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"internist rosa" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Cadre, two goals. One of them a power play Go on. Three shots entered today third in the NHL in the Stanley Cup playoffs in shots. There's another attempt is this one butterflies towards Darcy Kemper off the tape of Ian Cole, and we will get another whistle. Another face off, Abbs out, shot The Arizona Coyotes 12 to 6 in the first period. Arizona outhitting Colorado giveaways were 82 in that first period, Arizona. Gave the puck up a couple times led to a couple of Colorado goals Now, Cadre from the corner centering pass and a good one. Birkhoff ski stick handling. No, it's Joonas Donskoi. Beg your pardon? He tries to get loose his between the legs passes blocked by Soderbergh trying to get into the corner up and finally out for the Coyotes. Anastrozole placed around Sam Gerard Gerard takes with him shot from his stroke off the wall safe made by Grubauer. Captain. The point never made it. It's blocked by Donskoy and its bank of the Arizona Line. Eggman Larson for him, Dextrose a cross ice pass for hall tracking back is broke off ski. He disrupts it. All will disrupt back. Beg your pardon, Internist Rosa and the Coyotes reset at center. They dump it in. Sam Gerard is they're off the wall for Ian Cole again. That was a defensive pairing switch that Jared Bednar went to last game Put Johnson And Todorov together and Gerard with thee in coal. That is in the case. The only thing unchanged as been Brian Graves and a car. A Jew Skin got tied up with Castle ABS. Come away with the puck and skating a pin out of Sam Gerard Birkoff ski gains the candy stripe. It's center, and he'll risk.

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