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"innova buzz" Discussed on InnovaBuzz

"Enova base. And I'm really excited to Welcome the Innova Buzz podcast today from Irvine in California. They you show for who's the author of the age of influence and a few other books that we might get to later. He's a marketing specialist to speaker a consultant and also founder of PDC a social and he's also host of the maximize your social influence podcast. So welcome to the Anova bust podcast Neil. It's a real privilege to have you as my guest owe the honor is mine. Now you've got a really interesting background you started out. We were just having a conversation about the IT industry and software you started out in the early days of software industry in Japan and you you're fluent in Chinese and Japanese, which is quite remarkable is it makes you stand out from other people in your industry. I'm imagining and fifteen years spent in Asia and launched a Blog and then started speaking and started the social media consultancy nearly ten years ago, I think How did you kind of make that transition from sales in it to social media? Yeah, you know it was sort of a natural transition because the first I am, you know, as you hear from my accent, I am American born and raised here. I decided though after University to launch a career in Asia specifically in Japan because I had studied abroad in University and studied the languages and at the time of Japan was the booming economy. So I wanted to change my career there and I ended up having a great time staying there for fifteen years among other things getting married. And when we had our first child we decided it was time to move back the United States. So a few years after that off. The first time that I was actually in transition here in the United States and that's where I became a very active user of social media specifically Linked In because that's all we had is professionals back then and because I had a very specific objective was to build out a local network in the technology industry at the time. I was really leveraging it as a tool that many other people did not think of it as so long. I was very active on LinkedIn. They used to have an answers forum for those that remember I was very active they're linked in groups weren't as spammy that time. I was very active there. I was actively connecting with other people and you know page after a few months I end up getting my job. But at the same time the day I got the offer letter. I actually launched my blog which I did on LinkedIn as well and it was it was really geared towards LinkedIn, you know, I think the name of it was expert advice to your LinkedIn questions. It wasn't very branded approach. I did that and it's a really good thing I did that because this is right before the Lehman Brothers crash crack in it was literally the day that Barack Obama got elected president of the United States.

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