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NFL's first male dancers will hit the sidelines this season

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06:40 min | 3 years ago

NFL's first male dancers will hit the sidelines this season

"For the podcast Read this article CNN and they're talking about how this is the year For the first time ever the, sidelines of at least two NFL teams will be adorned with male cheerleaders Which it ultimately I don't know that. That's really that big of a deal considering whenever I go over to like the state game or whatever There's cheerleaders and then they have the male cheerleaders Or, if you, go over to go watch Carolina play You can, buy shoes so That's. Good How do you know or? Heading, not no To not sell your? Shoes Thirteen players have received some some sort of suspension But the sports show not today so, I don't know if it's big of a deal but it's the New Orleans Saints in the Los, Angeles Rams who will have the first year Leers but they're interviewing one of the first. People who was selected to be male NFL cheerleader His name, is Napoleon Jenny's j. an ES it's just one of the oddest Dame's I've ever seen And his dance partner is Quinton Perrone Yes Polian Jenny's. Who's very excited so can't believe him one of the first meals in history to be a pro NFL cheerleader Other teams like the Indianapolis Colts Baltimore Ravens stunt stuntman what about stunt women See we can we can. Go down this road all frigging day people. Hold on somebody's mad at, me, let's, see what this. Is due to do What's wrong see this is telling you I don't. Want to? Get into Alex Jones thing This is via Twitter Casey if the government can utilize the commerce clause to force, us, to accept men pain in the ladies room Shirley they can, utilize the. Same clause to regulate social media platforms prevent discrimination Do, I, need to explain the the nine different problems that I have with that line of thinking so the personal, search, like if you don't like something why would you want more, of it That's that's what I, that's what I have a hard time Wrapping my head around if you're, mad that you feel that government overreached And there's many people who do Then why would you demand that government overreach more So we're gonna, have to part ways at least on this one but I appreciate you reaching, out A growing number of, people are requesting. Look like they're Snapchat filters Ross what were you doing very busy there a moment ago enter Twitter and all of a sudden swoon. Phone down lily dogs or something like your cats stupid for years Well according, to, let's, see Gordon the, story here patients pre it used to be with patients were going to plastic surgeon they would bring an exist like going to get your haircut like oh for, the magazine I wanna. Look like her. Patients who do they would bring images of celebrities consultations with the? Doctors, to point out attractive features, the day themselves would like like, I'd love? Her nose that makes. Sense but with. Snapchat and the filters that you, could put on there yes the dog and cat ones although that's more of Instagram thing isn't it I don't even. Know I don't use? I don't use using this crap, but I do know that those annoy the crap out of me when women make themselves look like a dog It's creepy so I don't think that that's what we're talking about what we're talking about is that on the Snapchat you you have like face, slimming filters okay so. You can you. Can you can slim down and he gives some examples here or? You, can you can make your, lips fuller you can do all, this and? You can create a. Picture of you. To share with your friends so, it's not technically a picture of you and they actually have a name for it it's called Snapchat Dismore FIA And it has patients. Seeking out cosmetic surgery to look like the filtered versions of themselves fuller lips bigger is their knows. You get the gist Marquis sent me a video of Lincoln sends me Snapchat video of. Him in the. Morning yes Today I guess, the filter is you can dance with the torquing peanut so if you go in? Can can they give you the torquing peanut look what is that show is he is. He's dancing and next to him as a torquing next to him he has not been no, not filtered him to look like a torquing peanut. Right Here's the answer the tour peanut That's pretty, oh raises some questions? Like where how would it be how would it? Peanut, learned a. Torque weird app. Yes it is Alarming. Trends say, doctors, because those filtered selfie is, often present an unattainable? Look the blurs the line of reality, and fantasy? For, these patients Trying to figure, out this, this, is the snap. Tensions morpheus said actually accepted or is that just I you know. What the journal, of America l. JAMA so I yeah I guess so I. Guess, that's what they're calling in journal the American Medical Association so All. Right That's where. That's horrific Give me a favor take your, kids phones and smash and when the hammer Done that's good parenting Peanut when. You get home Nope allergies I just assume I have them because everyone. Does. Now, okay well that's that's a. Good, point Great their. Touch. Next, hang on everybody he's.

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