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"ira basil" Discussed on Blogging the Boys

"Her phone away literally you know. It's getting out of hand when well. It's always always okay. That's fine all right so we're not going to really deuce predictions or things like that. Never do three. I don't know i i lose all respect. I can't albany. How many times is this. Gilbert gonna sling. How 'bout we played preseason during it or work. I'm going to be at work on saturday night. I'm gonna be in kansas city now. She won't be able to watch either cool. I'm just gonna go go sit on your no. You're going i might be. We'll see kroger if i have a vehicle. Yeah it's been wanna give me a car very snooty Listen i have a list of things. I can do to help me afford to buy a new car. And one of them is sell my soul in will face cigarette ads on their seventy one. One does nine invitation dams are. It is actually sorry. Well we did succeed in keeping this show at least pg ish So congrats for that high and all around. I heard y'all too vulgar for the masses. That's what i heard. Well it we're just trying to run. That's why we don't hang out with the masses fit in there. You have a problem with curse words. You probably won't like me very much. But that's okay. Yeah teach around to each their own So we hope you listen to this show in front of your babies And we are very grateful for all you to me in guys. We did I felt suddenly. We hit a million downloads. Pretty recently. Yeah are you gawking. Because let's go. Yeah so shoutout ta all y'all's for tuning do appreciate a blog on the voice and mixture subscribed podcasts at your podcast or spot by apple itunes or stitcher also Rate reviews subscribe. It really does mean a lot to us but only Glowing reviews You guys can follow david on social media. Because he told me that he really wants to make it to a hundred season. So let's try and get him. They're pre k. We should get him balloon. Saw you can be a basic fluence. Our make kim listen. Y'all give me influence or winter. Influencers waiter influence nine hundred. Were gonna happen. He's gonna have you guys give him to a hundred k. By thanksgiving like hide them behind a sheet and be like. You're just stand here in the draw sheet when you're not looking at the second five hundred to you're my history with influence. Balloons is not good. I talked of y'alls he's in. Yeah he's not he has a. Hey it's a hey relationship. Wasn't you touch them. Chaotic actually might be better. If you'd walk one be more grants it will be on grandma so You can find him at helm in dc and view and tell me what your its remnants or do you wanna keep that. He's not not public armaments five. Just public my name yet. Scape helming It's uninteresting gonna say if you're like don't follow my instagram for cowboys content. It's really just more review. would like to see dave. Stop dave's dog in bad food voters there. I said it. A listen buddy. He does do a game series where he posts grid photo each game with ira basil thousand four filter. I'm okay to own. Write another novel wonder. Maybe i will be thirty. My notes probably is made as those about kelsey is not notes. App is a scary. And i'm gonna gaslight my unsupportive friends you don't wanna see that hammerstein. We have loosened. Lock that like as abortion creepy crawlies but if you do want to fall on instagram captured. That is forthcoming. You can find me on instagram at. Hey kelsey draw them. Also twitter at calcium's draws meghan is at meg murry with four hours on everything and and despite the fact that dave has horrible taste in the competing cities. We are always going to lead with this. And i hope you're going to amend it to include two cities timing not one ally the relevancy but meghan dallas forever philly houston for absolutely never studied by no trash cans allowed directed. Lubes i'm drinking..

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