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"iraqi ministry defense" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"The dark secret place to Las Vegas boulevard references in fifteen seconds. Here by Kenny Chesney, so that's how that it's on the air here, will the handful of reporters specifically three reporters were accompanying. Lieutenant General Kenneth Frank MacKenzie who is he sent com commander during some of his travels. And he said this on Thursday, Iran has chosen to quote step back and recalculate those quota for making preparations for the parent attack against us forces in the Persian Gulf region. And the way it was weird the way it was reported on Thursday was. Attack imminent, or US commander, says Iranians reinforces serious about attack on American missed what he was saying in the interview with three reporters accompanying him to the Gulf. General, frankly, Lenzi said he remains concerned by Iran's potential for aggression and he would not rule out requesting additional forces. He said, quote, I don't actually believe the threat has diminished. I believe the threads. Very real. However, they've taken a uses words, he said, the general of the US showing enough force to establish deterrence without needlessly provoking, his longtime adversary, and that Iran took a, a strategic recalculation. He said, we've taken steps to show, the Iranians that we mean business and our ability to defend ourselves. And if they wanna talk that's fine. I'm sorry. President Trump said, if they wanna talk. That's fine. We'll talk, but the one thing they can have is they can have nuclear weapons. So the. Most likely scenario is focus before, is that we got wind that the Iranians, we're gonna utilize the Iranian proxies in Iraq for a wave of attacks on Americans who are still in bag. Keep him under still several thousand Americans in Baghdad. Here's a huge American force up north in the Kurdish region of Iraq where we were we were concentrating or anti. Isis. Assistance in Iran party in Iraq, including the liberation Mosul, the whole thing, so there's still a lot of Americans in Iraq and the Iranians fold into this. Well, if you go back for years for years or five years when when I made the strategically. Disastrous decision to believing their own press to invade Iraq. And the Iraqi military put more miles on reverse m one tanks and they've ever put on them before they got out hauled ass and thousands of rain. Ian, Iraqi army soldiers killed, and it was at a point, you know, that as overran flus and overran Mozell was heading south. It looked like they might even threaten Baghdad but these situations stabilize because the US air power there, but meanwhile, the Iranians were very quick on the ground. And as of course, they are because their next door and the Iranians early on in the American invasion of Iraq by by. Two thousand three the most lethal resistance in Iraq was being funded by Iran. The most lethal resistance were the Shia militias that were supporting the cleric Muqtada solder, and they were called the, the Mahdi militia, or the Josh Amati, the army of the Mahdi, and we were in constant running battles with them. From two thousand three hundred in two thousand four the two deadliest months in, in the entire rock war were March of two thousand four and two thousand four March of two thousand four. It was largely fighting the Shia militias than we I had never seen a shoot on sight, order in the army, but we were given shoot on sight orders. If we saw men wearing black with green headbands carrying a weapon or not. We were to shoot him on sight. And the they dominated the eastern part of Baghdad and they were funded by Iran. That was crystal clear. The Iranians were funding. These guys kill American soldiers enough. So that Iraq became politically untenable back in the US. We pulled out when that didn't happen by late two thousand four. The Iranians begins supplying this better made roadside bomb called a ESPN explosively formed. Penetrator and it basically mimics an anti-armor missile Thome isel, or an RPG or something like that mimics but it sits on the side of the road. And when it act when it detonates shoot say jet of plasma through the vehicle, and these were made in Iran, specific, they were not made in fact reasons center city. They were made in Iran. And the Iranians in many cases did actively participate in combat. And so when the United States when Obama pulled the largest, the bulk of American forces out of Iraq, the Iranians, consider that a huge victory and they maintained a presence in, in Iraq. And so when ISIS invaded when ISIS was actually threatening Baghdad. That's when the Iranians basically shined, the solder shape, the searchlight into the night, sky and ask for Batman. And they begin aggressively funding supplying training and leading the Shia militias don't keep in mind. The, the Iraqi Shia are Arabs speaking Arabic, but they're Shia, the Iranians next door are Persians, speaking Farsi. Remember, they went to war in the eighties throat, most of the eighties, and there's a lot of bad blood about that. But the Iranians look at this, and they said this, we can save them though us, and we're not going to lose many guys. So this point, the Iranians didn't have to hide anything. They just began sending trucks guns men, ammo into Baghdad organizing what we're called. Popular mobilization units or PMU's, and this is a tradition in Iraq. It's a tradition in a couple different Arab countries. The Iraqis had the army the army had just done a horrible job. They, they basically ran a mass marathon from the north of Iraq back to Baghdad. They just embarrassed rack and embarrassed us because we were supposedly we left behind a competent military. But these guys were not only their heart wasn't in it. They weren't lead effectively and thousands of them died. So the Iraqis looked at this and said, look, we have to pull out are better military units. We have to beg the Kurds to coordinate and take orders from Baghdad and act like they're in the Iraqi army as well. And we'll take it we'll take help from anywhere in. We will authorize these rag tag militias, which you're looking a little less ragtag, these days, we will authorize them to do the fighting. So the Iranians. Began to be intimately interconnected with the Iraqi ministry defense, then the United States shows up with advisors special operations guys. And it's a NATO mission called operation, inhere resolve there's an air component, but they're not flying ever rock flying out of Kuwait, and Qatar, but there's guys on the ground. There's hundreds and then thousands of Americans on the ground in Baghdad out in the field advising these guys and early on for years ago. The alarm bells were ringing. They were saying, I have been embedded with a militia unit as being led by Iranian. There's a guy here who has a translator is an Arabic translator. I believe speaking Farsi, he doesn't talk to me. He takes my picture. He looks at my equipment, but he's not an Arab. And so, at that point, the Kashan was for most American troops going there, it was always remained armed when you're off base of duty, whatever if always moving convoys with three or more. But the biggest concern was kidnapped or killing by Iranian agents, that they were simply repeat, what they didn't in two thousand six into them seven and tried to kill as many as possible, when they don't, when they think the country safe, and they don't need American airpower more. Isis is defeated this was anticipated that they would perhaps there'd be a wave a single night where hundreds of American for killed. Something like that. And so this has been something that's been the works for a long time, because it's a really dangerous environment on the ground there and the Iranians the Iranians know that if they did that if they use Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps guys. They their fingerprint was on such an attack than it would be war with the United States. So that's, that's the usefulness of these Iraqi militias because they're the old foe and they're an easy. You know they're an easy Mark to blame. All right. Come back the deadline. Turkey is facing. They have decision to make they have until July thirty first to do it will tell you what that is right after this is art secret place. Bryan suits here to Levin. KFI AM six forty more stimulating talk. Michael J with the news. Got the hotter, weather now that's going to boost the melt of the snowpack in this CR the national weather service says that's gonna increase flooding adjacent areas, or at least the risk of, including along the up. Moore said river in Yosemite national park. Forecasters say. The nearby residents hikers and campers need to pay close attention to water levels and be ready.

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