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"indiana n. fayette county" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"Soon resemble New York during its peak because people got careless during the fourth of July with Jonathan Serrie. Dr Anthony Fauci says the rise in cases during a heat wave dispels the full of the virus would dissipate during hot, humid weather. Another cold cases solved this one in Indiana, where Fayette County Sheriff's deputies say 55 year old man has admitted that he killed 18 year old Denise Flume who disappeared in March of 1986. Shawn. The room was flumes boyfriend at the time. The motive for the killing not disclosed yet. Tropical Storm Fay is beginning to wedge away from the North Carolina coastline. Forecasters say it's likely to bring heavy rains in the mid Atlantic. In southern New England states on Jack Callahan. This's Fox News WCBM Baltimore chances increasing overnight and into Friday there are flood alerts up towards the coast to our east as tropical low pressure comes up the eastern seaboard and temperatures in the mid seventies for the overnight Tonight more rain showers Friday eight Good afternoon thunderstorms on Saturday with a high of 90 degrees Sunday, mostly sunny in 93 highest winds out of the Northeast on Friday. Heaviest rainfall likely east Baltimore for Friday and said I'm Scott Larrimore, the weather Channel on talk Radio, 6 80 Wcbm Wcbm studios. They're sponsored by Safe Retirement Solutions. Call Rod Borowy today at 4 10 to 6 to 11 20. We're all on the Web it safe retirement solutions dot com ST cereal Every Saturday morning from 8 to 10 a.m. show is called, You ought to know. Expert information on the repair of vehicles, flea market and your phone calls the most.

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