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UFC star Conor McGregor arrested after confrontation with fan

The Corner

02:45 min | 4 years ago

UFC star Conor McGregor arrested after confrontation with fan

"We're talking to you have seen drain not so much to talk about in the world of Emmett may. But the biggest headlines this week came outside of any cage octagon ring anywhere, the MA is held. And that's because Kahn regretted was in news again con McGregor arrested in Miami, not for cocaine not for punching someone in the face. Not for the gamut of things he could be arrested for heels arrested for taking someone's phone smashing on the ground and stopping on it the phone, obviously like every phone out. Now, I phone Samsung is over thousand dollars, which pushes it into the realm of being a felony. So Connor was arrested. Everyone treated him. Like he was public enemy number one. Like he was out Capone like they just found out Connor was running a drug ring, Allah. But some of the greatest HBO sear. Series, which Connor would make a great HBO villain. But just just saying we got time on his hands. But it's not it wasn't breaking bad. It wasn't the wire. It wasn't sopranos. There was no crazy ring going on Conor McGregor smash to fall and people lost their damn mind. The headline on every sporting news. Ran is PIN had alerts y'all who ESPN it was on leading sportscenter. I I don't get it, man. This is not a big deal to me at all. You know? There's there's so many other things that you look at kind of Greg. It'd be like, you know, the whole there's so many things you could look at this isn't one. I mean, this is kind of the equivalent of the fan yelling at Russell respect the other night. It's it's it's a cell phone guys. Like there's worse things you could have done. I don't care. The only thing that makes me, you know, now, you have a much mugshot like walk Becky Lynch out at wrestlemainia. Let's do this. Now, we're talking about a penitentiary do so got that a lot more. Irish penitentiary. That's the route you have to go. So I don't care. Ultimately. I don't give a shit like come on guys. I don't care. It's news. Yes. It's newsworthy because the person who didn't not necessarily for the crime. If I'll ventured as a normal person did this they wouldn't get arrested citation something, I think it'd be Conor McGregor and police station could say what they want. I I work in news every day. I understand I've been around police and different departments in everything they like publicity as much as the next thing

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