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"ireland morales" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"Hey, we're back. I hate to interrupt our lunch order, but we are doing a big time. We're doing the Lord's work here. We're doing the number one sport in the Netherlands fort show in L A Mason in Ireland Morales likes to say. All right. So the the other part of this Jared Jack thing is obviously a D. And there's been a lot of talk about Anthony Davis who recently signed with club sports. So just at a glance not being, you know, body marks or Larry Coon. Yeah. It. I don't see any way you can have both K D And AD despite what George access from from a salary cap perspective. I mean, yeah, I don't really see that either. I kind of wonder how they would all play together because they all aren't they pretty much. All powerful words there. Yeah. But we're. Basketball. Right. They all play. Yeah. It's position. Let's bit. It's also like there's there's certain players who can play together like LeBron and Dwayne Wade can play together as long as they have because Dwayne guard in the bronze of right? Sure word, and then Chris Bosh, you just stand up there and shoot threes and play defense. Okay. So they're like those fit together Steph and Katy can fit together. Right. 'cause clay doesn't need the ball. He just he never dribbles. Just shoots. You know? So all of these things can be true. I don't see how any of those three play together. And I think like there's also the age issue. Like, if you're Anthony Davis like do you want to join LeBron's team on what's going to be? He's the he's this is sixteenth year. It'll be seventeen years next year eighteen years. I mean, this is the this is the golden years for the Brown. Right. So unless he's going to turn the team over to you. I think the idea is to pass the team off right, right? Isn't the idea that? Yeah. Contract. Like he signed for four years. He's never really done that. Right. He's like this is where I'm planning my roots and grow an accident that clutch sports signs, Anthony Davis. Although what I've heard about this. And I know the rest of the league is terrified that they signed him. Right. It seems like a natural sure. Fit here with clutch boards, and the Bronx yada, yada, yada. Is that Anthony was much more interested in in entertainment stuff like that LeBron has built from? And I actually think that's partly what the rest of the league should be more interested in like generally people get jealous. So when the Braun yes, his own show on Showtime in each peo- and shot up and gerbil. He just did that bringing. He's got a lot of shows that are out there right now. So everybody everybody in the league is like, oh, I want that too. Oh, it's like a great calling card. So the Lakers now have LeBron who can get a show on pretty much any network like any network executives can take the meeting light whatever show. He wants right because he's LeBron. He's got a bunch Greenland. I think he's got to series for the fall. I mean as he's like LeBron's going man this Hollywood subsidy. Everybody wants to meet with me. Everybody says, hey, I get every meeting I want awesome. I don't know what you guys are talking about run forgotten James struggling writers can't get this isn't the poor guy with a screenplay in the in your trunk just hoping bump into the right guy. You know, those guys at Starbucks to can you keep it down right in the middle of the scene. Trying to I'm trying to work here. So I'll tell you a famous story about the screenplay in the track thing so years ago when I was doing the Snyder show, we there was kind of a rotating cast of guests and one of them was rod Lurie who would with that time was the film critic for LA magazine. So he'd come in and talk movies need, always say, hey, you wanna read read my screenplay, and I took a copy, and I never read it. And I'm sure a lot of people were that way. And after about ten years, he got somebody to read it it turned into the movie the contender, which is a really Kanye league. Good movie that starts Jeff bridges about the first female first woman to be vice president of the United States and getting her confirmed. So sometimes those screenplays and trunks are actually. Yeah..

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