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"informative league" Discussed on The Twelve Six Podcast

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"informative league" Discussed on The Twelve Six Podcast

"So. It was an out blood early on I. Remember going to ballgames literally sixty five sixty seven years ago. Yeah we been, we were always. We grew up in a baseball virement and other things to any baseball was a fundamental part. My grandmother you know could not read or write English retaliated never went to school. She is to clean animals, Informative League, but as a result she's loves to watch TV and of course she loved the Yankees had all the Italians, and she loved talking to the television. You know I could have done that. Jerk in something like that. Struck out pinch hitter came up and struck out then guys, you know. She gave headaches in the following day, but some baseball's always been very close to my brother and I both big big baseball fan. I like that such a universal thing I can see my mom and my grandmother, doing the same thing down in Atlanta Georgia when the you know, the braves are really bad in the eighties, and then really good in the nineties and doesn't matter whether they were good or bad. They're still yelling at the TV. Bobby a different move. You know it doesn't. Graham and I bet they don't. Matter she talked. So you had a chance. Did you chance to see Marvin Miller at the end of his career when he came in always dawn? Yell Yes, but actually even though Marvin was no longer officially place association start consulted with. But I became very close more. I handle a lot of the things that were were issues in. He retired as medical expenses, you know. Things like that you know. Dealing with the federal government social security as you got older, some a modern very clubs. Actually, we spent a lot of time together. Even go Marvin left than eighty three, but he retained it was retained as a consultant, and he was really consulted through the five negotiations which participated. In August nineteen eighty five models stole. It wasn't uncommon at all from Auburn to you. Know I the contact humans, and what do you think about this more often than that? As as we got more mature and older and father away for Marvin he disagreed with a lot of the things he did. He was a steadfast is a unique fellow. Amazing Guy. I've talked to a lot of baseball. People actually recently who have talked about the idea of Marvin being. Being a a real shame that Marvin, not being inducted into the baseball hall of fame. As as big of a role as he played in creating the game that we know today, do you? Do you feel the same way about that? Warm salute red. Barber, said, the three most important people in the history of baseball. Babe Ruth. Sane, the sport from black SOx scandal. Jackie Robinson, who saved sport from the Albatross of the combination at sport exhibited and Marvin who introduced free agency? because. Most people don't realize they think that marvins introduction of free agency was great for players. A, what age! What what free agency also clubs from the reserve clause? The reserve clause can be a an albatross around the neck of a club. The illustration I always give people. Is You know the Houston Astros have the? Third Best Second Baseman in baseball and he hurts ankle these out. You know and maybe Korea. While if everybody already has the best shortstop available guess what second..

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