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"international panel climate change" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist

Monocle 24: The Globalist

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"international panel climate change" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist

"A roundup of the latest news and we look at tuesday's newspapers to that's all coming up on the globalist live from london. I quick look. What else is happening in today's news. A chinese court has upheld. The death sentence of a canadian man convicted of drug trafficking robot schellenberg was initially sentenced to fifteen years in prison for methamphetamine trafficking. The us top health agency the cdc has advised against travel to israel. France thailand iceland and several other countries because of a rising number of covert nineteen cases and greece's prime minister has apologized for not doing enough to deal with the devastating wildfires that have burned across the country for the past week. Stay tuned to monocle twenty four throughout the day for more on these stories but first climate change is not only happening is happening more quickly. more severely and more. Most importantly moon noticeably the international panel climate changes latest report on the state of our planet pulls no punches with accuracy and currency warns that humans are changing and damaging the planet in irreversible ways or for more on this report with joined by adam voorhees chief reporter at new scientists. Good morning adam jimani emma. Hi this is a huge report with a with hundreds of scientists working on it and it and it simply says we are now living through. Climate change doesn't it. That's right very much. That climate change is not something you the future is here and now and you've touched on to the Bake messages in it really minutes. This free big messages. Wong is that we ought to blame that. Human influence on climate change is now unequivocal. The scientists say so. That's not great on the language. Eight years ago when they said clear to the now no wriggle-room grim for plato leaders. That's the first thing the second is probably the some of the changes we've caused are already or a reversible timescales of hundreds of thousands of years such acidification of the oceans regardless of what we do now but we can slow you those prices on. That's quite profound thing to grapple with. This is Woods of king's college. London told me And i guess furtively. The weld is expected to reach your breach. One point five degrees within the next twenty years and that matters because one point five is not cliff edge. It's not like everything is fine. Before and everything. Half-dayers is disaster. But that's the political target of the twenty fifth team paris agreement. The good news is is one scenario that they are considered where we can stay eventually. Stay under one point five but only if we really drastically commissions and get the well. Two zero between fifty evidence. Is there in this enormous report to to to demonstrate these point so it really interesting. What actually they said. This isn't like quite hey. So climate reporters climate report that day to day. They might think this is just enough one but this is actually don't do their own research. She look and look existing. Research this for this particular report. They've reviewed fourteen thousand scientific papers. Which gives you a little bit of an idea of the scale the world. That's gone on by that more than two hundred officer involved and so they basically looked at the best science that has been produced since the last major report these in eight years ago. And there's a huge amount of science has been on just really moved on since then and this is everything from you know. Observations records attempt tsum rainfall and so on two models and tebessa physical understanding of the processes behind climate change. So it's really Scientists very cain site is is really like multiple lines of evidence is not just cherry. Picking one thing or another is it's really really robust And it's a huge amount of work..

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