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"Year. You would have said this is different. Yeah, Chris and I tell you, it's a number of different things. You look at them being the most penalized team in the National Football League with a 122, that means that 7.6 penalties per game. That's not good. This offense is an in sync, not in the past game, the run game isn't flowing. It hasn't been efficient. You look defensively. If this team visit getting turnovers, if there aren't getting sex, then I don't know what else they're doing. And then you look in the secondary, I don't think teams are scared to throw the ball at this second day. They play an awful lot of man coverage and teams have found the fish, the fish and on the back end of their defense has been Anthony Brown. You've seen against the Las Vegas Raiders just have penalty after penalty passing affairs at the passing affairs, but I was more upset with the simple fact that why would I even put him in that situation against a guy like Desean Jackson, who is a speech to who is a burner who is one of the greatest deep threats that we have have had overall the National Football League. Why would you line him up man coverage with Anthony Brown? Makes no sense to me. So it's a whole bunch of different things that's going on and then you see in the game against the Arizona Cardinals. You see that fun on the football. You see the mist throws. You see the drop balls over and over again. You even had a drop interception Lewis. In that secondary, when they get their hand on the football normally, they catch them. So it's a lot of different things that's transpiring. And then I want to bring up something else though. McCarthy, when he came, well, he was out of football, but he came from the Green Bay Packers, coaching there for a long time. The run game was kind of second fiddle with Mike McCarthy. Being in Green Bay. The run game for some reason I just seem like it's becoming second fiddle to this team. And at one point, this is a team where we talked about their greatest strength, was rushing the football and being up front. And my thing is is that how is this offensive line going to the playoffs going to get right if you want to pass the football so much? And I'll be the first to tell you offensive line and I wish we had Jeff Saturday right now. Offense alignment would rather run block versus pass blocking. But that's not the case right now in Dallas. They're throwing the ball way more than they're running. Do you think it's a lack of trust in Zeke? Because frankly, that's what it feels like to me. I think it might be a lack of trust, but also, I mean, you have some you had some guys banged up on the offensive line. You have a tight end that that's been out as well. And then Zeke's been hurt, Pollard's had the foot. There's been a lot of different variations to it. But at the end of the day, like you look at, look at the Tennessee Titans, right? They lost Derek Henry. What are they still doing well? Run the football. Run the football. And you have to be able to do it to do it consistently. It is Chris Carlin Harry Douglas and for keyshawn J will and max on ESPN radio SiriusXM channel 80. I want to get to a story from yesterday. And that involves the New York Giants and Joe judge. And his 11 minute rant after the game the other day about how the team is headed in the right direction and how the culture has changed and all that, well, garbage. First of all, I could actually go through and make a list of things that were shorter than Joe judge's rant and it included the Gettysburg address. Taylor Swift's all too well. The ten minute version is even shorter. The halftime of the NFL game is shorter than what he did, Harry. I mean, it was just absolutely absurd. And just listen to the snippet from it and how just frankly silly, he sounds. You're saying a team that's having fist fights on the sidelines. This ain't some clown show organization or something else, okay? You talk about the foundation Bill, some of the things that the toughest thing that changed in a team. The toughest thing to change in a club is the way people think. You understand that. That's the toughest thing. You can get a new players. You can have your name locker all you want. You got to change how people think. And they had to trust the process. And that's a lot easier said than done when they're looking up right now, and you've got one game left, and the most games are only 5 this season. Okay? But I guarantee you this. Who's been going to walk in on Wednesday and be ready to roll. We're going to practice hard on Wednesday our products are all products hard on Friday. Okay? I'm going to play for each other on the field next week. If we don't play well, every fan has a right to boom my out of stadium. You got that? I don't bother me. I don't want it. I don't think anyone wants to get boot, okay? But the reality is, that's all right. Look, when I hear him go through this entire rent. And that's just a small sample of how silly it is. It is a head coach that is feeling remarkably insecure in the situation and is puffing up his chest and trying to show how different things are. And I don't even think he's talking to the fans or anybody else. I think for weeks, he's been talking to ownership when he's saying all this stuff postgame. We're still playing hard. We're doing this. We're doing that. You don't see players with golf clubs in their lockers. I cleaned up all the crap that was here before. And basically called out the last administration before him for a terrible culture. I mean, that's basically really good. Without saying pat Shermer's name, that's what he did. I'm never going to call out our players, but God, those coaches who were here before us, they were awful. I mean, Harry, that just reeked of desperation and of a coach that is feeling the heat when it's already been leaked out there, that it's more than likely he's coming back after that, I would feel worse about him if I were ownership than better. Yeah, Joe judge is feeling that heat now. It's good and hot in here. So keep on all your clothes, Joe judge. Keep them all. Keep them on, but he called out a lot of different people. He took a shot at the Washington football team, with their sideline ordeal. It's a lot of people that he threw shade at in that whole debacle. But at the end of the day, listen, you're not in the business to be a car salesman. You're in the business to win football games. The elephant in the room is that the New York football giants didn't win football games. And they haven't been putting a good show of late as well. So that's the story. But don't try to sail things. I understand that you want your job, but don't try to sell it. When you got to sell it that much, that means that you aren't doing the job you're supposed to be doing. There was the thought process, Harry. That the Giants, ownership, with judge. Over the last year or so, that they had found their Bill Belichick. Did that sound anything like Bill Belichick to you? No, 'cause Bill Bill, what it just gave him a like a one Senate answer. Or two word answer or something like that.

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