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"inex t" Discussed on My Black Friend

"Got a better pun on streaming. I mean I'm open to it the other ideal was California streams and then I was going to take the intro song to the old Saturday morning show these to come on after saved by the bell called California Dreams and I was just going to redouble version over it but I mean you tell me which one you prefer. California. Streams foreign streaming is hard to say, I mean my kids you might like it. It saw is going to be quarantined forever. That's why but it's but that's the thing is I'm it's only it's a limited time thing. I thought you wanted to make his own now honor. It's just because I got a bunch of shows that I've been watching and I go people need to know about this show. And I. I have a list going and I want to mention them to like the council but I just write them down my phone instead because I'd rather save it and then talk about it on that show. Fell in love with all. Save it. Yes. But while I got you here you. GotTa. Get the. Hookup on the HBO Max what. We'll talk. Fix. because. Outta Shit they. Always need me for Shit Nigga. I will change that network that w network password. GET OUTTA heaven fucking pay per view two months you should. Watch paper. Bichon with them right now I'm just take you should unlike the fucking decisions I don't like Deebo you're here I'm going to sell you on something in a few sentences. Okay. First of all. As always a given. You should watch the NFC takeover special that they just had to. But you know what you piss me off and I stopped watching next year. When they fired my man. Who I don't like big Joseph I've never been a fan of him I. Don't think they fired him. I think what's his name more all like he was the voice of Inex- t for me in like he was so good. Yeah. It's a real letdown in a news shitting. Dig Joseph shows about a fucking out of the basement. He is fucking. US Into Oblivion Brock. Last. The focus won't different because I I like Vic Joseph. I think he's better than Phillips I give you that I like him better than Michael. Coles, who would I compare it to I always think what I'd rather listen to this guy or micro I'd rather listen than there keeper. So. Nothing is I would rather listen to like go just because I know core grade is going to be next. If I could get Michael Cole and keep Corey Graves and that's the best of all worlds Stevo. You didn't let me finish selling you when you're going GONNA come back to the network. Okay Annex T announced their next special in like two weeks. It's at the end of this month the end of October. Okay Do. You have a guess as to what the name of it is. They are workings you're right. It's not wargame. Game Stevo but you're close. You're so close we'll. We'll now. No no you went. You went too far. Come back a month. Okay. What was coming depot were in October? October all we yes. I'm it's not gonna be nothing but just Halloween theme sets Danny de will they brought back spin the wheel megadeal. No this we've got all the different match giving on the wheel like lottery. We'll. Tell you're not watching Halloween habits. Then you real son of a bitch you. Know I'm in I have. To, watch Halloween havoc. There is something just. So quaint about wrestling when it was geared towards..

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Marvel's Avengers: Retailer Says Spider-Man PS4 Exclusive Listing Not Correct

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Marvel's Avengers: Retailer Says Spider-Man PS4 Exclusive Listing Not Correct

"Spiderman may be exclusive to the playstation version of Marvel's avengers a since removed product blurb on the retail website based dot listing for the upcoming Marvel's avengers game noted that Spiderman would be exclusive to the playstation four version of the game and by extension the playstation five version when that releases. Andy Robinson reported on the detail for Video Games, Chronicle Dot, com, and wrote it's not clear if the marketing blurb was supplied by publisher square, inex- However the company has previously confirmed has a global marketing deal with playstation and that there would be surprises for playstation players. That story is linked in the show notes and would be undeniably pretty big surprise for playstation players. It would make sense to considering Sony's part ownership relationship with. The character Spiderman has been a weirdly important element of Sony's business for some time. Sony makes money off all Spiderman Marvel movies and the playstation three pretty much wholesale news these Spiderman Font established by these Sam Raimi's spider man films for its logo, and then of course, there is the INSOMNIAC developed Spiderman game that Sony published which performed so well that it led Sony to finally put a ring on insomniacs finger and purchased the studio.

Sony Spiderman Chronicle Dot Sam Raimi Andy Robinson Publisher
A Conversation with IOTA founder, David Sonstebo


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A Conversation with IOTA founder, David Sonstebo

"Personally I from a I would say futuristic view like when I was a sixteen years old of his very much into the futurist movement on the Internet. At the time this was like two thousand five six seven when Bitcoin didn't even exist yet and we had something called the extra populists where you discuss everything from quantum physics foundations of physics to the danger of artificial intelligence. So if you've heard of nick booster which has become quite a household name analysts. Yeah I WANNA say. Last seven years I think is like the simulation Disease that he created cetera gained a lot of momentum particular due to alone must he was posting on these forums. And ask His collaborators as was the creator of quantum computation. His name's David Deutsch. He was the father of quantum computation. Also one of the strongest proponents of Theon many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics which has also become quite popular in the last few years. So this was kind of the environment that my formative years were spent in online and in one of these forums which was gold. Ls wrong by Allies Gulf skit will also is very focused on their life extension artificial general intelligence these kind of research topics Heuristic stuff on those forums. Of course this is were held. Fini Way die in all of these kind of book chains. Cypher legends hung around so I was exposed at quite alone. I think the white paper I owed is. Bitcoin story came up around two dozen ten eleven in the beginning. I wasn't particularly interested because it was like Internet money. And it had this very strong towards a particular political leaning and I didn't like Join Movement based on a political ideology. I don't care for that like I prefer rational and critical thinking so I didn't necessarily like it into beginning. Look because of the technology but just because of the overall movement around but then as I like as the years or a couple years past Of course used Bitcoin a couple. Times was interesting. And then the dove into the White Paper in depth and I realized that Holy Shit. This technology is really transformative. At least it could potentially be a paradigm shifts in the digital around. So from there on I would say early two thousand twelve. It was full time. Twenty four seven just distributed. Ledger Technology. How can we use it for payments? Have degree used for data Degradate boating all of these other kind of extremists So I got into that and then I met my am co-founders Sergei bunch low dominic in there and Sergei Popo. All of them were also early adopters of drip though and we got together in this project called exceed in two thousand thirteen. This was the first proof of stake. Implementation was kind of the first of I I would say INEX- T for those historians out there listening and Exte- was the first project that truly brought the blockchain to other applications older than just transactional back and forth payments because we had a completely decentralized assets exchange which you can now of course compared to Theorems Your C. Twenty token kind of ICO. Hyper happen and we all sat boating. That all of these interesting stuff. Identity Cetera on the distributed ledger. Jen so all of us met there. Erin coalesced around this idea but then personally. I was much more interested in the futuristic aspects. Has That was my background? So I tried to contemplate what role can distribute electric play in the future and for me. There was two very definite role that it can play number. One is the data integrity or data insurance or whatever term. You want to use it. Depends on what the paper rate rise is that like paper or like proving that data hasn't been tampered with and that you know people who okay interesting exactly so the way I think about like the future whether hundreds of billions of sensors and a lot of this edge computational devices which at the time was even called edge computational because it didn't exist at the time but for us it was very obvious that you will have computation have sensors sending day to these gates at the edge. Should they will computer that? They will send it back in. You will have real time actionable Kind of items. That you can Not just measuring analyzed but you can also act on them but in that case like in that futuristic scenario where the entire world is just completely autonomous. You are one hundred percent dependent on the date of being accurate and that's where this debate electric. It's immutable and censorship resistant. So that's kind of the angle that isolated from from point one and point to was what is the incentive. Because you can think of it today. You have Just from a human's centric experience point of view. You fit bit than you have with things rabble these different e health companies. Just a very simple example. How do they interact in? What is the incentive for them to interact? There has to be a mechanism for them to actually data an open up their data silos so it kind of becomes disfluent data lake which kind of been promised for the best twenty years and from my perspective the distributed ledger provides a payment mechanism. This value transferred guaranteed value transfer. So those are the two things that are really Really prompted me to initiate the IOTA Project and since then just just wrap it up very quickly. This introduction became quite long so since two thousand fourteen. We started the project and we went forward with it. Developed the initial prototype Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and then in two thousand and sixteen restarted the incorporation of thieves Which was the first non partitioning Europe at the time that was confronted with cryptocurrency and it was in Germany so as you can imagine it wasn't the easiest process like Germany isn't known for its Super Liberal policies. We have to go through a lot of the doors to get that accepted the witted and that also paints kind of the backdrop of what I oughta is versus a of these other projects in the sense that we chose to take the hardest route possible from the beginning. Because we knew if this is going to become something if this if this is going to become the next TCP IP protocol we have to get the legislation on our side we have to get the regulators on our side. So let's just go through it in the beginning. So that's what we did. Got It setup. Now we hundred twenty people in thirty different countries around the growth as the foundation. Of course have a huge community as well. So that's yeah that's why introduction

Bitcoin David Deutsch Germany Nick Theon Europe Sergei Bunch JEN Erin Exte Sergei Popo Cryptocurrency Dominic
Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is the first step in a very long journey

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Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is the first step in a very long journey

"The final fantasy seven remake demo is now available exclusively on PS and right now. The final fantasy seven remake demo leaked a few weeks ago but now the thing is real and officially playable on playstation four according to the demos description on the playstation store it covers the first chapter of the original game or cloud and his new friends bombed the Mako reactor. It's worth noting that downloading and playing the demo gives you access to an exclusive final fantasy seven remake. Ps Four theme which will be available on April tenth as long as you download the demo before May eleventh twenty twenty the easiest way to remember that date is that you will want to download it the day before my sister's birthday or if it's even easier to remember grab it from the store at least two days before. Piccolo Day which we all know is may thirteenth. The description also has two important qualifiers content in the demo may differ from the final retail version and progress made in demo will not carry over to the final game which is disappointing squirt UNIX is under no obligation to let the save file move forward. It's not an assumed thing when it comes to game demos at this point but I love when it's an option. I like checking out. Demos like this but when final fantasy seven remake actually releases. I'M GONNA be bombed that I will have to play through that whole section again. I am super thankful that this demo exists and by the time this podcast is on the Internet. You can actually go and find an archive. Were streamed it for an hour on twitch. I played through the whole thing might handle his kyle impersonator but I have to admit I'm a little surprised that the demo exists at all I think square INEX- basically committed millions of people to buying it just by announcing it was working on it. I don't think a demo will necessarily change anyone's mind but I'm really. I'm not complaining. I promise maybe outside of square just wanting to let people get their hands on it a bit after waiting for so many years for its release they they just WanNa set some expectations for how different. It's going to be for the original game so maybe the people download it. The super fans won't be blindsided by the changes when they take on the full game. Maybe that's the intention of the Demo narrowly sure by the way just Some quick impressions for the Demo. I really liked it. I wasn't pessimistic about the game by any means. It looks great and all the trailers and people that I trust that have played the remake have all had really nice things to say about it but even with high expectations going in. I really got into combat. It really feels like an action game but there is enough opportunity to pause things and slow everything down that there are still a lot of room for tactical decisions. Which is nice. It's also fluid moving into combat and out of combat scenarios. It really feels at least in the demo like a very smart middle ground between final fantasy. Fifteen and kingdom hearts as combat and. I like the combat in both of those games so Mike Excitement for final fantasy. Seven remake has only grown since playing the demo. And I I really don't have any install job for the original game. I missed it when it first came out and every time I've tried to go back and play it to make sure I've filled in that important blind spot. In my gaming knowledge is always been a

Mike Excitement Kyle
Microsoft Explanation of the Future of the Windows 10 App Platform

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Microsoft Explanation of the Future of the Windows 10 App Platform

"So there's this fluid framework which which we gotta talk about a little bit but is Microsoft trying to make DWP APPs anymore. Are they trying to make sixty four bit apps arm are they just like saying screw it. We're only GONNA do classic classic Windows APPs because that's what they decided with one note or are they making Web APPs. Are they doing all the above. Tom Just please tell me the answer so I can stop wondering if new damaged but as as as anything mark sold is far more complicated but I I think the overall phase that the udub stuff I was for a different era is for when they go off. The phone will run on exploits. They had this vision of an APP third everywhere hence universal. So so do you have any. PM sorry for the universal windows platform pro fights platform. Yeah and so the idea was you could write once run anywhere but it's you make an APP you put it in the win in the Microsoft store and it'll work on windows tablets windows laptops and also windows phones and you can you can inex- votes on hold on an xbox and Hololens and and You know it has a consistent across all these things and it's a beautiful dreamworld and they got they got you know tens of developers to do it and and so the majority of that dream has gone away by the phone. The phone is gone away. That was the key bridge and the stuff is just like yeah whatever and Holland still develop him. mm-hmm we'll see what happens The other part of it is that these things only run on windows ten and they had millions of people's to ease seven so to convince even enterprise up developers to re fat to their apps into this is just. This is not gonNA happen when it can't run on the vast majority desktops right. So I think that's kind of held held the legacy of of the enterprise and stuff we might not always wholesome back on everything because they were trying to appease everything for business just that's just the nature of their business And I think that's what we're seeing now so like the one stuff. They announced this week in the announced basically one note 2016 which is a desktop is coming back to life and it's going to get a bunch of features awesome. Yeah if you're not familiar. There's there's one twenty sixteen hanging around and then they made the new like WBZ basically version of one note that was like the future and like if you had a surface pro and you like tap the screen and it would open up that version of one note and like I think yeah and so it was like an. It's really nice. WPRO is like one of the the was in fact the APP that I recommended as the Best S. note taking AP Windows in general being one note best note taking APP especially for Cross platform and so I was expecting them. Okay well eventually. What they're GONNA do is they're going to get all office onto this new platform? It's going to be great They just need to add a few more features and maybe some stuff like fall by the wayside when they make the transition. And that's okay. Because life goes on but instead they just totally like backtracked and retrenched. And I said Yeah that things done. We're just going back to the old 2016 version of one note to go along with the old versions of office. It's very confusing. Yeah so they feel will they can His the magic obeys underlying Kobe's think they're going to bring a bunch enthuse cool new features. It's this old desktop right. But I don't really know what's going to happen into the new play. They say it's going to be still exist. You know y mice of loves having to APPS RAVINE IS Internet explorer edge. Yeah paps there's like Windows Mail and outlook proper outlook. So it's just a phase can be another one of those scenarios I and I love it but underlying with this is that a year ago I think it was. They said they were going to put their new touch friendly UW versions of office. This which are really nice as well. Those things launch in like less than a second they crazy basic. They just use them every day. It's not the word you used. Those are on hold and they were going to take us a win for you to the desktop and Web Yep and the section was one note until now so I feel like they are going to focus a hell a heck of a lot on the web for the stuff that they were trying to achieve review. WBZ original dream and everything else. I like you know the legacy and keeping their business customers happy desktop down for two allowing devs to just kind of go wilde dewey one in like that's I I think the thing now just do we need to do to get your APP store. Whatever yeah

Microsoft Tom Just Holland Kobe UW Sixty Four Bit
'Joker' Is Getting Serious Award Show Buzz

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'Joker' Is Getting Serious Award Show Buzz

"This being the Oscar show we are of course talking about movies that may or may not contend for Oscar's just before we get began recording we were we're discussing the Venice Film Festival's winner of the Golden Lion and that movie of course Amanda is called Joker now jokers for those of you who've been sleeping under under a rock todd Phillips's. I guess you just described it aptly as a remake of taxi driver but with the joker we think that's what that movie is going to be. Neither you nor I have seen correct and until we see it. I think is going to be difficult for us to weigh in specifically on whether it's a problematic movie whether it's a wonderful movie. I don't know I also also just candidly I'm looking forward to it. Though I think we've started on the show a handful of times were not looking forward to the discourse around the movie that we don't have to look for it. It's already here. It's here. It's here I. I'm not really a part of it and I said that I would not be a part of it. I continue to not be in part because as you said we haven't seen it yes. We're only citing it here. Because the idea of joke entering the Oscar race I think is significant. I noted this over the weekend but just four of the previous forty Golden Lion winners have gone on to become best picture nominees two of those four of them in the past two years. Those movies are the shape of Water Roma both of which were if not major favorites significant contenders so it's possible that as as things evolve maybe Venice's evolving into perhaps a bellwether for the academy I it's very hard to say because in addition to joker being acknowledged they also acknowledged alledged Roman Polanski's new film officer and a spy which won the silver lion and it's notable that the academy expelled Roman Polanski last year from the academy so I do think that a festival like Venice which you and I discussed a couple of weeks ago as we previewed the season has the chance to significant significantly influence where we're going the season and I feel a complicated question in the sense that you and I are having this conversation now and a bunch of people lost their minds on twitter this weekend about joker winning the Golden Lion. I you know I think that happened on Saturday afternoon. A PS and you watched all the tweets role in it. Everyone being like Oh. Oh Shit Oscar racist change like Fam- It is early September calm down you know that is the nature of the Oscars at this. Wayne is like a bunch of people just like hidden at retrieve Biden and being like game changer so I guess it's a game changer I also so there was instant hand ringing ringing of being like a Venezia's responding to the discourse and they are saying no you will not shame us we will not that'd be politically correct which is like. They're not at all. It's Venice. It's just like a bunch of people taking boats around and being like we're having a nice international time like I promise Lucrecia Martel who is the president of the jury this year like did not read your tweets and doesn't care so to the extent that all of this okay so you're just you really feeling it right now and it's great. I just like Lucrecia. Martel was just chilling in a boat somewhere. That's what you're saying. She was in a Gondola. I hope she had what a great time watching hangover three director. She deserves it. I hope she got some time like on a plaza somewhere with an imperative because that's what you gotTa do when you go adventist okay it's not read stupid people's tweets about like what joker reflects about the twenty first century masculinity or whatever she doesn't care they. I don't care so in that sense no but in the sense that we are in a prison of our own making and all of the Oscar discourses now but because of people reacting and just kind of shutting each other across the void I just did a monologue about it and the Oscar Shell. You're participating of course participating and we say we're not going to and then we do. I think you definitely put your finger on something very smart. which is that the reactionary nature of certain movies or at least the way they're perceived to be reactionary canary invariably influences the races you know the green book conversation happened in part because there is at least the expectation that older members of the academy did not not want to be told what they could or could not like now joker is not exactly the same as green book even though we haven't seen joker? I feel pretty safe assumption that they don't have the same posture. Let's say but I do think that there is a chance that a movie like this could sneak. Its way in because of what you're saying because there is the sort of like. Don't tell tell me what kind of a movie I'm allowed to like not like. I'm not totally sure. Todd Phillips is not necessarily historically known as a awards filmmaker and Joaquin Phoenix INEX- is a bit of a circuitous personality in the world. You know he's not the kind of person who I think is going to go to one hundred after parties and kiss babies to get his nomination despite the fact that he's understood to be the master of his craft etc etc.. We'll have to just wait and see you know we're. We're not far away from seeing this movie. The only thing I would say flip side of that is that it would be so Oscars for them to finally recognized the Superhero Genre with this movie that is a remake of an odd to all the seventy s movies that these these academy jokers grew up on. I don't think that that would be a fair recognition of what soup the superhero genre is in the industry and I don't think that would be a fair recognition this movie which I haven't even seen but you can see you can see them get. The one thing I'll say is though there's one thing working for them working the thing working against it. The one thing we're going forward is the sort of like elevated seventies thing that you're mentioning which gives it a perhaps a measure of credibility in some people's minds. The flipside is this character has already been celebrated by the Academy Heath Ledger already one thing this character so we know that the academy is maybe more open to the idea of a chaos agent in its mix. You know what I'm saying yes but the academy recognizes like the King of England and a character like every three years so that doesn't doesn't really matter okay the one thing that we can say about joker is that it's clear that he is this week's winner of is he running because joker is running. It is clear the joker is here to stay for the Oscars conversation so we'll get into him more. I suspect that we'll do a little bit of a deep dive on the show in October. I WanNa ask you about the article the because it's very clearly titled Joker and calling I mean I understand that the joker is the character but I think they're also trying to do something by not having him be the joker. It's it's a word play has also he's a joker because we're all joker rate so the collective joke asking you. I want to set some intention for Oscar season. Are we going to call him. The joker are we just going to call him joker. Can we just see the movie and find out what if he's not the canonical joker. Tell okay. It's Ah you're editor. Brain is working on this Monday morning. We'll just have to wait and see because it's completely plausible that this is not operating in the traditional Batman Mythology. Oh Gee and so thus it's just a reference to how all leaders and men with power jokers of the world listen. I'm just trying to respect the film and the filmmakers occurs and engage with the text people. Don't think that I'm going to do that was movie but I am well. We appreciate your your candor. Openness and

Joker Oscar Golden Lion Venice Lucrecia Martel Academy Heath Ledger Roman Polanski Oscar Shell Todd Phillips Amanda Venezia Lucrecia Editor Director Water Roma Wayne Twitter
"inex  t" Discussed on The Rack Radio Show

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"inex t" Discussed on The Rack Radio Show

"What an amazing time time in its his smiling face. Fake it replies. Are you doing the cologne without the makeup this next tweet. I am not going to be able to do this justice at all but please note this. This is dripping with sarcasm chris jericho. Oh by the way dividend next on u._s._a. Network you're welcome hashtag industry changer william regal. It response is to that yes thank you chris from us from us both being on inex- t in two thousand ten until today being a mentor announcer in g._m. E._m. An extra has given huge opportunities for many talent who would never have got a chance before to be real game changers and it's all down to you. Thank you so so much. I love william regal's. I love him so much. Bless him anyway. That's why ah let's see where we have here all right headlock comex given his new look. I'd love if love it. If corporate new gimmick has won the members is the one member of the family that went to college accurate phase e walk sony disney could not come to agreement on spider man because they didn't want any strings attached uh-huh ha you walk. She has better burns but she's she's been on fire this week. Corey graves every time tom phillips. Billups calls a call can chasa god kills a puppy. I'm sorry sion's guy. I'll be back next week. Apparently planning allows some podcast network with the best pakistan network has waltergrave but rene younger. It's finally i can hand over my pitch for young in the rustler's..

william regal chris jericho Corey graves pakistan sion Billups inex- t sony rene g._m disney tom phillips
"inex  t" Discussed on Notsam Wrestling

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"inex t" Discussed on Notsam Wrestling

"Amazing. You're pretty if you're not a main event superstar ready you're you're you're fairly close. Your second, pay per view match with Roman reigns this year. I think you're doing okay. What are you? The first break champion is not. So what do you think of this, this theory about the next? He call ups, you know, a lot of times, you see guys in annexed tea and the annex t fans who I mean, I would say the next fans aren't that and it's ironic because it's WWE product, but they're not that dissimilar from like the PWG fans the annexed fans are super loyal. They're super passionate. I mean, I don't know if you saw the takeover from Hartford, I think it was take over twenty five the last one, but it was it was it was so loud, the entire show was just so loud. Everybody on fire the whole time, but and actually fans are one of the things that they always say when somebody starts to get over super big and annexed he is. I hope they don't go to the main roster because the main roster is going to ruin them, and they start bringing up guys that were big in annexed t, and then they get to the main roster and it doesn't pan out for them. I feel like and maybe it's because that narrative is a little bit more convenient. When you're talking about the negative side of it, because you don't really hear this success stories, the drew mcintyre's, for instance, like you go from being annexed champion to going on to the main roster and not missing. A step really. What is it? How do you succeed in that transition? And why do you think it hasn't worked for some people? Mentioned earlier, one is always good. Inex- T, guy, or girl that asked me and wouldn't you do different? Always say, but just don't lose what brought you to the dance the nature of inex- t- enrolling sniping, are, obviously, very different, so you're going to get more time than annex t, and it's, you know, not quite like runs night, then where a lot of the matches are can commercials for the characters commercials for the future, pay per view. And, you know, you're looking to tell the story and sometimes short story, you've got to be able to figure out, okay? And then to have thirty minutes as easy to tell the story and thirty minutes. But can you do that? Like, how good are you really are you to tell that story? In five minutes are you able to keep what brought you from exceeds ROY smack? And, you know, if you are you gonna tell you, okay. No, you're too good guy there. You're gonna be a bad good. And suddenly, you start panicking and people are in your ear giving advice. So you're just gonna suddenly change over thin and try and please everybody. Or you can figure out.

Inex- T Hartford mcintyre thirty minutes five minutes
"inex  t" Discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast

The Bill Simmons Podcast

02:10 min | 1 year ago

"inex t" Discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast

"They were doing great. I love it. I went to wrestlemainia my son is all in like it's not like we don't like WB, but it was always like it'd be fun if there's one more challenger and now feels like we have David shoemaker. It sure does. I mean, listen, we're talking about the Monday night wars era, and how that was the air that all these wrestling fans love. It's not just us WWE loves that era to half of the content on the WB is in reminiscence of the Monday night wars. I mean sure part of it, most of its they won. And they're glorifying themselves in the process. But that listen, there's two big things at Mark some of the greatest moments in wrestling history. One is technological leaps in cable TV came on restless when wrestling took the big jump on. There have been numerous examples over the years. But the other thing is competition, WWF would never have been WWF without the end of UA going without trying to take over for the NWEA. They would've never been what they are today if they didn't have WCW going at them on Monday nights, and then they tried to create their own competition by doing a brand split between Ron smackdown. Now, they had this sort of, in house competition from inex- t. And they previously, they had e c w but they're never going to have competition like real competition. And for years, it was there is the specter of TNA wrestling, which became impact wrestling, which sort of took that spot and more than anything. I think just squatted on squatted on TV time slot and made it impossible for anyone else to compete because they underachieve or they weren't able to achieve up to the level of WCW or something and discouraged other competition. But now we finally had this other thing, and you're right. I mean, part of it's just real wrestling in part of it is, is old school. And we saw this double, or nothing on Saturday night, Cody Rhodes versus Dustin Rhodes the two children of dusty the, the legend go head to head in the bloodiest grudge match, you could imagine that, of course. Spoiler alert ended with them, you know, embracing at the end of the match. Yeah. Emotional old school emotional invested wrestling, and seventy percent of the power of that was in these beautiful promos. They cut before the event on there were on YouTube. And I mean that was really cool. And then the other half. It is this very, I guess, in wrestling terms is kind of ultra-modern style of sort of post real post post, you know, K Fave..

wrestling NWEA WWF David shoemaker Cody Rhodes YouTube TNA inex- t Dustin Rhodes WCW Ron smackdown Mark seventy percent
Vladimir Selene, President Dolinsky And President discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe

Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe

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Vladimir Selene, President Dolinsky And President discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe

"And Ukrainian president petro Porsche schenken leaves office today to make way for comedian Vladimir selene ski, but Bloomberg's Michael Winfrey says, there's already trouble ahead for the new leader you create truly coolish triggered his own collapse, and a tactical move that undermines president Dolinsky chance to call an early election that his party would probably win the maneuver underscored a new struck. For power in the eastern European country, which is trying to recover since protests after the Kremlin-backed leader and Russia inex- criminal in two thousand

Vladimir Selene President Dolinsky President Trump Michael Winfrey Petro Bloomberg Russia
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"Got a fun fact okay all right then we will be back to the Spanish and that stable coin to a study the most popular prison currency is no longer cigarettes now. It's Rama noodles out the Spanish announce table in x t take take over Phoenix. Is this Sunday and typically you know the these inex- takeovers always accompany the big four and if anything the royal rumble I mean out of the big four I put three or four depending on survivor series can pull up lame sometimes too but the royal rumble can get a bad rap for being slow and lethargic sometimes just because the match itself but so inex- t already has a bit of a leg up in that regard but they always seem to Kinda still the show even against up against Wrestlemainia some time so you think we're going to let that again you know I don't know I caught some of the we record on a Wednesday night so we don't necessarily surly get to watch the annex t before you know we record but I was seeing some of the headlines and things like that and one of the story lines that they ended with going into this takeover was our CIAMPA and Gargano will reuniting d._I._Y.. Right and so that's a cool little thing because they're in separate matches and then all of a sudden do they become this huge mega. He'll force right so I think what they do better than the raw smackdown is that's the more intriguing storyline than Ronda Rousey and Tasha banks just stare at each other and then if you go over to smack down and I'm going off of the last thing we saw right and if you go over smackdown you know it was cool like I mentioned but like Randy. You were just gave Samoa Joe and our K._O.. As just to say like he's also in the match so those two storylines are not as compelling as the Holy Shit is that champ and his greatest archrival who used to be friends reuniting to take out Ricochet Cochet and Alastair Black Yeah. Here's what I like about this too is that it's that right so they were best friends they were D._I._Y.. Tax like every other tag team. That's breaking up. We've seen that right. They they had a blow up one guy goes ultra. He'll the other guys super baby face easy money which it was and he played out very well because these guys are both really good at what they do really but the subtleties of this now was that Garganas going you know what I try to do things right all the time and it didn't work out. So why am I going to do that. Why don't I try to do things more like CIAMPA did right and so now they can kind of agree and since there's a history and they were friends forever they can get along but I liked it? There's a subtlety that Gargano still might not trust CIAMPA right. They still don't necessarily like each other but it's familiarity and they were best friends so they do know how to work together and they do know that they can help each other to get ahead write but they're still could be that. I could fuck you over at any moment right. I'll never trust you because of the one in time you burn me that kind of thing and I think <hes> from what I saw the last shot of inex- see before takeover was <hes> chomp ahead his handout and Gargano was about to shake his hand and then Garganas wife came out and was like hey you dumb shit what he fucking to you several forget this you know like you were out of commission because this guy like no. Isn't this what a friend does like if we were having a big thing where I thought Tom Um. You need to learn a hard Kadhem lesson and I tell you that hard lesson but now I'm going to be they're going. Did you see men. Are you ready to listen. Are you ready to come aboard and you'd be like and I don't know but you're probably right and then it can be like don't what was that fucking asshole. Any time you cry. I had to listen to your digits right yeah yeah so with that being said and going back to your original question I do think inex- he's going to be the better of the two shows just because they do better storytelling and again. Ricochet is amazing right he can do seventy five flips off of a cage but the story is what catched is you every single time and if the story he is better than just a staredown at the end of it shows me always gonna be better yeah. It makes me care enough to watch closely enough to see the seventy five flips off of a catch that yes. I want to care enough so that when I watch the guy who does seventy five flips off. The cage impresses me more than the guy who doesn't but if I don't care enough to watch in the first place I'm Never GonNa know the difference definitely right. It's getting to fix. What are we got? Let's get to take over Phoenix or whatever matches listed right now on the let's go to W._w.. Dot Com just to make sure I'm looking at Wikipedia but I'm GonNa pull up W._W.. Dot Com just so that we can say we were going to the source right right right so let's look for shows installing a little bit here and we are going to go to annex t here we all right so we've got matt riddle versus Cassius Ono. What do you think I told you at the end two thousand eighteen than I am on the Bro Train so I am going with the King of Bros.? Borough Matt Riddle Yeah I definitely look cassie. Someone is brought in there to teach some of these young guys that are coming in had a work how you know how to get by like if we're going beyond the story lines which we like to stick to story lines down Spanish now stable two point. Oh you know enough to know cassie Sonos an old fat guy right so unless they thought we need to elevate him to give him a little more credibility in the next few but I don't think they're doing that when he's up against the guy like Matt Riddle because they clearly WanNa make this guy a big deal so for me. It's easy enough to just say Matt. Riddles GonNa win this because even in the story line. He's gotTa Win this right. He's been being screwed over. I don't feel like I'm getting the impression from the storyline that it's going to continue much longer so I think I think maybe even Keith Lee comes in and gives a little you know when when Ono's trying to cheat Keith lease there to make the save and do something a little quasi against the rules in Ridha wins something like that but yeah riddle definitely with the victory yeah all right then the match we were kind of one of the matches we were starting to talk about for the INEX- t North American Championship. We have ricochet the champion defending against Johnny Gargano for as much as I love Johnny Gargano Baby You face and I enjoy what he's doing. A he'll seems like all these INEX- takeovers every time I watch it as a viewer outside of one that was good God amazing. He loses and I think he's GonNa lose to Eh. I think he's like the Shawn michaels where it's like. Dude that was a seventeen star match the Tokyo Dome but it was like what he also the loss but it was Omega do that one thing we'd like. He did a kick. The coup on the WHO that guy is but you know who that guy is what you are yeah so I think are gonNA lose because he just puts on awesome stuff and maybe he leaves. It's moved up several reasons. I agree with you. A Johnny Gargano is still obviously going to be continuing this mixed storyline with Champa <hes> so you know either way you could use the title or not the North American title whatever but ricochets GonNa move on after this even if they don't you know because they're likely not to continue this feud and I feel like He. It's GonNa be easier to tell a story with whoever he's against if he's got that title against his waist right that and I also think you know let's just say we'll get into our pick about the championship match but Alastair Black and Tomas O.. CIAMPA are very like heavy heavy characters right so if I just show my nephew or niece like this is a champion. It's going to be hard if I say here's a he'll champion Gargano and then here's you know a twitter and Alastair black or another. He'll into lawsuit shop. There needs to be like not say that ricochets regular dude but there needs to be a guy that can do the the Mak- wish stuff champ and I think that's what the role he's feeling with. The North American Championship got this book and you can bet on Tom. <HES> GARGANO IS GONNA be in a very tight match. I mean this is this match could steal the show for one it could be the most athletic Garganas going to be in a situation where he just can't put ricochet away away right. I mean to count after to counter to count to count and WHO's GONNA come out. Try to help him is Champa right and he's going to be like no no right because my wife told me that would be dumb. <hes> no I don't need you. I can do this and he still loses then. We'll flash forward and we'll talk more in the main event match but you bet where I'm going right okay. You're right right right so the next match next match. We have championships mess when you might just like. I don't know what's going on it. Yeah adds up Texaco Area Stout Story in my lifetime all right tank the undisputed era Kyle O'Reilly friend of the show been on the show and Roderick strong not been on the show because he's a loser versus. The war is not a loser versus the war raiders Hanson row well I mean until he comes on the show. He's not a loser right exactly yeah. We don't know so. What do you think the war raiders GonNa come away with this because the undisputed era? I feel like they've done what they can what this right and at some point they don't necessarily need the titles to be what they are yeah. That's that's the hard thing with this faction. Is there so good <hes> and there's such a mainstay but there's only so much you can do until other things happen and I don't necessarily think like a break-up is in order but I think we could maybe start to see some dissension in undisputed needed era with this loss being oh yeah jumpstart. Oh <hes> the man that charisma forgot Roderick strong screws up the mash coin anyways right there like why do we even need you. You really haven't helped much touch right or just say bobby. Fish can be like hey you know that it's mean Kyle Riley who should James here or the Red Dragon Yeah about this Red Dragon. He carries a Red Dragon. Yeah Yeah a little wagon thing that is with us us okay so this is the match. I'm kind of secretly really wanting to watch here. Annex St Women's champion not even secretly outright. This is the match. I'm really wanting to watch the show for Shane Obeys Ler Bianca Bel Air for the next women's championship. What do you think Shayna? I think this is why I think she. She has something coming up that she needs to be the champs so when she does the secondary thing <hes> it makes it look more like a bad ass so in order for that secondary thing to happen. She needs to be Bianca Blair. I'm assuming you're thing in the four horsewoman things so I I'm worried about that and I think you're stupid. I don't think it has to be stupid. I think it's going to be stupid because they're pulling the trigger way too early. There's a couple reasons. Rhonda rouses not ready for it because when they do it inevitably Ronda Rousey has to be the leader of that for horsewoman group notoriety but she has not dot ready because Sheena Basil outclasses heard every possible aspect.

Johnny Gargano matt riddle Ronda Rousey CIAMPA Phoenix Alastair Black Garganas Roderick Cassius Ono Rama Wrestlemainia INEX- t North American Champio Shawn michaels Randy Tokyo Dome Tom Um Keith Lee Kyle O'Reilly
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"Five hundred sixty three million dollars to hire seventy five new immigration judge teams to fast track the processing. That's what Trump is offering inex- change for five point seven billion dollars to build the wall. Trump is going to present this to the Senate since Nancy Pelosi is intractable on this. There are only fifty three Republicans in the Senate, which would mean that seven Democrats have to join the Republicans because you need sixty votes for this. So it is my contention. The president doesn't expect this to pass. It is my contention. This proposal is made to demonstrate the president is willing to be cooperative is willing to compromise is willing to try to get things done is willing to work with the Democrats to reopen government. While Pelosi wanted to be on a plane over to Afghanistan, and Egypt and Brussels. Pelosi was in Hawaii while Democrats are in Puerto Rico, partying down with donors and lobbyists. Trump wants to be seen as trying to get everybody off the dime here. But he knows they're not going to accept it. Now, Mitch McConnell is going to bring it up for a vote because this is all designed to show. The Democrats are intractable. There are some Democrats. However who want to move on this? So far seven or eight Democrats in the house not in leadership are interested in getting things move here. Not every democrat, by the way is against the wall. There's an increasing number Democrats who think that we need to do something to stop this. Many of them come from from Trump presidential districts, but nevertheless. Now, the Democrats have rejected out of hand Trump's proposal even before he made it because it leaked out. I'm Thursday when scuttle but of a new Trump proposal, I emerge Pelosi repeated several times. In her Christine, ballsy, Ford invitation that that little girl voice. That she is not for a wall see for affordable healthcare for all Americans. But not for a wall. Well, these reminder we already have six hundred miles of immoral wall on the Mexican border. She's got immoral walls all over her property and estates. Trump is is wanting to extend that by two hundred miles. So the Democrats rejected. So what do you think the purpose of this is folks, I know a lot of you are. Hoping that the president will simply declare a national emergency and go get whatever money he needs and start building the wall. And. I'm with you. I hope that happens. But I I also believe. The best case scenario for Trump is he would love to work a deal. He'd love to have congress in the White House work together on some kind of deal where? The wall gets built. It's just. A desire for there to be compromised and participation here by all sides because that legitimizes it. Doing it with executive action emergency status may be the only. Way this is going to get done. But I knew when I heard about this proposal all kinds of people were gonna panic. Oh, my God, it's amnesty. And I'm gonna tell you something folks at better, not better not come to that. Amnesty. I'm gonna go out on a limb. Here the amnesty signed by Rinaldi's Magnus Simpson Mazzola thousand nine hundred eighty six was the beginning. Of the loss of California as a viable state for Republicans. There is no good that comes from amnesty. Especially if you start talking about it for whatever the number of illegal aliens in the country is and that number is basically now eleven million. I think it's far more than that. If there's another amnesty you've seen the map, I pointed this out look at Texas look at all the congressional districts in Texas along the Mexico border. They are all light blue. To purple. They're all controlled by the Democrats. Every one of those districts in Texas on the south western side of the state on the border would make oh folks if the Republicans lose the electoral votes in Texas you with the odds of ever electing another president are there. Slim to none. Rush. Rush nineteen percent of Hispanic. I know I know it's not axiomatic every Hispanics voting democrat folks, the numbers flooding in here. That poll of nineteen percent Hispanics. Those are people living and working in the country. This flood, and there's a couple more caravans gearing up and heading this way, some now claiming asylum and Mako, but they're they're headed this way. And if the flood is not stopped. I mean, this is all become it's going to become demographically axiomatic after a while it has to be stopped. It has to be stopped. I don't I'm just I'm on a limb here, but I don't think the president expects this thing to pass. I don't think that was the purpose of it. But you can panic all the want all the while. Anyway, if you wish, but I don't think anybody think they're gonna be seven Democrats in the Senate sign onto this. Even though it's got everything that they want it just five point seven billion from the wall. They don't want. To the extent that Democrats can be exposed here. Although I don't know if this is true, somebody told me that it was only FOX and CNN that broadcaster carried Trump's Saturday afternoon speech ABC CBS NBC did not if that's true. Then what percentage of Americans still have no idea? What Trump's proposal is downloaded Russia's radio show app, yet we streamlined it made it much more accessible much more pleasing to the eye..

Democrats Trump president Nancy Pelosi Senate Texas Mitch McConnell Ford California Christine White House Puerto Rico CNN executive congress Brussels Mexico Hawaii
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"You know, he's always been called in in and around the preparation during the week. And then of course, leading up to the game. He's a guy that just wants to continue to help the team win and dish the ball and put it put it in our playmakers hands. Really, not not get much credit. Just just let the other guys do it. Even after taking that hit. And then going back in about it took a lot of. Excuse me, a lot of courage and guts at that point to wanna finish the game and come back in. Credited credits. Nick. Yeah. Credits inex-. So they win. They win a couple of games in a row with Nick foles playing and thus the nickname Saint Nick beating Houston thirty two to thirty one. And then the game before that, of course, doing it in overtime beating the Los Angeles Rams thirty one not overtime beating them thirty to twenty three and the game before that they lost in overtime to the Dallas Cowboys. But Carson Wentz was the quarterback then and in that game against Houston. Nick foles had four hundred and seventy one passing yards. Is that crazy? Yeah. So we'll see if they find a way to get into the playoffs. Maybe maybe not hard to say. I mean, this is this is the final week. So there's injuries to deal with on other teams. There's teams that look like they should have gotten in. But they're not, and that's just how football rolls. But for your purposes when we're nailing the score. You don't need any of that gobbly Gook all you have to care about is who's going to win pick aside. And tell me what the score is going to be you can send it to me at Kate, Delaney radio dot com. K Delaney radio dot com or jingle these numbers. Eight five five to six six to eighty three you'd have to get in right now. And we could take during the commercial break because that would be fair. But that would be the only way and. And this week seventeen wraps it up so hard to believe, isn't it. Crazy.

Nick foles Los Angeles Rams Saint Nick Dallas Cowboys Houston Carson Wentz Kate football
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"And the reason I say that you will be amazed by it is really because it allows you to play with salaries and all that kind of good stuff. The trade that works between the Hornets in the Lakers Kemba Walker and Frank Kaminsky from Charlotte to LA inex- change for Lonzo ball and is four hundred dollar shoes. And Brandon Ingram. This according to the NBA trade machine at ESPN dot com. That trade is approved in it adds twelve wins to the Lakers total that puts them in the top three in the west. Would you do it? If you're if you're the Charlotte Hornets, would you do it? Absolutely. Because it provides new to two new pieces to give you a hard reset and rebuild the more position. Louis NBA that we're shifting towards they get to go that route right like the Lakers and clearly and win. Now, I know LeBron signed up for four years, but he nor magic have patients to wait for a process to sort of develop. So you need to go every bucket that you possibly can my question lies in. Yes. It works for this your salary, cap wise. But are we did saying that Kimbe is the second max deal that we're offering as the Los Angeles Lakers front office? Is that the one right? We talked so much about them going out and getting going on and getting Paul, George, whomever. It may be to be that second superstar in that Rosser. Are you banking on Kim becoming the superstar taking that next step in that Laker uniform? Well, I think you are. And I think he is because he's the guy who is a killer. I don't think LeBron James is lethal. Sure, you can give him the ball, and he can get to the rack. I agree with that. But LeBron James very much is a guy who would like to defer to somebody else and in Cleveland, he didn't have that. And I think it's why things worked so. Well, who could forget the Ray Allen iconic three-year-old when you have a superstar you need that kind of shot. He hasn't had that in Cleveland. And that's why my opinion they didn't win you put Kemba there. And I think it makes them more attractive shore. Yeah. Another superstar. And I think to what's what's interesting about the wording. We choose for LeBron is different. So like, I'm a LeBron ended. I know you're a fan of his and you love you have a lot of respect for him. But rather than attributing him with deferring at all times. I think he just always makes the best play regardless of what the name is on the receiving end of said play. So if it's Kyle Korver that has the best position to make that shot. He's going to make the pass. Kyle Korver rather than himself. Whereas a lot of superstar that have that killer instinct. You mentioned just always say that I am the best option when the outside of himself in that regard. I'm not going to the guy you got a point too is Damian Lillard because Damian Lillard and LeBron does this one thing that drives me crazy. He'll shoot a three. If he's got a six eight six ten seven footer on him. He'll shoot a three instead of driving or the wreck Dame is going to absolutely dunk on your face. If he has the opportunity to know won't whatsoever. And it's a beautiful thing to watch. And I think just his basketball IQ his being LeBron's sort of works against him at times because what he sees to believe what he believes to see is the best play is what gets him tagged with not wanting to always make the sheriff himself. Sure. Hey, again, make sure you find us on Twitter the Monte show. M O N T y the Monte show. And of course, he's Trevor scales. You can find him at Trevor scales. On twitter. And I just I think they need that desperately. I really do in Kemba Walker works..

LeBron James Lakers Kemba Walker Kyle Korver Damian Lillard NBA Cleveland Brandon Ingram Trevor scales Twitter Kim Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornets ESPN Rosser Frank Kaminsky LA Ray Allen basketball
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"I had more fun watching the championship match. I think overall match Champa and dream. I think blogging Gargano had maybe one or two betters spots better fetter like moments better better story. Yeah. But I would say ciampa and dream had an overall better match from from beginning to finish the. I light. I think I like Champa and dreamed is a little bit better in terms of the match, but I need to go back and watch Gargano and black again just to pick up on everything 'cause it's kind of almost a little bit of sensory overload there. See I'm going to go with Dreamin Champa, although I'm not gonna lie. The the war games match is also really up there too. I mean, all of them are of really up there, which by the way, poor one out for poor Roderick strong who has now lost both wargames matches in annexed WWE history. So you think it was crazy where we saw apparently there are virtual reality. Character cameras set up inside the war games. Kate O yet at one point when they did the double suit or the super plex bought a Hansen with right up against one of the VR cameras. Yeah, you're going to see that. Apparently, there's new technology for the eight hitting sue so see how looks on TV health. Shout helluva show. I feel I know we shouldn't say this. But I'm going to say this because I'm that I feel just really really really bad for the people that have to do her series tomorrow. Because again, you have to follow this. And I'm sure they're gonna live up to it. And they're going to do everything in their power to make survivor series as good as takeover. But this was just a to me a really good offering again from inex- t. You're going to see a definite difference in booking and storylines and performance. So overall, the show was lit Frau. Totally let. But one living now, we're not done. He's not going anywhere. He's not going anywhere because we're going to play for night. We're gonna play for night with Rennes coming up legit like. So don't leave. This thing here following with friends. It's gonna be CB radio where the internet probably dragged on that too. So he's here all night. Oh, God to be. I mean, you made the list. You may as well. Be there to see if you forgot picks. Oh, yeah. Fix the pick who won. Okay. So in second place Lindsay omega myself in the eight ball at three and one. Thank you have a good night. Everyone. Who wasn't I? Coming up next friend who was in. I. Quite bro. Tell me how lit with..

Champa Gargano WWE inex- t Rennes Roderick Kate O Hansen Lindsay
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"Com. Tweet at while talk radio show at Linz allured. And we have not to get into tonight. We have some news. We'll have notes we're talking little fortnight because something kinda happened. That was pretty epic. So we have to talk about that pun intended. And yes, we are discussing it crown jewel. We will be talking about the show will kind of do a high level overview of the results are not going to like, I think super in death. But we do wanna talk about it because it did happen last Friday on the deputy network. So we feel it should be covered. We're also doing all your favorites. Tweak mix match challenged backed out Throwdown in exte- all that good fun. Happy stuff. So I say we jump right into the news presented by Gerber dot net. Are we doing we're doing the blind burns later, later labor labor? There are blamed Brits. But the the crown jewel and everything about well. One of them does what tied altogether. Yeah. So WBZ has acquired the the colognes wrestling library, which. Pretty awesome. The w the world wrestling council they have acquired their video library. So you probably see that popping up in the next year on the WWE network. So that should be interesting. I know they've been after for a while. And they finally came to a deal though, the rest of the world wrestling council is now in the archives. I know it's weird to be really happy to hear things like this. But it makes a really happy that like the archives are being amassed in created and like put together in one place where all these wrestling collections from all the years have gone by are being collected and preserved and cataloged and put into a library where there altogether like you have to figure they have one of the most extensive wrestling libraries, anywhere because they have pretty much everybody stuff. So it's kind of a really cool conservation effort like I know they're doing it purely for profitability. But also, it is conservation effort, you know, that there's they're saving. History from being lost, which I think is cool. It's great and the more. They collect the better awful B. It's like there will always be a record of it somewhere. Whether you ever see that that's different story. But OB they're like they've been putting a lot of old classic stuff from WCW up their stuff up within that work. There's a whole bunch of stuff that they're just putting up there for you to July. It's cool. Whether you're deserved promotion doesn't matter at least they have it in preserving the content and they'll digitize which is the key. Yeah. That's the biggest thing is digitizing all the physical tape. So even if something happens to the fiscal tape, which healthy it never does. But things do degrade over time. The digital copy will will be there hopefully forever, and it's hopefully backed up somewhere where it doesn't get lost. But shirt is pry backed up in like six different places. But I mean, we back up things six different ways. They must do twelve. I mean, right. You almost have to these days Jesus. God. But yeah. So I mean, I think is really cool that that they've done. This just another quick note the house show for inex- t San Jose is now going to be TV taping that's right before survivor series takeover or it's right before I should say takeover war games. So yeah, that's not going to be TV. So congratulations, San Jose have fun. Yeah. That's cool. They're changing over to TV taping that way. They don't travel all the way back in full selling a couple of suits in before takeover. So that should take them through the holidays. Hopefully. Yeah. So yeah, never been kind of talk about the biggest story of the week. This broke today. And this is really interesting and really worrying for WWE. It was announced that USA is ending. The raw overrun there will no longer be five to fifteen minute overrun variety. Now, a hard stop at eleven and this is partially due fact that Ron. Was not pop in that rating at the end of the night. They're not that little extra five to fifteen minutes is not seeing a bond if anything it's kind of been declining and USA's not happy about that..

wrestling WWE inex- t San Jose USA Linz allured Gerber dot Ron fifteen minutes fifteen minute
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"And the only way you could be a he'll be a coward and hate the crowd. And it's like, no man, you could just be somebody who's completely honest. And we like, nah, I'm the best fucking world at a nothing. You can do about it love that love that. Yeah. I think it's rarified air for the people who can pull that off convincingly chew. And she seems to believe everything she saying, and you can't say that for everybody even top people. Yeah. Who good promo? Yeah. They don't suddenly have to like, you know, becoming out every week with make a wish kid, right? As much as that means just do that later like don't do that bluish off of k fehb. Yeah. Watching her feud with Seth Rollins on Twitter. I love it. It is the and you would be amazed every time they post something about it. And even WWE is started to get into it like the official Twitter account. You'd be amazed. How many people are like no becky's the man, and we want to see him see her rip his arm off like suddenly you have all of these people pushing for an inter gender match. Amazing. Are y'all down for indigent matches? Fuck. Yes. I wish they would do more AAA says against it. I don't think I've seen a lot of inner gender wrestling. I've seen some it doesn't bother me. Yeah. Yuli if it's a good match. I wanna see it. Yeah. I don't care who's wrestling. Let himself get beaten up by. Rhonda. I mean. Yeah. Yeah. Well, triple h was typical of events and all them don't apply to them. Also with Rhonda. It's like people will believe she could beat up to Belaid because she was a person who beat people up like four. He'll and they it's amazing how much they will put 'em over their own. Company any given point. They will be sure to let you know that m may is way better than what that's so weird. Obviously, there's a problem of like it looks like against women Yatta Yatta Yatta inter gender wrestling. What got me into wrestling? China's matches are interesting. And I think as long as now, obviously one thing that people keep saying on Twitter. I don't wanna see Alexa, bliss versus Braun strowman. And it's like, well, you wouldn't you. You wouldn't you more on be someone like a Becky versus a Seth worth or physical differences? But it's not like preposterous. Yeah. We did have another. I light on smackdown. Which is the debut of NICKY cross Saturday is complete once more and she had a good competitive match with Becky Lynch to sort of announce her presence. What are your hopes for NICKY cross on the main Rosser? She was the stuff the Gargano angle and exte- was great. I kind of wasn't ready to see her leave that I don't know if they're gonna if she's going to split time between the two I'm hoping for for right now. What do you want? What do you want from her on on your main roster? I want the same thing. I want trickster NICKY cross, I love sanity and yada, yada. And I like her being there, but mostly like, I want them as her henchmen. And I want her doing the same thing of stirring up trouble. And I like that she was a character. Who it didn't matter? What? Part of the card. You were on NICKY cross could come and fuck your day up with something weird. And I love that. Our first match was it gives Becky Lynch because I think we see whenever wrestler comes in from inex- t and they are hyped up as dominant as they were in an XT once they get past that first initial run and that first big disappointment, they kind of go let me look at Oscar. Yeah. Look at there's so many instances where these inex- t people come Neville was another one. Like, there's a in Ballard, even you know, like they're so many of these where they come and they're hyped up as yeah, they're going to be just as dominant here. They don't have to be if we are treated in x t quote, unquote, as like the minors to the majors, then you know, when you get to the majors. Do not going to be as good as fuck Clayton. Kershaw rice ball reference. No, you're not going to be you know, you gotta work to get there..

Becky Lynch NICKY cross Twitter Yatta Yatta Yatta Rosser Seth Rollins WWE China inex- t Alexa Neville Ballard Belaid official Braun
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WINT 1330 AM

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"inex t" Discussed on WINT 1330 AM

"House inex- song queued up at this is one of their classics from the sixties so mug Semede jolly baba told me so odd saw bowl brought to our CDC classic. I shit as late so mob meteorology. Gene. Lead. Fees. Savy? Here's another selection by but also quote in in out cynic favorite song says a floor his lawyers. Let's try that again sunset so slowly as yet the sun has set breath, so quoted in does not appear some odd, but Alto arsenic, song a slow years. Yeah..

CDC Semede
Hurricane Florence's outer rain bands moving over N.C. Outer Banks

KRLD News, Weather and Traffic

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Hurricane Florence's outer rain bands moving over N.C. Outer Banks

"Thank you. I turning it over to chief meteorologist Dan off. Dan, you, and I are you especially your keeping a very close eye on hurricane Florence. I it it is now on US radar in. You're saying you're starting to see the outer bands hit hit the islands. Yeah. The first little wave came through the the Outer Banks of North Carolina about two hours ago. But now the bigger outer ban the one that's more intense. Probably getting winds gusting close to hurricane force there. Around the Beaufort area and around Cape Hatteras and is edging closer to Wilmington, and that's the expected landfall sometime shortly after midnight tonight packing winds right now one hundred ten miles per hour. Remember yesterday and the day before wind was up to one forty one forty five. So getting a little bit of some sheer or some southwesterly winds coming in on the southerly side of this storm that's kind of a weakened that a little bit. But what it has done as its Winfield has expanded over the past twenty four to thirty six hours. Hurricane. Force winds stretching out as far as eighty miles from the center that's a big storm. Tropical storm force winds in excess of thirty nine miles per hour. Inex- about two hundred miles away from the center landfall again after midnight and is moving northwest at about twelve miles per hour. So it has slowed down, and again, it's we've moving ashore and in creeping along into South Carolina over the next two days

Dan Off Hurricane Florence Chief Meteorologist Cape Hatteras South Carolina North Carolina Dallas Fort Worth Joyce Wilmington Mexico Seventy Two Degrees Thirty Six Hours Two Hours Two Days
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"To know right now what remains. Of a boy, have, been found as authorities search a makeshift. Compound in New. Mexico searching for a missing Georgia child. Last week the boy's father four other adults, and eleven children were. Found living at that property in filthy conditions SeaWorld entertainment. Is eliminating one hundred? Twenty five positions. Despite recent increases in attendance and revenue at its theme parks the interim CEO calls it. Fifty million. Dollars of. Additional. Cost reductions. Inex- police. Have arrested a twenty twenty year. Olds Faneuil Anselmo for allegedly killing his girlfriend's brother according. To court documents almost shot at the victim twenty four times while the victim was. Parked in. His Jeep at home near nineteenth avenue and union, hills yesterday on. Salma is facing first degree murder charges you're never more than fifteen minutes. Away from today's top stories, on zone, is, news station KTAR news now, for a check on traffic here's Larry Lewis Nevada Chevy dealers traffic center Ashley we're gonna find crash, activity on the, one on one southbound if you're headed that way watch for them they're approaching the. Sixty they're off right it's Gotcha backed up to the two two red mountain still seeing some volume downtown on. Ten westbound towards sixty seven th avenue then ten eastbound checking in. With a brand new problem got a stall approaching. Fifty first avenue sounds minor but it's blocking the right lane you're, also gonna find a crash now forty third avenue and Dunlap traffic is brought to you by that is going to be bay alarm. With bay alarm you're protected twenty four, seven by. The local security experts gotta alarm dot com to schedule your free security review today they alarm what. Have you got to lose I'm. Larry Lewis KTAR, news Arizona's. News.

Larry Lewis KTAR Olds Faneuil Anselmo interim CEO Larry Lewis KTAR first degree murder Dunlap Salma Chevy Mexico red mountain Georgia Arizona twenty twenty year fifteen minutes
Full circle magazine, weekly news, audio, cast upbeat

The Full Circle Weekly News

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Full circle magazine, weekly news, audio, cast upbeat

"I up this week are a number of destroy updates. Developers of the Bunda based links mint are planning, big updates to the cinnamon, four dot zero desktop environment. The team will be focusing on under the hood improvements and the v sync options, which should improve performance window manipulations. Neptune OS five dot four, which is based on Boone two's, parent OS Debbie in is also seen many improvements. The graphical user interface is getting a makeover with dark females. The Colonel and apps are also getting updated versions. Users should see performance and visual changes as well as better overall hardware support. Debbie and based slacks, nine dot five dot zero has been released and includes better hardware and file system, support security, patches, and software version have been updated as well. Additionally, you can now purchase slacks on a hardware in crypt at USB key and run it directly from the key as it was originally envisioned. The visuals of Ubuntu are getting a makeover. The community collaboration theme Yaro is set to be the next default in boon to eighteen ten. However, you can try now by installing the community theme. Snap. The theme is designed to be a warmer cleaner, flat look that fits with the latest trends. Boot failure on boon to eighteen four and sixteen, oh four. As now been fixed with the release of Colonel security updates. A regression was introduced that caused boot failures on both AMD and Intel machines. Canonical has now released an update to resolve that issue and both eighteen oh four, LTS and sixteen no four LTS users are urged to update to the new Colonel. Speaking of the Colonel links for dot eighteen release candidate. Six is introducing a number of hardware improvements, including network fixes, GPA driver fixes and the thirty two bit VM followed fix. If all goes according to plan than our cease. Seven will be the last release candidate before the official inex-. Fourteen dot eighteen dollars, zero, stable, kernel release. Lastly, India's first risk. Five based chip is here, are I s c stands for reduced instruction set computing. These chips, such as arm are used for low Power Computing, like mobile and raspberry pi. The risk based chip from India is called shock tea and has just been reported to have successfully booted links based s it's an exciting new addition to the ever-growing world of low powered computing devices.

Full Circle Magazine India Debbie Yaro Low Power Computing Bunda Canonical AMD Boone Official Intel Eighteen Dollars Thirty Two Bit
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"inex t" Discussed on Tights and Fights

"You can also find me at Sarah, the rebel. Everywhere in the whole planet Sarah's at h. is God in the bible intended so you'll never forget it. And other than that, if you live in LA area, catch me at some local shows and cheer for me because I happened this Sunday and I was really, I was like, I'm a superstar. Someone shared my name, she is super around it. So. My because there anything you wanna put over <music> <music>. what am I do? I'll be summer slam be at inex- t takeover book land, and all of that in service of show that I'm doing in New York at a place called elsewhere zone. One that's a wrestling themed rap show featuring myself our pal mega ran and this group on DVD August sixteenth, I believe, and Brooklyn. I, you know, house not here, but just just so I can make sure that house views are known frame would like to talk about stars Galar star as glory. No, we would be. I'm standing up. I forgot to mention. I'll be at the million classic. Wait what? Yeah. Yeah, that's really important. Probably mentioned that. What do you deal with maybe interviewing people. We'll see that's being am I not happen? Then I'll look dumb, but I'll be there either way. And as with me as per always find me on Niro Radford on Twitter, and you can see all of the things that I will be doing. Most of what I will be doing right now is dealing with all the broken things in my apartment and being really sad about a dog that I can't hang out with more. Oh, I have a mammogram follow up, but you can't actually go to that. Oh, what let me scratch that off on my calendar and yes, I am young for a mammogram, but cancer runs in my family, but go get a mammogram. It's not as bad as you think. Closure is and think of wrestling, our producer is the hunk yard done. Good, so good. It's amazing, senior producer, maximum fun Swisher. Mike eagle is the voice behind our theme music as well. So we're putting them over for that. Keep up with us all week long on Facebook dot com. Slash groups has tights, fights, and tights, fights on Twitter and on Instagram. And if you love the show, remember to hit this five stars apple podcasts and chairs with all of your friends. It's one of the easiest ways for us to get that merchants have been wanting. Thank you so much the max fund members who make the show possible. We will be back next week for more. You guessed it Raslan. Ties. Maximum fund dot org, comedy and culture, artist owned listener supported.

Twitter Sarah producer Mike eagle Niro Radford LA inex- t Facebook Brooklyn Swisher New York apple
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The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

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"inex t" Discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

"Do you have an expected main event in offering to question in a more generic sense to do you think they're going to put the best matches they can on the show or save some of the best matches for summer slam rumble mania, and this is more about the novelty of all the women. So we get more of what summertime used to be compared to wrestlemainia get the tag match, you know, Zeus or something like that. Like, do they see this as a b show in the novelty is all the women or do they just try to put a wrestlemainia caliber match at top. I try to. I don't feel like they try to set things up that much in general. I mean, like they, you know, there was all the talk last year about how they, you know they, they're building up Brock and Braunstone is this big match and then they, you know, they paid it off before wrestlemainia. They did the John CENA versus Roman reigns match on that, you know on that pay per view. Well, you know, well before wrestlemainia and then they figured, well, we'll just find stuff later. So I think their mentality for pretty much everything is just, you know, put our the strongest stuff. We have Ford right now and and worry about the future in the future. So I think that'll be the approach here. Let's wrap up the flagship there. We'll continue our conversation for another hour. So for VIP members as we do every week, I want to talk to you about more aspects of raw. When I talk about smackdown including styles promo and Joe go, Randy ords explanation and then also your latest stuff. Thoughts on inex- t and the USC review and preview and the male bay. We got some cruel topics for the mailbag this week. Including more on TV. Is it the best pro wrestling TV series of all time, somebody asks that want to get your thoughts on that. Also go back to WEF tonight tonight. Eighty one and talk about whether it was a turning point or a key year in Vince McMahon as a promoter and Booker and also to Moscow ciampa future on the main roster came Alaska's chances to be a star in.

John CENA Vince McMahon inex- t Braunstone Ford Brock Alaska Booker USC Randy ords Moscow Joe
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"inex t" Discussed on KGO 810

"That inex- p semiconductors, has given to Qualcomm Qualcomm is trying to buy inex- p and XP has agreed to it. But the deal will not go through if Chinese officials Do not give their approval and so, far this, is going to be a test because Chinese officials the technocrats have recommended approval of call comes purchase however a lot of people don't think that this purchase will. Go through because the Chinese won't let it. That's the way the markets have valued both in, XP and Qualcomm and this will. Mean that at the very top of the Chinese? Political system see Jinping is trying to impose costs? On, the US if it he doesn't allow Qualcomm to buy an. X. p. so we, will know a, lot, in the first minute of Thursday morning, because then we will know whether China's given, approval for this deal so it's called com we're watching right Qualcomm we are you know. Just put a little perspective I forgot to mention that you know guy named Donald John Trump will he relieved the death sentence on a. z. t. the, Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer in April the Commerce Department impose The seven year ban on sales and licensing disea-, t by US companies that essentially puts the business Trump reverse that and essentially as given z. t. a new lease on life I think no one. Has, told me they don't talk to me but I think Trump did that so that the Chinese authorities. Would grant approval to Qualcomm if the Chinese authorities don't return the. Favor it means that siege in paying really is very serious about hurting the, United States and by the way John that means you can't be nice to the Chinese because they're not going to return favors if they're not gonna return favors it means that the only way for the US to protect its electoral property and that's what. We're talking about here. With these tariffs the. Only way, to do, that is to make sure. That the communist party is no longer, running China because see Jinping, if he does not approve of this Qualcomm transaction is basically saying there's nothing we can do, to make him happy We can't be nice to him it means, we got to drive him out of business Thaddeus well if they do that what would the remedy the administration be well I mean the remedy administration would be as President Trump. Is said to put on more cares on Chinese goods remember last, year we imported five hundred and five point five billion dollars worth of goods and we. Sold to China and I forget the number, but I think it's like one hundred thirty billion so that means the Chinese are. Gonna run out of, bullets well before we do now what Trump can do is the Chinese could only tariff one hundred and whatever thirty billion or so but we can terrified hundred five billion and that means that it was. A lot more hurt that we can put on the. Chinese than they can put on us now the Chinese have other things that they can do go after US companies in China but if they do that they're going to hurt themselves much more than they hurt us because as Chinese officials Have been warning their political leadership they shouldn't do this because this will discourage foreign investment into China at. A, critical time where they need the cash the know how and the technology we're in. The third quarter Gordon how, long have they got to to to find a way out or to dig in Well I wish I could answer that. Question I think that this is you know as I said if if Qualcomm doesn't get approval we're in. This for years maybe even longer you know it's taking the US political, system a long time to come around understand we got a need to protect. Intellectual property and whatever one says about. Trump's tariffs, the point is that his predecessors went missing in terms of protecting American businesses and workers and US innovation. So this means that this struggle goes, on for a very long. Time and I think it goes on for as long as the, communist party exists so I, do think. This is existential you know either we're going to have a, democracy in the US or we're. Gonna have a communist party of China we're not gonna have both going forward especially under siege in pig we have..

Qualcomm Qualcomm China Donald John Trump Qualcomm United States communist party Jinping Commerce Department Gordon five billion dollars seven year
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FinTech Insider

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"inex t" Discussed on FinTech Insider

"That that us getting should not be thorough an inex should allow you to is you have solid financing you should be able to adequately compete with a cash offer the clothes in which is all about what we're we're trying to do completely so there's an interesting statement here why you mentioned transparency in quotes remain clean even as thomas industry repick court i think from your website when blogs on what do you mean by remaining clean in ptolemaic industry how would you say the industry's being televised us well in the united states did you know the downfall financial world so no so you know we realize that you know i my background i used to go valuate all larger lender servicers issuers country during the subprime era so i go look at deutchebanks determine how it secures ation platform looked and i look at countrywide determine if it's operational set up appropriately and in that era you know it was easy to say there were a lot of mistakes made we the the industry itself last live trust when i was just with regulators of with the consumed with instore writ large because there were many in problems with products that we were providing to the market there was not always you know there was predatory lending there were mortgages offered to people that should either not have that mortgage or were being a gracious treated on rates or terms and so as a result mortgage in this country still has way quite a lot of work to do to bill.

united states thomas industry countrywide
Comey compares Trump to mob boss

Rush Limbaugh

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Comey compares Trump to mob boss

"You're listening to rush's week in review james comey has an interview he's already taped the george stephanopoulos a former director of the clinton war room now disguised and masquerading as journalists at abc did the interview it's going to air in a special edition of abc's twenty twenty on sunday night and end the interview me calls trump a mob boss inex trump is a mob boss he acts like a mob boss the story is that things that call me said in his interview stunned everybody in the staff that was watching it so they're hyping this thing coming up on on sunday night and i'll tell you the full court press the washington establishment focusing on destroying donald trump is in full gear and it doesn't appear there's anything to stop it we just keep chronic linked here and trying to expose it for what it is great to have you rush limbaugh another three hours of broadcast excellence you deserve it and it's the only way i know how to do it eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two.

Director ABC Donald Trump Limbaugh James Comey George Stephanopoulos Clinton Washington Three Hours