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"international federation robotics" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Joining us, my IT guy, the tech guru, the mad Hatter, Dave had good evening, sir. Hey, Gary, thanks for having me. Thanks for being had. So new moves of foot. And rumblings in congress to have all the big tech, companies rounded up into an antitrust legislation. And then you and I've talked about this before we're not fans of government regulation in terms and respect to the free markets, but have Amazon, Google Facebook and the like an apple gotten too big. Well, that's a really good question. Here's the thing you know how the House Judiciary committee has come out with a bipartisan letter within the last week or so say they're going to look into a lot of these companies. Now they haven't so far as I know named anyone by name. But I think you know you pretty much have to at a minimum. It's going to be Amazon, Google Facebook and apple possibly, Microsoft in there, although, Microsoft is more in the enterprise software space, less around all the data and privacy that we caused some of many issues for some of these other players pretty hard. Comments from some senators, Senator Elizabeth Warren has called for breaking up Facebook Google and Amazon, I think that's probably a little much. You know when you look at it from Trump's perspective, and I'm military, I'm just a dumb tech guy, you know, already of these companies really monopoly. I'm saying. No, I think some of them are very close. But if you really think about it. Each one of these companies. While they may be very strong and one or two places, his to compete with the other companies on the list, as well as other companies that we haven't met yet. In other spots. You know, is there any one company that's really what I would think of as a monopoly, I'd say, not Amazon might be the closest to that. Because when you get right down to it. Amazon is they've got their fingers and so many things now. Relationships between these companies where in some cases they compete. Another cases. They collaborate do outage last weekend. Ed part of Apple's cloud service down because they rely on Google infrastructure. There's a lot of a lot of weird relationships between these companies and it's gonna be interesting to see how this all plays out. But my take on it is, none of them are really monopolies at this point. Could they stand more regulation, particularly in the area of privacy, and security of data because they seem to have lots of problems in probably well, Dave header? Here's my question. While free market, people like you and I talk about, well, there are other options, there are other venues for people to use every time there is a competitor say, for Facebook. They buy that competitor up and they. Good point. Gary, Jeff it's so so it's not like it's not like there aren't people trying to compete with them. But every time that they do Facebook, Google Amazon. They have so much power. They just swallow up whatever competitor that is going to be in their arena, and it's still one gargantuan conglomerates. So I mean that sounds like a monopoly to me. Certainly, again, if you look at Amazon, in particular, I think they'll probably the closest overall simply because they owed so many other companies that people don't realize they like they they're into so many different things. In addition to the ecommerce space, there are huge player in the cloud space Amazon, web services. If it's not the leading web services, platform, there'd be Microsoft in their as your platform. So, you know it's, it's amazing. If you look at it if you use all of Anna's on services, I think you could probably safely say they knew more about any other company on earth, simply because they're, they're into so many different things they started out selling books. It's pretty incredible. I can remember very, very well back in the nineties when Amazon started as an online, bookseller and thinking at the time, you know, I was buying a lot of time. Books, how to do different types of programming and so forth. And I made the on books online, I, I don't even know what's in the book. How am I gonna get a book that out speak? Well, they proved me. Well. In, you know, really twentyish short years they taken over the world so well let me put in in this frame. Dave when Ford started selling cards. They did not expand to selling I don't know, scooters or lawn mowers or anything else any other mode of transportation starts buying a plane companies, for example. GM the same way. Yeah. Yeah. They diversified. And they tried to monopolize the market as much as they could with the product that they made. But these are totally different times with the Amazons and Google and Facebook. You know, I agree with you. There. Definitely different times. And you know, one of the things that I think makes this really tricky is this stuff moves so fast. Now again, think about twenty years ago, Amazon was was nothing. No one knew anything about it with a small online bookstore. And again, that was twenty years, you get nineteen ninety nine here. We are twenty years later, the one of the largest wealthiest council companies in the world to your point, they're costly buying up other brands and services and so forth. Their standing into all these different things. You know, really? If you think about it. Of the, of the five companies, we started out talking about Amazon, Apple Facebook and Microsoft. Microsoft with around thirty years ago. Abbas around thirty years. Apple, you figure, you know, Amazon twenty years Google. Maybe twenty five ish Facebook less than that. I mean it's pretty incredible. Other large companies Twitter late in which, of course, it's been purchased by Microsoft other large companies with a huge footprint and a lot of impact and influence on society because of the way they can control information. Who can see what it's pretty incredible? How quickly this has happened. When you get right down to it, and how fast it's changing and how difficult it will be to try to regulate it. Today. There are on average eighty four robots for every ten thousand workers. This is going to the international federation robotics. On Monday, veal robotics rolled out its new sensor technology, which gives these large-scale robots special awareness of every object in obstacle in their reach these co Botts collect collaborative robots working with human beings in the factory floor for years. But the danger to human workers is so great that robots robots are bolted down to the frat factory floor behind fences. So human never comes near them. That's starting to change. The robots are learning how to break out of their cages. And. I mean four robots for every ten thousand workers right now. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Oh, absolutely. I think you're going to see, you know, the, the word robot in my mind is a word it's difficult to even qualify anymore. Because when you talk to people in the technology industry, some robots have no physical manifestation. It's just software hear the people use the term pot chat, bot. So I mean how you wanna define a robot? I think most people when they say robot, probably still thinks sort of like the Android type robots. Star Wars and that sort of thing. But, you know that, that term is taken on a much wider meaning in my mind any kind of machine that may or may not be prominent, but increasingly becoming more autonomous becoming more capable of doing more things. I mean, all you gotta do is just go out. And look for videos of atlas robot or some of these other guys that are out there. It's pretty incredible. What they can do. And you know, robots don't call in sick rebuttal, take vacation robots. Don't talk back to the boss. So clearly in jobs that are structured in follow a formula. I think you're gonna see more and more automated around this formulas. And that's why I kind of made the distinction between like an Android style robot and just some sort of software. You know, there's, there's a lot of talk out there. Eventually happen. You'll even you'll see many white collar jobs impacted by automation, there may not necessarily be physical machine that looks like a person sitting there doing accounting work, but, you know, counting follow the formula rules, anything that is highly ruled driven. It's not that difficult to write software. They can follow those rules. And I think you're gonna see more and more automated impacting all kinds of jobs, including the more traditional industrial type jobs, where people think of robots welding, and that sort of thing it's going to be very interesting to see how this plays out over the next ten to twenty years. There's a story in the Daily Star I dunno credible. This news sources and saw this online killer, robots who look human will change appearance to conceal crimes. Okay. This is a warning from artificial intelligence expert, Dr Pearson, that sounds like something out of a Terminator movie. Right. That, that Terminator. And let's put this in perspective, day, you said it sounds like something out of a Terminator movie science fiction in the fifties. Science fiction was man going to the moon. It happened this. Dr Ian Pearson believes robots will be deployed criminally as a Sassoon's or use for espionage by rogue states or individuals. He warned robots cetera. Butts will be capable of changing their appearance entirely leaving police forces unable to trace the culprit, now, I don't think that's completely ludicrous. I don't think we're anywhere close to that based on the current state of technology. But I, I don't know what they're doing government labs. Probably more likely than that at some point in the near future would be if you haven't looked into this drone technology has become quite advanced in what fits into the drone category, keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller, I think you could definitely see a scenario where some sort of drone armed with some type of poison dart or something needle. Something like that and could easily be used to stab someone with some kind of poison or something and kill them. And you know, it would just disappear never to be seen or heard from again. I do think that is something that would be more likely that a shape shape shifting robot. I think we're probably still a good ways off from that. But I wouldn't rule it out. Completely yet to your point. I mean I just look at Amazon at twenty short years, look at what they've done. Look at what doodles done. This technology is changing very, very quickly. And probably a lot more quickly than most of us, who aren't in some sort of, you know, super high tech research labs, even realize Dave. It gets to us. You know, it's, it's all the speaking, they had been some tech. They advance of technology..

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