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"irdeto cannella" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"But I like the fight. I think it's a little too early on. And I think it's the better. You know what I mean? But if we wait don't we run the risk of possibly not getting it 'cause camello how long does he stick around one sixty? I may want one sixty constantly though. I have I think that wants sixty eight move would pick up the title row. Quick. Not like I can't make one sixteen. I saw I think he'll be around once a minute. And then on the other thing is the high divisions are tough division. You know? Yeah. Wants to there's nothing then once five we got a bunch of killers, and then old man. So I mean, I don't know. I see I see this happening. I think the next is going to be a soft touch. So I don't think we should expect too much. Here. Let's. Oh, if you want back end guild talk to me might stay. If. The Mitri people move down to one six day, you'd think can handle what take kind of fight with the matrix people Mitchell hit hard in. I don't know. Maybe I mean Bill does it have the experience the canal does Br I look I'm not down Cannella anymore. He said he you over you know, what I'm saying. He fought Jacob see full gonad. He fought I gotta tell you 'cause you know for everybody. So I'm not doubt in. I mean, you know, we got to see who's next sit? Lana month, we go to Marcus in DC talk to me. The jets that listen that could be a good fight. But I'll remember forty seven that went up and actually beat them on sixty when account. So I mean, right now, we're definitely not something about I mean, they say herb pressing to get in one forty seven. But we haven't seen it all the way yet. He just saying when he's been at visit here move up say, no problem really making forty seven right now. But. On the way difference 'cause none of those sharp, man. You know what I'm saying? So even if they were the same way that the top by phone thing about the Baghdad. Visit thirteen giving in addition to that maybe a skill difference there like early sharp Cannella next level sharp. You know what I'm saying? So this by didn't need to be made right now. You know? I mean, I think one brother typical same as they can go in and go but shit. I'm Danny Jacobs was too big for him. Why would they go? He's saying more by Colin Smith complain about any Jacobs. Bam bay. So we know that his four raising data strictly picking certain of we can deal with. So I wanna see why he would want to go get that smokable either. But you know, who knows goodbye maybe to now imperil shows potential bitty four and sixty nine just forty. I mean, not just at sixty pretty that's my call TV life. You know, what it is checking sums up, Greg? Calling it a Mike. What about the fact that can alot has basically double the amount of fights. Doesn't fact. Fact, you just took the sheer. I'll just look I'm looking at the screen on you too. And if you're going to spend. Can I have more knockouts didn't Earl Smith have fights? He has the dinner double double the amount of fights that URL prince has. So I was going. Disagree with Marcus on these on the sharpness. But I kinda got an agree with them twenty five twenty six twenty seven more fights. He's probably sharper more more sound and more and more comfortable with is what is fighting techniques. So yeah, I would agree that this. I right now, I think another win but a year from now a year and a half Earl Spencer dam. Sure stands by chance. Back me. Kidding me? In get a Cup shape. What's going on? I mean. Yeah. Shut out the Marcus shutout. All the TV cats will get listen. I don't think the fight ever really happens. I mean, if his business for small look out for Cannella wings, Irdeto Cannella, and he he go and clean out one sixty a hanging around and see who does what?.

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