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"international consortium investigative journalists" Discussed on Democracy Now! Audio

"Africans are already suffering some of the most brutal impacts fueled by the climate crisis all that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org the warren peace report me. Goodman hundreds of rallies took place across the united states saturday amidst mounting assault on reproductive rights the protests and marches came one month after texas near total ban and abortions went into effect. This is a demonstrator and austin texas. They've been trying to fight roe v wade for nearly fifty years now and i'll be honest when it happened. I thought supreme court's gonna have to knock it down again and when they didn't it was It we have to fight. They just goes to show why elections matter and so we have to get back up the streets that we have to march and we have to organize that we have to fight. A federal judge in texas is now considering arguments from the justice department over whether to suspend the texas ban while courts consider its legality after headlines who are clips of saturday's nationwide protests and speak with alexis mcgill johnson president of planned parenthood federation of america. The us has surpassed seven hundred thousand. Confirm cova nineteen deaths. The official toll is by far the highest in the world even though the us has had widespread access to lifesaving vaccines for months in brighter news. The summer's devastating surge fueled by the delta variants slowing down though some northern states are still reporting rising cases in california governor gavin newsom announced the first in the nation kovic vaccine mandate for k. Through twelve students the mandate takes effect as early as next fall and after regulators approve its use and all affected age groups. Meanwhile the new york city teacher vaccine mandate goes into effect today. The city said ninety. Three percent of teachers have now received at least one dose on friday supreme court justice. Sonia samaya denied an emergency peel by group of educators who were seeking to halt the vaccine mandate while they're lawsuit against the order place out in court in southern california and oil pipeline ruptured off the coast of huntington beach saturday causing a massive spill that fouled beaches and wetlands with more than one hundred. Twenty five thousand gallons of oil huntington beach mayor. Kim car called the disaster one of the most devastating situations faced by the community in decades. The company responsible for this oil spill which we understand to be beta offshore california's subsidiary of houston base. Amplify energy corporation is working on the cleanup effort as well in the coming days and weeks. We challenge the responsible parties to do everything possible to rectify this environmental catastrophe dead birds and marine animals begun washing shore on huntington beach. The affected area includes an ecological reserve. That's home to dozens of bird species a massive coordinated leak of nearly twelve million secret. Documents is giving an unprecedented look at the covert financial. Dealings of hundreds of politicians billionaires. Religious leaders druglords celebrities thirty. Five current and former world leaders are featured in the documents known as the pandora papers. One of them is jordan's king abdullah who is secretly holding millions of dollars offshore tax havens spent part of his fortune on lavish homes around the world. The documents also implicate current presidents. Who can yada kenya and gear milazzo of ecuador former british prime minister tony blair and former associates of the pakistani prime minister imran khan as well as Associated russian president vladimir putin more than six hundred journalists contribute to the reporting from the international consortium investigative journalists which was compiled over two years. The materials come from fourteen global financial services firms. Dating as far back as the seventies most of the files are from the past. Twenty five years the whistle blower who leaked tens of thousands of pages of internal facebook. Documents has come forward former. Facebook product manager francis hogan spoke publicly for the first time and cbs is sixty minutes. Facebook has demonstrated they cannot act independently. Facebook over and over again is shown chooses profit over safety. It is subsidizing pain for its profits with our safety. I'm hoping that this will have had a big impact. The world that they get the fortitude and the motivation to actually go put those regulations into place how gins revelations were which be which were behind a sweeping investigation by the wall street journal showed facebook. Executives had significant understanding of the way it's products are implicated in issues including child safety political misinformation and human trafficking. How can is testifying before a senate panel tuesday. Lawmakers are also pursuing facebook as part of a federal antitrust case and over its role in january six capital insurrection in afghanistan. At least five people were killed. Sunday night explosion outside a cobble mosque. A funeral service for the mother of taliban spokesperson was underway at the time of the attack. No one's claimed responsibility for the bombing but attacks by isis k. Have increased since the taliban takeover in august meanwhile the norwegian refugee council ones off aniston's economy on the brink of collapse is the humanitarian crisis. Continues to grow over. Eighteen million people rely on aid to survive with one in three afghans facing acute hunger. This according to the un world food programme in india at least eight people were killed in the northern state of harper dish on sunday after vehicle ploughed into a demonstration led by farmers. The car was shown by a federal minister. Who son was arrested in connection with the attack. Farmers have been resisting three pro-corporate agricultural laws enacted by prime minister narendra modi for about a year. They vowed to intensify mesh pressure. On modi's government to repeal the laws which deregulate agricultural markets in robot key labor and income protections millions of farmers opponents of the reforms have staged multiple strikes across india since last november in libya officials detained some four thousand refugees including children during multiple rates. Friday the united nations says at least one refugee was killed at least fifteen injured in the crackdown on sunday. Libya's coast guard intercepted a wooden boat carrying some five hundred refugees attempting to reach european soil. Many of them were from somalia. Bangladesh and syria refugees have reported facing torture and other violent and inhumane conditions libyan detention camps doctors without borders warns over. Three million people in northern syria are facing shortages of water as crucial sanitation infrastructure has been destroyed after a decade of war. The -tarian group says even one water is accessible. It's at times contaminated and unsafe to drink making syrians vulnerable to contracting waterborne diseases and other health issues including hepatitis. Cut her held. Its first ever legislative election saturday to select. Two thirds of the advisory council cutter does not allow political parties but the council has legislative authority of general state policies. In the country's budget hoping to make history a handful of women ran in the elections. None won their seats. This candidate aisha among jesse..

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