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TALKSHOW - Yayasan Peduli Fajar Imani 07 Maret 2021

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TALKSHOW - Yayasan Peduli Fajar Imani 07 Maret 2021

"Now lands out of cotton book chill debugging bloomberg guy needs sayyah seen india deal in baker communica coming up show in san. The may remind me any nevada wrestling show the game. Obama yen. Graphic be data. Show the off duty. Jokiel russian all our love The hassle awani kumar homily. Or do handle he'll be not that was solely along the mohammed ali. Bad putting it in on it's nice. Gala mom harry ending gallini. Get the jimbo mobile in they go. Fm's who iraq but loud when the man one hung atkins who osama can see. Dan patrick bat by iki. Komo elliott biden money and deguerin talk. Show interactive my shall. I had been well you were able to over ending anton. God will take away chip city boop that opposing butler. It's been the laggy rwandan. The girl he threw in. Harry say we don't handle love by jank normal one more some by then but whereas maroshek ramadan and the diesel boom but that it is impossible to wake me. Give you this because the motorola marine can pseudo tomorrow knee. Assume burying laurabeets get out van rabin channel as our program but as the vaesson but do lee for you. Many bike putting red auerbach barham ran this. Not i said alum. Credit hal yet. The mcadoo eating in who are again. Diana what are some. There's a lumley. Newman lost one. Who are allowed minneola hero wake. You wouldn't get one them days. Under gimmicky lira. Panera somebody today. At that studio radio veggie was at henry's months in your yearly play video money so i'm really gonna belittle cartoons lonzo cobra. Say this that. I'll come de la roman demaim. Nikki say by dream and jewelry. Durham gordon said. Yeah but it. D- to when mom get your. Yeah when the when the ham in the hall. I mean You need to here. It's alleged those that who they were going. Yeah windham being is in wide. Yeah near reliably. Oh yeah why. Betsy workout bubalo in morally leuze while they consider one in is what i can in and these are the kinds of bloom. Yeah there was a you know. I'll i is that when she always honey the most you. Can you got a little hug. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah that'd be side muhammadiyah. They got lazy and canada. Examiner providence earlier debugging by the money they rename on could work the wake willing to let him again. In the warriors. Really miserable hair settings my iniminical calm the overshadow ideologically. Ginwala tyra divided against the dictatorial. Any they want us denying fan then mcgann an. Here's your wor not get the program up. By what what marino la prensa bless bless pelos medi-cal nor doubles the bless bless pool similar similar anti-gay early was up graham juge same then began an active deed near my yahoo's new facebook silicon momberg often by the radio wikipedia facebookcom garissa marine radio factory. You my can yeah because somewhat marini year and can make it nine years in the area wake make it bloom co programmed and salita weren't reminder near get accounting attica getting that as is what the ain't said that the and would again seek it but some osama the dow and that they glenn glenn that for any can but osama menara he die they this young and schmila salaam aleikum onto la carte barley. But okay i'll come to accom- delay letty. Also who who des bois cookbook. Leeann hero who added dean equally. He worker bella. He'd one selena salim. The nab will come madden so low heels on behalf of bahasa. They've been number getting when i said yes. Any and dot com dila. That is william immunity some bacon mungiki and yellow. Was onions. sonya satellite egon. Mama sukhi wulan suit role model while bundi massa item again massey. Bassac it as a mercedes was under. Mia young quarterback about percents Yet the wsa mulago gone active with us. Active us illawarra the desiging. Uh dengya kabore gambier. Dutton sorta kabul. He then deng woolens that you're done any sahara zawisza mongolian combat be somewhat fuzzy combat. Everybody prevaricate wound took the columns and don seraglio along i certificate borough sonya balloon. Romo la boola near palumbo and among again you would uncle lumber and bug ethiopa buggy on knbr eamon on took. But i'm also really so. We'll get one upper lumber mungiki dan. How's proce- up on the bloomberg dot. June conju bundy and he also but not in bugging menara athlete. Colomo the pretending. Unbe sorry. Monica steve policy by steam. Rga lappy him. Joe joe hurry so bloom pretending to be more can lead you from his alkan but abandoned onion atom albania anti god latina papa. Utilizing breath ula whereas the wake. But look at the handlery simba richer. Eric tika funding pretending in repair prepared. Now we'll get sahara's neom Then you're young. we demand. I said yes. Say get us about this autumn muslim. Be pretending young laurabeets done. Real name wounded amend mine The banding doing an automobile lobby by munkkiniemi pasta bake that israel boland ini bonus jackpot near. I'd open your how the don do amal solidly patenga so bogeyman. Young the idea sahara then you girl pseudo lucilla. Low who asylum mccaw some kahad hardier laundromat learn than bussan smart. Scotty the number almost solely montana yamasahita gun companion bike. And he would award on on kennedy balon one then begun but as the up on to the more label. Gun sato hurry. Do a hurry atom gains in goose. Bloom harry lending bureaus disciplined johari antonia oran young. The hanya hat means are to how many. How many do you know how men but about the south a woolen bloom. lumia doable and submit underbidder nominee. I'm top button boring. Joke or doc momoa kita it s athenee. Jd mulan raja now blood you at then then. Only kimani japanese russell to blonde harun. He and elizabeth tannadice harada toba yet. Dego balloon yeah lost about hotel human in the xuhui and the if now i shall russia it. I'd be la you'll metallica. Samoa dwell mean how about a light on top gun. Could they come and japan lung it than boomy. Da da hoon added. Well bless mulan yet it will bless baloney grandpa missile guardian stone get the bless bologna will bless god apulian. Don't get in your control under elizabeth. I did well bless mulan her baton holdem then luna harum then looney leggy mungiki but will in harlem ini the goodwill unable to return to a repeat cy young battle ready to sel hit a little zilkha jeddah moharram it about pizza delivery andy japan bills and the ad can consensus will spot them work on each month. Yeah other bogota. Polla would may mumble android japanese dysentery can be monday rican carmen gautama. Some headbutts get gun lobby muddy. Bending candan buluan buluan harum laney cannot by double but allison and beyond salazar to abdullah carl. The ad woolen took magnon bull under melbourne complicate. Do not put the number ballooned rome album. Karna case the unborn how it'll la cut. Alcudia docking mahala and we had the top sylvia cover is blown harem karna subtler It'll and as roma blend. Uganda follow the movie. In unforeseeable. jan kellyanne immediately defiance and deary bada boom bologna. Eremita d'amato blunt raja but out of the kabbalah and local. Candy buluan in lasagna lobby. Bizarre depending under gamblin. Womanly topic is the onion. Immonen amal saw india candy woolen ini. How manja political dhamma while the get guy. It can dan. I just a gun in your and raja abdullah with d'amato bloomberg lane but not amount solely baha baha wsa. I'm bill thirty muscle hanky telugu android up. It'll be demanding gun. How roaming late nearby income wulan harun laney by nicole. Dominant monkey below moharram. Cadaver was moharram. The show i'd up was a little kid doing despu. Harry prodemocracy john buchan. It'll be like lane w rejected. God brahma guitar idea. God whose cannot buckingham on ammonia stuttered home some one year d thin cut con- ballot knowle's mehanna on on yom would i d mulan from elton maccanica. Let them but kanza blue globe amazon supica. W but a memorial start more lay lappy when we do our malady balloon. Gary raja john. My pet shop bloomberg the adama stangl melbourne. Get them musisi booboo any the bloom for the buzzer bloom. Yeah you're to be given to hamas but the animals all they. The hamlet well hassle apply. Entered the idea. The teacup bernardo modern tiba nearly sockets and was the array mason ma camus but my dot com. We'll young lanes bugging llamas younger. Come minimum lunde. Lottie pretending on hey but in the hustle handled yeah. I'm also getting maximal. So let the rookie baron. We either. I don't i didn't really what can you do. Not is ideal man. Harrying lane sacaton. Did they'll get a young hirose guitar. Who can muslim saw. Dust and yemen gun mosquito among muster bond me get under an open up an equal not binds. Eli the humber up just through the whose minimum maximov let the fan. Now let the upper then do can do lay good data. Non latino humphry. Six party multiple. Laura morley bob buse ms anya molay joel. Gang did a hanger by all open liberalism as anti muslim amal donkey. Syllabi bukhara the today to memorial. Light on to malacca. I'm also akita some jacob okay. They had among akiko chrissy. Colo molay massu blunt roy. Job to kenya. I've gone yet to smoke. Hey but you go to kenya. Psoriasis amac in las vegas harbour sandow gautam and one any denman suga. Combs neiman on amazon settled among get medical duke. Rama noodles can come up into into an idol wrongdoings. Adnia won't bark another anecdote would get done. Got any at all got one wrong. And yeah he'll be. Yeah runyon outlay move. Bsn would also bloomberg amazoncom. Gated malla was supposed to enter the shale on superior de baloch origin putin shopping garcia boss. Boss saying they go modern combat number. Not here got mossy. Scotty yukos posse. Nigel wars you see at the end look on hand scudetto among moxie they young but about her he said brad now. He put up on key. Tom moody would've done. Problem gets out of the while. Open moss up under me get. Does mama slack under more. But i'm also that up under mckay beginning of home musty bundy. I'm almost all the coupon must keep one sadaqa me among in the get up again mambo gun to amount solely young. Well open up under me in a massive terrorist would answer catania some payroll modern Under modern suicide ramadan kabul moxie mall kamar in some but salah. We must dylan's game. Would one hundred thousand unique wsa on bug a much. Solid gundy musty. Now now more than two hundred moxie malkin do get up with a and luke. But i'm also. I'm also any funding up under me. I don't go philoso- to india under yet you to ammo. Sorry the mondo that our support. The ini subarea sakhan subtle hallion kim. Young up The yes don't get somebody you go i mama yes get by the hell any i'm solemnly. I'm outta young beside hala. Yeah i'm hitting these through gordon. I'm about put back on. Sell us out to invest rc harrigan akron but hobbies make dunia the qaeda. Now deka game and so the can help by the digital and so two young. Look monogam- repainted a dilemma. Holly and tom. I got radio factory near the top. Be someone who data beyond the brahma. Look it on serious. Then get his stand on. Truce put y. Any liangelo barracuda. And jeremy in concert and has tacky linda the that idea entered ahmadullah janda an operational he to took an predominantly stickney Listed guinea longa deleted them go along donkey mungiki visas yadda along. Wanted to yeah deal. Yeah mussina marty mcnair. Some one year. i started. That's how did the young the bella and while cillian quarterly sticking had opened bonan. Well mungiki iggy no deal. But i didn't be sent a dog but only don wound and you get tiga superior radio dot what he needs to reuss. Reuss manila the research about a gun. He an slogan single mom butter younger goodwa. He ate the lafayette media seattle needles. Yeah call mungiki life the fepblue again so but the be in more people can be mobile uppercut iman meson dugan life. facebook idiocy lane beckons. The perea radio vijayan get him content content positive on a number of immonen yeming ktar. He'll get new double andre. Maybe then yeah colleague gardella mono audio audio agenda batra. The rod era deal meet iraqi young india. I can't do the mossy really. What agony but i can laugh. Three funding arianna butter to slope. Laurie boo orion in his colleagues monogamy salon by the automata. Hit the rim our ideal. Wfan fight three gordon younger but the butter stick garden. Mustard noah new media socio young ini dylan jalen going. Go goran via the got. 'cause i don not to at the at the bud sticker proposal initiate thank you. That's about the the must it must be. Yeah did you. Don komo's steaming dagnon tra la add up program sociale yang. Keita's ruben buchan. Arkansas bloom yeah programs osceola germany. Buber up radios idea. Does it again as jim art. So the some fm sakaba me. Gordon you get the dune. Did you got nasty. Jim double bogey. The original would end. Ubs sonya di ronald alongside jet about the income. Under me. i can make it on buggy gun. Jill jill jill door to door. Yeah well everybody. In karuma economic and being a component around took us leon brittan. But don blum yet. Now show me will than any mungiki mojang on you go to Somewhere in shaw loma label and unique and when when you bought a gun Brass brass gonna be doomed subtle done but a near the set the up rod era deal gabon. Fight do we. Yeah at the emerald. Yet of an anti gun. Buggy buggy net. New gun program will come to me and a underground but who mohammed ali me. Then you gotta be someone. Molly cohen mullany does. Then you'll listen Get a target on super bowl and could upon somebody down in convergence dip looney yet in barrow. Brask what he am. We'll to candy. Nothing massing radio. Lucky tonight. soleil in to break- he among doug. Yeah deacon discipline them useable teeny gala gala progress on young buck. Buchan morgan get the party. Must be some can be someone. Arca basic megan bucket. Then bill de pay didn't got someone other cotton and get up. But i think suda hobbies kinda don guy alpa longer mirrors. Golly again eater be so get an idea. Go jedi get see. We're gonna talk Under lock and oregon. Wines duncan monica any beginning putting data brass one nine gate and they get in the b detail some to the By joran baha bullying deductible to be Robberies utopia it was curricular some wire begging soliciting busey amasi massing radio but will latin would you don mcgann day and the program in me Young sudas lama ini in fucking onto. The beeson will in an associated with see like. I'm somebody got one done in a lawsuit over the han inigo again. Re amalean sanitama governor under la or onion malay- blah dot com but We'll look me about any wtam label and in and getting luggy. Sub dern diesel muslim months anomaly islamism. Nathan hasna follow myth identify by more lay south to john doe him by suna young baked islam. Markelle the come up. But bala sagana pahala lead up but gun or on amalgam by let american muscle under bruno secretly buluan inshallah coming up at gun oregon city blend. Get okay yeah. We'll end up on saying bottle. Blonde in edgy. Hilderbrandt topical song gentleman to india. So the dna here will salon. Du bala beheadings something by today to monica explicitly with the hunky tubby partic- up gun Out by saying. Don't be roma maxima. done that. The to mcconnell lonzo aluminum support the rotana. D be done now that one cannot bind to date them in mahatma house dylan the factory to get your job done by my shallow mcginn. Munari went up. And then it keeps you nine hundred and tom. Brokaw the peace lasca being on your day. Dominant office that. I think i'll hit you get done. Then so does. It didn't get that warming up. Airbus karenni got dot com petition. Equally slocombe's looming the initiator ninja. Brian consumes idea get let dunia. Tara come come. Morality bs ally economic that get their suboxone with nc bizarre. Who might moose olympia Cedary then monk in got an anti younger. All had pomona. Sandra stretching out get out get out get kremlin. Did you got from dundee. People were girl and yet the lighter than a an amazon you are. The belong are miles. Bugaboo warming up that program. Rovuma deliver the osama maximal mile and the program barrow the barber the persona wrestler whose abra visit jose way. Seven politico pro product that program. That dumb you make you can someone who's Who knows at that point. That is the rican which they year that did the digitalising long journeys runs on the inver mexica funding day. That even get them as i don program any Joe rita got bid but the dow idea at russian. I walk off the gun at the Mustard gerrad your dad's got get that Joe burrow monica sociology. Sociology onto for mcgee again. Breath to relay a massive. The danger google was how rescued him and the king. Guglielmo kim my do rag be massively juggle gunderman. Get the mama. I know brass than it. Did you guys do book comey with to panamanian palmer entire can Maccagnan boko banging the buckle monkey some. The did the brass young allowed by up to ask my milan. Rupa rupa advanced the classroom. Boy you end up. Anki yeah enthusiasm. They don't do southie near our land in the icon. Muggy lasca. But i gotta keep who's of snare. They will not want me to the burden but he's been on monday. You're young Who are persona to la. La la lima kilo ground lima kilograms or leaf. Michael gallup michigan buggy by a path can geragos brass eulogized monday. If you get money magazine and in buck whereas yeah but i think it is a lock and then announced at the app with iran naseer. To- brazilian yarmulke this. What an alga dukakis pal. Shasha breast mundi buggy in your company. Get that ideology than tabuena issue. La la but in community dougie three. That's open an select number here in Some to win. But let's get to and we got this. Les yeah did you. And had some moron. and around illinois buna cutler among again. But as yet we'll do not support the to ginning momentum among again salvatore classical on monday american In wing community. Show when i pecan optum. End up the guitar again. Diane berlin any england any will anini would order hamby celtics com than an approximate maskhadov. Descend the sign won't talk lenny's began procedure. Bundler some guitar and do not see him as lose one order yet been recently. By bennie on yeah californian two innings ended up in the ninety was ama. Okay yeah good. Let the thousand were there. Besides being automa- can donate get one kitten also to the indian Mammon up where we saw. The belong to 'em england. I am a one yuga. Macabre halima bibi. Masanobu can cover an anti ninety. Geoghegan's yeah Beckingham gonna suffolk against india to the severe and actively saying like it does rock on the buggy concerned. Yeah yeah nah. By the pickup on benito yet declarin in baton rouge nurse at gillette gala. Then you need another. Did i'd alunan's that is equal under the program in sealer baked putting it even the young by whistling at those mike is up jeb bush any the butter brass than is working the be and do going leaky either. What is happening again. Some other talk show in like mentoring separate the get him not lions bless bless. Lulu simmons nor lebanon. Bless bless palooza gun. Besides what's up at the beginning actively do nehemiah ambika fan page radio victory device book the come gary smearing radio jerry frequency recoup income against aguirre somebody cushy recount gazillion but xena done. Good news time. I do about banda thunder zone. Come gama happen dental sample. Only if the less you know but if it not yunky and hari kiambu dunbar. How do you do. Joe delun. Thira de globalism mandy. Dingle view blah blah beaten global loton cummock seattle city della suwara coup bunk. Utah is la bajada. That is key and up to sleep. Would you are young bulte. brazil. Dan how musale say sense underneath on monarch under by three sale of monopoly canvas son islam swayed could. And then now my say my say Madonna congratulate five degrees subtle. Tauern luma narcan deal so yes dubber comeback. That'd be mardi gra salata. See my throws radio factory. Some less at the rim success gained over forty jara dunes. Me your son freud. E-money no looking. Bala shoddy. Monday do know numb lebanon. Deuce meal at nor the were numb. Labelle the do lamb lab to meal at no. The were numb blah pilot episode. Yes but if imani do in vermont sudan computer massey who will know lebar lima doerr blah blah blah blah bundled. You're no yes. I'm totally for your money. But asama wonder butter. He added mama komo gunny. He needs lots out by job without a sandwich. Any a let us Really show 'em in that'll gene john who semi locally or do say how to suara sick. Mr rashid should but it was carlo. Any come with soros sorta knee this. He'll rotman duty. He'll be any man. And ravi. Marry healed me a mac in suara sex at al but one is all the house he sarah thirty one. So but not a young guy here. But you guys. He wanted as i am going. Stay up our greencore. Kalunga canario benneton hm two among combating ratified gone. Topping to my radio finally see the rose gold. Miner soleil introduced by the said. You getting rid top cutting. Be how bad can say this more. This more now abandoned. Yeah john d calif left this mortal it would alumni british embassy. Al quran cory cory Maccanica say our study komo tanya oh it to colorado said you'll gumbo don flak this multiple blend ema and i'm on radio finally okay. Sam will be a moment talking about your mom fledged mottled along anymore but if zeki se murata memory card mortal. i'd yougov less this mortal martial law monta but don't know man can kabbage ding ding garcon to non mielecki sigler product mulatto. And derry cory cory nama in shalvalov to under and alcohol on carpenter demon deborah under maliki kenya della. Cd memory card then fleshed these in for her dan palmer sonnen hoagie numb laptop nonstop and lima to do some beland. Some bela diga some beland. Some balenciaga sembilan on sickle luggy malda and lima to you some milan. Some bill antiga some villains and beal antiga. Some sun startles percent to who took islam. Radio fatty usa's a old look how to be the a. Let's see this blended families. Who are islam indonesia. Monopoly resemblance iki declarin talk. Show interactive patricio. Marini leave for san but duly fighter. Imani hanno ceylon make kim again number borrow boom. Yeah but stay tune but tune in this game would stay calm dalla go. By gandon related combine these share combining intimacy gerrad and janaki authority okita global. When we go play defense. Who are well bug was near that idea. Yeah recommended but like get My semen were has tara. Program deadly virus and iran need a bike near that program borough and some some abi maximo spy gala dan. I'm ali took all our attala then. By gabriel kalki tab but yellen that somebody took mean jacqueline. Jackie this oregon. Who who what ally. Then you don mcgann being in brooklyn boom here. But tiny american critics buchan comment that saddam. Decide to get him. God bless bless bruce mantilla nor winds ablaze. plus polos plenty. Gotta be sad came. What's up program i. Sms again do with woolen like including the facebook. Silicon umberto better go find Dot com. Gary smearing had radio. Why terry my sister put her breasts. News headlines that way get that at top programme sociology. Yeah yeah my shall. I put candy like gondola unbeliever gerrymandered d make buttoning attica and get in shall be author have put on their at the look on the pro atop aroma. Said i come up again. Lima kilo kenley mark. Yellow is to follow the can. Believe killer patacula. Laura mcginley says. We're blessed will lima. Kilo took him akilah. they say a equity. I knew that one. yeah Cranial and talk number withdrawal but aroma. Lima kilobits iran. Jumaa blue laredo boo. Everyone who is that is that they were saturday. Yeah alot indian. It could boondi program saddam among it that to the pakistani auto package. Get blurry boot up. La di yet again The limo will monday could. Monday could be put on any like john. Jillian could not dig it back or not. I can go running associate nikos program. The i'll just a gun galanga coppola show now. The muscle massacre call central. Yeah yes and put that it does. He explain in uganda in being aa shows. A karma upper bruma. Lima kilo lima kilo. It'll get there one brewery. Was this here besides to me. My towers playing as in got number would be over here. Ronnie to put on the be mulugeta repin but obama data in sherlock day and hold the working reckoning and that by ban. I'd done the with mobile people to get in the bar. The voice about but their program getting westernising is that the corporation is threatening and the monkey. Virginia polka-dot recognizing suppose kenya like Sotero mungiki the young my through among again the program operation now program to get the brooklyn pressure now. Someone program woke up. Untidy began the oprah show. Now i'm gonna be able to one two studio piapot niane walk-off unia about bundy radu modiin. Uganda can sound improve the tibia grin. I pick it up gate. Neither poon yang need a d- young dougie does it Yeah but as soon as someone walk yes musonda. Who's in Southern fabriga civil gun no matter coming seeing wounded over chanel damasio umbrellas in brussels menarini among get us to canoe de blasio now yet. Not that is under the sun. How does the reckoning who's dot com pick and go through. The hand looks rainy. Doug unready reckoning plus you now then uh city. Lima lima newsletter. The the now. You're in the am. Lima lima reckoning bradshaw. Now ducal bloom gabu via getty base. Young ambani as we are busy. Bobby someplace at any bloom. you go go center leaguer amu- no matter cunningham aussie active than mossi massing. The best amion based m modiin young bear is sharia barista jetty. Jerry sharia indonesia. Somebody's at kabul currency and said that you need to to leak to roping and were up and another young must not see still upside. I in that he can pull behind the oppression. Kuske the moderate wing that becomes the wake up to in the shallows that because millen united e in my see a body that they got one percent lands in the ad Three more detailing paras allow me. Combs abc was that a pioneer apartment danny ratio. Now that idea of idea though that ideology guinea is that make good. We supposed to hear tokyo for oprah. Show now the undead onto the one. Yeah man programmed. Walk at the two radio and yet dobby i a radio radio job factory young among claudia tanya Longer younger vitality. You guys two one five three young lady to the radioed braga. Komo the some amicable means somewhere The terrible lamar at yoda wa. Young full edeka for the that or the yellow. Far sorta garang the impetus gulu lobby. Medinah metra young it products. He can outdo audio yoga jeannie to mafia routine the run monica guitar. Some become radan. The pardon narcan did manga young date. Legiti but not gone ye. Fresh yamba young but he can bake the gambling or be manappl- but i d mckeon anti buys them kinetics mullah marini than coming up. Come on again in kimbe booming bottom presenting it. It has coming up year. Those came out as a good idea. to begin. you're getting in and wake Is was that she does Call her client at in burma. Senior juca buckle figures that zero sugar in colo- higher. I hit a semi deer. Eam on that program programming december again the enormous team. Then get down on my keita. Onto combat league summertime a key. Did you go mobile. He must be the so. We're nickel more beyond the shadow. Leyland was molly moore motlohi what what.

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