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"international union operating" Discussed on WZFG The Flag 1100AM

"Are so busy right now. And you know, what they are just cranking. Adding folks to take care of the workload trucks tractors semis coming in from all over and ended their shop in Bismarck. They also do house calls we call him. Doctor CJ a deck. They saw back diesel dot com is the spot give call stop and see him tell him Scott sent you. And thank you for being a fine sponsor of this program. All right. We're gonna finish our conversation with Mercedes flap, White House direct communication, just a moment. But joining the conversation is Chris Burke from point of view, you hear him right here on this very radio program every now and then also watch him unless to go to FOX at nine thirty and k exports six thirty every evening. Nice to have you in studio, sir. It's great to be or this is like an ADD heaven. I've got like eight degrees in front of me. You've got five threes. You. I'm like man, I've never thought of that the lady and I'm guilty as charged. We've got the attorney general Bob Barr up there right now, Bill bar, whatever. His name is trying to Russell with the democratic members of the Senate appropriations committee, and it is just unbelievable. Kelley Armstrong to about the games in the in the house. He says one hundred as we got nothing done nothing done hundred days, you know, because it's all grandstanding all run for the camera. It's all crazy. So one of the things I know you, and I are spending a lotta time. I'm Ben to Arizona going back. There Zona is on the border protection. And ultimately securing the wall and the question, I asked Mercedes slap is, you know. I know there's change in leadership. I know there's you know, an effort going on congress and a battle there. They really should be fixing the laws you got the courts. But in the meantime, you know, for the president, I states. To go to California and state look at this two mile stretch of wall. That was authorized ten years ago tells me we got a lot to do. Are we doing enough? It's not happening fast enough. Here's what her answer is on that point. Yeah. I mean, I think we're doing what we can in terms of moving the contracts quickly. I know the US corps of engineers just announced that they've contract close to billion dollars in terms of building the wall, you know. But of course, there's always the red tape that surrounds it. There's like the environmental study. There's the assessments they have to make. And so it is a challenge in a lot of ways. The good thing is with the funding that we've received in addition to declaring the national emergency. We have greater pockets of money that we can use to build the wall. And so I think that's definitely a priority. And the and the reality is as we know these physical barriers work Democrats themselves have said it we know that it's deters individuals from trying to get in through in between the ports of entry. And also drugs from getting in between the ports of entry. And what we have in a lot of these places. What they call vehicle barriers, and that's just like easy enough for drugs to pour through for illegal aliens to come through the areas. And so our goal is to say, let's get a better handle on what's happening in between the ports of entry, and what we've had to do because of the crisis ended up is that has redeployed border agents who were at the ports of entry areas where we've seen increase illegal aliens coming in in between the ports of entry. And we're trying to course, get a handle on that situation. But what it has created is wait times at the ports of entry. Because of the fact that we just simply don't have enough personnel. And again, it is a continuum of the smugglers and the coyotes taking advantage of our immigration laws last quick question that when I asked about four let you go on a busy day is the president. They will be at the international union operating engineers. International training and education center down in Texas, a signing an executive order having some remarks on energy infrastructure. What can you give us a little preview of what will happen today? Sure. So the president is size actually, sending to executive order one is to address the regional and local energy supply constraints and also to promote efficient energy markets. He's also sunny executive order to improve the process, meaning he's going to streamline this process for issuing presidential permits for certain cross-border infrastructure projects. I mean, our goal here is to make it simpler to build energy infrastructure, America's in such a strong position right now, we are in leasing American energy. We are cheating energy dominance. I mean, we've been able to move forward on taking action on approving the Dakota Access in keystone excel pipelines. This means more jobs. This means more energy production. And I you know, when we're. Outpacing other nations in terms of where we are in terms of energy independence, that does something very important that helps to keep boosting our economy, which is so incredibly important. So I think this is a, you know, it's going to be a good day for the president now and ensuring that we're able to have a more efficient in a more streamlined permiting process, which will of course, generate significant state and local tax revenues that are going to be invested in American communities that is Mercedes flap White House, the strategic communications advisor appreciate the chance to tell. They're actually recorded that just before we went on the air today. But there again, another example on the energy piece on the executive orders today. That's huge. That's saying we can't let happen. What happened in North Dakota with apple and we just need to do this fact faster, leaner. So that's certainly good news. Nothing like that. Right. No. He come up to Minnesota and sit down with Tim walls as well. And do it for the bridge line three. I mean, I'm sure you've ever when governor Tim walls is now you've got the right hand doing the left hand in the state of Venice ODA and governor walls, just saying, well, we also need to look at the social Credit's. If all our projects, social Credit's. What have we in China that was unbelievable? She also pressed a lot in that interview related to the bureaucracy. Not moving fast enough on building the wall. Okay. Even under President Trump get he's shaking things up for a reason here, and I think that's great. But I really got to see some action here. She's talking about the pockets the money. But I mean, something dramatically different needs to be done. If it's an emergency. Let's do an emergency. And let's have it all call for people that can build a wall come down there and do it. Right. I mean, we obviously have one in North Dakota. That can do it put them to work. I think one of the greatest things we learned from Tommy Fisher when we were down. There was a thing called the Roosevelt easement. And that's where you don't need to worry about imminent domain. You don't need to worry, especially underneath the national emergency necessarily all these environmental studies because that's was done years and years they have the right away and go down you've got the right away. So she's saying, hey, look, we've got to worry about all this stuff. I appreciate that. But like Tommy sold you, and I look we've got the Roosevelt human easement. I think it was Aaron Jona maybe New Mexico parts of California. Let's start there. We can build all those miles of all and then work out with the landowners in Texas, those areas to get those things done. I don't know if I'm supposed to say this, but I'm going to anyway. But, but I I understand meeting recently between, you know, a certain United States Senator and President Trump was a meeting related to the space force. But some conversation came up about, you know, building the wall and the president of the United States made the comment to Senator whose name I'll give you the initial anyway. So he has a meeting, and he says, you know, we wanna use that North Dakota company, but there are all too high. Well, bids are all low, right. So somebody's walking into the Oval Office thing, they're they're they're better too high and build concrete walls. They don't do the Bollard Fettes. Not true. Not true. You know? I mean what in the world? What is going? You know? I again, I think there's I think there's a a just oh, hey, this is how we do it. And this is how we're going to do it and somebody has to say, okay. Total dollars in total. How long Disney can make any sense member. The recent Washington Examiner piece that came out where it said private company will do it for two billion dollars less with three point three billion or whatever. And apparently, President Trump read that piece. And so he knows that they're coming under budget. So I don't understand what that what that. I he took that peace corps and said, hey, what's the deal? Why don't we use? These guys are too high. Okay. Can take the high better. I don't know. That's what he's saying. This makes no sense whatsoever. Let me play a little bit of a twenty general bar. Let's switch topics here. He was on the house yesterday side. And and I I get a kick out of this. The big news. He's going to release the report he's been going to release the report for a month. I mean, everybody knew put out he's he's he's going to put out the report the reports been coming along. So anyway, I think the bigger news is the fact that he is continuing an investigation into what's happening and how we got here. And when this all started and focused on the summer of two thousand sixteen he was asked by Jean Shaheen from New Hampshire about, hey, are you are you going to be doing? Not gonna not gonna miss to get spy. Don't don't don't at this gates buying. It was it was my paraphrase were quite line of questioning. But here's his answer to that role. It I don't well. I guess you could I think there was spying did occur. Yes. I think spying occur. Lee buckets. So he, and that's what she was pressing on him. Okay. You're gonna investigate. All right. I wish you wouldn't. But you're going to. So this is again, a democrat in New Hampshire all in a tizzy over the attorney general the United States trying to get to the truth. Are you kidding me? Here's the thing that this is my greatest takeaway from that Scott, not let alone the fact that the fact that they were abusing and weaponized intelligence systems to spy on a president took campaign. The thing that makes me the most mad in your audience will understand this is how the rubes in the mainstream media laugh at us. When President Trump said, I was being tapped my phones are wired tech. Didn't mean that literally a wiretap back in the eighties. He might look people were spying on had access to my conversations. That's what it's trying to communicate in these rooms in the mainstream. Go drove people who think spy wired. No, he's saying exactly what. Now, the attorney general William bar is saying I've known this for a long time, but will be. So upset is nobody in NBC CBS, these places are going to actually cover this and say guys, this is worse than Nixon it absolutely is. And I'm thrilled. We're hearing him say pointedly there is an investigation underway. They are digging into this. And I believe there was spying when the attorney general says, I believe the spying if not much to investigate their he's seen evidence in black and white that it's there and wants to do something about it. We don't know that. But I believe there spying because he's seen evidence that he did occur to him to believe that. But that's what I'm saying. Now, he's going to do the investigation. I hear a lot of people go on. I don't know if we need to go on these investigations wind vested the investigators because if they can weapon is the most powerful intelligence programs on the planet against the president at states. What are they doing to use Scott? What are they doing to me? What are they doing to your listeners? We don't even know, and he has amended his comments not amend them. He said I wanna make through. There was no unauthorized. Intelligence gathering. Right. So in other words, I'm going to your point. He could be saying there was spying. But you know, is it spying is is properly sanctioned doesn't matter so member Dianne Feinstein. She had the undercover Chinese person part of her. What are the FBI do? Excuse me. Senator Feinstein you've got to China person. That is now a checking out what's happening in your office. What do they call Trump? If this was authorized anyway that was legal or not at least called Trump go..

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