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"institute genetics" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"To check your cholesterol levels a few times a year because our goal is to get it as low as possible. Uh, this way, it doesn't add to the number one killer in our society with his coronary artery disease. And cardiovascular disease in it, and therefore, death. It's an excellent summary and cholesterol, one on one. And while we're still talking about cholesterol, one on one, I think it's also important to point out that you know, cholesterol levels can be affected two ways. One, of course, is that You may have a genetic predisposition to having a cholesterol problem, or it can be induced by diet as well. So again, do you treat it differently or again? Cholesterol is just overall, you gotta you gotta make sure you're monitoring and treating it the same way Well, Though, is whether or not it comes from a dietary overuse or whether or not it comes from your genetics. There are different modalities treated, but overall when we talked about the supplements that we're going to talk about the next hour You'll see that whether or not this is from a dietary source over there, not instituted genetics or your weight or lack of exercise or overly stressed it doesn't matter which way you have high cholesterol. We have two products that we're gonna focus on which is our Omega three officials and The LDL execute 10 along with the level deal those of the possible and talk about this hour and we're gonna decide on which ones are best for each individual. But if you want to get those levels down, we're gonna talk about the combination of both of making threes and our rescue products that focus on lowering your LDL cholesterol. Raising your HDL class wheels. Talk about eight steel plus I think we're talking about a little bit about Miss Havelock, Allan and C five women go through the whole spectrum of how each individual to really take hold off their cholesterol levels because that really is, I think when you look at modifiable, this factors which we're going to talk about..

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