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Indian soccer league's '16-year-old' star turns out to be almost 30 years old

After Hours With Amy Lawrence

03:39 min | 3 years ago

Indian soccer league's '16-year-old' star turns out to be almost 30 years old

"And is now putting it out there on our show Twitter account after our CBS garage, Mookie sixteen years old there is of course, an age requirement for this league and Moog at the time. Sixteen scoring his first ever goal in the Indian Super League fast forward, a couple of months reported by Fox Sports Asia, something that you probably could see with your own eyes. If you check out the picture on our show Twitter. He's not sixteen seventeen eighteen seventeen at all. He's not twenty one twenty two twenty three twenty four twenty five twenty six. The guy's twenty eight years old, and according to one report twenty nine so closer to thirty. Then he is to twenty how about that. Sixteen years old they accepted as his age, but he's at least twenty eight. And so here is this Indian soccer federation who accepts this, man. Because he's great at football. Forgetting the fact that he has extensive facial hair and doesn't look anything like a sixteen year old. You have got to check out the picture. So I'm not sure who is the sadder sap GRA Buki who's been outed. But for a while for two months, he had a nice run. Or is the sad sap the f- award. Is that something that needs to go to this Indian soccer federation he actually participated in one of the India's under sixteen national camps in two thousand fifteen okay? So three years ago when he was all at twenty five he participated in an under sixteen Indian camp. Anybody think to maybe check out his birth certificate his records medical records anything? I'm not kidding you. He looks nothing like a sixteen year old. Holy cow. You've got to I know that they're looking for a star. Okay. I get it. But this is ridiculous that escalated quickly from team phenom to near thirty year olds. Yeah. You wanna talk about escalated quickly? It's the opposite of the mysterious case of Benjamin button. Sad sap of the week won't wall. Just check it out. And let me know you think after hours CBS, it's also where you can post your questions for ask Amy anything thinks about your tuning into after hours here on CBS sports radio. Our phone number's eight five five two one two four two two seven eight five five two one two four two thousand seven Chris every now, and then we'll field some questions on the phones Facebook page is another option so you can use either of our social media accounts or the phones we'll do ask Amy an hour from now here on the hump show. Chris is listening in Pittsburgh on ninety three seven the fan. Chris. Hey holidays. Thank you. I just wanted to go over the quarterback situation for twenty eighteen we've had a lot of quarterbacks that have had some pretty mediocre play. And a lot of changes a quarterback. So what is your take on? Why collie capper Nick is still sitting was he really? Quarterback. I don't have take. I just have an opinion in my opinion is this when you sue all your potential employers generally that tends to limit your job opportunities. He's suing to disband the NFL's collective bargaining agreement. He wants to get rid of it. And if he

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