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"intelligence security police" Discussed on NPR News Now

"I'm nora raum. The taliban of entered afghanistan's capital kabul and the government. There is disintegrating afghan president shroff. Ghani has left the country at the american embassy. The flag is down and the acting. Us ambassador has been evacuated along with his staff to the airport. Npr's michelle kellerman reports. A core embassy group is working at an alternate site at the airport in kabul but officials warned that the security situation there is changing quickly so the embassy is instructing. Us citizens in afghanistan to shelter in place. Those who need assistance to leave are being asked to register online that includes the spouses and children of us citizens who are seeking immigrant visas. The biden administration has brought about twelve hundred afghans to the us in recent weeks but there are tens of thousands more seeking to flee fearing retribution from the taliban for working with the us michelle kellerman. Npr news washington. The biden administration is being criticized for the way events or unraveling. In afghanistan congressman. Michael mccall of texas is the top republican on the house foreign affairs committee. He said the president didn't seem to have a plan on how to remove. Us troops in an orderly fashion. The community she goes every right to make this decision. It's just once. He made the decision we had to be prepared and had a plan a strategy to deal with what was going to happen when i got the intelligence security police In in the administration says well the icu. Very grim in their assessment bay predicted. Exactly what is happening today. Were as everybody else. Seems so surprised. Mcconnell called it an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. search and rescue efforts continue in haiti to find people trapped by yesterday's seven point two magnitude earthquake. The quake has killed more than twelve hundred people injured thousands more and his left an untold number homeless. Npr's jason bobi reports haitians injured in. The quake had to wait for hours for medical attention as hospitals in the island. South are struggling both with a surge in patients and damage to their own facilities officials. Say they continue to search for. People believed to still be alive and trapped in collapsed. Buildings roads remain blocked by debris along major arteries in several parts of the southwest of the country that were hit the hardest by the quake officials have declared a national state of emergency as aid groups attempt to get medical supplies water food and tarps to people who lost nearly everything in the disaster. The quake struck in a part of haiti that was ravaged by hurricane. Matthew in two thousand sixteen and is now bracing for heavy rains from a tropical depression. That's expected to arrive late monday. And into tuesday morning. Jason bobi on. Npr news port-au-prince. You're listening to npr news. More than one hundred large wildfires. Continue to burn more than a dozen western states blazin utah. That was initially very fast. Moving has slowed down but it's still zero percent contained and as many as eight thousand homes are under evacuation orders for member station k. u. e. r. sonia hudson reports. The fire started on the side of a freeway outside salt lake city on saturday afternoon. It spread rapidly up a hill towards several communities. Fire officials quickly called in airplanes helicopters in hand crews from multiple states to battle the blaze. By saturday night they say fire activity had become minimum. And it stayed that way. Throughout the day on sunday state officials did keep a nearby reservoir closed on sunday so that helicopters could get water from it to fight the fire for npr news. I'm sonia hudson. The texas supreme court ruled today that two counties in texas may not institute mask mandates in schools the counties had sued over governor greg abbott's executive order banning such mandates lower courts agreed but now the state supreme court ruled. The county's can't defy the ban while the matter is being fully litigated in court. Another hearing.

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