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"ingrid carter" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Cinema Show

Monocle 24: The Cinema Show

02:12 min | 2 years ago

"ingrid carter" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Cinema Show

"Boom boom by think ingrid carter became this vessel for us to poor all of our conflicting feelings brought social media an instagram into we serve ask ourselves accused the worst person that instagram could happen to ends i think the ingrid's kennedy answer that question a direct a matt spices film ingrid goes west took away the top screenwriting award at this year's sundance film festival it's being hailed as a doc leave funny sat higher about today's obsession with social media about as we'll hear from spicer himself its list about the media and more about the people who use it hello from a dory house in london this is the cinema show i'm ben rislan also today i went to a party and somebody came ever said who your us at my coaches that i guess i just met in script writer so really abuse so i look around and i think who the hell is posing it's a script writer because i've written the script fresh from the success of the classic crime film get kata starring michael caine nineteen at seventy one director mike hodges began work on the comedy thrill up pulp we'll find out whatever happened to the almost forgotten favorite in a special interview with the filmmaker that's older come on the cinema show on monocle 24 madam plans drink piloting ralph love them complaint to immune hashtag them they're logic the marine maybe there pierce outflow hashtag through them.

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