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How The Food Industry Manipulates Public Opinion, Science, And Government

The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.

08:40 min | 1 year ago

How The Food Industry Manipulates Public Opinion, Science, And Government

"Today. I want to talk about how the food industry many plays public opinion manipulate science. Manipulates the government. So here we go. Let's take on Science I. I mean who isn't confused about what to eat. And that's why I wrote my book action. But what's really going on is a concerted effort by the food industry that manipulates science. The government our government spends about one billion a year on nutrition research. The food industry spends twelve billion. And they find all kinds of concocted studies. That actually manipulate the truth. For example. I think Coca Cola. Spent one hundred twenty million dollars to universities and other groups to actually provide money money for research and guess what they funded three hundred eighty nine articles and one hundred sixty nine journals. Things like exercise. Is the key to weight. Loss at soda doesn't have any role in our way. The Snack Food Manufacturers Association groups that confections group funded studies that show the kids. We Candy Actually Lose More Weight and have less inflammation the kids who don't eat candy. I mean how does that even make sense? And when you look at the data I'm you know studies funded by the food. Industry Are Eight to fifty times more likely to show benefit? I studied for example on artificial sweeteners. Show that by the food industry that ninety nine percent they're safe and effective but about ninety plus percent of the studies but their independence show that they cause weight gain obesity. Damage the microbiome and definitely are not a healthy food and not good for dieting. So we have so much going on all the time in research I there was a there was a big review. For example by a group of scientists have looked at sugar recommendations it was published in the animal internal medicine which is one of the most important journals in medicine and yet it it shed very computing. Seems like there's no evidence for assure guidelines to reduce sugar that actually sugar is an harmful that our concerns are overstated in the data to support any limits on sugar in our diet. Well the study was funded by a group called the International Science Institute which sounds awesome but turns out is funded by none other than Coca Cola and Monsanto and Pepsi and all the big characters in the food industry so we're completely bamboozled by misinformation major journals and it confuses doctors nurses nutritionists computers the public and even in confuses policymakers. How do you make sense of all this? So you really have to follow the money so nutrition. Science corruption is huge. And it doesn't just stop there. He go onto fun all sorts of professional associations for example the American Diabetes Association the American Heart Association the Academy of Nutrition Dietetic which which receives forty percent of its funding from the food industry. They create a partnership with kraft singles. Calling it the smart slice of cheese you know which is crazy because it's not even cheese. Something has to be fifty one percent cheese to call it cheese so I'd say cheese like product or I don't even know what to call it. The government doesn't like to call cheese and that's called a heart healthy. Smart Snack is because they were funded by the food industry They are also corrupting their meetings. Their meetings and they provide all sorts of CO education so they have panels with makers of high fructose Corn Syrup and transfats an all kinds of crazy stuff and it just computers nutritionist. Because it seems like it's good science. They're very very good and they spend millions millions and billions on this so they corrupt all these organizations and and so Dr John Nine Ninety s as a professor at Stanford said. We shouldn't believe any recommendations coming out of professional societies that have conflicts of interest. I mean how does the American Heart Association can have fruit loops and twix cereals? Be Hard healthy when they're so full of sugar because they're low fat they get three hundred thousand dollars for putting that seal of approval so we have to be very cautious consumers. See Not just stop. With professional associations they also create front groups. Front groups are group's that actually seem like they're legitimate groups but actually are funded by the food industry or the Agan History of the oil industry. So you've got things like climate smart. Agriculture sounds wonderful. And I who's against that right but it's funded by the fertilizer companies who want to use more fertilizer and as we've talked about before fertilizer drives huge amounts of damage to the ecosystem uses tons of energy to produce damage our waterways at his huge contributor to climate change so Not so smart. In my opinion I see you've got then you've got the ways in which these companies also create corporate social responsibility and it's another mechanism. They used they. They fund groups that are social groups. It's called corporate social responsibility. And what did they find? They find the N. W. C. P. And they find the Hispanic preparation make money. And what does that do that makes them sort of loyal to them and a little bit and the it co ops them for example and there's a soda tax on the ballot. They actually will oppose a soda tax. Because they're funded by coca-cola or or the food industry or so makers is pretty pretty frightening. they also fun things like the hunger groups which which why they're so against limiting soda for snap or food stamps are we spent seven billion soda for the poor every year about thirty billion servings through our food stamp program how that make any sense. When we're trying to create a healthy population says all these insidious ways they caught these groups. I remember when I was showing fed up in Atlanta. I met with Bernice King. Martin Luther King's daughter and she wanted to the movie and the King Center instead of being nonviolent is also nonviolent yourself through how you take care of your health and she was all excited about it and I got a call later. We couldn't show the film there and I was like why and that was moving about obesity in the food industry said well because Coca Cola Funds King Center. It's pretty frightening And how they co op these groups And we also do all kinds of other nefarious things They besides the front groups besides sole told responsibility besides getting into our public health academies besides corrupting science. They're involved in terrible political efforts that are behind the scenes that manipulate public opinion for example. Now there's a couple of things that happened. One was an effort by the Grocery Manufacturers America which essentially was a representative now-disbanded thankfully that was representing the big food companies and they illegally got them to contribute to a slush fund to fight. Gmo labeling. Which would have cost those companies billions of dollars and fight it in Washington state and they pretended to sort of hide behind this this group. That wasn't actually disclosing the funding Attorney General Washington state figure this out and sued the grocery manufacturers of America for campaign finance violations and led to the biggest settlement. I think it was like fourteen or eighteen million dollars against them Yet the ballot passed to fight. Gmo labeling and they won they spent so much money but they got slapped a few million bucks. I mean they make millions of dollars. They don't really care. But after that a number of these companies actually you're standing up and doing good things and I think I see I see progress. I see change and that makes me happy for example Nestle's known Unilever and Mars Got Out of Jimmy at that point the grocery manufacturer America and they formed a sustainable food policy alliance which was a great idea. And I think it's exciting and we'll see what happens with that. Nomination hopefully work with him on my food fix campaign so so that was terrible and then of course even worse things eighty for example they create a ballot initiative in California which was to prohibit local governments from raisings local taxes unless there was a two thirds majority which would have crippled the governments in the local towns so they couldn't schools are departments police stations etc and They didn't care about that but they cared about was manipulating. The Governor Governor Jerry Brown is probably liberal governor. We had in America to put a preemptive policy that prevented any future taxes on soda. Junk food. Now think about that. I mean they literally strong armed the government by threatening them with a measure that would they spent seven million dollars promoting that would have crippled local governments and basically bribed to force the governor to create this preemptive law which is terrible so all of a sudden affairs ways that the food industries acting and we need to fight

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