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"indiana beef cattle association" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"We've got 71 degrees in the American Standard Cooling weather Center at the time is 7 35. Yeah. Hmm. What I want. Got my like a flame birds Can I hate it when I lose a story? What I just all cause is going to make me crazy. It wasn't the story about fake meat, either, as if somehow were surprised. There's a difference between fake meat. And real meet Tony Katz. 93 w I b c Good morning. Good to be with you. Of course, fake meat and real meat aren't the same. Lab analysis finds near meat and meat are not nutritionally equivalent. Yeah, because near meat or whatever the brand is beyond meter or impossible Burgers. It's not meat. So, of course, it doesn't have the same nutritional equivalent. They're not the same thing. It's like men are not women and women are not men. I've said too much. What a silly Silly thing. For people to put out there. But it's it's it's what they do. They're shocked. Shocked to find this gavel gambling in this establishment. My word. However, the good news is the Indiana State Fair has announced the new fair food for 2021. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, he he is, uh They've got a beef parfait Allison. It's offered by the Indiana Beef Cattle Association. It is, uh, a savory beef parfait. Uh, features flavor packed layers of chopped smoked beef brisket, mashed potatoes and smoky barbecue sauce. So, so, Basically it's brisket dinner in a cup. Like a walking taco. When you put the chili on the on the on the Fritos. That's basically what it is. I love this idea. An economy of beef parfait. Because, as you know, when you think of par phase you often think of beef. Just work on the name guys. Just just just work work on that name. Then there's uh, the barbecue Sugar Mama. Which is offered by the gobble gobble food truck. Which is actually Matt Bear's name on tinder. No, no, I'm just gonna leave that there in the silence to see everybody goes with it. Just going to leave it out there. Let that sink right in. Gobble gobble food truck. Matt Bear's name on tinder. Okay, that felt good. So this is going to be the well known gobble. Gobble pulled barbecue turkey sandwich between two fresh doughnuts. So it's turkey with doughnuts. Allison approved or not. I won't knock until I try to be honest. Ah, that's why you are everybody's favorite. Then there is the buttermilk waffle, which this is offered by the American Dairy Association of Indiana. It's a signature grilled cheese. It's this year's signature grilled cheese. It will be on to buttermilk waffles. With the gooey cheddar and American cheese inside a side of sweet red pepper relish. Is offered in conjunction with it. I will do that. That will happen. Then there's deep fried cheesecake. That's from a P concessions. And then honey BBQ wings. I don't know how that's new, but okay. And that is offered by the portable recon. I don't I don't. I don't know, meaning portable, not deep portable. This is what they're called Doug D a portable recon, but it sounds like D portable recon. And you get you get in trouble on radio for that. You need a new name to my gosh. Can honestly come to us. We will rename you, Matt. Barry and I are on this. No, we got it right. As a matter of fact, I argue that the whole Wi BC team can put this together. Me Hammer, Nigel, Mark and Rob and Matt Bear in a room. We will rename you We'll come out with a full marketing plan. Done and done, Then the German corner is offering a Bavarian cream puff. You mean they didn't have Bavarian cream puffs before? There's an ice coffee float Hooks Drugstore Museum will have a nice coffee float that will be wildly popular because it's hot and then read Fraser Bison, Matt Bear. Bison steak for headers. I've had the bicycle. Uh, well, that's one way to look at it. Yeah. There you go. Bison steak for he does marinated bison steak with grilled onions and peppers served on warm flour tortillas with corn and black beans. Also let us cheese, regular salsa and sour cream. I am so in that's good. That sounds as a matter of fact, someone should bring some some bison steak. He does the map there immediately. Great Debbie. I love what he does. I love bison. Me. This is the perfect combination. That's that's a winner. Right there. Result the Indiana State Fair, You'll have the winner winner. Chicken dinner from your concessions. Um it is takes,.

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