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"interstate 20 street" Discussed on 600 WREC

"We're not going to get to the threshold that we need for protection where we can really, truly let down our guard and do it in this state. Fashion. We're not going to get there unless the Children and the adolescents are vaccinated. A man from Moody is dead after a three vehicle crash on Interstate 20 Street troopers say Claudio Mansilla was hit from behind and pushed into the rear of another vehicle pronounced dead on the scene. Jefferson County Judge Tracy Todd is off the bench suspended amid allegations she abused her power. I mean, Jean Orville and more of Alabama's morning news is on the way. And now here's J T. Thank you so much, Angie. I appreciate that is a 34 Alabama's morning news. Well, this is Something you need to be concerned about. If you're gonna be traveling soon here, Yes, it is being alleged that an American man might spend three years in prison and Dubai. After smoking marijuana in Las Vegas. Yep. Attorney for this man. His name is Peter Clarke says he came to Dubai days after he he consumed pot and Las Vegas was admitted to the hospital. For pancreatitis Well during this incident there and Dubai Doctors found hashish in his urine and reported it to the authorities and it's considered to be possession in the United Arab Emirates. He was arrested. Wow held in cell and now awaits his fate in a hotel room. Peter Clarke says he brought no drugs to Dubai and never took her bought drugs while he was there. Well, you're legally smoke it. Back here in the states and go to a country where they don't like it. Laws are different in these foreign countries. Yeah, You might want to be thinking about that before you jump on a plane and head to some of these countries and know what their laws are all about. And if it pops up in your blood system, and they find it for some reason like this Could you be in trouble? Apparently So in Dubai, he's looking at what? Maybe three years now in prison. 12 my gosh, Speaking of traveling Here's some tips for your former hotel worker sharing a few secrets that you may not know about. Listen, also tells don't watch the comforters. So before you go bundle yourself.

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