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"international dunkin donuts" Discussed on Business Wars

"While. Scholtz tries time and again to get a job at starbucks Dunkin donuts. Ceo Bob Rosenberg is basking in his company. Success they now have more than one thousand franchises throughout the northeast though his father Bill Rosenberg is no longer. Ceo He's the company's most knowledgeable and respected adviser wherever he goes for business or pleasure. He looks for potential new store. Locations or checks out existing stores builds developed a point system to scout out the best locations for new stores. It gives credit for visibility. Traffic Count for traffic. The ease of getting in and out of the store. Plus points for demographic diversity how many people live nearby how well nearby supermarkets are doing. Even the number of kids bikes is an indicator. Kids eat more doughnuts than adults. They build Dunkin donuts franchises in places that receive at least seven points and these prime locations can be anywhere lately. Dunkin donuts franchise stores have been cropping up outside the US. Many of them in Asia in the fall of Nineteen eighty-one Rosenberg and his wife visit Dunkin donut. Stores in Singapore and Hong Kong businesses booming. Their next stop his Bangkok Thailand. The Dunkin donuts store in the World Rosenberg and his wife gingerly crossed the street in Siam Square. A popular shopping district motorcycles and buses go whizzing by the streets are packed with small shops and restaurants and stalls selling food and Candy. It's eight am and the store is already bustling. Well look at that. One hundred thirty seats in every one of them failed at the counter. Young shop wearing trendy blackout fits stand next to businessmen in suits local musicians who've been up all night and are making their final stop before they go to bed. They're all drinking coffee out of Dunkin donuts signature Styrofoam Cups with a name written out in bright orange and pink and they're happily devouring the special doughnut geared to tie tastes a traditional glazed donut shop with dried shredded chicken. Thai Chili Paste. Rosenberg looks on the big smile on his face. He's proud of the savvy way. Dunkin donuts has adapted its menu to its locations around the world. It's a smart move that let them quickly gain a solid foothold overseas from there. Rosenberg goes to Japan where the first International Dunkin donuts open in nineteen seventy. Most of the Tokyo franchises are running smoothly but to his perfectionist. I one store stands out. He pulls the franchise owner aside. You'll coffee's cold. Dunkin donuts is famous for its coffee. It's the best there is if you can't meet my standards. I warned you. I'll shut down you store. We will do better. I promise. Then start now. My good name depends on you doing your job. The whole point of these stories is to share the joy of great doughnuts. Great coffee you CAN'T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS. Rosenberg's white pulled him aside. You were awfully tough on that man. I need to be Dunkin donuts. Success is based on attention to detail. We can't afford to get sloppy or lazy so the more successful. We become the more vigilant. Again and Rosenberg's vigilance is legendary from the very first store. He's made sure. The coffee is brewed in Small Tin Cup. Silex pots to preserve its freshness after eighteen minutes in the pot. The coffee is thrown away. It's expensive but Rosenberg doesn't care after the old coffee is toss beans freshly ground for the next. Batch is his way of assuring that customers receive uniform dependable experience. He knows that it's this insistence on excellence. That's made his fortune winter. Nineteen eighty to New York City. Howard Schultz is totally frustrated. Months have passed since he visited starbucks yet. He can't keep himself from calling Jerry Baldwin again and again Jerry. You've gotTa know that starbucks has tremendous potential. I'm sure of this is I've ever been of anything and I know I could play a huge role in helping you reach that potential. But we don't care about potential Howard for us. The company's mandate is to sell coffee beans and coffee makers and a few small stores. Don't you ever dream of making it something more? Well to tell you the truth. I sometimes wonder if we could expand a bit beyond Seattle. You could Jerry. That's a good dream finally in the spring of nineteen eighty two Baldwin invited Scholtz to join him in Gordon. Backer for dinner and San Francisco. Schultz is Giddy with anticipation before the dinner. Schultz is in his hotel room dressing in his best suit and a new shirt and tie he bought for the occasion. He's meeting the starbucks crew at Donatello's an upscale Italian restaurant he arrives early. There's a light rain falling. But he walks around the entire block to pump up his confidence as he walks he tells himself. I've waited my entire career for this dinner. He's already at the table when Baldwin and back arrive there dressed casually in sports jackets no ties Schultz wonders. If he's made a mistake with his formal attire then he thinks they're both older than I am. I'm dressed to show respect. But his main goal is to charm them. Once they're seated he launches into his pitch. You got a real jewel in starbucks in New York. When I served your coffee of my friends they love it. Why wouldn't people all over? America react the same way you can open stores throughout the United States and Canada. You could share your knowledge passion with so many people as Baldwin. Listen they're calm expressions? Don't change but by the end of the meal. Schulz's convinced he's won them over with his youthful enthusiasm and energy. He calls his wife get ready to move to Seattle. I'm about to be hired throughout the night shots tosses and turns. He's too excited to sleep at eleven. Am The next morning. His Hotel Room phone finally rings. It's Jerry Baldwin. I'm sorry Howard. We're just not going to hire you. What why not? It's too risky too much change Shen. Oh no shots thanks. My enthusiasm. Didn't impress them at SPOOK THEM. He paces the room. He has to do something to change their minds but what a few minutes later. He calls Baldwin Back Jerry. You're making a terrible mistake. The destiny of starbucks is at stake. I know that you know how great it can be. Baldwin is about to blurt another stronger version of no but then he catches himself. Schultz is wearing him down. What gets him? Most is shows his faith in starbucks. He asks himself. Does it make sense to turn away a person with so much conviction?.

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