all time. I took it much further than that Stephen A. Even in this segment I think he might be the most skillful offense of player of all time off to you are skilled because on the one hand you have to acknowledge the handles might be the best. Everett's right up there. It's it's not number one and now of all those players with handles who could shoot. Light Cavalry. Well then you go Steph Steph. Could certainly question in the paint like Kyrie will let me ask you this question to give you the answer in the segment. You're the same. God Max Kellerman. That pointed out that it's like you saying about Lebron harnessing that you also said that Lebron could have done a better job to keep Kyri from leaving to begin with as well so what about radio. Active materials hard to handle brother. All right. That's consistent. We're radio then. Okay by the Way Guy. Special radioactive a Kyrie made news yesterday because he said that he wants Kemba one on one. Obviously we know. He took his job on the Celtics. So we'll up to discuss that at later. Date to some interest by him. There should be televised car. Reverses put data with Taiwan put put put thought TV. Stephen you can do play by play on zoom. I'm there for all of it. Gets you access to licensed agents twenty four seven which means that? Geico is always there for you. If only everyone was always there for you like your wife when you forget your keys at work. And you get my text. I am looking for the spare Hausky. Maybe I can get through. The window. Turns OUT THE ALARM WORKS. It works fast. You should probably call me Back Guy. Go always there for you with savings and twenty four seven access to licensed agents obviously episodes seven and eight aired last night and who better to break it down our friend. The Great Michael Willmann joining us now. Always good to see you. Michael I know that Max Stephen. I cannot wait to get into this with you but Michael just for a little context here assuming most people know you're Chicago native you know Michael Jordan you know these. Both teams intimately. I want the fells to win on this too. But what has surprised you so far about the Docu series. Well Molly did little bits and pieces. That have surprised. Lisa for starters like Jerry Krause telling Phil Jackson Eighty two and you still not coming back. I. I don't think I knew that in real time. And even though I knew about the kinds of drama drip by drip drip. I think what has surprised me even in reliving. It is the amount of drama that bulls had to manage by the Bulls. Let's talk about two different teams almost in those six championships but Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan were the real managers. I mean Jerry Krause while he put the team together managing the daily drama. I mean the the dentist Robin Drama alone could have been a fulltime job for somebody but then you had you had all sorts of things like how many shots and whose team was how many minutes played the things that normally confront basketball team. You have these massive things whether it was dealing with Jerry Krause bringing Tim Floyd another coach into the team. While Phil Jackson is successfully leading them to championships and krause wanting to break up the team in the drama between Scottie. Pippen and Jerry Krause and Michael Jerry Custom Phil Jackson Jury. Cross you just episode after episode. Michael losing his father being murdered during the time coming back. There's just so much drama that teams don't face anymore. I don't know the any successful team has faced it and managed it quite like those guys did Michael Will. It is always on an privilege to have my big Bro on the show. His listened if you want to know anything about Michael Jordan from a media perspective shot obviously would be first on the list. I can make a legitimate argument that Mike will bond is second on that list maker. Damn show before me. Let me let me ask you this question. Watching these watching the first eight episodes who looks the worse in this Docu series? You got people complaining about Jordan. I love what I'm seeing from him and his candor but other people have been critical people have been critical of Scottie. Pippen have been critical of Isaiah..

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