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"irv ose" Discussed on C-SPAN Radio

"To be sued for speaking out about what she says is her affair with the president and dan in the midst of these two stories there was a third lawsuit involving trump this week a judge ruled that former apprentice star summers irv ose lawsuit claiming at trump defamed her by calling her a liar after she accused him of sexual misconduct should be allowed to move forward is this a dangerous lawsuit for president trump this is the one he should be worried about the other two from a legal perspective i don't think are particularly significant why is this one so important by the court saying this case can now move forward you're opening up the door to discovery meeting there are a whole lot of other issues that can now potentially come in there are either everything from possible tax returns to other women remember she basically says that he kissed her and groped her but that's not the case is about it's about defamation it's about him saying it's not true when he was making those comments he was talking about a bunch of other women as well and so those other women could become relevant in the context of this case and that's why for him i think this case becomes much more perilous than anything else we're talking about and let's bring this now to our powerhouse roundtable abc news political analyst matthew dowd christian broadcasting network chief political correspondent david brody author of the new book the face of donald trump fivethirtyeight senior political writer perry bacon junior and bloomberg news white house correspondent shannon petty piece welcome to all of you matt doubt i want to start with you what do you think these appearances by mcdougal and daniels due to trump any other president you would think would be destroyed by this.

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