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"india pine valley" Discussed on Fore Play

"I just didn't wanna tell them or in front. Who as he's walking over to the guys just dropped my Seven nine pick up five iron. Just step on it and hit it. Logged me walking rights. I wish he saw it but if he was looking i definitely would have shaved. Dillard's all by god this idiot do league team and then some shot eighty four. This is amazing. I think my buddy started started. India pine valley which is really good but it was probably it was probably a number. It was a top three golf experience for me hundred percent. Yeah how's it gonna ask. Because i mean you know you're at old sandwich. You played a bunch of sick places your nhl guy with good money good connections like pine valley's always ranked number one in the work out of cypress and nobody does anything about so for you at playing it like what you think it's justified or do you understand why people ranking number one. Yeah it honestly. If we could have went through every single shot you remember those shots for a long time like every single shot unless you're completely sucking in spray in the ball obviously but like if you're hitting the ball relatively good every single shot is a really cool memorable shop they to like you hit up to a green that i guess used to be trees behind it but someone decided like years back. It'll be a cooler view if they took the trees out in a dead and it's an unbelievable right. It's so cool like there's so much thinking that went on into every single one of their holes in like like i always have a debate and we had Brock nelson american hero. You know all about him So i mean i mean brock. Brock is a big proponent of beating the flyers in the series this year but let me talk to you about what we had. This little argument about was views versus like golf course architecture and all that it's like i'm a big advocate for like pebble beach. You can't beat that golf course like it's on a fucking cliff in monterey peninsula Pine valley could like that's like a inland golf courses. You just need tree surrounded with it ton of money to put bunkering and crazy stuff but like you can't..

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